R help - May 2010

Monday May 31 2010
11:51PM 2 Ignoring initial rows in a text file import
10:41PM 1 help with importing SPSS file
9:29PM 4 correcting a few data in a large data frame
7:34PM 1 Can not save plot to png file correctly
6:16PM 4 Fancy Page layout
6:06PM 1 How to skip negative values when calculating average
6:01PM 0 Put two plots side by side
5:16PM 1 Corrections for Solaris stuff in manual
4:38PM 2 Sweave & png
3:16PM 2 Problems with apply
2:49PM 4 Y-axis range in histograms
2:44PM 3 two questions about PLOT
1:47PM 5 read in data file into R
12:03PM 3 after updating biomaRt cannot connect any more
11:30AM 1 Vegan fisher.alpha error
11:23AM 2 accessing a data frame with row names
11:12AM 1 missing values in autocorelation
11:07AM 1 Building a what list for scan to use
9:39AM 1 Comparing multiple columns in matrix
9:33AM 3 What does LOESS stand for?
9:16AM 1 R 2.11.1 is released
9:10AM 3 How to delete the previously saved workspace restored
8:31AM 1 running admb from R using system()
8:21AM 1 Replacing NAs with 0 for a list of data frames
7:54AM 2 about heatmap
7:28AM 2 store and repeat data based on row names (loop, if statement)
7:21AM 1 Post-hoc tests for repeated measures in balanced experimental design
6:46AM 2 geepack installation problem?
5:33AM 1 getting the column name of a data frame
5:29AM 1 Removing columns from data frame referenced by column index
4:57AM 0 miss.loc function in MCMC Geneland: can't make it work
2:25AM 1 Creating dropout time from longitudinal data with missing data
1:46AM 3 error on Windows OS
Sunday May 30 2010
10:58PM 0 Yet Another Package for Time Data
10:24PM 0 sanity-checking plans for glmer
9:52PM 1 Building a list
8:33PM 0 New package RSQLite.extfuns and minor upgrade for RSQLite
7:16PM 1 Gamma regression doesn't converge
6:08PM 1 Calling fft from C
3:14PM 3 subsetting
3:09PM 1 solve_TSP ignores control data, or I'm reading the help doc incorrectly.
2:53PM 1 How to use the function "glht" of multcomp package to test interaction?
12:26PM 2 geom_ribbon removes missing values
9:05AM 3 How can I fit a fixed-effect linear model or generalized linear model with method="ml"?
8:03AM 4 Data Frame as Hash Table
5:43AM 2 Vector docs
5:28AM 0 Fixed-effect linear model with method="ml"?
4:27AM 0 How to interpret a result based on wmtsa
4:20AM 1 what command to use for standization
3:30AM 2 Question about package coin
3:17AM 0 Using RODBC to read CSV
12:33AM 1 Count the number of consecutive 1's
Saturday May 29 2010
11:50PM 1 modifying only certain rows in a data-frame
3:57PM 3 simpleError in storage.mode(y)
3:12PM 3 R on the iPhone/iPad? Not so much....a GPL violation
2:54PM 1 Help with R graphics
1:22PM 1 how to run the R script in windows in background mode or script mode?
12:59PM 1 warning In fun(...) : no DISPLAY variable so Tk is not available
12:31PM 0 plotting density in same plot in loop iteration
9:39AM 3 adding statistical output to a plot
4:10AM 0 Spatial Logit Model
Friday May 28 2010
9:58PM 1 Drop observations in unbalanced panel data set according to missing values
9:35PM 1 zipped files as a data type
9:26PM 1 Installed directory of a package
8:49PM 1 latex.rms and models fit with GLS
7:19PM 1 ICD9 codes
7:00PM 1 create new variable: percentile value of variable in data frame
6:54PM 2 How to get the definition of a function if it is masked by a variable?
5:58PM 1 Does Sweave run in the global environment ?
4:38PM 0 lm.ridge in library(MASS) produces inconsistent parameter estimates as compared to matrix algebra
4:30PM 4 Matrix interesting question!
3:37PM 2 if negative value, make zero
3:25PM 3 2.11.0 on ubuntu (hardy) inadvertently installed
3:22PM 0 how to use GenABEL genetic information??
2:49PM 1 why biomaRt cannot extract 3UTR sequences for 1941 ENSGxxxxx ?
1:52PM 2 problem with a function
1:29PM 3 Gelman 2006 half-Cauchy distribution
12:37PM 0 error in sammon (duplicates in configuration)
12:34PM 0 Problems executing cor(dataset) function in R 2.11.0 for OSX ( It works fine in R 2.10.1)
12:21PM 1 How to get values out of a string using regular expressions?
12:11PM 2 anova post hoc tests
11:52AM 3 Using a loop to define new variables
11:19AM 0 Significance in GEE
10:51AM 2 Handing significance digits
9:51AM 0 MLE for multivariate t-distribution
9:13AM 2 Re : help to replace variable value
8:17AM 5 difference in sort order linux/Windows (R.2.11.0)
7:23AM 1 Comparing and Interpreting GAMMs
6:40AM 0 authorization for posting
6:06AM 1 Problem loading RGtk2 (iconv.dll)
5:26AM 1 Match 2 vectors
3:01AM 0 Help with ICD9 codes
2:43AM 3 how to create automatically names for vectors in a loop?
1:20AM 4 vlookup in R?
1:13AM 1 something like vlookup in R?
12:39AM 0 simulate time series with various "colors" of noise
12:14AM 1 Data frame manipulation
Thursday May 27 2010
11:41PM 2 clustering in R
11:08PM 3 Wait for keystroke or timeout
9:54PM 0 Suggestion for rm() help file
8:25PM 2 How to catch Error Messages in R
6:07PM 0 Henze-Zirkler in R
5:14PM 1 One application of Tcltk2
4:51PM 1 Installation on 64bit redhat linux question
3:04PM 0 bigmemory unable to find an inherited method
2:37PM 3 how to extract the 1st field from a vector of strings
2:24PM 0 LDA with unstandardized discriminant functions
2:24PM 1 median test
1:59PM 2 help calculating variable based on factor level of another
1:35PM 1 Rprofile: distinguish between Rgui, Rterm, JGR?
1:34PM 1 library installation problem, invalid regular expression in help indices
11:24AM 3 Apply: Output matrix orientation
10:52AM 1 stripplot, lattice
9:33AM 1 adding column to data frame conditionally
9:13AM 2 Methods to explore R data structures
9:09AM 1 Set resolution of embedded plots in pdf() or CairoPDF()
8:42AM 1 4D Plot
8:03AM 1 switch function
8:01AM 1 How to install an archived version of a package in windows
7:32AM 0 R pdb, viewing in chimera using Bio3d package
6:33AM 1 Packages for ICD9 codes
6:05AM 0 LMM and unequal variances
5:09AM 0 connectivity analysis for spatial information: from raster to graph
4:58AM 3 wildcard operator
2:30AM 3 How to combine data columns to a single column
1:23AM 0 how to pick equivalent degrees of freedom in a R package wmtsa
Wednesday May 26 2010
11:53PM 1 persp(); help with 'tck' option
11:29PM 1 forest() in {metafor} :: edit labels
10:24PM 2 sequential treatment of a vector for formula
9:16PM 2 R and ATLAS
8:09PM 1 Is possible a mini-plot into a big plot with Lattice?
7:51PM 3 R editor
7:39PM 0 question about repeated measure
7:36PM 3 shapiro.test
7:30PM 2 How to calculate mean of means
7:04PM 1 More efficient way to use ifelse()? - A follow up
6:39PM 0 R/Rmetrics Meielisalp Summer School and User/Developer Workshop 2010
6:25PM 0 variance-covariance matrix of mlest in library(mvnmle)
5:43PM 1 data frame manipulation change elements meeting criteria
5:22PM 5 counts of a vector
5:09PM 0 rjags installation problem in Ubuntu 10.04
4:26PM 1 how to Store loop output from a function
3:58PM 2 how to avoid a subset of a matrix to become a column vector
3:55PM 1 Linear Discriminant Analysis in R
3:55PM 3 Problem with plotting survival predictions from cph model
2:53PM 3 error "variable names are limited to 256 bytes" when sourcing code
2:24PM 2 Survival analysis extrapolation
2:10PM 0 stress function in isoMDS
2:05PM 1 Socket establishment
1:45PM 3 cluster analysis and supervised classification: an alternative to knn1?
1:28PM 2 extracat , JGR, iWidgets install problems
12:50PM 1 Fill a matrix using logical arguments?
12:31PM 5 (no subject)
11:57AM 1 problem with not in in subseting dataframe
11:49AM 2 xlim/ylim and actual axis length
11:10AM 0 lmer - how to test correlations?
11:01AM 0 Autocorrelation in R for NLS
10:03AM 1 Custom axis function in lattice:::xyplot
8:13AM 0 substitution in a function
8:04AM 1 validation logistic regression
7:52AM 3 Peak Over Threshold values
7:32AM 1 Factor to Numeric
7:17AM 2 writing function : can't find an object
6:51AM 1 Hgu133acdf Installation Problem
6:43AM 2 Avoiding Loops When Iterating Over Statement That Updates Its Input
5:25AM 4 More efficient way to use ifelse()?
4:14AM 3 Counting indexes
4:00AM 1 list of complex objects?
12:05AM 2 reading in table with different number of elements in each row
Tuesday May 25 2010
10:04PM 0 Peak Over Threshold values/ length of the events
9:12PM 1 Hierarchical clustering using own distance matrices
8:30PM 2 Get output values in a table
8:14PM 1 Predict VAR
6:49PM 2 error : subscript out of bounds
6:23PM 2 Kalman Filter
6:22PM 1 appending objects to file created with save()
6:12PM 1 Non-unique Values
6:07PM 1 Pipe
5:24PM 1 General Question regarding Lists
5:00PM 2 Calculation time of isoMDS and the optimal number of dimensions
4:54PM 1 doubt about samr siggenes.table$genes.up
4:22PM 1 multivariate nonparametric test
4:01PM 1 File normalization
3:52PM 1 Building correlation matrix
3:42PM 4 R eat my data
3:38PM 1 SEM interaction
2:30PM 1 PRESS and P2 statistics in R
12:54PM 1 using the name of an argument in a function
12:28PM 2 Relative Risk/Hazard Ratio plots for continuous variables
12:24PM 2 website address for the pseuso-XLS files
11:50AM 0 Follow-up: how can I read a non-standard XLS file
11:12AM 2 how can I read a non-standard XLS file
9:51AM 1 Need Help! Poor performance about randomForest for large data
9:25AM 3 Problem with Sweave not recognising \Sexpr{}
9:24AM 1 Merging dataframe with list
9:23AM 1 Assigning NA to a rows of a dataframe/datamatrix
9:14AM 0 Mixed effects models: Losing main effects with interactions
9:06AM 0 Selecting Monotone pattern of missingness from a dataframe
8:01AM 1 Cohen's Kappa for beginners
7:51AM 1 Lattice: relation = 'free' in scales
7:45AM 2 help required to melt a data frame
7:34AM 2 summary of arima model in R
7:26AM 0 summary of arima in R
6:48AM 1 how to update R10.0 to R11.0 in Ubuntu linux
4:21AM 0 getQ0 gives different results
3:07AM 2 segplot (latticeExtra)
1:26AM 2 rounding up to nearest integer
Monday May 24 2010
11:13PM 1 Best Server Options
10:39PM 1 finding the best cubic spline fitting
10:24PM 1 sparse matrices in lme4
10:24PM 1 Fixed Effects Estimations (in Panel Data)
10:01PM 1 Error during wrapup: cannot open the connection
9:19PM 0 breakpoints in rqss()
8:58PM 0 "Optional" package dependency
8:28PM 0 calculating "treatment effects" (differences) in a data frame?
7:38PM 0 normalizing branch length with ape or similar
7:32PM 1 multiple pages of plot in one image file
7:16PM 0 Two-Sample Kuiper Test
6:43PM 1 From date to week day
6:16PM 2 Table to matrix
6:01PM 1 Accessing functions from a package
4:50PM 2 adding one line to a plot
4:31PM 2 [R-pkgs] New package: `lavaan' for latent variable analysis (including structural equation modeling)
3:51PM 2 import data from a csv file
3:38PM 1 lattice 'scales' option help
3:18PM 1 Path Analysis
2:35PM 5 Means do not tally
2:29PM 2 Data frames, passing by value, and performance
12:54PM 1 writing function:loop and rbind
12:33PM 3 need help to retrieve the previous commands by using ↑ and ↓ keys.
12:31PM 2 How to set parameters constraints in a function?
11:45AM 1 Random Forest for Ecological Prediction under presence of Spatial Autocorrelation
10:04AM 0 R Training - Bath, UK
10:02AM 6 switching elements of a vector
9:44AM 1 help required state wise count
8:51AM 1 Error in inspect(), package asuR
8:03AM 1 Functioning and source code location of .Primitive()
7:49AM 2 Optimization
7:40AM 2 excluding on element from a list
6:03AM 0 Displaying a table using traitr
5:29AM 2 ROC curve
1:59AM 1 library location and error messages when loading packages
12:59AM 2 AM/PM strptime %p failing 2.11.0 WinXP
12:41AM 1 high-dimensional contingency table
12:16AM 1 retrieve path analysis coefficients (package agricolae)
12:09AM 2 sum of certain length
Sunday May 23 2010
11:26PM 0 Split-plot design in GLM with only fixed factors.
9:39PM 3 "order" issue
6:15PM 1 plotCI overlay
5:43PM 4 creating a reverse geometric sequence
2:00PM 2 Subsetting with a list of vectors
7:04AM 1 importing columns as factors
6:56AM 1 need help in understanding R code, and maybe some math
6:28AM 3 Selecting first 7 elements
2:52AM 2 Bernoulli random variable with different probability
2:49AM 0 quick question on ftp access
2:48AM 1 Re : Indexing array to 1000
1:04AM 1 User R to create MySQL database and table
Saturday May 22 2010
11:06PM 3 How sample without replacement on more than one variables?
11:01PM 0 Modeling time varying effects in with cph: how to ?
9:55PM 0 multiple imputation based on a condition
8:13PM 1 calling Perl script from R on Windows 7
7:38PM 0 quick question on getting a listing of files on ftp site
7:19PM 2 Regression with sparse matricies
7:00PM 1 Lattice Wireframe Plot into LaTex
5:45PM 0 R for Stata Users
5:35PM 2 Fast Matrix Computation
4:24PM 1 RWinEdt
3:17PM 0 ivreg postestimation
3:05PM 1 How to find all single minima, i.e. only each one within each next part of analyzed vector (table)
1:08PM 1 university lessons in mathematical statistics
9:53AM 1 question about graph
8:13AM 2 Capturing R console output into a file (sink+savehistory ??)
6:01AM 3 Increasing the maximum number of rows
12:55AM 1 Creating the Firefox Download Analytics Map in R
Friday May 21 2010
11:41PM 1 Error in FUN(X[[1L]], ...) : STRING_ELT() can only be applied to a 'character vector', not a 'integer'
9:38PM 1 predict
9:02PM 2 Getting sink to work with “message” on R 2.11.0 - what did I miss?
8:08PM 1 escape character OK in R environment, fails in R CMD CHECK
7:40PM 0 weighted regression using drm() in drc package
6:25PM 2 Data reconstruction following PCA using Eigen function
5:59PM 2 multiple qplot histograms in one plot
5:40PM 1 i have question about ARMAX
4:15PM 2 plotting the following data
3:32PM 0 a matter of etiquette/Fw: dmvsnorm & mvst in fMultivar
2:57PM 3 Levelplot
2:54PM 0 establishing socket
2:47PM 1 GPS finding and mark interesting POI within table with large GPS points collection
2:14PM 1 lme: model variance and error by group
2:09PM 1 viewing function code
1:19PM 4 indexing problem
12:05PM 1 Question regarding GBM package
11:18AM 1 Time dependent Cox model
9:07AM 1 select elements in a list
7:54AM 3 vaiable in lm
7:29AM 2 How to execute multiple R scripts sequentially in unix background
5:57AM 1 help to indexing data frame
3:05AM 3 Concatenation
2:29AM 0 Discriminative power (Trennschärfe) calculations with R
Thursday May 20 2010
11:54PM 1 R GUI using traitr to display multiple data
9:58PM 1 intersect() without discarding duplicates?
9:42PM 3 R newbie | sapply and FUN error
8:55PM 0 correlation in glm residuals
8:12PM 0 (no subject)
7:58PM 2 Trailing zero's missing from signif function ?
7:29PM 4 max number from a list of numbers
6:45PM 0 R/UNIX consultant needed
6:36PM 2 How to extract rows from data frame based on unique variable groupings
6:22PM 0 Installation problem with "geepack"
6:10PM 1 ERROR: cannot allocate vector of size?
5:38PM 3 lines on plot
5:25PM 0 RODBC: sqlSave leave primary key and other columns null
5:13PM 2 reshaping data
4:49PM 1 Specify correlation structure in lme4
4:41PM 0 Courses***More R courses scheduled for June 2010 by XLSolutions Corp
4:36PM 1 Strange behaviour when using diff with POSIXt and POSIXlt objects
4:08PM 1 Question about difftime()
4:04PM 1 sqldf: issues with natural joins
3:54PM 6 writing function
3:50PM 1 Kate terminal window
3:39PM 1 Comparing three groups, data: present, absent
3:29PM 1 RSpython Ubuntu
3:24PM 2 Svy function doesn't work nested in user-defined function
2:48PM 2 Time problems (POSIXct)
2:47PM 1 getSubClasses()?
2:46PM 1 [Off topic?] Time dependent Cox model fitting and validation
2:32PM 0 factor
2:02PM 1 finding euclidean proximate points in two datasets
1:48PM 0 RODBC: owerwrite into a named range in Excel
1:34PM 1 esthetics --- extending the lm command to fixed effects?
12:28PM 5 sort a data.frame
12:20PM 1 logarithmic integrals in R?
12:13PM 1 use object within rda file in for loop
12:08PM 2 Overlap of leaf labels
11:23AM 0 Repeated measures in R
11:06AM 1 pie3D
10:38AM 2 Re : Manipulating Data Frames
10:27AM 0 Plot ICC one item each in ltm
10:22AM 1 How could I restrict and reordered data.frames?
10:03AM 0 R 2.11.1 Scheduled for May 31
9:43AM 2 Sweave and uttf-8 under Windows XP
9:34AM 1 Geneland error on unix: Error in MCMC(........ :, unused argument(s) (ploidy = 2, genotypes = geno)
9:23AM 2 Reading results of commands in Microsoft Word typed in the terminal window, A question from a Blind R user.
9:20AM 0 Compressed values on y-axis in effects plot
8:46AM 2 Deleting a file on a drive from within R
8:35AM 2 Minimization problem
7:38AM 2 writing autocorrelation and partial auto correlation functions to a file
6:22AM 0 Indexing with sparse matrices (SparseM)
6:10AM 0 se from lme
4:15AM 1 computer out of memory when using sigpathway
3:43AM 0 moving the x-axis in ggplot
2:31AM 1 About the breakpoint when making heatmap with lots of variables
2:12AM 1 Mixed Effects Model on Within-Subjects Design
1:10AM 2 multiple 2 by 2 crosstabulations?
12:15AM 3 regex help: splitting strings with no separator
Wednesday May 19 2010
11:48PM 1 Multiclass SVM
11:15PM 1 colored venn diagram
10:47PM 2 Reading in and writing out one line at a time
10:31PM 1 p-values < 2.2e-16 not reported
9:49PM 1 printing a dataframe by categories
8:24PM 0 Looping input and multiple outputs
8:18PM 1 export dataframe's column classes to a list
8:17PM 1 Nomogram with multiple interactions (package rms)
8:10PM 2 Error in untar2(tarfile, files, list, exdir) : unsupported entry type ‘x’
7:12PM 0 Help Preparing Data for Heatmap creation
6:25PM 1 col allocation is not right
5:58PM 0 Categorical variables in estimating propensity score
5:52PM 1 Re : Adding column sum to new row in data frame
5:36PM 2 Blanking out specific cells in a data frame
4:39PM 0 useR!, regular registration deadline today
4:35PM 1 Multiple language output - Correct in RGui, wrong in .txt after sink()
4:14PM 3 Strange case of partial matching in .[ - possible bug / wrong documentation?
3:56PM 1 Calling R-tists
3:46PM 2 How to plot the sample size on top of the bars of a barchart plot?
3:02PM 1 lattice: How to specify strip text in an xyplot?
2:56PM 3 save in for loop
2:44PM 1 about chisq.test()
2:16PM 0 how to remove interactions of factor with continuous var
2:13PM 2 How to look up source code for cor.test()
2:10PM 1 Where is the construction of a dist object from raw data described?
2:08PM 1 Displaying smooth bases - mgcv package
12:48PM 0 A revised function for getting ISO week
12:29PM 1 sample and rearrange
12:26PM 0 New package: `lavaan' for latent variable analysis (including structural equation modeling)
12:19PM 0 Piecewise nls w/ boundary as a fitting parameter
12:15PM 1 lattice: How to plot an xyplot (with panels) without using a dataframe?
11:36AM 2 contrasts for lmer model
11:17AM 0 jtest to test significance of R2 change
11:08AM 0 nws (Establishing socket)
10:56AM 1 Pausing calculations for a fixed amount of time
10:35AM 3 Pattern matching and replacement in matrix
10:24AM 6 x y plot with z coordinate scaling to a color value
10:04AM 0 Using ltm to calculate ability values of 20k students and getting the output
9:56AM 2 Joining two (or more) frequency tables
9:41AM 1 Filters()
8:37AM 3 offset in gam and spatial scale of variables
8:35AM 1 apparent problems with the textConnection command
8:25AM 0 doubt with auto.arima
4:38AM 8 Generating all possible models from full model
Tuesday May 18 2010
11:13PM 2 automate curve drawing on nls() object
9:28PM 1 Dealing with 1000+ sequentially named vectors
8:47PM 0 Problem getting characters into a dataframe
8:36PM 1 substitute, expression and factors
8:32PM 2 get the row sums
6:49PM 1 Regarding the 'R' Load Command
6:37PM 1 Maximization of quadratic forms
6:02PM 0 The npRmpi package (parallel np package for multi-core environments)
5:10PM 2 Sweave counter
4:42PM 0 Glasso question
4:38PM 1 Getting dates in an SPSS file in right format.
4:38PM 2 Function that is giving me a headache- any help appreciated (automatic read )
4:14PM 1 unsigned 4 byte number
3:36PM 3 "Re: Change class factor to numeric"
3:36PM 2 avoiding reinstall already installed library
3:35PM 1 (no subject)
3:17PM 1 Repeating Name for Rows
2:51PM 2 Fatal error that doesn't let me start R
2:50PM 2 C function call in R
2:23PM 4 scaling with relative units in plots or retrieving axes limits in plots
2:12PM 2 Counting Frequencies in Data Frame
1:18PM 1 Using the zero-inflated binomial in experimental designs
1:02PM 1 lattice::panel.levelplot.raster too picky with unequal spacing
11:34AM 5 looking for .. dec if vector if element > x
9:57AM 1 [RGL] Need help to modify current plot
8:58AM 2 how to select rows per subset in a data frame that are max. w.r.t. a column
5:35AM 1 GUI commands to call for a protein from protein data bank
4:58AM 1 A problem in allocation of vector of size
2:42AM 1 proportion of treatment effect by a surrogate (fitting multivariate survival model)
2:03AM 1 issues with R Library on a Server
1:46AM 0 Data preparation for MCMCbinaryChange
12:27AM 2 survey package: weights used in svycoxph()
Monday May 17 2010
11:29PM 0 Poisson change point model with offset
9:53PM 2 best polynomial approximation
9:51PM 2 Variable variables using R ... e.g., looping over data frames with a numeric separator
9:34PM 0 Instrumental variables and quantile regression in R
9:32PM 3 Create counter variable for subsets without a loop
9:29PM 0 pass names from dataframe as arguments
8:57PM 0 GAM vs. GAMM, how to model increasing error variance?
8:54PM 2 Graphing Titration Curves, how to graph in R
8:42PM 1 lme4 + R 2.11.0 + mac unavailable
8:32PM 1 Isn't aggreate.zoo supposed to work with POSIXct (zoo/TTR/xts issue)?
8:32PM 0 Appending to gzfile does not work in R 2.11.0
8:17PM 0 version 4.39 of the caret package
7:41PM 1 how to save multiple plots in one PDF file?
6:35PM 2 Display Large Matrix as an Image
6:29PM 1 suggestions/improvements for recoding strategy
5:58PM 1 Quantile regression - violation of independence
5:36PM 2 bwplot in loop
5:27PM 0 extremely large negative AIC value in lme mode fitting
4:57PM 0 Re : append new line in existing graph
4:46PM 1 BRugs under Linux?
3:28PM 4 Adding a row at top of dataframe
3:19PM 0 Unable to execute lm function within a Rscript launch in the Linux Terminal
3:19PM 0 Rcpp 0.8.0 on CRAN
3:16PM 0 plm(..., model="within", effect="twoways") is very slow on unablanaced data (was: Re: Regressions with fixed-effect in R)
2:24PM 1 Text positioning in pixel coordinates?
1:52PM 0 R interface for blind users: Summary
1:20PM 1 Help with RandomForest
1:09PM 0 looking for Variable selections models, techniques, methods
1:07PM 2 retrieving last R output
12:46PM 6 Change order of columns in table?
12:22PM 1 To correct an error message
12:07PM 1 packages on R 2.11
11:38AM 1 Query on linear mixed model
10:18AM 0 (no subject)
9:56AM 0 How to Use NeuralNet method for classification problem?
8:47AM 1 Loess fit
8:41AM 2 Dynamically build variable names
8:01AM 3 applying quantile to a list using values of another object as probs
6:20AM 1 a question about beadarray in R
5:20AM 2 Problem with ldply
2:52AM 0 Help with heatmap
2:36AM 0 pgmm function
2:01AM 1 Running gplots package with Windows 7
1:43AM 1 sapply code
Sunday May 16 2010
10:39PM 1 predict.lda breaks when priors are specified
10:16PM 1 problems with generation of quantiles under For ()
8:56PM 0 GSA getting ngenes into the list
3:29PM 0 function density (stats): parameter n
3:13PM 1 Reading JPEG file, converting to HEX
12:22PM 2 Box-Cox Transformation: Drastic differences when varying added constants
11:22AM 2 Loading Intraday Time Series Data
9:48AM 1 RODBC-Error-sqlSave
8:28AM 1 improvement
8:23AM 2 sample
7:00AM 3 Vector recycling and zoo
6:24AM 1 number of location attribute with its name
6:11AM 2 Location attribute
1:31AM 1 problem with making multiple plots (geom_pointrange) in a loop (ggplot2)
1:28AM 0 two level fraction factorial design: How to input 'defining relation'?
Saturday May 15 2010
11:51PM 0 How to manage an error message about NA/NaN/Inf
11:29PM 1 web mining
6:02PM 3 Discretize factors?
5:10PM 2 Normalizing plot tick values
5:09PM 2 Attempt to customise the "plotpc()" function
4:55PM 1 barplot: invalid 'xlim' value
4:04PM 2 p value
2:03PM 3 abline limit constrain x-range how?
11:19AM 1 plot for linear discriminant
10:40AM 1 Barchart reorder
9:21AM 1 conditional calculations per row (loop versus apply)
5:46AM 1 Dataframe to word, using R2wd
4:43AM 1 plot formula 'x' is missing?
Friday May 14 2010
11:21PM 1 Strange behavior when plotting with ggplot2 and lattice
10:22PM 0 twos complement / Hex data
10:13PM 2 operations between two aggregated data frames?
9:15PM 0 Help with using plotmeans - how do I have two or more sets of data on one plot?
9:00PM 3 What does this warning mean: "DLL attempted to change FPU control word from 8001f to 9001f"
8:07PM 0 How to read in an SVM model from file?
8:03PM 1 Java API to pass commands to R console from Java Program
7:51PM 1 Are there better ways to save and restore par() settings
7:16PM 2 Deleting rows with NA from isolated column in matrix
6:46PM 2 help color coding map in R
5:42PM 0 problem with subscription
5:23PM 1 "rpart": how to use each variable only once?
5:19PM 1 Putting 6 graphs on one page
4:52PM 1 color lines by group membership in spaghetti plot
4:31PM 1 Boxplots in R
3:41PM 1 Cubic B-spline, how to numerically integrate?
3:28PM 0 problem with geepack::geese() argument "soffset"
3:15PM 2 insert values based on common ID
3:07PM 0 Integrating R with Text Editor UltraEdit
2:59PM 1 finding the plot limits generated by default
2:38PM 2 Subscripting a matrix-like object
2:19PM 2 multhist,labels and percentages
2:01PM 0 multivariate Granger causality
1:56PM 4 Categorical Predictors for SVM (e1071)
1:55PM 3 Histogram Bin
1:50PM 0 Error in eco-model
12:33PM 3 SAS for R-users
12:31PM 0 correlation pulses of concentration and biological responses
12:23PM 1 Replacing double loop by apply
12:22PM 1 merging two vectors
11:56AM 0 word similarities using the R Wordnet package
11:25AM 1 Problem with vignette printing
10:36AM 2 Fitting a function
10:10AM 1 regex and sub
10:09AM 2 popen() ?
9:31AM 2 plot with no default axis labels
9:09AM 1 debugging substitute function in R 2.11
8:55AM 0 ff for 64-bit windows and 64-bit R
8:50AM 1 point.in.polygon() in sp package: accuracy problems?
8:25AM 1 nonlinearity and interaction
4:54AM 2 how to post on R-help
3:59AM 1 How to draw a graphic using data with coordinates and production rate?
3:37AM 0 Split data frame by conditional and column at the same time
3:25AM 2 Add 1 week to date with hours included for subset
2:57AM 0 Text Editing - UltraEdit and R
2:39AM 0 bootstrapping an svm
Thursday May 13 2010
11:43PM 1 What's data() for?
10:51PM 1 Where has the stats-rosuda-devel mailing list gone?
10:29PM 3 R cannot access the web?
10:29PM 0 ARMA(1,1)-GARCH(1,1) rolling estimation question
10:14PM 0 S-plus Finmetrics "cpredict" command
8:59PM 1 GAM, GAMM and numerical integration, help please
8:35PM 2 Adding name to nth row
8:31PM 1 frequencies of time series data
7:58PM 1 ESP Ghostscrip ...
7:54PM 1 tune svm
6:53PM 2 Simple question on binning data
6:44PM 1 install.packages Error
6:36PM 1 aggregate.zoo
6:09PM 1 Access to files downloaded
5:07PM 2 need help in igraph package of R
5:03PM 0 pnmath on windows
4:58PM 2 Help with reading information of "summary"-Object
4:46PM 2 More complex historgram
4:33PM 4 How to display data values for points in a plot?
4:04PM 3 Multiple plots; single x(y) labels
4:00PM 1 Comparing histograms?
3:33PM 1 Questions about ggplot2
2:49PM 3 Help with Loops
2:29PM 1 Source code for gee
2:02PM 3 How ls() only functions or anything else but functions?
1:48PM 3 select subset based on another variable
12:54PM 2 long command line cut in 2 parts
10:31AM 0 multinomial regression
9:45AM 2 Compiling R with --enable-R-shlib for rpy2 error
8:37AM 1 access objects in my environment
5:42AM 1 ggplot2: qplot won't work
12:03AM 1 merge for data.frame and matrix
Wednesday May 12 2010
10:58PM 0 Revolutions Blog: April Roundup
10:09PM 2 dev.off(): is there a 'quiet'-mode?
9:48PM 6 A primitive OO in R -- where next?
9:31PM 1 exact the variables used in tree construction
9:18PM 3 Calling a list element
9:14PM 2 Help with interpolation
8:31PM 1 read table for Fisher Exact
8:25PM 2 sem error "no variance or error-variance parameter"
7:59PM 2 ff for 64 bit R for windows gui?
7:34PM 2 vectorize a power analysis?
7:32PM 1 reading in all files of a certain type
7:31PM 6 Path to R script
7:22PM 2 how to profile R interpreter?
7:18PM 4 a question about "latex" in Hmisc
7:14PM 3 manipulating a matrix
7:06PM 4 difference along a vector
6:37PM 3 how to make monthly time series out of daily
6:20PM 1 R 2.11 on redhat el5/x86_64?
5:29PM 3 Changing R opening message
4:58PM 1 RSQLite equivalent of .schema?
4:44PM 8 function
4:27PM 2 R version of SAS/IntrNet
4:22PM 1 Using plyr and segmented together - output problem
4:11PM 2 Reading R code help--Beginner
4:00PM 2 plot error
3:58PM 1 snow makeCluster (makeSOCKcluster) not working in R-2.11
3:57PM 3 what the problem could be if i am suddenly unable to add abline to the scatter plot?
3:53PM 0 analysing categorical explanatory variable effects
3:23PM 1 Bidirectional piping in windows
2:53PM 0 F-statistic in ARIMA model
1:30PM 3 Boxplot position on X-axis relative to it's value
12:54PM 2 Data Mining Survey
12:50PM 1 data frame subscription
12:37PM 1 Input encoding problem when using sweave with xetex
12:34PM 1 compiling an R script
12:33PM 3 Removing points
12:13PM 1 Convert data.frame or matrix to list
10:24AM 1 bwplot: how to draw smooth curve through medians?
10:14AM 1 fisher's posthock test or fisher's combination test
9:34AM 2 Finding different hues for a mosaic plot compatible with grayscale printing
8:48AM 1 slot assignment in S4 classes
8:40AM 1 paste two columns of a matrix by rows
6:38AM 1 How to Add background color to title
3:10AM 2 How to extract sum of particular months in a monthly data series
3:01AM 3 Creating data frames in a loop
2:50AM 1 Is there an easier way to replace the object name in the R code
2:44AM 2 sorting rows of dataframe
2:31AM 3 intersect
1:45AM 2 Whiskers on the default boxplot {graphics}
12:38AM 3 Summarizing counts by multiple factors
12:36AM 3 summing items within a row
12:07AM 1 removing duplicate rows
Tuesday May 11 2010
10:49PM 1 how to extract the variables used in decision tree
10:00PM 0 argument is of length zero
9:43PM 0 What are your thoughts about the "R programming" wiki-book ?
8:48PM 6 Vectorized expression to extrapolate matrix columns with columns of another matrix
8:22PM 1 Table and Sweave
7:13PM 1 odfweave with openOffice 3.2
6:44PM 1 Help with scatter plot
6:22PM 2 predicting without a model
5:45PM 3 Pairwise combination
4:53PM 2 sprintf funny behavior
4:36PM 2 question about R
4:30PM 1 functions sample() and S.SI()
4:17PM 3 Improving loop performance
4:01PM 2 RWinEdt in WinEdt 6
3:52PM 2 Gantt chart - more than one colour on a line
3:13PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Plotting log-axis with the exponential base to a plot with the default logarithm base 10]
3:08PM 3 Revolution R and the R Community?
2:46PM 1 nls() and nls2() behavior?
2:42PM 2 barplot in ggplot2
2:41PM 0 Error when trying to run model selection with leaps package
2:25PM 1 merge two data frames
2:23PM 1 Splines under tension
1:55PM 2 ANCOVA in R, single CoVar, two Variables
1:30PM 1 Extract model matrix from plm
1:28PM 1 Mantel-Byar test
1:00PM 2 Problems plotting date and time column from excel using R
12:52PM 3 a matter of etiquette
12:35PM 1 apply formula to data?
12:26PM 1 (svy)glm and weights question
12:22PM 1 Gasoline Data in pls package
12:21PM 0 question about stepwise multivariate analysis of variance (stepwise MANOVA)
12:07PM 1 merging data frame
10:36AM 1 comparing and combing files
8:50AM 1 Creating R exe files
8:37AM 2 Regex and gsub
8:17AM 0 Variance vs covariance
7:33AM 1 Lattice: location of key inside a xyplot()
7:17AM 3 Smoothing Techniques - short stepwise functions with spikes
5:38AM 1 create a data.frame for aov
4:05AM 3 Advice needed on awkward tables
2:22AM 1 kernel density to smooth plots
2:16AM 2 make: Nothing to be done for `all'.
2:12AM 0 What is happening with SQLite and R integration
2:11AM 5 Regressions with fixed-effect in R
12:53AM 1 Help with Names
Monday May 10 2010
11:36PM 1 ggplot: Trouble with xlim() and discrete scales
10:21PM 3 dbSendQuery with R variables
10:17PM 3 plotting data when all you have is the summary data
10:13PM 1 predict() without generating the model within R
9:28PM 2 Robust SE & Heteroskedasticity-consistent estimation
9:09PM 1 cumsum output
8:54PM 1 R algorithm/package for creating spatial autocorrelation of uniformly distributed landscape values
8:46PM 1 Corrupt R installation?
8:29PM 1 cex.axis on levelplot
8:23PM 0 step function
8:11PM 1 Polylogarithm
8:06PM 3 Dataframe horizontal scrolling
7:58PM 0 Bug in DEMA (Moving Average smoothing algoritm) ?
7:29PM 1 graphics::plot Organizing line types, line colors and generating matching legends...
6:26PM 1 System neutral Daylight Savings Time response?
5:49PM 0 ggplot2 and geom_pointrange
5:36PM 1 Supercripting text
5:15PM 2 [Fwd: Re: Plotting log-axis with the exponential base to a plot with the default logarithm base 10]
4:27PM 0 bigmemory 4.2.3
4:20PM 0 Bayesian change point" package bcp 2.2.0 available
2:34PM 0 Plotting residuals from a sem object
1:36PM 0 Comparing Survival: Mantel-Byar Test
1:24PM 0 estimating mean income
12:42PM 1 dot plot with error bands
12:35PM 2 Extracting a subset
12:24PM 2 Installing randomForest on Ubuntu Errors
11:43AM 1 Rd files must have a non-empty \title
11:36AM 1 Problems executing cor(dataset) function in R 2.11.0 for OS X ( It works fine in R 2.10.1)
11:15AM 3 empty matrix
10:06AM 3 scope of a function + lazy evaluation
8:59AM 0 r matrix inconsistencies?
7:17AM 1 how to get p-value from ave
7:07AM 0 How to identify seasonality in time series data??
5:37AM 2 Warning message
4:44AM 2 tapply function with NA
3:34AM 1 About counting letters.-
1:20AM 1 Random walk
Sunday May 9 2010
10:41PM 1 Plot polygon in 3D with rgl
9:27PM 1 Dimensions on svychisq on svydesign
8:15PM 1 Plotting log-axis with the exponential base to a plot wi
8:14PM 0 non-linear estimation with many firm-specific parameters
7:06PM 0 "Bayesian change point" package bcp 2.2.0 available
6:26PM 0 Error with read.ssd
6:05PM 3 Plotting log-axis with the exponential base to a plot with the default logarithm base 10
5:33PM 2 changing parameters of the box and whisker plot
4:37PM 2 update R 2.11.0?there is error when using plot(), how can I do?
1:26PM 0 reshape multiple imputed dataset from wide to long
1:20PM 4 How to estimate whether overfitting?
12:36PM 3 Question about factor that is numeric, in aov()
12:24PM 2 U de Theil
5:25AM 1 lattice: customising panel.segments using groups
4:30AM 4 Fwd: R apply() help -urgent
4:17AM 2 Panel data with binary dependent variable
4:13AM 1 Evaluating matrices without using loops
1:56AM 1 Is it possible to rearrange the facets in ggplot while keeping everything else the same?
Saturday May 8 2010
11:41PM 2 Machine Learning and R
9:10PM 1 Plotting Help
7:53PM 1 matrix cross product in R different from cross product in Matlab
7:43PM 1 Increasing the font size on axes in trellis
6:10PM 2 memisc output to latex
4:52PM 1 memory limit
3:44PM 1 Source.R file from cmd line
3:12PM 2 Adding NAs to data.frame
2:46PM 1 How to insert angular brackets in plot text?
2:05PM 2 String manipulation
1:43PM 2 apply a function on elements of a list two by two
7:13AM 3 Count cases in a list
6:59AM 2 meaning of "<<-"
6:24AM 1 double-indexed list
5:39AM 0 modify the make.link function GLM
1:49AM 1 Error in RImageJ
Friday May 7 2010
8:31PM 0 A problem importing a particular date from SQL Server
7:30PM 1 How to pass value to an argument in a function which is an argument to the main function
7:27PM 2 inquiry about Version 2.11.0
7:11PM 0 Problems with image.plot
5:42PM 0 Release announcement: RSQLite 0.9-0 now with more BLOBs
5:08PM 1 help with RCMDR - can't get install to work
5:07PM 2 overlap dot plots with box plots
4:49PM 0 Help - Getting ODBC connection to work with MySQL
4:20PM 1 randomForest: sampling with replacement?
4:19PM 0 hash-2.0.0
3:18PM 1 writing string values from a matrix to a file without enclosing quotes
3:07PM 0 Heatmap colored dendrogram
1:54PM 3 for loop
1:43PM 3 Find the three best values in every row
1:39PM 3 getting a weighted average from a table
10:59AM 1 How to add separate labels to the axes of each panel plot?
10:30AM 1 Transforming sequence data into numeric values.
10:28AM 0 Cluster procedure using geographical neighborhood
10:17AM 1 post-hoc t-tests, for lme / lmer models
10:16AM 0 Pseudo R square
9:53AM 2 problem in using optim
9:44AM 1 help in R
9:39AM 4 Any way to apply TWO functions with tapply()?
9:18AM 1 help in neural networks package
9:15AM 2 glm contrasts
8:21AM 2 How to re-arrange data in R
7:01AM 2 Package RPostgreSQL : Problem with dbWriteTable
5:04AM 2 extract required data from already read data
4:00AM 1 Protecting elements within a function
1:30AM 2 help on hmisc
1:01AM 3 How to sort a grouped barchart?
12:42AM 2 smooth line overlap with histogram
12:04AM 2 Merge Multiple Datasets
Thursday May 6 2010
11:59PM 2 Problem with install.packages(); getting out-of-date version.
11:45PM 4 sample size for survival curves
11:36PM 1 How to rank matrix data by deciles?
10:20PM 1 question about rolling regressions
9:24PM 1 Rcmdr probs
8:40PM 2 Derivative of the probit
7:58PM 0 Matrix
7:27PM 5 Apologies : question on transforming a table
7:06PM 1 Save pdf to a relative directory?
6:15PM 0 data.table 1.4.1 now on CRAN
6:06PM 1 How do I plot geoms in parallel in ggplot
6:03PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 87, Issue 6
5:48PM 3 Intersection list
5:39PM 1 Number of cluster
5:06PM 5 frequency
4:10PM 2 reading in file with different row length
3:44PM 1 R function doing multivariate local linear regression
3:42PM 1 cannot update polr model if I specify "start" parameters
3:39PM 1 nested factors different with/out brackets - is this a design feature?
3:23PM 0 confidence interval for small non iid sample
3:21PM 1 how to get components / factors in factanal / princomp not loadings
3:09PM 0 problems in 2.11 with Hmisc
2:50PM 1 Tinn-R RGui Send problem
2:46PM 0 spm() default knots
2:30PM 1 Polygon Shading Based on Relative Line Position
2:03PM 1 Understanding of survfit.formula output
1:58PM 2 reading formatted txt file into a data frame
1:51PM 1 nnclust: nnfind() distance metric?
12:57PM 1 BRugs dwwinn.exe error
12:37PM 0 Release of the scaRabee package
12:36PM 0 Release of optimbase, optimsimplex and neldermead packages
12:12PM 2 splitting character strings and converting to numeric vectors
11:51AM 0 horizontal spacing between components in a key/legend (bwplot)
10:55AM 0 How to code repeated measures interaction in lmer?
10:03AM 1 how to extract from obj. created by plot function stressplot without printing plot?
9:57AM 1 How to solve: Error with Anova {car} due to "deficient rank" ?
9:45AM 0 intercept in lmp()
9:40AM 2 Problem with nested functions - functions nested too deeply in source code
9:14AM 0 permutation tests for LM in the lmPerm package
9:11AM 1 R on kdeedu-svn library problem
8:54AM 3 Supressing axes 3 and 4 when using plot()
8:31AM 0 forecast using arfima
7:06AM 2 Data frame "pivoting"
6:46AM 5 trellis/lattice: How to plot 4 panels with the same x-scale but different y-scales?
3:01AM 1 extracting coordinates from SpatialPolygonsDataFrame using slot functions
2:57AM 1 bar order using lattice barchart()
1:53AM 2 help on compile r-2.10.0 on 64 bit window
12:23AM 1 stopping emails
Wednesday May 5 2010
11:37PM 0 how to display the value of each data points on the levelplot
10:46PM 2 probabilities in svm output in e1071 package
10:19PM 1 How could I get the percent of variance explained by each axis if I use prcomp to predict new dataset?
10:02PM 1 melt, remove rows with common id if NA encountered in value
9:28PM 3 Limitations on R code file
9:18PM 5 Dynamic clustering?
9:13PM 1 extracting a matched string using regexpr
9:05PM 1 ordering data frame
9:05PM 1 testInstalledBasic question
8:41PM 1 Has Anyone created any good R wallpapers ?
8:40PM 4 P values
8:07PM 1 Expressing z & t test data in a graph
7:54PM 1 simple on point bisserial correlation
7:33PM 3 Read data from .csv file as a matrix
7:27PM 0 Confidence interval around a mean count (poisson based?)
7:20PM 0 Re : Re: Re: aregImpute (Hmisc package) : error in matxv(X, xcof)...
6:31PM 1 Unexpected call to "require"
6:31PM 1 T-test & for loop
6:30PM 1 'matplot' for matrix with NAs: broken lines
5:51PM 1 randomForest: predictor importance (for regressions)
5:24PM 1 polar.plot text labels for data points
5:21PM 2 Using statistical test to distinguish two groups
5:13PM 2 custom metric for dist for use with hclust/kmeans
5:09PM 0 Hmisc version 3.8-0 now available on CRAN
5:07PM 1 handling nulls while reading mainframe file
5:05PM 0 Statistical questions - good mailing lists
5:04PM 0 Which column in randomForest importances (for regression) is MSE and which IncNodePurity
4:45PM 4 any function in R similar to the "scan" function in SAS?
4:31PM 3 sort the data set by one variable
4:29PM 1 Error messages with psm and not cph in Hmisc
4:19PM 1 Memory warning (Reached total allocation of ...) - but no error
4:17PM 1 What is the default nPerm for regression in randomForest?
4:15PM 2 t.test per line
2:06PM 0 convert 32bit numbers to 64bit (or float to double)
12:21PM 3 Latex and Stangle()
11:19AM 2 OLS Regression diagnostic measures check list - what to consider?
10:20AM 1 rcorr p-values for pearson's correlation coefficients
10:17AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 87, Issue 5
10:16AM 1 Predict when regressors are passed through a data matrix
9:47AM 1 puzzles with assign()
9:47AM 3 Memory issue
9:46AM 3 concatenate values of two columns
8:34AM 1 help with restart
8:07AM 0 A question regarding the loess function
7:16AM 4 Converting dollar value (factors) to numeric
5:49AM 2 better way to trick data frame structure?
4:56AM 0 Help with dummy.coef
1:04AM 2 Visualizing binary response data?
12:54AM 3 Symbolic eigenvalues and eigenvectors
12:10AM 2 readLines with space-delimiter?
Tuesday May 4 2010
11:57PM 2 Creating Crosstabs using a sparse table
11:16PM 0 Openings in the Consulting Department of XLSolutions Corp
10:45PM 2 converting an objects list
9:07PM 4 timing a function
9:05PM 3 Two Questions on R (call by reference and pre-compilation)
9:02PM 2 question about 'write.table'
8:37PM 0 Error when invoking x11()
8:09PM 1 rgl: plane3d or abline() analog
7:33PM 1 R formula language---a min and max function?
7:25PM 1 installing a package in linux
7:07PM 1 randomforests - how to classify
7:00PM 0 masking of objects between mtrace() and getYahooData()
5:11PM 0 legend with lines and points
5:05PM 1 help overlay scatterplot to effects plot
4:58PM 2 Package Rsafd
4:23PM 1 Flushing print buffer
4:18PM 1 How to make predictions with the predict() method on an arimax object using arimax() from TSA library
4:11PM 2 read.table: skipping trailing delimiters
3:29PM 1 Avoiding for-loop for splitting vector into subvectors based on positions
2:49PM 1 strange behavior of RODBC and/or ssconvert
2:33PM 3 Kernel density estimate plot for 3-dimensional data
2:32PM 0 Memory issues using R withing Eclipse-StatET
2:26PM 1 Lazy evaluation in function call
2:24PM 3 Idiomatic looping over list name, value pairs in R
2:12PM 1 fit printed output onto a single page
1:51PM 2 R for web browser
1:41PM 3 Using R with screenreading software
1:06PM 1 make a column from the row names
12:54PM 7 How to replace all <NA> values in a data.frame with another ( not 0) value
12:41PM 4 Show number at each bar in barchart?
11:33AM 4 superscript
11:21AM 1 All possible paths between two nodes in a flowgraph using igraphs?
10:59AM 1 Agreement
10:23AM 1 aregImpute (Hmisc package) : error in matxv(X, xcof)...
7:54AM 0 should srt= in text()/par() recycle its parametres or not?
7:51AM 1 How to rbind listed data frames?
7:50AM 1 Extract rows with non-zero elements
6:28AM 1 multiple correlation coefficient R
6:25AM 0 Welcome to the "R-help" mailing list (Digest mode)
6:24AM 1 error in La.svd Lapack routine 'dgesdd'
5:20AM 1 Objective: to create a Joint Probability Table and save as a csv file (with headers).Input: A csv file (with headers) containing raw data, arranged by columns.Variable: number of bins for each column of data, default to 5 bins per column.Data
2:08AM 0 Objective: to create a Joint Probability Table and save as a csv file (with headers).Input: A csv file (with headers) containing raw data, arranged by columns.Variable: number of bins for each column of data, default to 5 bins per column.Data import and
Monday May 3 2010
11:44PM 1 ISO Eric Kort (rtiff)
11:03PM 2 Estimating theta for negative binomial model
10:42PM 1 Need help on having multiple distributions in one graph
10:16PM 2 advice?
9:40PM 0 Labels in GLMNET
9:19PM 2 Adding a header after the file is written
9:18PM 0 extended Kalman filter for survival data
8:44PM 1 Analyzing non-numerical data
8:11PM 0 Controlling panel.text
7:10PM 3 Help needed with legend
7:06PM 1 rcolorbrewer
6:21PM 1 how to name the column after converting a vector to a data frame
6:00PM 1 Comparing the correlations coefficient of two (very) dependent samples
5:11PM 3 how to rewrite this for loops in matrix form without loop
4:41PM 1 Run na.approx on dataset with some blank columns
4:28PM 1 Highlight Points in a Plot
3:11PM 0 MySQL and DATE data type
3:10PM 1 question about the degrees of freedom‏
2:24PM 2 strange error msg from lapply and lm()
2:03PM 0 mblm, confint problem
1:44PM 2 Hierarchical factors
1:41PM 1 getting parts returned by lmer
1:19PM 2 question about the degrees of freedom
1:18PM 0 Multiple methods in models
1:04PM 8 Delete rows with duplicate field...
11:43AM 1 3D version of triax.plot (package plotrix)
11:09AM 3 Extract a 'data.frame$column' column name
9:20AM 1 Plotting the explanatory against the dependent in a GAM
7:56AM 0 S3 methods with several dots
7:15AM 2 Plotting legend outside of multiple panels
6:55AM 3 tracing the origin of warning messages
6:20AM 1 How to generate Mackey-Glass time series with "ddesolve" package?
5:48AM 0 how to find presence of seasonality in time series data without using graphs ?
3:08AM 0 Spam of an Adjacency Matrix
3:00AM 2 Problem with vignette compilation during R CMD check
2:26AM 1 rpart, cross-validation errors question
Sunday May 2 2010
11:48PM 2 Calculation error
10:03PM 2 Retrieve regular expression groups
9:27PM 2 Question re: interpolation
7:55PM 1 Shell command help
7:39PM 1 question about 2SLS
7:25PM 3 adding year information to a scatter plot
6:19PM 3 How could I use a function saved in one file ?
5:58PM 3 percent by subset
5:52PM 0 GSA list to text file
3:41PM 2 Set encoding when load()-ing workspaces?
1:39PM 1 Re :argument is not numeric or logical
1:32PM 1 Where is the splines package
1:10PM 0 how to plot forecast together with historical series in OLS or special ARIMA model
11:01AM 2 Replace query
10:26AM 3 help with tapply or other apply
1:56AM 3 Text dependent on a variable in a R function
12:06AM 2 Scree diagram,
Saturday May 1 2010
11:57PM 1 rworldmap
10:22PM 3 Sourcing functions
9:20PM 1 bag.fraction in gbm package
8:17PM 0 Error in MEEM
7:09PM 1 cbind and automatic type conversion
6:07PM 2 Average Login based on date
5:52PM 2 binary logistic regression taking account clustering
5:25PM 0 Create Table & Delete Table using JDBC
4:18PM 0 bootstrap generalization error
2:46PM 2 closest match in R to c-like struct?
12:34PM 1 ggplot2's geom_errorbar legend
8:31AM 0 stars plot - how to changing petal angle by weight ?
5:35AM 1 Re :reading large file
5:32AM 2 Re :
5:09AM 1 Solving equation
4:55AM 1 select subset of data according to date range
4:40AM 3 Resize Graphics Window
3:13AM 0 access http directories requiring authentication across platforms