R help - Jun 2010

Wednesday June 30 2010
11:53PM 2 anyone know why package "RandomForest" na.roughfix is so slow??
11:14PM 2 plain text in Chinese can not be set
9:34PM 0 I need guidance on better data management in preparation for time series analysis
9:23PM 0 Building Distance Matrix
9:02PM 3 Factor Loadings in Vegan's PCA
8:35PM 0 longitudinal tobit regression in R
8:32PM 3 Embed function strips out date index
8:02PM 2 merging and adding time series
7:46PM 1 problem with rbind on data.frames that contain data.frames
7:11PM 1 Help installing R commander in Fedora 13...
6:31PM 2 string question
6:15PM 1 parameterization of glm nested design
6:05PM 6 Finding Lower Envelope of Points on a Plot?
3:44PM 1 how to tabulate the prediction value using table function for naive baiyes in R
3:12PM 2 ggplot qplot bar removing bars when truncating scale
2:45PM 1 What is wrong with this code?
2:43PM 1 Solution to differential equation for nls function
2:34PM 1 Why the variation when creating .pdf file output for my plots?
2:05PM 1 merge.zoo and fill
1:16PM 1 help on naivebayes function in R
1:08PM 3 run R
11:52AM 2 Assigning entries to category
11:05AM 2 The R Journal, Vol.2 Issue 1
10:57AM 1 All possible permutations of letter A with other letters
10:26AM 5 plot focus
10:16AM 1 backslash escape characters in JSON strings
10:15AM 7 Assigning entries to categories
9:19AM 1 Sweave PDF files show plot symbols as "q"
9:09AM 1 List of zoo multivariate series
9:07AM 1 vlmc - "In vlmc(traffic.clusters.stationary, cutoff = i) : alphabet with >1-letter strings; trying to abbreviate"
5:45AM 1 evaluate a string variable
5:14AM 3 Logistic regression with multiple imputation
4:21AM 2 Reading in a transcript-like file
2:27AM 1 Interpretation of gam intercept parameter
12:42AM 6 Multiline and grouping in R
12:17AM 1 seq.dates in reverse?
Tuesday June 29 2010
11:01PM 2 process of stepwise selection
10:35PM 2 RPostgreSQL - Unable to locate required modules/DLLs on WinXP/7
9:58PM 2 using zoo() to coerce time series to a different reference frame
7:21PM 3 merging/intersecting 2 data frames
7:05PM 3 How to delete the replicate rows by summing up the numeric columns
6:54PM 2 Conditionally constructing columns in a data frame
6:30PM 0 how to distinguish bi-mode distribution from mono-mode distribution
6:01PM 3 formating chron date times for printing
5:36PM 0 how to create a shape file from a polygone
5:35PM 0 Reordering the correlation matrix
5:22PM 2 transposing a data frame from horizontal to vertical (stacking)
5:10PM 2 Remove observations deemed influential by influential.measure
4:32PM 1 How to allocate more memories to R?
3:08PM 1 Sweave, xtable plus/minus sign
2:17PM 5 More than two font in a plot
1:36PM 2 Help with dates and characters
1:30PM 1 Use of processor by R 32bit on a 64bit machine
12:11PM 1 Constructing a model with multilevel response variables
10:59AM 3 table() of a factor
10:22AM 3 generate irregular series of dates
10:15AM 5 Link to a pdf document
9:09AM 3 mixed-effects model with two fixed effects: interaction
8:52AM 1 Contour - data points not in ascending order?
4:12AM 2 how to remove "numeric(0)" component from a list
3:38AM 1 Performance enhancement for ave
2:28AM 2 Matrix operations
1:57AM 1 How to draw multi group plot?
1:55AM 2 Need help for SVM code for microarray classification
1:31AM 1 Model validation and penalization with rms package
1:30AM 2 How to delete rows based on replicate values in one column with some extra calcuation
Monday June 28 2010
11:37PM 2 ask a question about list in R project
11:30PM 1 Stacking several vectors from the list
11:17PM 2 Identify and extract a whole word of variable length using regular expressions
8:42PM 1 Zoo series to a date time stamp that is regular
8:10PM 1 advice on package devel with external libs
7:47PM 2 plotmeans
7:46PM 2 Not-In operator
7:40PM 2 How to run Bibtex with pdfLatex in StatEt/MikTex on Windows ?
6:37PM 3 data frame row statistics (mean)?
5:28PM 2 Lattice and Beamer
3:46PM 6 Basic question - more efficient method than loop?
3:22PM 1 Subtraction loop
3:04PM 2 Stacked Histogram, multiple lines for dates of news stories?
2:58PM 1 linear predicted values of the index function in an ordered probit model
2:20PM 0 Forecast Package: MAPE as criteria
1:52PM 1 (New) Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata...
1:31PM 0 Seasonality - Centered MA vs. Holt-Winters
1:28PM 2 Axes intercept
1:02PM 1 mathematical expression in varnames of lattice parallel plot
12:23PM 2 Creating quarterly data
10:21AM 2 distance matrix?
9:57AM 1 Exponential Smoothing: Forecast package
9:50AM 2 Using if statement on function
9:48AM 0 Multiple Treatments Meta-analysis (MTM)
9:27AM 2 Note on PCA (not directly with R)
8:50AM 0 Forecast Package in R: auto.arima function
1:16AM 2 sampling one random frame from each unique trial?
Sunday June 27 2010
5:22PM 1 NeweyWest
4:58PM 1 Offscreen rendering in RGL?
3:48PM 1 mgcv out of memory
6:28AM 2 floating point in single precision
4:09AM 2 Ways to work with R and Postgres
Saturday June 26 2010
11:11PM 1 package(pls) - extracting explained Y-variance
8:27PM 4 optim() not finding optimal values
3:53PM 0 dynamic panelmodel pgmm
2:21PM 1 boot with strata: strata argument ignored?
1:20PM 2 several common sub-axes within multiple plot area
12:43PM 0 Recoding session date into session id in a longitudinal dataset
12:37PM 2 Recoding dates to session id in a longitudinal dataset
12:17PM 7 Calculating Summaries for each level of a Categorical variable
11:53AM 2 Recursive indexing failed at level 2
10:53AM 0 Problem: RWinEdt and Windows 7
4:55AM 1 Passing the parameter (file name) to png()
3:28AM 4 integration of two normal density
1:31AM 1 inf.rm function?
1:12AM 2 subset arg in subset(). was: converting result of substitute to 'ordidnary' expression
12:59AM 3 converting result of substitute to 'ordidnary' expression
12:35AM 1 predict newdata question
12:27AM 1 All a column to a data frame with a specific condition
12:10AM 2 use a data frame whose name is stored as a string variable?
Friday June 25 2010
11:08PM 4 Average 2 Columns when possible, or return available value
9:47PM 1 Different standard errors from R and other software
9:46PM 1 become a member of R user community
9:29PM 1 Accessing matrix elements within a list
9:22PM 2 fatal error: unable to restore saved data
8:05PM 1 exists() and functions
7:00PM 2 Delete rows in the data frame by limiting values in two columns
6:49PM 1 Trying to tile wireframe plots (using lattice package)
6:42PM 2 Forcing scalar multiplication.
6:00PM 0 Modelling Crystal Growth
5:38PM 1 variograms and kriging
4:35PM 0 3D generalization of correlogram?
4:07PM 0 Diebold Mariano
3:58PM 6 Export Results
3:42PM 1 Lattice plotting question
3:34PM 3 Fast and simple tool for re-sampling of asynchronous time series ?
2:48PM 3 gsub with regular expression
12:55PM 0 Optimizing given two vectors of data (confusedSoul)
12:00PM 2 (no subject)
9:30AM 1 Finding sets
8:34AM 0 HEGY.test, error "Mypi not found"
8:33AM 1 Sweave: The opposite of tangle
8:02AM 1 Confused: Looping in dataframes
6:26AM 2 i want create script
6:12AM 1 Optimizing given two vectors of data
5:56AM 1 best way to plot a evolution in time
5:47AM 2 Assigning variable value as name to cbind column
5:00AM 2 ask a question about list in R
4:39AM 2 installing multicore package
3:16AM 2 Label Values in levelplot
2:35AM 2 Handouts / Reports or just simply printing text to PDF?
2:35AM 1 what "density" is plotting ?
1:13AM 1 dimnames(x) <- dn error
Thursday June 24 2010
11:17PM 1 BBH2 and FrF2 packages
10:16PM 3 write a loop for tallies
9:44PM 4 Simple qqplot question
8:08PM 5 Best way to compute a sum
7:47PM 1 [OT] Combinatorials wtih constraints
7:25PM 8 Install package automatically if not there?
7:00PM 1 Sweave with external R code
6:29PM 0 probabilities from survfit.coxph
6:16PM 1 Displaying additional values on the Y-axis ggplot2
5:51PM 1 help, bifurcation diagram efficiency
5:22PM 1 help in SVM
5:16PM 1 how can I evaluate a formula passed as a string?
5:02PM 1 read.csv does not find my file (windows xp)
2:30PM 2 "If-error-resume-next"
11:45AM 2 boxplot width
11:40AM 2 Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis (EDMA) in R?
11:18AM 1 ?to calculate sth for groups defined between points in one variable (string), / value separating/ spliting variable into groups by i.e. between start, NA, NA, stop1, start2, NA, stop2
11:09AM 0 Snowfall: "cannont open connection " problem (repost in plain text)
10:30AM 0 sobel.lme
9:19AM 0 Snowfall: "cannont open connection " problem
8:45AM 2 Averaging half hourly data to hourly
8:36AM 0 Multivariate Binomial distribution
8:31AM 1 How to say "if error"
7:44AM 2 Correctly plotting bar and scatter chart on 2-y axis plot with par(new=T)
7:16AM 1 Question on WLS (gls vs lm)
6:39AM 1 how to change the format of numeric variable
6:36AM 1 two sample binomial test
5:10AM 0 How to estimate the Hurst exponent in a stable and effective way?
3:13AM 1 problem with graphic devices
1:55AM 1 how to group a large list of strings into categories based on string similarity?
1:42AM 0 rgdal-maptools
12:57AM 2 count data with a specific range
Wednesday June 23 2010
11:05PM 3 integrate dmvtnorm
10:56PM 2 Unique Data Frame Name?
10:38PM 1 problem to building R (datasets)
10:32PM 3 Beginning Eigen System question.
10:27PM 1 A question about R2Winbugs
10:08PM 1 trouble building R on solaris
9:45PM 1 Shapefile
8:52PM 1 Plotting Data on a Map
8:27PM 3 Wilcoxon signed rank test and its requirements
7:54PM 0 dlm package and Log Likelihoods
7:40PM 1 RJDBC vs RMySQL vs ???
7:33PM 4 Comparing distributions
7:03PM 1 Probabilities from survfit.coxph:
6:08PM 1 About normality tests (2) ...
6:05PM 2 About normality tests...
5:25PM 1 Clustering
5:14PM 1 how to print a colored plot in black/white?
5:01PM 5 Plotrix Trick
4:06PM 2 possibility to determine whether a script is "sourced"?
2:47PM 1 mhplot error with test example: "ylim not found"
2:46PM 0 K-Centroids fuzzy Clusters Analysis ?
1:35PM 4 list operation
1:30PM 2 Analyzing large transition matrix
1:15PM 0 Hong Kong R users' group
12:21PM 2 question about a program
12:10PM 1 Generation of binomial numbers using a loop
11:32AM 1 is there a Decode HTML function somewhere (similar to URLdecode)?
11:29AM 1 Trouble compiling igraph. . .
10:31AM 2 xtable for latex: setting some values globally
10:27AM 1 calculating using user provided function
7:05AM 1 gbm function
6:52AM 1 reg:error
6:49AM 1 reg: R genetics problem
6:11AM 1 Estimate of variance and prediction for multiple linear regression
4:38AM 2 (help) This is an R workspace memory processing question
12:29AM 1 How to 'understand' R functions besides reading R codes
Tuesday June 22 2010
11:46PM 2 Verify the linear regression model used in R ( fundamental theory)
11:37PM 1 subset dataset using factor levels instead of factor names
10:54PM 2 Lattice legend
9:50PM 2 constructing a data frame from ftable
9:42PM 0 vowel plot and IPA installation
9:41PM 1 Mahalanobis distance
9:40PM 1 Remove squares from scatter3D
8:18PM 1 Subject: Re ZINB by Newton Raphson??
8:10PM 0 aov - subjects nested within groups & crossed with questions
6:28PM 1 k-sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov test?
5:33PM 1 New errors with difftime()-objects in 2.11.1 (was Re: Request: difftime method for cut())
5:30PM 1 Installing packages from folder on the computer
4:55PM 0 X11 on Mac OS X 10.6 Version of R64
4:45PM 3 lapply and boxplots with variable names
4:43PM 1 Bayesian Code for contingency tables
4:30PM 2 xyplot: adding pooled regression lines to a paneled type="r" plot
3:38PM 2 How do you install R package?
2:35PM 3 Duplicate dates in zoo objects
2:30PM 1 Generalised Estimating Equations on approx normal outcome with limited range
2:26PM 1 Applying forecast functions to columns in a data frame
2:12PM 0 Stylesheet line in xml output
2:11PM 0 creating a loop for dive files
1:45PM 1 Adding style sheet line to xml output
1:29PM 1 contour plots
1:11PM 1 "save scores" from sem
1:07PM 5 Displaying Iteration Count
1:00PM 3 Problem with writing a CSV file in UTF-8 formate
12:58PM 0 survfit function - event information??
12:06PM 0 Working cludge [Re: SSOAP fails with .types[[1]] : subscript out of bounds]
10:53AM 1 replication time series using permutations of the each "y" values
10:37AM 0 How to generate an autoregressive distributed lag model?
10:18AM 0 solve.QP
10:05AM 1 Labels for matplot x axis
8:59AM 0 XMLSchema:::processSchemaTypes() fails with XMLSchema.xsd [was: SSOAP fails with .types[[1]] : subscript out of bounds]
8:59AM 1 random sequence
8:14AM 1 which model suits for these kind of data
6:56AM 1 SSOAP fails with .types[[1]] : subscript out of bounds
6:35AM 2 Generate a list of all subsequence of length k from an array
6:28AM 1 applying ifelse to dataframe
5:36AM 1 installing packages from a directory on the computer
3:24AM 2 Converting 3 columns of a data frame into a matrix
2:35AM 1 help in pael data analysis
2:35AM 3 Project
2:28AM 1 Warped Text in mtext in a Quartz-Window
1:06AM 1 how to efficiently compute set unique?
Monday June 21 2010
11:18PM 4 how to initial a list to store data result?
11:00PM 1 glm
10:50PM 1 survfit function - event information???
10:35PM 0 RSQLite and fetching rows from multiple tables
8:28PM 0 Interactive R Learning Website
6:46PM 3 tables
6:39PM 0 ess - History Expansion
6:24PM 2 How to predict the mean and variance of the dependent variable after regression
6:01PM 1 Contrast interaction effects in lmer object for reciprocal transplant experiment
4:56PM 0 odfWeave accented chars in a plot iconv
2:57PM 0 InfiniDB
2:48PM 2 Garch in the mean
2:27PM 1 Interpreting lm Residuals...
2:27PM 2 Calculating a daily average
1:31PM 4 S3 generics need identical signature?
1:29PM 4 Same function name
1:28PM 2 ctree
1:15PM 2 Return value associated with a factor
12:46PM 1 glm, poisson and negative binomial distribution and confidence interval
12:45PM 0 Re ZINB by Newton Raphson??
11:52AM 1 replace NA-values
11:51AM 2 Play symbol
10:34AM 5 Replacing elements of a list over a certain threshold
9:30AM 2 list() assigning the same value to two items
9:11AM 1 Latex outputs of multilevel models
9:03AM 1 Problem with package installation
8:39AM 1 need help when "make check" R-2.11.1
7:11AM 0 how to find observed Moran's I value using moran.test(spdep)
5:33AM 1 Is there a similar R function like "stpower" in STATA
4:42AM 0 Fw: simulating binary random numbers using 'mvtnorm'
4:07AM 0 mapproject Lambert in metres
2:32AM 0 using table and tapply? solved
2:24AM 1 using table and tapply?
1:39AM 1 ZINB by Newton Raphson??
12:21AM 2 Singularity in simple ANCOVA problem
12:13AM 2 difference in dates
Sunday June 20 2010
11:46PM 1 how to convert a set of strings to a list of unique numeric id?
11:17PM 3 Spatial: number of independent components?
10:00PM 2 compute coefficient of determination (R-squared) for GLM (maximum likelihood)
9:52PM 2 mean duration (persistence) of daily data
9:38PM 2 Time in ggplot2
5:45PM 0 generalized pareto and histogram
2:27PM 0 A Statistics related question
2:09PM 2 package 'Biobase'
1:31PM 6 Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata...
12:29PM 1 Connect to server
12:02PM 1 lm for log log
2:40AM 1 "Unable to fit" error message from the lrm function in the rms library
Saturday June 19 2010
10:05PM 1 weird error: Coercing LHS to a list
9:35PM 1 question about boosting(Adaboosting. M1)
9:29PM 3 recurrent events data analysis
5:43PM 0 Logistic Regression in Zelig
2:32PM 2 Call by reference or suggest workaround
1:39PM 3 R vs SAS and Revolution R
5:22AM 1 How to read data from this csv?
4:02AM 2 quantile() depends on order of probs?
2:14AM 1 Extracting P-values from the lrm function in the rms library
Friday June 18 2010
11:54PM 4 Root mean square on binned GAM results
11:08PM 1 Read data from .csv file and regression on dummy variables
9:19PM 1 How to calculate the robust standard error of the dependent variable
7:18PM 0 using ar for models such as AR(1,7)
7:11PM 3 Problem calling R from within perl script on Windows
7:07PM 2 help with reshape is needed again!
6:58PM 3 Non-procedural access to columns of a matrix
6:19PM 0 Confidence interval calculation for intersection of two quadratic lines
5:35PM 2 varIdent error using gam function in mgcv
5:32PM 0 pcse package - is it OK to use it when my regression is weighted by each subgroup's mean
5:20PM 1 Error: cannot allocate vector of size 31.8 Mb
5:11PM 1 question in R
4:28PM 0 pcse package - clarifying question about arguments groupN and groupT
4:02PM 1 Fitting a polynomial using lrm from the Design library
3:39PM 2 Summing using a boolean index vector (repost in plain text).
3:23PM 0 conditional inference trees extracting terminal node probabilities
2:58PM 5 extract date time from a text file
2:52PM 2 Vector manipulation, for loop needed?
2:48PM 0 Summing using a boolean index vector
2:47PM 1 ggplot2 boxplot: horizontal, univariate
2:26PM 1 Read SPSS v 18 .sav file
2:18PM 3 C interface
1:59PM 3 Use of .Fortran
1:58PM 1 pie3D labelpos
1:39PM 3 inverse function of melt
1:01PM 0 Proportional Denton Method
12:03PM 3 ploting dots with quentiles
11:57AM 1 How to add example data to R package
11:31AM 0 simulating binary random numbers using 'mvtnorm'
9:58AM 1 Using R to solve search problems
9:56AM 0 R to solve search problems
9:10AM 0 New course schedule and new locations
8:27AM 2 Extract estimates from each dataset: MI package
8:04AM 4 Drawing sample from a circle
7:45AM 1 ow to apply a panel function to each of several data series plotted on the same graph in lattice
7:35AM 0 how to construct a TSdata with multivariate time serials
6:05AM 2 double integral
6:01AM 1 12th Root of a Square (Transition) Matrix
5:41AM 2 Find the 50 highest values in a matrix
5:32AM 1 Latex problem in Hmisc (3.8-1) and Mac Os X with R 2.11.1
1:32AM 2 Drawing paths through a grid
1:00AM 0 Speeding up the transfer of a tcl character array to R
12:42AM 0 RJDBC - sloooooow - HELP!
Thursday June 17 2010
11:40PM 3 ask a question about data sets element
11:10PM 1 help with nnet
11:06PM 1 is there a function to find the quantile of the mean of a vector?
10:17PM 0 help with neural network nnet package
8:46PM 1 Multiple ecdf plots?
8:03PM 1 [OT] Oo-calc & StAtistics
7:45PM 3 Factoring a variable
7:32PM 4 Read code from character string
6:22PM 2 help for reshape function
5:29PM 1 program R using mac Xcode
5:11PM 1 library(...,pos=) is not consistent
4:48PM 0 Modifyiing R working matrix within "gee" source code
4:45PM 0 hypoexponential distribution
4:43PM 2 tempfile problem
4:13PM 0 nnet
4:03PM 1 Problems using allEffects() (package effect)
3:44PM 3 R user interface
3:40PM 0 stplot help
2:33PM 2 Pretty printing progress
2:19PM 2 Question regarding print
2:01PM 0 Invitation to a new Q&A statistical-analysis website
1:55PM 2 Plotting different symbols in R for different values in a vector
1:42PM 1 RODBC: AD authentication when accessing database?
1:25PM 2 Plotting confidence intervals of two response on same graph (panel).
1:22PM 1 updating cells
1:14PM 1 One graph for each row
12:49PM 1 simulating data from a multivariate dist
11:50AM 1 plotting radial dendrograms
11:48AM 5 Optimization problem
11:05AM 1 big big problem
10:31AM 1 RKWARD
10:26AM 1 Help with interpolation of time series
10:10AM 2 Help R
9:48AM 3 RODBC in R
9:28AM 6 R licensing query
9:17AM 3 trigonometric regression
9:17AM 1 Testing for differences between 2 unknown distributions/densities
9:09AM 1 Column name defined by function variable
7:27AM 2 Multiple plots in a single page and stripplot()
7:22AM 1 Subtraction of group means using AGGREGATE and MERGE
4:44AM 1 How to take the lower triangular part from a full matrix
3:17AM 3 how to use sapply code
2:45AM 1 No graphics capability on fresh install of R2.11.0 on FreeBSD 8.0
1:28AM 2 how to 'average' one col wrt to another one
12:21AM 1 sapply or apply
Wednesday June 16 2010
11:55PM 1 R and LINGO?
11:38PM 1 Too many columns with prelim.norm
11:10PM 3 Decile
10:33PM 4 questions on some operators in R
10:30PM 5 t-test problem
8:32PM 1 shrout & fleiss ICC´s with varying numbers of judges
8:08PM 2 qplot
7:52PM 2 Sending a null byte to a socket
7:33PM 3 mgcv, testing gamm vs lme, which degrees of freedom?
6:29PM 2 Reading data from xls..........please help
5:34PM 2 Parallel computing on Windows (foreach) (Sergey Goriatchev)
5:22PM 4 Is there a non-parametric repeated-measures Anova in R ?
4:19PM 1 Is there any function to read genbank flat files.
4:04PM 1 RegExp question
3:53PM 1 Help asked for automated generation of ncdf variables
3:37PM 2 error message stops "for" command
3:30PM 3 Function argument as string
3:25PM 1 Mean variance plot of a data frame
3:00PM 5 Latex and r
2:45PM 2 Accessing the elements of summary(prcomp(USArrests))
2:20PM 4 Sampling with replacement
1:31PM 1 Problems loading RWeka and rJava under R 2.10.1
1:08PM 2 R software
12:52PM 0 replicate a grob n times
11:41AM 1 generating samples from multivariate distributions
11:15AM 1 Decoding raw vectors every other byte
10:20AM 1 memory management in R
10:00AM 2 Question
9:26AM 0 "prompt" question
8:41AM 0 Binning function in R
8:38AM 1 prcomp() and the lenght of PC:s
7:49AM 2 Backslash in paste() function
7:45AM 2 data frame
7:40AM 2 Fitting Gamma distribution
7:24AM 0 Fitting Gamma distributionm
6:59AM 1 disabling scientific number format
6:41AM 0 fgev + negative location parameter for positive data?
6:20AM 0 biglm.big.matrix: Problem with weighting
6:03AM 1 Exporting multiple plots
5:35AM 4 an alternative to R for nonlinear stat models
2:40AM 1 multiple plots without for loops
1:46AM 1 "Write.table" problem
1:01AM 0 Optimization of multivariate nonlinear function with equality constrain
Tuesday June 15 2010
11:47PM 1 MANOVA proportion of variance explained
10:02PM 1 Getting the eigenvectors for the dependent variables from principal components analysis
10:00PM 3 Problem about zero
9:45PM 3 list of variables of an expression
9:20PM 1 Error when callin g C-Code
9:17PM 1 regression analysis & p value
9:14PM 1 cross validation of SVM
8:39PM 2 Question about user define function
7:07PM 1 building 2.11.1 on solaris 10
6:27PM 2 Fastest way to merge matrix columns into a comma delimited string?
6:06PM 1 output from the gbm package
5:34PM 2 coxph and remaing events
5:33PM 1 Error in nlm : non-finite value supplied by 'nlm'
5:31PM 0 nlm is
4:29PM 1 help biglm.big.matrix; problem with weights
3:59PM 0 Plotting two ellipses in one graph
3:59PM 0 spikeslab 1.1.0 now available on CRAN
3:55PM 1 Help with error
3:49PM 2 Unspecified [upper] xlim/ylim?
3:07PM 2 Parallel computing on Windows (foreach)
2:57PM 1 Problem with the recode function
2:24PM 0 strange error message from freedesktop.org in the R window!
1:50PM 0 Slightly OT: how to save Tinn-R files to open in linux
1:39PM 1 Package testing
1:31PM 0 TS Forecasting/Prediction
1:23PM 0 lme, spline (revised question)
1:05PM 2 Integration problem: error in invoking an outside function
12:37PM 1 how to make JAVA available for R use?
12:27PM 6 working with zoo time index ??
12:20PM 3 How to see how a function is written
11:51AM 1 Simple 3D Plot Question
11:45AM 3 Problem with as.POSIXlt$hour
10:57AM 2 Graphics question: How to create a changing "smudge factor" for overlapping lines?
10:37AM 1 merge
8:16AM 1 dendrogram
7:47AM 1 lme, spline
7:42AM 3 summary stats on continuous data
5:12AM 1 vectorize subscript ranges?
3:46AM 4 shifted window of string
2:06AM 1 aggregate vs merge
Monday June 14 2010
10:48PM 2 error: subscript out of bounds?
10:19PM 1 avoid row/column indexing in capture.output
10:13PM 1 recursively Merging a list a zoo objects
8:45PM 1 Times series data file?
8:30PM 0 3D ncdf file
8:24PM 1 Subtracting POSIXct data/times
8:17PM 2 how to make a barplot similar to Excel’s “clustered column chart”.
8:03PM 2 Zero counts lost with table() in functions
7:25PM 2 NPMC
7:20PM 1 installing RExcel package
6:18PM 1 executable script
4:41PM 1 How we can open the results are saved
3:55PM 1 Prime Numbers Pkgs
3:54PM 1 script development for Unconditional Density and Probability estimation
3:43PM 0 Revolutions Blog: May Roundup
3:29PM 2 recursive function
2:58PM 0 MICE Package and LMER
2:42PM 1 using R to draw over a distribution.
2:16PM 3 Prime Numbers Pkgs - Schoolmath is broken
1:47PM 3 remove last char of a text string
1:37PM 1 lme command
1:25PM 2 merging data frames
1:09PM 2 xtable with Sweave
12:54PM 1 unqiue problem
12:52PM 2 Which is the easiest (most elegant) way to force "aov" to treat numerical variables as categorical ?
12:11PM 2 how to change default help settings from factory default html
12:06PM 2 list matching
11:33AM 2 Html help
11:12AM 1 Install Rmpi
10:16AM 0 discrete (binary) choice panel data
10:07AM 2 Large Data
9:15AM 3 Design of experiments for Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis (CBC)
9:05AM 1 How to convert data frame row to vector?
5:05AM 2 random colour
4:00AM 0 font path problem in Ubuntu
3:20AM 1 logistic regression with 50 varaibales
12:30AM 2 Multiple regressions
12:14AM 0 Registration deadline, useR! 2010
Sunday June 13 2010
11:23PM 1 Best way to remove double precision round off chaff
9:42PM 1 Standard error of regression coefficient
7:09PM 1 losing line of mtext when saving to png format
6:17PM 4 Are any values in one list contained within a second list
5:47PM 1 Pairwise cross correlation from data set
4:07PM 5 Count of unique factors within another factor
2:46PM 1 add only selected labels using thigmophobe
2:13PM 1 Finding an order for an hclust (dendrogram) object without intersections
1:54PM 1 Simulating a Poisson Process in R by calling C Code over .Call
1:40PM 1 Boxplot intervals combining names
12:28PM 1 ERROR need finite 'ylim' values
9:13AM 0 How to write a customized hclust algorithm in R?
7:31AM 2 Get a list of installed commands
6:21AM 2 How to output text to sink without initial line number [1], and data frame line by line without column names
5:59AM 0 Weighted Average application on Summary Dataset
4:40AM 1 using latticeExtra plotting confidence intervals
3:48AM 1 Break in the y-axis
1:22AM 2 Scope and sapply
1:02AM 1 Sim function
12:30AM 2 help with R
Saturday June 12 2010
8:26PM 0 Configuration of host address for database access
6:45PM 1 calling a function with new inputs every 1 minute
5:08PM 0 who know how to program Bartlett lewis model using R
4:36PM 1 Fast way to compute largest eigenvector
3:22PM 0 nonparametric density and probability methods
1:49PM 1 generating ordered, random decimal fractions
1:42PM 1 Displaying "homogeneous groups" in aov post-hoc results ?
1:37PM 2 Can one get a list of recommended packages?
12:01PM 0 help with npcdens function package np
10:44AM 4 meta analysis with repeated measure-designs?
9:38AM 2 Logic with regexps
4:39AM 2 mob (party package) question
2:46AM 1 extended Kalman filter for survival data
2:41AM 0 sleep timer resolution on OSX
1:32AM 0 R can't find gcc library that other programs can.
12:37AM 1 sharing experience - installing R Spatial Views
Friday June 11 2010
11:21PM 2 Compiling R with multi-threaded BLAS math libraries - why not actually ?
9:27PM 1 Decision values from KSVM
8:36PM 0 comparing reshape's
6:54PM 0 How to code mixed model with nested factors in lmer
6:32PM 2 Transforming simulation data which is spread across many files into a barplot
5:40PM 1 Handling character string
5:31PM 0 rules-class
5:29PM 0 passing constrasts=FALSE to contrast functions -- why does this exist?
5:23PM 1 Managing list elements
4:28PM 1 Windows, OSX and Linux: updating a graphic device and double buffering
3:01PM 2 Rgui crashed on Windows XP Home
2:49PM 1 Documentation of B-spline function
2:28PM 1 removing a non empty directory
1:48PM 2 R in Linux: problem with special characters
1:09PM 2 r code to broaden the boarder of the bars of a histogram
12:49PM 3 lm without error
11:50AM 1 glm-test?
10:45AM 2 Clustering algorithms don't find obvious clusters
10:36AM 0 How to adjust plot size?
8:28AM 1 Unable to load an object
8:16AM 3 Calculation of r squared from a linear regression
6:37AM 1 ff package when reading .csv files
5:36AM 2 Misplacement of Greek letter
4:56AM 0 Correlation Matrix
12:33AM 4 setting the current working directory to the location of the source file
Thursday June 10 2010
6:42PM 1 Order labels in qplot() - ggplot2 {help}
5:35PM 1 use of aggregate
4:20PM 1 coxph and completely missing strata/subsetting
4:12PM 3 Finding distance matrix for categorical data
4:00PM 1 levelplot and contour lines
3:54PM 1 Problems with BRugs
3:29PM 1 Date conversion
3:24PM 1 selecting and excluding files through a pattern
3:22PM 1 HOW to install RSQLite database
3:21PM 1 Latex: Date Format conversion
2:27PM 1 nls model fitting errors
1:56PM 2 adding column of ordered numbers to matrix
1:48PM 2 points marking
1:47PM 1 do faster ANOVAS
1:42PM 2 [R[ dates on zoo objects
12:44PM 1 Sweave cutting new lines
12:26PM 1 Power calculation
10:36AM 2 Cforest and Random Forest memory use
10:36AM 1 glm poisson function
10:31AM 2 Capturing buffered output from Rterm
10:28AM 3 Package not on CRAN mirrow - what now?
10:11AM 2 drawing curve
9:02AM 1 Position of Axis Labels (Base Graphics)
8:11AM 0 error in misclass results
7:35AM 1 Row binding
7:02AM 1 Rmath.dll importing in VB6 problem
6:36AM 0 error message fitting tcopula
6:29AM 0 error message in fitting tcopula
6:21AM 1 Help with Tinn-R
6:07AM 1 Issues with Bar Graph
5:57AM 0 R: Collaborative Filtering
5:22AM 1 To give column names of a data-frame
5:04AM 0 Help with Post-Hoc tests for TWO-WAY within subject ANOVA
4:54AM 1 importing multidimensional matrix from MATLAB
4:18AM 2 Specifying formula inside a function
3:44AM 2 45 degree tick marks
3:39AM 0 Using the Ingres SQL database with R
3:30AM 3 Retrieving the 2 row of "dist" computations
2:58AM 1 Creating reports using R
2:48AM 1 Re :help to aggregate data
2:24AM 1 Can RMySQL be used for a paramterized query?
1:49AM 2 panel.abline {lattice} help
1:38AM 1 R-List on Spanish Where I can find???
1:03AM 2 counting Na/not NA by groups by column
Wednesday June 9 2010
11:17PM 1 ANOVA of a sort
11:12PM 2 cbind with vectors of different lengths?
11:11PM 1 Finding the bootstrapped coefficient of variation and the stderr on the CV(boot)
10:43PM 4 question about "mean"
10:27PM 1 back transforming arcsine transformations in metafor
9:09PM 0 Gamma Copula
8:55PM 0 non-parametric repeated measures anova using Proportional Odds Model - examples?!
8:52PM 1 barplot of a table
8:48PM 1 Problem Matching Exact Values
8:32PM 3 lattice: how to remove ticks from splom()?
8:23PM 0 maPalette() and the number of colors returned (bug?)
7:50PM 1 [R-sig-Geo] How to extract coordinates values from a shapefile?
7:13PM 1 counting across leves of factors
7:04PM 1 Performing a function on columns specified in another dataframe
6:29PM 0 Fixed sill in variogram fitting (geoR)
5:45PM 2 Change the name of one column ONLY
5:41PM 1 Subset columns by prefix
5:39PM 1 makign help files by hand
5:36PM 1 bug? in stats::cor for use=complete.obs with NAs
5:32PM 0 cut edge from surface using persp()
4:30PM 2 for loop incremented by 0.01
4:21PM 0 marginal structural models
4:17PM 0 help for generating data from ar1 like model
4:11PM 1 generate list of variable names
3:42PM 0 Plotting Question
3:38PM 0 Dr. Hadley Wickham - Data Visualisation in R: Harnessing the power of ggplot2. London - November 2010
3:19PM 3 comparing two regression models with different dependent variable
3:10PM 1 Calibration and validation for svycoxph
2:29PM 3 How to add a new plot in the same graph using add=T at the command plot?
2:03PM 4 creating a new variable, conditional on the value of an existing variable, selected conditionally
1:46PM 3 changing the number of elements in a list
1:44PM 1 RGoogleDocs not working for me with "wise" service
1:39PM 1 passing local parameters to nls?
12:28PM 2 OOP and passing by value
12:14PM 1 Taylor Diagram
12:05PM 3 RMySQL package on 64bit R for Windows
11:27AM 1 equivalent of stata command in R‏‏
11:26AM 3 bootpred for multinomial
11:16AM 4 strange issue with "which" on "seq"
11:11AM 1 Rglpk
10:49AM 0 Sorting Association Rules on 2 criteria
10:39AM 1 dealing with heteroscedasticity in lmer: problem with the method weights
10:36AM 2 Help needed on "switch" function
10:26AM 0 Problem using Rmpi
10:19AM 0 Testing for differences in amplitude and phase
10:01AM 1 Problem with library(SSPA)
9:54AM 1 equivalent of stata command in R‏
9:28AM 1 equivalent of stata command in R
9:08AM 1 minor tick marks
8:50AM 1 Highlighting Text in Console
8:38AM 2 Read in dataset without saving it
7:39AM 1 set x11 as default plot
6:37AM 0 fitting t copula
6:31AM 0 VaR using monte carlo simulation
4:15AM 2 combining expressions in mathplot
3:33AM 1 ordisurf (pkg vegan) gives implausible result
1:49AM 3 Extracting Elements By Date
1:49AM 1 how to draw the probability ellipse circle figure?
1:36AM 2 correcting a few data in an unreshaped data frame
1:21AM 1 specifying plot symbol sizes in qplot or ggplot2
1:07AM 0 Run Rscript.exe, how to capture error message?
Tuesday June 8 2010
10:38PM 2 Logical vector question
10:06PM 2 how to ignore rows missing arguments of a function when creating a function?
9:53PM 1 Efficiency question
9:23PM 1 restructuring "by" output for use with write.table
9:19PM 2 type conversion with apply or not
8:40PM 2 cor.test() -- how to get the value of a coefficient
8:15PM 1 iterating over groups of columns
7:58PM 1 GEE: estimate of predictor with high time dependency
7:52PM 3 more dates and data frames
7:07PM 0 Rsymphony
6:36PM 1 POSIXlt objects
5:49PM 1 hypergeometric series in R
5:43PM 3 partial matches across rows not columns
5:02PM 0 Need help in multi-dimensional clustering
3:41PM 0 R- Package - fdth
3:41PM 0 GMM: "The covariance matrix of the coefficients is singular"
3:35PM 0 TS model
3:04PM 1 setting up zoo objects from a data frame: solved.
2:52PM 2 setting up zoo objects from a data frame
1:44PM 1 Symbols in R
1:42PM 2 constructing a contingency table (ftable, table)
1:37PM 1 Getting started
1:29PM 1 Deleting duplicate values in a correlation matrix
1:17PM 1 Problem installing Rmpi
12:21PM 1 partial solutions to: if else statement problem
12:10PM 1 glm output for binomial family
11:57AM 1 add one point to contourplot()
10:44AM 2 scatterplot function - double check: dashed lines
9:50AM 0 NWS PACKAGE (netWorkSpace)
9:34AM 2 cross-validation
9:17AM 2 problem with if else statement
7:45AM 0 how to identify autocorrelation in Pearson Correlation Coefficient
7:42AM 2 Please help me
6:46AM 1 how to read CSV file in R?
6:44AM 2 duplicated() and unique() problems
4:03AM 2 R statistical program 2.10.0
3:36AM 1 Adding in Missing Data
3:07AM 1 Filtering out a data.frame
2:56AM 1 color of histgram in Psych package (pairs.panels)
2:33AM 3 Matrix to "database" -- best practices/efficiency?
1:43AM 0 About lm.ridge in the MASS package
Monday June 7 2010
10:08PM 1 Desolve package: How to pass thousand of parameters to C compiled code?
9:55PM 1 Borders on a polygon
8:50PM 3 Very OT: World Cup Statistics
7:20PM 1 Transforming list to data frame with corresponding columns
7:04PM 0 exepath error in seqaln
6:29PM 1 Multiply Two Dataframes
5:25PM 2 mgcv
5:21PM 2 how to parse out string separated by special character
4:51PM 1 Source of chickwts data
4:05PM 1 classification algorithms with distance matrix
3:46PM 0 plotting predicted values for time series. Solution
3:16PM 2 graphical representation of a correlation between 3 variables (~30 datapoints)
3:14PM 1 Help with seting up comparison
3:09PM 0 plotting predicted values for time series.
2:04PM 2 as.integer
2:00PM 1 Test
1:39PM 1 Patch for legend.position={left,top,bottom} in ggplot2
1:18PM 0 open files from ftp site
12:28PM 1 fit data with y = x^-1
12:05PM 2 Polar coordinate
11:22AM 1 prewhiten
11:20AM 1 raw data form .CEL file
7:01AM 3 Subsetting subsets of data.frames
6:53AM 4 barchart but with boxes
6:06AM 1 what`s best memory - speed - pc for R?
4:53AM 1 average two sets of columns
3:49AM 1 ols function in rms package
3:18AM 1 how can I control the x-axis tick labels
3:11AM 2 Computing day-over-day log return for a matrix containing multiple time series
Sunday June 6 2010
11:40PM 2 separating data into columns
7:51PM 3 paste together a string object later to be utilized in a function
5:26PM 3 Creating pdf report
5:18PM 1 Why did TukeyHSD not work when I used it for post-hoc for 2way within-subjects anova?
5:04PM 2 Generalized DCC GARCH ML estimation
4:49PM 3 prettyR
4:41PM 2 Merge usage to update data.frame
4:21PM 2 fitting multinomial logistic regression
3:58PM 1 Howto modify a drawn graph with igraph
1:26PM 1 Cumulative frequency percentage and library (equate)
11:46AM 2 Loading an image/picture (png/jpeg/...) to screen...
10:38AM 1 I need help in analyzing
10:36AM 1 R CMD in 2.11.1 error
5:25AM 0 how to use MCD condition
4:47AM 1 Robust Asymptotic Statistics (RobASt)
3:14AM 1 log likelihood and deviance
2:03AM 1 Onequestion
12:02AM 2 Color scale graphic
Saturday June 5 2010
10:26PM 1 spatstat sub-selection
9:18PM 3 Wilcoxon test output as a table
8:30PM 1 The curious special case of "~ (a + b)/c"
6:37PM 0 HTMLStart with TinnR
6:16PM 1 How to get the closing price from the the GOOGLE FINANCE site for NSEINDIA stocks
6:12PM 5 Matrix to Vector
4:09PM 1 Error Bar Issues
3:30PM 3 apply min function rowwise
3:00PM 1 selecting only specific rows in R
2:57PM 2 R2HTML problem
2:45PM 1 Help on Multiple Structural break unit root test
2:20PM 1 Building a package using classes
2:06PM 2 how to use 'points' function to plot two curves with errbar
1:19PM 1 (no subject)
12:10PM 2 Factor to variable
9:55AM 1 variation
9:36AM 2 Greek letters and formatted text
9:31AM 1 exporting the whole output
7:21AM 1 rgl installation failure
5:43AM 1 text with greek letters
4:37AM 1 Prediction in discriminant analysis
3:21AM 1 glm output format
2:45AM 1 Write.fwf works from Mac, throws different number of row error in Windows
12:47AM 2 380x380 dataframe to list
Friday June 4 2010
11:23PM 1 Ignoring missing elements in data.frame()
10:32PM 1 What is the largest in memory data object you've worked with in R?
9:31PM 2 plotting a dataset with median 0
8:53PM 1 fixed intercept
8:35PM 1 Your message to R-help awaits moderator approval
8:02PM 1 tapply help
7:30PM 1 sem R: singular and Could not compute QR decomposition of Hessian
7:28PM 1 subsetting a dataframe
7:08PM 1 Creating a maxtrix from "conditional prints"
6:14PM 2 Convolution vector to be derived
6:10PM 0 R-Package FDTH
6:09PM 1 How do I 'merge' a altered subset of a data.frame back into the same data.frame
5:30PM 2 Help with iteration using while loop
5:01PM 7 Wrong symbol rendering in plots (Ubuntu)
4:33PM 0 new package released: stratigraph v. 0.6b
3:31PM 1 R plotting on linux, regardless of architecture of local machine
3:19PM 2 Build Design Matrix with avoiding loops
1:56PM 1 package mgcv inconsistency in help files? cyclic P-spline "cs" not cyclic?
1:49PM 1 Reading newlines with read.table?
12:10PM 0 multinomial
10:55AM 3 R with Emacs
9:47AM 1 ps-output and LaTeX/DVIPS/PS2PDF - Greek letters disappear
8:37AM 1 StatET plot problem
8:19AM 1 strange behaviour of CairoPNG
7:44AM 1 Shapes in barplots
7:32AM 1 Handling of par() with variables
6:46AM 2 Help on ARFIMA modeling
6:34AM 0 R implementation for Text analytics
6:14AM 1 Boxplot: what is shown by default?
4:59AM 1 parttioning a matrix corresponding to different levels of y
3:34AM 2 horizontal and vertical line with arrow in a plot
3:04AM 5 R Newbie, please help!
2:46AM 0 glmpath crossvalidation
12:48AM 1 i need help about reverse axes
12:02AM 2 using string as variable name in model
Thursday June 3 2010
11:52PM 2 Subsetting for unwanted values
10:13PM 1 Memory leak using Rgraphviz
9:55PM 2 two columns into one
9:21PM 3 reformat time from hhmm
9:05PM 1 setMethod does not work in Window 7??
8:51PM 2 lmer() with no intercept
7:20PM 4 data-management: Rowwise NA
7:10PM 2 sig for R and C++
7:08PM 3 Interaction versus combinations
6:18PM 5 string handling
5:30PM 1 split a row into multiple columns
5:26PM 0 selecting the most recent files
3:58PM 1 cumsum function with data frame
3:49PM 1 Question about avoid the for loop
3:33PM 3 (no subject)
3:18PM 4 For Loop help needed
2:24PM 2 Exporting a list of data frames
2:23PM 2 moving average on irregular time series
2:08PM 1 plot polar coordinates
2:00PM 1 Tukey HSD
1:43PM 3 General-purpose GPU computing in statistics (using R)
1:14PM 2 deduplication
1:11PM 2 Comparing a 4-point and 5-point Likert scale
1:00PM 2 rgl problem on Fedora 13
12:42PM 1 Bug with ESS? R freezes after cat()
12:25PM 3 ordinal variables
11:33AM 1 ARIMA order
11:32AM 5 import text file into R
11:24AM 4 gam error
10:32AM 0 rules for optimizing samples in CLARA (size and numbers) ?
9:11AM 1 increase memory
8:57AM 1 ISO 8601 Weeks/Years on Windows with strptime
8:17AM 1 compare results of glms
7:59AM 1 intersection on more than two sets
6:45AM 1 mlogit and weights
4:52AM 1 3dimensional array in r
4:34AM 1 Continous variables with implausible transformation?
4:14AM 1 problem with 'svyby' function from SURVEY package
2:29AM 2 lapply or data.table to find a unit's previous transaction
12:40AM 2 Matrix subsetting with rownames
12:13AM 3 Nested ANOVA with covariate using Type III sums of squares
Wednesday June 2 2010
11:59PM 0 Nested ANOVA with covariate using Type III sums of squares in R
10:57PM 4 Draw text with a box surround in plot.
9:47PM 4 why the dim gave me different results
9:07PM 3 R linux install: FORTRAN compiling error
6:35PM 1 ESS (emacs speaks statistics) saving history
6:34PM 2 pdf function, resize xyplot plot automatically
6:29PM 2 Sweave glm.fit
6:22PM 2 help in expression( )
6:15PM 1 nnet: cannot coerce class c("terms", "formula") into a data.frame
4:51PM 2 glmnet strange error message
3:37PM 2 building time series/zoo/its from a data frame
3:20PM 0 DEOptim Parameters
2:46PM 1 lattice, xyplot, using "panel.segments" by just addressing one panel
2:44PM 1 Use apply only on non-missing values
2:24PM 8 bind select data frames
1:34PM 3 writing a matrix in a file
1:32PM 0 interp-problem
1:02PM 1 Problems installing data package on Windows
12:47PM 1 compute the associate vector of distances between leaves in a binary non-rooted tree
12:15PM 3 charactor matrix convert to numeric matrix
12:07PM 2 regexpr mystery can not remove trailing spaces
11:58AM 1 About Error Message in readSeries function from Rmetrics
10:56AM 1 Problems using gamlss to model zero-inflated and overdispersed count data: "the global deviance is increasing"
9:25AM 3 Seeking help on Vectorize()
7:41AM 3 which function
4:59AM 1 code for power and suffix for x,y labels in plot( ).
2:06AM 1 How to get a list of subdirectories in the wd?
1:53AM 2 Faster union of polygons?
1:43AM 1 Help - C Compiler
12:21AM 1 how to label the som notes by the majority vote
Tuesday June 1 2010
8:50PM 3 lapply with functions with changing parameters
8:43PM 3 problem with intToChar
7:33PM 0 studentized residues from nls()
7:19PM 2 Reading file
7:05PM 3 Using R with Web services
6:44PM 1 regexpr help (match.length=0)
5:37PM 1 textbox in lattice
5:26PM 2 Problem using apply
3:57PM 3 as.date
3:45PM 1 When normality test violate and sample size is large(n=400) can I use t-test
3:27PM 1 using the design matrix to correctly configure contrasts
3:05PM 1 Question about the license of an R package
2:48PM 2 Help on aggregate method
2:27PM 1 BreastCancer Dataset for Classification in kknn
2:14PM 1 any doc to understand arima state space model?
2:14PM 0 using R and for simulating a wireless network
2:07PM 5 How to make R automatic?
1:25PM 2 R-help "spam" detection; please help the moderators
11:51AM 2 storing output data from a loop that has varying row numbers
11:01AM 5 Help barplots
9:34AM 1 save image to folder
9:12AM 1 loop
9:04AM 2 Issue with assigning text to matrix
9:02AM 1 data frame manipulation ddply
8:17AM 2 Mid-P value for a chi-squared test
8:02AM 4 Plot multiple columns
8:01AM 2 MacOS X binary for lme4 not available on CRAN
7:24AM 1 discriminant analysis
6:45AM 1 data frame manipulation with zero rows
6:03AM 2 Faster matrix operation?
4:54AM 1 arrange data
4:51AM 1 n-dimensional vector plot
4:13AM 0 selecting monotone pattern of missing data from a dataframe with mixed pattern of missingness
3:56AM 1 mvbutils and trackObjs
3:40AM 1 Printing page nmbers in multi-page pdf
3:27AM 0 help on gtk
12:33AM 2 New behavior of 'write.csv' append argument?