R help - Feb 2008

Friday February 29 2008
10:44PM 0 RAM Filling up
10:40PM 3 Fitting long names in boxplot
9:48PM 1 controlling for number of elements in each node of the tree in mvpart
9:46PM 1 barplot and pca plot in mvpart/rpart
8:53PM 2 while loop syntax help
8:37PM 1 Make plots with GNUplot. Have anyone tried that?
7:35PM 0 On the probabilistic distribution
7:25PM 1 can the matrix size limit be increased?
7:21PM 1 Column sums from a data frame (without the column headers)
7:02PM 1 inheritence in S4
6:33PM 2 printing tables to a pdf
6:16PM 1 using zlib (was compress data on read, decompress on write)
6:05PM 1 setHook and lattice
5:50PM 2 time experiment
5:18PM 0 Implementation of GMM
5:02PM 4 Column sums from a data frame (without the headers)
4:42PM 0 Optimization when only binary variables can be manipulated?
4:29PM 2 setwd on other computer?
4:24PM 8 Running LaTeX dvi previewer on MacOS X
3:34PM 0 barplot and pca plot in mvpart
3:14PM 4 help
3:04PM 1 RSQLite error
3:01PM 1 data manipulation
2:24PM 0 MiscPsycho 1.1 revised posted
2:19PM 1 bugs.seed= and summary.only= option in R2WinBUGS
1:50PM 3 Replace a list of values in data frame
12:45PM 2 GUI developement / Matlab
12:21PM 0 Variable modified from within a function
10:42AM 1 Getting Keypressed State in rgl
9:02AM 1 Optional data argument for a function
8:30AM 0 svm questions
8:17AM 3 Graphic text
7:12AM 2 How to convert the "user coordinate system" in R graph to "normal coordinate system" whose origin is the upper-left cornner of the drawing area?
6:21AM 1 How to export tables in list separately using write.table or sink?
4:17AM 1 quantile-residual plot
2:45AM 2 Two Way ANOVA
2:28AM 1 Fwd: Re: How to create following chart for visualizing multivariate time series
1:22AM 2 Getting multiple tables when using table(dataframe) to tabulate data
12:34AM 1 write.csv +RMySQL request
Thursday February 28 2008
11:43PM 0 tutorial on codetools
10:31PM 1 Plotting Dendrogram Help Getting Plot to Display Neatly
9:15PM 2 Replacing plot symbols w/ subject IDs in xyplot()
9:04PM 3 datetime on x-axis of plot
8:55PM 2 EMM: how to make forecast using EMM methods?
8:30PM 2 Large loops hang?
8:05PM 3 Collapse an array
8:02PM 0 question regarding using weights in the hierarchical/ kmeans clustering process
7:55PM 0 use of step.gam (from package 'gam') and superassignment inside functions
6:18PM 2 compress data on read, decompress on write
6:02PM 0 surv2sample 0.1-2
5:49PM 0 New Package: geozoo. High-Dimensional Geometric Objects
3:17PM 4 p-value in Spearman rank order
2:17PM 1 cohesive blocks.. again
2:06PM 1 non parametric linear regression
1:52PM 4 unbalanced one-way ANOVA
1:31PM 1 intermediate linkage clustering
11:42AM 1 Errors melt()ing data...
11:27AM 1 calculate sd for each row on some columns of a dataframe
11:06AM 4 standard errors
9:03AM 0 problem with the ltm package - 3PL model
7:09AM 0 RMysql question
6:42AM 1 Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin
5:03AM 1 2D kolmogorov
5:03AM 8 How to read HUGE data sets?
3:57AM 0 Very Simple Regression Question
3:44AM 1 problem of subscript value from vector and list
Wednesday February 27 2008
11:02PM 2 problem with creation of eSet
10:28PM 2 multi-level hierarchical logistic regression with sampling weight
10:05PM 4 plot y1 and y2 on one graph
9:34PM 4 Error in cor.default(x1, x2) : missing observations in cov/cor
6:02PM 1 installing package
4:54PM 0 Call for abstracts: Innovative Tools in Data Analysis (ERCIM08)
4:31PM 2 multiple plots per page using hist and pdf
4:13PM 2 selecting consecutive records over a threshold
3:25PM 2 png and pdf : point size, font size, etc.
3:18PM 7 Cross Validation
2:09PM 0 image analysis package
1:09PM 2 Plan to build Package to use GRASS from R
12:59PM 1 Label outliers in boxplot
12:39PM 0 Problems with quantreg and party package in 2.6.2 ver
10:35AM 2 Sweave produces gibberish instead of apostrophe in pdf
10:24AM 1 Calculating monthly var-cov matrix on non-overlapping rooling window basis
9:49AM 1 glm binomial with no successes
8:13AM 1 how to convert a table to adjacency matrix used in social network analysis?
7:03AM 3 Loading user defined functions autometically each time I start R
5:52AM 0 periodic term
4:58AM 1 ggplot2 boxplot confusion
3:38AM 1 how to specify ggplot2 facet plot order
2:38AM 0 Backwards Lasso
1:06AM 2 Adding LaTeX cross-references into Sweave plots
12:47AM 1 Hmisc xYplot won't do conditioning on factors?
12:47AM 1 missing packages from install
12:16AM 2 Add a rectangle behind a plot
12:05AM 1 score test statistic in logistic regression
Tuesday February 26 2008
11:58PM 0 NLS -- multiplicative errors and group comparison
10:58PM 0 lasso with Cox regression
10:37PM 0 RSPerl on OS X Server 10.4.11
10:24PM 2 Multiple lines with a different color assigned to each line (corrected code)
10:10PM 4 "Raw" histogram plots
10:04PM 1 multdrc error---Error in mdrcOpt(opfct, startVec, optMethod, derFlag, constrained, warnVal
10:00PM 2 Multiple linear regression with for loop
9:40PM 0 lrm error message
9:34PM 1 Multiple lines with a different color assigned to each line
9:30PM 4 numeric format
9:11PM 6 Plot Principal component analysis
9:02PM 2 Obtaining values from adfstat objects
8:41PM 0 Cryptic error message using RuleFit
8:32PM 2 Summing up diagonals w/o for-loop
7:46PM 2 Subsetting within xyplot()
7:44PM 2 combining 40,000 with 40,000 data frame (different tact)
6:16PM 3 Reading a file created with Fortran
5:25PM 2 Kalman Filter
5:24PM 3 using eval-parse-paste in a loop
5:10PM 1 GLM
5:07PM 1 wrapper for save function
4:01PM 0 looping with a dynamic variable
3:58PM 2 Custom LaTeX tables
3:52PM 0 Getting Stangle to tangle Sexpr expressions
3:27PM 3 R package to perform Horn's parallel analysis
3:24PM 0 action executing twice while loading tiles
2:27PM 1 Rcmdr importing excel files
2:25PM 1 combine vector and data frame on field?
2:10PM 1 predict.rpart question
1:43PM 2 Combining series of variables using identifier
1:38PM 2 AIC and anova, lme
1:30PM 0 Generalized additive model regression with lag
12:35PM 0 Help needed to analyse a factorial microarray experiments! Newbie Question
11:01AM 0 graphics of profile in longitudinal data
10:22AM 1 Split data.frames depeding values of a column
9:16AM 0 anova repeated measure
7:25AM 3 OLS standard errors
7:10AM 0 Course on analysing spatial point patterns
6:41AM 1 changing format of y-axis (barplot)
6:12AM 1 load windows file in linux
4:02AM 0 adjusting monthplot() towards a seasonal diagnostic plot for stl()
2:18AM 1 The meaning of 'z value' and 'Pr(>|z|)' in the result of glm
Monday February 25 2008
9:59PM 2 union of two data frames
9:23PM 1 Graph Axis
8:48PM 4 Highlighting different series with colors
7:18PM 0 logLik calculation in gls (nlme)
7:06PM 0 double y-axis heatmap
6:47PM 1 Parallel R for dummies (on hpc)
5:30PM 1 Running randomForests on large datasets
5:20PM 0 Extracting variance components from a Manova
5:16PM 3 How to include the documentation of a function in a Sweave document?
3:56PM 1 Problems with augPlot and for loops
3:23PM 0 anova (repeated measure)
3:12PM 1 Read.xport function in package foreign
3:05PM 1 "by" function "half-working" when used in a custom function
2:45PM 0 how to find the significance F for one-way ANOVA
2:20PM 3 Logical statements and subseting data...
1:59PM 1 efficient is.na tabulation?
1:03PM 2 Exporting a dataframe from R to Excel
9:42AM 0 Memory problem with 64bit R using PLASQ500k
9:06AM 0 addreg help
8:40AM 3 Avoiding overplotting of text.
8:20AM 1 RWinEdt Install issue
6:14AM 1 To get more digits in precision of predict function of randomForests
5:18AM 1 version 2.5.1 and version 2.3.1
4:01AM 1 Plotting series marked with a symbol on every nth data point, preferably in ggplot...
2:26AM 2 Geometric progression
2:05AM 2 including data frames in R packages
2:00AM 1 How do I use as.Date when day values are missing?
1:36AM 4 A more idiomatic way to write this
12:44AM 1 color area between two time-series via polygon()?
Sunday February 24 2008
11:26PM 1 Jitter in correlation matrix?
10:33PM 0 Color of CI bars in Hmisc::Dotplot()
9:03PM 1 Bootstrapping data with a regression model
9:02PM 3 Newbie: Where is lmFit function?
8:44PM 1 rapply on a data.frame
5:56PM 0 running R as a web service
5:03PM 1 Minor tick marks
4:00PM 1 what missed ----- CART
3:58PM 0 Bayesian Prediction with High-order Interactions
3:40PM 2 mixed model nested ANOVA (part two)
1:04PM 2 Generic Functions
11:33AM 2 Split a matrix for mixture distribution
11:11AM 0 problem with ML estimation
9:37AM 1 R-2.6.2 installation (64bit) falling over with the grid package
5:37AM 0 where can I find source code for particle filters applied to stochastic volatilities?
Saturday February 23 2008
11:57PM 0 Calculate missing value using a correlation metric
8:04PM 1 clarification about glm
7:28PM 1 Bimodal deconvolution
6:23PM 1 Error in ma.svd(X, 0, 0) : 0 extent dimensions
6:00PM 0 Announcement: obsSens Package
5:14PM 3 exprs function download
3:11PM 1 Aranda-Ordaz
2:08PM 1 Standard method for S4 object
11:07AM 1 Set without argument
10:15AM 1 Hiding a function
9:40AM 2 Newbie: Measuring distance between clusters.
8:36AM 0 Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model
4:12AM 1 ginv and matlab's pinv give different results
2:16AM 2 counting sequence mismatches
1:01AM 3 using subset() in data frame
12:42AM 1 Fixed effects
Friday February 22 2008
11:44PM 3 projection.matrix() {popbio} for more than one matrix
11:01PM 1 How to Include greek symbol in axis label?
9:15PM 2 Corrected : Efficient writing of calculation involving each element of 2 data frames
8:48PM 1 efficient writing of calculation involving each element of 2 data frames.
8:38PM 1 abline in log-log power law plot
8:06PM 2 Looping and Pasting
7:33PM 0 Nonlinear autoregression and spectral analysis (mixed spectra)
7:23PM 2 Labels in plot()
7:19PM 2 Drawing several pictures on a plot
6:36PM 3 Combining Data Frames
6:08PM 3 Mixed model Nested ANOVA
4:46PM 1 Biomechanics
4:26PM 1 What exactly does rchkusr() do?
4:23PM 1 YAML parser for R in Windows
3:26PM 0 Cross Validation in rpart
3:00PM 1 fitting a lognormal distribution using cumulative probabilities
2:00PM 0 R expertise
1:42PM 2 re place column names
1:40PM 0 I am away on 22 Feb (pm)
1:21PM 3 Problem with cut
11:45AM 3 Simultaneously summarizing many models
11:33AM 0 Creating subplots of a ridge trace generated using matplot (ridge regression)
11:10AM 1 addtable2plot(plotrix)
9:01AM 0 seeking function to perform Flexible UPGMA clustering
5:15AM 0 How to get MSS value for individual clusters.
Thursday February 21 2008
10:19PM 1 bootstrap: definition of original statistic
10:05PM 1 Function for linear mixed model with gamma-distributed random effects?
9:57PM 3 applying a function to data frame columns
9:51PM 2 Simple Newbie Question
9:47PM 2 Problems with aggregate
9:00PM 2 jpeg in batch mode
8:58PM 3 Mixture of Distributions
8:06PM 1 nnet
7:52PM 0 SAS transport files and read.xport
7:49PM 2 coloring a graph left or right of an abline
7:26PM 2 how to create ROC curve for 2 dimensional classifiers
6:51PM 2 jpeg() creating empty files with qplot() in a loop
6:26PM 0 Warning messages about replacing previous import...
6:25PM 1 anova power calculations
6:22PM 4 How to get names of a list into df:s?
5:21PM 2 triangle.plot - change the axes orientation
4:11PM 2 Unable to create/index a zoo irregular timeseries
4:06PM 1 problem on pg32 of ISwR
3:51PM 2 Nested frailty model
3:43PM 1 Save a group of matrix
3:25PM 3 variable syntax problem
2:25PM 2 overall comparison of an ordered categorical in a multiple regression
1:29PM 1 linebreaks in mathplot
11:09AM 2 column name handling and long labels
10:56AM 1 Finding local maxima (height) in a matrix data (6 spatial coordinates)?
10:36AM 1 update don't find an object
7:41AM 1 Stat related question : Skew Normal distribution
7:05AM 1 Permutation Test
7:03AM 1 Selecting timestamps
3:37AM 0 extending code to handle more variables
12:44AM 3 R console closes on its own
Wednesday February 20 2008
11:57PM 4 plotting every ith data point?
11:45PM 2 intersecting rows of a matrix
11:36PM 1 fastbw() in Design works for continuous variable?
11:18PM 0 Calculating the Distance
11:02PM 2 factors ordered by mean
11:02PM 0 Automatically discovering dependencies in Sweave
10:05PM 0 Non-standard S4 behavior
9:54PM 1 Compilation error on installing rgl package
9:51PM 2 [OT] Linux/UNIX question
8:11PM 0 igraph package, version 0.5
6:14PM 3 reshaping data frame
5:34PM 1 a questtion about Cronbach's alpha more than 1
4:42PM 3 Rd to latex
4:27PM 1 Stress with MDS
3:39PM 0 Help with circular-linear regression in package circular
2:19PM 1 p-value for fixed effect in generalized linear mixed model
12:24PM 3 Specaccum
11:57AM 1 Problem Using the %in% command
10:38AM 1 insert() function
10:10AM 1 clustering problem
8:39AM 0 New Package 'JM' for the Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
8:26AM 1 overdrawing a plot
3:52AM 0 R workshop in Canberra (Australia) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
3:47AM 2 Data frame with 0 rows.
3:25AM 1 Overdispersion, AIC and mixed models
2:35AM 1 debugging a try() statement
2:10AM 1 R square for Monotone regression
1:41AM 1 Is there simple code for this simple financial time series task?
1:27AM 1 Deleting multiple rows based on a variable
Tuesday February 19 2008
11:39PM 3 Summing over an index of an array
11:34PM 1 Calculating the distance samples using distance metics method
11:07PM 2 numerical integration of a ftn of 2 variables
9:07PM 1 recursive function help
7:22PM 1 Referencing to an object within a function
7:14PM 0 rJava error (assistance needed)
7:09PM 1 Setting a graph flushed to edges of axes
7:07PM 2 addition of matrix
6:51PM 2 Looping through a list of objects & do something...
6:44PM 0 Matrix addition
6:23PM 1 How to use BayesTree or RBF for predict
5:44PM 1 Interpolation between 2 vectors
5:17PM 3 Why does plot() ignore the data type for axis labels?
4:16PM 2 one-way anova power calculations
4:06PM 1 How to count from larger value to smaller value in ecdf (Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function)
3:27PM 0 Van't Veer paper on breast cancer
3:20PM 1 create library for own datasets
3:17PM 0 nlsList - Error in !unlist(lapply(coefs, is.null))
2:52PM 1 Which package to install?
2:41PM 4 fitted values are different from manually calculating
2:24PM 3 simple usage of "for"
1:18PM 1 Two bwplots in one single graph
12:53PM 3 Getting started help
12:42PM 1 regression with error in predictor
12:29PM 4 How to join path with arguments
12:15PM 2 qplot
12:10PM 1 plotDensity
12:06PM 1 good references on "survival analysis"
11:33AM 2 change NA values
11:24AM 1 repeated measures ANOVA using a cov matrix
11:22AM 0 agglomerative algorithm
10:58AM 1 Change the color and lines of the legend using bwplot
10:29AM 1 Calculating Distance Metrics using Euclidean
9:45AM 2 Confidence Interval for SMR
7:44AM 1 R-problem
6:03AM 1 rJava and matrices
3:05AM 1 Matrix inversion
Monday February 18 2008
11:31PM 1 index range
11:23PM 2 Huge number
8:27PM 0 Huge RDCOM.err file with Bloomberg download
8:16PM 4 Compare mean survival time
7:42PM 3 remove column names from a data frame
6:45PM 2 skip non-converging nls() in a list
6:29PM 2 paste("Mus., 10 ", expression(mu)," g", sep="")
6:29PM 2 progress bar
6:13PM 1 View body of externally compiled functions
5:48PM 2 predicting memory usage
5:39PM 0 "Error in package manager"
5:32PM 0 Number of digits of a value for problem 7.31 RFAQ SOLVED not really
4:03PM 4 newbie (me) needs to model distribution as two overlapping gaussians
3:59PM 2 how to plot image() without painting a map (the background)
3:39PM 2 How to change the axis labels of a wind rose plot?
3:16PM 3 tabulation on dataframe question
2:51PM 2 R graphics question: "binary" bar chart
2:22PM 3 mean and variance of ratio
2:08PM 0 repeated measures ANOVA using a covariance matrix
1:24PM 3 CRAN Taskviews returns 404
12:56PM 2 working with weekdays
12:25PM 0 Solved (??) Behaviour of integrate (was 'Poisson-lognormal probab ility calculations')
12:22PM 0 Fw: r package
12:17PM 2 Number of digits of a value for problem 7.31 RFAQ
12:14PM 2 Windows-GUI: "Install Packages from local zip files" and dependencies
12:02PM 1 can we include nonparametric component for survival regression?
11:10AM 1 Help wit barplot
10:15AM 0 Location of boxplots in bwplot
9:53AM 1 Plotting a legend outside the figure - units
9:53AM 2 question on function arguments
9:17AM 2 library(convert)
8:08AM 2 Hazard model with long-term survivor (cure model)
6:50AM 1 fitted.values from zeroinfl (pscl package)
2:17AM 2 Custom Plot - means, SD & 5th-95th% (Plotmeans or Boxplot)?
Sunday February 17 2008
10:38PM 0 difference between lme and lmer in df calculation
9:56PM 1 extracting elements by using logical values
9:55PM 0 ASA Southern California Chapter Applied Statistics Workshop
8:45PM 1 How to make a vector/list/array of POSIXlt object?
8:11PM 0 How to create an array/list/vector of POSIXlt objects?
7:49PM 1 ggplot2: bug in geom_ribbon + log scale!?
4:36PM 1 random location in polygons sp spsample splancs csr
4:17PM 1 Set length of axes in lattice
4:07PM 0 Set length of axes in lattice's xyplot?
3:52PM 2 Specify Path of an Excel file in R
1:15PM 1 Error massage in attaching package 'rgl'
9:51AM 0 R Package Implementing Kohavi's Wrapper Method for Subset
12:33AM 2 filled.contour with log axis
Saturday February 16 2008
10:25PM 2 Possible overfitting of a GAM
9:51PM 1 How to use a reserved word in italics in an expression
8:53PM 1 Evaluate function on a grid
7:54PM 3 Producing graphs and console output in postscript format
4:43PM 4 Weird SEs with effect()
3:20PM 2 Adding elements to existing lists
3:11PM 1 plotEst
12:42PM 1 ggplot2 & ribbon
11:14AM 3 how to specify the location of tick mark on x axies
9:25AM 2 R on a computer cluster
12:32AM 0 copying Quartz graphics windows on MAC
12:21AM 0 Normality Testing
Friday February 15 2008
11:53PM 1 Re storing a UPDATES on a data.frame
10:51PM 2 Quadratic Programming
9:03PM 0 Data Mining Competition 2008
8:21PM 1 ggplot2 used in a function - variable scope/environment
7:53PM 7 History of R
7:39PM 2 wire.frame tick labels from matrix
7:25PM 2 How to estimate weekly Variance
7:24PM 1 predict.lm with matrix as newdata
7:14PM 1 Conditional Autoregressive (CAR) model simulation
6:45PM 1 Clustering with ordinal data
5:41PM 3 Error 'singular gradient' in nonlinear model fitting
4:49PM 0 Error in my R program
4:47PM 0 Behaviour of integrate (was 'Poisson-lognormal probability calcul ations')
4:10PM 5 Extract from matrix
4:00PM 2 lmList, tapply() and lm()
3:59PM 0 Transfer Crosstable to Word-Document (2. attempt)
3:42PM 1 OT: installing the XML package - xmlOutputBufferCreateBuffer problem
3:30PM 12 Transfer Crosstable to Word-Document
2:54PM 1 function similar to str_replace() in php.
2:25PM 1 anyone know how to plot histograma and line in the same graph
2:18PM 3 lineplot.CI problem
2:13PM 2 Softmax in nnet
1:55PM 2 lmer in package of lme4
1:29PM 2 No response for help
1:18PM 0 Error with stop()
1:13PM 1 help on loop function
12:43PM 0 R help
12:30PM 2 Controling width of boxes in boxplots
11:16AM 0 Poisson-lognormal probability calculations
10:19AM 1 Help, Statistics Question. Testing for equality of frequncies of an event
10:06AM 1 question about calling winbugs in R
9:32AM 1 Latent class analysis
9:08AM 2 storing ggplot objects as components of a vector
8:49AM 1 problem with heatmap.2
8:33AM 1 How to estimate the parameters of differential equations from data
8:31AM 0 Wavelets density estimation
8:02AM 0 Error RODBC: Random termination of R
6:33AM 0 tests of lognormal distribution
6:23AM 0 tests of lognormal distribution in R
4:53AM 2 Remove rows with NA across all columns
4:49AM 2 help on using try() to catch an error
1:53AM 2 For Subset or Reshaping the Table
1:22AM 0 Quantile Regression R squared
1:12AM 1 Questions about EM algorithm
12:55AM 1 How to plot fitted values from lmer (lme4 package)?
12:50AM 3 LMER
Thursday February 14 2008
11:42PM 2 Retrieving data frames from a for loop
11:23PM 0 forestplot() with large number of confidence intervals
9:23PM 1 finding source for a function
9:08PM 0 Using Conditional AIC with lmer
8:59PM 3 setting color ranges
8:50PM 1 deleting certain observations in a data frame
8:47PM 0 Replacing columns in a data frame using a previous condition (SOLVED)
8:22PM 2 Replacing columns in a data frame using a previous condition
8:05PM 1 Advice on analyzing a mixed effects survival model?
6:57PM 1 Replacing a character string when finding substring match
6:25PM 1 configure fails on new Redhat Enterprise System
5:54PM 2 lm, coefficient 'not defined because of singularities'? What does this mean?
5:53PM 1 ks.test help
5:12PM 2 Problems with Rcmdr unter JGR (Windows XP)
5:02PM 1 plot matrix
4:36PM 1 Cholmod error `matrix not positive definite'
4:21PM 0 passing R array to Fortran subroutine
3:59PM 1 write output in a custom format
2:57PM 0 RFC for package PopCon: a popularity contest for R and packages
2:55PM 4 plot each column of a matrix or dataframe versus x in a single plot
2:47PM 5 Levene's test for homogeneity of variances (befor using ANOVA)
2:35PM 5 data manipulation for plotting
2:33PM 0 User defined split function in Rpart
2:22PM 3 Transposing by a group variable
1:52PM 1 Analysis with spatstat and Kcross() requires to much memory
1:50PM 4 Kaplan Meier function
1:23PM 2 Question: about loading a new package
12:59PM 5 Removing columns that are all NA from a matrix
12:59PM 0 Random termination of R with RODBC and PostgreSQL 8.2.6
12:57PM 1 How to check cy5 and cy3 values were lowess normalized
11:08AM 1 Any mountain clustering method in R?
10:51AM 2 Does the t.test in R uses Welch procedure or ordinary student t-test?
10:31AM 3 contingency table
10:14AM 1 {lattice/grid} "Error using packet 1" and traceback
8:03AM 2 R equivalent of linux "cut", "paste", and "grep" ?
6:07AM 1 Installation of R on UNIX - Sparc Solaris v8 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
5:44AM 0 need help
5:19AM 3 non-interactive connection to SQL Server
4:31AM 1 Package for Multiple Additive Regression Trees
2:14AM 1 Principal component analysis PCA
1:28AM 0 Bayesian function in R
12:39AM 0 help in simplyfiying programme
Wednesday February 13 2008
11:52PM 2 apply on large arrays
10:17PM 6 Creating a data.frame
10:05PM 1 lmer: Estimated variance-covariance is singular, false convergence
9:13PM 1 Error in model.frame.default: invalid type (list) for variable ...
9:04PM 0 do.call() browser() hang with large data.frame
8:41PM 1 use of poly()
7:07PM 2 How to handle Which on two matrices that do not have same number of rows
6:58PM 3 Generalized nonlinear mixed model function?
6:43PM 1 Does goodfit() require frequency count of the numbers or numbers themselves?
6:26PM 1 Survival (KM/Cox) plots with lattice?
4:57PM 1 model construction
4:25PM 4 rolling sum (like in Rmetrics package)
4:11PM 1 Modelling disease spread
3:53PM 2 Newbie HLM with lme4 questions
2:21PM 4 writing a simple function
1:06PM 4 dimnames
10:54AM 1 Is there a simple way to use one-way ANOVA comparing the means of groups?
10:02AM 0 Intro to R :: London :: 06-07/03/2008 (Reminder)
9:52AM 1 Package for sample size calculation
9:04AM 1 survey package: proportion estimate confidence intervals using svymean
8:27AM 0 FinTS_0.2-7
7:52AM 1 R CMD SHLIB help
4:52AM 1 stumped by eval
3:04AM 1 compiling 2.6.2 using icc
2:40AM 3 indices of rows containing one or more elements >0
12:55AM 5 passing username and password to source()
12:39AM 0 FW: AIC Quantile Regression
Tuesday February 12 2008
10:40PM 2 how to specify modes of certain fields in read.table
8:45PM 1 conflict within packages
7:53PM 1 Markov and Hidden Markov models
6:40PM 0 [Fwd: Re: controlling the edge linewidth in Rgraphviz]
6:39PM 1 gWidgets process management
5:45PM 3 matching last argument in function
5:21PM 3 help with bwplot
5:19PM 3 Reorder data frame columns by negating list of names
5:17PM 1 Finding LD50 from an interaction Generalised Linear model
4:57PM 4 summary statistics
4:13PM 1 Random Effects
4:12PM 3 merging more than 2 data frames
3:39PM 2 shaded area graph and extra plot
3:19PM 3 filter data from data frame
2:59PM 2 re cognizing patterns
2:36PM 3 How many R packages?
2:30PM 3 regular expression for na.strings / read.table
1:54PM 4 How to run one-way anova R?
1:35PM 2 Formulae for R functions
1:35PM 2 Cox model
12:47PM 3 reverse vector elements
11:09AM 0 K-S and X2 statistical tests-question
11:05AM 3 problems plotting geom_line on ggplot2
10:45AM 0 Import and plotting question for geographical data
10:44AM 6 Matching Problem
10:36AM 3 sort a data frame according to roman characters
9:41AM 0 Error message svIO library with latex option
8:23AM 3 fun.aggregate=mean in reshape
8:09AM 1 How to make t.test handle "NA" and "essentially constant values" ?
7:38AM 0 JGR for Linux/SuSE
6:34AM 0 local variance estimation using gam or locfit
5:43AM 0 svm: is this right?
3:29AM 0 nlme & special case of corARMA?
3:23AM 0 How to fit discrete distribution to data in R having non standard shape?
2:56AM 1 controlling the edge linewidth in Rgraphviz
Monday February 11 2008
11:09PM 0 Hastie - Tibshirani - Friedman pg 141 & nnet question
10:44PM 0 Memory allocation problem with large dataset
10:30PM 1 Histogram in Lattice with 3 factors
9:23PM 0 Release 3.2.0 of randomSurvivalForest is now availablle
8:30PM 1 WG: Tinn-R not working well with latest R
6:51PM 6 Tinn-R not working well with latest R
6:41PM 2 gcc 4.3 any known issues?
6:09PM 2 Viable Approach to Parallel R?
6:03PM 1 Logistic regression with repeated measures
5:31PM 1 barplot or maybe related?
4:34PM 1 mistake during subscription
4:30PM 2 how to generate a column based on other columns in a data frame
4:01PM 3 Difference between P.Value and adj.P.Value
3:43PM 0 ROracle for windows
3:35PM 1 overdispersion + GAM
3:25PM 5 Length problem
2:54PM 1 Gini index of frequencies in a data frame
2:31PM 0 Lower Confidence Bound
1:45PM 0 Power law, lognormal end exponenntial statistical testing in one sample population
1:16PM 0 Any one is porting or has ported prtools (http://www.prtools.org/) to R ?
12:26PM 0 Testing for differecnes between groups, need help to find the right test in R. (Kes Knave)
12:22PM 1 scatterplot in CAR
11:57AM 0 PDF with computationally expensive normalizing constant
10:52AM 2 RGTK2 and glade on Windows - GUI newbie
10:47AM 4 R programming style
10:22AM 4 Conditional rows
10:18AM 2 image quality
9:14AM 1 The function predict
9:08AM 1 Dendrogram for agglomerative hierarchical clustering result
7:48AM 1 Help with write.csv
7:31AM 1 tree() producing NA's
3:40AM 8 Using R in a university course: dealing with proposal comments
1:14AM 2 Questions about histograms
12:37AM 0 j and jcross queries
Sunday February 10 2008
9:58PM 2 reshape
7:49PM 2 [OT] good reference for mixed models and EM algorithm
7:38PM 11 data frame question
7:14PM 2 grep etc.
6:30PM 0 [R-sig-Geo] Comparing spatial point patterns - Syrjala test
6:25PM 1 prcomp vs. princomp vs fast.prcomp
6:07PM 3 building packages for Linux vs. Windows
4:28PM 1 Error while using fitdistr() function or goodfit() function
1:40PM 2 Do I need to use dropterm()??
1:19PM 1 Using 'sapply' and 'by' in one function
12:37PM 0 Testing for differecnes between groups, need help to find the right test in R.
6:38AM 0 PCA + Hotelling's T^2
6:16AM 1 Error in optim while using fitdistr() function for estimation of parameters
5:58AM 2 Error in optim while using fitdistr() function
2:16AM 1 Which package should I use if I estimate a recursive model?
1:29AM 3 R on Mac PRO does anyone have experience with R on such a platform ?
Saturday February 9 2008
11:07PM 1 error in the function
9:41PM 2 md5 hash is wrong for 2.6.2 (Windows)
9:06PM 1 \ll and \gg in expression()
9:04PM 1 Comparing spatial point patterns - Syrjala test
4:22PM 1 R is not reading(?) my data properly
4:20PM 2 Reading data from a dataframe
3:15PM 1 scatterplot3d to display text
10:54AM 1 waning msg when R is launched
9:26AM 1 Problem with fitdistr function
4:08AM 4 Question
4:01AM 2 shortest distance between two point pattern
12:28AM 2 Vector Size
Friday February 8 2008
10:54PM 0 Correction: Short Course: Statistical Learning and Data Mining
10:32PM 2 question_encoding
10:05PM 2 R version of SAS Proc Varclus
9:59PM 2 When I cbind the POSIXct gets lost
9:07PM 0 Using cv.tree to assign cases to specific cv-groups
9:00PM 1 Newbie on plotting
8:49PM 3 Loading Data to R
8:36PM 4 how to extract characters from a character string
8:32PM 1 FW: merge multiple csv files
8:17PM 1 Can I index a dataframe with a reference from/to a second dataframe?
8:13PM 4 Subsetting a data.frame degenerates at one column?
8:07PM 1 putting mean and sd on a histogram
7:53PM 1 Point pattern - Surface pattern statistical link
7:40PM 1 R ver 2.0.1 NA in Probability Vector Error Messages
7:32PM 1 remove the missing value,NA
6:42PM 0 Short Course: Statistical Learning and Data Mining
5:06PM 1 convertin a data frame column from character to numeric
5:05PM 0 Cumulative multinomial regression using VGAM
4:52PM 2 Error propagation
4:46PM 2 Applying lm to data with combn
4:35PM 0 User specified correlation structure (e.g., 2-banded Toeplitz)
4:14PM 2 correlation
3:42PM 6 writing a function
3:39PM 0 User-specified correlation structure (e.g., 2-banded Toeplitz)
3:36PM 2 xyplot and lsegments
3:30PM 2 learning S4
3:08PM 2 Catching NaNs from pweibull()
2:15PM 1 reshape question
11:48AM 0 Updating US county map in maps package
11:18AM 0 R 2.6.2 is released
11:17AM 2 cloud + legend
9:01AM 1 Checking for linearity by ploting residuals against predicted values (lme)?
1:49AM 0 scaling and optim
1:23AM 1 If else in R code
Thursday February 7 2008
11:47PM 0 Grid computing
11:08PM 1 problem with help.search
10:56PM 1 Don't understand removing constant on 1-way ANOVA
10:11PM 2 Tobit model
9:59PM 1 Greek letters in legend without a space
9:43PM 1 ANOVA and lmer
9:42PM 2 a kinder view of Type III SS
8:35PM 0 Extending curve() function; 2D function plot with arguments
8:25PM 0 R GUI installation on Linux/SuSE 10.3
7:03PM 5 Row percentages for a table object
6:53PM 0 independence of censoring in survival analyses
6:32PM 1 how to randomly generate a n by n positive definite matrix in R ?
5:34PM 3 how to calculate chisq value in R
5:04PM 0 Kruskal-Wallis with binary data
4:51PM 0 time-dependent ROC package
4:47PM 1 Voronoi
4:40PM 1 Help with package reshape, wide to long
4:18PM 5 "revision control software" for managing R-code?
3:59PM 1 How do you refer to the row above in a data frame ?
3:38PM 0 Res: time series plot
3:33PM 0 Thanks
3:06PM 1 User-defined Kernels
2:42PM 1 .fortran code
1:11PM 1 Problems reshaping data with cast()
12:47PM 0 Help w/ density() usage
12:18PM 1 Res: GLM coefficients
12:13PM 2 Subset results of tapply
11:39AM 1 Calculate the difference between dates
11:22AM 1 howto examine axis intercepts of hysteresis curve?
10:57AM 1 Bode plots in ggplot2
10:56AM 2 How to calculate normality of the residuals from a test in R?
10:48AM 3 Empty data frame
10:32AM 4 Measurement units inside a data frame
10:10AM 1 Appell Hypergeometric function
9:43AM 1 consolidate legends in ggplot2
8:08AM 1 2.6.2 RC
7:04AM 2 where do I find stochastic volatilities models in R or Matlab?
6:57AM 1 how to connect S-Plus to Matlab?
6:44AM 1 How to split a factor (unique identifier) into several others?
5:43AM 0 PCA + x-validation
1:35AM 1 Res: gc() and memory efficiency
12:52AM 2 matrix loop
Wednesday February 6 2008
11:41PM 1 time series plot
10:51PM 2 "Inverting" a list
8:01PM 0 lme predicted value confidence intervals
7:50PM 1 filling data into objects
7:34PM 0 RSF
6:05PM 1 box.Cox.powers() warning
5:43PM 0 kruskal's MONANOVA algorithm
5:09PM 0 adding original axis for x and y to a plot
4:58PM 1 ci.pd() (Epi) and Newcombe method
4:13PM 1 Discriminant function analysis
4:05PM 1 Regression with time-dependent coefficients
4:01PM 0 Running R non-interactively
3:25PM 2 3d scatterplot with error bars
3:07PM 1 scatterplot3d + box lines
3:06PM 2 GLM coefficients
2:22PM 1 wilderSum
2:14PM 1 axis help
2:08PM 3 counting row repetitions without loop
12:49PM 2 kinship package: drawing pedigree error
11:11AM 2 Multivariate Maximum Likelihood Estimation
10:19AM 1 Histogram/Bar plot graph
4:28AM 1 Nested ANOVA models in R
4:22AM 4 inserting text lines in a dat frame
3:40AM 1 Mixed models quantile regression
1:43AM 1 error message from apply()
12:38AM 1 Levelplot of percentages always using 0 to 100 in the color scheme
12:35AM 1 3D correlation
12:06AM 1 how to plot an user-defined function
Tuesday February 5 2008
10:33PM 1 R-Commander - pie charts menu blinded out
10:29PM 2 maps and lattice
10:26PM 0 xYplot, error bars, log scale
9:16PM 1 K Means Clustering Weighted by Frequency
7:37PM 1 Extracting level-1 variance from lmer()
7:05PM 0 scatter plot with point colors from kernel density
6:52PM 6 Sampling
6:48PM 2 How to form a simple R package
5:00PM 2 Maximum number of variables allowed in a multiple linear regression model
4:37PM 1 Inconsistent lattice scales$x$at,label behaviour for POSIXct
4:23PM 0 Uninformative error msgs w/ svm.default - Error in svm.default ... y must be a vector or a factor -
4:20PM 2 immediate print
4:12PM 2 Incomplete ouput with sink and split=TRUE
4:10PM 0 Res: How to set working directory to a fixed map?
3:49PM 2 modifying arrays within functions
3:47PM 1 extracting rows from dataframe that match a vector
3:37PM 2 How to search for packages - wrap up!
2:55PM 6 how to suppress some tk dialogs
2:47PM 1 Vector loop
2:17PM 1 advice requested re: building "good" system (R, SQL db) for handling large datasets
1:33PM 0 Basic questions about lme()
1:21PM 2 help with oop in R - class structure and syntex
1:10PM 0 loops
12:26PM 1 How to set working directory to a fixed map?
11:29AM 1 Compile Rd file
10:24AM 0 [Fwd: Problems when checking a package]
10:20AM 0 Problems when checking a package
9:50AM 2 dynamically add items to key of lattice xyplot
9:01AM 2 How to generate table output of t-test
8:22AM 2 two densities with same stepsize
7:21AM 0 Warnings from apply "longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length"
1:45AM 2 gc() and memory efficiency
1:13AM 2 using image to show RGB image data ?
12:45AM 3 C-index
Monday February 4 2008
11:34PM 1 extracting AIC scores from lmer and other objects
8:31PM 0 Licensing question
8:28PM 1 Output mean/median survival time from survfit
7:33PM 1 counting identical data in a column
7:07PM 0 identifying lines that cross polygons.
6:23PM 1 spilting time series
5:42PM 1 Choosing hardware
5:32PM 0 Package blockrand version 1.1 on CRAN
4:40PM 1 Concatenation and Evaluation
4:40PM 0 Multiple comparisons and letter assignments
3:58PM 0 How to make reference to R in the method section in a scientific article? (fwd)
3:41PM 7 adding the mean and standard deviation to boxplots
3:39PM 1 Processing dates and generating sequences of dates
3:00PM 0 free float of swiss shares (streubesitzanteil)
2:55PM 0 weighted ARIMA
2:34PM 5 How to search for packages
1:59PM 2 make dataframe from table
12:53PM 2 precision in seq
11:49AM 0 SOLVED: use classificators learned in R in "real-life", e.g. C
11:40AM 3 How to make reference to R in the method section in a scientific article?
9:20AM 1 Association Measures
8:58AM 1 setting up directorie and packages at the startup
7:21AM 3 counts of each column that are not NA, and/or greater than column means
6:12AM 0 Likelihood ratio test for competing risks regression
4:28AM 1 how to get points from SpatialPolygonsDataFrame
Sunday February 3 2008
10:42PM 1 R class accessor problem in 2.6
8:29PM 3 Drawing a loess line
7:16PM 2 use classificators learned in R in "real-life", e.g. C
6:55PM 1 distances between points in R^3
4:30PM 1 Chrooted R + Rserve
3:11PM 2 (Small) problem with barchart
3:09PM 1 Effect size of comparison of two levels of a factor in multiple linear regression
2:46PM 0 Sample code for interfacing with F90
12:53PM 0 polygon spanning tree
11:17AM 1 How to create following chart for visualizing multivariate time series
5:40AM 0 Call for papers for CMG'08
Saturday February 2 2008
9:16PM 1 Help with loops and how R stores data
5:43PM 2 transforming one column into 2 columns
5:40PM 1 New version 2.6.1- the menu is written in german
5:02PM 1 [OT?] Question on bootstrapping
3:19PM 0 Looking for volunteer moderators for R-help
12:59PM 1 Meaning of Error Message from decompose
12:43PM 2 Ignore error t.test in a loop
12:21PM 2 Question in R
4:05AM 2 (no subject)
3:42AM 1 ARCH LM test for univariant time series
3:06AM 9 best text editor for Linux?
2:30AM 2 Confidence Interval
12:06AM 1 Plotting 3 vectors on one graph.
Friday February 1 2008
11:19PM 1 calculation fraction/ratio
9:03PM 2 overlapping intervals
7:55PM 3 Phase Shift
6:58PM 2 the "union" of several data frame rows
6:14PM 1 replace Null with NA
6:04PM 1 as.numeric rounds up
5:07PM 0 dynamic SQL query in RMySQL
2:52PM 1 using VSS
2:49PM 0 Off-topic - FORM/SORM
2:33PM 2 multiple functions with three dots
2:27PM 0 Log rank test power
1:54PM 2 Bug with curve?
1:30PM 2 Is it possible with two random effects in lme()?
12:11PM 1 Mixed models
11:54AM 1 problem getting multiple densityplots on one page
11:00AM 1 Manipulating the "..." args.
10:47AM 4 Concatenate a Variable
9:05AM 6 Accessing the elements of a list
7:16AM 1 Cannot save histogram picture when run from script
6:24AM 2 Saving a big table or matrix
4:28AM 3 Converting a character string into an object variable
3:03AM 2 re placing values in a matrix
1:59AM 2 Reformatting data into data frame and plotting it in ggplot2
1:56AM 1 package could not be loaded
12:17AM 1 display pictures