R help - Jan 2011

Monday January 31 2011
10:34PM 1 arranging pie charts in a matrix layout with row/col labels
10:23PM 1 How many nested function calls?
9:49PM 2 Storing loop output in matrix
9:46PM 0 silhouette fuzzy
9:43PM 2 identify subsets based on two grouping factors
9:35PM 1 Problem with intersection between two different tables
8:42PM 2 p value for joint probability
8:15PM 1 Generic Functions and Dates
8:14PM 0 How to compute Precicion and Recall with cox model
8:09PM 0 Applying previously fitted fGarch model
8:03PM 0 [R} R install on Unix Server
7:52PM 0 binning data from NMR
7:14PM 1 Comparing lengths of different vectors simultaneously
6:35PM 2 Latent Class Logit Models in discrete choice experiments
6:05PM 0 how should I deal with features with variable based on time in Bayesian Network?
6:03PM 2 From data frame to list object
5:55PM 0 Function rearrange (quantreg)
5:48PM 0 Forest Plot Text
5:30PM 2 computing var-covar matrix with much missing data
4:51PM 1 rgl: draw multiple ellipsoids
4:35PM 1 how to search to value to another table
4:14PM 0 Error using write.xlsx message <20110128124648.284440@gmx.net>
3:51PM 0 withdraw my email from list
3:24PM 0 Changing significant codes in mtable {memisc}
3:23PM 1 httpd-access.log parsing and graph construction.
2:22PM 4 Select rows with distinct values in a column and other conditions
1:58PM 1 test statistic in anova.glm when quasi family is used
12:32PM 0 Wavethresh - Scaling - Wavelet
12:26PM 2 R version
12:21PM 1 GEE - order of data?
12:15PM 0 Reading file names containing Metacharacters
12:13PM 2 SetInternet2, RCurl and proxy
11:51AM 1 Sweave: change tab size
11:43AM 1 specific fourier call
11:24AM 2 R, Cygwin, & Vi
11:05AM 0 Problem with loading the Snowball package
10:44AM 1 align xyplot
9:50AM 1 How to Create Nested Data Frame
9:03AM 2 Can i make an histogramm with bars on the Y-axis ?
7:30AM 2 Rubin's rules of multiple imputation
6:43AM 1 rj packages and eclipse
6:07AM 3 List of all times zones in R
5:20AM 0 Need some codes ro calculate critical values and Power
4:23AM 1 leap year and order function
3:32AM 1 How to include a few selected AR terms
3:01AM 2 Missing at random
1:32AM 5 Finding a Diff within a Dataframe columns
1:21AM 1 Question on ploting multiple series on the same plot
Sunday January 30 2011
10:42PM 1 Where does R look for library packages - there is no package called 'BRugs'
10:38PM 1 Error in { : task 3 failed - "NA/NaN argument"
10:27PM 4 Help in getting info from a DataFrame
7:54PM 0 Reading from files to 2D matrix
7:53PM 0 R-Sweave WinEdt support has been updated
7:51PM 2 bit wise operation on long bit vector?
7:50PM 0 Help plz
7:39PM 3 How to do a moving window on standard deviation
7:08PM 1 Graphic help
6:49PM 1 Extract subsets of different and unknown lengths from huge dataset
5:54PM 2 ggplot2 -- scale_colour_manual()
5:22PM 2 problem reading file containing bit vector
4:38PM 2 Extracting a (*specific*) variable name from a list of function arguments (not "...")
2:28PM 3 medians in Wilcoxon disagree with median function
11:08AM 1 Finding the correlation coefficient of two stocks
10:48AM 1 how to enter frequency type data in R with class intervals
9:28AM 1 Using the vars package to find time series corelations or impact
1:39AM 1 SMA and EMA in package TTR
12:45AM 4 Extract time only from POSIXlt object
Saturday January 29 2011
9:25PM 1 environment question: changing variables from a formula through model.frame?
7:03PM 1 Basic Help with Zoo objects and trading days
6:21PM 0 Help -- Error in clusterApplyLB
6:11PM 1 runsd {caTools} crashes R 64bit on winxp64bit with a very large vector
6:02PM 1 Spare matrix multiplication
5:43PM 0 Using 'contour' to compare concentration profiles on the same plot
2:06PM 2 Multilevel
12:22PM 1 Positive Definite Matrix
9:39AM 1 data extrapolation function
8:46AM 1 Subset using grepl
7:59AM 1 How to apply a two-place function to each combination of elements in two vectors of different lengths?
4:32AM 1 Regularization of a matrix that has some tiny negative eigenvalues
4:18AM 0 Parallelizing cor() for large data-set using Cluster
3:46AM 1 Problem in weighting standard deviations
Friday January 28 2011
11:23PM 3 any similiar R fuction for matlab function 'fprintf'?
10:15PM 5 Mean from confidence intervals
9:53PM 4 Months in alphabetical order rather than chronological order in graph
9:37PM 6 User error in calling predict/model.frame
8:07PM 1 Plotting accumulated data
7:22PM 1 arules package question- apriori/S4 object export question
7:22PM 0 mysterious error from foreach
7:16PM 3 how to get coefficient and scores of Principal component analysis in R?
6:55PM 6 R-/Text-editor for Windows?
5:27PM 1 Problems making subsets with [] or "subset"
4:37PM 1 read ODS (OOorg spreadsheet) files?
4:05PM 1 ReferenceClasses examples {method}
3:42PM 1 Plot 1:1 relationship
3:12PM 0 Fwd: mvoutlier
2:49PM 1 survreg 3-way interaction
2:37PM 2 (no subject)
1:57PM 2 Injecting code in a package?
1:36PM 0 Free R Course Chile / Curso Gratis R (Universidad Andres Bello)
1:26PM 1 plot not generic
1:21PM 1 boxplot - how to supress groups with low counts
12:46PM 0 Error using write.xlsx library(xlsx)
10:56AM 1 axis name editing
10:15AM 2 Problem with R Installation - .RData
9:34AM 2 asterisk in subscript
9:05AM 0 how to test pawer law distribution
8:52AM 5 Letters(V1,V2..) as row col indices instead of numbers
6:26AM 1 Boxplot
5:38AM 1 Principal coordinate analysis
4:23AM 3 read.table() versus scan()
4:13AM 1 Please help -- Converting a 2D matrix to 3 columns for graphical representation
4:03AM 1 Help with ape - read.GenBank()
3:07AM 1 There must be a smarter way
12:16AM 3 sapply puzzlement
12:00AM 1 Adding image to plotting area
Thursday January 27 2011
11:29PM 1 subloop - flexible coding - variable number of loops
9:14PM 0 Modeling Binary x Binary Interactions with mlogit (and interpretation)
8:02PM 1 normalizing prizes to a specific year - how to?
7:43PM 4 HLM Model
7:38PM 1 Errors in Integrate
6:46PM 0 Problems installing gputools
6:33PM 1 Saving log file in R and display run time
6:28PM 0 igraph package question
6:14PM 1 possible bug in packageVersion()?
6:13PM 0 GLM Empirical Likelihood
5:28PM 1 Issue with installing BRugs
5:20PM 0 adaptIntegral takes too much time
4:56PM 1 Problem converting zoo object (daily data) to a timeSeries object
4:31PM 3 Measure execution time
3:18PM 3 how to divide each element of a matrix by a specific value per column
2:58PM 2 creating categorical frequency tables from continuous data
2:53PM 0 I am doint this because I dont know if I can just reply to the person that responded to me.
2:20PM 0 adding error bars:Fixed
1:24PM 4 Writing program for these
1:22PM 0 selection of hinge function with restrictions, machine learning, earth package,
1:20PM 1 Quasi-poisson glm and calculating a qAIC and qAICc...trying to modilfy Bolker et al. 2009 function to work for a glm model
1:16PM 5 Help needed
1:08PM 2 optim function multi variables -newbie
12:31PM 0 MONMLP neural network
11:36AM 1 Can not invoke maxent() of library(dismo) in GNU linux
11:34AM 1 How to xyplot without borders
10:30AM 2 help for a loop procedure
10:29AM 0 overlapping linear plots
10:22AM 3 Warning with mle
10:16AM 1 install.packages
9:45AM 1 Sweave with pdf(): how to remove mention "null device"
9:12AM 0 Help with nlminb and matlab translation
9:11AM 1 Increasing grayscale value in scatter plot with number of points on particular location
7:57AM 2 Unable to require installed package
5:36AM 2 identifying when one element of a row has a positive number
4:00AM 3 agnes clustering and NAs
3:52AM 2 Extrapolating values from a glm fit
3:29AM 2 pdf greek letter typos
3:21AM 1 Hilbert Huang Transformation
1:45AM 1 How do I fix this ?
1:07AM 1 binomial dist: obtaining probability of success on each trial
Wednesday January 26 2011
11:11PM 1 Factor rotation (e.g., oblimin, varimax) and PCA
11:04PM 1 boxplot - code for labeling outliers - any suggestions for improvements?
11:01PM 2 Colour area under density curve
10:21PM 1 Trouble variable scoping a function writing with get()
10:18PM 1 Quantile regression (rq) and complex samples
9:58PM 1 Find the empty element in a factor array
9:17PM 0 Can not invoke maxent() of library(dismo) in Mac OSX
9:06PM 3 Need help with my homework
8:55PM 0 baseline hazard function
8:27PM 1 print() required sometimes in interactive use of console
8:18PM 2 applying a set of rules to each row
8:10PM 0 RGtk2Extras package for dataframe editing and easy dialog creation
7:42PM 1 how could I choose subvector of a vector?
7:06PM 1 Creating a new variable from existing ones
6:57PM 0 using popbio, reduce number of digits in image2 plot
6:27PM 0 hmm.discnp hidden markov model
6:04PM 3 adding error bars
5:46PM 1 Inconsistencies in the rpart.object help file?
5:33PM 2 Extracting the terms from an rpart object
4:36PM 2 removing outlier function / dataset update
4:17PM 0 Greek letters in CairoPDF
4:05PM 1 Making up a graph and its equation which better fits two groups of data
3:40PM 1 How to calculate p-value for Kolmogorov Smirnov test statistics?
3:39PM 0 Combing forest plots
3:13PM 0 build interval
1:50PM 0 Fwd: MAtrix addressing
1:11PM 0 Projecting data onto a NMS plot
1:08PM 1 Problem with "setMethod" in R package
12:56PM 1 barchart panel.text add label value and percent
11:55AM 0 New package versions for distr- and robast- families
11:47AM 0 Bivariate polynomials in R
11:04AM 2 a problem with is.na
10:56AM 0 How to get percent contribution of each factor of 1st component from Principal Component Regression (PCR)
10:54AM 1 text labels in Trellis plot
10:51AM 1 merge tables in a loop
10:39AM 2 hwo to speed up "aggregate"
10:38AM 2 2 functions with same name - what to do to get the one I want
10:18AM 1 How to call subset in a for loop?
9:48AM 1 mvoutlier
9:33AM 1 Compilation errors when installing gee
2:58AM 1 Using diff and transform
2:44AM 0 Defining and objective function in fPortfolio package
2:41AM 1 return object from loop inside a function
1:22AM 2 Sweave: \Sexpr{} inside <<>>?
1:08AM 2 crash when using hazard.ratio.plot from rms package
12:31AM 2 plot with 2 y axes
12:20AM 0 post-hoc comparisons in GAMs (mgcv) with parametric terms
12:16AM 2 write.table -- maintain decimal places
Tuesday January 25 2011
11:14PM 0 ANOVA table look
9:51PM 2 FW: question about the pt() calculation
9:50PM 1 MAtrix addressing
9:22PM 1 lattice draw.key(): position of key in panels
9:15PM 3 function application
8:47PM 1 Manual two-stage least squares in R
7:59PM 1 Predictions with 'missing' variables
7:25PM 5 Counting number of rows with two criteria in dataframe
7:14PM 1 Does anybody knows the default value of starting value in glm?
7:08PM 0 Help with calculating correlation coefficient - creating a network
7:06PM 1 Importing xls from a http://
6:47PM 0 Warning with predict.glm method
6:37PM 1 Help Derivate for Nonlinear Growth Models
6:34PM 1 subsetting based on joint values of critera
5:40PM 1 NA replacing
5:28PM 1 ggplot - controlling point size
5:27PM 3 Failing to install {rggobi} on win-7 R 2.12.0
5:14PM 1 coxme and random factors
5:07PM 0 Multivariate polynomials Howto
5:01PM 0 applying a function to output a matrix
4:08PM 2 Extracting SSE from lm
3:52PM 1 deSolve: Problem solving ODE including modulo-operator
3:47PM 2 barplot with varaible-width bars
3:29PM 1 Learn Vectorization (Vectorize)
2:36PM 0 xlsReadWrite 1.5.4 and xlsReadWritePro 1.6.4 released
2:30PM 0 How to simulate a variable Xt=Wit+0.5Wit-1 with
1:38PM 0 Problem with matchit() and zelig()
12:34PM 0 Map an Area to another
12:32PM 3 Integration of two lines
9:56AM 0 review of "R Graphs Cookbook"
9:20AM 4 Subtracting elements of data.frame
8:46AM 0 Problems plotting the efficient frontier with fPortfolio
7:53AM 1 question about the axis label
7:44AM 1 Using open calais in R
7:07AM 5 Extract NA data rows
7:05AM 2 ggplot geom_boxplot and stat_smooth
6:46AM 0 setting headers in POST
4:00AM 1 how to resize heatmap without rescaling?
3:52AM 0 Defining an objective function in fPortfolio
3:34AM 0 RODBC help
3:08AM 1 R package rating site?
1:48AM 2 Downloading data from internet
1:19AM 1 How to look up explanations for %in%?
12:58AM 1 Paired data survival analysis
Monday January 24 2011
11:49PM 1 determining the order in which points are plotted
10:47PM 2 Masking commands - Permutation in gregmisc and e1071
10:02PM 0 Is there any way to get score vector in each iteration in glm??
9:44PM 1 Strange result from sort: sort(c("aa", "ff")) gives "ff" "aa" with R.2.12.1 on windows 7
6:45PM 2 Setting bioconductor repository in .Rprofile. Is there a permanent way?
6:18PM 3 Find the sign
6:16PM 2 crazy loop error.
6:03PM 0 sm.density.compare, date on x axis?
5:44PM 5 Train error:: subscript out of bonds
5:34PM 1 how many records can R handle
5:23PM 0 R factorial microarray analysis with a looped design
5:11PM 1 pairs(), no axis labels/values for upper panel?
5:07PM 3 error with source(): invalid 'times' value
3:45PM 0 tolerance limits for nls predicted values
3:44PM 1 ggplot2 - ribbon
2:59PM 2 how to get loglik parameter from splm package?
2:53PM 1 How to measure/rank ?variable importance when using rpart?
2:49PM 2 Help with expression
2:42PM 0 Relative Importance Package question
2:38PM 0 How to simulate a variable Xt=Wit+0.5Wit-1 with Wit~U(0,2)
2:38PM 0 lm() and post hoc test
2:04PM 0 augPred and NAs
1:58PM 0 Detrended fluctuation analysis
1:50PM 1 How to carry out a hierarchical cluster analysis
12:26PM 0 arima/arima0 function
12:17PM 0 writeRaster with raster package
12:03PM 2 Problem with factor analysis
11:38AM 2 Linear mixed model: question about t-values
9:51AM 2 how to slice a zoo object
9:18AM 0 From two polynomials one multivariate
8:07AM 1 How to measure/rank “variable importance” when using rpart?
3:29AM 1 Vectorization
3:28AM 1 Extracting information from text data
2:41AM 2 no font could be found for family "Arial"
1:47AM 2 Implementing step-wise linear regression
Sunday January 23 2011
11:37PM 2 Ordering box plots
11:04PM 1 extract score vector and covariance matrix in glm package
10:13PM 5 sensitivity logical operators in R
9:53PM 1 How does the data.frame function generate column names?
8:47PM 1 Gstat error message.
7:52PM 3 using gsarima package with R
6:39PM 3 how to store a number into a vector
6:36PM 2 Creating subsets of a matrix
6:32PM 1 An introduction to R: 6.3.2
4:48PM 3 Problem reading PostgreSQL data with RODBC
4:46PM 2 Passing in arguments into function
4:44PM 1 Passing formula as an agrument
4:00PM 1 fit a non-linear equation with several dependent variables
3:20PM 0 Error for compiling Rquantlib package 0.3.5 under Window 7 64bits
2:41PM 0 setMethod call in package code using Rcpp
1:58PM 1 Newb Question : How do I load the Rsymphony Library, and How do I get Symphony Running on my windows Vista?
1:25PM 2 how to get variance?
12:43PM 2 select a subset from a sample
10:38AM 1 Offset - usersplits function package RPART
9:47AM 1 odfWeave Error unzipping file in Win 7
5:41AM 2 Problem with combined two data frame.
2:02AM 1 Plotting multiple xts/zoo time series on a single plot.
1:43AM 0 Madogram, rodogram, semi-variogram of satellite imagery
Saturday January 22 2011
10:54PM 2 ls.diag and lsfit very basic question
10:13PM 0 Trouble Unsubscirbing
10:07PM 1 Movie Question
9:41PM 0 list inside a for loop
9:39PM 0 Using plotLMER.fnc for lmer models with crossed random effects
8:42PM 0 how to call BayesX in R to see the graph
8:07PM 0 R two tabales filter
6:02PM 2 pharmacoepidemiology
5:52PM 0 grofit package
5:46PM 1 Plotting by factor with xts
2:16PM 4 two apparent anomalies
1:56PM 1 which operating system + computer specifications lead to the best performance for R?
12:44PM 2 meaning of formula in aggregate function
12:25PM 1 Newey West HAC-errors for panels
11:34AM 1 faster mvrnorm alternative
10:39AM 0 clv/cluster - cluster id vector format
9:55AM 2 effect size measure for dependent samples
8:06AM 1 Truly Global Variables
6:50AM 6 Debian ?Ubuntu version of latest R using synaptic in Ubuntu 10.10
6:43AM 1 about matrices merge and retrieve algorithm.
3:10AM 1 R - Vectorization and Functional Programming Constructs
2:03AM 3 lm(y ~ x1) vs. lm(y ~ x0 + x1 - 1) with x0 <- rep(1, length(y))
Friday January 21 2011
11:16PM 1 glitch in building R package
8:59PM 0 Help with LMSreg
8:51PM 1 TRADUCING lmer() syntax into lme()
8:33PM 1 building package
7:59PM 1 Information
7:38PM 2 ordering a vector
6:47PM 1 extracting random intercept
6:41PM 0 Marginality rule between powers and interaction terms in lm()
5:34PM 1 Maxiter specification in R
5:26PM 3 How to find data that includes certain values
4:42PM 2 Looping with incremented object name and increment function
4:33PM 3 confidence interval
3:51PM 0 Storm Clustering using clusters in evd
3:07PM 4 clustering fuzzy
2:52PM 1 Help for lattice. par(new=TRUE)
2:30PM 1 Error in ANOVA for model comparison
2:23PM 0 HHT-methodology
1:02PM 3 How to look into the asterisked function?
12:26PM 5 User input in R program
12:25PM 3 complex transformation of data
11:17AM 3 Function comparable to cutpt.coxph from "Survival Analysis using S"
10:47AM 1 Loop and store results
10:26AM 0 forecasting with L-STAR
9:51AM 3 nlminb doesn't converge and produce a warning
8:30AM 1 3D Binning
7:57AM 1 stochastic models for population growth
7:40AM 1 help! complete the reviewer's suggest: carry out GA+GP (gaussian process)!
2:02AM 3 data and parameters
1:12AM 2 Unexpected Gap in simple line plot
12:38AM 1 Reading gz compressed csv file - 'incomplete line found'
12:22AM 1 ggplot boxplot
Thursday January 20 2011
11:56PM 1 number of iterations in a Tobit model
11:04PM 2 auc function
10:53PM 1 Error Message - "effects" package
9:20PM 2 splitting a square symmetric matrix
7:37PM 1 Inverse Prediction with splines
7:15PM 2 ANOVA plotting
7:08PM 2 Regression Testing
6:08PM 1 randomForest: too many elements specified?
5:18PM 2 Procuct of a sequence or vector
4:35PM 1 Scale of 2nd y-axis
4:30PM 1 Constrained Regression
4:05PM 1 predict() for bootstrapped model coefficients
3:53PM 0 Select unique point occurences per pixel - raster package (?) question
3:51PM 4 How to reshape wide format data.frame to long format?
3:32PM 0 Obtaining a quadratic function given three points on a curve
3:12PM 6 Identify duplicate numbers and to increase a value
2:59PM 1 syntax for a list of components from a list
2:49PM 0 Bandwidth - Kernel Density Estimation
2:47PM 0 Writing functions. please help
2:42PM 1 Obtaining a quadratic function igven three points on a curve
1:40PM 0 calculation correlation and p-values of genes using rcorr function
1:31PM 0 selecting predictors for model from dataframe
1:20PM 0 Saving a webpage, when content is generated by javascript
1:01PM 1 Generating time progressing line for Google Earth
11:51AM 4 puzzled with plotmath II
11:48AM 0 puzzled with plotmath
10:04AM 2 Using a list as multidimensional indexer
9:21AM 1 fix sign of a coefficient in formula
8:53AM 4 subsets
8:34AM 2 adding text to y-axis per row of panels (lattice)
8:04AM 2 reading in time series
8:03AM 1 Problems with ecodist
5:23AM 1 Question on RData and Rhistory extentions
4:15AM 2 circular reference lines in splom
Wednesday January 19 2011
10:46PM 2 MCMC object indexing
10:19PM 2 spacing of color key in filled.contour
9:54PM 2 xyplot question
9:31PM 0 spatstat theoretical values from inhomogeneous Poisson models
9:05PM 0 problem with constructing bitmap: part of the problem
8:40PM 1 problem with constructing bitmap
7:32PM 2 VarCorr
7:24PM 1 Help with logistic model with random effects in R
6:54PM 0 Copula and Multivariate distribution
6:26PM 1 Installing package in windows 7
5:18PM 1 A question regarding volcano plot
4:48PM 2 CCF and missing values.
4:30PM 1 Quantile Regression: Extracting Residuals
3:49PM 2 how to get old packages to work on R 2.12.1
3:09PM 1 Three-way interaction plot
2:31PM 0 Error Moran's test : reconsider test arguments
2:29PM 1 How to find more about Covariance (in R)
1:53PM 1 Nnet Questions
12:04PM 0 Data Extraction/threshold/
12:00PM 0 LDA variables dropping similar within group
11:36AM 1 printing big real values
11:27AM 0 predict.lme() gives missings for new subjects
10:55AM 0 Analyzing texts with tm
10:38AM 0 table on factors with non-ASCII characters *extremely* slow on Windows
10:20AM 0 det(X,log=TRUE)
9:42AM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: Chapman & Hall/CRC: The R Series
9:10AM 1 Problem in using bdh function for Govt tickers
8:51AM 2 count of factors
8:43AM 1 expand.grid
8:31AM 1 combining matrices from a list into a multidimensional array
6:53AM 1 Using subset to filter data table
5:46AM 1 Printing "pretty' vectors in Sweave
4:23AM 1 Pearson correlation with randomization
2:18AM 2 Reshape
1:45AM 3 question about result of loglinear analysis
12:39AM 0 $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
12:20AM 3 lme-post hoc
Tuesday January 18 2011
11:47PM 1 Parameters/data that live globally
11:33PM 1 Semi-Regular Time Series with Missing Values
10:25PM 2 substituting level for NA in factor column
10:03PM 2 count id by id
7:51PM 2 Baseline terms for lrm
7:50PM 1 Reorganizing Data Frame
7:14PM 2 help with read.table.ffdf parameters
5:49PM 1 lm() portion of data
5:04PM 2 Barplot and line x-axis positions
4:32PM 3 error message
4:23PM 2 Statistical formulas
3:30PM 2 dataframe: string operations on columns
1:58PM 0 gamlss for censored and truncated distributions
1:40PM 1 Choosing statistical test - Fisher's Exact Test?
12:53PM 2 Convert a matrix's columns to list
12:51PM 4 Relative frequency on a character vector
12:07PM 1 Circular variables within a GLM, GLM-GEE or GAM
11:59AM 0 Need help in a simulation study
10:42AM 0 Plotting dendrogram upside-down/mirrored
10:35AM 1 Dates when transferred from RExcel to R.
9:46AM 2 ggplot2, geom_hline and facet_grid
9:05AM 0 multinomial choice modeling with mlogit
7:16AM 2 Counting dates in arbitrary ranges
6:48AM 3 tips for looping over a category for beginner
6:42AM 1 Loading wordnet in R
6:10AM 1 dotplot line types and strip question
3:27AM 1 plot continuous data vs clock time
1:12AM 0 analysis strategy - baseline and repeated measure
Monday January 17 2011
11:54PM 1 filling in datasets of differing lengths
10:25PM 1 Retrieve "raw scores" in factor analysis
9:45PM 0 selection statistics from function
9:30PM 2 Accessing MySQL Database in R
9:24PM 0 Dealing with Latex output in Openoffice
8:57PM 2 How to still processing despite bug errors?
8:51PM 4 Extraction and replacement of data in a data frame
8:49PM 1 Manipulation
8:29PM 1 Replacing rows in a data frame
8:20PM 1 how to cut a multidimensional array along a chosen dimension and store each piece into a list
8:02PM 2 Difficult with round() function
7:59PM 2 matrix manipulations
6:42PM 2 Summing data frame columns on identical data
6:19PM 0 [Fwd: Re: R-help Digest, Vol 95, Issue 17]
6:04PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 95, Issue 17
5:23PM 1 median by geometric mean -- are we missing what's important?
5:01PM 0 Fw: Re: help in calculating ar on ranked vector
4:47PM 1 Importing multiple text files with lapply.
3:44PM 1 Log difference in a dataframe column
3:38PM 1 Using anova() with glmmPQL()
3:31PM 1 Sampling question
2:59PM 3 to append a column to a data frame, has I use loop/if in my case?
1:53PM 6 How to doulbe all the value on a matrix
1:20PM 1 Problem about for loop
1:12PM 0 help on strange installation process of JRI / rJava 0.9.0
12:35PM 1 t-test calculation correct?
12:14PM 1 intercept point coordinates
11:54AM 0 PANEL DATA SIMULATION(sorry for my previous email with no subject)
11:45AM 0 (no subject)
11:13AM 1 What's wrong with Omegahat?
10:46AM 3 "cannot allocate vector of size ..." in RHLE5 PAE kernel
10:26AM 2 Help for R plot
10:01AM 2 Finding NAs in DF
8:06AM 0 Queries about the statistic methodology used by R-Intergration on the data with normal distribution
6:27AM 2 Using summaryBy with weighted data
6:08AM 1 effects packages for mixed model?
4:28AM 2 data frame column name change
2:31AM 2 R looks for a folder not specified
Sunday January 16 2011
11:48PM 1 Equivalent to Stata egen tag
9:18PM 0 Computing and Finding
9:08PM 4 a remove question
5:56PM 0 Please ask R questions on StackOverflow.com
5:53PM 1 Memory issues
2:38PM 0 Getting Synonyms using wordnet
2:13PM 3 transform a df with a condition
2:07PM 1 Hausman Test
1:49PM 3 ODD ODD ODD stuff!!
1:23PM 1 grid.table with head of two rows
1:01PM 2 xyplot: modify axis tick marks
10:45AM 3 rootogram for normal distributions
10:35AM 1 \examples{} in Rd file
10:28AM 1 problem installing rgdal
10:07AM 1 Help in Coxme
7:01AM 2 how to add a derived column to a data frame?
4:20AM 2 Time and xts
2:54AM 1 Displaying ylab in mfrow
1:17AM 0 (OT) System admin of Rweb at Tama University
12:10AM 0 Questions about nonparametric bootstrap
Saturday January 15 2011
9:26PM 4 data prep question
9:06PM 3 get list element names within lapply / sapply call
8:50PM 0 bootstrap data frame
8:48PM 1 fgev_error_matrix_singular
4:37PM 0 color palette for heatmap?
4:26PM 2 median by geometric mean
2:42PM 1 interactive graphics from the O/S Shell prompt
1:32PM 0 getting R-readable data , not pictures, from US OTS "data" pages
1:19PM 1 R scheduling request
12:18PM 0 useR! 2011: abstract submission & registration open
11:57AM 2 access to right time unit when checking for time execution
8:09AM 4 How to *completely* stop a script after stop()?
6:16AM 1 Weighted least squares regression for an exponential decay function
4:53AM 2 Rounding variables in a data frame
1:21AM 1 Truetype and Opentype font in pdf device
12:49AM 0 Revolutions Blog: December Roundup
Friday January 14 2011
11:36PM 1 Question about scatterplot in package car
10:22PM 2 read in data, maintain decimal places
8:59PM 1 holding objects in dataframes
7:49PM 3 Problems with TeachingDemos package
6:37PM 0 Predictive Analytics with R, PMML, ADAPA and Excel
6:25PM 3 filtering a dataframe with a vector of rownames
4:57PM 1 Survfit: why different survival curves but same parameter estimates?
4:54PM 1 Help on a Display function
4:40PM 1 Write.dta and export of variable labels
4:21PM 1 one sided t test
2:53PM 1 R2WinBUGS-Windows 7
2:42PM 4 piecewise regression
2:32PM 1 Extract Crawley´s datasets and pack them into a new package
2:08PM 2 subset factor?
1:44PM 1 Getting the minimum/maximum value of each row of a matrix
12:19PM 2 selecting elements in vector
9:22AM 9 Selecting the first occurrence of a value after an occurrence of a different value
9:17AM 4 test
8:50AM 0 quasi complete separation in mixed logistic
8:21AM 0 Crossed random factors in lme
7:19AM 3 RSQLite - How to express(or save) a dataframe as an output?
6:03AM 0 Direchlet Process Simulation
5:25AM 0 Fwd: Re: [R-sig-hpc] Working doSNOW foreach openMPI example
3:17AM 0 Fwd: helps in data analysis
2:44AM 1 CSV value not being read as it appears
2:11AM 0 system(wait = FALSE) seems to fail
1:17AM 2 bug in qplot (library ggplot2)
1:06AM 1 Sorting a vector with conditions
12:36AM 2 question about deparse(substitute(...))
Thursday January 13 2011
10:46PM 1 Fitting an Inverse Gamma Distribution
10:30PM 1 PBSmodelling: Change the "edit" option of a widget
9:33PM 1 Writing out data from a list
8:03PM 2 send commands from script to console
6:37PM 3 Question about histogram
6:02PM 1 Grid drawing over the filled.contour's legend
5:31PM 0 Colouring areas on a map with updated maptools functions
4:10PM 1 setting up a genoud run
3:36PM 1 how to calculate the consistency of different clusterings
12:54PM 0 Contour plot with time on both X-axis (day) and on Y-axis (hours)
11:26AM 1 Unexpected behaviour of write.csv - read.csv
10:43AM 0 Memory leak shen using foreach()
8:57AM 1 "Ghost" values after subsetting
8:29AM 6 add a linear regression line to the plot
8:09AM 2 Method dispatch for function call operator?
6:54AM 1 s3 methods on S4 objects
6:50AM 1 Weighted Optimization
4:53AM 0 Error in data.frame
4:12AM 1 Repeating value occurence
4:11AM 1 unicode&pdf font problem
3:35AM 2 standard errors in johansen test
2:33AM 1 Openbugs and rbugs on mac with wine
12:59AM 3 Rotated, Right-Justified Labels for Shortened Tick Marks
12:37AM 0 Help with Data Transformation - RESOLVED
12:28AM 1 question about svm(e1071)
12:18AM 1 What does the shell() command do?
Wednesday January 12 2011
11:14PM 1 Grouped bars in barplot
10:52PM 3 speed up subsetting with certain conditions
10:46PM 2 syntax for extending a line in a script??
10:08PM 0 Multivariate autoregressive models with lasso penalization
10:00PM 2 How to disable using "enter" key to exit the browser in debugging mode
10:00PM 2 RNetCDF: retrieving variable names and units
8:50PM 1 navigating in lists
8:20PM 2 aggredating date data
8:17PM 2 help in calculating ar on ranked vector
7:19PM 5 2d plot with modification of plotting symbol to indicate third dimension.
7:17PM 1 metafor/ meta-regression
5:53PM 2 Require
5:51PM 2 Don´t know what test i have to use
5:18PM 1 Metafor vs Meta vs Spreadsheet: wrong numbers
4:23PM 0 adonis, amova and haplotype frequency
3:19PM 0 How to define values for color distribution in the package gplots and function heatmap.2
3:16PM 3 Outputting csv file from dataframe with columns in a particular order
2:55PM 1 Integrate and subdivisions limit
2:53PM 1 Basic Stars Plot - help ..
2:42PM 0 Bootstrapping to Correct Standard Errors in Two-Stage Least Square Estimation
2:36PM 0 flexmix: predictions on new data from flexmix object
1:07PM 0 non-parametric discriminant analysis
12:49PM 0 R syntax for 95% prediction interval on a left-truncated normal variable
11:16AM 0 Issue loading and executing own function.R with JRI, any ideas?
11:10AM 1 graphics: 3D regression plane
10:38AM 4 Sum by column
10:28AM 1 vector or list of matrices corresponding to an observation
9:37AM 0 Weighted Likelihood Estimation of NIG Dist.
8:47AM 1 snowfall
5:36AM 1 extracting more information from optim in R?
5:09AM 1 Degrees of freedom
4:46AM 2 plot: skip a range of axis
3:46AM 1 GLMM with lme4 and octopus behaviour
3:21AM 1 how to change strip text of effect plot
12:01AM 3 Problems creating a PNG file for a dendrogram: "Error in plot.window(...) : need finite 'xlim' values"
Tuesday January 11 2011
10:41PM 2 aggregate.formula implicitly removes rows containing NA
8:18PM 5 A question on dummy variable
7:06PM 1 Alphabetic labels on multi-plot graphics
6:29PM 0 Displaying a PLS biplot under a 3d surface plot
6:13PM 1 adding plots to existent multiuple plots
5:56PM 1 Writing diagonal matrix in opposite direction
5:42PM 1 glm specification where response is a 2col matrix
5:19PM 1 how to sort new data frame based on the original data frame
3:47PM 1 scaling to multiple data files
3:44PM 3 list concatenation
3:15PM 0 Catch separability problems in a (multinom) regression
1:55PM 0 Some questions concerning survival tree analysis using the rpart module
1:01PM 1 Postscript function Bug at R x64 2.12.1?
12:17PM 0 using R on an php webapp
11:51AM 0 Add line to plot from stl decomposed time series?
11:11AM 1 sorting question
9:54AM 1 Confidence interval on quantile regression predictions
9:43AM 0 estimates in subpopulations (package survey)
6:45AM 0 modified FAST Script from package SensoMineR for the R community - Reg
6:44AM 3 Generation of Normal Random Numbers
6:19AM 1 Problems producing quantreg-Tables
6:08AM 1 Interpolate xts
5:32AM 1 how to coerce part of each column of a matrix to a vector and merge them
5:17AM 1 how to use "apply" function partial to each vector of a matrix
5:14AM 1 Real time dataset
1:23AM 1 question on aggregate
12:10AM 0 SVD, UV-Decomposition and NMF
Monday January 10 2011
11:57PM 0 What happened to Rwiki?
11:12PM 0 Looking for an Rmpi tutorial
10:59PM 0 Package animation update 2.0-1
10:56PM 0 Package Rd2roxygen v0.1-5
10:43PM 2 problem with packages
10:28PM 3 Memory Needed for Regression
9:59PM 0 Need help for interpreting the simulation results...
8:59PM 3 Help with Data Transformation
8:56PM 2 How to save the output of "split" command as series of .csv files
8:26PM 4 Meaning of pterms in survreg object?
7:26PM 0 Error: package 'akima' is not installed for 'arch=i386'
7:16PM 2 memory location of object?
6:25PM 0 SQL & PL/SQL
4:42PM 2 From vector to a step function
4:34PM 1 Using combn
3:38PM 1 select data for boxplot
2:51PM 3 using Smolyak to genarate intervals
2:24PM 2 write.table equivalent for lists?
2:21PM 1 replace values in array with means of certain values in array
2:14PM 0 survival tree analysis using the rpart package
2:12PM 2 Integration in R
1:29PM 1 debug biglm response error on bigglm model
1:12PM 1 Basic ggplot question
12:47PM 7 Evaluation of variable assigned to a function name
11:07AM 1 Panel title: mfrow() or ?
10:48AM 0 how to create and manage a matrix with vector of different length
10:36AM 2 how to wrap a long line in R scripts?
9:17AM 5 Changing a logical matrix into a numeric matrix
8:26AM 2 Calculating Portfolio Standard deviation
7:57AM 2 Step command failing for lm function
6:30AM 0 Capturing error messages while running R through an external program
6:26AM 0 Getting stable solution while applying 3 parameter model (tpm) on response data
1:13AM 3 Lattice, combine histogram and line graph
12:10AM 2 Aggragating subsets of data in larger vector with sapply
Sunday January 9 2011
11:07PM 1 R Audio Problems when using Vista/Windows 7
9:00PM 3 Shortcut key to get to beginniing of line in R?
7:25PM 1 question about the chow test of poolability
5:03PM 1 Getting total bar's label & value labels in a barplot
1:42PM 0 Bartlett HAC covariance matrix estimator
12:10PM 2 Post hoc analysis for ANOVA with repeated measures
6:19AM 1 Operating on count lists of non-equal lengths
4:01AM 1 Rectangle height in lattice xyplot key
12:42AM 2 zoo column names
Saturday January 8 2011
8:29PM 1 Error on loading libraries -
6:32PM 1 Anova with repeated measures for unbalanced design
3:38PM 1 3D scatter plot with projections
2:39PM 1 YourCast Data Format
12:42PM 1 max.print
11:56AM 1 Normal Distribution Quantiles
11:26AM 3 Question on list objects
10:30AM 0 R-2.12.1 on OpenBSD: Tk problem
7:07AM 1 summary(list) is awesome, but I want more than summary
12:49AM 0 help with environments
Friday January 7 2011
11:49PM 1 Trouble with installing Rmpi package
9:50PM 1 Trouble compiling R-2.10.0
9:15PM 0 Error in x %*% coef(object) : non-conformable arguments
8:51PM 0 Fitting an Inverse Gamma Distribution to Survey Data
8:33PM 2 survval analysis microarray expression data
8:17PM 2 Error: unexpected string constant
6:58PM 1 Compare the risk
6:01PM 2 Merging zoo objects
5:52PM 1 rprofile.site
5:18PM 1 Random Effects Meta Regression
4:29PM 2 Summing over specific columns in a matrix
4:25PM 0 Odp: Currency return calculations
4:20PM 4 how to calculate this natural logarithm
3:51PM 2 anova vs aov commands for anova with repeated measures
3:04PM 2 how to run linear regression models at once
1:54PM 1 POSIXct issue
1:28PM 4 Problems with glht function for lme object
1:15PM 0 Contour plot with time on X-axis (day) and Y-axis (hours)
12:46PM 1 Currency return calculations
12:21PM 0 Extracting user specified variables from data frame to use as function arguments
7:10AM 2 Stepwise SVM Variable selection
6:36AM 1 Calculating Returns : (Extremely sorry for earlier incomplete mail)
5:08AM 1 Parsing JSON records to a dataframe
4:48AM 3 R packages for R 2.11.1
4:38AM 1 Adjusting MaxNwts in MICE Package
3:10AM 2 Dont show zero values in line graph
Thursday January 6 2011
11:13PM 2 Plotting Factors -- Sorting x-axis
10:41PM 1 [zoo] - Individual zoo or data frames from non-continuous zoo series
10:16PM 2 algorithm help
10:12PM 1 Hmisc, summary.formula and catTest
9:45PM 2 Global variables
9:34PM 4 Creating a Matrix from a vector with some conditions
8:21PM 2 Help with IF operator
7:53PM 8 Accessing data via url
7:20PM 1 Help spruce up a ggplot graph
7:11PM 1 JRI & plot( )
6:56PM 2 Waaaayy off topic...Statistical methods, pub bias, scientific validity
6:44PM 0 Problem with package twitteR and converting S4 obj to data frame
6:23PM 1 need help for chi-squared test
6:07PM 1 Calcuting returns
4:06PM 4 Different LLRs on multinomial logit models in R and SPSS
3:28PM 0 Set axis limits in mixtools plot
3:07PM 1 Find and remove elemnts of a data frame
3:00PM 1 Cross validation for Ordinary Kriging
2:38PM 0 Rserve: failed to find config file
2:28PM 0 survival analysis microarray expression data
2:04PM 1 RSymphony appcrash
1:33PM 3 weighed mean of a data frame row-by-row
1:09PM 1 Where is a package NEWS.Rd located?
1:09PM 1 Splitting a Vector
12:06PM 1 Deselect one of the array's matrix
11:36AM 3 Extract data
11:29AM 1 Multiple subsets of data
10:56AM 5 How to join matrices of different row length from a list
9:30AM 5 Problem with timeSequence {timeDate} - wrong end date
6:17AM 1 Interpolation
5:32AM 0 Potential biparite problem?
2:38AM 1 Cairo pdf canvas size
12:57AM 2 memisc-Tables with robost standard errors
Wednesday January 5 2011
11:10PM 2 Problem with 2-ways ANOVA interactions
10:55PM 1 categorize a character column
10:24PM 2 pattern recognition with paths
9:47PM 2 convert expressions to characters
9:33PM 1 Heat map in R
9:19PM 3 Advice on obscuring unique IDs in R
8:28PM 1 Prediction error for Ordinary Kriging
8:12PM 2 OT: Reducing pdf file size
8:04PM 1 Reading large SAS dataset in R
8:00PM 0 plot(aModel) vs. influence.measures()
7:58PM 0 Nnet and AIC: selection of a parsimonious parameterisation
7:16PM 4 Match numeric vector against rows in a matrix?
7:00PM 3 Plotting colour-coded points
5:46PM 0 Forecasting with STL
5:27PM 0 Fwd: Re: Simulation - Natrual Selection
5:10PM 1 Comparing fitting models
4:10PM 2 real time R
4:06PM 1 OT: Reprinting of Bertin's Semiology of Graphics
3:51PM 1 rShowMessage "Fatal error: unable to open the base package
3:50PM 2 vector of character with unequal width
3:48PM 2 Simulation - Natrual Selection
3:25PM 1 get() within a command, specifically lmer
3:03PM 1 speed up in R apply
2:23PM 1 Stop and call objects
12:39PM 1 R Commander - how to disable the alphabetical sorting of variable names?
12:03PM 3 How to 'explode' a matrix
11:58AM 1 How to save graphs out of ACF ?
11:36AM 0 loop variable names as function arguments
11:28AM 3 Assumptions for ANOVA: the right way to check the normality
8:55AM 1 What are the necessary Oracle software to install and run ROracle ?
8:20AM 1 bwplot
8:17AM 1 How to use S-Plus functions in R
7:31AM 1 R(D) Com under R1070
7:25AM 0 variance inflation factors
5:39AM 2 R not recognized in command line
5:16AM 1 multipanel plots
5:08AM 1 unique limited to 536870912
2:56AM 3 Adding lines in ggplot2
12:26AM 1 List to a summary table
12:19AM 1 RData size
12:02AM 4 Converting Fortran or C++ etc to R
Tuesday January 4 2011
10:43PM 0 Error in M[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions when trying to plot hexbin
10:37PM 1 t-test or ANOVA...who wins? Help please!
9:06PM 2 update.views("Spatial") does not seem to be able to find RPyGeo package
8:21PM 1 R command execution from shell
8:02PM 0 R implementation of S-distribution
6:54PM 2 Navigating web pages using R
6:42PM 1 XTS : merge.xts seems to have problem with character vectors
4:54PM 5 Page eject and clearing the console
4:46PM 1 plot without points overlap
4:27PM 1 Cost-benefit/value for money analysis
3:55PM 0 Package animation update (v2.0-0)
3:52PM 1 an error about JRI
3:15PM 1 uroot Package and R 2.12.1
2:31PM 3 How to make a Cluster of Clusters
2:30PM 0 ENmisc_1.0
2:16PM 0 reshape2 1.1
2:14PM 0 plyr 1.4
2:02PM 1 Calendar in R-program
1:31PM 2 how to keep keep matching column in output of merge
12:13PM 4 Listing of available functions
12:07PM 0 S4 plot function (Package)...
10:57AM 1 lattice: par.settings with standard.theme() + additional arguments?
10:43AM 2 RSQLite to input dataframe
10:36AM 3 Writing do and resample functions
10:06AM 0 95% CI of the "Predicted values" from the GLS Model
9:53AM 2 lattice: how to "center" a title?
9:52AM 0 Fw: Re: Default Working directory on windows 7?
9:35AM 2 Default Working directory on windows 7?
6:00AM 5 Help with "For" instruction
4:21AM 1 how to subset unique factor combinations from a data frame.
1:17AM 2 Print plot to pdf, jpg or any other format when using scatter3d error
12:44AM 2 unicode variable and function names?
12:17AM 1 function masking and gmp questions
12:03AM 1 Resampling to find Confidence intervals
Monday January 3 2011
10:06PM 4 how to invert the axes in the wireframe() plot
9:45PM 3 packagename:::functionname vs. importFrom
8:03PM 3 Inverse Gaussian Distribution
7:59PM 1 randomForest speed improvements
7:29PM 0 Problem loading Tcl/Tk (?)
7:24PM 2 Regex to remove last character
6:18PM 0 orddom package for Ordinal Dominance Statistics
6:15PM 1 Proof for computing sums of squares
5:25PM 7 Saving objects inside a list
5:05PM 0 dclone 1.3-0
4:27PM 1 ARIMA simulation including a constant
3:38PM 1 Formatted output with alternating format at different rows
2:57PM 3 matrices call a function element-wise
2:52PM 3 optimize
2:02PM 1 Logistic Regression Fitting with EM-Algorithm
1:40PM 0 Greetings. I have a question with mixed beta regression model in nlme (corrected version).
1:32PM 1 Greetings. I have a question with mixed beta regression model in nlme.
11:18AM 1 factor names
8:41AM 1 personal details appearing on google such after I pose a question in the R-help forum
8:27AM 0 Keeping lattice plot axes in the same place when legend sizes vary
7:44AM 0 Should I use T-test or prop.test
7:32AM 2 error in calling source(): invalid multibyte character in parser
6:03AM 4 using "plot" with time series object - "axes = FALSE" option does not appear to work
4:41AM 1 Logical Indicator for Warning and Error Messages?
3:46AM 0 Using PCA to correct p-values from snpMatrix
3:36AM 1 Errors in installing Matrix package
1:12AM 1 Modules for using geostatistics for image classification
Sunday January 2 2011
11:28PM 2 iPhone 3G App For R?
7:35PM 2 Probably with default library tree
7:14PM 1 filehash for big data
5:34PM 1 Please, need help with a plot
3:08PM 1 How to compute the density of a variable that follows a proportional error distribution
11:32AM 3 changing method of estimation in GLM
3:42AM 3 The Percentile of a User-Defined pdf
1:28AM 1 Clusteranalysis Chi-square test and SingleLinkage
1:16AM 0 Windows 7, R and org-babel issue
12:43AM 1 Example in "Applied Spatial Analysis with R" giving error
Saturday January 1 2011
10:12PM 1 problem with postscript command
10:05PM 1 problem with read.table
9:25PM 2 Problem with uploading library
8:42PM 1 exit and save data from the terminal where command is frozen
7:15PM 3 Plot symbols: How to plot (and save) a graphic symbols originating from a table
5:56PM 2 forming function arguments from strings
5:11PM 3 How to make this script ask again
3:09PM 2 robust standard error of an estimator
5:41AM 3 Retrieving Factors with Levels Ordered