wine users - Apr 2011

Saturday April 30 2011
9:26PM 1 error installing adobe flash
8:31PM 2 screen smaller since upgrade
8:22PM 1 Eve Online crashes when using two clients
7:58PM 2 help please
7:52PM 1 Uncontrollable mouse
4:47PM 1 Intellicad won't load drawings with wine 1.3.18
2:04PM 1 Thief Deadly Shadows
3:47AM 1 Re: [1.3.19] Better support for relative mouse events in DInput
3:00AM 3 trying to install WoW
Friday April 29 2011
8:24PM 2 Portal 2 can't run setup EXE
6:20PM 0 [1.3.19] Better support for relative mouse events in DInput ??
5:44PM 3 Text all garbled up (Wine on OS-X)
3:15PM 2 udisk cdrom support in linux
12:02PM 2 Joystick F710
6:36AM 1 Still not resolve my problem :( about accpac accounting syst
6:00AM 11 importing winxp reg files to Wine
3:42AM 0 Re: Out of (video?) memory!
3:18AM 1 Fantasy Grounds
12:22AM 5 My first attempts at Wine
Thursday April 28 2011
9:05PM 1 Problem with long time until wine start
8:31PM 2 Application for primary schools freezes
7:24PM 3 Wine ignores settings
6:56PM 4 MT4 Installation on MAC OS X 10.6.6 A debugger has has been
6:55PM 3 fixeme: advapi:LogonUserA "user" "domain" ... - stub
6:23PM 1 java
3:50PM 3 Updated steam, Portal 1 won't launch
1:46PM 4 Ragnarok private server
12:28PM 2 Crash in Baldur's Gate - TotSC : can someone reproduce?
8:31AM 1 Cannot Start DirectX app
12:39AM 1 Graphics choppy
Wednesday April 27 2011
11:50PM 0 wine san11pk lost back ground map
7:23PM 0 The Next big Thing
7:13PM 1 Wine Error Message Help Required
1:37AM 2 trouble with chm files
Tuesday April 26 2011
8:21PM 1 Public Apology to Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore
5:16PM 1 question releated to Makefile dependencies
11:27AM 0 The distance dominated
11:25AM 7 steam games not working
8:55AM 3 Registering Dll in system32 Failed anyone help me?
1:31AM 3 noob:Can't get IL-2/1946 to run!
Monday April 25 2011
8:58PM 3 Alsa: underrun occured
7:09PM 1 GTA IV crashes at start
1:35PM 1 Run app that needs net framework
7:45AM 1 Detail level of backtrace depending on the used CFLAGS
7:24AM 3 Nikon software - Photographer
6:26AM 6 Tring to Build Wine from Source on OS X
5:51AM 11 i having a problem in application... anyone help me?
2:36AM 3 ePSXE 1.70
Sunday April 24 2011
10:37PM 3 Forum archive reveals email addresses, PLEASE STOP IT.
8:35PM 1 Different wine version in different users
4:11PM 2 I need help real bad!!!
3:31PM 2 Linux Gentoo + Counter-Strike: Source
12:42PM 3 GSP Family Tree fails at startup missing DLL?
6:46AM 1 Wine on different distributions
4:33AM 2 Gentoo AMD64 build - missing GLU32.dll?
1:40AM 3 New to Wine, Help me please
Saturday April 23 2011
11:45PM 2 Help with star wars best of pc?
11:04PM 2 how or where to put .dll and .inf from an installerless driv
8:52PM 1 Error installing winetricks dll's
6:12PM 1 Re: Out of (video?) memory!
6:00PM 2 AppDB admin please move Portal 2 to Portal
2:49PM 3 Anno 1701 demo crash on start
4:06AM 1 Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of Illuminus install issue
3:46AM 2 Stopping "Open with" menu items from being created by wine
1:07AM 1 Steam not working on Debian 6
Friday April 22 2011
11:58PM 1 No Sound Over nVidia HDMI
10:37PM 5 wine itunes ipad
8:52PM 1 How does one run .cgi files
6:29PM 1 TWAIN scanners query
6:05PM 2 How too? (Maybe a n00b question)
5:17PM 0 Warhammer Dark Crusade: scroll map with mouse
5:12PM 3 RobotC through Wine on Ubuntu 10.10
4:40PM 3 Installing Wine on Centos 5.5 Server?
7:35AM 3 Wine error "file not found
5:18AM 1 Help Directx Failed to Initialize (Starcraft II)
4:55AM 3 Dragon Age 2- No Audio- Mouse is off
2:57AM 1 Need for speed, the car is going to be left alone
2:52AM 1 Need for speed, el coche se va solo hacia la izquierda
2:21AM 1 Re: Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos. Joey 2-player problem.
Thursday April 21 2011
7:01PM 3 Multiple input languages, is it possible in WINE, how ?
10:20AM 1 Installing Winehq to OS X 10.5.1
9:46AM 4 Help with GLXBadPixmap Error
9:18AM 12 Tropico 3 Demo Graphics Problem - People are not visible
Wednesday April 20 2011
11:35PM 1 Difficulties Getting Wine to Recognize Printers
10:04PM 1 pixels in half life 2
7:48PM 1 build a wine lib
7:26PM 3 API-MS-Win-Security-Base-L1-1-0.dll Failed To Initialize
3:23PM 1 New Codeweavers CrossOver discount dealcode coupons avaliabl
1:27PM 3 Wine Office saving files with 700 Permissions
10:45AM 2 Bootstrapping mingw GCC with wine on linux
10:33AM 2 wow graphics and resolution problems
8:46AM 1 Removing "wine core exe" from "Open With" menu
7:04AM 1 [AC Brotherhood]Patch 1.02 = Error
5:50AM 0 Re: AMD/ATI + Linux + WINE = FAIL... all around.
5:06AM 0 Re: Crashing program.
4:37AM 1 Anyone help me how to fix this ?
2:34AM 3 Google Earth in Wine
Tuesday April 19 2011
5:24PM 2 No sound with most applications
5:16PM 0 Latest gnutls breaks wine ssl support.
2:20PM 4 Running REQUIEM in wine.
11:37AM 1 PowerShell V2
9:02AM 1 Color Correction with Wine Apps (photomatix 4.0.2)
9:01AM 0 Maxthon ( not working
3:39AM 1 Running IMVU through Wine
3:35AM 0 Love wine? Here's a new way to find your favorites!
3:05AM 0 Don't because of ignorance, but pain all on your own.
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Monday April 18 2011
11:34PM 5 Internet access through proxy server
9:59PM 0 Changing the keyboard layout
8:16PM 2 static directory timestamp
5:56PM 3 Producing Another Test
4:24PM 5 rc/po files
3:21PM 1 5 nice varieties of red wine for novice
2:47PM 1 Getting Internal errors when exiting program.
1:39PM 2 Is it possible to run explorer.exe under wine?
1:10PM 2 Using Controllers with WINE
9:22AM 8 When i run the application theres something error anyone -
8:42AM 1 how to cap/socksify programs?
5:19AM 3 guitar pro 5.2 runs of out of gdi handles
5:06AM 0 New winetricks 20110417: new verbs braid braid_demo cod5_waw deadspace dotnet20sp2 dragonage_ue mise popfs splitsecond splitsecond_demo spore
4:14AM 1 Making Wine Firefox the default browser
Sunday April 17 2011
11:48PM 3 Performance Issues with Games in Wine (EVE Online, TF2)
11:30PM 0 Supply Chain Management Software
9:39PM 1 [Debian 64Bits]Unable to install wine
8:16PM 6 No$Zoomer not recognizing NDS ROMs
7:53PM 1 Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS)
6:57PM 2 # fixme:ddraw:DirectDrawEnumerateExA flags 0x00000007 not ha
3:08PM 1 DreamFall : No charachters
8:21AM 7 Football Manager 2011 Debugger error.
7:13AM 7 possibly an inter-process comm problem
3:43AM 2 Xrender and freetype not found
1:30AM 1 Problem with wine [ error box ]
Saturday April 16 2011
9:50PM 2 Browser in Wine
8:18PM 1 far cry 2 current info
8:05PM 0 Dragon Age 2 sound issue
2:11PM 6 Winetricks did not load
2:08PM 2 How to get RawInput support in 1.3.18
1:54PM 1 Re: Problems extracting python-3.1.3.amd64.msi under wine's msie
7:36AM 4 How do i get it to work?
7:02AM 2 Microsoft Office 2007 Install Issues
6:32AM 2 Chinese character is not shown properly for some programs
4:39AM 2 ERP Application working slow & toolbar missing in applicatio
1:31AM 2 Civ 3 almost works- Window sizeing issues
1:05AM 0 Wine' s Faces - release version 0.2
Friday April 15 2011
10:53PM 2 Where is a good tutorial?
9:36PM 2 Audio within wine
9:13PM 2 Wizardry Gold missing wing32.dll
7:50PM 2 Unsupported Resolution
6:22PM 1 OpenGL Issues with D510MO Atom based motherboard on Squeeze
5:53PM 1 Re: Paltalk
5:17PM 1 DBabble issue oddly solved
4:20PM 1 Problem: Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction on Ubuntu 10.10
8:21AM 0 Problems extracting python-3.1.3.amd64.msi under wine's msiexec (works on WinXP)
Thursday April 14 2011
11:45PM 4 Camtasia Studio in wine 1.2
11:04PM 3 GetThreadTimes() returning process times.
9:32PM 1 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - keyboard input seems to hang?
11:02AM 0 Re: Sid Meier´s Alpha Centauri
9:05AM 0 How to watch satellite tv shows on you pc with 3 method
7:21AM 0 Re: Childrens Game: Barbie Pegasus does not run
1:21AM 1 PSE5 actions in effects folder loosing alphabetical sort
12:22AM 1 Re: Anyone able to install Sony Vegas HD Platinum in a linux os?
12:21AM 8 Homefront dedicated Server
Wednesday April 13 2011
10:25PM 4 Wine and Firefox
9:09PM 0 No mouse clicking
3:34PM 6 Winevdm launchs a second, unwanted black window.
8:32AM 1 Configure wine to use full potential of hardware?
6:32AM 2 Getting filetypes to open with an EXE
12:16AM 1 D2GS.exe won't run
Tuesday April 12 2011
11:04PM 1 Re: MTGO3 System.Drawing:void AddFontFile(system, string) not im
10:19PM 4 anomaly warzone earth
10:04PM 2 Re: Is Wine64 usable yet?
8:34PM 3 Standalone Wine for console Win32 executables
5:41PM 3 New video card; wine freezing
4:58PM 3 LogParser.exe
3:25PM 2 Threading issue
2:39PM 3 WoW crashes after clicking play from launcher
1:44PM 1 System
1:33PM 1 How to let a Windows App talk to a Windows Scanner Driver
12:46PM 3 Help to install Crysis 2 in Wine
12:05PM 0 Re: Childrens Game: Barbie Pegasus does not run
11:38AM 0 Anyone having trouble with sound?
11:04AM 1 Wine Prefix's and folders
8:24AM 1 Wine HQ short keys?
6:37AM 0 DVD to AVI Converter for Mac
5:10AM 4 Installing latest Wine on Debian
4:03AM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
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Monday April 11 2011
10:21PM 1 state of OpenGL in software rendering
10:08PM 4 SolidWorks 2010 cause X's to die.
10:07PM 5 Wine integration in Ubuntu 11.04
9:45PM 2 Cannot find Wine Config anymore...
9:04PM 1 Bluetooth in wine?
6:30PM 2 Fixme errors shdocvw and DocHostContainer_exec Exec failed
3:54PM 0 Getting Wine to work with JACK
10:58AM 2 Buttons not Painting when I select Windows 7
10:47AM 2 Call Of Duty 2 -- Mouse Lag
7:50AM 0 Lotus Notes 7.0.2 wine-1.3.12
5:41AM 1 wine in ubuntu. need some help
5:38AM 0 You think you can, you can.
5:37AM 0 Prophet 3, riches and honour years.
2:22AM 1 AutoIt in wine
1:22AM 1 Where do I start?
12:02AM 3 Trying to run WBFS Manager using Wine... help
Sunday April 10 2011
11:53PM 1 Running wine on HP/Palm webos
8:03PM 0 Problem with neverwinter nights 2 sound
6:24PM 0 Re: EA Download Manager
1:28PM 0 How to Rip DVD to AVI/WMV/MP4/FLV/MP3... (Windows/Mac)
10:46AM 2 drive_c directory on another HDD
7:25AM 1 Crow King's Autokick OleLoadPictureEx Issues
7:20AM 2 Settlers II 10th anniversary graphics problem
6:11AM 1 League of Legends Help please
3:35AM 6 X Error Mac
Saturday April 9 2011
7:09PM 1 Royal Envoy Collector's Edition
5:42PM 1 Problems with games on very slow computer
12:17PM 1 Re: FS9 install multiple CDs
11:59AM 1 BUG: Active window hidden
7:44AM 1 uninstall freetype
7:36AM 1 Re: snow leopard, freetype installed but not being found?
3:07AM 0 Endurance is the brain, YouSheng is better.
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2:09AM 0 Didn't think only blank
1:47AM 5 Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Complete Will Not Start
12:32AM 2 Winetricks permission denied
Friday April 8 2011
11:22PM 1 Rift Flashing Screen. Need help with winetricks.
7:14PM 1 Wine ALSA underruns and buggy audio.
6:46PM 2 MS Office 2003 Install broken
5:15PM 1 oovoo
3:28PM 2 How do you update winetricks?
3:05PM 1 Illegible text in SAS JMP
1:59PM 0 11.04 and wine?
8:34AM 2 Seeking help with Money 2000: access to internet
7:30AM 4 WINE cannot find ALSA files that actually exist
7:17AM 0 How to Convert AVI to MKV on Mac OS X
6:50AM 0 Re: Gateway (online game client) - login hangs
6:38AM 0 running, early morning
1:30AM 4 Multiple Office 2007 Pro PowerPoint Windows Lock Up Laptop
Thursday April 7 2011
11:07PM 1 Prevent Wine from starting X
10:04PM 1 Debian64 Wine deps, big confusion
9:32PM 0 python for game menus needing mouse but with mwo=force
8:54PM 2 button display problems with program after install in Wine
6:55PM 0 Strange error with SA-MP (Gta San Andreas)
1:18PM 2 Need windows service to start with Ubuntu server
9:53AM 1 Re: MTGO3 System.Drawing:void AddFontFile(system, string) not im
7:52AM 0 Re: Moyea FLV converter
5:25AM 1 MTGO3 System.Drawing:void AddFontFile(system, string) not implemented
Wednesday April 6 2011
9:10PM 0 If mpeg videos are not playing(inside game) what can I do?
8:58PM 2 creating a .dll which links to an .so
6:37PM 1 Can not get this Program running! And I don´t know why!
6:30PM 0 Re: Solar Accounts
2:26PM 1 PCDuo 11 Master and Wine
8:55AM 2 Re: Wizard101 Game and Website unreachable
5:49AM 0 FEAR Combat mouse lag/choppy
5:39AM 4 Cannot launch games
4:49AM 1 Re: Wine can't find c drive!
1:42AM 1 Screen (not OS) cannot handle Steam Game: "Out of Range"
Tuesday April 5 2011
10:42PM 2 Wine is suddenly really slow
8:10PM 2 Neverwinter Nights2 doesn't detect my video card
7:23PM 0 Engish Wine dissertation question
5:39PM 1 Black skin in The Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion
4:58PM 4 Re: Installing NWN on MacOS 10.5
2:59PM 1 Re: Installing NWN on MacOS 10.5
2:05PM 1 Re: Installing NWN on MacOS 10.5
1:26PM 1 Heroes of Might and Magic 4 crash
12:52PM 6 Suggestion: Disable X
10:19AM 4 SolidWorks 2011 can be tested! (but not installed)
9:17AM 1 Prevent games from saving in "Documents" folder? (Mac)
8:37AM 0 Building 64-bit deb package
2:12AM 3 Trying to run a game
2:00AM 3 Unable to use certain keys after setting focus to desktop
1:52AM 0 How to crack drm video, rip a dvd, burn a dvd and backup ipo
Monday April 4 2011
11:11PM 1 Re: Warband + Wine
10:28PM 1 targeting a server
8:49PM 8 creating built-in firewall for Wine
8:17PM 0 Help with a problem I've been frequently encountering
3:32PM 2 Problem Running Printer, Can Wine Work for Original Drivers?
3:16PM 0 CodeWeavers Affiliate program is now open to the public
2:37PM 3 Game: Samantha Swift
6:56AM 1 [Ubisoft Game Launcher]Online Mode doesn't work
5:21AM 0 Re: Dragon Age driving me insane!
2:03AM 2 Assistance Please.
1:46AM 2 No sound in Wine
Sunday April 3 2011
11:40PM 2 Slowdown in Wine 1.3.16+
10:12PM 1 Wow error 132
10:05PM 2 EverQuest 1 ?
7:37PM 1 Trying to play Star Ruler
6:47PM 2 Unable to install Internet Explorer 6 on wine 1.3.17
6:30PM 2 using wine
6:16PM 1 Please help with Ruby script plug-in?
5:24PM 1 cannot
12:56PM 0 saaimint online at home
10:01AM 3 Civ crashes while starting in window mode
9:43AM 1 Direct rendering disabled - apparently common on 64bit
7:19AM 4 Strange "Program Files" directory suggested
4:26AM 0 Borderlands not loading save files proerly
3:57AM 1 White boxes appearing instead of graphics.
2:00AM 1 Lock On with Wine
1:36AM 2 iPad and WINE
Saturday April 2 2011
8:11PM 1 Re: Please Fix:"Allow DirectX apps to stop the mouse leavin
7:59PM 7 Drawing: sheet format edit in SOLIDWORKS 2009
7:30PM 4 Directx help!
5:16PM 0 Looking for some fellow racers
4:01PM 0 New winetricks 20110402: New verbs acreedbro, bttf101, cim_demo, crysis2, trainztcc_2004, trine_steam, trine_demo_steam, utorrent3, xact_jun2010
1:56PM 0 Vineyard installation
12:58PM 0 A quick favour to ask
9:29AM 1 Update error
8:47AM 0 Life's truth, but among hidden in the insipid.
8:47AM 0 Way of dealing with people is unlimited tolerate,
8:46AM 0 Hating people to oneself is a big loss.
7:39AM 0 Please Fix:"Allow DirectX apps to stop the mouse leaving their window"
Friday April 1 2011
5:58PM 3 Lucid LTS: different Wine versions for 32 or 64 bits ?
12:48AM 1 Installing from the terminal?