R help - Feb 2011

Monday February 28 2011
11:50PM 1 Robust variance estimation with rq (failure of the bootstrap?)
11:04PM 0 Gamma mixture models with flexmix
8:37PM 1 Data type problem when extract data from SQLite to R by using RSQLite
8:33PM 4 mlogit.data
8:32PM 1 Regression with many independent variables
8:27PM 0 MultiDimensional arrays
8:23PM 3 nls not solving
7:51PM 0 lme error message: Error in getGroups.data.frame(dataMix, groups) :
7:46PM 1 sub setting data.frame
7:20PM 1 nls help
6:51PM 0 power of the comparison of two ROC curves
6:29PM 0 A new IDE for R: RStudio
6:19PM 1 plot data frame
5:13PM 2 converting the string columns in a data.frame to factors?
5:13PM 2 dot chart adding group labels....HELP
4:41PM 1 R quadreg
4:25PM 1 plotting, graph, everything
4:20PM 1 problem with ROCR
3:51PM 3 Problems using unique function and !duplicated
3:40PM 1 Trouble using "duleg" from labdsv
2:38PM 1 mixture models/latent class regression comparison
2:21PM 3 re-arranging data to create an image (or heatmap)
12:10PM 1 Replacing an element in a vector
11:55AM 1 Creating new variables. How do you get them into a data frame?
11:32AM 1 legend: height of entries
10:21AM 1 changing origin and plotting complex graphs
10:07AM 3 Incorrectness of mean()
10:06AM 0 R5 multiple inheritance
10:01AM 0 regularized discriminant function analysis using klaR: problems with predictions
9:23AM 0 Fwd: Re: speed up process
8:49AM 1 r help for growth rate
7:18AM 2 typecasting a function from character to double
3:37AM 4 R help
3:14AM 1 Urgent Help: How I can open (Business Objects 6.0) data file? Any ideas?
2:53AM 0 R course in Santiago, Chile/ Curso de R en Santiago, Chile (Confirmado)
1:03AM 1 Creating Boxpot with R within bash script
12:58AM 1 Transforming list into an array
12:38AM 1 Combinations
12:07AM 3 Measuring correlations in repeated measures data
Sunday February 27 2011
11:25PM 2 replacing missing values with row average
10:23PM 0 foreach() package for parallel computing
9:59PM 2 regularized dfa rda (Klar): problems with predictions
8:48PM 3 accessing variables inside a function, inside a loop
8:29PM 2 substract 2 data.frames
8:19PM 2 MLE estimation
7:25PM 0 ascii package updated
7:01PM 1 part or semi-partial correlation in R
6:06PM 1 Plotting two lines on a graph when using par(mfrow=)
4:41PM 1 tricky (for me) merging of data
4:37PM 2 finding model order components for arima()
3:05PM 0 Transitions probability comparison
2:56PM 0 R Users Group in Saint Louis, MO
2:21PM 0 Genalg not respecting constraints
12:31PM 1 R Tcl/Tk [MacOSX] TkButton Problem
11:00AM 1 stata.get labels glm()
10:38AM 1 Database abstraction
7:00AM 0 Problem in simulating envelopes with R package "Spatstat"
6:37AM 3 nested case-control study
2:30AM 0 Weighting of variables?
12:12AM 1 two-way unbalanced ANOVA
Saturday February 26 2011
11:37PM 2 how to remove rows in which 2 or more observations are smaller than a given threshold?
8:43PM 0 2D Convolution in R
7:59PM 1 wireframe() display a graph with two colors, not a gradient.
7:13PM 1 2D Convolution Function
7:11PM 1 Transform a dataset from long to wide using reshape2
6:09PM 1 Hello!
5:57PM 0 Weird behavior of a 2-by-2 matrix indicies
5:11PM 1 Wired behavior of a 2-by-2 matrix indicies
3:44PM 2 [R-sig-ME] Fwd: Re: ANOVA and Pseudoreplication in R
1:15PM 0 Help: Error en model.frame.defaul
12:45PM 0 (no subject)
12:12PM 1 Pulling p values
11:40AM 1 invalid type (list) for variable
11:00AM 2 sourcing a linux file with "system"
9:51AM 0 Problem with RODBC sqlSave
9:45AM 0 Autocorrelation Rho Greater Than One
9:17AM 0 A problem about realized garch model
7:16AM 3 Using uniroot() with output from deriv() or D()
6:07AM 1 Boxplot for X Vs Y variable grouped by ID
3:32AM 2 tansformation of variables in cph from rms package
3:29AM 2 Reproducibility issue in gbm (32 vs 64 bit)
1:59AM 1 Finding pairs with least magnitude difference from mean
1:28AM 3 grouping and counting in dataframe
Friday February 25 2011
11:57PM 1 plotmath: how to create a vector of expressions?
11:15PM 1 unable to access index for repository
10:57PM 0 creating standard curves for ELISA analysis
10:40PM 0 e1071's Naive Bayes with Weighted Data
10:21PM 6 preventing repeat in "paste"
9:48PM 0 Combining multiple MatchIt outputs.
9:42PM 1 Hierarchical Power Analysis
9:28PM 1 question about "srt" argument in text() plotting function
9:14PM 1 Compiling R-2.12.1 with gcc 3.4.6 on Sun Sparc Solaris 10
9:01PM 1 data.frame operations
8:09PM 4 means, SD's and tapply
7:48PM 0 RCurl Post
7:24PM 0 lme in loop help
6:23PM 7 R in different OS
5:54PM 0 Help with card-sorting experiment
5:48PM 2 Missing R.h
5:08PM 1 ANOVA and Pseudoreplication in R
5:02PM 1 help please ..simple question regarding output the p-value inside a function and lm
4:54PM 1 Forced inclusion of varaibles in validate command as well as step
4:26PM 1 Accessing sub diagonals / spdiag in R ?
4:24PM 1 Error: address 0x6951c20, cause 'memory not mapped'
3:28PM 1 neural networks with RSNNS
3:26PM 1 using scatter plot for different values
3:06PM 1 linear model lme4
2:59PM 0 Fitting distribution in range
2:33PM 1 kohonen: "Argument data should be numeric"
2:31PM 4 Error
2:09PM 2 nls
1:21PM 2 Visualizing Points on a Sphere
12:49PM 0 R 2.12.2 is released
12:26PM 1 limma function problem
12:15PM 1 count data
11:37AM 1 select element from vector
11:23AM 1 lm - log(variable) - skip log(0)
11:11AM 6 group by in data.frame
10:58AM 1 scatter graph of more than one value
10:34AM 0 time series with NA - acf - tsdiag - Ljung-Box
10:33AM 1 color code in loop for piecharts plotting
10:19AM 1 speed up process
9:32AM 0 GLM, how to get an R2 to explain how much of data explained by one variable
9:11AM 5 Substituting inside expression
8:10AM 0 Sweave trim output
7:57AM 1 Question about foreach (with doSNOW), is that a bug?
7:56AM 2 Compatibility with R for Windows 2.12.2
7:36AM 3 Interactive/Dynamic plots with R
6:55AM 2 Variable names AS variable names?
5:11AM 2 BFGS versus L-BFGS-B
4:30AM 0 I have a Quick question about biometics
2:14AM 1 Markov chain transition model, data replication project
1:33AM 0 Multivariate integration
12:12AM 1 combining two columns into one column despite NAs
Thursday February 24 2011
10:50PM 1 accuracy of measurements
9:22PM 1 Selecting data based on the range of dates
8:51PM 2 Calculate probabilty
8:38PM 1 Creating objects (data.frames) with names stored in character vector
8:13PM 1 Plotting two time series with different frequencies
7:23PM 1 parallel bootstrap linear model on multicore mac (re-post)
6:23PM 2 create dummy variables by for loop
6:19PM 1 reshaping list into a contingency table
6:03PM 3 set argument of a function by string variable
5:31PM 3 problem in for loop
5:06PM 2 debugging
4:48PM 2 MCMCpack combining chains
4:18PM 1 Fitting distributions with fitdistr
3:37PM 1 Boxplot not doing what I think it should
3:35PM 1 weighted Voronoi diagrams
3:21PM 4 Running code sequentially from separate scripts (but not functions)
2:59PM 1 Objects must be passed as an argument or generated in the function, right?
2:44PM 0 var:covariance matrix from glm using logit function
2:29PM 1 J48 - contrasts can be applied only to factors with 2 or more levels
2:27PM 0 changeLOS package use
2:27PM 0 clog-log based heckit?
2:06PM 0 rpanel rp.tkrplot: x&y when using layout
1:02PM 0 nlme correlation structure
12:38PM 1 Gaps in plotting temporal data.
12:21PM 2 boa library and plots
11:26AM 1 extract printed value from a function
8:41AM 2 if statements on vectors
5:22AM 0 Colors in bwplot with drop.unused.levels=F
3:27AM 1 Removing -Inf values from all the colums in a dataframe
3:06AM 2 how to plot equalprobable error ellipse?
2:15AM 0 Nested logit
1:44AM 0 Basic NLME syntax
1:16AM 1 split the data
12:46AM 1 Group rows by common ID and plot?
Wednesday February 23 2011
10:25PM 1 Weighted Mean By Factor Using "BY"
10:22PM 2 copy values from one dataframes into another
9:23PM 1 Which glm "familiy" to choose with a skewed distribution of residuals, gaussian?
8:21PM 0 parallel bootstrap linear model on multicore mac
7:28PM 0 negative binomial latent class regression in package flexmix
7:02PM 1 integer constraint
5:12PM 1 repeated execution of svm(e1071) gives different results, if probability = TRUE is set
4:35PM 0 svm(e1071) and scaling of weights
4:34PM 0 Using R to calculate ICC by two-way mixed model with absolute agreement
4:32PM 1 conditional seq
4:08PM 4 The L Word
3:20PM 0 Don't know which model in"drc" package is to be used to find EC values.
3:00PM 1 Plot confidence intervals
2:58PM 0 (no subject)
2:32PM 0 GLM, how to get an R2 to explain how much of data explained by one variable?
2:16PM 0 Conflict with Impulse Response Function
1:55PM 3 Using string to call/manipulate an object
1:45PM 0 Over-constrained? gamma mixtures using R: mix{mixdist}
12:49PM 1 building zipped package with windows
11:57AM 0 can you extract predictions for gaussian process in using lme, can you fit matern class in lme
11:34AM 0 Problem with Mclust
10:47AM 1 lattice.wireframe missing wireframe
10:43AM 0 Ubuntu Maverick and revoIPC/doSMP
9:35AM 0 Bonnet-Price CI for difference between two medians
9:16AM 0 Fuzzy Discriminant Analysis (DA)
9:11AM 2 list multiplied by a factor / mapply
8:27AM 1 Fwd: Re: sum data from data.frame in a matrix
7:30AM 1 sum data from data.frame in a matrix
4:34AM 5 mgcv: beta coefficient and 95%CI
1:00AM 1 ggplot2 directional line type?
Tuesday February 22 2011
10:48PM 2 add repeated rows in data frame (without a loop)
10:25PM 5 "aggregate" in R
8:58PM 0 Lacunarity in R
8:17PM 1 odfWeave graphics glitch
8:08PM 3 Plot Stepped Line chart with multiple lines
8:06PM 1 Transfer function observed vs predicted values graph problem
7:52PM 1 how can I connect paired points within lattice bwplot?
7:44PM 0 Advice/suggestions on using a stacked barplot with "zoo"?
6:21PM 2 How to find points of intersection between harmonic function and a line
5:18PM 4 identify an element in a column
5:15PM 1 Discrepancies in run times
4:04PM 0 help on ANOVA, please
4:03PM 1 image.plot results in different colors than legends
3:43PM 3 Weird error (special character) of read.table
3:11PM 3 nrow()
2:52PM 0 Problem with forward prediction using StructTS output
2:23PM 0 Linear Regression on data from FRED
1:53PM 0 cforest() and missing values (party package)
1:47PM 0 Which function in R package "Spatstat" can help me to get the Cramer-von Mises statistic
12:53PM 3 Set size of plot: in pdf() or par() ?
12:20PM 5 question regarding basic stat question
11:27AM 2 How to find points of intersection
11:08AM 2 read.table
10:41AM 1 System of related regression equations
10:09AM 1 qbeta
10:00AM 0 intervals command
9:46AM 2 mle
9:34AM 2 Regarding Savitzky-Golay Smoothing Filter
8:15AM 1 now S4 classes and packages
8:15AM 1 error with 'hash' library
6:43AM 0 How to find Term-to-Term association matrix
6:38AM 0 why no "probabilities" from svm.predict?
4:54AM 1 S3 classes and building a package
3:09AM 1 Adjusting for autocorrelation in a panel model
2:18AM 2 Plotting a functional time series
1:22AM 1 regsubsets {leaps}
1:00AM 0 Cochrane-Orcutt Prais Winsten
12:07AM 2 Calculate a mean for several months for several years
Monday February 21 2011
11:08PM 2 Delete Comment Lines from SQL String as a Vector
10:34PM 3 ROC from R-SVM?
9:49PM 1 question about solving equation using bisection method
9:03PM 1 How to delete rows with specific values on all columns (variables)?
7:05PM 1 difference in pairs ?
6:48PM 0 r-square for cluster
6:17PM 0 OT: R Square Help (this debate again, i know!) and The Experimental Unit
6:14PM 1 output selectively change the font
6:01PM 1 Mutiplying a data frame to a list
6:01PM 1 plot numerous functions in one figure with different values of x per function
5:38PM 3 Species accumulation curves with differential sampling effort
4:31PM 2 (no subject)
4:22PM 3 assign value to multiple objects with a given ls pattern
4:14PM 0 Reg : help using nnet parameters
4:04PM 0 panel data
3:44PM 1 wrong lines in auto.key xyplot
3:34PM 1 J48 / Transform from numeric to nominal
2:44PM 2 naming vectors
2:29PM 1 Fiting a beta distribution in R
2:11PM 2 Equivalent of log file in R?
1:32PM 0 Function within functions and MLE
1:08PM 0 How to source() a .R file which was saved using UTF-8 encoding on Windows?
12:50PM 1 Query: matrix definition
11:20AM 3 Subset according to groups NA proportion within specific variables
11:13AM 1 fitting logit to data
10:42AM 2 linear regression and t-distribution
10:21AM 2 Console output
10:11AM 2 Segfaults of eigen
9:25AM 3 multiple plots using a loop
6:52AM 0 Error in R-SVM help:
6:50AM 2 (no subject)
5:36AM 1 R Square Help (this debate again, i know!)
5:15AM 2 Regarding Soft Independent Modeling Computational Analysis
4:46AM 2 Interpreting the example given by Prof Frank Harrell in {Design} validate.cph
4:02AM 2 NPMC - replacement has 0 rows (multiple comparisons)
1:03AM 1 Tips to export R plots (dotplot function) into latex
12:57AM 0 list of features from svmpath?
Sunday February 20 2011
11:59PM 2 Same color key for multiple lattice contour plots
10:55PM 2 Matrix Help
10:54PM 1 QuadTree
8:59PM 1 Plotting individual trajectories from individual growth model
4:58PM 1 prevent export of specific functions in NAMESPACE
4:13PM 2 concatenate vector after strsplit()
3:19PM 1 inter-specific competition - community matrices and two species models using Lotka-Volterra
2:40PM 1 Conditional sum
2:13PM 0 pre-announcement Google Summer of Code 2011 -- R projects
12:58PM 1 Help Metafor
9:41AM 2 Plot of set
2:19AM 1 problem installing R in Ubuntu 10.04 -HELP
2:17AM 8 Generating uniformly distributed correlated data.
1:58AM 0 loop with model fitting pair of consecutive pair of variable: mailing all of you because it was last option
12:41AM 3 Partial italic in graph titles when looping
12:29AM 0 Extreme Values - Help with GPD function
12:02AM 2 Random Forest & Cross Validation
Saturday February 19 2011
9:58PM 1 barplot, different color for shading lines and bar
9:50PM 4 Accessing DF index
9:39PM 2 Seeking help in Package development
9:36PM 1 Conditional recoding
7:20PM 0 Porting existing Java GUI to R
6:32PM 1 Sample function in R???
4:44PM 1 problem in plotting numeric x by POSIXt class with lattice
4:08PM 0 little help with Nonlinear regression needed
3:35PM 2 reading simulations
2:48PM 1 Building an array from matrix blocks
2:32PM 0 contrasting Somer's D from Design package
10:47AM 1 Joiny probability with R
8:25AM 0 lmer, MCMCsamp and ranef samples?
7:30AM 0 How to detect the spatial point pattern with Thomas process based on pcf
5:08AM 1 help files
4:06AM 1 help about loop
3:45AM 2 question about generics
2:52AM 3 Kolmogorov-smirnov test
2:34AM 0 Start and end point of peak
1:26AM 1 Blotter package ?.
12:59AM 0 Setting Lambda constraints for MCMC ordinal model
Friday February 18 2011
11:41PM 2 Line spacing in graphics
11:29PM 3 Confidence Intervals on Standard Curve
9:50PM 1 breaks/bins question
9:12PM 0 R2wd
8:51PM 1 Means
7:16PM 1 segfault during example(svm)
6:47PM 1 non-ascii characters in R output
6:44PM 1 How to calculate the perimeter and common border of polygons?
6:36PM 1 Bootstraps standard error
6:06PM 1 clustered bar chart help
5:34PM 2 Scaling Lattice Graphics for tikzDevice
5:25PM 0 fit a distribution
5:17PM 0 Is the Diebold Mariano Test in forecast package adjusted?
4:48PM 1 hdf5 library install issue
4:40PM 0 heatmap & cluster
4:28PM 2 How to flag those iterations which yield a warning?
4:13PM 0 Bug in the function Variogram (package nlme) ?
4:10PM 0 gaoshan
3:51PM 0 Variogram (nlme) of a lme object - corSpatial element question
3:09PM 0 Weights in bagged regression trees
2:45PM 2 calculating means
2:38PM 0 variance of model delta glm
2:37PM 3 ERGM + Anova
2:28PM 1 plot3d, color points by group
2:17PM 4 Matrix in R
1:21PM 2 R script HELP!
1:01PM 6 sort a 3 dimensional array across third dimension ?
11:05AM 1 line type in plots of the "ade4" package
11:00AM 1 how to incorporate prior base probabilities into binomial glmm
10:49AM 3 lm without intercept
10:44AM 1 Boundaries of R
10:02AM 1 multiple regression plane
9:29AM 1 reading a matlab file
9:28AM 0 Shared nearest neighbor (SNN) clustering algorithm implementation?
7:50AM 3 How to change dataframe to tables
6:41AM 2 xyplot formula
5:53AM 1 problem with rbind when data frame contains an date-time variable "POSIXt" "POSIXlt"
5:08AM 1 Find peaks in dataset(x,y) and area for each peak
2:21AM 3 recoding a data in different way: please help
12:13AM 1 Using Weights in R
Thursday February 17 2011
11:54PM 1 RCurl HTTP Post ?
11:22PM 2 sort by column and row names
10:35PM 2 convert the sas file into csv in R
10:01PM 2 RGtk2 on Debian Testing
9:54PM 1 Problem with writing a file in UTF-8
9:48PM 1 Populate a list / recursively set list values to NA
9:45PM 1 cv.glmnet errors
9:18PM 0 Credible intervals for Bayesian Model Averaging using the BAS package
9:10PM 1 Integration with an Indicator Function in R
9:06PM 1 Integrate with an indicator function
8:57PM 0 Data frame sampling
8:56PM 2 need tick marks by 10s or 20s up to 200 on x axis
8:53PM 0 New version of rms package on CRAN
7:56PM 3 summing 15 minute precip data to daily
7:23PM 1 missing values in party::ctree
7:14PM 0 Indentify polygons that are on the border of a shapefile
6:55PM 0 Multivariate BLUP
6:45PM 2 A very basic line-plot question
6:44PM 0 Predictive Analytics with R, PMML and ADAPA
5:47PM 1 censoring symbols on survfit plot
5:31PM 1 color.scale error
5:22PM 1 Urgent Request
4:54PM 4 Find and replace all the elements in a data frame
4:08PM 0 Multi-response MCMCglmm (gaussian and zapoisson)
4:02PM 2 Pre-allocation of matrices is LESS efficient?
4:00PM 2 barplot with errorbars
3:44PM 0 deriving waveform values
3:36PM 2 does range of values in array include a third value?
3:19PM 3 ggplot2, 'se' variable in geom_errorbar's limits?
3:14PM 0 [BioC] Make.cdf.package error
2:48PM 1 How to speed up a for() loop
2:29PM 2 Dependency on R-Forge Package
2:13PM 1 Categorical Variables and Machine Learning
1:18PM 0 VGAM in R
1:16PM 0 Best way to organize this data for plotting
12:18PM 0 Oaxaca Decomposition
10:55AM 0 Fw: RE: Variable length datafile import problem
10:44AM 1 building R from source
10:40AM 1 multi process support in R
10:08AM 7 removing lower and upper quantiles from an arry
9:54AM 1 add text to abline
9:29AM 0 Fitting power-law: how to choose xmin ?
9:16AM 2 amount of data R can handle in a single file
7:15AM 2 darcs patch: Apply on data frame
4:35AM 3 sampling
3:23AM 1 Function scope issues
2:43AM 1 3 questions about the poisson regression of contingency table
12:28AM 1 which functions are being debugged?
12:10AM 1 calling pairs of variables into a function
Wednesday February 16 2011
11:44PM 1 summary in functions
11:42PM 0 vector splicing
11:28PM 1 speed up the code
9:58PM 1 Saturated model in binomial glm
9:29PM 2 create a data frame with the given column names
9:21PM 1 formal concept analysis in R?
9:19PM 0 predict not complete?
9:14PM 1 logsumexp function in R
9:06PM 1 Flipping axis 1 in CCA plot - vegan
8:31PM 1 Timeseries Data Plotted as Monthly Boxplots
8:22PM 1 help needed for strptime "000000" !
8:19PM 0 Fwd: D parameter on qqplots
8:19PM 1 Parzen fractional degree of differencing estimator
8:14PM 2 covar
8:08PM 0 command history in slave mode
7:09PM 1 help with spatstat ppp transformation data
6:39PM 0 ParallelR Lite on Mac OSX?
6:38PM 0 y-axis slightly cut-off after printing plots to tiff
6:13PM 2 Linear regressions: producing multiple outputs
6:11PM 1 incomplete final line
5:42PM 1 confused by lapply
5:36PM 1 Rjdbc dbGetquery execution error
5:01PM 1 caret::train() and ctree()
4:41PM 0 Evaluating model fits for ordinal multinomial regressions with polr()
4:41PM 1 error in optim, within polr(): "initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite"
4:12PM 0 hel on leveneTest
3:49PM 1 VAR with HAC
3:29PM 0 Arima contents
3:19PM 2 tikzDevice compiling problem
3:08PM 1 NeweyWest
3:06PM 1 using the bootstrap method for latent class analysis
3:00PM 1 id number by group and correlative
2:41PM 1 Need Assistance in Stacked Area plot
2:27PM 1 ExpertFit
2:08PM 1 Hartley's table
12:51PM 0 remote data access from Sweave - does not evaluate?
12:44PM 2 boot.ci error with large data sets
12:44PM 0 calling R function from a java program
12:35PM 1 retrieving partial residuals of gam fit (mgcv)
12:16PM 1 read.table - reading text variables as text
12:10PM 0 while loop / ICA
11:51AM 2 leap years in temporal series command ts
10:51AM 0 Shading of a boxplot
10:37AM 0 uninstall R
10:17AM 2 how to create normalized pdf plot?
10:15AM 1 sprintf does not print
10:04AM 0 add regression equation to panel.lm - package psych
9:45AM 2 Axis positions
9:38AM 2 monitor variable change
4:43AM 3 image() with a vector
3:14AM 0 Constraints in projection pursuit regression
2:05AM 2 Confidence interval of Survival Curve of Weighted Cox Regression
1:34AM 0 R Crash -- R Gui crashes during MCMC iteration
1:27AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 96, Issue 17
12:09AM 2 distance between consecutive points
Tuesday February 15 2011
11:49PM 0 spatstat ppm models with covariates
10:52PM 1 getBM in biomaRt
10:31PM 1 summary for factors is not very informative
10:20PM 4 string parsing
9:55PM 2 Sweave doesn't hand on width of special characters of Computer Modern fonts to LaTeX
9:50PM 0 Relationships between png resolution, axis.text$cex trellis setting, and paddings
9:49PM 0 Delta method using numerical derivatives
9:27PM 1 selecting columns
8:05PM 1 Cannot allocate memory block
7:11PM 2 Testing for empty result of which
6:36PM 0 RPostgreSQL [Expired connection at startup]
6:20PM 1 R package error
5:21PM 3 expected behavior when parsing lines with special characters
4:43PM 2 Error when modifying names of the object returned by get()
4:40PM 1 all.equal: subscript out of bounds
4:40PM 1 [[]] confusion
4:39PM 2 strptime format = "%H:%M:%OS6"
4:35PM 1 Write File to Shared Drive
4:23PM 1 Cairo device won't output the PNG
3:42PM 1 ternary contour plot
3:13PM 1 Interpretation of p-values, coxph
3:07PM 1 Estimation of an GARCH model with conditional skewness and kurtosis
2:58PM 0 Weighted least squares with constraints
2:55PM 1 [slightly OT] predict.randomForest and type=”prob”
2:33PM 2 Count factor if
2:12PM 4 Variable length datafile import problem
1:24PM 0 add regression equation to panel.lm
1:23PM 1 how to plot average line of a var at y-axis
12:15PM 1 Passing Arguments in a function
11:50AM 1 regex
9:35AM 1 quick question about binary data
8:43AM 2 "Error : singular gradient matrix at initial parameters estimates"
7:44AM 1 Query: Code needed for MLE f Gamma distribution
12:36AM 0 Parzen fractional degree of difference estimator
Monday February 14 2011
11:42PM 3 help with aggregate()
11:26PM 0 hazard.ratio command:
10:45PM 2 Is there a way to force counters to be treated as "unsigned?"
10:06PM 4 R, Ubuntu, package installation with non-zero exit status
8:20PM 0 Apply Function To Each Row of Matrix
7:33PM 1 Bron-Kerbosch algorithm
6:58PM 1 problem running scripts
6:32PM 2 txtProgressBar examples?
6:13PM 0 Parzen estimator of fractional degree of difference, d
5:22PM 5 Transforming relational data
5:08PM 1 How to group data by day
4:57PM 1 Return list of data frames.
3:52PM 0 Problems with "Ctrl+r" on Dell machines
3:50PM 1 R not working after loading lattice
3:35PM 0 fit two-parameter lognormal distribution, l-moments
3:35PM 1 Error en lm.fit NA/NaN/Inf en llamada a una función externa
3:34PM 4 sem problem - did not converge
3:31PM 0 Spatstat - envelope, Thomas process and Cramer-von Mises
2:59PM 0 R 2.12.2 scheduled for February 25
2:58PM 3 CDF of Sample Quantile
12:48PM 1 MCMC glmm
12:45PM 2 How can I slightly offset plots?
12:37PM 1 Analyzing dissimilarity ratings with Multidimensional Scaling
12:17PM 1 Optimization Question
11:59AM 1 problem in installing Rattle in R
10:31AM 2 How to get warning about implicit factor to integer coercion?
9:49AM 0 package rgl installation failure due to png
9:13AM 1 Regular Expression
9:02AM 1 conditional value assignment
8:55AM 3 how to order POSIXt objects ?
7:29AM 2 saving plots
6:33AM 1 (no subject)
6:01AM 1 Selecting particular rows in a table
5:31AM 1 Optimal Y>=q cutoff after logistic regression
4:32AM 1 summing values for specific variables
2:14AM 2 how to overlay a map of US on image plot
1:25AM 0 Problems with tinnR editor
Sunday February 13 2011
9:47PM 4 A Math question
7:59PM 1 xyplot text sizing
7:38PM 2 packages that were removed from the CRAN repository
7:28PM 1 RCytoscape setPosition error
6:28PM 1 autocorrelaltion function plots
4:59PM 2 Removing elements from a vector matching a criteria, BUG in which() function
4:17PM 3 How to print and save simulated data?
3:43PM 6 From numeric vector to string vector
3:27PM 3 String manipulation
3:15PM 0 BMS package and leading minor problems
3:05PM 2 Recoding using the memisc package
2:54PM 1 saturated model with a given umber of interaction effects
1:39PM 2 creating NAs for some values only
3:07AM 1 Changes titles in ggplot2 plot
1:47AM 1 calculate phase/amplitude of fourier transform function in R
Saturday February 12 2011
9:08PM 1 out of sample forecast
8:51PM 0 Fw: Re: Linked List in R
7:57PM 2 Regarding {KernSmooth} - Can a package on CRAN have non GPL copyrights?
7:08PM 2 Linked List in R
5:22PM 2 use map.axes for a projected map
2:30PM 2 Test for equivalence
2:00PM 3 Data manipulation
1:08PM 4 From SPSS Syntax to R code
12:48PM 2 Time unit in ts() and arima() functions
11:53AM 1 markov-switching models
7:36AM 0 natural cubic spline and multiple variables
7:31AM 1 how to improve the precison of this calculation?
5:11AM 0 Downloading S&P monthly data into R
1:51AM 2 Predictions with missing inputs
Friday February 11 2011
11:19PM 1 How do I add a book title to the R bibliography?
10:45PM 0 Summarizing a response variable based on an irregular time period
10:29PM 1 Time Series in R with ggplot2
8:21PM 1 R for mac, default load package.
7:05PM 6 linear models with factors
6:36PM 4 About classification methods.
5:27PM 1 Help optimizing EMD::extrema()
4:56PM 1 foreach with registerDoMC on R 2.12.0 OSX 10.6 --- errors and warnings
3:56PM 2 lattice auto.key gives mismatch colors
3:39PM 1 Creating a ragged array
3:14PM 1 problem with installing packages
3:10PM 1 cycle in a directed graph
3:05PM 1 Package distr and define your own distribution
2:01PM 0 RCurl - HTTP request of header ONLY
1:55PM 1 Re. When is *interactive* data visualization useful to use?
1:24PM 1 Using merge
1:00PM 0 Ordinal logistic regression (lrm)- checking model assumptions
12:51PM 2 Large Datasets
12:25PM 4 take my name from the list
12:16PM 2 extracting p-values from the Manova function (car library)
12:14PM 1 censReg or tobit: testing for assumptions in R?
11:14AM 1 Passing function arguments
10:37AM 1 How to compute "yaxp" and "usr" without plotting ?
10:11AM 1 Extract a slot value from a 'SpatialPolygons' class object
9:56AM 2 Using filled.contour and contour functions together
9:48AM 0 directed MST
7:54AM 2 Matrix of Matrices?
7:52AM 2 fitdistr question
7:52AM 3 Writing R packages in an easier way?
6:26AM 4 When is *interactive* data visualization useful to use?
5:12AM 3 How can we make a vector call a function element-wise efficiently?
2:42AM 0 backward prediction in multivariate multiple regression
12:30AM 1 if a variable is defined
12:06AM 2 tzone and DST
Thursday February 10 2011
11:46PM 2 Getting p-value from summary output
11:21PM 0 Bwplot with dendrogram to indicate significant differences
9:54PM 3 Finding length of unique numbers in a vector
9:50PM 1 How to determine the quantile boundary from an ECDF?
9:21PM 2 Calling symbols from dataframe for xyplot
9:13PM 0 Changing the points in a circular plot
8:56PM 1 Add different types of legend: line and points
8:53PM 2 Calculating rowMeans from different columns in each row?
8:43PM 0 Chi square test of proprotions in 2 groups of different sizes
8:35PM 1 accessing members from a data frame
8:09PM 1 How to reset libPaths for root
7:40PM 1 : package to draw
7:39PM 1 Multi-page plots (Trellis)
6:50PM 2 Repeaded sampling
6:32PM 0 hazard ratio between my groups
6:28PM 1 Optimal choice of the threshold u in Peak Over Threshold (POT) Approach
6:00PM 2 Comparison of glm.nb and negbin from the package aod
5:55PM 0 Question about the covariate Z in rhierMnlRwMixture (bayesm)
5:41PM 0 comparing groups of proportions
5:40PM 2 Rioja package, creating transfer function, WA, "Error in FUN"
5:21PM 0 Kernel and Machine Learning
5:00PM 0 non-finite function value
4:55PM 1 Modifying a package name / Build from sources (rpart)
4:45PM 2 Prediction accuracy from Bagging with continuous data
4:28PM 1 about prediction with a factor
4:11PM 1 randomly generated binary matrix (with conditions)
4:02PM 1 Conditional sampling
3:46PM 1 problem with R (akima, fUtilities) in Ubuntu 10.04
3:42PM 2 Help using "tm" text mining package - preprocessing
3:23PM 1 highest and second highest value in row for each combination
2:27PM 0 directed minimum spanning tree
2:07PM 3 help - "the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used"
2:00PM 0 MatchIt and sensitivity analysis
1:40PM 1 Ggplot: free x-scales in a facet-grid
1:09PM 0 stochastic growth models
12:36PM 1 Installing cairo-package fails / solaris
12:18PM 0 maximum likelihood classifier
11:50AM 3 modifynig some elements of a vector
11:42AM 1 extracting characters from string
10:04AM 0 JGR and font antialiasing
9:54AM 0 minimum spanning tree
9:52AM 0 plz help with rasch model
9:51AM 1 Longitudinal Weights in PLM package
9:37AM 2 Installing R on cygwin
9:28AM 0 loop problem
7:28AM 1 color2D.maplot fixed color range
6:45AM 3 Permuting rows of a matrix
5:24AM 1 mean and sd for a Dataframe
4:53AM 1 subscription
4:48AM 1 Newb Prediction Question using stepAIC and predict(), is R wrong?
4:18AM 2 for loop to merge .csvs
3:21AM 2 merge multiple .csv files
2:29AM 0 expression for index of pairwise combinations
2:16AM 0 Need help with merge
2:08AM 1 factor.scores
2:06AM 1 rjdbc identifier.quote
1:46AM 1 Revolution Analytics reading SAS datasets
1:27AM 2 Hmisc errbar color
12:40AM 1 "Error in plot.window(...) : invalid 'xlim' value" from plot(...par(new = TRUE))
Wednesday February 9 2011
11:12PM 3 Problem with xlsx package
11:10PM 2 comparing proportions
10:03PM 0 [R-SIG-Mac] Plotting Chinese characters
9:55PM 0 Transform samples table to rank table
9:55PM 0 Multiple inheritance with reference classes?
9:26PM 1 add mean and sd to dotplot in each panel using lattice
8:50PM 1 setIs and setAs
8:47PM 2 nested ifelse problem
8:44PM 2 assign factor levels based on list
8:14PM 1 Error running LME model
7:16PM 1 Question on sapply
7:16PM 0 Matching from a dissimilarity / similarity matrix
7:16PM 1 How to properly use a generated test string as a name?
7:06PM 0 R Courses***February - April 2011 schedule by XLSolutions Corp
6:02PM 3 Loop in variable names
6:01PM 1 Two Factors and a Numeric Variable in a Plot
5:34PM 1 Adding labels into lattice's barchart
5:18PM 2 heatmap-how to change the order of the rows (genes)
4:44PM 0 test proportion
4:40PM 0 adehabitatMA, LT, HR and HS version 0.1
4:35PM 1 samr - extract genes from siggenes.table
4:11PM 2 Expected behavior of as.character ??
4:06PM 2 Generate multivariate normal data with a random correlation matrix
3:56PM 0 a question about AMORE (newff, sim), pls help
3:52PM 0 Course: "Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis using WinBUGS and R"
3:23PM 3 precision of gamma function
3:21PM 1 VECM - GARCH using maxLik()
3:11PM 2 A question on Duplicating
2:29PM 2 wrong length error
2:09PM 3 Need help merging two dataframes
1:04PM 1 Plot bivariate density with densities margins
12:15PM 5 Problem with long number (from character to numeric class)
11:57AM 0 Beginner needs help with plotting a generalized pareto distribution with R
9:09AM 2 Insert variable in RMySQL-Statement
8:25AM 0 bootstrap and rash model
8:23AM 1 rimage package fftw breaks when freeing memory on openSUSE 11.3
8:22AM 0 Installation of packages problem solved
7:38AM 3 add error bars in a plot
6:10AM 1 merge, rbind, merge.zoo? adding new rows to existing data.frame
5:02AM 1 Extracting content from web
3:50AM 1 help with operations inside matrix
2:58AM 1 newbie Question on Generic and Method
2:11AM 5 Removing Outliers Function
12:04AM 1 Iterate over a list of input files?
Tuesday February 8 2011
11:18PM 3 Parallel processing question ...
11:07PM 1 SEM: question regarding how standard errors are calculated
10:33PM 0 Update: googleVis 0.2.4 - Using the Google Visualisation API with R
9:54PM 2 delete a row in dataframe w/o changing indexing
9:14PM 3 intervals {nlme} lower CI greater than upper CI !!!????
9:12PM 4 Interactions in a nls model
9:07PM 1 Mixed font type in plot title
8:50PM 2 Plot using treatment letter as points
8:42PM 2 Plot where points are treatment letter
8:36PM 5 Removing X and Y labels in graph error
8:24PM 4 manipulating the Date & Time classes
8:18PM 0 glht{multcomp} : use with lme {nlme}
7:54PM 1 Grouping by factors in R
7:42PM 3 Use glm coefficients for other datasets
7:38PM 1 Just another pattern matching / indexing question
7:35PM 1 help on stepfunction
7:11PM 3 Keep date, strip time?
7:03PM 1 Plotting Chinese characters
6:15PM 1 FP growth in R?
5:39PM 0 tsboot fails on Seasonal Mann-Kendall (seaKen function, wq package)
5:34PM 1 Recuperate Spectrum() amplitude
4:51PM 1 Simulation of Multivariate Fractional Gaussian Noise and Fractional Brownian Motion
4:43PM 1 Title
4:40PM 1 Set a Numeric Field To Blank
4:37PM 0 ez version 3.0
4:15PM 2 as.Date
3:31PM 3 strptime "March 14 2010" and NA?
2:57PM 2 Extrcat selected rows from a list
2:54PM 1 How to change labels in scatterplot?
2:16PM 1 Fitting a model with an offset in bigglm
2:06PM 0 text file problem-Solved!
1:34PM 1 Proportions comparison
1:19PM 3 text file problem-Help needed
1:15PM 1 goto blas related R segfault
12:49PM 0 How to find the right devices in a minimum number of boxes
12:30PM 1 Error in example Glm rms package
11:36AM 6 "strange" behavior of panel.abline inside a for-loop
11:33AM 0 Comparison between Train and SVM method
10:56AM 2 please hep in uniform distribution
10:14AM 2 Plot colour according to column
10:05AM 1 read.xls counts more rows than I really have in my Excel file
9:21AM 1 Installation of packages
8:24AM 2 please help-DTK package
7:27AM 2 Frequency plot --- stacked symbols
4:38AM 1 which multivariate regression?
4:33AM 2 partial evaluation of a function with several arguments
4:29AM 2 Convert the output of by() to a data frame
4:10AM 1 Generate data from correlation matrix
3:42AM 2 Stopping between multiple graphs
1:20AM 1 Naive Bayes Issue - Can't Predict - Error is "Error in log(sapply(attribs...)
1:15AM 3 Perform one-way ANOVA using standard deviation and mean
Monday February 7 2011
11:54PM 2 Using Aggregate for Date
11:05PM 0 Weighted Curve fitting - esp. logarithmic
10:54PM 1 rjava does not install
10:48PM 1 kernel density
10:31PM 1 3D plots
10:00PM 1 Four paramete logistics.
9:37PM 0 Combining the results from two simple linear regression models
8:44PM 2 fast optimization routines in R
8:20PM 2 circular
7:31PM 2 package ChemometricsWithR
6:54PM 0 under what conditions would rtmvnorm (from package tmvtnorm) produce all NaNs
6:21PM 1 p-value for y in non-parametric distribution, Y
6:13PM 1 Unusual slowing of R matrix multiplication version 2.12.1 (2010-10-15) vs 2.12.0
5:39PM 1 Question about checkTmvArgs function in rtmvnorm (package tmvtnorm)
5:36PM 1 Seeking help to define s4 method for 'print'
5:30PM 1 how to return multipy matrix in a function
4:25PM 1 color2d.maplot error
4:15PM 2 question mle again
4:05PM 2 problem in merging
3:45PM 1 Creating a list of lists / hclust elements
3:13PM 1 how to efficiently extract elements of a list?
2:37PM 1 Extract number from string
2:12PM 5 "Where" command in ctree (party)
2:10PM 3 Loop to find dates whithin dates
1:06PM 0 overlapping moving windows
1:01PM 0 "matrix is not of full rank" error in package tgp
1:00PM 1 can I use the output of a neural network as the fitness function of genetic algorithm?
12:16PM 0 using character vector as input argument to setkey (data.tablepakcage)
11:39AM 2 Unbalanced Mixed Linear Models With Nested Stratum
11:16AM 1 series of boxplots
11:13AM 1 tri-cube and gaussian weights in loess
11:10AM 0 How to mix copulas in R
10:24AM 0 FW: multivariate regression
9:49AM 1 waveThresh plot axis
9:27AM 1 multiple imputation manually
8:18AM 2 Confused
7:40AM 1 lattice: Synchronizing key and lines; or: why is lty used as lwd in legend?
7:37AM 3 Image to plot
6:15AM 3 Giving vector of colors to line in plots
2:16AM 4 delete rows
1:21AM 2 questions about counting numbers
12:37AM 0 dendrogram height in heatmaps
Sunday February 6 2011
9:46PM 1 function optimization
8:25PM 2 Subsampling out of site*abundance matrix
8:02PM 1 Fund style categorizing
7:41PM 0 using character vector as input argument to setkey (data.table pakcage)
7:11PM 2 Fortran and long integers
6:32PM 1 Applying 'cbind/rbind' among different list object
6:31PM 1 How to use a value of an aboject in a line command?
3:28PM 5 Help with integrating R and c/c++
11:48AM 1 Confidence interval based on MLE
11:43AM 1 boot() versus loop, and statistics option
11:17AM 1 anova() interpretation and error message
11:13AM 3 manipulate dataframe
11:10AM 1 random interaction effect in lmer
7:41AM 2 Legend outside the plot? xpd?
2:38AM 2 A list within a list?
2:34AM 2 Multiplying elements of vectors
Saturday February 5 2011
11:18PM 1 very basic HLM question
10:19PM 1 Seeking help to define method for '+'
10:16PM 0 survfit - help avoiding re-inventing the wheel.
10:12PM 1 beanplot
9:22PM 1 Lightweight store plots as images.
9:02PM 0 Gompert-Makeham and Siler models
8:58PM 2 print(...,digits=2) behavior
6:00PM 1 Creating covariance matrices for simple and complex factor structure
5:05PM 0 (no subject)
3:23PM 0 plot two pearson correlation matrix on one heatmap
2:29PM 3 spline interpolation
10:01AM 1 Create factorial design
5:21AM 1 Performance of graph and igraph package
2:44AM 1 [OT] BLUE vs. BLUP
12:09AM 2 Help!!! from R beginner
12:06AM 1 different results in MASS's mca and SAS's corresp
Friday February 4 2011
9:33PM 1 Quadratic regression: estimating the maximizing value
9:24PM 1 rbinom and probability
9:15PM 1 problem barplot width
9:07PM 4 aggregate function - na.action
7:20PM 1 GWAF package: lme.batch.imputed(): object 'kmat' not found
7:03PM 2 Avoiding two loops
6:45PM 1 read.table error
6:29PM 0 switching y-axis to x-axis for qqmath
5:21PM 1 dataframes from a function
5:15PM 2 always about positive definite matrix
4:56PM 2 How to get the variables used in stepwise logistic regression?
4:46PM 0 MSBVAR and hc.forecast
4:30PM 0 (no subject)
4:11PM 0 spatial autocorrelation for data that are temporally pseudoreplicated
3:51PM 1 Suppress only Z axis tick marks and numbers in wireframe statement
3:46PM 1 <environment: 0x000000000734f888> in object of class formula
3:37PM 3 lapply, strsplit, and list elements
3:27PM 0 Layout control from RCytoscape
3:25PM 0 GAM quasipoisson in MuMIn - SOLVED
2:47PM 3 Importing dates from SPSS file
2:35PM 3 Apply parameters to a function from a list
2:22PM 0 RODBC : how to avoid truncatig big integer when using sqlsave
2:13PM 0 Adding axes label to image:Fixed
2:13PM 0 sensitivity analysis with external simulation model - decoupling in package "sensitivity" or alternative?
2:03PM 2 vegan and sweave using xtable
12:55PM 3 shade between two curves
12:54PM 4 multivariate regression
12:35PM 3 uniroot
12:32PM 2 recode according to specific sequence of characters within a string variable
12:31PM 1 GAM quasipoisson in MuMIn
11:21AM 1 customizing names in an ordination biplot
11:04AM 1 Multiple line-plots from one data file using factor
10:42AM 1 cancel "hclust" at bottom of dendrogram plot
10:36AM 2 Rexcel for mac
10:14AM 1 Adding axes label to image
8:23AM 0 R package hypred: Simulation of genomic data in applied genetics
8:14AM 1 least significant difference error bars
7:37AM 1 Error in solve.default(inf, tol = tol.solve) :
6:42AM 2 how to learn more from R
5:06AM 1 Please stop all e-mail
4:47AM 1 Can an xyplot() plus legend be saved as an Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF)?
3:52AM 2 Finding non-normal distributions per row of data frame?
1:54AM 1 problem subsetting a data frame
12:12AM 1 Easy help with plots, font size
Thursday February 3 2011
9:17PM 0 Generalized Estimating Equations and a Reviewer Question I can’t answer
8:57PM 1 rgenoud for multiple chips: does a more recent special version of "snow" exist?
8:03PM 1 use "summary"
8:03PM 1 "hubers" function in R MASS library : problem and solution
7:41PM 3 R Data Manipulation - Transposing Data by a Given Column, Like User_ID
7:14PM 3 coxph fails to survfit
7:13PM 0 Need advises on mixed-effect model ( a concrete example)
6:51PM 0 I want to ask user to create a typical matrix, otherwise there should be some error displaying...
6:16PM 3 Changing the direction of axis labels on a plot
6:08PM 1 My own distribution in survreg function
5:49PM 0 replacement bootstrapping
5:14PM 0 Mixed Model Logistic Weighting
4:35PM 2 substring and paste character with a for loop
4:33PM 2 "Matrix' with Functions
4:29PM 2 tapply output as a dataframe
3:57PM 2 R-help
3:27PM 3 get caller's name
3:12PM 2 Sorting a Data Frame by hybrid string / number key
2:04PM 0 coxme, colon2 dataframe
2:00PM 0 mpirun .C and R
1:49PM 0 minimum steiner tree
1:14PM 1 random sequences for rnorm and runif
12:30PM 2 how to read the "Sum Sq" - column from summary.aov()
12:27PM 1 boostrap an nls regression
11:47AM 0 Error message: number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
11:26AM 1 mapply question (?)
10:19AM 3 Reg : read missing values from database using RJDBC
9:58AM 1 glmnet with binary predictors
8:46AM 0 R: mpirun .C and R
8:36AM 3 interpret significance from the contr.poly() function
3:20AM 3 how to check if an attribute exists
2:44AM 1 problem with parLapply from snow
1:57AM 0 Select just numeric values from rows
12:55AM 1 Getting variable names in function output
Wednesday February 2 2011
11:06PM 0 Two packages with the same name in different projects at r-forge
11:01PM 4 testing randomness of random number generators with student t-test?
10:40PM 1 set digits in xtable by row
9:08PM 2 Help with one of "those" apply functions
8:49PM 4 Testing whether a number belong to a set
8:37PM 2 slightly off topic...
8:36PM 4 looping variable names
8:15PM 1 Help with Help
8:02PM 1 A question about sampling
7:40PM 2 unequally spaced factor levels orthogonal polynomial contrasts coefficients trend analysis
7:20PM 1 Flexibly Retrieving Objects with an Index
7:16PM 0 JGR crashes if more than 1 script executed
6:31PM 2 Indexing from two variables
5:44PM 1 Source code of rnorm, where can I find it?
4:44PM 3 Average of several line plots
4:43PM 4 exact logistic regression
4:36PM 1 Merging by factor variables
4:00PM 2 Why my package is not being generated?
3:49PM 1 drawing from one cell to another using layout() - possible?
3:49PM 2 Efficient way to determine if a data frame has missing observations
3:26PM 2 grey scale graphs
2:56PM 2 SVM Prediction and Plot
2:50PM 2 Help me apply mapply
2:42PM 1 update not working
2:22PM 0 General Solution to Drawing a Spline Curve in 3d?
2:12PM 2 matrix and a function - apply function
2:04PM 0 Need help subsetting time series data
1:59PM 3 Applying multiple functions to one object
1:43PM 1 Acf of Frima
1:40PM 0 Error w tokenizer .jcall unless run as root
1:39PM 0 Finding the dominant factor in an unbalanced group
1:30PM 2 subset in a BIG matrix
1:25PM 1 Significant codes in mtable
1:02PM 0 Problem with getFX function
12:43PM 1 Lattice nb/wlist help
12:12PM 1 String to Matrix
12:10PM 2 multicore + xeon ?
11:55AM 1 Error of 'memory not mapped' in ff Package with VirtualBox
11:51AM 1 pass nrow(x) to dots in function(x){plot(x,...)}
11:22AM 0 How column names/row names are preserved in matrix calculation?
10:28AM 2 clustering with finite mixture model
10:18AM 0 Manipulating XTS data
9:47AM 1 RMySQL, cant find MySQL
9:13AM 3 reshape data, adding rows to dataframe
8:48AM 2 Finding the maximum in a particular group in a dataframe
7:55AM 1 combining vectors into list
7:35AM 2 Counter in a For Loop - Efficiency Issue
7:23AM 1 Hidden environment
7:09AM 1 error in density plot
7:07AM 1 error in scan(...
4:49AM 1 Why my package is not being generate?
4:37AM 0 time bin sum
2:40AM 2 automatic coercion to character
1:30AM 1 Function to locate points in 3d octants or points on two axes
1:16AM 0 Function to
Tuesday February 1 2011
10:07PM 1 using SNOW and clusterApplyLB to run jobs parallel
10:03PM 1 lower.tri/upper.tri functions unable to make a matrix symmetric!
10:01PM 2 "each" argument in rep (Bug?)
8:51PM 6 help
8:20PM 2 superscript
7:57PM 1 Sweave
7:27PM 1 kmeans: number of cluster centres must lie between 1 and nrow(x)
7:05PM 5 (no subject)
7:01PM 3 Matching patients
6:53PM 0 Now available: "25 Recipes for Getting Started with R"
5:42PM 3 R string help
4:51PM 1 Lmer binomial distribution x HLM Bernoulli distribution
4:08PM 4 Fitting ELISA measurements "unknowns" to 4 parameter logistic model
4:01PM 1 Rmpi; sample code not running, the slaves won't execute commands
3:41PM 2 Regression type 2, x measured with error
3:31PM 1 Help need to define method of an s4 class
3:10PM 0 general question on approaches to getting data from data providers
3:10PM 1 Setting maximum value of the legend on an image.plot and animation
2:52PM 1 dotchart {graphics} 2.11.1 vs. 2.12.1
2:39PM 1 Finding non-ASCII characters in R code using R
2:27PM 1 Hidden variables
2:04PM 2 better way to iterate matrix multiplication?
1:49PM 4 Comparing decimal numbers
1:47PM 1 sqlsave and mysql database with autoincremental column
1:09PM 1 Subset of Data Frame using the date
12:04PM 1 Rserve
11:01AM 1 Estimation and Forecast of Seasonal Component
10:29AM 1 Working with additional input for user defined function
9:56AM 2 Problems with sample means and standard deviations
9:52AM 1 multi-Operations on a matrix
9:51AM 2 Scatterplot Question
9:46AM 2 Preparing dataset for glmnet: factors to dummies
9:31AM 2 How to change size of xlab inplot?
9:20AM 2 Read a similarity matrix from excel
8:09AM 1 mle question
7:15AM 0 (no subject)
6:25AM 1 How can I index multiple linear models? (Without getting a warning.)
5:20AM 4 How to Plot Two Curves Into One Page
4:22AM 3 sum the values in a vector as a complete number
4:04AM 2 how to check if a library is loaded, from a function
2:39AM 2 Simple Boxplot Question- unexpected string constant error
1:45AM 1 List of List in Data Frame
12:46AM 1 list.files() error message: 'translateCharUTF8' must be called on a CHARSXP