Rails - Aug 2007

Friday August 31 2007
11:07PM 1 ImageScience/attachment_fu on MediaTemple
9:50PM 2 Shared users
9:33PM 1 Run SQL
9:06PM 3 Run migration from with rails project
6:39PM 2 Problem scaffolding using "namespace"
6:15PM 0 Bug in caches_action?
5:53PM 0 ActionController without rails?
5:24PM 0 attaching file to email editor
5:20PM 2 dynamic layouts from DB
4:19PM 0 FeedTools and open timeout
3:55PM 3 and end?
3:06PM 2 2 or more parents, child
2:43PM 3 verifying existence of elements
2:24PM 4 Is this dry? (models & migrations)
2:01PM 1 wiki.rubyonrails.org on the fritz
1:48PM 1 :select with select helper
12:49PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many question
12:02PM 3 ActionMailer with non-constant template
11:41AM 0 Write array in model plugin
11:06AM 1 [OT] How do you fix quoting so that ruby-forum.com is happy?
10:57AM 2 SEO-friendly urls: Replacing the '-' with '%20'
10:12AM 2 problem in installing RMagick
10:09AM 0 [Job opening] Ruby on Rails Professionals
9:39AM 2 Rails + Amazon
9:28AM 3 My First Rail - script/server not working
9:13AM 1 Firebird find method return nil
8:40AM 4 attaching a css class to a link_to method
8:31AM 3 RoR on Fedora 7
8:04AM 0 user blogging and discussions
7:53AM 6 Date format conversion problem
7:50AM 3 Test/Unit or RSpec
5:04AM 5 Lost session with file upload
4:50AM 1 partial text search using ferret search
2:27AM 1 Is rails caching my date
2:16AM 1 US states and world countries selectors
12:44AM 2 Give focus to an input field of a form
12:08AM 1 ANNOUNCE: Acts_as_indexed 0.1 - Pure Ruby full-text indexed search
Thursday August 30 2007
11:43PM 5 App with different homepage per domain
11:40PM 4 Querying an unrelated table
11:34PM 1 belongs_to with foreign keys that reference non primary key columns
11:07PM 1 How to embed a route url inside of a helper, to return a path?
10:31PM 1 using a Model in a rake task?
10:07PM 2 execute ruby code on click
10:06PM 1 Large POSTs through Apache mod_proxy to mongrel failing
10:00PM 0 parent child relationships and searching
9:48PM 5 Audit tables?
9:30PM 2 flash[:notice] as coach content...
9:29PM 1 alias_method_chain stack level too deep in Rake test only
9:10PM 8 simple exists? question
9:08PM 0 Problem with data migration and acts_as_tree
8:59PM 1 Action caching and redirects
8:32PM 3 Can you spot the SQL syntax error?
8:31PM 3 Rails - depot application
8:28PM 0 Re: Editing FlexImage - image required?
7:52PM 0 Feedburner updating the feed even when it should not
7:45PM 3 has/belongs to many sql error
6:58PM 5 Nested Controllers - Development vs. Production mode
6:50PM 5 Is this common
6:23PM 0 Displaying a list of files in the Rails 'public' folder
5:48PM 3 Patterns for implementing "admin" functionality to rails' models and controller "layouts"
5:32PM 0 Re: def method help
4:52PM 0 Observer on checkbox
4:49PM 1 Open source web apps with Rails
4:23PM 2 Looking for developer(s) for my site
4:14PM 1 Re: Problem accessing mixin module methods from views
4:02PM 0 Help with acts as paranoid
3:56PM 6 Difference between local and live server...
3:32PM 2 collect on a select helper
3:24PM 0 execute joins manually without :include parameter
2:54PM 1 Convert XML elements to activerecord objects
2:32PM 0 specify size in kilobytes with logrotate
2:02PM 2 How do you calculate the max # of sales in a 5 day period?
2:02PM 7 Integrating a CMS with an Existing Rails App. . .?
2:00PM 2 RoR - Some Questions Before Starting
1:49PM 1 Re: Webistrano - A Web UI for managing Capistrano deployments
1:49PM 1 ACTIVE SCAFFOLD UTF-8 question/problem??
1:29PM 1 Please Help ASAP
12:53PM 2 store object in table
12:24PM 0 Troubles with bindings lib in RoR
12:09PM 1 Regarding SVN repository
11:43AM 1 how to get DB table names
11:19AM 0 perform these db tasks using a single function
11:00AM 0 How to scan images using RoR
10:34AM 3 has_many relationship question
10:09AM 1 Tunnelling through SSH to MySql instance
9:50AM 0 has_many through, model lost their methods after second load
9:34AM 1 inserting multiple tuple into the database from single form
9:30AM 1 Need help before beta release of zena cms
8:48AM 0 Daemons in Rails
8:28AM 0 Using Matrix properities in ror
8:16AM 3 Problem using hashes with 'find' method
6:32AM 0 visual_effect resetting display to none
5:41AM 8 Being able to search for nearby items based on zip code
5:40AM 2 Best way to setup this relationship in activerecord
4:55AM 1 ssl, apache, mongrel, capastrano
Wednesday August 29 2007
11:46PM 1 require
10:10PM 16 Specifying Find Conditions on Multiple Tables
9:53PM 0 Re: Webistrano - A Web UI for managing Capistrano depl
9:02PM 0 Re: postgres sql error
8:58PM 2 easy way to render a tree
8:49PM 4 Turn of dependencies so that a destroy will not destroy chil
8:28PM 2 :order based on an aggregate value?
7:55PM 2 new to rails, quick (hopefully simple) question
7:22PM 2 where can I get more info about Unit/Test on ruby
7:03PM 0 What can I do for model testing in Unit/Test on ruby
6:55PM 7 find( [1,2,3] ) find from array without raising error.
6:23PM 12 ruby on rails search engine
6:01PM 1 Setting an attribute when building or creating?
5:52PM 1 New thread .. using Mongrel ?
5:43PM 2 Rails Wiki hacked?
5:31PM 3 nil object?????
5:14PM 1 How to fix this error, help please!
5:12PM 1 If only I could get 'observe_field' to fire?
5:07PM 8 no route found to match "/search" with {:method=>:get}
5:01PM 1 form_tag versus form_for with :multipart => true
4:55PM 0 sortable_element :onUpdate
4:46PM 0 Integrating the PayPal API with Ruby on Rails
4:40PM 0 enterprise Ruby on Rails stacks
4:30PM 7 Convert line ending to <br>
4:16PM 0 xml builder using straight xml within the rxml template
4:16PM 0 Mysql, rails , or my own bug ?
3:42PM 0 No-protocol-handler-was-valid error
3:18PM 7 painfully slow development mode on large project
3:08PM 0 eval class when config.cache_classes = true
2:53PM 2 Clickatell Ruby API 0.4
2:48PM 0 libjpeg collision when using RMagick (ImageMagick) and ImageScience (FreeImage)?
12:04PM 0 Using proxy to access database
11:53AM 2 ./script/../config/boot.rb:29: undefined method `gem' for main:Object (NoMethodError)
11:48AM 0 Re: calling a controller from another controller
11:29AM 0 Re: How to model large SqlServer database
11:03AM 0 Re: calling a controller from another controller
10:59AM 0 search better and free things to download from here
10:29AM 5 railsconf07 dhh video?
10:19AM 1 Re: list of all erb commands
9:49AM 0 Using Ajax in different browsers
9:41AM 0 Mangled End of Lines In Text Via XML
8:59AM 1 ActiveRecord + Oracle stored procs
8:42AM 1 Acticve Record class in Module
8:15AM 0 Re: Webistrano - A Web UI for managing Capistrano depl
8:10AM 0 Re: mongrel
8:02AM 0 animation framework
7:48AM 0 Re: How to update DB:migration file after adding a column
6:59AM 1 soft copy of Rails Space book
6:53AM 0 Viewport size Q for those with a widescreen Mac.
6:52AM 1 what's wrong, I don't know how to fix it.
6:46AM 1 Re: def method help
6:32AM 0 Re: what REST architecture
6:30AM 0 about simple test
Tuesday August 28 2007
12:01AM 0 RESTful Application Design Question
Monday August 27 2007
11:36PM 0 layout not seen by some clustered mongrel instances
10:56PM 0 Php executing from rails
10:09PM 1 Creating Daemon Thread in Rails
9:38PM 0 AS, login, filter
8:41PM 1 Index word and pdf documents for full-text search
8:13PM 4 Billing clients automatically
7:14PM 0 Timeout issues
7:14PM 0 how to use acts_as_versioned_association
6:42PM 1 Help with FlexImage
6:32PM 1 How to set response status to :created?
5:24PM 1 Two databases
5:19PM 0 Want to Move RestfulAuthentication's UsersController to Admin::UsersController
5:13PM 0 Sending from multiple email addresses using POP
4:55PM 0 Helpers in Database Content?
4:06PM 2 has_attachment plugin : upload pdf ?
3:23PM 2 How to I generate a <span> tag
3:13PM 0 Lookup on Google Maps
2:59PM 1 Error 500 when displaying after creating a controller
2:31PM 0 how can I get malformed UTF-8 characters to display properly?
2:20PM 0 Happiness is only $20 away
12:20PM 0 Caching File
11:04AM 2 send_file : downloaded file cannot be open after upload OK
10:57AM 0 empty file_column
10:29AM 2 non-blocking ajax requests
10:03AM 4 Resource Routing
7:49AM 2 Can FILTERS AND VERIFICATION functions take arguments?
5:14AM 1 uploading multiple file using acts_as_attachment
5:13AM 0 Rails 1.2.3 and lighttpd not working together
5:11AM 0 Table Help
4:29AM 1 Send_file() method for downloading any file
1:58AM 0 How to access helper method inside a rake task
1:34AM 0 Searching Across Multiple Models
1:17AM 0 Ruport 1.2 pre-release, please help test!
Sunday August 26 2007
9:41PM 0 fixtures using wrong database table
9:14PM 1 script/runner and cron, funny behavior
8:32PM 0 form_for not translating into the same controller/action
8:26PM 0 Affiliate program on ruby on rails
7:36PM 0 escaped ampersand in generated restful url
5:43PM 0 member variable in controller
5:03PM 1 assert_select and xml:base
3:55PM 0 position field problems in table that's a child in two associations
3:31PM 9 Looking for advice on table/model relationships for "adding friends", user-to-user relationship
3:16PM 5 Issues with mod_proxy/mod_proxy_balancer and my ded. server host
3:06PM 1 find(:all) on parent where child.nil?
1:42PM 0 How can I return a json packet?
1:33PM 1 URL is gone.
11:43AM 1 FREE tool to SPEED UP your internet & CHANGE your IP INSTANTLY (Limited)!
10:09AM 0 mysql string
10:00AM 1 mysql help
9:50AM 2 Multi-word query searching across columns
8:45AM 1 belongs_to question
5:43AM 5 get app url with rails
5:22AM 2 joining on multiple tables
4:09AM 4 thread.so (LOAD ERROR)
2:42AM 1 displaying inline image from params
2:01AM 4 What do you think of Aptana?
1:36AM 3 Best rails bookcook?
12:02AM 1 [ select_tag and options_for_select ] posting problem
Saturday August 25 2007
11:49PM 1 actionmailer + attachment_fu
11:02PM 0 Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking
10:44PM 0 including status in response
7:37PM 0 view_test 0.10.0
3:25PM 4 REST routes :has_many , new style
3:11PM 0 How can I use ext with rails?
2:54PM 1 Is LiteSpeed for me on VPS?
2:47PM 0 Coding Project
2:45PM 2 listing values belonging to logged-in user
2:45PM 5 How do I assign default values to model attribute
12:33PM 0 Helper in other helper
8:40AM 3 observe_field loses event binding after firing
6:45AM 2 Color gem
4:47AM 2 using my fixtures with my development db
3:53AM 1 small yaml problem
1:14AM 3 Capistrano / Net-ssh install errors skipping require of...
Friday August 24 2007
11:49PM 1 erb in yaml
11:29PM 2 How do you order by two conditions?
11:11PM 1 ActiveMerchant Paypal IPN and RESTful design
10:55PM 1 Testing cron jobs that run script/runner
10:54PM 3 how to get an activeresource object attributes?
10:53PM 3 How do I delete a FlexImage entry
10:23PM 2 restful authentication - session_path
9:42PM 3 Rails does it leak or not?
9:34PM 0 Re: ActiveRecord Store of sessions in a separate database (chicken-and-egg problem)
9:06PM 4 unexpected routes behavior
8:16PM 1 please help me in stalling Ruby on Rails...
7:52PM 2 Help me out of this...
7:51PM 3 what are options used for?
7:42PM 2 Passing Multiple Parameters from observe_field
7:27PM 0 Please help me with the installation of ROR...
7:12PM 1 problem in installing act_as_attachment plugin
7:09PM 1 form with saved and new model instances
5:36PM 2 update_attributes...more efficient replacement
4:38PM 11 view_test 0.9.0
4:28PM 0 Need a good laugh?
4:03PM 0 Software Engineer Position Available, Herndon, VA - Ruby on Rails and Agile Experience Required
3:58PM 0 handle active record erros
3:58PM 2 does active record really work for oracle
3:36PM 0 condition for find based on a related model?
2:09PM 0 Permissions error when using Rick Olson's deploy_edge
2:01PM 1 assert_select - seemingly unrelated error?
1:28PM 0 Improved SQL Server Connection Adapter
1:26PM 2 error in rails 1.2.3 activerecord
12:44PM 0 ArgumentError: interning empty string and enum-column plugin
12:01PM 4 Choose a pagination solution
12:01PM 1 undefined local variable or method `logger'
11:38AM 1 Built-in Methods to Encode/Decode HTML?
11:21AM 3 id field without autoincrement option in migraion.
11:09AM 2 Summing problem
10:58AM 2 POST parameters
10:51AM 1 How to run a single test in a test file
10:51AM 0 looking for mailing list tool
9:51AM 5 "Choose from These Options, or Create a New Option"
9:46AM 1 activerecord: detect if an association attribute has changed
9:17AM 4 Multiple file upload
8:45AM 0 XML version of a Rails-generated list function
8:17AM 2 Problem installing gems
7:46AM 1 REXML Attributes and entities
7:02AM 10 Where to put this logic: model or controller?
5:26AM 3 How to find the full path of a file in a present in a direct
5:22AM 1 How to download any file using send_file() method
4:29AM 2 Problem converting application to use REST, people_path method not found
4:23AM 0 questions on attachment_fu_
4:00AM 3 has and belongs to many problem
3:41AM 0 Lighttpd php fastcgi
3:33AM 10 What lessons did you learn when your Rails app went "live"
2:46AM 0 Streamlined 0.9 Release Candidate
1:36AM 1 column types and date formatting
12:27AM 8 Help! Copyright and Licensing Issue with a client.
12:11AM 2 access input field id inside erb code
Thursday August 23 2007
11:56PM 0 Super Simple Authentication
11:49PM 2 Newbie Question on Time
11:39PM 3 Quick routes question...
11:38PM 2 501 Bad address syntax:: when using Action Mailer
11:30PM 0 how to Compile ruby on Suse 10.2 with LAMPP?
11:15PM 6 Calling a method on class creation
10:17PM 0 how to manage group permissions?
10:00PM 6 Saving ActiveRecord in PostgreSQL without id
9:33PM 1 Mobile Rails Development
8:54PM 2 of spam
8:31PM 1 Testing create action with associations
7:38PM 4 Idiomatic way to do a non-database Enumeration?
7:33PM 0 active scaffold polymorphic model
7:20PM 6 Chaining validate method in a plugin, completely stumped
7:17PM 0 Participate in the Cash Tournament games on the BetonBattles Site
7:04PM 0 unique domain name routing
6:58PM 2 "ArgumentError: Unknown key(s)" error when running controller test
6:53PM 3 recording current_user
6:37PM 0 Production version skips validation
6:21PM 2 Collections in groups?
4:58PM 0 redirect_to from component
3:57PM 3 TOTAL noobie
3:16PM 3 Prettier code in views for chained values?
2:59PM 2 Render partial from Backgroundrb worker?
2:48PM 2 Multiple views for the same action?
2:40PM 0 Date from params (another solution)
2:28PM 0 Data from params (another solution)
2:28PM 0 [OT] Virtualization mailing list
2:05PM 1 How to execute custom javascript code inside an rjs template
2:04PM 0 Medication Lists and doses
1:53PM 2 need help trying to debug - included screenshot
12:11PM 1 Getting ip adres
10:53AM 2 Form Helpers
10:35AM 1 validation across controllers
10:35AM 2 Paginating several objects
9:25AM 1 Strange unexplainable error
9:10AM 7 ActsAsNestedSet's all_children associations
8:11AM 1 Help with account location plugin
7:45AM 1 Dragging to a scrollable region
7:32AM 5 Euro sign in Select box
5:46AM 0 file upload
5:18AM 1 Mongrel cluster and Log4r ?
5:13AM 3 Formatting form post to work with MyClass.new(params[:my_class])
4:56AM 0 linking to url in new browser window
4:55AM 0 link_to passing multiple parameters problem
4:07AM 0 UnitRecord - Test without the Database
3:21AM 0 Multiple pages and sessions
3:06AM 3 about duplication in a (HABTM) join table
2:09AM 3 samples of full ROR applications
1:52AM 6 acts_as_attachment - on server copy?
Wednesday August 22 2007
11:17PM 1 Iterating variables inside a block
10:48PM 2 How can I set controller-wide layout and template?
10:35PM 2 Sanitize my params and the create method
10:24PM 4 How do I install RoR
10:09PM 0 Getting NoMethodError on find_by method
9:39PM 0 Date Validation
9:19PM 0 Rails CGI params processing bug
9:05PM 2 advanced rest interface tips
9:01PM 0 Fast Windows XP Repairing
8:31PM 0 << Sports Fun - Golf >>
8:00PM 1 Discussion on are-you-in-christ-and-prayer-language
7:43PM 3 Building associations
7:22PM 0 Ruby opportunity in Chicago (Franklin Park)
7:11PM 2 Right for Ruby on Rails?
6:01PM 0 Displaying Images Stored in database as Oracle Long Format
5:53PM 1 Tabbed Navigation
5:14PM 4 RMagick Problem
5:12PM 2 Access table names
4:11PM 0 attachment upload prob. on production server
3:25PM 2 ActiveRecord crashes on :include and :limit. is there a fix for ticket/6415?
3:25PM 3 need to point Ruby to my main site
3:23PM 0 weird error - illegal instruction
3:19PM 4 Rails and Single Sign on
2:21PM 1 Namespace problem
1:32PM 1 ANN: Iowa Ruby Brigade
1:25PM 3 difference between two times
11:09AM 5 Handle mail server problems
10:47AM 1 ActiveResource find method and restful controllers.
9:57AM 1 Interface for administration
9:31AM 1 has_many with :finder_sql doesn't actually give out data?
9:26AM 1 Development environment doesn't reload classes
8:50AM 1 need difference between gem and plugin
7:58AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many into XML transformation
7:45AM 0 NoMethodError with a twist
5:09AM 0 Problem running Flex&Ruby on Fedora 7
3:00AM 5 Thoughts on tracking down cause of huge spikes
2:50AM 6 In_place_edit_field help
1:39AM 4 HOWTO generate rails skeleton
1:01AM 1 Migrations
Tuesday August 21 2007
11:39PM 1 Apache + RoR + subdomains
10:45PM 4 How do you copy over a development database to production?
10:07PM 2 Ajax link_to_remote with toggle_blind
9:53PM 0 Windows XP secrets
9:35PM 1 Directory form Select
9:19PM 2 InstantRails and Java - conflict?
8:38PM 7 Address Book Import
8:24PM 4 [AWDwR] Confused about has_one and has_many
8:20PM 2 Making a internal rails server reachable from the internet
7:44PM 3 Eager Loading
7:36PM 2 ActionPack raw_post_data_fix.rb#read_body bug with AMF data.
7:35PM 2 How to access controller's instance variables in integration tests?
7:02PM 0 Windows XP tips and tricks
5:35PM 5 Form Creation Techniques
5:14PM 6 Creating/modifying a class in Rails
4:40PM 4 call controller methods from view
3:20PM 3 file_column and fixtures
2:59PM 3 I'm almost there, just need a small push
2:27PM 4 Plays well with others?
2:23PM 4 Update from 1.1.6 to 1.2.3
1:34PM 1 Removing HTML tags
1:32PM 0 Gettext issue (files missing?)
1:20PM 2 validates_acceptance_of (and hidden input)
1:17PM 7 fetch string matching with email
10:39AM 0 plugin tests
10:09AM 1 Problem with DATE type in Oracle
10:03AM 0 display corresponding columns
10:01AM 3 [help] problem uploading file... w stringifykey!
9:33AM 0 counter cache
8:53AM 1 Building a "comparisons" table
8:29AM 1 Acts_as_ferret
7:53AM 3 Roby on Rails for a large community?
5:30AM 0 Is it possible to include image files in Generators?
4:56AM 8 ActiveRecord Store of sessions in a separate database
4:13AM 4 Newb: load lots of data into database
3:49AM 2 very basic problem with rake task?
3:45AM 7 rails truncating raw_post_data?
3:38AM 3 Newbie: How to refer to 'this' instance's items
2:33AM 3 More RESTlessness: "unbalanced" routes
2:16AM 4 cannot generate a model???
1:41AM 6 TypeError: can't modify frozen string in 1.8.6
1:05AM 2 Newbie question about "render :update do |page|"
12:32AM 0 Helpful hint for using help
12:19AM 3 help escaping column name in a migration file
Monday August 20 2007
11:11PM 2 Rails List: Is spam normal?
10:21PM 1 Fetching Data From Mulitple Databases
10:02PM 0 DDL
10:01PM 0 Looping wiht ERb dynamic fixture?
9:55PM 1 Retrieve only GET parameters
9:54PM 0 Team Org. Display
9:41PM 2 Double encoding of form action with form_remote_tag .. What am I doing wrong?
9:26PM 2 Write a xml file to the public folder possible?
9:24PM 4 ruby-debug vs. breakpoint
9:21PM 0 TapTracker - find draft beer
8:37PM 1 Profile Database Usage
7:46PM 0 Rails article for International PHP Magazine
7:42PM 0 output module names
6:53PM 7 Add a restful route
6:10PM 0 Possible Net::LDAP Vulnerability
6:09PM 3 Pop Up Window
6:08PM 0 Optimization for Windows XP
6:04PM 5 Can't alter (decorate) ActiveRecord::Base#method_missing
5:19PM 4 Sharing code in views
5:04PM 10 empty? vs. blank? vs. length > 0
4:36PM 0 Fixtures with Erb _not_ interpreted by loader?
4:36PM 5 has_many things which have many more things which... you get the idea
4:29PM 0 FormBuilder in rjs
4:20PM 2 Force refresh
3:59PM 0 Test fixture with Flash chart?
3:55PM 0 medication list and doses
3:31PM 0 How can I use mssqlclient in ruby without rails
1:44PM 5 multi nested resources
1:40PM 2 How does one find the DNS address of their website?
1:26PM 0 Administration section advice
12:58PM 1 ActiveRecord and SQL SUBSTR
12:31PM 2 Time expiration code
12:27PM 0 Initialize static data from database in application
11:41AM 0 Using ' - ' in controler names
10:37AM 0 Raising errors in plugin-files or UploadColumn Validation
10:07AM 0 Migrations and legacy database
10:01AM 2 Self referential Models
9:54AM 5 Simplifying RESTful urls
9:47AM 8 Remove leading and trailing spaces
9:15AM 4 .match in for condition
9:06AM 6 does mongrel work with memcached?
8:47AM 0 Google Web Toolkit
6:14AM 0 use continuation in rails
5:28AM 0 Web Developers - Ruby On Rails - Effigent
3:20AM 5 BlueCloth on Dreamhost
2:47AM 12 What are the types of projects people do with rails?
2:46AM 1 simple question for composed_of
2:26AM 0 before_invocation by block or method
1:46AM 0 going :through the other side of a has_one association?
1:45AM 0 Problem Multiple upload with iframe
1:05AM 3 Cygwin RoR + Windows MySQL Binary == nil
1:01AM 12 datetime_select 12 hour display? (Am/PM)?
12:28AM 3 how to insert multiple rows into a join, with one sql statement?
Sunday August 19 2007
10:41PM 0 www.6vips.com
10:41PM 2 (unknown)
10:31PM 3 fastcgi issue on production
9:22PM 0 layout not being inherited
8:36PM 0 Repairing Windows XP
7:48PM 1 Collection select default value
5:11PM 1 method undefined in integration test
5:03PM 5 Why does every update fires a select first?
3:57PM 0 Windows XP optimization tips.
10:42AM 0 Tweaks for Windows XP
9:58AM 0 Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) and Web Marketing Services in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi!
9:27AM 6 Transforming "Show" Link to "Hide" Link When Clicked
9:12AM 0 Top Five (5) Best Computer Hackers of All Time
6:59AM 2 I am not able to run ferret
6:47AM 1 configure ruby on rails hosting server
1:02AM 0 non-autoincremented primary keys
1:01AM 0 Sentry plugin causing migration to fail
12:27AM 0 Make Operating System Faster !!
Saturday August 18 2007
11:50PM 0 map.resources helpers not recognized in production only
11:06PM 0 Look at this great site
10:04PM 4 link_to - naming issue
9:32PM 2 before_destroy not called
7:39PM 3 Check BOX problem
7:29PM 3 is there a way to know what action you're in?
7:25PM 0 Repair Operating System - manual
7:18PM 0 What is the best practice for drying up role-based views?
6:43PM 1 personalised home pages
5:35PM 0 Creating A link for downloading files listed in directory
4:49PM 0 Repairing Tips for Windows XP
3:34PM 0 can't get rjs templates running!
3:23PM 15 Book: beyond Java, Rails has little commercial backing ?
3:20PM 5 attachment_fu questions
2:37PM 3 Conditions on :include associations outer joins
2:16PM 6 RSpec: "--color" not working in spec.opts when combined with "--drb"
2:01PM 1 RSpec: adding "--format s" to spec.opts causes rake spec to fail
1:10PM 0 Software Problem Solving
12:27PM 1 looking RoR site. showcase of webdesigners?
12:08PM 0 Windows XP Repairing
5:21AM 6 help with selection list
4:48AM 0 >>> END OF THE EARTH <<<
4:00AM 2 help with partials / pagination strategy
1:15AM 1 problem with file_column url generator
12:27AM 1 parenthesize argument(s)
Friday August 17 2007
11:53PM 0 Constant becoming undefined
11:33PM 0 Free Windows Optimization
10:42PM 1 Scaffold (Agile Web Development With Rails)
10:20PM 2 has_many :through a belongs_to
9:48PM 0 Calls between methods of application.rb
8:58PM 5 Frustrations with routing
8:47PM 2 Ajax question...need some help
7:28PM 0 RSpec --format --html:/path/to/file.html
7:03PM 1 zipping a file after upload, file_column
6:47PM 3 Clear text_area value onfocus
6:44PM 0 Uploading images for a model that isn't yet saved
5:54PM 4 new to rails - question about :through and habtm - example
5:44PM 6 link_to_remote
5:36PM 1 Need volunteers for new Rails based shopping cart
4:21PM 3 subversion & multiple developers how to manage files?
4:04PM 2 need your help
3:49PM 0 memcached loses sessions during clusters
3:40PM 0 Restructuring my rails project
3:36PM 1 umlaute in selectbox
3:21PM 0 Forthcoming Book: Professional Ruby On Rails
2:49PM 1 Testing webservices in Integration Tests with Jamis Buck's recipe?
1:45PM 5 passing parameters from pages
1:31PM 3 Problem Installing RMagick
12:27PM 0 Rails 1.2.2 cookies big headache !!!
10:32AM 1 Customized auto complete with preloaded array
8:43AM 1 Request global variable
8:35AM 0 Format Class Name
8:07AM 0 Loss of sessions - Mongrel/Apache/SSL
7:35AM 2 application.rb and before_filter
7:22AM 1 Problem "ruby script/server", if I need change the program?
6:48AM 2 Get a list of updated fields in Model.update?
6:01AM 2 belongs_to the same table 2 times
5:59AM 11 [ADV] Deploying Rails Applications Beta Book Release
5:48AM 3 Really don't unstand Rails, can anyone help?Thanks
1:46AM 0 look at this nice new website its very good
12:10AM 0 Creating your own generator
Thursday August 16 2007
11:16PM 1 Project Need Advice
10:56PM 6 When Could AR Objects Not Have Their Methods?
10:36PM 2 :order question
10:14PM 0 Fulltime RoR Programmer Needed
9:17PM 0 addind a default value to a restful route
8:39PM 1 Nested REST resource routes without controller name
8:26PM 0 Ruby East Registration Is Open - Small Correction
8:14PM 0 Ruby East Registration Is Open
8:04PM 2 RecordSelect 0.9 - replacing the <select> for picking a record
8:03PM 2 rjs - how to display returned javascript
7:41PM 2 observe_field Firefox error
7:32PM 0 Clean Up your Operating System
6:06PM 0 Problem installing flashplayrhelpr plugin
5:44PM 3 Credits/tickets system - paypal
5:41PM 1 How to get the rendered string without using render_to_string
4:56PM 0 Update from RoR 1.1.6 - 1.2.3 Rake fails
4:49PM 0 uninitialized constant ActionWebService::Dispatcher::ActionController::Base
4:27PM 2 routing issues in controller module
4:26PM 0 RoR Group - West LA
4:21PM 5 TypeError: html has no properties
4:05PM 0 Locomotive to Linux
3:53PM 4 Creating an HTML select
3:49PM 3 Sessions on Rails with Pound and Mongrel
3:43PM 3 Using unions in ActiveRecord
2:59PM 0 Strange Race Condition?
2:57PM 0 Global Exception handler
2:21PM 2 Strangest restful_authentication 'unidentified method' error
1:52PM 2 gzip response to AJAX requests
12:52PM 2 Camping or Rails for a Webmin-ish application?
12:17PM 1 remote_form_for & error_message_on
11:31AM 2 Noob DateTime question
10:51AM 5 Object caching
10:35AM 0 rake db:migration error from Book
10:29AM 2 time.now - time.at
10:26AM 0 Good design of a RoR app's view / layouts / templates
9:45AM 3 Comment Generator
8:04AM 0 Reg :REST
7:55AM 3 Can we put any number of databases in YML file?
7:55AM 2 Using the new cookie-based sessions
4:29AM 7 removing quotes in a string
4:04AM 0 get argument name
4:02AM 1 REST Questions
3:31AM 3 Running the same model search in multiple controllers
3:15AM 0 simonp37
2:10AM 4 Modeling many types of users
12:52AM 0 How to get helper methods in the rake task
12:47AM 1 Join across Multiple DBs
12:35AM 0 created_at Column and strftime
12:32AM 0 Problems with caching in development
12:18AM 2 best way to do a wizard that creates a set of objects?
12:04AM 0 RoR install
Wednesday August 15 2007
11:24PM 1 stompserver 0.9.8 Released
11:18PM 2 has_many :through ... What am I missing?
10:58PM 0 Inherited AR Methods MIssing? Errors Doesn't Exist?
10:49PM 4 need advice: transaction block for saving?
9:58PM 4 find_by_ always uses sql?
9:48PM 0 Rails error on generated app
9:37PM 0 Review: RailsSpace
9:25PM 1 Stop the destroy in the before_destroy
9:15PM 1 Problem with AJAX Picklists on Edit
9:12PM 2 Folders and files outside of ROOT
9:05PM 1 Anyone used either of the two ActionFlow plugins ?
8:50PM 3 how to load a plugin on the run?
8:41PM 2 Ofline OpenID Development
8:27PM 4 How do you check if text is in between certain <tags>?
8:24PM 8 net/http vs . . . curl? anything else? what's fastest
8:20PM 8 validates_uniqueness_of
8:07PM 5 .save message undefined method ' ='
8:00PM 1 Geodata SQL statements with multiple results in the controller
7:33PM 1 can someone explain sql server performance differences?
7:29PM 0 using multiple select form
7:28PM 4 ajax replacing partial not working
5:35PM 1 Savage Beast Plugin: how to change the forum_home_path?
5:06PM 3 Getting the Controller name from a layout
4:37PM 0 Does anybody know why activeRecord is not built on top of ruby-dbi?
4:21PM 2 can I use rake with a different compiler
4:20PM 4 Is there a automatic counter variable?
3:38PM 1 Anybody have a week ending date helper?
3:30PM 2 in_place_editor_field
3:01PM 1 [ANN/ADV] Intro to Rails, Alexandria, VA, October 9-12
2:41PM 5 Clear form
1:31PM 6 Updating without auto timestamping
1:25PM 4 upload performance
11:49AM 4 accessing join model attributes in has_many :through
11:39AM 0 How can I use a 'expire_fragment' in ActiveRecord
10:50AM 3 rake db:migrate execution error
9:45AM 10 backgroundrb: failed to find slave socket - (RuntimeError)
9:43AM 5 Upload images in batch/bulk
9:06AM 0 case .. when in view
8:59AM 2 how to get directory content?
8:07AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many :neigborcities
6:28AM 3 how to make a link containing 'link_to_remote' call and executable JS
5:55AM 2 need help on writing a plugin
1:38AM 4 fastest ruby xml parser -- FreeBSD 6.2
12:03AM 10 Objects in Session State Revisited
Tuesday August 14 2007
11:52PM 8 deploying on shared host
10:53PM 2 Programmatic way to find the bad spot in a YAML file?
10:20PM 2 model design question
9:09PM 12 ruby on rails web calendar
9:08PM 1 Catching data in model
8:44PM 2 Sort on dates from has_many?
8:26PM 2 update dynamic fields automatically in database
7:35PM 3 Action caching and server aliases
6:56PM 2 bizare soap4r problem
6:43PM 0 <<<--- Amazing Ship --->>>
5:34PM 3 conditional page caching
4:39PM 3 diffing tables using acts_as_versioned
4:25PM 2 PLEASE help me if you can
4:23PM 2 Page navigation with link_to
4:09PM 0 debugging from inside emacs
4:05PM 1 A different way to do polymorphic associations
3:05PM 0 Noobkit - Rails doc on steroids
2:40PM 7 Validation? Cool... How about before_save formatting
2:14PM 0 Reporting Options
2:09PM 1 password_salt
2:01PM 0 Incremental Validations
1:34PM 1 problem with my database.yml - access denied
1:33PM 1 find_by_sql vs connection.select_all
1:11PM 0 rendering partial from different controller doesn't cascade?
12:53PM 0 [ADV] New Rails and Ruby Studios
10:40AM 2 Need help cleaning up a model method
10:40AM 1 what is the difference between new_article_path vs. new_article_url?
10:33AM 0 Add an item dynamically to a select box
10:00AM 10 Rails + .NET (feasible?)
9:21AM 2 validates_format_of problem with REGEX
8:51AM 2 Finding a models asscoations
8:42AM 1 What's the good way to cache reference data?
7:21AM 0 assert_select_email on attachments
6:20AM 1 Handling changes in models in migrations
6:09AM 0 reg :import from excel
4:30AM 0 Data migrations coupled to the model code
3:22AM 5 Need to convince a client to go with Rails instead of ASP.NET
3:15AM 6 Sphincter 1.1.0 Released
2:52AM 0 memcache-client 1.5.0 Released
2:39AM 1 The 3 databases question
1:45AM 1 Storing email in the database and then sending out email using a background process
1:40AM 0 ActiveRecord and attributes returned
1:33AM 3 Ruby on Rails Executive Summary?
1:29AM 2 assert_select: ArgumentError: wrong number of arguments (6 for 2)
1:04AM 2 New Rails App - Web Based SSH
12:58AM 0 faceted tag search
12:21AM 5 Application.rb methods not accessible
12:16AM 1 a great new websit look here
Monday August 13 2007
11:29PM 0 ActiveSupport and XML conversions help needed
11:29PM 0 First JRuby App on GlassFish Screencast & Blog
11:24PM 6 Which select?
11:04PM 2 strange safari behavior
10:44PM 3 bug in multiple map.resources :has_many ?
10:12PM 0 HABTM: at least one coupled user
9:04PM 0 Mysql Replication Adapter
8:54PM 8 New release of SCGI
8:48PM 2 Setting Primary Key (`id` field) with fixtures
8:29PM 3 Question about :include_blank => true
8:25PM 0 Great new Website
7:38PM 0 Windows XP tricks and tips
6:56PM 2 options_for_select and sorting
6:54PM 0 Testing file upload to / download from database
6:26PM 0 [routes] resources with new actions
6:19PM 0 SqueezeBox, a simple file system based routing framework
6:19PM 3 Moving a record
6:10PM 7 self. vs. @
5:46PM 0 Calling custom active resource methods/actions
5:36PM 1 Slovene characters in Views and in MySQL
5:23PM 0 Find the position/page of an item
4:00PM 1 observe_field not working with Internet Explorer
3:52PM 2 time zones - acts_like? problem
3:40PM 0 image caching from the browser.
3:06PM 1 link_to image_tag puts a box round my image
3:05PM 1 ActionMailer
2:58PM 0 Search view result and back to search results
2:45PM 0 PostgreSQL statistics plug-in
2:36PM 6 Existing Oracle schema with its own sequence
2:34PM 5 Where does all the memory go?
2:27PM 0 Automatically download file
1:49PM 0 Invoice system
12:25PM 2 html_escape method
11:54AM 4 Completely un-understandable behavior in a simple Model
11:38AM 1 Converting date and time formats.
10:41AM 1 Multiblog engine?
10:16AM 1 Is validates_uniqueness_of transaction safe?
6:52AM 3 Form Blocks
6:12AM 2 I am sorry about this question,please help me!
4:33AM 1 How to return Full path in File_field?
3:52AM 0 Rails For All announces acts_as_conference
3:11AM 3 Rspec compatibility issue
12:33AM 0 Polymorphic URLs from script/console?
12:32AM 2 image_tag returns screwy src url from url_for_file_column
Sunday August 12 2007
10:25PM 0 look at this nice link
10:23PM 1 CSV parse error (CONST_MISSING)
8:56PM 0 24 seconds for FASTCGI process to startup??? Is this normal???
8:02PM 4 Date and Time validator, updater
7:48PM 5 help with xml -> database insertion
7:31PM 9 persisting an array from 1 action to another
7:02PM 3 Save ActiveRecord attribute without type checking
6:42PM 1 RESTful and "graceful" degrade if javascript is disabled
6:16PM 14 Facebook plugin with test cases?
4:40PM 0 Newbie: AJAX not working - Undefined Method error
4:32PM 10 about chinese display
3:53PM 0 Edge Rails, documentation, and emacs
3:50PM 0 password reencriptado?
2:37PM 1 rails incorrectly names cached files
2:11PM 1 has_session_object
12:42PM 2 Juggernaut with backgroundrb
12:29PM 2 Making Multiple Database Connections
11:02AM 2 has_one relationship not working
10:11AM 1 logger statistics
8:19AM 1 Use url_for with singleton resources?
5:50AM 1 PAKHostOnline.com: Web Hosting Pakistan
4:57AM 2 How do I handle a 404 error from the open method in OpenURI
1:28AM 4 Is Rails 2.0 built on Ruby 2.0?
12:09AM 2 ActiveRecord: created_at/_on / updated_at/_on data type
Saturday August 11 2007
10:37PM 0 nested resources and short urls
10:24PM 0 Rubyists in Lower Alabama?
9:00PM 5 Help With associations
8:48PM 0 Object herency problems
8:46PM 0 Windows XP - Repairing
7:48PM 3 apache => wrong rest routing
7:27PM 0 How to access to the attributes of the middle table set up by :through?
6:53PM 0 OpenURI error handling.
6:00PM 1 RFacebook prepends :action and :id with canvas_url in url_for and link_to
5:14PM 3 Rails plugin with Javascript file
4:36PM 2 Running autotest on Windows XP?
4:12PM 0 Is there "errors.add" the controller ?
3:59PM 1 Meet Arab, Russian, American Singles From All Over The World .. FOR FREE !!
3:50PM 4 Rails exception catching
3:34PM 2 Rails, AJAX, and extra URL parameters
3:06PM 1 question about running unit tests
1:07PM 1 testing controller modules
1:05PM 2 Using helper_method from a Mixin Module
12:07PM 2 have rails ignore validation
10:34AM 0 Volunteers required : freeonrails.com
4:40AM 1 Where do you put library binary (dll and so) stuff?
2:49AM 1 Advice needed on RoR, Media Temple, Plesk, hosting
12:51AM 2 Deliver different content by user agent and host.
12:36AM 0 submit_to_remote question
Friday August 10 2007
11:57PM 1 restful_authentication not working with <%= error_messages_for :user %>
11:18PM 3 Running Rails as fast as possible on Cygwin?
10:46PM 1 upload file and use cache...
10:08PM 3 gem install mongrel problem
8:46PM 1 downgrading from 1.2.3 to 1.1.2
8:43PM 0 Fix Your WINDOWS XP
8:34PM 0 Change Management Databases
8:34PM 2 where is the syntax error in this code?
7:52PM 1 Rails Rumble: What can you build in Rails in only 48 hours?
7:32PM 0 ActionMailer::Base
6:30PM 4 scheduled tasks on rails
4:57PM 6 external js load via ajax?
4:39PM 1 Static HTML in rails application
4:31PM 0 help needed with callbacks
3:47PM 2 NNTP implementation for Rails
3:31PM 2 yaml for mysql
3:30PM 1 routes mongrel, please help
3:07PM 5 how to display a message after logout (session deleted)
2:48PM 5 One Application, Multiple Domains.. separate data?
1:20PM 1 installing ruby-debug on cygwin
12:20PM 0 >|< Pet Lovers - Natural Cure for Pets >|<
12:08PM 1 ActionMailer and Dreamhost
11:58AM 0 ActionMailer classes don't reload
11:52AM 0 Rails developers wanted!
11:38AM 0 web service models without active record
11:38AM 2 uninitialized constant MiniMagic (NameError)
11:34AM 1 Local Community Website - can you help?
11:31AM 4 Weird validates_format_of problem.
11:06AM 20 Multiple Database Connections
10:38AM 7 self.class in view rhtml
10:23AM 4 Uploading Very Large Files
10:19AM 2 split and display
9:46AM 3 Problem with passing to constructor
8:49AM 1 RMagic and Windows
6:56AM 16 [OT] Parallels or VMWare?
5:35AM 0 questions on starting app
5:22AM 0 Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 - Registration Re-Opened!
4:21AM 0 Rails Tricks
4:17AM 6 Sybase Adapter for Ruby on Rails on Windows 2000 - abnormal application termination
3:06AM 2 Select doenst pass the correct value
2:03AM 0 Sessions with class object
1:20AM 4 nil object where not expected
12:09AM 0 unitialized constant error when running migrate to load test data
12:04AM 2 Assignment for has_many objects
Thursday August 9 2007
11:19PM 1 Routing Error Fix?
10:53PM 7 Integrating polymorphic models into controllers views? how?
10:43PM 3 Error: "Couldn't find Contact without an ID" -> form_tag parameter confusion
10:24PM 0 Form for another controller in a view
10:04PM 3 attachment_fu issues
10:02PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 13th August 2007
9:50PM 2 trying to find records that haven't been updated in 2 weeks
9:25PM 1 Question about routing polymorphic associations, especially RAILS EDGE
9:16PM 4 Keeping a record that belonged to a record that has been del
8:45PM 2 fixture scenario builder with rspec
8:40PM 2 Problem with Breakpoint/IRB
8:20PM 2 Using a Find statement with user input, not selecting the right table entries
8:05PM 6 Model without database table
8:03PM 0 <<< Best Free Games >>>
7:49PM 0 Production Questions
7:39PM 0 post preview with rjs
7:19PM 13 RJS - unterminated string literal
7:17PM 0 Globalize doesn't work: HELP ME PLEASE...
7:11PM 0 Design Question For Quiz App
7:01PM 2 OpenID with Rails 1.2.3 (non-edge)?
6:28PM 2 Calling controller actions in a for loop
6:21PM 8 generate time sheet
5:53PM 5 how do i list strings vertically down a website from a datab
5:31PM 0 [ADV] Ruport Book Blog
5:01PM 3 javascript_include_tag - release number instead of time stamp
4:36PM 0 How to redirect back to the page after user Login?
4:28PM 13 Secure cookies through HTTPS
4:11PM 0 TypeError: $_ value need to be String (nil given)
3:35PM 0 Automating form creation
3:32PM 0 partner (engineer) to build startup
3:26PM 0 Optimize WINDOWS XP
3:23PM 0 using jEdit with Ruby on Rails
3:16PM 0 Bids & Tenders
3:08PM 0 Tuned cars!!!!!
3:07PM 3 increment feature is not working
2:15PM 7 Modules in lib not follwing naming convension
2:14PM 0 use table instead of selectbox
2:10PM 0 Ruby on Rails hosting
2:08PM 1 How to use AtomFeedHelper?
12:40PM 1 displaying svg chart
12:16PM 8 Default value in select (ActionView)
12:10PM 3 has_many_polymorphs plugin ??????
11:48AM 0 FlexImage plugin, what are the valid image types?
11:46AM 4 no route found to match "/rails/info/properties" with {:method=>:get}
11:09AM 4 Has Many - Polymorphism Help
10:15AM 2 Rmovie on windows
9:48AM 1 Problems with getting firstname from user in habtm relationship
9:45AM 0 Is there something like Open VMS commons for Rails?
9:32AM 0 Globalize does'nt work: HELP ME PLEASE...
9:03AM 4 Unauthorised unless request.format.xml?
8:33AM 2 password management / SVN / Capistrano
7:03AM 5 Starting a new project
6:55AM 0 china antique
6:22AM 0 All about air conditioning
6:21AM 0 Car Air Conditioning
6:17AM 0 layered SOAP webservices
5:51AM 4 PRoblem with Mongrel
5:26AM 9 how to replace string on the last ???
4:20AM 4 Ruby On Rails Vs. J2EE OpenSource vs. Apple WebObjects etc..
3:32AM 1 Comparison of Web Frameworks Screencast
2:09AM 6 get error message
12:57AM 3 method_missing error......need some eyes for this one
12:41AM 2 RoR and DRb
Wednesday August 8 2007
11:53PM 0 Data modeling a timesheet
10:11PM 1 Getting up to speed on rest with edge rails
10:07PM 2 Microsoft Access DB support. . .?
9:58PM 3 Passing variables from View to Controller
8:19PM 0 Six Figure Income
7:49PM 0 Tuning - Styling
7:35PM 2 Ruby Web App not loading in IE or Safari ... only loads in Firefox
7:08PM 0 Appending object into a collection of objects.
6:37PM 6 Cannot get simple search by date to work with will_paginate
5:49PM 1 writing actionview wrappers?
5:29PM 1 dont know how to use :include
5:22PM 1 Noob question - assigning hash to flash error
5:05PM 1 Two fields associated to the same table
4:57PM 0 HeyWatch library released - Video encoding web service
4:34PM 0 Rails Session Problem
4:22PM 1 partial repeating the output from a collection
4:22PM 0 Rails, Mongrel & Pound / SSL and Browser Caching
4:12PM 1 autocomplete field in ajax response html - css does not get applied.
4:07PM 1 Return an unauthorised header unless the request format is xml?
3:34PM 0 generate scaffold
3:18PM 3 Mongrel Cluster Warning Messages on Startup/Shutdown
2:49PM 0 RubyURL 2.0 launched!
2:38PM 4 I want most, but not all routes created by map.resources
1:59PM 4 conditional action - if action = '' do this....
1:55PM 4 different views for the same function
1:49PM 0 Wanted: Google Maps Programmer
1:40PM 10 TinyMCE and image upload
1:25PM 5 Selects and the database
1:07PM 6 What ruby/rails componet do I need?
12:34PM 0 Opening in Open source Technologies
12:34PM 1 Rendering XML to a web page
10:55AM 2 Cookies problem
10:49AM 2 Comment Form Problem
10:46AM 3 Q about returning to the action that called the method
10:10AM 0 How to read values from another form
10:02AM 0 Pagination help - need drop down like Phpmyadmin.
9:32AM 0 [retry] @flash deprecated -- fine, but I'm not doing that. (fwd)
9:01AM 0 object.dup doesn't seem to work
8:45AM 1 ruby on rails and drb
7:48AM 0 data from ruby code to ppt
7:00AM 5 How to create and use RoR module?
6:20AM 3 images not displaying
5:53AM 1 how do i validate if a datetime entered in the form has already been booked in another record?
4:26AM 1 How does form_for capture the block?
4:22AM 1 record size and table size with ActiveRecord?
4:13AM 3 RJS creates JavaScript, which prints to screen instead of evaluating
4:12AM 1 15 minute RoR blog help
3:40AM 2 performance problems of my rails application
2:46AM 2 file_column plugin: get undefined method 'file_column' error
2:01AM 0 Unit "truth" test fails on InstantRails with legacy database
12:42AM 3 Using a Number as an Action Name
Tuesday August 7 2007
11:01PM 0 Newbie: Want to use time_select to partial fill a datetime field
10:16PM 3 eager loading w/ :through question
10:15PM 0 url_for_file_column and Flash swf
9:41PM 1 dynamic ruby code via load() method / Mongrel Caching
9:10PM 1 MySQL server has gone away when record.save
8:57PM 2 [noob] referencing array of fields in form?
8:53PM 0 redirect link is not working
8:35PM 4 which module needs most work?
7:56PM 1 Windows XP optimization tricks
7:43PM 7 Redirect from a model
7:25PM 0 xsendfile not working
7:01PM 0 Edge Rails and ActionMailer problem (Bad file descriptor)
6:55PM 0 www.shoes369.com,nike,jordan,timberland,..
6:39PM 0 Anyone want to wager on when Rails 2.0 is going to be released?
6:21PM 4 Howto use ENCRYPT() function of MySQL
5:42PM 1 core team email address?
5:36PM 3 Online Video Editing
4:33PM 13 best way get all addresses near a postcode?
4:20PM 0 question about form with one-to-one models
3:56PM 0 proper database setup/import
3:38PM 6 Hpricot problems when scraping sites with accented characters
3:08PM 0 XPath Checker and assert_xpath
2:46PM 2 HTTP progressive output / server push
2:45PM 0 many assets design question
2:41PM 0 how to make the field names to downcase?
2:05PM 4 DEPRECATION WARNING -- fine, but I'm not doing that.
1:43PM 7 Have Several questions....
1:24PM 1 visibility controller instance variables
1:14PM 5 image_tag weirdness - dodgy return value - HELP PLEASE!!!
1:00PM 7 how to install activescaffold from .ZIP file?
12:58PM 0 plugin install problem
12:46PM 2 London - Looking for partner (engineer) to build startup
12:17PM 2 Making Validations Optional
12:03PM 1 lib dir vs. plugin
11:50AM 6 session questions - Rails internal operations
11:47AM 11 IMPORTANT, please help me!
10:59AM 3 XSendFile problem
10:39AM 0 imagemagick_for
10:15AM 0 Bootstrapping demo data
8:55AM 0 passing draggable options to sortable_element
7:33AM 0 Problems with Character Set
6:26AM 4 Execute additional commands after creating database?
6:19AM 1 Can't start WEBrick or Mongrel server
6:05AM 1 serializing a Proc doesn't seem to work
5:32AM 1 Periodic Events
4:35AM 2 reg :Ip address capturing
3:54AM 26 rmagick on windows
3:53AM 0 Setting Up Another Table Access
2:28AM 0 TzTime & Rails 1.2.3
2:19AM 0 Reload routes without restarting server
2:04AM 4 top 10 in mysql?
1:56AM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many polymorphic question
1:31AM 0 rspec controller not working, but works for models
1:29AM 3 A Rails question for Bill Clinton
12:35AM 1 Field Level Security
Monday August 6 2007
11:14PM 0 Problem generating scaffold with a namespace
10:31PM 0 Help with query and testing array
10:08PM 1 rxml output to file not working in IE
9:36PM 0 Tracking model status attributes
9:00PM 0 file_column not working properly
8:13PM 2 Base migration file
8:05PM 0 MKERB meeting this Wednesday 8/9
7:39PM 1 get server address (rails server)
7:22PM 0 Repair Windows XP
5:40PM 1 'require' in lib code not evaluated twice in development mode?
5:37PM 0 something besides update_attribute()
4:53PM 1 Sending Multiple Files To The Browser
4:48PM 1 undefined method `mittens.driver' for {}:Hash
3:38PM 0 [JOB] Ruby/Ruby on Rails(RoR) Developers in London
3:16PM 6 has_many :through
3:06PM 4 Protected methods: not clear to me and highly confusing
2:50PM 0 Page Inheritance Issues and AJAX Slideshow
2:38PM 7 Clean URL's and User Authentication
2:37PM 1 Question Possibility.
2:36PM 2 Logins for customers and admins
2:00PM 7 Error when running script/plugin install with -x
1:51PM 1 Can't update due to validation limitation.
1:37PM 4 Cookie value encryption
1:37PM 0 Has_many :through two way multiple select
1:19PM 4 listing recent items from layout help
1:08PM 2 Multilingual web application
12:48PM 3 Error With ActiveRecord::Base::find
12:45PM 0 Discussion on asdf
12:44PM 1 PAK Host Online(PHO): Web Hosting, Free Domain Registration /Transfer, Website Builder & Web Marketing in Pakistan, Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Rawalpindi at http://www.pakhostonline.com/
12:43PM 2 rails app hosting, example
12:39PM 0 for administration
12:22PM 0 filters with :only and controller inheritance
12:22PM 0 Warning style validation
11:11AM 4 acts_as_ferret cross model index not updating
10:45AM 0 last_login type field
10:35AM 1 jasper reports and ruby on rails
9:47AM 6 REST, limit method access.
9:46AM 0 rmagick is using the wrong file path
9:33AM 2 Rails Vs Struts Comparison
9:33AM 1 Newbie relationship confusion
7:28AM 4 JRuby on a huge project
7:15AM 4 problem with rails_root
3:03AM 1 engine best practices
3:02AM 7 Rspec tutorial
1:31AM 2 HELP! Deploy problem
1:15AM 3 What would be the best way to...
1:12AM 2 Again, AJAX forms with multiple submit buttons
Sunday August 5 2007
11:19PM 0 Using Nginx, SSI and Memcache to Make Your Web Applications Faster
9:38PM 1 rails code reuse: plugins (and engines)
9:02PM 0 Repair Your (Microsoft) Operating System
8:59PM 0 (yet another) AccessControl Plugin
6:49PM 0 PAKHostOnline.com Web Hosting | Pakistan |
4:12PM 0 error_messages_for in 1 to many
3:41PM 1 Activerecord Query Generation
3:35PM 0 Newbie - Question on Parent child updating
3:25PM 0 placement of redbox popups
1:47PM 1 Subcontroller stopped working
1:24PM 1 flash update on remote call
12:48PM 0 producing pdf docs, best strategy..
12:35PM 0 Tune up your Windows XP
11:13AM 3 How would I find all "Exams" that belong to a "Student"?
9:43AM 1 Belgian Ruby User Group
8:16AM 0 Markaby syntax question
4:45AM 1 Regexp differences between Ruby and ROR [hpricot]
2:15AM 4 bypassing Authorize.net
1:09AM 0 Resending an mbox file of messages
Saturday August 4 2007
10:58PM 0 capturing radio button values for nested object
10:42PM 2 Newbie: NameError in my first Scaffold generation
10:34PM 1 12_hour_time_select plugin help
9:37PM 2 Modifying the restful_authentication plugin / Classes creating instances of themselves.
9:32PM 0 Mysterious TextMate/Edge Rails/open_id_authentication error
9:18PM 0 Rails RPM?
7:49PM 0 Windows Tips and Tricks
7:12PM 4 Testing library code
5:19PM 0 Automated test for links between models
4:59PM 4 Rails loop
4:11PM 9 Newbie setup
3:20PM 14 El Dorado - an open-source forum in Rails
2:57PM 2 acts as taggable on steroids - seach all tags
1:50PM 1 equivalent to exec
1:26PM 1 attr_accessor not setting or being displayed in the layout
1:24PM 0 Free Windows XP tips and tricks
1:18PM 2 How to fetch crucial info
12:20PM 1 ActiveRecord gotcha with references?
11:39AM 1 Ruport, not english charset
10:33AM 0 english/russian languages
10:31AM 5 RoR useful gems or plugins
9:49AM 8 development environment - tools, etc
8:36AM 1 Whats the difference? Function order.
8:17AM 0 a bug of Login Generator?
6:04AM 0 So Cute Baby - award winning
5:37AM 0 assert_response for multiple response types?
4:31AM 0 I'm not being redirect to the page I expect.
3:30AM 0 Simplest way to "redirect" an email message
3:08AM 10 Sample code for displaying a MIME email message on a web page?
1:53AM 0 Looking For New Web Developer
12:40AM 2 Override the default rails 'rake test' command to start dependencies
12:05AM 0 extracting data from mysql blobs and save to filesystem
Friday August 3 2007
11:14PM 0 Select box not auto populating based on database
10:41PM 1 form_for FormBuilder
9:51PM 0 Dragging multiple elements and changing image of draggables
8:13PM 0 acts_as_paranoid and Association Extensions (has_one troubles)
7:42PM 1 Clean URL's
6:59PM 2 HELP! Strange script error
6:51PM 2 Rails version coexistence
6:43PM 2 Does collection_select work in list.rhtml?
6:34PM 2 routing to arbitrary deeply nested resources
6:24PM 3 Validation for multiple tables
6:20PM 2 AR Sessions Stop working
6:17PM 0 Slightly off-topic: Amazon Flexible Payment Services
6:01PM 6 Problem with :conditions in find
5:59PM 0 character encoding, MySQL, link_to
5:53PM 2 averaging data with Activerecord
5:21PM 2 Problem installing rmagick in windows
5:09PM 2 my number column returns boolean values
5:08PM 0 Render problem
4:51PM 4 Arather basic and rather stupid MySQL question ...
3:29PM 5 Better way to generate a query?
3:10PM 0 MTOM problem
2:50PM 1 Nested Resources vs. Normal Resources
2:48PM 6 Problems saving an uploaded image to an app folder
2:38PM 5 Accessing has_many objects
1:59PM 2 javascript textilize method?
1:38PM 2 Session doesn't seem to store anything
1:37PM 2 no route found to match "..." with {:method=>:get}
1:35PM 5 Send fax through my rails application
1:20PM 1 How To Fix Internet Explorer 6 Slowdowns And Hangs
12:46PM 4 method(std).call and send(sth)
11:45AM 1 Install Radiant on Netbeans project
11:43AM 0 Struct with xml rpc
8:32AM 1 ActionView theme hack?
8:31AM 2 How do i use paginate in the class that i written
7:44AM 3 Who can provide me some nice e-commerce websites
6:25AM 0 Missing fields when using scaffold
2:36AM 7 Redirection as POST to enable authentication for POST actions
12:48AM 2 Locking Out User Access
Thursday August 2 2007
10:10PM 2 STI functionality, but then with multiple tables
9:27PM 1 search url encoding looks like crap
8:43PM 0 cannot access flash from rjs helper
8:36PM 0 Rails Developers Wanted
8:35PM 0 Rails Database Developer
7:45PM 0 Overridding readonly attribute in custom form builder
7:24PM 0 Reading and saving data with belongs_to and has_many
7:09PM 0 Displaying 404 or 500 with application layout
7:03PM 1 write_attribute functionality for related objects?
6:49PM 0 link_to wrong path...
6:07PM 3 storing as YAML in the database
5:38PM 4 Best way to eager load accross multiple relationships?
5:38PM 0 Ruby on Rails position in Columbia, Maryland
5:13PM 4 Unequal Object Identities in Rails
5:04PM 0 Help with "Data Blender": Active Record or No?
4:50PM 2 Search again using previous records found
4:37PM 13 Anyway to autogenerate joins w/o :include
4:31PM 4 Display text_field if checkbox checked
4:19PM 5 'Coming from' rails...to php, help
2:54PM 0 large data set: paginating, sorting - application? database? stored procedure?
2:45PM 0 Windows XP Tips
2:41PM 3 How to install TCLink on OS X? ruby-devel package?
2:32PM 3 Code works in console but fails test?
2:28PM 1 Noobie question about has_many :through
1:04PM 0 How to: Rails with JRuby/Actice Record-JDBC and JDBC-ODBC
12:46PM 2 Editing Multiple Objects (line items)
11:20AM 0 Deserializing objects in the controller
10:52AM 3 Where to put pages not baked by controllers
10:41AM 0 Send Dedication to your belover..
9:47AM 6 Difficult RoR Project...
9:40AM 7 has_many and class function
9:22AM 4 A rather n00by question on rake, from "Build Your Own RoR Applications" by Patrick Lenz
9:12AM 1 Executing php code in rails
9:01AM 2 Rails 1.2.3 MySQL 3.23.58 incompatible?
7:32AM 0 attachment_fu db storage and undefined method full_filename
7:30AM 0 >|< Optimize your System >|<
7:03AM 3 Rake aborted! stack level too deep
7:03AM 4 ActiveRecord Limitation (Advance)
6:49AM 0 Activerecord limitation ? (advanced)
6:32AM 2 habtm find question
6:10AM 1 Foreign Key Use
4:21AM 1 Ruby Math Normal Distribution
3:47AM 1 Firefox reloads select field from cache?
3:47AM 3 Where do i put the code to pull data from an API?
3:38AM 1 Google Maps Map Movement
2:55AM 2 [Off-Topic] Call for networking help
1:38AM 0 mogilefs-client 1.2.1 Released
Wednesday August 1 2007
11:57PM 1 record.attribute = nil
11:35PM 2 Attachment_fu file sizes
11:24PM 0 Busco Ruby on Rails developer (latinoamérica-desde casa)
11:07PM 1 remote function not submitting form
10:52PM 5 order in find
10:43PM 1 Ruby focus group in San Francisco - $175
10:10PM 0 trouble with shortcut icon
9:57PM 3 Concept of Ruby on Rails
9:45PM 3 concept for foreign key
9:39PM 1 Shared Helpers -- Newbie Help
9:30PM 1 What to do when capistrano/mongrel go off the rails
9:16PM 2 map.resources with habtm
9:11PM 1 What the heck - corruped mongrel server?
8:35PM 4 save to another database
7:57PM 0 Identify and Select Your Educational Need-Enroll Now without leaving Home
7:54PM 1 multipart remote_form_for
7:48PM 1 come on!!~All kinds of brand shoes ,clothes,belt,..bag..
7:38PM 1 url_for or resource_url additional params?
7:31PM 3 Don't use from_now, for now
7:09PM 1 render_component alternatives
7:06PM 0 Running Rails/Ruby from a compressed archive?
6:58PM 1 Anyone have experience with the USDA SR19 database?
6:10PM 0 renaming associations in polymorphism and versioning
6:08PM 0 Invoking a webservice
6:00PM 1 Managing migrations for separate databases
5:51PM 0 How to use Memory Profiler
5:47PM 2 validates_acceptance_of not saving to database
5:03PM 0 super() inside quote() of database adapters
4:50PM 12 Debugging advice
4:16PM 2 No route for :method => :get
3:37PM 1 Working with an array of search parameters
3:32PM 1 Model Each Do Looping Problem
3:02PM 2 form and popup in RoR
3:00PM 0 model.find with two associations
2:57PM 0 Single Table Inheritance using a boolean column
2:20PM 8 linking many tables with conditions?
1:59PM 1 has_one question
1:51PM 0 newbie - Problem running unit test because of text column
1:44PM 0 Rare variable name corruption
1:02PM 2 Varaible Validations
12:11PM 3 Problem with link_to_function resulting rjs error, please help.
12:07PM 4 prevent form_for password_field from auto filling
10:23AM 3 Howto express schema in model for one to many relationship
10:06AM 0 can't we do globalization by using localhost
10:04AM 0 Help with event.observe and nifty corners
5:09AM 0 Most Innocent Baby :)
4:54AM 0 ar_mailer 1.3.1 Released
3:44AM 0 Reverting to default template
3:43AM 1 Database error when running Test
2:43AM 0 TK for web application
12:47AM 0 Inherited layout doesn't work
12:26AM 3 Error with datetime_select w/ Year <1970 on MS Windows
12:01AM 20 how to manage states in a CRUD way?