R help - Dec 2010

Friday December 31 2010
8:35PM 4 Sweave for "big" data analysis
6:03PM 4 Repeated Indexing / Sequence Operation
3:03PM 0 Help with ROracle
10:02AM 1 Error using sos
9:51AM 2 dataframe, simulating data
9:21AM 3 survexp - example produces error
7:49AM 2 Class "coef.mer" into a data.frame?
7:01AM 1 help me
6:07AM 3 Changing column names
1:36AM 1 Silhouette function problem
12:13AM 0 (no subject)
Thursday December 30 2010
11:14PM 2 Printing graphics in Sweave problem
10:59PM 4 pdf() Export Problem: Circles Interpreted as Fonts from ggplot2 Graphics
10:37PM 0 The R Journal, Vol.2 Issue 2
9:54PM 3 drop observations
8:16PM 2 optim and singularity
7:49PM 1 Different results in glm() probit model using vector vs. two-column matrix response
6:32PM 5 Why is format(10000, big.mark = "\\,") not 10\,000?
6:03PM 2 Analysing Character Strings for subsequent frequency analysis
5:48PM 0 Panel Data Analysis in R
4:50PM 1 latex() etc.: How to nicely format a matrix for a LaTeX document?
3:40PM 0 Extracting a formula from Arima for structural break analysis
3:23PM 1 data frame subset too slow
3:10PM 2 unexpected input in rpart
2:44PM 4 R-forge is down?
2:37PM 1 Problem with my analysis
1:31PM 1 Discriminant analysis
11:27AM 1 Sorting data.frame datewise in a descending order
9:52AM 2 function()
3:55AM 0 Bivariate weighted fit methods of Williamson-York in R?
2:35AM 0 Curso de R en Santiago, Chile
12:36AM 0 prediction intervals for (mcgv) gam objects
Wednesday December 29 2010
10:06PM 1 Counting number of datasets and appending them
9:55PM 2 subset question
8:31PM 2 Trying to extract an algorithm from a function
8:25PM 2 How to create an array of lists of multiple components?
5:48PM 1 logistic regression with response 0,1
5:31PM 2 as.object: function doesn't exist but I wish it did
4:32PM 3 Windows editor suggestions - autosave
4:02PM 2 HELP for repeated measure ANCOVA with varying covariate
3:03PM 6 icon for an R package
2:59PM 1 Problem applying Chi-square in R and Cochran's Recommendations
2:44PM 2 RGtk2 compilation problem
2:18PM 2 Referring to an object name from within a function
1:46PM 0 Simulating data and imputation
11:16AM 1 helps on upgrading R in Mac OS
10:30AM 1 JGR installation problem
2:23AM 5 linear regression for grouped data
12:44AM 1 filling up holes
12:01AM 1 using lapply and split to plot up subsets of a vector
Tuesday December 28 2010
6:08PM 3 Error in combined for() and if() code
5:05PM 1 Problem applying McNemar's - Different values in SPSS and R
4:43PM 1 Faster way to do it??...using apply?
1:20PM 3 Jaccard dissimilarity matrix for PCA
1:09PM 4 batch file output
9:57AM 0 foreach + dopar: how to check progress of parallel computations?
4:33AM 2 Importing Sas files to R
12:43AM 4 Reading sas7bdat files into R
Monday December 27 2010
11:40PM 1 another superscript problem
11:04PM 3 linear regression with dates
10:43PM 1 Fitting mixed effects Baseline category logit models
10:26PM 2 Finding indexes of minum and maximum elements of an array
9:47PM 1 R-code to generate random rotation matrix for rotation testing
9:34PM 1 Any functions to manipulate (merge, cut, remove) hclust objects? (maybe through phylo?)
8:08PM 3 Gamma & Lognormal Model
6:48PM 1 Problem using pkg "survival"
6:22PM 0 Help on lme output. what are the estimates in $modelStruct
6:11PM 1 matrix looping accessing previous column
4:14PM 1 Can't merge on datetime?
3:39PM 0 Nagelkerke R square for Prediction data
1:32PM 0 First release of package "cg" for comparison of groups
1:17PM 0 Heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation of residuals
5:47AM 1 modifying user agent strings in http requests
4:45AM 1 package update
3:21AM 1 filled.contour colors
1:22AM 3 Drop column from a data frame
Sunday December 26 2010
11:47PM 0 GLS with corAR(1) correlation structure residual/standard error calculation
11:29PM 4 Parsing a Simple Chemical Formula
7:09PM 1 A question on Statistics
6:04PM 2 read.data? without separator
4:54PM 1 Question about mars() -function
4:50PM 1 can't install R with *local* gcc
2:47PM 1 Calculation of BIC done by leaps-package
1:43PM 1 T2 hoteling
12:42PM 2 Doing a mixed-ANOVA after accounting for a covariate
12:18PM 4 how to replace my double for loop which is little efficient!
10:41AM 1 lattice splom: how to adjust space between tick marks and tick labels?
9:21AM 0 Fitting mixtures with non-linear parameters constraints
9:04AM 2 object names from character strings
7:49AM 2 What is the best way to lag a time series?
5:44AM 1 R2WinBugs data import error
Saturday December 25 2010
7:30PM 1 Extracting a dataframe column as a dataframe
1:08PM 4 need help with data management
1:08PM 2 Where to find "rcompgen" package?
8:47AM 2 predict.lrm vs. predict.glm (with newdata)
5:57AM 0 tcltk problem on Centos 5.x (64bit)
Friday December 24 2010
10:28PM 1 Running scripts in hadoop
9:29PM 3 Passing a data frame or matrix and working with a column of the data frame or matrix
7:21PM 1 Help on implementing a function
6:53PM 0 Call for paper- Jan/Feb 2011
4:56PM 3 selection of outputs from the function
4:34PM 0 ggplot2 0.8.9 - Merry Christmas version
3:27PM 1 How to specify ff object filepaths when reading a CSV file into a ff data frame.
1:45PM 4 Removing rows with earlier dates
10:12AM 0 mcga 1.1 (machine coded genetic algorithms) package released
10:12AM 1 GLS 95% CI
4:51AM 1 Help required: binomial option pricing using package
1:42AM 0 dynamic model strategy
12:37AM 1 lattice regression coefficients
Thursday December 23 2010
10:37PM 2 Non-uniformly distributed plot
10:36PM 0 initial values garchFit-formula
10:06PM 2 data frame with nested data frame
6:30PM 2 problem installing R on ubuntu
5:33PM 1 Finding flat-topped "peaks" in simple data set
5:21PM 1 Removing elements of a list object
5:19PM 1 Reconcile Random Samples
2:29PM 4 Bayesian Belief Networks
2:12PM 1 Bayesian Belief Networks in R
2:03PM 2 Piece-wise continuous regression with one knot
1:13PM 1 speed issues? read R_inferno by Patrick Burns: & a memory query
1:10PM 1 Vioplot / list help
1:07PM 5 Writing a single output file
10:03AM 0 epidemiology ode likelihood, hierarchical model
7:29AM 0 force tree to use certain attributes
4:13AM 2 R-way to doing this?
1:49AM 2 python-like dictionary for R
1:17AM 1 Running sweave automatically using cygwin
1:04AM 1 with(data.frame,ifelse(___,___,___))
Wednesday December 22 2010
11:28PM 0 fdrtool help
11:16PM 0 Residuals for Parametric Models
11:14PM 1 problems with abline in a time line scatterplot
11:00PM 1 recovering names of factor levels ??
10:42PM 1 forcing evaluation of a char string argument
9:57PM 5 regression
9:27PM 0 Rcpp 0.9.0 and RcppClassic 0.9.0
9:26PM 1 Seeking feedback on my first attempt at R programming
9:02PM 4 vectorised recovery of strsplit value ??
8:34PM 0 adjust secondary y-axis bounds to minimize visual residuals
8:26PM 1 How to change the default location of x-axis in ggplot2?
6:39PM 0 help with knn.impute
6:19PM 3 A question to get all possible combinations
6:19PM 2 Fitting a Triangular Distribution to Bivariate Data
5:46PM 1 tests on polr object
5:28PM 3 Help with Amelia
12:43PM 3 How to integrate a function with additional argument being a vector or matrix?
11:20AM 2 how to pass object "members" in functions
11:08AM 1 Poor quality plotting symbols in Windows metafile
8:24AM 0 tsDyn selectSETAR
7:15AM 1 code of applying lasso method in cox model
3:55AM 3 Estimate "between-axes" vs "within-axes heterogeneity of multivariate matrices
1:00AM 1 matrix indexing in 'for' loop?
Tuesday December 21 2010
11:10PM 2 please Help me on a repeated measures anova
11:00PM 3 Link prediction in social network with R
10:48PM 1 randomForest: tuneRF error
9:37PM 1 Write.table eol argument
9:05PM 1 Matching 2 SQL tables
8:43PM 4 Keeping Leading Zeros, Treating numbers as text
8:02PM 1 lm() on a matrix of zoo series
7:39PM 3 how to see what's wrong with a self written function?
6:58PM 1 Density plot with lattice?
6:52PM 0 "variable lengths differ (found for '(weights)')" error in Zelig library
2:23PM 3 combination value
12:53PM 1 How to suppress plotting for "xyplot(zoo(x))"?
12:36PM 4 how to control ticks
11:41AM 0 Where is the bioDist package?
11:40AM 1 Coding a new variable based on criteria in a dataset
10:36AM 4 labels and barchart
10:01AM 1 NA's in survey analysis
9:21AM 3 Performing basic Multiple Sequence Alignment in R?
8:59AM 2 replace values of a table !!!
7:59AM 0 Odp: For-loop
4:51AM 1 R CMD build/install: wrong Rtools include path is passed to g++
4:01AM 0 predict function for kmeans
12:40AM 3 logistic regression or not?
Monday December 20 2010
10:40PM 1 source file for rnorm
10:18PM 2 .Rd file for S4-method warning
8:48PM 1 finding and opening C source called from R functions.
8:24PM 1 RExcel doesn't get active dataset
8:23PM 0 breaking an inner loop in R
8:01PM 2 Sine Regression in R
7:32PM 0 performance issue with merge
7:09PM 0 survexp - unable to reproduce example
7:04PM 6 sample() issue
6:13PM 1 Passing parameter to a function
5:26PM 1 ideas, modeling highly discrete time-series data
3:04PM 1 After heteroskedasticity correction, how can I get new confidential interval?
2:39PM 2 How to optimize function parameters?
2:06PM 0 Defining Two-dimensional Separable Variance-Covariance Structure in nlme Package
1:11PM 0 How to read japanese characters from a database/file
12:25PM 1 Metafor package
12:21PM 0 Modifying effect display (effects package)
10:48AM 2 For-loop
10:36AM 1 contourplot help
9:51AM 1 transposing panel data
9:36AM 0 incremental learning for LOESS time series model
9:29AM 1 R is not running well
6:41AM 2 package "arules" - 'transpose' of the transactions
6:07AM 2 tabulating 2 factors weighting by a third var
12:21AM 2 Turning a Variable into String
12:03AM 4 Time Series of Histograms
Sunday December 19 2010
10:31PM 3 monthly median in a daily dataset
8:25PM 1 Hershey fonts and substitute()
7:35PM 2 R.matlab memory use
6:13PM 0 Hclust - Number of branch operations for every element
4:23PM 3 Layout of mulitpage conditioned lattice plots
3:13PM 2 barplot: width of label
2:06PM 1 sum with times
1:08PM 2 Replacing the for loop for time series buid-up
10:31AM 1 Random selection from a subsample
8:00AM 1 bugs in R windows versie 12 ?
4:29AM 2 Resource for learning C/R interface
12:22AM 1 package survey
Saturday December 18 2010
8:20PM 0 R-sig-DB Digest, Vol 74, Issue 2
7:34PM 1 how to use expression as function arguements?
7:20PM 2 pdf package help files
5:21PM 2 determine length of sequence of equal elements in a vector
5:02PM 1 how to use paste in function for expression?
4:49PM 3 use of 'apply' for 'hist'
3:55PM 0 [BioC] problem with function
3:27PM 1 association analysis with multiple outcome variables
3:18PM 0 What's wrong with these mail headers?
3:02PM 1 Colours for 3-way probabilities
1:34PM 2 testing with if: what I am doing wrong?
12:01PM 3 dotchart for matrix data
12:30AM 1 Can I make my colnames bold?
12:20AM 0 i still cannot install sprng 2.0 header file on fedora 12, R version 2.11.1
Friday December 17 2010
11:57PM 1 help with function
11:29PM 1 Define absolute size of tick and axis labels in basic plots
10:08PM 2 rgl: coordinating and saving viewpoints, zoom, scale for multiple images
9:36PM 4 system/system2 command
9:24PM 1 ggplot missing fill colours in boxplot legend
9:10PM 2 lower/upper case question
7:48PM 2 RODBC for 64-bit R with 32-bit Access
7:40PM 1 sink output
6:33PM 2 installing package from source with Linux
5:25PM 0 using ls() to find functions: a solution
5:12PM 4 using ls() to find a function
4:58PM 1 Alter plot point size by value of the plot value
4:40PM 1 NaN not expected
4:13PM 2 install.packages() - old version deleted, new version did not install
4:08PM 3 Alternative to extended recode sintax?
3:19PM 2 Extract subset of rows
3:15PM 1 Help for loop
1:43PM 1 Change legend position in s.value {ade4}
1:34PM 3 Matching a pattern of vector of character strings in another vector of character strings
1:05PM 3 box-and-whisker plots based on summary not data
11:41AM 4 Title for y-axis on right side
9:40AM 4 How to arrange the data
9:13AM 4 Changing a value in a particular row and column within a text file
7:25AM 0 GUI's and R background processes
7:24AM 2 Removing Corrupt file
7:16AM 1 [Fwd: adding more columns in big.matrix object of bigmemory package]
6:15AM 0 excessive (?) memory utilization by package foreign when reading SAS xport file
5:21AM 1 [R-sig-hpc] Error in makeMPIcluster(spec, ...): how to get a minimal example for parallel computing with doSNOW to run?
4:12AM 2 adding text to the top corner of a lattice plot
4:10AM 2 newbie question on str output
3:00AM 2 Nested layout()
1:35AM 2 how to convert "sloppy data" into a time series?
12:58AM 0 SVM Posterior Probabilities
Thursday December 16 2010
11:17PM 0 Revolutions Blog: November Roundup
10:44PM 1 my function does not work for large data set
10:20PM 0 Multiplying complex numbers from R in C
10:15PM 0 use vector to merge multiple xts objects?
9:11PM 0 Problem wiht mvbutils and timeDate in R 2.12
8:59PM 1 Optim function with meta parameters
8:40PM 2 moving average with gaps in time series
8:31PM 1 Code for The R Book
8:29PM 2 understanding the 4 parameter logisitc regression
8:26PM 1 Arguments in functions
7:02PM 2 Compare two dataframes
6:12PM 5 Please help with one problem
5:31PM 2 find closest match between two vectors
4:00PM 1 Subarray specification problem
3:49PM 1 xyplot
3:41PM 4 editor for MacOS
2:53PM 0 How to covernt this list to data.frame?
2:43PM 3 How to save & play back an entire R session?
2:43PM 1 defining a formula method for a weighted lm()
2:38PM 0 Help on neural network
2:17PM 5 test whether all elements of a vector are identical
2:12PM 3 Reset R to a vanilla state
1:27PM 0 Convert tileplot's trellis to shapefile/ Add values to voronoi polygon
12:59PM 0 adding more columns in big.matrix object of bigmemory package
12:27PM 3 Integrate two function in R
12:02PM 1 Adding graphs to a map
11:31AM 2 How can I draw a line in empirical distribution function?
11:06AM 1 Is there a join() function in R ? OR: simulating "Combining ggplot2 and Google Maps" by David Kahle
10:44AM 0 New package for general-purpose global optimisation: "soma"
10:00AM 0 plot.ca with labelled axes?
9:35AM 0 R 2.12.1 is released
9:18AM 0 gafit() - specifying range for results
5:41AM 1 predict.lm with new regressor names
3:17AM 2 extracting IDs from topGO results
Wednesday December 15 2010
11:49PM 1 problems with mosaic plot
10:46PM 1 Problems drawing a colored 'rug' in the Lattice 'densityplot'
10:02PM 0 Problems with the borders (High difficulty)
9:53PM 1 levelplot blocks size
9:52PM 1 NA matrix operation
8:23PM 1 how to plot empirical distribution function?
7:34PM 2 Cumulative percentage by unit of time
7:12PM 1 help with anova()
6:11PM 3 Help with RGL package problem
5:44PM 0 Multinomial Analysis
4:46PM 5 Solution to differential equation
4:21PM 1 Using Metafor package: how to backtransform model coefficients when Freeman Tukey double arcine transformation is used
3:29PM 2 Can the by() function return a single column?
3:18PM 3 Applying function to a TABLE and also "apply, tapply, sapply etc"
2:39PM 2 ebimage problems
2:20PM 2 Installing R help files (2.11 or later) when no internet access.
1:53PM 1 Help about nlminb function
1:23PM 0 No fonts control on Cairo in batch mode
1:22PM 3 calculating mean of list components
12:24PM 1 lmList and lapply(... lm) different std. errors
11:21AM 0 package JM -- version 0.8-0
10:40AM 1 pmnorm: probabilites don't sum up to 1
10:40AM 1 Structure of Anova for obtaining sig. corrected for departure from sphericity
9:39AM 1 Problem with lme4 package
8:55AM 6 Numbers in a string
6:10AM 3 selecting certain rows from data frame
4:38AM 0 ridge() function and coxph
2:00AM 3 How to apitalize leading letters & else of personal names?
1:57AM 1 frestimate functionality
Tuesday December 14 2010
11:44PM 1 survfit
11:42PM 1 lattice fun: multiple themes in panels with spplot()
11:19PM 1 Modifying values outside a function using "apply".
11:08PM 0 Urgent help requested using survfit(individual=T):
10:36PM 2 Use generalised additive model to plot curve
10:19PM 0 GLM with different factors
9:58PM 0 defining contrasts in lm() - is there a simpler way?
9:21PM 1 Significance Help
9:05PM 2 How to bind models into a list of models?
9:03PM 3 from table to matrix
8:36PM 4 Discriminant Correspondence Analysis
8:27PM 2 How to left or right truncate a character string?
7:27PM 2 300 dpi and eps:
4:48PM 1 colour-plot of point intensities?
4:36PM 1 Installing R-packages in Windows
4:11PM 0 factor predictor using random forest
3:40PM 3 Question about cut()
3:36PM 0 labelling of axis in plot.ca
3:33PM 2 lines and points without margin
2:33PM 1 rpart - how to estimate the “meaningful” predictors for an outcome (in classification trees)
1:20PM 0 problems with lattice barchart
1:09PM 2 Selecting non-empty elements after strsplit of string
10:45AM 2 Drawing Maps of detailed Australian regions
7:49AM 0 googleVis 0.2.2 - Using the Google Visualisation API with R
7:40AM 0 Sweave problem: lines repeated
3:05AM 3 peak detection
1:46AM 2 multivariate multi regression
12:33AM 1 tcltk error compiling R 2.13.0 under Windows 7 x64
12:33AM 0 Merge() error
12:31AM 1 Forcing standard notation in Sweave tables
12:28AM 2 writing sample values in to a file
12:12AM 1 Schedule R to run automatically
12:02AM 1 binding data.frames with sequential names
Monday December 13 2010
11:31PM 1 Multivariate binary response analysis
11:27PM 0 Help with lme for split plot
9:56PM 2 inconsistency with cor() - "x must be numeric"
9:41PM 0 OFFTOPIC: BAD SCIENCE by Ben Goldacre
9:17PM 1 Date variable error
8:17PM 2 Does a formula object have a "left hand side"
7:33PM 0 Post positive reviews
7:23PM 1 stepAIC: plot predicted versus observed
6:44PM 3 curve
6:10PM 1 predict.lm[e] with formula passed as a variable
5:54PM 2 Complicated nls formula giving singular gradient message
5:54PM 2 How to change leaf color by group in hclust plot or how to install A2R package in windows?
5:20PM 1 Qs re writing/reading arrays, dataframes
5:03PM 0 15' lag of an irregular Time Series
4:37PM 0 library(Defaults) throws "evaluation nested too deeply"
4:37PM 1 Data permutation
4:16PM 0 odot symbol as a subscript in axes labels
3:45PM 1 Testing an interaction with a random effect in lmer
3:38PM 2 How to ignore data
3:27PM 2 Integration with LaTex and LyX
3:13PM 2 How to plot Ellipsoid like function
3:02PM 0 batchfiles 0.6-0
2:57PM 1 Reg : null values in kmeans
2:48PM 3 check for item in vector
2:39PM 0 booklet on using R for biomedical statistics
2:20PM 1 How does R compute sums of squares?
1:14PM 2 help on SAS Macro in R
11:48AM 1 Wrong contrast matrix for nested factors in lm(), rlm(), and lmRob()
10:49AM 2 Browsing through a dataframe page by page (like with shell command more)
10:35AM 1 How to compare two square matrices
10:09AM 0 Problem with retrieve.nc of clim.pact
10:04AM 7 descriptive statistics
7:58AM 2 rpart.object help
7:11AM 1 simple plotting question
6:30AM 1 Plot's aspect ratio and pty
6:08AM 0 SAS "/slice" and "/diff" equivalent? - Automated multiple comparisons in nlme package?
2:53AM 1 Pure curiosity
12:58AM 1 ggplot2 errorbarh
Sunday December 12 2010
6:21PM 1 Tukey HSD not working
6:18PM 1 list manipulation
4:47PM 1 R Plots for Recurrent Events - Suggestions are needed
4:13PM 1 Submissions that include an entire previous digest
3:13PM 1 95% CI of a IQR and more
1:59PM 4 legend not appearing in Word document
10:25AM 0 Innovations algorithm
9:57AM 2 Help in defining vectors
Saturday December 11 2010
10:58PM 5 (S|odf)weave : how to intersperse (\LaTeX{}|odf) comments in source code ? Delayed R evaluation ?
10:48PM 5 Why do we have to turn factors into characters for various functions?
10:45PM 0 is there a packge or code to generate markov chains in R
9:54PM 2 Predator Prey Models
8:43PM 2 remove quotes from the paste output
8:17PM 2 break
8:02PM 0 quantile linear ridge regression using qrnn
4:59PM 2 Specifying Prior Weights in a GLM
4:00PM 2 toJSON question
3:16PM 2 package sampling
3:09PM 1 simple payoff function
2:48PM 0 Statistics::R
2:21PM 0 using Statistics::R
1:36PM 1 Rapache on windows
1:07PM 2 Can't install Sweave
4:59AM 1 randomForest: help with combine() function
Friday December 10 2010
11:10PM 0 Quantile with discrete types
11:05PM 0 R question: memory usage
9:53PM 2 How to print colorful R output??
9:39PM 1 WriteXLS error:Error in get(x, envir = envir) : variable names are limited to 256 bytes
9:26PM 2 spatial clusters
8:51PM 0 locfit weights not working as expected
8:16PM 1 Time Series Row Label
8:14PM 2 Reorder factor and address embedded escapes
7:07PM 2 survival package - calculating probability to survive a given time
6:18PM 1 help with RSQLite adding a new column
6:13PM 2 Could concurrent R sessions mix up variables?
5:18PM 0 new edition of R Companion to Applied Regression
4:38PM 1 Stricter read.table?
4:21PM 1 survreg vs. aftreg (eha) - the relationship between fitted coefficients?
3:27PM 2 Remove 100 years from a date object
3:25PM 2 45 Degree labels on barplot? Help understanding code previously posted.
3:20PM 3 help requested
3:04PM 1 overlap different line in a xyplot (lattice)
2:47PM 1 melt causes errors when characters and values are used
2:27PM 3 Textwrangler Languages Folder
2:18PM 3 (no subject)
11:45AM 2 Help..Neural Network
11:43AM 1 New Installs, Same Trouble Loading doBy and coin Packages
11:25AM 2 subset with two factors
11:24AM 1 Compare one level of a factor with *all* other non-missing levels
10:56AM 2 Need help on nnet
10:41AM 3 Adding numbers in Outputs
9:15AM 0 .por files
9:01AM 1 importing date vector with read.table
8:40AM 1 Sweave: Setting options with SweaveOpts{} when using driver=RweaveHTML
3:43AM 2 Minimization of the distance
2:21AM 2 Projecting data on a world map using long/lat
12:21AM 3 Delete observations with a frequency < x
Thursday December 9 2010
10:24PM 1 order matrix by column position
10:22PM 2 RES: Barplot with "Independent" Lines Y axis
7:49PM 0 attributable cost estimation using aggregate data
7:07PM 1 How does Sweave write to a file?
6:43PM 1 Bivariate kernel density bandwidth selection
6:36PM 0 RODBC sqlSave question
5:52PM 1 prevent line breaks with sink()
5:44PM 4 lapply getting names of the list
5:40PM 1 Condional Density Plot from different data
5:38PM 1 how to use diff() with different variables?
5:35PM 1 survival: ridge log-likelihood workaround
5:30PM 2 Reshape Columns
4:59PM 1 Dynamically build functional expression and taking derivative
4:43PM 1 Barplot with "Independent" Lines Y axis
4:41PM 1 Statistics of count data for differential expression
4:20PM 2 Plotting 3d surfaces
3:49PM 0 Mixed Model analysis instead of repeated measures ANOVA: how to call lmer or lme instead of aov?
3:25PM 1 2 plots with different scales in the same graphical window
2:57PM 1 Using Lagsarlm
2:46PM 0 problem using Matrix package
2:34PM 1 set dataframe field value from lookup table
2:24PM 4 String to array
1:06PM 1 error in lrm( )
12:26PM 1 Number of dimension in Multidimensional Scaling
12:14PM 1 Calculating odds ratios from logistic GAM model
11:37AM 1 problem on Matrix package~~
11:26AM 1 Complete newbie - create microarray image from data file?
10:40AM 4 Sequence generation in a table
8:23AM 0 nnet for regression, mixed factors/numeric in data.frame
7:56AM 0 load.molecules function showing error messages
7:47AM 0 Problem with %*%
7:23AM 1 Getting a periodogram for discrete data
7:18AM 1 Tiff compression bug
7:04AM 0 Determining period of a discrete dataset
6:35AM 4 [lattice xyplot] Help needed in help in customizing the panel.abline() function
4:12AM 2 Error in vector("integer", length) : vector size cannot be NA
3:32AM 3 hi have a question about merging.
2:26AM 1 Converting data.frame from long to wide format
1:42AM 1 One question about R
1:07AM 1 Constraints when sampling from a distribution
12:05AM 0 convert non-ultrametric phylo to dendrogram
Wednesday December 8 2010
10:53PM 1 Trouble Loading doBy and coin Packages
10:38PM 1 How can i select a set of element in a list ?
10:30PM 1 sd() for numeric row entries
9:05PM 1 Question on ARIMA Prediction
8:10PM 4 evaluating NAs in a dataframe
8:03PM 1 selecting for values above or within a range in the data matrix
7:42PM 1 how to add these "axis" label?
7:40PM 2 read.table and factors
7:21PM 0 change matrix based on look-up value from table
7:15PM 1 Formatting 'names.arg' in barplot
7:05PM 0 what function use to draw probability of finding data between certain constaints
6:51PM 0 how to display a dataset on a dialog window
5:16PM 1 Newbie trying to understand $ so I can understand acf function in stats
4:59PM 3 Confidence Intervals for Odds Ratios in multivariate logistic regression
4:48PM 1 I want to get smoothed splines by using the class gam
4:46PM 0 Doing seasonal adjustment from within R
4:45PM 2 VARMA
4:31PM 0 R Programming Techniques Courses***December 2010 - in Washington DC by XLSolutions Corporation
4:02PM 1 the output of function lars
3:54PM 1 how to make partial mean() of a matrix only when second value matching some logic
3:41PM 3 GIS Help: distance calculation based on ZIP Code
2:52PM 3 ReadWrite.xls problem
1:14PM 1 UniCox in R
1:14PM 3 Dont print plot on screen
12:21PM 1 set Gamma parameters in glm model
11:51AM 2 Legendre polynomials
11:41AM 2 S4 "["-method called twice - why?
10:49AM 2 problem accessing complex list data frames
10:37AM 1 RGL crashes
10:16AM 1 how to strip list from NA values looking only at one column ?
10:08AM 2 Lists and functions in data.frame?
8:52AM 1 how to find smallest non-negative and biggest non-positive number in a matrix column ?
8:24AM 1 on NMDS graphics
8:10AM 1 ggplot - line_range help, second tier axis label
8:08AM 2 piechart
4:58AM 1 Newbie - want to view code for a function
4:56AM 5 Summing up Non-numeric column
2:07AM 1 no graphics windows
1:22AM 2 Parallel Scan of Large File
1:01AM 1 Error in eval.with.vis(expr, envir, enclos) : subscript out of bounds
Tuesday December 7 2010
11:29PM 5 LaTeX, MiKTeX, LyX: A Guide for the Perplexed
11:26PM 0 pgfSweave 1.1.1 Released
11:01PM 2 longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length
10:43PM 1 Help on loops
10:28PM 1 getting R to download data
9:18PM 1 colorful venn diagram
9:10PM 0 R programing help-newton iterations for the square root
8:01PM 2 robustbase problem [bug?] in adjbox function.
7:43PM 3 More elegant magnitude method
6:53PM 1 Statistical Analysis with R Beginner's Guide Book
6:31PM 2 Efficient way to use data frame of indices to initialize matrix
6:27PM 3 how to get vector of data from line ?
6:19PM 3 Changing names of a string variable
5:42PM 3 help on timeseries
5:27PM 1 R problem
5:17PM 1 please show me simple example how to plot "Distance-Weighted Least Squares" fitting
4:30PM 4 Creating binary variable depending on strings of two dataframes
4:21PM 0 coxph failure
4:13PM 1 randomForest: How to append ID column along with predictions
4:08PM 1 How to switch label font from Chinese to English
3:54PM 0 tweedie in gam
3:53PM 2 tableGrob and properties of a cell
3:15PM 0 Package install error: _intel_fast_memcpy
3:11PM 3 string
2:47PM 5 fast subsetting of lists in lists
1:53PM 1 latex() hangs R console
1:43PM 4 increase or decrease variable by 1
12:49PM 0 Package install error: undefined symbol: _intel_fast_memcpy
12:30PM 1 Encoding problem - I fails to read Hebrew text from online
12:15PM 1 How can I change the longitude scale on the plotMap() PBSmapping package
11:57AM 1 Plotting own function
11:39AM 3 understanding output of tapply/by cumsum
11:34AM 3 How to find out if a data frame has automatic row names?
9:53AM 0 GEE for three-level hierarchical data?
9:40AM 0 ELCOM/CAEDYM like simulation
9:03AM 1 Dataframe from list of similar lists: not _a_ way, but _the best_ way
7:36AM 0 She is from Thailand and need to marry you
7:36AM 0 Low cost marriage service for you
5:48AM 1 Controlling print width settings for 'print' on command line
4:57AM 1 Need help Upgrading to R version >=v2.11 on Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04 LTS)
4:24AM 0 Is there any function can perform "outer lapply" ?
2:51AM 0 tikzDevice 0.5.3 released to CRAN
2:04AM 2 Time out for a R Function
1:56AM 1 Using nlminb for maximum likelihood estimation
12:10AM 0 followup to "pass operator to function"
Monday December 6 2010
11:33PM 0 Apparent problem with coxph
10:46PM 2 ggplot2: Controlling line width of panel borders
10:45PM 3 Please help with write.foreign(SPSS)
9:36PM 1 R cmd batch with parameters
9:09PM 3 Appearance of Forest Plot
8:21PM 0 Help with plit plot design in logit model
8:17PM 1 waldtest and nested models - poolability (parameter stability)
7:43PM 0 Loglinear models for missing data
7:38PM 1 read ESRI file geodatabase feature classes
7:04PM 1 Sparse matrix performance question
7:03PM 1 getting the exact p value
6:45PM 1 package ca/rgl for ubuntu?
5:53PM 1 Cutting Matrix
5:13PM 5 How can I refer to actual (n) and previous (n-1) elements in a vector?
5:06PM 1 use pcls to solve least square fitting with constraints
3:43PM 1 How to formulate constraint like abs(x) = y in constrOptim (or other)
3:34PM 2 less than full rank contrast methods
3:22PM 0 npRmpi memory error
2:58PM 0 Connect SQL Oracle server
2:53PM 1 help getting data in correct format
2:45PM 0 From ts to xts
2:42PM 0 Change intervals in apply.weekly
1:42PM 0 R CMD SHLIB Error
1:27PM 0 Error with Rserv
12:00PM 1 Optimize multiple variable sets
11:52AM 1 as.xts error
11:50AM 0 Understanding the output from lme anova
11:46AM 0 Understanding the output from lme.anova
10:19AM 0 R 2.12.1 scheduled for December 16
10:02AM 5 Urgent Help with R calculation correlation coefficient
9:58AM 3 [plyr] Question regarding ddply: use of .(as.name(varname)) and varname in ddply function
9:51AM 1 Help with capture.output
9:33AM 1 Help with GAM (mgcv)
8:35AM 1 Loading .RData from Internet
8:32AM 1 lattice: strip panel function question
8:13AM 0 Unexpected behaviour with MBA algorithm
6:25AM 1 Can't read data coded in Cyrillic
5:25AM 3 How to this SAS transport file in R?
3:13AM 4 Runif Help: same variable, 3 different parameters
1:10AM 2 How to get lasso fit coefficient(given penalty tuning parameter \lambda) using lars package
Sunday December 5 2010
8:19PM 3 lm() and interactions in model formula for x passed as matrix
8:13PM 1 How to catch both warnings and errors?
7:25PM 1 "less than or equal to" glyph
6:11PM 1 HOW to use str() after the survivalROC (or another library in R) to get optimal cut-off values
4:50PM 1 Converting numbers into words
4:14PM 1 HOW to use the survivalROC to get optimal cut-off values?
2:57PM 3 merging two vectors
2:49PM 0 foreach question
1:10PM 0 Help with time varying covariate-unfold function
12:33PM 0 Automatic reprinting in base graphics when resizing device - how?
2:34AM 3 grep for strings
1:56AM 1 bandplot
Saturday December 4 2010
11:19PM 2 Help with diff(sqrt()) function in terms of time series
10:11PM 1 what is this averaging function called ?, has R a built in function for it ?
10:01PM 1 Quadratic programming with semi-definite matrix
9:40PM 2 Error in calcCurveGrob(x, x$debug) : End points must not be identical
1:25PM 1 scale caption on levelplot
10:40AM 2 Question about #1 zoo-faq
7:30AM 2 Problem storing lm() model in a list
2:42AM 1 How to specify a fixed intercept for linear model
1:42AM 0 Does stats::cor use the underlying BLAS? 32- vs. 64-bit issue
12:22AM 2 knowing the code-number of factors in a vector
12:19AM 1 testing and ploting t-distribution
12:00AM 1 Maximum Number of Rows in a Dataframe
Friday December 3 2010
11:38PM 2 data.table query
10:40PM 1 "Nash Equilibrium"
10:38PM 2 Non-visible functions: merge.data.table
9:42PM 2 What is the SAS equivalent of this R glm() code?
8:40PM 2 Add columns of dataset
8:05PM 1 How to change a numeric vector to a character value
7:07PM 1 creating a list of dataframes
6:33PM 0 Calculating weekly/bi-monthly average for time series data
6:23PM 2 How to get 'R' to talk BACK to other languages / scripts??
5:22PM 1 Passing par()-parameters to many plot()s in a function
4:30PM 1 Rcode
4:26PM 2 subset of a dataframe
4:19PM 0 Changing variables after multiple imputation
4:13PM 1 ANCOVA method
3:31PM 1 Date-time Conversion from Numeric Representations
3:23PM 3 book about "support vector machines"
3:11PM 0 formatR update (0.1-5)
2:49PM 1 mgcv package plot superimposing smoothers
2:42PM 2 difference between linear model & scatterplot matrix
2:25PM 3 recode letters to numbers
1:47PM 3 Checking for orthogonal contrasts
12:52PM 0 model values for alpha and beta in a glm gamma inverse distribution
12:37PM 1 intraday zoo
8:34AM 1 Linear separation
8:12AM 1 treatment effects with lme (repeated measurements)
8:05AM 2 Querying a data frame or data.table
6:35AM 3 colname refered by a variable
3:46AM 2 Replacing a period in a string
3:35AM 1 using ``<-'' in function argument
2:57AM 1 Error using Rcpp under windows xp
1:53AM 2 Downloading a .csv through a .jsp url with variable parameters - R code or package?
Thursday December 2 2010
11:54PM 1 The behaviour of read.csv().
11:49PM 1 kmeans() compared to PROC FASTCLUS
11:41PM 1 Strange problems with compiling dll
9:36PM 1 parLapply - Error in do.call("fun", lapply(args, enquote)) : could not find function "fun"
9:21PM 4 Integral of PDF
8:47PM 1 latex tables for 3+ dimensional tables/arrays
8:08PM 6 Filter data
7:33PM 0 Extreme value probabilities
6:58PM 1 StatET: Connecting to a remote rterm instance
5:39PM 1 openNLP package error
5:39PM 5 Tukey Test, lme, error: less than two groups
5:36PM 2 Hmisc label function applied to data frame
4:24PM 5 Help summarizing R data frame
3:58PM 4 2D Random walk
3:52PM 3 plot more plots from one matrix
3:36PM 3 Please help......barplot2
2:46PM 2 make check from R2.12.0.exe installation
2:17PM 1 Suitable test for ordinal variable vs continuous variable trend
2:15PM 2 How to call R-squared values from lm's?
1:39PM 0 Last post: problem with package rsm: running fit.mult.impute with cph -- sorry, package was rms
1:20PM 1 problem with package rsm: running fit.mult.impute with cph
12:30PM 1 initial values for alpha and beta in Gamma inverse
12:27PM 0 survival - summary and score test for ridge coxph()
11:01AM 1 Hmm Topology restriction
10:34AM 1 rpart results - problem after oversampling
9:56AM 1 using foreach (parallel processing)
9:41AM 0 venneuler() - customize a few things
8:46AM 1 Arrange elements on a matrix according to rowSums + short 'apply' Q
5:15AM 1 Downloading quote data from yahoo finance
Wednesday December 1 2010
11:44PM 0 Multivariate time series - Poisson with delayed lags
11:10PM 1 Perl "cut" equivalent in R
10:15PM 1 read a matrix to find a value
10:10PM 1 TukeyHSD with Type III SS
8:19PM 1 procrustes results affected by order of sites in input file
7:51PM 2 draw categorical histogram
7:50PM 1 Extract specific rows from matrix
7:34PM 2 default arguments and '...' in a function
5:56PM 3 How to pass selection criteria in a function
4:38PM 1 Poisson GLM warning message
4:31PM 0 Beta values ca.jo
4:14PM 1 [R-lme] Extract estimated variances from output of lme?
4:08PM 4 Sequence for repeated numbers
3:58PM 0 sem package: optimization did not converge
3:55PM 1 Font family not found in Windows font database
3:49PM 1 Wiener-Granger Causality Test in R
3:13PM 3 Question regarding legend look
3:09PM 1 log-normal Centile
3:04PM 0 New package Rd2roxygen: Convert Rd to roxygen documentation
2:35PM 1 attempted merge() returns: cannot coerce type 'closure' to vector of type 'any'
1:57PM 1 Searching for packages for normalizing Metabolomic data
1:44PM 1 anova error
1:43PM 5 Plot a matrix recursively
1:23PM 2 parametric estimators for species richness in R
12:02PM 2 Lattice dotplots
10:22AM 0 problems formulating arguments to lme()
9:51AM 1 how to remove grid lines from coplot graphs
9:00AM 1 missing values
8:56AM 1 .Internal(download())
8:31AM 1 Graph in R with edge weights
8:26AM 0 Reordering entries in package manual PDF's
7:56AM 2 Problem in reading Excel spreadsheets
7:53AM 3 Save R2HTML as an object instead of file
6:52AM 2 Inserting multiple queries in sql server 2005 using RODBC in R
4:51AM 1 please help me out
4:23AM 0 thank you so much
3:40AM 0 Can JRI access user's packages on Vista?
2:56AM 1 Changing the day of the month in a date
2:54AM 5 Pass an operator to function
2:40AM 2 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
2:04AM 1 Difference between loops and vectorization
1:27AM 2 How to draw a rect() behind a hist() ?
12:18AM 1 Filter a Matrix