Rails - Jul 2007

Tuesday July 31 2007
11:33PM 1 whats the best approach for small dual language site?
10:36PM 0 Edit not working with named routes
9:52PM 0 How to pass multiple parameters with a URL or link_to???
9:52PM 11 Modifying generated SQL
9:50PM 1 check all - check box problem
9:28PM 5 How to debug log_level issue?
9:23PM 0 question about RESTful resource routing
9:00PM 0 Sorting data properly
8:40PM 3 Mixin problems
8:33PM 2 Difficult model.find
8:09PM 4 How to update a list of Models 'automatically' in 1 action.
8:09PM 6 InstantRails and NetBeans
8:08PM 0 generate checkbox in scaffold
7:35PM 0 Free tutorials and Interview Questions.
7:13PM 3 UPS Shipping Tools XML Integration
6:48PM 0 Force an object to previous state, when using lock_version
6:29PM 3 create tab delimited text file
5:55PM 0 wsdlDriver won't run under Rails (SSL)
5:45PM 0 How To Increase Internet Download Speed From 100-200kbsec
5:40PM 2 link_to
5:38PM 1 shipping gem
4:45PM 3 country listbox from table
4:42PM 0 tie checkbox to data field
4:38PM 1 Dispatch Error with Ruby Cookbook recipes 15.8 and 15.9
4:09PM 0 Ruby on rails and HSQLDB
4:04PM 0 Aggregate Models that don't correspond directly to DB table
4:02PM 1 Problem regarding Sybase configuration with Aptana IDE
3:52PM 2 two layouts for index action, or two index actions?
3:30PM 0 bidi / rtl language support in Ruby (Rails)
3:14PM 0 try catch error
2:58PM 1 RXML: <ruby:put expr="1+2"/>
2:44PM 4 Time from seconds.
2:40PM 1 *.html.erb or *.erb.html ?
2:06PM 0 Multiple File Upload with attachment_fu
2:05PM 0 sortable_element on multiple lists
1:49PM 0 Observers, models, edge, chickens and eggs
1:43PM 2 Session unrecognized in before_filter block
1:34PM 4 circular DB problem
1:12PM 0 Autoloading of ActiveRecord classes
1:08PM 0 HTTP post constantly submitting
1:02PM 2 How to use redirect_to :action => 'something', params
12:59PM 3 Big apps on Rails
12:20PM 1 form_for - over riding the controller that generates the form
12:15PM 1 paradigm for creating an object over several form screens?
11:50AM 4 Catch exception
11:41AM 2 Hosting Ruby Suggestions?
11:21AM 7 what does <label for=...> mean?
10:36AM 4 inbox addon for app
10:14AM 0 In Place Editor - Dates
9:55AM 0 Help with :limit :ofset loop?
9:05AM 0 ClockingIT v0.99.2 released
8:32AM 0 Ruby and Ghostscript
8:25AM 0 quick and dirty
7:52AM 2 PDF combine
7:27AM 0 Master/detail grouping - Advice needed
5:55AM 1 Best Theme Engine?
5:44AM 0 One mongrel, multiple apps?
4:19AM 0 memcache-client 1.4.0 Released
3:54AM 0 semi-RESTful routes user problem
2:15AM 1 AR validates_uniqueness_of's :message
1:04AM 1 Baffling Ajax.Updater problem
Monday July 30 2007
10:44PM 1 Multiple Many-to-Many relationship on same both modles???
10:20PM 5 Sphincter 1.0.0 Released
9:13PM 3 disabling/cachine SHOW FIELDS FROM
8:57PM 10 overridden validator not being used?
8:52PM 1 ActiveRecord Validation not working
8:49PM 3 show only notes for current user
8:06PM 1 render :alert
7:18PM 0 .rjs files
7:07PM 1 STI and model loading question
6:43PM 0 Co-Tech Ruby CoFounder for Concept-advance Social Venture Startup wanted ASAP
6:17PM 7 Setting session data within Integration Test
5:58PM 3 Deactivate instances on delete
5:32PM 1 Rake Task not working
5:04PM 1 Calculated fixtures
4:53PM 1 Is this a bug or expected behavior?
4:44PM 1 Question about form_tag : Error uninitialized constant Chapter2Controller::User
4:41PM 0 test
4:28PM 7 [OT] Converting MP3s to SWF
4:23PM 0 Prompt
4:16PM 0 Setting AR attribute from date_select values?
4:00PM 3 validates_uniqueness_of doesn't work if value tested is numeric and column is string
3:59PM 4 How to know the current Controller
3:28PM 0 Adding "update all" functionality
3:20PM 0 How to design controllers and views for - STI - Multiple us
3:11PM 4 erb with -%> from command line?
3:10PM 2 Strange problem when using crypt.
3:01PM 10 Dispatch Error
2:40PM 2 text_field and overridden methods
2:18PM 2 Ajax - adding to ul
2:02PM 1 Accessing values of the form
1:38PM 0 rmagick error: TypeError
11:20AM 2 build a menu (li.selected)
10:50AM 2 Page-by-page iterator pattern
9:04AM 3 SortHelper problem
8:57AM 1 How to connect to other server (Like cURL in php) in Ruby on rails.
8:07AM 0 installing mkmf on windows-xp
7:05AM 0 Migrating Sans Migrations
6:04AM 0 Rails/MSSQL error
5:45AM 2 dynamic layout - title for google page rank
2:57AM 1 figuring out ActiveRecord associations
2:18AM 5 How to add custom properties to image file?
12:55AM 0 block certain users from doing tasks
12:54AM 2 link_to: Space in between 2 variables used for anchor
Sunday July 29 2007
11:29PM 0 nested resources and hierarchical trees
10:55PM 7 Couldn't find Type without an ID
9:13PM 2 deleting the files that were created by a generator
9:02PM 6 looking for sexy migration tutorial/reference
8:32PM 1 how to limit file download size?
7:50PM 2 Using the 404 for Missing Routes and Actions
6:28PM 1 what's the use of ActiveResource
4:49PM 1 A rather rudimentary & decidely dopey MySQL question ...
4:12PM 2 Losing a parameter when i submit a form
3:59PM 0 The Perfect Timestamp
3:12PM 4 How to restrict deletion of ActiveRecord objects if there dependent records?
2:38PM 10 More that one db
2:24PM 0 Reading an email from an mbox file and resending to a different address without modification
1:26PM 0 select statements
1:06PM 4 WEBrick - What am I doing wrong?
9:39AM 10 pagination with 500000 items
9:18AM 4 Mongrel stops responding after period of inactivity
5:51AM 2 page update
2:34AM 1 Curious why this doesn't work. (has_many, belongs_to)
1:25AM 0 Web Settings and different models
1:09AM 4 NoMethodError - previously defined method?
12:41AM 3 capistrano problems
12:39AM 1 DRYing up between Helper and Controller
Saturday July 28 2007
11:15PM 0 scaffold x paginate
9:20PM 11 What is the Rails equivalent of Dependency Injection?
8:10PM 4 Ruby on Rails candy for petproject
8:05PM 0 Nested RESTful Routes and creating a object from XML
7:28PM 1 file_column / rmagick does not generate thumbnails
6:37PM 0 attachment_fu destroy
5:08PM 9 Struggling with rjs templates
3:45PM 10 Default find condition in ActiveRecord
3:40PM 1 defining own exceptions in rails
3:25PM 2 activerecord model constantize question
10:59AM 0 Sortable Elements
10:37AM 1 Improving before/after_add callbacks for has_many/habtm
10:08AM 3 attachment_fu max height/width
10:00AM 0 MSN, Yahoo and ORKUT Hidden Secrets Tricks
9:55AM 19 Harry Potter 5 - The order of the Phoenix
8:59AM 0 Bulk updating Gem source index for: http://gems.rubyforge.org
6:05AM 3 SMS Gateway .... for Rails app? (a bit OOT)
6:05AM 1 ActiveRecord validates_presence_of with false
5:20AM 3 Can I really add Databases a lot easier to my website???
2:48AM 1 Adding Query String to Link
12:07AM 0 Ruby UDP Multicasting Binding Insanity
Friday July 27 2007
11:13PM 0 multiple rails app hosted on single server
10:57PM 4 ActiveRecord.find([id array]) question
10:44PM 1 ActiveRecord Warnings plugin: Problem when extending ActiveRecord::Base
10:19PM 0 need help with list boxes
10:18PM 1 need help with check boxes
9:53PM 7 Ruby on Rails & Textmate
9:49PM 2 IE7
9:21PM 3 question about link_to_remote
8:58PM 4 calling a stored procedure from activerecord
8:55PM 1 ActiveRecord can do conditonal update?
8:54PM 3 -bash: rails: command not found
8:04PM 1 support a model within a script
7:44PM 8 Help needed to DRY helpers and proper MVC with Ruby
7:06PM 4 Are you using foreign keys?
7:00PM 12 windows + linux?
7:00PM 1 How to retrieve response headers in integration tests?
6:58PM 7 Nooby Help with created_at, updated_at, and if/then
6:28PM 0 Re: Simple parent child view
5:33PM 3 When to use Has Many and Has and Belongs to many.
5:26PM 4 Learning how to use custom Form Builders
5:14PM 1 Re: Simple parent child view
5:13PM 3 No Method Error
5:08PM 1 problems with assert_select
4:21PM 1 PAKHostOnline.com – Web Hosting | Pakistan | http://www.pakhostonline.com/
3:44PM 4 w/ fixtures, ERB gives $end unexpected. Options?
3:40PM 1 Is Rails 1.1.6 compatible with Ruby 1.8.6?
3:26PM 2 Error on Save
2:57PM 0 ◘►Legally Access FREE Satellite TV on your PC◄◘
2:40PM 1 having problems with global variable
2:21PM 17 Starting out?
1:50PM 16 Number formatter
12:46PM 1 Integrating Google checkout and google4r
11:49AM 1 WIN32OLERuntimeError , ---for Solidworks
11:11AM 1 Unit testing models with relationships between tables.
11:02AM 5 SSH database configuration
10:40AM 6 Linking across models
10:25AM 1 Still struggling on trying to implement a partial
10:21AM 0 How to combine OpenOffice and Ruby,Rails
10:17AM 0 RailsConf Europe update: Roy Fielding to keynote
10:09AM 2 Exif -module reading jpg/raw???
8:50AM 4 acts_as_authenticated
6:48AM 0 RubyOnRails syntax-parser error
5:58AM 0 (^|^) Best Anti-Spyware of the year 2007 (^|^)
5:56AM 0 <<<--- Amazing Family Ship --->>>
5:41AM 0 Wondering and worring about veriable scope
3:41AM 1 current line of thinking towards reusable code / components
3:23AM 16 rails adding junk into db
3:19AM 2 Associations in the same table
2:50AM 1 Rendering any file type from an action
1:05AM 0 Combine File.
12:13AM 16 What are the benefits of REST in plain English?
Thursday July 26 2007
11:57PM 2 OK to post?
10:08PM 0 open source billing system, feedback on a couple of items
8:26PM 2 using more than 1 collection_select drop down in a form
8:20PM 1 Dynamic form fields
8:08PM 0 Problems with RJS & Ajax
7:48PM 4 Wildcard sub-domains and routes
7:03PM 0 JRuby Hack Day (San Francisco, CA)
6:45PM 1 Module to track books and their reviews for my users? Amazon access??
6:21PM 9 Webmail Apps in RoR
6:14PM 2 page << HTML
6:13PM 1 Lohan the observable
6:13PM 0 File path from controller
5:24PM 0 Capistrano - 'sanity_check' task
5:22PM 0 Rails bloggers wanted
4:27PM 3 rhtml output
4:24PM 2 YOGA - Health, Well-being and Long Life
4:22PM 0 The Best Kites and the Kite flying champions
4:13PM 1 Avoiding 'You are being redirected' page
4:00PM 2 Little Rails Bug - does it still exist?
3:50PM 0 Partial not pulling through values
3:33PM 2 Rails, SQL Server 2000 and Dates Pre 1970
3:21PM 16 Create unique process to handle transactions
3:21PM 4 Ruby vs Java
3:04PM 5 Through Associations
2:42PM 3 Help
2:39PM 0 help with net/ssh
2:38PM 1 Anyone have any experience with SortHelper2?
2:37PM 1 Bi-directional self-referential HABTM
2:36PM 2 Ruby 1.8.6 + Rails 1.2.3 + ErrorNotification == NameError !?
2:24PM 4 what does "assert assigns(:users)" mean?
1:44PM 0 validate problem
1:44PM 0 Transaction doesn't work
1:34PM 0 Rake task database to XML export
1:06PM 4 How do I implement "rotating" content on a website?
12:32PM 3 Action::Mail
12:21PM 3 ActiveRecord basics
12:04PM 0 making a new join in a habtm relationship
11:31AM 1 Validation
10:06AM 0 mongrel cluster stop working after long idle time
9:02AM 0 [newbie]Form differs from db-table
6:48AM 4 saving the image
5:30AM 1 Scroll Page While Dragging 'draggable_element'
5:28AM 0 converting ActiveRecord objects to json
5:24AM 4 attachment_fu undefined method `upload_data='
4:32AM 1 Putting serialized data into fixture
4:23AM 2 How to make a deep copy of ActiveRecord
4:02AM 0 reg api
2:09AM 1 Decimal Numbers presentation
2:00AM 1 How to make attachment_fu work?
1:58AM 2 how to refresh the entire page from link_to_remote (RJS) ?
1:50AM 1 Newbie question regarding where to put logic for UI elements
1:50AM 0 Speed up your PC
1:49AM 0 Fitness Secrets - Specially for ladies
12:41AM 0 Installing rails in vendor messes up migrations
12:12AM 1 One Controller, many viewing platforms...
12:01AM 2 Suppress SELECT after INSERT
Wednesday July 25 2007
11:33PM 3 Using system() to execute a script outside of Rails but in a directory in the Rails app...
11:16PM 0 EOF and ActionMailer
10:48PM 4 Any programmer can answer this in 2 sec, but I'm stumped.
10:45PM 0 Acts as attachment thumbnail problem
10:00PM 1 PNG Fix not working with Unique Identifiers on image paths
9:40PM 4 Need help developing a plugin
9:39PM 5 editing multiple models in one form
9:27PM 0 Rails finders , how do you find based on children's attributes
9:16PM 0 two columns reference to the same table
9:12PM 3 Converting an Array to a Hash
8:48PM 0 ERROR: While executing gem ...
8:42PM 1 New Window popup without link
8:25PM 9 cancel periodically_call_remote?
8:22PM 4 Table id's never get recycled?
8:19PM 0 Multiple header rows with FasterCSV?
8:12PM 0 Travel Tickets at Cheaper Rate
7:51PM 0 Rails on Tomcat Tutorial
7:39PM 0 :action Problem
7:33PM 4 Top down reference for Rails?
7:22PM 1 Installing Ruby On Rails with Gem
7:11PM 0 Ruby Canada launched - The Canadian resource for all things Ruby
6:49PM 1 Error Handling on Ajax pages
6:08PM 6 Dreamhost problem
5:21PM 1 original port from apache needed in rails ? RequestHeader ?
5:21PM 1 Acceder a variables de clase
5:11PM 3 Overriding get, post, etc. in functional tests (i.e. Test::Unit::TestCase)
4:22PM 3 Linking a class to itself
3:45PM 0 ;) Cute kitten ;)
3:38PM 5 what happens to people who try to use Rails with another CMS besides SVN?
3:22PM 11 2 Rails Quirks
1:59PM 2 how to call javascript function in RJS ?
1:38PM 4 comparing ip adres with database list
1:34PM 3 Redirect Issue
11:01AM 3 autotest + integration testing (follow_redirect!) error
10:55AM 2 attachment_fu and get file from session.
10:50AM 0 Inserting parent record's details into new page
10:29AM 3 CSV Importer for ActiveRecord
9:46AM 0 Routing problem: extending matched route segment
9:20AM 3 Web Service
9:12AM 3 Repopulating form after validation error
8:52AM 3 FasterCSV load file to table
7:49AM 1 POST or ActiveRecord save?
7:07AM 1 Edge Rails: Nested resources and the new url_for
6:40AM 2 Creating instance variables while looping over a hash
3:50AM 0 vim-rails package for Ubuntu/Debian
2:50AM 0 RE: Lookng for some developers
1:19AM 2 Ladies Hand Bags - World of Fashion
12:47AM 9 RMagick resize gives images with grey lines!
12:34AM 2 piston & svn up first time
12:20AM 1 strange rake behavior
Tuesday July 24 2007
11:34PM 9 A design question..
11:18PM 0 Fwd: <<< SWIMMING Girls >>>
10:28PM 13 Problem with validates_length_of an integer
10:24PM 2 Nested params and redirect_to
10:23PM 4 :select and :include in find are incompatible
10:02PM 2 XML Element attributes
9:36PM 0 You May Not Need a Lawyer for Your Divorce
9:24PM 6 dbase query performance vs. iterating over large result array (:include)
9:04PM 3 helpers
8:38PM 0 re-writing a jscript in Ruby
8:20PM 1 "Recognizing" a controller and action from an URL?
8:19PM 1 Passing the contents of a flash to a different controller
7:55PM 1 Polymorphic Associations
7:44PM 3 PATH Error trying to freeze edge rails
6:33PM 0 The occasional capistrano 503
6:31PM 2 Cap deployment painfully slow
6:25PM 5 Could somone please check this over.. i cant find the error.
6:13PM 1 InstantRails and ImageScience on Windows
5:28PM 4 Newbie Question (belongs_to and has_many)
5:21PM 1 My id's are all float?
5:09PM 2 setting :binary, :limit option on mysql column
5:02PM 1 setting "defaults" on AR finds
4:51PM 3 Acts_as_list and a Join table ??
4:12PM 9 will_paginate plugin doesn't work with Association Extensions?
4:10PM 0 Pre-populating a has_many relationship?
3:23PM 0 iframe permission problems.
3:11PM 1 transaction
3:02PM 2 reusing partials
2:59PM 0 New Pinoy Adult site-- FREE Download
2:51PM 5 How much view logic in controller?
2:41PM 1 Popup Content Without Application Layout
2:06PM 7 set a rails variable to the output of a javascript function?
2:02PM 38 why detest rspec? (was: community poll about testing and specs)
1:42PM 1 Displaying related records in a new frame
1:19PM 4 Model not updating
1:08PM 8 Pass the current controller to the model
1:04PM 0 Supressing output from FormBuilder helpers?
12:31PM 2 YARV howto
12:29PM 1 Executing a static javascript function after every event
11:44AM 0 Win-Explorer Style Navigation Tree with dynamic loading
10:41AM 0 Implementing commenting system using acts_as_nested_set
10:17AM 0 licensing patterns?
9:44AM 4 How to pull the title and url from an iframe?
9:32AM 0 Fwd: <<< Best USA Universities >>>
9:31AM 1 blocks using concat do not work inside helper
6:52AM 3 Rails web hosting - spam email policy
6:36AM 1 Share hash beetween Mongrel instances
5:54AM 3 Lightbox problem
5:23AM 11 Problem with restful_authentication
4:48AM 3 Newb question:
4:13AM 0 send_data and ie
3:22AM 1 Optimize your System
3:16AM 0 School of Suicide Bombers
3:15AM 1 undefined AR class module for Marshal
3:10AM 3 geocoding addresses with ym4r google maps
2:41AM 10 community poll about testing and specs
2:05AM 0 singapore.rb meeting for July 2007
12:08AM 0 Loading screen help (newbie somewhat)
Monday July 23 2007
11:02PM 3 SQLite/Rails/Human bug? "SQL logic error"
10:41PM 6 ActiveRecord hang with MySQL and large data
10:20PM 0 Zoomable Google maps?
10:17PM 1 Accessing children of children using has_many?
9:47PM 0 Fwd: </&\>Top 20 COLLEGES OF THE WORLD </&\>
9:44PM 0 Fwd: (((Best Uk Universities List for Indians )))
9:35PM 3 Simple Newbie Question
9:12PM 0 Working in Dubai
8:20PM 2 ActiveRecord.find :group option
8:20PM 6 Test fixtures not loading
7:46PM 8 Ruby On Rails - Up and Running
7:41PM 0 restful routes, deciding nesting/session
7:36PM 0 Escaping Data to Prevent XSS When It Gets Stored
7:33PM 7 image_tag and files outsite /public directory
7:23PM 0 themes - overriding layouts
7:21PM 0 Mirko Homepage
7:15PM 0 DEPRECATED_INSTANCE_VARIABLES error deploying frozen edge app
7:12PM 0 class_cache has got me stumped
6:55PM 1 Need to reset and retain value in text_field
6:55PM 4 Problem with fresh install of InstantRails 1.7: Routing error
6:37PM 1 Streamlined and ActiveScaffold question
6:35PM 1 Flash variables and ruby
6:18PM 1 How do you determine the MIME type for a file?
6:13PM 4 RoR Postion. Full time, Utah
5:54PM 2 Firebird, fireruby
5:24PM 2 Cleaning and Drying up controllers with postback actions
5:23PM 3 Dynamically determine environment?
5:15PM 0 capture in rails to get javascript variable value
4:59PM 1 Rails web site
4:44PM 0 swapping css for browser resolution- reference screen width?
4:26PM 0 I want my login and logout actions to not change the page
2:59PM 0 Ruby East 2007 Call For Papers
2:55PM 4 Best Practices for Unit Testing the Model?
2:47PM 2 Formatting time calculation
2:45PM 2 disk space management
2:37PM 1 using helper methods in email templates
2:36PM 2 redner and redirect_to
2:22PM 3 Deployment Routing Issue
1:59PM 1 readline (LoadError)
1:58PM 5 Case of If?
1:52PM 0 Strange Rendering with img_tag
1:34PM 0 acts_as_taggable and escaping apostrophe's
12:59PM 3 sending email
12:24PM 2 Evaluating a variable from it's name
12:17PM 2 about sending email
12:01PM 2 Validation of security code with leading zero
11:12AM 6 activerecord and empty find results
9:37AM 5 validate_format_of
8:42AM 0 How to obtain field named 'action' from a POSTed form?
8:42AM 0 any restful client other than active_resource?
8:32AM 0 Problem with page.insert_html and page.select.().first
5:34AM 0 Fwd: Free 3D designing Software
4:59AM 12 how to send emails in ror application
4:58AM 0 Copyright (c) symbol, mysql and utf8
3:37AM 5 erb behavior
2:33AM 1 How to do link_to with query parameter AND css class
12:20AM 1 cartographer help
Sunday July 22 2007
11:28PM 0 Fwd: $$$ Free Best photo editing software $$$
11:15PM 16 Is there something like PHP's $_POST superglobal array available?
10:47PM 2 what are these called?
10:37PM 3 login form
9:22PM 3 NoMethodError in action_view/helpers/form_helper.rb:302:in `value' After updating rails
9:20PM 2 Pet Lovers - Natural Cure for Pets
9:08PM 0 When to Replace Brake Pads
9:07PM 2 undefined method `stringify_keys'
8:42PM 2 Seek brilliant Rails programmer to add one field to acts_as_taggable
6:52PM 1 Class level variables in Mongrel
4:33PM 0 knowledge management in OSS communities
4:23PM 0 Try Ellis College for Free
4:07PM 5 RubyonRails 2.0 (NEW)?
12:43PM 3 Retrieving validation messages without making errors
12:38PM 4 single table inheritance problem
10:44AM 2 How to overwrite an already defined rake task
10:06AM 1 html.erb and textmate. Cant get snippets to work.
7:05AM 2 routing to the welcome page
6:03AM 3 Executing a model from two different controllers - one controller requires authenticated access the other doesn't
4:55AM 3 Attachment fu on windows
3:34AM 5 Question on the "common way" to code
1:21AM 1 Many to Many relationship entry insert bug?
12:12AM 7 partial problem
12:09AM 1 object of instance with "'''''''NULL'''''''" default value in not null column
Saturday July 21 2007
11:22PM 0 Can You Laugh Like This - Funniest
11:08PM 0 Fwd: >||||< END OF THE WORLD >||||<
10:56PM 2 newbie Rails/DB questions
10:07PM 0 The Convenience of Online Learning. The Benefits of a Respected Degree.Try Ellis College for Free.
9:00PM 1 pretty-print and cleanse RHTML?
8:39PM 0 A few web services questions
7:27PM 1 Suggestion for filtering your stack traces with Test::Unit::Util::BacktraceFilter
7:26PM 1 Another test question for Rails
6:30PM 2 simple question on referencing another table
5:43PM 4 Does anyone know how to write an additional attribute to the TAGS table?
5:28PM 7 gem install mysql fails
4:51PM 7 PHP "stripclashes" equivalent in Ruby/Rails?
3:17PM 2 attachment_fu problem
3:12PM 4 Easy Eclipse
2:48PM 12 Help getting into console
12:46PM 0 Support my bachelor thesis: Efficient Web Dev with RoR
9:50AM 3 manging rescues
8:44AM 1 ActiveScaffold. Wow.
8:39AM 0 Fwd: <x>Top 20 COLLEGES OF THE WORLD <x>
7:21AM 1 Setting upload limits
6:47AM 0 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.7.0 Released!
4:43AM 2 migrating data to multiple tables?
3:17AM 4 Re: What happened to the scaffold_resource generator?
2:17AM 0 attachment_fu validations
1:00AM 1 routing problems (works with mongrel / webrick, but fails in apache)
12:53AM 3 unable to get "has_many :after_add" to work - need help
12:53AM 0 ERB help. not seeing variables?
12:26AM 0 Rspec and stubbing arrays
Friday July 20 2007
11:35PM 6 Permission denied on my windows xp sp2 development system
11:33PM 1 Place to announce a website for sale
11:32PM 2 Fwd: <<< STUDY IN AUSTRALIA >>>
11:17PM 0 STI -Defining Required Parameters
11:14PM 1 efficient, "Rails Way" method of doing a somewhat complex find
10:31PM 1 Edge Rails Apps Consuming 1.2 Rails Resources
10:28PM 2 Using :joins gives me the wrong id
10:24PM 1 Reset and Retain data in Text Fields on RoR Forms
9:37PM 2 has_many
8:59PM 0 attachment_fu path
8:51PM 0 Theme Plugin CSS Path Problem
8:45PM 0 scaffold question
8:31PM 0 What's The Big Fuss About Long Domain Names?
7:39PM 4 the value in text_field helper
7:23PM 1 migration foreign key
7:09PM 1 setting session variable with a checkbox
6:42PM 0 <:::> Best Online Internet Jobs <:::>
6:36PM 0 Fwd: << 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE'S >>
6:23PM 3 override RAILS_ENV from rake task
6:16PM 2 Object.save
6:09PM 0 Ruby Chinese Community Open-Sourcing Project Management System lauched!
5:35PM 9 Processing PersonController#create (for at 2007-07-20 10:19:55) [POST] ArgumentError in PersonController#create : wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)
5:30PM 1 two controllers
5:30PM 1 has_many_and_belongs_to_"one"? beginner question, go easy on me ....
4:33PM 6 Overriding Array
4:09PM 2 marshal data too short - when user id = 51
3:28PM 5 Testing Issue
3:22PM 2 Best way to support rails and shared hosting on my dedicated box. . .?
3:16PM 6 get 5$ cash for free in your paypal account
3:07PM 3 observe_field using :on => select not working
2:42PM 2 RJS and Nokia N800
2:37PM 3 Sticky Forms
2:34PM 2 Errno::EBADF in ClassifiedController#list
2:16PM 3 Downloading Rails w/o Gems
2:02PM 5 Finally we release the Ruby on Rails 5-day course
1:33PM 0 url_for and routes.rb
12:57PM 5 Block usage of content_tag
11:54AM 0 Licenses and doing the right thing
10:44AM 3 find_all on an array of ActiveRecords
10:19AM 3 Simple things like duplicating a record in rails?
10:10AM 3 Mozzila Logout back button issue
9:06AM 2 about transaction method
8:59AM 0 How to implement doc/literal webservice with RoR?
8:40AM 0 Fwd: $$$ Free Top rated photo editing software $$$
7:59AM 2 collection_select not selecting item, unless...
7:29AM 0 focus on text_field
6:01AM 0 Mysterious local server issue (running locomotive on osx)
2:40AM 4 Where to store encryption keys?
1:46AM 0 tztime (tz_time_attributes) problem with callbacks
1:21AM 0 Anyone using the iCalendar gem?
12:50AM 3 webrick across network
12:32AM 3 Passing data between controller methods
Thursday July 19 2007
11:00PM 0 CodeGear Developer Research in San Francisco, CA
10:58PM 0 Cache block skipped over
10:54PM 0 caching a site wide partial
10:51PM 2 Transform URLs from: "url.com/Bob+Doe" to "url.com/bob_doe"
10:04PM 8 Where do I put code for my own types?
9:27PM 0 TCLink Windows
9:26PM 3 Mongrel on Windows XP: Slower than Webrick?!?
9:08PM 1 STI questions...
8:47PM 2 Microsoft quotes issue
8:43PM 0 locomotive and establish_connection
8:32PM 0 5$ free for you in your paypal account
8:27PM 0 What do you need to know about consumer awareness
8:12PM 0 mongrel service/win32 problems
8:07PM 4 Repairing migrations
8:05PM 2 how to know objects' methods?
7:20PM 0 xml builder cache (with a slight problem on initial load)
6:46PM 1 Alert if dispatch.fcgi fails
5:42PM 4 Simple noob question about rails data access
5:39PM 5 request parsing and params hash
5:13PM 0 Re: Poll: Which Editor/IDE Do You Use For Ruby/Rails Develop
4:39PM 2 Routing question, nested resources
4:37PM 5 Css and Rails
4:04PM 4 use helper method in controller?
3:59PM 2 sharing layouts between controllers
3:56PM 2 Sending email from rails, without an email server installed?
3:39PM 2 form invoking wrong action...
3:39PM 1 Plugins problem - can't install haml or any other plugin!
3:34PM 2 attachment_fu
2:56PM 2 Count by group optimization.
2:50PM 5 using a link to submit a form
2:46PM 18 Poll: Which Editor/IDE Do You Use For Ruby/Rails Development
1:35PM 3 noob question: calling a view in a different folder
1:14PM 4 Pagination
12:59PM 7 NoMethodError in partial driving me mad
12:41PM 0 E-commerce googlegroup announcement
11:52AM 1 How come my posts never get into this forum?
10:03AM 3 Help with a simple search form
9:40AM 0 Fwd: >>> Christmas Cake Recipes <<<
9:37AM 0 Cache and content_for
9:26AM 0 New RoR site: www.cocoatraces.com
8:25AM 0 Update href, on drop down menu selection change
8:13AM 0 one mongrel with *lots* of close_wait tcp connections
8:12AM 0 Fwd: <==> World's Largest Heavy Machinery <<------
8:12AM 0 Fwd: >>>|<<< END OF THE WORLD >>>|<<<
6:34AM 3 RoR and Ajax
5:57AM 0 try this if you are a do it yourselfer
5:46AM 0 Vote on Design
5:38AM 0 A new rails app - myHedgeFund ... run your own portfolio
5:14AM 2 Cant get attachment_fu to store files outside of RAILS_ROOT
1:14AM 2 Alias Method Chain in before_filter
12:59AM 0 Solution to the Back button / double flash problem
12:41AM 1 How to use UploadColumn
Wednesday July 18 2007
9:44PM 0 Prompt box
9:24PM 6 association collection find vs ordinary array find
9:14PM 0 Vegetarian enough?
8:32PM 3 in_place_editor_field problem
8:16PM 0 static urls for dynamic conent (routing question)
7:38PM 1 Rails as a frontend for an existing application, best practice?
6:54PM 11 Need Volunteers: New Rails Shopping Cart
6:51PM 0 Routing with namespaces using edge rails
6:38PM 3 custom scaffolding problem
5:38PM 2 Getting all records in a relationship - how can I do this in a cleaner way?
5:32PM 2 Strange error: Could anybody please help?
5:19PM 1 Is there a better way to get all of these records?
5:06PM 1 Mysql gem couldn't be installed...
4:54PM 0 Mailer template names and underscores weirdness
4:46PM 3 application naming convention
4:08PM 0 Fwd: ==> MOBILE PHONE PRICES ==>
4:07PM 0 help with posting XML
3:57PM 2 Apps in screencast Creating a weblog in 15 minutes
3:35PM 3 Email outside of Rails
3:30PM 1 :with attribute for form_remote_tag
3:24PM 1 Anyone using Netbeans for ROR? how to run "destroy" script from it??
2:53PM 3 Getting the session variables after a redirect_to
2:52PM 5 extending nil methods
1:22PM 0 Saving Images to a BLOB database column - and getting them back again...
12:47PM 5 Rails hosting (Virtual Server)
12:45PM 7 One Session, Many Apps
12:30PM 1 Trying to build a nested RESTful route in code?
11:13AM 0 How to reliable get the title of a web page?
11:00AM 1 Displaying form body in email
10:12AM 0 Sporadic clustering + caching problem
9:56AM 1 How to pass an array of model objects on a view
9:41AM 0 very strange date problem for the month may
8:05AM 1 Truncate table to reset id back to 1
7:41AM 1 widgetz.rb
6:06AM 2 Sorting(and updating) multiple lists on one page
5:39AM 0 Getting field value from Child window (Dialog box) - Redbox?
5:21AM 3 joining notes to users?
4:31AM 2 Upload with iframe or ajax?
4:28AM 0 only sql logging is needed in production not other information
3:58AM 17 Add database field expression (such as Person::Fullname)
2:47AM 2 Understanding :through => ... :source =>...
2:39AM 1 New entries from foreign controller
1:48AM 3 Help. Acts_as_Authenticated plugin stops working for me?
12:40AM 14 New Rails App : Pazap.com
Tuesday July 17 2007
10:45PM 4 rules for passing arrays between requests
10:38PM 1 conditional logic when dealing with nil
10:13PM 0 Multiple inserts on a through association.
9:31PM 10 Sorta new to Rails, and looking for learning resources
8:26PM 0 Road Map To Riches - Another 2-UP Scam
7:50PM 2 ActiveRecord load time
7:39PM 1 replace string
6:32PM 0 Pagination error using named routes
6:30PM 1 acts_as_list :scope with habtm
6:25PM 1 Ruby error with postgres
6:00PM 1 lightTPD vs Apache??
5:49PM 0 Help with Apache on Suse 10
5:25PM 4 migrations via script || migrate multiple DB's
5:08PM 1 form reset through rjs
5:08PM 2 Plugin Problems: const_missing: uninitialized constant Rails::Initializer::CalendarHelper
5:00PM 0 Announcement: Open sourcing a Rails/Flex eCommerce app
4:27PM 0 : :::::::The best place for shopping::::::::
4:01PM 0 Get paid to click and read email
3:54PM 4 Optimizing Rails Code
3:43PM 14 What linux distro do you recommend for rails dev?
2:58PM 1 rake test problem
2:57PM 0 XML to SQL
2:38PM 3 User profiles and settings setup with restful_authentication?
2:33PM 0 Executing javascript in the responseText
2:10PM 3 Alphabetically ordering
2:04PM 4 Displaying an existing web page within one of my rails pages
1:54PM 0 Need to use dates earlier than 1900 (Time library says out of range for dates < 1900)
1:18PM 1 Debugging
12:22PM 1 _form.rhtml isn't being updated automatically
11:51AM 0 how to pass values in ajax pagination
11:51AM 2 Turning logging on while fixtures load?
11:26AM 0 BackgrounDRb question
10:52AM 0 Manipulate mp3 files using Ruby
10:37AM 0 Setting the proxy server for RoR application
10:28AM 10 Why you are not satisfied with Ruby on Rails IDE's?
9:44AM 0 FileColumn
9:41AM 3 HELP: undefined method cattr_accessor
8:50AM 0 Backgroundrb scheduler stops
7:08AM 2 Need Help [urgent]
6:29AM 0 problem using filecolumn for file upload
6:01AM 1 Ruby on Rail Problem
5:58AM 2 Please help me decipher an error message
2:57AM 0 uninitialized constant ExceptionNotifiable deploy_with_migrations in TEST
2:56AM 5 habtm confusion
2:52AM 0 weird problem
2:42AM 1 Flash Errors
2:23AM 1 mysql question
2:14AM 0 set custom respond_to in action_controllers.
2:12AM 1 How do I collect values from X number of radio buttons?
1:39AM 0 Class caching yields the wrong data
12:58AM 0 class coercion?
12:56AM 0 get 1000,00 dolars per day
12:46AM 0 Odd behavior from the respectable replace_html and his lovely sidekick prototype
12:40AM 3 How to display an image that is stored on a file store outside the \public folder
Monday July 16 2007
11:49PM 1 has_many polymorphics problems
11:37PM 0 What tools are in your Test toolbox?
10:44PM 3 Session[:user]
9:52PM 1 after_save question
9:42PM 0 Ajax works in FF but not safari!
9:29PM 2 private method in controller
9:09PM 0 Radiant features and support
8:33PM 0 How can you get a variable from the view into the model
8:17PM 1 Project Black Mask - Review
7:59PM 8 validating password: when empty, don't save it!
7:52PM 0 Are you in Seattle and a Rails dev looking for work?
7:47PM 1 Validation isn't working - weird problem
7:05PM 1 Restful_authentication log in from controller
6:40PM 3 Deleting ALL info for a user in many tables?
5:58PM 2 Overriding placeholder text value in custom FormBuilder
5:50PM 2 nil? I don't know no nil... or maybe I do know nil...
5:47PM 0 100% polymorphism problem, hmm not so sure.
5:41PM 0 onmousover Element
5:27PM 2 Blobs
5:22PM 4 RSpec - concerns about mocking
5:05PM 0 Fwd: ((( Best Swimming Pool Girls )))
4:58PM 1 Get Client IP
4:28PM 0 Passing a calculated value in a hidden_field
4:17PM 1 rails public root
1:49PM 2 probems with partials and instance variable
1:38PM 3 setting up proper relationships
1:29PM 1 A non stop entertainment (www.aveplanet.com)
12:20PM 9 Glossy or Matte screen for programming
11:23AM 0 reg: collection select [drop down]
10:00AM 2 sake error on Windows
9:03AM 0 Creating a gem
7:53AM 0 Partials vs. Helpers
7:07AM 0 Integrating Ajax IM in rails
6:19AM 7 How to create "custom" fields in Model?
5:06AM 0 Can't upload file via C# application
4:11AM 6 Is there a wysiwyg editor in RoR?
12:08AM 0 Announcing "Ruby Newbie," a new Ruby on Rails blog aimed at beginners
Sunday July 15 2007
11:39PM 0 country_options / state_options ???
11:29PM 0 [AAF] Odd total_hits situation
9:00PM 4 get which enviornment is running from controller..
8:57PM 0 Looking For Better Gas Mileage For Your Car or Truck?
8:35PM 5 ROR vs Java vs AJAX for a web application?
8:17PM 0 Get 1000 $ / day
7:04PM 0 Expressing a Complex DDL in Rails
6:51PM 0 best practise
5:07PM 2 Is it normal or a kind of bug?
3:45PM 0 acl_system
3:41PM 0 Rails Capistrano Joyent deployment...failure at the last second!
2:42PM 4 'script' is not recognized as an internal or external comman
2:37PM 0 attachement_fu , protected files and displaying images
2:22PM 0 How to get coordinate from a google map and put the lat/long into a form?
1:03PM 4 NoMethodError in StoreController#add_to_cart
12:41PM 2 Capistrano "No such file or directory" error
11:12AM 1 A copy of "Module X" has been removed from the module tree but is still active!
10:55AM 3 Sorting By Last Comment? ("post.comments.first.created_on")
7:23AM 3 How to load many slow items into a page?
6:26AM 1 in_place_field_editor: Must you have an instance variable?
5:13AM 0 account_location and domain forwarding
1:34AM 0 Initializing dynamically generated Multiple check boxes (AJAX)
1:26AM 3 A good reference guide?
1:02AM 2 Question abouyt layouts..
12:56AM 0 dyld: NSLinkModule() error
12:28AM 0 July Phoenix Rails Users Group
Saturday July 14 2007
11:54PM 2 test database does not have constraints
11:51PM 1 Users/Groups Managment
11:39PM 0 www.OutpatientSurgicare.com/video/
10:37PM 1 backgroundrb concurrent client access, results services
10:04PM 2 Using Helpers inside a Controller
9:49PM 4 Attachment_fu mp3s
9:39PM 3 observe_field, does this generate HTML?
9:37PM 0 Buying Discounted Real Estate Notes Can Be A Great Financial Strategy
8:00PM 5 Text Editor for Windows with SFTP support + Ruby syntax highlighting
7:41PM 1 documentation
6:46PM 6 Debugging a routing error
6:15PM 4 Rails Noob, Math or Array Issue?
5:33PM 0 Best practice question: ActiveMailer
4:34PM 2 How to invoke a GET request to home page
4:25PM 0 Basic Intertable managment question
4:22PM 0 REST API Auth Question
4:17PM 0 button_to with "GET" and extra parameters
2:02PM 0 newbi: Save console commands as script (e.g. rake task?)
1:12PM 0 :primary_key in create_table with postgresql seems broken
12:59PM 1 WEBrick vs fcgi
12:24PM 7 Symbols are puzzling me and not only symbols
11:57AM 1 attachment_fu does not invoke 'create' (POST) action
11:56AM 3 Problems during deployment with capistrano
11:18AM 0 Custom XML tag
9:17AM 1 Global method
7:29AM 0 shared ssl cert and url rewritting
6:53AM 0 scaffold_resource und acts_as_tree
6:38AM 1 [Newb] How Rescue DB constraint violation?
4:47AM 2 Paypal Subscriptions
4:16AM 0 uninitialized constant CGI::Session::MemCacheStore
12:58AM 0 attachment_fu not setting s3_access on thumbnails?
12:18AM 1 Drag&Drop w/ Rest
Friday July 13 2007
10:11PM 1 periodically call remote is not my friend
9:41PM 1 "are you human" plugin for rails? does one exist?
9:17PM 1 memcache-client config problem
8:52PM 4 Tricky ruby array grouping method
8:46PM 2 Issues with Litespeed
8:31PM 0 Why no :dependent => :destroy on belongs_to?
8:27PM 4 Determining Action in the Controller
8:16PM 0 Affiliate program Secrets: The Truth About Getting Rich From Affiliate Programs
7:00PM 3 stack level too deep when parsing xml
6:50PM 1 calendar
6:46PM 0 Getting "object references itself" error trying to execute @evt.attributes.to_json
6:41PM 4 Functional testing and session[:session_id]
5:22PM 0 Paysimple Recurring vs. Trustcommerce Citadel
5:19PM 1 Rails and Scaffold question
5:19PM 2 Gem Problem with mongrel_cluster?
5:15PM 1 How to write a gem with rake?
4:51PM 2 Mongrel missing
4:17PM 1 Locating nested resources - how do you do it?
3:43PM 0 Including user defined classes
3:28PM 0 Gif creator/editor recommendation
3:15PM 1 Upgrade issue
2:56PM 0 what can i halp you ?
2:20PM 3 Executing php code in rails app
1:07PM 0 Fwd: <<< Uk Universities List for Students >>>
12:18PM 0 Quick help needed by a novice
11:33AM 0 Could it be done with web services?
11:32AM 0 relative_url_root and ENV
11:05AM 3 Backgroundrb not detaching
10:26AM 1 render_component
10:14AM 6 If number of records = zero, display 'no records found'
10:02AM 3 How can I implement uniqueness?
9:45AM 2 Callbacks with parameters
9:36AM 3 Validation performed on has_many associations before updating the belongs_to foreign key?
9:22AM 5 Relationships problems to access
8:32AM 6 using plugin ssl_requirement: generate SSL link
7:58AM 4 rounding up a floating point number to the nearest integer.
7:55AM 0 about actionmailer
7:36AM 3 ActiveResource gem problem
7:19AM 0 Globalize Currency | UPDATE | CREATE
6:30AM 0 Will ThickBox work with Ruby on rails?
5:47AM 6 How do I alter posted data before it is saved in a controller?
3:38AM 1 instance variable has different value in layout vs. view!
2:23AM 6 one-to-many and acts_as_tree troubles
1:49AM 5 trouble figuring out select tags
12:25AM 3 get model name
Thursday July 12 2007
10:22PM 0 Why does this RMacik Attachement_foo code not work?
10:06PM 0 Sharing database config between apps
9:53PM 0 11 Ways To Promote Your Website
9:43PM 11 Newbies: Read this before asking about pagination
9:38PM 0 Essential Rails registration now open
9:32PM 1 Migrations-looping through add_column lines
8:52PM 0 Creating menu items
8:37PM 1 OS X Server & Ruby on Rails
7:42PM 1 Deprecations Gon' Wild
7:31PM 2 Cookie based flash
6:26PM 1 PayPal - SDK for Ruby
6:00PM 4 Backgroundrb needs a new maintainer.
5:20PM 1 remote_form_for behavior on javascript submit();
5:17PM 4 password_field helper
4:56PM 0 TypeError while doing tests
4:22PM 1 acts as list -- adding or moving new item to new location
3:45PM 0 [retry] fixture_references: "Mysql::Error #HY000"? (fwd)
3:21PM 2 with_scope and a special relationship
3:17PM 5 Objects won't destroy when inside of a loop
2:52PM 1 Selenium and Rails
2:34PM 1 Rails database backup & restore plugin or rake task
2:34PM 2 Can you put layout rhtml into a database blob
2:19PM 1 test:uncommitted didn't work, so I wrote test:svn_recent
2:17PM 0 More radio_buttons
2:01PM 11 recommend me project-management tool
1:46PM 5 How to make auto_link work in script/console
1:19PM 0 Backgroundrb run programm
1:18PM 1 TypeError on sef-referential association
12:37PM 2 How change routes.rb?
11:30AM 0 getting value from Child value but parent window should not
11:24AM 1 Ruby Migration >> Foreign Keys
11:12AM 0 Setting default format to mobile for resources
10:53AM 0 Change Localized Language Dynamically
10:45AM 0 Replacing a "has many through" collection
10:28AM 6 Paginating a find...
10:03AM 3 Getting field value from child window [Using Redbox]
9:12AM 4 Find condition calculation
8:57AM 0 ActionMailer and logging
8:37AM 0 What do u think of this cool technique?? Can you see a flaw?
8:20AM 2 "We're sorry, but something went wrong." - Error!
8:06AM 0 prototype / scriptaculous - 2 Questions, may a suggest for a recipe or a screencast
8:03AM 1 rjs problem
7:45AM 0 how to call others programs??
6:53AM 1 form_tag doesn't accept a string anymore in edge rails?
5:59AM 1 Connecting store procedures
5:45AM 0 live_search observe_form - manual call
5:42AM 0 drag and drop in tables
5:15AM 1 mix between the autocomplete and drop down
4:32AM 4 "Subselect" type functionality in ActiveRecord
4:16AM 1 Rake, the Rails Logger and color coding...
3:41AM 1 upgrading an old rails project to the newest version
3:36AM 0 RJS & Variable Scopes
2:05AM 5 has_many and HABTM in one model
2:03AM 4 Unsure how to Model this problem
2:02AM 3 Help with hosting
1:23AM 0 update_all for an AR instance
12:37AM 1 map.resources, format and additional params
12:29AM 4 ar save! bug?
12:03AM 1 Restful acts_as_tree
Wednesday July 11 2007
11:17PM 3 how to debug failure on start from InstantRails
9:50PM 0 LiveTree in a partial error
9:42PM 10 read params
9:31PM 0 RailsConf Europe Ticket for Sale
9:30PM 2 render functionality
9:25PM 2 radio_button
8:59PM 2 update_attribute does an insert?
8:44PM 2 Windows development and Linux hosting
8:43PM 4 run ruby script.rb from rails
8:39PM 0 What are mini dirt bikes?
7:41PM 0 Part time RUby tech writer wanted - 1 position, work remotely
7:11PM 7 Best way to upload an image and make a thumbnail
6:52PM 3 Filtering main 'list' page
6:37PM 0 Ruby Live Tree Error
5:49PM 0 Using with_scope with more than one model
5:21PM 0 Polymorphic :through relationship
5:07PM 1 Session Expiration Problem: How to keep a user logged in for
4:54PM 2 Model validation causing rake db:migrate to fail silently
3:24PM 1 :mem_cache_store and memcache-client for session
3:24PM 2 :mem_cache_store and memcache-client
2:50PM 8 Creating a Navigation menu...
2:05PM 0 rails site maintenance
1:45PM 2 how to delete record with no primary key
1:39PM 3 Problem with Acts as Authenticated not able to logout
1:26PM 7 Activerecord Realtionship question
12:21PM 4 any options besides Zlib::GzipReader?
12:13PM 4 mongrel and ssl
10:00AM 2 how to detect RAILS_ENV in pure js file?
8:55AM 10 Which "progress upload plugin" is good?
8:34AM 6 Automatically populating list box items using Ajax
7:45AM 2 destroy ordering with associations... reasoning?
6:08AM 10 autocomplete in array
6:01AM 0 Join Ajuby Team
5:53AM 2 rails uses up to 700MB of RAM and works SLOWLY!!!
4:56AM 1 Deployment help, apache, mongrel, rails, capistrano, mysql (noob deploy)
3:02AM 1 Absolute URLs
1:48AM 1 [Testing] Counting Records in Array from Query
12:56AM 0 backgroundrb not loading other plugins
12:54AM 2 RJS concurrency problems with lists
Tuesday July 10 2007
11:01PM 1 Using arbitrary strings for keys in the params hash
10:47PM 4 Eliminating spam on Ruby Forum
10:27PM 3 Trustcommerce Plugin
8:08PM 0 Used Cars For Sale On eBay
8:02PM 12 RJS doesn't execute raw Javascript?
7:02PM 0 Seeking Programmer
6:41PM 0 Navigating the grid
6:27PM 0 Attachement corrupt
5:31PM 1 HELP: rake db:migrate -> uninitialized constant
5:31PM 0 Ruby on Rails Engineer Opportunity for InsiderPages.com ( San Francisco, CA )
5:15PM 9 How do I build a search engine with Ruby on Rails
5:04PM 0 Routing Resources to two different places
5:03PM 0 fixture_references: "Mysql::Error #HY000"?
4:57PM 1 reconstructing ActiveRecord from YAML
4:53PM 2 Putting environment variables in DB
4:47PM 7 Two questions (url/route and ajax)
4:38PM 1 For Loop
4:15PM 0 Ruby On Rails, Today's Hottest Web Framework, Now Supports FileMaker Server
4:09PM 7 CSS attributes for date_select
3:47PM 5 attachement_fu and protecting files from download
3:11PM 2 Partials problem
3:05PM 1 Reserved words
3:01PM 5 clearing a form
2:40PM 0 helper_method
2:10PM 1 Raise an Exception on Verify fail
2:01PM 0 rescue problem and attachment_fu
12:22PM 3 multi user CRUD concurrency
12:10PM 0 RSpecing a plugin
12:03PM 4 Models relationship summary / Entity relationship diagram
11:06AM 3 error_messages_for
10:34AM 0 Need help!!--Revieing a book
9:55AM 0 YAML wtf
9:13AM 0 Display only selected columns
6:49AM 0 Rails - MySQL Connection with sample application
6:46AM 0 MySQL - Rails Connection with sample application
6:37AM 0 Are You Struggling To Make Money Online?
5:41AM 0 Commands to set up project ( including model & controller)
3:55AM 1 modify scope_condition in a model using acts_as_list
3:28AM 2 Preventing newer versions from hosing rails apps
3:05AM 3 need to add XTHML class attribute, link_to's html options?
2:22AM 2 Question regarding select_tag
Monday July 9 2007
11:59PM 0 Problem requiring custom validation
11:47PM 4 array#zip
11:31PM 1 Dir.glob does not find ".project"
9:44PM 0 Boundary zip code search
9:26PM 5 Color coding table rows depending on an attribute
9:21PM 1 Is Edge useable?
8:19PM 0 Used Car Donations
8:19PM 0 Problem installing the Globalize plugin
8:11PM 3 Calling a Rails action from the command line
7:32PM 0 Scriptaculous - End Drag event exist?
7:12PM 5 FAQ updates
6:53PM 1 7 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Traffic
6:42PM 3 Rename a controller
6:18PM 5 Check Parameter is Integer
6:08PM 1 System Commands in Web App
5:46PM 1 Is there a quicker way to find info of a new record?
4:26PM 2 REST actions from e-mail links
4:23PM 0 newbie issue with routes
4:06PM 7 Case Statement
3:28PM 0 New "Instant Rails for Linux" distro
3:06PM 8 How to handle reserved names in legacy database
3:05PM 6 Script/runner inside BackgrounDRb worker
2:59PM 2 Accessing model objects directly in the view
2:26PM 2 has_one vs. has_many - Something just isn't seeming right... (Can someone explain?)
2:24PM 2 in_place_editor_field
1:19PM 3 Object from database record
1:09PM 2 related to plugin
11:28AM 10 Having problems with rake?
10:06AM 2 "conditional" layout according to XHR or not
9:37AM 7 request.remote_ip
7:42AM 4 What are they, kind of method invoking ?
6:22AM 1 passing data between controllers
4:55AM 1 </\>Top 20 COLLEGES OF THE WORLD </=\>
4:38AM 1 Redbox - implementation
3:21AM 2 need help to understand form_tag vs form_for
2:51AM 7 very strange activerecord behavior
2:35AM 0 Best place to store external applications that are part of a rails app
2:35AM 2 how to write web services with RoR
2:21AM 3 NoMethodError when using find_by_sql
2:19AM 5 joining/referencing tables
1:51AM 1 Issue with version field in schema_info
1:50AM 2 First Rails APP launch - help
1:41AM 2 Is there a way to get date_select to "select" another date besides "today"?
12:45AM 8 How do I find and view all those RDoc files scattered on my hard drive?
Sunday July 8 2007
10:28PM 10 Do cache sweepers observe the controller and not the model?
10:19PM 0 Deploying on hosted server
10:03PM 5 Stompserver & ActiveMessaging hacking
9:02PM 3 activerecord thread safey outside of rails
8:47PM 0 Upgrading and Customizing the Honda Civic
8:45PM 1 file_field_tag and rjs
8:13PM 2 Find Multiple Conditions
8:13PM 1 gr
6:38PM 9 Trying to start with rails
2:28PM 1 How do I run all my unit tests?
12:45PM 2 Globally add spinners to AJAX calls
12:34PM 2 controller and model strategies
10:50AM 3 File Upload
10:22AM 3 Poll plugin for RoR?
10:21AM 1 Limiting an :include
9:21AM 0 UJS and make_observed
6:15AM 2 Need help with ID-less legacy databases
5:46AM 4 Forum on RoR?
5:31AM 3 where is save_without_validation ?
3:40AM 7 how to do multi level layout
2:48AM 1 ActiveRecord Validations (noob question)
2:08AM 2 datetime_select, is creating an instance of the Time class
1:22AM 0 dcov (the documentation analyzer for Ruby code) v.0.1.0 released!
1:16AM 2 Using a module within another module
12:14AM 4 Locomotive and ruby-debug
Saturday July 7 2007
11:49PM 2 can helpers manipulate block?
11:16PM 0 ActionView table renderer
11:15PM 1 Top Ten Female Turn Ons
11:07PM 0 For those of you looking for info FLPR.org...
10:36PM 0 respond_to for unknown type
9:54PM 0 Haml 1.7 - Now With Speed!
9:49PM 4 Setting a callback whose action depends on the previous state of the object
9:17PM 0 before_save returning false does not roll back transaction
8:57PM 0 Events in view question
8:49PM 0 how to manage errors in ARes?
7:56PM 0 SVN login information? (Aptana / RadRails)
6:48PM 3 Ajax and Rails with two people?
6:00PM 0 [ADV] New PeepCode Screencasts Released
5:37PM 5 Vacation Reading Recommendations
4:43PM 8 Trying tpo do complex finds with ActiveRecord
3:59PM 0 Tcl/Tk on Mac OS X: LoadError
3:57PM 6 ActiveRecord bottom half
3:54PM 4 What are contractor rates for RoR programmers?
3:46PM 0 attachment_fu, temporary uploads, and RMagick manipulations
3:39PM 1 Is it possible to use link_to_remote with dynamic links?
11:55AM 3 how to render a .builder template
11:45AM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.10.0
10:31AM 0 aptana tab problem
10:23AM 0 autocomplete
7:44AM 11 Model Validations in my controller
7:39AM 6 Help in upgrading from 1.1.6 to 1.2.3
3:42AM 0 raptcha-0.0.1
3:05AM 0 ANN: nu_record = assert_latest(Model){ create_some_model() }
2:15AM 7 How can I call another controller's action (or better yet, how do I force a POST)?
12:57AM 2 AJAX redirect, with absolute URL, corrupts the URL
12:15AM 1 Overriding belongs_to accessor
Friday July 6 2007
11:57PM 1 SQL Server AR adapter and BULK INSERT
11:24PM 0 Query cache plugin for rails 1.2
10:01PM 0 rails custom tags -- access to content inside custom tag
8:41PM 0 The Truth About Creative Baby Shower Thank You Poems
8:31PM 0 to_json and polymorphic models
8:07PM 3 routing a restful controller to work from site root
7:58PM 0 OT: NICEST butt EVER!
7:42PM 2 in_place_edit_field
7:29PM 3 has_many and params
7:21PM 1 migration column options not in schema.rb?
7:15PM 2 How to implement click and drag feature in Rails
6:55PM 2 Multi-threaded database interaction
6:29PM 5 active record, ignore a column
6:11PM 1 Dynamically switching database
4:26PM 1 Strange Migration Behaviour
4:18PM 0 virtual controller
2:42PM 0 Problems width Globalize "Something %s string"
2:07PM 1 Problem to create thumbnails with Attachment FU + ImageScience
1:42PM 1 Testing concurrent accesses
1:31PM 4 nested resources and collection
11:25AM 4 Include contents of a file in a view
11:04AM 0 RJS in a callback
9:55AM 0 BlindDown/BlindUp /w MouseOver/MouseOut on a Div
9:26AM 4 Outsourcing
9:00AM 3 assert_equal - problems returning value from controller
6:55AM 1 Validating user inputs in the controller
5:18AM 0 BrainBuster 0.7.2 released - logic captcha goodness
5:17AM 1 Scalable European VPS-hosting for Rails
4:37AM 2 validations of "type" when using Single Table Inheritance
4:34AM 6 The Case Against Ruby on Rails
4:20AM 0 How To Delegate to the Join Model?
4:17AM 11 How do I find what's using so much memory?
4:09AM 0 Infragistics-like controls for rails apps?
3:36AM 3 want to show content of foreign key in rhtml-- Newbie
3:32AM 4 select with onChange
3:23AM 0 Working with :before / :loading
12:42AM 0 loading progress screen
12:12AM 5 Problem with discovering available controllers through reflection
Thursday July 5 2007
11:01PM 0 class associations apart from models
10:07PM 7 form_remote_tag
9:57PM 3 rake test fails on MySQL error
9:17PM 2 Layouts being cached?
9:15PM 0 Multiple Nested Resources + named routes
9:02PM 2 alert(null)
8:54PM 0 The secret of picking the right domain name
8:23PM 6 Rails, background threads, ActiveRecord
7:50PM 3 Using conditions appropriately
7:31PM 2 controller member variables
5:57PM 2 undefined method `original_filename' for "random.jpg":String
5:27PM 0 St. Louis Ruby User Group Meeting - Monday July 9th - Building a Ruby on Rails application from the beginning using BDD/TDD
4:54PM 1 Attachment_fu thumbnail quality with image science
4:40PM 8 referencing REST resources with something other than ids
3:21PM 0 act_as_tree, belongs_to and has_many foreign keys incorrect
3:11PM 3 RoR + online payment
2:53PM 0 What's the trick for using CLOB values (Oracle)?
2:12PM 0 Help with basic category setup
2:10PM 0 Multilingual resources
2:07PM 0 Embedded object routing issue (flash)
1:49PM 0 Sitealizer plugin vulnerable to SQL injections?
1:40PM 0 form_for and virtual attribute
1:38PM 0 Redirecting in Mongrel
1:03PM 2 problem with through.
1:02PM 3 Order of results from find(array)
12:43PM 1 syntax for delete
12:33PM 2 deprec + usermod invalid option -a
11:52AM 4 Printable Version of a Page
11:49AM 0 Install Simplelog for me? (On MT gridserver)
11:33AM 1 Foreign Keys in Migrations
11:27AM 17 id last inserted record?
11:25AM 2 Modify home_path
8:29AM 3 videos from the 2007
8:25AM 0 videos from railsconf 2007
7:39AM 0 Extjs on rails - return value
7:28AM 1 observe_field without :update
6:02AM 0 check box id
5:47AM 20 Problem with Redbox
5:44AM 3 deploying multiple apps
5:31AM 0 BrainBuster 0.7 released - Logic Captcha for Rails
2:59AM 1 Activerecord time problem
2:50AM 3 Web api question
2:47AM 2 sqlite3.3.7 gives "SQL logic error or missing database"
12:44AM 2 Easy question
12:11AM 2 binding an array to multiple text fields in a form
Wednesday July 4 2007
10:15PM 5 Active Record and DB normalization
9:54PM 0 flatulent-0.0.2 - ajax gets stinky
8:08PM 0 The Dangers of Plastic Surgery
7:21PM 16 rake db:migrate does nothing
6:03PM 2 How to cache page using gettext?
5:46PM 0 HOW I: Wrap content sections using blocks and then nest them using lambdas
5:08PM 3 basic question about belongs_to
5:05PM 2 content_type from a local file?
3:56PM 0 Delete help needed
3:39PM 0 Using link_to in the controller, or, how do I embed a link in a string?
3:03PM 9 eclipse & subversion
2:32PM 2 timeout error
2:32PM 0 Validation on special characters
2:09PM 5 Overriding Date.today for a Rails app
2:00PM 0 filtering a database table
1:15PM 0 Multiple date_select
12:46PM 6 list image
12:02PM 2 Red box is not working
10:13AM 0 params, before_filter and functional test
9:52AM 0 Method method does not find attributes
9:16AM 0 How to display an image in my view from a BLOB column ?
9:02AM 2 How to create our own class and how to access that
8:44AM 5 stack level too deep
8:00AM 1 About mulitple selectable languages.
7:27AM 1 : JSON-RPC 1.1 plugin for Rails
5:17AM 1 passing nested hash in params, in pagination_links
4:34AM 18 PHP vs RubyOnRails newbie concerns/questions
4:32AM 1 Edge Rails required for ActiveResource
4:14AM 5 how to send a friend request
4:00AM 1 moo.fx / RJS / Rails
3:43AM 2 text_field without newline
3:24AM 1 Expected ... to define
2:45AM 0 How to handle plugin dependency
2:00AM 2 how to get selection from multiple select list?
12:43AM 3 Accessing items when using Enumerable
Tuesday July 3 2007
11:23PM 1 transactions rollback question
10:53PM 7 Rails + Gettext problem
10:03PM 4 capitalizing words
9:57PM 0 Sharing session variables between apps...
9:51PM 0 (Potentially OT) Any experience with Amazon SellerCentral?
9:48PM 5 how can I create a 2nd/separate cookie for my app?? (i.e. and not use the session tracking cookie)
9:45PM 3 Avoiding reflection errors in migrations
9:36PM 0 Multiple Inserts
9:34PM 0 The Benefits of Corner Computer Desks
9:33PM 2 full_filename error testing attachement_fu plugin
9:22PM 0 Broken Tests in ActionPack
9:18PM 2 "form_for" names fields using brackets = javascript problems
8:48PM 9 gem rdoc rails does not generate documentation
7:58PM 4 Trying to reproduce "Creating a weblog in 15 minutes"
7:56PM 0 Will there be a release between 1.2.3 and 2.0?
7:53PM 0 Session in Integration Test
7:33PM 0 Changing model name
7:01PM 2 [PATCH] Need help to write a test
6:54PM 1 Refresh a list
6:52PM 4 nil.each error
6:31PM 2 How to process request from another domain
5:34PM 0 RESTful Password Resetting
4:36PM 13 method chaining and RJS templates...
3:34PM 2 undefined method `+' for nil:NilClass
3:21PM 11 Text editor of choice
3:06PM 1 vikrant-0Mk1Z77eR6dBDgjK7y7TUQ@public.gmane.org
3:01PM 0 Migration: 'unique' column constraint
2:37PM 1 Finding all "documents" belonging to a "category" using "acts_as_tree"
2:36PM 0 Looking for a Rails partner
2:26PM 3 Undefind local variable error
12:21PM 0 Guests and Rooms - programming logic question
11:34AM 13 ActionMailer issue
11:13AM 0 acts_as_authnticated test problems
9:11AM 8 Validating associated objects
9:06AM 10 non integer primary key
9:03AM 1 test to check that before filter is being run?
8:25AM 10 Safari and Firefox give different answers
8:18AM 7 how to pass 2 ids
7:44AM 0 geat URL check this out
7:33AM 1 Break Word?
7:12AM 2 How to call a fuction on onclick event.
7:10AM 0 Auto_complete_field works for all BUT Opera
6:50AM 3 How can I get the current path which is processed by rails?
6:42AM 5 HOW TO: Easily output alternating item styles via metaprogramming
4:40AM 2 What Test Framework is everyone using?
4:19AM 1 FCGI processes versus Mongrel servers
3:59AM 7 MacBook vs.???
3:17AM 0 Modular controllers and indexes.
3:01AM 5 Rails, partials and AJAX.. what am I missing?
1:10AM 0 flatulent-0.0.1
12:04AM 1 Newbie question - GUI database editor in 15-minute blog screencast?
Monday July 2 2007
10:03PM 2 (unknown)
9:17PM 4 Deleting
9:14PM 0 Teeth Whitening Naturally
9:08PM 2 read paramater from request
9:07PM 2 Using spacer img in menu
8:59PM 3 Rails with PostgreSQL or MySQL?
8:53PM 0 help understanding view_paths in edge rails ??
8:04PM 1 Transactions
7:26PM 1 LiveTree problem: non-AR model
6:43PM 3 problem with scaffold
6:39PM 0 error with log4r?
6:38PM 1 [file_column] change file names before upload?
6:35PM 2 REST :put question
5:54PM 0 What is the very best way to deploy a site on MephistoBlog?
5:37PM 0 problems with log4r and logger
5:07PM 8 Modifying error_messages_for - I'm completely stuck
5:00PM 0 [OT] What's so special about Rails?
4:30PM 2 Newbie advice - developing a website
3:24PM 9 Mephisto + Beast: ADVICE?
3:18PM 0 How to use MS Word features from Rails app running as servic
3:13PM 0 Developer needed for immediate start
2:51PM 11 I feel like I'm missing something...browser incompatibility
2:46PM 0 Looking for Perl / Ruby Programmer
2:43PM 0 Are you going to erubycon.com conference? If so, share a room?
2:28PM 0 installing backgroundrb
2:23PM 0 New Rails tutorial
1:59PM 0 Free Better Bone Health Kit
1:48PM 3 Better Generators
1:22PM 0 Polymorphic fields, PostgreSQL, and delete constraints
10:54AM 2 last modified date
9:58AM 9 getting error undefined method acts_as_taggable
9:42AM 2 NoMethodError with :has_many
9:29AM 2 query while installing mongrel via gem
8:25AM 1 Anyone have an idea why this regex wont validate email addresses?
8:14AM 3 stupid Rails rendering
7:54AM 3 clear a form after an ajax create
7:53AM 1 STI and polyphormism
6:23AM 1 Problems about installing ruby from source on linux
4:51AM 1 How to disable validation during a migration
3:54AM 0 What's the easiest way to resize an image on Dreamhost? Which image software?
3:34AM 3 "Hands on with Ruby on Rails"
2:05AM 2 redirect_to puts me from https to http
1:40AM 0 deploying onto production server and paths
12:36AM 0 google gears
12:29AM 0 link_to_magic
12:28AM 5 How do you grab the high lighted value from auto_complete_field after "Enter" event
Sunday July 1 2007
11:12PM 1 Problem connecting PostgreSQL 8.2 to Rails 1.2
9:56PM 0 auto_complete_field = stack overflow under IE & no effects under Firefox
9:32PM 0 Seven Qualities of a Good Leader
9:23PM 0 image not found -- rake db:migrate
9:10PM 3 environment.rb usage? use of "Rails::Initializer.run" section block vs outside block? (e.g. where to put constants)
8:42PM 2 monit disable logging
7:59PM 3 Session WTF ?
5:57PM 0 MasterView 0.3.3 Rails-optimized (x)html template engine
5:21PM 3 Nested Resources
4:18PM 6 Problem with <hr> placement in scaffold code...
4:10PM 1 ActiveRecord: why does 'self.name' and 'name' both work?
3:42PM 0 Posting XML from Flash to Rials Controller
3:11PM 0 rake: uninitialized const ActionController::TestUploadedFile
2:08PM 2 File path inconsistency?
1:55PM 1 respond_to for rss pages
12:06PM 0 Language Translators and Tools -> for Teachers and Learners
9:56AM 1 Variable/reference question
8:51AM 4 is there a Unix text-based browser I can use on my hosting providers box?
7:22AM 3 How to conditionally replace an element using RJS template
6:42AM 1 Can active record support: 'find' parent objects, but filtered based on the contents of it's associated child objects data
6:21AM 4 how to return to last viewed page?
5:22AM 6 Help with capistrano and nginx
5:03AM 4 Save as document that can open in msword or openoffice
2:35AM 1 My form_for example works correctly, but *WHY* does it work?
1:07AM 0 <<<??? END OF THE WORLD ???>>>
12:59AM 0 ((( Best Swimming Pools Girls )))
12:53AM 6 acts_as_tree
12:31AM 8 functional testing with logging in