wine users - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
9:36PM 1 wine exit Broken Sword
7:24PM 0 3.1.21 tested with SimCity 4 Rush Hour (Deluxe)
3:39PM 1 Issue with opening NoX thanks to OpenGL. (on a VPS)
1:52PM 2 Winetricks wininet
12:58PM 3 Witcher 2 - DRM removal
9:28AM 5 Is it possible to port (part of) WINE to iOS?
7:24AM 0 Problem with Call if Duty 4, 5, 6, 7
1:17AM 2 Input slowdown with Mass Effect in git
Monday May 30 2011
8:11PM 0 Gaussview 5
6:08PM 2 NeedForSpeed shift2
2:17PM 1 JSON feed for AppDB
11:07AM 0 Auto-boot single Windows App
9:00AM 13 Cmd error
5:32AM 1 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
4:15AM 1 Page fault and then a hang. Any ideas?
1:27AM 0 Re: snow leopard, freetype installed but not being found?
Sunday May 29 2011
6:29PM 6 Counter Strike 1.6 no stream - fixme:ole:OleLoadPictureEx
5:05PM 0 Wine Stoppers
2:46PM 1 Forsaken World
11:14AM 4 setup_exception_record stack overflow
8:56AM 1 Installing Orcad
8:53AM 3 Re: error while installing orcad
6:45AM 1 oblivion - & black face of hero
2:42AM 3 After compiling Wine which files can I delete safely?
Saturday May 28 2011
5:55PM 1 How to compile and install Entropia Universe on ubuntu .
10:17AM 1 SystemCheck doesn't send data
5:06AM 3 Ubuntu: World of Warcraft 3.3.5a OpenGL and Intel GMA issue
Friday May 27 2011
9:32PM 1 Problem with running mspaint.exe in wine
1:23PM 2 if you don't give yourself annoyance, others also can never
1:23PM 2 is not so much to others make you pain, than say of yourself
12:11PM 0 Is it me or is it Oneiric
11:39AM 2 [OS X] How to link with OS X XCode project?
6:10AM 0 Car Collector Chronicles
5:02AM 0 ProgeCAD 2010 Pro Layer control drop down trouble
12:04AM 0 Possible new bug KDE LOCK Freeze hang
Thursday May 26 2011
9:12PM 1 Communicating with a USB device
9:03PM 3 Ventrilo 2.1.4 under wine - push to talk.
8:10PM 4 Steam crashes upon launching (Mint Katya)
4:16PM 6 Running a wine app from a control panel.
2:35PM 0 Re: running manycam under wine?
1:16PM 4 Sibelius 6 does not work -user32.dll is not allowed to write
12:37PM 1 How to resolve conflicts between Cocoa and WineLib...?!
7:41AM 0 New Updated Ripper for DVD’s Released
5:58AM 2 How to kill a running wine application
3:29AM 1 Using BYOND in Wine
3:13AM 0 sport foundation for sport fans
3:11AM 0 It Might Change Some People-jingmei0526
2:05AM 7 Starcraft 2 slow on GTX 460?
Wednesday May 25 2011
10:43PM 1 Cannot copy in Wine
10:02PM 0 EVE Online random crashes
9:09PM 0 pgp security
4:04PM 2 Post reporting
1:53PM 1 Re: linking notepad++ to stata under Wine (taijimaomao)
9:02AM 7 Total Annihilation crashes on startup
4:13AM 2 Include X11 on Mac
3:38AM 0 Re:linking notepad++ to stata under Wine (taijimaomao)
2:09AM 0 How to convert video with high quality of sound and image
Tuesday May 24 2011
11:27PM 1 Not opening .exe
8:14PM 0 linking notepad++ to stata under Wine
7:27PM 2 Ntdll hang when starting a new game in Mass Effect
6:07PM 3 Unable to access wine main interface
3:48PM 4 Wineboot
2:40PM 2 Fonts Anti Alias Problem
1:54PM 1 Wine in virtual desktop for a specific program only
10:32AM 2 updated FSX broken?
8:15AM 0 How to Rip DVD to iPad/iPod/iTunes/Computer...
7:29AM 0 Re: Help with a program to use ?
6:31AM 0 Installing KCVD with Wine; scrrun.dll issue (Mac OS 10.5.8)
6:06AM 7 Weird problem with WINE
5:25AM 0 ProgeCAD Layer drop down menu opening up off screen
5:11AM 6 ProgeCAD PDF2DXF: CommonProjects.vbi" failed with error 32
Monday May 23 2011
11:17PM 2 I'd like to voice my concerns about The Sims 2
9:35PM 1 Regedit + Applications = Options
8:08PM 1 App Right Fax with wine 1.3.20
5:10PM 3 Old win 95/98 games crashes on ending them
4:56PM 1 MLDownloader 7.1 fails to download data from yahoo
10:45AM 6 windows live compatibility
8:50AM 3 Installing Windows applications in Wine
5:39AM 1 Silent Hill Homecoming
5:35AM 2 How to contact a lead Wine developer?
Sunday May 22 2011
11:46PM 1 Having troubles with Stars!
8:14PM 0 weird openGL error
6:02PM 2 File locking (smb mount)
4:29PM 1 Re: Help with a program to use ?
2:51PM 1 Trying to install Autotel
1:13PM 4 Re: Carrara 6 on WINE 0.9.59, Ubuntu Hardy 8.04, Gnome 2.22.1...
8:47AM 2 Having Wine In A Different Directory?
Saturday May 21 2011
9:14PM 1 Problem with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings + Ubisoft
6:50PM 1 RSASecurIDToken - returned 1603
3:24PM 5 Wine development (program lenguage)
12:44PM 2 Monitor flickering with some wine apps
12:01PM 2 Problems with starting World of Warcraft under Ubuntu 10.04
2:29AM 0 How to install farcry2 + v1.03 patch
Friday May 20 2011
9:50PM 1 Steam Client : get terminal output from games
6:59PM 7 Error when installing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
3:25PM 6 ProgeCAD windows C++ Library run time error
2:06PM 6 how to install pes 2011
1:46PM 0 Mac/Wine: Keyboard Input
11:50AM 1 Newbie: How do I make Fiesta run faster?
11:34AM 0 Re: Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2
10:43AM 1 Tahoma Font License
6:22AM 1 How to crack drm video, rip dvd, burn dvd and backup ipod to
3:19AM 12 MS Paint with wine?
Thursday May 19 2011
11:48PM 0 Re: broken controls in "Captain Claw" game
9:47PM 1 Setup doesn't start (.Net Framework 2.0 software piece)
7:37PM 1 No newline in wine printf with multibyte string
7:11PM 1 Game Ragnarok
6:53PM 0 using wine'd app w/ add-on card (pci)
6:02PM 3 [Steam Game] Killing floor running slowly
5:24PM 1 Possible test-cases with code and backtrace capabiliets
4:08PM 3 Nintendo DS emulator randomly crashing
1:50PM 1 Unsubscribing
12:47PM 1 Can't install Microsoft Data Access Components
12:13PM 10 Not able to Run .exe file returning error
11:24AM 1 Deus Ex 1 : troubleshooting with latest WINE Git
10:42AM 4 Kernel modules: nvidia, nvidia-173, nvidia-current, nouveau
9:21AM 0 DO you know, HP revenue outlook dims as PC sales drop 20%?
9:20AM 0 how about HP's iPad-killer slate PC
9:20AM 0 Lenovo-IdeaPad-S10-3S
9:19AM 0 Hands-on: HP Mini 110
6:55AM 2 dwshk32.ocx
5:43AM 1 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
3:33AM 0 Compiling Wine64 in Debian Testing?
2:57AM 1 HP Mini 1010NR
2:52AM 1 Acer Aspire One 532h Review
2:37AM 0 2 Days Beijing Will Tour Beijing Tour Cope Beijing
Wednesday May 18 2011
10:14PM 4 Bug with 3D display
8:40PM 5 Help needed troubleshooting page fault in wine
7:18PM 1 [1.3.20] Mouse stuttering issue in World of Warcraft
4:53PM 8 Problem with The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
4:50PM 0 Re: Newer Wine Fails to draw Bitmap Graphics (Regression)
3:16PM 6 windows native dlls
7:55AM 2 Ubuntu repo versus WINE
5:52AM 2 civilization 4 white graphics
3:34AM 0 EVE crashing intermittently, not sure what to try
2:16AM 1 Unable to install ie6
1:06AM 1 Steam Crashes during game installations
Tuesday May 17 2011
11:47PM 2 Running Wine on Xoom Tablet Question
11:03PM 3 [1.3.20]-Capture The Mouse Works Great. Suggestion...
7:22PM 1 Traktor Pro v1.2.4 PROBLEM ?
5:14PM 3 Youtube problem etc
12:35PM 1 MS Office Word - small fonts are aliased
11:51AM 1 How to help WINE?
7:19AM 4 what do the letters "HQ" stand for? :D
7:01AM 3 Error when launching Windows app
6:40AM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
3:54AM 0 Help Plzz
3:45AM 1 Re: cannot update or uninstall evernote 4 under wine
1:55AM 2 Problem connecting to CD player
Monday May 16 2011
9:16PM 5 Magic Workstation - Snow Leopard
7:30PM 1 Wine+Rift=me confused
6:43PM 1 Dramatic performance increase in Wine 1.3.20!
3:09PM 2 Wine 1.3.19 and dotnet 1, 2 and 3
2:25PM 0 Re: [1.3.20]-Option to clip the mouse inside fullscreen windows.
2:13PM 1 Trying to run Genericode 10 on Ubuntu 11.4 with Wine 1.2.2
2:05PM 0 Re: Mysterious "L" Before Directories in WINE Text Out
12:41PM 0 An Invitation to Neuroscientists and Physicists: Singapore Citizen Mr. Teo En Ming (Zhang Enming) Reports First Hand Account of Mind Intrusion and Mind Reading
12:08PM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
9:06AM 3 Bully works on mac?!
6:45AM 0 Mysterious "L" Before Directories in WINE Text Outputs
2:29AM 2 SA-MP player moving to the right.
1:35AM 4 Winetricks list comes up blank OSX Snow Leopard
12:38AM 1 When Will Wine 1.3.20 For Ubuntu Release?
Sunday May 15 2011
11:21PM 2 Wine install problem?
11:00PM 0 Borderlands GOTY seh:setup_exception_record error
10:08PM 1 exec()'ing Linux applications from Wine
8:11PM 2 Questions about Wine
4:59PM 1 Questions about compiling wine from Git
4:54PM 1 Re: Battlefield Play4Free
8:13AM 10 Bad performance in games
4:31AM 3 Mouse changes
3:26AM 1 Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword crash
2:52AM 2 Re: Battlefield Play4Free
Saturday May 14 2011
11:14PM 4 Pepakura 3.0.3a on OSX
9:13PM 3 Problems building wine 1.3.20 on Mac os x 10.6.7
7:49PM 4 Crysis first level load crash.
7:39PM 7 Toribash 3.91
5:47PM 2 wine 1.2.3 compile error ...
4:44PM 36 LiveZilla
3:35PM 0 Starcraft 2 Startup Time
2:16PM 4 Libnss-mdns problem
12:32PM 3 Ubuntu Natty / WINE / iTunes, uninstall
11:36AM 1 [1.3.20]-Option to clip the mouse inside fullscreen windows. ???
9:13AM 2 Wine 1.2.x & eve online
6:10AM 3 Just installed wine...
1:46AM 4 Wine taking unacceptably long to start up (Fedora 14 x86_64)
Friday May 13 2011
7:40PM 1 Ace of Spades
4:23PM 4 Gaining performance by disabling functionality?
11:49AM 3 people are suffering, lies in the pursuit of what is wrong
10:29AM 1 Wow crach.. I use bumblebee to activate nvidia optimus
9:51AM 2 Unity 3d / Nova fps / Facebook games
7:45AM 4 linux and wine noob needs help with installing SketchUp
Thursday May 12 2011
10:34PM 2 Wizards Event Reporter
9:21PM 1 Watchtower Library 2010 not executed
8:49PM 1 Printing to pdf file (no cups-pdf)
8:01PM 2 MyScribe not working
7:13PM 3 Quick Question: How to run Winetricks?
12:20PM 5 Mouse movement only in some directions
11:46AM 3 AnimeStudioPro7 crashed with openSUSE 11.4
8:13AM 1 Clearwire mobile usb modem hack for ubuntu 11.04 64 bit ?
12:42AM 7 Problem with Stronghold Crusader
Wednesday May 11 2011
10:20PM 6 Unable to open executable with Program Loader since upgrade
9:08PM 2 No sound
12:05PM 5 works on live Knoppix, but not on Ubuntu / Kubuntu installs
11:22AM 1 Re: snow leopard, freetype installed but not being found?
9:42AM 1 Re: Horizontal scrolling on mac
8:46AM 3 Excel 2007 Data Source Connection problem
7:15AM 0 Re: Installing Enterprise Architect
6:46AM 1 Word freezes on startup
4:32AM 0 Running VB applications on Ubuntu with Wine
4:10AM 0 Can't log into SSL sites with Mac, Wine
1:53AM 6 How can i Install wine in SLED 11.. plzz help
Tuesday May 10 2011
11:50PM 3 Rift post 1.2 patch
11:10PM 0 Re: How i install wine in debian wheezy
10:18PM 5 Running TalonRO (A Ragnarok Online Private Server)
10:01PM 2 Audio Fixes Don't Work in My Wine 1.2.3
7:29PM 2 Problem with a program called winbox
4:17PM 1 Re: Logitech G11 keyboard and wine
10:47AM 3 Winetricks: IE7 stack overflow
6:21AM 1 Launcher issue
1:14AM 1 iTunes doesn't work after upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04
1:10AM 10 Onlive client, working, mouse issue
Monday May 9 2011
9:03PM 1 Child window error in Stone's summasummarum
8:43PM 1 Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x8b0cc48f...
3:24PM 1 Hey! GWLP_USERDATA is for the user, not for the OS !
2:19PM 5 64 bit application on 32 bit machine
12:56PM 3 Get CarbonPoker running?
2:59AM 1 Re: What antivirus program is the best for a computer?
2:57AM 57 Does wine support rts. program?
2:30AM 0 Are there any knacks...
2:23AM 0 how many years?
1:08AM 4 ACBSP.exe bug.
Sunday May 8 2011
9:03PM 5 Kareo please help
1:50PM 0 Re: mysql.exe ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'loc
12:18PM 0 mysql.exe ERROR 2005 (HY000): Unknown MySQL server host 'localhost' (10093)
11:08AM 3 [Regression Testing]Questions
7:09AM 21 Legend of mir
Saturday May 7 2011
9:00PM 1 Sins of a Solar Empire Drops sound
8:24PM 2 wine-1.3.19-x86_64 - needs /lib/
7:05PM 3 Corel X2, "strange error"
6:13PM 7 Mouse wheel does not work anymore
4:08PM 2 WineLib some questions...
10:27AM 2 Kiosk software from
6:12AM 2 MDAC problems after last Wine path
5:47AM 0 Re: iPad and WINE
3:04AM 5 CD start help.
Friday May 6 2011
8:52PM 1 Latest git fails to compile
7:10PM 7 Atlantica Online
5:56PM 0 MS Office 2007, memory issue
2:17PM 2 I need help running games on a mac
2:04PM 0 Problems with Use Case Maker
10:32AM 0 Attempting to Install Translation Patches
9:01AM 5 WoW Launcher.exe crashs
8:17AM 5 when i install using ./configure there something error
7:09AM 2 no connection point for {33ad4f92-6699-11cf-b70c-00aa0060d39
6:57AM 2 Problems running programming IDE
6:49AM 0 anyone give me PSQL or Pervasive SQL which compatible in win
5:46AM 1 Re: WINE Runtime Error - isskin.dll issue?!?
3:53AM 2 Which version works with NullDC 1.0.3?
3:17AM 0 anyone help ? when i run sales history in accpac nothing hap
2:59AM 4 Graphics Flickering Issue w/ Wine & ati Radeon HD 4870
Thursday May 5 2011
7:59PM 1 Corel Ventura 10 won't install.
12:51PM 1 Re: Is it a wine bug if sound in a particular app doesn't work p
12:26PM 0 Is it a wine bug if sound in a particular app doesn't work properly without emulated directsound
12:01PM 0 Summer Internship for Wine Business Students
11:21AM 0 Life lies in: as long as you do, losing and winning all very
Wednesday May 4 2011
9:40PM 4 The Big List of Steam Games on GNU/Linux, the wiki!
9:08PM 1 Re: No sound in HOMEFRONT
8:47PM 3 Dudes you have to help me
7:21PM 1 Re: What antivirus program is the best for a computer?
5:44PM 2 Further question on wine 1.3
4:14PM 0 Re: Call from 0x7bc4b7a0 to unimplemented function MSVCR80.dll ?
2:41PM 1 Re: Call from 0x7bc4b7a0 to unimplemented function MSVCR80.dll ?
10:26AM 6 Photoshop CS5 (Fedora 14 wine 1.3.18)
10:21AM 1 Re: N00b - Photoshop CS5 help (Ubuntu)
10:12AM 0 charger does not work?
10:11AM 0 Problems of Sony Vaio Internet ?
10:10AM 0 is it good?
1:20AM 3 I would like to get my shell in wine as cmd.exe... How?
Tuesday May 3 2011
9:52PM 2 Natural Motion Endorphin LE on Wine 1.2.2
8:18PM 1 Re: Call from 0x7bc4b7a0 to unimplemented function MSVCR80.dll ?
7:28PM 2 Game not starting up, getting a runtime error.
6:33PM 1 Switching to 16 bit colour ...
4:36PM 4 Wine and menus
12:24PM 0 How to enjoy DVD/Video on your iPad
10:52AM 12 36 FPS using ubuntu-classic desktop, drops to 4 FPS xubuntu
10:17AM 4 Can't see list of winetricks!
9:32AM 3 Error in wine registry
8:48AM 2 Switching to 16-bit colour depth (from 24) - is it possible?
4:46AM 0 How to backup iPod files to Macbook
2:11AM 2 Noob-Having trouble getting programs to run
Monday May 2 2011
10:29PM 1 Abeelabs Pagescript for clipper error "Unable to create file
9:35PM 2 Re: Caution when deleting .wine ...
6:45PM 5 Is there a difference ...?
1:15PM 1 No screen when using DVI and HDMI in World of Warcraft
9:07AM 0 Re: Childrens Game: Barbie Pegasus does not run
8:31AM 1 unsubscribe
8:16AM 2 Re: Caution when deleting .wine ...
4:01AM 1 Re: invalid ELF header
Sunday May 1 2011
10:31PM 3 Run Mac OSX programs on Windows
9:53PM 1 Re: [1.3.19] Better support for relative mouse events in DInput
7:35PM 1 Changing the windows file target properties?
5:04PM 1 Re: two worlds
4:12PM 1 Re: [1.3.19] Better support for relative mouse events in DInput
3:54PM 0 How to convert DVD to iPad 2 video
3:14PM 1 re
2:45PM 5 Napster nearly running!
1:26PM 3 Portal2 running very hard
11:11AM 8 LISA finite element in wine
6:43AM 1 dll errors on program dlls--works on same distro, machine
6:22AM 0 How to Rip DVDs and Convert Videos to iPad?
3:28AM 2 Is there a difference...? [question]
2:32AM 1 Frequent Starcraft II crashes.