Rails - Jun 2007

Saturday June 30 2007
11:01PM 1 ActionController filter chain question.
10:21PM 12 mixin's for modules
10:10PM 0 ActionMailer encoding
10:05PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developers Needed to Join Global Team
9:45PM 2 auto_complete_field
9:34PM 8 attachment_fu not working on Textdrive
9:03PM 4 acts_as_comparable 1.2 released
8:39PM 1 getting a mysql error connection error
6:47PM 1 HABTM ReadOnlyRecord
6:36PM 3 superclass mismatch for class
6:26PM 3 transactions with two models
6:12PM 4 circular foreign keys and order of creation
5:36PM 4 Attachment_fu: Having problems with database_backend
5:34PM 2 REST Route how to avoid hacking routes
4:48PM 0 Top8hyip
4:05PM 1 ActionController::Filters, any methods to execute the chain?
1:23PM 2 regarding mail in ruby on rails
1:00PM 1 has_one
9:16AM 0 validate for a groups of at least 4 items
6:42AM 0 Generating a textfield with an array as arguments
4:28AM 0 mysterious :action=>"undefined" bug
4:03AM 3 return custom http responses from a controller?
3:33AM 1 InvalidURIError: can not set user with registry or opaque
3:23AM 4 Really simple routing question
3:09AM 3 accessing http raw post data?
1:28AM 0 Fwd: <V< Easy Skin & Health Treatment Guide >V>
1:27AM 0 Fwd: <0< Easy Skin & Health Treatment Guide >B>
1:27AM 5 Postgres + Tests + Permissions = Confusion
12:26AM 3 map.resource and semi nested resources
Friday June 29 2007
11:37PM 0 Continuous_builder question...PLEASE HELP!!!
11:09PM 0 acts_as_authenticated, reset_session, and redirect_back_or_default
10:08PM 0 Using Mongrel,and Apache Alias
9:43PM 12 find method not working
9:13PM 1 Subversion Question
9:05PM 5 phpinfo for RoR?
8:54PM 1 text_field uneditable
8:47PM 0 No idea where to start. - Filtering a grid :(
8:34PM 1 re: save question
8:29PM 4 Creating a News Ticker
7:16PM 4 simple AJAX file upload for Rails
7:08PM 0 RESTfully updating multiple objects
6:53PM 0 Help with accessing DB for general purpose on Active Record
6:33PM 1 attachment_fu validation error
6:02PM 1 Get Paid to Surf ADs... I am already Paid
5:49PM 0 Contest Idea
5:32PM 3 Routing issues with special characters
4:20PM 1 RSpec, controller testing, and routes.rb
3:51PM 3 How to handle cardinality 1-to-2 with Associations ?
3:15PM 2 how to test for relationships
2:35PM 4 Find Models which's id does NOT appear in a collection
2:07PM 11 find results help!!!
1:54PM 0 attachment_fu and mysql
1:35PM 1 Ruby On Rails Facebook Tutorial
12:46PM 2 passing parameter by link_to
12:41PM 0 [Screencast ANN] Smarticast: ActiveRecord Grab Bag
11:46AM 2 Attachment_fu not resizing.
11:14AM 0 Objects returned from JOINS
11:07AM 6 Just want the id's back from the dynamic find
10:55AM 0 Concerns when uploading html documents to an app.
10:32AM 4 Encrypting password
10:19AM 1 Error starting OpenID server by EastMedia (PIP)
9:13AM 1 How to get recently saved record...
8:08AM 7 javaScript and error
7:02AM 1 Speeding up :dependent => :destroy
5:50AM 1 Country list & file_field in other languages
4:51AM 2 remote_function doubt
4:23AM 5 rendering now!
3:37AM 3 Pound / Mongrel vs Apache / FastCGI etc.
2:49AM 1 Trying to Create a Friend System
2:16AM 4 link_to restfully
2:15AM 3 attachment_fu: Saving files with random filenames (using Digest::SHA1)
1:15AM 4 Best Ruby on Rails authentication plugin
12:46AM 2 Shared Domain
12:39AM 0 form_for and ActiveResource
12:01AM 1 Creating a controller object from a refrencse.
Thursday June 28 2007
11:38PM 1 form_for et ActiveResource
11:24PM 0 gem error wont let mongrel start
10:45PM 4 auto_complete_field problem
10:08PM 2 Ruby on Rails and LDAP
9:58PM 2 Clicking a form_remote_tag has no action.
9:42PM 0 1.1 security fix backports still available?
9:38PM 0 Integration tests prefixing headers with "HTTP-"
9:21PM 2 Need help with calling a ruby method inside rhtml
8:22PM 2 Not passing placeholder text
8:06PM 0 dropdown menu
7:22PM 3 Help with form_for helper selects
7:17PM 1 escaping/stripping all user HTML input
7:14PM 1 emulate RoR web from with cURL?
7:01PM 1 complete stumper: variable exists in hidden_field_tag, but nil everywhere else
7:00PM 1 Conditionalizing find via has_many
6:56PM 2 download a file
6:55PM 0 Returning associated ActiveRecord data through a Rails web service
6:48PM 0 Exceptional plugin and edge?
6:43PM 0 Deprecation Warnings in API
6:11PM 3 How to avoid auto-closing tag while using insert_html method?
6:11PM 4 Apache: mod_balancer vs. mod_proxy_balancer
5:57PM 1 grabbing xml feeds faster
5:50PM 3 Submitting a form without clicking the submit button?
4:20PM 7 new to rails... suitable for what I wanna do?
4:00PM 8 RESTful Authentication Plug Tests
3:18PM 0 Trouble with IDs
3:12PM 1 rake test fails under InstantRails but not OSX
3:02PM 1 How'd they do that?
2:56PM 0 Search Error
2:46PM 1 dreamhost + backgroundrb ?
2:23PM 2 rails vendor directory ... WTF???
2:20PM 0 Thinking about tweaking some things
12:55PM 5 Test::Unit mocking the db
12:34PM 0 re: Ruby on Rails Developer
12:09PM 2 What's a healthy code:test ratio?
10:42AM 4 NoMethodError: undefined method `net'
10:32AM 0 extracting data
10:22AM 3 Gem installation Problem / Controller generation problem
10:05AM 3 facebook.notifications.sendRequest related question
9:38AM 2 Access folders outside RAILS_ROOT
9:00AM 1 Object#id will be deprecated
8:23AM 1 How to setup MySQL
8:12AM 0 Cure Cancer
7:10AM 0 Problem in installing libxml gems for window.
6:06AM 4 need some info regarding "how to add friends"
4:50AM 0 caching without domains in the path
4:50AM 3 Using OR in a complex condition
4:22AM 2 form_tag routing error in >= 1.2.2 ?
3:31AM 4 Javascript include issue
1:22AM 13 Web 2.0, what is/is not supported on iPhone?
1:17AM 2 Can't actualize variable session
12:23AM 5 App for team codding ?
Wednesday June 27 2007
9:58PM 5 Regexp not matched
9:57PM 2 Piston problem
9:39PM 0 Communication between Rails Projects?
9:11PM 2 Restricting a FIND based on the results of another
8:18PM 2 cookies? sessions? help?
8:16PM 0 render_json only outputs to file..simple driving me nuts
8:15PM 0 Collection_select does not return empty array if no options selected
8:01PM 3 acts_as_tree and before_save
8:00PM 0 acts_as_ferret and reindexing objects
7:43PM 6 attachment_fu file deletion
6:57PM 0 Rortlet, portlets on rails
6:50PM 0 Polymorphic FK mapped to field other than ID
6:47PM 1 re: selectbox issues
6:30PM 1 Strange message rendering link_to
5:47PM 0 Caching and ruby exceptions
5:43PM 5 auto_complete_for - return id
5:39PM 3 1.2.1 -> 1.23 Upgrade; New Projects Frozen at 1.2.1?
5:31PM 4 Bad Smells sing in a rails application
5:18PM 10 question about agile development
4:55PM 2 Multi-statement transactions with ActiveRecord (CORRECTED)
4:50PM 0 Multi-statement transactions with ActiveRecord
4:35PM 0 Fwd: <o< Best Small Business Idea >o>
4:23PM 4 Write file
4:06PM 1 help w/ parseexcel
4:04PM 3 forms within forms
3:58PM 1 re: multiple keys
3:43PM 0 Rails - MySQL UNIX Timestap issue
3:27PM 0 disabled submit button
2:55PM 4 Very Stuck
2:35PM 1 how to upload or download a file using ror
1:39PM 7 rake test without running re-creating database?
1:30PM 4 Design Advice
12:41PM 7 any rails host that have ffmpeg available?
12:26PM 0 Deploying on Nginx and Mongrel--what is http://mongrel?
11:54AM 3 Pagination......
10:27AM 2 Legacy app problem
10:21AM 0 related to filemanipulaations in ruby
9:57AM 5 How to make attachment_fu generate RESTFUL URL
9:30AM 0 Strange param mixup
9:08AM 0 Send request to add application in Face Book using Rails
9:06AM 2 How to connect to mysql database?
8:36AM 0 Using autotest with rspec on windows XP
6:58AM 6 Hiring...
6:01AM 2 How to pass an object to the view
5:48AM 0 Specifying location
5:30AM 1 Can you do autocomplete on a custom data set?
5:24AM 0 Rails
5:15AM 1 routes question
4:26AM 0 ActiveRecord Type issue -- What am I missing?
4:02AM 0 ANN] singapore.rb meeting for June 2007
3:54AM 2 wierd problem with attachment_fu plugin?
3:06AM 0 Is my rails app using too much memory? (top output)
2:35AM 4 Dir.chdir causes application error
2:26AM 3 Lots of controllers, one page.
2:05AM 1 gem install mongrel fails
1:55AM 1 Active Scaffold controllers created dynamically at runtime?
1:43AM 3 Agile web development with Rails - Issue with Depot app
12:46AM 8 New to the group and to RoR
12:13AM 0 New Oracle+Rails HowTos on OTN
Tuesday June 26 2007
11:58PM 4 Static content location
11:48PM 2 anyone else seeing these undeliverables to vikrant replies?
10:55PM 0 howto same order list fields in view and on paginate
10:36PM 0 how to setup POI for ruby?
10:18PM 0 Error for second Drag in IE
10:14PM 0 odd behavior with routes
10:01PM 3 Using a helper within a controller
9:35PM 1 Integrating Rails Application with a CMS
9:24PM 0 ActionMailer testing errors rescue... Net::
9:02PM 1 Folder question....routing error
8:47PM 4 Atomic transactions in rails controllers
8:42PM 3 SslRequirement module
8:22PM 2 Server-to-Server SSL Connection
8:11PM 0 One app hangs loading Rails and another doesn't; suggest strategy please
8:08PM 0 Best way to render KML files using RXML templates
8:05PM 0 integration with other apps
6:49PM 2 MySQL Where conditions automatic formatting
6:45PM 2 Maintaining Multiple Versions of App
6:31PM 1 Installation issues - rails non-existant...
6:29PM 1 A question about updating selected columns only
5:54PM 1 RoR way to handle 2 situations
5:27PM 0 Sending Automated Email Reminders?
3:56PM 0 Plugins disappear
3:17PM 0 re: Debugging
3:15PM 3 what is the :or parameter in a submit_tag ?
3:09PM 1 .exists?
2:51PM 1 Professional opinions on development frameworks
1:53PM 1 Support & Consultants
1:21PM 4 app seems slow when emailing
1:15PM 4 nil values being set in scaffold generated code for 1.2.3
1:11PM 0 validates_presence_of of polymophic fields
1:04PM 2 How to integrate Flickr with Rails
12:58PM 1 Free Pain Diary and Discussion Guide For Women
12:57PM 1 ActiveRecord: Attribute Setter for belongs_to relation attribute
12:50PM 0 Free Skincare Samples and Kit
12:48PM 1 ActionController::RoutingError (no route found to match "/ja
11:39AM 0 how to not load helpers?
11:04AM 1 name of foreign key in innodb table
10:58AM 0 undefined method `alias_method_chain' for ActiveRecord::Vali
10:31AM 12 Doubt on form_tag do
10:30AM 1 RoR newbie
10:22AM 4 Show a loading image while a new view is rendered
9:19AM 4 Non english rails sites?
9:11AM 6 Openssl en MacOS X
9:08AM 5 Why RoR needs plugin?
6:54AM 1 can't activate activesupport (= 1.0.4), already activated...
6:48AM 1 ruby for beginner
2:26AM 1 scaling...the other way
2:04AM 4 check box update
1:23AM 2 Validations and Transactions
12:08AM 1 Capistrano rollback_with_migrations
Monday June 25 2007
11:44PM 0 Announcing Multisite Plugin for Rails 2.0
11:01PM 1 formatting a pretty page for 'raise' errors
10:24PM 2 Credit Card processor suggestions
9:41PM 0 Dynamic show form fields depending on dropdown box
9:08PM 3 SMTP ActionMailer Email Problem
8:27PM 1 Importing flat CSV into two tables and maintaining a relationship
8:25PM 1 One-on-One Net Training
8:16PM 1 No credit check personal loans: when the best loan can't offset bad credit
8:15PM 1 redirect_to difficulties
8:09PM 2 noob ?: sorting hashes within an array by another array
7:49PM 0 A RESTful way for filtering results?
7:45PM 2 Problem
7:30PM 2 Single Table Inheritance
7:18PM 0 sanitize_properly?
6:34PM 2 Multiple Join Tables between Two Tables? Another solution?
6:27PM 2 Freeze pane
6:13PM 2 Bug in http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/Tutorial
6:10PM 0 Performing finds on the first two characters on any entry
6:07PM 1 windows version of http://wiki.rubyonrails.org/rails/pages/Tutorial
5:59PM 1 Is there an official list of the largest sites running RoR?
5:24PM 0 Problem with RSpec in legacy databases
5:20PM 2 undefined method `each' for ***:Class PROBLEM
5:07PM 0 Saving data to web server
4:52PM 2 ActiveResource authorization
4:32PM 0 storing data from database into array
3:50PM 1 Associations not found - breaks randomly
3:46PM 3 Attachment_FU -- stops creating after first file creation
3:08PM 3 Implementing search
2:56PM 0 Outlook calendar roadblock
2:19PM 2 Courage
2:01PM 2 Rails bug with partials and charsets?
1:54PM 1 QUESTION: Grouping gems for a project
1:03PM 0 problem with nginx in combination with ujs plugin and firefo
1:01PM 0 rails with file_column
11:44AM 1 Functional tests and active scaffold: unexpected assertion failure.
10:58AM 0 Which application to use?
9:03AM 0 <<< Admission open in many Uk Universities >>>
6:33AM 1 mongrel startup error... confusion ensues... :) "HALP"
5:42AM 8 PHP & Ruby -- Rendered to One Page
5:00AM 2 :include and sorting
3:53AM 0 Best practice/Strategy Question
12:35AM 2 passing parameters from rhtml to rjs
12:15AM 4 Ruby elegance
Sunday June 24 2007
10:46PM 1 Prototype.Browser has no properties
8:23PM 0 Making Your Own Herbal Hair Shampoo
7:37PM 0 gem install mysql error MySQL native bindings for rub on ppc
7:28PM 4 Adding variables through modules
7:24PM 3 acts_as_tree and drop downs
6:59PM 3 Custom validations in rails: validates_number_range
6:50PM 6 rail 2.0 release estimate?
6:42PM 1 Cant test 404 pages in webrick
5:45PM 7 RoR and PHP on Mac
5:27PM 2 MySQL problem: #28000Access denied for user
4:58PM 6 Newbie: Still confused on pluralizing controllers and models
4:14PM 3 Fastest Way to run Rails
3:26PM 2 Find Not Empty Categories
1:19PM 1 Restful route not found
12:54PM 2 howto make "logged_in?" accessible to other controllers? aaa
11:51AM 5 How to delete periodically_call_remote from the DOM
11:45AM 0 LRUG Nights - Episode #1 "Pursuit" - Tuesday 26th June
9:12AM 0 Introduction to Consumer Credit
8:53AM 4 gem install mysql error
8:37AM 2 print "all column name and content in sql obj"
7:36AM 0 how to send sms
6:43AM 1 Firebug for IE? Microsoft unbelieveably bad.
4:51AM 0 action mailer details
2:19AM 9 Eager loading problem
1:05AM 3 Adding before_filter from inculded Module
12:56AM 3 rails:freeze:gems breaks rails/info/properties
12:07AM 1 Optional Image Upload
Saturday June 23 2007
8:51PM 0 scriptacolous autocomplete mysterious indents?
8:41PM 0 Tracking link clicks
7:55PM 2 type image submit tags on IE dropping the params
7:43PM 3 has_and_belongs_to_many and dynamic find
7:34PM 1 what about symfony
7:25PM 1 How do I set up a test without using fixture in this case
7:10PM 1 Cleaning up a UGLY method.
6:33PM 1 validation email for new users... thoughts on best way?
5:54PM 9 Does :on => blur works?
5:50PM 2 validates_length_of INCONSISTENT BEHAVIOR
4:27PM 1 Viewing some links!
4:25PM 2 Keyword searches
4:16PM 1 Access name_prefix from ApplicationController?
3:42PM 0 Caching my Flickr photos
3:04PM 22 interesting question (possibly)
2:24PM 5 attribute alias
1:10PM 0 Raising a more approprriate error when rescuing RoutingError
1:09PM 7 rake db:migrate strange behaviour "wrong number of arguments (1 for 0)"
11:58AM 4 need some help with mongrel and performance problems
10:37AM 7 What's the flow?
7:42AM 1 Help with View/Model.
5:41AM 1 offer max,shox,bapestars,adidas,dunk,dsquared,foamposite,jea
4:58AM 0 Rfacebook Functional Testing
1:50AM 3 RoR Forum Application
12:50AM 1 object class for default mysql :decimal columns
12:48AM 4 Changing the attribute name used by error messages
12:18AM 1 Fwd: <O< Best Small Business Idea for Friends>O>
Friday June 22 2007
11:30PM 3 Firs rails site, need some feedback
10:50PM 1 Restful Polymorphic Post Path
10:10PM 6 Passing multiple parameters within a form
8:52PM 0 Instant Money Vault - Review
8:22PM 4 file upload with REST POST?
7:39PM 0 Mongrel lost port
7:11PM 0 Ofrecemos trabajo-Ruby on Rails developer
7:03PM 0 http://www.tophostonline.com/
6:46PM 0 SQL Server - lost connection
6:36PM 0 ActiveResource noob
6:24PM 1 link_to_remote not working in FF 2.0
6:11PM 1 form_for for multiple methods
5:52PM 1 Flex and Rails
5:49PM 3 wich plugins do you don't live without?
5:43PM 3 ActionMailer problem
5:35PM 0 Automating memcached startup for my app.
5:05PM 1 To-do like task manager
4:03PM 1 Losing Default Value with Migration
3:47PM 0 How to split rows in a SimpleTable?
3:16PM 0 Join association across two databases with :through
2:37PM 4 tooltip libraries?
2:34PM 0 ajax and dependent select lists
2:26PM 1 Charset problems with partials
2:12PM 2 Getting filename of upload
12:48PM 0 Search Form
12:43PM 1 Where to get acts_as_favorite plugin
11:46AM 12 How to get user's IP
11:23AM 1 nested rest URL => passing param from select
11:14AM 6 Search technique
10:31AM 0 wanna make a catalog list
10:16AM 2 self-referential? model help
10:08AM 0 ActionMailer won't send authenticated email from an Observer model?
8:45AM 0 How to check if a user is logged in
8:33AM 5 assert_select trying to verify the presence of a textarea
7:19AM 1 any way to convert migration
5:36AM 4 Blog engine without all the template and front-end stuff?
5:31AM 1 observe_form only works once
4:21AM 7 Nested Dynamic Routes
3:52AM 0 RubyWorks 0.0.2 - Rails production stack, now with Debian/Ubuntu support
3:31AM 2 problem with AR and 'virtual' multiparameter attributes.
2:50AM 0 Using through with habtm
2:44AM 1 OLAP and Models / ActiveRecord etc etc
2:17AM 5 Timer for AJAX calls in Rails?
1:55AM 2 Rails On Emacs (in english)
1:45AM 5 How to sort on a join... kindof.
1:45AM 0 How to reuse ActiveRecord::Validations
1:11AM 1 Dynamic Table Selection in Rails
12:55AM 0 dont understand unit test self.use_instantiated_fixtures
12:34AM 4 Bottom Up ORM / scaffolding
Thursday June 21 2007
11:22PM 2 Restful Named Routes
11:00PM 2 Migrations don't work :-(
10:50PM 0 Unit Testing Custom Validation Method
10:35PM 0 sortable_element -- need a strategy
9:47PM 0 problem with redirect_to() and VirtualHost
9:42PM 0 How to Write Baby Shower Poems like a Pro
9:24PM 3 Links broken in Email, encode or other alternatives?
9:10PM 6 Off Topic: VMware Vs Parallels for Deployment
9:06PM 0 help with highlight
8:48PM 1 Radio Button Question
7:57PM 0 How can I render an existing complete web page within rails?
7:57PM 0 Ruby on Rails Developer Needed
7:30PM 1 render :partial => :url - is it possible?
7:04PM 1 Validation Through Multiple Models from one Form
6:42PM 2 Parsing to_xml respond_to with Javascript
6:14PM 2 does activeresource only work with edge?
5:37PM 2 help w/ rb-termios, rb-mysql installation
4:25PM 0 oracle_adapter weirdness
4:10PM 2 Multiple User Types
4:09PM 1 Mailer Template in Database
4:08PM 1 x-sendfile horrendously slow?
3:50PM 2 Ruby/Rails String to Unicode conversion...
3:43PM 6 SugarStats.com Launched - Online Diabetes Management site built with Rails
3:17PM 2 if/else statement
3:10PM 0 REST url generation for nested resources.
1:57PM 1 radio button tag checked conditon
11:35AM 3 button to remote
7:36AM 1 teach
7:04AM 3 bundling REST POSTs?
7:00AM 11 one-to-one, compound primary key, naming conventions
6:06AM 1 How to implement a non-block online RSS portal?
4:59AM 2 Thread safe dispatcher?
4:55AM 4 spell checker
4:09AM 3 Rails and webcams
2:30AM 3 question about Form
1:11AM 2 Error when trying to run expense program
12:57AM 2 syntax conversion between C++ or Java to Ruby
Wednesday June 20 2007
11:35PM 1 testing post :action with an array in the parameters
11:22PM 0 <o< Best Small Business Idea >o>
10:33PM 4 Monitoring Rails Application in Prouction
9:34PM 1 parsing variable length XML?
9:32PM 2 Multiple file uploads
8:43PM 14 Aptana IDE
8:30PM 6 case statement ranges
7:47PM 3 acts_as_wizard clone
6:58PM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many linking more than two tables
6:20PM 0 Save info to database when user clicks on button or link.
6:14PM 0 How to Write an English CV
6:10PM 1 Need current version of 'engines'
5:14PM 1 Problem with RoR Installation on Mac OSX
4:57PM 1 Bypass "public html" and go straight to a controller, or not?
4:42PM 4 Where to get help about the Rails framework structure
4:41PM 5 Rails and localization
4:06PM 2 grabbing associated value from database
3:50PM 0 gnarly permission issue using fcgi
3:25PM 2 rake error: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord
3:08PM 1 Right way to handle exceptions of controller actions?
2:42PM 1 one item in a return list
2:38PM 1 Force Content-Type 'text/xml'
2:26PM 2 C programms with RoR
2:02PM 0 Painless Guide to installing RMagick on Mac OS Tiger
2:00PM 1 redirect root
1:30PM 4 Remove session string from css and js file?
1:30PM 0 [ADV] Ruby Hoedown (the southeastern Ruby conference) updates!
12:52PM 1 Installing RubyGems 0.9.4 on Solaris 2.6
12:49PM 4 Installing RubyGems 0.0.4 on Solaris 2.6
11:16AM 1 reading POST HTTP
11:13AM 4 [RE-ANN/ADV] Rails Routing 'short cut' (Addison-Wesley)
11:09AM 3 how to get radio_button's value in link_to_remote
10:34AM 0 helper method
10:15AM 0 ActionMailer into a Component
8:58AM 0 Plugin not working after update
8:53AM 0 cgi on ruby rails
8:44AM 0 auto #valid? good or bad idea for tests?
8:39AM 0 http://www.replica-watch-source.com
8:37AM 0 http://www.replica-supplier.com
8:17AM 0 Fwd: <<Unbelievable Small Business Pad Printing Idea >>
8:09AM 0 why do large posts fail from gmane?
8:08AM 2 Remote Development?
8:07AM 2 find_by_parent_id
8:04AM 6 hello world
6:37AM 6 params
6:25AM 0 Strings symbols and databases
6:03AM 3 Installing Ruby Rails and PostgreSQL on OS X
5:02AM 0 nested tanavs based on controller/actions
4:52AM 8 html format
3:46AM 3 basecamp and tada killer
3:04AM 2 good rails hosting
1:36AM 0 After 1.2 upgrade - a copy of X has been removed from the module tree
12:21AM 1 Logo Design and Web Design in USA
Tuesday June 19 2007
11:35PM 1 binary upload and parsing with Rails
9:52PM 0 Rails + Rest
9:34PM 6 gem is an evil?
8:45PM 1 Display Options While Paginating
8:38PM 0 How to Use Dell Coupons To Get The Best Deal
8:25PM 15 let's talk about hosting companies
8:13PM 0 overly complex controller?
7:50PM 2 restful route url help
7:34PM 1 Ruby on Rails Web site Developer/Designer
7:32PM 1 javascript_tag replacing whitespaces w/ '%20'
7:28PM 1 Showing a menu from an array
6:47PM 3 html special chars
6:14PM 7 QUICK QUESTION: Method in Controller AND Helper
5:44PM 0 Save attachment to oracle database
5:20PM 0 handling referrals
4:29PM 1 How do I pass a variable to a query in a url (noob question)
4:19PM 0 Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 - Speakers, Hotel and Training
3:47PM 1 attachment_fu, better feedback on errors
3:38PM 2 Refactoring Existing Application For Login Accounts
3:33PM 3 What is the role of the controllers? (Advanced question)
3:29PM 0 : Houston RoR Meeting Tonight
3:26PM 2 Unicode trouble (incredibly clueless)
3:26PM 0 update action without model relationship
3:05PM 4 ActionWebService for many APIs in rails?
2:23PM 1 Inflector problem?
2:22PM 0 Digital Secrets > Share Hundreds of Wedding Photos In Just One Click!
2:22PM 3 Interact with the database from a simple ruby script
2:19PM 0 Daily Humor !! You are Fired
2:19PM 3 Nil object for nested resource
1:54PM 0 Status code for failure to destroy
12:17PM 5 Fixtures using csv
12:01PM 4 back button for AJAX in rails
11:53AM 0 Home Depot Garden Club - Free Garden Club Welcome Kit
11:50AM 0 Free "I Stand With Magic" Pin
11:46AM 0 Free Package from ITT
10:56AM 0 Open Source CRM | CMS in Ruby on Rails | XLsuite
10:42AM 0 NoMemoryError ActiveSupportMultibyte - Normalize
10:07AM 3 how to encode an email ? (spam protection)
10:00AM 0 YM4R/GM-Plugin: Events on Markers
9:13AM 2 sequence name prefix
8:09AM 5 Ruby On Rails Programmer Needed
4:46AM 1 helpers to produce HTML (not XHTML)
4:41AM 3 ActiveRecord::Base.find returning columns from :joins
4:00AM 2 Monkey-patching generators?
3:57AM 2 Session Problem with Ajax Call
3:46AM 1 variable conditions in find queries
2:16AM 1 ActionMailer cancel send from one of deliver_* methods
12:28AM 0 Fwd: <<< Easy Skin & Health Treatment Guide >>>
12:16AM 1 singular resource paths
12:01AM 3 Insert records into MySQL
Monday June 18 2007
11:13PM 5 Disabling transactions
11:05PM 6 Link_To_Remote Incrementing
10:45PM 1 Getting and posting info from database?
9:24PM 1 Queueing page.hide / non effects
9:02PM 0 UPS Shipping Gem Issues?
8:27PM 3 accessing methods
7:12PM 4 How To Prevent Tonsil Stones (and Why They Cause Bad Breath)
6:55PM 0 picture album problem
6:37PM 2 flex times
6:31PM 3 Understanding Find Requests & Loops Correctly
6:11PM 3 form_remote_tag doesn't pass any form params
6:03PM 2 extending Array class with a method
6:01PM 2 QUESTION: Insert tags around highlighted text
6:00PM 3 Compare dates and get the difference
5:43PM 0 Problem in webservice
4:51PM 0 Tempfile.new -> result not unique
4:34PM 8 Commit every Nth INSERT in migration
3:48PM 8 "You are being redirected" when switching controllers
2:28PM 4 using ERB to generate file on disk?
2:25PM 1 How to create an email address on a linux box?
2:22PM 0 acts_as_solr v.0.9 has been released
2:13PM 0 login pre-filter and post data problems
2:06PM 1 How can I use form fields in link_to parameters?
1:59PM 9 ActiveRecord: update fails when field content inlcudes a single qoute (SQLServer)
1:48PM 4 polymorphic validation
1:34PM 0 Problem with belongs_to associations validating associated class: bug in rails in development mode?
1:26PM 0 rails basic record locking
1:25PM 1 Dynamic parameters in link_to
1:08PM 0 remote call issues
12:27PM 4 Images outside the site
12:12PM 1 named routine alternative to redirect_to
11:47AM 8 Ruby v/s PHP
10:42AM 0 How to test "content_for" chunks with functional tests?
10:08AM 5 variable in url
10:01AM 0 Apostophe error
8:13AM 1 Iterate through activerecords
8:08AM 2 how to make "virtual ActiveRecord" be short?
6:18AM 0 Passing parameters from Ruby to JS. Please Help.
6:12AM 2 Displaying Time drop down.
5:14AM 2 mysql-5.0.41 and mysql native gem
4:38AM 2 weakness of helper?
4:33AM 6 How does google do the "did you mean...."?
4:19AM 4 Before updating scaffolding from new DB schema, try creating a table for your model
4:12AM 1 Renumber Migration Files
3:14AM 1 try creating a table for your model (Legacy)
2:37AM 0 Phoenix Rails Users Group
1:25AM 2 Best practice for fragment caching a dynamic listing?
1:25AM 0 syntax highlighter for textile and rails?
1:19AM 0 works related
12:40AM 4 HTML embed tag and rails...
12:15AM 2 Click On a Link to Update Database Record. How Do You Do It?
12:03AM 0 Missing API definition !!
Sunday June 17 2007
11:52PM 1 RJS from .rjs stopped working, inline :update still works
11:00PM 3 Accessing a controller variable?
9:40PM 2 problem with http -> https redirect
9:38PM 5 RJS call in :complete of form_remote_tag
9:17PM 1 Using layouts with RJS
9:14PM 4 Mootools, Rails and Ajax
8:59PM 0 Fitness and Beauty Spot
7:44PM 0 How To Increase Computer Speed And Performance - Great Tips & Tricks
7:35PM 1 columns in HTML emails?
6:32PM 1 actionmailer & picture
4:45PM 2 Problems with SOAP: duplicate XML declarations
4:08PM 1 HABTM relations insertion
3:29PM 5 One App, two REST questions - Nested Ressources, meaningful URLs
2:16PM 4 attachment_fu or UploadColumn?
12:03PM 1 Calling RESTful 'scoped' INDEX when params[:parent.id] is not present?
11:44AM 0 Most Innocent Baby :)
11:43AM 0 ;) Cute kitten ;)
10:23AM 2 How Would I Display Today's Posts Only?
10:16AM 1 gmane test
10:07AM 2 test
9:01AM 0 Help ~Newb
8:51AM 2 Looking up a hash in an array
6:58AM 0 Fwd: <<< Top 10 USA Universities 2007>>>
6:56AM 0 << Best Small Business Pad Printing Idea >>
5:15AM 5 update_attributes, want to add not replace?
3:29AM 2 Inserting records into MySQL using RoR
3:23AM 0 nocache do
1:12AM 3 Mongrel not starting
1:00AM 1 Problem: Upload file size limit to 500KB
Saturday June 16 2007
11:56PM 3 SWFUpload problem
11:49PM 0 File Upload over AWS - performance problem
10:57PM 7 Join, then view data
10:02PM 0 How to Get Rid of Toe & Finger Nail Fungus
9:50PM 2 'requires lib/customException.rb' seems to need full path????
7:06PM 1 extending activerecord base with after_initialize
7:03PM 2 How to register for railsconf europe 2007
5:05PM 0 Simple select .. which helper ?
4:11PM 1 Saving Without Validation
3:49PM 1 Overriding Camelization of ActionController Name
3:23PM 2 Setting time zone based on IP?
2:42PM 3 newbie file_column question
2:02PM 2 Disable form/textfield history
1:12PM 0 request.env availability
1:00PM 0 using/switching between multiple databases
10:50AM 0 << Best Small Business Idea >>
9:06AM 0 Working Background Task Progress Bars
6:49AM 2 Render HTML in RHTML
6:40AM 1 BackgrounDRB and Sqlite3 / Autotest / Memory_test_fix Issues
6:38AM 4 Getting the timezone (the GMT offset) from DateTime
5:58AM 1 Model based on remote Web Services instead of DB
3:05AM 3 Simply Rich Association
2:46AM 0 Add anchors on remote links?
2:41AM 3 adding things to params in a form
1:55AM 10 Who wants a sample application?
1:47AM 3 Rails Hosting - Reseller?
1:36AM 7 install RoR on Mac OS X
1:24AM 3 CSV Download of any given model
Friday June 15 2007
10:19PM 1 Test::Unit and rspec combined / rspec resources?
10:15PM 2 Extending left outer joins when using active eager loading
10:00PM 0 Solaris 10 x64 Compiling issues with Sun Studio 12
9:34PM 5 File downloads and REST
8:49PM 10 textile editor helper help!
8:18PM 4 dynamic layout
7:32PM 2 request.env not accessible in controller
6:52PM 5 routes.rb
6:35PM 1 Can Yahoo host a RoR app?
6:16PM 0 syntax for the two flavors of field helpers
5:04PM 2 Help with modeling a problem (ActiveRecord)
4:23PM 3 Simplest way to encrypt / decrypt a string?
3:19PM 3 tool used to create screencasts
2:20PM 6 associations
2:18PM 0 New Delhi Ruby and Rails Meetup: Friday 22nd June 2007.
1:49PM 1 helper + conditional loop
1:49PM 17 REST way of doing pagination.
12:23PM 3 Error when running functional test - Errno::ENOENT
11:52AM 0 Sporadic IE hang on AJAX reponse handling
11:49AM 1 Periodically reloading reference data for a live app demo
10:59AM 1 WADL
10:06AM 1 Strange error when installing mysql
9:55AM 2 Why does db:schema:dump change float to double ?
9:17AM 1 comparer deux dates avec ruby
9:15AM 1 comparing dates
9:14AM 1 comparind dates
8:46AM 2 Can't connect to Sybase
8:26AM 2 Silly Error!
5:50AM 5 Multiple Sorts on an array, help with bad code smell
4:13AM 2 Slow-down when creating many records in the console
3:59AM 5 Best rich text editor and date/time picker control in RoR?
3:27AM 2 Hosting ROR Apps with Bluehost
3:25AM 4 404 Error in any controller/action on Media Temple
3:16AM 0 RoR programming question
3:04AM 8 Best editor/environment for Windows?
2:09AM 2 How to render normal rhtml page without active record?
1:54AM 20 Anyone using Flex + Rails?
1:36AM 1 Show a radio button or checkbox as checked?
1:22AM 10 RoR App using SVN as Database
Thursday June 14 2007
11:54PM 1 A new Cygwin & RMagick problem?
11:15PM 1 HABTM and acts_as_list
10:01PM 0 Open Source ruby CRM / CMS | XLsuite
9:41PM 0 Fixtures question - run *before* every test method?
8:22PM 1 Please Help!
8:01PM 0 First date tips ? Things to do on first date
8:00PM 1 Getting Raw Request XML
7:23PM 3 table relations and record creation
7:09PM 1 ActiveMerchant response for American Express
6:46PM 1 acts_as_taggable_on_steroids lates rev. 246 Kills Tags.
6:35PM 5 Login authentication - which plugin?
6:01PM 2 Rails Development Environment and Reloading Models
5:34PM 2 backgroundrb workers won't die!
4:16PM 1 hotmail and japanese
3:12PM 0 NameError: cannot remove Object::Elements
2:45PM 0 Looking for developer with experience in developing auction platform with Ruby on Rails
2:24PM 0 How to get Domain to point to subdirectory?
1:59PM 11 Fixtures and Foreign keys.
1:42PM 0 Does Javascript allow download from a server to local file system
1:34PM 0 ActiveRecord validates_uniqueness_of with :date column
1:06PM 0 date time comparison
1:06PM 0 want to hide the id value while redirecting to the browser
12:03PM 8 ActiveRecord :: How To create a Record with a specific ID
11:49AM 2 Errors When Trying to Update RubyGems on OS X Tiger
11:48AM 1 A note on multiple databases & associations
11:37AM 0 getcwd not found: rails 1.1.6, file_column (svn)
11:34AM 2 ASCII character in select box
10:22AM 0 REAL PLAYER is FREE and is considered the Best,Music Player Available Today !!
9:32AM 3 Are there any HTML+CSS to PDF converters in ruby
9:32AM 4 Problem: Foreign Key in INSERT is NULL
9:26AM 1 What is rails-mailing-list-ARtvInVfO7ksV2N9l4h3zg@public.gmane.org??????
9:02AM 1 mail_to tag
8:50AM 1 acts_as_multi_versioned
8:14AM 0 Attachment_fu and vCards (2 questions)
7:58AM 1 HABTM and collection select problem
7:41AM 3 Displaying Date in ROR (.rhtml) files?
7:05AM 0 Error while updating RubyGems
6:20AM 1 Unit Testing not working for some controllers.
5:48AM 2 Select changed event for collection_select
4:45AM 3 Uploading pictures to database or put them in the file system?
4:35AM 5 Help with this code
2:23AM 3 how do I set my database to production ?
2:17AM 1 Problems: Ajax on Rails
1:17AM 2 Ajax Toggle Bar
Wednesday June 13 2007
11:53PM 3 Nested Resources. What does the controller look like?
10:18PM 0 Seleniumrc_fu fails with safari
9:49PM 3 Session: a poor man's global?
9:17PM 2 Problem with file upload
8:45PM 2 Can i know the name of my current controller in my views?
8:38PM 0 Remindre of Ruby User Group Meeting for Milwaukee tonight at 5:20
8:33PM 2 Mac Question: How to click on file ref in a log file and auto-launch the file into TextMate ??? (at the indicated line number ideally)
8:18PM 3 Rails store / e-commerce suite?
7:53PM 5 attachment_fu with animated gifs?
7:45PM 1 Curl/Curb
7:31PM 0 Filtering object list with select_tags + pagination + Ajax for reactive refresh
7:27PM 1 Crash Ruby Forum! =]
7:26PM 6 ActiveRecord query using association
7:21PM 5 Manual route redundancy with .:format (REST from scratch)
6:47PM 6 validates_mutual_exclusivity
6:31PM 1 seleniumrc_fu initial test issue
6:19PM 0 Native mysql gem vs pure-ruby gem (determing which is being used...) (FYI)
6:19PM 3 date_select css options
6:01PM 0 Sending GPG encrypted e-mails
5:39PM 3 Has and belongs to many with a single table
4:57PM 9 Using two keys in a Model
4:35PM 0 Thanks for giving chance to be part of this exciting group
4:19PM 0 HTML Entity Reference in tags
3:53PM 1 keywords
3:32PM 0 MOle plugin updated V 0.003
3:28PM 2 google preference feature?
2:48PM 0 Routing Error (was: Re: Action Controller: Exception caught)
2:40PM 3 Seeking Rails companies
2:33PM 1 map.resources custom url?
2:04PM 5 Simple ActiveRecord not saving
1:43PM 9 RJS and Rails
1:34PM 1 Simple Rails ActiveModel Question
1:33PM 4 rails tidy
1:17PM 0 can you increment a view count on a cached file?
12:56PM 0 knowledge management in open source software communities
11:54AM 0 ajax for making one form element dependent on another
11:52AM 1 What is it with localhost:3000 ???
10:48AM 1 SSL encrypted server-to-server connection?
10:45AM 0 Has any one created a FaceBook app in Rails
9:59AM 3 rhtml to controller
9:33AM 1 Problems with blocks in views
8:58AM 6 Displaying "Site Title" from MySQL Throughout Entire Site
8:41AM 1 optimization
8:01AM 9 Text Editor for Rails
7:51AM 1 Substruct 0.9 Released - Rails 1.2.3, Engines 1.2 - RoR Open Source E-Commerce
7:33AM 1 Db access problem
5:01AM 2 Delete the fixtures on a functionnal test
4:24AM 3 Unit test question!
2:40AM 0 Critique my ruby tutorial
2:40AM 0 scaffold_resource question
1:59AM 2 Is Rails right for this project?
12:37AM 0 God's Simple Plan of Salvation
12:26AM 1 Help With Loop please
Tuesday June 12 2007
11:59PM 0 Action Controller: Exception caught
11:49PM 1 In Defense of Dynamic Scaffolding ("scaffold :model")
11:36PM 1 user defined types and validating them
9:42PM 0 How to display static html content using layouts in rails
9:25PM 0 Discussion on Frequently Asked Questions
8:48PM 2 options_from_collection_for_select with complex name
8:28PM 2 help needed on update_attributes
7:44PM 0 Hi Friends, You favorite travelling........
7:08PM 1 Receive Emails
7:02PM 0 Explore the Earth From Home
6:58PM 2 rake migrate question!
6:06PM 2 Routing error when including javascript
3:20PM 2 database.yml question
3:14PM 4 Issue w/ Eager Loading
3:05PM 1 Where's Rails presence at WWDC07
2:17PM 0 [ADV] The Rails Edge Conference
1:19PM 0 how do i cache this?
1:13PM 0 [ADV] Registration for the Ruby Hoedown is now open!
1:07PM 4 streaming FLV in RoR
12:38PM 1 create a controller via a script .rb
12:29PM 0 Validation of form fields
12:06PM 1 alias_method_chain and Class methods (a Ruby question)
11:37AM 4 Optimistic Locking in Controllers: Best practice?
11:10AM 1 Whitch of the authentication methodes to choose?
10:14AM 3 REST Routing issue
9:26AM 1 Do I have to create the join tables?
9:06AM 0 group in ROR
8:43AM 1 Route Regex Requirement not working properly
8:18AM 1 How do I get act_as_tree members to use the same object for their parent?
8:14AM 2 How do I change character encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1?
8:03AM 0 Error 500, socket does not match the pid
8:02AM 0 Dot-Biz TLD compared to Dot-Com
7:46AM 5 How to handle all errors programmatically on saving, updating and deleting records
7:42AM 0 Log level to debug in production?
7:33AM 15 facebook api
6:58AM 0 Submit form on other sites
6:51AM 0 how to show the trace log on the front page
6:35AM 0 appication in ror
5:56AM 0 Another newbue question on install!
4:59AM 0 unable to log in as for Depot Application
4:49AM 2 RESTful messaging. Trying to put it together and it feels unclean.
3:49AM 1 Connecting to Production Database
3:26AM 0 REST nested resources and resource design
3:21AM 3 destroy_all and has_and_belongs_to_many
3:11AM 0 Lone Star Rubyconf 2007 - Registration Now Open!
2:27AM 1 Trouble with Plugins: file_column
2:05AM 0 Textile Editor Helper v0.2
12:48AM 1 Captcha, account verification in RoR
Monday June 11 2007
11:50PM 2 Mongrel PID Issues
11:26PM 0 Bush Family Nazi Connections
11:10PM 1 Another noob question
10:20PM 0 how to get parameters value
10:08PM 5 Avoid reloading parent of association?
8:22PM 1 Load new databases dynamically
7:40PM 4 Looking for a job
7:26PM 4 List of Controllers?
7:25PM 2 classic_pagination plugin ?
7:05PM 1 restful nested and unnested routes
6:59PM 5 Newbie question - HelloWorld
6:38PM 2 Foreign Keys and Entering Data
6:34PM 4 Linking to images outside public folder
6:15PM 0 how best to grab multiple xml feeds in parallel
5:32PM 9 Only displaying selected columns from table
5:06PM 1 Missing HTTP_AUTHORIZATION headers
5:01PM 0 Ryan Bates of Railscasts.com latest guest on Coderpath
4:47PM 0 Stop previous AJAX requests?
4:29PM 13 need to find a bottleneck when traffic is kinda high
3:58PM 6 Help with Test
3:51PM 2 Standard practices for RESTful remote (AJAXified) manipulation of nested resources?
3:17PM 0 Rails caching code in controller?
2:57PM 0 WhooTube: open source Flash video streaming on Rails
2:16PM 2 calendar_date_select : Ruby on Rails Datepicker Plugin
2:09PM 3 Postgres problem
1:02PM 1 TextMate theme in screencasts
12:51PM 3 ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid error
12:10PM 0 Scaffold based CMS...
12:00PM 1 ActionMailer + ISP SMTP
11:54AM 1 How can i write the code after send_file command
11:32AM 0 Using '?' in routes
11:04AM 1 extending the Rails Recipies sortable list example to include multiple lists
10:16AM 0 the infamous /dispatch.fcgi" has failed to remain running for 30 seconds
9:53AM 2 Multiple Applications Setup
9:14AM 0 Flex app over RESTful application with RoR
8:51AM 0 Inheritance ActiveRecord on Rails
8:38AM 0 using act_as_authenticated and convert existing user table
8:17AM 6 Application layout question
7:06AM 2 Expect an array in webservice gives "Not supported" message
6:32AM 0 remote database connection disconnecting after certain amoun
4:28AM 0 Selenium RC Fu (plus js unit)
3:32AM 2 Builder::XmlMarkup and dashes
2:30AM 1 dynamically showing data based on different selection
2:13AM 2 Migration problem
1:53AM 0 Fwd: [KAMAKELIKAI_CLUB] Beautiful LiPs
1:52AM 2 Datatypes (Mysql) in Rails Migrations...
Sunday June 10 2007
11:24PM 5 ordering find() queries by non-database properties
10:45PM 7 Ruby/Rails - RMagick, Upload and Resize without a model
10:37PM 4 My app uses a lot of memory.
7:51PM 1 SMTP settings for sending email?
7:38PM 0 Correct Diesel Tuning, all you need to know to get improved power and economy from your diesel
7:28PM 2 Possible AJAX approach to nested data problem?
7:14PM 6 Securing private file area
7:13PM 8 Multiple instances adding to the same attribute.
7:12PM 8 Symmetric relationships
5:49PM 0 Deploy Your First JRuby on Rails App to Glassfish Tutorial
5:29PM 1 Get all classes which include a module
5:19PM 6 simply_helpful, where has it gone?
5:03PM 1 Media Temple dv Deployment headache! help please!
4:42PM 1 using Model.find for inner joins and to 'dedupe' a result set
4:14PM 1 getting started with a legacy database
2:51PM 5 Form input limit reached??
2:44PM 6 Rails Continuous Deployment
2:09PM 5 Duplicate 'SHOW FIELDS' statements when inserting data for production website
2:05PM 0 UNICOM, Video Conferencing in Pakistan http://www.unicom.net.pk/
1:47PM 1 change value of variable from config file and store it back
1:47PM 1 understanding path_prefix in restful routes
1:32PM 0 Learning REST, singleton resources and connecting it to the other resources
12:30PM 0 Oracle multiple reload of model data using production web server
9:56AM 1 in_place_editor :script => true
6:32AM 0 error with rails+debian+fcgi
5:54AM 3 Analyzing text with Regular Expressions
5:27AM 8 Mass Mailing help
5:24AM 1 Exception Notifier help
4:27AM 0 NoMethodError caused by gettext
2:51AM 14 UK Rails hosting
2:47AM 2 custom errors for validates_presence, etc..
1:32AM 0 using variable in :path_prefix
12:53AM 4 Sessions change with IE
12:04AM 0 the.meet.mkt - a market-based online dating system
Saturday June 9 2007
11:48PM 5 How I SVN in multiple plugins?
11:28PM 2 Rails and HTML 4.01 (not XHTML)
10:28PM 0 Resources and HABTM how
9:59PM 0 Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes - Your Options
9:43PM 0 legacy and MVC faq
8:14PM 1 Rake test tasks only work with --trace
5:07PM 1 Tests running in standalone script
5:05PM 9 validate or empty?
3:35PM 1 "The name 'Friendship' is reserved by Ruby on Rails." message - when generate scaffold
2:48PM 1 Controlling when an application is open?
1:01PM 0 what wrong with this route
11:41AM 2 Usage of stored procedures
10:22AM 5 What is the best for to do reports in Rails ?
9:42AM 7 create 2 fk referencing the same table
8:53AM 0 flash.now and functional testing
6:46AM 2 Page view count
5:11AM 4 help with paginating partials strategy
4:02AM 0 Asian sex scandal complete collection-FREE download
3:54AM 9 Offline App Access
2:16AM 0 Fwd: <=< Top 10 USA Universities >=>
2:14AM 0 Fwd: <^< Easy Skin & Health Treatment Guide >^>
Friday June 8 2007
11:20PM 6 [ANN/ADV] "Rails Routing" from Addison-Wesley
10:48PM 4 LoadError
10:07PM 0 Collecting Model Statistics
9:41PM 1 wrapping indiv renders when rendering collection
8:40PM 5 Strange error - bug in RoR?
8:32PM 2 Date of birth pulldowns?
8:27PM 1 Acessing new field values in validate_on_update
8:19PM 3 help with submitting a form by clicking on a link
8:05PM 0 can I turn this into a text_field_tag?
7:23PM 0 Computer Satellite TV ? Review of Satellite TV for PC 2006 Elite Edition
6:50PM 0 SimplaTable with error: singleton can't be dumped
6:27PM 14 restful urls and has_permission?
6:20PM 1 Getting the absolute path of the controller
6:02PM 13 Can't install rubygems - SuSE 9.3 x86_64
5:58PM 0 How to setup URL to rails application
5:46PM 0 save of complex ActiveRecord does not update everything
5:03PM 0 object in a session
3:28PM 0 knowledge management in OSS communities
2:48PM 0 Nested Object Support for forms
2:33PM 2 connecting to other databases not development, production, test
2:18PM 1 Passing :id param in link_to etc...
2:13PM 0 Connection: close HTTP 1.1
1:46PM 0 SVK and plugins
1:43PM 7 Crystal report with ruby on rails
12:41PM 1 Running test Rails app under JRuby and JBoss - experiences
10:44AM 1 JRuby and tests
9:25AM 1 Java Like public constant ?
8:56AM 3 How to determine a location from IP address
8:52AM 1 loadind a swf flash animation placed in the public directory
8:08AM 3 Validation inside controller
4:35AM 2 Routing: Slash in front of controller
3:32AM 8 Rails action using an insane amount of MySQL/CPU
2:43AM 5 Ruport Roundtable
2:20AM 5 Cancel Render after Ajax Response
12:56AM 0 Climber.com - RoR employment Website
12:45AM 0 <<== 3D DESIGN SOFTWARES ==>>
12:12AM 2 controller variables in layout
12:01AM 1 linking to a form submit
Thursday June 7 2007
11:36PM 5 rake remote:setup - rake aborted! fingerprint b7:df:i8... does not match for mydomain.com
11:13PM 6 Can't download files with send_data or send_file
10:37PM 1 Is it possible to pass a parameter to a rjs template?
10:16PM 3 Updating a row in the database
10:01PM 1 Search results
9:30PM 2 A *very* noob question
9:28PM 0 CeMAP Training
9:09PM 6 beginner question...really.
9:03PM 6 Rails Testing : Not Just For The Paranoid article
8:47PM 7 Newbie - Params passed to new
8:39PM 2 how to use mysql in rails
8:35PM 4 Save Cascades Broken?
8:23PM 2 Circular reference error on #to_json
7:53PM 0 What's the scoop with caching with Apache/Mongrel?
7:51PM 2 multiple layers nested has_many through
7:50PM 4 Do I need to restart Mongrel every time I make a change?
7:32PM 4 Looking for Host
7:31PM 1 Sending Email from localhost and Dreamhost
7:28PM 0 hide html tags and show correct format
7:22PM 5 Rake Migrate failing - but can't find syntax errors
7:11PM 0 Libraries referencing models?
7:08PM 0 has_many before saving record
6:43PM 2 UNICOM, Video Conferencing in Pakistan
6:33PM 6 storing data for frequently changing forms, how?
6:30PM 5 Servlet in RubyOnRails
6:28PM 0 Pagination is ignoring my RESTful routes?
6:01PM 0 Functional Tests Fail - No URL can be generated for hash
6:00PM 0 EBR Time.now display problem
5:58PM 0 Module Not Loaded by script/runner
5:03PM 2 Singular resource controller naming convention changed?
4:19PM 13 Check to see if a num is Negative
4:18PM 0 How to copy image file in local and save it to same path?
4:09PM 7 convert unix time to mysql datetime
4:02PM 0 hammer time - live testing - no login required
3:47PM 0 Using sessions to give count of current visitors
3:12PM 0 Do you know for a Free ...!? Click Here :)
3:11PM 5 Loading models in rake task
3:10PM 0 How to use Postgres schemas in Rails app to separate data
3:05PM 3 newbie question on activerecord
3:01PM 0 Why does REXML run significantly slower in Rails
2:28PM 3 Need to clean params
12:24PM 1 in_place_editor for time
11:48AM 6 Radio twitter
10:00AM 1 problem with multiple file attachment
9:25AM 1 fcgid and webrick
7:23AM 0 AR Extension, Bulk Upload and Synchronize
4:58AM 2 ajax killed my observe_field
4:32AM 2 Paths to images
4:27AM 3 Distribute server load among 2-3 servers
2:06AM 3 Any tutorials on how to do multiple row (data grid like) form?
1:49AM 1 Updating multiple records from a hash
1:45AM 7 Updating records from a hash
Wednesday June 6 2007
11:52PM 4 How to use subdomains to represent sections?
10:50PM 2 :prompt on collection_select worked locally but had to change when moving to hosted env
10:09PM 0 Errors with complex models
10:01PM 5 order in pagination
9:58PM 1 Errors after updating please help!
9:35PM 0 Blizzard and World of Warcraft Gold Sellers
9:22PM 3 Very Noob Question: index.html
9:17PM 1 login redirect on ajax call?
9:04PM 0 ActionWebService API ignoring multiple return values?
9:00PM 2 Dynamically adding class methods to Model
8:38PM 0 Make your Vacations pleasureable
8:10PM 4 commenting code
8:02PM 1 Insert only field
7:54PM 2 render :action => bla, :anchor => 'bla'
7:50PM 3 ActiveRecord: Dynamically-named tables sharing a common model
7:49PM 1 Make has_many conditions truly dynamic
7:33PM 0 in_place_editor_field - for multiple fields together
7:22PM 0 Our company is looking for Ruby on Rails Software/Web Developer.
7:19PM 0 uninitialized constant Cart::CartItem
6:56PM 1 ActiveLdap: no such file to load -- ldap (MissingSourceFile)
6:10PM 1 Sensodine ToothPaste Free Sample
6:04PM 1 Free Kit plus Mousepad from CR Tropical Properties
6:03PM 9 using rails with proxy problem
5:35PM 4 set rake db:migrate environment
5:27PM 0 RESTful unique subdomains
4:33PM 0 Problem Playing Fash Movies in Rails app and IE
4:03PM 1 Passing an array of hash to a render partial gives nil
3:53PM 2 Making a simple table grid
3:50PM 0 Contents of a has_many collection
3:23PM 0 Fwd: ((<=< CURRENT CELL PHONE PRICES 2007 >=>))
3:11PM 1 third party helper module (newbie)
2:29PM 3 questions about inheritance in Rails
1:48PM 0 Cookies question
1:47PM 7 RadRails vs. Textmate
1:35PM 0 Field types of a rails model
1:01PM 0 Ruby In Steel 1.1 Now Available!
12:07PM 1 .doc to html or text conversion?
11:16AM 2 Is mock Object the best way to test scheduling system with a lot of Time.now?
10:59AM 0 Capistrano: Port in SVN
10:45AM 1 Peformance tuning tools
9:12AM 1 Display news from wordpress blog within app
8:46AM 1 "selected" in form.select
8:41AM 0 Piston not updating
8:31AM 0 Application scgi_rails error
8:12AM 1 Extending acts_as_versioned
7:41AM 1 Journal Articles & Conference Papers
7:23AM 2 Could I use inherited model?
6:51AM 0 Best Flat Tummy Exercises For Great Female Abs
6:25AM 1 Capistrano SSH User issues
5:42AM 5 Mystified by forms and models
5:36AM 0 unit testing
4:56AM 2 date null when saving model
4:42AM 10 Attachment_fu S3 uploads killing mongrel
4:41AM 1 highlight and pagination
4:38AM 0 calendar capabilities
3:31AM 0 weird time out range problem
2:47AM 5 Serving up images dynamically and preventing hotlinks
1:54AM 1 help with page.replace_html and partials
1:34AM 1 Validation of multiple objects
12:52AM 5 form_for with divs and fieldsets => stupid
12:20AM 0 no referer defined in TestRequest
12:04AM 12 how do I load csv data into a new Rails app through the controller/model
Tuesday June 5 2007
11:29PM 1 IPTC & EXF information?
11:15PM 1 Address Verification - Not Ruby Specific
10:25PM 0 ar_mailer 1.2.0 Released
10:13PM 0 validating votes w/ act_as_voteable
9:24PM 5 Find with date range
9:05PM 1 Why is rendering an rxml template so hard?
8:22PM 1 Gruff Stacked Bar order of data
8:12PM 1 user-friendly unique records
8:02PM 8 including SWFs as part of rails content
6:45PM 0 ActiveResource with has_many
6:34PM 1 Mysterious Javascript showing up & trashing page
6:18PM 1 Install external 'attachment_fu' plugin using Radrails
5:39PM 6 Capistrano doesn't know port number?
5:39PM 0 Database triggers
5:37PM 2 Amazon Web Services for Ruby on Rails Learning
5:20PM 1 Help me convert find_by_sql to Rails idioms
5:02PM 2 Ruby On Rails Developer Needed - 6 Month Contract - London
4:21PM 3 Access the 'parent' resource from a nested one?
3:40PM 2 rails/mongrel cluster - keeping media in sync across nodes with a CSS/LB
3:09PM 3 periodic crash
3:05PM 0 London Ruby User Group - 11th June 2007
2:42PM 1 authentication and registration plug-in?
2:24PM 8 BackgrounDRB alternative for Windows?
2:24PM 1 Plugins, Generators and Updates
1:43PM 2 Determine O/S from rails?
1:14PM 1 rake db:migrate on old app
12:51PM 0 simple_descriptor 0.2.0
11:45AM 0 observe_field
9:25AM 1 forum style 'last post' query
9:00AM 1 Interactive generator
8:48AM 0 Is Cron/Rake My best Option?
8:26AM 1 Preventing/validating model data changes on update
7:12AM 1 undefined method <name> for Service:Module
5:12AM 0 How to cancel rendering in Rails
4:52AM 0 problem with pressing 'enter' in tinyMCE using firefox on ubuntu
3:11AM 2 Serializing Symbols in Table?
1:58AM 1 Does acts_as_taggable work with Oracle?
1:11AM 1 My RMagick sucks under windowsXP
1:09AM 8 what is rails? Newbie question.
12:51AM 0 Javascript + rails
Monday June 4 2007
11:55PM 8 BackgroundRB process dies before finishing or tossing error
10:12PM 3 Problem with migrate
9:49PM 1 Subscription based service in UK, which payment provider??
9:25PM 4 Custom URL/path for map.resources ?
9:24PM 6 Very odd RoR behavior. Something is wrong here.
9:17PM 4 Install Plugin
9:08PM 0 Auto VIN Decoder - What Do Those Letters & Numbers Mean?
9:05PM 6 Flex_image and bulk import
8:48PM 15 RoR for a Large Scale App?
8:06PM 0 wiki plugin page hacked
7:38PM 3 rails plugin: find_by_association
7:22PM 6 rjs fade one image into another
7:09PM 0 RJS from 1.1.6 to 1.2.x
7:03PM 1 Child validations?
7:01PM 1 in_place_editor customization
6:41PM 0 videos of railconf?
6:38PM 1 helpers in mailing templates
6:30PM 2 access to acts_as_threaded
6:29PM 4 Overcoming security via typing in the URL?
6:29PM 5 RecordNotFound - I'm not understanding the
6:20PM 0 How do you use Rails Framework for classes in /lib
6:19PM 0 Updating scaffolding form field
5:52PM 0 Missoula Ruby on Rails Group Meeting
5:17PM 0 How to read pdf files?
3:55PM 0 erubycon session list now online
3:42PM 0 [JOB] Atlanta, Ga
3:21PM 0 Rake environment hosed - error on Rakefile
2:07PM 10 Optional conditions in find
1:42PM 4 A little help with organization!
1:28PM 10 ActiveBudget - Track your money and learn Rails
1:02PM 0 How can I perform a stress test?
12:39PM 0 << 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE'S >>
12:30PM 0 Annotate models http://svn.pragprog.com/Public/plugins/annotate_models
12:26PM 3 can't start script/server as other user than root
12:23PM 0 cascading select box
12:15PM 1 route, namespace and admin controllers
10:04AM 4 Access session in models
9:56AM 3 restful design - make everything restful?
7:30AM 1 acts_as_rateable in Beast
7:06AM 1 AJAXifyng the forms without scaffolding???
6:46AM 1 A problem w/ association testing?
5:41AM 0 web notation
4:52AM 1 Some problems with redirect_to method
4:40AM 3 Expected ... to define (rails version 1.2.2)
4:35AM 14 pointy haired boss request - turn off pretty url
4:16AM 0 why validates_length_of + :within just discard :message?
2:46AM 0 www.OutpatientSurgicare.com/video/
Sunday June 3 2007
11:42PM 3 remote_form_for issue
10:41PM 6 link_to_remote problem
10:31PM 0 Possible to get month names as values when using date:select
8:37PM 0 ATA vs SATA
7:51PM 0 Flash messages gets lost
7:49PM 1 update a lot of objects
7:40PM 1 odd behavior with acts_as_authenticated
6:58PM 2 install rails version
6:41PM 1 resource routes where singular and plural are the same
6:27PM 7 timed_fragment_cache always expires
6:22PM 3 mongrel cluster w/ apache
5:35PM 0 ●●A.MrsLove.com, Multi-Million Dollar Homepage. Who are the Rich people /companies and at the Top?
5:28PM 5 can I use template to assemble a html page in an controller and redirect to another controller?
5:19PM 4 css serving slow?
4:25PM 1 postgres gem -- LoadError
4:08PM 1 acts_as_ratable method not found
2:57PM 6 Is anybody doing anything about the spam on this list?
2:07PM 0 cnames with amazons s3 service? noob question...
1:12PM 2 Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Brush Sample
1:11PM 1 Free Sample of Fruity Pebbles Cereal, Up To $5 Value
1:10PM 1 Free Atkins Breakfast Bar
12:38PM 0 why the need for ajax multi-image uploads?
12:32PM 0 Skin Care Tips for Girls
12:29PM 0 << New graphic and Programming jobs >>
12:26PM 1 observer_field - select form
11:56AM 0 before_filter symbol with params
11:54AM 0 How do you auto-start your Rails Development Environment??? [Mac OS X]
11:45AM 0 [acts_as_solr] Result scores
11:11AM 0 fixtures outside of rails
9:23AM 0 [ActiveRecord with Rails] sqlite3-ruby installed, but can't find Init_sqlite3
8:49AM 3 Trouble in Array sort?
7:55AM 0 nested resource routes with members
7:23AM 0 SSL with InstantRails - possible?
7:18AM 1 asserting scope in a model method
7:17AM 3 Looking for a PDF document with relation of ActiveRecord
7:13AM 3 Contextual Associations
6:12AM 1 Require not working
4:13AM 3 .html.erb
3:52AM 2 flash.now, why not just use an instance variable instead?
3:49AM 1 validates_uniqueness_of AND join tables
3:30AM 1 rspec_on_rails oddity
2:46AM 2 pdf manipulation with RoR?
12:55AM 1 JS Form Validation
Saturday June 2 2007
11:58PM 3 file_column giving bad urls
11:04PM 0 Ass Pimples Vs Back Acne
10:49PM 2 ajax list removal
10:10PM 2 help with partials
10:00PM 4 stack level too deep
8:26PM 1 Re: RESTFul nested resources 3 levels
6:17PM 0 file_column undefined method `data_relative_path'
5:34PM 0 wicket like templating
5:20PM 1 YourPay with ActiveMerchant?
5:15PM 3 weird results i'm getting please explain
5:15PM 0 workflows in ruby on rails
4:17PM 6 undefined method 'dom_id'
2:30PM 1 Number of apps on one server
2:18PM 2 Unit tests breaks with sqlite
2:17PM 2 Server-side Image Maps in Rails
2:10PM 0 Fragility of View Tests
12:35PM 0 ((<=< CURRENT CELL PHONE PRICES 2007 >=>))
11:47AM 0 Refresh and ajax pages
11:09AM 1 Emacs and ruby on rails: some bugs
11:06AM 4 How to do Daily Database Maintenance in a Rails Way?
10:25AM 6 Storing strings outside the ruby code.
8:52AM 8 establish_connection does not raise exception for wrong password
8:40AM 12 how to read anchor in controller
7:35AM 2 how to route by anchor?
6:43AM 2 is "rake db:test:prepare" support to (a) setup FK constraints & (b) run in my test data migration????
6:22AM 1 Screencast in rubyonrails.org
6:10AM 1 developing a frame work
5:51AM 1 Get paid to surf Ads....its real...
4:51AM 7 Polymorphic associations. Agile rails book confusion.
2:54AM 7 serch in blog - What is the best method.
12:07AM 2 Restflection Plugin
Friday June 1 2007
11:57PM 7 In place editing for a "group of fields"
11:51PM 0 ActiveRecord to_xml not calling to_xml on custom class
11:30PM 0 Extra Model Attributes from DB
10:12PM 1 USPS Shipping?
10:11PM 0 Need Ruby on Rails specialist to join the team (San Jose - Sacramento location)
9:51PM 3 Getting to work the Ajax Example in Agile Web...
9:20PM 9 Active Record Associations
9:13PM 9 Newbie Question - .RHTML files
8:49PM 0 "Exception: stack level too deep" on collection.clear?
8:47PM 5 Encoded Columns and ActiveRecord
7:38PM 4 Calling a model from a helper
7:31PM 1 Installing plugins that require a username / password
6:38PM 2 acts_as_ferret problem
6:32PM 8 Dynamic Find using LIKE
6:25PM 0 Applying for a job in China
6:14PM 8 Easy Question: How to set the day for a Time object?
5:49PM 0 array parameter unescaping in Rails 1.2.3
5:49PM 3 Rails does not auto-re-read files in /lib in devel mode?
5:25PM 0 TzTime doesn't get saved in ActiveRecord?
4:44PM 0 read_multipart bug (in Ruby's CGI and Rail's AbstractRequest)
3:49PM 0 Turning off activerecord transactions
3:28PM 2 Calendariffic 0.1.0
3:23PM 0 Rails For All Offering FREE Intro to Rails Class
2:55PM 1 help with partials strategy
2:55PM 4 rails way to make a tag class active in view?
2:55PM 5 That problem with Sessions on IE6
2:28PM 0 multipage wizard and one model - checkout - how?
2:01PM 1 1 form 2 actions
1:10PM 1 Database SSL
12:22PM 3 page.replace_html problem.
11:34AM 0 what are some rails app signs to step up your hosting plan?
9:59AM 0 ActiveResource/ActiveRecord arg name difference
9:10AM 3 cache_page does not work
8:18AM 8 Newbie question - how do I hide/show a div using pure rails?
7:48AM 1 Number input field (stuck with whitespaces)
6:50AM 3 Autotest versus Cruisecontrol.rb - Which to start with???
6:18AM 1 meta helper help
4:01AM 0 Fragment Caching - happening twice
4:00AM 1 LDAP
3:17AM 0 Market Your Business On Search Engines
3:01AM 10 Rails Newbie : Basic Question
2:07AM 1 lighttpd won't start up. I'm new to ruby, please bare with me.
2:02AM 3 Edit method: Populating select box values
1:50AM 0 where to put pagination_by_sql code?
12:45AM 2 Preventing XSS attacks in rails
12:39AM 0 <<< Uk Universities List for Students >>>
12:38AM 1 scheduling certain tasks in ruby
12:23AM 0 < Cake Recipes for GIRLS >