R help - Jan 2008

Thursday January 31 2008
11:19PM 1 png() and pdf() alignment problems
10:18PM 1 random forest and vegetation data
8:42PM 0 xreg in ARIMA function
8:21PM 2 [OT] emacs / xemacs for unix without compile
8:21PM 2 box plot
7:51PM 0 importance measures Random Forest
7:02PM 2 Box Plot With Groups being numbers
6:36PM 0 Update of X2R (with FishGraph) sent to CRAN, 30 Jan 2008
6:24PM 0 need help with my time series analysis problem
6:18PM 1 R2WinBUGS is broken
5:52PM 1 decrease amount of ticks on y axis in lattice levelplot
5:15PM 0 R for iPhone and iPod touch
5:01PM 1 Ryacas
4:52PM 0 Is there a formal test for long vs short memory processes?
4:36PM 1 Confidence intervals for PCA scores/eigenvalues
4:26PM 0 Date time, MSSQL and RODBC
3:53PM 3 Log rank test power calculations
3:25PM 0 How to calculate Intraclass-coefficient in 2-level Linear Mixed-Effects models?
3:09PM 1 how to customize boxplot
2:44PM 1 ESS 5.3.7
2:33PM 2 Delete Columns with zeros
1:31PM 1 Newbie: Using R to analyse Apache logs
1:10PM 2 permutates and/or samples a matrix
12:52PM 2 Delete/insert rows in data matrix
11:45AM 0 Attributes of lm, gee and lme functions
10:14AM 1 PDF Different Page Sizes
9:51AM 1 Error handling in nlme call
8:56AM 1 Bug with hist() ?
6:48AM 3 Memory problem?
4:29AM 2 dates in French format
2:28AM 3 fastest way to compute the squared Euclidean distance between two vectors in R
12:47AM 1 difficulties computing a simple anova
Wednesday January 30 2008
11:33PM 0 LRT
8:52PM 0 Connecting from Excel to running R session?
7:59PM 1 "hist" combines two lowest categories -- is there a workaround?
7:58PM 4 Loop with variable index
7:47PM 1 Using the value of a variable as a variable
6:47PM 2 data.frame transformation
6:05PM 2 R-help going to become "subscriber-only"
5:47PM 0 95% confidence and prediction intervals for linear mixed models
5:35PM 1 Waiting bar
5:20PM 0 model parameters: independent enough?
4:55PM 0 Cross Spectral Density
4:30PM 0 Q about cross-covariance
4:19PM 1 re stricting points in a data frame
4:03PM 0 job ad: Marketing Statistician, Cleveland OH
3:53PM 2 numeric coercion when one or more elements is non numerice
2:52PM 1 How to run interaction between to categoric variables in lme()?
11:42AM 4 boxplot and number of observations per box
11:10AM 0 This is Brilliant
11:08AM 0 useR! 2008: submission & registration started!
10:07AM 0 Two warning messages after loading package 'coda'...
7:20AM 4 Multiplying each row of a big matrix with a vector
6:28AM 2 Concatenate xyplots
2:02AM 1 assign column classes when creating a data frame from several vectors
1:25AM 0 Besoin d'un Financement rapide ?
Tuesday January 29 2008
11:23PM 1 drawing arrows with rgl
11:15PM 2 Direct adjusted survival?
10:44PM 2 help on establishing a matrix
10:04PM 2 rpart error when constructing a classification tree
9:41PM 0 rpart Error in yval[, 1] : incorrect number of dimensions
8:33PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Fourier Analysis and Curve Fitting in R]
7:34PM 1 bootstrap sampling using sample
7:23PM 1 for loop help
6:35PM 1 coherency and phase plots
5:21PM 0 number of rescaling cycles in decorana
4:59PM 3 on trellis.par.set/get (reproducing figures from Pinheiro & Bates)
4:56PM 0 q about efficient cross-classification/creating tables
4:15PM 3 How to get two y-axises in a bar plot?
4:04PM 1 Random and fixed effect model with a covariate
3:26PM 1 Convert string for expression in plot
3:16PM 1 Scale function
3:12PM 2 B-W stacked area chart with pattern
3:10PM 1 Guidance for reporting results from lme test?
2:57PM 1 Help needed on Normality test
2:11PM 1 Fortunes - was Re: [OT] vernacular names for circular diagrams
2:05PM 0 Fortunes - was Re: [OT] vernacular names for circular diagrams
1:47PM 0 Türkiye'de Yayınlanan İlk Ses Markası !
1:05PM 1 Form Pairs of Variables for a paired t-test
12:39PM 4 how to generate sequence "a" - "z"
12:08PM 0 regression - cluster option in STATA - what in R?
12:05PM 5 pivot table in R
12:01PM 1 Compiling R code
11:43AM 2 how do i creat multiple back to back histograms?
11:32AM 0 New package: dtw - Dynamic Time Warping
11:22AM 1 Correlation matrix for data in long format
10:58AM 1 sqldf error
10:09AM 1 remove similar values
8:50AM 2 Expert systems
6:57AM 0 error bar ploting problem with 'arrows' function
5:27AM 2 error message + boot library
5:05AM 0 NLMINB convergence codes
3:26AM 2 Using Predict and GLM
3:17AM 1 heatmap and legend
2:36AM 0 how to simulate seasonal cointegrated series
2:34AM 2 add/subtract matrices, ignoring NA or missing values
1:19AM 2 question about order
Monday January 28 2008
11:48PM 0 [OT] - standard errors for parameter estimates under ridge regression and lasso?
11:32PM 0 eRm: new version 0.9-6
11:12PM 1 R for Mac 10.3.9
10:56PM 0 trouble installing quantreg packages
9:05PM 1 Integer vs numeric
7:35PM 0 Problems compiling shogun 0.4.4
7:09PM 0 LOOPS - GIS
6:35PM 2 matrix creation
5:31PM 0 Very Important Message
4:16PM 2 How to get out the t-test value matrix for a linear regression ?
3:51PM 2 sub-plot in a plot
3:29PM 0 Grid search: avoid "for" loops thanks to apply&co?
2:31PM 3 R on an eeePC
2:31PM 1 Grouping data via an index
1:48PM 1 R loops
1:16PM 0 How to extract Hopach MSS value
1:12PM 1 help with checking out-of-range values in each column in data frame
12:06PM 1 x-axis
11:46AM 2 New package: gRain - gRAphical Independence Networks
10:46AM 0 dynlm: new version 0.2-0
10:14AM 2 basic spatial query
10:10AM 2 how to skip last lines while reading the data in R
9:56AM 2 Bug in levels() function?
8:00AM 1 package.skeleton from within function: objects not found
7:41AM 1 KM estimation for interval censoring?
7:32AM 2 How to read Directory
6:24AM 1 R command line usage
5:28AM 0 (no subject)
3:48AM 1 Package Installation produces "linux/limits.h: No such file or directory" error when installing the lpSolve package
3:45AM 0 Package Installation produces "gcc fails sanity check" error when installing RODBC error
3:37AM 2 How to fill bar plot with textile rather than color
1:36AM 2 Package simex
Sunday January 27 2008
9:46PM 2 [OT] Open source archive program on windows
9:29PM 1 titles with superscript and variale value
8:54PM 2 Data manipulation question (opposite of table?)
7:12PM 1 bug in difftime with as.POSIXct
6:29PM 2 maptools no such file
1:42PM 1 calling a list element from a list name passed to a function
1:31PM 0 how to choose between adf and pp
11:18AM 1 OR estimate
10:23AM 1 Putting frame around single panels in ggplot 2 and facet_grid()
10:15AM 4 [OT] vernacular names for circular diagrams
6:47AM 2 Likelihood optimization numerically
5:24AM 0 help on R for loops
4:56AM 0 Weighted least squares +AR1 in gls
2:38AM 3 need help opening a file
Saturday January 26 2008
11:54PM 1 Is there a safe mode?
11:45PM 3 Comparison of aggregate in R and group by in mysql
11:38PM 3 REvolution
9:29PM 2 Error: C stack usage is too close to the limit
9:02PM 1 How to apply the wilcox_test function to subsets ?
8:02PM 3 An R clause to bind dataframes under certain contions
6:47PM 0 RSQLite 0.6-7 -- changes to dbGetQuery semantics
6:14PM 1 tutorial specific for R + unix
6:11PM 1 Any numeric differentiation routine in R for boundary points?
6:01PM 5 double-click in RData file versus load( file )
4:44PM 3 Which R version created a package?
3:53PM 0 how to use anova() to test the sum of coefficients in nlme package
2:17PM 1 Capturing info from system calls in Windows
2:13PM 2 rowsum- is there a countsum
1:15PM 2 using facet_grid() from ggplot2 with additional text in labels
12:28PM 0 Who can tell me how I adjust the R code for bootstrapping the Cox model?
11:41AM 1 Read stata file from internet?
10:24AM 2 scatterplot3d with categorical data
10:12AM 1 (no subject)
8:48AM 1 increasing smoothing in GAMM (package mgcv)
Friday January 25 2008
11:24PM 0 Please help me
9:54PM 2 Fourier Analysis and Curve Fitting in R
9:29PM 4 Function for translation of a list into a matrix as used by ordination?
8:09PM 2 interactive menu in scripts
7:42PM 2 Help Me to Adjust the R Code
6:51PM 2 Popbio - can't find or load
5:59PM 1 nlsList (nlme) error
5:55PM 1 RGL Crash with large data sets.
5:44PM 3 Help
5:20PM 1 How to execute R code
4:39PM 1 accessing the indices of outliers in a data frame boxplot
4:31PM 1 Trouble setting up correlation structure in lme
3:45PM 2 How can I join two lists?
2:57PM 0 layout: how to check whether a pending plot is going to happen within layout or not?
2:46PM 3 function code
2:37PM 0 Promova seus Negócios na Internet
2:36PM 1 Need Advice with C# Program to Create and Display Cusum Chart
1:14PM 3 plotting gridlines
1:10PM 0 Using R on XGRID
12:39PM 0 Have look at free classifieds site
12:35PM 1 Poisson Maximum Likelihood Estimation
12:30PM 0 For-Loop faster than vectorized code?
12:07PM 1 Logit Regressions, Clustering etc
11:55AM 1 Labeling different kinds of dots
10:27AM 2 How does do.call() work??
9:29AM 0 Passing string arguments to C code, call to .C, R memory allocation for character vectors
9:04AM 0 OR computation
9:03AM 0 Lightning and Surge Protection
8:34AM 1 lapply without return values?
8:03AM 2 'Best penalty' in design package
7:21AM 1 increasing speed for permutations of glm
6:55AM 1 several image.plots with same axis (maximum)
6:53AM 1 How can I display an entire large output?
2:10AM 0 union
2:00AM 1 how to simulate from a conditional distribution
1:57AM 2 Using bquote: question
1:21AM 0 Help with categorical variable
Thursday January 24 2008
10:56PM 1 package 'foreign'
10:21PM 1 Grouping
8:03PM 3 Alternating numbers in rep()
7:53PM 1 Error using Rmetrics to read data
7:04PM 1 step and glm : keep all models
6:46PM 0 JRI problem with R 2.6.1
6:44PM 2 testing coeficients of glm
6:42PM 3 How should I organize data to compare differences in matched pairs?
5:48PM 1 Filling data frame data into a matrix - please help
5:20PM 0 HELP cpa in R
5:20PM 2 boxplot axis labelling
5:14PM 0 Using and external text editor with R
4:21PM 0 readClipboard() from spreadsheet to data.frame with column names?
4:21PM 0 TAF/METAR decoder
3:48PM 2 Barplot w/ single stacked bar
3:18PM 1 Ryacas behaving weird
3:01PM 0 possible inconsistency in nlme logLik or me
2:43PM 4 two histograms in the same graph
2:40PM 1 Maximum entropy spectral analysis
2:00PM 2 save a plot from R graphics window (in Windows)
1:59PM 1 surface plot
1:56PM 1 Calculating sum of squares from density estimates
1:44PM 1 singular.ok in lm
1:44PM 0 tukey HSD intervals
1:33PM 2 Printing large number
1:25PM 0 Memory problem
12:36PM 1 adjustment on the x-axis scale width
12:00PM 0 Why I cannot get the intervals from "Rails" data ?
11:48AM 1 Sliding Window Time Series Analysis - hourly rainfall
11:28AM 0 Rcom package
10:20AM 1 png to html
9:07AM 1 R help?
9:05AM 3 store variable as tab-del. txt-file
9:05AM 2 hello
8:52AM 3 features boxplot
8:40AM 0 (lme4: lmer) mcmcsamp: Error in if (var(y) == 0)
7:14AM 0 hi.
5:34AM 0 simulation by pca
4:31AM 3 Reshaping a dataframe with conditional summary of columns - apply or reshape?
3:14AM 2 plot help
12:37AM 1 package manual in pdf
12:11AM 1 A bug in circ.plot of CircStats package
12:00AM 0 posterior probability in finite mixture
Wednesday January 23 2008
11:08PM 5 Linux, UNIX, XP32, Vista X64 or ...? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
10:18PM 1 Res: image question
9:33PM 4 image question
9:30PM 0 writeBin doesn't "send" until readBin executed
8:51PM 0 Multivariate Statistics Short Course?
7:58PM 3 formula for nls
7:16PM 0 Free Online: Data Mining Intro for Beginners, Vendor-Neutral, January 29, February 19
6:53PM 1 Bar width and labels in barchart
5:27PM 3 How do I get a character and a symbol in a legend
4:42PM 0 MiscPsycho 1.1 uploaded to CRAN
4:39PM 1 adjusting y axis labels in lattice plots?
4:32PM 1 newbie:looking for an efficient way to compute distance vector
3:46PM 2 Parametric survival models with left truncated, right censored data
3:41PM 2 R binary version with R_MEMORY_PROFILING
3:30PM 3 help with replacing all comma in a data frame with a dot
2:22PM 5 latex{Hmisc} cannot find xdvi on MAC OS X
1:06PM 2 survey: estimating a covariance matrix
12:48PM 0 Lingvopedia as "Language solutions company"
12:18PM 2 from a normal bivariate distribution to the marginal one
12:17PM 1 Problems with XP32-"3GB-patch"?/ Worth upgrading to Vista X64?
10:59AM 6 Two-way non-parametric ANOVA?
10:56AM 1 MDSplot randomForests symbols instead colors
10:02AM 1 Package Building and Name Space
9:29AM 1 Problem with geom_line
9:17AM 1 Problem with estimation of distribution parameters
7:49AM 0 samr error
6:38AM 2 data frame to matrix
2:39AM 1 help with levelplot()
1:19AM 3 How to do more advanced cross tabulation in R?
Tuesday January 22 2008
11:58PM 1 install ncdf package on a 64-bit machine
11:50PM 1 Adding a table to a lattice plot
11:48PM 1 deparse, substitute and S4 generics
10:05PM 1 Reading .csv file under linux
8:54PM 2 X11 font at size 6 could not be loaded
8:26PM 2 suppress some boxes drawn by legend(,fill)
6:04PM 1 stripchart
5:56PM 2 extension to nlme self start SSmicmen?
5:28PM 0 Res: predict from a multiple regression model
5:25PM 6 recoding one variable into another - but differently for different cases
4:47PM 2 MLE for censored distributions in R
4:13PM 0 Recursive Function
4:08PM 2 a Q about R in unix
3:44PM 1 Duncan's MRT: limitations to qtukey() function?
3:38PM 1 anova function to test the difference between two coefficients in nlme package
3:19PM 1 2 Rprofile.site files???
2:50PM 1 predict from a multiple regression model
2:29PM 1 Lattice on FreeBSD
2:02PM 1 Presenting results from multiple models in LaTeX table
2:00PM 0 Risk Management (Solvency or Basileia)
1:29PM 0 Can I StepAIC a ggwr object??
1:04PM 2 CRAN down?
12:12PM 2 contingency table on data frame
11:17AM 1 error bar position setting
11:12AM 1 Communicating with R through a named pipe: display refresh problem
11:02AM 2 Multivariable barplot
10:30AM 2 R object as a function
10:20AM 2 Help - linear regression
10:02AM 1 R: determinants and inverses
9:26AM 4 select repositories under linux
8:57AM 1 ODE's in R
6:13AM 5 how to google search for "R"
12:23AM 1 row-wise conditional update in dataframe
Monday January 21 2008
11:54PM 0 Problem with package build
11:36PM 5 "nonstandard" column names
10:48PM 0 moving window over a matrix.
9:45PM 2 reordering huge data file
9:01PM 0 Quantile normalization in MAANOVA
8:45PM 1 Adding an Sweave Vignette to a package
7:57PM 2 list.files sorted by date
7:36PM 4 Stationarity of a Time Series
7:17PM 1 R configuration is not finding the installed f2c cross-compiler
5:19PM 1 hexadecimal to binary conversion
3:33PM 1 Help with coxph object
3:28PM 0 Font analysis?
3:28PM 0 linear constraints---absolute value
2:08PM 1 Reading Genepop files
1:47PM 0 New: R packages for Ubuntu amd64
1:27PM 0 Obtaining Midas and splice index values in onechannelGUI
1:08PM 2 summary of categorical variables
12:47PM 1 R on Linux 64-bit
11:01AM 1 Problems saving the workspace image
10:46AM 1 sorting in 'merge'
10:23AM 0 constrOptim for quadratic constraints?
10:18AM 2 subsetting a data frame using string matching
9:44AM 1 gzfile
9:27AM 0 New package: R to LaTeX Univariate Analyses
9:13AM 0 Package surveillance (v0.9-8) on CRAN
9:02AM 3 Need suggestions about GUI
3:00AM 3 'matrix' returns integer instead of decimal
2:33AM 1 OT: single measure of (group) correlation with more than two vectors?
1:37AM 0 Vendez Votre voiture en 1 clic
1:09AM 2 how to extract data by specific months from a monthly ts object
Sunday January 20 2008
11:22PM 2 Efficient way for multiplying vectors with a only certain number of rows in a matrix
9:48PM 1 changing color scheme in R in UNIX
9:08PM 0 Res: distance matrix
8:41PM 1 distance matrix
3:50PM 1 sorting
2:52PM 0 model selection method - step() or bic.glm()
2:13PM 0 spacing problems
9:39AM 3 Bugs through R in Mac
6:53AM 1 Looping over subsets
3:11AM 2 Newbie question on subsets
1:57AM 3 Logical test and look up table
Saturday January 19 2008
10:36PM 1 Advice on plotting a factor and displaying missing levels
10:30PM 1 (sem assunto)
8:49PM 0 Un séjour de 4 personnes à DisneyLand
7:48PM 7 dotchart - problem with gcolor
5:41PM 0 batchfiles 0.4-0
4:14PM 1 show overstruck in plot legend
12:02PM 2 Newsletter: Ihre E-Mailadresse wurde ausgetragen.
4:10AM 2 MySQL + R as a Replacement for SAS Proc SQL + Various Stat Procs
3:28AM 1 how to use different variable to store values with different length in a loop
3:12AM 1 How do we get two-tailed p-values for rlm?
2:40AM 0 Serez -vous notre prochain gagnant?
Friday January 18 2008
9:27PM 1 modifing barplot
8:16PM 2 How to write a Greek letter in a graph?
8:07PM 1 html search not working
7:00PM 2 Adding a table to a plot
6:49PM 0 forming a linear discriminant function from the output of lda()
6:35PM 0 (no subject)
6:01PM 0 more help needed Re: communicate from Rterm
5:21PM 0 Amusez vous et choisissez vos cadeaux!
4:58PM 1 Fortran level mismatch between package and R
4:46PM 2 plotting other axes for PCA
4:36PM 1 Selecting rows conditionally between 2 data.frames
4:25PM 1 gboxplot (JMP Diamond plot in R?)
3:49PM 1 histogram with NAs
3:37PM 1 Assigning into each of a list of dataframes
3:32PM 1 residuals from pcaiv
3:11PM 0 FW: Question about making active a previously opened graphic device - SOLVED
3:03PM 0 Res: Leyenda (revisited translation)
3:02PM 1 Question about making active a previously opened graphic device
2:55PM 0 Res: Leyenda
2:09PM 1 Regex magic anyone?
1:46PM 0 ApnaCircle Invite for Online Social and Professional Networking Site
12:21PM 0 Any tools for working with US 2000 census data? (Zembower, Kevin)
12:06PM 2 image/area plot
11:50AM 1 Leyenda
11:01AM 3 Problems with lattice plot
10:30AM 0 constrOptim with SANN
10:26AM 1 constrOptim with method SANN
8:33AM 3 Select a group of data from a file
7:02AM 0 Need to install RDCOM
12:21AM 1 how to specify a particular contrast
Thursday January 17 2008
11:03PM 1 Res: vector generation
9:12PM 0 nlme: Variogram.gls error with grouping factor
7:17PM 0 Change R localization
6:59PM 1 'simulate.p.value' for goodness of fit
6:55PM 1 Any tools for working with US 2000 census data?
6:52PM 0 Proper Usage of the XREG in ARIMA
5:35PM 2 as.integer question
5:08PM 2 Trouble receiving messages from the mailing list
4:41PM 3 Help with Error
4:24PM 3 vector generation
4:09PM 0 New version of Epi package out (1.0.7)
2:53PM 2 Converting plots to ggplot2
2:44PM 2 "non-plot" plotting
12:42PM 4 things that are difficult/impossible to do in SAS or SPSSbut simple in R
10:52AM 0 Intro to R :: London :: 6-7/03/2007
10:17AM 4 aaMI
8:26AM 1 multiple text placements and expressions revisited
8:10AM 1 acf lag1 value
2:07AM 0 snow on OS X
Wednesday January 16 2008
11:50PM 0 step-down bootstrap multiple comparisons in R?
8:59PM 1 outer on matrices / arrays
8:35PM 3 color ranges on a 2D plot
8:26PM 3 Rmpi on Linux x86_64 GNU/Linux
8:06PM 3 Grouping data
6:35PM 4 Can anyone help??
5:46PM 3 Pause on graphics
5:44PM 1 degrees of freedom and random effects in lmer
5:11PM 0 "Halfing" Kernels in Kernel Density?
4:58PM 1 Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large
4:45PM 3 replace numbers in a column conditional on their value
4:15PM 3 using an element of an array as a new object
4:11PM 0 Supressing error messages on try function
3:42PM 1 exact method in coxph
3:19PM 2 R and Vista
3:10PM 0 how to calculate factor Scoring Coefficients
3:08PM 1 affylmGUI
2:12PM 2 Own classes in "histogram"
1:59PM 3 Rprofile.site not executed?
1:28PM 1 Using a data frame to create a legend
1:16PM 0 between sum of squares for clusters
12:12PM 0 Exact wilcoxon may differ in R and SPSS/StatXact (due to round off in the latter pair)
12:03PM 1 Automatic traceback
11:23AM 1 Installing one channel GUI
11:06AM 0 Analytical Optimization (Stat question)
10:35AM 0 Derivation of data points
10:24AM 1 strange behaviour of is.factor()
10:02AM 1 Non linear regression with 2 explanatory variables
9:34AM 2 Question concerning pdfs
8:40AM 1 Urgent : About R and 4D
8:32AM 0 help computing the AFTD
8:14AM 4 Different results in calculating SD of 2 numbers
7:41AM 1 Quantile regression
6:32AM 0 running R in a distributed/compute farm environment
3:56AM 1 Probability weights with density estimation
2:28AM 1 nlrq coefficients querry
Tuesday January 15 2008
11:46PM 1 Problem with running installed package on Windows
11:42PM 1 help with reshaping data into long format (correct question)
11:09PM 0 Help with reshape data into long format
9:17PM 0 SAS and SPSS vs. R
8:38PM 0 gcc and R CMD SHLIB question
7:45PM 9 things that are difficult/impossible to do in SAS or SPSS but simple in R
7:33PM 1 Random Forest
7:25PM 1 how to fit model to split data and get residual plots
6:18PM 3 How to interrupt a loop by pressing a key?
6:09PM 1 plot labeling and expressions
6:06PM 0 logistic model simulation
5:55PM 2 using table function
5:38PM 1 error in my selection
5:14PM 1 Newbie Question -- Remove entire column in a matrix
4:55PM 0 Missing Values in Design Package
4:39PM 3 Graphical output: dials and meters for a dashboard?
4:38PM 1 ggplot and spec.pgram
4:20PM 1 Repeated Measures/Split-Plot Anova
4:08PM 1 Anova for stratified Cox regression
3:32PM 0 FDR for hypergeometric tests
2:46PM 1 Optimization: non-liner constraints
2:37PM 1 Viewing source code for .Internal functions
2:20PM 0 Newbie troubles with nesting syntax
1:47PM 1 using LaTeX-fonts with R
1:34PM 1 Quick question on kmeans
1:19PM 0 NLME / LMER: Multiple Membership Models
12:24PM 2 Looking for simpler solution to probabilistic question
11:17AM 0 clusteranalysis dendrogram
10:58AM 0 linearly constrained Optimization
10:15AM 1 covariate in a glm
9:17AM 3 bootstrap sampling
9:04AM 0 Future support for Windows 2000?
8:37AM 1 Population model question
7:17AM 0 Help with the generic function "["
5:51AM 2 In chisq.test(x) : Chi-squared approximation may be incorrect
4:18AM 3 EMACS and ESS
3:08AM 1 Retrieve results from chisq.test programmatically
2:39AM 4 how to go to a line in R
2:26AM 1 navigating ggplot viewports
1:30AM 4 Overlay plots from different data sets using the Lattice package
Monday January 14 2008
11:48PM 3 unload & reload a (new version of a) package
11:37PM 2 plot POSIXct format data
11:27PM 1 [Off Topic] searching for a quote
11:02PM 2 Loading only particular columns from csv file...
10:21PM 0 Heatmap problem
9:50PM 0 Problem using ROracle
9:44PM 1 R from within a web page
8:17PM 3 Listing the data contents of a package
7:45PM 2 Need help with xspline error message in R 2.6.1 on Windows XP
7:34PM 0 multinomial confidence interval
6:29PM 0 lm predict warning: "prediction from a rank-deficient fit may be misleading"
6:10PM 3 problems with .svg
5:23PM 0 Shooting methods in R?
5:17PM 6 Ceiling to the nearest ten?
4:50PM 1 Error in solve.default message using lme
4:13PM 2 binning data
2:04PM 2 grep(): returning the matched value
2:02PM 1 zoo object
1:28PM 1 stochastic growth rate (package biopop)
1:27PM 2 Permutations of variables in a dataframe
12:36PM 0 question about order selection of ar
12:31PM 1 Install RSPerl in Leopard
12:00PM 0 plot.glmboost (mboost): labelling of axis 4
9:07AM 0 clusterwise regression from fpc (fixed point clustering) package
7:57AM 1 background colour
7:18AM 2 barplots and missing xlabels
5:39AM 1 Critical values of r
4:36AM 1 arima changes from 2.6.0
3:02AM 1 a way to interrupt a stuck R session on OSX
2:47AM 1 savehistory in OSX version
Sunday January 13 2008
11:47PM 1 Trying to write Merge for more data.frames - Error in match.names(clabs, names(xi))
10:41PM 2 is it safe to replace every "<-" by "=" in R code?
9:01PM 1 Shapiro-Wilk
6:15PM 4 For Loop performance
6:05PM 1 Hmisc latex() does not want to work
5:27PM 0 bug in mmlcr ?
3:31PM 2 access to webpage code
2:14PM 2 Retrieve only part of a matrix
10:43AM 0 Multiple correspondence analysis
7:36AM 1 How to fit a Tobit model with observations censored at different values
6:23AM 1 What is the 'scale' in princomp() function?
2:06AM 1 Newbie syntax question
12:38AM 3 product of vector elements
Saturday January 12 2008
9:46PM 2 Lattice equivalent of par(mfrow = )
9:23PM 0 Jual es puter HOME MADEdijamin enak dan puas..
7:26PM 0 Nesting a factor within an interaction term
7:13PM 1 R extensions
5:51PM 3 odfWeave and xtable
4:50PM 2 glm expand model to more values
3:18PM 1 Problem with strptime
2:45PM 0 GLM/VGAM exponential weighting and sequential regression
2:10PM 2 Factor Analysis
3:54AM 0 haralick tetures on Biocon/EBImage
Friday January 11 2008
11:09PM 1 matching values in a list
11:04PM 1 glht() and contrast() comparison
10:16PM 0 New version of ggplot2: 0.5.7
8:48PM 1 Oddities with RSiteSearch?
7:35PM 0 nlme model specification (revisit)
7:29PM 2 How to calculate the mean of all values in a list or dataframe
7:15PM 0 glm.nb
7:05PM 0 Re-Casting
6:20PM 1 How to disable output messages (prints or cats) from functions in R?
6:14PM 2 Scripting issues
6:04PM 4 lattice color problem with symbols: bug?
4:41PM 0 autocorrelation by group in mixed model
4:15PM 2 clipping a large image on R
4:03PM 0 Behaviour of standard error estimates in lmRob and the like
3:00PM 0 R 中国BBS论坛 (R China Forum)
2:48PM 0 interactive plot spec.pgram?
2:28PM 3 Is R on Windows multi-threaded
2:18PM 2 communicate from Rterm
2:13PM 3 how to make read-only data frames?
1:55PM 1 Histogram from frequency table?
1:08PM 2 How to add rowSums into list?
12:35PM 1 question about xreg of arima
12:27PM 3 Randomization tests, grouped data
12:19PM 3 filtering data frame based on two columns
11:44AM 1 Fwd: about the assignment
10:40AM 0 Tabulations in command-line under linux
8:59AM 2 Count unique rows/columns in a matrix
5:18AM 0 hi
3:38AM 3 changing the values in a list
1:04AM 0 cairo and rapache [was: Weird errors on MAC OS X Leopard when using Cairo/GDD through Rserve]
12:16AM 1 ggplot2, coord_equal and aspect ratio
12:12AM 1 error message translation
12:06AM 5 installing and using a package
Thursday January 10 2008
10:36PM 5 Extracting last time value
10:36PM 0 Plotting a smooth curve through points
10:32PM 1 Omnibus main effects in summary.lme?
10:29PM 0 Residual deviance in glm
10:27PM 3 Cycle Regression Analysis in R?
9:33PM 1 A Contrast Question
8:48PM 1 question regarding kpss tests from urca, uroot and tseries packages
6:29PM 0 Plotting Long Time Series
5:50PM 1 leave one out cross validation
5:48PM 1 OS X binary: 32 or 64-bit?
5:47PM 1 question regarding hypothesis testing in contingency tables
5:19PM 1 Error: Bad value
4:32PM 0 Identifying x, y coordinates from periodogram generated by spec.pgram
3:29PM 1 Subsetting array (NA:s)
3:21PM 1 unsupervised random forest classification
3:21PM 2 how to calculate time offset between timezones?
2:55PM 1 Fwd: multinomial regression for clustered data
2:53PM 0 distance between set of coordinates
2:36PM 6 4 dimensional graphics
2:26PM 1 load tcltk
2:11PM 1 RODBC, postgresql on Linux
2:02PM 1 question about subset and join ts object(s)
1:42PM 0 formatting ftable
12:40PM 0 prob package: elementary probability on finite sample spaces
11:40AM 1 data.frame manipulation: Unbinding strings in a row
11:00AM 2 `[.data.frame`(df3, , -2) and NA columns
10:48AM 2 Error on distance matrix
9:48AM 1 Entropy/KL-Distance question
7:16AM 5 diff in a dataframe
3:28AM 2 how can i add a package that i want to use permanent
3:12AM 1 question on how to extract values from atomic vector
12:30AM 1 general linear hypothesis glht() to work with lme()
Wednesday January 9 2008
11:59PM 1 Subsetting Method [ Revisited
10:44PM 1 pairwise cross tabulation tables
10:09PM 0 Course*** R/S-Plus Advanced Programming ****by XLSolutions Corp
9:52PM 1 Question about putting multiple plots on the same page
9:39PM 0 (no subject)
9:35PM 6 help with R
6:26PM 0 formating ftable
6:04PM 0 Distance matrix from a binary data frame
4:47PM 2 R help
4:20PM 1 The R book
3:46PM 3 likelihood from test result
3:25PM 7 An "R is slow"-article
3:21PM 0 close connection, closeAllConnections()
3:18PM 1 reading table
2:14PM 6 as.date - german date format
2:11PM 0 Penalized L1 regression error in lasso2 package
1:57PM 2 Two dependent variables in formula
1:22PM 1 Rscript on OSX
12:36PM 2 labels to values
12:34PM 0 WG: subsetting
10:25AM 0 memory problems (not me. my pc!)
9:15AM 0 Need help on distance matrix
7:54AM 0 Ransac implementation
4:01AM 1 Constrained minimization solver for nonlinear programming
Tuesday January 8 2008
11:29PM 1 loading igraph package on Solaris
10:47PM 1 using sub with "wildcards", e.g. sub("\\*..", "", "test.a..34")
10:39PM 1 Invoking R on BSD
8:35PM 1 plotting help request II
7:51PM 1 using mapply()
7:48PM 2 choose the intercept from glm and lm
7:41PM 1 Installing R on BSD
7:33PM 0 PwrGSD
7:24PM 2 plotting help needed
7:22PM 0 Using aggregate() and apply() on circular data
5:30PM 1 Problem in anova with coxph object
5:28PM 1 retaining "POSIXct" formatting when using apply(muff, FUN=MAX) on POSIXct dataframe?
5:11PM 1 using lapply()
5:10PM 1 use "save.image" inside a function?
3:52PM 1 cursor position on image
3:00PM 0 Oracle connectivity
2:36PM 3 splitting the column
2:11PM 1 storing matrices in a list or vector and preserve dimensions
12:11PM 1 Problems with modifying data in a MySQL database
9:52AM 1 Error cannot allocate vector of size...
8:41AM 2 problem when extacting columns of a data frame in a new data frame
6:35AM 3 GAM, GLM, Logit, infinite or missing values in 'x'
6:34AM 1 correlation matrix - large dataset
2:40AM 1 unable to start (D)COM server, error in RConsole
1:05AM 1 Range of circular data
12:09AM 1 Error with rbind and zoo
12:07AM 1 Is there a multinomial exact goodness of fit test in R?
12:02AM 1 A question on chisq.test
Monday January 7 2008
11:49PM 2 How should I improve the following R code?
10:06PM 3 two graphs
8:59PM 4 side by side plots
8:32PM 1 recode() function results in logical output, not factor output
8:23PM 2 reducing the number of x-axis lables in a bwplot while plotting all boxes
7:18PM 2 Efficient way to substract all entries in two vectors from each other
6:35PM 3 Naming list objects
6:28PM 1 Create a new dataframe from an existing dataframe
5:44PM 1 evaluating a vector of characters
5:43PM 1 How to rearrange lattice graphics output?
4:18PM 3 Seeking a more efficient way to find partition maxima
3:54PM 3 Great looking plot - but what does it mean?
3:44PM 1 help on log-gamma regresion model with R
3:28PM 0 genetic algorithms in solving classification problems
3:15PM 3 Polynomial fitting
2:55PM 4 is there something like or() ?
2:31PM 5 moving or running average
2:26PM 2 R and Clusters
1:47PM 2 error message in having subset
1:37PM 0 Update xlsReadWritePro v1.3.2
1:19PM 2 output into an unformatted direct fortran file
1:15PM 1 plotting categoric vs. categoric
1:14PM 2 Just Beginning
11:52AM 4 Orientation of labels on axes
11:04AM 1 help.search and indexing
10:33AM 1 glibc detected *** /usr/lib64/R/bin/exec/R: double free or corruption ???? tm package
9:53AM 0 R vglm new family writing: mix Poisson/multinomial
7:45AM 1 numerical data frame
5:13AM 1 Rank sum in friedman test
4:49AM 0 compiling with mpicc for R
3:55AM 7 rainbow function
3:27AM 2 Installing R on ubuntu dapper
2:18AM 0 Help with flexmix
12:55AM 1 Avoiding FOR loops
12:05AM 7 Can R solve this optimization problem?
12:02AM 1 testing fixed effects in lmer
Sunday January 6 2008
11:34PM 3 need help
10:17PM 1 aggregate.ts help
5:06PM 1 Is there a R function for seasonal adjustment
4:08PM 2 how to get residuals in factanal
3:53PM 0 CSVSource in tm Package
3:46PM 3 Can a dynamic graphic produced by rgl be saved?
2:36PM 1 how to use R for Beta Negative Binomial
1:13PM 3 run setwd at the launch of R
11:46AM 3 Importing data
6:22AM 1 Error .. missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
6:16AM 1 Error: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
1:45AM 1 Confidence Inteval for regression curve.
12:35AM 0 SVD least squares sub-space projection
Saturday January 5 2008
11:52PM 2 Behavior of ordered factors in glm
2:32PM 2 Cumulative sum of vector
2:10PM 1 Ecological Detective worked solutions [R-wiki]
1:14PM 1 Likelihood ratio test for proportional odds logistic regression
9:48AM 1 mfrow for levelplot?
12:48AM 1 AUC values from LRM and ROCR
Friday January 4 2008
11:48PM 1 PCA error: svd(x, nu=0) infinite or missing values
10:13PM 1 predict.lm removes rownames for a single row. Why?
9:08PM 2 glm for nominal X ordinal
7:56PM 1 R command line arguments
7:48PM 1 Plotting labeled impulses: label collision
7:44PM 0 combing two or more matrices into one file
7:29PM 3 slow access to matrix dimnames
7:12PM 1 GLMMs fitted with lmer (R) & glimmix (SAS)
7:08PM 1 Multi-dimensional function.
7:06PM 1 Help on odfWeave package
6:36PM 2 subsetting
5:13PM 5 I need arguments pro-S-PLUS and against SAS...
5:11PM 2 Plot only a subset of all factors in dataframe
3:44PM 1 Sorting of captions on axes
2:33PM 0 R/FAME Interface
2:04PM 0 Bivariate normal equal-probability curve...
1:30PM 0 survreg and cluster and frailty
11:13AM 1 bug Rcmdr
10:35AM 3 Plot error
2:37AM 2 question about scale() function
12:47AM 1 redirect plot device automatically
12:23AM 0 R interface with FAME
12:15AM 2 R2WinBUGS sending variables as factors
Thursday January 3 2008
11:29PM 1 Expressions in factor labels on postscript plots
9:35PM 2 Suggestion on how to make permanent changes to a single object in a list?
7:52PM 1 help with combining matrix and list into dataframe
7:20PM 1 R procedure similar to STATA heckprob?
6:25PM 1 Infinite recursion error that I don't understand
5:11PM 1 How to upgrade R
5:01PM 2 retaining formatting when converting a vector to a matrix/data.frame?
4:09PM 0 Multiple lm outputs consolidated
2:45PM 1 tukeyHSD
2:41PM 2 confidence interval too small in nlme?
2:00PM 2 Reading data into R
11:50AM 1 Confidence intervals for beta distribution
11:44AM 0 Svm formula
11:33AM 1 EQUALITY constraints in 'constrOptim'
10:53AM 2 Data frame manipulation - newbie question
7:53AM 1 question from Blue book
6:06AM 2 Help needed in Changing default P - value
3:03AM 1 KernSmooth: bkde and dpik bandwidth questions
1:08AM 1 GLM results different from GAM results without smoothing terms
Wednesday January 2 2008
11:05PM 2 Seeking a more efficient way to read in a file
9:43PM 1 Random Bernoulli sequences with given point-biserial correlation?
9:08PM 2 INSTALL.in: Install R to local path?
8:45PM 1 Algorithm for penalized regression in design package
8:36PM 2 Multivariate response methods question
7:49PM 1 extracting pvalue from ANOVA with repeated measures
6:45PM 2 rounding format
5:56PM 1 problems with JAVA in JGR library on ubuntu 7.04
5:39PM 2 strange behavior of cor() with pairwise.complete.obs
5:18PM 2 a problem.
4:43PM 1 Plot.svm error
4:39PM 0 About Bootstrap
3:35PM 2 index
3:02PM 1 WG: AW: Another problem with encoding
2:49PM 2 Windows Shell Command under Vista
1:14PM 2 how to ignore or omit somethings while reading the data table
6:55AM 3 Find missing days
5:03AM 3 USA map with all states
4:48AM 0 How to select a reasonable shrinkage coefficient in stepplr?
1:50AM 2 Subsetting data frame problem....
Tuesday January 1 2008
10:05PM 1 guidelines for the use of the R logo
10:03PM 3 if statement problem
9:59PM 1 How to convert day-month-year to Julian data number?
3:57PM 0 predicted proximity in cforest
3:24PM 3 Specify a correct formula in R for Piecewise Linear Functions?
2:16PM 2 Non-Linear Quantile Regression
12:22PM 1 passing args from the command line
11:49AM 1 Variable scope R 2.6.1
11:36AM 2 Alignment and Labeling of a color key in a xyplot?
9:20AM 4 access data inside package
12:55AM 0 PerformanceAnalytics version 0.9.6 released to CRAN