R help - Jul 2010

Saturday July 31 2010
6:17PM 1 How to connect R with SAP
3:26PM 0 Converting expressions to functions
1:01PM 2 vector creation
11:13AM 2 Is profile.mle flexible enough?
10:29AM 3 I have a problem
4:08AM 3 a problem
4:07AM 1 Lags and Differences of zoo Objects
2:06AM 1 Feature selection via glmnet package (LASSO)
1:59AM 1 hi!! please help me
Friday July 30 2010
11:10PM 2 svydesign syntax and deviance!
11:04PM 2 conditonal "if"
8:51PM 1 Fw: Re: R statical-script for analysis (India)
8:30PM 1 Problem with "par" and "bubble plot"
6:41PM 2 Summing by index
6:21PM 0 Fw: Having problem to define a subclass, please help me
6:12PM 1 Using data frame col names and variables
5:26PM 1 R on Mac OS X 10.6 freezing up
5:22PM 2 Layering multiple persp plots
5:12PM 1 Formatting datetime data for gantt.chart.
4:44PM 0 problems about dynamic GMM
3:26PM 0 standard error for predicted mean count from ZIP
3:10PM 0 Next release of R planned to be 2.12.0
3:08PM 1 COXPH: how to get the score test and likelihood ratio test for a specific variable in a multivariate Coxph ?
3:07PM 3 Using R for Multiple Regression
2:35PM 0 help for creating arff file..i have the codes??
2:28PM 0 ColSideColor width in heatmap.2
1:44PM 2 creation package
1:39PM 3 simple table/matrix problem
1:32PM 1 Computation of largest eigenvalue
12:39PM 4 Need to read an Excel File
12:20PM 2 Ouput several lines of cat
12:04PM 2 finding a function or a line while debugging?
11:53AM 4 Programming Statistical Functions
11:16AM 1 Having problem to define a subclass, please help me
10:55AM 0 Flip axis on hist2d plot
9:33AM 2 Data Handling
9:30AM 1 Reading .eps file created in Illustrator
9:13AM 1 Sweave line breaks
8:51AM 2 Need a help to plot bar for time series Rain data
8:18AM 2 (no subject)
8:05AM 0 CBIND / MERGE two time series objects along time (overlapping indices, redundant data)
5:14AM 1 hi! l have a question please help me
4:18AM 1 Unique rows in data frame (with condition)
2:06AM 2 logos and goodies
1:27AM 1 how to find non-ASCII characters in .Rd files?
12:24AM 1 Windows Tile Vertically from Windows 7
Thursday July 29 2010
11:01PM 1 a Chebyshev ....really important
10:54PM 1 R Equivalent of SAS Datastep Line-Hold (@@) Specifier?
10:18PM 2 Using '[' as a function
10:06PM 1 odd listing in R object
9:29PM 1 multiple graphics windows open with sessionInfo
9:16PM 1 Linear Interpolation question
7:21PM 2 multiple graphics windows open
6:38PM 4 looking for setdiff equivalent on dataset
6:33PM 0 KLdiv question
6:15PM 2 adding new devices and plots
5:51PM 1 Colour points in plot according to third variable
5:34PM 3 help splitting a data frame
5:32PM 4 reading dates in Excel into R
5:22PM 2 Reset R environment through R command
5:17PM 1 How to get the standard error from GEE(Generalized Estimation Equations) output
4:58PM 1 Crash report: projection pursuit & predict
4:50PM 2 locator function and connecting segment
4:43PM 1 How to run this video link
4:40PM 2 Fry Plots
4:03PM 2 how to get higher derivatives with "deriv"
2:43PM 1 duplicates
2:42PM 0 [R-pkgs] heplots 0.9-3 and candisc 0.5-18 released to CRAN
2:31PM 3 Fwd: duplicates
2:19PM 1 3d data plot
2:19PM 0 Question about geoR package.
2:07PM 1 Residuals of mixed effects model
1:48PM 1 (no subject)
1:34PM 1 Help on installation of R Packages
1:13PM 2 Mailing list for download
12:43PM 1 Installing a newer version of a package - problems
11:12AM 2 Replace last element in a vector - elegant solution?
11:01AM 2 Detecting seasonality
11:00AM 1 I need the dataset--thank you
10:53AM 2 how to 'stack' data frames?
10:28AM 1 where did the column names go to?
9:08AM 1 Different decimal places in a matrix
8:32AM 7 newton.method
8:05AM 2 Multiple binomial tests on a large table
7:28AM 1 New Open Source Community
7:24AM 1 xlsx [path input]
7:00AM 0 Spearman's Correlation Coefficient to compare distributions?
6:23AM 1 precision of minus operation and if statments
5:29AM 1 Displaying Counts of Unused Factors in Contingency Tables with table()
3:21AM 1 Function to return variable name
3:01AM 1 Pattern recognition
2:36AM 3 Statistical mailing list
12:43AM 1 Sweaving quotes
12:11AM 1 package xpose4 in Vista - Update
12:04AM 2 ggplot2 histograms... a subtle error found
Wednesday July 28 2010
11:52PM 1 Variance-covariance matrix from GLM
11:20PM 1 Reading timestamp column from MySQL
9:47PM 2 read.delim()
9:38PM 1 Model fit
9:25PM 0 RPostgreSQL 0.1-6 installation trouble
9:02PM 1 Adding lines to two graphs alternately
8:23PM 2 pass list of args to function call
7:46PM 0 install packages in Windows Vista
7:27PM 1 error in f(x,...)
7:20PM 1 Help Creating a Stacked Bar Chart with Color Coding
6:53PM 2 Out-of-sample predictions with boosting model
6:10PM 3 how to code it??
4:16PM 2 Axes=F and plotting dual y axes
4:06PM 2 columns mapping
2:06PM 1 Odd crash with tcl/tk
1:59PM 1 error: arguments imply differing number
1:55PM 2 Beginner stucked with raster + geoR package.
1:45PM 0 Odp: Data frame modification
1:21PM 0 Fwd: How to point a column of dataframe by a "character"
1:08PM 1 Help with specifiying random effects in lmer - psychology experiment
12:51PM 1 randomisation for matrix
12:28PM 0 IPSUR-1.0 is on CRAN, plus update to RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR
12:11PM 1 How get colnames and rownames in Rcpp method?
11:55AM 1 kde on Torus
11:16AM 1 strange error : isS4(x) in gamm function (mgcv package). Variable in data-frame not recognized???
10:57AM 1 Help with scatterplots in R
10:55AM 2 message box
10:13AM 2 memory problem for scatterplot using ggplot
10:12AM 2 finding the next highest number in an array
9:35AM 1 How to point a column of dataframe by a "character"
9:30AM 1 Data frame modification
8:12AM 0 print(list) ?show all values?
8:08AM 1 Understanding how R works
8:06AM 1 Time-dependent covariates in survreg function
7:50AM 1 ...more values follow?
6:21AM 0 ddply error
5:46AM 2 Using jpeg() without X
5:36AM 1 Column mapping
5:21AM 1 sqldf 0.3-5 package or tcltk problem
3:24AM 1 specifying an unbalanced mixed-effects model for anova
2:50AM 0 analog complexing
1:08AM 1 anderson-darling test
Tuesday July 27 2010
11:22PM 1 repeating rows in R
11:01PM 0 Copula-GARCH estimation
10:55PM 1 Rank ANCOVA
10:34PM 3 Right digits of a floating number
9:43PM 4 re-sampling of large sacle data
9:06PM 3 Add an arrow to a plot
8:39PM 1 R CMD build wiped my computer
8:37PM 1 R CMD build wiped my computer
8:17PM 2 Documenting different OO-aproaches in R as a package?
7:27PM 0 Multiple Strata Sampling in R Survey
7:20PM 1 rgl package don't draw points with a color over points with another color
6:34PM 6 Eval() or parse() do not work inside function
6:29PM 0 Prediction Intervals vs. Confidence Bands
5:28PM 0 AIC from coxme
3:40PM 3 standard error of Binary logistic regression coefficient.
3:21PM 1 Cforest mincriterion
2:46PM 2 Introductory statistics and introduction to R
2:35PM 0 how to generate a random data from a empirical, distribition
2:02PM 2 Installing the Zoo Library.
1:24PM 1 xYplot error
12:52PM 2 Glm
12:36PM 2 Sum list elements
11:55AM 0 360-day calendar-netcdf
11:17AM 3 Checking package licences including dependencies?
10:05AM 0 Problems with the function image()
9:57AM 2 Match() on raw objects ?
8:29AM 1 as.dendrogram for DICE coefficient.
8:03AM 1 Meaning of proc.time()
5:41AM 0 3d topographic map [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
4:11AM 2 lattice: option to sort x when type = l
3:54AM 4 Sweave and scan()
2:26AM 3 xyplot with all columns of a data.frame on a single plot
2:06AM 1 Can I create an European map using the map function in R
1:43AM 0 plyr version 1.1
12:59AM 0 How to generate variance of a new observation based on a linear regression model
12:42AM 0 gam (package gam) - diagonal of smoother matrix
Monday July 26 2010
11:41PM 1 Repeated Procedures
11:36PM 0 Multichannel singular spectrum analysis (M-SSA) for R?
11:16PM 4 Fwd: Questions about templates for R
10:37PM 0 Switch Enter and Return in R.app?
9:50PM 0 version 2.0-0 of the car package
9:46PM 1 O/T good c/c++ code for LU decomposition
8:43PM 1 problem with building package on CRAN
8:28PM 1 Sample size calculation for non-normal population with unknown mean and SD
7:22PM 4 Accessing single element of data.frame
7:22PM 0 Time-dependent covarites in survreg function
7:09PM 2 HowTo get callback on destroy of grDevices::windows()
6:58PM 0 Your message to R-help awaits moderator approval
6:54PM 4 using string variable as order() function argument
6:36PM 12 how to generate a random data from a empirical distribition
6:17PM 1 zoo objects and "c"
6:01PM 2 the real dimnames
5:44PM 7 Bug on r-bc?
5:26PM 2 easy debugging
5:18PM 0 Model Fit Statistics in a Logit Model
4:43PM 3 Cluster analysis
4:23PM 1 gapped sequence data summary
3:52PM 1 OOP module
2:55PM 1 merge table rows (\multirow)
2:51PM 2 Trouble using grid.layout in Sweave
2:46PM 3 List to data frame
2:16PM 1 Optimization problem with nonlinear constraint
1:51PM 2 "=" vs "<-" operator
1:44PM 2 Concatenate a mix of numbers and letters to create a vector name
1:28PM 0 Smalltalk with R
1:07PM 1 search and replace in a list of strings
12:40PM 1 Outlier detection in bimodal distribution
11:55AM 3 what is a vignette?
11:38AM 4 Plot of a subset of a data.frame()
7:21AM 1 Creating a map .
6:28AM 1 vectorisation?
5:32AM 0 p-values calculation
5:06AM 1 data arranged by p-values
5:04AM 1 NULL
4:53AM 0 Specification Testing in Binary Choice Models
2:40AM 1 hatching posibility in Panel.Polygon
2:35AM 1 After writing data in MMF using SEXP structure, can i reference in R?
2:24AM 1 Marginal effects from interaction regression model
12:12AM 1 Loading Rdata files in a Package
12:01AM 1 Is there a function to interdigitate two columns?
Sunday July 25 2010
10:31PM 2 3d topographic map
10:10PM 1 Left Outer Join 2 DF's on Multiple Conditions
7:37PM 1 Mask grid in R
6:37PM 0 Optmatch
1:32PM 2 R equivalent of SAS proc freq
1:22PM 1 Manage several graphical devices in interactive mode
12:18PM 1 error using "predict"
11:58AM 1 Discrepancy in help for object.size() and question on how to round object sizes
6:24AM 0 Outlier Problem in Survreg Function
5:57AM 1 Equivalent to go-to statement
2:51AM 1 c-statiscs 95% CI for cox regression model
Saturday July 24 2010
9:07PM 2 How to generate a sequence of dates without hardcoding the year
7:46PM 0 matest function for multiple factors
4:39PM 2 Book on R's Programming Language
3:13PM 1 Doubt about a population competition function
11:25AM 0 local polynomial with differnt kernal functions
11:14AM 0 Weights in mixed models
8:51AM 0 Understanding Prototype of class
4:10AM 2 union data in column
1:52AM 1 latent class analysis with mixed variable types
1:20AM 4 Trouble retrieving the second largest value from each row of a data.frame
Friday July 23 2010
11:50PM 5 UseR! 2010 - my impressions
11:15PM 2 glm - prediction of a factor with several levels
10:38PM 2 Reconciling 2 datasets
10:18PM 1 Convert Row Names to data.frame column
8:02PM 1 sparsity
6:41PM 0 densityplot on date objects
5:58PM 1 Survival analysis MLE gives NA or enormous standard errors
5:44PM 2 , Updating Table
5:02PM 2 re-ordering bwplot
4:43PM 2 Tutorial Tinn-R
4:36PM 1 Error produced by read.zoo: "bad entries"
4:10PM 5 How to deal with more than 6GB dataset using R?
3:32PM 2 decimal seperator
3:20PM 1 converting a time to nearest half-hour
3:16PM 2 randomness using runif
3:11PM 4 how to calculate the product of every two elements in two vectors
2:47PM 1 FW: recoding problem
2:38PM 0 recoding problem
2:21PM 0 overriding axis limits in hexbin plot?
2:18PM 1 Regex in an IF statement?
1:43PM 3 Figures in Latex
12:56PM 0 specify heat.colors
12:45PM 1 sink function
12:08PM 1 Syntax Highlightning and Editor for Linux
11:53AM 1 model.tables call fails with "Error in inherits(object, "formula")"
11:52AM 1 (no subject)
11:39AM 1 greek letters in rgl plot3d
11:17AM 0 two sample permutation test by sample(..., replacement = T)
11:13AM 1 Midpoint between coordinates
11:12AM 2 How to get vector of poitions in a vector ?
10:07AM 0 auto.arima
10:03AM 2 How to import simple java/mathematica expression to R
10:02AM 2 start and end times to yes/no in certain intervall
9:46AM 1 calculate slope of line
8:47AM 0 ROpenOffice (which requires Rcompression)
5:40AM 0 Generating mp3s from lattice-made pdfs with animation package
12:52AM 3 Filtering in R
12:40AM 1 na.rm=TRUE
Thursday July 22 2010
11:45PM 1 Vintage Attrition Curves
11:17PM 1 Permutation test
10:49PM 5 choosing a random sample by precentage
10:40PM 2 p-VALUE calculation
10:17PM 1 Question regarding panel data diagnostic
9:57PM 1 Question about a perceived irregularity in R syntax
9:43PM 2 Changing some values within a variable
9:27PM 1 function return
8:56PM 1 GLM Starting Values
8:31PM 2 using "sample()" for a vector of length 1
7:47PM 2 Mathematical expression
7:13PM 1 gam() and contrast
6:22PM 1 How do I get rid of list elements where the value is NULL before applying rbind?
6:13PM 1 Bar Plot Bars "Bleed" off Plotting Area
6:11PM 0 snow: hierarchical parallelization
6:04PM 1 Updating a Data Frame
5:56PM 0 sweep / mapply question
5:44PM 1 , how to express bar(zeta) in main title in boxplot
5:34PM 1 does package "QuantPsych" function lm.beta can handle results of a regression with weights?
5:29PM 2 How to fix slope and estimate intercept
5:28PM 3 t.test in for loop
4:37PM 1 decision tree with weighted inputs
4:14PM 1 64 bit use of odbcConnectExcel
3:56PM 1 pagebreak in xtable and columns'width
3:34PM 1 lme4 on Mac OS X
3:05PM 0 tracking changes
2:56PM 3 Hydrology plots in R
2:46PM 1 svydesign syntax
2:23PM 2 Multilevel survival model
2:00PM 3 how to force a table to be square?
1:31PM 1 Visibility of methods in different namespaces
12:58PM 1 namespace? environment? how to manage functions?
12:21PM 1 interpretation of stress in NMDS
12:19PM 2 Sweave special characters problem
12:00PM 1 tsdiag
11:52AM 4 SQL/R
10:33AM 0 Please advise acf and pacf in order to determine order of Arima
10:17AM 2 how to write legend of a plot
9:49AM 0 measuring distance
9:23AM 1 please help me on this warning message
9:18AM 4 Drop firms in unbalanced panel if not more than 5 observations in consecutive years for all variables
9:14AM 1 check menu button (tcltk)
8:23AM 1 class
6:30AM 1 please help me for this Error: cannot listen to TCP port 15259
5:10AM 1 Heterogeneous variance in two-way mixed ANOVA
5:00AM 0 Random slope with npmlreg
4:06AM 5 legend in R plot
3:58AM 2 R forum
3:51AM 1 newton method
3:48AM 1 R find limit of a function
Wednesday July 21 2010
10:59PM 2 reverse direction with rollapply()
10:36PM 1 post hoc test for lme using glht ?
10:05PM 2 Issues reshaping data
9:33PM 1 Command that is conditional upon file retrieval: is it possible?
9:29PM 2 Variance of the prediction in the linear regression model (Theory and programming)
8:55PM 1 Get distribution of positive/negative examples for each cluster
8:26PM 0 Converting Between Character and Numeric Objects
8:15PM 1 xtable
7:48PM 1 prediction from a logistic mixed effects model
6:32PM 1 Question about allocMatrix error message
5:40PM 1 .jinit and .jnew
5:02PM 3 String processing - is there a better way
4:55PM 3 Problem with invoking R from the command line (Windows Vista)
3:52PM 0 Default For list.len Argument ("list output truncated")
3:46PM 3 Help me with prediction in linear model
3:40PM 1 lm: order of dropped columns
3:26PM 2 RGoogleDocs ability to write to spreadsheets broken as of yesterday - CAN PAY FOR FIX
3:17PM 3 Interactions in GAMMs
2:43PM 0 Clustering groups
2:21PM 0 How do you calculate DIC from coda files (R2WinBUGS)?
2:14PM 1 The opposite of "lag"
1:39PM 2 Error message: attempt to set rownames on object with no dimensions
1:37PM 0 Piecewise regression using lme()
1:37PM 1 "lmomRFA" package: error bounds/confidence intervals
12:57PM 0 R Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards
12:43PM 0 DIF Analysis starting from a gpcm class object
12:37PM 0 Fractional Polynomials - Hazard Ratios and Relative Hazard Plots
12:36PM 1 fix()ing an S4 method
12:11PM 0 Saving R plots as image in oracle database tables
12:07PM 2 Contingency Table Analysis - specific cell to specific cell comparisons
11:48AM 0 Validation in R for GAMM
10:52AM 4 Chi-square distribution probability density function:
10:40AM 0 Brute-force clustering
10:29AM 0 KALMAN
9:57AM 1 Objects within environment
9:50AM 1 how to unsubscribe
9:33AM 1 Obtaining the unmerged cases from one of the two data set
7:23AM 1 xtable with ifelse statement
7:13AM 1 Lattice Panel Print Order
3:59AM 0 OT: Impressions from UseR 2010 conference?
12:30AM 1 function of an integral
12:04AM 0 One problem with RMySQL and a query that returns an empty recordset
Tuesday July 20 2010
11:02PM 1 blank pdf output when called in a loop
10:37PM 2 date from weeknumber
7:36PM 0 Consultant for Mathematica -> R translation
7:16PM 1 logistic regression with repeated measures for species-habitat associations
6:34PM 1 Error using sqldf
6:33PM 0 How can I get the principal components after a varimax rotation using Varimax function?
6:11PM 3 simplify if statement in R ?
5:22PM 1 Registered / trademark signs
5:14PM 3 If help
5:05PM 1 Limited output
4:48PM 2 Problem with command apply
4:42PM 2 square brackets in expression in plots
4:41PM 1 ifelse() and missing values in test conditions
4:18PM 1 library ts
3:49PM 1 Option pricing models
3:48PM 1 Random Forest - Strata
3:20PM 1 Servreg $loglik
3:17PM 0 plot() via java
2:40PM 1 p-values pvclust maximum distance measure
2:19PM 1 RGoogleDocs ability to write to spreadsheets broken as of yesterday
2:05PM 1 help me with holt-winter model
1:44PM 1 Nesting functions in loops that result in error messages breaking the loop
1:39PM 2 Y axis break
1:26PM 2 Convert Unix (Epoch) timestamp to DD/MM/YY and HH:MM:SS
1:22PM 2 sem by variable x
1:13PM 2 Means from selected columns in a data frame
1:00PM 5 specify blank in a string with special characters
12:43PM 0 Fwd: setMethod( '[', c( 'data.frame', 'expression' ...
12:24PM 1 Exporting NMDS distance matris to csv
12:14PM 1 Using" fig=" in one screen created with "split.screen()"
12:12PM 2 data from SpatialGridDataFrame
12:02PM 1 define subgroups based on position in table
11:52AM 2 loop through files and create object
11:33AM 5 Help with time in R
10:44AM 0 integrate of function f(x,y,z) respect to x only
9:41AM 4 Correct statistical inference for linear regression models without intercept in R
9:29AM 1 apply: return list of matrices
7:50AM 1 Call to rgamma using .C causes R to hang
7:50AM 0 Error in using matest function
7:49AM 3 for loop
7:46AM 1 Transformation of Y changes the 'lm' object?
7:45AM 0 sdmx reading/writing?
7:03AM 0 Downloading data fron web
6:49AM 0 implement a jackknife resampling test with size of each jackknife replicate controlled
5:51AM 2 best way to apply a list of functions to a dataset ?
3:25AM 3 Sequence from 2 Vectors
2:40AM 0 Maximum likelihood estimation in R
1:57AM 2 Constrain density to 0 at 0?
1:37AM 1 trouble getting table of coeffs with quantreg with fixed effects
12:39AM 1 question about sign of probit estimates
12:11AM 1 metaplot (rmeta)
Monday July 19 2010
11:16PM 3 Indexing by logical vectors
10:48PM 3 Reshaping data
9:47PM 2 problems with plot()
9:31PM 3 "ACCTGMX" to "1223400" in R?
8:59PM 2 integral in R
8:56PM 0 to extend data.frame or not ... that is the question
8:54PM 1 possible bug in ape::extract.clade()
7:36PM 3 invalid type error
7:35PM 3 concatenating column names in a loop
7:21PM 2 Historical Libor Rates
6:16PM 1 Access to R help database
5:23PM 0 Calculation optimization advice needed
5:22PM 0 Analysing CPI inflation by the fractionally integrated ARFIMA-STVGARCH model
5:08PM 2 Help on R strucchange package
3:49PM 0 levene.test - spelling
3:35PM 0 Confusion of cov() and ccov() Function Error
3:20PM 5 par("uin") ?
2:44PM 1 RMySQL and RMPI together
2:17PM 1 nls with some coefficients fixed
2:09PM 1 Calculation of Covariance Matrix Calculation
1:36PM 2 Grouping and stacking bar plot for categorical variables
1:35PM 1 pcaMethods and Lattice help.
1:25PM 1 hola
1:24PM 2 replacing elements of distance matrix
11:10AM 1 Help with replacing a substring in a string
11:05AM 1 Missing value
10:42AM 1 heatmap.2() yielding an inappropriate key?
9:56AM 1 split file equivalent in R
9:55AM 0 help about the CAH
9:42AM 0 how to plot a olygon round map
9:17AM 1 divide grid.newpage into two?
9:11AM 1 Hurst Exponent Estimation
8:46AM 2 error when copy and transform within a data frame
6:41AM 1 Error while Executing Oracle procedures through R
5:59AM 4 problem with using tm
4:09AM 3 Can RMySQL run on Windows using a remote MySQL server?
4:05AM 1 Connecting to MS Access database
4:04AM 1 Cramer-von Mises test
2:09AM 3 specifying column names in a vector of characters and the use?
Sunday July 18 2010
11:40PM 6 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
11:17PM 0 question about bootstrap and z-score
9:29PM 2 simple loop(?) analysing subsets
8:33PM 2 Neural Network
6:57PM 2 any one knowing how to install library (equate)?
6:22PM 2 Import of specific column of many space-delimited text files
5:16PM 4 Question from day2 beginner
5:02PM 1 Eliminating case numbers in a dendrogram
4:02PM 2 NA preserved in logical call - I don't understand this behavior because NA is not equal to 0
3:59PM 5 package "plotrix"
3:55PM 1 log transformation
3:44PM 0 heatmap.2 - change column & row locations; angle / rotate
2:17PM 1 producing biplot of canonical correlation analysis
10:14AM 1 Reading files with varying number of columns
8:58AM 3 R graphic help
5:47AM 2 Namibia becoming NA
1:09AM 2 loop troubles
Saturday July 17 2010
8:28PM 1 slplot issue
7:48PM 0 Error installing tkrplot
6:10PM 5 Help with a problem
4:21PM 1 Bug 14340 - Symbols() plots with wrongly scaled y-axis
3:46PM 0 Computing the power of a matrix efficiently and accurately
3:42PM 1 Help with Reshaping from Wide to Long
2:50PM 2 Plot error
2:16PM 0 installing and loading packages
11:46AM 0 Adjustment for multiple-comparison for log-rank test
11:06AM 2 re. Mathematica and R
8:31AM 4 sort file names in numerical order
6:46AM 0 R2HTML: how to include comments in html output
6:23AM 1 How to generate PDF help file for our internal R package?
5:31AM 1 cca in ade4
5:15AM 1 data.frame required for cca in ade4
4:44AM 2 cca in vegan (formula instead of community matrix data)
2:02AM 0 package anacor possible for formula lm ?
Friday July 16 2010
11:59PM 4 how to comment off sections
10:44PM 2 multivariate graphs, averaging on some vars
9:34PM 1 Troubles with DBI's dbWriteTable in RMySQL
7:49PM 0 Sage and R (was: Mathematica and R)
7:45PM 1 Multinomial logistic regression in complex surveys
7:38PM 2 invalid factor level, NAs generated
7:20PM 0 Elementary question about computing confidence intervals.
7:10PM 0 Mixed Conditional Logit with nested data
6:57PM 1 Creating symbolic expressions in R
6:46PM 1 sqldf modify table
5:59PM 2 Deleting a variable number of characters from a string
5:19PM 3 Help with Sink Function
5:18PM 3 how to collapse categories or re-categorize variables?
5:00PM 1 Nested if help
4:38PM 1 Toggle between the various pages for multi-page figures
4:38PM 1 setting up dates
3:54PM 1 I need help making a data.fame comprised of selected columns of an original data frame.
3:28PM 0 changing names numeric to a time series - solved
3:26PM 1 changing names numeric to a time series
3:23PM 2 a issue about the qutation mark?
3:22PM 3 Simple question regarding name of column headers
3:17PM 8 save plot
3:15PM 1 package for rank ordered logit
2:57PM 1 assign
2:51PM 1 read.table input array
2:20PM 0 filtered back-projection
1:56PM 1 Question about KLdiv and large datasets
1:50PM 1 Packages built before R 2.10.0
1:08PM 1 threshold in plot
11:27AM 2 How to transform: 4 columns into two columns stacked
11:00AM 1 Two Dimensional Transformation
9:15AM 1 discrepancy matrix
7:06AM 2 Recommended way of requiring packages of a certain version?
3:41AM 0 Effects library LSM decimal place errors
3:08AM 3 how to skip a specific value when using apply() function to a matrix?
2:45AM 2 aggregate(...) with multiple functions
1:32AM 2 Creating functions of "many" arguments
1:18AM 2 Storing processed results back into original objects
12:51AM 1 Weighted densityplot?
12:10AM 2 Can I set default parameters for the default graphics device?
Thursday July 15 2010
11:33PM 1 loess line predicting number where the line crosses zero twice
11:09PM 1 Separating parts of a column of data in R
9:15PM 1 KLdiv question (data.frame)
9:11PM 1 Proper use of grep
9:11PM 1 Repeated analysis over groups / Splitting by group variable
8:51PM 4 Sweave: infelicities with lattice graphics
8:45PM 1 Standard Error for individual patient survival with survfit and summary.survfit
7:37PM 2 How to delete a date frame from a data frame
7:18PM 1 How do I combine lists of data.frames into a single data frame?
7:09PM 0 local linear prediction
5:36PM 1 calling functions
5:21PM 5 Cut a within elements by length, not value, of vectors
4:24PM 2 How to plot a histogram of weekday frequencies in a list of dates?
3:55PM 2 replace negative numbers by smallest positive value in matrix
3:47PM 1 FW: coeficient of determination
3:38PM 0 ERIM'10: Call for abstracts
3:02PM 0 Extreme Value model
2:50PM 1 CART with a circular response
2:48PM 2 Search and extract string function
2:48PM 1 Error using the mi package
2:45PM 3 Creating Enumerated Variables
2:45PM 1 RWinEdt and WinEdt 6.0
2:42PM 1 Send code to R from WinEdt55
2:41PM 2 write.csv() : attempt to set 'append' ignored... Why?
1:58PM 0 Short survey concerning the use of software engineering in the field of High Performance Computing
1:02PM 1 Backslash \ in string
12:59PM 1 Problem with offset (Glm or glmD) in Design library
12:26PM 0 impute2mach GenABEL conversion problem
11:49AM 0 pgmm error with lags higher than 2 in GMM instruments (package plm)
10:36AM 3 Access web content from within R
10:35AM 1 qustion-binomial Ancova
10:28AM 1 Problem installing rJava under FreeBSD
10:04AM 0 Accessing packages
9:39AM 3 Summing over intervals
9:12AM 1 Scatterplot_row match
7:22AM 1 Warning message in summary of PGLM
7:06AM 1 scope of an argument in a function
6:26AM 1 Extreme Value Regression model
5:15AM 1 I can't figure out my plm model. Any ideas?
4:52AM 2 taking daily means from hourly data
4:32AM 0 acf significance levels
4:08AM 0 R2wd and ESS: printing source?
3:47AM 1 Longitudinal negative binomial regression - robust sandwich estimator standard errors
3:35AM 1 RMySQL Load Error: package/namespace load failed for 'RMySQL'
2:26AM 0 Histogram with two groups on the same graph (not on separate panels)
Wednesday July 14 2010
11:22PM 2 R's Data Dredging Philosophy for Distribution Fitting
9:23PM 5 Matrix Size
9:22PM 0 .Rprofile interfering with update.packages()
9:15PM 3 How to see inside of this function?
9:03PM 2 qplot in ggplot2 not working any longer - (what did I do?)
9:00PM 1 rows process in DF
8:19PM 2 Import graph object
7:45PM 0 fGarch: garchFit() with fixed coefficents
7:16PM 1 Add Significance Codes to Data Frame
7:06PM 2 What is the opposite of rbind?
6:55PM 0 Java Heap Space Error while running kpca command
6:38PM 1 Embedding graphics in a pdf()
6:31PM 1 Printing status updates in while-loop
6:21PM 4 question about string handling....
6:21PM 0 Pointers to solutions to this PCA or Cononical Correlation type problem?
5:49PM 2 Merging columns along time line
5:12PM 1 Dot Plot with Confidence Limits
4:52PM 0 Estimating a differential equation parameters based on a data set
4:21PM 0 problem of loading workspace
4:01PM 1 Cannot Build R From Source - Windows XP
3:51PM 1 Win Server x64/R: Memory Allocation Problem
3:17PM 2 ver 2.11.1 from xterm on Mac without lme4
3:03PM 0 BaselR meeting July 2010
3:02PM 0 transfer glm model from SAS
2:55PM 2 Using which function with xts
2:37PM 2 how to update a bugs-model from inside R using R2WinBUGS
2:33PM 1 Changing model parameters in the mi package
2:18PM 1 convert data.frame to matrix -> NA factor problem
1:20PM 3 plot month and year
1:07PM 1 Split a time series
11:59AM 3 Mathematica and R
11:31AM 1 Multilevel IRT Modelling
11:13AM 1 Sample size ANCOVA
11:10AM 2 count - help
10:57AM 3 Convergent series
10:36AM 1 randomForest outlier return NA
10:26AM 0 rotate dendrogram
10:13AM 4 reverse string
10:09AM 0 set the structure before xtable
10:04AM 2 send out put to file in R
9:53AM 3 Query about wilcox.test() P-value
8:37AM 3 levene.test
8:37AM 1 force or "assert interactive use" with the --ess parameter in Windows
8:31AM 1 Entropy of a Markov chain
5:54AM 2 logical to numeric matrix changing dimensions
5:49AM 1 FYI: matrix surprise
5:39AM 2 How to define a function (with '<-') that has two arguments?
5:33AM 1 Converting POSIXct vales to real values
5:21AM 1 calling a c function from R
5:04AM 1 Arrange values on a timeline
4:57AM 2 Error while connecting to Oracle using RODBC package
3:57AM 1 Set environment name
3:34AM 0 please give us some suggestions regarding a modified PCA algo
2:51AM 0 Seeking guidance on MLE scaling
2:48AM 1 ccf function
2:36AM 1 question about SVM in e1071
2:07AM 1 POSIXlt error
2:05AM 1 POSIXlt error for 1982-01-01
12:45AM 1 Write value to PHP webpage
12:11AM 1 Wilcox.test U values
Tuesday July 13 2010
11:46PM 1 question regarding "varImpPlot" results vs. model$importance data on package "RandomForest"
10:51PM 1 Rename column or row names
10:44PM 6 create variables with indexes
10:42PM 2 Checking for duplicate rows in data frame efficiently
10:21PM 1 dnorm Line Plot Graphics
10:11PM 0 Neural Network package AMORE and a weight decay
9:20PM 1 A problem about the package "lme4" in R-2.11.1
9:05PM 1 latex table question
9:00PM 2 Want to exclude a column when using sample function
8:47PM 0 potential BUG in BBMM
8:21PM 3 export tables to excel files on multiple sheets with titles for each table
7:58PM 3 Need help on index for time series object
7:40PM 0 compiling, linking and including multiple FORTRAN subroutines in R
6:32PM 0 working out main effect variance when different parameterization is used and interaction term exists
6:11PM 1 Boxplot: Scale outliers
6:04PM 0 RJSONIO install problem
5:43PM 2 Wrap column headers caption
5:23PM 0 hclust information in a table
4:54PM 1 Time Variable and Historical Interest Rates
4:48PM 0 Revolutions Blog: June Roundup
2:35PM 2 how to extract information from anova results
2:24PM 1 MplusAutomation
2:03PM 1 Batch file export
1:58PM 0 Dicretizing a normal distribution to predefined bands
1:31PM 2 RODBC and Excel 2010 xlsx
1:15PM 1 SARIMA model
1:09PM 1 Generate groups with random size but given total sample size
12:22PM 2 Substring function?
12:22PM 0 Regarding installation from ROracle
12:20PM 1 Define package-wide character constants
11:46AM 1 StartsWith over vector of Strings?
11:43AM 2 Zoo - bug ???
10:18AM 1 Barplots
10:01AM 0 Modify the plotting parameters for Vennerable obj.
8:09AM 2 Regarding R -installation
7:42AM 1 Regarding accesing R- Repositories at servers
7:20AM 2 modifying vector elements
6:52AM 1 Equivalent of SAS's FIRST. And LAST. Variable in R?
6:14AM 1 Three-way Panel Data Analysis
6:04AM 0 object of class madata
1:35AM 1 Correct function name for text display of S4 object
12:16AM 2 SAS Proc summary/means as a R function
Monday July 12 2010
11:25PM 2 Accessing files on password-protected FTP sites
10:26PM 2 Xyplot or Tin-R problem?
10:18PM 3 Continuing on with a loop when there's a failure
10:15PM 1 Matrix Column Names
10:03PM 1 Comparison of two very large strings
9:42PM 2 Question about food sampling analysis
9:25PM 2 findInterval and data resolution
9:10PM 1 How to select the column header with \Sexpr{}
8:57PM 0 Statistical Learning and Datamining Course October 2010 Washington DC
8:18PM 0 SAS to R
8:18PM 1 ed50
7:34PM 1 What is the degrees of freedom in an nlme model
7:12PM 1 Subsetting Lists
7:10PM 2 exercise in frustration: applying a function to subsamples
6:46PM 1 Robust regression error: Too many singular resamples
6:37PM 0 Error in storage.mode(test) <- "logical"
6:25PM 3 How to create sequence in month
5:57PM 1 Calculate confidence interval of the mean based on ANOVA
5:17PM 1 Calculating weibull's distribution mean, standard deviation, and variance
4:58PM 1 densities greater than 1 for values within an (0,1) intervall
4:53PM 1 How to use mpi.allreduce() in Rmpi?
4:02PM 3 Multiple Ploting Colors
4:00PM 0 How do I convert a XML file to a data.frame?
3:40PM 1 How do I move axis labels closer to plot box?
3:29PM 0 Quantmod Error Message
3:21PM 0 Calculating Gwet's AC1 statistic
3:10PM 3 How to mean, min lists and numbers
2:36PM 0 help me on discriminant analysis and Bayesian discriminant analysis in R
2:09PM 6 in continuation with the earlier R puzzle
2:08PM 2 [R-pkgs] New package "list" for analyzing list survey experiments
2:02PM 2 a small puzzle?
1:12PM 1 Custom nonlinear self starting function w/ 2 covariates
12:38PM 1 Extract Clusters from Biclust Object
10:14AM 1 Checking formulae: are lower order terms included
9:35AM 0 Convert Mathematica code into R
6:52AM 1 Change the colour of lines in the xyplot?
5:25AM 1 long to wide on larger data set
4:14AM 2 boxplot on all the columns
4:08AM 2 cbind in for loops
4:02AM 1 problem with comparisons for vectors
3:22AM 3 (no subject)
Sunday July 11 2010
11:11PM 1 The formula interface of SVM
9:21PM 1 make an model object (e.g. nlme) available in a user defined function (xyplot related)
8:55PM 1 Is there a "Mixed effect model" for regression/classification trees?
7:54PM 1 data export HELP!
7:27PM 1 RSQLite install R x86_64 fail
6:29PM 2 Interrupt R?
4:32PM 0 New package "list" for analyzing list survey experiments
3:35PM 1 Durban Watson statistics
3:06PM 1 Inserting an image into a PDF file
12:08PM 2 Fast string comparison
7:27AM 2 simple apply syntax
3:39AM 1 How to automatically restart nlme in a user-defined function
12:58AM 1 difficulty with R expressions in text/legend
Saturday July 10 2010
10:28PM 4 eliminating constant variables
9:58PM 1 contourplot by year
9:12PM 0 SVD in microarray
7:17PM 7 Need help on date calculation
6:46PM 4 Using Ubuntu as a Server
6:10PM 3 a very particular plot
2:35PM 2 Passing a LaTeX length to Sweave
1:48PM 1 Not nice behaviour of nlminb (windows 32 bit, version, 2.11.1)
1:03PM 3 getting data from table command
10:47AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 89, Issue 10
7:32AM 1 quantstrat and blotter unavailable
Friday July 9 2010
10:33PM 1 Function similar to combine.levels in Hmisc package
8:18PM 2 String truncate
8:11PM 3 apply is slower than for loop?
7:51PM 1 output without quotes
7:37PM 1 S: Book for time series analysis with R
7:20PM 2 hide scatter points
6:57PM 0 a question about using the sensitivity package
6:30PM 1 select columns from dataframe
6:27PM 2 select columns from vector of column names
5:52PM 1 Mover Stayer Models
5:51PM 2 nls error regarding numerics vs logicals
5:39PM 1 stl function
5:22PM 2 Ctree Question
4:51PM 2 Compress string memCompress/Decompress
4:36PM 0 Help finding valid permutations
4:15PM 1 interpretation of svm models with the e1071 package
3:50PM 0 syntax for highlighting table rows and columns using R plugin for spss
3:25PM 2 eval and assign in loop problem
3:21PM 0 print.xtable suppress my row.names
2:49PM 1 print.trellis draw.in - plaintext (gmail mishap)
2:42PM 0 July BaselR Meeting
2:37PM 1 Not nice behaviour of nlminb (windows 32 bit, version 2.11.1)
2:34PM 0 print.trellis draw.in
1:46PM 3 strange floor rounding
1:37PM 1 Function on columns of a dataframe
1:35PM 0 Help for mca
1:35PM 1 distributing a value for a given month across the number of weeks in that month
1:29PM 3 how to plot two histograms overlapped in the same plane coordinate
12:48PM 3 how can achive step by step execution of the script
12:27PM 0 ttrTests issue in cReturns
11:39AM 0 Mirror axis on hist2d plot - how?
11:39AM 0 sarima.Sim function
11:37AM 1 installing packages over ssh without X forwarding
10:31AM 1 KLdiv produces NA. Why?
10:18AM 2 split with list
9:52AM 3 Plotting text in existing plot?
9:48AM 1 Current script name from R
9:42AM 3 R crashes with large vectors
9:20AM 3 accessing return variables from a function
8:42AM 1 R^2 in loess and predict?
8:01AM 3 Non-parametric regression
5:58AM 0 Aide pour faire ACM
2:46AM 1 Appropriate tests for logistic regression with a continuous predictor variable and Bernoulli response variable
1:43AM 2 C module causing rounding errors?
12:59AM 1 Data Frame Manipulation using function
Thursday July 8 2010
11:28PM 1 Time value not sorting properly
11:12PM 0 Multivariate Kalman Filter with inequality constraints
10:57PM 1 xyplot help
10:55PM 1 New R-SIG for Discrete Choice Modelling
10:16PM 1 Histogram Principal component analysis in R
9:42PM 0 ttrTests Error
9:40PM 1 What is the name of function for calculating mod?
9:21PM 1 Brewer.pal error
8:41PM 1 Data format question for triangle.plot package ade4
7:52PM 1 plotting lines when data has missing/NA values
7:23PM 3 Error in which()
7:21PM 2 Loading .Rdata within an R function
7:14PM 4 Column header strategy
6:23PM 1 Query about using timestamps returned by SQL as 'factor' for split
6:17PM 0 Psudeo R^2 (or other effect size) in spatial gls regressions
4:00PM 1 How can i draw a graph with high and low data points
3:28PM 1 download gplots and caTools
3:21PM 2 Calling Gnuplot from R
2:36PM 1 Custom multi-line header for pair plots
2:19PM 0 ANOVA-Formula
1:42PM 0 0 exit status on packages update try
11:15AM 2 package installation for Windows 7
10:48AM 0 bootstrapping: multilevel and multiple mediation
10:33AM 2 hi... problems about adjacency matrix
9:45AM 1 how to determine order of arima bt acf and pacf
8:59AM 1 mimic SPSS contingency table results
8:45AM 2 transformation of data.frame
8:44AM 0 Help on technical trading rules
8:17AM 1 x-axis labels for barplot of zoo object
8:15AM 2 strsplit("dia ma", "\\b") splits characterwise
6:04AM 2 random sample from arrays
3:43AM 1 Why Rscript behaves strangely with file name starting with 'size'?
2:54AM 1 glmnet - choosing the number of features
1:48AM 2 way to get t-values from glm.fit output?
1:11AM 2 Using nlm or optim
12:39AM 2 Vector Assignment -- Why won't it let me do it?
12:05AM 0 help compiling add-on package
Wednesday July 7 2010
11:55PM 1 SAM program and R mirror - which port to open?
11:22PM 1 How to quick check two rows are the same?
11:04PM 0 start value in nlminb
10:52PM 3 quantiles on rows of a matrix
10:32PM 2 What does `_data` mean in transform()?
10:16PM 3 How do I test against a simple null that two regressions coefficients are equal?
10:05PM 1 How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
9:58PM 1 ifelse statement
9:16PM 3 Boxplots over a Scatterplot
8:56PM 2 meaning of warning messages after spss-import
8:39PM 3 when all I have is a contingency table....
8:11PM 2 Boxplots from data.frame
7:49PM 2 R2 function from PLS to use a model on test data
7:32PM 1 problems with write.table, involving loops & paste statement
7:17PM 1 xyplot of function only shows diagonal plots
7:13PM 6 forcing a zero level in contr.sum
6:27PM 0 subscripts for panel.superpose in lattice
5:49PM 3 how to process this in R
5:35PM 0 ggplot2 version 0.8.8
5:11PM 1 Batch files process and String parsing
4:56PM 3 Weired problem when passing arguments using ...?
4:28PM 1 LondonR July Meeting
4:26PM 0 HELP - four.nines.cartesian.probability.grid
4:25PM 3 use sliding window to count substrings found in large string
3:35PM 2 Sum vectors and numbers
3:31PM 2 F# vs. R
3:25PM 1 Appropriateness of survdiff {survival} for non-censored data
3:09PM 0 interaction post hoc/ lme repeated measures
2:24PM 3 relation in aggregated data
2:16PM 0 error in step.gam
2:00PM 1 Different goodness of fit tests leads to contradictory conclusions
1:23PM 2 Trimming in R
1:20PM 1 Loading text file from data folder of package
1:16PM 4 can't open file
12:40PM 3 Need help in handling date
12:05PM 1 how to download files from ftp site
12:01PM 0 grouped logit regression
11:25AM 2 help with Date class
8:54AM 0 sqlQuery not functioning properly
8:38AM 1 Wavelet
8:35AM 0 How can I calculate Q-correlations?
6:13AM 0 R & C# (Mono)
3:46AM 1 Why do <none>s appear in the list of predictor variables in logistic regression using 'step' or 'stepAIC' function?
2:42AM 4 Gray level mosaic plot with shading_Friendly
2:01AM 2 How not to print '\\' as '\\'
12:50AM 1 xls.getshlib() error in xlsReadWrite package under W7
Tuesday July 6 2010
10:48PM 3 how to define a function in R
10:30PM 2 grayscale wireframe??
10:18PM 4 Adding two files into one and vlookup
10:00PM 1 R2wd- how to open an existing document
8:49PM 2 numerical derivative R help
8:38PM 0 numericDeriv and optim question:
8:25PM 0 Help needed with numericDeriv and optim functions
8:01PM 1 HPDinterval question - nonlinear transformations/functions of parameters.
7:54PM 2 How to plot confidence bands for nls
7:46PM 1 Get the indices of non-zero entries of a sparse matrix in R
7:32PM 1 question about lpSolve package
7:07PM 1 PCA and Regression
5:57PM 2 Odd subsetting behaviour
5:08PM 0 Differencing with auto.arima and xreg
4:51PM 1 ctree ordering nodes
4:37PM 1 Error message using mi() in mi package
4:29PM 2 Rcmdr installation under Unbuntu installatiion errors
4:16PM 0 Trouble Installing R
4:09PM 1 lme4
3:53PM 3 how to calculate summary statistics for each factor
3:51PM 1 Interpreting NB GLM output - effect sizes?
3:50PM 1 hide ends of line in a density plot
3:00PM 0 package error
2:54PM 1 plotmath vector problem; full program enclosed
2:54PM 0 lme4 installation
2:36PM 0 Add1 w/ coef estimates?
1:12PM 3 Help With ANOVA (corrected please ignore last email)
1:08PM 2 Help With ANOVA
12:58PM 2 How do I plat timestamed (in seconds) data in R?
12:49PM 1 A question about conducting crossed random effects in R
11:26AM 1 information reduction-database management question
11:08AM 1 locfit
10:49AM 1 how to simplify a table
10:45AM 0 Error in createData function
10:21AM 2 Could not find createData function
9:47AM 1 xyplot: filtering out empty plots
9:32AM 3 Function for gruping similar variables?
8:45AM 1 multiple time series plot with dual 'y' axes
8:33AM 3 Selection with changing number of columns
8:32AM 1 Pseudo F statistics with index.G1
7:47AM 1 acf
7:13AM 4 Assign Formulas to Arrays or Matrices?
7:06AM 1 Error in affypdnn package
6:39AM 3 Conditional Splitting a Vectors into Two Vectors
6:04AM 1 nls + quasi-poisson distribution
5:05AM 1 How to Plot With Different Marker ( ‘x’ and ‘o’) Based on Condition in R
12:06AM 1 Help in the legend()
Monday July 5 2010
11:21PM 1 Profiler for R ? (HFWUtils package)
9:17PM 1 Memory problem in multinomial logistic regression
9:10PM 2 Function to compute the multinomial beta function?
9:06PM 2 nested for loops
9:04PM 2 to remove duplicate values
8:01PM 3 data.frame: adding a column that is based on ranges of values in another column
7:53PM 3 selection of optim parameters
7:24PM 1 export VTK from R : impossible to write data as float
5:25PM 3 How to determine if R is 64 bit compiled under Unix-alike?
4:31PM 4 To detect the location of duplicate values
4:08PM 2 Plot with whispers
3:51PM 1 Help reg Genome view
3:49PM 2 Issue with write.table and read.table : I'm not getting out what I put in
2:35PM 2 Can anybody help me understand AIC and BIC and devise a new metric?
2:17PM 0 XTFEVD implementation in R
2:04PM 3 Counting defined character within String
1:48PM 1 plotting data with ellipse confidence intervals
12:31PM 1 Linux-Windows problem
11:50AM 0 Creating DataFrame of Vectors Data Structure for Classification
11:12AM 1 lattice xyplot with bty="l"
10:48AM 0 Execute commands in 'R' within PERL Program
10:44AM 3 adding a row of names to data.frame
9:54AM 2 r code exchange site?
9:43AM 0 R squared from cv.lm
9:07AM 0 Command run
8:57AM 0 lc2 Model
8:17AM 1 Stoch Prog in R
7:35AM 2 timeseries
6:33AM 1 Fast String operations in R ? Cost of String operations
6:26AM 1 Profiler for R ?
5:48AM 1 question concerning VGAM
3:43AM 4 Data Labels in a barchart (Lattice or otherwise)
1:37AM 2 repeated measures with missing data
12:20AM 1 if using ginv function, does it mean there is no need to use solve function any more?
Sunday July 4 2010
11:12PM 2 using objects from different workspaces
9:46PM 1 lm( y ~ A/x ) ... how do I extract the coefficients by factor?
8:10PM 1 UK map in R
7:59PM 1 LatticeExtra Parallel
3:24PM 0 fixed versus random effect
11:29AM 2 Separating out data values
6:36AM 1 Fwd: Functional programming and R: Recommendations?
5:59AM 1 RCurl question
3:33AM 2 help with predict.lda
2:41AM 0 interval censored grouped data
12:17AM 0 PDFfontNumber bugs in devPS.c (Re: plain text in Chinese can not be set)
Saturday July 3 2010
9:51PM 1 How to generate longitudinal data using R
12:57PM 0 Non-exported data sets?
11:55AM 2 Change the frequency of a ts?
6:05AM 1 Inverting a scale(X)
5:47AM 1 help on bar chart
3:33AM 2 logistic regression - glm() - example in Dalgaard's book ISwR
1:15AM 0 Error in solve.default
12:08AM 1 XML and RCurl: problem with encoding (htmlTreeParse)
12:07AM 1 strange data set output
Friday July 2 2010
9:50PM 1 conditional dataframe search and find
8:01PM 1 generating list of all arguments that function was called with
7:36PM 0 editing/formatting stacked time series panels
7:23PM 1 finding subroutines
6:40PM 1 Producing residual plots by time for lme object
5:34PM 2 how to save summary(lm) and anova (lm) in format?
3:57PM 2 merging plot labels in a lattice plot
3:37PM 1 xyplot: key inside the plot region / lme: confidence bands for predicted
3:21PM 2 Problem with aggregating data across time points
2:28PM 2 unable to get bigglm working, ATTN: Thomas Lumley
1:59PM 4 Some questions about R's modelling algebra
12:54PM 0 GMM with covariance moment condicion
12:07PM 1 metafor and meta-analysis at arm-level
12:05PM 2 S4 classes and debugging - Is there a summary?
11:34AM 3 Combining several plots besides a dendrogram?
9:37AM 3 Knowledge discovery
8:37AM 2 K-means result - variance between cluster
7:48AM 2 Why doesn't my change of "Renviron.site" work on "windows 7" ?
6:10AM 4 Visualization of coefficients
3:50AM 1 help with the xtable package
3:08AM 3 Good Package(s) for String and URL processing?
2:05AM 0 PDFfontNumber bugs in devPS.c (Re: plain text in Chinese can not be set)
1:30AM 2 is there a way to do dense rank in R
1:18AM 2 Files with Missing Data
Thursday July 1 2010
9:54PM 2 Evaluating a string
9:51PM 1 problems loading the twitteR package
8:29PM 1 Coloring axis labels on lattice xyplot
8:17PM 1 how to display the clock time in the loop
8:09PM 2 calculation on series with different time-steps
7:28PM 1 Modelling survival with time-dependent covariates
6:49PM 2 Command Line Arguments
5:24PM 2 Documentation for library() and how to specify missing arguments
4:50PM 5 ROC curve in R
4:33PM 1 How best to set library search path so user libraries come first
3:40PM 5 identifying odd or even number
3:27PM 0 Cholmod warning when fitting a poisson GLMM
3:07PM 0 coefficients poolability (was: question regarding panel data analysis)
2:56PM 3 Calculate area under a curve
2:55PM 2 s.e. of arima
2:00PM 0 Using coxph with Gompertz-distributed survival data.
1:28PM 2 rms::ols & I(.) in formulas
12:30PM 3 Double Integration
11:53AM 4 left end or right end
11:18AM 4 possible to plot number line in R?
8:08AM 2 Sweave function
8:01AM 1 Stacked Restricted Boltzmann Machine
7:50AM 2 Export data frame of high dimension to txt
4:43AM 2 Plot map Brazil and documentation
3:10AM 1 Mac OS X R.app has trouble rendering certain fonts.
2:48AM 4 Index of Character
2:34AM 0 vi readline key bindings -- some work, some don't
12:12AM 3 question regarding panel data analysis