R help - Aug 2009

Monday August 31 2009
11:51PM 1 Probit function
11:19PM 1 ssanova help
9:44PM 0 Manually set UCL and LCL
8:58PM 1 extending an existing ts object
7:39PM 1 Plot several graphs in the same window
7:16PM 4 Offtopic, HT vs. HH in coin flips
6:58PM 1 Problem with R.2.9.2 Plot functions
6:04PM 1 Test for stochastic dominance, non-inferiority test for distributions
4:39PM 4 Simple column selection question- which and character lists
4:36PM 1 GLM contrasting question
2:58PM 0 source(.trPaths[5], echo=TRUE, max.deparse.length=150)
2:03PM 1 R2 for SAR and validation
1:36PM 1 Google style
1:09PM 1 how to add data to some ts
12:53PM 1 package installation error
12:03PM 4 Book on R programming
11:01AM 2 interactions and stall or memory shortage
10:52AM 0 Lattice: no grid name space
9:37AM 1 permutation test - query
7:45AM 2 write file to date-stamped folder
6:25AM 3 Two way joining vs heatmap
6:12AM 0 where to find jobs in Datamining and Machine Learning?
5:50AM 2 online classes or online eduction in statistics? esp. time series analysis and cointegration?
5:42AM 2 How to extract the theta values from coxph frailty models
3:56AM 1 clarificatin on validate.ols method='cross'
3:24AM 1 RE xcel - two problems - Running RExcel & Working Directory error
12:20AM 0 Quadratcount image plot colors
Sunday August 30 2009
10:54PM 1 Trying to rename spatial pts data frame slot that isn't a slot()
10:28PM 1 Combining: R + Condor in 2009 ? (+foreach maybe?)
10:10PM 1 SVM coefficients
10:08PM 3 Sapply
9:40PM 3 test for bimodality&In-Reply-To=
9:39PM 2 error with summary(vector)??
8:14PM 3 Computer Modern Fonts in R graphic
6:55PM 1 Complexity parameter in rpart
6:30PM 1 Re moving the numbers of the X/Y axis
4:25PM 2 abline does not show on plot if slope differs from 0
3:40PM 2 RConsole processing crashes Rgui.exe
3:36PM 0 Change the Order of a Cluster Topology
2:38PM 0 version 1.5-1 of Rcmdr package released
2:25PM 1 Meaning of data set variables
1:13PM 1 Bootstrap inference for the sample median?
12:33PM 1 about isoMDS method
7:21AM 1 Please help regarding "NaN" in sets package
7:10AM 1 Stochastic (transition) matrices: how to determine distributions and variance?
6:51AM 2 correlation between two 2D point patterns?
3:37AM 2 POSIX time conversion doesn't display digit
3:32AM 2 aggregating irregular time series
1:58AM 1 Infinite != NaN?
Saturday August 29 2009
10:43PM 3 lrm in Design
7:30PM 0 memisc/mtable: show only estimates (one line)
7:14PM 3 Sequence generation
3:07PM 1 Anderson-Darling (one sample)
2:31PM 2 RFE: vectorize URLdecode
2:02PM 0 Kolmogorov-Smirnov statistic
11:56AM 2 linear model with interaction / segments
6:43AM 1 Annotation database
1:39AM 1 Rcmdr installalation under Viata gives a warning. Do I need to do anything?
1:26AM 3 how to generate a random correlation matrix with restrictions
Friday August 28 2009
10:49PM 1 how to explain the interaction terms regarding "treatment contrast" of lm model
10:15PM 4 Numeric, 2 ??? as a result of marix???
10:07PM 1 script navigation in Vista
8:43PM 0 sub using info from pattern in 2nd col into part of pattern in 1st column?
7:32PM 2 Pls package
6:50PM 3 std.error
6:14PM 1 Calling C funtion from R help Needed
5:10PM 1 Plotmath, sweave and lattice graphics interaction problem
4:37PM 2 new data.frame summed by date
3:53PM 1 extracting pvalues from ttest
3:22PM 2 RODBC: how to set the data-source?
3:04PM 1 How to convert a string passed as an argument to a vector?
2:56PM 0 How to source a script with command line option?
2:35PM 0 Question: how to index (subset) a data frame without memory overhead
2:17PM 1 RPostgreSQL libpq problem
12:59PM 6 Google's R Style Guide
12:20PM 0 Help with glmer {lme4} function: how to return F or t statistics instead of z statistics?
12:08PM 1 How to generate mean anova value row in anova table, instead of individual value for each predictor
11:50AM 3 CHAID in R
11:02AM 1 delete duplicated conditional
10:46AM 1 Help with glmer {lme4) function: how to return F or t statistics instead of z statistics.
10:34AM 1 breaking multi-modal histograms down into combinations of unimodal distributions
10:29AM 1 regexp help needed.
9:38AM 0 Using Test functions in Wavelet
9:33AM 0 Regarding NaN output in "sets" package
8:34AM 0 Labeling and calculating distance from points
8:10AM 1 Has any one tested R 2.9.2 on Snow Leopard?
5:33AM 1 problem plotting with ggplot2
5:12AM 0 SFBA R Users Group - Fall kickoff w/ Hadley Wickham, more news, & call for presenters
4:16AM 0 heatmap column width
1:03AM 1 problems with strsplit using a split of ' \\\ ' : a regex problem
Thursday August 27 2009
11:37PM 5 Transform data for repeated measures
10:40PM 0 Spatio-Temporal Models in the ramps package
9:16PM 0 Which one is the right test?
9:11PM 0 Data set variables meaning
8:53PM 2 setting par(srt) according to plot aspect ratio
8:41PM 1 select one function from two of them in another function
8:39PM 1 select one function from two of them
8:21PM 1 ignore an error and go back to ....
7:43PM 19 Best R text editors?
7:03PM 1 standard error associated with correlation coefficient
4:50PM 1 help on ar(1)
4:27PM 2 subset of a matrix
2:55PM 1 generating multiple sequences in subsets of data
2:16PM 1 fitting a linear model line through srip plot
1:48PM 1 distinct elements of a vector
11:48AM 1 (no subject)
11:33AM 0 Header file related to arithmetic functions
11:04AM 3 Merge data frames but with a twist.
10:38AM 2 Comparing and adding two data series
8:57AM 0 dimnames in class "by" object
8:00AM 1 choosing of CPU's to run R
7:09AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Video demo of using svSocket with data.table]
6:13AM 5 Help on efficiency/vectorization
5:59AM 0 Multiple correspondence analysis and extended Burt table
3:35AM 2 how to index a list with a string?
2:55AM 1 set pdf.options() encoding to UTF-8
2:40AM 1 R package install problem
1:52AM 1 Submit a R job to a server
1:19AM 1 Problem merging two data frames
12:58AM 2 Winsorized mean and variance
Wednesday August 26 2009
11:41PM 2 Does split() preserve order?
10:38PM 2 find numbers in a line with letters
8:38PM 0 Dendrogram orientation
8:02PM 1 as.ltraj error: date should be of the same length as xy
7:53PM 1 Plotting to stdout
7:20PM 6 Managing output
6:55PM 0 Trying to make Nas 0
5:45PM 1 specify a model in differential equations (nlme)
5:37PM 1 contourLines() documentation
5:31PM 1 rJava error for large XML object return in StatET plugin
4:53PM 3 changing equal values on matrix by same random number
4:44PM 1 access to source code of a website ..?
4:30PM 3 tweedie and lmer
4:22PM 1 Scripting - sort of
4:20PM 1 Applying do.call to a data.frame using function arguments
2:52PM 1 Batch replacement, by factor, of values in a data frame
2:36PM 1 Installing rJava RJDBC bad interpreter: Permission denied
2:23PM 1 lme: how to nest a random factor in a fixed factor?
2:17PM 2 Statistical question about logistic regression simulation
2:08PM 0 Grid lines in cloud plot for lattice
1:26PM 1 increasing significant digits in smooth.spline function
1:08PM 4 teaching R
1:07PM 2 counting subgroup sums within a data frame
12:28PM 1 Within factor & random factor
12:17PM 1 attach package
11:35AM 2 faulty formatting of toLatex(sessionInfo())
11:32AM 2 Help regarding frequency distribution Graphs
11:18AM 3 mann whitney u
10:53AM 2 GLMs
10:48AM 1 changing the Date format.
10:39AM 1 how to set crontab for updating the repositories?
9:55AM 1 Issues with factors with duplicate (empty) levels
8:36AM 4 Select top three values from data frame
3:08AM 2 simple graph question: manipulating variable names
2:11AM 1 Filtering matrices
1:02AM 0 Doubt about adaboost
Tuesday August 25 2009
11:25PM 1 Clogit or LRM?
11:20PM 2 error matrix, cross table,
11:16PM 1 ptproc package
8:30PM 3 math symbol + value of a variable in legend.
8:17PM 3 Regular expression to define contents between parentheses
7:45PM 3 adding factor scores back to an incomplete dataset...
7:32PM 0 analysis of categorical data
6:17PM 0 Any one experienced working with git? (version control system)
6:08PM 0 Plotting to a connection
5:21PM 0 Semi Standard Deviation
5:16PM 4 table, xyplot, names, & loops
5:08PM 1 Autocorrelation and t-tests
4:38PM 0 List
4:26PM 2 how to pass user input to a function?
4:15PM 2 draw n-1 lines with n X and n Y
4:10PM 1 Help with nls and error messages singular gradient
4:02PM 3 Covariates in NLS (Multiple nonlinear regression)
3:54PM 1 Appending strings at the beginning of a text file
3:42PM 0 seeking tutor on statistical learning and data-mining
3:12PM 1 Help in plotting a legend
2:50PM 0 MASS: lda collinearity
2:46PM 0 Plotting the Log-Likelihood
1:14PM 1 Lattice graph tweaking
12:54PM 1 Elastic net in R (enet package)
12:47PM 1 formats
12:45PM 1 converting a matrix into a fn
12:45PM 1 multiple expressions in a legend
12:08PM 1 Partykit Document
11:54AM 0 xtable "longtable" with caption on "top"
11:13AM 0 FW: Pec Function in R - syntax
11:02AM 0 Pec function in R
10:07AM 2 table, sum, cat function
9:48AM 2 latitude and longitude distribution
7:08AM 0 vector size: Fixed
6:47AM 0 comparing tables from replicated data
6:42AM 3 how to apply a date format for data frame
5:56AM 0 Fwd: Overlay on raster loses points when merging with data frame
3:31AM 2 Removing objects from workspace
3:14AM 1 Fw: Re: Simulating data for sampling (stupid question)
3:10AM 0 Fw: Re: Simulating data (stupid question)
3:04AM 2 allowing line wrap for long strip text in xyplot (lattice)
2:29AM 1 Simulating data (stupid question)
2:09AM 1 Filling in empty arrays/lists from using "paste" function
12:19AM 1 jpeg device loop problem
Monday August 24 2009
11:04PM 1 Saving heatmaps as PDFs
10:17PM 3 How to create a random matrix
10:00PM 2 Creating a simple line graph
10:00PM 0 order of effects plot panels
9:56PM 1 unix like commands in R?
8:10PM 4 plotting a grid with grid() ?
7:03PM 1 Filling matrix secondary diagonal
7:01PM 2 create list entry from variable
6:23PM 1 Unique command not deleting all duplicate rows
6:16PM 2 Number of CPU's
6:12PM 1 lme, lmer, gls, and spatial autocorrelation
4:55PM 3 help with recalling data points in a specific region of the plot
4:43PM 0 Monotone Smoothing specifically I splines
4:26PM 1 problem with BRugs
4:16PM 6 Combining matrices
4:02PM 2 Formulas in gam function of mgcv package
3:59PM 4 table function
3:58PM 2 Multiply List by a Numeric
3:33PM 2 [] for R
3:00PM 3 Two lines, two scales, one graph
2:47PM 2 robust method to obtain a correlation coeff?
2:23PM 1 Re current neural network (RNN) package?
2:18PM 6 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
1:48PM 2 image plot
1:44PM 0 R survival package error message - bug?!
1:24PM 1 how to specify between group variance in lme
12:22PM 3 error in creating gantt chart.
12:21PM 1 Copy & Paste from tktext on Mac
12:20PM 1 R with MPI
12:12PM 1 Import/export ENVI files
12:11PM 2 calculating probability
11:31AM 1 natural sorting a data frame /vector by row
10:47AM 1 transforming data glm
10:37AM 1 hdf5 package segfault when processing large data
8:47AM 2 Lattice xyplot: modify line width of plot lines
8:36AM 0 Using R CMD Batch similarly to gnuplot >pause mouse<
8:28AM 0 R 2.9.2 is released
7:53AM 1 Text in barplot.
7:40AM 1 how to add 95% confidential interval as vertical lines to x axe in density plot
6:55AM 2 Generate random sample interval
6:18AM 1 Help in building new function
5:13AM 0 coeftab
3:29AM 1 How to generate more triangles in sequences?
2:46AM 0 Textplot question
1:56AM 2 Assigning value of subset argument in "subset" function
1:10AM 2 Reading jpeg-files
12:55AM 4 Is there a fast way to do several hundred thousand ANOVA tests?
Sunday August 23 2009
10:20PM 2 Surpress one panel in lattice plot..?
8:40PM 2 difficult "for"
6:37PM 3 A matrix calculation
5:10PM 1 study resources for time series?
4:28PM 2 upgraging R from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1
4:02PM 1 lrm in Design package, missing value problem
3:51PM 1 customizing RGui/Rconsole
3:27PM 0 Table in adefor
3:14PM 1 lme function problem
1:51PM 1 ggplot2 and mtext question
11:39AM 1 reading from dataframe?
11:30AM 1 read data element from data frame
7:56AM 1 draw two density functions at one graph
3:00AM 3 When factor is better than other types, such as vector and frame?
2:23AM 1 help on vector auto-regressive model
12:36AM 1 How to generate an error message when 'match' does not find any matches?
12:16AM 1 Latest information on how to debug R script
12:06AM 1 Call perl from R
Saturday August 22 2009
11:13PM 3 integer and character conversion
7:34PM 2 hey
7:11PM 1 plotting the graph of density with an unknown distribution
6:45PM 3 Help on comparing two matrices
6:00PM 0 Better weight management / weight loss through science
5:18PM 0 forest (meta) editing text
4:52PM 1 Why is R so slow at plotting on Ubuntu 9.04?
3:41PM 1 computation of matrices in list of list
1:44PM 1 kernel density estimates
3:59AM 1 Mann Kendall test for time series data
3:50AM 1 Trying something for fun...
1:46AM 1 Quick explanation of model output
Friday August 21 2009
10:27PM 2 using loglog link in VGAM or creating loglog link for GLM
10:19PM 0 a collaborative web resource for R help
10:15PM 1 intra-class correlation? coherence among multiple ordinal responses
10:08PM 8 Selecting groups with R
9:03PM 2 compare observed and fitted GAM values
8:36PM 1 Panel Data Analysis (PLM) - Fixed Effects - "cannot allocate vector of length"
8:21PM 2 Problem with passing a string to subset
7:50PM 5 splitting a string up
7:36PM 1 Question about validating predicted probabilities
7:13PM 0 data layout for crossed factors w/interaction in linear mix models
6:51PM 1 discriminant analysis
6:00PM 1 Problem with RHEL 5 repo and the latest R RPMs
5:56PM 0 Help with residuals function.
5:31PM 1 unable to connect to 'cran.r-project.org' on port 80.
5:19PM 1 ROC curve and gains/lift chart
5:16PM 1 survival analysis: time-variant covariates, right censored, re-current events
5:09PM 1 help with pmvnorm function
5:01PM 1 applying summary() to an object created with ols()
4:58PM 1 how to plot a gains chart in R?
4:50PM 4 help with median for each row
4:28PM 2 "Special" LS estimation problem
4:02PM 0 Repost - Calculating loess value
4:02PM 1 Repost - Possible bug with lrm.fit in Design Library
4:00PM 1 Query on Error : subscript out of bounds in Rclimdex
3:47PM 2 Convert list to data frame while controlling column types
1:47PM 1 LASSO: glmpath and cv.glmpath
1:19PM 2 gantt chart for dataset
12:35PM 3 creating gantt chart
12:14PM 0 how to plot 95% confidential interval as vertical lines to x axe in density plot
10:06AM 4 Where to put source code?
9:48AM 1 Function "nsl()" missing in package utils
9:31AM 2 2d color coded line plot
9:12AM 1 Orthogonal Complement
9:00AM 2 multiple linear regression
8:53AM 2 A question on List
8:49AM 1 supression of ongoing print command (outputted in chunks)
5:30AM 0 Keeping track of memory usage
5:24AM 1 Possible bug with lrm.fit in Design Library
3:33AM 1 a --no-save option for Rprofile.site?
2:34AM 3 extra .
2:30AM 1 Appending elements according to criteria to an empty array
12:49AM 1 trouble with Vista & reading files
Thursday August 20 2009
11:01PM 2 Problem passing a statistical model as an argument
10:31PM 4 Principle components analysis on a large dataset
10:08PM 3 Wind-data analysis with R?
8:44PM 1 Video demo of using svSocket with data.table
8:31PM 1 Understanding R code
7:27PM 0 Subsetting expand.grid() result
6:39PM 0 Canonical Discriminant Function Analysis
6:31PM 0 Factor
6:29PM 3 categorized barplot
6:22PM 2 Geometric mean of rows in matrix
6:08PM 2 optimization free software
5:49PM 1 problems with RODBC, sqlQuery
5:46PM 1 Questions on factors in regression analysis
4:50PM 0 Using 'unlist' (incorrectly?!) to collate a series of objects
3:30PM 5 help with regular expressions in R
3:22PM 4 simple randomization question: How to perform "sample" in chunks
2:53PM 0 possible problem with plot.lm
2:50PM 0 predict.HoltWinters source misunderstanding.
2:13PM 0 should months be an ordered factor?
1:47PM 1 Problems with loading 'wordnet' in a standalone pc
1:33PM 2 Histogram problem
1:30PM 1 re ading in array
1:15PM 2 boxplot with log="y" and values starting at 0
1:08PM 1 definition of AIC and BIC in gls
1:02PM 0 Error message when performing cointegration and causality tests
12:54PM 2 what is the meaning of this error
12:04PM 1 Creating a list of combinations
11:55AM 2 How to extract row values?
11:18AM 2 Insert rows in between dataframes
10:19AM 1 globally set digits=3 in Sweave
10:16AM 0 Sobol Sensitivity Analysis: Loop Problem
9:32AM 1 nested, repeated measure lme
9:16AM 0 Heckman probit ?
8:48AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Several simple but hard tasks to do with R]
8:27AM 2 eval and evironments: call local function in a global function
8:21AM 1 change default measurement unit to millimetre
7:57AM 2 getting R 2.9.1 from the tar.gz file
7:40AM 3 how to categorize continuous variable when useing regression
7:38AM 3 print selected variables
7:14AM 4 expanding 1:12 months to Jan:Dec
5:50AM 0 Unable to load RHtestV2
5:01AM 1 Read and merge a number of .xls files into one dataframe
2:46AM 1 ANCOVA with defined error terms
2:29AM 1 ggsave to .png bug in ggplot2 (?)
2:23AM 1 lattice xyplot strip colors and location
2:21AM 1 Calculating loess value
1:21AM 1 Command line option to an R script running through Rscript
1:01AM 0 Sweave truncation
12:36AM 1 how to compute this summation...
Wednesday August 19 2009
10:24PM 3 Hello
10:21PM 2 how do i vectorize relational queries in R
9:57PM 3 PowerCut Killed R - is my code retrievable?
9:51PM 4 Several simple but hard tasks to do with R
9:33PM 2 Contrasts within ANOVA frame (Repost)
8:59PM 3 a naive question
8:49PM 0 ASA John M. Chambers Statistical Software Award - 2010
8:49PM 0 ASA Stat. Computing & Stat. Graphics Student Paper Competition 2010
8:37PM 2 [Hmisc] latex() with ctable=T inserting unwanted empty line in .tex file when used on summary.formula(method="reverse") object
7:35PM 0 why need a new database to store results generated from another database in filehash?
7:12PM 4 Basic question: Reading in multiple choice question responses to a single column in data frame
6:22PM 1 trimming observations
6:11PM 2 line plot
5:48PM 1 Ridge regression [Repost]
5:27PM 1 Erros with RVM and LSSVM from kernlab library
5:23PM 1 Best performance measure?
5:05PM 1 BUGS
5:01PM 2 Urgent Help
4:07PM 1 a bug in the offset parameter syntax in the geepack package?
4:02PM 1 Fw: Hist & kernel density estimates
3:31PM 1 Hist & kernel density estimates
2:17PM 1 ridge regression
1:41PM 4 Confidence interval on parameters from optim function
1:41PM 1 how to specify two variance effects in gls
12:31PM 5 scale or not to scale that is the question - prcomp
11:56AM 0 Gam (mgcv) function
11:31AM 0 font size on graphics question (correction in example,sorry)
11:04AM 3 R function for Probabilities for the (standard) normal distribution
10:53AM 0 Canonical link for the GLM gamma model
10:46AM 0 font size on graphics
10:45AM 1 New package for multivariate Kalman filtering, smoothing, simulation and forecasting
10:04AM 3 Fitting a logistic regression
9:09AM 2 mild and extreme outliers in boxplot
8:51AM 3 Package read large file
8:38AM 1 ggplot2 transparent pdf
8:20AM 1 Move legend text to the left legend box border
8:05AM 2 how to fill the area under the density line with semitransparent colors
8:04AM 1 Performance measure for probabilistic predictions
7:10AM 2 Why are there small circles in my plot
6:38AM 1 histogram scaling
5:57AM 0 Off-topic: New website using R
5:46AM 3 ggplot 2 semi-transparency error
4:27AM 1 radial.plot() in plotrix module
2:13AM 2 ggplot2 legend problem
1:47AM 2 lmer with random slopes for 2 or more first-level factors?
1:25AM 2 Problem with predict.coxph
1:00AM 2 RGoogleDocs/RCurl through proxy
12:59AM 1 moving color key in heatmap
12:10AM 3 Sweave output from print.summary.glm is too wide
Tuesday August 18 2009
11:09PM 2 aggregating using a non-summary function?
10:59PM 3 need help for t.test using "by"
10:55PM 1 adding points to a wireframe
10:27PM 2 jpeg() does not work
9:54PM 2 Is there a construct for conditional comment?
9:50PM 1 second y-axis in lattice xyplot
9:37PM 0 kernel density estimation for univariate data using splancs
9:36PM 0 heatmap and automatic box sizes
9:10PM 1 How to Dedup a Spatial Points Data Set
8:45PM 1 aggregating values at discreet irregular time intervals into hourly values
8:17PM 1 trouble with Rcmdr
7:36PM 1 combined value in forestplot function
5:54PM 2 R CMD BATCH question under Ubuntu 9.04
5:35PM 1 Error with acf/pacf functions
5:17PM 0 Odd results with Chi-square test. (Not an R problem, but general statistics, I think)
3:55PM 1 Simulation function
3:37PM 0 Posterior use of iterations output in a for() loop
2:52PM 1 Tr : create a table in the console!!
2:29PM 2 Odd results with Chi-square test. (Not an R problem, but general statistics, I think.)
2:26PM 1 create a table in the console!!
1:58PM 0 Help with identify() points on a PAM clusplot
1:41PM 2 open txt
12:41PM 1 ggplot2: geom_smooth and legend
12:32PM 1 function merge()
12:25PM 2 ENC: postscript, options
12:16PM 2 value of nth percentile
12:13PM 4 Lattice in a loop does not produce output
11:55AM 0 unable to load library rJava on my Ubuntu 9.04
11:18AM 1 three dimensions barchart
10:52AM 1 transformation/link glm in R
10:39AM 0 Problem fitting network meta-analysis using lme
9:33AM 1 Specify Database location from R
9:20AM 0 Insert data into database, error. Need help. Thank you.
9:05AM 1 number 6 e+13
8:48AM 3 R formula
8:48AM 2 Embedding lists in matrices and matrices in lists
8:44AM 1 Log logistic Distribution - Parameter estimation
8:35AM 2 (no subject)
8:14AM 4 Remove columns
7:42AM 1 Applying Logical statement to DateTime string as factor
7:27AM 0 coxph (survival) paper from '82
6:21AM 1 Plyr and memory allocation issue
4:13AM 3 how to draw pentagon?
4:00AM 4 Transpose a dataset
12:43AM 1 Strange package installation error
Monday August 17 2009
11:32PM 0 weighting nlme in multivariate outcome
10:34PM 0 R(D) Com not working
9:27PM 1 how to pass more than one argument to the function called by lapply?
9:25PM 1 Differing rows in two data.frames?
9:20PM 3 Help understanding lrm function of Design library
9:09PM 1 lm.fit algo
9:04PM 0 multiple values for a factor using nodematch in ergm()
8:02PM 2 reading in MS Word files
7:53PM 1 help simplifying complex graphic arguments to a function
7:12PM 1 FYI conflict between statnet, igraph
6:43PM 2 memory limit in R
6:35PM 0 A request for pointers on how to analyse Twitter with R ?
5:09PM 0 setting persistence upper limit in garchFit()
5:06PM 1 Bayesian data analysis - help with sampler function
4:59PM 0 ggplot and RExcel
4:52PM 3 Reshape package: Casting data to form a grid
3:41PM 3 Replacing NA values in one column of a data.frame
3:36PM 2 Newbie that don't understand R code
3:05PM 1 Help with the bash R
2:54PM 3 printing a dataframe summary to disk
2:49PM 4 number in R
2:22PM 4 vector replacement 1/0 to P/A
2:18PM 2 Polygon function
1:57PM 1 R : how does %in% operator work?
1:28PM 3 how to Transpose a dataset
1:21PM 0 heatmap and dendrogram
1:10PM 1 postscript, options
12:35PM 0 Matching two series
11:43AM 0 Model comparison with missing values
11:33AM 1 help with functions "spec" and "specprop"
11:32AM 1 image() generates many border lines in pdf, not on screen (quartz) - R 2.9.1 GUI 1.28 Tiger build 32-bit (5444) - OS X 10.5.8
11:24AM 0 Question spdep package - Moran's I
10:51AM 6 graph label greek symbol failure
10:24AM 2 help with expression()
10:18AM 4 Rounding to the nearest 5
8:28AM 1 [Fwd: Re: R code to reproduce (while studying) Bates & Watts 1988]]]
7:21AM 1 regex problems with the escape character
7:17AM 1 Display the character variables in a dataset in R
7:04AM 1 Multiple comparison on lme model with 2 fixed factors
6:19AM 1 dispaly only character variables from the dataset in R
5:54AM 3 Graphical Parameters
5:43AM 3 Newbie question re stddev, quantmod and performanceanalytics
Sunday August 16 2009
11:49PM 0 large list from mdb.get - change labled atomic to double
10:21PM 2 Mix font families in a single label?
10:18PM 2 Question regarding finding credible interval using r2winbugs
8:49PM 1 good and bad ways to import fixed column data (rpy)
7:59PM 1 run R codes every startup.
6:47PM 5 Plot(x,y)
6:13PM 1 Installing quantreg package under Ubuntu
5:59PM 1 predict.kohonen som: what is the trainY parameter?
5:08PM 2 challenge in using layout with r bind function
3:40PM 1 What is the returned type of strsplit?
3:33PM 1 How to use your own data in gstat and sp?
3:11PM 1 : source R-script interactively outside R
2:57PM 0 How to show line number when using Rscript?
2:33PM 1 How to deal with multicollinearity in mixed models (with lmer)?
2:24PM 1 Can a variable name include '_' or '.' in portable R code
10:22AM 2 bootstrapped correlation confint lower than -1 ?
8:25AM 0 Hi, a problem in using SNR
7:51AM 0 handling categorical features;
2:48AM 1 why summary() does not work here???
Saturday August 15 2009
11:15PM 1 System is computationally singular and scale of covariates
9:33PM 1 extracting text from wordnet using synonym()
8:08PM 1 Filling in a uniform dist plot
5:44PM 0 coefficient p-value in ridge regression
4:32PM 1 Error in running RWeka Clusteres
1:46PM 4 VAR (pckg: vars) and memory problem
4:44AM 0 New version of RSQLite on CRAN
2:27AM 4 How to use R to perform prediction based on history data
1:37AM 1 Building 'R' from source for Windows.
Friday August 14 2009
10:49PM 1 Estimate Discrete Choice Models with R
10:14PM 3 re ading transposed data in read.csv
8:25PM 1 aov p values for levels of a factor.
8:15PM 1 Simulation Function - Save results
8:11PM 1 extract data from shapefiles
8:02PM 0 identify a bimodal distribution
7:09PM 1 libname version in R
5:48PM 4 Assigning values based on a separate reference (lookup) table
4:00PM 1 Saving Iterative Components
3:29PM 1 reading in mdb and outputting to sql (GIS application)
3:24PM 1 large matrices in SparseM
2:44PM 3 creating list of the from 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4, 4, . . ., n, n, n?
2:31PM 2 mixed normal distriburtion
2:24PM 0 sample data from density created by splines
2:06PM 1 post hoc test after lme
12:12PM 1 RODBC does not like table names >11/12 characters
10:05AM 1 Permutation test and R2 problem
9:47AM 2 RGoogleDocs: getDocs() - "problems connecting to get the list of documents"
9:02AM 1 cross tabulation for frequency distributions
8:43AM 0 pdIdent and lme
7:46AM 1 How can I do a generic specification in multiple logistic regression
6:00AM 0 R 2.9.2 Scheduled for August 24, 2009
2:53AM 1 problem about t test
12:48AM 1 email notification after error
Thursday August 13 2009
10:24PM 2 How to rename columns that start with numbers?
9:51PM 1 joining two points in rgl
9:15PM 1 write result in matrix using loop
9:11PM 2 randomForest question--problem with ntree
8:50PM 0 tick.number in ggplot2?
8:48PM 2 Coding problem: How can I extract substring of function call within the function
8:45PM 4 lm coefficients output confusing
8:10PM 3 Finding minimum of time subset
7:43PM 1 request: Help
7:36PM 1 using package tm to find phrases
7:32PM 0 Data Envelopment Analysis
7:21PM 1 Adding logical vectors
6:49PM 0 Need Advice: Considering Converting a Package from S3 to S4 -- reprise
6:42PM 0 Point-to-point Truncation with truncreg possible?
6:31PM 2 glm.nb versus glm estimation of theta.
6:21PM 1 reading a string
6:17PM 3 shading between two smoothed curves
6:01PM 1 multiple downloads of data when evaluating plot() vs. xyplot()
5:43PM 2 Fitting a quasipoisson distribution to univariate data
5:14PM 0 Efficiently Extracting Meta Data from TM Corpora
5:00PM 1 some help with plotting a beautiful structure using rgl
4:59PM 3 split number in a vector and then make a chron object out of it
4:29PM 3 Solutions of equation systems
2:44PM 1 prop.test() - need algorithm or reference
2:39PM 1 Browser and Debug?
2:24PM 1 metafor random effects meta-analysis
2:11PM 3 How to get the n (number of observations) per conditional group
2:05PM 6 how to get R interpreter to remember constant values without using any memory location
2:04PM 0 Whittle estimation for ARMA models
1:47PM 0 how to extract the order of genes after clustering
1:01PM 1 Output to screen and file at the same time
12:49PM 0 Limited number of replicates in qcc()?
12:44PM 2 Between-group variance from ANOVA
12:08PM 3 R graphics
12:07PM 2 need technique for speeding up R dataframe individual element insertion (no deletion though)
12:04PM 1 "Longer Dash" using lty
11:11AM 1 R code to reproduce (while studying) Bates & Watts 1988
10:32AM 1 "helper" lines in plot. From point to axis.
10:05AM 2 How to plot 3-D surface graph from lmer mixed models?
9:57AM 3 Plotting shaded areas
9:35AM 2 Matrix addition function
9:31AM 0 dcemri: A package for medical image analysis
9:29AM 1 ncdf
8:59AM 4 un run run...
8:16AM 1 Problem - BRugs Package
7:55AM 1 for(variable in [])do
7:40AM 1 using the RODBC for excel
7:26AM 1 forcasting or predictive analysis
7:21AM 1 Running an error-prone R script using 'source' command
6:22AM 1 When using randomForest, what's the effect to "set.seed"?
Wednesday August 12 2009
10:42PM 2 Plotting sigma symbol with unicode and turning into pdf
10:05PM 3 Random sampling while keeping distribution of nearest neighbor distances constant.
10:04PM 1 what is the difference between the two logistic models?
9:59PM 0 tcltk in BATCH mode
9:53PM 1 psi not functioning in nlrob?
9:29PM 1 Another Plotting Hint - changing fill color for points
7:13PM 0 TraMineR updated to version 1.4
6:53PM 5 Nominal variables in SVM?
6:51PM 2 Plotting Hints - how to add minor tics on axes
6:49PM 0 Attached file following download failure
6:37PM 0 biOps load problem
6:18PM 2 Games in R
5:43PM 3 Obtaining the value of x at a given value of y in a smooth.spline object
4:51PM 1 getting dates from a ts object
4:43PM 2 R numeric string problem
4:36PM 2 Using bold font with bquote
3:53PM 1 to extract a section of the matrix
3:49PM 1 inserting into data frame gives "invalid factor level, NAs generated"
2:53PM 2 Superscripts in axis label
2:27PM 2 Symbolic references - passing variable names into functions
2:15PM 1 CCF for hourly time series?
2:13PM 3 axis scale
1:56PM 0 hmm.discnp or other?
1:26PM 1 logged2
12:47PM 1 calling a function with dynamically generated buttons
12:27PM 0 Generating logistic regression data for specific ORs
12:03PM 0 Re : paste first row string onto every string in column
11:45AM 0 CRDW test
11:32AM 3 Combinatorial problem
10:54AM 2 Help for R (Advanced matrix addition (large or undefined number of matrices)
10:23AM 1 the problem about normalize the data frame
9:53AM 1 C-statistic comparison with partially paired datasets
9:47AM 1 A function for plotting a boxplot with added dot and bars (for mean and SE) - please help improve my code
9:33AM 1 Simulating points from GLM corresponding to new x-values
9:28AM 1 Problem Installing R RHEL x86_64 binary
9:09AM 0 installing mlica, or other ICA package
8:46AM 3 Zoo and numeric data
6:46AM 1 MCMC sampling question
5:52AM 1 nominal to numeric function
5:49AM 1 Map of UK Counties - to use in R
4:49AM 3 How to label and unlabel points on scatterplot with mouse pointer
4:38AM 1 pretty display or print for data frames ?
3:02AM 1 How to read and write an S4 class
2:05AM 1 Smart way to sum a column in a matrix across all members in a list
1:48AM 4 paste first row string onto every string in column
Tuesday August 11 2009
10:34PM 1 Chi-squared approximation may be incorrect
10:33PM 0 continuous-time Markov chain model with repeated measures
10:07PM 1 runmax function only for positive numbers?
9:12PM 0 re : R help from command line
8:59PM 0 Contrasts within ANOVA frame
8:11PM 1 merge zoo objects contained in a list
8:09PM 3 Is there a summary on different version of 'apply' functions? What is the meaning of the prefixes?
8:00PM 1 Paste symbol and calculation in plot
7:56PM 0 Data Mining Packages in R for categorical and numerical values
7:43PM 3 R help from command line
7:25PM 1 Prevent sequential repeated values in data frame column
7:19PM 1 Heteroscedasticity in binary logit models
7:17PM 0 VIF for logit models
6:55PM 1 reading heterogeneous CSV
6:49PM 1 Selecting/Accessing the last vector in a list of a list of data.frames
6:48PM 1 Categorizing Lines
6:44PM 1 ggplot2: override facet names in facet_wrap?
6:31PM 1 R installation on Linux/PPC with tcltk support
6:15PM 1 Transform array in dataframe; melt(); reshape()
6:05PM 3 Problem with modifying a data frame
5:49PM 1 error in names
5:45PM 2 list indexing problem reading in files from a directory
5:42PM 0 help on Rmpi
5:26PM 1 Counting the number of non-NA values per day
4:42PM 1 re placePatterns() for multiple words replacement in tm
3:30PM 0 SEM decomposition of Hessian
3:20PM 0 how to do model validation and calibration for a model fitted by fit.mult.impute?
2:49PM 0 Generalized Path Seeking algorithm with R
2:41PM 0 How to specify an addition Rprofile file for Rscript in the command line?
2:40PM 1 Passing a list object to lapply
2:08PM 0 Line of Organic Correlation (help with writing function)
2:00PM 1 Generic attribute in multinom function
1:30PM 2 Varying x-axis labels in lattice
1:13PM 1 metaplot in rmeta: y-axis disappears
1:09PM 3 Import more than one sheet in a single excel file
11:03AM 1 Help on a combinatorial task (lists?)
10:18AM 1 Generating R plots via Ruby CGI
9:51AM 0 sub-architecture installation difficulty with various valgrind-instrumentation levels
9:50AM 3 How to Import Excel file into R 2.9.0 version
9:42AM 3 Lattice: How to do error bars
9:07AM 1 How do I plot: regression line, regression line + s.d, regression line - s.d on the same chart?
9:04AM 3 what is returned if a match is not found using grep
9:00AM 0 outlier detection test for large data set
8:39AM 2 Slicing cra**y csv files
6:46AM 1 utf8 encoding and postscript
3:11AM 1 nested repeated measures MANOVA using adonis
Monday August 10 2009
11:57PM 1 creating selection vector with 2 attributes
11:24PM 1 Statistician Needed
10:39PM 0 Matrix addition and multiplication
10:37PM 4 NotePad++ Syntax file
9:57PM 5 Example scripts for R Manual
9:49PM 4 problem selecting rows meeting a criterion
9:43PM 0 Speeding up a bootstrap routine
9:31PM 2 matrix power
9:24PM 1 building a package
9:13PM 3 Bug in "seq" (or a "feature") ?
9:04PM 1 Sorting text docs based on document meta values in tm()
8:54PM 1 manipulating text to generate different formulas to use in nls()
8:52PM 1 Help with the internal functions
8:45PM 1 question
7:43PM 1 R to MATLAB translation
7:29PM 2 ggplot: colours to geom_segments
6:48PM 0 survival:: plotting survfit with two predictors
5:51PM 1 summary(table)
5:51PM 0 ordinal response model with spatial autocorrelation
4:56PM 2 strsplit a matrix
4:32PM 1 obtain linear regression parameters from qplot
4:25PM 4 Saving plots to file
4:06PM 3 how use cat() function?
3:35PM 2 Produce single line graph title composed of text and computed values.
3:19PM 1 Validity check when setting slot
3:09PM 0 Again: Help with a loop (coefficients with lmList) (now with a good reproducible example)
3:09PM 2 (sans objet)
3:03PM 3 Need Advice: Considering Converting a Package from S3 to S4
3:01PM 1 Matrices
2:21PM 0 tolerance intervals
2:13PM 2 extraction of elements in a matrice???
1:11PM 0 R-squared of a distribution fitting
11:11AM 0 logistic regression with repeated measures
10:15AM 1 Help with R Function writing for Matrix
8:03AM 2 Viewing function code
1:46AM 0 Hmisc get.mdb on mac os x 10.5.7 problems
12:04AM 1 index of intersect()
Sunday August 9 2009
10:45PM 1 help with a loop (coefficients with lmList)
10:15PM 1 plotrix: reverse axis in polar.plot
9:32PM 1 wget parameters
9:03PM 1 nearest neighbors
8:51PM 1 problem adding columns to matrix
6:58PM 1 Linking in R package documentation
4:06PM 2 How '.' is used?
3:29PM 3 howto get the number of columns and column names of multiply data frames
10:04AM 1 binary operators that implement row and column sweeps of matrices by vectors
1:39AM 0 How to show both the commands and the output on the screen?
Saturday August 8 2009
6:27PM 1 linear model: Test difference between coefficients and given values (t.test?)
6:25PM 2 configure issue
4:14PM 1 Which parts of the book "Programming with Data: A Guide to the S Language" are still relevant now?
4:12PM 1 dienice for R
6:50AM 0 Hexbin margins
3:54AM 1 interesting statistics article in NYT
2:17AM 1 frequency of numbers in a list
2:07AM 2 Factor Analysis in R
12:19AM 1 generalized linear models
Friday August 7 2009
10:58PM 0 how to limit output to console beyond options(max.print) ?
10:43PM 3 Simple Question: adding points to a boxplot
7:36PM 1 ggplot2-ddply question
7:05PM 2 create separate plots by factors
6:45PM 1 RMySQL - overwrite record, not table
6:32PM 1 lattice: simultaneously control aspect & outer whitespace
6:32PM 0 how to partitioning a clustered heatmap
6:12PM 0 RE xtable, sweave and resizebox
5:49PM 0 Bar plots with stacked columns marked with askterisks
4:40PM 1 lattice dotplot: line height for multi-line labels
4:02PM 1 Proper / Improper scoring Rules
3:17PM 3 How do I plot a line followed by two forecast points?
2:51PM 2 error installing bioconductor
1:51PM 1 install package version compatible with on older version of R
1:33PM 1 Gauss-Laguerre using statmod
12:27PM 1 cannot upgrade to R 2.9.1 in Ubuntu
11:03AM 2 xtable, sweave and resizebox
10:57AM 0 Fitting Truncated Distribution
10:19AM 1 eval parent.frame() twice
10:02AM 3 bug with subset and plot?
9:54AM 0 Problem with area()
7:28AM 3 plotting huge data
5:38AM 0 bump: calculating R-squared or equivalent for Model II regression
4:41AM 0 manual hierarchical forecasting with top-down approach in R
2:54AM 1 sweave and R. Searching for a document that will get me started
1:03AM 2 lowess puzzle
Thursday August 6 2009
11:25PM 3 using cat()
11:10PM 1 BRugs in Linux?
10:00PM 1 Logit Model... GLM or GEE or ??
9:53PM 0 running BRugs in Linux?
9:28PM 1 Conditional randomization of groups
8:54PM 1 Redoing axis in a strip plot
8:48PM 2 Ylim
8:11PM 2 Repeatable, But Time Varying R GUI Crash
8:02PM 0 Write the results of sample function which uses a dataframe into an Array
7:50PM 1 Using 'field names' of a data.frame in a function
7:45PM 1 adding color bar to a graph
7:20PM 1 Using system fonts in MacOS
7:15PM 0 filter function for time series
6:59PM 1 How to show help in the same mode as where the commands is input?
6:54PM 5 Is there a 'vi' mode in R?
6:48PM 1 Help with Logit Model
6:33PM 1 Time Series smoothing
6:18PM 0 installing R on Solaris 10
5:49PM 0 tukey test for interaction
5:14PM 2 Convert dataframe to table with counts where column names become row names
4:41PM 1 problem with recording numeric output into another dataframe
4:07PM 0 Matrix function
3:42PM 1 How to stop function printing unwanted output?
3:02PM 2 random between two values
2:59PM 2 Select subset with specific distribution parameters.
2:36PM 1 Help ::Not able to Connect R to SQL Server 2000
2:35PM 1 How to execute a R script but outputting the result to the screen?
2:27PM 2 xyplot and subscripts
1:26PM 1 calasification table under conditions
12:57PM 2 delete lines
12:37PM 2 Re move all punctuations except commas
11:58AM 0 looking for a function to plot the distribution of values (not sure of the name)
11:54AM 0 donlp2
11:53AM 1 solving system of equations involving non-linearities
11:33AM 0 Seasonal analysis
10:51AM 0 Fitting Mixture of Non-Central Student's t Distributions
9:27AM 2 opration / dates in R
8:37AM 2 problem with r import data
7:30AM 0 K-means clustering with NA
4:32AM 0 test of parallelism for ordinal regression?
3:48AM 2 making scatter plot points fill semi-transparent
1:27AM 1 specify lattice black-and-white theme
1:15AM 1 creating MS Access query objects using RODBC
12:38AM 1 Deleting Data Sets in R Commander
Wednesday August 5 2009
11:00PM 2 plotting points in random but different colors based on condition
9:55PM 4 A question regarding R scoping
9:45PM 1 Question with apply function
9:00PM 0 ncdf package problem - put.var.ncdf
8:16PM 7 why is 0 not an integer?
7:58PM 1 writing a simulation
7:00PM 2 using ddply but preserving some of the outside data
6:19PM 2 reading and frequency analysis of Spanish text
6:11PM 1 binning results
5:30PM 4 multiple lty on same panel in xyplot
4:26PM 0 import DATA
4:16PM 3 import data into R
4:07PM 2 polygon centroids
3:56PM 3 how import Excel data into R?
3:37PM 4 for loop
3:24PM 1 Starting NONMEM (nmfe6) from R
2:14PM 3 hi, i have a problem in R
2:12PM 0 Infix all.equal operator for vectors of unequal length
12:35PM 0 parser 0.0-3 on CRAN
12:05PM 2 Scientific Format E
11:34AM 1 Lattice: change background of conditioning variable box
10:51AM 2 Durbin-Watson
9:46AM 1 overlap two graph
9:42AM 2 acf Significance
9:28AM 0 missing value in Elastic Net
9:10AM 1 S4 method dispatch: coercion of arguments with setAs defined
8:56AM 1 Decision boundaries for lda function?
8:47AM 0 Austria, September, 2009: Statistical Learning and Data Mining Course
8:27AM 1 Generating and naming multiple time series
7:59AM 1 feature weighting in randomForest
7:42AM 0 Double cross validation and prediction error
7:32AM 1 regarding Rglpk loading
5:26AM 0 get NA from outlier{randomForest}
4:42AM 1 help:Vector vs array
4:32AM 1 stepwise
3:40AM 2 Counting things
3:16AM 2 labeling in qplot
1:45AM 0 Random numbers of multivariate power exponential distribution!
12:39AM 0 step by step tutorial to beginning of R programming by Emacs+ESS on MS Windows
Tuesday August 4 2009
11:41PM 1 Build a dataframe row by row?
10:33PM 3 Logistic Regression
9:33PM 5 Stacked plots with common x-axis and different y-axis
7:23PM 4 array slice notation?
7:16PM 0 ggplot2 course: 19 October, Austin TX / the web
6:37PM 2 Completion for custom "$" operator?
6:36PM 1 Sweave, cm-lgc and minus signs
6:25PM 2 Re ferencing columns and pulling selected data
6:12PM 2 Caculate first difference from a dataframe; write a simulation
6:04PM 2 R's database capabilities
5:28PM 4 regex question
5:21PM 0 Revolutions blog: July Roundup
5:03PM 2 error in Elastic net
3:48PM 0 Wakeby Curve
3:44PM 0 RODBC package to connect to Oracle database Linux
3:42PM 0 Oracle ODBC driver for Linux
3:28PM 0 Writing a NetCDF file in R
3:20PM 3 One critical question in R
3:16PM 2 problem with pattern matching
2:37PM 3 read.csv from a remote machine
2:07PM 0 Efficient coding
2:03PM 0 Building package with vignette
1:46PM 0 Order statistic in wtd.quantile
1:01PM 0 Problems with lqs()
12:30PM 0 FW: matrix
12:17PM 0 Manova post hoc
11:39AM 0 error message "memory not mapped"
11:35AM 3 matrix
11:18AM 1 fitted.values less than observed values
9:59AM 1 asc class object - how to get positions (coordinates) for a given raster ID?
9:54AM 1 Strange error with ROCR
9:03AM 1 parameter asterisks
7:56AM 1 Rank of matrix
5:22AM 2 "na.strings" and the like; suspending interpretation of "NA"
3:08AM 0 status of boolean package
2:55AM 1 Save model and predictions from svm
2:37AM 1 graph data mining
Monday August 3 2009
9:26PM 2 What does this error message mean?
9:23PM 3 Help with reshaping data.frame
8:52PM 2 fitting a truncated power law
8:44PM 1 hist2d
8:40PM 3 if confusion
8:19PM 1 Help with Ecdf function
8:01PM 2 Installing package for i386
7:17PM 1 MSM package and qmatrix
7:04PM 2 Truncating based on attribute range and serial no
6:43PM 3 session logging
6:40PM 2 Some SQL Challenges
6:14PM 1 Open data-file in R - from Rserve
6:12PM 2 scatterplot3d bug??
5:27PM 0 RODBC fails to read ArcGIS mdb shape table at 2.9.1; works at
5:15PM 2 lme funcion in R
4:45PM 0 Deducer 0.1 : An intuitive cross-platform data analysis GUI
4:09PM 2 For Loop Iteration: Variable Counter
3:56PM 1 survdiff for left-truncated data?
3:53PM 3 How to catch an error using try
3:50PM 1 penalized logistic regression
3:29PM 2 Variable names as inputs...
3:25PM 1 plm summary error
3:18PM 0 problem with predict(...,type="terms")
3:07PM 1 principal component analysis for class variables
3:05PM 1 selectively altering variable value
2:57PM 1 RServe - How to use 'createReference' method?
2:48PM 3 Help with data type
2:35PM 4 Table to Data-frame
1:58PM 2 calculate glm slope
1:24PM 3 Merge partially duplicated rows
1:07PM 1 apply function to named numeric object
12:59PM 1 How to get w and b in SVR? (package e1071)
11:14AM 1 apply cut function on various values (factor constrained)
6:26AM 2 Scale set of 0 values returns NAN??
5:06AM 1 min frequencies of categorical predictor variables in GLM
2:37AM 2 combine venn diagram and pie chart
1:52AM 0 new package: interval
1:45AM 0 new package: perm
12:37AM 2 boxplot( ) headers with Greek letters, values, and text
12:22AM 1 Comparison of Output from "dwtest" and "durbin.watson"
Sunday August 2 2009
11:49PM 0 rpart: which is correct?
10:36PM 3 two-factor linear models with missing cells
9:10PM 2 Strange column shifting with read.table
8:59PM 1 Alternatives to rbind()
8:49PM 1 Character from Symbol Font on rgl Plot
6:02PM 2 how to avoid a script from hanging up
3:02PM 1 package to convert coordiantes to timezone
3:01PM 1 status of boolean?
1:06PM 3 i'm so stuck with text file and contour plot
12:02PM 1 Out of memory - RDGAL CPLRealloc()
9:57AM 1 Competing Risks Regression with qualitative predictor with more than 2 categories
9:02AM 1 Last expression entered by user
4:50AM 2 What does .[foo] really mean?
Saturday August 1 2009
11:19PM 1 R Package That Contains International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF)
9:13PM 1 odfWeave : sudden and unexplained error
9:12PM 4 Likelihood Function for Multinomial Logistic Regression and its partial derivatives
8:38PM 2 Cox ridge regression
7:48PM 3 Transparency and trellis device
6:39PM 3 how do i retain decimal values
6:28PM 3 diagonal lda and qda
3:32PM 1 zoo plot warning messages - I don't know what they mean or how to inspect the data to figure this out
2:55PM 2 Variable alias
2:26PM 2 xyplot: superpose 2 time series with different time intervals
1:52PM 2 Add columns in a dataframe and fill them from another table according to a criteria
12:29PM 4 R book for economists
3:24AM 1 about the summary(cph.object)