R help - Aug 2012

Friday August 31 2012
11:22PM 1 using apply with sparse matrix from package Matrix
10:10PM 0 R package fields: Thin-plate splines question
9:09PM 3 how to find the index of points selected from a scatter plot?
5:11PM 2 Conditional merging in R & if then statement
4:10PM 7 splits with 0s in middle columns
2:51PM 1 Histogram to KDE
2:20PM 2 test Breslow-Day for svytable??
12:57PM 1 Class that wraps Data Frame
12:48PM 1 loading 'RcmdrPlugin.FactoMineR' pachage in R
11:55AM 3 Help on numerical object and ifelse function
6:13AM 1 reviews for quality control
2:37AM 2 dynamic list in aggregate()
1:54AM 3 fitting lognormal censored data
Thursday August 30 2012
10:07PM 1 How to modify the values of the parameters passing via ...
9:55PM 0 storage mode error question (R2winBUGS)
5:48PM 2 self-defined distance function to be computed on matrix
3:38PM 2 Identifying and Removing NA Columns and factor Columns with more than x Levels
3:35PM 1 knitr
2:46PM 1 path analysis help
2:24PM 1 use row and col names of a matrix to create colnames of a new one.
1:49PM 2 Help on Plot Title where text is "mixed" with numerical carachters
12:56PM 3 apply --> data.frame
12:21PM 2 Which BUGS should one use?
11:02AM 2 random forest using party package
10:12AM 2 help on plot on the log scale but showing original values on axis
10:05AM 0 Maximum a Posteriori (MAP) estimation in R
7:30AM 2 segfault in gplots::heatmap.2
7:08AM 1 Argument of a linear model
5:54AM 4 Leading plus in numeric fields
Wednesday August 29 2012
11:23PM 3 Bonferroni correction for multiple correlation tests
10:36PM 5 Extracting the name of a function (inverse of match.fun("myFun"))
8:57PM 2 Deduping in R by multiple variables
8:01PM 0 How do you learn/teach R?
8:00PM 1 spatial correlation in lme and huge correlation matrix (memory limit)
6:59PM 0 wind maps
6:37PM 2 Problem installing Rmpi with Open MPI
6:12PM 1 Problem Installing a Package
5:23PM 1 limit on vector size allocation
3:54PM 1 transform RTs
2:37PM 5 tapply confusion
2:34PM 3 creating lagged variable in panel data
1:24PM 4 Sorting of columns of a matrix
12:45PM 1 mach_override.c
10:56AM 1 latex \subfloat{} incompatible with sweave/knitr code
10:25AM 1 Help on not matching object lengths
5:14AM 0 Saving a Stata file with labels that are not just a copy of the variable name
2:58AM 2 Estimation parameters of lognormal censored data
2:01AM 3 Help on calculating spearman rank correlation for a data frame with conditions
12:06AM 4 Use or ??
Tuesday August 28 2012
10:30PM 4 predict.lm(...,type="terms") question
9:05PM 4 Search for locations of subsequences?
8:16PM 1 K-Means clustering Algorithm
7:58PM 5 return first index for each unique value in a vector
7:19PM 1 Package cwhmisc and problems
6:29PM 5 variable scope
5:12PM 1 don't print object attributes
4:48PM 3 date in plot, can't add regression line
3:05PM 4 barchart with 3 Arguments
2:57PM 1 R Download 'Permission Denied'
2:31PM 1 Error message
1:42PM 3 Course
1:26PM 0 create a normal distribution table
1:19PM 3 Get variable data Reading from the list
11:29AM 1 Unzip files from the given path to the destination path
9:10AM 1 ""Error in table(data) : attempt to make a table with >= 2^31 elements""
8:43AM 1 Bionomial and possion
7:54AM 2 corrgram
6:56AM 0 odfWeave: Unable to convert to the current locale
6:48AM 5 Create and Assign value into a variable from Another variable
5:00AM 7 check and verify
3:31AM 4 [ncdf4] error converting GEIA data to netCDF
1:49AM 1 To predict Y based on only one sample of X and Y
1:12AM 1 Optim Problem
12:45AM 1 New to R
12:07AM 1 write.table and read.table commands
Monday August 27 2012
11:11PM 1 Error in Installing RODBC in Linux R
10:14PM 2 Font size in geom_dl (using ggplot2)
10:08PM 2 Inexplicably different results using subset vs bracket notation on logical variable
8:19PM 6 find and replace
7:01PM 0 Help with recursive least squares
6:58PM 1 matrix.csr %*% matrix --> matrix
6:47PM 1 write.matrix.csr data conversion
6:40PM 4 ?nchar ?strsplit
6:21PM 2 Reading pdf file into R
6:21PM 0 High Density region using hdrcde
5:51PM 0 has anybody used gpuCor?
5:47PM 1 RGL plot : lighting problem when triangle3d and persp3d are used in the same plot
5:17PM 0 Filtering Beadarray Summary Data
4:49PM 1 practical way to change column names?
4:05PM 2 randomLCA
3:40PM 1 interpret the importance output?
2:49PM 3 How to generate a matrix of Beta or Binomial distribution
2:11PM 2 looping through numbered variables
1:53PM 1 How to average time series data around regular intervals
1:07PM 2 littler and rJava
12:49PM 0 Dozen+ Online R Courses: $110-$150 total cost thru 9/3
10:24AM 2 simplest way (set of functions) to parse a file
10:09AM 3 Changing entries of column of type "factor"/Adding a new level to a factor
9:29AM 3 String Handling() for Split a word by a letter
9:05AM 2 Assigning colors on low p-values in table
8:26AM 0 kernlab`s custom kernel of ksvm freeze
8:02AM 0 How can I find the principal components and run regression/forecasting using dynlm
6:27AM 0 Optimizing a model toward desired outputs once trained?
5:48AM 1 total CPU time in Matlab - what is the equivalent in R?
5:26AM 0 How to apply HEGY test in R
5:22AM 0 PVAClone: new package for population viability analysis
2:33AM 1 how to generate response variables using simple regression
1:59AM 0 how to append datasets with the same name pattern as they are created within a for loop
12:06AM 1 for loop optimization help
Sunday August 26 2012
9:01PM 4 error type
6:17PM 3 Aligning barplot
11:57AM 1 Multiple lattice levelplots from matrices
9:54AM 1 link for refernces
9:43AM 1 to clear combobox value....
4:00AM 2 Drawing a simplex
2:12AM 1 Comparing two variables for match and creating a new vector with results
12:37AM 3 Two selections from Bag A
Saturday August 25 2012
9:09PM 2 Standard deviation from MANOVA??
12:46PM 0 fourier analysis
9:13AM 2 sourcecode for the balloonplot function from the gplots package
5:06AM 2 How to arrange the GUI's in window in tcltk package???
4:15AM 1 Turning of source echo
3:30AM 2 date
12:11AM 2 remove column
Friday August 24 2012
10:23PM 4 extract vector elements of unknown range
9:45PM 1 RJSONIO/rjson maximum depth?
9:36PM 3 mgcv package, problems with NAs in gam
9:02PM 1 Hosted R
8:22PM 3 ifelse problem - bug or operator error
8:07PM 2 SparseM buglet
7:53PM 1 2 (related) problems with RODBC in 64 bit Windows
6:23PM 2 PHP escapeshellcmd() equivalent
6:03PM 1 if then in R versus SAS
5:47PM 0 read/write data in libsvm format
4:12PM 1 help with a special variant of balloonplot
1:47PM 1 POSIXct-coerced NA's not considered NA by is.na()
12:51PM 2 (no subject)
12:47PM 1 apply a function separately on each element of a list
11:16AM 1 Branch and Bound
10:56AM 3 Euclidean distance function
10:48AM 3 R minimal calculation error
9:50AM 0 diagonal matrix, array attributes and how to keep from setting an attribute on "NULL"
9:34AM 2 plot curve on surface
7:27AM 0 cygwin utf-8 problem with "help"
6:46AM 0 Steps for installing RHBASE library for R
6:45AM 1 Error while installing gsubfn_0.6-4.tar.gz for R 2.15.1
6:29AM 0 Error while installing RODBC_1.3-6.tar.gz on Redhat linux
6:25AM 1 Regular expressions: stuck again...
5:51AM 0 vectors as function input
4:49AM 6 updating elements of a vector sequentially - is there a faster way?
3:15AM 0 A question about GRAMMAR calculations in the FAM_MDR algorithm
1:33AM 0 Loop from List in Geospatial Modeling Environment
12:58AM 2 TukeyHSD output
12:28AM 1 Pseudo R squared in gls model
Thursday August 23 2012
9:19PM 1 adding tick labels to tileplot()
9:19PM 1 Extracting data from dataframe with tied rows
8:55PM 3 Concatenating data frames in R versus SAS
8:39PM 1 Why was my R process killed spontaneously?
3:41PM 0 party package: ctree - survival data - extracting statistics/predictors
3:35PM 2 elevation map with R
3:19PM 1 All possible models with nls()
2:44PM 1 load workspace by function
12:37PM 3 Please help....normalization by the median of some control genes
12:10PM 0 anova for two mixture model objects
11:54AM 1 NLS bi exponential Fit
10:04AM 0 MALDIquant
6:19AM 1 Origin of coordinate system
5:22AM 2 removing lines from text file
3:34AM 1 Accessing the (first or more) principal component with princomp or prcomp
Wednesday August 22 2012
11:43PM 1 negative AIC and BIC values in gls
10:26PM 1 Error in if (n > 0)
8:48PM 1 Plot label axis with expression
8:35PM 1 loading both RPostgreSQL and RSQLite leads to problems
7:53PM 1 plotting Kaplan Meier using ggplot2 returns class function error
7:30PM 4 Is there a data/variable explorer in R?
7:16PM 1 Reshaping dataframes
6:58PM 1 multiline text() with different cex sizes
6:28PM 1 Loop for readLines(URL[i]) fails when URL returns Error 404
6:25PM 0 use lme4 if given effects' design matrix
6:18PM 0 hat matrix for zeroinfl and hurdle objects
6:09PM 1 Controlling line-join style in Lattice
5:40PM 2 Fwd: Need help
5:35PM 3 Suggestion for "Writing R Extensions"
5:24PM 4 gsub -> replace substring in column
4:39PM 0 choosing the correct number of clusters usinf NbClust
4:05PM 1 strange behaviour when sourcing inside function
3:29PM 0 Clustered standard errors in Relogit (Zelig)
2:59PM 0 Maximum a Posteriori estimation
2:59PM 1 Merging data in R compared to SAS
2:28PM 1 Simpson diversity in biodiversityR
2:23PM 3 Question concerning anova()
2:12PM 0 Exporting data to spss
1:43PM 3 Barplot with Secondary axis
1:23PM 1 rbind in a loop with " : " elements
1:00PM 0 pseudo-additive seasonal decomposition
12:31PM 3 help
12:00PM 2 AIC for GAM models
9:23AM 2 log-normal distribution fitting with expected value = 1
8:16AM 1 Remove similar rows from matrix
7:56AM 0 Class-attribute and method dispatch for the function-class
7:53AM 1 How should one handle "NA" properly in a .csv dataset?
5:11AM 1 read info from a website requiring login
12:28AM 1 (Slight) calculation discrepancy in escalc (metafor package)
Tuesday August 21 2012
8:28PM 1 R CMD build error with data files
8:23PM 0 Estimating and predicting using "segmented" Package
7:29PM 1 About matrix manipulation
7:24PM 7 Regular Expressions in grep
7:15PM 1 make check fails two tests on RHEL 6 build
7:03PM 2 Sweave: R chunk inside caption?
6:17PM 0 Retrieve autocorrelation-corrected errors from gls (nlme) or gamm (mgcv)
6:02PM 1 ncdf - writing variable to a file
5:54PM 2 Sequence detection longer than a certain value
3:57PM 2 apply question
3:31PM 1 patchDVI: how to pass encoding of the .Rnw file?
3:09PM 1 Error: ReadItem: unknown type 98, perhaps written by later version of R
2:44PM 2 define subset argument for function lm as variable?
2:15PM 0 Fwd: Re: R-package "FunctSNP"
12:50PM 1 R-package "FunctSNP"
12:48PM 2 Entering a table
10:40AM 1 Cox Proportional Hazards
10:20AM 0 elasticnet iteration problem
10:16AM 4 reexpr transform nonumeric values to numeric
9:48AM 1 Trace values in the function ca.jo()
4:17AM 2 Iterative sampling with restrictions
12:43AM 2 change axis label from -100-100 to 100-100
Monday August 20 2012
11:49PM 1 Creating ordered colors for ordered factors
10:34PM 0 R coxph Method=df (Question on methods)
10:19PM 5 Some kind of inverse of "names"
9:06PM 1 Doubt in relation with packaging
9:03PM 2 Changing line length in Sweave output works for numeric, but not for character vectors
8:32PM 0 NADA package/cenboxplot() method: maximum censored percentage [RESOLVED] (fwd)
8:13PM 3 A LaTeX question -- Hope people won't mind
7:30PM 2 Unable to reference variable created in dataframe
7:24PM 1 The difference between chisq.test binom.test and pbinom
6:35PM 1 Inserting superscripts in free-format text line
6:02PM 7 What makes R different from other programming languages?
6:00PM 1 Beside Barplot
4:08PM 2 jpeglib.h not found
2:19PM 1 Combining imputed datasets for analysis using Factor Analysis
2:01PM 1 Colour gradients and colour fill between points
1:53PM 2 colorful plot
12:20PM 1 Upgrading Ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04: Problem with r-base-dev?
11:27AM 1 function case in sqldf (datas from oracle) with a null value
8:48AM 3 select most frequent value in set of variables
2:16AM 1 Kendall package tau-a, b, and c
12:56AM 7 relating data in two data frames
12:14AM 2 (no subject)
Sunday August 19 2012
7:04PM 1 moving distance between two sets of data
7:02PM 1 e1071 - tuning is not giving the best within the range
1:45PM 0 GAM with shrinkage: how to obtain explained deviance of individual terms?
11:17AM 1 radarchart axis scaling
10:10AM 2 merging and obtaining the nearest value
9:06AM 1 kernlab | ksvm error
Saturday August 18 2012
7:51PM 1 texi2dvi error "Sweave" and "exams"
7:32PM 1 R - rpart - increasing xerror
2:21PM 2 plot only x- and y-axis with origin, no box()
11:32AM 0 months in circular
9:30AM 1 Parameter scaling problems with optim and Nelder-Mead method (bug?)
3:28AM 3 Row means of matrix.
Friday August 17 2012
9:56PM 1 Making data in R available to Rcmdr
9:48PM 0 REPOST: Need help interpreting output from rcorrp.cens with Cox regression
9:41PM 1 R utilizing 25% of CPU for Dual core i3 370M processor
9:19PM 4 Appending many different and separate Excel files using R
6:27PM 0 spatial auto-correlation structure in nlme
5:33PM 0 mixed model in r
5:32PM 5 Opinion: Why I find factors convenient to use
4:57PM 0 sample from a joint distribution of discrete & continuous variables (survival analysis)
4:28PM 1 RGDAL OGRwrite question
4:25PM 3 prevalence of R in publications and institutions
4:18PM 7 Remove several numbers from a sequence
1:33PM 2 Plot multiple variables: label points
1:01PM 3 Error: level sets of factors are different?
10:38AM 1 Trouble compiling package on Windows (64 bit)
9:48AM 2 How can we compare corresponding values of x and y (first value of x exacly matches with the first value of y)?
9:28AM 8 Get the filename from the given path
8:19AM 1 The message headers matched a filter rule
6:51AM 0 impute multilevel data in MICE
4:13AM 1 Linear mixed model using R
3:48AM 1 Problem Installign Packages
2:33AM 0 install.packages umask configuration
2:21AM 5 specific matrix element tranformation
1:31AM 3 Apply a function according to factor levels.
1:03AM 0 GEE with R: "double" overdispersion?
Thursday August 16 2012
11:40PM 2 question about A2R
11:33PM 1 Find and install old package to R 2.11 in UNIX
7:30PM 3 Reference a variable inside a string and another for object assingments
6:49PM 3 r data structures
6:41PM 8 How to extract from a column in a table?
5:41PM 1 sum over extremely small numbers
3:58PM 0 Pedigrees
3:56PM 2 multiple boxplots on the same figure - reducing space in between
2:14PM 0 How to call patchDVI::SweavePDF on an .Rnw which is not the master file?
1:44PM 1 Big Data reading subsample csv
9:51AM 5 no true negative data, need roc curve
7:37AM 4 Variables and greek letters in a plot title
6:07AM 4 Column Extraction from matrix
5:16AM 0 Question: Random generation from the Zero-truncated Negative Binomial dist.
4:05AM 1 sum predictions by hand
2:41AM 1 Symbolic computation in R-solving system of equations
1:08AM 1 nls()
Wednesday August 15 2012
9:28PM 1 NADA package/cenboxplot() method: maximum censored percentage
9:04PM 4 Import Data from Excel
9:01PM 2 sensitivity and specificity in svyglm??
8:06PM 3 Subsetting with missing data
7:17PM 0 message-passing algorithm
6:59PM 1 help function axis
6:32PM 0 color-coding of biplot points for varimax rotated factors (from PCA)
6:04PM 3 per-vertex statistics of edge weights
5:27PM 4 Reading one column .csv file
5:14PM 0 Constructing mgcv tprs basis functions
4:54PM 3 tikzDevice not available
4:43PM 1 shade overlapping portions of circles (or other shapes)
4:32PM 0 Plot ROC using TP,FP AND FN alone
4:32PM 2 ANOVA repeated measures and post-hoc
4:13PM 1 Error in metafor documentation on maximum iterations
4:11PM 2 sample() from (un-)sorted vectors
4:04PM 1 legend position help
3:24PM 2 store the results of two connected and "disturbed" for-loops to data.frame
1:59PM 1 Obtaining census tract data from addresses
12:37PM 4 which() function not finding certain numbers
12:34PM 4 boxplot help
11:47AM 1 car::linearHypothesis fails to constrain factor to zero
9:34AM 0 How do you rotate axes in ctree - (Party Package)
9:32AM 1 hidden for() loop subsetting a matrix?
9:16AM 2 How to plot data in logarithmic scale
4:28AM 3 Basic question -loading data
3:56AM 3 How to join two plotmath type expressions
1:24AM 2 to remove columns and rows
Tuesday August 14 2012
11:06PM 1 twitteR location?
9:09PM 2 igraph: Turn multiple edges into weights
7:05PM 4 Subsetting rows by multiple levels of selected values
6:58PM 1 bootstrapped CI for nonlinear models using nlsBoot from nlstools
6:18PM 2 What package to use to calculate odds ratio and the confidence interval?
6:11PM 0 Specifying unique random effects for different groups
5:25PM 2 Communative Matrix Multiplcation
5:06PM 1 problem installing mgcv
2:54PM 1 how to convert variable name to string?
2:02PM 0 random variable selection algorithms for lda?
1:13PM 1 reshape cast to a sparse matrix?
12:40PM 2 Not able to filter factor, class
11:54AM 1 Help needed in reading matlab files
11:53AM 0 Problems with lda-CV, and collinear variables in lda
11:08AM 1 Random effects in gam (mgcv 1.7-19)
9:54AM 1 Error; contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or more levels
7:09AM 3 self-starter functions for y = a + b * c^x
6:13AM 1 Graphing question(basic)
5:54AM 1 Can we interlink these three if conditions?
3:48AM 0 error using boxcox.nls during non linear estimation
2:17AM 2 A drawing problem with R
2:09AM 2 anova in unbalanced data
1:08AM 4 pass by reference
12:40AM 3 set working directory to current source directory
Monday August 13 2012
9:33PM 1 Fine Tuning Country Map
7:39PM 3 Using the effects package to plot logit probabilities
7:13PM 2 Standard introductory presentation
6:25PM 3 merge counts from table()
4:46PM 2 R table as integrable object for large Latex Documents - avoiding SWeave
4:33PM 0 Pooled F-tests
3:29PM 2 one problem
3:26PM 0 predict.gam, a question about offset variable and spatial resolution
3:10PM 3 creation of package failed
2:11PM 0 rjags error. Error parsing model file:,syntax error on line 5 near ""
11:13AM 4 write.dbf error: invalid subscript type 'list'
10:12AM 1 how to change variable names in corrgram diagonal
9:17AM 5 How can I get the Ids with Duplicated key and corresponding Ids with original key?
9:10AM 4 dimnames in an array(I'll be grateful if this message will be passed to all list users)
3:33AM 6 named character question
2:58AM 1 R-help question
12:43AM 4 if else elseif for data frames
Sunday August 12 2012
8:26PM 1 Web scrabing - getURL with delay
3:34PM 0 Index Values in NbClust
1:37PM 0 Different cluster orderings from cutree() and cut.dendrogram()
10:12AM 3 Error in if-command
5:42AM 0 Changing character into date solved
5:33AM 2 Changing character into date
5:00AM 2 How to write % in pie chart?
4:25AM 1 qpcR propagate problem
3:57AM 1 Using R as Shared Library
2:54AM 2 "Masked by GlobalEnv"
Saturday August 11 2012
9:05PM 0 cannot allocate a vector of size error, what explodes the the memory consumption?
9:01PM 1 Imputing data below detection limit
7:10PM 3 replace funcion
4:55PM 2 compile fails with x86_64-alpine-linux-uclibc-gcc
3:41PM 1 Ylim problem - plot.correlog, ncf package
2:17PM 3 Problem when creating matrix of values based on covariance matrix
2:05PM 0 Submission
2:03PM 1 unsued argument
1:59PM 3 help counting in data
11:59AM 3 choosing multiple columns
8:07AM 2 Stopping all code execution when ANY error occurs (OR error handling without try/tryCatch)
5:53AM 1 device "mismatch", coordinates trouble with X11 and pdf devices
4:19AM 1 stopping rule in hierarchical Clustering
2:55AM 2 How to add values on bar of grouped bar plot using mtext?
2:55AM 1 How to add values on bar of groouped bar plot using mtext?
1:39AM 3 Align columns in data frame write.table
1:23AM 1 using eval to handle column names in function calling scatterplot graph function
Friday August 10 2012
10:46PM 2 vectorization condition counting
10:46PM 3 Parsing large XML documents in R - how to optimize the speed?
10:31PM 0 Kfn for 1D data?
9:15PM 2 Function definition: where is the error in the "for" loop?
8:59PM 3 Batch Mode for Windows
8:20PM 3 Trouble with Spatial Data Example Script
7:34PM 1 question about windows Rgui.exe startup
7:27PM 1 Lavaan: Immediate non-positive definite matrix
7:20PM 1 summarize a vector
7:09PM 1 Interper output from cajorls and VECM
6:06PM 0 samr package: missing values in RNAseq data
5:53PM 1 Direct Method Age-Adjustment to Complex Survey Data
5:41PM 2 Regular Expressions + Matrices
4:57PM 1 plotting profile likelihood curves
4:40PM 1 export table in separate file
4:14PM 1 translating HTML character entities to accented characters
3:50PM 0 Does A Choice-Based Conjoint Study Have To Be Full Profile?
2:50PM 1 How do I find the apparent magnitude of a galaxy from a FITS file?
2:18PM 2 replacing a character string
1:47PM 2 significance of character (Anova)
1:18PM 0 odfWeave , UTF-8 locale and posix
1:01PM 0 error applying user-defined link function to lmer
12:41PM 1 Solving binary integer optimization problem
11:55AM 1 Running odfWeave on its own examples.odt
10:48AM 2 creating a contingency table from a data.frame automatically (NOT BY HAND)
10:05AM 1 ggplot2 geom_bar produces white slashes in legend keys
9:52AM 1 image.plot side effects
9:34AM 1 Split CSV as per file size
9:07AM 4 subsetting levels of a vector
7:14AM 2 Simple question about formulae in R!?
6:24AM 2 how to read .bam file
1:32AM 2 Zoo object problem: Find the column name of a univariate zoo object
12:36AM 5 help error histograma
12:29AM 3 Vector size limit for table() in R-2.15.1
Thursday August 9 2012
11:56PM 4 debug vs regular mode
11:34PM 0 Prediction Probabilities
10:40PM 2 Analyzing Poor Performance Using naiveBayes()
10:14PM 2 How to overlay a global map on a filled contour?
9:33PM 0 predict.drc for specific point
9:08PM 1 summary() after changing contrasts
8:42PM 4 indexing in data frames
8:30PM 1 POSIXct to ts
8:23PM 2 Olympics: 200m Men Final
8:13PM 1 help hist some 'x' not counted; maybe 'breaks' do not span range of 'x'
7:51PM 1 Survey package: using subset option with svyrepdesign
7:41PM 1 Saving Data
4:30PM 0 RMySQL dbConnect issues
3:49PM 0 Remove axes in boplot
3:26PM 1 any recommendation for software about prediction analysis of gene expression data
2:54PM 2 correlating rows of two differently-sized data frames in R
1:54PM 4 R Commander - Time Series
1:28PM 5 All combinations possible in a mutliple regression
1:25PM 0 How to interpret Poisson curve
1:00PM 1 basehaz() in package survival and warnings with coxph
12:23PM 0 Pseudo R2 in Quantile Regression
11:46AM 1 Kolmogorov distribution
11:36AM 1 Ctree plot
10:55AM 1 Factor moderators in metafor
10:45AM 0 Treemap lost data
10:35AM 0 How does the cm function under package "actuar" works?
9:40AM 0 Count not NA cells in RasterStack
9:10AM 1 Zoo object problem: problem when I attempt to create a zoo object of only one column
6:56AM 1 How to find data in a map according to coordinates?
6:55AM 2 read htm table error
6:28AM 1 How to overlap pie chart with same radius?
5:43AM 5 How to draw clock in R ?
4:53AM 1 Using unicode symbol has unexpected results in levels of factor object
1:21AM 2 Add interpunct (dot) symbol to axis label?
Wednesday August 8 2012
11:56PM 3 Fill pattern for Boxplots?
11:18PM 1 Question about R and multiple CPU's
10:29PM 1 Calculating percentages across multiple columns
10:06PM 0 Imputation using package mi
10:03PM 1 basehaz() in package 'Survival' and warnings() with coxph
8:54PM 1 Adjusting coordinates in raster plots
8:10PM 4 Saving Splitted Series to Excel via XLConnect
7:46PM 0 Testing for a second order factor using SEM package
7:22PM 2 NULL column
7:21PM 2 inquire a statistical terms
6:52PM 3 decimal points midline
6:21PM 0 Showing multiple Probability Plots on the same graph using the plot(cenros) command from the NADA library
5:55PM 1 mgcv and gamm4: REML, GCV, and AIC
5:54PM 0 Revolutions Blog: July roundup
5:42PM 2 getting started with R and mysql
4:25PM 1 Installing HDF5 package
4:16PM 1 Wilcoxon test
3:58PM 1 Advice: How to best ensure column values match in different vectors?
3:32PM 1 ggplot2 with separate average lines
2:06PM 3 help, please! matrix operations inside 3 nested loops
1:30PM 0 Hearsay -- was R vs SAS
1:07PM 1 Cannot create Java virtual machine (-1)
12:53PM 1 time series, uneven length
12:44PM 1 Pass Conditional & loop argument into a function
12:19PM 1 Coloring specific cells
12:00PM 3 How can we compare two vectors?
11:04AM 0 party with the mob - fitted model lines in the terminal nodes
10:19AM 1 dimnames in array
10:15AM 2 sweave problem with special danish characters
9:35AM 0 how to call R commands from .net
9:10AM 1 map axis on projected shapefiles
8:22AM 1 GEV distribution fitted by L-moment graph
7:54AM 2 RQuantLib: SET_VECTOR_ELT() can only be applied to a 'list', not a 'symbol'
7:38AM 0 which R version to connect with .net?
6:22AM 3 Can not find lme
4:02AM 3 Outer product from matrix by row and a vector
2:46AM 6 R versus SAS
2:22AM 1 Confidence bands around LOESS
12:57AM 1 random number generator with SNOW/ Parallel/ foreach
Tuesday August 7 2012
10:25PM 3 r-forge down?
10:02PM 1 Which R function for GLMM with binary response, nested random factors with temporal correlation?
9:45PM 3 reshape2's dcast() Adds NAs to Data Frame
9:36PM 2 Repeated Aggregation with data.table
8:53PM 2 Error using ddply inside user-defined function
7:28PM 1 lm with a single X and step with several Xi-s, beta coef. quite different:
7:06PM 2 What is this called? lapply(datum,"[[","ColumnName")
6:56PM 2 Re-grouping data in R
5:50PM 3 Setting Number of Displayed Digits
5:47PM 5 summing and combining rows
5:14PM 4 help to program my function
5:08PM 2 Rcolorbrewer Package
4:47PM 6 Decimal number
4:44PM 1 looking for accessibility help (blind student)
4:34PM 0 Trying to build up a user interface with the R tcltk package
4:26PM 3 NADA Package: Referencing Data Frame Columns
4:26PM 4 Execution of a function
4:08PM 0 Bayesian estimates for the 1st-order Spatial Autoregressive model
3:23PM 1 Interpreting predictions of svm
1:20PM 1 Save & reload list objects
1:05PM 1 Hist function
12:57PM 4 Overlapping a Plot with Dataframe
12:37PM 1 Sum of vector elements
12:35PM 1 Unable to download R package
12:21PM 1 Error with convUL (PBSmapping)
11:15AM 1 (no subject)
10:49AM 1 Styling gridExtra's title and left labels
9:21AM 0 predicting test dataset response from training dataset with randomForest
8:52AM 2 Passing arguments to a function within a function ...
8:28AM 2 process evaluation packages (slightly off topic)
8:12AM 2 What is the difference between "probe level data" and "summarized data"
7:52AM 1 how to write out a tree file with bootstrap from phangorn package
7:09AM 2 Problem with global variable building a package
7:08AM 0 R enquire
6:54AM 1 time plot
5:46AM 2 shading line plot
4:07AM 2 label_wrap_gen question
Monday August 6 2012
11:07PM 0 GAM and interpolation?
10:38PM 0 Nested ANOVA
9:07PM 3 Force evaluation of a symbol when a function is created
7:40PM 4 Overlay Histogram
5:06PM 2 Splitting Data Into Different Series
4:25PM 3 test if elements of a character vector contain letters
4:14PM 1 How to convert data to 'normal' if they are in the form of standard scientific notations?
3:40PM 1 cannot find function "simpleRDA2"
3:27PM 1 bibtex::read.bib -- extracting bibentry keys
3:05PM 2 Identify points that lie within polygon
3:04PM 5 program of matrix
2:48PM 1 issue with nzchar() ?
2:34PM 5 sapply() and by()
2:19PM 1 Tukey HSD not fully displayed in R console
1:09PM 1 OO code organization
10:49AM 0 LDA for topic modeling in R
5:55AM 5 regexpr with accents
2:23AM 1 more efficient way to parallel
1:44AM 0 Case study on R code speedup
1:04AM 2 deleting columns from a dataframe where NA is more than 15 percent of the column length
Sunday August 5 2012
10:52PM 3 Memory limit for Windows 64bit build of R
9:49PM 1 R: Help xts object Subset Date by Day of the Week
8:30PM 4 find date between two other dates
7:09PM 1 Problem with segmented function
3:16PM 1 Extracting desired numbers from complicated lines of web pages
2:08PM 1 trouble with looping for effect of sampling interval increase
1:14PM 0 help to programm
8:54AM 1 Find out what "native.enc" corresponds to
3:27AM 7 Package to remove collinear variables
2:38AM 1 Possible bug with MCMCpack metropolis sampler
1:11AM 1 ptproc package
12:17AM 2 how to put barchart and line chart in the same plot in ggplot2
Saturday August 4 2012
9:21PM 2 ggplot2 boxplot help
7:35PM 1 how to coerce the result of sweep to be an array if result of FUN is a string?
7:09PM 1 Getting unknown error trying to plot spatial data
4:09PM 4 DAtes
2:22PM 2 how to assing unique ID in a table and do regression
2:12PM 3 Questionnaire Analysis virtually without continuous Variables
10:55AM 1 Partial Likelihood
10:18AM 1 Error message 'x' must be numeric
6:18AM 0 is there "colNA" for a image? (i.e. How to set the color of NAs or background in an image)
3:24AM 1 lme4 / HLM question
12:55AM 3 Head or Tails game
Friday August 3 2012
9:37PM 1 SEM standardized path coefficients
8:41PM 1 outlier detection
8:39PM 1 Printing contents of a variable
8:34PM 2 Printing a summary
7:49PM 5 replacement has length zero. In addition: Warning message: In max(i) : no non-missing arguments to max; returning -Inf
7:36PM 0 naiveBayes() error 'attempt to set an attribute on NULL'
5:21PM 1 Parallel runs of an external executable with snow in local
5:10PM 1 Can't Run "Conjoint" Package - could not find function "caFactorialDesign"?
5:08PM 2 Writing Faroes lettsers in text and plot ?
5:00PM 4 How to concatenate a several rows according with a column ?
4:12PM 2 Recursive function calls
3:36PM 2 Density plots
3:06PM 0 [mvtnorm] fast computation of multinormal cdf
2:54PM 0 Plm package
1:13PM 3 Sum two Vectors of different length
12:32PM 1 how to get a date variable from a dataset
10:34AM 2 how to identify values from a column of a dataframe, and insert them in other data.frame with the corresponding id?
9:27AM 0 MANOVA with repeated measures in R
8:50AM 2 list files - unix bug?
8:33AM 1 How can I read time series data to create zoo objects if I have two title lines?
8:07AM 1 AR vs ARMA model
7:06AM 3 all duplicated wanted
6:03AM 0 Binary Quadratic Opt
5:42AM 1 Multiple Comparisons-Kruskal-Wallis-Test: kruskal{agricolae} and kruskalmc{pgirmess} don't yield the same results although they should do (?)
5:23AM 0 Kruskal-Wallis test and kruskalmc
4:09AM 3 How to adjust legend in a plot?
2:36AM 0 problem with fitting tevCopula
2:34AM 1 Formatting numbers for display
12:57AM 3 embedding data frame in R code?
12:37AM 1 Plotting Where People Live on a U.S. Map
Thursday August 2 2012
11:05PM 2 [O/T] Good bash or Linux shell command book
10:43PM 2 metafor- interpretation of moderators test for raw proportions
9:58PM 1 Joining R Local Dataset with Table from Database
9:43PM 0 RCassandra: RC.read.table error
9:27PM 3 text search in r
9:03PM 2 Help on merging without a common variable
8:47PM 2 Correlating different sets of variables?
8:23PM 3 Need Help in Finite Element Analysis
8:14PM 1 summary(svyglm) Pr (> | t |) ?
8:07PM 0 Can anyone explain me how to use genpoisson{VGAM} ? Its urgent please!
7:37PM 2 ggplot does not show in knitr
7:18PM 0 Changing the classification threshold for cost function
7:09PM 2 multiple comparisons for GAMs
6:52PM 1 Ad Hoc comparison non parametric ANCOVA
6:15PM 4 Subset data
6:13PM 2 parallel SNOW slower than single core?
6:08PM 0 predictions from hurdle model
5:08PM 0 buffering output to the console
4:31PM 0 need help and its urgent!
4:03PM 0 question on zoo package
2:01PM 1 finding the MLEs of IG parameters by EM-Alorithm
1:29PM 0 Restricted VECM-VAR representation
1:16PM 1 Filter a matrix with a matrix HELP!
12:54PM 1 Metafor package: Including multiple (categorical) predictors
12:52PM 1 Naive Bayes in R
12:33PM 6 Polygon shaded area
12:26PM 1 Cannot install the 'igraph' package
11:51AM 0 Predicting Player Sports Scores
10:29AM 2 Chopping a vector up into smaller vectors
8:44AM 4 Subseting
5:45AM 1 RJDBC in Ubuntu
3:34AM 1 sapply and matrix command
Wednesday August 1 2012
10:52PM 0 how to use function of rle approx ifelse etc. in data frame
10:27PM 3 How to link two R packages together
10:19PM 1 Different results between lda(mass) and spss discriminant analysis
10:17PM 1 rpart package: why does predict.rpart require values for "unused" predictors?
10:11PM 0 Indicator variables for modeling in R ?
9:19PM 3 Best Programming Practices regarding data frames
9:13PM 2 how to subset the data frame by lines
8:40PM 0 Help needed with Krig and predict
7:45PM 1 timeBasedSeq stumbles over the year 2038 (xts package)
7:19PM 0 optimizing tune()/tune.nnet() for sensitivity or specificity
6:57PM 0 Upcoming workshop on R, taught by John Fox in Berkeley, CA
6:41PM 2 plotting 0,1 data
6:27PM 0 High Dim Gauss Hermite Approximation
6:22PM 0 Questions regarding MCRestimate package
5:54PM 1 Time Series Have Date Show Days of the Week
5:51PM 3 read.table() Issue
5:51PM 3 Neuralnet Error
5:32PM 0 About R's tm package, a problem with weightTfIdf
5:15PM 3 Changing labels positions in two graphics
4:40PM 1 R_nls_iter error: REAL() can only be applied to a 'numeric', not a 'logical'
4:04PM 1 add text to a plot, create character labels
3:55PM 0 Plotting cumsum data using lattice plots according to date conditioned by name.
3:50PM 2 assign vectors to objects
3:19PM 2 sub setting a data frame with binomial responses
3:11PM 2 add vectors to multiple objects
2:21PM 4 as.date: do not know how to convert 'test[1]' to class "Date"
2:09PM 1 Foreach help!
1:51PM 1 Odd Results when using R's auto.arima function
1:43PM 4 apply function over same column of all objects in a list
1:29PM 3 splitting a vector
1:28PM 1 Error message: $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
1:19PM 1 Efficient deterministic algorithm for Matching Weighted Graphs with bounded degree.
1:06PM 3 help with a regression problem
12:51PM 3 Can any one help me on this Issue
12:46PM 1 finding correlation for lagged values
12:39PM 0 fit tevCopula using fitCopula in the "copula" package
10:29AM 1 Optimize a function with Discrete inputs
9:48AM 1 Why the error is coming while extracting the data from sheet?
9:42AM 3 repeating a function across a data frame
9:11AM 1 need help on stkcd reading
8:58AM 1 "metafor" package, proportions: single groups wrt to a categorical dependent variableā€
8:57AM 4 how to calculate seasonal mean for temperatures
7:43AM 0 Optimal cut off with ROC (Epi package)
7:38AM 2 How to increase lenght of axis according input data?
7:03AM 0 Cross validation for nls function
6:58AM 2 Why the result is coming as NULL?
6:48AM 3 Date period
2:05AM 0 bivariate localpcf in Spatstat
12:57AM 1 optim() for ordered logit model with parallel regression assumption