R help - Jul 2009

Friday July 31 2009
11:41PM 3 Compare lm() to glm(family=poisson)
11:17PM 1 scale subsets of grouped data in data frame
10:41PM 1 SVG output on Windows OS
9:54PM 1 string
9:50PM 1 re moving intial numerals
9:39PM 1 Using R with Hadoop/Hive for Big Data
9:01PM 2 another automation question
8:46PM 1 how to calculate time interval between dates
8:22PM 0 New package for interactive brushing/cropping/deleting points from RGL : sculpt3d v 0.2
8:13PM 1 scale subset of data
7:30PM 1 automation question
7:15PM 1 superpose 2 time series with different time intervals
7:04PM 5 Creating a column based on data in another column
6:35PM 1 Displaying function arguments using a Windows R console
6:21PM 1 x and y Error Bars
5:38PM 1 about BRugs package
5:30PM 2 merging two data frame with colomns of different length
5:25PM 1 xyplot with 2 panels and 2 different x-scales
4:31PM 0 Porting S code to R (USGS Library for S-PLUS for Windows)
4:25PM 1 function problem
4:13PM 1 Fill dataframe from a table according to a criteria
3:15PM 8 How to stop an R script when running JGR on a Linux/SuSE system
2:15PM 1 Matrix Integral
1:40PM 2 automate multiple object creation
1:38PM 1 Tests for Two Independent Samples
1:30PM 1 help in using gsub and ?
1:22PM 2 Preparing for multi-core CPUs and parallel processing applications
1:18PM 3 how can i delete a message in R-help?
1:11PM 0 MLE estimation of constrained mean Singh-Maddala distribution
12:49PM 4 Getting file name from pdf device?
12:24PM 1 have the value of variable in a function
12:21PM 1 what meaning missing value True /False needed
10:40AM 0 R User Group in Canberra
10:17AM 2 Automatic datasets creation from multiple data sheets in a single excel file
10:10AM 0 any advice on noparametric statistics
9:07AM 1 colored 3D pillar plots
8:58AM 1 Install R on Cygwin (correction)
8:53AM 0 Install R on Cygwin
7:55AM 0 Trouble with R proxy
7:33AM 1 Parameters of Logistic Distribution and (3 Parameter) Log Logistic Distribution
7:30AM 3 what is the meaning of this error message?
4:02AM 2 how use the subset?
3:50AM 1 write matrix M including names(dimnames(M))
12:29AM 2 concatenating multiple columns from files
Thursday July 30 2009
11:53PM 4 truncating values into separate categories
11:38PM 0 r and ocx
11:20PM 2 wireframe color
10:41PM 1 Testing year effect in lm() ***failed first time, sending again
10:22PM 1 Testing year effects in lm()
10:11PM 1 Logistic regression and R
10:09PM 1 Defining different objects within a loop
9:54PM 1 ask help about boxplot , different list variation into the tick of x-axis?
9:37PM 1 lmer() and "$ operator is invalid for atomic vectors"
9:26PM 0 how to add the x-axis information
9:25PM 0 wireframe color change from default
8:15PM 2 how to change the thickness of the lines of the boxplot outliers
7:56PM 2 saving only part of a computation in integrate
7:43PM 2 constrained input for optimization algorithm
7:40PM 3 for loop for file names
6:46PM 4 edit.row.names taking row names from the edited dataframe
6:28PM 0 Help in Rserve
5:58PM 2 weight median by count for multiple records
5:46PM 2 Question regarding sqldf
5:14PM 1 Continue to finish for loop even there is an error in one of rounds.
4:40PM 0 Constrained MLE of fixed mean Singh-Maddala distribution
4:39PM 2 CRAN + geography = Cranography
4:15PM 2 Retrieving original data frame after repetition
4:14PM 4 Scatter Plot
4:04PM 3 Looping through R objects with $ operator and tags
3:39PM 1 Plotting two overlapping curves
3:08PM 1 (no subject)
3:02PM 1 package lattice can't be loeaded
2:51PM 0 dynamic network analysis
2:34PM 1 R 2.9.1: Error building target 'front'
1:59PM 0 RODBC and Oracle
1:35PM 1 Loess question
1:08PM 1 reading a file
12:53PM 0 package "reldist" version 1.5-5.1 : how to not just compare two years's wage distribution
12:33PM 3 R User Group listings
12:15PM 1 Selecting Bootstrap Method for Quantile Regression
11:38AM 2 Relative paths in R?
10:30AM 1 warnings and errors
10:26AM 0 temporal and spatial pseudorreplication with lmer
10:15AM 2 Moving Average on Defined Intervals
10:04AM 1 creating subsets within lm()
9:22AM 1 Function match.call or saving all initial parameters
9:13AM 5 PDF Compression
8:41AM 2 Problem with RGtk2 & Rattle
8:28AM 0 randomized block design analysis PROBLEM
8:19AM 3 What is the best method to produce means by categorical factors?
7:54AM 1 stepwise variable selection method wanted
7:43AM 2 lattice shingle plot axis annotation
6:32AM 5 Grid lines
4:52AM 3 Function to standardize matriz?
3:56AM 2 z[i,j] = x[i,j] * y(i+j) ?
1:38AM 1 Re : Wavelet Kernel
1:13AM 0 automatic download of USGS stream gauging data with R
1:03AM 1 USGS stream flow data automatic download R
12:51AM 1 read/write connections
12:47AM 1 Tripped up by Removing Level
12:10AM 1 Transparency and pyramid.plot
Wednesday July 29 2009
11:21PM 2 pyramid.plot: x-axis scale
10:14PM 0 Determination of lag value for Box.test
10:01PM 0 Problem with contrast
9:57PM 1 Combining two dataframes and specifying tolerance levels
9:15PM 1 Which CRAN mirror is the fastest ?
9:09PM 3 Object equality for S4 objects
8:36PM 1 gbm package: relationship between interaction.depth and number of features?
8:30PM 0 re siduals in arima
7:04PM 3 how to skip a numeric column for averaging other columns?
6:32PM 1 Systematic resampling (in sequential Monte Carlo)
5:48PM 3 Side by Side Barplot Newbie Question
5:33PM 0 side-by-side Barplot newbie question
5:05PM 0 R programming class - Boston USA area - or online
5:00PM 2 standard error of median in MASS library
4:57PM 4 - counting factor occurrences within a group: tapply()
4:15PM 1 vector
3:45PM 0 n-way table of aggregate statistics
3:37PM 3 (senza oggetto)
3:30PM 1 Package with function for plots with embedded hyperlinks?
3:19PM 1 visualizzazione colonne
2:22PM 1 Drawing lines in margins
1:30PM 3 predict
1:15PM 3 Transporting data in different R windows
1:12PM 1 (no subject)
1:10PM 6 regexpr virtue
11:20AM 1 Similar package like SEM
11:18AM 1 Subtract matrices within arrays along indices
11:10AM 1 Add a line in a Pairs2 and mark the axis length
9:01AM 1 Showing time progression on (triangle) plots
8:29AM 3 Newbie in R: Reading .txt files and storing the 'numbers' in a vector
8:27AM 8 Adding picture to graph?
7:30AM 2 quetions about dimensions
7:00AM 2 Importing time series
6:37AM 0 Structure of SEM
6:36AM 1 lrm-function: Interpretation and error message
6:13AM 2 R Packages and Permanent Datasets creation
4:24AM 1 xtable formatting: RED for negative numbers?
3:11AM 1 how to initial the R script
1:49AM 2 cannot allocate a vector with 1920165909 length
1:44AM 4 partially sorting?
12:56AM 0 Maximizing values in subsetted dataframe
12:55AM 3 Installing lme4 package in Windows Vista
12:50AM 0 Brief Mention of R in New York Times (July 29, 2009)
12:15AM 2 install package from CRAN
Tuesday July 28 2009
11:57PM 2 A hiccup when using anova on gam() fits.
10:58PM 1 how to load packages from different location
10:50PM 1 Watching tune parameters for SVM?
10:47PM 1 Make my plots bigger and reduce white space around panels?
10:42PM 1 Nonlinear mixed binary regression model
10:21PM 2 make one matirx in list after removing duplicated rows
10:18PM 0 Nonlinear mixed binary models
8:54PM 1 Looping through R objects
8:16PM 2 Check functions in package
7:43PM 1 different names for new files in a for loop
7:28PM 1 R Codes for fitting Logistic Regression for Multivaraite Data
7:20PM 0 R-help IRC chat?
6:28PM 5 Summarising Data for Forrest Plots
5:36PM 2 formatting in r
5:32PM 1 Multiple lmer runs using 2 'for' loops
5:13PM 3 character vector -> numeric matrix ??
4:57PM 0 Cell size in heatmap
4:48PM 3 selecting vector elements using matrices and combining the results
4:35PM 1 Moving axis-labels
4:15PM 2 Density plot in ggplot2
3:38PM 1 some QCA questions
3:34PM 2 aggregating strings
2:56PM 0 spherical wavelets package
2:48PM 3 Help with significance. T-test?
2:11PM 1 Reading Excel files in Linux
1:51PM 0 Kernlab - Splinedot Kernel
1:42PM 1 R freezes all the time.
1:35PM 0 Reg: Creation of own Package and Permanent Dataset in R
1:32PM 2 Skew-Normal Linear Mixed Model (SNLMM)
1:23PM 2 xyplot, panel.abline, from, to
12:18PM 1 reading jpeg images?
12:15PM 2 Looking for example of usage of function unz
11:54AM 1 how to add a new dataset to default R distributions
11:12AM 1 Problem runnin rSymPy
11:09AM 0 Graphing Significant difference
11:04AM 4 check for new files in a given directory
10:40AM 1 Sort a column in a dataframe
10:03AM 4 How to do poisson distribution test like this?
10:01AM 0 vary paramter of a function
9:36AM 2 vary the parameters for a function
9:28AM 1 Fwd: randomized block design analysis in R
7:57AM 1 R Excel
7:54AM 1 R package for Hierarchical Modelling of Multinomial Logistic Regression
6:46AM 1 Sort a dataframe on the column Date
6:35AM 1 Downloaded file is larger than the starting file
6:00AM 1 Cumulative row sums, row differences
4:56AM 4 storing output in html or pdf table format.
Monday July 27 2009
11:47PM 2 Multiple graphs
11:40PM 1 Get bearing for cartesian coordinates
11:06PM 2 local regression using loess
11:03PM 0 Double Truncation Fit??
11:01PM 1 calculating p-values from t-values for a Bonferroni adjustment
10:59PM 2 Draw plot.table axis on right hand side
10:46PM 2 Splitting matrix into several small matrices
10:10PM 2 Split rownames into factors
9:45PM 1 Reordering the columns of my dataframe
8:40PM 2 Making a sub data.frame
8:36PM 0 frequent sequences
7:29PM 1 Cross-validating two matrices
7:21PM 3 Working with tables with missing levels
7:01PM 1 Forumla format?
6:42PM 2 skip plot/blank plot on purpose (multi-plot question)
5:30PM 3 probability on a barplot
4:54PM 2 How to deal with this random variable?
4:51PM 0 plotting a PNG from an in-memory object
4:31PM 0 Should nlme's augPred work with a factor covariate?
4:18PM 1 Creating new data frame using loop
3:08PM 6 Superscripts and rounding
3:03PM 4 dataframe to list conversion
3:03PM 2 How should i change the SAS Codes into R Codes?
3:01PM 2 pairs plot
2:27PM 1 offset and poisson regression
2:02PM 0 useR! 2010
2:01PM 3 numbers on barplot
1:20PM 0 what to do about "face 1 at size 16 could not be loaded"
12:00PM 1 Conversion a ts time to another class.
11:38AM 1 dumping data objects
11:34AM 1 read binary file seek()
11:27AM 2 create dataset permanently in package (i.e. default or our own package)
11:21AM 2 Forecasting Inflation
10:27AM 1 creating and populating an environment
9:36AM 0 Open/Close Console
9:32AM 1 can we create our own packages in R?
9:09AM 0 Strange Memory issue
7:57AM 0 help about package "reldist" (Relative Distribution)
5:59AM 0 ROC curve using epicalc (after logistic regression) (re-sent)
5:03AM 1 Writing to a UDP server from R?
4:23AM 2 Superstring in text()
4:13AM 0 Disable summary statistics in LaTeX tables using MEMISC package
3:16AM 1 how to use do.call together with cbind and get inside a function
2:55AM 1 Specify CRAN repository from command line
Sunday July 26 2009
10:16PM 1 normal mixture model
8:52PM 0 ROC curve using epicalc (after logistic regression)
8:37PM 0 (no subject)
7:45PM 0 mixdist package in R
7:26PM 1 splitting multiple data in one column into multiple rows with one entry per column
7:14PM 1 obtain names of variables and data from glm object
6:37PM 3 Question about rpart decision trees (being used to predict customer churn)
5:16PM 2 smoothScatter problems
4:58PM 2 moving text labels in plot
4:52PM 1 Non-Linear Regression with two Predictors
2:07PM 0 Version 0.7 of package tsDyn, nonlinear time series
12:09PM 1 Is there an R implementation for the "Barnard's exact test" (a substitute for fisher.test) ?
11:43AM 2 problems hist() and density
5:18AM 1 How to add 95% confidence intervals in the calibration plot?
3:05AM 3 Sweave, cacheSweave, and data frame
1:24AM 1 Assessing standard errors of polynomial contrasts
12:36AM 2 zoo plot: yearly marks on X-Axis
12:34AM 2 More complicated multi-plot layouts?
Saturday July 25 2009
11:39PM 4 graphs
11:10PM 1 yaxp problem for more irregular time series in one plot
9:12PM 1 Determine the dimension-names of an element in an array in R
8:20PM 0 Beta Verson of tikzDevice Released!
7:29PM 1 A Harder Score Test Question
6:36PM 1 how to avoid a for looping break after an error message
1:04PM 0 NAs in Time-Series after building differences
12:25PM 2 r2 question
12:13PM 2 labelling points plotted in a 2D plan
11:07AM 1 Deleting .RData files
9:29AM 1 spline regression
8:35AM 1 FW: Qury Related With R
7:50AM 2 matplot in two axis
6:20AM 4 ROCR package question
3:44AM 3 how to smooth timeseries without the lagging?
2:33AM 1 a question about replacing a column that is factor
1:20AM 1 regex expression to select row or column
Friday July 24 2009
11:09PM 0 GGPlot 2 and odfweave
10:48PM 2 Lists
10:35PM 1 Most elegant way to use formals() in building functions
10:34PM 1 single row/column-indexing on matrices
9:40PM 1 Specifying package dependencies
9:23PM 0 Replace rgb with different colors for image display
8:55PM 2 suggestion for paired t-tests
8:19PM 0 R programmer
6:56PM 1 How to convert a matrix to a dataframe and makes its first row be the column name
6:23PM 4 Colors column don't give correct color with plot()
5:23PM 2 How to test frequency independence (in a 2 by 2 table) with many missing values
5:06PM 1 Aggregate, max and time of max
4:45PM 1 Trouble with If statements
4:25PM 4 Include files?
3:57PM 1 Fwd: Making rq and bootcov play nice
3:40PM 1 metafor
3:35PM 2 String manipulations
3:12PM 1 EOF revisited
3:08PM 4 CI wiskers
2:31PM 1 Lag representation in ccf() while zoo object is used?
1:41PM 0 Does roxygen work with S4 classes
1:17PM 3 str(data.frame) after subsetting reflects original structure, not subsetted structure?
12:49PM 1 roclet
12:43PM 1 how to calculate growth rate of a variable
12:29PM 2 Stting non-overlaping text positions
11:55AM 0 binary digit
11:47AM 1 Conditional sorting
9:46AM 1 Updating DataFrame with Function
9:22AM 1 ggplot question
9:15AM 0 TS- dates
9:05AM 1 nnet library and FANN package'm
8:49AM 0 xlim and ylim on npudens (np package)
7:32AM 1 downsampling
6:51AM 1 Welch Anova ?
6:38AM 1 multiple error bars when NA present
6:11AM 7 How to create a permanent dataset in R.
5:31AM 2 How to find the min and max of two variables in a data frame
3:37AM 1 adjusting grid on Xaxis ticks
2:44AM 1 Simply matrix slice question
2:13AM 2 computing the radius of an arc
1:10AM 1 Making rq and bootcov play nice
12:50AM 3 Duplicated date values aren't duplicates
12:06AM 2 Sum with Conditions
Thursday July 23 2009
11:30PM 1 Help with Loop!
11:13PM 1 ggplot2 : commands on one line vs two lines.
10:45PM 2 Assigning rank based on total count
9:18PM 3 Calculate weighted mean for each group
8:37PM 1 Creating a loop to read 3D dataset
8:30PM 2 Navigate to Index page of a package from R command prompt
7:53PM 2 alternative to rbind within a loop
6:12PM 1 dimension trouble for a matrix
6:05PM 3 How to perform a calculation in each element of my list?
6:04PM 1 howto create a list row-by-row as input to function call?
5:59PM 5 Random # generator accuracy
5:28PM 3 How to pass a character argument which contains expressions to arg.names in barplot?
4:53PM 0 How to get w in SVR with e1071 package
4:49PM 1 error message: .Random.seed is not an integer vector but
4:45PM 0 using k-means clustering in conjunction with heatmap.2 function
4:28PM 1 read.csv greater than
4:05PM 0 Early-Bird Deadline, Schedule: Data Mining Conference in California - Salford Systems
4:01PM 1 Activation Functions in Package Neural
3:48PM 1 Changing ts times to dates
3:31PM 1 Allan Variance in R
3:30PM 1 tweak a bit the legend wiht ggplot2
3:30PM 5 error message: .Random.seed is not an integer vector but of type 'list'
3:02PM 1 setting up LMER for repeated measures and how do I get a p value for my fixed effect, group?
3:01PM 1 help with randomisation test...
2:26PM 1 goodfit() in vcd package: computation of chi-squared
2:19PM 2 Constructing lists (yet, again)
2:14PM 0 constrained OLS again
1:57PM 0 exactly overlaid semi-transparent lines
1:49PM 0 How to get w in a SVR_package e1071
1:49PM 4 remove multiple columns by name from dataframe
1:48PM 1 ROCR - confidence interval for Sens and Spec
1:35PM 2 rows missing after dataset loaded to R
1:09PM 1 SweaveOpts(eval=false) not working - CORRECTION
12:58PM 1 SweaveOpts(eval=false) not working
12:34PM 1 RMySQL Error
12:24PM 1 Another question on gplot
11:14AM 0 R interface to PSwarm
10:44AM 3 Counter
10:16AM 2 source compile and problem with Hmisc
10:08AM 1 Non-negative solutions to complicated equations
9:51AM 1 simple lme question
7:46AM 0 xyplot axis scaling with dates/times
6:58AM 1 How to install packages without Tcl/Tk interface
6:50AM 4 simple question about exporting data...
6:29AM 2 SystemFit
6:28AM 1 Network from package functions
6:18AM 2 Antw: How to extract the upper xlim and ylim of my plot?
4:54AM 3 how to predict dynamic model in R
4:34AM 1 Re ading Image Files
4:13AM 2 param:qsec in ggplot2
1:09AM 0 panel.lmline - are m, b, and r^2 accessible somehow?
1:03AM 2 mathematical notation in R
Wednesday July 22 2009
10:18PM 1 Question about the lars package
9:54PM 1 Problem with aov
9:46PM 3 How to use macro variable in a text string
8:46PM 0 Multcomp, means and mixed models
8:17PM 0 help in buliding a likelihood function...
7:44PM 1 Problem with "merge" command duplicating values
7:32PM 5 Find multiple elements in a vector
7:31PM 3 Merge vectors
7:18PM 6 A question on operation on list
7:17PM 1 Difficulty Increasing R memory on Windows 32-Bit
7:02PM 1 What works on windows
6:37PM 0 Extreme Value Bivariate Point Process Model
6:16PM 0 Long character not truncated by str() after adding comment
6:16PM 1 strange behavior of system command
5:30PM 0 download.file() help! setting the proxy for user /passw0rd
5:29PM 0 Symmetrically Trimmed Least Squares (STLS) Regression Analysis Help
3:04PM 0 adding p-value to a correlogram
2:44PM 3 time difference
2:30PM 5 Multi-line comments?
2:17PM 4 contour plot
1:50PM 1 How to dynamically generate lm() function arguments?
12:28PM 2 All possible linear models given multiple explaining variables
11:52AM 1 R help - howto suppress chm help and use text/latex help?
11:31AM 2 Memory errors when using QCA package
11:22AM 3 How to list R object properties & save workspace?
9:23AM 0 je veux me sésinscrir!!!!!!!!!!!help
9:21AM 2 Automatic differentiation in R
8:29AM 1 A Flash Mob for R Content on Stack Overflow: Tonite @ 7-9pm PST
7:35AM 1 margins defined in randomForest and supclust
7:04AM 0 how to calculate growth rate of CO2 (ppm) time series
4:24AM 1 How do I delete a row from a data frame when varA == "TRUE"
2:18AM 1 R extract vertices for polygon
12:39AM 3 How to replace NAs in a vector of factors?
12:23AM 1 kaplan-meier error
Tuesday July 21 2009
11:19PM 2 dump() an object of type raw ?
10:39PM 1 Rcmdr GUI goes into loop via alt+backspace under Windows OS
10:22PM 0 sampling randomly from general correlated multivariate PDFs
10:10PM 1 Elementary Symmetric Polynomials
10:07PM 0 sampling from general multivariate pdf
9:58PM 1 is a sequence of dates consecutive, without gaps?
9:10PM 2 Adjusting x/y text labels for a bwplot using cex.lab
9:03PM 4 How to extract the upper xlim and ylim of my plot?
9:03PM 1 Checking on closed file connections
8:54PM 5 time attribute from a file
8:33PM 3 EM algorithm
8:28PM 0 help for SSOAP
7:56PM 1 Customization options with .Renviron, R_LIBS, .Rprofile etc
7:34PM 1 thousands separator
6:42PM 2 Odd coefficent behavior
5:47PM 2 Searching for specific values in a matrix
5:16PM 4 how to transform m/d/yyyy to yyyymmdd?
4:46PM 1 subscript into matrix discards row/column names
4:27PM 4 list of lm() results
4:18PM 1 strange dlply behavior
4:17PM 0 Calling R functions from multiple threads
4:15PM 0 Is arima forecast
4:08PM 0 suggestions for JSM 2010 invited sessions
3:11PM 2 Select value according two vectors...
3:03PM 1 Subsample points for mclust
2:55PM 0 Function for Estimating Fractional Multinomial Logit Model?
2:38PM 2 Split plot analysis problems
2:32PM 0 ERCIM WG on Computing & Statistics, Workshop on Cyprus, deadline July 31
2:28PM 1 problem with heatmap.2 in package gplots generating non-finite breaks
2:20PM 1 Background colour of axis
1:59PM 0 Preserving Symmetry Between Two Equations
1:58PM 0 Specifying initial values for arima.sim
1:40PM 0 Custom Link/Family for lmer
1:06PM 1 Forecasting - Croston Method Error
12:28PM 3 writte file doubt
12:20PM 3 how to use a list to create a plot
12:18PM 2 animated grid graphics
12:03PM 1 package quantreg behaviour in weights in function rq,
11:41AM 1 WISP-survey part of created area?
11:05AM 1 lmom - Estimating Normal Distribution Parameters using lmom package
11:01AM 2 Collinearity in Linear Multiple Regression
10:09AM 2 read floats from file into array
9:44AM 0 plotrix v2.6-4
8:14AM 2 Updating an object
7:53AM 1 problem installing cairo on freebsd
7:18AM 1 error when installing rjags
7:07AM 2 Merging lot of zoo objects
6:41AM 1 legend title in qplot
5:13AM 2 Show representation of a data structure
4:57AM 1 geom_histogram help
4:03AM 1 how to change the "quantile" method in bwplot
3:58AM 0 clim.pact question (annual cycle removal)
1:24AM 1 Correction.
1:16AM 0 Fama-Macbeth regression in R
12:07AM 0 Accessing list object from within a function as a list element
Monday July 20 2009
11:53PM 1 R package creation: 'show' extension not imported correctly
11:06PM 3 S_alloc or Calloc for return value
9:22PM 2 moving columns on a stripchart closer together
8:52PM 1 Re al Time PCR data analysis help
8:46PM 2 data frame from list of lists with unequal lengths
8:21PM 2 EM Clustering
8:09PM 2 I need to obtain all the rows in m1 in which m2 the elements of m2 are present
7:46PM 2 kmeans.big.matrix
7:07PM 1 a complicated merging task
7:05PM 0 Tinn-R - problem with hotkeys
6:59PM 2 calculating median with a condition
6:26PM 2 assign question
6:16PM 3 Simulate residuals with different properties for a linear model (regression)
5:30PM 3 Re gression using age and Duration of disease as a continous factors
5:11PM 1 randomForest - what is a 'good' pseudo r-squared?
5:07PM 1 Argument problem in function wrapper
5:02PM 3 Write in file matrices of sifferent size
5:01PM 0 new package 'dlnm' to run distributed lag non-linear models
4:00PM 0 sweave output
3:40PM 1 Naming Conventions
3:38PM 5 heatmap plot
3:36PM 1 Automatically assign symbol for statistical significance to x given value of x
2:55PM 0 new package: exact2x2
2:55PM 3 Another SEM question
1:57PM 1 S4 method dispatch with inheritance
1:47PM 0 Error in -c(intcol, respcol) : invalid argument to unary operator
1:08PM 2 mahalanobis distance
1:06PM 1 Regression function lm() not giving proper results
12:48PM 2 I might be dumb : a simple question about "foreach"
12:48PM 0 sem - problem
11:55AM 1 Application logging in R
11:22AM 1 package lmodel2: p-value RMA fitting?
11:06AM 2 Rows for a list of values
10:36AM 1 Hmisc improveProb() function
9:17AM 3 Histograms on a log scale
8:43AM 1 locate substring in the string it belong to
7:54AM 0 Extract the P-value from of permutation tests
5:41AM 2 Regression for loop test HELP! URGENT!
3:30AM 1 Problem with as.POSIXct on dates object
3:18AM 5 what is meaning of the bubbles in boxplots?
3:05AM 2 HELP: BRUGS/WinBUGS/RBUGS Response is a combination of random variables
1:48AM 1 Re gression for loop test HELP! URGENT!
Sunday July 19 2009
11:25PM 1 combining 4 vectors into one
9:32PM 1 Index and dummy
9:17PM 3 ifelse choices in a data.frame?
6:32PM 4 space in column name
6:24PM 1 trouble using optim for maximalisation of 2-parameter function
5:05PM 1 Sampling of non-overlapping intervals of variable length
12:01PM 1 Can I use "mcnemar.test" for 3*3 tables (or is there a bug in the command?)
10:26AM 1 transform(_data,...) using strptime gives an error
7:08AM 1 R-package question
Saturday July 18 2009
10:55PM 1 Comparing loadings (next to each other)
10:18PM 1 Plotting question
10:06PM 1 What is the Datasets License?
10:04PM 7 (-8)^(1/3) == NaN?
7:59PM 0 Package norm has been removed. What to use for ML missing data imputation.
7:04PM 3 remote database queries
6:54PM 1 svm works but tune.svm give error
6:02PM 0 classification task with RBF neural networks
5:26PM 2 Zinb for Non-interger data
4:47PM 2 assignments to function return values
2:55PM 1 package X12
12:29PM 1 Building a big.matrix using foreach
8:52AM 7 Question on qplot
3:10AM 1 apply/return and reuse
2:14AM 3 how to run the R script in background in Windows XP?
12:31AM 5 Hmisc, Design, summary.Design plot- changing confidence intervals, adding color or decreasing font size
Friday July 17 2009
11:57PM 1 Problem With Repeated Use Of Load/Save/Close Commands
9:41PM 1 Help with R.oo
9:27PM 1 package to do inverse probability weighting in longitudinal data
9:22PM 0 How do I run the by function on an object of class "by"???
8:37PM 2 Re placing null values (#NULL!)
5:25PM 0 Data mining, R and MySQL ...
5:17PM 3 dot plot with several points for 2 categories
4:54PM 1 poly objects as data frame columns
4:50PM 1 c-index validation from Design library
4:27PM 2 log error for use on axis
4:13PM 2 Fisher's exact test
1:59PM 3 How to do adjust for sex, age, genotype for a data
1:55PM 2 R: extract data.frames from a list
1:52PM 1 Arules questions. I need some help please
10:15AM 3 Package norm has been removed. What to use for Maximum Likelihood Missing Data Imputation?
9:47AM 2 Count data categories from table
8:44AM 1 pass an array from a perl script to a R script
8:02AM 2 how to evaluate character vector within pnorm()
7:15AM 2 Remembering a value in multiple calls of a function
5:37AM 6 Solving two nonlinear equations with two knowns
5:22AM 1 Calculating the trading days
5:18AM 1 Solving two nonlinear equations and two knowns
4:08AM 1 get a vector with filenames with a certain extension in a folder
3:48AM 2 Getting the C-index for a dataset that was not used to generate the logistic model
1:16AM 0 How to prpare the input data to writeFASTA ? Examples of CharacterToFASTArecords ...
12:31AM 0 Inequality constraints in GMM estimation?
12:04AM 0 running R-2.9.1 on westgrid
Thursday July 16 2009
11:41PM 2 Weibull Prediction?
11:02PM 2 Problems generating image from tiff file
10:41PM 1 matrix subsetting assignment with logical mask
10:08PM 2 Renviron.in error when compiling R 2.9.1 under Debian.
9:53PM 1 Theil test help
9:40PM 5 Entire Organization Switching from SAS to R - Any experience?
8:55PM 1 Too many open files
8:54PM 3 rnorm
8:44PM 2 quoting expressions in a list
8:09PM 5 Transformation of data!
8:09PM 1 mice and Date-Time Classes
7:40PM 1 Help with Conditional Logit
7:36PM 2 Nested ANOVA residuals error
7:25PM 6 Best way to replace :SS with :00
6:25PM 3 DataFrame help
6:03PM 1 Any package to produce QQplot for survival model checking?
5:23PM 2 putting circles/buffers arround points on a 2D graph/plot
5:15PM 1 Error with r2winbugs
4:26PM 0 Sigpipe Signal Question
4:11PM 2 Problems with lists...
3:47PM 3 Sample Function
3:42PM 2 Finding missing elements by comparing vectors
3:41PM 2 GGPLOT Clipping Regions
3:31PM 0 New links between R and SPSS
3:18PM 1 Calculate Timeseries Interval
2:40PM 0 Rsocp
1:46PM 3 how to check if ... is empty
1:40PM 0 how to use writeFASTA in modality "append"
1:04PM 2 dereferencing in R
11:32AM 4 loading a file in R in mac OS X
10:41AM 1 Plotting Two Surfaces in one plot with wireframe() using groups=
10:34AM 0 Cryptic error with Roxygen
10:30AM 1 Coplot - How to change the panel order ?
9:31AM 4 Save results
8:33AM 1 detach and install package
7:44AM 0 calculating R-squared or equivalent for Model II regression
6:38AM 0 how to get means and confidence limits after glmmPQL or lmer
4:43AM 1 error for installation
4:12AM 0 Question on importing large dataset (1.4GB) into R-Bioconductor
3:45AM 2 Problem using strptime
3:26AM 2 Count the number of occurences in ranges
2:30AM 2 evaluate sum of sum
12:40AM 1 axis label config mgp
12:12AM 0 how to group the output of aov by a variable?
Wednesday July 15 2009
11:15PM 4 Extract pairs (rowname, columname) from a matrix where value is 0
11:13PM 1 Help with RODBC connection to multiple MS SQL Sever databases
10:48PM 1 Select set of variables with strongest correlation
9:25PM 3 abline(v= x) in plot with time formated xaxis not working
9:19PM 1 Simulation code error
8:44PM 3 Axes origins and labeling
8:33PM 1 Error in simulation R-code
8:25PM 2 Substituting a user-defined function for a standard function in graphics
7:55PM 6 Question regarding package submission to CRAN
7:17PM 2 storing lm() results and other objects in a list
7:08PM 0 strategy to iterate over repeated measures/longitudinal data
7:07PM 1 GLM Gamma Family logLik formula?
6:34PM 1 FW: Package submission to CRAN
6:19PM 4 duplicate data points on a line graph
6:10PM 1 RODBC results from stored procedure
5:02PM 2 Differing Variable Length Inconsistencies in Random Effects/Regression Models
5:00PM 2 searching for elements
4:51PM 1 Help with averaging
4:45PM 2 spreadsheet-style autoupdating
4:18PM 0 FW: problems in resampling time series, block length, trend.test
4:06PM 2 Passing additional arguments through '...'
3:21PM 1 negative Somers D from Design package
3:07PM 1 For loop for distinguishing negative numbers
2:45PM 1 predictive punishment module (was: Re: Simple cat statement - output truncated)
2:40PM 2 Spaces in a name
2:35PM 4 Change data frame column names
2:07PM 1 Plotting hourly time-series data loaded from file using plot.ts
1:53PM 1 Simple cat statement - output truncated
1:26PM 1 Question related to merging zoo objects and apply function
1:13PM 0 tkbutton and functions help
12:50PM 0 configure encoding by default
12:41PM 0 Mixdist producing Na's and NaN's
12:27PM 1 problem with merging matrices
12:22PM 1 configure encoding by default
11:37AM 0 time series fiting and residual computing
11:31AM 0 [R-sig-Geo] how to work with useFancyQuotes( ) to avoid \" quotes
11:28AM 1 Quotes - useFancyQuotes
11:20AM 0 Nagelkerkes R2N
10:44AM 1 Is it possible to use EGARCH and GJR in R?
10:37AM 2 Problems with computing an aggregated score
10:27AM 1 interacting variables in a formulae in R
10:23AM 0 problems in resampling time series, block length, trend.test
10:03AM 2 (newbie) sum for certain number of rows
9:00AM 1 loading multiple .Rdata and preserving variable names
8:30AM 0 Starting RCmdr from the Commandline (and a shortcut) in Windows
6:55AM 1 The greatest common divisor between more than two integers
3:56AM 5 Grouping data in dataframe
3:41AM 0 POSIX, timezones and R-ODBC
3:26AM 1 Standalone program from R script
3:16AM 1 Averaging dataframes that are stored in a list
2:34AM 2 Correlation question (from a newbie)
2:04AM 2 ifultools on ppc debian
1:49AM 1 Read PNG file and display with more than 256 colors RGDAL
1:42AM 1 Matrix multiplication precision
1:07AM 1 How to combine two data frames by ID
Tuesday July 14 2009
11:35PM 1 Simulation functions for underdispered Poisson and binomial distributions
11:22PM 2 How do I know where is R? - VB Programming
10:57PM 2 SOS! error in GLM logistic regression...
10:29PM 0 nnet function - help!
9:40PM 1 (simple) xml into data.frame and reverse
8:37PM 1 Snow/openmpi
7:04PM 2 Comprehensive power analysis/sample size package in R?
6:02PM 2 Proper Paste for Data Member
5:53PM 2 How to import BIG csv files with separate "map"?
5:45PM 4 Trig functions strange results
3:40PM 5 plotting confidence intervals
3:27PM 1 hi, how can we avoid maskiing error in R
3:27PM 1 Runtime Error with multinom
3:06PM 1 paste (" " x " ")
3:05PM 1 Linear Regression Problem
2:54PM 1 Problem with GroupedData
2:45PM 1 Error when sampling from SpatialLines
2:43PM 1 exporting list of installed packages for import on another system?
2:21PM 1 From list to variable name
2:08PM 0 Tinn-R released
2:05PM 0 LondonR meeting - 21st of July
1:44PM 0 Attributes lost after 'merge'
1:09PM 1 2 x 2 x 10 x 2 binomial setup
12:14PM 2 How to provide list as an argument for the data.frame()
11:30AM 4 Help needed in identifying type of plot
11:17AM 2 hi friends, is there any wait function in R
10:10AM 1 Error installing package sna
9:57AM 1 How does logLik(lm(...)) find the maximum log likelihoods
9:45AM 1 LAPACK package
7:25AM 0 R2WinBUGS on fedora linux question
7:21AM 2 nls - find good starting values
6:42AM 2 Cluster analysis with missing data
5:38AM 5 Nested for loops
1:46AM 2 averaging two matrices whilst ignoring missing values
1:31AM 1 Interaction term in multiple regression
Monday July 13 2009
11:50PM 0 Rgraphviz ignoring outputorder attribute
11:24PM 1 Fortran function for quantiles
10:16PM 0 Smoothing parameter or Bandwidth (h)
8:55PM 0 problem predict/poly
8:15PM 3 SweaveListingUtils question
8:11PM 0 Reducing arrays for comparison with each other...
7:56PM 1 regression with replication
7:38PM 1 .RData signature
7:02PM 0 re ference
6:06PM 1 Help get this simple function to work...
5:27PM 3 read.delim skips first column (why?)
5:23PM 2 Help me get this function to work...
5:22PM 2 how to run a R program with input arguments
5:17PM 0 testing equality of two dependent correlations + normality issue
3:35PM 1 survSplit with data.frame containing a Surv object
3:33PM 2 dse model setup help
3:31PM 2 graph: axis label font
2:56PM 1 math expressions in graphs
2:44PM 0 adjusting survival using coxph
2:17PM 0 weighted cox ph model
1:55PM 0 95% Confidence Intervals for AUC - $auc.samples from the Daim Package
1:47PM 4 subset range selections
1:36PM 0 Fliess Kappa
1:23PM 1 R in rearranging equations
1:09PM 0 Partial Correlation
1:04PM 0 Anomaly in sample() function
11:04AM 3 How to perform a Likelihood-ratio test?
10:11AM 1 Times series adjustment
9:37AM 3 zero cells in one variable in logistic regression
9:31AM 4 Combine two matricies
9:16AM 0 pbc data
9:06AM 1 Add grand mean to every entry in a matrix
8:45AM 2 Problems in plotting with abline
8:13AM 0 simulation in multilevel model
6:48AM 3 Help With Fleiss Kappa
4:28AM 0 Fleiss Kappa
3:55AM 2 how to keep row name if there is only one row selected from a data frame
12:15AM 1 Strange error in qplot
Sunday July 12 2009
11:55PM 2 Heckman Selection MOdel Help in R
11:32PM 0 Installing Eclipse Plug-In for R: "StatET"
10:58PM 1 Splitting dataset for Tuning Parameter with Cross Validation
10:20PM 1 How can I test for End-Of-FIle
9:06PM 1 variance explained by each predictor in GAM
7:21PM 1 Fw: (no subject)
6:53PM 2 for (n in SystemResults$EnTime) return EnTime[n] until reaching "(all)"
6:28PM 0 (no subject)
5:07PM 0 ERROR message while using <-invMillsRatio()
11:18AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 77, Issue 13
6:27AM 0 Plotting problem [lars()/elasticnet()]
2:42AM 2 Nonlinear Least Squares nls() programming help
1:42AM 2 strata -- really slow performance
12:03AM 0 Specifying a more complex covariance matrix in lme or lmer
Saturday July 11 2009
8:38PM 3 Reading data entered within an R program
6:13PM 2 mann-whitney U-test - U-value
5:10PM 2 Date conversions
3:41PM 0 seeking consultant on data-mining and pattern classification...
3:26PM 0 Weighted Analysis in Data Mining
1:23PM 1 Conditional expand.grid()
12:39PM 2 Heckman Selection Model/Inverse Mills Ratio
4:07AM 1 hands-on classification tutorial needed...
3:34AM 1 Is there any Gauss-newton library/function in R?
3:11AM 2 maximum/minimum value of a function
2:30AM 1 sort data.frame by specific date column
12:16AM 1 Passing arguments to forked children
Friday July 10 2009
11:19PM 0 Error when running the examples in plotMultiTS / QRMlib
11:00PM 0 to get R-squared value
10:01PM 2 to get the R-Squared value
9:59PM 1 prevalence in logistic regression lrm()
8:13PM 1 t-scores and correlation
7:31PM 1 generalized linear model (glm) and "stepAIC"
6:45PM 0 problem aligning barplot and scatter plot (ala 'layout' example)
6:11PM 0 maximum and C.L.
4:57PM 1 diagram package graph margins
4:41PM 1 help! Error in using Boosting...
3:53PM 1 RUnit detects parse error, but why?
3:44PM 0 LondonR agenda
3:40PM 1 getting a timeseries element into a string
3:38PM 2 ReShape/cast question - sum of value in table
3:27PM 1 Degree of freedom in the linear mixed effect model using lme function in R
3:16PM 0 A Lattice Plotting Problem
3:09PM 0 Windows Graphics Device Lockups with Rterm
2:46PM 2 predict.glm -> which class does it predict?
1:27PM 2 How to number a subset consecutively from 1 to n?
1:22PM 1 problems with contrast matrix
1:13PM 1 A question about digest mode
12:18PM 3 strange strsplit gsub problem 0 is this a bug or a string length limitation?
12:04PM 0 raw object into mysql blob column
11:57AM 0 GLM for Probit for Panel Data
10:20AM 2 ' R ' - General Question (newbie)
10:07AM 2 while( ) to get a vector until the sum of elements are <= X ?
10:03AM 2 changing point style in xyplots depending on groups
10:03AM 2 arr.lcol in plotmat from diagram package
9:43AM 2 how can I download an english version of R ?
9:21AM 1 assessing data variation
9:20AM 0 Fitting power laws to size distribution data
9:12AM 3 Hi Friends
9:10AM 0 Modifying Data from a Panel for Probit Regression
8:56AM 1 row data manipulation in data frame
8:28AM 0 compiling C files with Makefile for R under Windows
8:04AM 0 Colour in banner/silhouette plot
7:44AM 0 Bayesian logistic regression for 85.000 variables
6:43AM 2 drawing hmms
5:46AM 0 Problem loading ReadImages package (and RGooglemaps)
5:27AM 1 pcaNNet confusion
3:58AM 1 how to create 3d graph w/ spherical coordinates?
3:11AM 2 error: optim(rho, n2ll.rho, method = method, control = control, beta = parm$beta, : initial value in 'vmmin' is not finite
1:53AM 1 file.copy returning "FALSE"?
1:31AM 4 how to transpose a dataframe
1:02AM 0 Clustering within part of a cluster result
12:43AM 0 rateratio
12:12AM 1 corspatial
Thursday July 9 2009
11:59PM 1 class export in package creation / setClass / namespace?
11:18PM 3 How to get function from lm object?
11:01PM 1 validate() in Design library
10:52PM 3 Stratified data summaries
10:46PM 2 datadist() in Design library
10:27PM 2 How to combine two rows (in a dataframe) into a third row?
10:04PM 1 Strange t-test error: "grouping factor must have exactly 2 levels" while it does...
8:57PM 0 Comparing Probit and Logit Coefficients Across Groups
7:04PM 1 math symbols in R
6:25PM 2 Lattice xyplot: same scales within one factor
6:24PM 3 'scan' in a script?
6:02PM 4 Issues with file.info?
5:50PM 2 naming of columns in R dataframe consisting of mixed data (alphanumeric and numeric)
5:41PM 1 nls, reach limit bounds
5:12PM 4 Compiling R-2.9.1 on Mac OS X 10.4
4:39PM 1 more than one mathematical annotation into a legend
4:24PM 1 Creating and Using Objects in R
4:08PM 0 Logistic Regression: Likelihoo-Ratio Based Confidence Intervals
3:40PM 2 correct way to subset a vector
3:36PM 2 X-axis labels not displayed when changing ylim
3:30PM 1 How to: initialize, setValidity, copy-constructor
2:58PM 2 plm Issues
2:55PM 2 How to Populate List
2:53PM 1 treating a data symbol like a character
2:43PM 2 executing an error prone function without stopping a script
2:11PM 0 assigning vector name by increasing index in loop
1:32PM 0 Apply weights to the Efron Approximation
1:19PM 2 T.test error help
1:02PM 0 RExcel/ RCom
10:37AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 77, Issue 9
10:16AM 0 visualizing hidden markov models
9:21AM 1 Ordering zoo-object by its index
9:05AM 2 r bug (?) display of data
8:56AM 0 IIA test
8:46AM 1 Bug in package.skeleton, R 2.9.0?
8:37AM 1 ggplot2: geom_errorbarh()
7:17AM 0 Node colors in pvclust
7:15AM 0 Cuminc Plot
4:24AM 9 Population pyramids
4:02AM 2 Save rgl plot3d Graph as Image
3:26AM 1 splint
2:20AM 1 Converting indices of a matrix subset
1:45AM 2 Mysteriously vanishing LD_LIBRARY_PATH
1:19AM 0 Sampling a dataframe based on the length of a subset of observations within
12:34AM 5 Best way to export values from a function?
12:28AM 1 Picante package 0.7 on mac
12:14AM 0 tkrplot installation problems
Wednesday July 8 2009
11:35PM 1 Dantzig Selector
10:55PM 1 Getting value rather than formula in RGoogleDocs
10:38PM 1 How to deploy statistical models built in R in real-time?
9:47PM 1 A Lattice Question
8:52PM 0 rgtk2 colorbutton
8:36PM 3 Unix commands on R
8:25PM 3 Substituting numerical values using `apply'
8:00PM 2 R Help Question
7:46PM 1 subsetting a dataframe with a string logical expression
7:41PM 1 What is cast telling me?
7:40PM 1 nested model with random factors
7:03PM 2 print() to file?
6:38PM 1 heatmap.2: question regarding the "raw z-score"
6:31PM 2 \dQuote in packages
5:59PM 0 typo in ts detrending implementation in spec.pgram?
3:54PM 2 Randomizing a dataframe
3:41PM 3 Extracting a column name in loop?
3:24PM 1 Comparing GAMMs
3:19PM 2 Simple monovariate classification?
3:09PM 3 matching each row
2:46PM 0 recoding strings containing colons
2:39PM 1 truncated regression out-of-sample predictions
2:34PM 2 Two-way ANOVA gives different results using anova(lm()) than doing it by hand
2:01PM 1 Passing arguments to with()
1:51PM 1 functions to calculate t-stats, etc. for lm.fit objects?
1:20PM 2 Formatting a Table
1:06PM 1 RDCOMClient: how to close Excel process?
1:04PM 5 R regular expression to extract words with the query string.
12:29PM 1 linear regression and testing the slope
11:56AM 1 Import xlsx file in Ubuntu 9.04
11:31AM 0 stats::decompose - Problem finding seasonal component without trend
11:17AM 1 bootstrapping error message "Error in t.star[r, ] <- statistic(data, i[r, ], ...) : number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length"
10:16AM 0 RODBC and sqlSave issue
9:59AM 1 system() how to make a program run a specific file
9:31AM 3 Fitting a trend-line
8:24AM 0 Plotting the PDF and the Cumulative Probability
7:24AM 1 clogit comparison between Stata and R
7:05AM 0 Rdsm, a DSM package for parallel R programming
7:01AM 0 Thanks: Mathematical annotation axis in lattice
6:41AM 0 Help resolving error in quantcut
6:21AM 1 R 2.9.0 plot still forcing current time zone
3:42AM 2 i need same function solver in excel..
2:38AM 1 Density value over 1 using density function
2:23AM 1 ksvm question -- help! line search failed...
1:28AM 2 can't get rJava to install on Linux
12:33AM 1 SVM cross validation in e1071
Tuesday July 7 2009
10:44PM 1 ksvm question -- help! cannot get program to run...
10:25PM 2 Tex fonts in R plots
10:05PM 2 Question in using e1071 svm routine
10:03PM 1 How to re-order panels and y-axis values in trellis display using lattice
10:00PM 1 wordStem problems in R 2.9, Fedora 11; Linux Kernel
9:59PM 3 r-project.org address blacklisted by anti-spam software
9:48PM 1 R2WinBUGS under Linux/WINE fails
9:37PM 1 ReShape to create Time from Observations?
9:08PM 3 Numbering sequences of non-NAs in a vector
8:38PM 3 Dump plots to powerpoint?
8:32PM 2 building 2.0.6 on Win32/Py2.5
7:42PM 3 vectorizing a function
7:38PM 1 Error in Rolling window of function - rollapply
7:28PM 1 find duplicates... need help!
7:06PM 4 Test for X=1 fails, test for >0 works, data in text file is 1
6:56PM 6 how to count number of elements in a vector that are not NA ?
6:28PM 3 how to read point shp file to R?
5:30PM 3 Error due to non-conformable arrays
5:06PM 1 error: no such index at level 2
4:22PM 0 Thanks!
2:25PM 1 cor vs cor.test
2:06PM 1 how to get R to print only one column per line when outputting a matrix?
1:45PM 6 Uncorrelated random vectors
11:35AM 1 Mathematical annotation axis in lattice
11:11AM 2 rle
11:03AM 2 Error in object$coefficients : $ operator not defined for this S4 class
11:00AM 1 subscripted assignment of grid units
9:22AM 1 logic question
9:15AM 1 curve from a formula with ggplot2
8:05AM 2 Multiplication of data frame with vector
7:54AM 2 How to separate the string?
4:28AM 1 help me about data format.
Monday July 6 2009
8:22PM 1 Decompose function : calculation of each component
8:21PM 0 a question about splint
7:52PM 7 Testing memory limits in R??
7:19PM 0 R won't recognize the order
7:16PM 1 mlbench dataset question
7:13PM 4 drawing an axis using axis command
6:22PM 2 ReShape chicks example - line plots
4:16PM 0 Heatmap - dendrogram ordering
3:34PM 4 output too large to display all
3:21PM 1 how to apply a self-written function to a data frame
3:01PM 1 Performance degradation on multi-processor system
2:55PM 0 Error exit, tauk2. IFAULT = 12
2:15PM 1 Solving quadratic equations with covariance term
12:55PM 1 R- NLP on R but ....
12:39PM 2 Hartigan's Dip test
12:33PM 1 odfWeave: odt-file damaged
11:39AM 2 Extracting only the non-repeated rows of matrices
11:14AM 3 Counting the number of cycles in a temperature test
10:50AM 2 problem with internal functions in Windows
8:22AM 1 transform multi skew-t to uniform distribution
4:55AM 1 ggplot2: Boxplot with given box size
Sunday July 5 2009
7:10PM 2 From "list" to "matrix"
7:03PM 1 Detecting "Break"
5:58PM 3 allocation/initialization of arrays/lists
12:54PM 6 another matrix problem
5:24AM 1 SQL on R
3:13AM 0 useR in cincy area?
1:22AM 1 NA values trimming
12:02AM 2 OK - I got the data - now what? :-)
Saturday July 4 2009
7:22PM 0 I can't load my database
6:37PM 1 Date code conversion
5:56PM 4 help with dealing with integer(0) returns from grep used within a conditional loop
4:38PM 3 newby question
3:17PM 5 matrix problem
2:59PM 2 Skeleton Package to Flesh Out?
10:21AM 1 A question built on How to sum one column in a data frame keyed on other columns
5:17AM 2 Shading the area between lines
4:33AM 1 Plot 2-d Polynomial without solving it
1:06AM 0 comparing matrix and vector and flagging matches
Friday July 3 2009
10:55PM 2 Simple one
10:47PM 2 Error using the Rdonlp2‏ Package
9:48PM 1 The time series analysis functions/packages don't seem to like my data
8:13PM 1 Multi-line plots - max Y?
7:12PM 3 Variable names in lattice XY-plot
5:35PM 1 exporting interactive rggobi plots
5:29PM 2 Deos anyone know of a summary of conformability rules? along with a specific problem
5:24PM 0 A fast version of ccf () accepting missing values ?
5:22PM 0 windrose (circular package) odd table and windrose plot
5:21PM 5 What command lists everything in a package?
5:10PM 2 table () for more variables
5:02PM 2 Two questions about the cloud function in the lattice package
3:56PM 2 normalised curve fitting with error bars
3:54PM 3 Histogram
2:02PM 0 lattice, Hmisc: vertical placement of superpose.symbol in Dotplot()
1:53PM 1 Error
1:46PM 1 is AIC always 100% in evaluating a model?
1:33PM 3 Color of ecdf plots
1:31PM 1 (no subject)
1:25PM 2 bigglm() results different from glm()
1:21PM 3 Computing Time Intervals On A Series
12:34PM 2 R on flash
10:56AM 6 Remove all spaces from a string so it can be used by assign()
10:51AM 1 fix() and edit() not working with Rcmdr and german LANG-variable
10:43AM 2 Correlation Network Diagram - Correction
10:41AM 2 Correlation Network Diagram?
9:43AM 1 block diagrams
9:38AM 2 Confidence Limits for a Cross-Product Ratio
9:12AM 0 Presumably simple question about sorting/ordering
8:34AM 4 Function to eliminate blank space within strings?
7:20AM 0 Lo's modified R/S
7:14AM 1 Wiki down?
5:26AM 0 Query
2:20AM 3 sum of list elements
1:12AM 2 mapping states with colors
12:39AM 0 Thanks to all who commented on my code
12:11AM 1 Plot Fonts in Windows vs Mac OSX
Thursday July 2 2009
11:29PM 2 Plot two graphs with different ranges in one
10:40PM 1 Box Plot outliers label
8:34PM 2 Passing expression as argument to do.call
8:29PM 1 Package 'operators'
8:21PM 1 Backward logistic regression
7:59PM 2 working with texts
7:30PM 1 Regarding which.max()
7:15PM 1 Quantitative Risk Management by McNeil
7:00PM 4 Name of data.frame as a text string?
6:48PM 1 skip the error to continue the logistic regression in a loop
6:17PM 2 Warning when trying to access a variable out of scope?
6:12PM 2 Export data to Multiple Sheets in Excel via xlsReadWritePro
6:09PM 1 Problem with groupedData and lme
5:35PM 1 superimpose multiple scatterplot matrices
5:26PM 5 save the result into a word file
5:11PM 1 Getting identify() to work with lattice::cloud()
4:46PM 2 How to use current value of variable in function definition?
4:45PM 1 Windows zip-files (binaries) for older version of scatterplot3d
4:41PM 0 R package to analyze time course microarray data
4:37PM 1 lpSolve: how to allow variables to become negative
3:55PM 2 constrained optimisation in R.
3:13PM 2 to creates an array
2:51PM 1 lokern package
2:41PM 0 multiple comparisons and generalized least squares
2:39PM 2 Need to study and learn about better plots
2:22PM 2 read.xls: number of sheets
2:13PM 3 Testing for membership in an array of strings
1:01PM 4 (no subject)
12:46PM 2 Display Median in plot
12:27PM 2 matching rows in matrices
11:33AM 0 convert xts vector into matrix
10:47AM 5 (no subject)
10:42AM 1 From xtabs to matrix
10:40AM 4 Getting the month out of my date as a number not characters
9:33AM 1 diagram package treearrow help
9:18AM 0 IFS estimator
9:17AM 0 SweaveListingUtils --- a package for joining markup provided by TeX package 'listings' with Sweave
9:06AM 2 Computer Modern
8:26AM 1 MCMC/Bayesian framework in R?
5:38AM 1 another xyplot question
4:55AM 0 another type of parallel programming for R
4:46AM 0 using heatmap.2 without specifying Colv and Rowv
3:01AM 1 help exporting to excel via xlsReadWritePro
2:47AM 2 ncurses for R?
2:15AM 2 Using sapply to build a count matrix
1:30AM 0 Managing Packages: Which functions call other functions in package?
1:07AM 0 MCMCpack: Selecting a better model using BayesFactor
12:58AM 1 sum_to_zero_constraints
12:20AM 3 Question about <<- assignment
Wednesday July 1 2009
11:52PM 2 'singularity' between fixed effect and random factor in mixed model
9:53PM 1 convert factor to indicator matrix
9:47PM 0 How to fit a hierarchical model using Umacs
9:45PM 1 conditional recoding a variable
7:45PM 1 Neural Networks
7:43PM 2 recoding charactor variables with special charactors
7:41PM 2 timer in R?
7:21PM 1 How should I denormalise a data frame list of lists column?
6:51PM 1 match() indexing
5:52PM 0 The step before interfacing to GRASS
5:48PM 2 Revolutions blog: June roundup
5:36PM 3 "Error: cannot allocate vector of size 332.3 Mb"
5:35PM 5 convert tabular time series into a matrix format
5:06PM 1 abline going out of bounds
5:06PM 1 Map projections - converting latitude/longitude to eastings and northings
4:58PM 2 sorting question
4:58PM 8 productivity tools in R?
4:50PM 1 Average of data files in a directory
4:45PM 0 Parallel programming packages iterators, foreach and doMC released
3:59PM 0 RKWard
3:49PM 2 ?max (so far...)
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6:12AM 1 xyplot question
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