wine users - Aug 2010

Tuesday August 31 2010
9:49PM 1 Civilization 4/Colonization
5:03PM 4 Antivirus for Mac Wine?
12:57PM 1 'internet explorer only' program error
12:25PM 1 Re: Antivirus for Mac Wine?
11:46AM 4 S4 League - problem running it.
11:45AM 2 Cannot install app from CD
9:38AM 2 Splinter Cell Conviction
7:05AM 2 Monitor for Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete: 4.0
6:19AM 0 Graphic problems in wine.
Monday August 30 2010
10:57PM 0 Little problem with dxdllreg.exe, i think....
10:28PM 6 SW : The force unleashed (virtual memory)
10:08PM 1 ZunTzu
8:49PM 1 Hawkes intermediate algebra
7:39PM 1 UFO Extraterrestrials - Version RU-20100428 + BMan's Mod
3:09PM 0 Wine sound
2:49PM 0 Perfect world wined3d crash
8:41AM 0 eMule
7:46AM 1 winetricks -q ie6 crash?
Sunday August 29 2010
10:21PM 0 How about a custom wine stopper for your next bottle of wine
5:54PM 0 Statistics Homework help
5:52PM 1 Homework Help
1:20PM 0 Problems with Arena chess gui under Ubuntu 9.10 with Wine1.2
9:27AM 1 Easymail :Activex component can't create object.
8:55AM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
8:29AM 1 BioExplorer in Wine with HASP
8:26AM 0 Re: Wine 1.2 binary for Mac OSX
3:22AM 0 Re: How do I fix the 'fixme's
Saturday August 28 2010
8:54PM 1 Programs --> Accessories not showing up
8:37PM 4 Warcraft III World Editor
8:01PM 3 Drag'n drop with word 2007
4:36PM 2 WINE + USB + HD
2:11PM 18 ISO as CDROM
5:39AM 1 Supreme Commander Install Crash
3:09AM 1 Wine 1.2, how to run services?
Friday August 27 2010
10:46PM 2 WINE and Finale 2010
10:24PM 3 Printing from OS X using Wine
10:12PM 1 missing some stuff
9:19PM 1 Fireworks CS5 Help
8:55PM 6 Clipboard Syncing (does wine sync images or files)?
7:56PM 1 Wine 1.2 UBUNTU 10.04.1 Sound lost in an interrupt
1:59PM 3 Microsoft Office 2007
11:43AM 4 Blizzard Downloader Crashes
10:01AM 6 Garena
8:38AM 1 Gecko never work in my computer from wine1.2-1.3.1
1:49AM 2 Virtualdub on kubuntu
12:00AM 3 Wine 1.2 on Mac Leopard, Civ4 startup error "Failed Initiating Python"
Thursday August 26 2010
11:57PM 2 Wine and BabasChess 4
11:24PM 7 Climate data logger ... !
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
7:16PM 0 No subject
4:55PM 1 Thanks
4:03PM 1 Researching a new computer
9:53AM 6 Wine distro with MS WOS look and feel
4:57AM 1 Can't get Adobe Photoshop CS2 to uninstall..
3:47AM 4 UT3 hangs at start
12:57AM 2 Updated Ubuntu 10.04 will not accept Wine MSWord2000
12:22AM 2 MSi Drivers and Utilities
Wednesday August 25 2010
11:45PM 2 Age of Empires
9:52PM 12 Sha1sum Mismatch When Trying to Install GDIPlus :(
7:28PM 3 How to give write access to a folder ?
6:21PM 2 Worms: Reloaded
4:52PM 1 Re: Can't start UT3
4:50PM 1 eve online crashing shortly after takeoff
3:36PM 3 ole:GetClassObject class Not Registered
2:57PM 1 kodak esp 3250 (esp3250) install .net2.0
1:18PM 2 how to overwrite DLLs?
11:09AM 28 Still can't install from NanoCorp
9:52AM 6 ACD Labs 12.0 installs fine, runs fine for the first time
9:21AM 0 Re: What does these errors mean?
8:49AM 4 New Wine user who need helps loading a program(Wbfs Manager)
7:23AM 0 Re: Tableau Public vis software / Ubuntu
7:00AM 4 Unable to write a log file
6:29AM 1 help with flash 8 pro
6:29AM 1 jedi academy cant start
3:29AM 0 Free Flash Downloader
2:02AM 2 Examkiller hlep you pass CompTIA LX0-101 & LX0-102 Exam Succ
1:46AM 3 Steam Games on OSX
1:30AM 1 russian spam with only two lines in the body
Tuesday August 24 2010
11:56PM 4 Vanguard Princess crashes
10:36PM 4 Printing from Darwine (OS X)
7:41PM 2 Excel 2003 PRO crashes on wine 1.1.42
5:26PM 3 Baldurs Gate II
4:25PM 0 Re: gdiplus error after Simplified Chinese is installed
3:07PM 3 Can't install wine on osx 10.6.4
11:20AM 0 Re: Metatrader Installation error
10:37AM 1 How do I activate large-file option in compiler
4:40AM 3 empire total war stuck at startup (copyright) page
2:40AM 1 New to this. Trying to install a dos game
Monday August 23 2010
10:23PM 1 Uninstall applications from wine
6:39PM 1 wine as default interpreter for exe files?
5:16PM 1 Re: Metatrader Installation error
4:40PM 1 wineconsole change default path
3:24PM 1 [Wine 1.3] wine changes gnome mime settings !
2:14PM 2 Re: No Sound on Counter Strike 1.6
2:12PM 1 King's Quest: Mask of Eternity cannot load saved games.
2:09PM 3 SGD
2:06PM 4 Steam games unable to play
1:45PM 1 [Bug] [Urgent] CreateProcess Failed internal error (1359)
1:11PM 3 Install directx
11:25AM 6 Wine 1.2 IE8
8:27AM 2 Plantracer 3.5: icons on toolbar and menu not visible
7:59AM 0 Purchase Bordeaux and help support Wineconf 2010 and FreeBSD
12:30AM 0 EVE Online crashes at splash screen
Sunday August 22 2010
9:53PM 1 Can wine become a virtual machine?
5:30PM 1 What packages/libraries do I need to squash these bugs?...
2:35PM 1 How do Install unexecutable bits?
2:24PM 1 How do I update "Trusted Root Certification Authorities"
1:18PM 0 CWSkimmer assume a system debugger
11:40AM 8 cannot play wolfenstein anymore :-)
9:52AM 2 registry editing (regdit)
2:16AM 4 Silverlight Wine 1.2
Saturday August 21 2010
11:40PM 2 Freelancer - Debugger Issue
11:23PM 0 BabasChess
10:53PM 0 Is there any problem with Bugzilla?
9:17PM 2 Wine OpenGL
7:50PM 1 Unimplemented function cfgmgr32.dll.CM_Locate_DevNodeA
6:43PM 3 Sound configuration error on wine 1.3.1
4:49PM 1 Installing a windows computer game on Mac using WINE
3:41PM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
1:23PM 2 Is Wine intended to support DRM?
1:18PM 7 Error when openning MS Office files (*.doc, *.xls, *.ppt)
12:22PM 1 Re: Kings Bounty- Armoured Princess
11:43AM 2 Low Framerate in Oblivion
7:29AM 10 Launching Source engine games results in crash, small res
6:09AM 2 install Garmin trainer = tempfile not found
Friday August 20 2010
11:14PM 2 Wine + Counter-strike 1.6 lunch
8:45PM 3 Bugzilla should be application oriented
8:44PM 1 [Wine 1.3] Desktop integration with .msstyles
8:17PM 1 Garena not Working
7:05PM 1 Oblivion lost sound
6:55PM 1 Regarding Wine and Viruses
4:37PM 1 Google Chrome (ver4) not displaying web pages
3:30PM 1 Updating MacOSX Wiki Page
3:27PM 0 OT: Xranr support for MacOSX {was: Wine Window not Maximizin
2:48PM 0 Close combat cross of iron does not work
2:45PM 1 Re: OT: Xranr support for MacOSX {was: Wine Window not Maximizin
2:09PM 0 OT: Xranr support for MacOSX {was: Wine Window not Maximizing in MacOSX}
2:05PM 2 Dragon Age Installer: starting 64-bit process not supported
10:47AM 0 Strange behavior of command line parameter passing to linux
10:01AM 2 can't connect to wine server
8:22AM 3 How to set compatibility mode from the command line in wine?
5:46AM 1 Space Empires IV Gold
4:13AM 0 WoW Tunneling services in Wine?
1:34AM 2 html rendering and gecko on a winmx install wine 1.1.11
Thursday August 19 2010
9:53PM 3 Prevent right click from invoking context menu
8:27PM 1 error installing wine 1.2
8:25PM 0 Re: GE centricity viewer??
8:11PM 4 How to compile 64-bit Wine 1.3.0 under Mac OS X 10.6.4
7:46PM 3 I'm new to linux and I need help
3:30PM 7 Silkroad Online
3:03PM 4 Counterstrike Source: Monitor turns off when starting
3:02PM 2 Strange Makefile problem
1:13PM 0 Re: ArmA2
1:05PM 0 BioHazard 4+Wine
11:21AM 2 Two worlds : The first
11:15AM 0 Two worlds ( le premier) : Pas de son
10:13AM 1 wine fail to run simple demo
8:28AM 2 P-CAD^ adding network library
7:23AM 0 CompTIA Certifications Training and Practice Exams
7:09AM 10 World of Warcraft strange disconnect
2:42AM 2 Paste in File Manager & keyboard issues
Wednesday August 18 2010
10:21PM 1 Re: Left 4 Dead 2 Dropping Audio Bug/Issue
10:21PM 0 Bioshock 2
9:09PM 3 Kontakt doesn't respond to Akai USB MIDI Keyboard
8:29PM 4 Supreme Commander crashes as game starts. Ubuntu 10.04 lucid
5:28PM 1 icu2 and cheese
4:22PM 0 No subject
4:22PM 0 No subject
3:37PM 0 Re: PC Stitch - cross stitch software
2:39PM 1 how to run battle for the middle earth 2
1:57PM 8 No wine command
12:42PM 3 [Wine 1.3] Access to "/" for Windows Applications
12:30PM 14 Game is slower 2x than on Windows
12:27PM 2 Which hardware component causes performance loss (Starcraft)
10:34AM 1 Re: Vectorworks 2010 almost working
9:55AM 3 Is git broken?
9:40AM 1 shift-starting applications
8:32AM 3 Wine window not maximizing in Mac OS X
8:06AM 0 1Z0-052 Oracle Database
2:57AM 2 Please help me run these games on linux
Tuesday August 17 2010
11:01PM 2 Patching Wine Without Git
3:09PM 5 MS Outlook 2007 won't open
11:34AM 2 Hardware manager
11:13AM 1 bad Aquamark3 benchmark result with wine 1.3.0
9:57AM 1 Uninstalling Software and/or réinstalling Ubuntu/wine
Monday August 16 2010
11:11PM 1 diagnosing sound problems in a particular app? Poker4Ever
8:58PM 2 The .dll files
4:17PM 3 Eve Online : graphic issue
4:09PM 0 Need for speed : Carbon stops randomly
3:01PM 3 call of duty 1 on wine
2:25PM 0 Netbios in Wine Applications
1:45PM 2 Re: New Steam Client 2010 GUI
8:09AM 2 special settings for p5B-VM mainboard?
5:52AM 1 Opening files on a network
Sunday August 15 2010
10:19PM 2 I'm having some trouble installing .Net Framework 2.0
8:43PM 1 Spore Won't start
5:48PM 2 Starcraft 2 moving camera prob
1:09PM 3 Questions about bug reporting for DX10 games
3:27AM 1 Re: Game that worked in .24 doesn't in .25 and .26
Saturday August 14 2010
11:41PM 1 [help] Multi- Wine Installation and Running Program.
9:12PM 3 For Mac OS X users... Xquartz and RandR.
6:11PM 1 Re: Game that worked in .24 doesn't in .25 and .26
4:22PM 6 How to use the wineprefix with another wine-path
4:13PM 2 Can't run NFS Most Wanted on Wine 1.0.1
3:53PM 1 IRQ channel
3:53PM 2 USB Joystick PPM RC controller
5:42AM 1 [NFSU2] Can i use a single dll ?
Friday August 13 2010
7:45PM 6 icuii81.exe
5:14PM 0 Re: Using wisotool with Steam
3:14PM 1 [Jack-Devel] Announcement: wineasio-0.8.0 source available on SVN
12:06PM 2 Insuffecient Memory problem in Foxpro
7:09AM 2 JustCamIt
1:06AM 6 Can't install program from CDROM / DVD
Thursday August 12 2010
11:48PM 2 MSN wtf?
8:10PM 1 Deus Ex: Invisible Wars on Steam - Cannot launch
3:28PM 3 Problem with F.E.A.R.2 DVD
3:26PM 9 Ladbrokes poker client
2:16PM 2 [1.2] Trying to run MAFIA II under wine
11:05AM 0 Re: TF2 random quit
10:55AM 0 online homework help
Wednesday August 11 2010
3:17PM 5 Problem with DAO 3.6
3:08PM 0 Problem Running Programs in Wine
1:48PM 5 Getting EPROM programmer software to work under Wine
1:37PM 0 Debian binaries part 85
11:39AM 3 UDL file
9:16AM 1 Hydorah on wine
2:48AM 1 IE8 for wine?
1:31AM 7 Night & Magic VIII - brightened central part
Tuesday August 10 2010
11:31PM 1 wineD3D and direct3D7 under virtualbox
10:37PM 1 Fresh install of Fedora 13 64 bit, "Failed to init. DirectX"
8:37PM 5 Office 2007 black artifacting in wine >1.2
8:10PM 3 Re: microsoft activex control pad was not completed successfully
7:13PM 2 That age old Midi issue again
6:13PM 0 Re: Wine is used WORDsearch mac but doesn't work in Linux?
5:18PM 1 Alien versus Predator mouse move limit...
5:15PM 2 Rosetta Stone question
5:11PM 0 Call of Duty 4 install error '1628: Failed to complete....'
1:28PM 0 Wine status page update
1:09PM 3 Red Faction Running in Ubuntu lucid Wine Version 1.2
12:19PM 5 Games 'dissappear' after installing in wine...
12:06PM 0 D&D Adventure Tools/Character Generator
8:30AM 0 Re: Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
7:26AM 3 recurrent error in wine 1.1.42
3:32AM 1 same EQ patch problem
1:52AM 2 [BUG]World of Warcraft + Direct3D = Image upside down
Monday August 9 2010
10:51PM 1 Re: Where does Wine install my windows stuff on my mac?
10:22PM 1 Memory Problems when trying to open .exe
9:15PM 1 Onlinebandit crashes
7:41PM 5 Drawing problem in Wine 1.3.0
7:29PM 1 How to manually patch 1.3.0 installed from PPA?
6:50PM 1 I can't locate the .wine folder.
5:14PM 3 Game screen too big for display on Samsung NC10
3:47PM 3 riched32.dll refresh(?) problem
1:50PM 2 Do yall think that Dungeons and Dragons Online could be ran
11:39AM 1 Re: Wine & Windows viruses
11:13AM 4 [1.2]-Do DirectX 10 Games Work In Wine Yet?
9:13AM 0 How to compile C++ source code which imports tlb files
5:00AM 2 Error compiling wine 1.3.0 on slackware64
1:12AM 0 Re: No Internet Connection?
12:54AM 1 World of Warcraft and Catalyst drivers
Sunday August 8 2010
11:43PM 6 Wine folder wrong
11:37PM 2 When rebuilding new 1.3 version, uninstall first?
10:03PM 0 wonderking on ubuntu 10.4
7:26PM 1 Re: PhysX on 64bit systems
4:35PM 5 Oblivion has encountered a serious bug
3:44PM 2 Need for speed 2 not accepting Keyboard input
3:02PM 5 Can I run program that needs to open a port?
2:10PM 0 regedit: Added Hebrew translation
1:39PM 2 dxdllreg.exe error
12:57PM 2 [1.3] Cannot eject drive D:
12:09PM 3 ie 8 and LocalHost
6:00AM 1 Re: Wine dxdllreg.exe problem
5:00AM 3 running wine on windows
4:31AM 2 getting ipod touch 2 gen to sync in itunes
3:13AM 3 How to run multiple wine versions on same machine?
1:40AM 1 Can't install Indeo 5 codecs
Saturday August 7 2010
5:34PM 3 C++ runtime error
2:08PM 0 forum
10:35AM 1 apps started by right click menù under Windows
7:27AM 0 TYRE GPS mapping software
6:45AM 2 Wine 1.3 packaged for Ubuntu, must be installed explicitly
6:12AM 1 Re: Running MetaTrader 4 in Wine
6:05AM 0 Perfect Word on Wine Ubntu 10.4
1:20AM 4 fixme:ntdll:RtlNtStatusToDosErrorNoTeb no mapping for 000000
Friday August 6 2010
9:48PM 2 All keys dead, but ØÆÅ£¤§
9:42PM 1 Can't run 3D modeling software
7:36PM 2 Best games running in Wine + native
5:25PM 1 successful ATI card for WINE gaming?
2:10PM 1 shell extension for tortoise svn
1:39PM 1 microsoft visual foxpro error
10:58AM 1 Re: PolarProTrainer
7:13AM 11 Getting Alibre Design to work...
5:48AM 1 Registering scripts using WINE
1:08AM 0 Re: Game for Windows Live and Wine
Thursday August 5 2010
11:20PM 2 No video acceleration under wine?
9:52PM 2 Football Manager Live 1.6
10:27AM 4 Getting current Wine in Ubuntu 10.04?
6:55AM 10 Starcraft 2 Access Violation
2:16AM 2 Thief 2 crashes after a few minutes
Wednesday August 4 2010
11:05PM 1 S4League
8:48PM 0 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11
3:29PM 8 Installing .msiexec file
2:41PM 2 Setting All DLLs to Builtin, then Native
12:29PM 19 Font issue in Half-Life 2 via Wine 1.3.0
11:41AM 1 [1.2]-Upgrading Video Card-Will Wine Still Work?
9:02AM 4 Wolfenstein regression with Wine 1.3
7:34AM 6 64-bit chess engines and wine 1.2
7:26AM 3 Embed wine with AutoCAD for Ubuntu
5:52AM 2 Trying to create .app's with Wine.
4:55AM 6 Ijji Reactor
2:26AM 0 Mount and Blade: Warband - mouse messed up
1:09AM 3 How to fix the SSL/https problem?
12:17AM 0 "Traumrouten Transalp" unspecific runtime error 3251
Tuesday August 3 2010
10:06PM 0 Re: Idea: Add Flattr-button to every wine-release
9:11PM 1 Use a different character set for a specific program on wine
7:28PM 1 New winetricks and wisotool
6:18PM 0 Unable to use Photoshop CS scratch disk on tmpfs
2:06PM 4 Lucerne
12:27PM 6 Re: How to fix the SSL/https problem?
9:02AM 2 Company of Heroes crashes after short time of playing
7:39AM 4 Hi + question.
12:21AM 2 Mount and Blade crash - have output - help?
Monday August 2 2010
11:38PM 3 Error compile wine1.3 on Ubuntu10.04 64bit
9:07PM 2 Database (Jet 4.0) Problem.
8:28PM 4 CoJ2 Server with Wine on Linux Debian 5.0
8:21PM 2 Wine 1.2 + Kernel + nVidia 256.44 + WoW = Crash!
3:55PM 3 Unable to update wine
3:00PM 0 "Unredirect Fullscreen Windows" instead of disabling Compiz?
2:25PM 0 Re: Sysinternals autorunsc.exe
1:02PM 0 Bordeaux 2.0.6 for FreeBSD and PC-BSD Released
11:10AM 3 Postgresql 8.0 installation
10:11AM 2 Re: powermac g4
5:52AM 0 Re: Barnes & Noble eReader question
2:55AM 3 need help with world of warcraft on crossover
Sunday August 1 2010
11:46PM 3 Longman iBT 2.0 Toefl
11:00PM 1 UNE with last Wine version: cannot open xuanxuan.exe
9:28PM 2 Need Help! Morrowind on Ubuntu
7:30PM 1 Re: Clearing IE Cache in Wine
6:37PM 0 Experience with new Nvidia driver 256.35
5:52PM 1 office 2007 fail install
4:54PM 4 Trying to run Hardwood Solitaire in Wine 1.2
3:57PM 3 world of warcraft - black under characters
2:35PM 0 DDO - pyLotro fails to launch
1:46PM 0 Wargame Problems - Black screen.
1:32PM 5 :idea: A way to automatically test wine applications
1:02PM 1 Re: ICM Trainer Light
8:12AM 2 Mopsos problems in Wine 1.2
12:51AM 2 IE gecko don't don't work in wine64