wine users - Jun 2011

Thursday June 30 2011
11:43PM 4 Trying to learn Wine and command lines
10:16PM 0 Re: Screenshots - how to?
8:59PM 1 cannot activate Partsmart
6:58PM 1 Re: Is Wine64 usable yet?
6:56PM 4 Booting from a flash and need to install wine
5:08PM 2 Help, please!!! was: Documents and Settings
4:44PM 2 PureEdge 6.5 Completed
4:05PM 1 Wolfenstein 2009 strange error
12:34PM 0 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems
10:32AM 2 Re: Is Wine64 usable yet?
8:42AM 3 IE 8 is not running in Mac OS X intel base
7:13AM 1 Re: dot matrix POS parallel printer problems
5:20AM 0 New winetricks 20110629: updated flash, firefox. New verbs firefox35, firefox36, sims3_gen
Wednesday June 29 2011
7:14PM 3 Re: Mouse changes
6:45PM 0 Documents and Settings
5:42PM 1 P2K access for motorola
1:33PM 1 Need winehq package for linux
9:12AM 3 rift won't start
1:29AM 1 question on Wine using multiple CPUs
Tuesday June 28 2011
10:55PM 0 sof2 mp test ubuntu 10.04 32bit
6:48PM 1 Steam Won't Start
6:41PM 0 New winetricks 20110628: 18 new verbs (adobe_diged, audible, irfanview, winamp, bioshock2, lego_potc_demo, nfsworld, d3dx9_43, glidewrapper, grabfullscreen, ...)
2:34AM 2 Problem running a program that uses .NET 2.0 SP1
1:21AM 0 Famous Software ftp download 2012!!
Monday June 27 2011
11:32PM 3 Game help
5:44PM 1 [Backtrace]Does not works for me
5:39PM 0 Kane & Lynch 2 - Dog Days Installation
3:32PM 1 Wine + Ubuntu Server
3:31PM 2 Airfoil in wine
11:31AM 5 tasbooks Sage accounting software
11:09AM 2 Gaming
6:53AM 1 AudioSurf
5:56AM 1 Monitor Mac System Status with Free Magican Monito
12:14AM 1 Can Wine open an actual file system shared through a Vm?
Sunday June 26 2011
1:41PM 2 No sound (Audio test failed)
11:54AM 2 Who can tell me the reason of this bug?
12:45AM 2 Getting Java to call Wine?
12:28AM 2 Wine C/C++ compiler
Saturday June 25 2011
7:30PM 1 if you start fifa error message comes
5:43PM 3 Age of Mythology: what have you done???
4:08PM 1 [Red Orchestra] Crazy menu textures (1.3.23)
2:32PM 1 Nothing in program files folder??
4:25AM 6 Ubuntu 11.04: World of Warcraft issue
4:21AM 8 Visual C++ installation Help?
3:59AM 1 Mouse problems in Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO)
3:24AM 2 Problem with save files during game
Friday June 24 2011
10:15PM 1 Wine for symbian^3
9:02PM 2 Wine + Calibre
7:45PM 1 Porting DirectX applications using Wine API
5:26PM 1 MS Office 2010 - Installation Error
2:40PM 1 Wineboot.exe problem
9:33AM 0 elderscrolls and oblivion
Thursday June 23 2011
11:53PM 9 [1.3.22]-Please Fix "F.E.A.R. 3" - Here is log...
10:44PM 0 VirtualDub Crashing
6:56PM 1 sacred game
5:25PM 0 Advanced Map 1.92 is terribly slow
8:45AM 1 make and coompiling win32api in linux platform
6:26AM 1 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
3:32AM 3 how to install the 1 Witcher?
2:57AM 0 Game starts but only black screen shows
2:51AM 0 MagicanMonitorReleased
12:10AM 3 .NET Problems
Wednesday June 22 2011
11:02PM 5 Elite Force 2 Shortcut
10:32PM 3 X Server and $Displayer issue
10:19PM 3 Restore Wine Registry
9:00PM 8 Wine + PowerBuilder + Sybase ODBC
8:42PM 1 Autokey types a dir into open ile dialog but not recognised
6:38PM 1 pepakura viewer
1:58PM 1 missing dbghelp.dll or higher (LotRO)
12:48PM 0 Dynamics GP 10
12:42PM 2 Problem with Power Point 2007 & Visio2007 on wine
12:39PM 2 Problem with Power Point 2007 & Visio 2007 on wine
6:10AM 2 how to connect to internet?
4:36AM 0 Re: [1.3.22]Steam "F.E.A.R. 3"-Crashes On Start-Here I
3:21AM 1 Prius Online & Game Guard
1:24AM 0 Star Trek Armada Help
1:05AM 1 Rise of Nations Gold fails to runs
Tuesday June 21 2011
10:05PM 1 Wine 64Bits vs Wine 32Bits
7:00PM 3 installation
6:15PM 2 Using winemaker / building wine DLLs
5:54PM 0 No sound in steam
5:37PM 1 Setting up a non-install .exe?
4:47PM 1 problem with opening programs which used to work...
4:43PM 2 Re: [1.3.22]Steam "F.E.A.R. 3"-Crashes On Start-Here I
4:24PM 1 Re: [1.3.22]Steam "F.E.A.R. 3"-Crashes On Start-Here I
4:05PM 1 Re: [1.3.22]Steam "F.E.A.R. 3"-Crashes On Start-Here I
2:24PM 1 winetricks digital signatures
2:05PM 3 Problem installing Office2007
1:39PM 1 [1.3.22]Steam "F.E.A.R. 3"-Crashes On Start-Here Is Log...
1:12PM 5 DVDSubEdit 1.51
10:07AM 3 Max Payne
8:08AM 3 Flash, Shockwave, 3dVia plugins
3:39AM 0 Oblivion - Knights of the Nine & Shivering Isles
12:01AM 0 Attempting to boot Unity3D
Monday June 20 2011
9:52PM 2 shortcut in ubuntu menu (unity)
9:04PM 2 Patcing wine - Reversed (or previously applied) patch detect
1:48PM 2 Heroes of Might an Magic : Tribes of the East
1:22PM 0 How is mmdevapi coming along?
1:00PM 0 Need help with unreal tournament
12:54PM 2 Re: Help compiling an older version of wine on 64 bit Fedora 14
9:36AM 2 wine basics
8:52AM 0 how to run Borland Turbo C in q4Wine
12:02AM 2 using a cross partition WINEPREFIX
Sunday June 19 2011
9:48PM 0 A suggestion
8:30PM 4 Can WINE help me using Dell Axim from Puppy Linux 511?
5:56PM 0 wine
5:08PM 1 Evil Genius Crashes unexpectedly
4:34PM 2 windows displacement after changing screen resolution
3:22PM 3 Steam game wont start
2:12PM 2 Debugging textedit (gathering its content)
7:52AM 3 wine debug log
5:45AM 4 Trying to install ChessBase 8.0 and Hiarcs
1:00AM 1 Re: Kareo please help
Saturday June 18 2011
4:54PM 0 Re: 1.3.15, mouse screwy now on OSX.
3:42PM 0 Sonic Adventure DX - problem
12:36PM 0 RSLinx
12:35PM 1 steam stop as soon as it's started
12:30AM 3 using winbugs under wine
12:21AM 1 Mouse freezes when clicking
Friday June 17 2011
8:12PM 4 Can WINE convert a business card designed in Inkscape?
5:13PM 1 most beneficial commercial wine software?
2:52PM 0 Unity3D works. .blend import doesn't
2:29PM 0 Trainz 2006 water not showing up on the surface
12:04PM 1 wine incompatability
11:31AM 0 Winole under Wine
11:15AM 6 *Is In Need Of Some Help*
10:54AM 1 Problem with compiling on Mac Os X
5:13AM 2 Strange problem trying to install in Win app under Wine
Thursday June 16 2011
6:58PM 4 Winelol
3:28PM 3 trouble with jet40
2:38PM 2 Wine install sets Windows applications as defaults
7:58AM 1 Re: LiveZilla
7:05AM 0 FIFOs through wine
12:36AM 1 DDO issues
Wednesday June 15 2011
9:51PM 2 Office 2007: Access OK. Excel, Word, Powerpoint: NO
7:52PM 2 how to use directx10/11?
7:35PM 2 [Assassin's Creed]Transparant ground in Kingdoms
7:09PM 1 Problems running Commandos Behind enemy lines
2:18PM 1 Rokcet U2 wintergate
12:23AM 1 Torchlight: Multiplayer MOD not found ...
Tuesday June 14 2011
7:04PM 2 problem with wine and Lord of the Rings Online
5:53PM 2 wine-1.2.2 & Gamepad DragonRise Inc.
2:06PM 4 How about add 3D-stereo-features in future?
10:33AM 1 Tip: Overlay frames per second on fullscreen 3d games
7:55AM 1 Sound works in other source engine games but not DOD:S
Monday June 13 2011
9:42PM 1 How do I get roblox for wine?
8:45PM 5 New to Wine...and already in trouble...
8:18PM 1 wine 1.3.20+ mouse control issue
12:46PM 0 Re: Illegible text in SAS JMP
12:37PM 1 news/mail client and the text borders
10:23AM 2 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
7:09AM 0 Sims 3 and the DVD bug. Some questions.
1:19AM 0 Could someone help me install Starcraft 2 for Ubuntu?
12:45AM 1 disable wine displaying tabs in windows title
12:23AM 2 Two servers One virtual desktop
12:02AM 1 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
Sunday June 12 2011
9:12PM 7 installation of Office 2007 under Arch x86_64 fails
8:26PM 0 Wineprefixes: setup a global default fix -in each registry?
8:00PM 0 Office 2003 Service Pack 3
7:55PM 1 Rome Total War: Mouse bug
7:53PM 0 napoleon total war patch
7:17PM 0 Re: [Ubisoft Game Launcher]Online Mode doesn't work
12:21PM 1 hebrew is reversed in office 2007
9:07AM 3 Switch graphics card via Wine?
8:11AM 0 winefile can't create folder?
3:32AM 1 Error
12:22AM 1 Another runtime error
Saturday June 11 2011
10:21PM 1 Runtime error
6:41PM 1 Patches in sources code
4:42PM 1 Doing anything on Wine uses 100% CPU
4:41PM 4 Keyboard stops working after any mouse click
4:33PM 2 Problem with Civilization 5
1:23PM 0 Continent of the ninth - c9 - by hangame
10:06AM 0 Re: Does wine support rts. program?
9:51AM 3 Building wine from source code
9:42AM 0 donde comprar camisetas baratas de alta calidad?
8:24AM 1 patches for wine
7:06AM 1 Help with gnome panel freezing
5:47AM 3 Wine problem with running MS Office 2007 applications
1:07AM 4 Window Manager can't controll Fullscreen windows
Friday June 10 2011
11:48PM 2 How to install Direct X9 with WINE
7:54PM 1 New Printer - Problems with paper size settings
6:27PM 2 Counter Strike 1.6 no-sound
2:34PM 1 Try this site to help you
8:25AM 3 Steam Ghost Window??
6:34AM 2 Help, please!
3:36AM 1 Re: Kareo please help
12:30AM 14 Wine64 + nvidia please help
Thursday June 9 2011
11:13PM 0 New Vegas Script Extender: Works if I only click on it?
7:36PM 1 World of Warcraft won't work properlyWo
6:48PM 3 Compiling wine: no sound system, etc.
6:38PM 3 Visual Fox Pro 9 with dBase tables
4:17PM 0 PFXImportCertStore
3:01PM 0 and in prosperity our practice, can never become Buddha.
3:00PM 2 Wine with Guild Wars
2:43PM 1 Mac OS X 10.6 Build
1:17PM 0 mysql-odbc-connector with wine
1:04PM 1 Need for Speed Carbon won't pick up mouse and keyboard input
11:21AM 1 Wine-only distro, Virtualbox+Wine to sandbox apps, R/O FS
11:02AM 0 Where can I download MetaTrader 4 for currency trading?
8:51AM 0 Open your heart and know already will no longer is hard to f
8:28AM 2 how to install Age of Empires 2: kings of age on ubuntu 11
5:28AM 1 How to get Gecko working?
1:03AM 2 Re: Kareo please help
12:32AM 0 Delphi 7 + Firebird SQL - Application
Wednesday June 8 2011
7:01PM 3 Disk space error
5:14PM 3 Gaming Sites Refuse to Load
5:41AM 0 Fullscreen Problem - Taskbars showing
5:33AM 0 Error with OleLoadPictureEx
1:32AM 3 Driver Problems.
Tuesday June 7 2011
11:39PM 1 Fail at end of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 install
5:42PM 0 WNetGetUniversalNameW error with Office 2000
3:08PM 0 How does one get a microphone working through WINE?
11:54AM 0 Office 2007 programs create .lnk files
9:34AM 2 Lenovo webcam doesn't work
7:22AM 0 Issues with different One A110
6:57AM 4 Why doesn't Portal with Wine with the radeon driver work?
12:17AM 1 Der Unbenkante Kreig - Mouse Issues
Monday June 6 2011
9:41PM 1 Attack on Pearl Harbor will not run
7:32PM 1 Getting GSiteCrawler v1.23 rev 286 to work in Wine
7:12PM 1 Wine log
6:16PM 1 WINE Icons.
3:52PM 1 Help in running CAROTDAV
11:03AM 2 re-installing a software (office 2007)
6:20AM 0 Can't find format unrecognized in the format lookup table
4:27AM 1 Re: Run Game In Separate X Server?
Sunday June 5 2011
11:21PM 3 Disabling a gamepad
8:55PM 1 Unhandled Page Fault
7:56PM 1 No sound in wine.
4:29PM 0 Re: Trouble with Dual Monitors
2:54PM 2 Can't get Counterstrike Source to start
10:09AM 1 Hunted - The Demons Forge error....
3:40AM 1 Re: "Module not found"
Saturday June 4 2011
10:08PM 2 Run-time error '429':
2:36PM 1 [ foobar2000 ] Right-click on tabs does not work
2:22PM 0 The New Collector's Weekly Wine Flash Deal: WineGavel Flash!
2:00PM 1 Sanandreas, white screen!!!
6:07AM 4 Steam in wine
Friday June 3 2011
11:18PM 0 Re: alsa - spdif
9:12PM 0 Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x00e9b660
8:48PM 2 Flatout: garbage or platinum?
4:36PM 2 CanĀ“t delete some applications
3:32PM 4 OpenGL issues on OSX (wine 1.3.21)
3:23PM 2 NeedForSpeed shift2 Stretched blit not implemented
1:42PM 2 Help for a complete newbie? (Bulletstorm mouse issues)
1:35PM 3 World of Warcraft Installer freezes after clicking install
12:51PM 2 problem
7:33AM 2 Gta Save error
Thursday June 2 2011
10:32PM 1 Bluetooth Navigation
8:35PM 0 Sound causing crashes in a Japanese game
8:22PM 2 fixme:shell:URL_ParseUrl
4:30PM 6 Morrowind GOTY
1:10PM 0 Re: Warband + Wine
12:48PM 2 Problem with "Armies of exigo"
12:41PM 5 Problems with wine & Crossover Pro after upgrading to Kubunt
8:40AM 0 funny forum
2:07AM 1 DXT-support
12:26AM 0 Re: Trying to run DDO on Ubuntu 10.10
Wednesday June 1 2011
9:09PM 2 Re: no Runes of Magic with Wine 1.1.34
6:19PM 2 Understanding Wine's build processes/development cycle
5:55PM 1 Age of Empires II (aoesetup.exe), won't work
5:47PM 1 New To Wine Paths Not Found & Oblivion IV Question
3:07PM 3 wine, display and root.
11:47AM 5 Status of Wine64 on OSX?
1:38AM 0 Havin instalation troubles under WINE
12:37AM 6 Big Problem! Every thing has been deleted from home Folder