R help - Jul 2012

Tuesday July 31 2012
9:22PM 1 about changing order of Choleski factorization and inverse operation of a matrix
8:33PM 2 help with a regression
8:23PM 3 Help with NaN when 0 divided by 0
8:17PM 0 Help on VGAM package(missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed )
8:08PM 3 about lscv
8:02PM 0 changing family distribution, but not as a part of a glm or regression model
7:45PM 2 protential rounding error concern
7:12PM 1 Subgraph isomorphism using vertex labels
6:54PM 2 drawing a specific "plane" with scatterplot3d
6:14PM 1 Mediation analysis
6:07PM 1 Question regarding behaviour of package {plspm}
5:02PM 3 time series line plot: Error in plot.window(...) : invalid 'xlim' value
4:12PM 0 Problems in using GMM for calculating linear regression
4:01PM 2 points
3:35PM 1 Logistic regression X^2 test with large sample size (fwd)
3:33PM 2 Error Installing Package with Dependency on "Matrix"
3:33PM 3 year extraction over a list
2:57PM 2 Creation of a vector of time series from a data frame
2:25PM 1 kernlab kpca predict
2:21PM 1 par(mfrow) or split.screen with climatol roseavent plot?
2:13PM 2 Univariate Time Series Analysis in R
2:10PM 1 ways of getting around allocMatrix limit?
2:06PM 0 Classification with GBM and imbalanced class sizes
12:58PM 1 TimeStamps to seconds
12:04PM 0 Frailty variable and cluster function in coxph
10:26AM 2 phantom NA/NaN/Inf in foreign function call (or something altogether different?)
10:24AM 0 QCA version 1.0-4 released
9:13AM 2 Significance of correlation
9:07AM 2 Spatial regression
8:44AM 0 Arrangement of names
7:58AM 2 Remove a complete row as per the Range in a Matrix
6:28AM 0 new package MPDiR version 0.1-11
5:48AM 1 Ubuntu installation
4:18AM 2 How can I declare an empty zoo object?
12:20AM 2 Latest version of R on Ubuntu
12:19AM 3 How can I parse this string to extract just the number 11?
Monday July 30 2012
11:18PM 2 Alternating between "for loops"
11:11PM 1 Accents and special character using hwriter (on Windows)
9:13PM 2 Thinning Lattice Plot
9:00PM 1 covariance estimate in function sem (Lavaan)
8:19PM 2 mgcv 1.7-19, vis.gam(): "invalid 'z' limits'
6:56PM 1 multicore R
5:29PM 2 sprintf doesn't care of escape characters
5:11PM 0 multiple comparison tests using medians
5:02PM 0 cell blocking in log-linear models with a survey sample
4:52PM 1 Possible bug in class 'POSIXlt' when including microseconds?
4:35PM 3 Calculating percentiles for multiple dates
4:25PM 1 how to sort huge (> 2^31 row) dataframes quickly
4:10PM 1 lattice legen and auto.key conflict
3:58PM 0 Are there any package for sub-sampling data
3:53PM 3 replace values in vector from a replacement table
3:50PM 1 te( ) interactions and AIC model selection with GAM
3:10PM 1 locked binding of setwd() in R 2.15.x causes .Rprofile to fail
3:08PM 1 use R to read/print the system hardware configuration
2:55PM 4 A "matching problem"
2:32PM 2 If equal statement for character objects
1:51PM 1 Optimization help
1:11PM 0 Unable to install gsl package
12:55PM 3 If/then statement, if in a list then
12:48PM 0 APIs and R
12:29PM 1 cluster of points
11:09AM 1 Problem with tensor factorization
10:47AM 6 Convert variable to STring
10:46AM 2 barplot question
10:44AM 0 pairwise comparisons in accordance with regression fit
10:35AM 0 Problem with Bootres dcc and Dendroclim match
9:30AM 1 length of variable in mlogit
9:28AM 0 Marginal effects in mlogit
9:08AM 3 cannot install RSTAR, MSVAR, and MSVECM packages
8:58AM 6 Turning off continuation prompt?
7:23AM 1 NppToR-2.6.1
6:43AM 2 distance matrix and hclustering
6:26AM 1 fractal package
5:38AM 3 curve comparison
4:53AM 1 problem plotting in a grid
4:51AM 1 why querying Sybase IQ using RODBC returns error ?
4:49AM 1 Z score in gplots
2:15AM 0 rJava loading error on hp-ux
Sunday July 29 2012
8:59PM 4 R- Help (looping)
8:59PM 1 Zoo panel function
5:23PM 2 Reverse order of x-axis
4:24PM 0 fitting particular distributions
3:18PM 4 Simple x,y Plot
2:02PM 2 Hints for the best package
1:59PM 2 Error in for-loop
11:56AM 0 Choice of model and specification of error terms.
10:01AM 0 MetaCost (and Random Forest)
9:58AM 2 extended R
8:32AM 2 problems with R startup in mac
7:24AM 1 Return od functions
2:23AM 1 readRDS, In as.double.xts(fishReport$count) : NAs introduced by coercion
12:31AM 1 use R remotely (ssh / shell / emacs)
Saturday July 28 2012
10:28PM 2 Beta-Binomial Regression in R
8:56PM 3 Coloring Counties in a State Map
8:34PM 0 [rjson] toJSON serializes double as int
7:57PM 2 How to extract unique indices for time series Data?
5:56PM 3 Appending the Column names
5:49PM 2 selecting a subset of files to be processed
3:48PM 1 using save() to work with objects that exceed memory capacity
3:37PM 1 Problem with a regression - Dataset Workinghours
2:06PM 0 A question regarding hypergeometric test
1:55PM 4 quantreg Wald-Test
12:26PM 1 Creating sparse matrix of type "dgCMatrix" directly
11:58AM 1 Mixed-model with paired design & covariates
11:46AM 2 low resolution word map
8:18AM 0 garch external regressors
12:44AM 1 "metafor" package, proportions: single groups wrt to a categorical dependent variable
Friday July 27 2012
10:58PM 1 Plotting in x and y Graph Using 1st Quadrant Only
10:05PM 2 R bioconductor agilent aCGH analysis
8:22PM 4 why order doesn't work?
6:59PM 2 Assigning a new name to object loaded with "load()"
6:52PM 1 labeling loading vectors in vegan
6:52PM 1 fitting Markov Switching Model
6:32PM 0 path-diagram wirh Rgraphvis
5:45PM 3 bivariate normal
5:32PM 1 Turn categorical array into matrix with dummy variables
4:30PM 4 Separating Columns in Excel Export from R
3:14PM 1 overlaying a set of 'grouping' lines on a plot from image()
2:30PM 1 How to run regressions over increasing time series
1:35PM 2 producing a graph with glm poisson distributed respons count data and categorical independant variables
12:15PM 1 puzzling classical Mahalanobis distances from covMcd() {robustbase}
11:52AM 2 How can I use IPF function correctly?
11:32AM 1 Understanding the intercept value in a multiple linear regression with categorical values
10:17AM 3 Error accessing Vegan package
10:15AM 1 shift pie chart
9:52AM 0 dredge solely offset models in MuMIn
9:23AM 2 eval in parent.frame or sys.frame(0)
8:57AM 2 Extracting results from the VAR output
8:38AM 1 an optimization problem and installation of the package Rcplex
5:57AM 2 How can I access an element of a string?
5:21AM 1 Working with quantmod chartSeries and plot.zoo
5:10AM 1 Eleaps in package subselect crashes when using include arguement
4:12AM 2 How can I access the title of a table read via read.csv?
3:50AM 1 lme4 t value for 3 levels of fixed factor
3:39AM 1 lmer t value for 3 levels of fixed factor
2:46AM 1 cannot load workspace
1:22AM 3 Counting frequency within each range
1:08AM 5 add leading zeros
1:05AM 0 MetaCost (and RandomForest)
Thursday July 26 2012
10:26PM 2 coxph weirdness
9:19PM 4 names function not working at the 2nd place in a program
9:12PM 2 Sub-Directories
8:48PM 3 Solving quadratic equation in R
8:37PM 1 code coverter r to C
8:22PM 1 Linking to C type short?
6:29PM 0 Model comparison with bayesglm
5:49PM 2 conditional sum two dataframes
4:35PM 0 Using pspline in bic.surv of BMA package
4:28PM 1 Testing significance of interaction between group and longitudinal change for part of the age range in a mixed linear model
4:00PM 1 how to plot hazard function for coxph model?
3:27PM 0 snow apparently using only one CPU (on Mac OS X)
2:59PM 0 SAR structure in linear mixed model in R
2:53PM 1 How can I correctly access a string element of a dataframe?
1:23PM 5 Getting warning message
1:17PM 0 lda, collinear variables and CV
1:03PM 2 Error Bars ggplot2
1:01PM 0 Package 'ordinal' question
12:59PM 1 Advice on multi-user server for R
12:51PM 0 hdf4 files
12:28PM 2 Working with Numbers generated from Regression Output
12:22PM 0 PCM() non-convergence problem: how to get diagnostics?
11:46AM 2 RGL
11:41AM 2 scale_y_logit not present in ggplot2 0.9?
11:29AM 4 Variables in a Tabular form. easily saved in a txt file
11:24AM 0 plsdof 0.2-3: Degrees of Freedom and Statistical Inference for Partial Least Squares
11:18AM 2 Get XML or JSON data from api into data frame
10:30AM 0 Gaussian model GLM summary(model)$dispersion
10:25AM 1 optimal cut off with Epi package
9:28AM 3 Adjust the position of main in par(mfrow)
8:59AM 2 Passing arguments to SQL Query in R
8:43AM 0 Grofit package parameters
8:07AM 0 Plot Cubist Tree
7:52AM 1 gamma distribution in rugarch package
7:26AM 2 precision warning in delaunayn function
6:53AM 0 Spectral Angle Mapper, Spectral Information Divergence
5:40AM 1 loop for, error: obj type 'closure' not subsetable
4:50AM 3 Remove rows that have repeated items in a particular column
4:41AM 1 How to draw fancy image in R?
4:30AM 2 Arranging the data
1:46AM 1 warning message while plotting taylor diagram
12:56AM 2 density
Wednesday July 25 2012
11:48PM 2 Nested Models
10:39PM 0 GLM and Autocorrelation
9:43PM 2 Package 'nlme' linear mixed effects model error "unexpected symbol"
9:18PM 1 (no subject)
9:03PM 1 regression analysis
8:05PM 4 Simple question on finding duplicates
5:44PM 1 internal error -3 in R_decompress1
5:42PM 1 Adding "%" symbol in middle Row
5:38PM 0 gsl lib version detected wrong during install
5:35PM 0 hyperSpec user survey
5:10PM 3 Select rows based on matching conditions and logical operators
4:48PM 1 Memisc package: imported varibles from SPSS have got wrong measurement
3:50PM 8 On Reproducible Code
3:48PM 3 ff package: reading selected columns from csv
3:27PM 1 network plot problem
3:24PM 0 read.xlsx
1:31PM 1 Only one class shown in SVM plot?
1:22PM 0 cforest varUsed
12:35PM 0 frailtyPenal function
12:21PM 2 Query
12:15PM 0 network plot problems
11:52AM 3 Plotting LDA results
11:49AM 2 old weird error message
11:26AM 4 Boxplot graphic
11:10AM 0 bilinear time series model
10:14AM 2 reshape -> reshape 2: function cast changed?
10:02AM 2 Obtain residuals from a Principal Component Analysis
8:47AM 3 Installing packages "xslx" on Ubuntu (32bit)
8:33AM 1 packages for LIML and JIVE estimators
8:12AM 0 Integrate: compound distribution
8:10AM 3 lagged variables
7:28AM 1 error in running glm() function
7:05AM 5 How to filter datetime from a dataframe
5:50AM 3 zeroinfl problem: cannot get standard errors, hessian has NaN
4:41AM 3 creating Pivot
12:59AM 1 reshaping data
12:55AM 1 Between-group variance from ANOVA
Tuesday July 24 2012
9:48PM 3 stepwise in svyglm???
9:36PM 2 Wilcoxon V = 0
9:29PM 1 How to place a title with layout?
9:06PM 5 strapply and characters adjacent to the matched pattern
8:17PM 1 quantstrat questions
6:20PM 3 Linear Model Prediction
5:52PM 2 Create a Pivot
5:36PM 9 Regular Expression
5:17PM 3 Simple reshape problem I am completely missing
4:26PM 3 Nearest Neighbors
4:26PM 1 getting error in Rpad::json()
4:06PM 1 untaring files in parallel with foreach and doSNOW?
3:37PM 3 Plm on splitted data
2:15PM 1 Annotate forest plot 'forest.rma()' for meta-analysis with metafor package
2:10PM 1 dump.frames and global environment
1:45PM 4 ERROR : cannot allocate vector of size (in MB & GB)
1:44PM 0 [R-sig-ME] lmer() - no applicable method for 'profile' under R version 2.15.1
1:22PM 0 reply: help with loop
11:53AM 3 package memisc: recode examples
11:11AM 1 Problem building dll in R-2-15-1
9:36AM 1 Trouble with Installing R Package gsl
8:57AM 0 external regressors in garch variance
7:59AM 2 limit of detection (LOD) by logistic regression
6:48AM 5 First value in a row
6:40AM 3 Collapsing a vector/data-frame based on the previous values
6:33AM 1 unable to run spatial lag and error models on large data
4:53AM 4 Help from DOS Command Prompt
3:01AM 1 Function for ddply
2:23AM 4 Integrate(dnorm) with different mean and standard deviation help
2:22AM 1 Linear mixed-effect models and model selection
2:16AM 0 Mixed-effects models and model selection
12:54AM 0 setar function error message (SOLVED)
12:12AM 2 Convert Package Interest?
Monday July 23 2012
11:55PM 2 translating IDL to R
10:15PM 0 Ordered Multinomial Response
10:01PM 3 How to do the same thing for all levels of a column?
9:55PM 1 mboost vs gbm
9:45PM 1 [RCurl] HTTP 404 Status
9:33PM 3 Error: could not find function "loadObject"
9:25PM 1 R2wd package wdGet() error
9:09PM 1 MANOVA polynomial contrasts
9:06PM 1 R doesn't recognize R_HOME value
8:47PM 2 help with element-by-element sum with NA
8:12PM 0 igraph node placement
6:46PM 2 Solving equations in R
6:40PM 0 VARMA
6:32PM 1 help building dataset
6:01PM 0 Remove row.names column in dataframe
5:19PM 4 Hire person to convert R code to SAS
4:58PM 2 drop1, 2-way Unbalanced ANOVA
4:34PM 2 How to use color shade in Stacked bar plot?
4:03PM 1 extract values from summary of function indval of the package labdsv
3:53PM 0 extracting and combining statistics like BIC, Rsquare
3:21PM 2 Creating panel data
2:12PM 0 Sparse Logistic PCA package?
1:19PM 0 looking to hire person to convert R to SAS
1:06PM 3 CSV format issues
1:05PM 2 date conversation
1:05PM 0 accumulation curve
12:52PM 0 Circular predictor in MARS
12:02PM 2 Large data set
11:24AM 1 Help with Portfolio Optmization
9:46AM 2 marginal effect lmer
9:08AM 1 mgcv: Extract random effects from gam model
8:20AM 3 3D scatterplot, using size of symbols for the fourth variable
7:36AM 2 Workspace Question.
4:34AM 2 Bug in my code (finding nonzero min)
2:28AM 2 image function
12:49AM 1 setar function error message
Sunday July 22 2012
7:37PM 4 pvalue calculate
4:35PM 2 R Beginner : Loop and adding row to dataframe
4:32PM 1 contingency tables in R
4:27PM 5 Reorder in decreasing order
3:31PM 1 Lattice/"panel.bwplot" and Gviz: Boxplot question
7:53AM 1 dummy variable
7:31AM 1 Adding gamma and 3-parameter log normal distributions to L-moments ratio diagram lmrd()
2:04AM 2 Frame Column to List (conversion)
Saturday July 21 2012
11:38PM 1 memory size
11:29PM 2 Excel file Import - to Matrix format
11:06PM 4 rhsape2 bug?
10:19PM 1 Library control
8:18PM 0 contour line labels in trellis contourplot
6:42PM 2 two questions re: the use of lattice
5:29PM 2 car::Anova - Can it be used for ANCOVA with repeated-measures factors.
2:00PM 1 deactivate my account from your members
11:58AM 2 combined EM dataset for missing data?
11:55AM 2 EM for missing data
11:21AM 1 alternative to rbind for data.table
3:03AM 2 library XML in R version 2.15.1
3:01AM 0 R and Hadoop or RHipe
1:52AM 0 question about heatmap.2, controlling the visual heights of two dendrograms
1:00AM 2 changing cex pointwise in lattice
12:29AM 1 GOstats: get genes for corresponding enriched GO term
Friday July 20 2012
11:49PM 0 r-help@stat.math.ethz.ch
10:04PM 1 fitting Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process by MAXIMUM LIKELYHOOD
9:06PM 1 robust polr
8:35PM 1 FIML using lavaan returns zeroes for coefficients
7:44PM 0 Recomendation on data management problem
7:37PM 1 Unique Values per Column
7:29PM 4 Control y axis
7:15PM 2 Reading Shapefiles
6:26PM 0 About R and text mining
5:00PM 0 any package available to calculate systematic root mean square error (RMSEs)?
3:56PM 1 Extracting standard errors for adjusted fixed effect sizes in lmer
3:51PM 1 Dissolve polygon
3:21PM 0 [External] Re: Speeding up a loop
2:44PM 2 convert date to a factor
1:40PM 1 overlay contourplot with labels over spplot with color regions?
12:45PM 6 Speeding up a loop
11:40AM 1 conditional subset and reorder dataframe rows
11:07AM 1 Creating a pdf with layers?
11:05AM 3 Execute a function
10:57AM 2 qplot/ggplot
10:30AM 3 Crosstab with Average and Count
10:21AM 3 function for inverse normal transformation
10:15AM 4 TukeyHSD not working
8:51AM 0 Forced inclusion of varaibles in validate command as well as step
6:50AM 2 why does this simple example NOT work?
5:12AM 6 Last answer
4:41AM 0 (no subject)
12:34AM 2 Changing ungrouped cases to grouped cases
12:11AM 0 R code for to check outliers
Thursday July 19 2012
10:14PM 2 change file name from file0.1_data.RData to file1_data.Rdata
9:31PM 2 A graph with a positive y-axis intercept
9:17PM 1 Creating Multiple Repeating samples and Cross Correlating them.
9:09PM 0 UTK mirror
8:44PM 1 generic functions question in building a new package
8:31PM 1 as.POSIXct questions
8:14PM 3 median comparison tests
7:41PM 0 Quantile regression questions
7:41PM 3 R packages installation error in Ubuntu
7:21PM 3 Removing values from a string
6:38PM 0 start.val in GRM (ltm package)
6:30PM 1 a priori mean comparison/orthogonal contrast?
6:05PM 1 problem replacing NA's in a dataset (10% remain after removal attempt)
5:24PM 2 finding the values to minimize sum of functions
5:23PM 1 Switching log(J) to log(J+1) to avoid log(0) in HAR-RVJ model
5:03PM 1 Truncating (rounding down) to nearest half hour.
4:15PM 1 Change log(J) to log(J+1) to stop log(0) from occurring in harModel
4:13PM 1 npindex: fitted values of the function itself?
4:09PM 0 (no subject)
2:50PM 2 Line chart with a double matrix
2:15PM 2 Subsetting problem data, 2
1:58PM 2 Boxplot names
1:16PM 1 expert opinion on lmer
1:03PM 1 [tripack] error in trmesh
11:12AM 5 Generating Random Numbers
10:00AM 0 [deldir] map original index of coords to describe triangles
9:48AM 2 problem with using apply for dataframe
9:09AM 3 write list to ascii
8:02AM 1 package installation error in unix
7:42AM 3 Finding the last value before a certain date
6:55AM 3 Maintaining Column names while writing csv file.
4:38AM 0 arima forecasting problem
2:14AM 1 3-d kernel smooth by the "kde" function
1:34AM 1 Simple tree
Wednesday July 18 2012
9:30PM 2 cenbox(): Changing Default x-axis Group Labels
9:27PM 3 Upgrading on Ubuntu from 2.11.1 to 2.15.1
9:23PM 0 Merging Data Frames in R
8:35PM 4 Entering Data Files
8:00PM 4 The best solver for non-smooth functions?
7:30PM 3 Subsetting problem data
6:26PM 1 How does "rlm" in R decide its "w" weights for each IRLS iteration?
6:11PM 2 plotting points to a map
5:39PM 1 double for cycle
5:13PM 2 conditional increase by increment
4:03PM 1 keep parameter in step function
3:56PM 0 System Invocation Error - Cspade
1:56PM 0 Plotting trajectories of ordinal variables over time by cheating
1:53PM 1 fitting several lme sistematically
1:47PM 6 taylor expansions with real vectors
1:47PM 2 loop searching the id corresponding to the given index (timestamp)
1:13PM 1 convert deldir$delsgs to a X3D IndexedTriangleSet
1:06PM 0 Building a web risk calculator based on Cox, PH--definitive method for calculating probability?
12:37PM 0 contour lines with number labels in lattice?
12:27PM 1 Skip file
11:11AM 1 information
10:52AM 2 How to have original (name) order after melt and cast command
10:09AM 1 check whether connection can be opened
10:02AM 3 'symbols' not plotting correct circle radii
9:54AM 3 Mean of matched data
9:23AM 4 contour
8:21AM 2 duplicate data between two data frames according to row names
7:06AM 1 PCA
3:11AM 1 Regression Identity
1:59AM 1 Defining a variable outside of optim or differential equation solver.
12:28AM 1 ggplot2 qplot pch not working anymore
Tuesday July 17 2012
11:46PM 0 need help please
11:16PM 0 Kernel smoothing ("ks" package)
11:10PM 1 tweaking forest plot (metafor package)
10:17PM 1 weighted mean by week
10:03PM 3 Finding the column with the maximum value by row
9:42PM 2 order or sort doesn´t work properly
9:13PM 1 problem with function
8:34PM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 113, Issue 20
8:05PM 0 edf's higher than 1
7:58PM 1 remove from listserv
7:34PM 2 Installing packages from RProfile.site file
7:11PM 2 Table/Frame - output
6:24PM 0 Maximum Likelihood estimation of KB distribution
6:15PM 1 about different bandwidths in one graph
6:13PM 1 Need Help in a Combinatorial Optimzation Problem
5:42PM 0 R CMD build/check on Windows 7 -- Please ignore
5:20PM 1 R CMD build/check on Windows 7
5:12PM 0 Nonparametric correlation with covariate
4:06PM 2 R2WinBUGS
3:08PM 1 How to use a text in an object of class character position to create a vector with the text as name
2:48PM 3 NA instead of time stamp
2:13PM 0 Building a web risk calculator based on Cox PH--definitive method for calculating probability?
12:53PM 1 Script help: Determining Time Difference between two data points.
11:47AM 3 complexity of operations in R
11:44AM 4 how to create table with file link in Rd File
11:13AM 2 aligning image with bar plot in the same plot
10:31AM 2 Problem creation tensor
10:06AM 0 bestglm - number of variables
9:10AM 1 Stats question: Comparison of the same individuals during two exposure times
9:00AM 1 Threshold Quantile Regression code CRASHES in R
7:47AM 0 simulating survival data according to covariate values
7:02AM 2 comparing three vectors
5:43AM 1 converting list/data.frame to mids/mi object (multiple imputation)
3:14AM 0 Arcgis in R
Monday July 16 2012
11:55PM 1 Cost Effectiveness Example
9:41PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 113, Issue 19
8:55PM 2 Help with correlation matrices, thresholding
8:26PM 2 about dpik
6:16PM 1 RODBC connection to locked Excel2010 files
5:17PM 2 Combining Data Frames
4:17PM 2 Finding and manipulation clusters of numbers in a sequence of numbers
4:04PM 2 extract number from a mixture of character and number
3:17PM 2 as.xts
3:15PM 1 Data from Stock and Watson or DAgostino papers?
2:13PM 2 Tk grid problem
1:26PM 2 Format Date with Time
1:05PM 0 Network help
12:45PM 1 problem with installing R pacakges
10:01AM 0 Confidence Intervals for IRF with Monte Carlo procedure
8:52AM 3 R help
8:47AM 2 histogram of time-stamp data
6:51AM 0 Read text into a nested list
5:10AM 0 RSQLite install problem
2:10AM 4 Error in as.xts
Sunday July 15 2012
10:15PM 2 Is it possible to start R-GUI in a windowed state under Windows OS
9:37PM 1 how to extract p-value in GenMatch function
6:57PM 1 About dpik function
6:47PM 4 extracting rows and columns from a big matrix
5:58PM 0 R-implementation of Local Outlier Probabilities (LoOP)?
4:32PM 4 Imposing more than one condition to if
3:31PM 4 computing a subset using a loop
2:30PM 5 variable (column) in a data frame
10:51AM 0 NaN in hurdle model please?
Saturday July 14 2012
11:54PM 1 set Rprofile.site,can't work
9:05PM 2 Help for Fisher's exact test
8:22PM 3 Can't understand syntax
8:01PM 1 OT: Where's the new Tukey?
4:41PM 1 GAM Chi-Square Difference Test
3:47PM 0 Compilation Error with Rcpp
2:51PM 0 how to pool imputed data sets with latent class analysis and binary logistic regression
2:22PM 2 writing data into files whose names are in a vector
11:55AM 1 Quantile Regression - Testing for Non-causalities in quantiles
9:54AM 1 changing the x axis labels in a time series plot
3:37AM 2 Arrange two columns into a five variable dataframe
2:55AM 2 rgamma function
2:44AM 2 Loading in Large Dataset + variables via loop
Friday July 13 2012
11:51PM 1 R combining many vectors of predictable name into one date frame
10:55PM 1 Species names in distance matrix
10:41PM 1 functions of vectors : loop or vectorization
9:11PM 1 integrating multi-dimensional dat along one dimension
7:51PM 1 LiblineaR: read/write model files?
7:33PM 2 alternate tick labels and tick marks with lattice xyplot
7:25PM 5 HLOOKUP in R
6:36PM 2 Fitting data and removing outliers
4:00PM 4 R-squared with Intercept set to 0 (zero) for linear regression in R is incorrect
3:17PM 2 Power analysis for Cox regression with a time-varying covariate
2:54PM 0 Multivariate apply.rolling()
1:46PM 1 Running R from the command line: weird problem
1:28PM 0 How to Generate index File From Rd file
1:25PM 1 ROC curves with ROCR
12:40PM 2 box plot and plot whiskers
11:32AM 2 significance test interquartile ranges
11:12AM 2 which() in subset()
11:01AM 0 prediction interval for predicted y mean at terminal node - rpart method "anova"
10:51AM 1 read mignight as 24:00 and not as 0:00
10:13AM 0 Loading R scripts stored behind htaccess
9:57AM 0 many don't know responses
9:24AM 1 Merging on Datetime Column
8:24AM 3 Help with R2 OpenBUGs
8:05AM 2 minor axis ticks in trellis graphics?
6:51AM 1 tck = 0 for the colorkey?
6:42AM 3 Column create and Update using function
6:18AM 4 Side by side strip charts
5:35AM 1 Vuong test
4:58AM 0 How to simulate the relationship of vegetation and groundwater in Minqin Oasis, Gansu Province, China
3:55AM 1 Accessing coefficient values in linear regression
1:18AM 3 R2OpenBUGS quesion
Thursday July 12 2012
9:13PM 4 Adjusting format of boxplot
8:51PM 1 How to find frequent sequences.
8:48PM 1 Cox proportional hazard model and coefficients
8:30PM 3 how to add a variable to a graph title
8:11PM 1 Predicted values when using offset in ZIP GLM
8:04PM 1 lars package to do lasso
6:50PM 6 read.table with numeric row names
6:26PM 1 permutation test on paired samples
5:59PM 0 Enforcing inequality bounds and heteroscedasticity in a GAM or GLM
5:54PM 4 Two R sessions on multicore computer seem to inhibit each other ?
5:47PM 2 nls question
4:59PM 0 HAR-RV-CJ Moedel
4:19PM 0 Writing HAR-RV-CJ Model?
4:09PM 2 trellis margin sizes in absolute units
4:07PM 1 Grabbing Indexes of a certain standard deviation
3:38PM 2 "duplicate couples (time-id)" Problem
2:09PM 1 SVAR Restriction on AB-model
1:44PM 0 How to handle NA-values in raster-based Geary´s C test?
12:55PM 2 A simple simulation question
12:17PM 1 Warning message with read.csv.sql
12:08PM 2 How to get all list item to one string variable
11:25AM 0 I: ensembleBMA pit function warnings
10:43AM 1 using glmnet for the dataset with numerical and categorical
9:36AM 0 Generate random numbers with nested Archimedean Copula
9:24AM 1 Caret: Use timingSamps leads to error
9:00AM 4 How to Read source code of function as string vector or matrix
8:15AM 3 plot graph by first letter
7:37AM 1 Results from mixed linear models
6:52AM 1 easy way to fit saturated model in sem package?
6:10AM 1 apply() to a function that has more than 2 arguments
5:22AM 3 Add row into a Matrix witout headers from Function
3:53AM 1 plot only a same variable timing graph
3:43AM 0 How to call sas in R with SAS9.3
2:12AM 1 identifying local maxima
Wednesday July 11 2012
11:53PM 1 Analyzing subsets
11:36PM 1 sapply question
10:28PM 2 help with merging 2 data frames
10:20PM 3 unable to subtract dates in R
10:10PM 1 Variance Inflation factor
9:53PM 1 Survey package GLM vs. Linear Mixed Models?
7:28PM 0 RGL axis labels parallel to axes
7:14PM 1 Using data stored in a file for a heatmap
6:36PM 2 replacing NaN for every attribute in my data
6:33PM 3 Subset based on multiple values
6:10PM 2 For loop help
4:08PM 0 read.xls question
3:16PM 2 Passing Multiple Variable Into SQLDF Statement as parameters of function
3:05PM 1 do I need plyr, apply or something else?
3:04PM 2 nls problem: singular gradient
2:56PM 2 Modifying the design matrix X in GAMS to suit data assimilation
2:36PM 1 igraph function "graph.bfs" unavailable
2:33PM 2 Computing inverse cdf (quantile function) from a KDE
2:24PM 1 Help needed to tackle multicollinearity problem in count data with the help of R
2:11PM 4 Help with loop
1:45PM 1 Substitute list value
1:22PM 1 I need to get function name from R file
1:11PM 0 declaring negative log likelihood of a distribution
12:53PM 0 Chunking in RCurl using getBinaryURL()
7:57AM 0 The R Journal, Vol. 4 Issue 1
5:35AM 3 how to create the data frame
4:49AM 1 Package MuMIn (dredge): Error in ret[, ] <- cbind(x, se, rep(if (is.null(df)) NA_real_ else df, : number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length.
4:46AM 1 browser() question
1:04AM 2 How to connect .mdb file
Tuesday July 10 2012
11:59PM 2 The following object(s) are masked from ‘package:stats’
10:38PM 3 combining numeric vector and column in a data frame
10:35PM 0 FastRWeb Examples
9:30PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 113, Issue 13
9:20PM 0 Thanks! RE: boxplot with "cut"
8:17PM 5 -1.1 - 0.1 + 1.2 is NOT null! Why?
8:09PM 0 Download large file from https url with progress meter
7:54PM 2 Understanding cenros Error
7:34PM 2 Changing x-axis values displayed on histogram
6:11PM 3 Need HELP: how find and use a csv file?
5:57PM 0 Times Series Data using GLS
5:23PM 1 R code help to change table format
5:22PM 1 calculating the difference between days?
5:14PM 1 Revolutions blog: June Roundup
4:48PM 3 HELP me please with import of csv to R
4:35PM 1 problem for installing rgdal
4:01PM 1 RGL 3D curvilinear shapes
3:29PM 2 estimation of NA by predict command
3:22PM 1 Help with vectors and rollapply
1:15PM 3 fill 0-row data.frame with 1 line of NAs
1:13PM 2 define stuff to be only usable in the same file
1:08PM 0 gdata: Problem reading excel document containing non-US characters
1:05PM 2 RGB components of plot() colours
12:31PM 2 Count of elements in coulmns of a matrix
12:03PM 1 image.plot transparent?
10:55AM 1 Mac OS X R uninstallation question
10:47AM 1 fitting power growth
10:16AM 2 Use of Sappy and Tappy for Mathematical Calculation
10:11AM 2 how can I show the xlab and ylab information while using layout
8:48AM 1 identify.hclust() doesn't cut tree at the vertical position of the mouse pointer
8:26AM 0 customize packages' help index ( 00index.html file )
7:19AM 1 How to use external image with R plot?
6:03AM 0 package JM -- version 1.0-0
4:08AM 1 info about R arulesSequences
3:37AM 5 How to add marker in Stacked bar plot?
3:21AM 1 cbind and cbind.data.frame
3:19AM 1 outer() or some other function for regression prediction with 2 IVs
2:25AM 2 is it possible to insert a figure into into another new figure by r script
12:55AM 1 Why 95% "quantile" empty in R or why 95% "quantile" = 1 with data values between 0 and 1?
Monday July 9 2012
11:25PM 2 Read vector as multi-dimensional data in R by row
10:26PM 0 Problem in plm package
10:15PM 2 mfrow and centering plots when there's an odd number
9:16PM 1 how do I shut down "Hit <Return> to see next plot:" when plotting to pdf file?
7:51PM 1 boxplot with "cut"
7:41PM 1 heatmaps and layouts
7:06PM 1 Type II ANOVA for user-defined contrasts with covariates
7:02PM 0 exact logistic regression with correlated data?
6:45PM 0 firth's penalized likelihood bias reduction approach
6:30PM 1 install.packages
6:23PM 1 Correcting for overdispersion
6:02PM 3 returning multiple values
5:11PM 4 how to make plot lines thicker
4:59PM 1 Issue with installing RExcel
4:42PM 4 unique vs duplicate problem
3:41PM 1 Lavaan Package - How to Extract Residuals in Data Values
3:25PM 3 Predicted values for zero-inflated Poisson
3:21PM 0 R, maps, choropleth, data keys
1:40PM 1 anova.lm and F-test
12:27PM 1 number of shared species between sites (VEGAN or RICH?)
12:18PM 3 additive interaction for a dichotomous dependent variable (i.e. risk difference)
11:25AM 0 How to cache files/objects in map-reduce using rmr?
10:42AM 1 Package DAAG
10:23AM 4 Skipping lines and incomplete rows
9:55AM 3 Package 'MASS' (polr): Error in svd(X) : infinite or missing values in 'x'
8:20AM 1 Problem to establish Bloomberg connection / Package RBloomberg / function blpConnect()
7:09AM 0 Fwd: Re: Problem with Apriori
5:20AM 1 R to winbugs interface
4:46AM 1 c(a, b) for POSIXct objects with tzone attributes?
3:03AM 1 Using the effects package
2:21AM 1 classification using zero-inflated negative binomial mixture model
1:45AM 1 linearHypothesis and factors
1:03AM 1 Using loops to create matrices where the variables is called with $
12:43AM 1 axis.Date language
Sunday July 8 2012
11:01PM 2 Extracting arithmetic mean for specific values from multiple .txt-files
9:39PM 1 Data Simulation
7:23PM 1 yet another windows installation from source issue
6:07PM 4 a fortune?
2:51PM 1 problem with library()
2:31PM 3 How to replace a column in a data frame with another one with a different size
1:50PM 0 Reading multiple line from a JSON formatted file
12:47PM 3 list.files() find files beginning with a .
12:08PM 2 Upgrade to 2.14
11:41AM 0 separation occuring in clustered data
11:02AM 2 Error during working with wgcna and R
10:52AM 0 Concerning the reparametrization of the (ARDL)
9:15AM 3 Help in Optimization of a function
8:11AM 1 Grouped regression
3:20AM 2 Notation for previous observation in a data frame
Saturday July 7 2012
10:51PM 0 Questions about glht() and interpretation of output from Tukey's in multcomp
9:37PM 11 Splitting a character vector.
3:01PM 0 regressor & autoregressive error?
2:32PM 1 test parallel slopes with svyolr
1:46PM 0 fixed trimmed mean for group
12:00PM 1 Getting objects from quantmod ticker list
10:19AM 4 replacement has length zero
10:11AM 4 Declaring a density function with for loop
8:52AM 5 number of decimal places in a number?
7:53AM 2 RedHat Linux intall R failed
12:39AM 2 How to intall "car" package on linux
Friday July 6 2012
10:23PM 3 estimating NA values against selected slots
9:38PM 2 Plotting rpart trees with long list of class members
9:12PM 4 differences between survival models between STATA and R
8:55PM 1 How to compare stacked histograms/datasets
5:50PM 1 Help with multinomial regression to "survey"
5:39PM 2 Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large
5:23PM 3 Tables extraction in R ?
5:11PM 5 How to import SAS data in R?
4:01PM 0 Describing Multistage PPS Survey Designs
3:50PM 3 Compare date Oracle with Sys.time
3:46PM 2 Is R BOOT package available for 2.15.1 version for Mac OS?
3:43PM 4 Poisson Ridge Regression
3:40PM 0 Based-Density cluster algorithms, Help where find some algorithms
3:32PM 1 help in R programming
3:06PM 2 Anova Type II and Contrasts
3:03PM 4 convert a table
2:45PM 2 Maximum number of patterns and speed in grep
2:19PM 1 How to do goodness-of-fit diagnosis and model checking for rlm in R?
2:14PM 1 Mann-Whitney by group
1:42PM 0 S3 / S4 Method for print and frames
1:36PM 4 automatic completion of object names
12:56PM 0 coefficient of lasso and lasso plot
12:21PM 1 How to compute hazard function using coxph.object
9:15AM 2 Problem with Apriori
8:18AM 0 Which is Best function to find Maximum Likelihood Estimates in R?
8:14AM 1 Definition of AIC (Akaike information criterion) for normal error models
6:47AM 1 function on strsplit output
4:14AM 1 Problem using Lag on time series
3:55AM 2 Graph showing fitted values obtained by binomial GLM
1:43AM 2 Mixed Models providing a correlation structure.
Thursday July 5 2012
9:39PM 2 Plotting the probability curve from a logit model with 10 predictors
9:01PM 0 Fwd: An application for a master's student in statistics
8:55PM 0 trouble installing Rmpi on a debian machine: please ignore
8:52PM 1 trouble installing Rmpi on a debian machine
8:04PM 0 How to do non-parametric Anova for comparing two lm models?
7:29PM 3 Histogram
7:28PM 1 colored nodes in dendrogram
6:18PM 0 Conditional Logistic regression with random effects / 2 random effects logit models
6:12PM 0 Confused about multiple imputation with rms or Hmisc packages
5:25PM 4 Exclude missing values on only 1 variable
3:59PM 1 Fast trace of inverse
3:46PM 1 reshape2 errors on data frame
3:01PM 1 Different level set when predicting with e1071's Naive Bayes classifier
2:44PM 2 7 days confusion over lists
2:29PM 1 empty cell when running GEE for binary data
2:21PM 1 Invalid input in 'utf8towcs' when saving script file
2:01PM 1 Hosmer-Lemeshow test for Cox model
1:49PM 2 skipped correlation
1:19PM 2 vector entry in matix
1:05PM 1 Import single variables from SPSS
12:53PM 0 2D image correlation/Packages for 2D CCA?
12:37PM 2 i need help in documentation
12:34PM 2 function curve() swap axes
10:37AM 1 Comparing crossing survival curves
9:55AM 0 stlf algorithm failure
9:41AM 1 how to analyse non parametric test
8:48AM 3 Maximum Likelihood Estimation Poisson distribution mle {stats4}
4:58AM 3 Return
4:45AM 1 Adding Text to a persp plot using specific coordinates
4:20AM 1 Return on Stock Market
Wednesday July 4 2012
11:40PM 1 a problem about WLS
6:25PM 2 How to generate a correlated binary data set?
4:37PM 2 About nlminb function
3:10PM 1 RODBC tables
1:24PM 4 how to get list of files within a particular local file folder
1:20PM 2 Difference between two-way ANOVA and (two-way) ANCOVA
12:44PM 2 MS-DOS & script R
12:39PM 1 Error in hclust?
11:09AM 1 How do you impute missing data using Latent Class Model (poLCA package)
10:39AM 2 problem with quilt.plot
8:28AM 2 CPU usage while running R code
6:46AM 3 Printing from R Console in colour
6:24AM 2 problem loading siar
5:21AM 3 How to use Sys.time() while writing a csv file name
5:08AM 5 loop for regression
5:03AM 1 (no subject)
4:13AM 2 Date
1:52AM 3 Please help
1:01AM 2 help with filled.contour() -
Tuesday July 3 2012
11:12PM 4 Help! Please recommend good books/resources on visualizing data and understanding multivariate relations...
8:10PM 3 design matrix creation in R
7:10PM 1 remove loop which compares row i to row i-1
6:29PM 1 A challenging question: merging excel files under a specific pattern
5:56PM 0 need help EM algorithm to find MLE of coeff in mixed effects model
5:41PM 2 EM algorithm to find MLE of coeff in mixed effects model
5:11PM 1 integral with error:non-finite function value
4:57PM 2 NADA Data Frame Format: Wide or Long?
4:50PM 2 ggplot2: legend
4:24PM 2 "evaluating expressions" contained in a dataframe
4:04PM 2 Data manipulation with aggregate
2:36PM 1 saving contour() plot info
11:54AM 1 nls problem
11:45AM 1 problem in lodging package
9:52AM 1 insert missing dates
8:43AM 1 R with VBA_Excel
8:22AM 4 question
8:01AM 1 Problem using mtext to write onto a jpeg
7:25AM 0 missing price datas before launched
7:18AM 5 Is it possible to remove this loop? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
6:55AM 2 subset data based on values in multiple columns
6:04AM 2 read the date format
5:56AM 1 open mp problem when installing R
5:34AM 0 Glmnet_1.8 uploaded to CRAN
3:58AM 1 MLE
3:01AM 1 how to plot the data in a map?
2:09AM 1 Wrapper function for multivariate arrays for ode
1:47AM 2 Help with lmer formula
Monday July 2 2012
10:48PM 4 Removing rows if certain elements are found in character string
10:16PM 4 Assigning a vector to every element of a list.
9:04PM 4 how to do a graph with tree different colors??
8:31PM 2 Code scatter plot data from matrix with 3rd column
8:28PM 1 How to get prediction for a variable in WinBUGS?
6:05PM 1 'init.win' error when installing from source
6:05PM 3 carpet plots
5:59PM 0 Genetic Matching, GenMatch
5:04PM 2 save conditions in a list
4:24PM 1 Undocumented behavior around daylight savings time?
4:18PM 0 Fit circle with R
4:15PM 3 vectorization with subset?
3:58PM 3 residuals from lm
3:17PM 2 using "na.locf" from package zoo to fill NA gaps
1:46PM 0 Specifying Transfer Function in Time series Intervention model
1:29PM 1 Specify model with polynomial interaction terms up to degree n
12:15PM 2 Error() model is singular - what does that mean
11:38AM 1 error to convert a Compute A^-1 B from Matlab to R using solve(A, B)
11:25AM 1 apply with multiple conditions
11:23AM 0 Rgraphviz package question
10:37AM 1 Quantitative analysis of treatment effects
10:17AM 1 Getting R In Torrents instead of Download Zip Files
10:04AM 4 Decrete value check in a matrix
9:49AM 0 zero dimension error while soft thresholding
9:44AM 3 enquiry
9:43AM 5 ggplot: dodge positions
9:37AM 2 degree of freedom GLM
8:47AM 1 interpolation to new points between geo coordinates
8:15AM 4 R sub query
6:13AM 1 Fitting and Plotting the fitted distributions
6:02AM 2 Constructing a list using a function...
5:39AM 2 Heat Maps
3:55AM 1 SPATSTAT: Minimum points for a Ripley K to be sensible?
Sunday July 1 2012
7:19PM 2 VIM package - how to get the underlying code
6:42PM 0 Cumulative Link Models
6:08PM 0 Defining a pmf which has sum( from zero to infinity)
5:55PM 2 list to dataframe conversion-testing for identical
3:12PM 0 Enquiring examples to get the results of two tests
12:39PM 4 geom_boxplot
5:11AM 0 Default for boot in mantel{ecodist} was Re: Size of subsample in ecodist mantel()
4:04AM 1 significant difference between Gompertz hazard parameters?
2:52AM 1 Batch file rename basing on a look up table need help_New to R_A little bit complicated