wine users - Mar 2011

Thursday March 31 2011
10:23PM 4 Re: How to recompile Wine on ARM
7:15PM 2 Wine & US DoD information assurance
6:09PM 7 wine cannot find L "c:/windows/system32/plugplay.exe
4:34PM 1 gcc -O3 -march=barcelona breaks Wine
4:02PM 0 JOB/SUBDELIVERY: IE@wine experts wanted
3:47PM 0 printing from Internet Explorer
1:45PM 0 Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition SP1 - VS80sp1-KB926748-X86-INTL.exe
12:42PM 2 Can't install in mac(cannot import isskin.dll)
11:37AM 2 Atlantica Online
7:33AM 1 global wine installation
3:48AM 0 Xtrap still fails
1:56AM 1 Compassion is your best weapon.
1:56AM 2 Silence is the best answer evil.
Wednesday March 30 2011
9:48PM 1 Shopfitter
4:52PM 6 cannot update or uninstall evernote 4 under wine
1:35PM 0 Re: err:msi:ready_media Failed to download L"http://downloa
12:08PM 1 reducing wine verbosity
10:08AM 2 linux <-> wine program?
9:15AM 0 mouse axes in AvP Classic 2000
8:30AM 0 err:msi:ready_media Failed to download L"" (1627)
7:28AM 1 Re: Error running application, please Help
2:44AM 0 convert dvd to avi for mac os x
12:59AM 1 Perfect World Genesis on wine
12:25AM 11 Enabling 16bit DOS on MAC?
Tuesday March 29 2011
10:19PM 1 err:module:import_dll Library d3dx9_43.dll not found
10:04PM 2 Accessing shared memory
9:23PM 1 Office 2007 Activation Problem
2:50PM 1 $ winetricks vc2005express
12:54PM 4 online job at home
11:35AM 0 Simple Active Directory query support ??
9:40AM 1 Uninstall Windows Apps?
9:34AM 2 Re: Error running application, please Help
6:55AM 0 Re: Game for Windows Live and Wine
4:58AM 1 Re: Current best AMD processor for running mainstream games?
Monday March 28 2011
10:09PM 3 No sound in HOMEFRONT
6:52PM 1 Bad Company 2 WINE no join
5:49PM 0 Cities XL 2011 patch
4:17PM 1 Wineskin Pro 2.0 released with OS X 10.7 Lion support
7:57AM 2 dll files in wine
7:09AM 2 NBA 2k11 Help Please
6:53AM 8 Cant load ANY programs under WINE.
6:12AM 1 Re: Childrens Game: Barbie Pegasus does not run
4:04AM 3 Wine wrapper project useing windows installation disc
1:17AM 2 .Net frame 4 error
Sunday March 27 2011
9:10PM 4 When Upgrading Wine
5:10PM 3 PowerDVD 10 under Wine
1:17PM 1 Trackmania Nations Issues
9:10AM 2 low FPS in some cases
2:56AM 3 Winetricks alpha
1:57AM 0 As long as the road is right, they
1:56AM 0 Change, the solution is to change yourself.
1:42AM 2 [Ubuntu 10.10/wine 1.3.16] Nonexistent printers in pulldown
1:24AM 11 Of Starcraft 2 and Mice
Saturday March 26 2011
5:41PM 2 Recommend a pdf reader?
4:55PM 3 Trouble with Starcraft II, actual gameplay doesn't work.
4:37PM 0 For Sale 2x CDJ-1000 MK3 + DJM-800 Mixer Package…….$1,900
3:42PM 4 Unable to compile Wine 1.1.16
3:02PM 3 Compiling wine on 64-bit Ubuntu - ldap not detected
2:16PM 0 GMA 950 (945M) + Wine = Black Screen
1:52PM 0 Re: Alien vs. Predator Classic 2000 - Mouse doesn't working
12:50PM 1 sketchup
9:25AM 3 Wine desktop emulation
9:08AM 3 alien skin portable
3:38AM 2 devastated: reinstalled OS and wine is behaving differently.
1:15AM 1 Solstice Reborn, it works! (almost)
1:04AM 2 Wine can't initialize OpenGL
Friday March 25 2011
11:52PM 1 Star Trek Bridge Commander
10:46PM 2 Angry Birds Sound
7:59PM 6 WoW crashes Wine
7:02PM 0 Program source is bigger after emission of reports
6:22PM 2 Black water pipe to tank leak
5:40PM 0 IE (any version will be good) and active x
3:01PM 2 problems with photoshop cs 2 and filters from nik software
2:27PM 0 Audio echo while playing Borderlands
11:59AM 0 PB Unhandled page fault on read access with a Radeon Driver
10:52AM 3 how to prepare and run portable Wine build from folder?
7:46AM 1 Questions regarding virtual desktops
4:19AM 0 Mea culpa - winetricks download trouble, now solved
3:48AM 1 Ragnarok Online
3:46AM 1 Team Fortress 2 losing priority/ how to fix?
Thursday March 24 2011
10:59PM 4 Funky Font problems with Quicken 2010
10:56PM 2 inFocus Liteshow Manager for wireless projecting from laptop
10:27PM 2 Wine DB question & Office 2010 & Bronze rating.
9:02PM 3 Display problem with wine on openSUSE 11.4
4:49PM 1 Re: New winetricks 20110324: fix mac bug, new option --force, ne
3:27PM 2 Installing IPass Connect...
2:47PM 3 Cannot log into Steam
2:06PM 0 New winetricks 20110324: fix mac bug, new option --force, new verbs wglgears, hordesoforcs2_demo, experimental steam support
8:50AM 0 Re: Childrens Game: Barbie Pegasus does not run
8:20AM 1 Failed: No route to host - error
7:50AM 2 civilization V and ubuntu 10.10, bug in wine?
1:02AM 3 Wine Freezing...
Wednesday March 23 2011
9:45PM 6 storage and iphlpapi errors when creating wineprefix
7:12PM 1 izimailing
7:11PM 1 Two mouse cursors after sleep
5:05PM 1 Installing Y's Felgana
2:59PM 0 Re: Baldur's gate II - 'rest' function problem
11:15AM 0 Re: Is the wine repository operation or am i doing something wro
7:25AM 1 New to Ubuntu 10.10 - WineHQ
7:12AM 12 Cyrillic works "HALF"-good with wine
7:03AM 0 any one installed navision sp4 in ubuntu
6:40AM 2 WinPcap Installer is invisible!
5:43AM 1 Can we add .ax files using winetricks
5:31AM 1 How to add library files in wine
1:11AM 0 Have a dream, even remote
1:11AM 0 Who listen to the advice
1:10AM 0 Don't underestimate anyone.
Tuesday March 22 2011
11:29PM 1 Is the wine repository operation or am i doing something wrong?
11:23PM 4 Mass Effect 2 help?
8:33PM 0 exo package from xfce affects shell open URLs?
5:27PM 0 Can't input Japanese with SCIM into Apps running over wine
3:05PM 4 I cannot install dotnet20
2:30PM 1 ShellExecute: how to open files with default application?
2:16PM 1 Multi-monitor TwinView DirectX wierdness
1:49PM 4 Mozilla Firefox New Tab Problem
11:09AM 7 q4wine first start
2:56AM 0 cheap wow gold
1:03AM 1 fix me error
Monday March 21 2011
11:43PM 2 Stardock Impulse cannot find server
10:44PM 3 warcraft III no directx, no open gl
9:56PM 2 Help installing Fallout 1
9:26PM 9 fixmes and errs
7:54PM 0 [Assassin's Creed : Brotherhood]Online Mode doesn't
6:20PM 5 How i install wine in debian wheezy
4:44PM 3 Mac OS/X 10.6.6, WineHQ, and Bloodline Champions Help
2:43PM 0 Birth of America 2 won't run at all
12:52PM 1 New prefix vs default ~/.wine file with default app
9:27AM 10 How to access optical drive (cd, dvd)?
4:16AM 2 Missing textures with some games. Advice?
2:53AM 9 Trying to run RIFT on OS X 10.6 and Having DirectX Issues
Sunday March 20 2011
10:22PM 2 IL-2 Occasional Freezes
8:50PM 1 Why are there no items in wine uninstaller?
8:14PM 4 Intalling WINE through source and WINETRICKS
3:02PM 2 Playing at custom resolution
10:57AM 5 Breakquest
9:50AM 4 How to run dos cmd under wine
3:46AM 3 Comment ça marche?
3:36AM 1 Networking Trouble
12:01AM 0 Re: Problem: Print to PDF using MS Office
Saturday March 19 2011
11:48PM 4 Changing wine prefix results in file type error
11:34PM 1 Re: Problem: Print to PDF using MS Office
7:10PM 2 Help
4:34PM 2 No More Mouse4/Mouse5 in TF2
3:43PM 2 Re: fallout new vegas wineskin mac osx 10.6.5
2:30PM 2 I get an error message
12:29PM 1 Can Wine contract a virus?
8:31AM 1 One question of JDpaint
3:27AM 1 Failure - for a stronger be a comma, for the weak is ending.
3:26AM 1 A scarf was surrounded by your temperature.
3:26AM 2 Remember, and forget get paid.
2:13AM 5 64-bit installation instructions
1:26AM 0 [Assassin's Creed 1,2&Brotherhood]Slow Video
12:39AM 3 HELP! I can't install a .exe file!
12:27AM 1 Resolved!
Friday March 18 2011
11:42PM 4 Running Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 correctly in Wine
8:29PM 4 Carrara 8 pro cmx (?) and Wine
6:41PM 1 probleme 429 activex
6:38PM 12 Wine windows dvd
5:28PM 0 New winetricks 20110318: new verb dotnet11sp1
4:20PM 0 Re: Corel Draw 11 on Ubuntu 7.10 with Wine
3:44PM 0 Omnipage 17 hangs at splash screen
3:41PM 1 Problemas con Steam (Wine 1.3.15)
2:42PM 2 winetricks and WINEPREFIX
1:35PM 1 Re: multiple wine versions
12:41PM 1 64-bit installation instructions?
11:40AM 9 Atlantica Online with wine + wine tricks
11:01AM 1 one question
10:38AM 0 Life of style
7:17AM 0 Re: Theme shows up twice in winecfg
7:12AM 0 Re: X11 theme cursors
5:29AM 0 New winetricks 20110317: two more games, some Dragon Age: Origins bugfixes
4:24AM 1 Re: multiple wine versions
2:24AM 0 R: R: Re: Installing a software with licence on wine
1:32AM 0 Only wide can virtuous
12:46AM 1 Incorrect Video Card Recognization
Thursday March 17 2011
11:22PM 2 Trying to get IE onto my MacBook
8:47PM 3 Fallout new vegas lag help ?
7:20PM 2 Wine font problem
7:10PM 2 Install Application from CD?
6:15PM 1 Unable to instal vcrun2005/vcrun2008 MSCOREE.DLL
5:28PM 1 mdac 2.8 fails install with 'sha1sum mismatch'
4:28PM 2 Re: Battlefield Play4Free
2:39PM 1 Setting default program for a filetype
11:40AM 4 C: drive does not open
9:14AM 1 Library FKRS3ZH.dll and FKNET3ZH.dll not found
6:29AM 3 is this possible
1:06AM 0 I wish people are warm
1:06AM 0 The gentleman yangxin mo good sincere
Wednesday March 16 2011
11:42PM 2 Few Questions about some games
11:35PM 2 Slow printing buffer.
10:16PM 1 [Downgrading] Wine 1.1.17
10:15PM 2 Source Engine games - Low FPS (Wine 1.3.15)
8:20PM 0 R: R: Re: Installing a software with licence on wine
4:46PM 3 How Do I Get Windows Apps To Open With Correct WINEPREFIX
3:17PM 1 pastebin
2:21PM 1 changing dpi with regeidt doesn't work
9:58AM 1 Jaws: Unleashed
7:48AM 2 PDF Converter
2:32AM 1 Unable to run Kodak AIO installation software.
2:08AM 0 R: Re: Installing a software with licence on wine
1:51AM 0 Frontlines fuel of war - Problem
Tuesday March 15 2011
9:33PM 1 Wine' s Faces - Toolkit for Wine multi-user and multi-prefix
5:34PM 4 Winamp "send to" menu is missing
5:32PM 0 R: Re: Installing a software with licence on wine
4:21PM 2 File not marked as executeable?
2:44PM 13 Photoshop cs4 do not work with Wine 1.3.15. HELP
11:09AM 1 Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened
7:00AM 0 Re: Full Tilt Poker - Text looks fine - next boot, text garbled.
5:15AM 3 COM header files required
2:54AM 0 monster butterfly-ControlTalk
12:21AM 2 Trying to run Civilization V
12:13AM 4 HUNK #N Problems When Applying A Patch For Wine 1.3.15
Monday March 14 2011
3:53PM 1 Steam Crashing
3:03PM 1 Strange black boxes in firefox web browser
1:17PM 4 Autocad 2011 instalation is breaking up
1:16PM 2 High graphics rendering issues
12:13PM 1 How to change the dpi from 96 to 115 automatically
1:48AM 0 Anachronox doesn't work anymore.
Sunday March 13 2011
8:57PM 0 Re: Anti-Aliasing in Wine
8:28PM 1 WINE 1.2.2 via UBUNTU 10.10; Low FPS
5:56PM 1 New french user, no audio with ubuntu 9.10
3:44PM 2 Problem installing/running program
8:29AM 2 Installing a software with licence on wine
8:17AM 4 more than 16 bit audio
5:52AM 0 Re: Oblivion Stop to work after apitude safe-upgrade
12:21AM 1 Re: Sid Meier´s Alpha Centauri
Saturday March 12 2011
11:54PM 1 Re: Sid Meier´s Alpha Centauri
7:00PM 1 Freeze-up on end-user license aggreement?
6:14PM 4 Photoshop stopped working
12:07PM 5 plugplay.exe missing
5:53AM 1 Help: afxctl.h missing
3:58AM 1 Black edges of the buttons and toolbars
2:34AM 1 Cake poker 2.0
Friday March 11 2011
10:09PM 11 CLSID for Windows Script whit my program windows
7:26PM 2 Running Hitec HPP-22 under wine. (RC device, USB)
3:05PM 2 New winetricks 20110311b: winetricks is dead, long live wine
12:59PM 3 wine and wine-preloader segfault when running Evernote 4.2.2
12:17PM 3 Fincon on wine with system user
9:02AM 2 Need atlcom.h for compilation
8:05AM 0 map_dll in libs/wine/loader.c ,what do it do?
5:36AM 1 Re: Wonderland Online - game server doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!
3:53AM 1 Steam crashes after login - any troubleshooting t
12:21AM 4 The Geeks Toy (soft for Betfair)
Thursday March 10 2011
6:42PM 4 Wine sometime really surprise me
3:24PM 0 Re: opencl ???
8:38AM 1 Installing FTBCat gives error
7:20AM 1 Can Winelib work with VC 10 code?
5:27AM 0 Re: Snooker 147 JHC Software
12:50AM 0 Installing 64-bit app onto 64-bit wine
Wednesday March 9 2011
10:24PM 4 Trying to load MIRC with Wine on a Mac
8:42PM 1 Darksiders display problem: screen is flashing
8:27PM 1 Get the most out of wine ??
6:04PM 3 Win app under wine that use RS-485
4:54PM 4 importing XP drivers to Linux using Wine
3:53PM 3 Is this possible with wine?
3:10PM 4 Couple wine development questions
2:26PM 0 Graphics Issues in HL2:EP2
2:17PM 0 Re: Wine 1.3.11 and Micorsoft Money Sunset Edition
2:15PM 1 Game error message. (Gunbound)
10:21AM 2 how to run XP drivers in Linux using WINE
5:02AM 0 drive type not sticking in advanced configuration WIN 1.3.14
4:39AM 3 bad comapny 2
1:27AM 3 Repairing Wine install...
Tuesday March 8 2011
7:48PM 1 Multiuser database application / file locks
5:56PM 0 Re: Gamepad Support
5:52PM 2 Good Graphics Card for Wine?
5:35PM 2 Error mesenger and ping
5:04PM 6 Trying to get program to work but no error messages
3:36PM 0 The Settlers 7 - Please Help
9:54AM 2 downloading from web
5:59AM 4 Wine and Winelib download problems
3:50AM 2 err:module:import_dll Library d3dx9_43.dll
3:28AM 3 Jet40 engine and I don't get along.
2:26AM 1 Not enough memory
Monday March 7 2011
9:39PM 1 Cake Poker Client
5:41PM 1 No sound with alsa and Nvidia HDMI
12:04PM 9 Bejeweled 2 & Wine
11:54AM 6 Lineage 2 Ubuntu 10.10 c0000135 Error
7:56AM 1 Cannot disable fixme message
7:16AM 7 Winetricks gfw under root vs under user
7:16AM 6 help;probleme with this softwar
4:58AM 0 New winetricks-alpha 20110306: new game Crysis 2 Demo and seven others, new dll dinput, lots of bug fixes; ie8 now works
1:52AM 4 Final Fantasy 14(xiv) not working on OSX with 1.3.14
12:43AM 3 No printers visible on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
12:19AM 4 I can see icons of program...
Sunday March 6 2011
10:53PM 0 Re: Free Youtube Converter doesn't work
10:32PM 0 probleme with this softwar
9:51PM 1 Character set problem
9:01PM 1 Forums/list
7:46PM 1 USB support in wine
4:47PM 1 installing 32 bit wine on 64 bit computer help
3:58PM 1 Managing WINEPREFIXES
12:21PM 20 does wine opens and works Babylon 8 well ??!!
12:02PM 1 Single-threaded Wine Server?
2:21AM 3 Help ! Need to run IE on 64 bit machine
1:00AM 6 Blitzkrieg 2 suddenly stopped working
Saturday March 5 2011
10:33PM 1 Page fault issue, need help
8:47AM 1 About TextCrawler, it can't open after intalling
7:21AM 0 James Snow
5:50AM 5 1.3.15, mouse screwy now on OSX.
3:27AM 1 Will wine natively support HTML?
3:14AM 1 Titan quest on web
Friday March 4 2011
11:48PM 0 Hearts of Iron 2 Armageddon - Scenario order messed up ?!
7:02PM 3 Crysis 2 Demo Working
5:40PM 1 Wine window doesn't render properly
1:35PM 4 Wine does not allow program to see USB ID
12:25PM 1 Bulletstorm & scroll wheel
10:42AM 0 hello world
Thursday March 3 2011
8:19PM 1 Guild Wars problems
6:12PM 0 wc3 customkeys wont work
5:11PM 3 Neverwinter Nights suddenly not working
5:11PM 14 The program Dls3_32.exe has enountered a serious problem
3:44PM 1 Some (Steam) applications not launching
3:07PM 3 Command Line Arguments
2:00PM 0 About wine
1:51PM 3 Age of Conan on Wine 1.2.2
1:37PM 2 e-sword and other serious applications via wine
5:40AM 4 Future Tax Regression
4:25AM 2 Gstreamer issue with Morrowind and Oblivion
Wednesday March 2 2011
3:20PM 1 Re: ies4linux / our wine does not have wineprefixcreate installe
1:08PM 0 A Introduction to Bordeaux 2011.03 for Linux FreeBSD and PC
1:19AM 1 Re: ies4linux / our wine does not have wineprefixcreate installe
12:42AM 1 Re: ies4linux / our wine does not have wineprefixcreate installe
12:40AM 3 WINE hiding in background
12:22AM 0 ies4linux / our wine does not have wineprefixcreate installed
Tuesday March 1 2011
4:16PM 1 Help compiling an older version of wine on 64 bit Fedora 14
3:15PM 1 Fronius solar access
2:56PM 1 Photoshop CS5 Ubuntu 10.10 and 10.04
2:10PM 5 Rift Seemingly can't patch.
2:03PM 2 Adobe CS3 msi bug: workarounds for 1.3.14?
10:14AM 0 i have problem
2:56AM 1 Re: Money 2004 installed, but crashing
1:24AM 0 How to Remove DRM from WMA WMV