R help - Dec 2007

Monday December 31 2007
9:16PM 0 Bootstrapping
8:51PM 2 How to import ENSEMBL text data using R
7:37PM 1 Program output to file using a batch command file
6:00PM 0 Optimize jackknife code
4:53PM 3 stack charts right on top of each other
3:41PM 2 Different number of labels in different panels
3:27PM 2 help on ROC analysis
3:24PM 0 R to LaTeX Univariate Analysis
1:34PM 0 proximity on prediction in cforest
11:55AM 1 SVM error
7:30AM 1 read.dta error after OSX change in time zone
5:14AM 2 the woes of NA
3:52AM 1 help with matrix
2:15AM 3 Survival analysis with no events in one treatment group
Sunday December 30 2007
11:45PM 2 Symbolic substitution in parallel; use infinity symbol?
10:11PM 1 plot multiple data sets on same axis
7:57PM 1 Text over the plot and the margins
7:45PM 1 Bootstrap Confidence Intervals
6:45PM 2 updating R version and packages.
6:19PM 1 adding a function after package.skeleton()
6:04PM 1 Another problem with encoding
5:57PM 1 Histogram with different colors for different portions
5:50PM 2 Installing Rgraphviz package on a windows vista pc
5:49PM 2 refering to variable names in lm where the variable name is in another variable
5:25PM 1 Bayesian Integration (stat question)
4:31PM 0 randomForest: Graph a Single Tree extracted from a random forest
4:27PM 2 Trying to install rjags on Mac OS X 10.5
2:58PM 1 apply in zoo
10:14AM 0 plot.augPred with grouping factors
6:45AM 3 Date formats
3:19AM 1 non-ascii characters in TclTk
1:20AM 0 joint probability
Saturday December 29 2007
11:39PM 1 COMPAR.GEE error with logistic model
9:52PM 0 SVM simple error
9:31PM 0 how to run my R code in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard
8:20PM 0 How to choose the best Kernel in SVM classification
6:25PM 1 Avoiding "." when importing from csv
5:17PM 3 tcltk again
12:38PM 1 another index question
10:47AM 1 ASUS Eee R cookbook
Friday December 28 2007
11:14PM 1 How can I change the language back to english?
10:59PM 1 FYI: Package installation problem with windows
10:32PM 0 print ggplot2 summary on graphic
10:18PM 1 two plots on the same page
10:13PM 1 Forcing "virtual" digits
7:33PM 1 unit attribute to list elements
6:07PM 1 Pause loop
3:35PM 1 logistic mixed effects models with lmer
2:38PM 1 Accesing the value
2:26PM 2 gplot function - error
1:40PM 0 encoding question again
12:24PM 1 index question
11:24AM 4 Return Value of TCl/Tk window in R
3:51AM 3 How to catch data from the different dataframes and lm problem?
Thursday December 27 2007
11:44PM 1 Efficiency of for-loop in R
11:33PM 1 SAS to R - if you don't have a SAS license
11:25PM 0 SAS to R - if you have SAS 8.2+
11:22PM 2 Help with lm and multiple linear regression? (Plain Text version)
11:18PM 0 Help with lm and multiple linear regression?
11:14PM 1 Lda and Qda
10:42PM 2 groupedData function not found
10:12PM 1 warning on gamma option in par(args) or calling par(= new)?
9:35PM 4 Conditionally incrementing a loop counter
8:25PM 2 Running R from a CD on Windows?
7:58PM 1 AIC and BIC in mixed effects model
7:31PM 2 Odd time conversion glitch
6:51PM 1 getting a string output from str
6:47PM 1 A function for random test based on longest run (UNCLASSI FIED)
5:43PM 1 Apresentação Evangelismcenter
4:07PM 0 A function for random test based on longest run of same events (U NCLASSIFIED)
4:04PM 2 A function for random test based on longest run (UNCLASSIFIED)
3:56PM 0 Too many open files
9:20AM 1 (package e1071) SVM tune for best parameters: why they are different everytime i run?
8:26AM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size ... Bcc: Add Cc | Add Bcc
8:19AM 2 Problem of lmer under FreeBSD
3:55AM 1 questions about plot.zoo
Wednesday December 26 2007
11:08PM 1 nlme package
10:49PM 2 Principal Components Analysis
9:42PM 1 Can you recover default argument values of a function?
9:23PM 2 Rbind-ing a list into one item
8:45PM 1 scale_x_continuous
8:05PM 2 Reminiscing on 20 years using S
7:55PM 1 probability from different values
7:08PM 1 data.frame - how to calculate the number of rows
1:07PM 0 persp(): how to control the distance between the axis and the axis labels
8:08AM 1 Removing duplicate packages...
4:14AM 1 Cubic splines in package "mgcv"
Tuesday December 25 2007
2:56PM 1 both lines and plot characters in a lattice plot key
2:07AM 1 how to remove paths from where library() looks for packages
1:51AM 0 fields 4.1
1:06AM 2 Problems with EMACS-ESS on Ubuntu
Monday December 24 2007
10:53PM 2 ARIMA problem
9:27PM 1 aggregation with two statistical functions - mean and variance
8:56PM 3 Affy Package
7:43PM 2 mgarch
6:52PM 2 R Compilation error on Ubuntu
6:01PM 1 geom_hline
2:04PM 1 curve fitting problem
1:30PM 1 Help with read.zoo and transform
3:59AM 2 expand.grid function
12:48AM 4 saving while loop values to one vector
Sunday December 23 2007
9:28PM 3 How to remove some rows from a data.frame
6:16PM 0 RE : Re: number of count of each unique row
5:57PM 0 anacor: yet another ca package
1:33AM 0 new version of trackObjs
Saturday December 22 2007
8:30PM 2 Understanding eval
2:28PM 1 vector distribution
7:21AM 1 odfWeave cross-reference
3:01AM 0 regarding lack of quadratic term in solve.qp
1:38AM 1 using solve.qp without a quadratic term
Friday December 21 2007
10:27PM 0 RMySQL installation
10:03PM 2 number of count of each unique row
9:58PM 1 New Cran Task View: ExperimentalDesign
8:58PM 3 Diagonal matrix with off diagonal elements
7:52PM 3 Numerical precision problem
7:20PM 1 matrix to gal object
6:29PM 1 R appearance under linux
4:56PM 1 R script to start session (without automatically finishing)
3:25PM 1 install R on Unix without Admin Privilege
3:14PM 0 Plotting multiple jpegs on a plot?
1:30PM 1 post hoc in repeated measures of anova
11:14AM 0 Within and Between matrix
9:56AM 3 Finding overlaps in vector
5:07AM 1 NaN as a parameter in NLMINB optimization
3:47AM 1 using apply to loop [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
12:37AM 1 using apply to loop
12:27AM 0 predicted mle() values.
Thursday December 20 2007
11:39PM 0 package clim.pact
10:15PM 2 collapsing a list in a var.
9:43PM 3 Efficient way to find consecutive integers in vector?
9:25PM 0 running custom functions in Snow clusters
8:43PM 1 Quote: An embedded and charset-unspecified text was scrubbed...
8:23PM 0 smoothScatter and geneplotter
8:16PM 0 Can't install RSPERL under windows
7:29PM 1 Question how to get up triangle of a matrix
7:24PM 0 Data bug that read.csv doesn't like
7:13PM 1 Available environment variables
6:29PM 1 Recursive solution with for()
5:45PM 1 hierarchical linear models, mixed models and lme
3:52PM 0 test for factor effect with nested glm
3:35PM 1 alternate storage options
3:33PM 1 creating a factor from dates by subject?
3:26PM 1 ifelse problem
2:15PM 1 custom subset method / handling columns selection as logic in '...' parameter
2:06PM 1 data shape
1:54PM 2 Multicore computation in Windows network: How to set up Rmpi
1:12PM 2 plot3d, wireframe, persp help
11:09AM 1 Computing normal conf.intervals
10:29AM 1 auto named savings (pngs & data-frames)
8:24AM 3 continue a for() when occurs errors
7:33AM 2 factor manipulation: edgelist to a matrix?
1:47AM 3 mle
Wednesday December 19 2007
10:43PM 2 Question about which kind of plot to use
10:12PM 2 can optimize solve paired euqations?
8:55PM 1 lattice: axes drawn when relation='free' or relation='sliced' but not when relation='same'
8:35PM 1 Function reference
7:50PM 0 Biostatistician & Epidemiologist posting
6:50PM 1 adding lines to a barchart
6:46PM 2 (no subject)
6:43PM 1 unexpected behavior from gzfile and unz
5:20PM 2 question
5:14PM 1 Genetic algorithm for feature selection
4:47PM 0 (no subject)
4:14PM 1 library(rpart) or library(tree)
3:58PM 1 Code for articles in R news?
3:52PM 3 Aggregating by a grouping
2:32PM 1 Standard input and R
12:54PM 1 Correlation when one variable has zero variance (polychoric?)
12:26PM 1 want to make a plot similar to ecdf
12:06PM 1 FW: cgh package
11:51AM 2 recode based on filter
11:43AM 1 randomForest() for regression produces offset predictions
11:16AM 0 Help me
11:04AM 4 Calculate remainer
10:36AM 3 Obtaining replicates numbers of a vector
10:24AM 0 scale estimation for Gamma distribution
9:26AM 3 array addition
9:24AM 1 using rcorr.cens for Goodman Kruskal gamma
9:23AM 1 Different labels by panel in barchart
9:17AM 3 median of binned values
8:07AM 0 R News, volume 7, issue 3 is now available
7:39AM 2 4 questions regarding hypothesis testing, survey package, ts on samples, plotting
7:27AM 0 prop.trend.test() and Cochran-Armitage Trend test
6:59AM 3 plot cummulative sum from calendar time
3:33AM 0 Execute R-code from vim on Mac OS X
2:24AM 5 assigning and saving datasets in a loop, with names changing with "i"
1:17AM 4 Factor Madness
12:58AM 1 strange timings in convolve(x,y,type="open")
12:23AM 0 leaps
Tuesday December 18 2007
11:21PM 1 Multiple plots with single box
11:05PM 0 Clustering Question (Support Vector Clustering)
10:27PM 1 Random forests
10:06PM 1 How can I extract the AIC score from a mixed model object produced using lmer?
8:50PM 6 All anchored series from a vector?
8:30PM 0 Update of the np package (version 0.14-1)
8:06PM 3 plotting magnitude
8:02PM 0 Specifying starting values in lme (nlme package) using msScale
7:35PM 1 Forestplot
7:34PM 0 Import GAUSS .FMT files
7:32PM 1 3d plotting
7:30PM 1 comparing poisson distributions
7:02PM 2 Scatterplot3d model reporting question
6:14PM 1 PCA - "cov.wt(z) : 'x' must contain finite values only"
6:14PM 2 R brakes when submitting a query to MySQL
5:52PM 1 Sweave and Scientific Workplace
5:32PM 0 R on EEE PC
4:15PM 0 New version of systemfit (not backward compatible)
2:41PM 1 ggplot2 - getting at the grobs
1:52PM 1 GLM and factor in forular
11:01AM 4 accessing dimension names
10:06AM 2 axis names in triangle.plot
10:00AM 0 R command "leap"
8:34AM 1 hazard ratio of interaction Cox model
7:46AM 1 R-users
7:07AM 2 "gam()" in "gam" package
4:36AM 1 Res: Scatterplot Showing All Points
3:52AM 0 Cluster Package - Clara w/ categorical variables
3:10AM 3 creating a database
1:14AM 9 Scatterplot Showing All Points
12:52AM 2 Why is conversion not working?
Monday December 17 2007
10:54PM 1 ggplot-How to define fill colours?
10:33PM 0 Res: convert table
9:43PM 1 names in Rscript -e
9:13PM 0 odd error messages coming from val.prob() {Design}
9:03PM 3 bar plot colors
9:01PM 2 Dual Core vs Quad Core
8:10PM 2 margin between plot region and axes
7:50PM 1 gene shaving method
7:29PM 1 Axes limits in rgl.surface.
6:47PM 3 Cannot grasp how to apply "by" here...
6:21PM 2 regression towards the mean, AS paper November 2007
5:34PM 4 read.table() and precision?
5:03PM 1 convert table
4:28PM 1 Identity link in tweedie
4:02PM 3 integration
3:56PM 0 Extending data.frame
3:50PM 1 fortune warning
3:16PM 2 Capture warning messages from coxph()
2:51PM 1 cor.test formula
2:41PM 0 Memory problem using predict function
2:34PM 2 Must be obvious but not to me : problem with regular expression
2:08PM 1 How to create a mixed col.names?
1:33PM 1 polygon class in splancs package
11:47AM 1 RMySQL installation problem - partially solved
10:54AM 1 Parse Expression
8:42AM 0 kernlab and gram matrix
8:37AM 1 re store pictures in an automatically named files using loops
5:43AM 2 can R solve these paired equations
2:44AM 2 more structure than 'str'?
Sunday December 16 2007
10:13PM 0 levelplot border and dendrogram width
8:09PM 1 read.table and double quotes in strings
7:16PM 1 paste dependent variable in formula (rpart)?
5:56PM 2 eee pc
4:30PM 1 polar orientation significance test
3:47PM 2 reading data on code script.
2:25PM 2 clean programming
2:23PM 2 question about the aggregate function with respect to order of levels of grouping elements
1:54PM 1 Working with ranges of a list
12:34PM 1 Extracting Year (only) information from Non-Standard Dates
12:02PM 0 Using mean of truncated normal
9:14AM 4 improving a bar graph
4:31AM 2 Changing the origin in polar.plot in plotrix package
4:04AM 0 not a package (yet): derivatives of generalized eigen/singular pairs
2:22AM 1 format numbers in a contingency table
12:04AM 0 [HH] changing font size in interaction2wt
Saturday December 15 2007
7:52PM 0 R memory limits and good memory management
5:22PM 1 X11 uses font size 25 although 28 was requested
3:56PM 1 how to threshold a matrix
3:14PM 0 How to analyze observations list-wise deleted?
3:13PM 2 Using boxplot in a daily time series
11:34AM 1 modify a data.frame within a function
4:05AM 0 Simulating MATCHED Case Control Data
Friday December 14 2007
11:32PM 1 Truncated normal distribution
10:51PM 1 how to add an index to a vignette?
10:10PM 1 way to check if the evaluation of an expression returns an error?
8:12PM 1 garch function in tseries package
7:58PM 4 rcom close Excel problem
7:35PM 1 flagging glm models with warnings
6:55PM 2 connecting RMySQL to and external server
6:31PM 3 Array dimnames
5:21PM 1 detailed calculation of two way anova with unbalanced design
5:13PM 1 Result depends on previous result; easy with a loop; but without a loop?
5:06PM 3 How to convert Datetime numbers from Excel to POSIXt objects
4:50PM 0 Adjusting axis by groups within xyplot
4:20PM 1 problem with coxph
3:52PM 2 train nnet
3:19PM 1 Function built with segments
3:05PM 0 options("defaultPackages") was not found [C1]
1:17PM 0 kernel density in space
1:16PM 3 Plot question
12:39PM 2 Conflating categories
12:05PM 3 calculating the number of days from dates
9:47AM 1 termplot reference
9:09AM 1 can I solve this equation in R----29.040x+1=327.727x^(355.768x/(1-x))
3:45AM 1 RJDBC to OpenOffice Calc as RODBC to MS Excel
2:03AM 6 Analyzing Publications from Pubmed via XML
1:56AM 1 Help! - boxcox transformations
12:58AM 1 RODBC, optimizing memory, "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 522 Kb".
Thursday December 13 2007
11:47PM 0 High Frequency Financial Calculations
10:35PM 1 Different display of same graphs on different screens
10:15PM 1 convergence error code in mixed effects models
9:52PM 1 RMySQL and free text variable
9:48PM 0 Average Precision (APR)
9:40PM 3 Calculating Rsquared values in rpart
9:27PM 1 counting weekday in a month in R
8:21PM 2 multiple ANOVAs
7:36PM 2 Overlaying trellis xyplot on contourplot
7:17PM 2 VARMA in R
7:13PM 0 New version of MBESS released
6:38PM 2 Function for AUC?
5:58PM 1 Gaussian Smoothing
5:46PM 1 Two repeated warnings when runing gam(mgcv) to analyze my dataset?
5:25PM 0 Bivariate Survival Analysis
5:11PM 1 parsing dates in input file
4:50PM 0 RMySQL with Xampp could never work?
3:49PM 0 More than one value of Y for each value of X (Model I regression)
2:11PM 6 ls() pattern
2:05PM 1 Helpfiles in HTML browser
1:59PM 2 How to use R to estimate a model which has two sets of lagged time series independent variables
1:41PM 6 spliting strings ...
1:16PM 4 Very simple question on plot
12:30PM 1 Number of ways to select population members
11:28AM 1 Flushing (Reset) 'last.warning'
9:45AM 2 use ggplot in a function to which a column name is given
6:08AM 0 [Not R question] using java COM bridge to pass array of double through R(D)COM SetSymbol method
5:48AM 1 ggplot2: can not find "current.grobTree()"
4:36AM 1 Probelms on using gam(mgcv)
4:07AM 1 Rd files with unknown encoding?
1:04AM 3 what does cut(data, breaks=n) actually do?
Wednesday December 12 2007
10:06PM 0 MARS model implementation
9:35PM 2 problem applying a conditional formula to each element of a matrix
9:33PM 0 64-bit package compilation problems on powerpc
9:25PM 1 Defining the "random" term in function "negbin" of AOD package
9:12PM 3 R and Excel Interface
7:44PM 1 two-way categorical anova post-hoc data extraction
7:29PM 0 Rgui: workaround for hang from tseries and other packages using Fortran I/O
7:15PM 1 xYplot problem
5:26PM 1 eliminating cancel button in winDialogString call
5:26PM 0 CTRL-C behaviour with RODBC on Solaris2.8
4:23PM 2 Reproducibility of experiment
4:16PM 1 Overlay PDF on histogram
3:45PM 3 Adding data labels to Lattice plots
3:24PM 2 Need good Reference Material and Reading about Gaussian Copulas
3:04PM 2 discrepancy between periodogram implementations ? per and spec.pgram
3:00PM 3 combine variables to matrix
2:59PM 0 New version of seqinR released
2:41PM 1 how to shorten elements in a data frame?
2:07PM 1 OS-dependent behaviour of strucchange?
1:27PM 0 IRT Likelihood problem
12:38PM 0 Hep on using GAM() in R
12:19PM 3 Measure of agreement??
12:16PM 1 iid.test package/ncdf package
11:13AM 1 Package compilation
10:59AM 2 Matrix Inversion
10:05AM 3 lm/model.matrix confusion (? bug)
9:26AM 1 Getting error message using R: Please help (it's coursework due in on Friday)
6:45AM 1 Book: The New S Language
3:59AM 1 Install from Local Zip
3:17AM 0 locfdr VS fdrtool
3:15AM 4 Importing Large Dataset into Excel
3:09AM 3 Sys.setlocale() and text()
2:32AM 0 Enc: Res: How to plot the grid figure using R?
2:29AM 1 Efron's locfdr package - a component missing
1:33AM 2 Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMR) in R for spatial simulation.
1:00AM 1 How to plot the grid figure using R?
12:43AM 1 tm package - how to transform a TermDocMatrix to a data.frame
Tuesday December 11 2007
11:44PM 1 Using the same y-axis range for each plot in "plot.ts"
10:13PM 3 Writing a file to the disk
9:27PM 1 [OT] vernacular names for circular diagrams
8:35PM 1 postResample R² and lm() R²
8:32PM 3 matrix graph
7:40PM 1 question regarding arima function and predicted values
6:23PM 1 Using predict()?
6:20PM 2 ggplot - Setting the y-scale in a bar plot
4:27PM 1 Mono in postscript device
3:57PM 0 Estimated survival function in Epi package
3:46PM 5 book on regular expressions
2:55PM 1 R computing speed
2:37PM 2 Hmisc compilation problem
2:29PM 0 creating images from console commands
12:06PM 1 If Else Function
11:17AM 2 Alternative to For Loop?
9:39AM 1 Error with rgl loading in BATCH mode
3:42AM 2 the observed "log odds" in logistic regression
12:56AM 1 error trying to load biOps under 2.6.1 running XP
12:45AM 0 holidayNYSE missing some
Monday December 10 2007
11:41PM 5 Neat conditional assignment
11:07PM 1 Simulating Case Control Data
9:43PM 2 00LOCK error with site-library
9:41PM 1 function centralm - does it exist
9:36PM 1 CRAN Index Problems
8:42PM 1 help with fatal error message
8:37PM 2 Problem with graphics device in Mac OS X
8:17PM 1 Multiple Reponse CART Analysis
7:16PM 4 Reading through a group of .RData files
7:11PM 1 Question re: RWinEdt conflicting with my WinEdt
5:36PM 1 XML R function description
5:03PM 0 R crashes in Leopard
4:26PM 3 3-D plot of likelihood
4:25PM 7 Sweave : change value in rnw file to generate multiple "single" reports ?
4:10PM 1 Building R on Sun Solaris 10 (SPARC) using Sun Studio 12
4:04PM 0 Savannah R Presentation
1:28PM 1 Extracting clusters from Data Frame
12:42PM 1 Rerolling k-means
11:45AM 1 moving average and NA values
6:32AM 0 help with fatal error
5:25AM 1 cyclic dependency error
5:25AM 1 Having trouble getting GARCH parameters (basic/newbie)
4:43AM 2 Tutorial for Basic Stats
3:43AM 0 Error in read.spss() for .por files
3:02AM 1 Estimating the variability of a population by one sample?
2:58AM 2 Viewport and grid.draw
12:30AM 1 lattice: placing y-axis labels on right-hand side of panel when relation="sliced"
Sunday December 9 2007
10:46PM 0 cairo and rapache
10:45PM 1 How to read in expressions as function parameters?
9:59PM 1 Saving lattice plot as a PDF
9:55PM 1 how to let R read different equations I write and execute it?
9:22PM 0 Lmer output for negative binomial data
8:24PM 1 CART analysis
8:10PM 3 editor under MAC system
8:04PM 1 for (i in...)
7:15PM 2 Adding info from summary(lm(...)) to plot
5:55PM 1 spatstat questions
5:33PM 1 Setting the grid of a graph of timeseries
5:21PM 3 Oriented object programming
2:14PM 4 Arguments become nonnumeric
1:28PM 1 Obtaining names of further arguments ('...')
11:11AM 2 Getting estimates from survfit.coxph
10:21AM 1 Problems working with large matrix (using package R.huge)
9:35AM 4 adding group totals to a table
8:23AM 3 Barchart, Pareto
5:28AM 2 Large determinant problem
3:26AM 2 adjusting "levels" after subset a table
1:04AM 1 R + LaTeX formula
12:42AM 1 package "growth" ... where is it ?
12:23AM 1 Adding text outside lattice plot
Saturday December 8 2007
11:38PM 1 spliting windows 5 frames.
9:51PM 2 time series tests
9:51PM 1 level significance
9:25PM 1 OT: 3d surfaces with transparency
8:07PM 2 Function to tell you how an object is put together
5:04PM 1 lm: how to calculate rsquared of the predicted values?
11:24AM 2 [OT] A free (as in freedom) replacement for StatTransfer
10:51AM 1 FW: R memory management
10:18AM 0 help for segmented package
9:09AM 2 How to extract numbers from ANOVA tables?
6:02AM 1 seq_len
Friday December 7 2007
10:53PM 4 How to prevent fix() from converting Dates into numeric
9:10PM 1 Cannot insert label on top axis
9:00PM 4 Using R function in Excel
7:08PM 1 Internal functions
7:08PM 1 question in xyplot of lattice
7:02PM 0 fda, version 1.2.3
4:36PM 1 low level plotting question on R
4:22PM 2 Data import error: duplicate "row.names"
3:37PM 0 SQLiteDF SQLITE ERROR after attach
2:58PM 0 Studentized maximum modulus distribution
1:41PM 1 Adding a subset to a glm messes up factors?
1:36PM 1 x11() and Xinerama settings
11:06AM 0 manipulation of list of matrices
10:28AM 4 if/else for plot/lines?
9:04AM 5 Grouping by interval
8:32AM 2 Same regression per sub-group: apply?
7:59AM 1 how to generate uniformly distributed random integers
7:55AM 1 paradox about the degree of freedom in a logistic regression model
7:26AM 1 pvclust warning message
7:17AM 0 what actually a logistic regression fits
7:15AM 0 plot dendrogram generated by hc (mclust package)
6:24AM 2 duplicate row.names are not allowed
2:10AM 1 Make natural splines constant outside boundary
2:06AM 2 R help mailing system configuration change?
12:14AM 1 AIC v. extractAIC
Thursday December 6 2007
11:30PM 2 How can I plot this graph
10:38PM 1 updating a helper function in a R package
10:19PM 1 Re ad File : Header with special character
10:05PM 1 Testing Two Categorical Variable
9:59PM 0 Cross Validation of lda() from MASS package
9:49PM 0 coxme() random effect syntax
9:45PM 1 Integral implicit function
9:11PM 0 row lables in heatmap.2()
8:26PM 2 simple problems
8:25PM 0 Course***January 2008 *** San Francisco & New York City *** R/S-Plus Advanced Programming by XLSolutions Corp
8:18PM 1 S3 and S4 clash
8:18PM 3 correlated data
7:03PM 1 finding most highly transcribed genes - ranking, sorting and subsets?
7:00PM 1 lm.influence under R2.6.1
6:47PM 1 a question on stepAIC
5:45PM 1 Randomizing one column in the dataMatrix
5:27PM 2 merge in function
5:10PM 3 using "eval(parse(text)) " , gsub(pattern, replacement, x) , to process "code" within a loop/custom function
5:02PM 5 Help rewriting looping structure?
4:23PM 1 R on a multi core unix box
4:20PM 2 Any package for deconvolution?
4:19PM 0 generalized linear model with mixed effects
4:04PM 1 Frequency and Phase Spectrograms
3:31PM 0 64-bit R compiling problem on Leopard
3:28PM 0 alternatives to latex() or xtable()
3:16PM 3 Vertical text in a plot
3:16PM 7 Fitting large titles in a plot
2:25PM 0 64-bit R question in Leopard
2:18PM 2 R2HTML how to pair graphic.png and table
1:01PM 1 differences in using source() or console
12:51PM 5 relationship between two factors
12:17PM 1 Nine questions about methods and generics
12:04PM 3 $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors, returning NULL - what is the right thing to do then?
10:18AM 1 Building package - tab delimited example data issue
9:52AM 1 colour coded points in biplot
8:54AM 1 R CMD Build feature searches or requests
8:04AM 3 Using panel.densityplot with stripplot
8:00AM 5 Conjoint Analysis in R??
4:47AM 2 Segmented regression
4:03AM 0 snow package on multi core unix box
2:13AM 1 Using expression in Hmisc Key()
2:06AM 1 logistic regression using "glm",which "y" is set to be "1"
12:53AM 0 prediction R-squared
12:42AM 1 correlation coefficient from qq plot
12:20AM 2 hclust in heatmap.2
12:18AM 1 HTML help search in R 2.6.0 v 2.6.1
Wednesday December 5 2007
10:05PM 1 File based configuration
8:39PM 4 coxme frailty model standard errors?
7:31PM 2 Interpretation of 'Intercept' in a 2-way factorial lm
7:30PM 1 Working with "ts" objects
6:05PM 2 kalman filter random walk
5:54PM 2 how to interpolate a plot with a logistic curve
5:33PM 2 Dealing with NA's in a data matrix
5:03PM 1 newbie lapply question
4:39PM 2 Displaying numerics to full double precision
4:16PM 4 Java parser for R data file?
3:16PM 5 Which Linux OS on Athlon amd64, to comfortably run R?
2:49PM 0 Asymmetrically dependent variables to 2D-map?
2:45PM 0 how to estimate ARCH?
2:28PM 0 Significance of clarkevans in spatstat
2:07PM 0 Mixed Integer Non Linear Programming.
1:42PM 0 Export to LaTeX using xtable() - Control the digits to the right of the separator [solved]
1:05PM 1 rgdal for R.2.4.0?
12:40PM 1 confidence intervals for y predicted in non linearregression
12:02PM 1 alternatives to latex() or xtable() ?
11:29AM 1 Help installing taskPR
10:34AM 0 lme output
10:31AM 1 Information criteria for kmeans
10:25AM 1 Quadratic programming
9:44AM 1 Plotting error bars in xy-direction
5:58AM 0 pointwise nonparametric estimation of odds-ratios of continuous predictors
3:39AM 2 converting factors to dummy variables
2:11AM 1 Installing hdf5
1:18AM 1 Calculating large determinants
12:35AM 2 Dimension of a vector
Tuesday December 4 2007
11:58PM 6 predict error for survreg with natural splines
11:39PM 0 installing RSPerl on windows
8:15PM 2 Learning to do randomized block design analysis
5:42PM 2 cannot install R-2.6.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.9 PowerPC G5
5:37PM 0 Free Online: Data Mining Intro for Beginners, Vendor-Neutral, December 13
5:17PM 0 time series
5:14PM 1 How can I use Adehabitat to obtain an .asc object with the predicted values of a niche model?
4:06PM 1 Metropolis-Hastings within Gibbs coding error
4:03PM 6 Is R portable?
3:55PM 1 2/3d interpolation from a regular grid to another regular grid
3:49PM 3 Inserting a subsequence between values of a vector
2:03PM 2 Multiple stacked barplots on the same graph?
1:57PM 1 plotting SE
1:00PM 2 weighted Cox proportional hazards regression
12:28PM 1 Best forecasting methods with Time Series ?
12:09PM 0 library(RII) and smoothing parameter
11:40AM 1 reduce the code used by "for"
11:06AM 2 confidence intervals for y predicted in non linear regression
10:46AM 2 Dataframe manipulation
8:19AM 0 FW: Rolling Correlations
7:10AM 1 How can I use the rho value in the cor.test() summary?
5:51AM 2 Problem with a global variable
4:27AM 0 Syntax for Trim and Fill Method
1:56AM 1 Junk or not Junk
1:41AM 2 color palette from red to blue passing white
1:39AM 1 R-help
12:24AM 2 3D array
Monday December 3 2007
11:22PM 3 strsplit on comma, with a trailing comma in input
9:23PM 1 R-help google group archive
9:21PM 3 Ordering the levels of a vector
8:52PM 0 Make error while installing R 2.6.1 on GNU/linux
7:45PM 1 difficulties getting coef() to work in some lmer() calls
7:41PM 0 new package 'bvls', update of 'nnls'
6:57PM 1 Efficient computation of average covariance matrix over a list
6:41PM 1 coplot and xyplot and panel functions
6:41PM 1 Putting a NULL in a list (as cannot pass NA to C++)
6:31PM 1 Fwd: source('clipboard')
6:10PM 0 Installing packages
5:21PM 3 overlapping labels
5:11PM 1 Plotting monthly timeseries with an x-axis in "time format"
3:31PM 3 restore NAs in residuals
3:28PM 0 permutation tests of regression trees
2:54PM 1 linking C/C++ external libraries.
2:27PM 1 cor(data.frame) infelicities
1:58PM 2 Linear Regression, Data is a list
1:12PM 2 Why is the program too slow?
1:04PM 2 comparison of two vectors
11:04AM 1 help on qcc
11:02AM 3 ggplot2: Choosing colours
9:02AM 1 Attempt at package documentation on debian: link to "data.frame" broken
4:08AM 0 trouble while installing 64-bit R in leopard
2:41AM 1 Function to find boundary of an irregular sample?
12:40AM 0 question on 64-bit compiling in leopard
12:29AM 1 plotting step functions in plot vs. xyplot
Sunday December 2 2007
11:24PM 3 documenting yoru progress
10:33PM 3 Help with a Loop
8:46PM 0 problem installing 2.6.1 on OSX Leopard (after failed MacPorts install)
8:39PM 4 Res: fitting "power model" in nls()
7:23PM 1 odfWeave error
7:20PM 0 error messgage in lmer for random intercept and slope model
7:16PM 1 persp() misfeature
7:12PM 0 error message in lmer for logistic regression model with random intercept and slope
7:08PM 3 fitting "power model" in nls()
5:53PM 1 How to recode a factor level (within the list)?
5:49PM 1 speeding up likelihood computation
4:49PM 1 array() misfeature
3:26PM 1 find the numerical of acf
Saturday December 1 2007
9:40PM 0 Specify var-covar matrix in mixed linear model using lme?
8:57PM 1 creating conditional means
5:59PM 2 Need help on changing a table
4:26PM 0 Problem with data editor when R built with --enable-mcfs
4:18PM 2 Sweave: Variables in code chunk headers
4:11PM 1 Spellchecking Sweave documents
1:05PM 2 How to cbind DF:s with differing number of rows?
11:37AM 2 R function for percentrank
11:02AM 1 modeling time series with ARIMA
3:24AM 3 compare strings
2:06AM 0 Lookup prior value in data.frame (was: Dismiss previous email)
1:44AM 1 Dismiss previous email
1:27AM 0 (no subject)