R help - Feb 2009

Saturday February 28 2009
11:19PM 0 How to join many records against SQL database
10:48PM 1 creating log-log survival plots that are not inverted
9:20PM 2 rgl persp3d bounding box color problem.
7:32PM 2 filled.contour and time axis
7:21PM 3 Extract statistics from lm()
7:03PM 0 call lm function in R
6:49PM 0 3d graph aspect ratio question‏
4:00PM 1 problem with an old .RData file
3:45PM 0 Hotelling-Pabst-Statistic
3:00PM 1 lme4 and Variable level detection
2:05PM 0 arules: rules are built on item ordering in the dataframe, rather than
1:08PM 0 Implementation of quasi-bayesian maximum likelihood estimation for normal mixtures
11:23AM 2 Review my upgrade plan from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1
9:15AM 2 Rprofiling
7:44AM 2 Using JRI and Java 1.6 on MAC OS X
7:05AM 1 Execute script and go interactive
2:18AM 5 object ".trPaths" not found
Friday February 27 2009
11:15PM 1 Large 3d array manipulation
8:12PM 1 using a for loop with variable as vectors
7:56PM 2 factors to integers preserving value in a dataframe
7:37PM 1 While with 2 conditions
7:36PM 2 Competing risks adjusted for covariates
7:02PM 4 Optimize for loop / find last record for each person
6:45PM 1 select Intercept coefficients only
6:00PM 1 testing two-factor anova effects using model comparison approach with lm() and anova()
5:27PM 5 Filtering a dataset's columns by another dataset's column names
4:34PM 0 Help: locfit (local logistic regression)
4:15PM 1 formula formatting/grammar for regression
4:07PM 0 R crash on Mac
3:09PM 1 help with projection pursuit
3:03PM 0 Changing Ylab and scale in hclust plots
3:01PM 2 Adjusting confidence intervals for paired t-tests of multiple endpoints
2:46PM 3 Making tapply code more efficient
2:45PM 0 Setting initial starting conditions in scripts
2:43PM 1 cross tabulation: convert frequencies to percentages
2:19PM 0 Will ctv package work on ubuntu?
2:04PM 1 Ordinal Mantel-Haenszel type inference
1:51PM 1 levelplot help needed
1:20PM 1 Sweave doesn't do csv.get()
12:34PM 0 help with correct use of function lsfit
12:32PM 2 add absolute value to bars in barplot
12:26PM 0 How to get input-data of ROCR
12:15PM 1 Advice on graphics to design circle with density-shaded sectors
12:07PM 0 how can I compare two vector by a factor
10:32AM 3 rounding problem
10:30AM 0 Mutiple ColSideColors for heatmap.2
9:30AM 1 Axis-question
9:06AM 1 Balanced design, differences in results using anova and lmer/anova
8:27AM 1 combining identify() and locator()
8:16AM 1 Problem with RBloomberg (not the usual one)
7:34AM 2 Installing different versions of R simultaneously on Linux
5:28AM 3 question about 3-d plot
3:07AM 2 accessing and preserving list names in lapply
Thursday February 26 2009
11:33PM 0 complex data summary
11:15PM 2 Something similar to data.frame, but allows variables with unique lengths?
11:07PM 2 removing daylight savings in R
10:57PM 9 Inefficiency of SAS Programming
10:52PM 0 analysis of variance using lmer
9:58PM 0 When download.file fails...
9:44PM 4 User manual or tutorial for GAM package
9:32PM 1 Substituting in a variable file name in a Windows system command
8:47PM 5 Download daily weather data
8:46PM 4 plot with pairwise joined points
8:11PM 0 Package DAKS for knowledge space theory, on CRAN now
7:34PM 1 bottom legends in ggplot2 ?
6:14PM 0 glm with large datasets
6:04PM 2 generalized linear mixed models with a beta distribution
5:52PM 2 Merge question
5:34PM 0 use R Group SFBA March meeting reminder
4:58PM 1 error message and convergence issues in fitting glmer in package lme4
4:38PM 2 ftp fetch using RCurl?
4:10PM 1 Random Forest confusion matrix
4:08PM 2 which zip file is the emulator package?
4:07PM 1 gplot problems with faceting
3:20PM 1 layout of igraph
2:16PM 0 plot.survfit
1:13PM 0 kmeans: invalid length argument
12:58PM 4 Singularity in a regression?
12:07PM 3 Moving Average
12:04PM 1 ggplot2: labels points with different colors or idnumbers
10:04AM 1 R communication
8:38AM 1 Incorporating cumsum in for loop
8:16AM 1 (no subject)
8:12AM 0 AsciiGridPredict returns error in unionDataJoin
6:02AM 2 left truncated data survival analysis package
4:29AM 2 Importing zoo object ("index contains NAs")
3:33AM 3 R question - combine values
3:11AM 0 How do I retrieve column and row names after comparing two matrices?
2:55AM 3 Modifying Names from (x,y] into x
2:30AM 2 interpSpline with dates?
2:27AM 2 Hi, Coding problem
2:05AM 1 two colors and putting lines on bar plots
1:20AM 1 T-test by groups
1:08AM 3 windows vs. linux code
12:36AM 1 logistic regression - unequal groups in R
Wednesday February 25 2009
11:58PM 3 indexing model names for AICc table
11:48PM 1 Place independent labels between values on x-axis
11:38PM 4 Strange behavior of savePlot
11:33PM 0 basketball (was: R spam)
11:04PM 0 how to generate random numbers of a specific distribution in a squared normal distribution metric?
10:03PM 0 mefa 3.0-0
9:59PM 2 reshape from wide to long
9:47PM 1 problems with arrangement of figures by layout function
9:32PM 0 fractional polynomials
9:19PM 2 Formatting numeric values in a data frame
9:11PM 0 left truncated data and survival analysis
8:49PM 1 Problems with ARIMA models?
8:31PM 0 Choosing how to vary slopes and intercepts in a hierarchical model
7:46PM 0 R, joint scaling test, quantitative genetic analysis & sensitivity to model violations
6:56PM 2 Gradient function for optim.
6:48PM 1 monotonic GAM with more than one term
6:46PM 3 make check reg-tests-1.R error on solaris
5:16PM 1 vertically aligned X axis labels disappear off R Graphics window
4:54PM 3 survival::survfit,plot.survfit
4:50PM 1 Using gregexpr with multiple search elements
4:17PM 2 : record which entry in one file doesn't appear in a different file
3:56PM 3 survival::predict.coxph
3:53PM 1 Computing sd across an array with missing values
3:52PM 1 Anova Help?
3:49PM 0 Similarity between clusters generated by hclust + cutree
3:29PM 0 How to make warning message colorful (or have sound)?
3:11PM 2 Have any way to write a funtion into a list ?
3:07PM 3 C-index for models fitted using start, stop in Surv?
1:48PM 1 read multiplan or sylk files in R
1:30PM 0 nls and start values evaluation
1:21PM 0 ggplot2 0.8.2
12:48PM 0 coxph: competing endpoints & multiple time-dependent covariate
12:36PM 0 Have a function like the "_n_" in R ? (Automatic count function)
12:25PM 4 Have a function like the "_n_" in R ? (Automatic count function )
12:01PM 1 read and reshape time series table with empty items
11:04AM 3 Using very large matrix
9:52AM 0 JRI problem with NoClassDefFoundError
9:44AM 2 Linear Discriminant Analysis
9:40AM 0 Data Envelopment Analysis in R
9:39AM 1 leaps question
9:34AM 1 How to get JRI to work from my NetBeans
9:30AM 0 leaps and biglm
9:03AM 0 RE : multiple regressions on columns
8:53AM 0 R interest group at Stellenbosch University formed: R@SUN
8:39AM 1 Statistic community?
8:20AM 3 Using package ROCR
6:19AM 1 how to label the branches of a tree
5:09AM 2 run latent class analysis with R
4:36AM 8 learning R
12:23AM 3 regexp capturing group in R
Tuesday February 24 2009
11:30PM 1 polr (MASS): score test for proportional odds model
10:53PM 0 leaps package help
10:09PM 1 R parser for If-else
10:03PM 0 Wavelet Bootstrap Size Simulation
9:55PM 1 biplot.princomp - changing score labels
9:36PM 4 Help with Latex (Hmisc)
8:38PM 1 Installing archived package alongisde current one
8:10PM 3 how to NULL multiple variables of a df efficiently?
7:36PM 4 bigest part of vector
6:07PM 2 Leave one out Cross validation (LOO)
6:01PM 2 growing dataframes with rbind
5:53PM 0 samr-package: problem with large sample size multiclass data
5:16PM 0 useR Group Meeting - London
5:13PM 1 multiple regressions on columns
5:01PM 2 Simulating contingency table (Basic question, help please)
4:50PM 0 R, Shapley Values and TURF
4:49PM 2 Transpose array
4:22PM 1 statistical significance of accuracy increase in classification
3:59PM 1 subsetting a matrix based on condition
3:56PM 2 any function for package searching?
3:38PM 0 RODBC connectivity
3:29PM 1 control data symbols in pairs function
3:23PM 1 Initialize varFunc in R
3:10PM 1 odfWeave problem "Error in xmlEventParse"
2:56PM 0 Decision Function of Support Vector Machine
2:13PM 1 reading text files compressed by gzip
2:00PM 2 Tracing gradient during optimization
1:57PM 1 Odfweave
1:53PM 0 data file - function write.fwf - library gdata
1:28PM 1 replace zeros in a block diagonal matrix with small random values?
1:25PM 0 creating bar charts with nested groups
1:06PM 4 Inference for R Spam
12:57PM 2 using perl regular expression
12:20PM 0 Problems:ticks overlap with each other
11:46AM 0 kml 0.9.2
11:46AM 1 Random number generation for Generalized Logistic distribution
10:46AM 2 Syntax in taking log to transfrom the data to fit Gaussian distribution
10:01AM 0 problem understanding the result of pnorm2d()
9:05AM 2 Problem about plot scale
8:54AM 0 Odp: Help How to use a loop to do pair comparison
5:53AM 0 Games-Howell function for post-hoc multiple comparisons
5:23AM 1 Help How to use a loop to do pair comparison
3:22AM 0 help: calculations for causespecific hazard ratios in a competing risks analysis with timedependent covariates
2:52AM 3 All the products of common factors
2:26AM 0 multinom() and multinomial() interpretation
1:29AM 1 Simple seq() boolean equality problem
1:03AM 2 lmer, estimation of p-values and mcmcsamp
Monday February 23 2009
11:26PM 1 question about loading date file in R
11:23PM 1 predicting cumulative hazard for coxph using predict
10:38PM 1 why results from regression tree (rpart) are totally inconsistent with ordinary regression
10:25PM 2 array manipulation simple questions
9:15PM 1 [S] ASA Southern California Chapter Applied Statistics Workshop
9:09PM 1 Slow indexing access for Matrix
8:59PM 2 Formula that includes previous row values
8:38PM 1 simple graphing question
7:43PM 1 Listbox in R
7:03PM 1 ARIMA question
6:17PM 1 trade-off between speed and storage in matrix multiplications
5:59PM 0 Get top cluster for each item in a correlation matrix
5:49PM 1 Obtaining Least Square Means with lme (mixed models)
5:31PM 2 if statement of a vector
5:05PM 3 Insurance data in library(MASS)
4:05PM 0 length 1 offset in glm
3:24PM 1 Follow-up to Reply: Overdispersion with binomial distribution
3:22PM 1 "autonumber" for grouping variable
3:16PM 2 Support Vector Machine
2:10PM 1 Help with t.test
1:35PM 1 how todefine an variable/column in a dataframe as numeric mode
1:33PM 1 incomplete data analysis
1:18PM 2 re ad.table prn file
1:10PM 1 r: intergrate behaviour
1:04PM 0 Segmentation Fault still exists
12:56PM 3 Help in writing my own function
12:09PM 1 Problem with library(RMySQL), registry pointer problem?
11:06AM 1 are arithmetic comparison operators binary?
9:27AM 0 is there any IV probit estimator in R?
8:45AM 1 New package: exams - Automatic Generation of Standardized Exams
8:42AM 1 Build Error on Solaris
6:13AM 1 running multiple commands in one system() call
4:42AM 2 1.095e+09 for integers
4:19AM 0 R/Finance 2009: Applied Finance with R -- Registration now open
4:18AM 1 Help with R and MySQL
1:26AM 3 Dates and times from Excel
Sunday February 22 2009
10:48PM 1 Filtering a data frame using a string for colum header
9:16PM 1 Fourier Row and spectral analysis
8:45PM 1 lattice contourplot line types
8:42PM 2 Semantics of sequences in R
6:52PM 0 calculating compound growth rates - creating a flexible function
6:10PM 2 filtering a simple matrix
5:57PM 1 a coding problem from Ross Simulation book
2:08PM 1 how to deal with a changed plotting title?
1:45PM 2 How to parse text file into a table?
1:09PM 1 split/decompose lines
1:09PM 3 line joining graphs
10:37AM 1 Setting global variables in a function
10:20AM 3 Error in var(x, na.rm = na.rm) : no complete element pairs
8:37AM 1 error using scan
4:51AM 2 how to recover a list structure
4:41AM 1 Zoo or TS
4:25AM 1 Function with 'data' parameter
3:23AM 2 How to reshape this data frame from long to wide ?
3:17AM 2 Convert a list to matrix
Saturday February 21 2009
10:38PM 0 EM for Density Estimation
7:37PM 0 density estimation for d>2 for the DPpackage
4:22PM 0 Bold fonts and greek characters in lattice plots
3:46PM 1 Extracting xy from raster based on raster value
3:30PM 2 difference between assignment syntax <- vs =
2:02PM 0 new RcmdrPlugin.survival package
1:36PM 1 variable/model selction (step/stepAIC) for biglm ?
11:42AM 0 errors
7:21AM 0 problems in package "wavelets" function "wt.filter"
6:01AM 1 density estimate
3:40AM 1 Debian Power PC Compile R
1:30AM 0 How Google and Facebook are using R - notes from use R! SF panel
Friday February 20 2009
11:55PM 0 Matrix multiplication multivariate
11:32PM 1 how to add names to an object created using assign
11:16PM 2 Sorting rows in a matrix based on vector of indecies
9:30PM 1 24 hour axis /time plots
8:57PM 2 Grouped bwplots?
8:27PM 0 Random labeling hypothesis in spatstat
7:05PM 0 Uni and multivariate analyses on binary data
7:00PM 1 Diagnostics for single-observation deletion in Cox models
6:26PM 0 multiplication between a matrix and a block-diagonal matrix (without vectorization)
5:33PM 0 ML estimators of bivariate cauchy
5:27PM 1 Cycle through graphs
5:12PM 3 orthogonal/perpendicular distance from regression line
5:06PM 0 e1071 package for SVM
4:38PM 1 How to transfer a list of space delimited character elements into a char vector?
4:23PM 0 package "wavelets" does nor recognize filter "d2"
4:12PM 2 change attributes of all data.frame elements
4:08PM 1 Sweave schunk placement
3:50PM 3 3D or 4D plot
3:47PM 1 NOT an R problem: cannot install packages from distant repository
3:27PM 2 Problems installing RODBC as part of Rcmdr and as separate package
3:11PM 2 why doesn't table() have a data=argument?
3:06PM 2 cluster analysis: mean values for each variable and cluster
1:04PM 0 Rpad sever version
12:35PM 0 Spearman-Karber method for toxicity data
12:23PM 0 link between dynamic web pages and R
12:07PM 1 C function calling in R
11:49AM 1 Using "rep", but don't know what to put after each =
11:30AM 1 lm and aov produce different results for nested fixed-factor anova
10:33AM 0 System of logistics Equations-correction
10:21AM 6 An error in fitting a non linear regression
10:19AM 2 System of logistics Equations
10:18AM 1 misleading example or ...
9:34AM 4 adding a reference line to an xyplot
8:38AM 3 mean over previous cells
7:56AM 6 write.table
7:22AM 1 smoothing 2D vector field
7:18AM 1 log-minus-log plot
4:55AM 2 importing data to SQLite database with sqldf
3:33AM 1 plotting questions
1:22AM 2 equivalent function to MatLab 'step' ?
1:01AM 0 residuals from a fractional arima model and other questions
12:49AM 0 R and JavaGD?
12:36AM 1 request
Thursday February 19 2009
11:26PM 1 Arima bug?
11:21PM 0 change the label size when drawing trees with ape
11:19PM 1 How to unload a dll loaded via library.dynam()?
11:16PM 0 Detecting startup flags from within R (never mind, I figured it out).
11:11PM 1 Detecting startup flags from within R.
10:30PM 1 transform key value pair to column
10:23PM 1 Getting the difference between two data frames
9:48PM 1 Roadmap for selecting an approach to analyzing repeated measures data
7:49PM 0 using stepAIC with negative binomial regression - error message
7:29PM 1 modifying legend in scatterplot matrix R
6:12PM 0 TAR Models and predictive residuals
6:00PM 2 Source code for nlm()
5:22PM 2 Using R in Java?
4:51PM 2 Doing pairwise comparisons using either Duncan, Tukey or LSD
4:48PM 2 counting strings in a column
4:45PM 2 colored maps again
4:40PM 2 an S idiom for ordering matrix by columns?
4:12PM 2 read.table : how to condition on error while opening file?
3:44PM 1 everybody loves R...
2:50PM 0 Age as time-scale in a cox model
2:26PM 1 code patterns in vector
2:18PM 0 Curso: Introduccion al idioma R
2:07PM 0 DLM and matrices with 0 eigenvalues
1:36PM 0 Problem in converting a string in binary formate
1:16PM 1 Bug in predict function for naiveBayes?
12:39PM 4 problem with comparing a part of string with whole string
12:39PM 2 dotplot points color
11:22AM 0 package knnFinder, kd-trees
11:19AM 2 Use of ifelse for indicating specific rownumber
10:38AM 4 type III effect from glm()
10:28AM 4 Matrix package: band matrix
10:23AM 2 table with 3 variables
10:21AM 3 Multiple merge, better solution?
10:02AM 2 table with 3 varialbes
9:55AM 0 Translate R to C code
9:29AM 0 Meaning of .local and the special token ..1 returned from match.call
8:37AM 2 Build R-2.8.1 on AIX5.3
8:19AM 2 SVM regression code
6:47AM 3 Insert value in a Vector Alternately
6:15AM 2 problem with using %in% condition while using in if() condition
5:42AM 1 matrix computation???
5:14AM 1 Read.table not reading in all columns
4:54AM 1 how to make the figure more clearly
4:33AM 1 Questions about biglm
2:36AM 1 Difference between GEE and Robust Cluster Standard Errors
2:35AM 0 Log rank test power calculations
1:55AM 1 How do I get xtabs to show missing data?
1:52AM 1 partial residuals & the output of residuals.lm(..., type="partial")
1:38AM 2 error bars
1:20AM 0 Zelig method setx()
Wednesday February 18 2009
10:47PM 2 indicator or deviation contrasts in log-linear modelling
10:21PM 1 ggplot2 Y axis labels
10:18PM 1 interaction.plot - gridlines and formatting legend title...
10:00PM 1 How to verify R is running with multi-threads
9:27PM 1 color maps with counts
9:24PM 2 Re place Values within vector using Translation vector
9:04PM 2 [package-car:Anova] extracting residuals from Anova for Type II/III Repeated Measures ?
9:01PM 2 understanding how R determines numbers and characters when creating a data frame
8:56PM 2 Adding greek letters to plot title
8:36PM 1 RcolorBrewer
8:12PM 1 Creating several txt outputs
7:43PM 1 Age as time-scale in a cox model-How to calculate x-time risk?
7:34PM 1 lineplot in ggplot2 with different colour and linetype
7:32PM 0 Constraint in nls with factor in model?
7:21PM 2 Running out of memory when importing SPSS files
6:40PM 0 C# / R interface problem
5:25PM 0 auto.arima in forecasting package
5:25PM 0 swich off printed info
5:05PM 0 March ** R ** course in New York City *** by XLSolutions Corp
5:03PM 1 Help on warning message from Neg. Binomial error during glm
5:02PM 1 multidimensional scaling with long form data
3:34PM 0 No results show up when running Rmdr
2:28PM 1 R code compiled, assembled or interpreted?
1:37PM 2 Counting/processing a character vector
1:20PM 1 alpha shape function
12:37PM 1 bitmap .tif in colors
11:40AM 1 Training nnet in two ways, trying to understand the performance difference - with (i hope!) commented, minimal, self-contained, reproducible code
11:30AM 2 distance betwenn axis and axis annotation
9:46AM 1 Color Function
8:58AM 3 Barplot with Sorted X-Axis
8:36AM 1 R as a web scraping tool using RCurl
8:23AM 0 which test-statistic to use for quasibinomial GLMs?
8:20AM 2 Remove top-K elements in Vector
7:17AM 1 using stepAIC with negative binomial regression - error message help
6:41AM 1 basic inquiry regarding write.csv
6:36AM 1 Possible Cause of Segmentation Fault
6:07AM 2 Added system Info:--Segmentation Fault occured while connecting to the database
5:32AM 0 Segmentation Fault occured while connecting to the database
4:53AM 0 Index-G1 error
4:33AM 0 How to: C# / R interface
3:59AM 1 Plotting Binned Data
3:13AM 2 how to randomly eliminate half the entries in a vector?
2:26AM 1 rbind: number of columns of result is not a multiple of vector length (arg 1)
1:19AM 1 FW: Can't access CRAN
12:04AM 2 Normal cdf modified function
Tuesday February 17 2009
11:51PM 1 :How to insert a column in a data frame
11:45PM 1 ylim in plot.ts?
11:42PM 0 Saving data to a MS Access Database
10:31PM 2 matrix output
10:12PM 2 cumsum vs. sum
9:42PM 1 using sapply to apply function to some columns of a dataframe
9:17PM 1 Cross classified or Multiple membership or Hierarchical (3 level ) logistic models using Umacs
6:17PM 0 Error with "make" with R-devel
6:10PM 0 multiple levels of nesting with trellis plots
5:52PM 2 printing out the summary for lm into a txt file
5:10PM 1 merging files with different structures
4:57PM 6 Percentiles/Quantiles with Weighting
4:53PM 2 creating a map
4:03PM 0 word wrap using Hershey fonts
3:55PM 3 R scripts and parameters
3:37PM 3 Survival-Analysis: How to get numerical values from survfit (and not just a plot)?
3:20PM 1 ARIMA models
3:17PM 1 Uninstall question
3:15PM 2 spss-file problem with foreign 0.8-32
3:06PM 1 frequency table for multiple variables
2:45PM 2 How to connect R and WinBUGS/OpenBUGS/LinBUGS in Linux in Feb. 2009
2:33PM 4 joining "one-to-many"
1:44PM 2 Chromatogram deconvolution and peak matching
12:00PM 0 Problem with calculating the residuals in an AR(p)-model
11:37AM 3 Combination
10:01AM 3 Subset Regression Package
9:33AM 1 difficulty in starting time sequence from 00:00:00
9:01AM 2 Efficient matrix computations
8:58AM 1 problem with dates in zoo package
8:58AM 1 stopping stepAIC (MASS package)
7:27AM 0 Any upcoming R training course in Boston or East Coast?
5:11AM 0 What's the predict procedure of ARIMA in R?
4:50AM 0 How to simulate a seasonal ARIMA model in R?
4:25AM 1 R crash after fGarch update
4:02AM 0 Article on R and SAS in NY Times Blog
3:11AM 2 annual maximum value
2:57AM 1 Processing a list of fit objects
2:17AM 0 Problem with +(POSIXt, difftime) dispatching -- WAS: How to create sequence of constant time interval
1:51AM 1 how to control the overall shape of a figure?
1:34AM 1 Create package with Fortran 90 and C code
1:13AM 0 Time series prediction
Monday February 16 2009
11:07PM 1 Problems with labeling a set X axis in chron plots
10:04PM 0 Package fechner for Fechnerian scaling, on CRAN now
9:54PM 1 incl.non.slopes=FALSE does not work at predict.lm
9:05PM 1 problem of "local" ! :-(
7:23PM 1 Overdispersion with binomial distribution
7:08PM 1 Adjusting the Axis in a histogram to the prespecified breaks
6:45PM 1 Help with rgl
5:43PM 3 Applying functions to partitions
5:41PM 0 sandwich matrix multiplication and efficient determinant
5:28PM 4 assuming AR(1) residuals in OLS
5:25PM 2 Whitening Time Series
5:14PM 2 Printing out a graph using different graphics devices
4:21PM 2 scatterplot and correlation for weird data format
4:21PM 2 Using eval in multinom argument
3:51PM 0 odd GARCH(1,1) results
3:30PM 1 How to add direction of time to plot.circular()
3:12PM 0 I can't apply the summary function when I use de armaFit (fArma)...
2:02PM 3 controlling number of decimals printed in anova tables?
1:41PM 2 is there any way to find match with tolerance
1:24PM 1 How do i compute predicted failure time from a cox model?
12:10PM 1 Ideal (possible) configuration for an exalted R system
11:59AM 5 Alternate to for-loop
10:41AM 0 problem with gls finding model terms without specifying data=named.object
10:38AM 1 Don't find a package !
10:11AM 2 solve.QP with box and equality constraints
10:00AM 5 How to create sequence of constant time interval
7:00AM 2 Transformation of Variables
6:16AM 1 Time series
4:56AM 0 McFadden Pseudo R2 with positive Likelihood??
4:22AM 3 Comparison of age categories using contrasts
12:06AM 1 How do I Edit Source Code Files On The Mac?
Sunday February 15 2009
10:58PM 0 std error of the covariance matrix of random effects in lme4
10:29PM 2 Unadulterated plot
10:25PM 1 solve a linear system with argument is a matrix
9:43PM 0 feature extraction on time series data
8:23PM 1 (no subject)
8:17PM 2 Passing environments: why doesn't this work???
7:59PM 1 GLMM, ML, PQL, lmer
7:36PM 2 matrix transpose
7:23PM 0 Plot of MaximumLikihoodFunction
6:56PM 0 mnormt and mvtnorm
6:53PM 0 Porcentual separation
6:49PM 0 How to add new corStruct class in lme?
6:08PM 1 MDS with ranking data (and transformation)
5:46PM 2 Fast ave for sorted data?
3:17PM 0 Kalman Filter - dlm package
1:46PM 0 Package for Markov (Regime) Switching (ARMA) Models
12:55PM 2 How to plot image of contour in percent?
7:32AM 1 Grouping stripchart markers
4:47AM 1 Delete row if first letter of row name is
4:29AM 1 Overloading in R
2:44AM 1 Issue with step(): Fails to look for object$model
2:23AM 1 extracting standard errors in glm.nb
Saturday February 14 2009
11:01PM 2 implementing Grubbs outlier test on a large dataframe
10:09PM 0 Getting current location from Grid
8:24PM 0 How to fit GARCH(1,1) with targeted unconditional variance?
7:39PM 0 Transforming smooth functions of gam using mgcv
6:57PM 0 Houston area R meetup
6:46PM 2 anova help
5:19PM 0 San Francisco use R! Group - Reminder & Call for Presenters
1:51PM 1 Mann Whitney test
10:23AM 2 Dynamic Panel Analysis in R
9:41AM 0 Latent Class Analysis Prediction
5:21AM 2 superscript
5:08AM 3 several "ifelse" problems...
4:59AM 1 glm problem
2:16AM 6 Outlier Detection for timeseries
12:05AM 2 question about tool collisions
Friday February 13 2009
11:30PM 4 PCA functions
11:19PM 2 second axis title orientation
9:00PM 1 error with make
7:25PM 2 I want axes that cross
7:23PM 1 Add columns to data frame automatically
7:17PM 0 help with reshaping (no file attached)
7:05PM 0 help with reshaping
6:50PM 0 weighted-ML estimates
5:52PM 2 how to obtain p values from an ANOVA result
5:17PM 1 need help with errors in betareg analysis
5:09PM 2 tapply bug? - levels of a factor in a data frame after tapply are intermixed
4:37PM 0 npindex: specifying manual bandwiths
4:25PM 2 loading mgcv package
4:24PM 0 problem with mediation
3:44PM 0 lists on a script
3:35PM 2 odfWeave & prettyR
3:20PM 1 Distinguishing variables from functions with the same name
3:18PM 2 select on letter
3:07PM 1 Problems with Histogram
2:58PM 1 Write and Load functions from an external file
2:49PM 1 equivalent to SAS genmod code in R?
2:18PM 0 Difference MNP-package and rmnpGibbs from bayesm-package
1:50PM 0 Making plot with "sub"-X values
1:14PM 1 (no subject)
12:56PM 1 help change auto.key colors in xyplot
12:51PM 1 directory manipulation
12:42PM 2 copy directory command
12:42PM 0 Odp: Odp: extracting parts of words or extraxting letter to use in ifelse-func.
12:29PM 0 r and c++ (Duncan Murdoch)
11:11AM 2 Meta-Analyisis on Correlations
9:40AM 1 .rda extension
9:38AM 2 extracting parts of words or extraxting letter to use in ifelse-func.
8:24AM 1 Bootstrap or Wilcoxons' test?
4:42AM 2 adding S3 vs. S4 to a new package
4:07AM 3 R Help
12:56AM 0 The effect of MLE and MME to probability of rejection
12:30AM 2 Running examples failed (but there are none).
12:09AM 0 Graph Edit Distance
Thursday February 12 2009
11:41PM 3 Adding abline in Lattice graph
10:32PM 1 Setting optimizer in lme
9:00PM 0 Sign differences amoung QR solutions.
8:49PM 2 SAS Institute Adding Support for R
8:22PM 0 Error Message: Error in dim(data) <- dim : attempt to set an attribute on NULL
8:06PM 1 analogue to "lines" commant in "plot" when using boxplot
7:34PM 2 Messing with the "..." argument
7:31PM 5 Extending each element in a list, or rbind()-ing arrays of different length without recycling
7:09PM 1 variable values
6:58PM 3 Aggregrate function
6:18PM 1 how to perform power analysis and sample size estimation/projection using R
6:04PM 3 Website, book, paper, etc. that shows example plots of distributions?
5:58PM 2 Problem with lmer and wiki example
5:46PM 3 Looping multiple output values to dataframe
5:42PM 1 Different labels for subsets of points in a PCA or RDA biplot
5:20PM 3 getting all pairwise combinations of elements in a character string
5:00PM 1 ggobi install
4:31PM 1 Optimizing Multiple Models...any suggestions?
4:19PM 3 get top 50 correlated item from a correlation matrix for each item
4:11PM 2 beginner's question: group of regressors by name vector?
3:45PM 2 repost: problems with lm for nested fixed-factor Anova (ANOVA I)
3:20PM 3 trunc/floor a number -- strange bahaviour
3:16PM 2 r and c++
2:44PM 3 Tilde in boxplots
2:29PM 0 iTRAQ normalization
1:07PM 0 gamma regression (Zelig package)
12:49PM 1 Reading "attachment" mails on the R-help mailing list
12:35PM 2 barplot() x axes are not updated after removal of categories from the dataframe
12:00PM 0 Comparing slopes in two linear models
10:38AM 1 Latex or html output for freq() in prettyR
10:09AM 1 Using nls or nls.lm with a simulation output
7:59AM 2 R Connection with Teradata (Windows)
5:54AM 1 Optim
1:40AM 2 Problem with loading rJava in R
1:29AM 0 Programming a repeating calculation
1:02AM 1 General query regarding scoring new observations
12:49AM 2 System.time
Wednesday February 11 2009
11:40PM 1 How to tell if lattice is current device?
10:43PM 1 Compiling Matrix on Solaris 10 x86-64 Sun Studio 12
10:24PM 0 built in variance component function for lm
10:14PM 1 function question
9:22PM 4 Efficent way to create an nxn upper triangular matrix of one's
9:21PM 1 Can't install rggobi package
8:43PM 3 two scatter plots in one
8:37PM 1 Help with XYPLOT with marginal histograms
8:36PM 2 Linear model
8:26PM 1 Table Formatting
8:25PM 0 More help with Binary Files
8:14PM 0 contour( ..., method='edge') incompatible with xlim & ylim
8:07PM 1 2 different colors for 2 groups of lines using xyplot
7:18PM 3 What is going on?
7:17PM 0 Help with XYPLOT
7:02PM 1 amusement
6:34PM 2 How to apply table() on subdata and stack outputs
6:27PM 2 plots and text to the same output file
6:10PM 2 bar plot/ histogram
5:10PM 2 changing settings on a barchart (lattice)
5:09PM 1 Variables captured in closures get copied?
4:43PM 1 How to count number of year per firm in panel data?
4:34PM 1 Eror message: not a valid package -- installed < 2.0.0
4:26PM 1 Hollander's test of bivariate symmetry
4:04PM 1 Reading Binary Files
2:45PM 1 Error in storage when attempting to run GLM
2:20PM 2 problem with 'which' and strings
2:15PM 1 Beginner-how to down size a large sample
1:50PM 1 Problem with R using pgi compiler on x86_64
1:39PM 2 extract trend data from stl
12:49PM 2 Label bars in a faceted bar plot in ggplot2
12:44PM 0 Beginner question about an Error message when loading SWinTypeLibs package
12:32PM 3 Filter a big matrix
11:21AM 2 Question about apply()
10:44AM 1 Generating Correlation matrix
10:40AM 5 How to handle large numbers?
10:20AM 0 Problem with GDB: Cannot find new threads
9:51AM 2 generalized mixed model + mcmcsamp
8:42AM 0 how to derive 5 level nested anova results table
8:32AM 5 How to comment in R
6:38AM 2 Loop on characters
6:23AM 2 error in my previous message
6:18AM 2 sorting a matrix by the column
5:03AM 2 Truncated labels with mosaicplot
2:49AM 1 Looping over a matrix passed to .C
2:34AM 3 Generating Numbers With Certain Distribution in R
12:39AM 1 how to perform 5 level nested anova
12:00AM 1 Chinese language R email list?
Tuesday February 10 2009
11:35PM 1 height of y-axis (in inches or cm)
10:48PM 1 aggregate taking way too long to count.
10:13PM 0 queues
10:00PM 3 tcltk, tcltk2, Rcmdr, Mac OS X
9:44PM 1 ggplot2 + rggobi course. July 30-31, Washington DC
9:44PM 7 ifelse()
9:33PM 6 OT: A test with dependent samples.
9:20PM 1 Putting values and axis X labels on the charts based on allEffects
9:12PM 2 Mixed ANCOVA with between-Ss covariate?
8:38PM 1 rscript write function
7:14PM 2 forestplot
6:54PM 2 Rterm.exe stops responding to keyboard input
6:50PM 7 How to split a character vector into 3 vectors
5:51PM 1 loglik and arima()
5:02PM 2 arithmetic comparison over corresponding values from two vectors
4:31PM 2 Strange behaviour of ISOdatetime
4:29PM 3 summary of a list
4:12PM 2 how to add points/lines to a surface plot
4:06PM 2 plotting the result of a nonlinear regression
2:38PM 3 ISOdatetime gives NA for a specific date
2:29PM 1 lattice shingle with time and date format
2:18PM 2 Help regarding White's Heteroscedasticity Correction
1:50PM 1 how to use axes=FALSE to get multple plots?
1:22PM 0 Problem with PVCM: "0 (non-NA) cases"
1:01PM 0 A recommender system package?
11:03AM 1 need help with installRExcel()
11:02AM 2 Problem with retrieving updated variables after attach()
10:38AM 1 harmonic function fiting? how to do
10:22AM 1 Fast fourier transformation
9:22AM 2 Problem installing MASS-Package
9:01AM 1 Replacing dot with empty space
7:39AM 2 R running as a server on windows?
6:56AM 1 error using R Commander for text file import
6:53AM 0 errors with R Commander
3:01AM 1 Calculating variables
1:58AM 0 Resize edge's label fontsize
1:36AM 0 Dataframes: conditional calculations per row [SOLVED].
12:41AM 1 OT: did the wildfires affect tolstoy.newcastle.edu.au?
12:37AM 0 How to calculate the marginals of the data for some model
12:27AM 2 What is the R equivalent of STATA's 'drop' command?
Monday February 9 2009
11:13PM 1 twitter useRs?
11:11PM 0 Working with RDF
11:07PM 2 cwhmisc package requests update all the time!
11:04PM 2 summary statistics
10:13PM 1 running totals in a list
10:11PM 2 Dataframes: conditional calculations per row .
10:07PM 3 pause in function execution
9:44PM 1 percentage of variance explained by factors
9:43PM 2 How to plot multiple graphs each with multiple y variables
9:27PM 0 Inverse Gaussian dist in a GEE model
9:21PM 2 Help on BarPlot
8:25PM 0 ROracle - ORA-02005: implicit (-1) length not valid for this bind or define datatype
7:30PM 2 Generating new variable based on values of an existing variable
6:25PM 0 appropriate error term for AOV repeated block design
6:22PM 1 How to avoid losing a sample as reference running an individual differential expression analysis (LIMMA)
6:20PM 1 XML package- accessing nodes based on attributes
5:59PM 1 How to create grouping in the residual plot
5:36PM 2 meaning of warning messages
4:56PM 1 Next-generation sequencing data analysis with R
4:29PM 1 gee with auto-regressive correlation structure (AR-M)
4:27PM 0 problems with lm for nested fixed-factor Anova
3:57PM 2 Counting session days
2:46PM 1 Re turn values < 0 from Matrix
2:40PM 11 Choosing a random number between x and y
2:32PM 2 R equivalent of SAS Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel tests?
2:09PM 1 standardize
2:08PM 0 questions for "randomFroest" package
1:17PM 0 Generating missingness on SNP data
12:36PM 2 length of object in repeated measures
12:09PM 2 Assigning to a vector while keeping the attributes
10:17AM 2 Problem in appending a row to *.csv file
10:13AM 2 (no subject)
3:32AM 1 question about mean
1:00AM 2 subsets problem
12:24AM 1 sapply
Sunday February 8 2009
11:22PM 1 Help on computing Geary's C statistic to test for Spatial Autocorrelation
10:27PM 3 Best 64-bit Linux distro for R?
9:14PM 0 Initial values of the parameters of a garch-Model
8:18PM 2 Embedding fonts in pdf graphics
8:11PM 3 general inverse solver?
7:18PM 0 library vegan - cca - versus CANOCO
5:39PM 1 Tip for performance improvement while handling huge data?
5:33PM 1 How to print console output statements from within script or function?
5:27PM 0 Fwd: Using panel.grid in barchart
4:40PM 0 Modifying forestplot function in rmeta
4:10PM 1 Error installing rjags in Ubuntu Linux
1:29PM 5 glmmBUGS: logistic regression on proportional data
12:15PM 0 recursive derivative a list of polynomials
8:21AM 0 Plot multiple lines, same plot, different axes?
5:15AM 2 updating contents of a package
4:56AM 1 compressing data without writing output to file
3:25AM 2 how to make this qq plot in lattice and/or ggplot2
1:55AM 1 sub() with "+" - invalid regular expression
1:07AM 0 as.xts error
1:05AM 2 Using panel.grid in barchart
12:17AM 1 Hessian?
Saturday February 7 2009
9:40PM 0 R on mobile devices
9:00PM 1 paraPen in gam [mgcv 1.4-1.1] and centering constraints
8:19PM 1 Question about plotting data points in box plots
8:17PM 2 Question about ROCR package
7:59PM 1 vignettes are installed but not viewable?
7:47PM 3 Re-post data format question (apologies)
6:18PM 0 Data format question
4:12PM 2 Time Series Graphics - "cannot plot more than 10 series"
2:17PM 1 lme() direction
2:13PM 1 Performing a glm binomial model
2:07PM 1 princomp - how to take out part result
10:20AM 4 R solve equation
9:43AM 1 Yahoo data downloading problem
6:16AM 0 R on Mobile Devices (All)
4:07AM 3 Output results to a single postscript document
3:57AM 1 fixed effects regression
3:57AM 0 Printing all output (text ans plots) to the same postscript document
3:12AM 2 Problems installing/updating packages in Linux
1:27AM 0 Problems with svyhist
Friday February 6 2009
11:57PM 1 Tables in legend
11:17PM 1 Operations on difftime (abs, /, c)
10:29PM 2 How to sort a matrix or dataframe by two columns?
9:50PM 1 16 digits and beyond? R64-bit a solution?
9:48PM 2 Plot with x-axis dates
9:25PM 1 Log transformation and -Inf values for use in glm()
9:15PM 1 xyplot multiple conditions and empty panels
8:32PM 1 format \Sexpr{}
8:31PM 0 RExcel waiting for OLE action
8:29PM 1 Joint test
8:17PM 1 Introduction to maps (of Denmark)?
8:00PM 0 Suggestions on which package to use
7:32PM 2 undesired grid in ps/eps outputs generated by filled.contour or image
7:26PM 2 Rmpi Segmentation fault
5:38PM 1 Using subset in validate() in Design, what is the correct syntax?
5:01PM 2 does R plus 3.3 need vista ?
4:46PM 0 strange behavior of print vs. round
4:40PM 1 beanplot, Error in shapiro.test(x)
4:32PM 1 R Package to Dir structure and Folder Analysis?
3:54PM 1 one-sample t-test with correlated (clustered) observations
3:41PM 4 Upgrade R program (version 2.6.2) ???
3:30PM 1 Problem about Mann-Kendall trend test
3:26PM 3 how to delete specific rows in a data frame where the first column matches any string from a list
3:11PM 1 Cluster analysis question
2:42PM 1 glm package
2:10PM 1 Finding a basis in a set of vectors
1:23PM 2 annotating a filled contours plot with a grid of points
1:15PM 1 Rmpi with LAM/MPI on Debian
12:57PM 2 Matrix Multiplication
12:45PM 0 R training
12:12PM 3 R on Mobile Devices (Android)
12:04PM 1 Linear model: contrasts
11:01AM 0 Tinn-R released with a new and complete User Guide
10:32AM 0 party package conditional variable importance
9:37AM 0 Variance of AR-Process.
7:28AM 0 R Interface Coming to SAS/IML Studio
6:50AM 3 How to convert Charagter variables into numeric
5:11AM 1 sequence that counts up and back down
4:27AM 0 Classification problem
3:14AM 0 Copula-GARCH
2:24AM 0 Comparing weighted histograms?
1:25AM 0 Can you send out an email message through Lotus Notes clients from an R script?
12:35AM 3 Sweave and backslashes
12:27AM 1 MLE for right-censored data with covariates
Thursday February 5 2009
11:20PM 3 how to separate char and num within a variable
10:10PM 4 eval and as.name
9:01PM 3 subset problem (reducing from six to two levels)
8:17PM 2 R command system under Windows
8:13PM 2 R system command on windows
7:49PM 1 Legend for radial.plot?
7:47PM 1 pdata.frame for panel data
7:31PM 1 Incorrect p value for binom.test?
7:25PM 3 seq(along= surprise
6:06PM 0 liknage analysis
6:01PM 2 Reading images
5:32PM 1 Does the "labpt" object in the Polygons-class represent the centroid of the polygon
5:28PM 2 Non-linear optimisation
5:02PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 72, Issue 3
4:54PM 4 See source code for survplot function in Design package
4:46PM 0 Suppressing output in Garch estimation
4:30PM 0 tm Module in R
4:14PM 0 sqlQuery problem
4:09PM 1 A way to "lock down" the order of bars for ggplot "dodged" histogram
2:44PM 0 Three questions about DSE
1:44PM 1 change individual label colours in a cluster plot?
1:34PM 1 Problem with plotting data from within a function
1:23PM 0 Installing package RODBC error - please help
1:21PM 3 maptools: Test if point is in polygon
12:50PM 1 optimal control, maximization with several variables?
12:44PM 1 Roc curves confidence intervals
12:38PM 0 plotrix::thigmophobe could usefully coerce to numeric...
12:32PM 0 confidence interval for roc curves
12:23PM 2 Unexpected mfrow, layout behavior (pdf still has multiple pages)
12:06PM 1 Chi-squared test adjusted for multiple comparisons? Harbe's test?
11:52AM 0 basic question: Linear model
10:56AM 0 How to do ICC
10:45AM 2 split dataset randomly in prediction and validation set
9:40AM 1 help regarding storing time difference values in same unit?
9:22AM 2 UNIX Installation of package "systemfit" fails
9:01AM 2 eliminating control characters from formatted data files
8:24AM 1 R memory usage and size limits
6:45AM 3 The Origins of R AND CALCULUS
3:36AM 2 non-numeric argument to binary operator
1:57AM 0 Inverse of data.ellipse function
1:22AM 1 question about running multiple R windows
Wednesday February 4 2009
11:49PM 3 R command to compare two vectors?
11:20PM 2 Sweave and \Sexpr{}
11:07PM 0 "array" and "which" functions
10:34PM 1 package ccgarch - dcc.estimation
10:24PM 2 overlay plot question
9:24PM 0 Two issues with ggplot2 - grid.gedit doesn't work from source file & grid.gedit effects are not preserved
7:21PM 1 In qplot, is it possible to switch the location of axis_h and strip_h?
6:17PM 1 R version update utility
6:08PM 1 Foreign function call
5:58PM 0 R-Package ScottKnott
5:07PM 1 Extracting Variable Name to define breaks for histogram
4:55PM 2 Problem installing ad administrating packages
4:48PM 2 Sum(..) in apply()
4:21PM 1 lattice key inside panel
3:53PM 1 newbie - difficulty calling user defined function from by()
3:44PM 1 Statistics today on xkcd
3:19PM 7 counting entries in vector
3:12PM 5 ggplot: problem with fill option in stat_smooth()
2:53PM 1 simulating genetic data
2:25PM 1 reference for ginv
2:08PM 3 Passing data among multiple instances
1:58PM 2 data editor in R- could it be improved?
1:57PM 1 How to declare an array with columns storing different datatypes/precision
1:55PM 2 How to import HTML and SQL files
1:46PM 1 holidays effect
12:24PM 1 odfweave sample code error
11:33AM 1 Factor and Lm functions
11:28AM 1 Debug help
11:16AM 1 D'Hondt method
10:59AM 2 Overlaid plots - lines
10:58AM 0 help with binary outcome
10:46AM 2 loading lme4 fails - "function 'cholmod_l_start' not provided by package 'Matrix'"
10:26AM 1 igraph: error when setting size and shape of vertices
8:49AM 0 Problem in clustering a large data
8:48AM 3 chi squared goodness of fit test with R
7:27AM 1 need help converting data.frame to time series
5:55AM 2 Using color and plotting characters in a scatterplot matrix [Newbie Help]
2:10AM 0 Generic functions with models? 'predict', 'residuals', 'fitted', ...?
1:09AM 3 factor
1:00AM 5 Target Plot?
Tuesday February 3 2009
11:47PM 3 cronbachs alpha - score.items(psych) vs reliability(Rcmdr)
11:25PM 0 Calling "compiled" functions
11:15PM 0 Problem recoding several variables into one
11:00PM 7 The Origins of R
10:42PM 1 testing for bimodal distribution
9:54PM 1 overlaying plots from a list of data frames
9:13PM 2 Numeric class and sasxport.get
8:30PM 0 survey 3.11
7:49PM 0 Forecasting function
7:48PM 2 How to subtract 2 days from a variable storing particular date
6:58PM 1 Time series plots with ggplot
6:53PM 0 lm function
6:12PM 2 Model (Y) from left-censored independant variable (s)
5:52PM 1 R installation in a multiple-user Windows environment
5:16PM 1 How to show variables used in lm function call?
5:01PM 1 how to rotate y-axis tick labels
4:50PM 0 5 Courses*** R/Splus Fundamentals & R Advanced Programming: March - April 2009 at USA locations by XLSolutions Corp
3:36PM 0 South West\Wales User Group
3:11PM 3 lapply and aggregate function
3:04PM 1 color and fontfamily in lattice
3:02PM 0 Abstract submission deadline for useR! 2009
3:00PM 1 R-CPCA
2:18PM 1 axes
2:13PM 1 SAS language to R :interview
1:44PM 1 Automatic creation of columns in zoo object
11:30AM 1 plot multiple time series
11:12AM 0 Multiple statements in tryCatch
10:58AM 1 RCurl FTPUpload
10:33AM 3 non linear regression with nls
10:24AM 5 Large file size while persisting rpart model to disk
10:22AM 3 Problem about SARMA model forcasting
9:47AM 2 ThinkCell type waterfall charts in R?
8:43AM 1 Collapsing panel data
8:29AM 0 KS test for gumbel distribution
8:11AM 2 problem with subsetting in compating one column with a vector
4:58AM 1 Using getSymbols
4:45AM 0 Deploying a R model on a cloud computer using PMML
3:39AM 2 Lattice histogram with vertical lines
3:34AM 5 reading .odf spreadsheet into R
3:03AM 1 Package manuals.
1:50AM 1 pairs() help - colour histograms on diagonal
12:49AM 2 New York Times - R - article a fraud?
12:19AM 3 Boxplots by variable
Monday February 2 2009
11:45PM 3 Difference between a[[i]] and a[i]
11:42PM 1 executing R batch files
11:41PM 1 Broke ggplot...
10:30PM 1 Assigning colnames in loop
9:19PM 0 all data frame columns SUBSET
9:10PM 0 Using Information from the Stats4 package in base envir
9:02PM 2 Upgrading to TINN - R
8:57PM 2 Sweave
8:56PM 0 all subset of a data frame column
8:50PM 1 sem package and AMOS
8:49PM 0 repeated measures with gls
6:47PM 0 RMySQL 0.7-3
6:20PM 1 xyplot with lowess curves
6:00PM 1 survfit using quantiles to group age
5:53PM 0 quantiles for sorted pairs of data
5:39PM 4 New to R
4:15PM 2 how to generate multiple random variables that are correlated
3:52PM 4 Matrix
3:45PM 0 Error message when executing summary() with dataset diamonds in ggplot2
3:15PM 0 Outliers package function scores question
3:10PM 1 Specifying the gap between "dodge'd" bins groups?
2:56PM 2 Defining plot colors based on a variable
2:44PM 2 concatenating 2 text columns in a data.frame
1:55PM 0 Fitting data to Pareto distribution
1:46PM 3 Problem with foreign package
1:29PM 0 emperical bayes estimates and standard error lme4
1:28PM 1 A question regarding bootstrap
1:16PM 1 Beveridge Nelson Decomposition
1:16PM 6 Selectively Removing objects
12:46PM 0 "a binary read error occurred" in read.dta
12:43PM 0 Is the SARMA forcasting formula correct?
12:31PM 1 Event sequence analysis
12:17PM 2 parsing problem
9:46AM 0 Weighing cases
7:28AM 1 hatching part of an area under curve
6:00AM 1 problem of importing files into R
3:24AM 1 importing data from a disc or HDD [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
2:52AM 6 Problems in Recommending R
2:35AM 0 gbm package: relationship between interaction.depth and number of features?
1:47AM 2 logLik for poisson models
1:32AM 1 wilcoxon test with bonferroni correction
1:01AM 1 Fit indexes in SEM with categorical data + ML estimation
12:10AM 3 Environmental variables
Sunday February 1 2009
9:36PM 2 R: Trellis Graph
7:09PM 1 need some help about using R for Kaplan-Meier estimator
5:25PM 0 setting a large value of --max-vsize
3:34PM 1 R in Batch mode query
3:02PM 1 correction for density plot question
2:49PM 1 density plot & probabilities
2:27PM 3 Putting all independent variables in one variable so performing many similar tests is more convenient
1:18PM 0 changes in RSiteSearch
5:07AM 1 Histogram height
2:13AM 2 Extracting Coefficients and Such from mle2 Output
1:22AM 0 Simulation of linear lists
1:05AM 0 question on statistical test
12:52AM 1 cluster function to use with GLM