R help - Jan 2009

Saturday January 31 2009
11:26PM 0 embed in webpage
11:16PM 2 Tunnelling X for R graphics
10:28PM 1 display p-values and significance levels
10:04PM 1 thurston case 5
8:32PM 1 Question on Sweave-Latex and examples in the Sweave Manual
8:00PM 0 Model Based Bootstrap of an MA(1)-Modell (with R-code)!
7:48PM 1 FW: can't get package boot to load
5:54PM 0 can't get package boot to load
4:45PM 1 interaction plot in R for factorial experiment
3:21PM 0 How to use AIC to calculate optimal lag length in ADL model?
3:19PM 3 This site may harm your computer - Google warning about cran website
2:12PM 1 sas.get under Linux
1:25PM 2 Creating Sub-Matrix
1:20PM 1 Test Driven Development in R
10:25AM 1 Splitting a data frame with break points where factor changes value
7:53AM 0 need a help with dealing XML
4:18AM 0 Corrected Links: OT :Interview with the CEO , REvolution Computing : Commercial R launched
3:22AM 0 OT :Interview with the CEO , REvolution Computing : Commercial R launched
1:32AM 1 Extracting coordinates for cluster::clusplot()
Friday January 30 2009
11:57PM 2 reshape with two time variables
11:30PM 1 Ancova
10:53PM 1 Using ggplot2 I need to move the location of legend to on the plot
10:52PM 1 problem using identify() after plot()
8:42PM 0 Anova and a covariate of no interest
8:17PM 2 help with time series
6:57PM 1 Fitted values and residuals from glmmPQL (MASS package)
5:34PM 1 Using Rscript
5:25PM 1 run query using rexcel runrfile and rodbc sql query
5:24PM 1 sub question
5:06PM 3 paste together object names to pass it on to a function
4:51PM 3 identifying what labels have been created in a plot
4:16PM 1 Analytics Training Institute launches course on R
3:46PM 1 simulating outcomes - categorical distribution (?)
3:10PM 1 How to collect arrays in an array?
2:54PM 1 Date functions
2:06PM 1 Rgraphviz install
2:00PM 3 princomp - varimax - factanal
2:00PM 0 lmer and weights
1:47PM 1 OO programming & S3/S4 paradigm - General question
1:29PM 1 From z to Rho
12:46PM 2 Subsetting without partial matches
11:58AM 2 Problem installing RMySQL ("S4R.h:40:17: error: S.h: No such file or directory"?)
10:51AM 1 Equivalent of Hold On MatLab Command
10:29AM 1 Factor Analysis-factanal function
10:22AM 0 ERROR: compilation failed for package 'RdbiPgSQL'
9:49AM 2 error message with roxygen
6:10AM 1 R DCOMServer Manager 2.0
5:31AM 1 plotting lines with missing data for x values
4:51AM 0 How to generate a xyplot with multiple panels using an empty data frame ?
2:00AM 3 Matlab inv() and R solve() differences
1:29AM 2 Regression
12:39AM 3 Q about how to use Anova.mlm
Thursday January 29 2009
11:50PM 1 Multidimensional scalling
11:05PM 0 np 0.30-1 (nonparametric kernel smoothing methods for mixed data types) is available on CRAN...
10:29PM 12 How do I get my IT department to "bless" R?
9:54PM 1 Optim error: initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite
8:13PM 0 RDieHarder with file input invocation
8:13PM 2 tab characters
8:07PM 0 assign point values as labels in spplot
7:56PM 2 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list
7:03PM 2 Adding vertical line to histogram and qplot "stacked" plot
6:58PM 1 Importing data from clipboard on Mac OSX
6:57PM 1 Unicode
5:29PM 0 Problem VGAM and Predict
4:58PM 2 Taking the min of each row in a matrix
4:43PM 3 bootstrapping in regression
4:38PM 0 Standard Errors of Coefficients
3:31PM 2 Stacking data
3:05PM 0 lmer for a binary dependent variable
2:49PM 2 Accessing R as a Web service (UNCLASSIFIED)
2:01PM 1 Question On CrossTable function in gmodels package
1:59PM 1 t-test
12:53PM 2 ANOVA in R
12:06PM 1 Inconsistency in F values from dropterm and anova
11:32AM 0 Use SOCKS proxy
11:24AM 3 Plot dagger symbol in R
9:25AM 4 Text in a character vector to indicate "ifelse" argument
9:19AM 1 Multiple tables
8:14AM 0 Odp: Question about collapse/aggregate and avoidance of loops
6:54AM 1 Re : standard error of logit parameters
6:52AM 2 Question about collapse/aggregate and avoidance of loops
3:01AM 0 standard error of logit parameters
12:45AM 4 Ignore text when reading data
Wednesday January 28 2009
10:39PM 2 Dynamic random effects model
9:11PM 1 Changing histogram stack in qplot
8:41PM 0 Cor(df,method = "kendall")
8:37PM 2 Text data
8:33PM 1 Neighborhood distance calculator
8:04PM 2 Help with normal distribution in random samples...
8:03PM 3 Newbie Question About Histograms
6:37PM 1 R compilation
6:25PM 1 stack data sets
5:51PM 1 gls prediction using the correlation structure in nlme
5:26PM 2 Saving plot into file without showing it
5:16PM 0 Sweave problem with greek text
5:09PM 2 Repeated measures design for GAM? - corrected question...
5:07PM 0 repeated measures design for GAM?
4:55PM 2 constrainOptim
4:11PM 2 Logical subset of the columns in a dataframe
3:51PM 2 help with plot layout
3:47PM 2 Grouping problem
2:50PM 1 StepAIC with coxph
2:44PM 3 plot slideshow
2:15PM 3 initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite
2:13PM 3 Newbie question about "grouping"
1:36PM 1 Character SNP data to binary MAF data
12:34PM 3 putting match.call to good use
11:25AM 2 t.test in a loop
9:53AM 1 Faced Problems with RODBC package 1.2-5 and 1.2-4 for windows
9:50AM 3 questions about histogram
8:21AM 3 for/if loop
7:29AM 1 evaluation revisited
6:41AM 2 OT: Adding verbatim R code text into LaTeX documents: texttt; verb or url?
5:53AM 1 need help combining two datasets
3:39AM 1 Using GLMM() in lme4
2:44AM 1 Random Sample - data frame
1:20AM 1 Please Help for Augmented Prediction Plot
1:05AM 2 extract positive pairs
12:13AM 0 How-to-rotate-plot-title
12:07AM 0 How to stack data sets?
Tuesday January 27 2009
11:03PM 1 3-axis Barplots (plus qplot like staked histogram capability)
10:45PM 1 Data Frame Manipulation: Time Series
10:41PM 0 difference between line() and lm()
10:16PM 1 Using R in a web application
9:47PM 1 Plotmath and line breaks in long annotations for plots
9:21PM 0 San Francisco use R! Group 2009 kick off meeting
9:00PM 1 Mystery Error in midnightStandard
8:26PM 2 sorting matrix to match an ordered list
7:08PM 3 How to compare two regression line slopes
5:48PM 2 using Sweave with a master file that has several iputted .tex files
4:38PM 1 Timestamp
4:36PM 2 Can I create a timeDate object using only year and week of the year values?
3:45PM 2 optim() and ARIMA
3:36PM 1 Creating list or numeric vectors out of selected columns of row oriented data
3:19PM 0 Mixed Effects Model with Different Group Sizes
3:15PM 1 Problem with RMA using limma, oligo and pdInfoBuilder packages
2:33PM 0 Error in Surv(time, status)
2:13PM 3 plot Ticks
2:06PM 0 Windows, gsview: corrupted bbox of .e?ps graphics
1:59PM 0 95% CI for difference in median survival time
1:54PM 2 retrieving variables values from a function
10:54AM 2 Need help on running Heckman Correction Estimation using R
10:35AM 2 Memory issue?
8:47AM 1 need some lattice help
7:13AM 0 How do you specify font family in png output; png cross-platform issues
7:05AM 0 Control of Quartz Window Location
3:04AM 0 Problem with loading RMySQL under sge/qsub
2:01AM 1 WhisperStation R
1:23AM 0 Pausing processing into an interactive session
12:50AM 2 working with tables -- was Re: Mode (statistics) in R?
12:30AM 1 Running R under Sun Grid Engine with OpenMPI tight integration
Monday January 26 2009
11:43PM 0 why two diff. se in nlsList?
11:40PM 1 Error in segmented() output from segmented package
10:47PM 1 suppressing time shift in plot of POSIXct object?
10:44PM 1 Sweave'ing Danish characters
10:44PM 1 Error in Surv(time, status) : Time variable is not numeric
9:12PM 2 Power analysis for MANOVA?
7:35PM 0 randomSurvivalForest plotting
7:30PM 0 Spectral analysis with mtm-svd Multi-Taper Method Combined with Singular Value Decomposition
6:46PM 2 name scoping within dataframe index
6:38PM 1 Large regular expressions
6:23PM 1 problem with table()
6:05PM 1 error managment
5:01PM 3 Tinn-R
4:38PM 1 reshape problem: id and variable names not being recognized
4:38PM 1 Goodness of fit for gamma distributions
4:23PM 0 ANOVA with subsampling question
4:12PM 1 RExcel foreground and background server
3:46PM 1 PCALG Package
3:11PM 2 Getting data from a PDF-file into R
3:06PM 0 Help with sas.get
2:12PM 2 R crashes when using the RODBC Package
1:58PM 2 RCurl unable to download a particular web page -- what is so special about this web page?
1:55PM 0 AdMit version 1-01.01
1:28PM 3 Mode (statistics) in R?
12:49PM 1 glm StepAIC with all interactions and update to remove a term vs. glm specifying all but a few terms and stepAIC
12:36PM 2 how to modify an R built-in function?
12:04PM 0 Meaning of Inner Product (%*%) Between Slot and Vector
9:41AM 2 Help with clustering
9:31AM 2 heatmap with levelplot
9:30AM 1 HMISC package: wtd.table()
8:52AM 1 How to analyse and model 2 time series, when one series needs to be differenced?
3:27AM 2 how to "vectorize" this?
2:15AM 1 sem package: start values
1:58AM 1 generic questions about probability and simulation -- not directly related to R
1:30AM 1 Plotting graph for Missing values
1:15AM 0 Question about rgenoud
Sunday January 25 2009
11:25PM 1 Gibbs sampler...did it work?
10:29PM 5 comparing the previous and next entry of a vector
10:06PM 4 Omitting a desired line from a table [Beginner Question]
10:02PM 1 comparing the previous and next entry of a vector to a criterium
9:23PM 0 package clusterSim
9:20PM 1 [Fwd: Re: evaluation question]
7:22PM 2 .Renviron for multiple hardwares...
6:51PM 0 Agricolae satisfaction survey
5:56PM 0 caret version 4.06 released
12:39PM 2 commercially supported version of R for 64 -bit Windows?
10:48AM 1 Calling a jar file with rJava
9:54AM 1 Multiple lattice plots on a page: aligning x-axes vertically
7:11AM 0 A simple perceptron neural network (nnet)
4:01AM 1 Delete Dates from a vector.
2:30AM 1 strip leading 0's
1:33AM 3 Using help()
Saturday January 24 2009
11:47PM 1 Stat textbook recommendation
10:48PM 2 IO: streaming input data
6:16PM 2 Run Script at Start Up
6:08PM 0 R and Hadoop Integrated Processing Environment - RHIPE
5:34PM 0 new version of glmnet
4:56PM 0 R outputs in Tinn-R
4:37PM 1 Cloud Function Error
1:27PM 1 Calling R from SAS
10:23AM 2 Different values for double integral
9:50AM 2 Is abline misbehaving?
5:30AM 2 how to prevent duplications of data within a loop
4:58AM 2 Plotting Two Lines
4:20AM 1 Help with dudi.pca
3:59AM 4 Build Error on Opensolaris iconvlist
1:50AM 1 Environment change?
12:39AM 2 ggplot2 - how to change location / position of wind rose axis labels?
12:23AM 1 fonction PLATEAU???
12:21AM 3 Problem with colormodel in pdf driver
Friday January 23 2009
11:00PM 1 lattice: reverse order of panel.lmline, panel.smooth
10:58PM 1 Interpreting model matrix columns when using contr.sum
10:57PM 0 high values of my response variable get chopped off of lattice dotplots
10:47PM 0 RMySQL Fail to connect on update to R 2.8.1
10:42PM 1 list.files changed in 2.7.0
10:04PM 0 R package
10:02PM 3 last result
9:48PM 1 XML package help
9:31PM 0 fGarch Max Likelihood
9:22PM 0 Letter for request
9:16PM 0 (no subject)
7:44PM 0 Box Cox parameter for time series
7:16PM 2 URGENT Requested info for application: R for Windows 1.3.1 (ref: 59282)
6:50PM 0 compound outcome variables (not specifically R-related)
6:35PM 0 Creating clustered data with a random effect for a MC analysis
6:32PM 0 Appending objects created using filehash package
6:12PM 1 plotting curve in xYplot -- using panel.curve
5:44PM 2 R stepping through multiplie interactions
5:39PM 0 New international competition for the Digital Humanities
5:15PM 1 Anova and unbalanced designs
5:10PM 2 Categorical Variables and glm()
4:57PM 5 Stat textbook recommendations?
4:37PM 2 Plot, lines and disordered x and y
4:32PM 4 glm binomial loglog (NOT cloglog) link
4:10PM 2 forward slash vs double backslash R and Tinn-R
3:13PM 3 Table Modification
3:04PM 2 The Quality & Accuracy of R
2:32PM 1 Reading nc files
2:02PM 2 Dates in Common
1:55PM 4 Histogram for grouped data in R
1:48PM 1 forecasting error?
1:42PM 1 Outputing residuals
1:40PM 1 3d scatter plot with both error bars and a flexibly fitted surface
1:06PM 2 Write to multiple connections or multiple text files
12:53PM 2 R for Computational Neuroscience?
12:38PM 2 can't load rJava in R 2.8.1 on Windows XP
12:29PM 1 Returning NA from lm
11:52AM 1 extract certain months toyears (zoo)
11:05AM 1 Relative frequency of cases in data frame matching a specified criteria
11:04AM 2 R startup and shutdown question
7:28AM 1 problem in appending data into*.csv file
5:48AM 1 predict function problem for glmmPQL
5:31AM 0 comparing rfsim (spatial module of splus) and krige (gstat)
3:49AM 1 extension of ftable
3:48AM 1 Package installation failed
Thursday January 22 2009
11:29PM 1 subset exact values
11:21PM 2 "latex" in Hmisc: cell formating
10:58PM 2 Is it possible for R to import a SigmaPlot file?
10:56PM 1 ggplot2 example
10:53PM 1 ggplot seq
10:43PM 1 Extra rows of 'NAs' in imported dataset
10:39PM 2 time date stamp since, january 1st 1970
10:11PM 1 Is there any function can be used to compare two probit models made from same data?
9:35PM 0 detecting the source of memory consumption (example provided)
9:17PM 1 Problems with statistics
8:40PM 0 Apology for Multiple Posts
8:34PM 0 How to handle NA in C#, RDCOM
7:41PM 3 how to get a primitive function object
7:39PM 0 (no subject)
7:37PM 1 looping over a string
6:54PM 2 Unexpected behaviour of the as.Date (was: Error as.Date on Invalid Dates)
6:48PM 2 Converting ddf/dct/sas data definition file to R
5:36PM 1 maintaining variable types in data frames
5:26PM 0 write.fasta (seqinr package)
5:08PM 3 Loess fitting with bisquare
4:59PM 1 ggplot2
4:52PM 3 quantile question
4:50PM 2 blowup portion of graph beside it
4:37PM 0 Confused about behavior of an S4 object containing a ts object
4:26PM 0 ggplot2, pretty=FALSE
4:22PM 0 Package installation failed
4:12PM 1 Simple package question
4:06PM 1 robust regression
4:03PM 2 Package installation failed
3:56PM 1 help using zeroinfl()
3:52PM 1 convergence problem gamm / lme
3:07PM 1 Finding the distance between ordered integers
2:01PM 1 melt stumbles over deleted columns
1:38PM 4 dimnames in pkg "ipred"
11:37AM 1 pdf() and pch problems
11:17AM 2 Frequency and summary statistics table with different variables and categories
11:10AM 1 infer haplotypes phasing trios tdthap
11:03AM 4 text vector clustering
10:58AM 0 error using heatmap :"evaluation nested too deeply....."
10:54AM 0 addressing and summarizing columns of a dataframe in nlme package
9:51AM 1 reshape() problems
9:49AM 2 problem with compating 2 strings
9:10AM 2 How to Run R Programs in a Scheduled Way
5:32AM 2 Standard errors of least squares adjusted means
4:01AM 0 Forecasting by using ARFIMA(0, d, 0) models in R
3:44AM 0 Help with Forest Plots
3:22AM 0 Fitting extreme value distributions
2:48AM 5 Combining Custom and Preset Linetypes
2:23AM 1 Defining Solid Line using Line Type Specification
1:48AM 1 Problem with cex=0.1 when making jpegs
1:17AM 3 how to study the lead and lag relation of two time series?
12:58AM 0 Special function? ["non-R" query]
12:01AM 2 plot: abline() - define line length
Wednesday January 21 2009
11:20PM 1 Joint significance of more regressors in summary
11:08PM 2 title: words in different colors?
10:59PM 1 U R ready for R! Now deploy your R models via cloud computing!
10:45PM 2 Does anyone has this paper in pdf?
10:45PM 1 getting caller's environment
9:54PM 1 Normality Test and T-Test
9:18PM 2 Replacing dates with consecutive observations
9:16PM 0 plotting activity time intervals
9:05PM 0 Profiling code with lots of 'apply' calls?
8:30PM 1 finding row and column indices of date in multiple columns of a data frame
7:45PM 1 Opening a script with the R editor via file association (on Windows)
6:00PM 1 X matrix deemed to be singular;
5:53PM 1 vegan metaMDS
5:29PM 4 seq()
4:55PM 0 cv.glm: delta squared --> squared q
3:55PM 3 Error as.Date on Invalid Dates
3:42PM 1 forecasting issue
3:30PM 1 should I use rbind in my example?
3:17PM 1 Multifractal detrended fluctuation analysis
3:10PM 0 Linux 64-bit server crashes on large dataset
3:03PM 0 timeSeries and aggregation() question
2:33PM 3 filling blanks with NA
2:32PM 1 Two similar zoo objects with different structures, how to get same structure?
12:42PM 1 obtaining null components of a list
11:47AM 0 Help Regarding STL Technique
11:00AM 0 Odp: R: Odp: Function able to identify the row and the column in a matrix
10:47AM 2 Function able to identify the row and the column in a matrix
10:42AM 1 R and Xcode Editor
9:37AM 1 Looking for a special date function in R
9:30AM 1 Vector Autocorrelation Function in R?
9:01AM 1 using time series
8:46AM 1 Can I add a point to a pointsGrob from an xyplot without redrawing ?
8:19AM 3 merging several dataframes from a list
5:29AM 1 A question on histogram (hist): coordinates on x-axis are too sparse
5:10AM 1 trouble converting an array to a dataframe
5:07AM 1 problem with rbind
3:51AM 0 Serious difference between the result of ADF test in R and Eviews
3:14AM 1 Handling of factors
1:55AM 1 Text Outside Lattice Plot
12:05AM 0 trouble switching to 'plm' from 'xtabond' and Stata
Tuesday January 20 2009
11:30PM 1 Problem with cyrillic in postscript
11:02PM 5 Problem with subset() function?
11:01PM 1 Odd behaviour of subset indexing (x:y).
10:13PM 0 grep question
9:37PM 0 arima.sim help
8:21PM 1 inconsistent lm results with fixed response variable
8:07PM 1 tclarray with embedded spaces in data
8:05PM 1 Can't find -lg2c when installing randomForest
7:12PM 2 Summing Select Columns of a Data Frame?
6:20PM 1 Can R be installed on a Windows Server for concurrent usage?
5:53PM 1 Creating a Sparse Matrix from a Sparse Vector
5:25PM 2 Confidence intervals in ccf()
5:23PM 2 plotting points with two colors
5:17PM 1 building windows binary of a package
5:14PM 1 Poisson GLM
4:38PM 1 generalizing expand.table: table -> data.frame
4:26PM 0 Statistics books
4:13PM 1 heatmap.2 color issue
4:05PM 5 Error message from CV.GLM
3:08PM 1 two-sample test of multinomial proportion
2:29PM 0 Bayesian Residual Analysis and GOF for Ordinal Regression Models with Latent Variable Formulation
2:18PM 2 problem with writing data to *.xls file
2:10PM 5 from matrix to data.frame
1:41PM 2 Merging tables
11:53AM 2 Sweave: conflict between setwd and \SweaveOpts{prefix.string=}
10:52AM 1 Do not want to print when using prop.test
10:28AM 2 Stacked barplot with two stacked bars besides each other
10:04AM 1 R and WinBUGS (via R2WinBUGS) error
9:19AM 1 Converting rankings to paired-comparisons
9:11AM 1 Proportional response and boosting
8:47AM 1 How to get name of current function?
8:11AM 1 Problem with FAME
5:33AM 1 problem with applying where condition
4:05AM 1 Gentleman and Ihaka's integrity in question
12:13AM 2 easiest way to integrate own functions on startup
Monday January 19 2009
11:39PM 3 Month tick marks on a plot()
9:37PM 1 maptools, sunriset, POSIX timezones
8:48PM 4 Compare matrices
7:51PM 2 plotting arrows with different colors and varying head size
7:26PM 1 candisc
6:42PM 1 gz netCDF files
6:36PM 0 Trend.spatial function in geoR
6:26PM 3 download/retain text file structure with RCurl/getURL()
5:39PM 2 Using apply to generate matrix from rows?
5:37PM 1 ifelse help?
4:19PM 1 WinBUGS with R
3:48PM 1 Sweave encoding problem
2:31PM 0 predict.tree
2:15PM 1 reference category for factor in regression
1:16PM 1 termplot
12:23PM 2 How to assign names in a list
9:53AM 0 Error while adding legends to xyplot
9:07AM 0 JRI problem
8:54AM 2 pchisq error
8:53AM 3 bootstrapped eigenvector method following prcomp
8:45AM 1 time series contains internal NAs error
5:51AM 0 regression model selection (John P. Burkett)
4:27AM 1 sort or order problem.
4:06AM 1 Deleting columns where the frequency of values are too disparate
4:03AM 1 conditional weighted quintiles
3:02AM 1 lazy evaluation question
2:20AM 0 using virtual memory in R (Tom Allen)
2:14AM 1 Question about contributed packages
2:00AM 3 Perl-R bridge
1:01AM 2 Mac OS X / preview.app / fullrefman.pdf
Sunday January 18 2009
11:54PM 1 MH algorithm syntax help
11:06PM 1 Combinations
9:17PM 1 ?grep
8:33PM 1 auto.arima forecasting issue
8:19PM 1 Error installing ggobi in R, Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex
6:35PM 8 regex -> negate a word
6:02PM 1 Multiplication of dataframes
5:35PM 2 Extracting random rows from a dataset
5:13PM 4 data management
4:12PM 2 Formatting the axis of plot() to shown our own values.
3:50PM 1 about power.law.fit
2:55PM 2 Deleting columns based on the number of non-blank observations
2:15PM 6 read a xls file
12:17PM 2 Minimization Problem
9:39AM 1 System with manual options
8:13AM 0 How to get "Communication matrix" ?
8:10AM 0 Singly ordered contingency tables with lbl_test (coin)
7:42AM 2 select observations from longitudinal data set
6:55AM 2 don't print object attributes on screen
6:03AM 1 regression model selection
4:18AM 1 using virtual memory in R
1:30AM 2 distance between plot-region and main-title / saving plot as pdf
1:08AM 1 My Problem
Saturday January 17 2009
11:50PM 2 plot data with a colour scale - more details!
10:31PM 2 Confidence Interval
9:29PM 0 plot data with a colour scale
9:06PM 0 Fast set intersection
6:28PM 0 optim() problem
5:47PM 3 converting multiple variable numbers
5:03PM 5 changing a range of values
4:48PM 2 Concave Hull
4:40PM 5 converting a factor in numeric values with direct control of the numeric values
3:35PM 2 Where to start with R?
2:40PM 1 Downloading Excel file & reading a range
9:14AM 1 Dendrogram with the UPGMA method
9:10AM 1 PSF Clustering Method
7:23AM 4 Where to find the source codes for the internal function in stats package
4:00AM 2 splitting a string / finding a numeric value within a string
2:57AM 2 data.frame: how to extract parts
Friday January 16 2009
10:11PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 71, Issue 16
9:19PM 0 Barchart in lattice package: controlling order of bars in plot and color of a selected bar
8:57PM 1 matching more than two vectors (?)
8:50PM 2 Winsorizing Multiple Variables
8:37PM 1 storing several arima models
8:32PM 2 User input in batch mode
8:20PM 1 specifying model terms when using predict
8:19PM 1 bootstrap validation of LR error message
7:52PM 0 Error when running Kendall Package
6:48PM 2 glmer documentation
5:55PM 0 Weighted Kaplan-Meier Statistics
5:46PM 2 Memory allocation
5:26PM 1 Updating packages under R 2.8.1
5:08PM 1 (no subject)
4:31PM 3 Sweave documents have corrupted double quotes
4:19PM 1 Using "optim" with exponential power distribution
4:18PM 1 installing mclust and flexmix on linux
4:13PM 1 Use of [:alnum:] or . in gsub() etc..
4:03PM 0 (no subject)
3:51PM 2 Missing file to run Rcmd batch on Windows
2:43PM 1 Lattice: how to have multiple wireframe nice intersection?
2:24PM 3 basic boxplot questions
1:13PM 2 data frames with å, ä, and ö (=non-ASCII-characters) from windows to mac os x
1:06PM 2 Efficiency challenge: MANY subsets
11:58AM 1 re name vector
11:36AM 2 Predictions with GAM
10:22AM 2 function return output
9:32AM 6 reading data from Excel Spread sheet
9:02AM 5 Value Lookup from File without Slurping
8:42AM 2 Smooth periodic splines
8:39AM 3 Fitting of lognormal distribution to lower tail experimental data
5:26AM 0 New Statistical Learning and Data Mining Course
2:27AM 1 XYplot in Lattice Package
2:24AM 1 PDF slided (beamer or prosper) to an editable PPT
1:23AM 0 Project Robust & Linier Regresssion
1:22AM 2 Security Data extraction
Thursday January 15 2009
9:25PM 2 Partial function application in R
7:28PM 4 number of Mondays
6:08PM 1 Warning on assignment.
5:50PM 1 user library help functionality (packages.html)
4:31PM 2 problems with extractPrediction in package caret
3:18PM 1 About Tcl/Tk after command in R
3:01PM 1 Time Series
2:29PM 0 binary_matrix_to_ascii_dendrogram
2:26PM 0 quantile regression using SemiPar package
2:19PM 2 LCA (e1071 package): error
2:07PM 2 using R how to read a one column alone from a database table from MySQL
1:36PM 1 autocorrelation
12:50PM 1 logistic regression - exp(estimates)?
12:36PM 2 Linked count between matrix columns
11:53AM 1 R on Vista
11:06AM 1 rimage installation problem-ubuntu 8.10
10:55AM 1 Seemingly Unrelated Negative Binomial (SUNB) estimation
9:56AM 0 Job as doctorial candidate
9:35AM 3 How to create a chromosome location map by locus ID
8:11AM 1 How to Solve the Error( error:cannot allocate vector of size 1.1 Gb)
6:41AM 2 Interface to open source Reporting tools
6:10AM 1 Confidence Intervals for Poisson
5:59AM 0 Question about correct syntax to use with nlme / nlmer
5:27AM 1 noise in time series
5:09AM 1 misalignment of x-axis when overlaying two plots using latticeExtra
5:01AM 0 Last working lme4?
3:47AM 2 Moving a Data Frame Column
3:18AM 3 Bar Plot ggplot2 Filling bars with cross hatching
12:59AM 2 R package tests
12:16AM 1 Zoo Plot Can't Get Rid of Box
Wednesday January 14 2009
10:59PM 3 Partial sort?
10:32PM 3 Logical function to turn missing values to 0's
10:11PM 3 Precision in R
10:01PM 3 remove columns containing all zeros (or other value)
9:50PM 2 coercing a list into matrix
9:39PM 0 R programmer for Quick project
9:32PM 2 Kaplan-Meier Plot
8:51PM 3 Casting lists to data.frames, analog to SAS
7:53PM 2 List of Lists
7:40PM 1 Can't find files after install package (Windows)
7:37PM 0 Non-R but interesting statistics-related NATURE article: FYI only
7:27PM 1 Adressing list-elements
7:25PM 0 Dependencies for binaries install of R 2.8.2 under Ubuntu 648.1 (Intrepid)
6:04PM 1 Dependencies for binaries install of R 2.8.2 under Ubuntu 64 8.1 (Intrepid)
5:57PM 1 Histograms: Boxes and lines
5:53PM 1 Histograms: Lines and boxes
5:40PM 0 plotting time and dates revisited
5:20PM 1 quartz options not permanent
4:14PM 1 Ordinal Package Errors
3:41PM 2 selecting parts of a table
3:11PM 1 power analyses for mixed effects lmer models
2:32PM 1 Memory use
1:44PM 1 publication statistics from Web of Science
1:33PM 1 fitting data
1:26PM 1 Zoo for plotting time and dates
1:19PM 6 Removing duplicates from a list
12:23PM 1 loglm fitting
11:51AM 1 Multilevel pseudo maximum likelihood
11:51AM 1 reshape, direction=long: "multiple row names not allowed"
11:40AM 1 dfbetas without intercept
11:30AM 2 how to read data from the different worksheets in the same Excel file
11:25AM 0 debugger dump.frames and argument "..." is missing, with no default
11:21AM 2 Package
10:32AM 2 Obtain numbers from vector of NAs and numbers
9:52AM 5 How to compute p-Values
9:41AM 1 problems with Sweave and the function latex(HMISC)
9:29AM 3 multiple secondary axes
8:55AM 0 error about dimnames...
8:13AM 2 runs.test in by() statement
8:07AM 1 Howto access object of object
7:32AM 2 Vectorization of three embedded loops
3:19AM 1 Plotting activity by time and dates
2:07AM 0 ftable to latex
1:27AM 4 How to get legend outside of plot?
1:13AM 1 Help with Plot/Legend
12:55AM 1 referring to calls in functions
Tuesday January 13 2009
10:18PM 1 Joining lists
10:09PM 0 Re : Mixture Regression Lasso
10:02PM 3 Testing for blank space in a plot
9:47PM 1 odfWeave: Error in matrixPaste(...)
8:56PM 0 Significance levels of variance terms
7:17PM 3 Comparing elements for equality
5:24PM 2 Memory Size & Allocation in R
4:17PM 0 Cross-validation question
4:13PM 0 2D kernel density estimation in non-contiguous space
3:46PM 0 multinomial analisys
3:41PM 5 meaning of asymmetric on help page for intersect
3:40PM 1 PCA loadings differ vastly!
3:32PM 5 Trouble about the interpretation of intercept in lm models
2:53PM 1 Summary of Total Object.Size in R Script
2:43PM 1 Bar plot between two different liniar models
2:04PM 1 deviance in polr method
2:01PM 1 Message: No title available (pre-2.0.0 install?)
1:20PM 5 If...while...or what else??
1:07PM 2 Using fortran code which call LAPACK subroutines
11:53AM 2 Re ad a text file from a directory in which an R script finds itself
10:58AM 2 NA-values and logical operation
10:49AM 3 Extracting Hash via Vector
10:20AM 3 problem whit Geneland
9:42AM 1 curve fitting with given term
9:26AM 5 indexing question
5:25AM 1 Converting Factor to Vector
3:59AM 6 basic sweave question
3:54AM 0 crash on multiple queries to postgresql db [solved]
3:23AM 1 Printing off tables?
2:41AM 3 Returning Non-Unique Index with Which (alternatives?)
2:07AM 5 Fast way to finding index in Vector
1:32AM 2 Can't Destroy Dim Names
1:16AM 1 Drawing Polygons with xyplot in lattice
12:54AM 2 pmax and sort?
Monday January 12 2009
11:06PM 3 polychoric correlation: issue with coefficient sign
9:57PM 3 roll weekly data to monthly level
9:04PM 0 Problems with RMySQL and MySQL server version 5.1
8:36PM 4 Useful books for learning the R software and the S programming language
7:38PM 1 re tail case-pack ordering problem - can R help?
6:54PM 0 GarchOxFit Interface
6:20PM 0 Two-way repeated measures anova with lme
6:02PM 1 RMySQL crashes R
5:24PM 1 help on nested mixed effects ANOVA
5:07PM 1 Help with storage of each matrix generated in a loop
4:59PM 2 R2WinBUGS stopping execution
4:54PM 3 lm: how are polynomial functions interpreted?
4:36PM 1 Determining variance components of classed covariates
3:52PM 3 Working with duplicated rows
3:32PM 1 (no subject)
3:05PM 0 Problems with impute function from Hmisc library
2:51PM 2 problems with download.file() from ftp?
2:42PM 2 assign a list using expression?
1:57PM 1 anova() or aov()?
1:50PM 1 Error in svd(S) : infinite or missing values in 'x'
12:12PM 1 Loading workspaces from the command line
12:01PM 0 PRESS alternative
12:00PM 0 Grayscale figures in odfWeave?
11:42AM 1 Extraction from an output
10:10AM 1 Problem between panel.abline and log scales (lattice)
7:57AM 2 How to reference previous row?
5:41AM 3 merge table rows (\multirow)
2:19AM 4 fitting curve to data
2:13AM 1 Spitting a df Column Name
2:04AM 2 writing an own function - is.factor
12:28AM 1 Orthogonal Complement
Sunday January 11 2009
10:50PM 2 connecting boxplots
10:38PM 1 boxplots: yaxp does not work
9:38PM 3 summary with variance / sd
7:05PM 2 R, clinical trials and the FDA
3:38PM 3 Converting Numerical Matrix to List of Strings
3:25PM 0 Sweave removes \end{table}
3:06PM 1 Reference-pages: each function beginning on seperate page?
2:02PM 1 calibrate function
1:42PM 1 Problem using odfWeave
1:29PM 1 Makevars
1:23PM 1 Boxplot from matrices
11:10AM 0 Error in dyn.load()
10:50AM 2 Strange behaviour of paste
10:14AM 2 upgrade R version
9:40AM 2 PHP and R
8:03AM 0 PAW Update: Predictive analytics workshops and more case studies
6:03AM 4 How to get solution of following polynomial?
5:22AM 2 Convert date/time string to date
4:04AM 2 I'm looking for a book about spatial point patterns (Diggle, 2003)
2:50AM 2 problems installing package XML to a computer without an internet connection
2:32AM 1 temporal join
Saturday January 10 2009
11:45PM 0 Rserve/RandomForest does not work with a CSV?
10:52PM 2 Problem with compiling shared C/C++ library for loading into R (Linux)
10:36PM 1 how to get the signed distance in SVM?
9:36PM 1 Hmisc-xtable label
8:00PM 3 install.views()
5:55PM 3 Applying 'lm' in each group
5:21PM 1 R version requires Bioconductor 2.3 version
4:32PM 1 Setting a contingency table
4:16PM 0 JGR editor setting problem
4:16PM 0 Fitting pareto to some data
4:15PM 2 Print specific matrix value???
3:09PM 0 Calling C from FORTRAN and vice versa
1:12PM 1 Arguments for Rcmd BATCH
10:52AM 1 Help needed for Loading "tm" package
9:55AM 0 Clinical significance estimation
8:50AM 1 Plot link points
1:58AM 1 Bubble plot on shapefile - projection issues?
12:20AM 1 <no subject>
Friday January 9 2009
11:42PM 3 Matrix: Problem with the code
10:52PM 1 crash on multiple queries to postgresql db
8:42PM 3 create sequences from two "from" and "to" vectors
7:41PM 0 question about the scale in ridge regression of the MASS package
6:38PM 0 equation of confidence interval calculated by predict.lm
6:12PM 2 bug in R2WinBUGS
5:56PM 1 Maintain Spaces and Parentheses in Variable Names
5:26PM 1 Calling R functions from Python
4:29PM 1 Calculating p-values from your own distribution as an array
4:14PM 5 The R Inferno
3:50PM 3 Pack and Unpack Strings in R
3:38PM 5 grep : escape "*"
2:30PM 1 snow and different R versions
2:21PM 1 [R} how to build TermDocMatrix in tm text mining package of R
2:11PM 2 recursive relevel
2:04PM 2 rpart with interval censored data crashes R
12:21PM 0 Moving Legend Location for a Stacked Histogram
12:03PM 1 Saving plots as byte streams
10:00AM 0 ConvCalendars
9:36AM 1 How to compute Bootstrap p-values
8:45AM 1 a first opinion on rattle
8:30AM 1 [Fwd: Excluding data with apply]
6:00AM 1 shake rattle() and roll
5:22AM 3 Programming Question (setting ylim generally)
3:40AM 2 Mac woes
2:10AM 4 Extracting File Basename without Extension
1:58AM 7 AT&T Researchers and the New York Times
1:54AM 0 The AT&T researchers and the New York Times
1:18AM 0 Graph Script/X-axis label Problem
12:58AM 0 What does R have for age-adjusted survey analysis?
12:56AM 1 survey statistics, rate/proportions with standard errors
Thursday January 8 2009
11:47PM 3 Creating file names.
10:22PM 1 Alignment of image plot overlay
10:07PM 0 Want to post
9:07PM 1 'equivalent' sign in plot title
8:30PM 10 help
6:46PM 1 Convert to as.Date
6:34PM 0 F-test
5:53PM 1 R and Excel
5:25PM 2 lattice question: independent per-row or per-column scaling?
5:12PM 1 longtable example
4:46PM 0 Why Excel is our friend
4:22PM 2 interpolation to abscissa
3:40PM 1 ftp connections for uploading files
3:14PM 1 NAs are not allowed in subscripted assignments
2:31PM 0 Reading UTF-8 from MySQL in Windows
2:11PM 0 Numerical Integration Problems
1:06PM 1 cosinor analysis
11:40AM 1 Letter-based representation of pairwise comparisons
11:29AM 0 STAR_0.2-2 on CRAN
11:12AM 2 Faster Printing Alternatives to 'cat'
10:52AM 2 Excluding data with apply
10:33AM 2 how to plot histogram plot and fitted distributions on the same graph
9:36AM 2 VaR-Monte carlo Simulation, Historic simulation, Variance-Covariance Simulation
6:33AM 1 Source code
6:26AM 3 Ashlee Vance's article on R in the New York Times
5:09AM 3 Regarding Books on R
4:46AM 0 R ,SAS,New Tork Times etc
3:37AM 1 VCOV Source Code
3:16AM 1 library error on start up, error on update packages
12:03AM 0 How to Post/Search On-Line Jobs for R
Wednesday January 7 2009
9:41PM 2 Plotting a graph for every Level of a Factor
9:38PM 0 R in the News
9:22PM 0 fixed effect significance_NB mixed models_further pursuit
8:55PM 1 Compiling R for Solaris 10 Intel
8:34PM 1 Re moving Numeric,0 from dataframe
7:31PM 1 xtable-longtable question
7:27PM 2 inter-timeseries correlation or corrections
6:56PM 1 troubles performing Moran.I test
6:28PM 4 Another newbie question
6:17PM 1 Fw: Re: R Stacked Histogram
6:16PM 1 generating data
6:11PM 2 New York Times Article: Data Analysts Captivated by R's Power
6:08PM 1 how to estimate overdispersion in glmer models?
5:40PM 0 Multinomial Logit Model
4:47PM 1 Problem with ggplot2 - facet_wrap and boxplot
4:17PM 1 Cannot access packages
3:36PM 1 Replace Function (How to replace numbers in a data frame with a specific number)
3:22PM 5 rbind for matrices - rep argument
3:22PM 1 proto question
3:01PM 1 Extracting degrees of freedom from a gnls object
2:56PM 1 Question about the RWEKA package
2:48PM 0 R in the NY Times-IAsians perspective
1:10PM 12 R in the NY Times
12:46PM 0 Frailty by strata interactions in coxph (or coxme)?
11:43AM 0 A (Not So) Short Introduction to S4 (ex Contributed Documentation)
11:37AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 71, Issue 7
11:08AM 2 NA and NaN question
10:16AM 1 illustrating a report
10:01AM 2 can the pdf output page break be controlled manually?
9:15AM 1 Importing data from SPSS with Arabic encoding
9:06AM 0 request for StatConnecter oriented problem
8:48AM 0 Help with contrasts
8:20AM 1 problem with initialising R-Project through C#
8:19AM 0 problem with working on R-Project from C#
7:28AM 1 Function to Check Object's Memory Size
6:43AM 0 Residual deviance (cross-post from sci.stat.consult)
6:42AM 0 Manipulating plots
5:37AM 2 R "Threatens" SAS According to The NYT
5:35AM 1 directory of files in a zip file?
4:53AM 1 heatmap.2 and three colours for specific ranges‏
3:46AM 1 Destroying Attributes of a Matrix
3:07AM 1 Bar Plot with Connected Points on 1 Y-Axis
2:54AM 2 Understanding dsyrk_ in C code
12:58AM 3 breaking a loop in R
12:31AM 0 How-To extract data from a matrix of lists subject to a set of given constraints
12:28AM 2 Memory Efficiency of Symmetric Matrix
Tuesday January 6 2009
10:39PM 2 Drawing from an empirical distribution
9:45PM 1 Social Networks - how to get the same network layout every time when I plot the network?
9:10PM 1 Contributed Documentation
7:55PM 1 R SEM package
7:17PM 1 Overlaying several qqnorm curves in same frame
6:50PM 3 Two Noobie questions
6:09PM 1 sqldf with date (class date) variables ?
5:24PM 5 Using apply for two datasets
4:58PM 0 Singularity of lda function in MASS package
4:52PM 3 smoothed contour lines
4:27PM 1 Alternate looping
3:44PM 1 history: recording
3:37PM 0 Semi-definite quadratic programming
3:21PM 6 for loop and if problem
3:08PM 2 Generating GUI for r-scripts
2:09PM 0 Can't i provide variables for the select clause of the subset function?
1:00PM 1 Selecting variables from a list of data.frames
11:44AM 2 Sweave in LATEX
11:41AM 6 Large Dataset
11:26AM 1 Warning message:In pt(q, df, lower.tail, log.p) : NaNs produced
10:20AM 0 problems with ace (ape-package)
8:29AM 2 Converting data frame to symmetric matrix
8:17AM 0 pmml 1.2.0 (predictive modelling markup language)
8:14AM 5 Changing Matrix Header
5:43AM 0 hi i have a problem with implementing R-Project in C#
5:41AM 0 hi I have a problem with implementing R-project
4:26AM 1 C dll compilation + S Poetry example
2:41AM 0 Package pdf problems
1:26AM 1 Encoding Vector of Strings into Numerical Matrix
Monday January 5 2009
11:42PM 1 RODBC connection die - using more than 1 Rgui/Rcmdr
11:23PM 1 adding a curve with xaxs="i"
11:21PM 2 prblem with NA
8:44PM 0 read.mtp "file read error"
7:52PM 2 Sweave data-figure coupling
7:33PM 2 help me
4:15PM 1 strwidth to lines
3:36PM 1 error message of RODBC...
1:11PM 1 transform R to C
11:41AM 3 if statement
11:30AM 1 How can pairs of values be stored in a 2D matrix ?
8:18AM 0 exportPattern wiht perl expressions
6:52AM 2 eval using a environment X but resultsin .GlobalEnv
6:03AM 0 getResponse(model.lme) yields incorrect number of dimensions error
5:55AM 1 Process File Line By Line Without Slurping into Object
2:36AM 1 How to extract range of colums in a data frame
12:10AM 1 Error : unused arguments in pairs()
Sunday January 4 2009
10:33PM 1 ratetable creation
9:40PM 0 Rattle 2.4.0 (Data Mining GUI using R)
6:56PM 1 Error "could not find function"
6:50PM 1 R/octave/matlab etc.
5:51PM 1 Lattice xyplot help please.
4:36PM 1 Bivarite Weibull Distribution
3:59PM 1 Problems with Rcmdr and BiodiversityR
1:28PM 0 extRemes - reading null values
11:57AM 2 Combining greek letters with the contents of variables
11:45AM 1 Customized LDA (MASS) object plot
6:21AM 1 How do I find the index for a value in an array
3:55AM 3 Newbie question
2:30AM 0 example of using loess()
12:57AM 1 POSIXct and chron issues with tz
Saturday January 3 2009
9:39PM 2 Linux words file
8:32PM 5 Power functions?
7:01PM 0 Non-Latin labels in identify
6:59PM 1 how specify lme() with multiple within-subject factors?
6:32PM 4 passing parameters to an R script
5:43PM 1 hexbin plot
4:55PM 2 R badly lags matlab on performance?
3:54PM 1 runif (and other generator) "precision" / man pages
12:24PM 1 Equivalent of match for data.frame
7:59AM 0 R help and finishing an excel project
5:00AM 2 R Stacked Histogram
Friday January 2 2009
10:36PM 0 Parallel computing with snow
10:30PM 0 Spatial Data Analysis in R [was: Basic Question about use of R]
7:45PM 1 runif limited precision
7:23PM 1 How to capture multiple graph pages to .png ?
7:12PM 1 Basic Question about use of R
4:30PM 0 Gracias Instalación de WinEdt para R
3:12PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Interval censored Data in survreg() with zero values!]
2:38PM 2 Where to find old R packages?
2:09PM 1 Calculating signicance value
1:45PM 1 interrupting R
1:40PM 0 Fw: GPD/GEV export results for plot
1:11PM 3 text rather than html help in Windows
12:25PM 2 segfault while running an R script
11:37AM 1 R: numerical integration problems
10:35AM 0 arima function fix the coefficients
10:24AM 0 GPD/GEV export results for plot
9:20AM 7 the first and last observation for each subject
8:44AM 1 Time series | average
8:24AM 0 RQDA-0.1-6 is on CRAN
7:45AM 2 Reading file from remote location or network drive.
5:51AM 1 "registering" a generic method for a class
1:35AM 0 Orthogonal contrasts for unbalanced ANOVA
Thursday January 1 2009
10:20PM 0 Computing/Interpreting Odds Ratios for 3-way interactions from lmer