Rails - Dec 2006

Sunday December 31 2006
11:35PM 5 xhtml, which do you use with rails?
11:23PM 0 Semicolons in routes
11:03PM 1 Is the equality failing or is something else going on?
9:57PM 3 AR Session Tidying
7:58PM 2 Presenting a grouped list of objects from STI
7:58PM 9 Instant Rails installed on D drive doesn't appear to work
7:50PM 3 Rest. _url vs _path
6:57PM 2 Are there RESTful verbs for association actions?
4:11PM 0 Load Testing Rails Apps with Jmeter
3:19PM 1 Active Resource basics
1:06PM 5 Problems accessing relational objects
12:15PM 3 checking for an object in a collection
9:21AM 0 make free calls
8:50AM 7 Parent::Children controller
8:00AM 4 How to associate a model's attribute with CSS style
5:48AM 3 Any kind of rails setting / plugin for this?
5:15AM 7 sql statement works on local box but not on server?
4:48AM 1 Debugging CGI params ?
4:13AM 0 Default values for STI subclasses
3:16AM 0 Problem with Integration Test
3:01AM 4 validating when form labels don't match table fields
2:45AM 0 Statistics on embeded code
2:39AM 1 acts_as_ferret inconsistent results
12:07AM 2 Wildcard and mysql (find_by_sql)
Saturday December 30 2006
10:12PM 0 |:::| Language Translator & Dictionary 2006-2007 |:::|
9:50PM 0 << ---- 2007 New Year, Eid and Christmas Gifts ---- >>
9:31PM 0 How do I regenerate images after resizing them using rmagick?
7:50PM 0 How to choose foreign key side of one-to-one association?
7:16PM 1 One-to-Many Associations (newbie)
6:59PM 1 How to make the text_field default value disappear
6:18PM 4 newbie question, "show items in selected city and category"
5:24PM 2 Width of selectbox ?
4:47PM 11 When pagination disappears what to do?
4:29PM 4 App not working in edge rails
3:49PM 0 question about rad rails eclipse plugin
3:46PM 0 quick question about using svn...import vs copy?
3:08PM 4 Query about messages not appearing on Group?
2:55PM 3 which plugins do you use usually?
2:07PM 2 Is there an object to store something across the sessions?
10:38AM 1 Two references to another table from one table
10:12AM 2 compiled rails web app?
5:41AM 2 moderate
5:27AM 0 web services
2:30AM 2 activedirectory change password
2:02AM 4 large file upload crash rails app
1:09AM 3 to_s :db
1:05AM 0 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.3.0 Released (bugfix)
12:39AM 2 Simple: Where is the blank? method defined
12:29AM 3 Best way to enumerate STI subclasses
12:15AM 6 Ziya plugin - Charting the rails...
12:12AM 0 >|< World at 1 Step Over >|<
Friday December 29 2006
11:23PM 33 How do you estimate the price of a RoR application
11:12PM 0 A REST friendly set of URLs for an online store
10:53PM 0 ---> Best New year Gifts <---
9:44PM 1 Define REST please or give a definition for an interview question
9:01PM 1 After Two Queries Are Returned Merge Them and Order Them
9:00PM 11 Yahoo UI Library (YUI) - Anyone using with Rails??? Comparision with prototype/scriptaculous (YUI seems to be getting quite popular)
8:41PM 0 Help with onComplete on Ajax.Request
8:41PM 2 Trouble with installing RMagick, please help
8:33PM 14 Simple ecommerce site using rails ????
8:29PM 0 How do I chose a table to contain a foreign key for one-to-one relationship?
8:02PM 0 USPS Real Time Shipping
7:48PM 7 Test Fixture Alternatives
7:09PM 3 Functional test a "create" action when a validation fails
7:09PM 3 Run external ruby script from contoller
7:04PM 1 check_box_tag css
7:00PM 1 Newbee question - problem with timezones
6:31PM 1 Multiple Values in Form Field and Creating Multiple Records
6:12PM 1 development, test, production ... how about stage
6:08PM 0 ZenTest Test::Rails Slowness
5:27PM 0 WEBrick DOS Security Vulnerability
5:26PM 6 Getting ahead of myself, GUIs
5:08PM 0 Clear errors on a given attribute
5:04PM 2 Making forms for complex models
4:58PM 1 in_place_edit_field -- help please
4:26PM 4 Remote API passing in parameter named 'action', routing loses it
4:23PM 8 getting going
4:15PM 14 New Rails site launch - MeandmyCity.com
4:02PM 2 Rail and TDD, what do you test?
3:59PM 1 ActionMailer seems to ignore content-type specification
3:55PM 2 update_attributes fails: ReadOnlyRecord
3:35PM 3 Capistrano Help
3:31PM 0 Partials And the :index parameter
3:09PM 2 Rails SQL Views 0.5.0 Released
2:19PM 3 Mysterious associations
1:51PM 1 Automatically start a long-running process?
1:25PM 0 select_xxx helper and default value
12:34PM 0 how to update ranking in sortable elements?
11:57AM 0 ^|^ Secrets of Win XP, NT and 2003 Server ^|^ of the Year 2007
11:43AM 0 ~^~^~ Heart >> Strongest but Most Sensitive ~^~^~
11:19AM 0 RJS on page load
10:16AM 0 <<\\\=> New Year Greetings Cards 2007 <=///>>
9:51AM 3 >>>|<<< END OF THE WORLD >>>|<<<
9:10AM 0 >>> NEW BEAUTY TIPS 2007 (Only For for Girls)
9:06AM 0 <<*>> Chinese Food Recipes <<*>>
8:42AM 0 >>> FREE Registry Mechanic DOWNLOAD NOW <<<
8:35AM 0 replace_html adding observe_field gives non-fatal error
8:16AM 6 trouble with popup window
7:40AM 3 Per session caching options ?
7:18AM 0 delete confirm on a submit tag(for check box)
5:28AM 0 acts_as_remindable
4:29AM 2 help needed on validation format
4:10AM 4 Tutorial on field_observer?
3:41AM 0 New Rails Diary
2:30AM 1 Actionmailer receive
1:51AM 3 how can i execute a sql sentence
1:49AM 1 ActionMailer view overwriting ActionController view?
12:49AM 4 Strange HABTM behavior against SQL Server (AR 1.14.4)
Thursday December 28 2006
11:55PM 2 generic SOAP client?
11:24PM 0 with_sorting
11:08PM 2 Assign nil to datetime?
10:41PM 0 validates_presence_of
10:39PM 5 utf-8 support
9:48PM 2 STI, controllers and views
9:35PM 1 Database constraints
7:55PM 3 NET::IMAP / Runner problems
7:55PM 0 new user and biginner
7:00PM 2 Params Documentation?
6:48PM 1 Default Scaffolding Gives Errors
5:32PM 0 Advice: Managing errors w/"too big for session" objects
5:20PM 5 Silly Question that I can't answer
4:56PM 0 Missoula Ruby/Rails Group - January Ruby Tuesday Gathering
4:55PM 5 Call a method
4:07PM 4 validates_format_of fails on empty field
3:57PM 0 Proper REST approach for 2 resources in same page
3:51PM 0 Last reminder: MountainWest RubyConf Call For Presenters
3:28PM 0 Localization using inheritance
3:21PM 0 params from fields and different actions.
3:14PM 1 - HomeMarks.com - Like the world needs another AJAX home page.
3:12PM 0 HTMLDOC PDF Generation
2:53PM 0 Can we please do something about the spam?
2:39PM 0 Rails SQL Views 0.2.0 Released
2:30PM 3 !!! Top Sports & Luxurious Cars Of 2006-2007 !!!
2:23PM 1 Safest way to avoid RuntimeError_window in authetication?
2:12PM 7 difference between ', " and :
1:24PM 0 problem with assert_raise in Unit Test
12:50PM 14 How to hide a database column from ActiveRecord?
12:47PM 1 mixup between symbols and strings in your code ?
12:35PM 3 Delete confirm
11:36AM 31 Many apps == Many processes?
10:13AM 0 Configure database with RoR application
9:43AM 0 <<\\\ New Year Greetings Cards 2007 ///>>
9:14AM 3 controller inheritance problem
7:27AM 0 script.aculo.us Autocompletion
6:34AM 0 <<< 3D DESIGN SOFTWARE for home use FREE DEMO >>>
5:57AM 1 authentication system help
5:35AM 2 populating a table with IRB
4:01AM 3 Parsing Street Addresses
3:52AM 1 Rails interview questions
2:49AM 2 "remember me" checkbox
2:25AM 0 optional session saving
1:15AM 12 SQL and Rails
1:11AM 6 Manage users through a web service
1:10AM 0 UTF in RSS?
12:36AM 3 Looking for free content to play with in RoR
12:31AM 0 Problems on Globalize Install
12:28AM 1 ActionMailer/SMTP: Net::SMTPSyntaxError when message body contains only a 'dot'
Wednesday December 27 2006
11:14PM 1 Multiple layouts
10:14PM 2 Storing Tables in Memory
9:32PM 3 Code to Literal Translation
9:19PM 2 mongrel problem - magick_file_column.rb:7: [BUG] Segmentati
9:05PM 0 Testing routes / index.html
9:00PM 0 ActiveRecord RI docs in RadRails?
8:56PM 0 override method_missing via a module
8:51PM 0 Integration test, sessions, and acts_as_authenticated
8:43PM 1 rexml help
8:42PM 0 Hosting Media Player
8:41PM 1 >|< Best Buildings, Towers and Palaces of the Year 2007 >|< Super Constructions
8:28PM 0 Rails SQL Views 0.1.0 Released
7:03PM 3 plain sql to find
6:46PM 0 form_remote and select
6:44PM 0 ActiveRecord: querying children
6:44PM 13 Where did UJS go? UJS vs. RJS
6:42PM 2 Save field currency in format "123,456.50"
5:29PM 0 What happened to the UJS site? UJS vs. RJS
3:18PM 1 Changing model attribute names
2:51PM 10 confused...using svn, capistrano, and remote server????
2:48PM 3 Not able to update user account table
2:12PM 3 Simple caching
1:20PM 1 Navigation
11:30AM 0 ~^~^~ New Year Festivals 2007 ~^~^~ Free Trips
10:36AM 0 calling rails programmers from bangalore
10:33AM 1 Multiple Sessions? How?
8:30AM 4 Post variable repost itself
6:20AM 10 Mixing html tags and Ruby blocks
6:03AM 1 rails 1.2 release?
5:42AM 3 collection_select won't recover from form validation error
4:18AM 2 Recognition error on custom action?
4:03AM 4 acts_as_taggable issue
4:02AM 5 redirect back to where I was before action?
3:59AM 0 Issues with acts_as_taggable plugin
3:22AM 6 Migration Issue
3:16AM 2 ActiveRecord: adding children to a has_many parent
2:58AM 5 Ruby on Rails Fixtures
1:36AM 3 Single Table Inheritance with a (possibly dumb) twist
1:14AM 21 Dreamweaver - who uses for RoR work??
1:07AM 0 HABTM Checkboxes - Adding/Updating Users to a Project
12:43AM 6 Call between controllers
12:39AM 4 PostgreSQL 8.2 and Rails/Ruby?
Tuesday December 26 2006
11:07PM 4 Populating an array from a model with column names
10:55PM 15 is there a way to not repeat installing plugins?
10:34PM 6 find primary key via object attribute
9:44PM 1 <-- Heart Attacks -->
9:17PM 0 acts_as_taggable Plugin issue (not gem)
9:01PM 0 >>> END OF THE WORLD <<<==
8:47PM 0 >>> Download Free Windows XP <<<
7:15PM 4 Apoligies but what is the status of the Agile book?
7:08PM 26 ANN: preview of a new, large RoR site
6:50PM 0 alias_method_chain vs. redefined method with super
6:47PM 4 Test
6:10PM 0 HABTM Checkboxes - Updating Users to a Project
5:31PM 2 ERB Processing Question
4:43PM 0 ~~^~~ Best New Year Wishes ~~^~~
4:35PM 3 managing visits
4:32PM 0 free christmass screensavers and wallpapers
3:49PM 1 Wanted: co-founder/programmer and/or architect w/programmer for exciting social venture startup
10:52AM 1 ModelBecomesTaintedOnTransaction
10:07AM 4 Excluding column names from a listing
9:11AM 5 How to get the children of a *collection* of parent objects?
7:55AM 0 chinese lang failed in SaltedHashLogin
7:45AM 0 Uploading files using FileColumn
6:08AM 0 Switch user functionality
4:54AM 0 render/redirect ?
2:14AM 1 named_route error with edge 1.2 & theme_support plugin
1:35AM 0 Welcome to click here!
Monday December 25 2006
11:11PM 0 HABTM Checkboxes and Model Not Playing Nice
11:01PM 1 friendship models
10:55PM 6 Problem moving from RedCloth 3.0.3 to 3.0.4
10:21PM 0 Custom MIME type syntax
7:59PM 23 Why ActiveResource will flop...
7:28PM 2 how to insert data using has_and_belongs_to_many
6:07PM 0 On the fly thumbnail generation
5:28PM 0 Why ActiveResource won't make it...
5:25PM 1 problems with counter cache on trunk (rev: 5788)
5:20PM 1 TextMate command to display ActiveRecord model attributes
5:04PM 1 does rails cache the database connection?
2:31PM 7 building a ror store
1:20PM 3 FileUtils rename dir name?
10:25AM 6 validating URL with regular expression
10:01AM 0 RJS error using page.replace_html
9:15AM 0 Possible to access the session from an Observer?
9:09AM 6 Hiding contents of a js array in the view
9:06AM 0 Question about instant variable in views and request parameters
8:39AM 15 self.id in model
8:11AM 1 self.id access inside model
7:03AM 2 Active Record acts_as_tree and leaf depth
5:12AM 1 link_to problem
5:02AM 2 Checkboxes
3:35AM 2 Mysql keeps loosing connection
Sunday December 24 2006
11:10PM 0 Problems with application level variables
9:53PM 1 JART (Just Another Routing Thread)
8:15PM 0 Watisfy.com - A new ruby on rails and ajax application is co
8:06PM 0 problems developing a test
7:45PM 0 push 'gem install' into lib folder, with _api.so
7:16PM 2 db name change
7:11PM 7 Updated DIV after submit
4:24PM 8 HABTM Reading Rows From Two Tables
3:29PM 2 Scaffold generation problem
3:20PM 31 RoR Job Interview
3:05PM 0 Who tested AWMOORuby?
2:29PM 1 Works in Safari, not in Firefox?
9:09AM 0 storing information for html form post request
5:47AM 2 quicktime movies
5:18AM 0 SOAP Question
2:26AM 0 Is this the corrrect forum to post a co-founder (for startup) wanted listing?
2:00AM 1 How to get database.yml configuration to use it in a rake taks
1:18AM 0 Posting xml using http
12:17AM 1 How to inject code before plugins load
Saturday December 23 2006
11:54PM 4 Advanced ActiveRecord Question
11:48PM 4 CRUD when saving aggregate objects/calling one controller from another
10:19PM 1 File_Column problem with form redisplay
9:59PM 0 Creating/updating multiple associated objects at the same time
9:52PM 0 How to Translate English to American
9:46PM 1 conflicting performance results
8:45PM 0 ~*~*~ New Christmas and New year Cards ~*~*~
8:16PM 1 Ruby Postgres Adapter Issue
5:55PM 2 Associations and accessors...has to be something obvious I'm
5:37PM 1 session info or variables in layouts
5:21PM 10 Help with scaffolds
5:06PM 2 help with "undefined method `stringify_keys!'" please
3:12PM 1 Object changes inside method
3:09PM 0 fleximage : caching issue
2:53PM 4 ways of running functional tests
1:46PM 2 Blank Pages rendered from view
12:36PM 4 Is it possible to have an image based button with DYNAMIC text within it???
12:20PM 1 ^~^~^ Sport Bikes of the Year 2007 ^~^~^
12:15PM 0 :through => 'this', :that => acts_as_tree?!
10:22AM 8 Age of person - ActiveSupport
9:59AM 1 dynamic image maps
8:17AM 11 Frustrating "require" problems with RMagick
6:41AM 0 Restricting visibility of data based on user id
3:06AM 0 list of rails enviornment vars
3:01AM 0 RSS feed of the changes to rails trunk
1:47AM 0 [ADV] - new RoR site: buzzfever.com: tracking product buzz
1:39AM 0 fixture not being removed after unit test?
1:06AM 0 From IBM DeveloperWorks - AJAX with Rails
1:03AM 0 Role based authentification
12:56AM 6 my fantasy: instant array of AR attributes?
12:51AM 2 Trying to get has_many :through working with legacy tables
12:50AM 0 Question about Rails recipe #32
Friday December 22 2006
10:48PM 1 Migrations question: force initial version?
10:21PM 1 How do I access raw Oracle OCI8 database handle?
9:21PM 13 Multiple Controllers and Models in One View
9:20PM 15 observe_field Location select (help b4 I go mad)
9:04PM 4 how to use the 'alt' attribute with images
8:45PM 2 Class reference from parsing a string?
8:42PM 3 Lumping vs. Splitting (REST)
8:29PM 0 Action Web Service - have layered AWS functions calling existing controllers
8:24PM 0 ~*-*~ New Windows XP-NT-2003 & 98 - Secrete Tricks ~*-*~
8:20PM 0 flash.keep in before_filter rendering a blank page
8:06PM 2 erubis on rails
7:58PM 1 attr_accessor and model.attributes
7:26PM 0 Ajax issues with Mongrel
7:15PM 1 del.icio.us importing with HTTP-Auth
7:08PM 0 Problems with MySQL Replication and Migrations
6:22PM 4 Simple GET request question
6:03PM 1 Randomizing an Array Help
5:55PM 0 Randomizing an Array
5:52PM 3 Player != Player?
5:12PM 4 Associations and accessors...has to be something obvious I'm doing wrong
4:51PM 1 TDD-ing Capistrano tasks
4:50PM 2 Relating Namespaced Models
4:45PM 12 ANNOUNCE: Hobo 0.4 - The web app builder for Rails
4:35PM 2 Auto-recognized DB fields for 'created' && 'last_updated'
4:33PM 0 date_select and default values?
3:20PM 2 Human readable byte size
3:17PM 4 Inserting a nil value into a Select/Drop Down Menu
2:06PM 5 continuation
1:51PM 4 Problem with setting up database.
12:38PM 0 <<---- Shoking Buildings and Constructures ---->>
12:08PM 0 >== Super Luxuries Apartments ==<
12:08PM 1 functional test NoMethodError
12:04PM 0 >>> Christmas Cake Recipes <<<
11:17AM 0 Watisfy.com - A new ruby on rails and ajax application is coming soon!
10:22AM 0 Rails Globalize: How do you manage your translations
9:51AM 4 Randomizing Position in an Array
9:00AM 0 @user.orders<<new_order and validation
8:05AM 0 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.2.0 Released
7:46AM 0 ~*~ Sport Cars Of the Year 2007~*~
7:35AM 0 >|< HEART ATTACK >|<
6:48AM 0 ---> Unbelievable Mega Structures and Buildings <---
5:25AM 0 parse string into a class reference?
5:19AM 3 record count
5:07AM 0 aws/s3 0.3.0 release
1:59AM 0 Adjacent List or Nested Sets ?
1:54AM 4 calling @books.photos.find(blah) vs getting record set first
1:43AM 2 Strange "Application error"
1:23AM 13 Migration vs create.sql
1:22AM 1 Webserver memory caching
1:06AM 1 ActiveRecord find and count uses sql commands
1:02AM 0 Trouble with ActiveRecord associations and collection.build
12:50AM 1 migration data dumper plugin
12:50AM 6 Creating a array from the difference of two arrays
12:14AM 0 Acts_as_tree / Better_nested_set / Application Advice
Thursday December 21 2006
11:51PM 0 Basic Directory Authentication
10:32PM 2 Creating a new template handler via plugin
10:01PM 0 Validation error objects?
10:01PM 0 problem with calling a controller admin?
9:38PM 3 Can Rails Do This?
9:19PM 0 PeriodecUpdate + Visual Effect
9:06PM 2 Rails port of Textism's Refer or similar?
8:46PM 13 one-to-many view help
7:42PM 0 Extract copy from HTML?
7:25PM 3 using params in view or setting the value in controller?
7:22PM 5 aws/s3 Requires Rails 1.2?
6:43PM 2 using associations in form helpers
6:10PM 0 Autocomplete field in form - need string to be displayed but :id to be saved.
4:57PM 8 Using ActiveRecord sessions causes loss of MySQL connection
4:13PM 0 CSS live edit with ajax (part of Zena)
3:51PM 6 how to make date_select have a blank option?
3:26PM 8 Newbie Question: multiple models - need ID from one table to populate the other
3:20PM 2 newbie: Working with files - images/documents
3:10PM 6 functional, integration and uni tests: when, what?
2:12PM 0 Odd issue with SQLite & Rails
12:47PM 1 Interactive maps
11:36AM 2 POSTing data
11:08AM 1 Hpricot how to remove all comments from a document?
10:57AM 2 CSS not displaying in Firefox
10:39AM 0 Odd issue with SQLite & Rails.
10:36AM 0 getting past http authentication in controller tests
10:26AM 2 How to dump DB datas -> rails statements ?
9:00AM 5 Too much spam
7:41AM 0 Validating Problem
7:37AM 0 how to display the content of one tble on another table view
7:28AM 0 BackgroundDRb, Mongrel, Long actions
7:26AM 1 ActionController::RoutingError
7:22AM 0 ~*-*~ Windows XP - Hidden Secrets ~*-*~ Latest Secrets of NT and Redhat
7:04AM 1 ~*~ LOVE CALCULATOR ~*~
6:54AM 0 how does capistrano get the ENV?
6:42AM 0 Private Jet Rental in the US and Around the World
6:30AM 0 Rails Validating
6:20AM 1 calling @user.id vs setting id=@user.id
5:34AM 0 <==> World's Largest Heavy Machinery <<----
5:31AM 0 >>|<< END OF THE WORLD ><|<<
5:26AM 2 send method assistance
3:13AM 0 webrick works fine but lighttpd breaks on the most simple issue
2:55AM 0 <-- Free Gifts for new year -- No sending charges -->
2:14AM 1 scaffold validation breakdowns
1:56AM 1 changing active record to use date or datetime instead of time
1:40AM 1 Using render
12:27AM 5 FlexImage - Must upload image?
12:18AM 10 belongs_to
Wednesday December 20 2006
11:40PM 14 Scaping quotes and backslashes (I hope you understand my pro
11:00PM 8 Image field (binary), MS SQL Server
10:37PM 6 belongs_to behaviour and missing method updated?
10:07PM 0 growth of Rails in web development ?
9:29PM 3 Routing problem when using :format
9:22PM 4 OnChange select
8:18PM 6 sql help...getting user with the most recipes from table?
7:36PM 2 Need refresher on save cascading
7:34PM 3 limiting ORM find's
7:17PM 4 Hosting
7:04PM 1 Adding RJS to Restful app.
7:03PM 2 link_to static html problem
6:49PM 1 Web service Problem
5:33PM 0 Erubis / Rails Question
5:31PM 0 Problem with add_column in migrations with PostgreSQL
4:17PM 4 Re: >|< <<WARNING >>END OF THE WORLD >|<
4:06PM 2 can i send my database data to someone?
3:40PM 6 Validation in a model that is not to be saved
3:09PM 4 Acts As Enterprisey
2:48PM 2 Lighttpd + Mongrel setup
2:38PM 0 Returning to point in files
1:41PM 12 If you are an American, do you apply for Rails work based overseas ?
1:33PM 6 select lists - DB best practice
11:56AM 4 giving link frm one controller to another
11:30AM 12 Navigating model relationships
11:18AM 3 Conditional :value in text_field?
10:04AM 4 form_remote_tag not displaying button
8:40AM 0 How to make rails application live on web?
8:30AM 3 How to set one more primary keys?
8:07AM 2 Save content after using rich text editor
7:29AM 2 Porting SQL to Rails - Controllers and Views
7:29AM 9 Rails Framework Documentation - More Info, Please
7:24AM 5 Partials Question
7:08AM 0 <-- Unbelievable Mega Structures and Buildings -->
6:32AM 2 link_to
6:02AM 0 Madison Ruby Group Jan meeting 1/22/07 - Web Framework Comparisons
5:09AM 12 Web 2.0 UI design guide/tips - how can I make my site look Web2.0'ish?
4:34AM 1 >^< Most Secure and Fastest Internet Browsing >^<
4:31AM 1 ~*~ Vista and XP and Wallpapers and Themes ~*~
3:55AM 0 ActiveWarehouse 0.1.0 Released along With Tutorial
3:09AM 3 problems with ActionMailer html emails in GMail
2:40AM 5 flash vs session vs globale variable for storing referrer
2:26AM 7 has_many :through does it support collection_singular_ids ?
1:49AM 1 Firefox, select boxes and ajax
1:45AM 3 Rails add "s" to end of table name with MySQL DB query
1:39AM 9 acts_as_ordered plugin and scope
1:33AM 1 Problem with mysql connector adding "s" to the end of querries
1:21AM 0 Builder::XmlMarkup should escape "quotes" in attributes, right?
12:56AM 0 problem with web services
12:49AM 0 undefined method `to_sym' for #<YAML::Syck::MergeKey...
12:05AM 0 Generating a form from a config file
12:01AM 4 undefined method `fullname' for #<User:0x357e380>, BUT works on first view?
Tuesday December 19 2006
11:13PM 2 Dedupping Has_many through, :unique=>true
11:02PM 7 Nested Controllers
11:00PM 12 Uploading Files
10:47PM 7 Pagination with HABTM relationship
10:34PM 1 SOAP
10:30PM 0 >|< Sport Bikes of the Year 2007 >|<
9:58PM 2 Caching data to reduce database hits
9:55PM 2 Shared hosting for developping/tinkering
9:37PM 0 Private Jets for Luxury Traveling
9:33PM 2 obtaining a selected value from observe
9:24PM 2 trouble accessing my web service..
8:38PM 0 [OT] Explaining REST to our spouses
8:19PM 0 Newbie question about arrays as parameters
8:15PM 3 Creating LDAP (specifically, Active Directory) records
8:06PM 2 Migrations aren't migrating..
7:59PM 5 Class that belongs_to another Class twice?
7:55PM 0 Match system UML
7:45PM 0 Messaging Frameworks
7:39PM 2 remote_form_tag on firefox
7:27PM 0 Looking for a way to avoid DoubleRenderError.
7:26PM 1 Seeking ERD/Schema resources
5:34PM 1 determining what mongrel port a request is serviced by
5:28PM 0 (Sometimes) Undefined Variables in Partials
5:15PM 1 How to apply filter on controller in module
4:38PM 0 Ruby on Rails Workshop - Kansas City
4:23PM 0 How to protect all controllers under a module
3:32PM 3 payment gem
3:12PM 6 Design doubt- putting a method in the controller, in model..
3:06PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of question
3:05PM 0 caboo.se doc project?
2:41PM 1 Executing php snippets
2:15PM 1 drop-down after radio box
1:26PM 3 deployment (2 messages posted - none appeared?!)
1:17PM 25 dynamic data included in application.rhtml?
1:07PM 3 Wisdom of Rails Wizards Study on Best Cache Store
12:39PM 0 testing validates_associated
12:26PM 0 Quick filter question
11:58AM 3 active resources api docs?
10:37AM 1 Rails Installation Issue
9:37AM 0 How to deal with callbacks?
9:18AM 0 drag and drop problem: i am out of ideas
9:03AM 0 how to DRY: ajax action +initial page load
8:49AM 3 Can this be refactored?
7:34AM 0 Communication between users
6:37AM 7 Improve the rendering speed of rhtml
6:31AM 0 Need help with web service
5:19AM 1 find all where column value exist in an array (no loop?)
5:04AM 1 gems
1:44AM 2 Agile WebDev: Iteration D1: Ajax malfunction Take 2
1:35AM 6 How to do collection_select pulldown style="width:200px" ?
1:03AM 0 Calling FormOptionsHelper select method in controller
1:02AM 1 New Rails Website
1:01AM 1 assert_tag problem in integration tests
12:28AM 1 IE Error
12:01AM 1 Topical Tutorials?
Monday December 18 2006
11:54PM 0 How do you update Rails from a changeset?
11:41PM 10 Model Question
11:24PM 6 Filters for finders
11:23PM 0 wanting values stored and linked drop down list
11:22PM 1 observe_field passing multiple parameters
11:13PM 0 best choice for read only database?
10:55PM 0 running IIS on Windows and Apache on Linux concurrently
10:45PM 0 Agile WebDev: Iteration D1: Ajax malfunction
10:12PM 0 GPG key decryption and transaction verification
9:56PM 6 Rico LiveGrid - how to incorporate it?
9:55PM 0 Integrating Dreamweaver views with Rails code ?
9:29PM 1 AWDwR v2 on Amazon
8:42PM 0 Chartering a Private Jet Makes Good Business Sense
8:35PM 2 I'ts not a (db-)model, not a controller - so is it a lib?
8:01PM 0 View this page "Frequently Asked Questions"
7:28PM 1 Sharing Data Between VB/JS/Rails
7:20PM 2 Find, paginate, conditions and associations
7:06PM 3 Where to find an San Francisco based RoR programmer
6:17PM 0 500 error and tmp folder
5:58PM 6 Using data in application.rhtml layout
5:55PM 3 Rails idioms?
5:15PM 6 problem in agile web development examples
4:16PM 1 Upload Progress / Xupload
4:03PM 0 / is replaced with %2F in an URL string! :O
3:59PM 3 Getting Local Hostname
3:37PM 4 MVC... Issues with Models (2nd attempt at post...previous lost?)
3:12PM 4 has_and_belongs_to_many() with attributes
3:08PM 0 How to store objects in memory between requests for all sessions?
3:07PM 1 from .Net to RoR
2:45PM 0 Fragment Caching
2:35PM 7 Authorization on instances
1:53PM 0 OpenDomain rubyonrails.net
12:54PM 0 Receiving Multipart E-Mails with ActionMailer
12:26PM 0 Number of Years from DateSelect
12:26PM 1 Problem using Ruby Gems
11:40AM 3 link_to download file from path over public
11:22AM 3 Newbie with conceptional question
10:44AM 4 How do I update a foreign key via Views (UI) ?
10:34AM 3 Render autocomplete with rjs
10:29AM 0 Inconsistent text field size in IE6
10:11AM 0 autocomplete only on IE?
10:09AM 1 Apache deployment - how to give a relative path
9:59AM 0 Exceptions (improving code)
9:58AM 7 MySQL - Lost Connection?
9:20AM 0 Rails :action and action request parameter
8:11AM 0 automcomplete only showing in IE
8:06AM 1 Can't get flash to update between remote calls
7:48AM 0 ruby script
6:02AM 3 Parse Errors - Is it the old Windows/UNIX spacing problem?
5:53AM 0 combo box
5:01AM 3 including .html and .php files
4:44AM 3 setting a var in the view
3:22AM 2 Rails/Testing Best Practices
1:16AM 3 representing a graph
1:15AM 0 CMS Challenge
Sunday December 17 2006
11:16PM 6 find() performance
10:48PM 3 Trimming a collection of AR objects?
10:42PM 0 I'ts not a (db-)model, not controller - so is it a lib?
10:40PM 2 problems upgrading to 1.2RC1
9:34PM 1 rendering advice for has_and_belongs_to_many relationship?
8:39PM 0 How Not To Blow Your Build Budget
8:37PM 1 Markaby template & layout (can't get them to work together)
8:17PM 0 chroot anyone?
7:33PM 0 Wanted: Skilled ROR programmer/co-founder partner(s) for social venture startup
7:05PM 7 manuals.rubyonrails.com down for two days
6:12PM 2 Problem with select and options
6:00PM 2 Route generation and clash prevention
5:55PM 0 Help - I broke RadRails
5:41PM 1 complete sample app
5:20PM 1 OFX?
5:18PM 4 has_many: unexpected behaviour
4:57PM 20 Rake aborted! You have a nil object when you didn't expect it!
4:18PM 0 associations don't load after upgrading to 1.2RC1
4:14PM 0 Why does link_to_remote use POST instead of GET?
3:59PM 0 unterminated string literal
3:36PM 0 New / updated Rails tutorial on O'Reilly
3:06PM 1 MySQL syntax for self.authenticate
12:22PM 1 routing error (Recognition failed for "") - mod_fcgid (strange padding problem)
12:11PM 1 file_column error: StringIO Instead of Temp_File
11:33AM 3 Model data through another model
11:26AM 1 A layout generator that uses Mollio CSS/HTML templates
8:13AM 12 Best practices for conditional display in views?
6:01AM 2 Error creating relationship with :through
5:37AM 1 page.toggle, why must i press it twice?
5:00AM 1 actionwebservice soap client
3:21AM 0 assert_rjs :call on something more complex than 'foo' 'bar'
2:27AM 0 Resolving named route conflicts
2:08AM 1 ActiveRecord::Extensions 0.1.0 Released!
1:11AM 1 Can you have IIS and Apache on same physical server?
12:21AM 1 Off-topic question about Mac SVN clients
Saturday December 16 2006
11:26PM 2 Validate some fields only on object creation, not update
10:39PM 1 Newbiw trying to extend RedCloth
9:30PM 16 Help w/ pulling data from 2 tables and displaying the result
9:15PM 0 undefined method `assert_select'?
9:14PM 0 issues with mongrel and apache please help me
8:43PM 0 How to Call a Thousand People at Once
8:24PM 0 "404 OK" header?
7:49PM 0 help: AAA Can't store images in non public folder
7:42PM 2 comments on hostingrails.com and railsplayground.com ?
6:50PM 1 Session information
5:55PM 1 foist javascript into another frame, and evaluate it in the target context
5:43PM 0 Route generation and clashes
5:05PM 1 Big Newbie - FreeBSD Apache2 & Rails?
5:04PM 1 how to check session with a filter?
4:45PM 1 auto_complete_for - getting :id and using > once in a view
4:44PM 0 Join not using FK
4:25PM 2 how to remove all content from a div with rjs?
4:22PM 3 "Materialized Paths" Hierarchies and Rails
4:10PM 5 simple questions regarding the session variable
4:09PM 0 auto_complete_for - getting :id
3:53PM 0 any recommended news sites for rails/web dev ?
3:27PM 7 CSS Layout integration
3:20PM 1 scaffold - more than 1 model tied to a controller ?
3:18PM 5 Too many columns for list.rhtml to display
11:56AM 6 LDAP, multiple directories, enterprise
11:20AM 1 STI and acts_as_list: scope => type does not work?
9:24AM 3 Detecting user roles and access
9:17AM 9 How to Build a Blog in 15...applications
8:50AM 0 A few active_merchant questions
7:26AM 6 setting a "global" variable..
4:13AM 2 Anyone else who has trouble with posting topics?
1:53AM 1 Unified Controller Usage Convention ?
1:47AM 0 plugin to detect two tests with same name?
1:45AM 1 are association extensions efficient?
1:23AM 0 unbuffered output?
12:39AM 2 Simple syntax question
12:39AM 1 Optimizing find with :include on a has_many :though relation (bug or feature?)
Friday December 15 2006
11:50PM 0 Anyone want my dedicated server?
11:19PM 3 select include_blank alternative
10:39PM 3 Getting Ruby on Rails working with Apache
9:31PM 4 Using keyboard effectively for data entry
9:11PM 2 Redirect with parameters
9:01PM 0 Scaffolding and update problem
9:01PM 3 Design Advice Wanted: modeling a left outer join
8:43PM 0 10 Cool Things to Do with Google Earth
8:33PM 3 Prototype Not Working in Window
8:33PM 0 picture id from MYSQL primary key? good idea?
7:29PM 0 Better way to prevent AR from updating certain columns?
6:35PM 2 Lighttpd / Mongrel Caching
5:28PM 0 Ruby On Rails Programmers Required - Telecommute / Work from Home
5:00PM 6 Newbie: Invalid number dealing with Identity columns in Oracle
4:24PM 1 Sortable Table
3:57PM 0 testing with a secondary 'outside' database
3:57PM 4 breakpoint prefered way to debug?
3:46PM 9 JSON Deserialisation
3:22PM 0 Accessing host/db info in database.yml
3:04PM 0 Nested sets, threads, trees..
2:43PM 0 Help with file_field
1:01PM 2 How to install RADRails 0.7.2
12:05PM 1 all the nice ror wiki
11:01AM 6 executing a method from command line [cron]
10:58AM 1 redirect_to after update
10:21AM 0 Cproxy5.0
9:19AM 0 ActionMailer in development mode?
8:54AM 4 Why won't Rails update my object attributes?
6:58AM 6 RegEx to avoid numbers?
6:43AM 6 ANN: Loopnote - Notifications 2.0
3:08AM 22 how to select distinct with an include?
2:48AM 1 How can I have two controllers use the same 'category' model if they aren't related?
2:21AM 6 MacHeist Mac Bundle
Thursday December 14 2006
11:10PM 2 New beta of Komodo 4.0 includes basic Rails code-completion
11:10PM 1 Date calculation down to the minute
11:07PM 2 Configuration Files
10:25PM 0 slice(Regexp) support in ActiveSupport::Multibyte
10:17PM 9 RMagick, resizing and security
10:11PM 4 Preventing incorrect id params in URLs
9:38PM 0 newbie: problem with page.replace
9:19PM 3 reaper spawner
9:16PM 1 import .rb files in other .rb files (for the 'view')
9:11PM 0 reset_session Clears Flash Contents Before Method Exits
9:10PM 1 Database transaction query
9:09PM 1 weird counter behaviour in has_many :through relationship
9:08PM 2 displaying fleximage image from DB
9:00PM 4 possible to extend (not overwrite) a plugin method?
8:58PM 0 Apache2, Mongrel & multiple apps
8:10PM 2 Single Table Inheritance and Validations
7:57PM 9 Problem calling an .rjs template using redirect_to
7:49PM 4 Webrick Development vs. Apache Server Speed
7:40PM 0 problems updating specific column values with Active Record
7:07PM 1 Prototype CSS selector to descend tree?
6:53PM 4 Two form fields, same name. How to get the data?
6:31PM 3 Problem with ActiveRecord and Associations
6:26PM 0 For EVERY Pakistani Muslim... amendments in hudood ordinance
6:10PM 1 [O.T] Looking for tutorial on setting up RoR with gentoo.
5:57PM 2 Single association through multiple sources
5:52PM 0 Rails Talking To Another Application
5:14PM 2 Datebocks formatting
5:12PM 0 Humanizing special characters from a column
4:44PM 8 How to pass NULL through params?
4:21PM 0 Instant Ferret Search aka Ajaxed
4:18PM 4 Migrations stop working with MySQL
4:06PM 8 Canadian payment processors and rails integration
3:55PM 4 Can Rails handle 300+ users online at the same time (compared to PHP)?
3:48PM 2 Correct AJAX Use
3:10PM 0 new plugin: toolbox of hacks
2:54PM 4 need help rubyonrails/mysql problem
2:53PM 0 404 (file not found) error page returns a status of 200
2:42PM 4 params[:id] a string???!!!
2:36PM 8 Syntax for accessing methods and variables
11:19AM 0 Displaying DB image - FlexImage, REST
11:11AM 8 Logo usage
10:43AM 1 Rails time: prior to 1970
10:00AM 5 problem with id's
9:34AM 0 question about distribute rails code
9:33AM 0 Override redirect_to in ActionController::Base
9:02AM 0 Ruby for Rails
8:41AM 4 Using RedCloth 3.0.3. Rails when RedCloth 3.0.4. exists
8:19AM 1 drag/drop and reloading
8:12AM 1 serving static content with rails
8:00AM 1 id is not passing
6:59AM 1 create and destroy fixture manually in method
6:52AM 8 Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' using password:NO
5:22AM 3 parent child query
4:51AM 1 Polymorphic Validation Problem
4:41AM 2 acts_as_authenticated includes BASIC authentication? how?
3:57AM 12 Saving dates
3:38AM 5 power shell
3:22AM 0 How to monitor variables in debug mode
2:45AM 8 ActiveRecord outside of rails
1:38AM 2 authorization plugin problem
12:49AM 12 how do i know what domain is being asked for ?
12:11AM 2 - ruby - ruby method source code
Wednesday December 13 2006
11:39PM 2 activerecord question
11:25PM 6 triggering a query within a loop
10:57PM 1 start primary key id > 1
10:36PM 3 Associations & Web Services
9:58PM 1 reloading lib files with rails
9:48PM 3 equivalent of php die()
9:29PM 10 Scaffolding Question
9:10PM 8 Dot notation ordering
9:00PM 0 Ruby passing sql data to Javascript
7:58PM 1 simple search form - ruby newbie
6:55PM 2 RoR + fCGI in OpenBSD 4.0 Apache-chroot
6:52PM 6 Taking Any Returned Record Set and Writing It In CVS Format to A File
6:44PM 5 Deployment suggestions
6:26PM 0 Rails Testing, Plugins Engines Which Are Rails Apps
6:07PM 0 activeldap setup help?
5:39PM 0 Problems with page.visual effect('Scale'..) in RJS
5:38PM 5 finally solved: Windows Auth via IIS6 proxied to mongrel
5:36PM 1 customizing variables based on environment
5:27PM 0 Milwaukee Ruby Users Group Meeting Tonight 12/13 @ 5:30 - 7:30
5:25PM 0 Switching enviornments (test, dev, prod)
5:13PM 4 acts_as_authenticated plugin test help
4:58PM 2 Has_many :though multiple times?
4:11PM 9 Rails Zero
3:53PM 3 Comment forms and URLs
3:31PM 11 Which Linux distro works best/plays nice with rails?
3:31PM 0 how to get average value group by range
2:30PM 1 hi friends i had a serious issue for my project actualy as u
2:23PM 6 Creating a nested session?
2:03PM 4 Assigning objects...
1:23PM 7 Application Error
12:37PM 3 rails way of selecting a partial with clean url?
12:34PM 0 Tempfile, StringIO, and TestUploadedFile
11:14AM 1 Access date fields from date_select
10:11AM 0 combo boxes
9:21AM 2 Are there problems with rubyforge or ez-where?
8:59AM 0 请问:如何更改axis2默认的命名空间标签soapenv 为env
8:52AM 5 link_to within model
8:33AM 1 nil objects
7:24AM 5 Multiple layers of has_many :through
3:06AM 3 Locking down permissions on a RoR project
2:38AM 13 Multi Select Drop Down Save Data to mysql
2:05AM 0 Allow NULL when creating/updating object attributes?
1:16AM 2 view: why nil check not working as it should?
12:30AM 1 acts_as_commentable issues?
Tuesday December 12 2006
11:35PM 0 Keep track total data transferred
10:18PM 3 LoginGenerator: show content only if logged in
10:07PM 0 YAML fixture referencing other fixture entries
9:24PM 0 problems with variable updated from observer
8:51PM 0 trouble testing named routes
8:15PM 1 Re: FlexImage issue with belong_to model in session
8:05PM 2 RESTful CRUD-Controllers by simulating trivial resource
7:58PM 0 High Availability
7:56PM 7 Please help me understand.. date not sorting correctly
7:20PM 3 SEO Question
7:09PM 2 Error message translation
6:54PM 2 console broken on server..
6:52PM 2 Exec Perl Script
6:26PM 15 RegExp help
5:39PM 2 list faq updates
5:38PM 20 Is mod_ruby still that bad?
5:38PM 1 create static module
5:35PM 3 receiving params and passing them to another action HELP
4:59PM 3 Using simply_helpful and producing valid CSS
4:18PM 0 Best way to get an xml fragment via http
4:18PM 1 Determine content-type for uploaded image
4:06PM 0 very strange behavior : no html display at all
3:38PM 8 Images in the database
3:35PM 4 problem with functional tests
1:34PM 0 Deleting after send_file
1:32PM 3 A call to RoR coders
12:29PM 4 strange problem! Form closing tag
12:18PM 2 Finding url in text
12:11PM 3 Action name like "sort" is not possible?
9:54AM 0 sortable_element with a table instead of a ul?
8:33AM 2 Convert string to instance variable
7:07AM 1 activerecord::base code
7:02AM 2 global variables disappearing
5:52AM 6 Paginate!! passing params for conditions for DB search
4:09AM 1 Acts As Authenticated Cookie vs Session Privacy Terms
3:51AM 1 Routing error Recognition failed for....
3:46AM 1 how to factor the codes
3:41AM 2 Array variable inside a find statement
3:19AM 3 validates_numericality_of simply not working
2:49AM 4 Rails equivalent to J2EE getRequestDispatcher().forward(...) or PHP @readfile(...)
2:08AM 6 Adding to objects returned by AR
1:38AM 1 MySQL -- preconfigured?
12:28AM 2 RXML partial question
12:04AM 2 Dynamic database config based on url - possible?
12:01AM 2 Rake won't create my table...
Monday December 11 2006
11:52PM 6 Can't get .rjs files to be used automatically?
11:35PM 3 Mixing english and japanese in DB?
11:10PM 1 Using Reloadable in WebORB Rails Services
11:06PM 2 How to do validation with displayed error msgs
10:29PM 2 Deploying rails on web servers?
9:53PM 6 FasterHTMLEscape, an h replacement
9:38PM 2 Super easy collect_* extenstion for ActiveRecord arrays
9:28PM 8 How do you automatically map "params" onto an object?
9:17PM 1 site indexer/search engine?
9:13PM 13 help me choose a ruby book
8:54PM 5 functional testing woes
8:45PM 4 creating a cache in rails
8:30PM 1 deployment to mongrel best practices
8:30PM 4 Render from your Model
8:02PM 5 using form_tag with a get request with params
7:15PM 4 Holding an ActiveRecord object for later use.
6:51PM 1 web service authentication - user tokens
6:48PM 0 Encryption and Dynamic Finders
6:41PM 0 Filtering Results
5:49PM 3 How to validate not blank attributes only?
5:23PM 3 javascript_include_tag -- time stamp
5:18PM 5 Help with rails lighttpd setup
5:03PM 0 How to model Bill of Materials (BOM) associations?
4:23PM 7 just want my first ten parts of the hash? how to chop it?
4:11PM 5 Instant Rails on XP sp1 setup issue
3:44PM 2 Simply Restful in Rails Core - a comment
3:24PM 1 RadRails database not displaying.
3:09PM 2 No Image display - after uploading
3:01PM 3 rescueing require
2:57PM 2 Anyone familiar with RadRails?
2:45PM 2 link_to in Model
2:18PM 4 mongrel_rails and postfix
2:06PM 1 Compute date during before_validation_on_create
12:54PM 2 join and sort on 'best match'
9:53AM 3 How to sort list of object?
9:39AM 1 search
9:07AM 2 Hidden field not hidden
8:20AM 1 database
8:14AM 1 Ruby on Rails Screencast
7:54AM 2 Custom Validator
7:15AM 2 File uploading error - No such file or directory
6:23AM 0 auth_generator 2.0.1 undefined method `login_required' for ... ArticlesController
5:34AM 4 Updating the parent page DIV using Ajax
4:45AM 1 Beginner's question on updating a div on submit
4:10AM 1 assert_redirected_to error
3:02AM 0 PluginAWeek: day_questions and interpolated_time_formats
2:35AM 0 Multiple binary columns with FlexImage possible?
1:29AM 1 Using link_to_remote to add a record
1:06AM 0 updating multiple entries
Sunday December 10 2006
11:49PM 6 NOOB question about DB relationship and using find!
11:04PM 2 Sortable List
10:37PM 0 Rails Recipes: Drag'n'Drop Sortable List with unique index?
10:29PM 1 Prevent Rails from writing models' data into development.log
10:22PM 3 File upload with database integration.
9:33PM 5 model-controller-paradigm: What about admin controllers?
9:12PM 3 Sessions and Integration Tests
9:08PM 1 development.log got too big!
8:41PM 5 No CSS styles for date_select, datetime_select
8:20PM 3 Add value to params before save
7:56PM 1 how to add a class to country_select field
5:34PM 4 ActiveRecord relationship with name different from table
5:32PM 4 [ruby] c#-like syntax and others
5:02PM 2 Updating view from method in controller
3:31PM 2 problem with making tests flexible
3:23PM 0 Oo ~~~ (_Y_) **** Free Erotic Movies ****
3:16PM 2 Supporting tables with Compound Keys
2:48PM 0 How to redirect out from a render partial-action?
2:34PM 0 Browser cache expiry for administration and forms
12:58PM 2 set specific date with date_select
12:52PM 2 Mixin in ERB Templates
11:44AM 4 Quick Ajax Question
9:23AM 1 Fast development => test database cloning
4:24AM 3 Replacing code in the view
4:17AM 5 Plural and Unknown Controllers
1:44AM 0 rails via lighttpd on freebsd
1:29AM 4 where do certain rake commands reside
12:46AM 2 stupid checkboxes
Saturday December 9 2006
11:41PM 2 Publish Ruby Rails Site
9:32PM 1 Name Error
8:08PM 2 Question on Active Record select and join
8:07PM 3 Simple form submission question
7:58PM 1 EdgeRails and Gruff 0.2.8
7:20PM 2 HMT: Count Associated Items
6:09PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of fails on Arrays
5:02PM 1 validates_uniqueness_of serialize
2:58PM 2 anyone here have a RoR site on netfirms?
1:17PM 1 Installing to Win 2003 server
12:04PM 1 Can't do a find_by_sql...returns '#'
9:57AM 1 problems with find
8:13AM 0 Editing 'n' timesheets
7:23AM 9 File uploading techniques
5:09AM 1 Ruby Syntax highlighting library
2:06AM 0 evalScripts not evaluating scripts or <script> tags
1:27AM 3 page caching with 'interesting' routes.rb
1:07AM 8 Simple ActionWebService code - yet problems.
Friday December 8 2006
11:16PM 2 javascript problem with name tag (name => 'address[street]')
11:05PM 3 best way to determine if a user has modified a record
10:53PM 6 ActiveRecord relationship
10:40PM 1 when moving local app to server, do plugins go along?
9:53PM 0 Conditional page cache and Webrick's handle_file()
9:40PM 5 WEBrick development environment not reloading views in Windows
8:57PM 0 Display your RoR Flickr pictures and YouTube videos at RubyCorner
8:15PM 2 Windows Tempfile Fix Plugin
7:52PM 3 Assertions......
7:29PM 6 Using Locomotive - Problem making database tables
7:23PM 1 authenticating in Apache *before* Rails
5:50PM 7 (simple?) routing problem
5:33PM 1 Rails based Forums - advice request
5:20PM 0 Seeking Knowledgeable Rails Programmer Willing to Exchange Guidance for Money
5:15PM 0 AR callbacks on in-place editor, with a plugin model
5:08PM 1 Wiki component
5:00PM 0 [OT] Help for Gmail users to make this list easier to use.
4:00PM 1 How to debug dependent=>destroy being ignored?
2:54PM 0 Proper way to use an additional logger
2:23PM 9 How to update partial attributes of a object from a form?
2:02PM 2 onclick in submit_tag ?
1:11PM 11 pdf/writer unicode support?
12:50PM 4 select_date method
12:00PM 7 hardware loadbalancer + apache 2.2. proxy + mongrels
11:35AM 5 Getting data from database based on date condition
10:42AM 0 Developers wanted in London
10:07AM 12 AJAX/Form array problem
8:40AM 0 Ruby on Rails app wins SCM Award
8:20AM 1 using links with forms
7:37AM 0 ANN: A new Capistrano subversion SCM module
6:43AM 0 Dump plugin models to fixtures?
6:02AM 1 Regarding edit functionality
5:52AM 6 FlexImage "Unitialized Constant" Error
5:13AM 1 Convert string to time
3:11AM 4 please help with div and sciptacolous
3:05AM 3 New column "can't be blank," but it's not.
2:58AM 19 HABTM join table quirk
1:59AM 0 help with debugging daemons on debian
1:33AM 0 Active Record error with Association
1:09AM 0 Rake help
1:00AM 4 Help with regular expression
12:43AM 1 Problem understanding paths in Rails and ActionMailer
12:08AM 1 Calling an ajax dropdown with a 'submit_to_remote'
12:06AM 1 Children objects don't use the same parent object?
Thursday December 7 2006
11:38PM 2 Problem saving parent and children using belongs_to, class_name, and foreign_key
11:25PM 4 Problem with select_tag
11:25PM 0 Tests failing on table with primary key as string
11:15PM 2 What version of Ruby will Rails 1.2 require?
10:54PM 0 ActiveRecord: PK not always set in object after insert?
10:22PM 3 Passing form parameters with remote_function
10:10PM 3 ActiveRecord relationship question
9:43PM 1 How do I clone my dev objects to production?
9:25PM 0 url rewrite
9:20PM 0 rails_file_columng + acts_as_versioned
8:33PM 0 table aliasing broken?
8:31PM 4 MassPay API with Ruby On Rails PayPal AARRRGH
8:25PM 12 ComplexType is empty WSDL
8:02PM 5 Picture => your-name-here => Stuff :)
7:46PM 6 form_tag not producing output
7:45PM 0 Validation against uploading executables1
7:26PM 2 rails and xhtml
7:23PM 8 Field-by-field confirmation popup
7:05PM 1 SWFupload, AJAX + Flash Upload
6:17PM 4 pass argument to method in filters?
5:48PM 0 file_column_field with form_for
5:20PM 0 problem with helper when used with a text field
5:19PM 0 Need to order choices.. in options_for_select
4:20PM 1 ActiveRecord and/or Ruby Date help requested
3:56PM 1 Play with view helpers from inside script/console?
3:41PM 21 suggestion to split this group
3:07PM 8 Help with a regex
3:04PM 6 Testing Actions Requiring A Login
2:59PM 2 How to give an id to form
2:59PM 0 How to give an id to remote_form_for
2:41PM 2 Best way to detect missing images from javascript ?
11:44AM 0 Working With Rails - Phase 2 preview - next 24 hours only
10:54AM 0 Ruby on Rails development enviroment
10:36AM 0 updating textarea with photos
10:16AM 2 validate_on_destroy ?
9:55AM 2 Date problem in model
8:58AM 1 Cannot get app into production with Apache1 and FastCGI
7:57AM 2 newbie: How do I convert "about 2 hours ago" to "today"?
7:00AM 5 RoR E-Commerce - AJAX won't fire
6:39AM 3 Best way to serve charts from Rails?
6:21AM 0 Trailing slash on rails app
6:13AM 4 Removing a block of text within a string
4:22AM 3 New ro rails: what mysql lib comes with Ruby/RoR on windows?
3:28AM 1 Netfirm problems
2:42AM 2 need to transfer data from old php like db to rails style db
1:13AM 0 memcache-client 1.2.1 Released
12:52AM 0 text_field with auto complete
12:38AM 2 Page.replace.html for tables ?
12:28AM 1 validations running twice from rake:integration
Wednesday December 6 2006
11:22PM 0 Validation against uploading executables
11:18PM 2 How do I exit a for loop prematurely
9:59PM 0 mem_cache_fragment_store 1.0.1 Released
9:58PM 2 Looking for a project to work on
9:47PM 3 [ADV] New O'Reilly shortcut on Capistrano
8:15PM 3 Allow IE running in parallels to access a locally hosted app
7:51PM 4 Clean way to "inject" raw text from within a <%%> block?
7:35PM 3 Rails Edge - Associations not loading
7:28PM 5 find on a chained relationship
6:49PM 1 visual_effect problem
6:34PM 5 double layer of AJAX ?
6:27PM 6 ActiveRecord::Base.serialize and a model in a plugin
6:24PM 1 has_many through issues
6:19PM 1 Recovering changes from log files
6:03PM 3 Any other way to do delete confirmation?
5:34PM 4 mysql but no mysql front
4:45PM 0 page.form.reset
4:28PM 4 how to create a pop-up
4:22PM 3 AR/SQLServer: Legacy column names with embedded spaces
3:57PM 2 validates_uniqueness_of where scope euqals created_by "magic" field
3:18PM 0 Mongrel cluster hanging
2:59PM 3 reload external lib
2:02PM 5 Inconsistent test results
12:52PM 2 acts_as_nested_set first record foreign key error
12:45PM 0 onsubmit() with form_remote works with Firefox not with IE
12:37PM 3 Action Mailer - Timeout error
11:46AM 0 Displaying a list of data
11:46AM 0 Basic ActiveRecord questions
11:36AM 0 Looking for Stephen Blackstone
8:07AM 1 Adding a related value
7:45AM 2 No error message.
5:38AM 5 Help me get in_place_edit working
4:05AM 3 RJS render :action not working?
3:58AM 0 .find conditions when multiple objects returned
2:58AM 2 [SECURITY] Hotfix for cgi.rb vulnerability of Dec. 4, 2006
1:41AM 2 dynamic ruby functions
12:35AM 1 Ruby On Rails Opportunities in Sydney
12:31AM 6 Basic has_many question
Tuesday December 5 2006
11:58PM 0 mongrel_rails won't run
11:50PM 1 Rest is giving me no rest (more weirdness)
11:42PM 6 When to Write Validation Code?
11:36PM 1 Using render inside a FormBuilder (EdgeRails)
11:13PM 6 Best Book
10:58PM 2 To-Do Ruby On Rails Application ---- Lost Link
10:18PM 2 is it possible to use 2 "file_field" in the same form?
9:56PM 1 Interacting with a REST interface from another application
9:55PM 0 Factory Pattern in Ruby/RoR
9:24PM 1 DateTime doesn't work?
8:50PM 1 Best solution for functional/acceptance tests for Rails
8:46PM 1 Extending acts_as_commentable with serialize -- stack error
8:11PM 5 Setting up a new machine for rails.
7:36PM 6 RJS/link_to_remote error
6:51PM 8 Quickbooks integration
6:39PM 1 has_many :through questions
5:03PM 4 Required file for rake task -- put into a plugin?
4:42PM 3 update all records in the db
4:12PM 1 https help / cautions
3:50PM 0 favorite code shortcuts?
3:46PM 3 This looks wrong, but it works... what is right way?
3:14PM 6 params hash
2:53PM 4 In a Model, what is the "best practice" for requiring a value
2:52PM 0 Charset on request :update
2:39PM 4 has_many with :uniq not working for me
2:37PM 1 module for model
2:32PM 1 Can you add columns to an ActiveRecord...
2:11PM 0 Cerberus 0.3.2 released. Now with Perforce and BJam support.
1:41PM 8 Java script validations
1:17PM 2 Built-in array conversion Javascript->Ruby?
12:43PM 5 Render :update and script tags
12:17PM 1 Inherited methods doesn't work on 1.2?
11:51AM 2 can you have multiple uploads on a page using acts_as_attachment ?
11:41AM 1 rake db:test:prepare changing schema on the fly
11:05AM 0 Scaffold issues in Rails 1.2
10:42AM 0 Need Help here
10:31AM 1 Free Tutorials Needed
10:29AM 0 data from forms.
9:57AM 1 rails
8:00AM 2 NameError in CmsController#authenticate
7:14AM 1 integrated plugin?
6:34AM 7 Dynamic # of Attributes for a Model (key/val table) Get/Set?
5:06AM 2 Master/Detail issue
1:37AM 1 Disable Production Log.
1:34AM 1 has_many
12:10AM 0 Having trouble with collection_select helper
Monday December 4 2006
11:07PM 7 I need help to connect Postgres and Ruby on Rails Please.
10:57PM 9 Help to connect Postgres and Ruby on Rails
10:54PM 1 How do I get ActiveRecord::Base create to insert what I tell it to?
10:33PM 4 Meta programming problem
10:24PM 1 actionwebservice returning backtrace in production
10:05PM 3 RSS, Unicode, and KCODE
9:32PM 1 "Best Practice" for Expand/Collapse a Table...
8:36PM 0 file_field and observe_field
8:26PM 3 View: @object.send('method') vs. eval("@object.method")
8:22PM 10 Avoiding SQL Injection in :order?
7:44PM 2 Can models access controller methods?
7:39PM 1 Can models access methods in controllers
7:33PM 1 link_to and custom route
7:28PM 0 lint_to_remote for image
6:49PM 0 Memcache object without read method?
6:47PM 7 Unit testing validates_associated and HABTM relationships
6:39PM 1 AWDWR Integration Testing Question
6:38PM 0 Any interest in a Cisco IP Phone Services app?
6:32PM 7 add column to find
6:22PM 3 Two newbie questions
6:09PM 6 best way to manage group by request in rails?
5:44PM 3 Where to initialize constants
4:09PM 1 cannot reload page after user selection
3:34PM 5 ruby on rails ecommerce tests are failing, but why?
3:32PM 0 Paypal and soap4r gems
3:22PM 0 Trying Edge Rails but get unexpected behavour
2:46PM 2 begin, rescue, end for the whole darn app
2:40PM 1 Web Application Architecure: Ruby on Rails and SEAM Position available at The Light Agency AB in Stockholm, Sweden
2:36PM 0 [n00b question] about file uploads...
1:57PM 3 Image Uploads - without using file_column
12:30PM 1 ActiveLDAP why are you so cruel to me? Help Please
11:43AM 2 HELP!!! Blob in database
11:31AM 0 deprec - deployment recipes for capistrano
11:18AM 3 uninitialized constant Product
11:05AM 0 admin actions on REST application
11:04AM 2 Plugin without cvs
10:42AM 1 Model.find causes errors except for certain calls
9:43AM 1 DateTime.
7:20AM 1 validates_numericality_of validates presence too
5:21AM 8 how to access has_one in view?
3:10AM 3 Trouble with rake db/migrate
2:42AM 0 Memcache object without #read?
2:35AM 0 unit tests hosed after installing memcache on windows
1:43AM 3 DRY to the rescue, displaying only portions of table
1:23AM 1 email not going to bulkfolder
1:13AM 1 Mysql::Error: Lost connection to MySQL server during query
12:41AM 0 file_column intercepting send_file?
12:29AM 2 Newb Question
12:17AM 2 Using model.find
Sunday December 3 2006
11:21PM 1 Ugly code
11:15PM 0 Using Collection Select? Drop down box of foregin list
10:29PM 3 Substruct engine + rspec_on_rails not co-operating
10:24PM 0 Quick Rails/javascript questions
10:04PM 5 Confused on how to set up multiple 'category' controllers using REST/Resources.
10:03PM 0 How to best change the default value of dasherize (using Edge Rails, and knowing about :dasherize => false)?
9:23PM 10 Toggleable sorting useing session variable?
7:57PM 1 Seymore - r30
7:51PM 14 Extend Agile Web Dev depot example
5:55PM 3 best way to mask attribute values
5:45PM 1 Intermittant problem with Hpricot
4:33PM 0 mediatemple vs. nginx
3:15PM 1 pluralize(count, string) in model (and h?!)
2:56PM 3 Association Caching
2:54PM 2 is it possible to run multiple blog with one typo process?
1:54PM 3 railsmanual is down
1:17PM 4 checkbox noob question
12:22PM 0 Excellent videos on browser history and Javascript
8:00AM 0 Ruby Programmer Needed For Game Project
7:18AM 2 Am I hitting the database twice?
7:10AM 1 Should I use global variables here?
6:57AM 0 drag drop and collection Select box
5:42AM 4 Integration Test File Uploads
2:06AM 0 Accessing a controller method within a model
1:47AM 5 Serving files on different file systems at the same time
1:01AM 1 Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch
12:56AM 4 DRYing Things Up
12:23AM 0 Can't get view helper plugin tests to include the correct Rails core code
Saturday December 2 2006
11:36PM 0 Serving static svg images in the public folder
11:32PM 9 RubyfulSoup vs Mechanize - Suprising Performance...
11:21PM 0 Strict Single Table Inheritence?s
11:13PM 2 Strict STI?
10:02PM 0 Flash notice NOT available across controllers?
9:25PM 0 Testing Rails 1.2 Style Edit
9:23PM 1 How to Set Max File Size for Upload?
9:12PM 2 Call function after controller function execution
8:55PM 2 Using form variable for controller logic
8:47PM 2 Need help debugging a Singleton TypeError in my app.
8:29PM 1 Rails Recipes 18 - Self-referential relationships?
7:26PM 5 openssl problems
7:24PM 0 openssl error
6:05PM 2 how to use several foreign key pointing to the same model?
3:57PM 1 Website Requests Automation
2:40PM 1 automatically create an object if it doesn't exist?
2:17PM 2 select some columns only when doing "find"
1:32PM 13 "not yet loaded" -- can we talk about this? :-)
11:25AM 1 rails backuping system
11:12AM 1 dynamic parsing of controller to generate a state machine
10:08AM 0 script/runner Oracle and MySQL
9:08AM 0 Help::WEBrick failed to start due to Chinese character.
9:01AM 11 validates_presence_of not working...could it be my partial?
8:06AM 3 Dynamic Fragment Caching with Escaped ERb
5:23AM 0 mod_ruby/RailsDispatcher problems
5:23AM 0 Cached fragments not expiring
5:21AM 7 How to Install Substruct in Eclipse?
4:58AM 0 how to resume interrupted post request?
4:22AM 0 Action Mailer ... and two styles to choose from
3:52AM 4 Depot Project page 86 Error in Edit and New Product?
3:34AM 0 aws/s3 0.1.2 (point release)
1:27AM 3 Safe way to execute submitted code?
1:17AM 2 Ajax or similiar file upload ?
1:07AM 2 Highload website database architecture
Friday December 1 2006
11:56PM 0 borrowing periodically_call_remote (and update_page!!) for an in-page timer
10:45PM 9 Overriding default ActiveRecord getter and setter
10:41PM 2 ActiveRecord associations referencing a set of self objects
10:06PM 1 Starting...
9:47PM 1 gems on FC5
9:42PM 1 validates_presence_of :relation_id & validates_associated :relation together
9:29PM 1 Using a config file
9:25PM 1 Difference in initialized AR values?
9:22PM 3 AWDwR 2nd ed. today?
8:56PM 0 Installing GEMS on AIX 5.3
8:31PM 9 Rails RJS syntax for parallel visual effects
8:26PM 0 Functional Testing Acts as Ferret plugin
8:20PM 3 Sessions in Layered Dispatching
8:10PM 0 Layered Dispatching
7:47PM 18 why choose rails?
6:43PM 0 You are being redirected message
6:16PM 4 searching through belongs_to relations
5:03PM 7 problems with this group
5:01PM 2 file_column outside of form use
4:37PM 0 web_service_dispatching_mode :layered
4:01PM 3 Creating databases on the fly
3:28PM 9 Sorting an ActiveRecord hash
3:11PM 4 Problems connecting to MySQL
2:50PM 2 sockets and sessions
2:33PM 1 auto complete text field triggering another method?
2:24PM 1 Need a book to have hands on ror
1:52PM 0 Rake files
1:50PM 1 actions with hyphens?
1:47PM 2 probally a regular question about security
1:38PM 1 New Ruby Site: www.emu.it
1:35PM 0 test message
1:05PM 0 [OT] New Ruby Site: www.emu.it
12:59PM 2 extracting text from a string
12:28PM 4 uninitialized constant error in app but not when using console
10:56AM 0 Oracle and Postgresql support in the query_analyzer plugin
10:24AM 3 which acts_as to use ??
10:05AM 1 Ruby on Rails Web 2.0 Framework
9:53AM 2 Model to wrap many Active Record Models
9:22AM 1 REST : scaffold_resource generated code
7:28AM 2 DB Migrations
6:31AM 2 select_tag values from model?
5:17AM 1 Simple file download doesn't work - please help!
5:10AM 2 updating specific div for ajax
4:51AM 0 How to save has_one belongs_to models?
4:47AM 2 Ruby, Rails and POP3 Email
4:45AM 0 Best way to model a one to two relationship?
4:37AM 0 model relationship sanity check please
4:34AM 1 HABTM example required
4:21AM 3 sanity check on setting up relationships please
2:25AM 0 Plugin for managing Rails migrations in SVN
1:51AM 6 Has One - Belongs to question
1:03AM 2 Helpers that take a block from the view
12:26AM 1 acknowledge() bug in PayPal gem?
12:18AM 9 Apparently poor performance in partial rendering - string concatenation problems?
12:08AM 5 Weird problem with RUBY and AJAX (form_remote_tag and submit_tag)