R help - Nov 2010

Tuesday November 30 2010
11:52PM 1 rcauchy density distribution
10:54PM 1 confidence interval for logistic joinpoint regression from package ljr
10:43PM 1 warning creating an as.array method in a package
10:33PM 0 HGLM Validation
10:24PM 1 Simple question on eval
8:43PM 0 log-normal centile on horizontal axis
8:15PM 3 Outlier statistics question
7:40PM 0 Site to forbidden sites, and blocked
7:01PM 2 Adding noise
6:49PM 5 Minor warning about seq
5:48PM 2 Error bars in lattice barchart with groups
5:45PM 2 excluding factors from sampling
5:40PM 2 Adding text to a multiplot (via mfrow)
4:42PM 0 combined plot of observed and expected fractions
4:40PM 2 reference text variables as column name to plot
4:10PM 5 how to know if a file exists on a remote server?
2:57PM 3 repeat write.table with the same code many times
2:50PM 2 xyplot : superimposed 2 groups in different panels
2:42PM 1 more flexible "ave"
2:36PM 2 ggplot2 histograms
2:22PM 3 saving multiple panes to PNG
1:46PM 0 correlation of single variable with multiple variables
12:58PM 2 Why do I get (not estimable) in this aov data
12:16PM 2 Print to console from within Sweave script
11:45AM 0 scaling data to png indexed
9:52AM 1 Plot a matrix
9:22AM 3 pca analysis: extract rotated scores?
9:16AM 1 researcher with highly skewed data set seeks help finding practical GLMM tutorial
8:40AM 1 StructTS with 2 seasons
8:30AM 3 Concat two rows
8:05AM 1 Zooming in to a ggplot (a sort of ylim, but ylim won't do)
7:26AM 1 Compute polychoric matrix for more than 2 variables
12:40AM 1 unique column values and counts
12:27AM 0 heatmap.2
Monday November 29 2010
11:40PM 0 given a sensitivity calculate specificity based on a ROC curve
10:50PM 3 question
9:19PM 2 how to calculate standard error for the predicted value from geeglm?
9:02PM 4 subset
8:56PM 1 Extracting selected rows from a matrix
8:50PM 3 List elements of NULL to value
8:29PM 2 R equivalent of Beaton's Sweep algorithm
7:34PM 2 accuracy of GLM dispersion parameters
7:03PM 1 map() and pdf clipping
7:01PM 2 drop levels problem
6:36PM 2 FW: how to use by() ?
5:43PM 3 how to use by() ?
4:37PM 1 Two dimensional Array defined on intevals
3:56PM 2 Setting Values of Elements in a Dataframe
3:39PM 0 Updates for xlsReadWrite (1.5.3) and xlsReadWritePro (1.6.1/3)
3:32PM 1 Setting default path to library
3:30PM 2 Significance of the difference between two correlation coefficients
3:24PM 1 extracting P values from lm model
2:45PM 1 Filling in missing time samples with na.approx
2:35PM 3 data.frame and formula classes of aggregate
1:32PM 1 selecting only corresponding categories from a confusion matrix
1:22PM 0 Do you find trusted Latin wife
1:13PM 2 List of influential points?
12:48PM 0 attached file
12:47PM 2 Problems in running affylmGUI
12:29PM 1 Troubles in plotting to a postscript file (not to png)
12:11PM 1 Moran I for very large data set
11:22AM 1 Plot data inside matrix
11:17AM 1 surpressing tickmarks / labels x-as for two sets of boxplot (plotted as stacked boxplots)
10:48AM 1 weighted Spearman correlation coefficient
10:48AM 1 in regards of plotting using functions.
9:53AM 0 RODBC read all columns as character
9:18AM 1 cross tabulate variables by subject id
9:17AM 0 Bayes factor for a Welch or Yuen t-test
8:26AM 1 Evaluation of survival analysis
5:29AM 3 Help Please!!!!!!!!!
4:29AM 0 formulas with non-syntactic names and an Error() term
3:53AM 3 Replacing several rows of a matrix at once
3:29AM 1 How do I subtract sequential values ?
2:36AM 1 Array help
Sunday November 28 2010
10:48PM 3 periodic time series
10:42PM 2 weighted x variables with glm
9:47PM 3 non-linear fourth-order differential equations
9:20PM 5 unexpected behavior using round to 2 digits on randomly generated numbers
8:46PM 4 how to divide each column in a matrix by its colSums?
7:33PM 1 predict.drm not generating confidence intervals
11:46AM 2 Where to download R .xls sample files?
11:44AM 3 Where is gdata?
10:53AM 2 Comparing two functions
8:43AM 1 Finding root of quadratic equation
5:02AM 1 Legend symbols mixed char and integer
Saturday November 27 2010
10:56PM 1 return vector of element names for vector, matrix or array
10:02PM 3 Two time measures
5:59PM 1 lattice: remove box around wireframe (*follow-up*)
3:04PM 4 Combind two different vector
2:59PM 1 How to search the name of dataset on database
2:20PM 0 Problem with installing RWinEdt on Win 7
2:14PM 1 Matrix Operations
12:45PM 3 How to load data file without attribute names?
10:15AM 1 Priniting numerics
8:48AM 1 How to remove a package.
5:47AM 0 How to stop roxygen from creating Rd for functions that are not exported?
2:41AM 1 How to add multiple ablines
2:30AM 1 d.f. in F test of nested glm models
Friday November 26 2010
11:35PM 3 lattice: strange behavior (?) when using trellis.device(color=FALSE)
7:16PM 1 Plotting envelopes in spatstat
5:03PM 1 Generating kml lines output
4:32PM 1 options()$width does not equal actual console width - why?
3:51PM 1 Issues with nnet.default for regression/classification
3:11PM 0 Help on converting a daily zoo to a weekly zoo
2:55PM 1 cluster analysis: predefined clusters
2:50PM 2 how to get the plot like the attachment?
2:32PM 0 CPU Scheding package
2:32PM 0 Limit/size of error bar
2:26PM 2 How to catch error message
2:04PM 0 mlogit package - probabilities and std error of prob
1:31PM 3 Calling substitute(expr, list(a=1)) when expr <- expression(a+b+c)
12:54PM 0 Question about random interactions in MCMCglmm
11:55AM 2 multivariate analysis
11:39AM 3 lm regression
11:05AM 2 extract p-value from an aov-oject
10:43AM 0 contour figure from rsm
10:21AM 2 3D-surface colour based on the values of X or Y data points
10:15AM 0 projection of intersection of two planes
8:30AM 1 How to use expression(italic()) in a "vectorized" way (within a function)?
3:45AM 1 How to save a data set as .txt on fly?
1:35AM 1 Installing RQuantLib on Win 7 64 Bit
1:33AM 0 How to unsubscribe to mailing list
12:23AM 2 get list index
Thursday November 25 2010
10:16PM 1 coxph strange result
10:00PM 0 question about importing phylogenetic tree
9:20PM 1 Apropos the day...
8:49PM 3 How to "bin"/average" time points?
8:45PM 3 Go (back) from Rd to roxygen
8:44PM 4 Cumsum with a max and min value
7:32PM 0 R and R-related meetups at UCLA
4:50PM 2 aftreg vs survreg loglogistic aft model (different intercept term)
4:48PM 0 [libsvm] predict function error
3:53PM 3 Is there an implementation for "URL Encoding" (/format) in R?
3:38PM 1 About searching criteria
3:00PM 0 Spearman's Power
3:00PM 3 moving xlabels in lattice
2:49PM 6 help: program efficiency
2:42PM 1 Applying function to elements of matrices in a list
1:03PM 1 t-stat for the coefficients of an ARIMA model
1:00PM 1 difficulty setting the random = argument to lme()
12:22PM 1 RODBC
11:53AM 1 Generalized linear models with categorical data
11:34AM 1 \Sweaveopts error
10:38AM 1 Help in improving the style of R plots
9:59AM 4 how to find a row index in a matrix or a data frame ?
7:46AM 1 Reg : Using an existing JDBC connection in RJDBC
7:00AM 1 How to change value of y axis from log relative Hazard to relative Hazard
5:18AM 1 overlap cdf plots and add colors and etc
5:16AM 0 Heirarchial clustering based heatmap with user defined colours
4:46AM 2 Lifting Wavelet Transform
2:07AM 1 Execute SQL Stored Procedure in R
2:00AM 1 file reading problem unique to windows. Err info: Error in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")). cannot open the connection
1:58AM 1 Time series data
1:24AM 1 Replacing 1 plot in layout
1:10AM 5 Женская логика
1:03AM 2 delete-d jackknife
12:56AM 1 Help on running regression by grouping firms
Wednesday November 24 2010
11:06PM 2 Create new string of same length as entry in dataframe
10:49PM 0 Seeking advice on dynamic linear models with matrix state variable.
10:44PM 1 Newbie Help Please
9:24PM 1 RJDBC doesn't load Oracle driver?
8:26PM 2 Is there an equivalent to predict(..., type="linear") of a Proportional hazard model for a Cox model instead?
8:18PM 0 Hospital ANOVA/ANCOVA problem
8:05PM 0 Laplace Approximation
7:37PM 3 apply over list of data.frames
7:32PM 1 Par() Variables, Timing, and Resizing
7:27PM 2 Change the class of columns in a data frame
7:27PM 3 Custom ticks on x axis when dates are involved
7:23PM 0 1
7:08PM 5 Пикап
6:33PM 0 rbind error (maybe a problem with chron package?)
6:11PM 1 Tinn R to R problem
5:33PM 2 Cannot update R
5:14PM 1 diverting output from nested loops
5:08PM 1 adding blocks to arrays
4:44PM 0 negative binomial regression, unbalanced panel
4:04PM 2 Finding the nearest data in intraday data from two zoo objects
3:48PM 2 looking for the RMySQL package for R 2.12.0 under XP
2:59PM 1 Aligning Grid Lines with Date Ticks in Trellis Plot
2:54PM 1 Conditional Operation in Matrix
2:18PM 4 R encoding question
2:07PM 1 The nls2 function automatically prints the object!
1:56PM 0 nonparametric covariance analysis
12:53PM 1 Getting user input without hitting enter
11:51AM 5 Performance tuning tips when working with wide datasets
11:27AM 2 Running R from SAS
11:11AM 1 Need help
11:01AM 4 shifting down ylab in a plot
10:56AM 0 heatmap/clustering/corelation/sameorder
10:15AM 2 Print to the cmd line in a script
8:04AM 0 Problems with implementing gwr when categorical variables are included
6:21AM 0 AMOVA in R
4:58AM 0 lme with time series
4:24AM 1 how to make R overlook string character
3:29AM 1 Frequency tables including the zero frequencies
3:24AM 1 Difficulty loading packages into R version 2.12.0
2:45AM 1 Difficulty loading packages in R version 2.12.0
2:05AM 0 4. Rexcel (Luis Felipe Parra)-how to run a code from excel
1:13AM 2 Wilcoxon Rank Sum in R with a multiple testing correction
Tuesday November 23 2010
11:25PM 6 Filled contour plot showing labeled isolines?
11:01PM 2 scan function
10:17PM 4 Tobit model on unbalanced panel
9:57PM 1 Factor analysis and cfa with asymptotically distributed data
9:21PM 3 how to update my own function
8:26PM 2 How to do a stochastic model in R
7:49PM 2 Help with grouped barplot
7:32PM 1 Possible to pretty-printing using str()?
6:48PM 1 Barplot and plot means with confidence intervals in the same plot
6:47PM 1 specifying colours in a ggplot2 piechart
5:53PM 2 Plot two zoo object with different indexes
5:37PM 0 effect that cluster sampling has on count data (extra-multinomial or extra-binomial variation?)
5:05PM 2 Question about list function
4:27PM 1 How to bold items on a data frame?
4:04PM 3 Finding the rows with the duplicated index
4:01PM 1 Slow update(insert) on Data.frame
3:51PM 1 problem with parameters
3:09PM 1 Searching dataset
3:04PM 2 Executing multiple .R files
2:58PM 1 Three-way ANOVA shows me two-way results
1:59PM 1 RDA Triplot
1:33PM 6 the first. from SAS in R
1:18PM 0 Catching a RCurl error?
1:12PM 0 read.table / type.convert: Unexpected column class
12:37PM 5 cross validation using e1071:SVM
12:13PM 1 format y-axis values in ggplot
11:37AM 2 "help"
11:05AM 2 Reading parts of data files
10:36AM 1 extracted residuals as single column
8:26AM 2 Error: cannot allocate vector of size x Gb (64-bit ... yet again)
8:24AM 1 More detail in chart axis?
8:05AM 1 About available datasets on PC
6:57AM 2 Calculating correlation
6:20AM 1 compare GLM coefficients
6:11AM 2 Lattice and Quartz
5:44AM 0 Explained GLZ model variation
5:39AM 2 factorial ANOVA for block/split-plot design
5:36AM 0 (no subject)
4:41AM 2 overlay histograms on map at map coordinates
1:38AM 1 using the "apply" method for functions with multiple inputs
1:23AM 0 question on "uniCox"
1:20AM 1 How to start default browser on R
1:05AM 0 permalgorithm
1:01AM 0 R on Androids?
12:36AM 1 Gap between graph and axis
Monday November 22 2010
11:18PM 1 Sporadic errors when training models using CARET
10:36PM 1 empity value in colnames
9:29PM 2 Help: Standard errors arima
8:55PM 2 R package "kernlab" can not be properly loaded
8:53PM 2 I need a very specific unique like function and I don't know even how to properly call this
8:41PM 1 R2WinBUGS help
8:39PM 2 aggregate a Date column does not work?
8:10PM 1 how to round only one column of a matrix ?
7:35PM 1 how to calculate derivative
7:24PM 2 Probit Analysis: Confidence Interval for the LD50 using Fieller's and Heterogeneity (UNCLASSIFIED)
7:13PM 1 Wait for user input with readline()
6:23PM 3 Is it possible to make a matrix to start at row 0?
5:51PM 1 Plotting a cloud/fog of variable density in rgl
5:47PM 1 sm.ancova graphic
5:33PM 1 RCurl : All connection are used ?
5:16PM 1 Problem setting the number of digits in xtable
4:13PM 1 how do remove those predictor which have p value greater than 0.05 in GLM?
3:17PM 3 Fast Two-Dimensional Optimization
3:14PM 2 Check for is.object
3:13PM 0 hierarchical mixture modelling
3:02PM 3 save a regression model that can be used later
2:32PM 0 Help with plotting kohonen maps
2:27PM 1 What if geoRglm results showed that a non-spacial model fits?
2:06PM 2 Prob with merge
1:19PM 1 plot inside function does not work
12:43PM 1 Tinn-R released
12:22PM 1 how to change number of characters per line for print() to sink()?
12:11PM 4 Rexcel
11:36AM 1 how to sample lowess/loess into matrix ?
11:14AM 1 Some questione about plot
10:04AM 2 xlim=c(min(x), max(x)) still produces extra margin on both sides of x axis in plot()
9:54AM 1 cpgram: access data, confidence bands
9:51AM 1 How to call web service in R
8:29AM 3 "unexpected numeric constant" while reading tab delimited csv file
8:11AM 2 how to loop through variables in R?
7:32AM 1 using rpart with a tree misclassification condition
7:24AM 2 How to combine Date and time in one column
6:44AM 1 plot start at origin
5:27AM 3 Splitting 3D matrix from for loop to generate/save 2D matrices
4:48AM 0 Problems using Internal filledcontour: "dimension mismatch"
3:18AM 1 need smooth cdf lines
2:42AM 0 Help with linear plus plateau fit model
2:38AM 2 Making a line in a legend shorter
Sunday November 21 2010
9:06PM 2 is it possible to put tick labels inside plotting area ?
8:52PM 3 Lost in POSIX
8:34PM 0 model.matrix() and lm() for nested factors
8:07PM 0 between-group covar matrix
7:30PM 2 boxplot: reverse y-axis order
7:06PM 3 R help
4:49PM 3 how to get rid of unused space on all 4 borders in plot() render
4:09PM 0 resample from tail of exponential
3:50PM 1 abline(h=whatever) not working in candleChart() (in quantmod)?
3:21PM 1 plot(x,y xlab=NULL,ylab=NULL) but labels still visible.
2:52PM 8 [beginner] simple keyword to exit script ?
2:13PM 1 "negative alpha" or custom gradient colors of data dots in scatterplot ?
2:04PM 1 Alternatives to image(...) and filled.contour(...) for 2-D filled Plots
12:46PM 2 display data as 1px dots in scatterplot ?
12:23PM 1 [beginner] how to run *.r script from graphic interface (R Console window) ?
9:51AM 0 How to calculate squared R of spatial autoregressive models
8:18AM 3 power spectrum of eeg
6:32AM 1 solve nonlinear equation using BBsolve
5:29AM 2 Counting things in a time series.
4:56AM 1 Problem on running update
4:55AM 3 Can't invert matrix
3:59AM 1 Possible to "add" filled.contour(...) to existing plot?
3:05AM 0 problem on installing package
2:40AM 2 use sample function to create new data frame
1:56AM 2 a philosophy R question
1:07AM 1 density at particular values
Saturday November 20 2010
11:54PM 1 Vectorizing a function that needs to access previous elements of a row
11:52PM 1 extraction of element
11:32PM 1 Removing tick marks and Adding labels to lattice plots
10:49PM 1 txtProgressBar strange behavior in R 2.12.0
10:26PM 2 plotting a timeline
9:32PM 3 how to add frequencies to barplot
4:41PM 2 Changing the Significance Level in R for Hypothesis Tests and Regression Analysis
4:29PM 1 how to draw manifold?
3:53PM 1 Import and export .xls
2:31PM 1 Sample size with ANCOVA
2:30PM 2 Merge two ggplots
1:53PM 1 Setting a Red->Yellow->Green Color Transition in Image(...) with yellow corresponding with the Mean Value...
1:48PM 1 Roxygen examples in DONTRUN mode - how?
1:24PM 1 installimg fBasics SuSe 11.3 64bit
12:51PM 1 R + Linux Ubuntu 10.10
12:32PM 1 Where can I find a working libeay32.dll file for RCurl ?
11:51AM 1 How to produce a graph of glms in R?
11:29AM 1 Zerodist
11:06AM 2 save a list as a matrix
9:42AM 2 (no subject)
9:27AM 2 How to produce glm graph
4:20AM 1 Error in solve.default(V, W) with ProDenICA and the required sample size for stable result
2:44AM 10 An empty grey diagram
1:44AM 2 How to do a probability density based filtering in 2D?
1:10AM 1 Grid newbie: aligning & scaling viewports
Friday November 19 2010
10:12PM 1 TukeyHSD error
9:13PM 3 Sweave Dynamic Graph Question
9:02PM 2 autocorrelation in count data
9:01PM 0 test for causality
8:57PM 1 How to print "graph1.png" "graph2.png" "graph3.png" ... ?
8:56PM 1 Sampling from multi-dimensional kernel density estimation
8:48PM 1 memory profiling
8:43PM 3 ?summaryRprof running at 100% cpu for one hour ...
7:51PM 2 question about constraint minimization
6:47PM 1 Color Alaska in USA map
6:34PM 4 how to apply sample function to each row of a data frame?
6:09PM 2 simple loop problemo (Geo brownian motion)
5:32PM 4 calculating martingale residual on new data using "predict.coxph"
4:28PM 1 Set colour in tcl variable
4:02PM 3 all extended ASCII characters exist for R console output?
3:53PM 0 printCoefmat() for a data.frame with factors
3:34PM 1 problems with rJava
3:34PM 1 how to improve this inefficient R code for imputing missing values
3:23PM 2 Function call on every prompt
3:23PM 1 library(datasets)
2:59PM 1 Option to Print with numbers formatted
2:41PM 3 Still confused with lapply
2:37PM 1 how to save object created by assign()
2:11PM 0 Error: could not find function.
12:04PM 1 expand comma separated field vertically in data.frame
11:28AM 0 Ggplot and irregular timeseries
11:08AM 3 Converting matrix data to a list
10:57AM 3 assigment
9:50AM 2 Calculating distance between longitude,latitude of 2 points
9:17AM 1 profile in lme4 and lme4a/lme4b
4:45AM 1 negative axis values in image() and scalebar in cor.plot() {psych}
4:38AM 2 Question on overdispersion
4:26AM 0 glmnet_1.5.1 uploaded to CRAN
3:52AM 1 Using image/contour with unevenly spaced data...
2:58AM 1 a rounding option for \Sexpr{}?
1:32AM 1 latex tables with quantreg
Thursday November 18 2010
10:51PM 1 how do I build panel data/longitudinal data models with AR terms using the plm package or any other package
10:10PM 3 Bold plot axis
7:12PM 0 R Courses***Fundamentals & Advanced Programming ***December 2010 - in San Francisco, New York City and Washington DC by XLSolutions Corporation
6:31PM 2 generalized linear regression - function glm - dismissed predictors - more information about simulated data
5:58PM 1 Help with lmer, nested data and repeated measures
5:58PM 2 RowSums Question
5:54PM 3 Sample covariance matrix in R
5:35PM 1 predict() an rpart() model: how to ignore missing levels in a factor
5:32PM 1 Logistic regression with factorial effect
5:22PM 1 lme Random Effects and Covariates
5:09PM 1 dmultinomial
4:10PM 2 conditional mean between two data frames with different levels
4:09PM 2 how to find near neighbors?
4:00PM 1 genralized linear regression - function glm - number of
3:26PM 1 Exporting Dataframe to Excel spreadsheet
3:18PM 3 Plotting number of patients at risk below survival curve
2:39PM 3 problems subsetting
2:18PM 0 Mixed multinomial logit model (mlogit script)
2:08PM 1 Help me with R plotting
2:02PM 3 sweep by levels of a factor
11:47AM 0 classification question
11:19AM 1 why help ignores some values
10:29AM 1 Why some times R-halts?
8:31AM 0 filling large matrix( or dist object) with values from small matrix.
7:04AM 1 custom package not installed for 'arch=i386'
6:49AM 1 Updata Rdata File
4:54AM 0 plist file?
3:18AM 1 About R and RKward
2:39AM 0 On efficiency, Vectorize and loops
1:46AM 0 non linear constraints for a portfolio in fPortfolio package
1:44AM 0 portfolioConstraints
1:12AM 1 Accessing variables inside a namespace
12:54AM 0 R package for sample selection with panel data
12:24AM 0 Any help understand the FKF package? Thanks.
12:08AM 3 New Sampling question
Wednesday November 17 2010
11:27PM 2 Drop non-integers
11:00PM 3 translate vector of numbers to indicies of 0/1 matrix
10:56PM 3 ncdf4 for Windows/R-2.12.0
10:38PM 1 Multiple Line Plots with xyplot
10:28PM 0 Trouble with mixed model anova (incl. random block)
10:04PM 0 Label positions for the legend when using smallplot within image.plot
9:39PM 3 Problem with nlme package
9:08PM 2 Looking up the directory a file is located in
8:17PM 0 Q reg accessing "HAVER" from R
7:59PM 2 Regexp question
7:49PM 1 kalman filter in sspir
7:30PM 0 modify the scalebar in cor.plot {psych}?
7:27PM 3 Parameterising apply To Compute Rolling Average of Columns in a matrix
7:22PM 0 unserialize form rawConnection possibe?
7:11PM 1 efficient conversion of matrix column rows to list elements
6:52PM 0 Cox model output & hazard ratios
6:41PM 2 help on IDE
6:34PM 1 lme weights glht
6:19PM 1 Working with "necessary" columns in R (CSV)
6:05PM 1 where are my pspline knots?
6:02PM 0 inar(1), time series of count data
5:26PM 3 aspect ratio 1 and blank space
5:19PM 1 : plot different axis, same plot position
4:56PM 1 Multiple plots in one window
4:19PM 2 How to catch warnings
4:03PM 0 test of the effect of a polytomous explanatory variable (nominal scale) in glm with quasi
3:56PM 1 rasterImage and coordinate conversion
3:44PM 1 rgl, multiple graphics ??
3:43PM 1 Cross Spectral Analysis
3:31PM 0 lubridate v2.2 available on cran
3:28PM 2 Problem with plotting diagnostics - Error in object$coefficients : $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
2:54PM 1 Problem downloading and opening netcdf file
2:35PM 3 Find in R and R books
2:03PM 3 stacking consecutive columns
2:01PM 2 slicing list with matrices
1:34PM 1 Give me all operator
1:33PM 2 statistical test for comparison of two classifications (nominal)
1:28PM 0 xYplot Hmisc with CI shifting between groups
12:23PM 1 Total inertia in package Vegan?
12:11PM 3 Variable Editor
11:44AM 2 Numerical integration
11:30AM 0 How do I get "total inertia"+"R-squared" in R?
10:55AM 1 reduce print accuracy
9:49AM 1 Color on trellis device
9:43AM 1 Tinn-R looses connection to R (Windows Vista)
9:16AM 2 Extract elements that starts with...
9:11AM 1 general question on R setup/environment
4:06AM 2 changing the limits of a secondary y-axis in a barplot
3:37AM 1 Error: package 'pcvsuite' was built before R 2.10.0: please re-install it
2:56AM 2 Jarque-Bera test
2:44AM 0 R Project for measurement of earnings management
2:33AM 1 Please, help me with 'mattern' variogram
12:16AM 0 X11 module cannot be loaded
12:03AM 1 how exactly does 'identify' work?
12:02AM 3 Fatal Error R
Tuesday November 16 2010
11:56PM 0 The *makesweave* Package for Using Make with Sweave Efficiently
11:47PM 1 Bug in agrep computing edit distance?
11:00PM 2 Vectors out of lists?
10:30PM 3 Population abundance, change point
10:01PM 3 plot linear model problem
9:55PM 2 Counting
9:31PM 1 Fit a distribution to an "ECDF"
9:24PM 1 How to pick out several infinite values when calculating means?
8:00PM 1 Question about GLMER
7:54PM 1 Sweave: \Sexpr and variables with special chars
7:33PM 2 Computing Rolling Average
7:32PM 1 Help fitting spatial glmm with correlated random effects
7:32PM 1 format secondary axis for dates
7:03PM 1 Error: invalid type(list) for variable when using lm()
7:02PM 4 DBLEPR?
6:59PM 2 Playwith-problem with loading
6:48PM 1 Please help me on a simple avg question
6:23PM 1 Extending a plot in a loop (With attachment)
5:19PM 0 Revolutions Blog: October Roundup
5:13PM 3 Anyone can help with this question
5:09PM 4 plot vs print ??
5:01PM 3 discriminant function analysis
4:33PM 2 help using function merge_all()
4:30PM 1 how to do linear regression when dimension is high
3:58PM 4 Simple error handling in R
3:34PM 2 Pass character vector to function argument
3:32PM 1 Re : interpretation of coefficients in survreg AND obtaining the hazard function for an individual given a set of predictors
3:15PM 1 R article in forbes
3:08PM 1 Breslow-Day test
2:30PM 0 renaming a list of data frames y calculating with lapply
12:37PM 2 Question about readLines
12:36PM 1 Force evaluation of variable when calling partialPlot
12:28PM 5 scatterplot with filled circles
12:01PM 0 LATTICE. On skip, index.cond with a formula like Y~X|A+B
11:56AM 1 Offset in glm poisson using R vs Exposure in Stata
10:32AM 1 odfWeave - "Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at 2, 4047 (row, col)"
9:39AM 1 Who uses R with multicore, SNOW or CUDA package for resource intense computing?
9:25AM 1 glmer, Error: Downdated X'X is not positive definite,49
9:17AM 1 problem with PDF/postcript, cannot change paper size: "‘mode(width)’ and ‘mode(height)’ differ between new and previous"
7:04AM 1 simulate survival data using median survival time
6:04AM 0 Aligning points and boxes in legend
3:53AM 2 Debugging segfault in foreach
1:31AM 1 AOV/LME
12:26AM 1 Batch Processing Files
12:18AM 2 Integrating functions / vector arithmetic
Monday November 15 2010
11:32PM 1 Aggregate on identical link attributes
10:33PM 1 Converting numbers to percentages for boxplots
10:28PM 1 Proportional hazard model with weibull baseline hazard
10:09PM 1 Cannot install packages in R 2.12.0 on Windows 7
10:07PM 2 hclust, does order of data matter?
9:43PM 1 Executing Command on Multiple R Objects
9:40PM 3 How to plot effect of x1 while controlling for x2
9:24PM 3 indexing lists
8:59PM 5 Sampling problem
8:50PM 3 Defining functions inside loops
7:48PM 0 first-order integer valued autoregressive process, inar(1)
7:37PM 2 Need help with pointLabels()
5:58PM 1 Non-positive definite cross-covariance matrices
5:49PM 1 Sweave: Conditional code chunks?
5:47PM 2 rotate column names in large matrix
5:35PM 1 plot.dendrogram() plot margins
4:08PM 0 R crash
3:42PM 3 merge two dataset and replace missing by 0
3:17PM 0 how to store package options over sessions?
3:07PM 5 How to Read a Large CSV into a Database with R
2:55PM 2 Null values in R
2:53PM 3 Help with Hist
2:52PM 1 repository of earlier Windows versions of R packages
2:43PM 1 ... predict.coxph
2:33PM 1 interpretation of coefficients in survreg AND obtaining the hazard function
2:06PM 2 Zero truncated Poisson distribution & R2WinBUGS
2:03PM 0 Access DDE Data
12:48PM 2 How to move an internal function to external keeping same environment?
11:18AM 0 Problem with lm4 and lapack library
10:32AM 1 comparing levels of aggregation with negative binomial models
10:16AM 1 Path to nodes in ctree package party
10:02AM 0 mgarch-BEKK
9:33AM 1 Version 2.12.0 exe file
4:30AM 6 Problem in installing and starting Rattle
12:32AM 2 Extracting from data.frame
12:00AM 2 L-shaped boxes with lattice graphs?
Sunday November 14 2010
11:39PM 0 Kevin Long wants to stay in touch on LinkedIn
11:03PM 1 cannot see the y-labels (getting cut-off)
8:17PM 1 Problems loading xlsx
7:09PM 0 Correction on last post
6:30PM 1 R package 'np' problems
6:02PM 1 as.matrix behaves weird
5:46PM 0 GeneGobi
5:18PM 1 Integrate to 1? (gauss.quad)
4:29PM 1 score test for logistic regression
3:59PM 2 replace a row in a matrix
2:51PM 3 About upgrade R
2:34PM 1 Problem on update
2:30PM 5 kalman filter
2:30PM 1 RCurl and cookies in POST requests
12:31PM 1 Full path to currently executed script file
12:03PM 1 Fetching data
12:02PM 6 sum in vector
11:30AM 0 problem with chartSeries
11:28AM 1 how to find names referring to "parts" of an R object. particlualry w.r.t capscale
11:26AM 2 jackknife-after-bootstrap
8:39AM 1 gettng the row number based on column conditions
6:33AM 3 How to permanently remove [Previously saved workspace restored]
4:12AM 6 writing to a file
Saturday November 13 2010
10:11PM 1 barplot3d cutting off labels
9:03PM 1 Sweave question
7:55PM 0 Clark method enhancement to ChainLadder package
7:50PM 0 aggregate with missing values, data.frame vs formula
7:10PM 1 LAPACK lib problem, lme4, lastest R, Linux
6:24PM 1 Summing functions of lists
5:51PM 2 interpretation of coefficients in survreg AND obtaining the hazard function for an individual given a set of predictors
5:34PM 1 truncate integers
4:50PM 1 clusters in evd package
4:29PM 0 Looking for R bloggers in non-English languages
4:18PM 1 (no subject)
3:49PM 1 Efficient marginal sums?
3:17PM 1 Do loop
3:14PM 2 Question about the "effects" package
3:07PM 1 How to turn the colour off for lattice graph?
1:50PM 1 what does SEXP in R internals stand for
1:22PM 2 how to store a vector of vectors
12:43PM 1 Define a glm object with user-defined coefficients (logistic regression, family="binomial")
12:40PM 0 Reading location info from kml files
12:17PM 0 using if statment and loops to create data layout of recurrent events
8:14AM 3 How to set an argument such that a function treats it as missing?
6:57AM 2 Factor analysis
5:15AM 1 Updating R packages
3:52AM 1 RMySQL on Windows 2008 64 Bit -Help!
2:54AM 2 R on an iPad
Friday November 12 2010
10:35PM 4 dnorm and qnorm
9:34PM 0 How to obtain prediction intervals for random effects?
9:22PM 3 Replicate Excel's LOGEST worksheet function in R
9:10PM 1 Reverting to previous version
7:55PM 1 Problem retrieving data from R2InBUGS
6:55PM 2 Surprising behavior using seq()
5:57PM 1 unexpected behaviour of rbind with dataframe containing POSIXct
5:09PM 3 predict.coxph
2:51PM 1 Optimizing compilation of R
1:46PM 1 Xapply question
1:40PM 1 repeated measure test
1:21PM 3 error message: "is"
12:46PM 1 Graphics API version mismatch with RSVGTipsDevice
12:08PM 1 issue with ... in write.fwf in gdata
11:29AM 1 How to remove directory?
10:55AM 1 wind rose (oz.windrose) scale
10:30AM 2 minimum AIC mixed model selection
9:21AM 0 drosophila2cdf in simpleaffy / affyQCReport
9:15AM 2 Vector
9:03AM 3 Partition of a set
8:41AM 1 filling a vector with a tapply function applied to another vector
8:26AM 0 Installing R+Emacs+MikTeX editor on a USB drive
8:23AM 3 Deploying code as exe
7:07AM 4 Merge postscript files into ps/pdf
6:54AM 2 Time Delay / Wait
6:07AM 1 calculate variance with trimm mean
6:04AM 0 Smooth monotone estimation on R&In-Reply-To=3A822319EB35174CA3714066D590DCD504AF803E@usrymx25.merck.com
5:50AM 2 switching only axis off in plot
5:27AM 1 font family in R
5:25AM 1 goodness-of-fit test
3:45AM 2 JGR install problem
12:42AM 1 what's wrong with this 'length' in function?
12:27AM 1 can not produce graph using "splom"
Thursday November 11 2010
11:42PM 4 Troubleshooting sweave
10:51PM 2 comma separated format
10:45PM 0 Develop, Scale and Deploy your analyses more easily with Spotfire S+ 8.2
10:09PM 1 exploratory analysis of large categorical datasets
6:39PM 3 overlap histogram and density
5:52PM 3 User input after opening graphing device
5:41PM 2 Consistency of Logistic Regression
4:48PM 2 R2WinBUGS: Error in bugs(program="openbugs") but not openbugs()
3:32PM 0 bootstrap/boot unknown distribution
3:01PM 0 plotrix: reverse length scale
2:38PM 0 Rserve Installing error on AIX5.3..
2:17PM 0 problem with uroot package: ADF.test
1:57PM 2 r-2.12.0 - Hmisc
1:26PM 0 Area-Interaction Process
1:12PM 0 Nuisance parameters for Geyer Saturation process.
12:56PM 1 metafor: including phylogenetic non-independence among species?
12:37PM 0 Survey on Statistical Computing Email Lists
11:12AM 1 Tinn-R_2.3.6.0
10:05AM 0 logging interim results using foreach/doMC
9:37AM 2 Adding meta-data when creating objects. e.g: changing "<-" so to (for example) add "creation time" - how-to and pros/cons?
9:16AM 1 Help with slope comparisons
9:03AM 2 Number above the bar?
8:44AM 2 predict.coxph and predict.survreg
8:05AM 4 How to get a specific named element in a nested list
7:14AM 1 NA handling problem in capscale (vegan)
6:07AM 1 Count continuous dates
5:45AM 1 plot options including formatting axes
5:02AM 1 Populating then sorting a matrix and/or data.frame
4:22AM 2 Kolmogorov Smirnov Test
3:02AM 1 Is there effective way using R to select variables subset!
12:36AM 1 change axis labels and text size in "splom"
12:16AM 1 trouble with plotting data- possible bug?
Wednesday November 10 2010
10:50PM 1 can't get/find or install R.dll?
10:01PM 1 [lattice] densityplot label the peak.
9:44PM 1 Format table help
9:38PM 1 Inserting Missing Data
8:48PM 2 randomForest can not handle categorical predictors with more than 32 categories
8:30PM 0 biglm and epicalc ROC curves
8:18PM 1 Calling R from MS SQL Server
8:01PM 3 create a pairwise coocurrence matrix
7:51PM 1 ggplot2 problem in interacting mode
7:31PM 1 par mfrow in "function" problem
7:00PM 0 Systat NRM function
6:54PM 0 nonlinear regression with an iterativ function
6:39PM 0 error bars in lattice barchart
6:25PM 1 leaps::regsubsets p-value
6:22PM 1 Extending a plot in a loop
6:19PM 1 Difficult doubt about choose distances randomly in a matrix with a probability of event
6:11PM 1 log-transformed linear regression
6:07PM 2 maptools package
5:50PM 3 Plot Axes
5:26PM 2 Installing Packages
5:24PM 1 standardized/studentized residuals with loess
5:13PM 1 error on R CMD rtags
5:01PM 0 "R Cookbook" now available
4:31PM 0 package np, convolution functions
4:27PM 1 plotting histograms/density plots in a triangular layout?
4:19PM 2 odfWeave/XML Windows issue
3:51PM 2 Decimal places in a function output
3:36PM 3 RGoogleDocs stopped working
3:33PM 1 sem: variance explained
3:31PM 1 p-value from regsubsets
3:05PM 1 clustering association rules
2:07PM 2 Parallel code runs slower!
1:41PM 2 prcomp function
1:40PM 1 external R scripts
1:11PM 1 ff objects saving problem
10:47AM 4 Installing R and an editor on a USB drive
9:35AM 1 Parsing txt file
9:16AM 2 force apply not to drop the dimensions of FUN results ?
9:07AM 1 participar
9:00AM 3 plot & xlim/ylim & range of axis
8:55AM 2 format as percentage
8:46AM 0 OT : R Applications for Force.com/ Salesforce
8:08AM 1 R Applications for Force.com/ Salesforce
6:50AM 4 Simple Function
5:09AM 3 concatenating a string to a column
4:49AM 1 matrix limit
3:16AM 2 Performing a geometric seqeunce using iterators?
2:55AM 5 arrays of arrays
2:55AM 2 Which - value not present
1:26AM 0 Retrieve all names of nested list and index list based on these names
1:20AM 1 Exponent of asymmetric matrix
12:31AM 2 Centring titles for pairs of plots.
Tuesday November 9 2010
11:09PM 1 lattice mutiple y scales in each panel
11:01PM 1 subsampling table
9:54PM 1 Bootstrap confidence intervals using bootcov from the rms package
9:50PM 2 Change a value in a matrix randomly
8:58PM 1 R-2.12.0 problem on Solaris 10
8:35PM 2 help cannot put multiple chart Stacked Bar (from PerformanceAnalysis library) in a single plot
7:15PM 0 haplotype and epistasis analysis using 3 or more SNPs?
6:22PM 2 Merge Data
5:33PM 5 Question regarding to replace <NA>
5:28PM 1 replaing 1-digit months with 2-digit months in a date
4:55PM 2 How to program an error into an if-then statement
4:50PM 2 simulation from pareto distn
4:49PM 3 Help make this simpler – count business day
4:42PM 2 Merging data frames one of which is NULL
4:41PM 1 ggplot2: facet_grid with different vertical lines on each facet
4:36PM 1 agrep pmatch recursive???
4:06PM 0 Problem on installing statconnDCOM and RBloomberg
3:52PM 1 randomForest parameters for image classification
3:27PM 1 library(kernlab) --- unable to load shared library
3:17PM 2 help to merge two data frame if name matches
3:14PM 0 Qt interfaces to R/ Windows version as well as using PyQT
3:13PM 1 tukey.1
3:03PM 1 location of Tisean executables when using RTisean and jumping between linux and windows
3:01PM 1 jags error message
3:01PM 0 spatstat error with plotting envelopes for fitted model
2:25PM 4 help to add a new column filled with value 1
2:18PM 1 time question
1:41PM 0 FCS Files
1:23PM 0 Catmap package and forest plots
1:21PM 6 Extending the accuracy of exp(1) in R
12:28PM 2 new column from column in another df
12:05PM 0 Implementation of Functional Link Neural Network
11:01AM 0 running command before non-interactive job is exited
10:38AM 1 Installing the latest version of BRugs
10:36AM 3 Is there a way to have 'comment' keep a list?
10:06AM 1 Lattice: xyplot group title format
9:16AM 0 Overdetermined systems
9:01AM 0 Why doesn't ?match keep the original (x) data.frame order?
8:51AM 2 Creating a list to store output objects from a recursive loop
8:41AM 1 the formula of quantile regression for panel data, which is correct?
8:23AM 2 Calculate Mean from List
8:05AM 0 plot graph(quantile regression for panel data)
8:01AM 2 Help with Iterator
7:32AM 3 Row-wise recurive function call
6:05AM 1 Question related to combination and the corresponding probability
6:02AM 2 "repeated"repeated measures in ANOVA or mixed model
5:41AM 0 convergence message & SE calculation when using optim( )
5:37AM 1 date conversion and plot
12:45AM 3 How to detect if a vector is FP constant?
Monday November 8 2010
10:42PM 3 how do i plot this "hist"?
10:25PM 4 : unusual combinations of categorical data
10:09PM 0 cannot find system Renviron Fatal error: unable to open the base package
10:04PM 2 Fuzzy merge using timestamps
9:57PM 0 sapply
9:37PM 0 How to represent factor levels & ordiellipses using different colors?
9:09PM 3 Help with getting ?match to not sort
8:57PM 4 Random Sample
8:16PM 2 A more efficient way to roll values in an irregular time series dataset?
7:43PM 2 lookup in R - possible to avoid loops?
7:05PM 7 How to rbind list of vectors with unequal vector lengths?
7:02PM 0 Difference scores
6:19PM 2 Several lattice plots on one page
5:07PM 4 Centre of gravity of a mountain
4:18PM 5 How to plot a normal distribution curve and a shaded tail with alpha?
4:08PM 2 Error: could not find function "extract" in package raster
4:02PM 1 Add values of rlm coefficients to xyplot
3:52PM 2 Sample size calculation for differences between two very small proportions (Fisher's exact test or others)?
3:27PM 1 Add text to a stacked barplot
3:03PM 0 Maria Teresa Torres Muñoz/Gestion de Intangibles/LineaDirecta está ausente de la oficina.
2:18PM 1 try (nls stops unexpectedly because of chol2inv error
1:49PM 0 Working with semantic data triplets
1:25PM 0 irregular grid
12:56PM 2 Visualization of histograms
12:06PM 2 finding the last day of the month
11:40AM 2 Rserve alternative?
11:03AM 0 nonparametric multiple comparisons
10:15AM 4 Create Matrix of 2 Dim from two vectors
10:13AM 1 how to remove border while saving R plots ?
9:25AM 5 How to eliminate this for loop ?
7:03AM 1 RMark error: only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts
6:32AM 1 Rserve causes Perl error
5:51AM 1 unknown dimensions for loglm
5:29AM 2 conditional probability
3:35AM 1 R help: reorder columns in an xyplot
2:21AM 1 Exponent of sqr symmetric matrix
Sunday November 7 2010
11:53PM 3 help! kennard-stone algorithm in soil.spec packages does not work for my dataset!!!
11:22PM 1 Rdindex truncating titles?
10:59PM 1 An example for predab.resample in r
10:50PM 1 High Frequency Trading
9:49PM 0 multiple regression analysis
6:53PM 2 mean on a plot
6:24PM 2 How is MissInfo calculated? (mitools)
4:40PM 2 stupid R tricks
4:34PM 3 Computing ergodic mean with CODA
4:01PM 3 Integrate and mapply
4:00PM 1 varclus in Hmisc vs SAS PROC VARCLUS
3:15PM 3 regular exprs
1:59PM 3 help to sum up data frame
12:17PM 1 How do I order xyplot line points?
11:07AM 2 remove data frame from list of data frames
10:36AM 1 Sweave: option keep.source=TRUE and package cacheSweave
9:51AM 1 using variable in rmysql query
6:22AM 1 When using ACF, receive error: no applicable method for 'ACF' applied to an object of class "c('double', 'numeric')"
6:15AM 1 creating a scale (factor) based on a continuous variable nested within levels of factor
5:21AM 2 is this matrix symmetric
1:39AM 1 can't load nlme on windoze 7
1:23AM 1 postscript window size
Saturday November 6 2010
9:54PM 1 How to generate multivariate uniform distribution random numbers?
9:35PM 1 SMATR common slopes test
8:45PM 0 I want to call some R function in C code
8:38PM 1 Hashing and environments
7:44PM 1 saddle points in optim
7:02PM 1 Prettier axis labels when using log scales in Lattice
4:36PM 2 compare and replace
4:22PM 4 Using changing names in loop in R
4:12PM 1 Where to get rcom for Linux
2:18PM 2 Removing NA in ggplot
1:41PM 1 Extracting elements of a particular slot from S4 object
1:06PM 2 3-way interaction simple slopes
11:04AM 1 anova(lme.model)
10:15AM 1 Help required to remove \\N
4:47AM 4 calculate probability
4:43AM 0 calcute probability
3:16AM 1 slow dget
12:38AM 0 variable type assignment in daisy
12:20AM 0 Spatstat rmh function error message
Friday November 5 2010
10:59PM 1 prob with legend in my plots!
10:23PM 0 RGtk2 2.20.x
8:14PM 1 Problem with 'lars' package
7:54PM 4 assignment operator saving factor level as number
7:04PM 2 connecting to remote database using RMySQL
6:29PM 1 Visualisation of data structures
5:22PM 7 How to extract Friday data from daily data.
4:26PM 1 How to extract particular rows and column from a table
3:33PM 0 boot.stepAIC NA values
3:22PM 1 improve R memory under linux
3:21PM 2 Extracting data only for particular index values from a zoo structure
2:42PM 0 About installing RBloomberg
2:13PM 4 subsets, %in%
2:05PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 93, Issue 5
1:56PM 0 X11 and pdf differences
1:48PM 2 data acquisition with R?
12:20PM 1 RBloomberg on R-2.12.0
11:36AM 1 filled.contour colorbar without black color separators?
8:45AM 3 table with values as dots in increasing sizes
8:28AM 1 as.xts
8:22AM 2 About 5.1 Arrays
8:00AM 1 Detect the Warning Message
7:05AM 1 newbie question on importing and parsing file by row
6:55AM 1 Regular Expressions
5:09AM 0 NaN, ncdf
4:05AM 3 setting attributes
3:24AM 0 (no subject)
12:45AM 0 User defined function and nonlinear least-squares fit
Thursday November 4 2010
11:52PM 1 Memory Management under Linux
10:42PM 2 count occurrence and distance of characters in string
10:08PM 0 mgui
10:04PM 0 NA values in package KFAS or SSPIR
9:46PM 3 creating vectors with three variables out of three datasets
7:42PM 0 glmnet_1.5 uploaded to CRAN
7:42PM 3 avoid a loop
7:18PM 0 plotting time series for particular months!
7:17PM 0 Echo to file using Rscript
6:49PM 1 Plotting a vector data
6:47PM 1 matlab code into R
6:28PM 0 candisc plot subset of all groups
5:01PM 3 ANOVA table and lmer
4:00PM 3 Plotting a grid of directly specified colours
3:47PM 2 Matrix Manipulation
3:46PM 4 how to work with long vectors
3:15PM 1 map on irregular grids
2:53PM 1 removing indexing
2:43PM 2 Converting Strings to Variable names
2:04PM 2 Problems with points in plots when importing from pdf to an SVG editor
1:36PM 5 ggplot output
1:26PM 0 How to set initial values in lme ?
1:25PM 1 (no subject)
12:28PM 5 Sorting data from one column with strings
10:32AM 0 Importing triple-s (standard survey structure) files to R
9:39AM 3 postForm() in RCurl and library RHTMLForms
9:36AM 0 Suppressing (or changing) the colours when using spatstat plot.quadratcounts
9:35AM 0 3D Elliptic Fourier
8:57AM 0 Reading in irregular, daily time series data
8:56AM 1 Closing unreferenced result sets in dbi / RSQLite
7:14AM 2 problem with RODBC installation
6:38AM 2 How to do bootstrap for the complex sample design?
5:50AM 5 Logical vectors
1:24AM 1 Best Fit line trouble with rsruby
12:35AM 1 cross-validation for choosing regression trees
Wednesday November 3 2010
11:33PM 0 Problems with mgui
10:28PM 1 Rd installation (not markup language) primer?
9:55PM 1 Auto-killing processes spawned by foreach::doMC
9:34PM 2 biding rows while merging at the same time
9:20PM 0 how to handle 'gwaa@gtdata' ?
9:06PM 2 multivariate Poisson distribution
8:23PM 2 avoiding too many loops - reshaping data
7:45PM 1 deleteing all but some observations in data.frame
6:59PM 1 NFFT on a Zoo?
6:50PM 2 getting p-values from fitted ARIMA
6:05PM 2 programming questions
6:04PM 3 '=' vs '<-'
5:55PM 1 Orthogonalization with different inner products
5:40PM 1 smooth: differences between R and S-PLUS
4:13PM 2 How to unquote string in R
3:26PM 2 [klaR package] [NaiveBayes] warning message numerical 0 probability
3:13PM 3 Lattice plots for images
3:00PM 3 longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length
2:49PM 0 Granger causality with panel data (econometrics question)
2:10PM 3 optim works on command-line but not inside a function
1:47PM 1 dll problem with C++ function
11:08AM 0 bad optimization with nnet?
10:52AM 1 Tukey's table
10:01AM 1 Recoding -- test whether number begins with a certain number
9:39AM 1 install vegan
9:32AM 0 boxplot of timeseries with different lengths
9:25AM 2 save() with 64 bit and 32 bit R
7:30AM 0 Data transformation
3:40AM 0 thanks alot
3:24AM 0 Calculate the weithed mean of a matrix
2:07AM 4 Drawing circles on a chart
12:51AM 2 memory allocation problem
12:38AM 0 package 'np' and point estimation with multiple predictors
12:24AM 1 rgl.snapshot() : no longer works?
12:03AM 2 bugs and misfeatures in polr(MASS).... fixed!
Tuesday November 2 2010
10:56PM 1 class changed after execution with sqldf
9:50PM 1 Line numbers in Sweave
9:11PM 2 count different words in a field
8:57PM 3 stacking effectively - without loops
8:52PM 0 Hooks into dynamic help system?
8:47PM 1 splitting First 10 words in a string
8:45PM 1 Display of NAs in character columns of a data frame under fix() or edit().
7:57PM 2 multi-level cox ph with time-dependent covariates
7:40PM 0 predict() for plm?
7:38PM 2 Multiple imputation for nominal data
6:09PM 0 timeSequence
5:19PM 1 Colour filling in panel.bwplot from lattice
4:43PM 0 cov.mve error
4:29PM 1 Relsurv package
4:13PM 1 Add more functions or dataset in my package
3:53PM 1 subset a data.frame
3:50PM 2 One question on heatmap
3:06PM 1 Using data( ) in a loop
2:16PM 1 system() and system2() functions
1:58PM 1 Setting the names of a data.frame
1:57PM 5 Question about ggplot2
12:58PM 3 R script on linux?
12:29PM 0 spatial plots maps-ssplot
10:44AM 1 help mkin
10:04AM 5 density() function: differences with S-PLUS
9:47AM 2 get the scripname within the executed myscript.r
7:57AM 1 Help on install.packages() function
6:14AM 2 how to compare two datasets in R>?
6:08AM 0 Need help with nlme code
4:35AM 1 Strings from different locale
4:11AM 1 arguments must have the same length
4:04AM 3 Using R for Production - Discussion
3:34AM 2 how to make multiple curves in one plot
Monday November 1 2010
10:10PM 1 multicore package: help
9:16PM 1 Error message in fit.mult.impute (Hmisc package)
9:11PM 0 RODBC - odbcConnectExcel2007 headers issue
8:39PM 1 spliting first 10 words in a string
8:23PM 0 Extract node names from BinaryTree in package party
7:40PM 4 how to view the top 20 lines in a long dataset
7:34PM 3 foreloop? aggregating time series data into groups
6:39PM 1 How to stop showing messages while loading package?
5:46PM 1 how to get all possible combinations including the diagonal using "combn"
5:40PM 2 32-bit packages on 64-bit Windows
4:56PM 1 Function not working
4:28PM 0 Seek some help on Statistics
4:14PM 1 Error message when creating a dataframe
3:14PM 2 Post-processing of approximated irregular time series
3:08PM 0 R's text mining package VSM support
2:52PM 1 ggplot map bounds
2:39PM 2 transforming a dataset for association analysis RESHAPE2
1:59PM 1 sqldf hanging on macintosh - works on windows
1:51PM 0 contiguity matrix (queens case)
1:28PM 1 sqldf error only on Unix not Windows
1:22PM 1 File Downloading Problem
1:14PM 2 write.csv changes the format of the date
1:04PM 0 Linkage Disequilibrium Blocks
12:35PM 1 Possible memory leak in loop.
11:55AM 2 number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
10:59AM 6 Plots inside a Plot
10:38AM 1 using dimnames as main when plotting with lapply
10:15AM 2 Irregular Time Series
10:12AM 2 Recursive algorithm
9:40AM 0 In reply to Joshua Wiley: "Re: For loop"
8:12AM 0 function: colvolve
6:18AM 6 connecting points into a smooth curve
3:11AM 1 combining plots (curve + Plot functions)
2:01AM 3 Mean and individual growth curve trajectories
12:35AM 2 how to save this result in a vector
12:30AM 1 Rserve error