wine users - Jan 2010

Sunday January 31 2010
11:58PM 1 Can't get JRE 1.6U18 to run
8:30PM 1 remap ctrl, alt and command keys in osx
6:48PM 1 Newbie Questions
4:57PM 3 RedAlert 3 on Wine 1.1.37
2:01PM 3 ask
8:51AM 1 Shortcut for Wine Program in Mac OS X
8:18AM 1 RE..
Saturday January 30 2010
9:33PM 2 Office 2007 setup.exe serious problem
4:41PM 5 HELP! i think i broke it!
2:02PM 9 New to Wine - going to get Gothic II & Warcraft III running
1:34PM 4 Troubles with regression testing
1:00PM 1 How to call an internal wine function ?
9:43AM 2 Photoshop 7 - Cursor disappears
9:36AM 0 TrackMania Nations Forever certain tracks unplayable
9:14AM 3 form load error , winetricks?
6:12AM 2 ERROR: You do not have permission to write to C:\
4:05AM 1 netflicks
1:24AM 1 Help with wine Steam configuration
1:06AM 2 Uninstalling winamp
Friday January 29 2010
11:15PM 6 All Applications Failing on Start
10:44PM 5 frage zu wine
6:39PM 1 writing binary windows registry files
6:39PM 1 Re: Color Management, icc files, and Photoshop CS2
6:38PM 1 Bordeaux 2.0.0 for Linux Released
5:25PM 4 My app doesn’t respond to keyboard shortcuts without focus.
4:16PM 4 Lands of Lore 3 is crashing in direct3D mode
4:06PM 1 Unhandled page fault trying to run program
4:06PM 5 New to wine trying to install linux labs sim for class
1:17PM 7 Wine and Miranda IM
7:45AM 2 winecfg
2:07AM 5 How to do the MouseWrapOverride=disabled?
Thursday January 28 2010
9:54PM 1 Security issues
9:15PM 2 cannot uninstall iTunes 9
8:54PM 2 Cannot uninstall Game
5:36PM 1 Wine - query
4:59PM 1 domain configuration on wine
3:09PM 1 Direct3D registry entries don't work
2:57PM 2 Volume Serial Number
12:12PM 1 Ibiblio and 1.1.37 source
10:52AM 2 lib32nss-mdns ist nicht installiert
3:43AM 2 Issue with Drive Space for World of Warcraft Installation
12:55AM 3 help with a small custom patch?
12:18AM 3 Which is the *Stable* download for Slackware?
Wednesday January 27 2010
11:41PM 0 Re: Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
11:19PM 0 Re: Building big app in Visual C++ in Wine uses too many file ha
10:01PM 1 Building big app in Visual C++ in Wine uses too many file handles in wineserver, wheee....
6:35PM 0 Trouble getting Railroad Tycoon 3 to work
4:05PM 1 install wine offline
10:04AM 1 TR 5
9:48AM 3 FS9
5:09AM 1 Problem building wineserver
Tuesday January 26 2010
10:39PM 1 Deb binaries
8:00PM 1 Wintex 5.4 com port setup
7:54PM 0 Wine install on Slackware 13.0 - recommendation
6:11PM 1 Wine and Atlantica
12:50PM 0 LiveZilla
8:35AM 1 Wine doesn't work with any application running from CD / DVD
5:30AM 0 perfect world game help please
3:54AM 4 laughs - how to install wine 1.137 on debian?
2:04AM 2 crystal report 2008 print to printer do not work
Monday January 25 2010
11:55PM 2 Unable to install the new DAZStudio beta.
10:40PM 2 wine and autocad 2008
7:49PM 1 Binaries non-executable :/
6:46PM 6 error 429 on vb6 app
5:29PM 2 newer winehq page for Fedora?
4:02PM 6 How to choose a friendly-wine video card?
2:44PM 1 App requires InstallShield
1:40PM 3 Winetricks bug on installing iexplore.exe
1:37PM 1 4D Client 2004.7 font problem
1:01PM 1 InScribe On Screen Keyboard
10:25AM 1 Re: PhysX on 64bit systems
9:16AM 3 Wine on Mac OS X 10.5?
7:52AM 2 Cannot Install Visual Studio Express Edition
5:39AM 3 Global Agenda
1:01AM 6 Can't Load PLUTO
Sunday January 24 2010
11:40PM 0 Clearing IE Cache in Wine
10:25PM 1 New user question
7:50PM 3 Office 2007 Enterprise not running
7:12PM 0 Wine won't upgrade, repository errors
5:32PM 7 Problem Wine eject
3:27PM 1 Re: wow runtime error, new with patch 3.3
12:54PM 0 Share : Music/Video/Photo from iPhone/iTouch/iPod to PC
12:52PM 0 Share : how to convert DVD and video to iPhone, iPod, Zune, PSP
11:42AM 2 winemenubuilder and wineserver [BIG PROBLEM with CPU]
10:46AM 2 Forged Alliance, Ubuntu9.10
10:42AM 8 Problem with encoding at an ebook
7:40AM 1 cant get pal talk or ym to work on ubuntu.
2:09AM 2 VERY inexperienced Ubuntu user needs help, please
Saturday January 23 2010
10:01PM 6 Problem with trine - no landscape!
8:39PM 0 Problems with Ragnarok Online with wine
4:45PM 1 Does WINE work on Yellow Dog Linux 6.2?
4:44PM 1 Test tool breaks secured wireless on windows 7 x64
4:26PM 1 Gamepads not working
10:31AM 3 battlefield 1942 not starting after ubuntu restart
10:25AM 1 Newbie Here
7:33AM 3 Wine Registry : winebrowser "%1" : the quotes were omitted
7:12AM 1 Scripting Wine builds on Mac OS X
12:31AM 1 Borderlands DVD Gamespy & DLC1 not working w/ patch (...)
Friday January 22 2010
9:22PM 1 how to disable root / filesystem access
9:13PM 1 wine Outlook 2007 cannot log on network error
1:39PM 1 Magic jack problem.
9:36AM 1 Using .exe switches (commands?) e.g. -w
8:45AM 1 help!
8:30AM 0 Re: Printing/Creating PDF Files
7:53AM 2 Magicjack in wine?
12:22AM 2 uninstalling programs under Wine
Thursday January 21 2010
11:46PM 0 Error: xrender running "Learn to Play Bridge"
9:02PM 2 programs menu
8:01PM 5 Autocad on Wine 1.0.1 Ubuntu 9.1
7:29PM 1 Mac Wine 1.1.35 COM port can't exceed 38400 baud
4:16PM 0 Looking for Axumit
2:06PM 0 PolarProTrainer
12:18PM 8 Need help to get LCDHype flying with Parallel-Port
10:37AM 0 Re: PolarProTrainer
Wednesday January 20 2010
11:48PM 1 Mystery in London
11:44PM 3 problems with Fisher price installs
11:42PM 1 D3D Registry Entries Not Working
10:24PM 7 The FAQ does not cover unisntalling just one program?
7:35PM 4 C++ Runtime error
6:55PM 2 Problem with disk units
2:09PM 2 MS Office XP installation problem
1:55PM 0 openSUSE upgrade makes Mathematica to crash in wine
10:21AM 2 [Q] Speedlingua - USB Headset
Tuesday January 19 2010
9:28PM 0 Re: Lingoes 2
7:11PM 0 Re: Message: "HTML rendering is currently disabled"
6:47PM 2 Multi users
5:22PM 0 Re: League of Legends - Beta in Wine
4:16PM 3 Wine Installation issues on Snow Leopard
1:00PM 3 fixme:keyboard:X11DRV_ActivateKeyboardLayout
3:23AM 1 Programs running Javascript through Internet Explorer web br
2:22AM 1 Re: Message: "HTML rendering is currently disabled"
12:27AM 1 Re: Message: "HTML rendering is currently disabled"
Monday January 18 2010
10:13PM 4 Hos to set stack size
10:07PM 4 Mirrors Edge Mac 10.6.2 White Screen
9:07PM 0 Crossloop netsh error?
8:47PM 0 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
7:12PM 0 MessageBoxExW bug?
6:36PM 2 Wine not running applications in Windows Partition
10:46AM 1 Thinking of getting wine
9:45AM 1 Need help setting up app with Mac OS X Leopard
4:10AM 3 First time Ubuntu 9.10 user trying to install wine-1.1.36.
1:43AM 2 ati mobility X1400 being recognized as a geforce 3 card
12:18AM 2 New Fallout3 problem on Mac-Leopard
Sunday January 17 2010
11:13PM 6 perfect world
10:17PM 2 Fallout3 installation on Mac-Leopard
9:42PM 4 garena/wc3 "gdi32.dll" failed to initialize...
8:20PM 1 HELP - Installing wine with .tar.bz2 / no internet
7:38PM 5 (no subject)
5:58PM 4 wine, snow leopard, 16bit support
2:53PM 1 Error with excecute cmd-commands
1:28PM 1 Ubuntu Lucid no longer dependent on Pulseaudio, wine works
11:54AM 4 Battlefield 1942 on Mac os X
9:38AM 1 Application Testing - Where to start?
Saturday January 16 2010
11:07PM 0 Lotus SmartSuite 9.8 KUbunu
7:50PM 0 Please someone help me with Winetricks! =(
2:19PM 3 Wine Kernel integration
8:01AM 1 Hello!
Friday January 15 2010
10:15PM 1 SNMPTrap service support in Wine
9:46PM 1 Wine and Steam/Windows
8:32PM 5 wine iexplore white screen of death
7:13PM 8 Installed new version without uninstalling old- PLEASE HELP!
5:41PM 5 ogl.dll error in office 2007
3:30PM 1 mirror's edge stays on the splash screen
2:59PM 1 Winetricks ie6
1:14PM 3 32-bit libmpg123 on Gentoo
1:13PM 1 Forcing Windows SDL apps to use DirectDraw
10:11AM 3 wine and network files sharing
1:04AM 2 C++ and Steam question
Thursday January 14 2010
11:48PM 1 No Wine item in the Application menu
10:46PM 1 Fonts installed but reported as missing
5:55PM 2 err:module: attach_process_dlls rpcrt4.dll
7:17AM 1 broken prefix?
6:20AM 0 Re: Wine program resource usage question
Wednesday January 13 2010
8:51PM 2 WineD3D messed up my VM, how do uninstall it?
8:42PM 3 Linux Mint 8 + Wine 1.1.36 + Office 2007
6:08PM 6 problem with wineprefixcreate...
5:08PM 2 Error when running Merriam-Webster 3.0
3:06PM 1 World Of Warcraft Crash At Run
2:23PM 1 Science Assessment Integrated Network Toolkit (SAINT)
1:50PM 0 MIDI Interface
1:48PM 3 Looking for developers trying to build Windows apps on Wine
6:55AM 0 Troubles with gecko/javascript?
4:00AM 0 StudySmartSetup.exe
1:32AM 7 Problem with wine?
Tuesday January 12 2010
11:12PM 3 Sreen rotated
10:30PM 8 Installing Wine on Mac OS 10.6.2
9:55PM 2 Lineage 2 (Gracia part 3 : Final) & Wine
8:08PM 1 NI GPIB-Device
7:53PM 5 Missing controls in Garmin software setup
4:49PM 3 MS Office 2007 Registration Problem
1:41PM 0 Blank Screen in Game after 30 Seconds
11:42AM 4 How to make icon to command on mac?
10:02AM 3 Hardware requirements for running Wine+CAD software
6:36AM 1 blackberry
4:45AM 2 Re: Memory Limitations for WINE 1.1.33 under Mac OS Leopard
3:13AM 1 Re: guild wars disappears
Monday January 11 2010
11:27PM 0 WoW using d3d
9:05PM 2 Speedo Aquabeat and .NET 2.0 not working
9:03PM 3 Comment Installer 3.5 ou 2 sous Mandriva avec?
8:01PM 3 segmentation fault on wine itself
5:32PM 1 Wine acts so weird that I can't express it in words [video]
4:39PM 1 Re: Jedi Academy error with 1.1.32
4:20PM 1 Registering or Installing DLLs
12:35PM 6 PASW Statistics on wine
11:46AM 1 win32 command line arguments
1:48AM 1 HELP-installing DragonNaturallySpeaking9Preferred
1:34AM 1 MW2 almost works under Wine
Sunday January 10 2010
11:19PM 6 1.1.36 compile problem on Mac OS X
6:52PM 1 Ubuntu 9.10 and Wine
5:11PM 2 Office 2007 Doesn't Work! Help!
12:27PM 2 Help me creating a proper backtrace log
12:05PM 1 Enabling BT GPS receiver for Wine
Saturday January 9 2010
11:24PM 3 what information can program get about underlying system
9:08PM 1 Re: League of Legends - Beta in Wine
8:38PM 4 First real installation attempt- Warcraft III
6:16PM 5 How do I uninstall wine?
5:06PM 0 Running VMware View client on Linux via Wine
3:44PM 2 Cant get Winebottler working... getting very frustrated!
3:22PM 1 Silent Hill 2: irregular framerate
1:58PM 3 Dungeon Lords Collectors Edition
11:45AM 1 Zbrush on wine is not starting
8:00AM 9 FS9 remove debugger?
7:35AM 4 Super Pro 9.4 / USAF question
2:38AM 0 Running a game called WarS...
Friday January 8 2010
9:12PM 3 WINE + MSSQL 2000 + VB6 -> Numbers are rounded in recordset
8:48PM 2 Re: Oblivion graphics problem
6:40PM 2 Graphics configuration error
12:12PM 2 File access questions
11:11AM 1 Re: problem with libraries in MS Access XP
9:56AM 2 Insufficient Memory?
7:21AM 4 Runtime error 53: File not found
12:24AM 1 .NET application on WINE KARMIC
Thursday January 7 2010
10:17PM 2 Using Wine to run programs on a windows partition?
8:24PM 3 Runaway 2 Wine Patch
3:17PM 2 Problem in configuring (need help PLS)
2:35PM 1 Splinter Cell Double Agent crash on start up
1:57PM 4 Xeltek SuperPro III Programer
12:26PM 2 No graphic
8:51AM 2 Graphic Issues
4:23AM 0 Re: F.E.A.R.
2:35AM 2 Re: Oblivion graphics problem
Wednesday January 6 2010
9:01PM 1 Re: Lingoes 2
8:52PM 2 777 Gebärden : Cannot find TB70net.exe (or one of its...)
6:23PM 0 Trellix 2.7
6:05PM 5 Photoshop CS2
10:32AM 0 photoshop
10:21AM 1 Problem about game resolution
8:40AM 1 Running app developed using Visual Studio 2007
4:14AM 3 Access HTTPS/SSL enabled sites
3:12AM 0 ...
3:10AM 1 Wine installed but...
2:29AM 1 Installing Wine from source.
1:21AM 0 Re: Crossover Linux (WINE) menu links to apps are broken. WHY?
12:22AM 1 Upgrading Wine 1.0.1 to 1.1.26
Tuesday January 5 2010
10:05PM 1 shell open fails with some folder names
9:53PM 1 ntdll module error when launching my software
8:26PM 5 Browse/Open File Dialogue Slow
7:10PM 1 7digital locker
8:32AM 2 Explanation
3:38AM 0 Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst
12:29AM 1 Re: How to achieve Japanese localization on Mac OSX?
Monday January 4 2010
10:03PM 2 intuit site builder
6:10PM 1 Proper way to backup Steam games incl. registry keys
4:56PM 1 No text on Gangster's Organized Crime
3:52PM 1 Anti-Aliasing in Wine
6:53AM 0 Easy Conversion between Popular Video Formats
6:12AM 5 Variation on zero memory location allocation problem
Sunday January 3 2010
10:09PM 2 I can't remove wine applications!
9:01PM 1 No Sound in Wine, but it's only for one program!
3:44PM 3 dxdiag - exits without success
2:58PM 1 PES 2010 doesn't run!
11:21AM 2 Re: [FAQ] [RFC] How can multiple users share an installed Wine a
11:20AM 1 Re: How to achieve Japanese localization on Mac OSX?
10:35AM 1 Re: [FAQ] [RFC] How can multiple users share an installed Wine a
9:07AM 1 Update error
6:09AM 1 Keyboard layout not recognized by Fisher-Price software
2:48AM 1 Having some issues w/ Wine+Deb
12:50AM 1 PIMEX Mailexpress does not seem to work correctly
Saturday January 2 2010
9:24PM 1 program won't start
8:52PM 1 Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst
8:12PM 1 programs no longer work
8:04PM 2 Omiron: The Nomad Soul-Wine ver 1.1.35-Ubuntu 9.10
7:00PM 1 soed6
6:27PM 1 Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst
5:48PM 3 Train your Brain doesn't start
5:28PM 1 Re: Editing is disabled
4:00PM 1 Re: [FAQ] [RFC] How can multiple users share an installed Wine a
3:49PM 1 Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst
12:26PM 1 msxml4 install error: err:richedit:ReadStyleSheet...
12:04PM 1 Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst
11:17AM 1 Easily changing directory where program files should be installed to by default?
10:53AM 0 [FAQ] [RFC] How can multiple users share an installed Wine application?
10:39AM 5 [FAQ] [RFC] entry about locations of Windows drives
7:02AM 3 DxDiag not working - Wine 1.1.35 + Ubuntu 9.10
4:14AM 1 gekkeiju online running, now just need shaders
1:44AM 1 To run app in Wine on 64-bit box, use the 32- or 64-Win app?
1:40AM 2 Those were just questions, now for the real stuff
1:12AM 1 How to determine what to do get an app up and running?
Friday January 1 2010
10:28PM 1 does reason4 work on wine?
9:11PM 1 Wine Debugger in Settlers 4 crashes
9:07PM 2 AutoCAD 2004 crashes using Ubuntu 9.10 and Wine 1.1.33
8:25PM 3 SA:MP doesn't work
7:07PM 2 No MIDI devices in wine
6:52PM 1 Re: No MIDI devices in wine
4:39AM 1 Sacrifice becomes unstable once patch 3 is installed