R help - Dec 2008

Wednesday December 31 2008
11:41PM 2 Lattice trellis.focus() with pdf
11:36PM 1 How do I plot multiple XY plots on the same graph
9:33PM 1 Suggestions for inputting a date via a dialog box?
9:15PM 1 interpretation of conf.type in predict.Design {Design}
7:27PM 1 Instalación de WinEdt para R
7:20PM 2 sdate<-as.POSIXct(strptime(date,format="%m/%d/%Y %H:%M"))
6:53PM 0 Chance Magazine statistical graphics contest
6:10PM 0 Blank commands
5:48PM 0 flexclust queries
5:27PM 2 Off-topic -- an eye on a stats presentation for clinicians?
4:47PM 3 Plotmath with values?
4:31PM 1 names help?
3:41PM 1 Problem with package SNOW on MacOS X 10.5.5
3:34PM 1 finding yap.exe with Sweave
2:46PM 0 Kernlab:Relevance Vector Machine Help
2:03PM 0 RVM help
11:45AM 2 function of mixture normal with covariates
11:12AM 3 Paste in a FOR loop
6:42AM 3 WinBUGS posterior samples (via R2WinBUGS)?
5:56AM 1 uniroot() problem
5:13AM 2 Execution of a .sce file through R
1:53AM 1 cannot load package "splines"
1:29AM 1 Chinese characters encoding problem with XML
12:41AM 1 plot.stepfun xlim
Tuesday December 30 2008
11:30PM 1 adding date/time stamp
9:23PM 1 help on windows 32 compile... R-2.8.1
8:56PM 1 dudas sobre función algoritmo Chaid con R
7:53PM 1 A mistake in garchFit()? {fGarch}
7:14PM 0 calling SCILAB from R
4:57PM 3 Newbie Question: parts of a dataframe
4:14PM 1 issue with encoding in R-2.8.1 invalid multibyte character
2:59PM 5 Randomly remove condition-selected rows from a matrix
2:33PM 3 Componentwise means of a list of matrices?
1:15PM 1 extend summary.lm for hccm?
12:40PM 1 How to set plot resolution
11:59AM 1 I would appreciate some help with clustering
11:23AM 5 Downloading data from Economagic
6:06AM 1 why stress value remains so high after invoking of metaMDS
Monday December 29 2008
11:11PM 0 is rodbc truncating long strings...
9:53PM 0 Fitting weighted polynomial regression model
9:25PM 3 Normal Curve
8:07PM 2 How to step through a demo
8:05PM 0 Serial Correlation Test for Short Time Series
7:57PM 3 Is there some way to append to a pdf after its device has been closed?
7:15PM 1 Trouble installing plyr
6:10PM 2 Tinn R
5:43PM 2 dudas
4:59PM 1 q about memory usage progression
3:35PM 2 Hmisc labels and captions in latex.list()
3:12PM 0 Lognormal with 0/1 "tag" [theoretical]
2:18PM 4 Merge or combine data frames with missing columns
1:29PM 0 How to cluster the elements of a binary vector
1:06PM 0 Function to find the order of operation
11:27AM 1 How to get unique solution from nnet function
10:20AM 1 X11 PNG Error
9:01AM 2 Array Making
7:34AM 0 stress value remains so high(metaMDS)
Sunday December 28 2008
8:58PM 1 Logistic regression with rcs() and inequality constraints?
8:06PM 1 help on ylab of xyplot.zoo
7:25PM 1 Random coefficients model with a covariate: coxme function
7:14PM 1 Spatial Statistics e-book.
7:11PM 1 month-day-year to Date
6:39PM 1 Line graphs with NA
5:43PM 2 naming rows and columns in a matrix
4:33PM 1 how to get degree according to the name of the node?
2:29PM 0 2 player Nash Equilbrium game
1:13PM 1 model.matrix and missing values
9:02AM 0 how to calculate DWT maximum decomposition level
9:00AM 1 cox regression warning/error messages
7:28AM 2 how to generalize the arguments for lm() (r-help@lists.R-project.org)
3:36AM 2 Conditional operation on multiple columns from two data frames
12:13AM 0 how to calculate the DWT maximum decomposition level
12:08AM 1 Using a constant scale across X-Y plots
Saturday December 27 2008
9:53PM 0 Time Series Filtering
7:39PM 0 Plot layout help?
6:32PM 2 Object name vectcor as function input argument?
6:29PM 0 parameter "i" in "mfg" is out of range
2:10PM 1 Want to create empty vectors inside a empty data frame
9:01AM 1 Zipf fitting using R
8:32AM 1 contour plot - smooth lines
8:31AM 1 Internal Memory Limit in R
5:07AM 0 Sweave style file
3:07AM 1 indexed expression
Friday December 26 2008
10:27PM 1 starting values update
7:16PM 0 R server without Rserve
6:58PM 0 Package: clue; Function: consensus; Question: element weights for criterion functions
5:37PM 3 lm() with same formula but different column/factor combinations in data frame
4:48PM 2 question about SNA in R, thanks!
4:37PM 0 question about Assortative and Disassortative Mixing
4:08PM 1 Question about regression without an intercept
1:27PM 3 Simulating dataset using Parallel Latent CTT model?
12:42PM 2 Computational Probability
12:26PM 1 Need Help urgently - evaluating regressor using R
12:10PM 2 about randomForest
12:02PM 1 histogramm$density
11:56AM 1 Need Help on r-programming
9:08AM 0 Upgrading R causes Tinn-R to freeze.
Thursday December 25 2008
10:20PM 3 Percent damage distribution
9:17PM 0 Class and object problem
6:51PM 1 p(H0|data) for lm/lmer-objects R
1:52AM 0 xlsolutions courses
Wednesday December 24 2008
11:20PM 3 statistical significance, nonlinear regression
7:27PM 2 overwrite title
5:49PM 1 Viewing code
5:48PM 0 Tick and Label Color in Plot
5:45PM 1 Fata; error:
5:31PM 2 ggplot2 Xlim
5:28PM 1 How to skip re-installing CRAN packages when updating R?
4:08PM 0 2009 Courses***R/S-PLUS Advanced & Fundamentals - January 2009. Also check out our New&Emerging Courses.
3:26PM 2 Compressing String in R
2:10PM 0 VarFunc or log-transformation
1:52PM 0 command Polygenic gives error message concerning dimensions of data
12:16PM 1 selecting a subset of a matrix based on a value occurring in 5 records
11:55AM 1 Implementing a linear restriction in lm()
9:05AM 3 filling values in a vector using smaller vector
8:04AM 2 problem installing R packages in Windows Vista
7:35AM 2 Using 'cat' on data frame
5:06AM 1 Conditional Counting with Table
4:52AM 0 Write a data frame to Oracle Data Base
4:19AM 1 Using SPSS Labels
3:11AM 1 Non-finite finite difference error
3:09AM 0 wavelet
2:52AM 3 Extract values based on indexes without looping?
1:02AM 1 ggplot2's qplot() not rendering title descender
Tuesday December 23 2008
11:55PM 1 .C and 'temporaries'
11:29PM 2 beginner data.frame question
11:20PM 1 4 questions regarding hypothesis testing, survey package, ts on samples, plotting
10:18PM 3 How do I reload sessions from a non-default directory in OS X?
9:46PM 0 Tukey on interaction means after lmer
8:53PM 1 quotation problem/dataframe names as function input argument.
8:23PM 1 NetCDF within R: installation assistance
7:08PM 6 Interval censored Data in survreg() with zero values!
6:50PM 1 Ordered Multidimensional Arrays
6:41PM 2 "assign" statement in S-Plus
5:10PM 0 source() argument specification in packages
5:10PM 1 aggregate / tranpose data
3:36PM 0 Comparing Data and Simulation
1:24PM 3 Using transform to add a date column to a dataframe
12:58PM 1 Approximate Entropy?
9:45AM 1 Borders for rectangles in lattice plot key
4:58AM 2 Tabular output: from R to Excel or HTML
4:38AM 1 newbie problem using Design.rcs
3:44AM 1 sorting regression coefficients by p-value
1:24AM 0 Simulate dataset using Parallel Latent CTT model in R
Monday December 22 2008
11:57PM 0 nlsrob fails with puzzling error message on input accepted by nls
11:26PM 3 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 1.8 Gb
11:16PM 1 Problem in passing on an argument via ... how do I access it?
11:07PM 1 Integrate function
10:57PM 1 newbie question on tcltk
9:51PM 3 Summary information by groups programming assitance
8:57PM 1 sem package fails when no of factors increase from 3 to 4
8:43PM 1 Error compiling R.2.8.1 with gcc 4.4 on Mac OS 10.5.6
8:20PM 2 How can I avoid nested 'for' loops or quicken the process?
7:38PM 1 questions about read datafile into R
7:13PM 1 question about read datafile
5:20PM 0 package sn
4:40PM 2 Treatment of Date ODBC objects in R (RODBC)
4:31PM 0 post hoc comparisons on interaction means following lme
4:03PM 2 Matching
3:38PM 1 imputing the numerical columns of a dataframe, returning the rest unchanged
3:06PM 2 AR(2) coefficient interpretation
2:02PM 2 Hmisc Dotplot with confidence intervals and panel.points problem
10:11AM 2 queue simulation
9:24AM 0 R 2.8.1 is released
9:22AM 3 Convert ASCII string to Decimal in R (vice versa) was: Hex
5:49AM 0 post hoc comparisons of interaction means after lme
2:01AM 1 Convert ASCII string to Hex in R (vice versa)
1:36AM 3 row sum question
1:33AM 1 sorting variable names containing digits
1:32AM 1 Merging two data frame with different nrows
Sunday December 21 2008
7:49PM 1 Trouble with 'smooth' using xyplot in lattice
5:09PM 2 Combining Sweave and LaTeX-packages?
3:35PM 3 Globbing Files in R
1:43PM 1 function prop.trend.test (stats)
12:33PM 1 How can I get the interpolated data?
2:09AM 2 data format issue
Saturday December 20 2008
9:42PM 2 NA, where no NA should (could!) be!
9:28PM 0 SAS LMM to lme syntax
8:35PM 1 How to do indexing after splitting my data-frame?
7:41PM 2 Print a list in columns
5:20PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: February Short Course - Regression Modeling Strategies
3:01PM 1 How test contrasts/coefficients of Repeated-Measures ANOVA?
1:52PM 1 Calling an R Exit Function
1:13AM 2 Problems installing lme4 on Ubuntu
12:07AM 1 Help in Lattice!
Friday December 19 2008
10:48PM 2 Merging data frames of different length
8:46PM 1 png() and jpg() devices acting weird.
8:09PM 0 Tab completion / X11 fatal IO error
7:52PM 0 R/Finance 2009: Applied Finance with R -- Call for Papers
7:39PM 0 What BIC is calculated by 'regsubsets'?
7:04PM 1 How to write a Surv object to a csv-file?
5:32PM 0 How to plot arrows for a PLS plot with ggplot2?
5:10PM 1 package install error in CentOS
4:05PM 0 specify formula for nonliear mxed model equation
2:42PM 1 diagonal lines in legends of ggplot2
1:54PM 1 Specify nonlinear equation with nlme
1:44PM 1 comparing distributions
1:06PM 2 error bars
12:56PM 1 svyglm and sandwich estimator of variance
12:35PM 2 re ad.table
11:33AM 4 Akaike weight in R
11:02AM 0 "parm" argument in confint.multinom () nnet package
10:09AM 1 obtaining output from an evaluated expression
10:00AM 2 I need course in R
9:13AM 1 Does file.info man page describe ctime corrrectly?
5:14AM 2 How do I generate one vector for every row of a data frame?
3:56AM 1 'Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit' when adding an overarching function
1:03AM 1 Lattice Plot Ordering?
12:27AM 1 can a function alter the "..." argument and passed the result to another function?
12:19AM 1 how to manipulate ... within a function
Thursday December 18 2008
11:17PM 0 How to make a smooth ( linear ) CDF plot? -- Thanks!
10:22PM 1 understanding recursive functions
10:11PM 2 understanding lexical scope
9:22PM 2 formatting print statements with multiple lines
9:08PM 0 EMMA
8:16PM 1 RODBC crashes connecting to Teradata
8:02PM 1 using jackknife in linear models
8:01PM 0 Confused about behavior of an S4 object containing a ts object
6:40PM 1 big data file versus ram memory
5:00PM 2 Contextstack overlow
4:54PM 1 svyglm fit method?
4:18PM 1 R crash with dyn.load
4:03PM 1 RcmdrPlugin doesn't work under R280
2:39PM 1 Indicator function for merged times (was: Re: Rr: For and if confusion)
1:14PM 4 autologistic modelling in R
12:43PM 0 Rr: For and if confusion
11:33AM 1 Algorithm for calculating McCall's T-scores
11:18AM 1 R2HTML and output from a function
10:58AM 1 inserting zero instances with zeroes in a matrix
10:47AM 2 X11 is not availble
10:40AM 1 Ploting 3D cylinder in RGL
10:32AM 0 NLS problem
10:27AM 1 Help: Some problem with "gdata" package when using Dates
10:12AM 1 For and if confusion
10:08AM 2 lme4 error after Matrix update
10:02AM 1 a ratio-variable predictor
8:17AM 1 Random Number Generation using (Generalized) Extreme Value distribution and Pareto distribution
8:08AM 3 Calculating Sensitivity, Specificity, and Agreement from Logistics Regression Model
6:14AM 3 Parsing unusual date format
12:53AM 1 Newbie "if" problem
Wednesday December 17 2008
10:34PM 3 "Error: bad value" problem
9:57PM 1 non numeric argument to binary operator
9:24PM 1 Noobie question, regression across levels
8:50PM 1 glmnet : Error in validObject(.Object) :
7:07PM 4 passing arguments to subset from a function
7:03PM 5 Trouble pulling data from a messy ACII file...
5:27PM 1 win.graph question
4:24PM 3 replacing elements of a zoo object
4:11PM 1 Shrink Trellis margins settings (when printed to png file)
3:52PM 4 Plot multiple lines, same plot, different axes?
3:25PM 2 Add a string to each string of an array
2:46PM 1 Model building using lmer
2:24PM 1 Confidence intervals of log transformed data
12:42PM 1 Plotting regression lines and points from lm using lattice
12:11PM 0 pcnm - scaling
11:36AM 1 R function to calculate number of data points of each level
11:16AM 1 bug (?!) in "pam()" clustering from fpc package ?
11:12AM 1 using dvi with latex object: directory not correctly set, maybe due to error in shQuote()
10:43AM 1 Timing Portion of R Code
10:13AM 0 OFF topic testing for positive coeffs
9:39AM 1 pruning trees using rpart
9:33AM 1 repeated measures aov with weights
9:00AM 1 Construct All Possible Strings from 4 Bases (ATCG)
7:11AM 1 Problems with graphical devices, e.g., png(), pdf(): blurry graphical output
3:39AM 2 append string to a string
2:02AM 1 How to iterate dataframe within a hash
12:43AM 1 append lines to a created file
12:11AM 1 Extract Data from a Webpage
Tuesday December 16 2008
11:23PM 1 simulate binary markov chain
11:00PM 1 Applying a function to a dataframe
10:39PM 1 Programmatically minimising main R window (on windows)
9:12PM 1 odfWeave learning resources
8:26PM 2 model.tables error from aov
7:46PM 2 "Dotted lines at the end of the KM-curve"
7:26PM 1 Problem with alignDailySwries in R-metrics
5:40PM 0 Beta Conjugate Prior for Random intercept model -WInBUGS
5:19PM 0 stably updating the SD
4:12PM 2 Problem assigning "NA" as a level name in a list
4:10PM 0 socket server, textConnection and readLines
3:31PM 1 Prediction intervals for zero inflated Poisson regression
3:25PM 3 Check if data frame column is numeric
2:56PM 1 Change in Lattice bwplot?
2:49PM 0 Soundex codes
2:24PM 0 problem install modul R-base-2.5.0-2.1.x86_64.rpm on SLES9 64-bit
2:13PM 1 surface contour plot help
1:14PM 0 dip test p-values for large sample sizes
12:54PM 6 Sorting a date vector
12:27PM 0 structure Arrays
12:01PM 1 pwr.prop.test and continuity correction
11:59AM 1 Creating a pdf
10:09AM 6 Find all numbers in a certain interval
9:26AM 2 Parameter Estimation - Generalized Extreme Value Distribution
8:58AM 1 Introduction to R (in french)
4:19AM 8 sliding window over a large vector
3:35AM 1 refer to next line within a data-frame an select cases
3:04AM 1 Cointegration and ECM in Package {urca}
2:26AM 1 renaming factor-labels / add factors etc.
2:23AM 0 Follow-up on "openPDF" command
1:48AM 1 How to make a smooth ( linear ) CDF plot?
1:43AM 2 converting a data-frame by a defined rule
12:56AM 1 Application b-spline basis for polynomial splines
Monday December 15 2008
11:46PM 1 Population Decay in R
11:11PM 0 a query on repeated measures ANOVA
10:20PM 1 Movement within a circle
10:16PM 1 Semi-random movement inside a circle
10:07PM 3 Reading from Google Docs
9:26PM 4 Is = now the same as <- in assigning values
9:20PM 2 Using a covariance matrix as input to relaimpo package
9:11PM 0 mixed csv and csv2
8:36PM 1 convert opengis wkt to geometry?
7:14PM 2 R CMD check on window XP
6:16PM 1 newbie question on snow/Rmpi
6:12PM 2 cannot allocate vector of size... restructuring suggestion please...
6:03PM 5 OT: (quasi-?) separation in a logistic GLM
5:23PM 3 R2winbugs : vectorization
4:12PM 2 Baffled: triggering error message with an sd result in odfWeave?
1:24PM 0 Rookie nls question
1:23PM 2 how to merge list of dataframes?
1:15PM 3 Help!
12:52PM 0 Distribution fitting
10:22AM 1 problem with Surv
9:54AM 2 How to fetch specific part from a number of Text files?
9:48AM 0 Cumulative Incidence : Gray's test
7:58AM 2 Duplicates among columns of a data frame
5:53AM 1 Pearson Correlation Speed
2:56AM 0 Plese share the other example data using b-spline regression
1:56AM 5 how to create duplicated ID in multi-records per subject dataset
12:18AM 3 opening a PDF document
Sunday December 14 2008
8:38PM 0 New version of ggplot2, 0.8.1
8:18PM 0 Hidden Markov Models
7:39PM 0 Output mlogit package (multinomial logistic regression)?
6:04PM 2 Sweave/Rweave and results="verbatim"
5:38PM 1 how to convert factors to numbers
2:51PM 1 error with sqldf v0-1.4
2:44PM 2 Help required to install package from a website
1:21PM 3 Some clarificatins of anova() and summary ()
10:18AM 1 Help - java.library.path
12:15AM 1 Hidden Markov Models.
Saturday December 13 2008
6:12PM 2 Obtaining p-values for coefficients from LRM function (package Design) - plaintext
6:11PM 0 Obtaining p-values for coefficients from LRM function (package Design)
3:20PM 2 Kolmogorow-Smirnow-Test to check if Data comes from Subbotin distribution
3:12PM 1 Rpad graphics
7:22AM 1 Problems with large data frames?
6:54AM 2 weird pasting of ".value" when list is returned
4:34AM 2 sas.get function in Hmsic 3.4-4 vs. 3.0-12
3:59AM 3 Standard error of mean for aov
3:38AM 0 simple list question (question withdrawn)
2:30AM 1 simple list question
2:18AM 3 Testing predictive power of ARIMA model
2:15AM 0 feather and jet problem
1:52AM 2 odd behavior when multiplying data frame by an element
1:00AM 0 how can I change the format attribute of POSIXct class
Friday December 12 2008
11:47PM 0 RODBC and Microsft Visual C++ Runtime Library
11:10PM 1 Creating a vector
10:13PM 1 aggregate and median
9:31PM 1 How can we predict differences in a slope, given that the random component was significant?
9:22PM 1 Avoiding multiple outputs using RODBC package
8:35PM 0 ANNOUNCE: 2009 John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award
8:17PM 0 Help with a permutation test
7:23PM 0 prevalence ratio and confidence intervals
6:55PM 3 loop with dates
6:30PM 0 Trellis margins settings so that they are like a base graphic with no figure region when printed to png file?
5:47PM 3 Make installed packages available to new R version
5:14PM 1 How to mimic select.list using RGtk2/gWidgetsRGtk2?
5:12PM 0 T-mode PCA
5:05PM 4 gregexpr - match overlap mishandled (PR#13391)
3:31PM 7 character count
3:13PM 1 mixed model nested ANOVA
3:08PM 2 What packages have impute method ?
3:07PM 0 DSC 2009: Now open for registration and abstract submission
2:13PM 1 Error message when starting TINN-R
2:09PM 0 Fwd: Re: The end of Matlab (sorry, I messed up a sentence)
1:59PM 1 Functions in R like lincom and nlcom of Stata
1:30PM 2 Extracting the name of an object into a character string and vice versa
12:55PM 0 preprocessCore
11:58AM 1 save as ascii
11:51AM 1 How-To capture and handle errors with R
11:10AM 1 Support vector model?
10:43AM 1 Eror handling with R
10:39AM 1 Please help me in Converting this from C# to R [C1]
10:06AM 1 Concordance Index - interpretation
9:55AM 1 recursive List extraction question
9:35AM 0 repeated two ways anova
8:29AM 1 Cochran-Armitage
7:27AM 0 1st Call for Papers - 2nd International Symposium on Distributed Computing and Artificial Intelligence (DCAI'09)
6:07AM 1 Writing a Long across the network?
5:53AM 0 Is there anyone in charge of package wmtsa ?
4:49AM 1 spatial AR and ARIMA
3:20AM 1 setting the R_Libs gives warning message from Rgui.exe
2:45AM 3 The end of Matlab
1:10AM 1 i graph library: how can generates a fully connected graph from a similarity matrix
12:23AM 1 X11 not being detected whilst installing "rgl" package
Thursday December 11 2008
11:25PM 1 How do I tapply to a data frame with arbitrary column labels?
11:20PM 1 Writing multiple matrices
10:03PM 1 rpy2 -- show console window
9:44PM 1 How to generate a prediction equation for a stratified survival model that was fitted by cph() in Design package
9:33PM 1 Error fitting ZIP with zeroinfl()
9:29PM 2 negative binomial lmer
9:12PM 0 simulate spatial data
8:59PM 1 Extract rows from data frame based on row names from another data frame
8:51PM 0 Equivalent to Full Information Maximum Likelihood (FIML) in R?
8:38PM 0 Combining two/more data.frame with variable column lengths.
8:38PM 3 Resampling physiological data using R?
8:13PM 1 candisc plotting
7:59PM 2 is there a way to recursilvely lapply
7:35PM 5 Row order in plot
6:41PM 0 help: programming loop, binding columns between data sets
6:22PM 3 check if a certain ... argument has been passed on to my user-defined function
6:17PM 1 Complex integration in R
5:57PM 4 how to plot implicit functions
5:12PM 1 help with predict in stats4
5:11PM 3 Logical "in" test
5:00PM 3 generate combination multiset (set with repetition)
4:57PM 2 very long integers
4:56PM 1 problem with legend
4:01PM 1 passing on the ... arguments in a progammed graphics function
3:54PM 0 Combining tplot and barplot
3:34PM 1 Sorting problem
1:45PM 0 Property of cov(x) - matrix, some elements of x missing
1:28PM 2 how to get the CDF of a density() estimation?
12:43PM 3 getting ISO week
12:27PM 5 Extracting the name of an object into a character string
11:46AM 2 Principal Component Analysis - Selecting components? + right choice?
10:55AM 2 call lattice function in a function passing "groups" argument
10:28AM 1 Rotate basic plot (scatter) in R
10:12AM 0 Coxian Distribution
9:41AM 0 Fwd: Jacobi Plane Rotations in R
7:40AM 3 Downloading Reuters data from R
7:20AM 2 Simplex function in R
6:27AM 0 help about of ordinal data?
5:42AM 2 Validity of GLM using Gaussian family with sqrt link
4:09AM 2 means of a column within groups of a data frame
12:54AM 1 how to force years as.numeric?
12:38AM 1 Coercing data into a simple array
12:35AM 4 A package to set up a questionnaire & enter data
Wednesday December 10 2008
11:26PM 2 converting multiple columns from POSIX* to Date
11:21PM 0 bigmemory with reshape?
11:17PM 3 How do I multiply labeled vectors of numbers?
10:09PM 4 repeated searching of no-missing values
9:13PM 1 trouble loading candisc
8:41PM 2 Confusion with Converting Factors to Dates using as.date
8:33PM 0 Calculating Leverage or studentized residuals with gls
8:12PM 1 Linking a library with init(argc,argv) function
7:48PM 0 (no subject)
7:17PM 2 read.*: How to read from a URL?
7:09PM 2 missing argument
6:50PM 2 read.table with different row lengths
5:59PM 1 First call to constructor fails (R.oo)
5:02PM 4 tapply within a data.frame: a simpler alternative?
4:58PM 2 line length in legend
4:35PM 0 .Fortran and memory allocation
4:34PM 1 request information
4:02PM 0 RMySQL Keeps crashing
3:58PM 2 how to merge panel data stored by variable?
3:36PM 1 mixed exponential distribution
2:37PM 1 xyplot sorted by date
2:35PM 2 2-Y-axes on same plot
2:28PM 0 glm error message when using family Gamma(link=inverse)
1:42PM 2 Multpile (45x8) graphs of the same page / device: titles crammed
11:58AM 0 how to set font size in 'pt'
11:05AM 1 convert dataframe to matrix for cmdscale
8:52AM 1 plot Geneland result in a map
7:38AM 1 Registry problem when loading RMySQL
6:34AM 1 Stepwise regression
5:28AM 1 recursive term
4:04AM 2 How to Break Axis in Lattice Plot
3:06AM 2 Corrupt Header<==Help
2:36AM 1 subset point data set by distance ranges
2:03AM 2 exporting rast from R to GRASS
12:55AM 1 calculating large factorials
12:10AM 1 Error: protect () : protection stack overflow
12:07AM 1 plot multivariate function with known coefficient.
Tuesday December 9 2008
11:49PM 2 Better way to find distances between points in a set?
11:36PM 3 == operand
11:32PM 2 Power calculations where two samples are of unequal size
11:19PM 1 Polar coordinates - contour plots
10:27PM 0 Help with subtitle for Barplot
10:22PM 1 controlling axes in plot.cuminc (cmprsk library)
9:03PM 2 assign()ing within apply
8:54PM 3 Significance of slopes
8:02PM 3 How can I draw bars
6:50PM 1 glm error message when using family Gamma(link="inverse")
6:38PM 0 TIFF capability in R 2.8.0
6:09PM 1 Can elastic net do binary classification?
6:00PM 0 opening multiple connections at once
5:58PM 1 RCurl::postForm() -- how does one determine what the names are of each form element in an online html form?
5:48PM 4 extract the digits of a number
5:46PM 0 XYPLOT Help
5:44PM 1 no implicit call of the print function within loops?
5:36PM 0 Was Logical inconsistency - algorithm portability
5:34PM 2 R Graphics Device margins
5:33PM 3 difftime
5:19PM 1 Re sampling with index
5:11PM 1 ARMA
4:58PM 2 Applying min to numeric vectors
4:51PM 0 keep function in stepAIC
4:39PM 2 Replacing tabs with appropriate number of spaces
4:33PM 0 SFA tools moved from micEcon to frontier
4:02PM 1 Bootstrap a GLM model with Poisson family
3:44PM 1 creating standard curves for ELISA analysis
3:03PM 2 motif search
2:57PM 3 Selecting rows that are the same in separate data frames
1:59PM 2 Need help optimizing/vectorizing nested loops
11:43AM 2 for loop query
11:10AM 1 display matrix on graphics device
10:34AM 4 Pre-model Variable Reduction
10:12AM 0 (senza oggetto)
10:10AM 2 problem with Vista
6:39AM 1 package "wmtsa": wavCWTPeaks error
5:34AM 1 Data Analysis Functions in R
4:52AM 1 chron - when seconds data not included
4:39AM 2 How to add accuracy, sensitivity, specificity to logistic regression output?
4:21AM 0 forestplot and x axis scale
4:10AM 1 error from running WinBUGS in R
3:48AM 1 errors with compilation
3:20AM 1 expected variable name error pos 98349 WInBUGS in R
12:23AM 1 bayesm package not downloading via any mirror or repository
Monday December 8 2008
10:59PM 4 R and Scheme
10:34PM 2 How to display y-axis labels in Multcomp plot
9:53PM 2 Scan a folder for a given type of files
9:24PM 1 How to use different title in a loop
9:10PM 1 French IRC channel and mailing list ?
7:02PM 1 Clustering with Mahalanobis Distance
6:27PM 0 Dates as x axis labels
5:53PM 0 gee niggles
5:39PM 1 partial correlation
5:36PM 0 how to fit nested random effects with LME
5:31PM 0 R 2.8.1 is scheduled for December 22
4:15PM 1 example of gladeXML - RGtk2
3:24PM 1 statistics on "runs" of numbers
3:11PM 3 Transforming a string to a variable's name? help me newbie...
2:41PM 0 multinomial losgitic regression--vglm()
1:29PM 0 Query in Cuminc - stratification
1:17PM 0 ARMA models
12:54PM 1 Multivariate kernel density estimation
12:51PM 1 Save image as metafile
11:51AM 0 Re : Taylor diagram
11:15AM 2 Permutation exact test to compare related series
10:23AM 1 Taylor diagram
6:23AM 1 residual standard error in rlm (MASS package)
6:03AM 1 About adf.test
5:17AM 1 DLM - Covariates in the system equation
3:46AM 1 Reading txt file in R to run Random Intercept Model
3:29AM 1 Submit R Package
Sunday December 7 2008
9:35PM 1 Compile Packages on vista
5:37PM 1 custom panel help in lattice
5:16PM 2 subsetting large data frames.
4:20PM 1 Vars package - specification of VAR
4:17PM 4 quartz() and windows()
3:23PM 2 concordance correlation coefficient using R
12:06PM 5 How to force aggregate to exclude NA ?
9:41AM 1 R - how to measure the distance?
7:38AM 4 Finding the first value without warning in a loop
5:56AM 0 Generating output from auto.arima()
5:27AM 1 Identifying a subset of observations on a 3d-scatter plot using cloud()
4:50AM 0 Announcing: Predictive Analytics World, Feb 18-19 in San Francisco
3:42AM 1 Reading txt file in R
2:22AM 1 unexpected scoping behavior with functions created in a loop
Saturday December 6 2008
9:09PM 1 assigning a new variable to multiple data frames
8:54PM 1 plotting several datasets with different scales into same plot
6:00PM 0 Inversing a non-monotonic spline
4:30PM 2 How to calculate words in column?
3:01PM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
1:18PM 1 snowfall sfInit error
1:15PM 2 Barplot label
11:28AM 1 R vs Python performance-wise
11:21AM 0 about qqmath, thanks!
7:25AM 1 Morlet wavelet not supportd by wavCWTPeaks
3:10AM 1 Kaplan-Meier function from survfit
2:51AM 1 Questions on the results from glmmPQL(MASS)
Friday December 5 2008
9:44PM 1 lme4, error in mer_finalize(ans)
8:43PM 2 xtable html links
8:21PM 2 adding rows as arithmatic calculation on original rows
6:01PM 6 Running R Script on a Sequence of Files
5:15PM 2 Help with wavCWTPeaks
4:38PM 1 Problems with lattice-histograms or png within loops
4:03PM 0 RMySQL 0.7-2 now available on CRAN
3:14PM 4 Sink does not send graphs to sink file
3:07PM 1 systematically matching the numbers in two sequences
2:41PM 0 read.gal3.R
2:12PM 0 determine assortative mixing in networks (igraph-library)
1:59PM 3 How to calculate the distance between two density functions
1:39PM 9 legend at fixed distance form the bottom
1:37PM 0 applying a function several times
1:32PM 1 Changing order of x factor in interaction plot
1:28PM 1 Loop swith String replacement
1:12PM 1 Cartesian Product Of Character Vectors
12:53PM 0 Quantile Regression for longitudinal data
12:50PM 6 levels update
12:49PM 1 How to retrieve a method
12:23PM 3 Logical inconsistency
12:17PM 1 Trouble with gridBase and inset plots
11:21AM 1 constructing a relative path
11:00AM 1 Lexical Permutation Algorithm in R
8:55AM 1 Seasonality in time series
8:45AM 1 complex(?) reshaping question
8:25AM 1 Legend and Main Title positioning
6:42AM 0 How to add ability to ignore NA values to my own function?
2:41AM 1 Yet another set of codes to optimize
12:35AM 0 making sense of posterior statistics in the deal package
12:33AM 0 R] adding a new dataset to the default R distribution
12:27AM 0 Question about lrandom effects specification in lme4 : Correction
12:21AM 1 Question about lrandom effects specification in lme4
Thursday December 4 2008
11:29PM 0 integration within maximum likelihood
9:27PM 2 Plotting a kriging on a map
9:05PM 1 comparing SAS and R survival analysis with time-dependent covariates
9:00PM 1 Formula parsing and updating
7:03PM 0 Approximate matching: agrep and TRE?
6:44PM 1 How to get Greenhouse-Geisser epsilons from anova?
5:02PM 0 (no subject)
5:00PM 0 occurrence of a weekday in a month
4:52PM 2 Writing a list help
4:38PM 1 setwd and list.files / linux
4:02PM 2 How to optimize this codes ?
4:01PM 0 calculating Guttman's Scale
3:23PM 0 How to plot grouped replicates into a single panel using lattice (xyplot)?
2:45PM 1 xspline, graphical parameters and MAXNUMPTS
2:44PM 1 TreeMap Graphs
1:49PM 1 Comparing survival curves with "survdiff" "strata" help
1:48PM 1 Changing 'record' option in open graphics device
1:40PM 2 Simulating underdispersed counts
1:33PM 2 package plm
1:33PM 2 R simulations
1:26PM 1 small numbers
12:33PM 1 How can I create transparant colour
12:30PM 0 reading files (readOGR) and non-ascii characters
11:31AM 1 Colors in barplot
11:13AM 1 Re sampling from an ECDF
9:56AM 1 Getting Odds ratios for tree branches-CART model
7:04AM 1 Post Hoc methods for anova in R
6:59AM 1 readAsciiGrid memory issues
6:30AM 2 Logistic Regression: variable selection based on p value?
6:26AM 0 Discrimination vs. Calibration for newbies?
5:59AM 1 Howto Add Labels Next To Markers in Scatter Plot
12:10AM 1 Static random numbers
Wednesday December 3 2008
11:24PM 2 Help with reading code
10:24PM 1 Random Forest weighting
9:40PM 2 reading version 9 SAS datasets in R
8:51PM 0 applying a function to another function
7:52PM 3 Strplit code
7:44PM 0 Hmisc latex() and Rcmdr numSummary() percentage issues
7:30PM 2 changing colnames in dataframes
5:13PM 1 how do I eliminate excess levels in lattice contourplot key / legend?
5:12PM 0 useR!2009 conference announcement
4:25PM 0 SARIMA Model
4:21PM 1 GLMM using lme4
2:41PM 2 Spectral Analysis of Time Series in R
1:41PM 1 Function output difficulties
1:27PM 3 Creating Tabel for Mean, Deviance
12:18PM 1 intersection of two matrices(updated)
12:11PM 1 intersection of two matrices
11:32AM 1 stuck with repeated values
10:43AM 1 weighted standard deviation
10:29AM 1 adding a new dataset to the default R distribution
10:10AM 2 Switch language
9:56AM 2 ggplot2 - suggestion for facet_wrap/grid
9:50AM 0 Buchinsky estimator
8:24AM 0 par(mfrow = ) resets par('cex'), not reduces it
8:23AM 0 hypergeometric function
8:17AM 1 hypergeometric
8:06AM 3 alternative way to replicate()
7:59AM 2 Making a picture that is wide and small height
4:59AM 1 XML-RPC
4:52AM 2 Speeding up casting a dataframe from long to wide format
4:33AM 2 Null values In R.
3:49AM 1 Taking slices with tensorA
3:42AM 1 Create unique sets of 3 from a vector of IDs?
2:46AM 0 Rcpp package relaunched
12:47AM 1 how to handle irregularly spaced data as timeseries
12:21AM 3 Help with maps
12:14AM 1 help on tapply using sample with differing sample-sizes
Tuesday December 2 2008
11:31PM 2 ggplot2 45deg axis labels
11:27PM 3 sampling from data.frame
10:28PM 1 simultaneous plots
9:52PM 1 ggplot2 facet_wrap problem
9:28PM 1 QQ plots and boxcox
9:11PM 1 for loop looking for file names
9:10PM 3 date operations
9:08PM 0 (no subject)
8:26PM 1 Suppressing tick labels?
7:32PM 1 match
6:49PM 2 question about the tisPlot function in package tis
6:40PM 1 question on lmer function
5:19PM 0 predicted probabilities after lmer
4:59PM 1 Asymmetric CIs
4:14PM 4 Bug in "transform"?
3:37PM 0 Problem with the Rmpi package
3:32PM 1 Question to regular expressions
3:09PM 0 Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews
2:06PM 1 fGarch and is.na()
1:21PM 2 command files
12:25PM 1 Problem with tcl/tk and Rcmdr - urgent help required
11:19AM 1 legend idea for latticeExtra
11:12AM 1 merge character strings
10:22AM 1 Left-truncated regression
9:36AM 2 Can't load Rgraphviz on windows-based R
9:30AM 0 Rcmd build problem: gcc.exe no input files (R.2.8.0 on Win XP)
8:44AM 3 Limit on number of Rows when reading R dataset
8:30AM 3 boxplot via plot command
7:45AM 0 EURISBIS'09: First Announcement and Call for papers
7:41AM 0 Anyone using R to study Twitter social networks?
5:56AM 1 Projection Pursuit Classification
5:20AM 0 Is there a function or package to perform the trend test considerring autocorrelation in the timeseries
4:06AM 1 help with package Rwave
3:22AM 0 help on tapply using resample as FUN element
2:47AM 3 How to solve following equation?
1:53AM 1 r2 for lm() with zero intercept
12:45AM 4 Variables inside a for
Monday December 1 2008
11:34PM 1 linear functional relationships with heteroscedastic & non-Gaussian errors - any packages around?
11:00PM 1 Comparing output from linear regression to output from quasipoisson to determine the model that fits best.
10:32PM 3 Failure to subset in R v 2.8.0
9:24PM 0 Adding a time difference to a datetime stamp
8:53PM 2 [BioC] BioC 2.3 standard installation
7:29PM 2 vector
7:16PM 3 exclude a vector value from another vector
6:53PM 2 How to refer to a list member by variable
6:41PM 1 [BioC] Rcurl 0.8-1 update for bioconductor 2.7
6:30PM 1 Help with lattice graphics
5:06PM 1 Non-interactive passing of quoted variables (ggplot, plyr, subset, transform, etc)
4:13PM 2 align two lattice plots with grid
4:12PM 1 Parameters of exponential power density
3:30PM 1 Spatstat - K2 index
3:07PM 0 gretl Conference, Bilbao 2009
3:05PM 1 Error: "subscript out of bounds"
2:50PM 1 gee + rcs
12:24PM 1 Question about the rgroup option in Hmisc latex function
12:09PM 1 Coercing a list of variables in a function call
9:35AM 1 request: how to assign alphabets to integer values
8:17AM 1 how to ignore errors
4:38AM 1 factanal question
3:41AM 1 How to make a banner table.
3:23AM 1 explaining a model with rcs() terms
1:02AM 1 Attempting to get a STELLA model into R