R help - Jun 2009

Tuesday June 30 2009
11:08PM 2 difference between "names", "colnames" and "dimnames"
11:05PM 1 garchFit in fGarch fitted values are all the same
10:51PM 2 system function question
10:47PM 2 Using functions to change values in a data.frame
10:08PM 1 odfWeave : problems with odfInsertPlot() and odfFigureCaption()
9:48PM 0 quwstion about elrm package for Exact Logistic Regrassion
9:02PM 0 Installing MCMCpack on Solaris 10 X86
8:54PM 2 odd behaviour in quantreg::rq
8:32PM 1 How to pass parameters to htmlParse Bank of Canada html pages
8:20PM 5 Interaction plots (six on one page)
8:20PM 1 How to wrap my (working) code in a loop or function? (loop/function newbie alert)
7:27PM 0 dbWriteTable in loop
6:28PM 4 conditional coloring of output text in console or in GUI
6:06PM 2 Equivalent to Matlab's "Ans"
5:18PM 1 beadarray package
4:53PM 1 grep on vectors?
4:44PM 2 Sweave: multiline Sexpr?
4:07PM 2 How do I change which R Graphics Device is active?
3:31PM 2 NaiveBayes fails with one input variable (caret and klarR packages)
3:30PM 4 Using regular expressions to detect clusters of consonants in a string
3:29PM 1 Stata file and R Interaction :File Size Problem in Import
3:21PM 1 Multiple of independet Anova without loop?
3:08PM 1 Problem in R with TCL 8.4
2:56PM 0 TukeyHSD - t-value
2:47PM 1 Windowing issue with diagram package & R 9.1
1:47PM 0 TukeyHSD with Cohens d ?
1:45PM 0 anova with missing data (incomplete design)
1:19PM 1 Indexing matrix
1:15PM 0 (no subject)
12:30PM 1 How to get best performance from R on Linux?
12:00PM 2 Question about creating lists with functions as elements
11:41AM 1 sampling quadrats of increasing size in a list of matrices
11:19AM 2 How to erase an environment?
10:34AM 1 (no subject)
10:30AM 1 Skip loop combination when one factor's level is missing
9:54AM 1 fitting in logistic model
9:15AM 1 Clearing out or reclaiming memory
7:29AM 1 please help me about data format.
6:20AM 4 R version-2.9.1 for Linux
4:44AM 0 different results in na.omit
Monday June 29 2009
10:58PM 2 How to read a list into R??
9:55PM 2 How to select partially (not completely) unique rows?
9:28PM 0 Memory issues with 'aov' function
9:17PM 1 Rattle: Trouble opening .csv files
8:21PM 0 Help with bootstrapping regression
7:54PM 1 Linux Installation Version
7:35PM 0 (no subject)
7:33PM 0 A graphic art piece I created that only statisticians would understand and the use of R in art
6:50PM 2 How to use "subset" in lm function
6:25PM 1 symbols duplicated in plot output
6:16PM 2 Add ID numbers on a plot
4:09PM 0 nlsList {nlme} - control arguments problem
3:36PM 0 new version of package deSolve on CRAN
3:34PM 1 Hosmer Lemshaw
2:50PM 2 Large Stata file Import in R
1:58PM 1 how to call Perl from R
1:38PM 0 Boxplot with dates
1:11PM 5 Select values at random by id value
1:07PM 5 Help
1:05PM 0 (no subject)
12:43PM 1 Stata file Import and Analysis in R
12:36PM 0 How can I get estimates including standard errors for parameters in constraint for retricted models
12:07PM 1 ANOVA
10:00AM 0 Summary of why R has the 2^31-1 limit?
9:23AM 1 Lattice and high-resolution tiffs
8:58AM 2 re moving value from a vector
6:51AM 2 Exporting large datasets
6:11AM 1 R CMD build for windows package from linux
4:49AM 2 Saving RGL Graphs
3:56AM 1 comma-separated thousands in numbers on plot axes?
2:22AM 0 Naive knn question
1:37AM 1 Meta-Analysis: Metaplot Labels, SE, and Summary
1:01AM 1 Printing output together
12:39AM 1 Export rgl plot3d scatter
Sunday June 28 2009
11:02PM 1 newbie - read.csv creates a (data.frame, table, array, matrix, ...) and plotting one column
10:20PM 2 Same initial seed
9:42PM 1 HLM - centering level 2 predictor
9:05PM 4 read.csv, header=TRUE but skip the first line
6:13PM 1 Compute correlation matrix for panel data with, specific ordering
5:02PM 2 Fold function with several time varying covariates
4:39PM 2 simple loop
3:49PM 0 Sweave findings
3:17PM 1 ERROR: system is computationally singular: reciprocal condition number = 4.90109e-18
2:53PM 1 ggplot2 x axis question
1:52PM 1 testing an ARFIMA model for structural breaks with unknown breakpoint
12:03PM 0 A new R-community in Orkut
8:25AM 1 transforming character categories
7:52AM 1 help with hexbin package
5:32AM 2 multiple regression w/ no intercept; strange results
5:03AM 1 applying a function to a pair of components for each row of a list
2:01AM 1 Defining class as a member of another class
Saturday June 27 2009
11:40PM 1 data formatting
10:23PM 0 Bayesian Model Averaging
6:31PM 0 Weighted Histogram - Lattice
6:06PM 2 Looking for Rdonlp2
12:15PM 1 Regression; how to get t-values for all parameters estimates
11:06AM 1 Creating Excel-Charts via RDCOMClient
7:06AM 1 compressing the plot's white space
6:23AM 1 Partial loop?
5:02AM 4 questions about meta-analysis
3:48AM 2 How to automatically placing a legend in empty space
12:23AM 0 Constrained corr matrix closest to a given corr matrix
Friday June 26 2009
11:56PM 3 Compute correlation matrix for panel data with specific ordering
9:26PM 0 correspondence analysis question
8:57PM 1 Where can I find information on how to subsample a time series?
8:43PM 2 How to read a specific dataset, not the entire data, from HDF5?
8:15PM 1 Alternate error structures in lme4?
8:11PM 1 Heteroskedasticity and Autocorrelation in SemiPar package
8:02PM 1 gradient fill of a grid.polygon
7:44PM 3 Automatically placing a legend in an area with the most white space...
7:40PM 1 50993 point distance matrix, too big to as.matrix, looking for another way to calculate point-level summary
7:23PM 4 (performance) time in Windows vs Linux
6:27PM 2 Indexing a list with a list
4:52PM 0 95% confidence interval coverage
4:52PM 3 changing default arguments of a function and return the modified function as a result
4:48PM 0 R: Deleting repeated rows
3:48PM 1 Determining if swap memory is turned off
3:39PM 0 Modifying Sweave.sty to allow escapes with fancyvrb package in LaTeX
2:46PM 0 Anova with multiple responses without loop
2:40PM 1 parallel R?
2:28PM 1 changing the loss function in the logistic regression?
2:20PM 0 R 2.9.1 is released
1:54PM 1 How to create separate plots for all combinations of some factors
1:09PM 1 Deleting repeated rows
12:32PM 0 calculate AIC
11:21AM 4 How do I get just the two last tokens of each string in a vector?
10:55AM 2 Matching data to a new column
10:53AM 1 The Claw Density and LOCFIT
9:15AM 3 to raise in a loop more than 1
8:00AM 0 Batch problem
7:38AM 1 multiple figure windows
7:23AM 3 Optimization and Linear Programming in R
6:21AM 1 how to access Internet from within R?
4:50AM 3 panel.text and saving to pdf
3:56AM 0 select number of lags in ADF.test
3:31AM 3 code that will use two data sets which differ in size.
3:30AM 1 predicted values after fitting gamma2 function
12:39AM 1 pass a vector to C++
Thursday June 25 2009
11:51PM 2 Placing text outside graph boundary
11:50PM 2 Calculating distance between spatial points
9:47PM 1 Setting default plot size in Sweave
9:14PM 0 A question about r anaysing microarry data!Thank you!
9:13PM 0 lme gives different results to SAS Proc Mixed
8:49PM 1 Converting S-plus project folders to R
7:41PM 3 what happened to the xlsReadWrite package
7:05PM 0 (Resolved) How to draw a line in plot when I know the start point(x1, y1) and end point(x2, y2)?
6:53PM 0 LaTeX references inside R code using SweaveListingUtils
6:30PM 2 How to draw a line in plot when I know the start point(x1, y1) and end point(x2, y2)?
6:00PM 1 interaction terms formula error
5:16PM 1 Calculating home ranges using mcp in adehabitat
4:49PM 0 Problems with help
4:39PM 0 Long memory residuals
4:38PM 4 Software lifecycle for R releases (aka practical limits of support for older versions)
3:38PM 2 crr - computationally singular
3:35PM 2 Problems with subsets in NLME
3:29PM 1 How do I define the method for gcheckboxgroup in gWidgets?
3:26PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 1.8.1
2:59PM 2 Error: system is computationally singular: reciprocal condition number
2:54PM 3 exportation of xml file from R
2:32PM 1 Make functions aware of theyr own slots.
2:18PM 0 [e1071] Inconsistent results when using matrix.csr for svm() - possibly scaling problem
2:02PM 3 Efficient lookup on a two-dimensional table
11:46AM 0 RODBC: Trying to read an Excel file
11:44AM 0 get, put, post implementation
11:21AM 2 stringsAsFactors has no impact in expand.grid()?
11:10AM 0 normalization in wavelet analysis
10:15AM 3 ANOVA with means and SDs as input
9:46AM 1 lm
9:44AM 2 variable driven summary of one column
9:00AM 2 random sampling or random replacement
8:53AM 1 RODBC 1.2-6 on CRAN, future directions
8:39AM 2 JRI - problem to access "stats" package
8:13AM 1 error: compiling R package
3:54AM 1 Lose of decimal when using write.table to text file
3:34AM 4 Using by() and stacking back sub-data frames to one data frame
3:05AM 3 grid.polygon() + color gradient
1:29AM 1 Can hist plot % of count instead of raw count?
1:26AM 1 apply on xts
1:18AM 1 Announcing new features for the crantastic.org community portal
12:01AM 1 tail probability
Wednesday June 24 2009
11:42PM 3 List subsetting
11:00PM 0 how to extract the effect size eta in an anova table
9:07PM 2 Memory issues on a 64-bit debian system (quantreg)
7:28PM 3 distinguish regression lines in grouped, black and white lattice xyplot
6:41PM 1 Reading 4-byte float into R from binary file
6:39PM 1 subplot()
6:06PM 2 agrep behavior
6:02PM 1 How to recursively build a binary tree with R script?
5:55PM 0 Goodness of fit test / pseudo r^2 measure for Zero Inflated Model
5:13PM 1 Coxph frailty model counting process error X matrix deemed singular
4:34PM 5 How to avoid ifelse statement converting factor to character
4:08PM 1 "by" question
4:04PM 1 Random Forest Variable Importance Interpretation
3:43PM 2 change the height or scale of the y axis
3:35PM 1 Problem installing RODBC package under UBUNTU
3:25PM 0 building R packages
3:25PM 1 how to undo automatic loading of packages?
3:17PM 2 [Classification] lifting score in R
2:50PM 1 Qualified parameters in SOAP body using .SOAP
2:43PM 1 order by decerasing 1st variable and increasing 2nd variable
2:23PM 0 Second LondonR Group meeting
1:53PM 2 Boxplots: side-by-side
1:24PM 1 rgdal package -- Error in installing package
1:12PM 1 parallel rotated strips with color gradient
12:32PM 1 gnls : Rho
12:23PM 2 lmList
12:16PM 2 subsetting data frame using a vector of column names / values
11:55AM 1 Test for Temporal autocorrelation in GPS obtained points
11:49AM 1 I meant bwlabel
11:41AM 0 bwlabel
11:34AM 1 bwimage
11:32AM 2 vertical label on x-axis
11:08AM 1 lattice wireframe within a loop ???
10:53AM 0 Found the stable 64bit OS X leopard builds
10:25AM 1 CRAN: 64 bit OS X Leopard build
10:09AM 0 lda.cv help
9:53AM 1 vector size
9:52AM 0 Lempel—Ziv complexity
3:41AM 2 Help LSD multiple comparison test
1:57AM 2 lapply across using multiple columns
1:43AM 1 Rscript segfaults with lazy loading
Tuesday June 23 2009
11:26PM 0 looping problem
11:06PM 1 Rainbow Colored Scatter Plot
10:32PM 2 Problem with ifelse statement
10:10PM 0 www.rpad.org
10:06PM 1 ask for help xyplot
9:52PM 2 Long to wide format without time variable
9:26PM 2 Plot with a vertical line at zero on x axis
9:23PM 4 Apply as.factor (or as.numeric etc) to multiple columns
9:04PM 2 values in graph points
8:38PM 1 Identify groups by character point in xyplot legend
7:22PM 0 new R-wiki page: display image files
7:11PM 2 Weighting column entries in a data frame
7:06PM 3 list.files(getwd()) and list.files(getwd(), full.names=TRUE) appear to return directory names
7:05PM 2 driver file
6:40PM 0 Iteration : matrix multiplication / addition
6:18PM 1 Model fitting with GAM and "by" term
5:40PM 4 SAS Macro Variable in R
5:18PM 1 Error in .subset(x, j) : only 0's may be mixed with negative subscripts
5:04PM 0 :psych - score.alpha "superseded" = deprecated/obsolete?
5:03PM 1 X-window graphics -- preventing window coming to front?
3:39PM 2 question about package biomaRt
3:36PM 0 plyr 0.1.9
3:25PM 1 Cannot install pakages from Bioconductor besides the default installation
3:19PM 0 Fractional Polynomials in Competing Risks setting
3:14PM 1 How to find b entries using xPath?
3:06PM 1 nlme package - unbalanced data and Croissant (2008)
2:59PM 1 gradually switching regression
2:51PM 2 Vector of string
2:33PM 0 GARCH predict
2:25PM 1 plotting ROC from coefficient in the model
2:21PM 2 Spatial Statistics on Grids
2:00PM 7 first value...
1:41PM 1 Using a variable for mysql/database Query
1:29PM 5 Merging Irregular Time Series With NAs
12:59PM 1 implementing Maximum Likelihood with distrMod when only the PDF is known
12:13PM 0 Latent Class Choice models
12:11PM 2 an idiom to handle i'th element of a set of lists simultaneously
11:02AM 1 Forecast GARCH model
10:28AM 1 How to assign fixed beta coefficients in lrm for external validation
10:15AM 1 Convert RGB-sRBG
9:41AM 4 vector and NA
9:13AM 0 Vectorize linear autoregression with variable coefficients
8:54AM 1 nested cross-sectional design using lmer or nlme
8:53AM 0 RImageJ initial release
7:46AM 0 Conjoint Analysis
7:42AM 1 opening URL for writing
7:16AM 0 Any 'R-idea' to do the following?
7:13AM 2 Partitioning matrix
3:38AM 1 How to exclude insignificant intercepts using "step" function
3:24AM 2 curvedarrow (some graphics problem)
3:17AM 1 Smart way to check if a column with certain name exists in a data.frame
12:58AM 3 subset POSIXct
Monday June 22 2009
11:56PM 2 Automatically Adding Categories
11:38PM 2 p-values for ARIMA coefficients
11:15PM 5 Convert "ragged" list to matrix
11:12PM 0 reading data in rjags
10:52PM 1 easiest way to extend and recompile a package?
10:19PM 3 Calculating "row standard deviations"
9:50PM 1 nls vs nlme: parameter constraints
9:45PM 2 negation in grep
7:01PM 1 maps maptools
6:34PM 1 Problem with storing a sequence of lmer() model fit into a list
6:27PM 4 SAS-like method of recoding variables?
6:15PM 2 Shapiro.test on data frame
4:55PM 0 Problems trying to run R2jags on a Linux Cluster
4:35PM 2 User defined GLM?
4:08PM 2 Help needed: Fraction for Histogram > 1 ???
4:04PM 2 question about using _apply and/or aggregate functions
3:58PM 0 standard error and p-value for the estimated parameter in AR model
3:36PM 2 what's the R command to make the following?
2:20PM 0 Eigen value calculation
2:09PM 1 The gradient of a multivariate normal density with respect to its parameters
1:30PM 1 Lattice group colors?
12:55PM 1 How to make try to catch warnings in logistic glm
11:23AM 3 What has happened to the R-Help Google Groups Archive? Alternative?
11:04AM 0 QQplots of probability vector data
10:56AM 2 New line operator in mtext
9:38AM 2 Help on creating a sequence of vectors
9:38AM 0 Help using substitute and expression functions
9:00AM 1 xyplot: subscripts, groups and subset
8:38AM 1 coloring agnes plots
7:16AM 0 how to customize the CV function in Boosting?
6:53AM 1 Error when using step
6:21AM 2 problem with checking wether file is present or not
6:11AM 1 Convert NA to '.'
3:15AM 0 Putting R Based open source analytics for collobrative spreadsheet working on the Cloud
12:39AM 1 deal with array row by row
12:31AM 2 rbind
Sunday June 21 2009
7:26PM 0 AIC score
6:47PM 1 Incidence Function Model in R help
6:40PM 1 help with installation of local gzip-ped packages
6:02PM 2 Help on qpcR package
5:33PM 1 Problems with bilinear interpolation of a grid
1:06PM 3 Saving output in an iterated function
10:45AM 1 Roxygen to ignore a block of code?
4:57AM 5 Roxygen vs Sweave for S4 documentation
2:16AM 1 Warning messages when using rbind
1:52AM 1 Need help installing xts package
Saturday June 20 2009
5:10PM 1 png() resolution problem {was "Silhouette ..."}
4:13PM 4 Customize axis labels in xyplot
3:04PM 1 error ellipse
2:44PM 0 Tree Decison with rpat
2:28PM 1 string splitting and testing for enrichment
12:31PM 0 R-project mailing lists (and SVN) - timeout Sunday 21 June
11:05AM 1 modifying sound package function plot.Sample
5:02AM 1 Maximum number of tables combined with rbind
5:00AM 0 loading .Rdata files please ignore
4:57AM 1 loading .Rdata files
4:23AM 1 Plotting Cumulative Hazard Functions with Strata
4:13AM 1 how to apply the dummy coding rule in a dataframe with complete factor levels to another dataframe with incomplete factor levels?
Friday June 19 2009
11:13PM 3 please recommend hands-on books on classification, data-mining and machine learning with R?
10:06PM 2 How to import timestamps from emails into R
9:50PM 3 read.table error
9:23PM 1 Dealing with a counted variable
9:20PM 1 Writting multiple tables to csv
9:04PM 2 correlation between categorical data
7:49PM 1 a difficulty in boot package
7:31PM 0 bivariate time series
6:41PM 1 typo in Lomb-Scargle periodogram implementation in spec.ls() from cts package?
6:35PM 4 Recursive partitioning algorithms in R vs. alia
5:24PM 2 good boosting tutorial and package in R?
4:59PM 0 Sweave and xtable floating issues -- SOLVED
3:58PM 1 Fancy Ticks in Plots
3:40PM 2 a plot of stacked boxes
3:23PM 1 Adding site id to xyplot
3:06PM 1 using garchFit() to fit ARMA+GARCH model with exogeneous variables
2:59PM 1 resampling the entire row
2:48PM 1 reading geotiff into Splus or R
2:38PM 2 Splitting Data by Row
2:25PM 4 [Repost][Off Topic] Pointers needed for breakthrough in statistics
1:55PM 1 Alternate ways of finding number of occurrence of an element in a vector.
1:52PM 1 result of rqss
1:34PM 1 How to save multiple images??
1:08PM 0 batch submit
1:00PM 2 meaning of glm(value ~ .,
12:57PM 1 paramter restriction in optim
12:08PM 0 FW: Can I estimate strength and correlation of Random Forest in R package " randomForest"?
11:37AM 0 how to create shade color plot from ASCII grided data
11:36AM 1 JGR installation errors
11:35AM 3 Floating point precision / guard digits? (PR#13771)
11:10AM 2 Post-Hoc Test for Kruskal-Wallis Rank Sum Test
9:21AM 1 Tcl/TK
8:51AM 2 Manipulate solution of simplex
8:09AM 0 package JM -- version 0.3-0
8:07AM 1 function rollapply
7:53AM 1 re ad.table() and setwd() in unix batch mode
7:40AM 1 Drawing dendrogram
7:36AM 1 (FULL) Need help to optimize a piece of code involving zoo objects
7:33AM 1 Need help to optimize a piece of code involving zoo objects
7:26AM 1 Error "the condition has length > 1 and only the first element will be used"
6:02AM 1 cut with floating point, a bug?
4:11AM 0 Help on Heteroskedastic diagram
2:52AM 1 R on Mobile Devices (Android)
12:16AM 1 namespace? environment? how to manage functions?
Thursday June 18 2009
11:24PM 2 How to change ONLY the first character of each variable name
10:56PM 1 Stratified random sampling?
10:09PM 2 append to list
9:36PM 1 simple question on glm
9:25PM 3 How to parse and eval a collection of items
8:37PM 1 Dataset suggestion sought
8:14PM 2 Altering columns
7:23PM 3 predict.glm and predict.gam output
7:10PM 2 Hatched symbols
6:40PM 0 Constant value in an interval
6:30PM 4 off topic but need your pointers about statistics
6:10PM 0 Fractional Polynomials (mfp) for Weibull Model
6:04PM 1 regression with covariate
5:25PM 1 Calling library functions from outside R
5:12PM 1 biOps load failed after being used for one week
5:10PM 4 Random number datasets help
4:47PM 3 Replace zeroes in vector with nearest non-zero value
4:06PM 1 Learning S3
4:04PM 0 R networking group on LinkedIn
3:40PM 2 Significance asterisk in a bar plot
3:05PM 1 Print column headers of summary
3:02PM 1 Can I estimate strength and correlation of Random Forest in R package " randomForest"?
2:50PM 2 r scripting
2:28PM 2 Any method to speed up this problem?
2:01PM 0 SSOAP access to a j2EE-ws service
1:50PM 1 win.metafile() and family
1:28PM 1 "Normal" plot and xyplot side by side in one figure?
12:37PM 3 filtering number of values in a data frame
12:18PM 0 RWeka memory problem
11:03AM 1 Problem reading from a file
10:56AM 1 lattice logaritmic scale (basis "e" ), rewriting labels using xscale.component
10:14AM 1 Installation reg:-
10:01AM 1 quantile fixed effects with weights
9:42AM 0 Crash caused by a call to a C function
9:19AM 0 ANOVA with replicate measures
9:16AM 0 JRI memory leak?
8:39AM 3 R function found in two packages !
8:09AM 3 Questíon regarding the use of write.csv2, write.table ...
5:38AM 1 histogram for time with format hh:mm
4:44AM 0 area of ellipses (car)
3:16AM 3 how to sort
2:19AM 1 recovering the name of a given value in a matrix
1:29AM 0 biOps load failed
12:33AM 3 merging data.frames of different length
12:09AM 1 Running a function through a vector with the scalars as arguments
Wednesday June 17 2009
11:52PM 1 Predict Fanny Membership
11:33PM 0 Grade of Membership model packages
10:24PM 1 function to determine to which class/category a value belongs to?
9:54PM 1 how to interpolate time series data with missingness
9:51PM 0 lpSolve lp const.dir
9:43PM 2 Difference beetwen element in the same column
8:59PM 3 how to read in only some columns of a data file
8:17PM 0 Curve fit a nonlinear equation with box constraints: success, many thanks!
6:47PM 1 RWeka evaluate classifier on test set
6:39PM 2 list of data.frames?
6:23PM 1 where/what is i? for loop (black?) magic
6:12PM 0 disregard email about plotting 2 time series
6:05PM 1 gbm for cost-sensitive binary classification?
5:54PM 1 problem with axis alignment when plotting 2 time series on same graph
5:46PM 0 Cairo in R for w32?
5:12PM 4 searching help for partial matches
4:56PM 0 nlmeode question
4:51PM 1 Specifying ui and ci such that ui %*% theta - ci >= 0
4:35PM 2 djustment values not defined
4:29PM 3 tiff() woes
3:50PM 1 Cannot install a package - with a funny error message
3:48PM 2 cumulative sum in data frame
3:44PM 2 GAM function with interaction
3:37PM 3 Matrix inversion-different answers from LAPACK and LINPACK
3:37PM 1 is there any R function to read xls (Excel) format files ?
3:35PM 0 Unicode normalization?
3:18PM 0 New book: Mathematical modeling using R
3:06PM 1 sapply() related query
2:43PM 2 How to translate a dataframe into the R code that makes that dataframe?
2:00PM 0 WriteXLS - New Version 1.8.0
12:54PM 0 Coefficient of determination -- should be "compare to a trivial model"
12:29PM 0 Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modeling and simulation
12:07PM 1 shall I uninstall an old R installation in advance of installing a new one ?
12:04PM 0 nls with weights
11:52AM 2 How to append to a list dynamically?
11:49AM 1 Horisontal line in xtable
11:42AM 0 p-value for the parameter in ARIMA model with R
11:40AM 0 About "duleg" Indicator Species Analysis
11:14AM 3 Problem in 'Apply' function: does anybody have other solution
10:20AM 1 nearZeroVar in caret fails
10:07AM 2 Re gression by groups questions
9:26AM 2 Urgent - odfWeave produces graphs /images with Read-Error
9:24AM 3 lattice: axis ticks, axis alignment and remove axis from plot
8:05AM 1 Demande d'informations
7:55AM 1 Unable to use jpeg(), png() etc.....
7:07AM 0 vertical line in xtable
6:45AM 2 glm binomial logit
5:54AM 2 a question on matrix manipulation
5:28AM 1 Coerce rectangular matrix to symmetrical square matrix
4:30AM 0 longitudinal analysis with latent construct
4:24AM 1 getting cd_plot in vcd package to work with layout
3:37AM 1 problem with scan recognizing newline '\n'
3:12AM 1 loop help
1:56AM 1 wrong results when apply+sum with missing values (NA)
1:27AM 2 how to verify gauss-markov hypothesis for linear model validity?
Tuesday June 16 2009
9:54PM 1 Constrained Optimization, a full example
9:46PM 1 ifelse(is.na), with function inside
9:23PM 2 Statistically detecting thresholds...
8:50PM 2 Coefficient of determination
8:44PM 1 Running stats on individual data.frames from the split() function list
7:00PM 0 ui and ci explanatory documentation
6:26PM 3 How to subset my dataframe? (a bit tricky)
5:41PM 3 How to extract all rows that contain the value of X in any column?
5:13PM 0 Help implementing a simple Python port
4:12PM 1 turning off escape sequences for a string
4:06PM 1 adressing dataframes
3:11PM 1 Error using getBM() to query BioMart archives
3:08PM 3 The most straightfoward way to write a function that sums over the rows of a matrix
3:05PM 2 R and miRecords
2:58PM 2 Question regarding dataframes, matrix, frame, etc...
2:24PM 1 xyplot format axis
2:22PM 1 question about adding plots in a grid (lattice package)
1:48PM 1 How to replace outliers by group median?
1:21PM 0 Generation from COX PH with gamma frailty
1:04PM 1 Chron / zoo index problem
12:53PM 0 color gradation inversion.
12:24PM 1 overshoot of formula line in summary output of Sweave
12:16PM 0 ANNOUNCEMENT: 20% discount on the most recent R books from Chapman & Hall/CRC!
11:42AM 1 Testing if all elements are equal in a vector/matrix
10:45AM 1 Package Install "Design" fails on Ubuntu 8.04
10:30AM 1 Output of Anova (CAR package) in Sweave
10:18AM 0 Connecting to "heterogenous" cluster using makeSOCKcluster of SNOW-package
10:01AM 2 Superscript in y-axis of plot
9:16AM 2 tapply with cbinded x
9:13AM 1 color gradation inversion.
9:01AM 0 help I want to use anova-pca.
8:29AM 2 save the output of summary(lmList(x)) into a dataframe
8:12AM 0 R Biocep
7:14AM 4 confusion on levels() function, and how to assign a wanted order to factor levels, intentionally?
4:13AM 2 Trouble with optim on a specific problem
1:57AM 1 Confidence Bands in Polynomial Regression
12:33AM 2 xtable with longtable is doublespaced, rather than single as intended
Monday June 15 2009
11:09PM 2 Bin Category Labels on Axis
10:29PM 1 installing the Simple package
10:28PM 4 reading Excel file
10:03PM 1 t.test or wilcox.test?
9:55PM 0 books on Time serie
9:42PM 3 Hi
9:07PM 1 reducing space between tickmark labels and axes labels
8:12PM 0 Cross Correlations for two time series, different # of observations
8:05PM 2 GARCH:: False Convergence
7:42PM 1 display SVG, PNG, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PPM in new plot frame
7:20PM 0 Modifying graphs
7:02PM 1 expand data
6:10PM 1 altering a global variable
5:54PM 1 S4: Bug in group method defenition ("Compare")
5:54PM 2 Help with syntax error
5:21PM 1 A MS-VAR Introduction
5:10PM 3 MS-VAR Introduction
5:07PM 3 Aligning axis values when plotting more than one graph on same axes
4:47PM 0 heatmap.2 questions
4:32PM 1 hands-on book on multivariate statistics and data-mining with R?
4:19PM 2 [OT] VBA to save excel as csv
3:58PM 1 Create R object
3:57PM 0 mutualInfo() from bioDist package
3:50PM 3 Assigning Data a name from within another variable?
2:39PM 2 function inside ifelse
2:38PM 0 R 2.9.1 Scheduled for June 26, 2009
2:19PM 3 how to interpret coefficients for a natural spline smooth function in a GLM
1:45PM 1 Linear Models: Explanatory variables with uncertainties
1:26PM 1 how to obtain lm statistics for multiple subsets
1:01PM 1 multcomp: contrasts for count data
11:56AM 2 Schoenfeld Residuals with tied data
11:23AM 1 axis on a non-uniform scale
10:54AM 2 NA as a result of using GLM
10:39AM 1 Markov chains
9:57AM 0 How to build phylogenetic tree by R program from distance any distance matrix
9:40AM 2 coxph and robust variance estimation
8:47AM 1 non-english text mining with tm package
8:42AM 1 How to do automatical-plotting
6:45AM 2 simulating Likert-type data
4:29AM 2 Sweave template
1:30AM 4 books on Time series
1:06AM 3 lack of memory for logistic regression in R?
Sunday June 14 2009
11:39PM 1 Identifying clusters of size n
10:18PM 2 How to fix my nested conditional IF ELSE code?
9:02PM 1 estimate the reliability of a scale with dichotomous items
9:01PM 1 Leave One Out Cross Validation
7:50PM 1 learning about panel functions in lattice
7:48PM 3 if + is.na
7:28PM 1 Centering graphics by default in Sweave
11:35AM 1 boxplot size
10:45AM 6 a proposal regarding documentation
5:32AM 0 How to capture output from a subprocess?
2:23AM 1 time function behavior for ts class objects
1:55AM 0 Re: color in pairs
1:19AM 1 color in pairs
Saturday June 13 2009
11:53PM 1 Approximation to next integer
2:09PM 2 How to write loop
11:54AM 1 Fitting Mixture of Non-Central Student's t Distributions
11:44AM 1 BLAST search from R
10:08AM 0 spatstat: help with calculating number of clusters, cluster size
6:01AM 0 Griddy Gibbs
4:53AM 1 Hmisc summarize() with level "" in by variable
2:55AM 1 Insignificant variable improves AIC (multinom)?
12:18AM 3 'Errors' with Ubuntu
Friday June 12 2009
11:56PM 2 formatting numbers along axes as percents for perspective plot
11:53PM 1 Extracting the name of an object
10:21PM 1 Fast JSON <-> R converter?
10:00PM 3 Referencing data frames
9:26PM 1 R and Sound
7:46PM 1 xtable for plm objects
6:57PM 1 Mixture of normals
6:54PM 3 Order data frame
5:54PM 1 using lattice dotplot with two equal data points
5:29PM 0 funnel plots
4:59PM 1 FBI Homicide data?
4:43PM 1 package Rgraphviz or similar
3:58PM 1 Studentized intervals
3:38PM 0 R course in Italy
2:54PM 0 R: Creating this vector, any suggetions?
2:46PM 1 coupled ODE population model
2:45PM 2 Creating this vector, any suggetions?
2:27PM 0 glm binomial logit - removing extra computations
2:27PM 2 Sweave recode(car) and Lyx, compiling but not executing on Mac
1:59PM 1 Gtk objects disappears
1:27PM 2 Automate a data load and merge
12:42PM 1 Programmatically copying a graphic to the clipboard
12:36PM 2 Slicing an array
12:27PM 2 External signal in ODE written in C (using deSolve and approx1?)
12:18PM 1 Snap axes to origin rather than around it
11:40AM 0 Multinomial logistic regression in an ANOVA-like framework
11:32AM 0 Comparing nonlinear regressions for different subsets of data
11:25AM 2 Squaring one column of data
11:09AM 0 fix for RMate (TextMate/E-Texteditor bundle)
9:59AM 3 replacing zeros by NAs
9:42AM 2 Comparing model fits for NLME when models are not nested
9:39AM 0 JRclient.RSrvException Exception: Handshake
9:38AM 1 Function for AIC or logLIK for nlsList object
9:34AM 0 How to plot hyperbolic iso-lines of a cost function?
9:20AM 0 (kein Betreff)
8:58AM 1 how to trigger variable creation?
8:55AM 3 Replacing 0s with NA
8:02AM 1 Changing CRAN package compile option defaults?
8:02AM 1 Sending a function as an argument to C code.
4:54AM 2 Market Basket Analysis / Link Analysis
4:45AM 1 Please Help pairwise.t.test!!
Thursday June 11 2009
11:37PM 2 More basic question
10:09PM 2 Postcript font size
9:46PM 1 help installing Rmpi
9:35PM 2 Tables without names
8:56PM 2 Optimization Question
8:38PM 1 TCLTK Times out Leopard.
8:35PM 1 Automatically placing legend in location of most whitespace.
8:19PM 0 color in grouped lattice xyplot plot
7:57PM 1 formula for degrees of freedom for nonlinear mixed model in nlme
7:44PM 1 standard error beta glm
7:13PM 4 Count observation
6:53PM 3 Matrix manipulation
5:34PM 1 gfortran command not found?
5:29PM 1 Restrict AIC comparison to succesful models?
5:29PM 1 Installing the Rstem package
5:22PM 0 difficulty in Installing
5:22PM 1 saving loess fit
5:13PM 2 Expand a contingency table based on the value in one column
4:48PM 2 How to force R to print 2 decimal places in column of a data.frame?
4:34PM 1 Syntax question: assigning sparse matrix elements
4:33PM 0 RMate, a bundle for TextMate and E-Texteditor
3:44PM 2 need help with strsplit function
3:37PM 3 deSolve question
3:14PM 1 Cluster analysis, defining center seeds or number of clusters
2:43PM 0 S4 Package with definition of method 'names'
1:53PM 1 GRASS raster data processing
1:23PM 1 problem with the legend when having two plots
12:56PM 4 triangular plot
12:55PM 1 Error in 1:p : NA/NaN argument when running model comparisons
10:15AM 1 R Courses in Toronto
9:09AM 3 ctc package
9:08AM 2 Issues getting R to write image files
9:01AM 1 Help on drawing stars and radars in R (update)
7:49AM 0 Variogram fitted by Cauchy
5:35AM 1 Integrate function in R
5:26AM 2 How to order an data.table by values of an column?
5:10AM 1 install local package
3:40AM 0 Problem with tabbed notebook (tcltk, Iwidgets)
1:16AM 0 Austria, September, 2009: Statistical Learning and Data Mining Course
12:57AM 0 Mixed model specification
Wednesday June 10 2009
11:58PM 0 smooth.spline() fucntion
10:03PM 0 Performance Data Analysis Class using R
9:28PM 0 Help on drawing stars and radars in R
9:16PM 1 Preventing .Call from printing a blank line to the R console on Windows
7:40PM 3 package installation fails (RandomFields)
7:20PM 1 by and by: using two indices in by() or tapply()
7:11PM 0 tracking progress of loading large dataset into R for updating progress bar
6:57PM 2 Vista + R = *!!?@
5:53PM 1 gpc.poly datatype
5:44PM 1 rgl vertices
5:36PM 2 How to extract from a matrix based on indices in a vector?
5:28PM 3 Extracting Sequence Data from a Vector
5:26PM 1 problem with PCA loading plot
4:40PM 1 Analisys in Multidimensional contingency tables
4:27PM 2 Difficulties with the simpest table
4:13PM 0 nonparametric test for row of a matrix
4:05PM 1 Two-sided log axis
3:04PM 0 checking and building ROracle on OS X
2:53PM 1 Using yum to install R-2.9
2:47PM 2 How to get the unique pairs of a set of pairs dataframe ?
2:35PM 0 MCMC validity question
2:05PM 1 R: Best way to plot a Matrix of all possible pair combinations
1:56PM 2 Merge data frame and keep unmatched
1:25PM 2 Predict GARCH
1:23PM 0 (sem assunto)
1:13PM 1 arima modeling for multiple time series
11:55AM 2 plot two variograms on a same graph
11:37AM 1 ggplot, qplot: alpha channel for colors corresponding to factor
11:13AM 2 isolating Hour and minute form date and time
11:02AM 0 help with package "simsalabim"
9:28AM 2 filled.contour as image
9:04AM 2 Delta in time series
8:20AM 0 Best way to plot a Matrix of all possible pair combinations
8:03AM 0 Asking for help while using "Simplex" to solve LP Problem.
6:21AM 1 GeoXp package
5:48AM 2 Creating a specific skewed distribution
5:41AM 2 poly regression
5:10AM 1 how to get output from a nested loop
5:00AM 1 Unable to load package:lme4 [ Ubuntu 9.04 ]
3:33AM 1 R on EC2 and R CMD javareconf
3:28AM 1 searchpaths
Tuesday June 9 2009
11:29PM 0 list to data frame; how to store short elements?
10:40PM 0 RODBC sqlSave does not append the records
9:49PM 0 LS graph
9:33PM 0 calculate effect size from p-value?
9:30PM 1 Problem : solving a equation with R , fail with uniroot function
9:21PM 0 surveillance package useful for daily surveillance?
9:11PM 2 generating new data with for loop
8:06PM 0 Cross correlations on many imported files.
7:39PM 1 Black-Litterman model
6:18PM 1 reading in multiple files
5:10PM 0 Convex bounds in the function "arms" of package "HI"
4:58PM 0 Dependency between packages for Windows-binaries
4:17PM 4 Help with if statements
4:15PM 0 quantile of a mixture of bivriate normal distributions
4:14PM 2 Comparing R and SAs
4:07PM 2 Sweave and accents
3:51PM 2 calibration curve options
2:55PM 1 Non-linear regression/Quantile regression
2:48PM 1 Cairo Package Installation
2:36PM 2 Isolating a single plot from plots produced simultaneously
2:23PM 2 is it possible to combine multiple barplots?
2:17PM 3 "R CMD check" does not find a mistake
2:07PM 4 Writing Reports from R in Office Open XML format (ooxmlWeave?)
1:09PM 3 rpart - the xval argument in rpart.control and in xpred.rpart
1:02PM 2 removing elements from a "unit" vector
12:48PM 0 (no subject)
12:48PM 2 R command to join data.frames rows with identical keys?
11:13AM 1 Using ADF.Test
9:36AM 0 adonis formula
9:12AM 3 Splicing factors without losing levels
8:24AM 0 Bin-width with wgplot()
3:50AM 3 how to install own R withour root?
3:48AM 1 scatterplot (car) legend modification
2:01AM 1 how to use "lapplyBy" function of "doBy" package
1:56AM 4 how to substitute missing values (NAs) by the group means
12:47AM 3 SECOND MESSAGE: Re: Question about R an SPSS
Monday June 8 2009
11:14PM 1 last.warning and Sweave?
9:40PM 1 Regex question to find a string that contains 5-9 alpha-numeric characters, at least one of which is a number
9:07PM 2 Tinn R
8:30PM 1 Good Programming Practice Question - Functions in Different Files
7:29PM 0 spatstat: changing r limits when plot envelope
6:59PM 4 increase number of ticks on x axis of dates
5:48PM 5 if else
4:22PM 0 Using survreg for Tobit
4:20PM 6 Strange indices of support verctors from e1071
3:45PM 2 help to speed up loops in r
3:43PM 2 problem with bulk insert into a *.csv file
3:40PM 0 DSC 2009, scientific programme
3:29PM 1 Looking for easy way to normalize data by groups
3:25PM 3 caret package
3:04PM 0 SMACOF joint configuration plot with bread data? (Michael Kubovy)
2:58PM 0 ReadItem: unknown type 136, perhaps written by later version of R
2:15PM 3 using regular expressions to retrieve a digit-digit-dot structure from a string
1:32PM 2 Heatmap
1:11PM 1 Re flect Back to Back Histograms in x-axis?
12:56PM 3 Combining elements of vectors
12:11PM 5 mean
9:58AM 0 DIC and MCMCpack
9:31AM 0 Labels on nodes in a dendrogram
8:45AM 4 seq(...) strange logical value
7:38AM 1 forestplot function in rmeta package
7:12AM 0 help with plot.boot
3:36AM 3 Plotting two regression lines on one graph
1:38AM 1 Random Forest % Variation vs Psuedo-R^2?
1:00AM 1 Interpreting R -results for Bivariate Normal
12:37AM 0 Reminder: useR Group SFBA - R Graphics Survey - Nicholas Lewin-Koh
12:00AM 2 ridiculous behaviour printing to eps: labels all messed up!
Sunday June 7 2009
10:43PM 1 latex subscripts in title of a plot
9:55PM 1 Must be a better way to collate sequenced data
6:41PM 2 graphically representing frequency of words in a speech?
5:26PM 2 How do I construct a one matrix from another? (newbie)
2:09PM 2 Need some help in R : value more than equals to a row.
1:50PM 2 Scrolling behavior in View()
11:20AM 1 One rather theoretical question about fitting algorithm
10:54AM 1 Inf in nnet final value for validation data
9:14AM 0 writing a panel function in coplot for displaying a non-linear regression model graphically
4:14AM 1 Convert a lis to matrix
3:59AM 1 Survreg function for loglogistic hazard estimation
Saturday June 6 2009
11:53PM 1 EBImage not loading
10:54PM 2 extract rows having negative values
10:03PM 1 stars (as fourfold plots) in plot (symbols don't work)
10:02PM 2 A very frustrating read.table error message
6:03PM 6 Journal Articles that Have Used R
5:50PM 1 large numbers of observations using ME() of spdep
5:06PM 2 Truncated R output in Sweave
4:35PM 0 Fitting with Beta-prime
2:33PM 1 correct line types in lattice legends
1:19PM 1 Finding a folder at the root level of an unknown drive
11:53AM 3 No --no-latex?
11:40AM 0 SMACOF joint configuration plot with bread data?
10:21AM 1 how to make the dynamically creted string work inside if as a condition
10:14AM 1 (no subject)
8:35AM 1 Rpad - avoid removal of manually created html-tags in R chunk
5:37AM 0 loglikelihood and AIC
3:27AM 1 Installation of R in Redhat Linux (64 bit)
2:10AM 0 SAS CMO and SVP Jim Davis on Open Source, BI , competition, leadership succession & others
Friday June 5 2009
11:24PM 0 Circular shift function?
10:24PM 2 OT: a weighted rank-based, non-paired test statistic ?
10:21PM 3 Fitting a Weibull Distribution
9:29PM 1 Dependency modeling - "chi-plot" and "kendall-plot"
9:21PM 0 Chi plot and Kendall plot
9:12PM 0 Looking for R software consultant
8:56PM 3 from 3 numeric variables to a string
8:02PM 3 "time series", "longitudinal data" or "trajectories"
7:44PM 2 S4: When is validObject issued? (or why S4 is killing me:( ..
7:33PM 0 Need suggestion to present migration flow data
7:15PM 2 p-values from VGAM function vglm
5:37PM 1 question about read.xls
5:28PM 1 Mixed Latin, Greek and subscript characters in axis label
4:38PM 3 help with duplicates
4:28PM 1 S4: Initialization method called during setClass??
3:10PM 1 Linear model with coefficient restriction
2:29PM 0 theta.mod in mda()
2:27PM 0 React on sigterm
2:20PM 2 Problem with generic methods
2:16PM 0 RWeka write.arff: set @relation
2:07PM 2 read.table, row.names arg
1:22PM 2 find a sequence of characters in a vector
12:03PM 1 New Meta-Analysis Package (metafor)
11:52AM 1 R 2.9.0 on AIX 5.3: Error: Invalid DESCRIPTION file
10:34AM 1 ADF test
8:11AM 1 EM Algorithm
4:11AM 1 problem with using subset from two different tables
3:41AM 1 OT: Inference for R - Interview
2:47AM 2 Install RCurl in Linux
2:45AM 0 R FAQ - web interfaces section very out of date.
12:30AM 1 Antialiasing plots and text on different devices
Thursday June 4 2009
11:17PM 2 RPostgreSQL segfault with LEFT JOIN
10:34PM 0 Help Needed
10:06PM 0 (ORPHANED) rimage 0.5-8 package uploaded
8:17PM 0 ROracle: cannot insert several columns
7:34PM 0 type = 'b' with Grid
7:07PM 0 logical indexing multidimensional arrays
6:01PM 1 how to tell if as.numeric succeeds?
5:56PM 2 Error Catching?
5:02PM 0 documentation / An Intro to R / list manipulation
4:31PM 0 help needed with ridge regression and choice of lambda with lm.ridge!!!
4:22PM 2 wrong labels and colors of points in graph/plot
3:47PM 0 Small mystery : passing a "subset=" argument to lme|lm through "..."
3:34PM 0 ordered Twoing criterion in classification trees
3:30PM 1 error installing RCurl in SUSE SLES10-SP2
3:23PM 1 hist returning density larger than 1
3:17PM 0 Least Squares Method
2:53PM 2 RGtk2 help: Show list of column names from dataset and categorize as factor or numeric
2:21PM 2 Import ARIMA coefficients
2:11PM 3 Plot and lm
2:07PM 0 Dropping terms from regression w/ poly()
1:49PM 1 Morlet wavelet analysis
1:19PM 0 Hedges g statistic
1:08PM 1 visible code
12:48PM 4 Cochran’s Q statistic
11:24AM 0 loglilelihood
10:27AM 0 Rmpi issue
10:02AM 4 order() with randomised order in ties?
8:25AM 0 plot.boot
8:18AM 3 Fast way of finding top-n values of a long vector
8:10AM 0 stepwise linear regression, both sides, with limit
7:39AM 1 'beside' option for boxplots
6:39AM 4 Binning or grouping data
5:37AM 1 Using WinBUGS from R: A Multi-Way Array Problem
4:00AM 3 Understanding R Hist() Results...
3:30AM 1 About classifier in RWeka
2:45AM 3 Getting a column of values from a list - think I'm doing it the hard way
2:22AM 1 about time
2:20AM 0 what value I extract from result to get relationship of my data ?
12:02AM 1 Weighted Correlations
Wednesday June 3 2009
11:42PM 1 Finding cointegration relations in a VAR(1)
11:23PM 1 pass object to function by reference in R
11:07PM 0 fitting polynomial, for integration.
11:02PM 1 reference of object in R
10:54PM 1 Need help understanding output from aov and from anova
10:21PM 2 Select cases of data.frame based on a long index
9:15PM 2 classification table in logistic regression
8:46PM 0 Revolutions blog: May roundup
7:31PM 1 Function in R for computing correlation matrix and covariance matrix
6:02PM 1 No CHM file
5:50PM 2 contrasts
5:07PM 2 Create a time interval from a single time variable
5:05PM 1 Multiple active graphic windows
4:54PM 1 Using constrOptim() function
4:32PM 0 Treated - KernSmooth pckg - dpik function gives numeric(0) for kernel="epanech"
3:57PM 1 R on Windows Server
3:27PM 2 problem with uniroot
3:23PM 0 possible overloading of interaction.plot ???
2:30PM 0 Import ARIMA-GARCH coefficients
2:28PM 1 legend problem
2:23PM 2 Abort run
2:12PM 0 KernSmooth pckg - dpik function gives numeric(0) for kernel="epanech"
1:56PM 1 Lattice(barchart) related query
1:39PM 1 strsplit for multiple columns
12:29PM 4 Excel Export in a beauty way
12:17PM 2 Arc/Info Ungenerate - shp - Maps
12:03PM 0 Problems with conditional importFrom in NAMESPACE
11:34AM 2 Regular expression \ String Extraction help
10:07AM 1 SSOAP failing
10:02AM 2 code for double sum
7:10AM 2 how can I ordinal regression??
6:53AM 2 FW: R.dll Reg.,
6:27AM 0 R.dll Reg.,
5:08AM 1 Wiring or Arduino package/scripts
4:20AM 1 Data Clean of Character variables
3:32AM 1 Validity of Pearson's Chi-Square for Large Tables
3:30AM 3 Return variable assignments from a function
3:06AM 1 insert and count missing data
12:03AM 1 Still can't find missing data - How do I get NA in xtabs with factors?
Tuesday June 2 2009
11:54PM 1 Converting Multiple Columns of Data Frame to Date
11:41PM 2 Table of Summaries
11:16PM 2 Question on implementing RandomForest
9:14PM 2 Adding a method to a generic in another package
8:44PM 0 all.equal(0,0i)
7:57PM 1 getting elements out of list automatically
7:56PM 1 Barplot: annotations at tips of each bar?
7:14PM 1 Plot with different x axis
7:14PM 3 How to convert blanks to NA
7:12PM 2 R constrict digits number after point precision?
7:09PM 1 lattice: horizontal alignment of labels in key
6:39PM 1 C++ to R : 64bit to 32bit problem.
5:48PM 0 allEffects() with lm
5:33PM 0 Correlation structure in AR(2) and ARMA(p,q)
5:16PM 1 RKWard: R backend requests information
4:37PM 0 Conducting data modelling on weighted data using R
4:32PM 3 montly mean temp plot
4:00PM 0 ggplot2-legend overlaps with strip
3:46PM 1 Help deciding on data format for sales data (newbie)
3:25PM 2 bigmemory - extracting submatrix from big.matrix object
2:49PM 0 Sample size: epiR survival
2:46PM 1 Sample size - proportion continuity correction
2:43PM 1 help on understanding a code
1:35PM 0 Changing state in ODE
1:23PM 2 variance does not equal serial covariance of lag zero?
12:35PM 2 What do you think about my function?
11:09AM 1 Problem downloading webpages using batchfiles and RCurl from command line in Vista Basic - couldn't connect to host
10:50AM 1 plot 4th variable contour lines on filled.contour
10:22AM 2 newbie help: simple operations in R
9:43AM 1 R: subset dataframe/list
7:06AM 10 Most used R editors
6:04AM 0 Install problem Rgraphviz on Mac PPC
5:52AM 0 help me abot rank regression
3:21AM 5 how to add value on the bar ploted by barplot()
2:57AM 0 quantmod plot trendline
12:02AM 1 my little r is sick
Monday June 1 2009
10:31PM 3 Within Subject ANOVA question
10:17PM 2 Creating a plot with an image as background
9:29PM 1 using "cochran.test()" as a "mcnemar.test()" ?
9:07PM 3 Editor R
9:00PM 0 Sample based on Factor Selection Criteria
8:59PM 0 kohonen SOM
8:34PM 1 Fwd: subset dataframe/list
7:23PM 1 Plots automatically closing when using RScript
7:23PM 0 Anyone using Bespin & R?
7:18PM 1 Minor tick marks for date/time ggplot2 (this is better, but not exactly what I want)
7:14PM 1 compatibility between R 2.7.0 and 2.8.1
6:54PM 0 Help HINov algorithm
5:35PM 1 turn off graphic plot in histogram()
5:30PM 1 problem with package creation under Windows and R 2.9.0
5:20PM 2 ggplot2 and Date class
5:14PM 1 Generating a count variable
5:01PM 2 subset dataframe/list
4:57PM 0 strange behavior when reading csv
4:17PM 0 Converting data.frame to xts
3:57PM 2 how to checking whether elements of a vector changed or not.
3:45PM 1 Bug in hist() when working with Dates ?
3:07PM 1 write values of points beside points in plot
10:15AM 2 add values inside vector
10:08AM 4 creating list with 200 identical objects
9:18AM 2 Calling Fortran from C++
7:50AM 1 variable driven csv file names?
7:23AM 1 t.tests by unique groupes
7:19AM 3 exporting data to csv file -problem with column names
6:19AM 1 ggplot2: How to export several plots with same width?
6:07AM 0 vectorizing a double loop
5:45AM 2 Sweave:Figures from plot (LME output) not getting generated (pdf or eps)
3:47AM 1 survreg.distributions() error
3:06AM 1 installing sn package
3:04AM 1 (no subject)