wine users - Jul 2010

Saturday July 31 2010
11:32PM 0 [Fwd: Re: Deleting .wine as root]
5:54PM 0 Oblivion working nearly perfection on Wine 1.3.0!
3:28PM 2 Running windows app on ubuntu arm(recompiled wine)
10:44AM 0 Wine and Star Craft 2 not working from DVD
4:58AM 1 wine: Unhandled page fault on read access (Warcraft)
3:59AM 1 Re: Trying to get N1MM Logger working under Wine
12:28AM 2 getElementsByName
12:14AM 3 Add a shortcut for Wine's Internet Explorer
12:07AM 3 Installing iTunes on Linux Mint Isadora 9
Friday July 30 2010
8:15PM 2 Latest Garena not starting in Ubuntu 10.04
5:21PM 1 Photomatix Pro 3 no buttons in tone mapping
3:20PM 6 [EverNote] Can't connect to server
9:22AM 2 Remove uninstalled items from Wine Uninstaller
9:04AM 2 Wine on ubuntu 10.04 and altbinz 0.25
7:07AM 6 Wine crash wien diferent games, desont even start
4:31AM 6 sha1sum mismatch!
4:00AM 5 Wine-Winetricks-Directx Tomb Raider Underworld
1:47AM 3 New eMule-Mods crashes !!!
Thursday July 29 2010
10:48PM 0 Application and service running on win xp
10:43PM 0 Re: Mass Effect, Problem With Mouse
8:34PM 2 Include Wine in my project and using WinGDI under Linux.
5:27PM 1 Set parameters of winecfg at startup?
4:14PM 2 NWN2
2:38PM 2 .NET Framework
2:32PM 1 Re: Lands of Lore 3 is crashing in direct3D mode
2:25PM 0 Re: Multiple instances of wine on different machines with $HOME
2:14PM 1 Multiple instances of wine on different machines with $HOME on NFS
12:13PM 3 Unusual hard problem, WoW won't start!
12:54AM 2 Steam not working properly
12:05AM 1 I can notload the APT line ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa in 9.04
Wednesday July 28 2010
10:24PM 19 [1.2]StarCraft 2 - Very Slow On Good Computer?
9:06PM 0 StarCraft 2: how to force it to run faster?
8:01PM 2 Re: Trying to get N1MM Logger working under Wine
7:46PM 2 Deleting .wine as root
6:48PM 0 Fw: Re: Hardwood Solitaire and Wine 1.2-rc7
6:09PM 1 Hide cursor in wine window
5:44PM 0 Fails to install sql 2008 server native client
4:51PM 2 minimap and Leaderheads not showing up in Civilization IV
3:55PM 1 Libiberty/mkstemps compile problem
12:44PM 1 Problems with Warcraft III and Garena
12:04PM 0 HD Writer AE + Wine
5:25AM 2 unable to ./configure wine on FreeBSD 8
3:53AM 3 Wiki down?
3:12AM 1 Gecko engine installation failure
1:25AM 0 GGPO with wine
12:34AM 0 what cad programm to use
12:23AM 2 Assassin Creed 2 - slow
12:14AM 6 Attempting to bypass .net check/use mono
Tuesday July 27 2010
10:59PM 0 OpenAL mmdevapi Sound
10:37PM 1 American McGee's Alice(tm) (2000)
9:06PM 4 Running WINE on VPS
7:14PM 1 Can't install dotnet20
3:41PM 1 Wine 1.2. - dBpoweramp won't recognise cdrom
2:54PM 1 Monkey Island 2: Special Edition from Steam
1:52PM 1 Re: Sysinternals autorunsc.exe
8:51AM 3 Paltalk
6:52AM 0 Bordeaux 2.0.6 for Linux Released
6:28AM 2 Wine 1.2 + Firefox 1.6.8 + Adboe Flash = Help......
2:03AM 6 World of warcraft crash at login occasionally
Monday July 26 2010
11:59PM 0 Re: Steam in Wine
11:11PM 5 File extraction error for Zune Software.
6:05PM 2 Updating through Synaptic Package Manager
3:33PM 1 Keyboard Input Issues
2:21PM 1 Problem with Eve online
11:54AM 0 Soul Reaver 2 problem
10:27AM 0 [AppDB]-My Entry Was Merged-WTF?
2:21AM 2 Animation:Master 2004
1:37AM 0 Diablo Direct Draw Issue
Sunday July 25 2010
7:50PM 0 [PATCH] dlls/ntdll/file.c: Setting FileAllInformation is not 'fixable'.
6:32PM 1 App asks for multiple back buffers, but
6:12PM 1 [1.2]-F.E.A.R.2-Audio Fails after 1st Movie?
5:33PM 1 Exiting Full Screen Lowers OS's Resolution?
5:24PM 0 Anno 1503 issue
5:15PM 2 Kodak Easyshare
12:07PM 0 Amazon Trail II, game window won't grab focus
11:54AM 4 Antivirus for Mac Wine?
10:43AM 2 graphics card not detected
5:40AM 2 Problem With Wine and .MSI program
4:55AM 1 Query for old bugs with no activity
3:51AM 0 Re: Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugi
3:31AM 2 Vue xStream install problem
1:01AM 4 single click makes two clicks
12:20AM 0 Re: Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugi
Saturday July 24 2010
9:33PM 3 Where can I download a deb package for Ubuntu?
8:45PM 1 Europa Universalis III Complete Steam crash during startup
5:13PM 0 How to review a new test data?
3:40PM 1 Everquest
3:03PM 0 Windows open with no pictures, just background image
2:43PM 2 "Not enough memory" on MacOSX
9:06AM 6 Problem since Wine 1.2-rc1
8:10AM 3 HTML rendering is currently disabled (Wanna' play GUNZ!)
6:06AM 0 Windows applications do not display correctly after update
3:52AM 4 Wine 1.2-GIT: Compiler error in user32/painting.c
2:26AM 1 Re: Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugi
2:09AM 7 Mounting an ISO or FS Location as a CDROM in WINE...
12:01AM 0 Re: GArena w/ Linux
Friday July 23 2010
11:51PM 0 Re: Updated list of games with both and Appdb.w
10:57PM 2 DDO crash
8:37PM 3 Java virtual machine problem on wine
7:18PM 9 winetricks jet40 failed reason 2?
4:14PM 6 Hardwood Solitaire and Wine 1.2-rc7
12:07PM 0 Silkroad ZSZC Private server
10:42AM 3 Game wont install
5:23AM 0 Updated list of games with both and scores
4:45AM 2 Debugging Leage of Legends
Thursday July 22 2010
11:55PM 1 Strange MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER 6 problem
11:25PM 0 error telling me I need XP or newer
6:53PM 1 Error whenever I try to install something
5:51PM 1 running a magnifier through wine on ubuntu
4:24PM 3 Strange crashing behavior
2:41PM 0 Re: Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugi
2:03PM 2 Single joystick recognized as two under Wine
12:44PM 6 Problem with text entry fields (Mac OS X Snow leopard)
12:34PM 1 Wine 1.2 breaking VSTs, making unusable/glitchy. these plugins have been platinum for a long time :( now are almost useless
11:33AM 1 Wine64 and game
9:28AM 1 winetricks ie6/ie7 on 64bit system
8:47AM 4 wine 1.2 and number handling
7:23AM 1 Performance
5:20AM 1 how do i make only certain apps run full screen
3:32AM 7 How to enable file and print sharing
1:16AM 2 Run Games from bootcamp partition with WINE
12:56AM 4 Dragon Age Origins Awakening
Wednesday July 21 2010
11:12PM 2 bug in double click on cell window
10:35PM 1 new bug. ia32-libs update = blackscreen
9:16PM 1 Re: denying internet access to a win32 app?
8:56PM 2 Integration To Resources On Linux and outside of WINE
8:02PM 5 If a program won't run under Wine
5:30PM 1 Black Mirror 2 on Snow Leopard 10.6.4 and WineSkin Engine1.2
4:19PM 6 missing ipconfig.exe
3:28PM 0 Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library error on wine
3:20PM 1 Issues running LOTRO with Wine on mac 10.5
1:36PM 16 VT Cashbook
7:58AM 2 Unsupported ioctl 1b0064
4:24AM 5 Eve on wine graphics
1:51AM 5 WoW on Ubuntu 10.04
Tuesday July 20 2010
10:54PM 4 Enabling DDO
10:02PM 1 Wine Ubuntu 10.04 Eve Online freeze crash whole system
3:09PM 1 No Text in Sims 3
2:46PM 1 Re: Spore fails to run on new Wine versions, plus fglrx issues
8:23AM 5 [1.2]-FEAR 1&2 Has No Audio?
8:10AM 1 Re: Bioshock 2 SecuLauncher: Failed to start application
7:20AM 1 Re: Bioshock 2 - DLL problem during installation
6:10AM 0 Stickykeys
12:01AM 2 This could be a multiple supplier problem
Monday July 19 2010
7:31PM 4 Kingston Traveller Locker
7:18PM 4 VS2005 Command Line interface
6:19PM 3 how can i connected sql server with odbc dsn on .net
6:11PM 1 Trouble with directx games on wine-1.2 64 bit
2:30PM 1 wine 1.2 EPEL ?
1:01PM 0 [1.2]-F.E.A.R. On Steam-No Audio?
12:22PM 2 x11settings
9:13AM 1 Alpha Centauri crashes constantly
8:03AM 1 4Winds freezes
7:02AM 2 Wine 1.2 binary for Mac OSX
5:45AM 2 Cannot complete PES2010 installation
12:42AM 1 Re: denying internet access to a win32 app?
12:39AM 0 Re: problem with libraries in MS Access XP
Sunday July 18 2010
11:04PM 1 Re: denying internet access to a win32 app?
10:51PM 4 shared .wine directory?
10:30PM 3 Problem with all programs run with wine
8:13PM 1 "Wine cannot find the FreeType font library."
6:41PM 1 cannot load setup.exe/Office 2007 under bin32-wine
4:45PM 5 Bug found in Simcity 4 NAM plugin
2:17PM 2 Problem With Steam
7:42AM 6 cannot find L"C:\\windows\\system32\\"
6:01AM 5 A little doubt about bug 21659
2:09AM 1 aoss no sound in steam
12:59AM 3 Wine incorrectly appends ".so" to the libraries it loads
Saturday July 17 2010
11:37PM 1 problem with the registry
7:24PM 2 can't install wine :(
5:32PM 0 Simcity 4 with UNUNTU 10.04 and wine 1.2 does it still
2:45PM 3 Wizard101 Game and Website unreachable
2:39PM 4 Render errors on Death to Spies.
12:29AM 2 SendEvent
Friday July 16 2010
9:38PM 1 iCAMSource doesn load on Wine
8:42PM 4 1.2 released!
8:10PM 3 Counterstrike 1.6 lag and full screen issues
7:25PM 3 Half Life 2 Episode 1 Audio and Fullscreen issues wine1.2rc7
6:27PM 5 Randomly Dropping Audio / CTD
6:03PM 3 Re: Call for translators
4:10PM 0 Re: Natural Selection 2 (engine test) + wine 1.1.43
3:32PM 8 Native instead of libpq.dll?
11:43AM 1 Graphics problem with Wine 1.2rc7 and Shareaza 2.5.3
4:00AM 4 Usb thumbdrive hardware Id
1:44AM 0 Re: Call for translators
Thursday July 15 2010
10:35PM 2 What does these errors mean?
8:50PM 2 Re: Jedi Academy error with 1.1.32
6:04PM 13 The perils of GMAX
5:24PM 4 Thanks fellows
2:27PM 0 For what reason the "official" Wine does not suppo
2:15PM 3 Is it possible to enable a register setting via command line
11:35AM 2 Conflict with Ctrl key in MacOS?
9:48AM 1 troubles with r300g driver
8:07AM 0 Re: Tmax Window(a propietary OS) using Wine?
7:27AM 0 Re: wine Outlook 2007 cannot log on network error
6:21AM 1 possible regression in wine1.2-rc7 - GUI and VSTs
2:51AM 2 "taskbars" or "windows lists" in Wine
Wednesday July 14 2010
10:37PM 1 SQL Express 2005 install - Failed to load sqlspars.dll
9:33PM 1 error with winecfg.exe
9:25PM 2 Wine installation error in openSuSE 11.2
7:54PM 16 For what reason the "official" Wine does not support USB ?
6:11PM 3 Headless WINE (nulldrv, winetty)
6:03PM 1 Steam games do not work
5:47PM 2 how do I stop getting wine email! end of message
5:39PM 1 bus error while accessing exe from mounted zip file
5:33PM 1 Error olepro32.dll ????
5:26PM 1 Explorer Thumbnails
5:19PM 1 problem with starting exe
5:14PM 1 alsa drivers don't show up in audio tab in winecfg
2:10PM 2 Whats Up Gold
1:54PM 3 Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
1:07PM 0 More on the Linux Spotify player
11:40AM 2 Olympus camera software won't install.
10:52AM 1 Wine-Doors and wine?
9:39AM 0 Re: does internet download manager works well with wine in suse
5:57AM 1 Re: Trouble with libgsm on Mac OS X 10.6.2
5:08AM 2 The file is not marked as an executable??? How to?
4:17AM 3 DirectX troubles - Running Civilisation IV: Beyond the Sword
12:55AM 4 Wine applications for all users
12:25AM 3 I assume that wine doesn't like OLE programs using OpenGL
Tuesday July 13 2010
11:54PM 0 Install Flash MX 2004 from CD
8:44PM 0 Need help: wineconsole BAT file run hangs
8:44PM 4 Windev application setup doesn't run under Wine 1.2
7:46PM 6 Not sure how to read this
7:00PM 1 Building & Co. Game. Select Pixel Format error
6:32PM 1 Running programs in winedbg initially stopped
2:18PM 3 trouble finding a solution for this mouse problem
12:03PM 1 Warhammer Online Vertex Blending issue 6995
Monday July 12 2010
9:42PM 2 (no subject)
8:10PM 13 16-Bit/DOS Suppor Missing?
6:07PM 5 Installing a program without an MSI or installer file
3:33PM 2 Problem when trying to play Monkey Island 2 Special Edition
3:27PM 1 Native spotify!
2:13PM 4 wine and ms money 97
1:37PM 0 Re: Office 2007 Programs will not Launch
9:08AM 2 Re: Office 2007 Programs will not Launch
8:33AM 9 Kernel 2.6.35 and .Net Framework
3:42AM 1 When is font fallback and/or non-Unicode support scheduled to be fully implemented?
Sunday July 11 2010
9:21PM 0 Modio Question
3:52PM 1 Lag when playing freeware games
3:41PM 1 wine 1.1.4 and 2nd soundcard (alsa)
1:54PM 1 wolfenstein saved games
1:23PM 1 Downloader_StarCraft_Combo_deDE.2.exe got Visual c++ Error
12:08PM 3 USB key (smart card) program say: card not found
11:41AM 13 Simple application made with visual studio 2005 not running
9:09AM 2 dotnet 3.0 app crash on startup
7:31AM 3 FS9 install multiple CDs
6:32AM 1 Conquer online
Saturday July 10 2010
7:30PM 1 bug in the submit app page?
6:49PM 4 [1.2-rc7]-Really High CPU % Running Steam?
6:31PM 0 Re: New Steam Client 2010 GUI
6:21PM 0 GIT and debug symbols..
5:24PM 1 Sound broken in Ubuntu 1.2-rc7 packages (not a Wine bug)
3:39PM 1 Re: Wine not saving settings upon exiting.
8:58AM 3 Re: New Steam Client 2010 GUI
6:26AM 2 TIME_MMTimeStop Timer still active?! on Wolfenstein & Fly!2
5:02AM 2 IE6 Rendering
4:31AM 2 SPORE
4:08AM 0 Mx vs Atv on Ubuntu
1:10AM 3 Jade Dynasty graphics "glow" problem
1:09AM 2 Help reporting Oblivion problem
12:47AM 1 Re: little fighter 2 vdragonballz 3.0 mod crashes on load sprite
Friday July 9 2010
8:58PM 8 Exists a list of drivers version recommended?
8:16PM 10 Torchlight Performance
7:24PM 14 How many more RCs are you planning before wine-1.2?
6:27PM 1 ** ERROR **: implement type compare for 1b! aborting...
5:25PM 4 Re: Call for translators
1:23PM 2 Wine System Tray - can i remove/disable it
6:17AM 0 Re: DDO Launcher Failure
5:38AM 0 Re: Wine Battlefield 1942 Sound
4:29AM 4 How can I run this in Wine
4:09AM 2 drive letter problem, pclinuxos
12:03AM 1 How to support wine for windows developers
Thursday July 8 2010
8:21PM 3 SC2 Beta
9:52AM 0 Signing Key error after upgrading to Unbuntu 10.04
9:48AM 1 Microsoft .Net Framework Setup Failed
6:47AM 1 Poker tool: Elephant
5:32AM 0 What are you trying tonight
4:50AM 2 Lan multiplayer
2:49AM 1 myTV loads but crashes afterwards
12:06AM 6 A further comment on 1.2-RC6
Wednesday July 7 2010
10:32PM 1 Child windows doesn't interact with mouse input.
8:45PM 2 Where to download 1.2-rc.4?
7:46PM 1 Installing Dungeon Siege LOA
7:36PM 1 CMD.exe script question
7:15PM 1 DVDFab Decrypter on Ubuntu 10.4 + wine
7:13PM 1 DirectX questions
2:09PM 1 Wine 1.2-rc6 crashes when run in 16bpp
12:09PM 4 No Sound on Counter Strike 1.6
12:05PM 3 Message: "err:psdrv:PSDRV_PPDGetNextTuple Line too long."
12:08AM 1 Civ 4 time victory in 2 minutes
Tuesday July 6 2010
8:59PM 3 installing league of legens on ubuntu v. 10.4
8:42PM 0 Failure to Launch SNIPER GHOST WARRIOR
7:52PM 5 Patching wine
3:57PM 0 winebuild: rpc_server.o is an empty file
3:38PM 1 Problems with Flash CS4 and other Adobe software
1:59PM 0 Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2 problem.
6:37AM 1 Set the resolution to 1000x70
6:28AM 3 copy Windows registry
Monday July 5 2010
9:28PM 1 hmm
9:21PM 15 Assassins Creed2
8:30PM 0 Compliments on 1.2-rc6, and a few notes
7:46PM 1 CorelDRAW X3 installation problems
5:56PM 7 Question about Winetricks...
3:50PM 2 Problem Installing Dangerous Water
1:47PM 11 Make sure that Visual Studio works before 1.2 release
9:16AM 0 SynthInvent problems
7:07AM 0 Re: Ragnarok Online -FreeRO
2:56AM 1 no audo in ubuntu 10.04
1:33AM 0 Left 4 Dead 2 Dropping Audio Bug/Issue
12:21AM 1 WINE cannot create a window
12:12AM 4 Dragon Age : Origins issues...
Sunday July 4 2010
10:56PM 4 WINE Runtime Error - isskin.dll issue?!?
10:42PM 1 FAQ on Nautilus needed?
9:22PM 5 Outcast error
7:34PM 1 Winebrowser from Kmail?????
6:51PM 1 DogFighter on Steam
5:20PM 7 Unable to play Perfect World
3:46PM 8 RAS support is not implemented!
1:58PM 2 how to run programs on Mac OS X
2:10AM 4 Tropico 3 on Mac OS X
12:25AM 1 Re: TF2 random quit
Saturday July 3 2010
9:50PM 0 Re: Problem with wine creating folders on installs
6:49PM 0 Prince of Persia : Forgotten Sands = No sound
5:54PM 0 The annoying FAQ of detecting Wine
3:58PM 0 FAQ just updated and copyedited
2:46PM 2 how to run commands in "top-level directory"
9:25AM 5 WoW and rc6
9:14AM 1 Re: Problem with wine creating folders on installs
5:13AM 0 Re: Some news for AutoCAD users
3:51AM 0 Warlords Battlecry 3
1:13AM 1 Re: TF2 random quit
Friday July 2 2010
11:18PM 1 AD-muncher does not install
11:18PM 1 IrfanView/IrfanPaint-Latest update doesn't save paint edits
10:21PM 3 AOE runs but doesn't.
10:09PM 2 Lost buttons at page bottom in wine config!
8:36PM 0 can't restore ~/.local/share/applications/wine-extension*
7:20PM 0 Re: pulseaudio under ubuntu lucid
2:01PM 3 Install Windows in a partition of the HD using Wine
7:22AM 1 winecfg, cdrom and winetricks
5:39AM 3 .wine invisible
4:02AM 0 regedit can't connect network registry
2:31AM 1 New test and rating not displayed in AppDB
Thursday July 1 2010
9:24PM 1 disabling alt+click/drag in WINE?
9:10PM 1 Singularity game has slow video
8:33PM 3 wine1.2rc-x changes brightnes in flash fullscreen (nvidia)
8:08PM 2 Activating Movie Magic Screenwriter 6
7:43PM 9 how to install freephoneline.exe from CLI
7:31PM 0 Wine 1.2-rc?, nVidia, and WoW 3.3.5 Problems
4:47PM 1 Solitaire Master 5
4:10PM 1 Call of Duty 4 question
1:54PM 0 Re: Football Manager 2010 - resolution on netbook
8:58AM 0 Modified version of Linux Deepin 9.12.1 released
5:01AM 8 wine apt no logner add-able
4:15AM 4 Wine 1.1.44 and WoW 3.3.5 crash
12:05AM 7 Portal Menu Text missing!