R help - Jun 2012

Saturday June 30 2012
10:04PM 2 Adjusting length of series
9:21PM 3 How to adjust the start of a series to zero? (i.e. subtract the first value from the sequence)
8:03PM 0 Using Pers. Dictionary with Aspell in R
7:38PM 1 approximation of test
7:34PM 3 loop in list
4:44PM 2 Significance of interaction depends on factor reference level - lmer/AIC model averaging
1:35PM 3 Accessing named members of a list in an array
12:33PM 1 How do I extract coefficient standard errors /CI for a "coxme" model
7:05AM 0 Calling a .net DLL from R?
4:59AM 2 About Error message
4:09AM 2 incorrect number of subscripts on matrix
3:02AM 0 FW: warnings in lmer estimation after mice
1:01AM 0 RcppArmadillo Problem
12:22AM 0 Help with the proportional odds model (Colombia)
Friday June 29 2012
9:56PM 1 predicting expected number of events using a coxph model
9:03PM 1 Comparing factor level measurments
5:36PM 2 turning R expressions into functions?
5:28PM 1 graph from txt file
5:01PM 5 Insert row in specific location between data frames
2:58PM 0 C++ and R
11:25AM 1 number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
11:03AM 0 svyglm question (haps)
10:45AM 0 Problem on loading annotation for BioC - error: RS-DBI driver: (error in statement: near "s": syntax error)
9:55AM 0 suspendet due to excessive bounces
7:20AM 0 svyglm question
7:06AM 3 how to add the sample number in the hist figure
6:59AM 2 multicore, mclapply memory problem
4:06AM 3 Data scaled by lattice::stripplot
2:52AM 1 Help for string opeation
2:45AM 3 estimating parameters of a model
1:18AM 5 assign object with loop (translation from SAS to R)
Thursday June 28 2012
11:05PM 0 neatmap - draw.dendrogram - help!
9:03PM 3 Nested For Loop
8:29PM 6 Help
7:11PM 3 would you give me your hand to standardize columns in a matrix?
7:08PM 1 custom graphing of box and whisker plots
5:52PM 1 Reading a new dataset using R
5:50PM 1 Simple mean trajectory (ordinal variable)
5:28PM 1 SVY: variance inflation factor VIF with complex survey
3:57PM 1 the meaning of subscripts
3:47PM 1 Merging listed dataset into one
3:03PM 1 plot.prcomp() call/eval
2:17PM 0 Starting value problem for CG in optim()
2:09PM 1 package ‘rggobi’ is not available (for R version 2.15.0)
2:02PM 1 File Handling in R
1:51PM 1 Mystery!!!
1:51PM 1 undefined S4 class in parallel computing at snowfall
1:06PM 2 Aggregate weights for a unique set of rows
12:00PM 0 OT: Any reason why one of my computers is so slow?
10:56AM 0 MuMIn Problem getting adjusted Confidence intervals
10:42AM 2 decomposing a single intact vector
10:24AM 4 remove descriptions from output
9:40AM 1 Feature request: 'file.path()' accepting an input vector
9:39AM 1 Making a Subset Assignment function ("[<-")
9:32AM 0 How to calculate Confidence Interval for a prediction using Partial Regression?
9:29AM 3 Error: could not find function
9:13AM 1 Indifference curve
9:10AM 3 loop through and modify multiple data frames
8:58AM 6 How can I make a list using aggregate function?
7:59AM 2 Size of subsample in ecodist mantel()
7:37AM 1 add constraints to nls or use another function
7:27AM 2 Error in get(Info[i, 1], envir = env) : internal error -3 in R_decompress1
5:49AM 3 Storing results in a single file after looping over all files
5:26AM 2 R help, using R to build choropleth
3:02AM 1 how to skip from some null file and go on reading?
12:22AM 4 Printing a variable in a loop
Wednesday June 27 2012
11:50PM 1 graph with two different arithmetic scales
9:24PM 0 Creating rastor files from kernelbb functions
9:11PM 1 lattice histogram log and non log values
8:02PM 1 Running R on a cluster
7:15PM 4 Extract upper case letters
6:01PM 1 Replacing sets of rows in matrix within a loop
5:51PM 0 Matrix multiplication using Matrix package
5:10PM 1 Error: figure margins too large
4:53PM 0 Multivariate P-GARCH Model
4:33PM 1 If statement - copying a factor variable to a new variable
4:07PM 3 qplot and colors (Please Help)
4:06PM 1 Filling In Grid based on 0 and 1
3:07PM 0 ggplot2 ordering in a faceted dotplot.
2:36PM 2 a problem of approach
1:54PM 1 Problem installing RBloomberg
11:37AM 1 survfit function
11:34AM 1 Make a reference?
11:31AM 2 how to apply the same function to multiple data set
11:16AM 4 formula version of sunflowerplot() fails when axis label specified
9:42AM 1 Strucchange: Breakpoint slow
9:29AM 0 how to create skewness curve
9:20AM 1 Simulating web requests
8:20AM 1 binary tree
8:16AM 1 building binary tree
8:11AM 1 trend in incidence rate
7:33AM 8 lm without intercept, false R-squared
5:57AM 1 how to convert list of matrix (raster:extract o/p) to data table with additional colums (polygon Id, class)
5:03AM 0 How to connect R to php
4:57AM 2 A solution for question about formatting Dates
4:30AM 0 How to copy files emulating "cp -f" on Unix
4:16AM 1 rJava Error
4:01AM 1 X11 Font is missing during Taylor diagram plot
3:54AM 5 question about formatting Dates
1:02AM 1 Help with spdep package issue with errorsarlm
12:13AM 2 density function
Tuesday June 26 2012
11:29PM 0 mixture distribution with positive and negative probabilities
9:25PM 2 flatten lists
9:21PM 2 selecting rows by maximum value of one variables in dataframe nested by another Variable
9:00PM 0 Further Problems with RExcel - OLE action message
8:41PM 0 Menu Options Disabled in RExcel
8:19PM 1 Storing whole regression results
7:28PM 1 Figuring out encodings of PDFs in R
7:10PM 1 Zero inflated: is there a limit to the level of inflation
6:48PM 1 Compile C files
6:27PM 5 chisq.test
6:01PM 2 Ljung-Box test (Box.test)
5:56PM 2 computing time for solve() in Matrix package
3:33PM 1 data.table vs plyr reg output
3:03PM 3 Intersection
2:43PM 3 shapiro.test()
1:24PM 3 plotting two histograms on one plot with hist function
12:37PM 1 rms package-superposition prediction curve of ols and data points
10:46AM 2 MuMIn - assessing variable importance following model averaging, z-stats/p-values or CI?
10:28AM 1 How to estimate variance components with lmer for models with random effects and compare them with lme results
10:23AM 0 clean Email format data
8:34AM 1 compare one field of dataframe with excel sheet using R
7:59AM 1 Error in mice
6:54AM 1 Packaging Error
1:47AM 2 Drawing (lon,lat) coordinates onto the image of a world
12:07AM 4 increase the usage of CPU and Memory
Monday June 25 2012
11:50PM 0 weighted logistic regression
10:41PM 2 rrdf package for mac not working
8:43PM 0 Passing Arima Parameters from Excel to R
8:40PM 0 Fitting binomial data to a probit distribution without an equation
6:14PM 0 fitting a Bi-Weibull
4:37PM 2 setdiff datframes
4:28PM 1 combineLimits and Dates
4:24PM 4 graph displays
3:42PM 0 compare between mixdist models
3:21PM 0 "Tight" Axes in Prepanel Function
1:52PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 112, Issue 25
12:39PM 4 do.call or something instead of for
12:38PM 1 Arules - predict function issues - subscript out of bounds
11:39AM 0 tune.svm (e1071) takes forever
11:03AM 1 special simbol (±) in a legend
10:11AM 1 using multiple cpu's - scaling in processing power
9:26AM 2 Fractional Factorial - Wrong values using lm-function
9:17AM 1 Replacing text with a carriage return
9:12AM 1 read.spss function
8:55AM 1 Very simple question R5 setRefClass and Initialize
7:26AM 1 cannot use simple=TRUE in boot
6:06AM 3 Loop for multiple plots in figure
1:58AM 0 x12 ARIMA Moving Seasonality F Test Issue
Sunday June 24 2012
9:19PM 1 FW: R help - shell() in Linux
9:15PM 2 Defining multiple variables in a loop
8:50PM 1 Indexing matrices from the Matrix package with [i, j] seems to be very slow. Are there "faster alternatives"?
7:40PM 1 MuMIn for GLM Negative Binomial Model
5:58PM 2 equality of values
3:47PM 2 p-value for the fitted parameters in linear models
3:41PM 2 Power calculation using pwr.t.test()
3:22PM 2 Help with a repeating process
2:08PM 1 Large Test Datasets in R
12:31PM 1 subsetting a dataset
12:28PM 1 rgraphviz problem
11:08AM 0 grofit
9:06AM 1 How to calculate the predicted value by using GAMs?
6:28AM 1 Analyzing multiple text files
5:54AM 1 Error using PostScriptTrace()
4:20AM 1 Obtaining & saving cluster membership via hclust
4:20AM 1 uncoerce.... to get real number instead of integer?
2:56AM 0 mgcv
Saturday June 23 2012
8:34PM 0 sparse distance object?
5:08PM 0 Problem with converting character vector to time
4:46PM 0 Using at.level() with a MCMCglmm zero-inflated poisson model
12:36PM 3 Event Studies in R
10:47AM 1 Can't save a plot
10:19AM 2 matching a string with multiple conditions using grep
7:30AM 0 incomplete gamma function with negative arguments
Friday June 22 2012
10:23PM 1 apply() function: margin argument: "2L" versus "2"
9:13PM 1 significance level (p) for t-value in package zelig
9:09PM 3 dropping variables from a data frame inside a function
9:00PM 4 Uniroot error message with in intergration
6:36PM 1 problem with loading the dynamic object(.so file) inside a R package
4:21PM 4 Questions about doing analysis based on time
4:14PM 4 Search list of elements for a specific pattern
2:54PM 2 Boxplot with Log10 and base-exponent axis
2:00PM 0 problems with overlay of raster!
1:11PM 0 R: Error with glht function: Error in mcp2matrix(model, linfct = linfct) : Variable(s) 'Type' have been specified in 'linfct' but cannot be found in 'model'!
12:20PM 3 Reordering levels of a factor within a lattice dotplot
12:20PM 1 Plotting linear fit
11:51AM 6 axis in r plot
11:03AM 2 scatter.smooth() line colour
10:13AM 1 Variance with confidence interval
9:35AM 1 How to plot grouped bar plot in R?
9:33AM 0 R 2.15.1 is released
9:05AM 0 Error with glht function: Error in mcp2matrix(model, linfct = linfct) : Variable(s) 'Type' have been specified in 'linfct' but cannot be found in 'model'!
8:41AM 3 removing NA from a data frame
7:26AM 1 Creating interactive 3D graphs for embedding in pdf not possible in R?
6:45AM 1 comparing word with dictionary words
1:51AM 0 R workshop at UC Berkeley Aug. 6-9
Thursday June 21 2012
11:53PM 0 calculating inflection point in mixed effect model
10:00PM 1 R function similar to gradient function in Matlab?
9:34PM 1 install package mixdist
7:11PM 1 I got beats for your
6:37PM 3 Exporting data from R into an Excel File on Mac
6:11PM 1 rgdal package load problem
5:56PM 1 reversing the order of a y-axis in stripchart()
5:32PM 0 Getting started with Bayesian Change Point model in R
5:26PM 4 how to make a histogram with percentage on top of each bar?
5:04PM 0 Random Forest Partial Dependence Plot
4:33PM 2 Simple Question?
4:17PM 1 RODBC to access a web server
1:24PM 1 Function for testing
12:48PM 4 convert 'character' vector containing mixed formats to 'Date'
12:10PM 1 Distribution and location scale family
11:25AM 2 R crashes with >kud<-kernelUD(data, h="LSCV") script
11:20AM 1 Writing 'domain specific languages' with R
11:02AM 4 crosstable and regression for survey data (weighted)
8:34AM 0 prcomp
6:47AM 1 lme random effects in additive models with interaction
1:35AM 0 How can I choose the link function in function 'gam' in MGCV packages?
1:26AM 2 How to calculate values with percent sign imported from Excel?
1:07AM 2 check.k function in mgcv packages
12:28AM 2 MGCV: Use of irls.reg option
Wednesday June 20 2012
10:24PM 4 ranking a vector in R
9:57PM 1 Question on EBImage package
9:27PM 1 Going "backwards" through plot panels
8:44PM 4 binary operators that never return missing values
8:14PM 1 prcomp: where do sdev values come from?
6:58PM 2 need help reshaping table using aggregate
5:08PM 1 Tinn-R and R 2.15.0 integration
5:05PM 2 array complexity for the MH test
4:53PM 0 formula method with "special" characters
4:20PM 0 Softmax Action Selection
4:12PM 2 Odds Ratios in rms package
4:08PM 2 reshape
4:06PM 1 nearest neighbours and their ID
3:12PM 1 Problem with predict?
2:45PM 2 passing function parameters into a 'with' statement to dynamically pick out columns
2:37PM 0 compute similarity distance
2:36PM 1 Possible bug in is.na.data.frame(): input without columns
2:32PM 2 Conditioned Latin Hypercube Sampling within determined distance
2:08PM 2 can not read a table
1:48PM 0 Latent Class Analysis
1:45PM 0 Devtools 0.7
1:35PM 1 What is tthe meaning of Ncells and Vcells?
1:19PM 1 Edges and Rasters
10:49AM 0 {Filename?} Returned mail: see transcript for details
8:44AM 1 Package for Jump detection
8:36AM 2 Figure title
7:59AM 1 eval parse question
6:33AM 2 lmomco in gev estimation
5:50AM 1 Need help in using "OPTIM / OPTIMIZATION" function
3:56AM 2 exact relative positioning of lattice plots
3:10AM 2 populating a large matrix
12:31AM 2 Using object as literal value in list vector
12:08AM 3 data normalization
12:05AM 1 Websocket example out of the box failing if running at startup from Rprofile.site
Tuesday June 19 2012
11:36PM 2 matchit - can I weight the parameters?
11:17PM 1 weird --no 'dimnames' attribute for array-- error for R lordif package
11:15PM 1 Stepwise Discriminant Analysis - greedy.wilks
10:54PM 1 Profit calculation
10:13PM 0 greedy.wilks
9:36PM 1 ANOVA help
9:29PM 1 Pseudolikelihood Estimation of spatial GLMM using R
7:58PM 1 Format text with outline?
7:47PM 0 Error with RJSONIO installation
5:18PM 0 [R-sig-Geo] Help in simultaneous equations
4:33PM 1 3-D plot of a bidimensional lognormal distribution
4:27PM 1 Regression equation with a spline in gam (mgcv)
3:55PM 1 Comparing to create a new list
3:54PM 1 seek(), skip by bits (not by bytes) in binary file
3:31PM 1 Error when trying to update cpglm model
3:22PM 1 Scaling a "density".
2:33PM 1 Analyzing 2008 ANES using the weight variable
1:52PM 0 Solving TSP optimally
12:26PM 2 Smoothing a persp graph
12:00PM 5 Date formats
11:49AM 1 Possible bug when using encomptest
11:43AM 2 Subset of summary results
10:57AM 1 need help with unlist(), losing NULL values
10:12AM 8 QQplot normally distributed
9:22AM 1 Reference classes and memory consumption
3:32AM 2 how to use by function
2:36AM 0 Partial correlation analysis for censored data in R?
1:53AM 1 help with xy.coords(x,y)
1:39AM 3 how to get help for a package. Thanks!
Monday June 18 2012
9:38PM 1 Changing many csv files using apply?
9:26PM 3 (1-1e-100)==1 true?
9:25PM 1 Listing all binary trees of an ordinal set
8:49PM 1 S4 into a data frame
7:58PM 6 Inconsistency using seq
6:55PM 2 Installing xlsx package on Mac OS X
6:29PM 1 multiplicative error model
5:29PM 6 Trying to speed up an if/else statement in simulations
5:27PM 1 Biplot - how can I make it more readable?
5:02PM 2 Changing strip text
3:31PM 0 Obtaining r-squared values from phylogenetic autoregression in ape
3:25PM 1 Error w/ Start up Script
3:10PM 0 How to average time series data within certain time periods
2:37PM 2 How can I "declutter"/make a biplot less messy in R
1:54PM 2 Need to append vector to all levels of nested list WITHOUT a loop
1:47PM 0 Installation problems in Pander from Github
1:45PM 0 making svm work harder
11:34AM 0 autocorrelation of a series
10:11AM 2 triangular matrix
9:38AM 2 out put of loop in list
9:26AM 4 Error while installing R on RHEL 6
8:30AM 0 Update dataframe to Access without delete values
8:19AM 1 Package of EM and MI for IRT in R
8:10AM 1 checking the validity of the expressions
7:27AM 0 Rule Based Text Classification
3:19AM 0 igraph 0.6 released
2:01AM 1 Interactive Graphics
Sunday June 17 2012
6:21PM 0 time-series classification with k-nn
5:24PM 3 how to delete a matrix column
4:39PM 1 Multi-threads in R
1:30PM 3 How to save my result with Loops
9:06AM 2 visualize correlation matrix
Saturday June 16 2012
10:25PM 3 Temporal disaggregation
9:11PM 0 Bootstrapping
8:11PM 3 count data without NA in certain time intervals and plot it
5:04PM 1 Efficient distance calculation on big matrix
3:50PM 2 A basic design question for R
1:04PM 2 How to specify "newdata" in a Cox-Modell with a time dependent interaction term?
12:19PM 2 interpolation to montly data
11:29AM 0 R CMD -lgsl -lgslcblas *.c returns a fatal error: gsl/gsl_rng.h no such file or directory exists
11:16AM 2 Plotting tidal speed and direction in R
9:44AM 0 Selecting correlated predictors with LASSO
8:40AM 2 Adding title to colorkey
8:11AM 2 aligning axis labels in a colorkey from levelplot
Friday June 15 2012
9:39PM 1 Save multiple plots in a single pdf file when the plots are generated by a single plot command
8:27PM 0 argument "x" is missing, with no default - Please help find argument x
8:11PM 2 strings concatenation and organization (fast)
7:01PM 1 How do anova() and Anova(type="III") handle incomplete designs?
6:36PM 0 Flexmix package
5:42PM 0 MCMCfactanal inquiries
4:49PM 2 Wrong computation of time differenze in POSIXct - additional digits
3:52PM 1 some help to improve "hist to plot relative frequencies"
2:36PM 1 R under JVM
2:26PM 2 Multivariate Normal and loops
1:04PM 1 R start screen
12:19PM 1 Sugeestion about tuning of SVM
11:56AM 1 Replication of linear model/autoregressive model
11:47AM 6 Binary Quadratic Opt?
11:27AM 3 moving from loops to apply
9:40AM 1 Rename output file in Swaeve and Tex
8:40AM 2 Looking for Speed in a Toy Simulation Example
8:24AM 1 DEoptim example illustrating use of fnMap parameter for enforcement of cardinality constraints
8:09AM 8 Apply() on columns
8:05AM 1 R: Securities earning covariance
7:39AM 0 Pass parameter to odfWeave
7:25AM 2 time zones and the chron to POSIXct conversion
6:48AM 1 help in sentDetect() fuction
6:13AM 2 How to convert month-day-year to Julian data number?
5:10AM 3 spelling correction using R
5:06AM 2 POSIXlt and trunc
3:50AM 1 Divide all rows of a data frame by the first row.
3:49AM 0 Syntax for nls optimization function
3:04AM 0 decomposing decompose(), issue?
12:32AM 1 Customizing a Plot in Correspondence Analysis
Thursday June 14 2012
10:37PM 1 (no subject)
10:23PM 2 Using Sub
7:39PM 0 Query about TSRV
6:12PM 0 Animation problem
6:02PM 0 Rootogram for flexmix function
5:49PM 1 cointegration, changing time span, incorrect results
5:37PM 1 Can someone recommend a package for SNP cluster analysis of Fluidigm microarrays?
4:31PM 1 readHTMLTable function - unable to find an inherited method ~ for signature "NULL"
2:23PM 1 read.table and variable length of tables
2:09PM 2 Transform date - style
1:11PM 1 matrix manipulation
12:51PM 7 R matrix help
12:40PM 0 Complex summary of counts of rank positions over multiple dataframes
12:11PM 0 odfWeave, xtable and tex
11:20AM 0 glht multiple comparisons for glm with 2 factors
11:12AM 2 finite mixture modeling
11:09AM 0 Increase the word list in the sentiment analysis
11:02AM 1 Question about sampling
10:44AM 3 p-values from lm()
10:14AM 1 Open windows explorer with specific path using system command
10:08AM 3 Time difference between two dates/timing
9:13AM 2 plot cdf
9:08AM 2 density plot on a log scale
8:22AM 0 Parameter estimation of a model with markov RHmm
8:13AM 1 how to export output
8:08AM 3 Lowest number in a numeric string
7:16AM 2 need help in sentiment analysis
6:09AM 1 merge many files together using R
4:45AM 0 fixed trimmed mean for j-group
4:21AM 1 Help for boxplot
Wednesday June 13 2012
11:48PM 2 Trouble with .bat files upon installation of 15.0
11:36PM 1 Tukey Kramer with ANOVA (glm)
8:42PM 1 mask and reverse the selection
8:42PM 1 Reading several tables from stdin
8:37PM 1 side by side symmetric heatmap
5:24PM 0 niche.width functions
4:55PM 2 gWidgets - gtable returning multiple values
4:55PM 1 How to calculate the statistcs for extracted region?
4:50PM 0 Determining Legend for smoothScatter
3:57PM 2 Median line with stripchart
3:55PM 1 phyloclim help
3:41PM 0 Plotted circle does not go through desired points - very long email with code
3:11PM 0 logistic Regression with SSlogis but y == 0 ?!
3:06PM 1 Splitting Large Data Frame into Two
2:29PM 3 How to plot linear, cubic and quadratic fitting curve in a figure?
2:14PM 1 Indexing Grouped Data
1:55PM 1 histogram fill lattice
1:41PM 2 asign variables in a "for" loop
1:05PM 1 reading xls files using read.xls and xlsReadWrite
12:15PM 2 Building normal qq plot
12:11PM 1 regarding the function WebCorpus
12:06PM 2 separate the sentence after finding a particular word
11:17AM 0 r-java for simulation
10:56AM 2 need help
10:16AM 5 finding duplicates in a data frame
8:21AM 4 lme: extract result-function
6:30AM 2 add horizontal reference lines in lattice bwplot
3:48AM 0 fast repeated matrix operations
3:32AM 2 templated use of aggregate
2:48AM 1 what does .indexDate() do - R::xts
2:45AM 2 adjust space between horizontal legend text in a barplot
1:41AM 5 How to write text in bar plot in R?
Tuesday June 12 2012
11:35PM 0 foreach performance
9:55PM 4 replacing NA for zero
9:25PM 2 GEE with Inverse Probability Weights
8:55PM 1 Analyzing large files faster
8:37PM 1 SAP ABAP Consultant available
8:03PM 1 where to find a host server with R
6:12PM 1 Yahoo/Google quotes symbols
4:45PM 0 Specifying spatial correlation Form in nmle
4:44PM 4 How to subset a matrix?
4:40PM 1 Unbalanced Design Power Analysis
3:58PM 1 the largest independent (stable) set on graphs
3:46PM 6 Attempting to update from R 2.14 to 2.15
3:45PM 4 How do I connect dots in the RGL package?
3:28PM 4 How to index a matrix with different row-number for each column?
2:58PM 1 Reference on data manipulation
2:51PM 2 lme random slope results the same as random slope and intercept model
2:25PM 3 R-SCRIPT Label Calling Method
2:24PM 0 prediction of sales with VAR model
2:06PM 1 Not able to write to PostgreSQL database using "dbWriteTable"
1:51PM 3 String Manipulation in R
1:49PM 4 Rotating characters in text
12:44PM 0 How to create lift chart and ROC curve in R
11:41AM 0 fit a copula
11:35AM 1 Two-way linear model with interaction but without one main effect
11:01AM 2 Error in sort(abs(diff(genomdat)))[1:n.keep] : only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts
10:59AM 0 Multi-parameter histogram
8:53AM 0 Validation of R script when changing R version
7:57AM 0 Heatmap : Export data after clustering
7:52AM 2 Compare two matrices in r
7:51AM 1 Reading binary files
6:12AM 1 handle large matrix in R
4:39AM 0 Cost-effectiveness studies post -- my error
2:27AM 3 Mapping one vector to another
2:06AM 1 how to skip out and go on read while the read.table meet with a null file
Monday June 11 2012
10:32PM 2 eclipse cran r
10:28PM 3 Decision Trees or Markov Models for Cost Effectiveness
9:55PM 1 saving sublist lda object with save.image()
9:22PM 3 Simple Binning of Values
7:44PM 2 replacing values of matrix with random values of another dataframe
7:26PM 1 Kruskal Wallis Post hoc
6:26PM 0 SSOAP Parameter Structures: Nested Arrays
6:01PM 0 access to raw data sets for six-sigma training
5:58PM 0 snow, ssh, and socket connections
5:22PM 2 Define a variable on a non-standard year interval (Water Years)
4:53PM 1 R and Ruby integration using RSruby gem
4:29PM 6 Why is my data always imported as a list?
3:54PM 2 bubbleplot3: R equivalent of the MATLAB function?
3:47PM 1 Error in if (rank) { : argument is not interpretable as logical
1:28PM 0 gamm (mgcv) interaction with linear term
5:08AM 1 Grouping distances
1:47AM 2 Generate and store multiple plots
Sunday June 10 2012
11:57PM 2 Lmer coef table
10:09PM 1 V-Cramer in svy
9:00PM 1 compute Mcdonald's omega ω
8:44PM 0 add map to plot
7:36PM 1 HELP: ff package
7:00PM 2 sampling weights for multilevel models
6:44PM 2 problem with sub()
4:37PM 4 generating random samples of IG distribution
4:22PM 1 Gaps on merging xts objects
4:07PM 1 controlling spatial autocorrelation in linear regression models
10:41AM 3 Data.frames can not hold objects...What can be done in the following scenario?
6:36AM 4 Order all the columns ascending elements on a matrix or a data frame
6:28AM 0 VEGAN ordistep, stepwise model selection in CCA - familywise error correction.
3:53AM 1 How to see the implementation of print function for a class from a package?
3:46AM 1 lmer function in R
3:00AM 2 mvrnorm limits
Saturday June 9 2012
9:07PM 1 combining different types of graphics (scatterplots, boxplots) using lattice
9:04PM 0 how to compare different types of graphics in R
7:21PM 0 suppress output of makeCluster()
2:51PM 1 caret: compare linear models of different degree
2:12PM 1 Applying a function to a column of a data frame
11:04AM 2 Legend: Custom distance between lines and text
11:00AM 1 Inf and NA
10:21AM 2 Reshaping columns
10:16AM 4 Storing datasets
9:36AM 2 Error when attempting to install tkrplot
9:08AM 3 More simple implementation is slow.
4:49AM 0 mapping sequence data R
2:04AM 1 Round down to earliest hour or half hour
1:57AM 2 Help with permutation function from Turner et al. 2010 (Ecology)
12:52AM 2 Matrix package loading problem "Error : object ‘kronecker’ is not exported by 'namespace:methods'"
Friday June 8 2012
10:15PM 2 Percent of a given subset
9:33PM 2 help with rle function on paired data
8:22PM 1 how to print global index from tapply function?
5:11PM 2 remove leading slash
4:33PM 2 Problem with sample function
3:37PM 1 Fwd: How to best analyze dataset with zero-inflated loglinear dependent variable?
3:25PM 1 Testing relationships in logistic regression
2:49PM 1 Holt Winters in R - Help needed
2:40PM 0 R/C++ interfaces: documentation for SET_STRING_ELT, PROTECT, etc...
1:02PM 1 noob requesting help
12:34PM 0 XML htmlTreeParse fails with no obvious error
11:06AM 1 do.call(), browser() and large arguments
9:50AM 1 Saving estimates after nested loops
9:48AM 1 any certification for R language
9:31AM 0 Problem with ARCH
9:01AM 3 Rose plot (like a windrose)
8:01AM 3 day of the year for chron objects
7:22AM 4 Sort 1-column dataframe with rownames
7:07AM 1 Problems when install ROCR
6:43AM 0 div, curl, grad, laplacian and Poisson solver.
6:33AM 0 Continuous Query Language
5:54AM 2 Consulta sobre GLM-log linear
5:43AM 2 Determinant and inverse using cholsky parameter
2:08AM 3 Resolution issue with exporting plots from R and write tables in Latex code for producing pdf document
12:27AM 2 changing font to italic for one entry in legend()
12:18AM 3 error in mlogit
Thursday June 7 2012
9:06PM 0 Query regarding SVD of binary matrix:
9:05PM 0 Revolutions Blog: May Roundup
8:39PM 0 RJava: Error obtaining System.out
8:34PM 4 "Re-creating" distributions
8:12PM 1 degrees of freedom for contrast
7:53PM 1 R2wd error in wdGet
7:24PM 0 how lm behaves
6:49PM 1 Quantile regression: Discrepencies Between optimizer and rq()
4:07PM 1 select subrows based on a specific column in a matrix
2:43PM 1 divide factor in n equal groups?
2:33PM 1 How to set cookies in RCurl
2:17PM 2 flagging values without a loop
12:42PM 1 Relative frequencies in table
11:30AM 2 Basic question about confidence intervals
10:52AM 1 Abrupt closure of R when using .C function
9:48AM 1 graphic problems with special characters
9:07AM 1 Rare event in logistic regression
8:21AM 0 Use fitted Garch models in linear regression
8:04AM 0 Bill Veanables Workshop
7:55AM 2 How to build a large identity matrix faster?
6:24AM 3 - detecting outliers
6:02AM 1 table function in a matrix
3:58AM 3 conditional statement to replace values in dataframe with NA
2:09AM 1 factor coercion with read.csv or read.table
1:55AM 0 [R-sig-ME] interpretation of main effect when interaction term being significant (ex. lme)
12:38AM 0 na.pass option in ccf function
Wednesday June 6 2012
11:54PM 3 Predict in the package R2BayesX
11:23PM 2 non ascill characters in plots. no alternative but plotmath?
10:43PM 0 ellipse
10:08PM 2 Creating frequency table using conditions in a for-loop
9:53PM 1 Proxy Setting
9:37PM 0 Delete rows from dataset
8:45PM 2 how to remove part of the string
8:44PM 1 Process XML files
8:13PM 0 heatmap.2 clustering and adding add.expr
7:55PM 2 package zoo, function na.spline with option maxgap -> Error: attempt to apply non-function?
7:51PM 3 Removing Double Quotations After Using Cbind
6:15PM 3 Sobel's test for mediation and lme4/nlme
4:54PM 3 extracting values from txt file that follow user-supplied quote
4:23PM 1 How to label certain values on a curve?
3:52PM 2 ggplot2: legend for geom_rug() ..?
3:29PM 2 Main effects and interactions in mixed linear models
3:23PM 0 Problem with tune function in e1071 package
3:14PM 1 Error in installing packages
3:13PM 2 R2BayesX (command bayesx) doesn't work
2:51PM 1 ARCH modelling/MA process
1:01PM 2 cluster algorithm with fixed cluster size
12:18PM 0 randomForest Species Distribution Modelling
12:10PM 5 how to add a vertical line for each panel in a lattice dotplot with log scale?
12:03PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 112, Issue 6
11:25AM 0 vis.gam() plot graph of differences??
10:12AM 1 error calling Winbugs using R2WinBugs to run a multi-level model
7:43AM 3 problem about set operation and computation after split
7:40AM 2 changing axis labels
7:31AM 1 How to Read command line parameters in Sweave?
7:12AM 1 R Error, very odd....
5:43AM 1 Ifelse on matrix using a vector argument
4:07AM 3 Combine subsets by factor level
3:18AM 5 ggplot incorrect legend
2:44AM 0 GSL Random Number generation and Quasi-Random Sequences.
Tuesday June 5 2012
11:52PM 1 Trouble with Functions
10:55PM 0 How to compute boundaries for bivariate normal distribution in group sequential design
10:01PM 1 Piecewise Lasso Regression
8:58PM 4 How do I obtain the current active path of a function that's being called?
8:56PM 1 Do YOU know an equation for splines (ns)?
8:42PM 2 Good Decision Trees with Product Purchased Data?
8:39PM 0 New version of the TraMineR package (1.8-2)
7:44PM 1 preserving date formats in functions
6:53PM 0 propensity score matching estimates?
6:08PM 0 Improper coding for an offset in vglm()?
4:58PM 0 NADA Applied to my Data
4:30PM 1 load coda in BRugs to perfor diagnostics
4:11PM 0 How to Rank clusters
3:50PM 1 Fourier descriptors created in a loop
3:34PM 4 need descriptive help
3:12PM 0 ggplot2, grid graphics, x11(), windows(), and device fonts
2:48PM 3 rowSums problem
1:49PM 1 nls: how do you know if the model is significant?
1:17PM 1 - help with the predict function
1:11PM 0 how to calculating the p vaules of Canonical correlation analysis in vegan package
10:17AM 2 par and complex graph
9:38AM 3 How to calculate chi sqaure value from statistical value and degrees of freedom?
8:53AM 1 Summarizing a matrix
8:40AM 0 Need package which can parse linux configuration file '.conf'
8:28AM 2 Converiting longitude/latitude to utm
8:25AM 0 N Gram in textcat
7:40AM 1 Merror
4:06AM 2 Seeking pointers to various regression techniques with R?
12:11AM 1 data analysis problem
Monday June 4 2012
8:48PM 2 regular expression and R
8:47PM 3 regression methods for rare events?
8:25PM 2 get index of current element in vector
8:09PM 0 Who knows how to use it in Vertica 6
5:47PM 2 Why do I have a column called row.names?
4:31PM 1 X11 font error on headless server running Xvfb
4:25PM 1 Math labels in .eps files
4:21PM 0 Negative variance with lavaan in a multigroup analysis.
3:27PM 0 cSpade sequenceID
2:53PM 1 simulation of modified bartlett's test
2:52PM 1 probit analysis
12:52PM 1 Ternary plot and filled contour
12:19PM 2 Non-linear curve fitting (nls): starting point and quality of fit
11:00AM 1 Chi square value of anova(binomialglmnull, binomglmmod, test="Chisq")
9:08AM 2 Convert 2-dim array to 3-dim array
8:56AM 2 how to ignore NA with "NA" or "NULL"
7:43AM 1 Read txt File contains character ""
5:14AM 2 Error while trying to install RPostgreSQL.
2:38AM 1 Plotting with Rgraphviz
12:40AM 1 Legend colors not matching with Intxplot line colors
Sunday June 3 2012
10:45PM 0 Rexcel question
8:27PM 1 Dummies guide to getting HPC working on R
7:22PM 2 merging single column from different dataframe
6:00PM 0 memory usage benefit from "anonymous" variable constructions.
4:18PM 1 Regions of significance plots with ggplot2
3:57PM 1 reduced variate in R
3:51PM 2 a question about subsetting
3:46PM 0 Bug in truncgof package?
3:03PM 1 Multiple imputation, multinomial response & random effects
1:31PM 0 pre-clinical results analysis in R using the function 'aov'
1:27PM 2 plotting evolution of dates
11:31AM 1 Problems installing Packages
8:10AM 1 fine control of plots after use of layout(matrix ...
6:42AM 3 Modify pdf file with Illustrator.
6:34AM 3 R 15.0 Warning message.
5:40AM 1 R 2.15.0 and 2.14.2 crash on the same code that runs on 2.14.1
1:38AM 1 Log-normal probability plot
1:26AM 0 multiple variance structure in lmer giving zero variances
Saturday June 2 2012
10:21PM 1 mtext bug
8:02PM 2 Double-buffering problem, this time with an example.
4:25PM 2 mgcv (bam) very large standard error difference between versions 1.7-11 and 1.7-17, bug?
3:17PM 2 Add a dim to an array
2:11PM 1 Memory-random forest
1:58PM 1 igraph and igraph0
12:56PM 1 Compare data between two groups/countries on 5-point Likert scale questionnare?
12:45PM 2 How can I export a paired t-test output table to an excel file?
6:13AM 0 Question about persp3d label direction
1:54AM 1 Determining frequency and period of a wave
Friday June 1 2012
9:31PM 3 Average curve in R
8:26PM 1 plot background - excel gradient style background ?
8:22PM 1 Help with this web scrape function
8:09PM 1 points() function will not plot
7:47PM 2 how to add a 'label' column
7:05PM 2 Partial R-square in multiple linear regression
6:44PM 0 CRAN: Package WGCNA unavailable for Mac OS
6:40PM 1 Drop values of one dataframe based on the value of another
6:23PM 1 trouble with append() in a for loop
6:08PM 1 How to make a transaction class data?
5:48PM 0 Is there an HDF explorer in R?
5:37PM 2 Row count on criteria
5:36PM 0 Error in text.rpart(fit) : fit is not a tree, just a root
5:15PM 1 Violation of sample independence in Pearson's product-moment correlation
4:27PM 4 Adding a column into the file
4:15PM 1 R studio web-based console ?
3:34PM 3 Multiply variable by condition
3:29PM 1 scaling of parameter errors in a weighted regression using nls
3:23PM 3 Add rank column to data frame as in SQL...
3:19PM 4 regsubsets (Leaps)
3:02PM 1 Missing times chron
2:48PM 1 Stratified Sampling with randomForest Regression
2:09PM 1 Converting a pdataframe into dataframe
1:51PM 1 Error: package 'myLib' is not installed for 'arch=i386'
12:14PM 1 Converting sp to maps ?/Map projection in sp-package?
11:31AM 2 Day or Month difference between dates???
10:46AM 0 help to find or fix a SMAPE (Symmetric mean absolute percentage error ) with correction to avoid zero value in the series
10:26AM 1 R Error : Error in vector("list", gamma(n + 1)) : vector size specified is too large
10:23AM 1 POT Package
9:48AM 1 Subtracting test string from vectors
9:35AM 1 Finding multiple breakpoints - 'segmented' ?
9:25AM 0 r-project, votre plateforme transfert de fichier
9:05AM 1 getting the name of the working .Rdata file
8:29AM 1 Redefine multiple columns (using grep) as factor variables
8:23AM 0 R as a shared library only
4:41AM 1 Fit lines in intxplot
4:21AM 0 Need help in function itemFrequency() function - Apriori Algorithm
1:54AM 2 [urgent]arranging data in descending order in each column