samba - Dec 2000

Sunday December 31 2000
11:25PM 1 info on configuring xinetd for samba
4:26PM 0 BUG: multiple nmbd including WINS on one machine (samba-2.0.7)
11:28AM 1 Samba/Macintosh question (desperated) - eliminates two prior msgs
10:57AM 0 Samba/Macintosh question (desperated) - other msg had email mismatched :(
10:45AM 1 Samba/Macintosh question (desperated)
4:29AM 0 More strange happenings with my LAN.
4:03AM 0 FreeBSD bad file descriptor fix
1:33AM 1 WinMe - It can't be this hard?!?
1:33AM 1 Samba election incompatibilites? (MS KB article Q168821)
Saturday December 30 2000
1:19PM 0 These pesky passwords.
12:08PM 0 Ooops.
5:50AM 1 Stuck on getting samba working
2:59AM 1 Stuck on getting SAMBA working on my little LAN.
Friday December 29 2000
11:26PM 0 Is there any way to get Postfix to authenticate users against samba server?
9:16PM 2 "Sambing"
4:10PM 2 samba max open files
12:25PM 1 Newbie lost in SAMBA Space : How can I Browse two subnets with one Samba on the gateway ?
11:57AM 0 Testing service
5:38AM 0 mapping cross-network drive to smb share.
Thursday December 28 2000
11:50PM 0 Win2k can't connect to RedHat samba server
10:47PM 0 New old user - Domain logon
9:04PM 0 SWAT on SCO Openserver 5.0.5
8:03PM 4 installing samba on a HP-UX 11.0 server
6:23PM 1 Problems with a printer
1:42PM 2 help me plz
11:36AM 1 Checking log size fails
8:21AM 2 Displaying Samba Man Pages
4:56AM 1 SAMBA : Backup
Wednesday December 27 2000
9:11PM 0 network problems
8:36PM 3 integrating samba with an NT domain controller
6:04PM 1 samba on solaris 2.8
11:31AM 1 Win98 says that it can't see the users liste when creating a share.
9:46AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday December 26 2000
9:58PM 0 [Fwd: force directory mode 1777]
8:22PM 1 Samba and CUPS almost there...
8:00PM 0 (OT) Automotive Mailing List
6:17PM 1 2.2 support client only Win2K AD?
5:11PM 2 smbmount and ssl
12:30PM 1 starting the smbd deamon...
7:49AM 1 login as root ?
3:14AM 0 Timezone problem?
Monday December 25 2000
3:20PM 1 error connecting to samba server
Sunday December 24 2000
3:11PM 0 HP JetDirect on Windows
4:14AM 0 samba digest, Vol 1 #229 - 20 msgs
Saturday December 23 2000
2:14PM 1 Errata in the Document in samba-2.0.7
Friday December 22 2000
4:49PM 0 Network hangs and the Computer crashes.
3:42PM 0 Fwd: ping to server pings client
2:56PM 0 [Fwd: Log in nuisance on public share]
2:45PM 1 Log in nuisance on public share
9:20AM 1 (no subject)
9:18AM 0 (no subject)
5:25AM 2 Can Samba log the number of printed pages?
5:01AM 0 Restarting SAMBA and losing the WINS database
2:18AM 1 Problematic NMBD
12:30AM 1 smbd and nmbd startup problem's...
Thursday December 21 2000
9:19PM 0 Help with Redhat 7.0 getting Samba running. . .
8:46PM 1 Does samba2.0.7 support windows2000 logon
8:23PM 2 Unable to browse network
7:49PM 1 CUPS/compiling problem in Linux-Mandrake 7.2
1:21PM 0 Samba 2.07 on AIX 4.3.2
4:07AM 1 Samba as a gateway
12:34AM 0 what's procdure number range
12:25AM 3 Reliable method to mount a Win 2K share on Linux.
Wednesday December 20 2000
9:25PM 1 Samba and MS SQL 7
6:57PM 4 ping to server pings client
5:56PM 0 Smbprint and .config
4:55PM 0 Empty, nameless folders
3:04PM 0 Samba 2.0.5 on solaris 2.7
11:50AM 1 samba in two workgroups
11:30AM 0 smbclient -M -> w2k
11:26AM 1 write_socket_data errors. Other solution
9:41AM 0 FIFO pipes with SAMBA
2:48AM 1 ntbackup unable to read security information on 2.0.7-4
2:14AM 0 remote connections
12:04AM 0 (no subject)
Tuesday December 19 2000
10:29PM 0 Samba on HPUX "Trusted System"?
9:45PM 0 looking for samba-2.0.6-1mdk-src.rpm
8:02PM 1 Problem (Accentuated characters come in a strange way)
7:32PM 2 Is this possible?
7:25PM 1 couldn't find service [talks, player32]
5:38PM 2 Map names to ip addresses in windows
4:52PM 1 my problem once again
3:09PM 1 hi installation of samba
2:15PM 1 Samba in internet
1:58PM 15 network resources
1:52PM 1 Win2K
9:42AM 2 Re(2): Problem with IPC ?
9:39AM 0 samba 2.0.7 + Linux 2.2.18
6:38AM 0 FW: FIFO pipes with SAMBA
2:50AM 1 Samba for Dos
2:10AM 1 Duplicate listing
Monday December 18 2000
7:07PM 0 [Fwd: Upgrading Samba]
5:17PM 1 Network Busy (Samba/Fbsd 4)
5:02PM 0 (hopefully) simple problem
3:27PM 1 how to veto dot files
3:25PM 0 Out if file structures
1:53PM 0 smbfs errors talking to a NT4SP3 Wolfpack server
1:32PM 1 problem with ASAP
11:45AM 1 New born baby in Linux still havn't seen the day light yet.
11:31AM 0 help to gbv
10:11AM 0 Fwd: MSDOS Client and Samba-CVS-131200
8:55AM 1 Unified Logons between Windows NT and Linux using Winbind
5:51AM 0 [ win95/95 clientside password changes?]
5:29AM 0 Sample smb.conf
4:31AM 0 bugfix for configure script (misses readline library)
4:03AM 1 Wrong file being openned
2:17AM 0 HP2100,smb,lprng /var/spool/samba
Sunday December 17 2000
12:45PM 0 remove from list
12:25AM 0 very low write performance
Saturday December 16 2000
11:56PM 2 smbclient -L ..., password problem. HELP!!!!!!
8:14PM 0 win95/95 clientside password changes?
4:02PM 0 bug fix for smbclient/tar
Friday December 15 2000
10:17PM 0 Chown functionality added to smbcacls.
9:59PM 0 Indexing Servers
8:11PM 2 Expire passwords
7:56PM 0 Synchronication
6:52PM 2 win95 machine not seeing samba server
6:17PM 0 smbd processes spawned as user or root?
6:16PM 4 smbd choking on startup
5:27PM 0 Still no solution after 5 months(!) - Transfer speed problems with Samba & Windows 2000 Professional
5:25PM 1 Files showing in all shares
5:06PM 0 Summary: smbprint with PCL/PJL statements
3:33PM 0 samba 2.0.7 and Windows 2000 authentication problem
3:24PM 0 [Fwd: W2K Joining SMB Server]
10:36AM 1 Samba 2.0.7 - mangled names problems
10:23AM 0 Creating folders on shares
5:14AM 2 about samba tng version
Thursday December 14 2000
10:20PM 0 Frage von Robert
10:10PM 0 Robert Flötzner from Germany
8:59PM 1 using winbindd with samba 2.07 and multiple master domains
8:12PM 5 Setting up virtual samba servers
7:16PM 0 [PATCH] to make Samba work in FreeBSD jails
7:06PM 6 samba on solaris 2.8 not creating STATUS..LCK file
6:01PM 2 Connection problem using win98
5:50PM 0 Win2K error
5:15PM 0 (no subject)
5:06PM 2 bug in winbind
4:11PM 0 nmbd's are bringing down by system
4:10PM 1 FW: Failed to set gid privileges
11:12AM 0 a problem with shortcats
11:11AM 1 OT: Largest Commercial Software package.
10:14AM 2 Bug: Umlaute in Filenames on smbmounted shares don't work
9:43AM 0 application server problems on windows 2000
9:11AM 2 Problem with IPC?
8:09AM 0 Error in log
4:57AM 1 Problem with ifup on Pmac
4:53AM 1 PC hardware on PPC
Wednesday December 13 2000
9:45PM 0 Win2K Folder Links / Read-Only folder issues
7:28PM 1 Solaris x86 and Win 2K
5:57PM 0 Strange passwort authentification problem (HELP PLEASE!!!)
4:56PM 0 write_socket_data ...
4:29PM 0 more printing problems
2:25PM 1 smbpasswd -j DOMÄNE
1:57PM 0 Sun cluster and samba
1:50PM 1 Unable to authenticate user from trusted domain
1:15PM 1 reverse name lookup
11:52AM 1 Windows 9x problem
9:59AM 0 Too Many Connections on Samba-CVS-131200
9:49AM 1 Samba, LDAP-Server and Encrypted Passwords
9:16AM 0 Rif: RE: Error browsing my network with samba as master browser
9:10AM 0 permission problems NT-Samba
8:26AM 1 please help me with "WinPopup"
8:15AM 0 Windows machines can (only sometimes) not see the linux samba servers
5:01AM 0 nmbd's respawning until they can't anymore
4:59AM 0 MSDOS Client and Samba-CVS-131200
4:52AM 0 Can't see Samba
2:06AM 0 Simultaneous File Shares with NT4
1:24AM 2 Using groups in login scripts
12:38AM 0 Good evenings
Tuesday December 12 2000
11:58PM 0 Samba sharing an NFS mounted drive (netapp)
10:17PM 1 Shared folder file permissions
9:48PM 0 error in previous post
9:06PM 0 FYI: printer weirdness (cosmetic bug?)
7:00PM 1 problem printing netscape jobs
7:00PM 1 Question about NT client and HP-UX server software both accessing the SAME file at the same time on samba share...
6:58PM 0 Samba & Windows 98 Passwords
5:49PM 2 change of IP
5:17PM 1 Deleted W2K user account
5:15PM 0 Upgrading
5:01PM 2 Strange passwort authentification problem
4:41PM 0 How to get a list of users
4:30PM 0 samba-2.2.0-alpha1 queries
2:01PM 0 network neighberhood- please help !
12:32PM 0 possible bug in 2.0.7 (lib/util_str.c)
11:08AM 0 How a client in another domain to connect to SAMBA in another domain?
9:51AM 0 samba2.07 on Tru64
8:28AM 2 samba 2.0.7 on Tru64
8:20AM 0 Mabe bug in Force User given root permission to all files.
8:04AM 1 Windows 2000 Professional & Samba
7:59AM 1 Exchange Server Replacement
7:25AM 1 wish list
7:25AM 0 Clarification on win2k capabilities
7:17AM 0 DFREE Command truncating the Last Character on CVS 111200
12:50AM 0 (no subject)
12:44AM 1 Win2k Pro + SP1 + Samba + Unencrypted Passwords + Lazy admins ..
12:37AM 11 Session request failed (Called name not present) error
Monday December 11 2000
11:40PM 1 Win2k Pro + SP1 + Samba + Unencrypted Passwords + Lazy admins..
11:37PM 0 Multiple Subnets and Netbios Names
8:41PM 0 Samba on different subnets
7:40PM 0 Connection lost...
7:25PM 1 swat doesn't like my smb.conf's "include" line?
7:04PM 3 smbclient question
6:47PM 1 Help: share a drive in Windows 2000 Sever from a linux box
6:34PM 0 share a drive in Windows 2000 Sever from a Linux
5:50PM 1 unwanted banner page
3:31PM 2 Is recompilation necessary?
2:57PM 0 SMBCLIENT, tar problem
2:13PM 0 smbmount !
2:09PM 0 Displaying Multiple Samba Domains?
1:38PM 0 Printer name bug?
1:05PM 0 network busy (Error writing 4 bytes to client) - Solaris 2.8
10:13AM 1 A little question
3:52AM 0 Using smbclient to access an SSL enabled Samba Daemon.
Sunday December 10 2000
9:27PM 0 SMB Debugging
7:08PM 0 Failed to initialise share modes error
1:50PM 0 strange problem with receiving messages
9:03AM 1 SMB Log Entries
5:00AM 1 Problems renaming files from a Win98 client
3:18AM 2 Read Error
Saturday December 9 2000
8:48PM 1 smbmount -> system crash ?
8:30PM 0 Windows tcp/ip question Partially solved, please read
7:02PM 0 Windows tcp/ip question
7:12AM 1 Problem in logon to WindowsNT
5:52AM 0 Fwd: Problem with DFREE COMMAND and SMBCLIENT on SAMBA-CVS 091200
Friday December 8 2000
9:58PM 0 unix chmod not following NTFS/FAT attrib operation [w/patch]
9:58PM 0 unix chmod not following NTFS/FAT attrib operation [w/patch2]
8:06PM 0 Windows 98 locking
7:40PM 2 Memory Leak
5:34PM 0 errors on compile
4:59PM 1 smbd needs one complete CPU
3:24PM 1 perfomance
2:56PM 0 Segfault from endless recursion
2:55PM 2 configuration problem
2:14PM 0 problem with root password afher install of 2.0.7
2:12PM 0 include conf files (urgent)
7:09AM 0 wins re-registration problem.
1:16AM 2 root access to swat...
Thursday December 7 2000
10:21PM 1 error: works w/ Win NT, but not 98
8:28PM 1 Remount question.
8:07PM 2 password validation
6:43PM 0 problem accessing files
4:07PM 0 HELP HELP Password
3:44PM 1 smbclient and filename spaces
2:51PM 0 Integration of Win NT and Unix using SAMBA application
2:11PM 0 Authenicating against multiple domains
1:51PM 0 Accidental posting
1:08PM 0 Samba and Windows NT PDC
10:22AM 0 samba-2.2.0-alpha1 compiling error Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0F Patchki t4 - SORRY
10:18AM 0 samba-2.2.0-alpha1 compiling error Compaq Tru64 UNIX 4.0F Patchki t4
9:13AM 0 Problem with filename length
7:43AM 0 Dave Client Problem
Wednesday December 6 2000
10:46PM 1 (no subject)
9:34PM 0 Problem with setting up Samba 2.0.7
8:55PM 0 SMB and Windows NT PDC
8:31PM 2 connections.tdb not initialised in 2.2.alpha1
7:48PM 1 Group access to chmod
5:00PM 0 nmblookup segmentation fault
4:55PM 0 samba-2.2.0-alpha1 under solaris 2.5.1
4:06PM 4 Encrypt Passwords & Mixed Case Passwords
3:49PM 0 Machine cannot see Samba server
2:53PM 1 What is the latest and greatest version of SAMBA?
1:44PM 1 smbd will not run on LPPC...
1:40PM 1 Corruption: SAMBA & NFS locks
11:44AM 0 Using add user script in NT Multiple Master Domains
11:09AM 1 Called name not present error - samba 2.0.7, SPARC Solaris 2. 7
10:18AM 2 Bugfix for interface.c
6:52AM 0 2.2.0a does not compile under TU64
5:08AM 0 Forcing change of user password on Win9x client
Tuesday December 5 2000
11:03PM 0 I need Samba for Sun Solaris Sparc 2.8
10:13PM 1 Samba joining NT domain (*not* the DOMAIN_MEMBER.txt FAQ)
9:25PM 1 HP PCL and smbprint
9:08PM 1 SAMBA 2.0.7 - logon problem with character set = ISO8859-2
9:07PM 1 Problem with NT/2000 shares greater than 12 characters long
4:19PM 0 [PATCH] Bug in date converting functions DOS<=>UNIX in FAT, NCPFS and SMBFS drivers [second attempt]
3:59PM 0 confirm 294902
2:18PM 0 Strange password authentication problem.
2:09PM 1 Browsing question. Please Help.
12:34PM 0 SharpPage Web Design Studio
12:21PM 0 Mailman results for samba
11:51AM 1 Resource PAssword Prompt without Username place
11:40AM 1 New User A/c For Samba..
9:15AM 0 Called name not present error - samba 2.0.7, SPARC Solaris 2.7
5:51AM 0 hey samba on networks
2:58AM 0 Samba PDC "disappears" from Network Neighbourhood
12:50AM 1 Printer Login Error
12:24AM 1 (no subject)
Monday December 4 2000
10:50PM 0
9:47PM 1 Installation of Samba on HPUX
8:23PM 29 Thank You!
7:39PM 0 Samba...Netware groups
6:43PM 2 Lotus Notes, Oplocks, and Unexpected Network Error
3:30PM 1 Samba 2.0.7 Configuration Problem
2:14PM 0 Starting nmbd/smbd - to script or to use InetD
1:56PM 1 Samba looking up hostnames in passwd NIS map??
3:00AM 0 Incorrect batch files accessed
1:26AM 1 Invalid User Names
Sunday December 3 2000
8:46PM 1 Where can i get the ORIGINAL smb.conf
12:08PM 0 printer setup problems in 2.2.0-alpha1
9:38AM 0 possible to start 'smbpasswd -a passwd' NOT as root?
7:41AM 1 HP/UX, second attempt
6:44AM 1 Help me with File sharing
2:09AM 0 Fwd: Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
Saturday December 2 2000
9:44PM 0 smb.conf for win2k
6:58PM 1 Encryption of samba partitions
4:30PM 1 "Finding" a samba server
12:13PM 1 mounting shares in fstab
12:09AM 0 Some troubles with samba as PDC for w2k
Friday December 1 2000
10:19PM 0 Does winbindd/wbinfo work?
7:52PM 0 Uppercase to lowercase
6:56PM 1 mount call gives "." as the directory & /proc/mounts doesn't resolve it
6:28PM 2 Drive mapping problem
6:21PM 1 call_nt_transact_ioctl Currently not implemented
4:46PM 3 smbclient and large file size reporting?
3:24PM 2 Not finding .h files....
12:33PM 6 Problem with DHCP
11:20AM 1 Multiple AFS authentication
11:05AM 1 Hy there....
10:16AM 0 Network Neighborhood disapeared- help !!!
9:17AM 0 The opposite of 'veto files ='
6:11AM 1 invalid printer name in 2.2 alpha1 release
5:10AM 0 BDE, Paradox and Samba
1:47AM 0 Samba and poor installation of NT 4.0