R help - Oct 2008

Friday October 31 2008
11:56PM 3 count data with some conditions
11:30PM 0 Estimating R2 value for a unit-slope regression
10:55PM 0 Why are these different?
9:13PM 0 ctree to rules conversion function
7:43PM 1 Is there a way to vectorize this? [with correction]
7:17PM 1 replace() error: new columns would leave holes after existing columns
6:51PM 1 reshape bug?
6:47PM 0 Is there a way to vectorize this?
6:21PM 0 help with contrasts for a binomial 3-way GLM
6:07PM 1 AIC for quasipoisson link
5:46PM 1 Digest setting won't "take"
5:20PM 0 dot colour in dotchart2 function (Hmisc-package)
5:04PM 1 R-WinEdt unexcpected Asian characters
4:32PM 1 Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data:error message
4:25PM 4 Help needed with Waterfall plot
3:59PM 1 set the language
3:59PM 3 getting the p-value from lm as a list object
3:39PM 1 Kalman Filter
3:18PM 1 subset with variable number of subset arguments
2:59PM 4 [ifelse] how to maintain a value from original matrix without probs?
2:25PM 4 how to compute a roc curve
2:05PM 0 chi-square area analysis
1:13PM 2 dotplot with a log scale
11:21AM 1 locfit and latest R version
11:17AM 2 Row and Column positions
11:17AM 1 *** buffer overflow detected ***: /usr/lib64/R/bin/exec/R terminated on R 2.6.2 to 2.8.0: logging a bug?
10:39AM 2 "Goto" loop
8:44AM 2 how to retrieve some records from a dataframe
8:33AM 1 loglogistic cumulative distribution used by survreg
8:04AM 1 rimage don't install on mac OS X 10.5.5
7:57AM 2 Problem of running R console from Java on linux box
3:38AM 1 stratified kappa (measure agreement or interrater reliability)?
1:39AM 0 R help for invoking nmmin()
1:35AM 1 Proper way to write data frame with column and row names
1:01AM 1 gregexpr slow and increases exponentially with string length --> how to speed it up?
12:24AM 1 Problems with make for R-2.8.0 on Suse Linux 10.1
12:22AM 1 Problems installing R-2.8.0 on Suse linux 10.1
12:21AM 0 Problems with R make - related to blas
Thursday October 30 2008
11:10PM 1 colors in lattice histograms
10:49PM 1 Plot Point Labelling
10:11PM 1 A question about pairs()
8:59PM 1 Compiling R Packages
8:58PM 1 trying to figure out reorder.factor in gdata
8:44PM 3 why does sample(x, n) give the same n items in every separate runs?
6:42PM 1 How to increase iteration limit for lmer()?
5:45PM 3 Save a function existing library
5:25PM 2 bizarre axes with xyplot, problem in data?
4:26PM 1 package pls
4:04PM 0 summarize rows in a matrix differing only in one value
3:54PM 2 xyplot, the first tick mark starts from 2 rather than 1, and also there is a NA as the final tick mark.
3:53PM 1 Formula for Xi
3:36PM 2 smooth function advice
3:16PM 1 combine symbol beta and text in ggplot2 and adjust size
3:10PM 1 continue a loop after an error with confint
2:50PM 2 Convert windows package to Linux source package
2:36PM 2 p-value=0 running coxph
1:12PM 1 PAM: how to get the best number of clusters
11:54AM 0 lme4/anova, error message: "Calculated PWRSS for a LMM is negative"
11:53AM 2 Inno setup script request
11:29AM 2 how to convert data from long to wide format ?
11:23AM 0 Re : how to restrict a parameter in optim()
10:14AM 1 Loglogistic distribution
9:53AM 1 Is possible, on biological grounds, suggest to fitdistr (MASS library) that the estimated parameters must be between two values?
9:44AM 0 Block Bootstrap Methods for Multivariate Time Series
9:32AM 2 "plot": Howto get parameters befor plotting anything?
9:16AM 0 New user group/mailing list created at the University of Granada (Spain)
8:49AM 0 a nlm() question
8:34AM 2 request: How to combine three matrices in the desired form
8:31AM 1 ggplot2: histogram with proportions (or %)
8:15AM 2 "A critique of R and S-PLUS"
7:25AM 0 How to sign off this list
6:36AM 1 Creating Vignettes
2:25AM 1 Reconstruct the Q matrix from the QR object
1:34AM 1 Trying to "expand" some data - Newbie needs help
12:56AM 1 tklistbox selection
12:02AM 0 Q: rbind problem in my code
Wednesday October 29 2008
11:00PM 1 Regression versus functional/structural relationship?
10:48PM 1 how can I access parts of yags output
10:13PM 1 FW: Re: linux batch question
9:52PM 1 Plotting iregular time series
9:50PM 1 Macro stuff to work on up through august 2007
9:46PM 2 linux batch question
8:57PM 6 substring/strsplit question
8:39PM 2 Functional pattern-matching in R
8:22PM 1 Subsetting data in a loop
8:08PM 2 call works with gee and yags, but not geepack
6:48PM 1 Help with Plots
6:43PM 2 Barplot: Vertical bars with long labels
6:21PM 0 reporting interactions of factors in linear mixed effects models
5:59PM 0 Installation: not creating necessary directories
5:25PM 0 ANOVA and T-test with means and SEs as imput
5:13PM 0 Constrained panel linear regression
4:58PM 0 Error using fitting weibull distribution to some data
4:34PM 1 SAS - surveyselect in R?
4:19PM 2 difficulties in reading a .prn file
3:33PM 0 Propagate vector attributes to data frame
3:29PM 1 problem with "simtest"
3:03PM 1 strptime and strftime
2:59PM 0 Distributions Comparison REFORMULATED
2:48PM 1 Help with impute.knn
1:47PM 4 How to get the duplicated elements from a vector?
1:35PM 2 how to restrict a parameter in optim()
1:30PM 0 Selecting cases for a grouping value to refill x and y vectors
1:22PM 0 problem with impute.knn
1:06PM 1 builtin to filter a list?
1:04PM 2 sessionInfo() error
12:46PM 0 maximum device size
12:19PM 2 Help using tapply with multiple variables
12:18PM 0 problem with tune.rpart()
11:17AM 3 Incorrect order
10:35AM 0 Package arm
8:57AM 2 R rockie
8:29AM 1 How to set read.table variables to vectors?
4:21AM 2 definition of a function
2:42AM 1 Suppressing internal grid in filled.contour
1:41AM 2 help with doing a manipulation on a column of a data frame based on another column
1:04AM 2 behavior of "by"
12:48AM 2 how to get the value of aov summary into another variable
Tuesday October 28 2008
11:31PM 1 lattice: overlap histogram
10:10PM 1 Repository missing hmisc
10:03PM 1 Plotting weather data
9:53PM 2 Distributions Comparison
9:25PM 1 Saving a 3d array into a matlab file
9:16PM 1 outputting (writing) output into a dataframe
9:03PM 1 get coordinates to multi file
8:43PM 1 does qplot works with Sweave?
7:49PM 1 How to add a data line (series) to a plot using add=TRUE
7:32PM 2 slightly OT: (un)supervised clustering?
6:59PM 0 change data into array
6:48PM 2 color individual bar of histogram?
5:39PM 2 abind
5:35PM 1 Sweave Error
5:17PM 0 Random Forest Bug
4:39PM 1 acf(): meaning of the blue horizontal lines
4:37PM 1 acf() plots of a data.frame: what meaning?
4:33PM 3 Dose Profile
4:33PM 3 Recommended R books by XLSolutions Corporation
3:53PM 1 Source code for ppr (Projection Pursuit Regression)
3:30PM 1 group sequential analysis - stopping for futility
3:27PM 2 Fitting weibull and exponential distributions to left censoring data
2:57PM 0 how to easily access S-PLUS data sets in R?
2:53PM 2 odbcConnectExcel2007
2:42PM 1 Best way of figuring out whether graphical elements overlap?
2:26PM 1 How to export text into separate text files
2:10PM 1 Fixing an only one coefficient in an ARIMA model
2:02PM 0 bug calling setRepositories in R 2.8.0
12:49PM 0 How to calculate an appropiate threshold of a GPD distribution.
12:04PM 0 R D COM function using Excel
11:42AM 1 2.8.0 on Mac: libR.dylib
11:40AM 1 Sweave, Bibtex, package references
11:39AM 1 gsubfn, strapply, REGEX Problem
11:24AM 1 Marginal effects in negative binomial
9:25AM 2 what is the result of this code
8:15AM 0 a combind problem with list
4:55AM 1 repeated measure one way anova
4:13AM 0 Kernel regression with random design
2:26AM 1 help on package or code for simutaneous equation probit(logit) model
12:27AM 0 Package "evd"
Monday October 27 2008
11:28PM 1 Installing gnomeGUI in ubuntu
10:53PM 1 read multi TXT file in R
10:40PM 1 Simple plotting question
9:21PM 3 Problem in installation of "Rgraphviz" package
9:19PM 0 About Pareto distribution
9:01PM 1 ttkcombobox
8:35PM 0 SciViews / Komodo installation problem
6:46PM 0 dotted lines for branches in ape's plot.phylo?
6:13PM 3 Arrays of Trellis plots
6:01PM 2 Stuck with FFT
5:04PM 0 Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit
4:45PM 0 maximum dimension of SVM in e1701
4:19PM 0 Displaying number of Y/N affected by tree in rule form RE: R question/request on rules from rpart
4:15PM 2 Need help
4:09PM 0 Console size/location on start-up in SDI mode
3:44PM 1 create list of data frames
3:05PM 1 Exponential regression (Y = exp(a*X)) and standard error of Ŷi
2:43PM 1 How to see source code for na.omit?
1:04PM 9 License Question
10:24AM 1 replace a few strings in a text file
9:38AM 3 counting run lengths
9:32AM 0 foreign
9:32AM 0 Odp: Request: Most repeated sequence considering combinations at each row
7:33AM 3 Pkg rgl: installation fails because of x11
7:13AM 0 Bootstrap Panel Data
6:04AM 1 Algo. for matrix inverse
1:59AM 1 Question of "Quantile Regression for Longitudinal Data".
12:40AM 1 Problem with script,
12:31AM 1 Problem with script
Sunday October 26 2008
10:39PM 4 odd behaviour of identical
8:10PM 3 Process dataframes from list
8:05PM 3 weird behavior with the 3rd root....
6:48PM 2 Upgrade
4:59PM 0 acf() and ccf() - acf() on a data-frame: so many plots...
4:36PM 0 LMER quasibinomial
3:54PM 2 pattern matching
2:49PM 2 Two sample Cramer-von Mises test
1:26PM 0 orthographic projection of ellipsoids
1:24PM 1 Mallows' distance or Earth Mover's distance in R?
1:18PM 0 alternative to Crystal Ball ?
11:21AM 1 Using the legend function inside a bar chart error.bars function
7:02AM 1 Variance generic function:
3:36AM 0 Fwd: Decision Stats
12:33AM 1 Transferring results from R to MS Word2
Saturday October 25 2008
7:47PM 0 Starting value for lme()
7:18PM 1 Docbook equivalent of Sweave
6:25PM 1 Code contribution
5:01PM 1 rproxy.dll
4:33PM 2 help: selection of data
3:08PM 3 create group variable -- family data -- for siblings
2:39PM 1 Filling symbols in xyplot
1:48PM 1 Problem with error handling inside a function
12:04PM 1 Methods for showing statistics over space
10:10AM 0 increase symbol size in expression - axis label of a plot
3:22AM 2 how to plot chi-square distribution in the graph
Friday October 24 2008
9:44PM 0 how to do power transformation for time series data?
8:52PM 0 using chron() to convert julian -> calendar dates but ignoring leap years
8:47PM 1 Help regarding oo package
8:44PM 0 Need Help using the OO package
8:02PM 1 How to embed residual dot plots of BHH2::anovaPlot(...) into plotMeans(...)?
7:36PM 2 Background Colour
7:30PM 18 Transferring results from R to MS Word
6:39PM 0 RODBC performance seems slow
5:55PM 1 movie3d function in the rgl package
4:42PM 3 Computational problems in R
4:17PM 2 Shading underneath a line plot.
3:52PM 1 Repetitive correlation test
3:46PM 0 Weighted LSCV 2d kernel smoothing
3:45PM 0 unstable MA results in ARIMA?
3:29PM 1 Automatically adjust text size in plot
3:01PM 7 combining data from different datasets
1:21PM 0 SCOUR member invite from: muhammad faisal
12:41PM 0 Is there anyway to clip the bottom of a barplot?
12:34PM 1 count zero or one in a list
11:52AM 1 Rgui.exe - Application Error
11:24AM 1 DSC 2009 First announcement
10:55AM 3 Barplot Labels Problem
10:48AM 0 Help with nonlinear regression of binomial data
10:34AM 1 Request: Most repeated sequence considering combinations at each row
10:16AM 2 plotrix and prettyR
9:24AM 0 "right" aligning loess
9:16AM 1 R D COM Excel Add-Ins
9:02AM 1 pwr.2p2n.test when the ratio of n1/n2 is known
8:36AM 2 how to simply the procedure of creating a group of data.frame?
7:10AM 0 following up on infinite email server loop
2:13AM 1 utilize the R to write something on txt file
12:30AM 2 finding unique and max value from a data.frame
12:01AM 4 Mail server problem?
Thursday October 23 2008
9:16PM 2 map points from scatterplot3d onto 2d fitted plane
8:53PM 1 How to (simply) add table-values to a mosaicplot ?
8:29PM 1 naming list entries dynamically
7:58PM 3 R random number generation
7:40PM 1 [R-SIG-Finance] forecasting earnings, sales and gross margin of a company...
7:32PM 4 odfWeave error
7:13PM 1 lars
6:42PM 1 Calculating confidence limits for the difference betweenmeans
6:20PM 2 I have an xyplot, I want to keep the format, but only show x or y
5:47PM 15 VEC Operator in R
5:22PM 0 RODBC and RDCOM
5:09PM 1 code works in R desktop but not iin RWeb - I got it working
4:59PM 1 Fw: It 's correct to do contrasts for a GLM?
4:36PM 1 write.matrix.csr(e1071) bug
4:32PM 0 ?outdated windows printing problem in the GUI
4:26PM 1 save an object of class "im"
3:30PM 1 negative values for barchart
3:29PM 0 FMOLS
2:37PM 1 Help with lattice
2:34PM 2 PCA
2:08PM 0 compiling from sources
2:05PM 1 MCMC for sampling from ordinal logistic regression
2:02PM 0 error when using logistic.display within a loop
1:10PM 3 Fuctions help!
12:55PM 2 Avoiding Biplot Labels Overllaping
12:37PM 1 Reversing xlim qplot
11:58AM 3 xy.coords in text
10:24AM 1 distribution fitting
10:18AM 1 Automating citations in Sweave
8:36AM 2 What editors can I get R in Mac OS X to talk to?
5:36AM 3 Interpretation of t.test results
12:22AM 0 If I known d1 (density1), and dmix is a mix between d1 and d2 (d2 is unknown), can one infer d2?
Wednesday October 22 2008
11:09PM 0 newbie Syntax questions: Re-Calculating expansion factors
10:59PM 3 Help finding the proper function
10:35PM 1 plotting matrix
10:25PM 1 forecasting earnings, sales and gross margin of a company...
9:21PM 1 Disabling the auto-complete feature in named list indexing
9:18PM 1 lme4 question
9:02PM 1 extract bits of a character vector
8:50PM 0 help wiht contrasts for GLM
8:37PM 1 optim bug/help?
7:38PM 1 forward stepwise regression using Mallows Cp
7:28PM 1 3-D (surface) B-splines
7:14PM 0 Calculate individual R2n values
6:34PM 0 Question about R graphs
6:23PM 3 retrieving matrix elements by giving pairs of row AND column numbers?
6:01PM 1 Inserting blank lines into a file
5:09PM 2 Calculating confidence limits for the difference between means
4:56PM 1 Mirror/Package problems in R 2.8.0
4:52PM 2 Change background color in script window in Windows Rgui
3:53PM 2 Help with functions
3:42PM 1 Problem about spawn nodes with Rmpi
3:21PM 3 coalesce columns within a data frame
3:18PM 1 Saving kruskal wallis p-values
2:41PM 1 Think I'm sure, but confirm: lme4 vs. nlme
2:38PM 1 SVM, feature selection and parameter tuning
2:19PM 2 suboptimal lp solutions
2:15PM 0 ad.test exponential distribution
2:02PM 1 getting the "name" of an object
1:42PM 1 GPG key not found
1:24PM 0 Confidence intervals for the NPMLE of a survival function with interval censored data
1:22PM 1 Spatstat help - quadratcount query
1:06PM 3 Substitute problem
11:57AM 2 Weibull parameter estimation
11:07AM 1 torque/psb & snow library
10:56AM 2 Creating list from matrix
10:50AM 1 Package survey
10:44AM 0 working with ROracle
10:05AM 2 Nagelkerke R square for Prediction data
9:23AM 2 Error in read.mzXML
9:21AM 4 A matrix automation problem
5:14AM 1 R v.2.7.1
4:10AM 1 card games
2:03AM 1 ggplot scale limit and stat_smooth
1:40AM 1 Complex Numbers and Bayesian Statistical Modelling.
12:02AM 1 convert into numeric variable
Tuesday October 21 2008
9:23PM 1 Bootstrap
9:09PM 1 Scatterplot Matrix
7:21PM 3 R Help
6:56PM 1 unimodal VS bimodal normal distribution - how to get a pvalue?
6:54PM 2 Determine package version in R
6:19PM 2 Inserting a new row in a matrix
6:06PM 3 pdf creation error
5:41PM 1 GGPLOT/QPLOT Boxplot with summary
5:24PM 1 Paddding an integer with zeros
5:20PM 3 code works in R desktop but not iin RWeb - How do I modify to get it working in RWeb, please?
4:59PM 1 SPSS to R conversion "error in iconv..."
4:53PM 1 Error in sample(colnames(B), 10) : invalid 'x' argument
2:36PM 0 Major Axis residuals
1:59PM 1 AR model classification
1:52PM 3 Exclude rows in table
1:24PM 4 subscripting a one column matrix drops dimension
1:18PM 1 odfTable in loop
12:00PM 1 plot the chi square distribution and the histogram in the same graph
11:09AM 3 R command line
9:57AM 2 Question about glm using R
8:04AM 3 TINN-R's "R Explores" - Available for other editors?
7:43AM 1 Legend in coplot
6:58AM 4 Multi matrix row-wise mapply?
6:26AM 0 R/R-PLUS/S Conference ***USAR2009*** April 26-30, 2009 - Las Vegas, USA | Call For Posters
6:01AM 2 For loop - how to assign "i" when it is not an element of an index?
3:12AM 1 Simulation of data
2:47AM 0 New mailing list r-sig-hpc
2:47AM 5 how to plot the histogram and the curve in the same graph
2:42AM 0 converting a row of a data.frame to a vector"
Monday October 20 2008
10:47PM 1 Mclust problem with mclust1Dplot: Error in to - from : non-numeric argument to binary operator
10:39PM 1 Categorical Response Query
10:38PM 4 aggregating along bins and bin-quantiles
8:57PM 3 ? extended rep()
7:22PM 1 par(mfrow=c(2,4))
6:27PM 5 Staging area for data before read into R
6:25PM 1 distributions and glm
6:22PM 2 error message when plotting survival curves
6:08PM 2 pass longer arguments to adj of text()
5:53PM 2 calculating mean for samples
5:41PM 2 R Newbie Question
5:26PM 2 folded normal distribution in R
4:54PM 1 Zero mean correlation Matrix
4:50PM 1 How to get estimate of confidence interval?
4:42PM 1 slow graphics download
3:06PM 0 Package Deal
2:10PM 5 Combining all possible values of variables into a new...
2:00PM 1 Row Sampling
1:45PM 0 New verion 0.3-7 of gsubfn package
1:07PM 3 Trying to pass arrays as arguments to a function
11:54AM 0 problem with multiple comparison
10:30AM 0 Bootstrap problem
9:39AM 1 Error reporting in R
9:33AM 2 R 2.8.0 is released
8:41AM 1 About Torus Rndamiztion
7:26AM 2 convert matrix to dataframe with repeating row names
6:51AM 0 logreg2 message
6:06AM 2 Extracting variables with a given prefix in the parent environment
4:26AM 3 A question about positive definite matrix
2:55AM 1 passing a list where names arguments are expected
2:32AM 1 Calculate SPE in PLS package
1:34AM 3 The evaluation of optional function arguments
Sunday October 19 2008
9:33PM 2 R-square in robust regression
8:58PM 3 pairs plots in R
8:51PM 1 number of required trials
3:49PM 1 Date classes in ggplot2
3:31PM 0 PCA HCA
3:22PM 1 zoo in ggplot2
2:00PM 0 Kullback Leibler Divergence
9:44AM 0 time-series noise filter
8:39AM 1 convert lines to inches
5:26AM 2 definition of "dffits"
4:52AM 1 multivariate integral with ADAPT when the parameter is close to boundary
1:52AM 1 MCMClogit: using weights
12:30AM 1 Dep setting for install of packages...
12:17AM 1 factors in dynlm?
Saturday October 18 2008
11:27PM 1 R CMD SHLIB: file not recognized: File format not recognized
9:03PM 3 Select only cases with negative values
8:52PM 1 derivatives and integrals in R
8:37PM 1 Eval and parse function applied on file path
7:04PM 5 Getting names of variables without quotes
7:04PM 1 Fehler in x$terms : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
6:06PM 1 variable selection for multiple regression model
5:55PM 2 Please help
5:41PM 1 R 2.7.2 missing something in the install packages menu functions...
5:35PM 1 Error: could not find function "readMat"
5:11PM 1 recovering value of scalar from false color map and image
2:38PM 0 extracting residual variance from glmmPQL
2:15PM 1 ARIMA - h-step ahead errors
11:46AM 0 Several problems with hmisc latex function
9:59AM 2 sorting matrix output alphabetically
5:06AM 0 JGR not launch for non-root user
4:44AM 3 Plot table of counts
4:00AM 0 Error in solvet: apparently singular matrix
3:46AM 1 Categorial Response Questions
Friday October 17 2008
11:28PM 2 R script from Python
11:17PM 1 R-code in Latex --- $ sign causes error
8:50PM 2 using ifelse with surprising results
8:46PM 0 Announcement: 2009 ASA Computing/Graphics Student Paper Competition
8:12PM 1 ggplot2 scale relation free
8:01PM 1 find bayesian information criterion for all variable combinations
7:22PM 6 Simple Gantt like chart for numbers rather dates
6:20PM 1 lattice histogram question
5:59PM 1 Plotting 2D Logistic regression
5:55PM 2 Beginner's question: number formatting
5:05PM 1 SVG and user interaction
4:11PM 1 Function question
3:50PM 2 function help
3:18PM 1 Package
3:03PM 1 how to list variables enclosed in an environment
2:45PM 1 Using key.opts in Ecdf/labcurve (Hmisc package)
1:30PM 1 use of empty space in split graph device
1:24PM 1 wrireframe
1:00PM 1 Use of .First() in Mac OS X gui
12:16PM 2 Text (eg. summary) to text file, Howto?
10:23AM 2 A question about "union"
9:51AM 0 A covariate correlated with other explanatory variables
8:53AM 0 Analyzing hemispheric photos in R?
4:06AM 4 R plot
12:55AM 1 padding "bug" in lattice/levelplot
Thursday October 16 2008
10:27PM 0 How to constrain the residual variance to be 0 in linear mixed-effects models?
9:15PM 1 Roman numeral question
9:09PM 1 bivariate uniform density estimation
8:46PM 1 Suppressing error messages in a for loop
8:31PM 2 Saving results of Kruskal Walis test
7:47PM 1 Loop avoidance in simulating a vector
6:40PM 3 defining a function using strings
5:22PM 2 rpart display
5:17PM 4 How to save/load RWeka models into/from a file?
4:46PM 4 counting the frequencies of a vector
4:42PM 2 Grouped Histogram (colored)
4:16PM 1 increase memory limit in R
3:19PM 1 draw a 5cm x 3cm rectangle
2:54PM 3 histogram without bars but with density line
2:29PM 1 lmer for two models followed by anova to compare the two models
2:18PM 1 package Utils Sweave Example Error
1:51PM 0 tune function using sigmoid and polynomial kernels
1:10PM 2 saving result of a "for" loop
1:05PM 3 correlation
12:53PM 1 correlation between a discrete variable and a continuous variable
12:32PM 0 R package: autocorrelation in gamm
12:01PM 1 apply, t-test and p-values
10:08AM 1 One-sample test for p
9:20AM 2 NAs in color2D.matplot
8:43AM 1 merge/combine data
7:46AM 0 Request: How to draw a tree
6:50AM 1 Statistical courses
6:16AM 2 Using source()
5:27AM 3 how to count unique observations by variables
4:56AM 1 Rscript -e, Sweave and tempdir()
4:22AM 1 Double Bootstrap
2:21AM 1 CRAN Package Check Results for Package caMassClass : Error
1:34AM 1 Two last questions: about output
1:29AM 2 Matrix starting at [0,0] instead of [1,1]?
Wednesday October 15 2008
10:10PM 2 dynlm and lm: should they give same estimates?
9:54PM 4 strsplit and regex
9:44PM 4 a really simple question on polynomial multiplication
9:31PM 1 Confused with default device setup
8:59PM 1 stablefit can fit the parameters of a truncated normal distribution?
8:46PM 1 Argh! Trouble using string data read from a file
8:45PM 1 combining same-day lab measurements with 'apply'
8:35PM 1 Parameter estimates from an ANCOVA
8:18PM 2 Condition warning: has length > 1 and only the first element will be used
8:05PM 2 R: "in-place" appending to a matrix.
7:56PM 1 help with a for loop
7:48PM 5 plot - central limit theorem
7:48PM 1 Can R scripts executed in batch mode take a commandline argument?
7:42PM 3 Removing characters and periods from character strings
7:34PM 1 dbAppy questions/clarifications
6:31PM 0 integrate problem
6:27PM 1 R/Parallel
5:48PM 2 Problems with R memory usage on Linux
5:44PM 0 problems using AFDM(FactoMineR)
5:16PM 3 Standard deviation for rows
4:59PM 1 investigating interaction term for a model of Gross Primary Productivity
4:28PM 2 "Heuristic optimisation"?
4:12PM 1 How to make the connection between MikTEX and R
3:39PM 1 Error in Switch in KhmaladzeTest
2:50PM 2 Network meta-analysis, varConstPower in nlme
2:30PM 1 Extracting standard error from survreg?
2:21PM 1 MLE Constraints
2:07PM 2 Help Help with sampling
12:51PM 1 trouble with combining png and pdf
12:26PM 2 Lattice key title color
11:45AM 1 ggplot2: sub/super-script axes labels
11:24AM 0 gamboost partial fit prediction
11:19AM 2 Defining a "list"
10:59AM 1 comparing with lead function
10:23AM 3 request: How can we ignore a component of list having no element
10:19AM 2 Help with matplot
9:37AM 0 Iterative estimation of linear regression model
9:13AM 0 A "cluster" package question and request for images
9:11AM 1 R on 64-bit Windows
9:07AM 1 LME gives estimates with a random factor that has one 1 datapoint per group
8:48AM 1 parameter assessment in differential equation
7:33AM 2 apply model predictions over larger area with predict()
7:25AM 1 Forecasting using ARIMAX
2:45AM 3 Handling complex sampling designs in R
2:41AM 0 New package RPostgreSQL 0.1.0
1:44AM 1 legend
1:35AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 67, Issue 31
12:16AM 0 Maximizing a function - optim does not always converge
Tuesday October 14 2008
10:02PM 2 getAnywhere
9:49PM 2 list syntax question: which subscript is which
9:45PM 1 A question about Heatmap for data with just 2 columns
9:16PM 3 gWidgets install
9:09PM 1 question about amova (ade4)
9:00PM 1 does any r package work with mcfadden type discrete choice models?...
7:48PM 0 nlm return wrong function value - garch fitting
7:33PM 2 Getting frustrated with RMySQL
7:04PM 2 can't R CMD INSTALL on WinXP
6:34PM 1 XML_1.98-0 fails to build on Debian Lenny with gcc 4.3.2 and R-beta 2.8.0
6:16PM 1 Labour Statistics
6:11PM 1 ts.data plot
6:02PM 4 Maximum number of pasted 'code' lines?
6:02PM 0 New versions of two packages: granova and PSAgraphics
5:15PM 1 library MICE warning message
5:12PM 1 post to this list
4:25PM 1 Advice on Computer Specifications
3:13PM 2 help about how can R compute AIC?
2:06PM 1 How to checkpoint-restart R jobs in batch mode?
2:04PM 0 Question: how to make a sample from my data set
1:58PM 6 Doing a Task Without Using a For Loop
12:59PM 1 Remove warnings.
11:46AM 1 ggplot2 plot with symbols and then add line
11:29AM 1 Extended summary
10:32AM 1 fit model
10:01AM 0 Fwd: sn package - skew t - code for analytical expressions for first 4 moments
9:45AM 0 Question about transposing tables / matrixes in R
9:34AM 2 Re : (a) Credit Scoring models and (b) aceesing earlier emails
9:05AM 1 modifying parameters of a graph after plotting
8:37AM 4 problem using R
8:11AM 0 (a) Credit Scoring models and (b) aceesing earlier emails
8:02AM 4 request: How to ignore columns having zero sums
6:29AM 3 AIC score
5:08AM 0 New CRAN Task View for Time Series Analysis
4:24AM 1 abline and locator?
2:57AM 1 command to expand a cross classification / contingency table
Monday October 13 2008
11:43PM 3 lattice panel question
10:38PM 1 Trellis, conditioning on more than 2 variables,
9:42PM 1 MiKTEX-texi2dvi
9:34PM 0 stl outlier help request
9:19PM 3 rotating points on a plot
9:07PM 4 Variable shortlisting for the logistic regression
9:02PM 2 Using an image background with graphics
8:42PM 1 LM intercept
8:34PM 1 Stepwise lrm()
8:14PM 1 SSH in R
8:02PM 4 Add notes to sink output
7:07PM 1 ggplot faceting like lattice | variable
6:34PM 2 Subset based on items in a list.
6:34PM 0 error in plots of gam (package:gam)
6:21PM 0 optim and nlm error to estimate a matrix
5:06PM 2 split data, but ensure each level of the factor is represented
4:18PM 0 gamm() and predict()
3:57PM 0 ldBands (Hmisc)
3:44PM 1 Running R at a specific time - alternative to Sys.sleep() ?
3:26PM 1 Simulations using differential equations
3:24PM 0 Using a discrete function in nls()
3:22PM 0 Error in gam plot?
3:09PM 0 Error in plot.gam?
1:48PM 1 graphs in R
1:29PM 2 Sweave from Kile
12:07PM 0 correlation structure in gls or lme/lmer with several observations per day
11:49AM 2 SAS Data
11:15AM 1 na.pass
10:57AM 2 Timestamps and manipulations
10:03AM 1 Gower distance between a individual and a population
8:39AM 0 New package: StatMatch 0.4
7:53AM 0 Re : using predict() or fitted() from a model with offset; unsolved, included reproducible code
7:27AM 4 Fw: Logistic regresion - Interpreting (SENS) and (SPEC)
6:35AM 1 Blowing up portions of a graph
4:55AM 1 Logistic Regression - Interpreting SENS (Sensitivity) and SPEC (Specificity)
3:44AM 1 sep. dataset
Sunday October 12 2008
11:02PM 0 OT: irises
10:02PM 1 png(): Linux vs Windows
9:56PM 0 Ecological Niche Modelling on R [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
3:13PM 2 proper use of textConnection
12:40PM 1 qt with df<1 (repost)
12:39PM 0 Post hoc in repeated measures anova
12:36PM 0 qt with df<1
11:24AM 2 numeric derivation
10:53AM 1 Conditionally skip over "for(..){" and "}"??
10:36AM 0 using predict() or fitted() from a model with offset
8:55AM 2 Overdispersion in the lmer models
8:54AM 0 false convergence (8) after removal of the two-way interaction
8:30AM 1 Avoid overlap of labels in a scatterplot
6:48AM 0 R: specifying a function in nls
4:59AM 1 svm models in a loop
3:58AM 2 subsetting dataframe by rownames to be excluded
Saturday October 11 2008
11:39PM 6 Sweave-LaTEX question
10:42PM 1 step() and stepAIC()
9:54PM 2 Copyright Symbol
7:31PM 2 R vs SPSS contrasts
7:25PM 5 Extracting subset of a vector
5:43PM 1 BRugs removed?
4:01PM 1 producing colour .eps output
12:42PM 0 Running anova on different datasets
8:06AM 2 graphics
4:27AM 1 Course of R in two days
1:24AM 0 TTR getYahooData?
Friday October 10 2008
10:32PM 2 bivariate non-parametric smoothing
10:11PM 1 how to evaluate a cubic Bezier curve (B-spline?) given the four control points
9:15PM 4 plotCI
8:42PM 3 predicting from a local regression and plotting in lattice
6:38PM 1 Sampling
5:27PM 1 lag function doesn't work - what am i doing wrong?
5:17PM 0 Problems and bugs in vgam()
4:30PM 1 Coefficients in a polynomial glm with family poisson/binomial
4:27PM 1 a question about diparate device quality
4:08PM 0 New package: bit 1.0
3:58PM 0 help on quantile
2:57PM 1 Creating a new connection type
2:41PM 1 glmmPQL
2:29PM 2 Leap year?
2:25PM 2 Fatal error: unable to restore saved data in .RData
2:18PM 2 ggplot adding points
1:50PM 1 Overlay Plots
1:34PM 1 boxplot and stripchart
1:00PM 0 Bootstraping problem
12:13PM 2 rgl-snapshot failed (err-msg: "failed")
11:39AM 0 Implied GARCH parameters - Error in chol.default(Hessian) : the leading minor of order 1 is not positive definite
11:26AM 1 multi-scale singular spectrum analysis (SSA)
10:40AM 2 linear expenditure model
10:04AM 0 Multi-scale SSA (singular spectrum analysis)
9:57AM 1 map + some arbitrary locations' heights: some kind of perspective or contour plot possible?
9:34AM 1 formal argument "axes" matched by multiple actual arguments
8:45AM 0 Antwort: FW: R loops
8:07AM 1 Correlation among correlation matrices cor() - Interpretation
6:37AM 1 Credit Scoring Model - SPEC (specificity) and SENS (sensitivity)
6:09AM 0 Installing ROracle in windows.. Pls help
5:54AM 0 Logistic regresion - Interpreting (SENS) and (SPEC)
5:29AM 0 Questions on code compilation of R by Luke
2:51AM 4 how to store lme/lmer fit result
1:37AM 1 R2.7.2 graph printing issue: incomplete printing
Thursday October 9 2008
11:08PM 0 user prompts/interactivity in Sweave documents
10:35PM 2 Singular information matrix in lrm.fit
10:04PM 1 Biplot connecting consecutive dates (ggplot?)
9:54PM 1 Write multiple objects / data frames into a single .csv -- write.csv
9:33PM 2 Bug in ifelse
9:18PM 5 help
8:56PM 0 nlme Random Effects Specification
8:28PM 0 GPL and adds-on
8:03PM 0 Print call condensely
8:00PM 1 YALAQ - Yet Another LApply Question
7:42PM 0 Binom.test, vector input
7:29PM 1 nls, lattice, and conversion over to ggplot
7:13PM 2 R book needed
7:05PM 2 Plot grouped histograms
6:40PM 1 number format in plots
6:34PM 2 Help MLE
5:59PM 0 release of RcmdrPlugin.Export 0.2-1
5:53PM 1 R/OCaml?
5:37PM 1 Dump decision trees of randomForest object
5:16PM 4 runs of heads when flipping a coin
5:14PM 1 Basic aggregate help
4:22PM 2 Two math expressions in plot
3:59PM 1 Altering the cube around a wireframe plot.
3:48PM 1 Spatstat - Several density plots using the same scale
3:31PM 1 stack or dissolve matrix without double entries
3:26PM 0 Please help: Latent class analysis with poLCA
2:47PM 1 GWR Predictions' standard deviation
1:45PM 2 vectorization instead of using loop
1:18PM 2 Running R under Sun Grid Engine with OpenMPI tight integration
12:13PM 1 Error when reading a SAS transport file
11:56AM 1 R loops
10:59AM 1 Turn factors to numeric
9:39AM 1 adjusted t-test with unequal variance
9:34AM 1 plot-parameter pch without influence when plotting a data-frame
9:30AM 1 Reading zipped data directly from an FTP url
9:28AM 1 Interpretation in cor()
9:13AM 0 Censboot Warning and Error Messages
9:04AM 2 Exporting symnum() result from cor()
3:38AM 0 Adding bars to barplots
12:41AM 1 interpreting Shapiro-Wilks test result
12:26AM 1 RApache
12:20AM 1 question of R to do perl matching and matched string extraction
Wednesday October 8 2008
10:49PM 1 NA's in multiple choice summary table in Hmisc
10:41PM 1 Lattice question: plotting two sets of data, defining groups for the second set
10:08PM 0 [randomForest]: display decision trees
9:58PM 0 Applying an R script to data within MySQL? How to?
9:01PM 1 error installing lattice package
8:56PM 1 Choose subset for plot use (bwplot)
8:03PM 2 Creating a matrix
8:02PM 0 Announcing R-PLUS 3.3 Experience-Rplus
7:12PM 3 Re move repeated values
6:40PM 1 Strange horns on notched box plots
6:36PM 2 detect repeated number in a vector
6:28PM 1 Axes limits in rgl.surface (again)
6:00PM 3 R seven years ago
5:55PM 0 Trouble with word-wrapping and other Tinn-R options
5:37PM 2 Quantiles of weighted sample
5:30PM 1 Observed responses in 'augPred' data frame - Wrong order ?
4:38PM 1 extracting a subset of sublists form a list; vectorized form
4:02PM 1 help for compile sjava
3:32PM 1 How to join the two tables based on one overlapped column
3:19PM 5 Using grep
3:14PM 5 ParallelR
2:54PM 1 rgl_081.708: rgl.snapshot fails, causing persistent problems
2:44PM 1 Error in spdep: system is computationally singular
2:37PM 2 par(new = TRUE) - overplotting
2:15PM 3 histogram loses top row with alpha transparency under Windows
1:25PM 0 partial autocorrelation plots ACF type=p
1:18PM 1 Suspicious output from lme4-mcmcsamp
1:05PM 4 Space between bars in barplot
11:19AM 0 issues with "write.table"
11:14AM 1 Fw: MLE
11:05AM 0 MLE
7:44AM 1 print results from R
5:48AM 4 question from Braun/Murdoch book
4:31AM 5 Plot means with error bars - A novice needs help
1:59AM 0 genoud nonlinear least squares optimisation
1:54AM 2 Histogram colours in lattice.
1:28AM 2 help to debug C codes called from R
12:13AM 1 follow up on "[Rd] NAMESPACE & methods guidance, please" ( http://tolstoy.newcastle.edu.au/R/e4/devel/08/06/1901.html )
Tuesday October 7 2008
10:49PM 0 Fortune?
10:08PM 2 masking a regular lat/lon grid to extract map boundaries
9:28PM 1 Factor tutorial?
7:59PM 0 RBloomberg - Converting international stock prices into $US
7:58PM 3 vectorized sub, gsub, grep, etc.
7:13PM 0 hwriter - Writing R objects in HTML format
6:48PM 1 Similarity Percentage Analysis
6:38PM 2 weighted quantiles
5:50PM 2 Programing and writing function help
5:46PM 2 Statistically significant in linear and non-linear model
4:56PM 11 Creating GUIs for R
4:46PM 1 Ecological Niche Modelling on R
4:28PM 4 sort a list?
4:27PM 1 vectorization of a loop for mahalanobis distance calculation
4:20PM 1 R and Multi threading
3:54PM 2 panel.groups: use group.number to define colors
3:35PM 1 Mac crash- Probably memory problem
3:11PM 1 read.spss: variable.labels
3:04PM 0 Algorithm = "port" convergence codes
3:01PM 1 using assign with lists
2:41PM 1 S3 vs S4 class
2:39PM 2 R squared value for a line on a plot
2:29PM 1 Selecting numeric data from a data frame
12:28PM 1 FW: Reading Data
12:22PM 3 How to validate model?
10:21AM 4 R and computer heat
10:11AM 3 Fitting weibull, exponential and lognormal distributions to left-truncated data.
3:22AM 1 column-wise z-scores by group
1:56AM 0 The Innagural Atlanta useR Group Meeting!
1:53AM 2 fitting a curve to data points
1:51AM 0 libg2c.so with new Debian
12:36AM 1 Fisher inverse cumulative probabilities
12:32AM 3 Automatic code diagramming for R?
Monday October 6 2008
10:54PM 3 random normally distributed values within range
7:43PM 2 Graphics window BUG
7:27PM 2 Sweave and echoing code chunks conditionally
6:24PM 1 package question
6:01PM 1 Color of title in legend()
5:37PM 1 Lattice and Axis height
5:28PM 1 Need to calculate within- and between- run CV
5:22PM 0 Computing on the language redux
5:05PM 1 Convert Binary to Decimal
4:55PM 1 querry in simple "for" loop in Box plot
4:49PM 1 easier way to do this without a loop? (successive euclidean distances between points)
4:32PM 0 Computationally singular [provides coefficients but not covariance matrix]
3:59PM 0 Error in X11
3:54PM 2 Stacked area chart and legends
3:45PM 3 Extracting text from html code using the RCurl package.
2:39PM 1 question on lmList
2:36PM 0 Rmpi memory error
2:35PM 2 stepplr
2:09PM 3 horizontal boxplot + xlim
1:58PM 2 lmer: random factor nested in a fixed factor
1:53PM 2 Read.table fail to recognize (+/-) sign
1:03PM 2 ignore error in for-loop
11:46AM 0 Problem loading package created with package.skeleton
11:37AM 2 Problem with Grep Under Loop
11:19AM 1 Margin on trellis plot
10:29AM 1 lme and lmer df's and F-statistics again
10:18AM 0 R 2.7.2 upgrade in Ubuntu, tcltk does not work any more
9:46AM 1 Bioconductor installation on 64 bit R problem
9:05AM 0 RBGL installation
8:50AM 0 package flexmix: models for ordinal data?
8:23AM 0 New verision 0.95 of package 'memisc' released to CRAN
8:09AM 1 Error in Q-Q plot
7:53AM 1 Tinn-R command line argument to increase memory limits.
4:21AM 0 How to model this? (R-help Digest, Vol 67, Issue 25)
Sunday October 5 2008
9:32PM 1 partial matching and dots?
8:00PM 1 Sample mean in R
7:51PM 2 trouble with character \u00e2
7:45PM 1 Conditioning variables in lattice - not all combinations
6:27PM 1 Graph in vector format to OpenOffice
5:32PM 3 plot3d - could not find function "xlim"
5:16PM 0 plyr package: passing further arguments fails
5:12PM 1 barchart for aggregated (sum) data in lattice?
4:43PM 1 building packages: "R Help for package foo" vs. "HTML Help"?
3:41PM 0 ggplot2 - version 0.7
3:35PM 0 [OOPS!]Sexy Little Number :-)-O
2:08PM 3 efficient use of lm over a matrix vs. using apply over rows
1:02PM 1 plyr package: passing further arguments fail
9:28AM 3 "Update in Mac OS"
8:01AM 0 Weighted Multivariate Kernel density estimation with adaptative bandwidth
5:25AM 2 Time Interval calculation using R
3:25AM 1 Help on R Coding
Saturday October 4 2008
11:44PM 0 Error with VAR function of VARS package
9:47PM 0 difference between sm.density() and kde2d()
9:22PM 3 ggplot2: how to combine position=stack and position=dodge in a single graph?
7:29PM 1 syntax to restrict coefficient in lm()
4:50PM 3 environment and scoping
4:31PM 1 Number format in log-scaled lattice xyplots
2:07PM 1 back-solver: any R thing like TK!Solver?
10:20AM 0 Unload a COM component loaded through RDCOMClient
9:05AM 3 How to plot countours with fixted densities?
Friday October 3 2008
11:41PM 1 font color
11:39PM 2 Ragged time series data
11:09PM 1 help regarding levels
10:44PM 1 NA's in segmented
10:04PM 1 Tinn-R explorer used to be my friend
9:27PM 0 [R-SIG-Mac] /bin/sh: tar: command not found
9:23PM 1 Bug or inaccuracy in cumsum( )
8:48PM 1 merge
8:47PM 1 re ading specific columns
7:27PM 2 Question about quantile.default
7:22PM 1 Simple addition and subtraction doesn't work??
7:10PM 5 color code from csv
7:08PM 0 Multivariate Density Plots
6:56PM 2 What is the meaning of "segfault 'memory not mapped' " ?
6:48PM 1 Splitting a file into multiple files based on the column name
6:22PM 2 cannot open connection: Authorization Required
6:07PM 0 Latent Structure Analysis
5:48PM 1 Problem with glm.nb estimation
5:24PM 0 What is wrong with my Kmean?
5:21PM 0 snow/rmpi using deinompi question
4:17PM 0 glmmPQL & Wald-type F-tests
4:14PM 2 Mirror Image on Biplot Graphic
3:48PM 2 computing on expressions
3:35PM 0 flexible contour plots
3:04PM 0 Beginner's question about vgam for zanegbinomial models
2:51PM 1 Problem with read.table in Windows and Linux
2:34PM 1 How to mix different font styles in axis label of lattice plot?
2:18PM 0 plot overlay of several times from the same month (but from different years) with formatted axis
2:17PM 2 suggestions for plotting 5000 data points
2:06PM 1 how to do a probit?
1:30PM 0 Error in R/parallel
1:04PM 1 question on xyplot
9:29AM 0 "invalid 'ncol' value (too large or NA)" error message
9:24AM 0 New package: expert 1.0-0
8:40AM 3 several postscript problems
8:33AM 1 3D scatter, groups, RdbiPgSQL...
7:41AM 1 Problem with strptime
5:32AM 1 formula form of coxph
3:44AM 1 Point of intersection
2:07AM 1 Error message in ifthen else
1:53AM 1 When to set small values to 0?
Thursday October 2 2008
9:50PM 1 metafiles under windows (PR#13116)
9:46PM 2 aggregate empty row for pretty appearance also subtotal if possible
8:01PM 1 Contour Plot Aspect Ratio
7:32PM 1 In the OPTIM message....
6:48PM 1 RBloomberg to get dividend
6:36PM 4 Load a program at the front end
6:24PM 1 t.test() on a list
5:51PM 1 Shadowed Plot
5:43PM 4 3 curves / 1 plot
5:06PM 1 re moving a vector from a list.
5:01PM 1 back transforming output from negative binomial
4:59PM 1 missing output in summary() and anova()
4:52PM 0 StructTS hang?
4:28PM 0 spec.pgram help?
4:04PM 1 combining bar and line plots with multiple axes
3:03PM 4 namespaces
2:36PM 1 specifying x-axis scale on random forest variable importance plot
2:15PM 1 non-mouse-sensitive pause between showing plots
1:50PM 1 SAS enterprise guide in R?
1:47PM 1 Time conversion
1:28PM 1 Help with aggregation
1:15PM 0 [solutions] "tapply versus by" in function with more than 1 arguments
12:03PM 1 nls with plinear and function on RHS
11:54AM 3 Adding plane in a 3D scatterplot
11:34AM 3 function in R
10:21AM 3 Problem with read.table()
10:08AM 0 RBloomberg :: blpConnect crash.
9:24AM 2 error message documentation: "Error: no function to return from, jumping to top level"
9:06AM 1 possible bug in function 'var' in R 2.7.2?
8:54AM 1 R Training Courses
8:16AM 2 contingency table, several variables from dataframe
8:16AM 0 Hexagon border in plotrix's math2D.plot
7:35AM 1 An AIC model selection question
6:44AM 1 How do one suggest a patch for the Foreign package
5:34AM 1 matrix with different type of column [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
5:28AM 2 Multiple hist(ograms) - One plot
5:14AM 1 using bquote to construct function
2:57AM 0 constructing appropriate non-intercept formula
12:30AM 1 extracting diagonal from dist()
Wednesday October 1 2008
11:34PM 2 Bug or feature with finding a list element?
10:55PM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 117.3 Mb
10:28PM 1 Aggregate issues with subset
10:09PM 2 Running source() on a file in another directory
9:29PM 3 lapply where each list object has multiple parts
7:55PM 1 pvals.fnc in lme4 and languageR
6:56PM 2 Looking for position of character in a string
5:39PM 0 MiscPsycho 1.3 posted to CRAN
5:18PM 0 family gamma (GAM fit)
5:18PM 0 Multiple histograms one graphic device & groupings
5:15PM 0 spectum
4:48PM 9 time segments intersection
4:37PM 0 plotting several yearly/monthly time series on the same plotting several yearly/monthly time series on the same graph
4:19PM 3 shifting ticks to left or right
4:17PM 1 changing 'https' to 'http' when using download.file(), any side effects or just use RCurl?
4:17PM 1 Negative Binomial Predictions
3:43PM 2 Bivariate normal
3:23PM 1 add labelled contour lines to filled.contour plot
3:01PM 2 Surprising randomForest Results
2:39PM 0 Linear Regression in R
2:22PM 0 Minimizing both AIC and df in model selection
2:09PM 0 Weibull distribution
2:00PM 0 Simulating random draws
1:58PM 5 "group by" functionality in R
1:53PM 0 "grep" argument not working in "getGrob"?
1:39PM 3 for loop question Documentation and its application for calculating euclidean distance on MDS ordination axis scores
1:38PM 1 How to label a "vector"
12:50PM 1 maximum likelihood with constraints in R
12:40PM 3 cryptic error message: "Error in embed(y, lag) : wrong embedding dimension"
12:21PM 3 "tapply versus by" in function with more than 1 arguments
12:05PM 1 Please help me to produce smoothed contour plots
12:00PM 0 cubic bivariate interpolation on regular grid
12:00PM 1 Vertex enumeration and center of mass for convex polytops
11:56AM 0 ploting Lcross fonction
10:48AM 2 List of sublists
10:23AM 2 question about working with workspaces
10:03AM 0 Problem with nesting in lmer
9:54AM 3 Installing RWeka package in CentOS 5: problems with JAVA?
9:12AM 2 R language : Error catching
9:05AM 2 an unsophisticated question about recoding in a data frame with control structure if {}
8:42AM 3 How to get the day of the year
8:41AM 0 xpred.rpart() in library(mvpart)
7:44AM 1 Simon Wood GAMsetup
7:22AM 3 Change color of plot points based on values of a variable
5:27AM 1 Bias in sample - Logistic Regression
5:22AM 0 (no subject)
5:17AM 1 Help with CrossTable
4:33AM 1 regexpr syntax question
4:04AM 1 goodness of fit test
12:06AM 1 knn class probabilities