R help - Nov 2008

Sunday November 30 2008
10:53PM 1 Rserve and creating a list of lists
8:36PM 2 how to select cases based on value of one or more variables
8:22PM 2 Randomization of a two-way ANOVA?
7:41PM 1 using survey weights for correlations
7:36PM 2 Graphics for proportion within factor
7:33PM 6 Regex: workaround for variable length negative lookbehind
6:21PM 2 controlling the number of times a script is repeated in a loop
6:08PM 1 grouping similar column values into a single row
5:27PM 0 using wc-w (unix) in R on cluster
12:37PM 1 about centralization
10:35AM 0 Fwd: simple question with table()
10:33AM 1 barplot labels
10:05AM 4 simple question with table()
9:15AM 1 about body<-
3:40AM 1 help: unbalanced repeated measures
2:22AM 1 selectively importing functions etc. from files
12:59AM 2 Snow and multi-processing
Saturday November 29 2008
11:51PM 2 Reading mixed tables
11:30PM 1 function for simultaneous confidence interval of regression coefficients
7:11PM 3 including Sweave tangled code in '.Rnw' document
3:05PM 1 chron and R 2.8
2:36PM 3 how to input a string without quote
1:43PM 1 2D density tophat
1:16PM 0 need package telecommunication
12:00PM 2 Using grep() to subset lines of text
10:35AM 0 Subset by family name?
10:22AM 1 Subset by string name?
9:08AM 0 Error in check(itp) : ‘object’ does not represent a K sample problem with censored data
12:12AM 2 error message when using strptime
Friday November 28 2008
10:09PM 1 RODBC - problems connecting to oracle through linux
9:25PM 1 NA and logical indexes
9:12PM 1 save single image when using plot(lm(y~x))
7:16PM 0 ranking the results of a questionnaire
6:55PM 1 side by side boxplots
4:51PM 0 Help: "mean" and "replicate"
4:24PM 3 Contrast SS
4:10PM 0 problem with function plm
3:55PM 7 Examples of advanced data visualization
3:22PM 0 version 2.0-0 of the effects package
3:00PM 3 R window lines limit
2:41PM 0 Transpose and replicate
2:29PM 1 confidence interval for glm
12:18PM 1 Regarding posting a package to R-forge (with one of the dependent packages not in CRAN)
11:15AM 2 editor for MacOS X
9:43AM 1 R help
8:44AM 3 regexp help needed
8:15AM 0 Passing bigint (8-byte) values from Postgres to R using RPostgreSQL
8:05AM 1 specifications windows pc
7:35AM 2 question involving loops from intro level R programming class
7:26AM 1 Question involving loops
2:11AM 2 AIC function and Step function
2:01AM 0 Package Iso
Thursday November 27 2008
6:17PM 0 How to optimize a trading singal generator (for-loop)?
6:02PM 1 if then statement problem
5:22PM 0 Help with "replicate"
3:09PM 1 Simultaneous Comparison of Factor Structures
2:42PM 2 1-Pearson's R Distance
1:20PM 2 Troubles with the format of dates
1:15PM 1 Error in Comprting Risks Regression
12:29PM 1 lmer refuses nested random factors
12:18PM 1 par(ask=TRUE) and devAskNewPage(ask=TRUE) not working
11:59AM 1 "xreg" in ARIMA modelling.
10:48AM 1 what is there in a numeric (0)?
10:16AM 1 Help processing large data
9:03AM 2 Regression Problem for loop
8:54AM 1 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list (Digest mode)
6:53AM 2 as.numeric in data.frame, but only where it is possible
2:13AM 2 ggplot2 problem
2:00AM 1 base:::rbind
12:50AM 0 Business Data Sets
12:26AM 1 Drawing a tree in R
Wednesday November 26 2008
11:58PM 0 Boundary value problem
9:43PM 2 Installing packages based on the license
9:15PM 1 Estimates of coefficient variances and covariances from a multinomial logistic regression?
8:51PM 0 SVM
8:25PM 4 R and SPSS
8:24PM 0 SPSSyntax function
7:05PM 1 Reshape with var as fun.aggregate
6:46PM 1 Request for Assistance in R with NonMem
6:41PM 1 Smoothed 3D plots
6:32PM 1 Creating a vector based on lookup function
4:27PM 1 survreg and pweibull
4:24PM 0 ts subscripting problem
4:22PM 1 Problem with aovlmer.fnc in languageR
4:22PM 0 Second y-axis
3:24PM 1 odfWeave and XML... on a Mac
3:18PM 1 S4 slot containing either aov or NULL
3:04PM 1 Finding Stopping time
2:51PM 2 Chi-Square Test Disagreement
1:42PM 2 S4 object
1:29PM 0 Needs suggestions for choosing appropriate R packages
1:11PM 4 construct a vector
12:10PM 0 plm pakage
10:39AM 1 Running rtest - how to/ help
10:00AM 1 eclipse and R
8:29AM 1 multiple imputation with fit.mult.impute in Hmisc - how to replace NA with imputed value?
7:50AM 2 LaTeX and R-scripts/-results
7:44AM 0 (no subject)
4:55AM 2 Very slow: using double apply and cor.test to compute correlation p.values for 2 matrices
4:10AM 0 similarity matrix to dendrogram (GML format)
3:50AM 1 How to create a string containing '\/' to be used with SED?
3:08AM 1 Question about Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test
Tuesday November 25 2008
11:36PM 1 Error in sqlCopy in RODBC
11:19PM 2 creating a new vecotr in a for loop
9:37PM 1 add string to a list
9:02PM 1 Efficient passing through big data.frame and modifying select
8:48PM 1 residual plots
7:22PM 1 run time function for R scripts?
7:19PM 1 row labels in heatmap.2(package gplots)
6:58PM 1 AD Model Builder now freely available
6:41PM 0 optimization with bounds on parameters
6:05PM 1 Strange seq() behavior
5:37PM 2 calculating an N50
5:35PM 3 Line color based on data values?
4:43PM 3 plotting density for truncated distribution
4:03PM 0 Query regarding an error while using SEGMENTED (V0.2-4)
3:18PM 2 Heat Maps
3:02PM 1 title second y-axis in lattice plot
3:00PM 1 how to check linearity in Cox regression
3:00PM 1 How to split DF into a list and avoid NULL elements in this list
2:52PM 2 Statistical question: one-sample binomial test for clustered data
2:52PM 4 glm or transformation of the response?
2:47PM 0 problems of R+Weka+Xmeans
2:34PM 0 Frequency Spectrum fft plot dillema
2:16PM 0 Efficient passing through big data.frame and modifying select fields
1:35PM 1 WEIGHT CASES by Frequency VECTOR
1:08PM 2 how to pause between graphics
12:33PM 1 Rendering Dendrograms
12:19PM 2 Reshape matrix from wide to long format
12:14PM 1 compute pearson correlation p-values for all combinations of columns of 2 matrices
11:06AM 0 Vector autoregression, panel data
10:46AM 0 How to predict probabilities after using lmer
10:17AM 2 basic information defining functions
10:11AM 1 how to plot and save plots in batch mode
9:58AM 1 Using R from C++ code
9:55AM 1 TSP package and Concorde
9:26AM 1 "recursive default argument" error
7:35AM 2 invoking user-defined function
6:30AM 0 examples of usage of Rwave functions
4:30AM 2 dataframe
Monday November 24 2008
10:26PM 4 Replace NaN with zero
10:17PM 1 rgdal and spgrass6
9:42PM 0 plot Principal Components axes on original data
9:09PM 3 increasing memory limit in Windows Server 2008 64-bit
8:44PM 2 how to read .sps (SPSS file extension)?
8:34PM 2 Estimating the standard error when you have sampling weights.
8:17PM 0 Data frame help
7:46PM 1 repeated measures regression and power analysis?
7:29PM 1 weighted ftable
7:25PM 4 Count days of current year
6:07PM 2 web error message
5:41PM 1 printing help files directly from R prompt
5:41PM 14 how to test for the empty set
5:37PM 1 lme4 and false convergence
5:30PM 1 Help reading installed packages in Vista
4:46PM 1 ggplot2: positioning legend on top of plot
4:35PM 2 lattice contourplot background covers inward-facing ticks
4:35PM 0 basehaz error?
4:03PM 8 matching matrix columns to a vector
2:57PM 4 Calculating sum of letter values
2:47PM 0 correlated predictors in lr
2:45PM 1 Problem with Rmpi and snow - makeCluster(type="MPI") not working
2:34PM 2 64bit R for Mac
1:39PM 1 Discrepancy in the PBC data set
1:36PM 3 Help With Permutations
12:24PM 0 Manhattan Plots for GWA studies
11:39AM 1 chooseCRANmirror
11:39AM 1 table for weighted observations
11:28AM 6 optimization problem
10:39AM 1 Issue with running examples
10:30AM 0 spatial subset of ncdf
10:17AM 0 Rs: How to measure the significant difference between two time series
9:15AM 3 select a subset
8:39AM 1 Check for date variable in a arbitrary dataset
8:21AM 2 Timer
7:21AM 3 count the cumulative for each subject
6:39AM 1 RQDA-0.1.5 is released
4:13AM 1 How to measure the significant difference between two time series
2:45AM 3 Is this correct?
2:45AM 2 More than doubling performance with snow
2:19AM 3 multiple plots in R
2:02AM 0 breaking out of a loop from within a function
12:19AM 0 [R} Expected Percent Correctly Predicted (ePCP)
Sunday November 23 2008
9:44PM 0 why this function give error message
9:38PM 2 How is R working in multicore and multiprocessor environment?
9:34PM 0 not R but consumer choice contest that has statistical implications
8:19PM 2 Need help: Loading a large data set.
7:18PM 1 tklistbox - R-Objekt
5:08PM 4 help needed
4:37PM 2 Latin Hypercube with condition sum = 1
3:53PM 1 Help in Programming using Methods
2:45PM 1 R and the Web: A small Wordpress plugin RwebFriend
2:03PM 0 Demande d'information
1:39PM 0 A small Wordpress plugin RwebFriend
10:49AM 2 Possible bug in screen ?
8:41AM 3 grep for asterisks "*"'s
Saturday November 22 2008
9:06PM 1 applying an operation for several dataframes
8:42PM 2 unique columns in a matrix and number of each
8:37PM 5 What's the BEST way in R to adapt this vector?
7:07PM 2 ggplot2 - facet_grid and facet_wrap
2:58PM 1 Nested Clade Analysis
12:30PM 0 Where is Hong Kong in maps?
10:43AM 1 How to draw following plot in R?
9:55AM 1 Need some help in R programming code
8:35AM 1 CRAN mirror for Taipeh vs Taipei
7:01AM 1 declaring constants in an Sweave / LaTeX document
6:37AM 2 help for code in jump diffusion
3:33AM 0 Brightness readings for part of an image
2:09AM 1 Overlay two plots on the same device with axes having the same scale.
12:14AM 2 How to add the value on the barchart
Friday November 21 2008
10:02PM 1 Help with CCLUS
9:30PM 0 OT statistics question on TukeyHSD
8:49PM 0 Generalized "Outer"
8:30PM 1 How can I access the list argument within a "for" function call
8:21PM 1 equation of a line or curve
8:14PM 3 list of list objects
8:01PM 2 Growth rate determination using ANCOVA
7:44PM 1 Bug in Kendall for n<4?
7:30PM 2 rgl lighting question
7:14PM 2 Dendrogram labels
6:49PM 2 log likelihood
6:48PM 1 Suppression anova message
6:46PM 1 Saving color2D.matplot plots to a file
6:38PM 2 Conditionally Removing data from a vector
5:58PM 1 list creation interpolation
5:27PM 1 Problem with data.frame()
5:17PM 1 Equivalent to apply(x[,2:5],1,sum) for dataframe
5:16PM 1 Discrepancy in the regression coefficients for Cox regression - PBC data set
5:15PM 2 Basic question on concatenating factors
4:43PM 3 HELP
4:38PM 1 lsoda warning "too much accuracy requested"
3:57PM 1 Dataframe with single level column
3:48PM 3 Breakdown of Vector
3:19PM 1 question about shapiro.test()
2:27PM 1 post - plotting lines in a divided graphic device
1:39PM 3 write every element of a variable into a separate text-file
12:53PM 0 ggplot2 - version 0.8
12:28PM 2 Extracting diagonal matrix
12:22PM 0 timezone attribute lost during operations
10:51AM 0 a trous wavelet transform in R ?
10:50AM 0 ggplot2 - Problem with geom_abline()
10:31AM 1 Simulation Result display form
8:41AM 2 matlab style of storing arrays compared to R
8:34AM 0 select specific listcomponents to calculate the means
6:24AM 1 capturing stderr/stdout
3:43AM 1 different .Rprofile files for different projects
3:09AM 1 Help with avoiding For Loop
2:59AM 1 modifying variables in R
1:34AM 2 Windows version of package "Ratings"?
1:12AM 0 Efficient calculation of correlation
12:27AM 2 Calculating correlation for a big matrix
12:15AM 2 Pairwise intersect comparisons of list elements
Thursday November 20 2008
11:38PM 1 glmer for cauchit link function
10:37PM 4 Fitting a sine wave using solver
10:24PM 1 Math Expression in 3D Plots
10:19PM 2 Identify command in R]
9:58PM 0 lmsqreg
9:30PM 1 rpart tuning question
9:13PM 1 R Error
8:54PM 1 syntax and package for generalized linear mixed models
8:49PM 1 Problem with ggplot2
8:28PM 2 Reformatting a table
8:24PM 1 Vector lty argrument for lines or plot
8:19PM 2 Identify command in R
8:16PM 0 align two lattice plots using grid
8:12PM 1 convert factors to numbers
7:51PM 1 more color choice with heatmap.2
5:13PM 1 classification accuracy in logistic regression
5:01PM 2 Removing rows with rowsums==0 (I can't figure this out)
4:56PM 2 [Obo-relations] Discussion summary on "original" biological parts
4:31PM 3 Error with lapply
4:14PM 2 How to Clear all variables stored in current and previous sessions
3:43PM 4 Dequantizing
2:55PM 0 Kolmogorov–Smirnov Test for Left Censored Data
2:40PM 1 binomial glm???
2:16PM 5 summary statistics into table/data base, many factors to analyse
1:23PM 0 R on Tesla
1:16PM 1 R course in Scotland
1:13PM 0 Update of X2R (with FishGraph) at CRAN, 20 Nov 2008
12:57PM 1 Need some advice on optimization
12:41PM 1 gam and ordination (vegan and labdsv surf and ordisurf)
12:40PM 1 Calculate an equation
11:55AM 1 Set of standard city size symbols as known from atlases?
11:53AM 2 Fitting a model
11:31AM 1 different ACF results
11:24AM 0 generate random number
11:24AM 1 pdf device: rasterize portions of the plot to reduce file size
10:32AM 1 How to convert S4 class slots into data.frame or how to assign variables of type 'Date'
10:28AM 0 Partial residual plots in gls
10:18AM 1 extracting data from a list of unformatted text files
8:55AM 1 Nonlinear restrictions in systemfit
8:08AM 1 sub / gsub - extracting between identical symbols
7:51AM 2 R on Ubuntu Server
7:39AM 2 Elegant way to transform dataframe?
7:27AM 1 Repost:lattice graphics -- legend color problems
5:10AM 0 A Problem while Calculating Newey-West HAC
4:59AM 2 Calculating SD according to groups of rows
3:59AM 2 how to replace NA with previous numbers
3:55AM 1 About continuity correction option in the mantelhaen.test function.
3:15AM 0 More list to vector puzzle
1:00AM 1 Checking collinearity using lmer
Wednesday November 19 2008
11:34PM 2 ggplot2; dot plot, jitter, and error bars
11:06PM 1 vector of zeros and ones
10:47PM 2 Vector of ones and zeros
10:26PM 1 mle2 simple question - sigma?
9:54PM 2 simulation of autoregressive process
9:42PM 2 simplify this instruction
7:51PM 2 Multidimensional array with R
7:37PM 3 formula in lmer including both nested and crossed effects
7:33PM 0 Influence diagnostics for nlme / lme objects
6:54PM 2 Exclude holidays in a subset of dates?
6:47PM 2 tapply and any
6:07PM 1 How to get robust M-estimator of multivariate scatter using Huber's psi?
5:21PM 0 Oja median - fortune candidate
4:44PM 2 skeleton for package containing C code?
4:33PM 1 install SPIA package on Windows
4:27PM 1 Create vector of data frames
3:43PM 2 Bucketing/Grouping Probabilities
3:13PM 1 How to look within .Internal ?
2:33PM 2 GAMM and anove.lme question
2:11PM 1 Installation of R on a SUSE SLES platform
2:02PM 1 selection list
1:57PM 2 do.call and plotting functions ...
1:25PM 1 RMySQL 0.6-1 Package Install Fails in R 2.5.1 (pclinuxos)
12:55PM 1 F-Tests in generalized linear mixed models (GLMM)
12:41PM 1 C++ code from R
11:40AM 2 Oja median
8:28AM 1 quantmod ATR problem
6:11AM 0 signal features extraction
4:44AM 2 Question about linear models
3:15AM 2 Transforming a list to a vector with associated levels
Tuesday November 18 2008
11:03PM 1 Mathematica now working with Nvidia GPUs --> any plan for R?
10:16PM 2 lmer p-values for fixed effects missing
10:15PM 0 Johansen Procedure for VAR question
9:59PM 0 RES: Symbols output
9:36PM 1 Cluster Graph
8:52PM 1 Symbols output
6:37PM 0 Packages for time series databases
6:05PM 1 Legend Position
5:58PM 4 How do I generate multiple (similar) objects within R?
5:52PM 0 Set up a while loop
5:44PM 0 bootstrapping of skewness-adjusted t-statistics
5:11PM 2 random value changes in a vector
4:31PM 1 Sweave
4:30PM 0 Getting a static copy of the object using R.oo
4:27PM 2 matrix for diversity functions?
4:24PM 1 Statistical querry on Partial correlation test
4:21PM 1 Problem with the Linux R 2.8.0 rpm for 64 bit REL 4
4:15PM 2 Re place values matrix
4:04PM 1 Namespaces of imported packages
3:10PM 1 (no subject)
1:54PM 1 Tukey HSD following lme
12:19PM 2 error in function: nls (urgent)
11:53AM 3 group by quantiles
10:04AM 1 legend color problems
9:23AM 1 Re siduals from a linear model
8:41AM 1 help neede fast
7:45AM 1 While loop set up
5:57AM 1 re ading specific columns
5:50AM 2 counting the number of elements in a column
5:48AM 0 don't display rulers in image() command and script file input
5:37AM 2 sequencially merge multiple files in a folder
4:46AM 4 Changing the position of the origin
4:15AM 0 latticist and playwith
2:07AM 1 reshape question
1:36AM 0 Problem with boot.sem
Monday November 17 2008
9:49PM 1 ggplot2: can one have separate ylim for each facet?
9:28PM 4 functional (?) programming in r
9:14PM 0 code for Heckman selection with panel data
9:12PM 2 Cannot quit R - fame package issue?
8:40PM 1 coerce data.frame with table-like data to a table for use with barchart.table
8:04PM 1 CITATION file with multiple citEntry(): no BibTeX produced by citation()
8:04PM 2 looking for matches
8:03PM 2 paste command with new line separator
7:27PM 1 Type III ANOVA of package car depends on factor level order
7:17PM 1 using an image as a dendrogram label
6:50PM 1 An array of an array of boxplots in lattice
6:12PM 1 Levelplot + Mosaic Plot hybrid?
6:00PM 0 using boost in R package
5:58PM 0 integration
4:40PM 1 R ORM?
4:01PM 2 Error in image.default(1:nc, 1:nr, x, xlim = 0.5 + c(0, nc), ylim = 0.5 + : must have one more break than colour
3:54PM 1 (no subject)
3:30PM 3 Time plots
3:16PM 0 How to solve this nonlinear regression problem?
2:24PM 2 R cycle to calculate distances
1:57PM 2 Command line arguments with source() - Windows OS
12:36PM 0 pairwise comparisons to a control with related series
12:35PM 1 ggplot2: using more than 6 symbols
11:22AM 1 Rcmd install problem: "cannot open the connection" and "No such file or directory"
10:01AM 1 a bit off topic: data for dragsters?
10:00AM 1 Question on creating list object
3:56AM 1 Manipulating lists
3:15AM 1 delete categories
2:12AM 5 how to calculate another vector based on the data from a combination of two factors
1:40AM 2 How to calculate the linear distance between 2 points
12:56AM 2 The use of F for False and T for True
12:49AM 2 re sults from "do.call" function
Sunday November 16 2008
6:28PM 1 Are you sure a table can become a data.frame?
6:10PM 4 duplicate values
4:38PM 0 cran task view on probability distributions
4:30PM 4 Gmane-interface
3:26PM 1 Need help in calling C code from R
1:00PM 1 Changing values (factors) does not change levels of that value?!
12:59PM 1 inconsistency between timeSeries and zoo causing a problem with rbind
12:32PM 1 problem with lm, and summary.lm
12:31PM 1 Expanding data ...
8:09AM 1 confint.glm(...) fails for binomial count data format
3:34AM 1 Spatial ANCOVA in R
Saturday November 15 2008
10:37PM 1 rgamma with rate as vector
10:35PM 1 HOW to provide a CITATION file?
10:34PM 3 I want my row name to be a variable
10:19PM 0 New Package FactoClass
9:39PM 1 Classes
7:45PM 1 unable to view vignette in R
6:46PM 1 Using n+1 instances of R to utilise n processors on one machine - something like R with tabbed browsing?
6:33PM 1 Rename objects based on list
5:19PM 1 GAMs and GAMMS with correlated acoustic data
5:19PM 3 Statistics forums
4:39PM 1 make a triple summation more efficient
4:00PM 1 how to join these two models?
3:31PM 1 How to calculate?
3:23PM 1 warning : increasing the PDF version to 1.3
3:17PM 2 creating matrices from vectors
3:13PM 1 Problems with rbind
2:25PM 1 Lattice: groups and no groups with panel.superpose
2:08PM 0 r2html output gives "NULL"
2:00PM 1 PostScript File Dimensions
1:52PM 2 Which data structure in R can mimic hash in PERL best?
1:35PM 0 I need to compare ranking (1-15) across 10 replicates to see if the ranking changes significantly- how???
1:37AM 1 Revised source to my own package; how to update?
1:26AM 0 min of array
12:52AM 0 how to implement zscale equivalent in ds9 scaling in image
12:02AM 1 unable to download rimage package
Friday November 14 2008
11:58PM 0 VGAM package released on CRAN
11:53PM 0 R system on USB: how to enter relative R environment path in Eclipse/StatET?
11:47PM 1 # values used in a function in tapply
11:15PM 0 Update packages error message
10:57PM 1 configuring graphics device in Linux
9:37PM 0 plotting to Postscript and margins
9:36PM 1 running r script in windows command line
9:29PM 2 GAM and Poisson distribution
9:23PM 1 Superimposing y-variables in Lattice formulas
8:24PM 1 can I use one data frame to subset data from another?
8:12PM 0 Error in optim when i call it from a function
7:38PM 0 Cross-validation
7:20PM 1 Quantile Regression fixed effects model
6:47PM 0 compare performance behavior over a lifecycle
4:37PM 1 dir.create only gives first character of name when warning
4:35PM 3 Change Confidence Limits on a plot
4:24PM 1 How to enable R on-line search in HTML help
3:31PM 2 the number of the arguments of function is not sure
3:21PM 1 Problems when I try to download.file pdfs
3:12PM 2 Embed SQL queries in R?
2:32PM 1 ggplot2 - two or more axis
1:12PM 1 Epicalc package
11:50AM 0 arima.sim and first innovation: why nevertheless assume 0?
11:40AM 1 igraph and tkgraph
9:42AM 2 licensing of R packages
8:35AM 1 Generating unique permutations of a vector
7:42AM 0 question on clustered barplot
5:55AM 1 how to plot a variable's histogram in the levels of a second variable(1)
5:32AM 1 negative prediction by gam (mgcv package)
3:38AM 1 Symbols to use in text
2:14AM 1 aov help
1:10AM 1 radial.plot(plotrix) - plotting multiple polygons?
1:01AM 1 ellipse in pairs plot
12:57AM 1 Splitting a lattice stripplot across several pages
12:47AM 2 R run under Emacs fatal errors halt execution
12:40AM 1 lines.formula with subset
Thursday November 13 2008
10:15PM 2 growing a list sequentially -- memory management
9:44PM 2 2^2 problem revisited
9:27PM 0 can you help how to solve the equation with intregration and complex ,
8:57PM 0 Error in inherits(x, "ordered") : subscript out of bounds (MLSV, according to Wang et al., 2007)
8:29PM 1 Error in Quantile function
7:16PM 1 Plotting from a list
6:47PM 0 problem installing and updating packages
6:38PM 1 logical operators in 'subset'
5:07PM 1 replacing Na's in a vector with the preceding integer element
5:01PM 1 Date conversion
4:28PM 0 uninitialized pdMat object
4:20PM 1 Boxplots with different variables and different ranges in R
3:49PM 1 Unflatten a table in R
3:32PM 1 How to get txt file out of .rda file and vice versa ?
3:10PM 1 readPDF() -- unsure how to install xpdf to make this work?
3:03PM 1 Calculate Specificity and Sensitivity for a given threshold value
2:24PM 0 corfdrci and kendallfdrci from GeneNT
1:51PM 1 Surface plotting
1:25PM 1 how to plot a variable's histogram in the levels of a second variable
9:51AM 2 (no subject)
9:39AM 0 REXcel problem
8:41AM 1 R not responding
8:38AM 1 Urgent: R not responding
7:37AM 0 Negative prediction by gam
3:37AM 2 Weighted Sum Optimization in R (Maximization)
1:40AM 0 sem and "simple variables"
12:27AM 3 metaprogramming with lm
Wednesday November 12 2008
11:30PM 1 Understanding glm family documentation: dev.resids
10:47PM 0 Permutations and large data sets
9:09PM 2 separate a variable in several variables
8:56PM 2 Linear regression
7:57PM 1 sampling and testing
7:46PM 1 sample size estimation for count (poisson?) data?
7:44PM 1 Getting parameters of Gaussian fit in density
7:33PM 0 USAR2009 ***R/R-PLUS/S Conference Announcement & Call For Papers - Las Vegas, USA
7:28PM 0 Computation for specific 2^k factorial designs
6:59PM 0 How fast of a desktop can I buy?
6:50PM 3 Fitting data to a sigmoidal curve
5:51PM 2 Outer, kronecker, etc.
5:45PM 1 rimage doesn't install on Mac OS X 10.4
5:23PM 1 different results with plot.lm vs. plot.lm(which=c(2))
5:10PM 2 apply() just loops ?
4:59PM 1 Having R (not the OS) redirect stderr() to stdout()
4:55PM 0 Making R Package (how to include a library)
4:31PM 3 R- transform data frame into matrix
4:15PM 2 creating a file of p.values
4:12PM 1 what does negative indexing in a matrix mean?
4:01PM 2 odfweave
3:40PM 2 Enquiries about time plots in R
3:18PM 0 anova with ordered groups
2:01PM 1 R code to generate Sweave input ? Sweave squared ?
1:47PM 1 savage scores
1:11PM 0 Neyman Scott rainfall pulse model
12:59PM 5 function that uses a variable name as the parameter
12:49PM 0 random parameters in nlme
12:27PM 1 Big O, little o
11:42AM 1 multisample median test
10:41AM 1 Error in matrix: too many elements specified
9:14AM 1 Crosstabs Output
8:35AM 2 pairwise.wilcox.test
7:49AM 1 Congratulations, Ross!
7:18AM 1 .Random.seed is double
5:23AM 1 read.table with many blanks (reposting)
4:56AM 1 gam help (really a vegan question)
3:54AM 2 An example of the boxplot thickness problem
3:33AM 2 Please help me about the regress models!
2:57AM 0 2^k designs "anova"
2:55AM 2 3D trajectory plot?
2:42AM 1 Generating Data for Simulation
2:30AM 3 any alternatives for complex for-loops?
2:19AM 0 read.table with many blanks
1:16AM 2 multiple "next" in for loops?
12:56AM 2 problem with urca package
12:34AM 0 different results with plot.glm vs. plot.glm(which=c(2))
12:23AM 0 Problem with urca package
12:11AM 1 scanning text file to extract particular word
Tuesday November 11 2008
11:53PM 1 R: R: Hidden Markov Models
11:09PM 0 Export PMML from R - step by step - 1 minute video
10:26PM 1 Citing R in journal articles (or the failure to)
10:20PM 3 exponential of a matrix
9:39PM 1 data which has different size of elements in each row
9:29PM 0 Producing a matrix of values
9:02PM 0 congratulations, Ross
8:34PM 0 read.table not clearing colClasses
7:47PM 1 spearman metric for hierarchical clustering
7:33PM 2 strsplit (regex)
7:29PM 0 Truncated multivariate normal distribution
6:20PM 2 is.matrix
5:22PM 1 Multiple XY Lines Plot
5:15PM 1 Retrieving x argument name from a trellis object in R 2.8.0
5:06PM 3 Reading tables using a truncated name
4:26PM 1 Question about Sort
4:05PM 0 building Matrix on Ubuntu intrepid
3:28PM 3 R design (was "Variable passed to function not used in function in select)
3:26PM 0 "NA" in predict(...., prediction.interval=TRUE)
3:06PM 0 A R forum for sub-saharan African R user
2:51PM 0 Correcting for covariate (unbalanced design)
2:17PM 1 simulate data with binary outcome and correlated predictors
12:31PM 1 Plot matrix
11:19AM 1 how to export results of rcorr into excel
11:09AM 1 Accessing Results from cenmle function in NADA package
9:36AM 1 msm
8:19AM 1 data type problem for vegan package
5:59AM 1 Apply function
4:26AM 1 thickness of boxplots
3:38AM 0 Apology RE:interpreting output from predict.blackboost
2:57AM 2 Manipulation in timeSeries object:how to use the function "applySeries" by daily?
1:10AM 0 R User Group mailing list
12:58AM 1 using newdata in survfit with categorical variable
Monday November 10 2008
11:52PM 1 problem of unix package installation, following code no response: install.packages("packagename", dependecise=TRUE)
11:48PM 0 Genentech Summer Internship 2009 Announcement and flyer
11:31PM 2 interpreting output from predict.blackboost
10:42PM 3 how to stop without error message?
10:15PM 1 comparing rows - a possible solution
9:44PM 1 Re order matrix columns
9:28PM 1 Preparing data for display
8:11PM 1 TimeZone Help - Finding TimeZone codes
7:07PM 0 making shape files into data bases usable within maps
6:28PM 3 read SAS file
6:18PM 3 ttda and text-mining
6:16PM 0 Non-parametric pairwise comparisons between related series
5:15PM 0 comparing rows
4:26PM 4 Labeling points with xYplot
3:50PM 1 Combing xyplot and curve() plot via print
3:18PM 6 Variable passed to function not used in function in select=... in subset
3:11PM 2 Make one vector from matrix comparison
2:54PM 1 coxph diagnostics plot for shape of hazard function?
2:41PM 0 Postdoc Positions Available at Leiden University The Netherlands
12:38PM 2 as.Data with minutes resolution
12:33PM 1 Remove empty levels in subset
12:25PM 1 how to sample a block
12:09PM 0 trip package: version 1.1-2
11:58AM 0 rimage don't install on mac OS X 10.5.5 solved
11:30AM 0 SNPassoc, mvtnorm, Absoft FORTRAN to gfortran
10:41AM 0 Copula package: How to calculate correlation matrix using 144 variables to denote parameters for normal copula?
10:36AM 1 R 2.8. and languageR
7:22AM 2 is there a way to use "aov" to do mixed linear models with both random and fixed effects?
5:31AM 2 Remove Columns by Name from zoo object
5:05AM 1 is there any way to apply mulitiple conditions in subset function
5:04AM 0 Errors running gam examples
3:57AM 1 how to vectorize a for loop
2:35AM 1 ubuntu system refuses to update packages
2:28AM 1 question about contrast in R for multi-factor linear regression models?
2:23AM 1 Inverting integration
1:56AM 1 Rd2dvi problem.
1:44AM 1 plotting graph in different device
1:36AM 3 in R when I get negative adjusted R^2 using "lm", what might be the problem?
12:11AM 2 how to convert indvidual pairwise distances to matrix
Sunday November 9 2008
9:14PM 1 Help on performing multiple chi-square tests
8:18PM 3 Arms Race
3:56PM 2 Finding Indices of Vector
12:39PM 2 Delete rows from matrix having at least one zero value
12:26PM 1 Compare objects
12:24PM 1 attr.all.equal() and all.equal(attributes(), attributes())
12:22PM 1 [Rd] Re Bessel functions of complex argument
8:59AM 1 estimated variance for parametric fit
1:24AM 1 choice of an HMM package
12:40AM 1 maptools sunrise sunset function
12:31AM 2 please recommend statistics, time series and econometrics books with finance, macroeconomics, trading and business applications
12:15AM 1 [OT] propensity score implementation
Saturday November 8 2008
10:31PM 3 unable to install rjags on 64-bit Debian Linux (etch)
10:09PM 2 question about the "Y of R" article in the latest R news
9:53PM 0 New package "frontier" for Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA)
7:38PM 1 Get Information
7:18PM 4 Plotting Standard Regression Fit-Am I wrong or a bug?
6:39PM 2 lines, ecdf and colors
6:15PM 0 GAMs and isotropic bivariate functions with mgcv
6:01PM 0 Wireframe - labels on z-axis overlap with tick marks
5:36PM 2 Select specific rows of a matrix
4:51PM 3 Fitting a modified logistic with glm?
3:51PM 2 Updating from an Old to a New version of R
3:31PM 1 Clustering and functions
2:51PM 0 Run-time Error/ Function Help
2:15PM 0 Bug in plot.dendrogram, and how to submit patches
12:20PM 3 Parsing regular expressions differently - feature request
10:43AM 2 Data Manipulation, add frequency index
6:54AM 1 plot.hclust with lots of objects
4:48AM 2 [Stat related] Understanding Portmanteau test
4:23AM 3 New to List - just starting to learn R - question about reading in data
4:09AM 0 Sweave:How to load available colors from pkg 'color'--(Resolved)
12:22AM 4 missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
Friday November 7 2008
11:19PM 2 Faster way to combine data sets with different date ranges
11:03PM 5 grouping data together
10:07PM 2 UTF8
9:16PM 5 easy way to cap a data frame to a max value
9:09PM 0 negative binomial predicted probabilities
8:30PM 0 unable to add a new workbook with rcom
7:42PM 1 determining plot location in lattice
7:18PM 1 esoteric inconsistency -- intended or not?
7:16PM 1 rmpi/snow/sge/openmpi help
6:59PM 0 help with syntax of random formula
6:48PM 1 For Loop - loading 10 sets of data and calculating
6:30PM 0 Sweave: How to load available colors from pkg 'color'
6:12PM 1 Rmpi task-pull
6:09PM 2 Re gular Expression help
5:42PM 1 Help With Graphs
5:26PM 0 grouped and stacked plot
5:08PM 1 help with maps : center on the dateline
5:03PM 1 AIC value in lmer
5:00PM 2 Vectorizing sample()
3:54PM 0 clogit and small sample sizes: what to do?
3:45PM 0 help with prediction of GLM
3:11PM 0 x axe values
2:24PM 1 [newbie] scatterplot with marginal histograms (done) and axes labels
1:45PM 2 Unexpected behavior of clocktime related to daylight savings time
1:31PM 1 two kind of Hosmer and Lemeshow’s test
1:31PM 1 Election Maps
1:14PM 2 Bootstrapping gnls models
12:21PM 1 Re move specific rows from a matrix
12:06PM 5 Agent-based social simulation and R
10:42AM 1 sapply and median, possible or not ?
10:40AM 1 Updating Packages with Personal Library
10:23AM 2 Mismatch in logical result?
10:21AM 2 Applying a function to a list of arguments ...
10:03AM 1 ordinal logistic model with pre-defined coefficients
9:05AM 1 is there any way to run R method as a background process from R interface
8:24AM 1 method to return rgb values from pixels of an image
7:23AM 1 Encoding() and strsplit()
4:19AM 0 likfit geodata
1:47AM 4 chi square table
12:53AM 2 2^2 factorial design question
12:53AM 1 kruskal test in R
Thursday November 6 2008
10:46PM 1 replacing values in a vector
10:38PM 0 How to test for weak exogenity and specify long-run relation with r=2 from Bill
9:42PM 0 Estimating mean and standard deviation of lognormal distribution between two points
9:22PM 1 nls: Fitting two models at once?
9:09PM 0 Looking for suggestions on how to debug pvm/snow proc's
8:39PM 3 Umlaut read from csv-file
8:26PM 2 Confidence limits for the parameter of the Poisson distribution
7:56PM 0 new plotrix and prettyR
5:59PM 1 Strang line while plotting failure curves
5:20PM 1 FW: [rkward-devel] questions on RKWard
5:10PM 3 How to manipulate the time data without the date?
4:22PM 2 How to avoid "$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors"
4:21PM 0 need help with SIGNAL module
4:18PM 3 New to R - Errors in plotting
3:50PM 2 replacing characters in formulae / models
3:49PM 0 Re : Dataframe help
3:38PM 3 wireframe
3:19PM 2 Including graphics files in MS office / open office
3:00PM 2 comparing matrices using max or min
1:36PM 1 replicate and as.matrix: different behaviour between batch and non-batch mode
12:18PM 0 Queries about step() and stepAIC()
11:37AM 0 Inference and confidence interval for a restricted cubic spline function in a hurdle model
11:30AM 2 need help in plotting barchart
11:30AM 0 gamlss.dist
11:07AM 4 mean computation for external data
10:57AM 3 unlist & dataframes
10:55AM 0 splinefun and interpSpline
10:41AM 2 R Mixed Anova
10:34AM 1 How to get the length of an UTF-8 string
10:16AM 1 r script
8:23AM 2 Data manipulation question
8:15AM 0 Mean Computation for Data from External File
6:15AM 1 trouble with html help
5:07AM 1 how to source file with arugments
5:03AM 1 Convert text into a variable name
4:56AM 2 How to return individual equation from {aidsEst} in package [micEcon]?
3:56AM 1 trouble with for loop
3:27AM 1 how to make a multiple plot
2:29AM 0 lars package - lasso
1:01AM 2 Incrementally building histograms
12:53AM 3 Reshape a matrix
12:37AM 1 RMySql inserts \r when using dbWriteTable
Wednesday November 5 2008
11:51PM 1 How do I read a text (.csv) file to match a matrix/cross tab? (Object confusion??)
10:47PM 3 Efficient way to fill a matrix
10:39PM 2 Calling optim and .C
10:37PM 0 coxph
10:34PM 1 questions on RKWard
10:13PM 1 Problems computing 2-way-mixed-model ANOVA
8:20PM 0 thanks for the help: how can I save the estimates of a regression model in a file?
8:10PM 2 (no subject)
7:53PM 2 Memory limits for large data sets
7:19PM 1 Applying a loop with rnorm() to eliminate duplicate coordinates in a dataframe object
7:02PM 3 Sort help
5:46PM 2 sink() within a loop
5:26PM 1 CPU usage on Windows (R 2.7.1)
5:25PM 1 Importing data to a multidimensional array
5:18PM 1 Using RGDAL to "copy" header information...
5:12PM 2 how can I save the estimates of a regression model in a file?
5:11PM 1 R 2.8.0 for Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex i386
5:07PM 0 library(gdata) fails
4:30PM 2 matrix indexing and update
4:03PM 3 Dataframe help
3:59PM 2 "Text" function in 3D graph
3:51PM 0 Ottawa area R Users meeting
3:41PM 1 read Idrisi file
3:13PM 0 latent class analysis of nominal and continuous indicators
3:02PM 2 Simple rep() question duplicating times and dates.
2:13PM 1 Avoiding loops & apply -function
1:38PM 2 Internal and displayed precision of numbers
11:56AM 1 relabeling the x-axis of a plot with discontinuous timestamps
11:42AM 2 TukeyHSD and 0.0000000
11:08AM 0 lars package help!
10:27AM 0 Lattice equivalent of axis(..., hadj=0)?
10:18AM 1 Methods dispatch and inheritance R.oo
10:11AM 1 slow aggregate function
10:08AM 2 access (exactly/only) one dimension of a multidimensional table
9:48AM 2 date translate in R from SAS
6:22AM 2 How to extract following data
4:59AM 1 FW: need some help
Tuesday November 4 2008
11:52PM 2 merge 2 txt file
11:28PM 1 contour plot, failing to interpolate through all data
11:08PM 0 neural package
11:07PM 1 parcoord
10:59PM 1 perform Kruskal-Wallis test without using the built-in command in R
10:47PM 2 use abline() for regression model in the plot
8:34PM 1 Problems with scan
7:56PM 1 AIC in time series
7:09PM 0 Courses*** R/Splus Fundamentals & R Advanced Programming: November - December 2008 at 3 locations by XLSolutions Corp
6:00PM 2 Building with MKL on Ubuntu
5:52PM 1 response surfaces
5:35PM 0 Clustering In R. (rookie)
5:01PM 2 Zoo seems to be running slow in R 2.8.0 windows
4:03PM 1 how to cite R data sets
3:34PM 0 sample selection mixed-effects model with nlme
3:29PM 1 How to generate a new factor variable by two other factor variables
3:14PM 3 writing R extensions
3:10PM 2 TIme Series AR to MA and (viceversa)
2:49PM 2 ggplot & annotating charts
2:24PM 1 ggplot2 scatterplot matrix
2:12PM 0 HDF5 and R 2.8.0patched
2:08PM 2 Prevent read.table from converting "+" and "-" to 0
1:10PM 4 fine grain tick marks for zoo plots
1:02PM 1 Fill vector filed NAs data
12:55PM 1 Help needed using 3rd party C library/functions from within R (Nvidia CUDA)
12:47PM 1 Likelihood ratio test using R
12:37PM 2 How to suppress errors from htmlTreeParse() function in XML package?
12:35PM 1 R News, volume 8, issue 2 is now available
12:15PM 1 How to create margin area around a graphic made by xyplot
11:16AM 2 Problem: Sweave and math environments
9:34AM 0 R and real time applications
9:22AM 2 a "date" x-axis in a xyplot
9:05AM 1 New version of ecological modeling software using R
7:37AM 1 problem with plot style (pch) with lattice in legend
7:14AM 0 I need detail information how to use "arima" code.
6:13AM 1 Error : unable to restore saved data in .RData"
5:40AM 0 multiple agreement plots on a single device?
5:29AM 1 [OT] factorial design
4:27AM 2 ordered logistic regression of survey data with missing variables
3:28AM 1 R 2.8.0 compilation...
2:55AM 3 getting "small" graphs with Sweave using Rnews.sty
2:17AM 1 Combining many files into one
1:49AM 0 Spatstat - Birth Death Process Simulation
1:37AM 3 regex question
12:56AM 2 strange list structure question
12:13AM 0 heatmap.2 question
Monday November 3 2008
11:42PM 1 Extract Residual Variance from lmer using VarCorr
10:49PM 1 IWLS vs direct ML estimation
8:49PM 0 Unexpected behavior of difftime in relationship to daylight savings time
6:40PM 1 How to calculate modulus of complex number
6:22PM 3 descretizing xy data
5:56PM 0 Please ignore previous .Machine question
5:53PM 0 question about .Machine
4:06PM 1 Input correlation matrix directly to princomp, prcomp
3:38PM 0 NaN causes "error in fitter" with cph.calibrate from pkg Design
3:30PM 2 Calculating R2 for a unit slope regression
3:03PM 4 How do you apply a function to each variable in a data frame?
2:06PM 1 quantcut
1:39PM 2 standard errors for predict.nls?
1:10PM 1 a nlm question
12:04PM 1 map geographical boundaries
11:46AM 1 need some help
11:31AM 2 Returning a vector from by
10:56AM 2 Multiple plots on multiple devices
9:39AM 0 Component merge in hclust objects
9:26AM 1 qr() and Gram-Schmidt
9:23AM 1 Fourier Transform with irregularly spaced x
8:52AM 1 dev2bitmap: extra missing
8:08AM 0 scuba 1.2-2 posted
7:54AM 1 How to detect NULL list element?
5:12AM 1 Help with 'annotation' in GOHyperGParamsClass
4:32AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Cómo convertir un objeto data frame en una tabla csv]
4:28AM 1 Sweave: side by side dynamic graphs
1:45AM 2 Cómo convertir un objeto data frame en una tabla csv
1:11AM 1 array in version 2.8.0
Sunday November 2 2008
11:34PM 1 Simple R (in Sweave) Question
11:26PM 1 panel data & maximum likelihood function
5:04PM 2 Merging nested files
4:37PM 0 R Textbook for SAS and SPSS Users
10:32AM 0 Does R has the function for garch-t, gjr-garch, qgarch and egarch
9:44AM 1 ESS Toolbar missing after Ubuntu Update
9:35AM 0 error in lapply (sorry error in last e-mail)
9:32AM 0 error in lapply
8:43AM 5 R newbie: how to replace string/regular expression
7:58AM 4 How to plot with different colours
Saturday November 1 2008
11:54PM 3 how to iterate through a list using ls
11:11PM 2 Hidden line algorithms and a different kind of waterfall
9:39PM 2 calculation for standard normal cumulative distribution
6:14PM 0 Changing colors and symbols in lattice
2:31PM 1 lapply item names
2:30PM 1 Westfall-Young procedure
12:19PM 1 Time-travelling laptop, or problem with system.time?
11:45AM 2 sampling from Laplace-Normal
9:35AM 1 Splitting device for ggplots?
7:12AM 3 How R calculate p-value ?
2:06AM 1 Help about the plot funtion
1:04AM 1 trellis: conditional statements within a panel function