Rails - Jun 2006

Friday June 30 2006
11:37PM 2 Rails Powers #1 Selling Album Site
11:26PM 0 Three ActiveRecord features we want at work - any comments/suggestions?
11:24PM 1 Taking Control of Un-handled Exceptions
11:07PM 1 getting form values using link_to_remote
10:21PM 2 Development of RailsCron
10:19PM 0 redhat being sued over use of ORM/ActiveRecord Pattern in hibernate...could RoR be next?
9:54PM 2 Eruby.import -> "uninitialized constant" error
9:53PM 12 Mongrel -- Ruby Licensed Release
9:47PM 2 best practice: raise an exception or return false
9:29PM 5 Off Topic - Image size convertor?
8:44PM 3 New release of ez-where plugin
8:34PM 14 Saving boolean attributes
8:23PM 2 has_many through - getting the parent
7:52PM 2 Subscription Payment Model
7:46PM 3 Authentication services for the general public - Electronic signatures
7:44PM 3 type casting
7:23PM 6 using rjs
7:19PM 0 Manually triggering session restore
6:51PM 1 Apache Cache
6:42PM 0 Assigning user''s session ID to a sub-table
6:38PM 3 How do I seach for this in the api ?
6:36PM 4 Serious noob question. Any help would be great
6:15PM 0 Functional Tests and Login Engine
5:59PM 0 Caching & Attachments
5:41PM 0 Ruby / Rails developers in Indianapolis?
5:34PM 3 passing parameters to functions
4:55PM 9 User engine problems with 1.1.4 + Test driven development??!
4:33PM 0 Cannot start Webrick under Aquamacs
4:30PM 5 Store hash in a DB column
3:41PM 0 List of loaded plugins
3:32PM 0 find_by_sql not quoting properly (in acts_as_taggable plugin)
2:33PM 0 Manually creating session objects
2:18PM 1 running in production mode
2:12PM 0 Interactive Processing of print
1:59PM 0 Storing additional data in the session
1:51PM 8 before_filter: nil vs. true vs. false
1:45PM 0 PhillyOnRails Meeting - July 6
1:32PM 4 ActiveRecord Migrations, without autonumbered PK''s
1:24PM 5 Reading the api docs help
1:21PM 1 How to force redirection after a render on PDF::Writer?
1:05PM 2 File Column woes
12:50PM 1 Help: Need tips for file manipulation
12:45PM 0 Prototype Window Class v0.95
12:12PM 4 More idiomatic way of writing a filter
10:54AM 4 always show 2 decimal places
10:50AM 4 Strange behaviour from assert_redirected_to
10:38AM 6 RSS::Parser Documentation
10:27AM 4 Posting error: Ruby On Rails mailing list archieve
10:18AM 0 - Ruby Ireland - Irish ruby and rails user group
10:13AM 3 gem Rmagick install problem on Linux
10:04AM 5 If / Else Form layout question.
9:43AM 1 Problems installing rails
9:07AM 0 Accessing View methods from Model?
8:54AM 3 @foo = Bar.new(params[:foo])
8:28AM 7 Inspiring Web 2.0 Rails Sites?
8:22AM 0 status
7:56AM 3 AR: Model on several tables
6:39AM 2 Help with translating an object model to a relational mode
6:28AM 0 1.1.4 tagged.
6:26AM 50 Time To Pick the Mongrel BUGS Mascot!
6:17AM 1 using routes.rb from inside a controller / render_component_as_string / generally stumped
3:49AM 2 how to HABTM with STI ??
2:55AM 0 Interpolation in association conditions broken; broken backwards-compatibility?
2:27AM 1 Retrieve table names
2:20AM 0 Setting default schema with Oracle
2:02AM 2 Simply Restful: Can''t create update forum
1:23AM 2 Installing products through gem on ubuntu
1:18AM 0 storing dates from a date_select does not work
1:03AM 0 Production Mode in my Rails Application not responding
12:44AM 0 Radiant CMS 0.5 - Grindstone
12:26AM 0 SOAP responses blowing up memory usage
12:14AM 1 delay displaying rmagick resizing of uploaded images
Thursday June 29 2006
11:34PM 0 Assigning user''s session ID to a sub-sub-group
11:33PM 1 script..aculo.us - ajax not working with NTLM on windows
11:20PM 1 Newbie: Help Please - Model Validation Error
10:49PM 1 preserving params across redirects
10:48PM 1 Problems getting past authentication using functional tests
10:11PM 1 Seeking RoR help for an upcoming project
10:02PM 8 Is This a Performance Concern?
9:57PM 0 @response.body accumulating in functional tests?
8:33PM 0 Mongrel Apache 2.2 SSL
8:29PM 6 Naming Convention for Controllers?
8:04PM 3 String: first character upcase?
7:59PM 0 Ron & Jane
7:54PM 2 HABTM with multiple select list
5:14PM 0 Ajax scaffold and SQL Server
5:10PM 1 can i update the page whitout reload it?
4:56PM 0 can''t run rails application
3:47PM 2 Random routing errors in 1.1.3 with Mongrel
2:58PM 1 before_destroy & verification
2:53PM 4 Multiple belongs_to
2:34PM 1 newbie routes q
2:25PM 3 stylesheets
1:24PM 0 Restart/Deploy - Reaper can''t find PID
1:04PM 3 Questions on ActiveRecord implementation
12:57PM 0 Problem getting encrypted submit buttons working with the paypal gem and rails 1.1.2
12:23PM 11 AJAX Maps
12:02PM 13 Ideal Ruby on Rails Development Environment on Linux
11:54AM 1 How do I revert back to 1.1.2?
11:42AM 2 Shared or VPS/dedicated hosting
11:33AM 2 ? concerning ActiveRecord, Action and template
10:57AM 0 Ajax Scaffold for a application started using win32-process module.
10:47AM 2 Catching routing errors
10:45AM 0 [OT] ruby webmail
10:07AM 1 session management not working for me in an exceptional condition
9:57AM 1 Logging in Rails
9:30AM 7 sql question for rails
7:09AM 1 search action/ in different groups
6:28AM 1 Ruby on Rails, Ruby and CGI
5:53AM 5 2D display in Rails
4:41AM 1 gem flaking out on me
3:50AM 0 HABTM and select form helper
3:48AM 0 How to validate uniqueness only if value exists
2:58AM 14 TDD and migrations?
2:42AM 0 Job openings - Boston / NYC
2:24AM 6 adding a before_filter to static content
1:04AM 2 Mongrel Needs Debuggers
12:06AM 9 Handling multiple developers making migrations and using svn
Wednesday June 28 2006
11:58PM 1 sortable lists, database update
11:10PM 3 observe_field and radio button... does not work?
10:58PM 1 Where is this documented?
10:34PM 0 [JOB] Rails Developer PAID RELO to San Francisco, CA
10:25PM 3 ERb question with xml
10:16PM 0 Good Howto for web service/API with Rails 1.1?
10:01PM 5 Production deployment
9:58PM 4 How to export data
9:28PM 2 NoMethodError when setting session variable
9:22PM 2 hash value won''t increment with =+ operator
9:13PM 0 installing rmagick
9:07PM 2 Avoiding killall
8:50PM 0 MySQL Errors
8:48PM 0 Gruff: Adjustment of font and labels
8:04PM 0 activerecord - rendering html
8:00PM 0 Getting name of currently rendering ERb template in view?
7:52PM 4 What does => mean ?
7:50PM 2 Newbie question: subdirectories in app/models
7:48PM 0 Verisign Payflo Pro
7:45PM 2 Problem debugging rails app
7:26PM 0 wiki.rubyonrails.com 500 error?
7:21PM 0 Help needed!
7:14PM 0 Syntax look up search site ?
6:58PM 2 Assign CSS class to Link to Remote
6:54PM 2 webcal url
6:31PM 6 file_column plugin. Storing files outside RAILS_ROOT
6:04PM 0 habtm and multiple-option select boxes
5:55PM 8 How to handle Gem repository failures?
5:52PM 0 What does this error message mean?
5:27PM 6 select_tag
5:23PM 1 Is there a rake task to extract data from a database/table
5:20PM 2 acts_as_taggable multiple tags lists
5:18PM 0 What''s the best way to select one in a big list?
5:08PM 3 how do I validate currency format if I am storing in cents?
5:04PM 2 models @ data extraction
5:01PM 8 getting problems on win32 fixed
5:00PM 9 Portland
4:47PM 2 undefined method `use_transactional_fixtures=''
4:39PM 2 simply_restful plugin tests failing???
4:17PM 5 Idea in development - Dynamic Records
4:03PM 9 Rails Borked After 1.1.3 Install?
3:47PM 2 New Ruby Installer for Win32
3:28PM 0 Most recent detail record for master records - what''s the best way to do this?
3:24PM 4 Problem with nvarchar in MS SQL Server 2000
3:17PM 15 Its here! RubyGems Release 0.9.0
2:44PM 6 Rails 1.1.3 and routes to controllers in directories
2:38PM 1 accessing multiple observe_field from one callback
2:12PM 4 [markaby] Trouble accessing session values.
1:42PM 2 Streaming from Database
1:34PM 1 European Rails Conf -- talk proposals now being accepted
12:48PM 3 intall rails | Proxy
12:20PM 2 Ajax - Upload File Upload
11:28AM 7 caching objects
11:12AM 0 catch EOFError in PaymentsController#finalListSave
10:59AM 0 How to parse incoming parameters from POST operation
10:36AM 2 Nouvelle Appli Rails (made in france ?) redMine
10:21AM 1 HELP! adding new object to @objects...
10:04AM 4 Load IDs For Limited Eager Loading
9:52AM 0 RoR works with lighttpd, not Apache
9:23AM 3 Best way to structure this?
8:58AM 8 [OT] rimuhosting and VPS experiences wanted
8:11AM 2 Saving and reproducing a POST request.
7:44AM 2 respond_to and Accept headers
7:35AM 0 Looking for people to create another 37signals
7:18AM 8 How to obtain clients IP adress
7:13AM 1 Iconv library error
7:09AM 9 Scaffold Issue with Postgres
4:25AM 3 couple newbie questions
4:23AM 0 Capistrano Command Worries
4:08AM 0 class Tag in both acts_as_taggable and RubyfulSoup
2:46AM 5 rails destroys rdoc...again
2:42AM 2 [PATCH] Bug fixes and additions to scoped_access
2:18AM 0 REXML StreamListener
1:56AM 2 Ruby/ RoR for Windows app + Web
1:55AM 0 Reading email attachments
1:53AM 4 argument out of range...
1:22AM 2 Connecting to a Remote MySQL Server
1:15AM 0 ActiveRecord mapping users to icons
12:54AM 5 Funky character display in rails / mysql
12:45AM 20 Rails Vs JBoss Seam
12:40AM 2 perform_deliveries = false
12:10AM 0 ActiveResource (was: 1.1.3 available.)
Tuesday June 27 2006
11:41PM 0 [UPDATE] acts_as_modified 1.1.3 now with tests (was Re: plugin, acts_as_modified 1.1.2)
11:24PM 3 Decoding Unicode URLs Properly
11:18PM 5 Can''t call public application.rb method from ERb template
11:06PM 2 non-traditional rails app
10:53PM 0 Volunteer RoR help for a non-profit? (point2good.org)
10:23PM 3 find_by_id vs. find in postback action
10:21PM 2 mail_to link where the recipient is a variable
10:08PM 5 RJS -- What am I missing?
9:40PM 2 Using a different layout/styleshheet
9:34PM 25 1.1.3 available.
9:33PM 0 How to model Hibernate multi-table inheritance with ActiveRecord?
9:30PM 0 newbie question: one to one relationships in ROR
9:10PM 2 how to use scope with acts_as_list
9:05PM 3 User websites with templates.
9:03PM 0 Using passed-in locals in observe_field in a partial
8:51PM 0 Webrick & Internet Explorer... timeout POST issues?
8:18PM 0 forms - a better way to pass data?
8:08PM 3 start_form_tag question..
8:00PM 1 [OT]Development Patterns
7:57PM 3 Easy question: Where do I put sweepers?
7:54PM 0 :confirm on a form
7:34PM 0 Calling SOAP based Web Services over SSL
7:14PM 6 Custom action on Active Record Validation Failure?
6:51PM 5 script/server mongrel on windows
6:19PM 2 Avoiding race conditions
6:09PM 0 [OT] Textmate __cg_jpeg_resync_to_restart
6:06PM 4 File Column has me stumped
5:36PM 0 Re: Campfire: Dissection
5:33PM 3 belongs_to <parent name>, :foreign_key modifier not working
5:32PM 0 mod_fcgid trouble
5:29PM 1 How to Delete The Uploaded Images
5:19PM 2 Bug in Firebug or in RJS? Or something else?
4:53PM 0 Ajax reorder
4:46PM 0 Gruff datasets
4:34PM 0 More idiomatic way of doing this
4:21PM 2 Render partials in folders
3:53PM 2 testing - how to get access to an instance variable
2:53PM 2 special characters in db
2:23PM 3 rails not ready for production use?
2:11PM 3 Weird ActiveRecord Foreign Key Problem
2:10PM 2 Patch submission question.
2:04PM 4 RJS Form Values
1:54PM 1 Static pages
1:53PM 13 Campfire: Dissection
1:41PM 11 Newb question
1:04PM 1 Utility App using rails models
12:24PM 2 Preloading results in Ajax App
12:20PM 5 Rails cronjob?
11:59AM 3 Capgem 0.1 Released
11:27AM 0 send XML-FO to Web Service
11:24AM 0 Getting list of loaded plugins
11:11AM 1 Scriptaculous Problem
10:58AM 6 embedding ruby code in a [flash :notice]
10:18AM 4 Not Active Record Model Validation
10:08AM 1 find (ordering by field in related table)
8:59AM 3 problem
8:56AM 1 HTTPS and Rails under Debian Stable
8:27AM 2 newbie trying to install
8:18AM 0 paypal openssl keys
7:28AM 4 Action Mailer - weird rendering issues
7:23AM 1 Errno::EINVAL: Invalid arguments - IE crash
6:42AM 5 setting up mongrel..
5:34AM 4 Use link_to in a controller?
5:08AM 2 Serve an image up from an action
5:03AM 1 Nuby Q: Splitting of large projects for speed gains
4:46AM 3 Trunk or 1.1?
4:03AM 8 cookies
3:44AM 3 Reg webrick using instant rails.
3:37AM 1 user.save now workie, but user.update_attributes does
2:21AM 0 Win32 Extension Issues Wanted!
1:55AM 2 Capistrano Documentation
1:50AM 1 Post this please
1:42AM 2 Transaction syntax for > 1 table/model
1:21AM 1 Help me, I stuck ..
1:06AM 0 Sydney ROR Meetup - Wednesday 28th June 2006
Monday June 26 2006
11:47PM 8 [Semi OT] BlindDown and a floated div
11:25PM 1 Designing a Coupon System
11:22PM 1 RJS visual_effect toggle?
11:11PM 2 text_field weirdness?
10:58PM 4 has_many :through
10:43PM 2 How can I minimize SQL queries
10:40PM 0 Using varchar() and/or concatented pks
10:40PM 1 plugin, acts_as_modified 1.1.2
10:38PM 2 DRY up selects in view
10:37PM 1 Dispatch.fcgi h-e-double hockey sticks...
9:18PM 1 Question about template
9:12PM 1 Rake + SQL Server + Migrations == Errors. Help?!
9:05PM 5 RoR Install Woes
9:01PM 0 Action caching with params
8:54PM 1 Campfire API
8:49PM 3 RJS Templates with dynamic id names
8:45PM 0 has_many validation
8:32PM 0 Sparkline Graphs Breaks Generator Help?
7:57PM 3 Scriptaculous Sortable Element Issue
7:18PM 2 running lighttpd -> Recognition failed for "/"
6:35PM 0 Lighttpd: username and groupname don''t take effect
6:14PM 4 Counting Associated Records from MySQL Result
5:57PM 8 id of last element in a table
5:56PM 5 Automatic Caching?
5:49PM 4 why can''t I call this without parentheses?
5:45PM 1 How to model attribute and attribute-value dependencies
5:41PM 4 Migrations and svn branches...
5:28PM 7 Using Rails to Generate static pages
5:21PM 2 RailsConf DVD ?
5:01PM 1 Separate Read and Write Database
4:55PM 0 error while booting WEBrick server
4:48PM 1 Environment Question
4:28PM 0 Directory/file permissions for Rails app on Apache 1.3.x and fastcgi on Linux
4:02PM 1 ActiveRecord, instance_eval, and PStore
3:50PM 13 Why no forum app in rails yet?
3:49PM 10 Create tables on the fly in rails?
3:22PM 0 Update_attributes working, or not? I can''t tell.
2:59PM 0 options_for_select-how to store cookie selected value ques.
2:32PM 0 partitioned_id plugin
2:26PM 0 with_scope with new
2:21PM 2 n-way has_mant :through
1:48PM 3 syntax for observe_field( :with =>
1:25PM 2 Serialising multiple accesses to external web service
1:13PM 2 How can I sort options in a select box?
1:07PM 3 Streamlined
12:46PM 5 How can I dynamiclly generate models?
12:28PM 5 Multiple choice questions scaffold?
12:13PM 9 Form Mail
9:43AM 4 Missing Content-Length header with lighttpd
8:14AM 6 paypal ipn from leetsoft
6:28AM 9 table name
5:52AM 5 using application_helper.rb
4:37AM 0 How to limit access to model objects based on role?
3:56AM 0 Conneting pages
3:50AM 0 Using a partial multiple times in a view
3:45AM 5 Newbie question about Agile Rails book - Delete from cart
3:07AM 0 DBI question. How do I load a database with data parsed from REXML?
2:31AM 2 passing link text as parameter to a controller..
2:06AM 0 Controller Modules
2:03AM 2 RoR authentication with IBM Notes/Domino
1:38AM 1 Looking for a r0x0rz developer - music startup
12:17AM 1 RJS and Google Maps API
Sunday June 25 2006
11:57PM 0 text field auto complete
11:38PM 0 Generate scaffold should create tests, discuss
10:52PM 3 Dummy field in a model
10:50PM 7 Unicode HOWTO?
10:08PM 0 rubyful_soup replace element
9:52PM 1 Money library usage?
9:28PM 1 Unit Testing failure
9:06PM 3 select box''s
8:55PM 0 Ajax not working on ie and konkeror
8:38PM 0 Using the database schema to help validate data
8:36PM 1 Sorting ferret results by column
8:00PM 1 Having Trouble Using ActsAsTaggable
7:51PM 0 [markaby] <tr>s really can''t have ids?
7:27PM 0 database schema COLLATION
7:25PM 0 html.vim
7:13PM 0 Where to report ActiveRecord unit test failures?
7:09PM 0 storing attribute legal values in model and/or database
6:32PM 0 Odd problem with using paypal gem on my laptop
6:08PM 1 text_field_with_auto_complete nonsense (newbie question)
5:44PM 1 UPS quotes via shipping gem
4:14PM 0 ITalian Railers!
2:49PM 4 Zebra Striping a Collection of Partials
2:47PM 0 Mongrel -- RailsConf 2006 Release
1:58PM 0 Colouring ''text_area'' plus scrollbar on view
1:41PM 2 credit card transactions in Rails?
1:39PM 6 Understanding Common Views
12:20PM 0 debug output does not show up in the browser window
10:38AM 2 Working out sales tax...
10:04AM 0 Uninitialized Constants in Scaffolds
6:18AM 1 Using AND in :conditions queries
2:46AM 3 Working alone on a webapp
1:53AM 2 how to write the codes in view?(newbie question)
12:59AM 4 Function/Method Execution Progress Bar
Saturday June 24 2006
11:56PM 1 @version_control_book not available while testing - AWD book 1 page 148
11:53PM 0 integrating paypal pro with rails?
11:35PM 0 Best approach for loading a data object into mysql?
11:24PM 5 Why is rails using DB objects that don''t exist?
10:59PM 4 setting attribute in constructor, .NEW works but not .CREATE
9:50PM 0 Theme generator
9:31PM 1 DRY up link_to_remote and its url_for
8:57PM 2 contents of /lib automatically loaded?
7:09PM 2 error log for views?
7:06PM 32 Why is there no Smalltalk-like IDE for Ruby?
5:54PM 2 date madness
5:53PM 6 Ajax fade effect
5:41PM 4 blog generator?
5:16PM 1 Mongrel Pre-Release -- RailsConf
5:15PM 3 Performance vs normalization best practice
5:09PM 7 Newbie Q: "user" variable in every view?
5:08PM 0 Engine Newbie: Problem w/ script/plugin discover
4:28PM 0 Mass assignment to an AR that would call assignment methods.
3:54PM 5 Rake vs Ruby for running tests (error discrepency)
3:48PM 2 Migrations problem with Agile Rails book
3:02PM 2 gettext and maintenance
2:36PM 0 before_save and before_update not being called in tests
12:23PM 1 Parsing XML with REXML problem
11:28AM 2 using flickr.rb
9:54AM 1 select or select_tag ?
9:40AM 6 convert 0, "0", "true", etc. to boolean
9:37AM 6 apache2 on red hat linux need help anyone
9:12AM 0 Mysql ERROR ???
8:53AM 0 superclass mismatch for class Tag (TypeError)
6:04AM 8 PostgreSQL on Mac?
5:45AM 5 request.xhr? vs. respond_to
4:47AM 0 Active Record w/ Stand Alone Script (no longer working?)
3:57AM 3 Staying DRY -- can views share partials?
3:23AM 4 session alternatives
2:33AM 2 :limit => Parent / Child Relationship
1:08AM 8 mysql frontend for linux.
1:07AM 0 Lightbox and Prototype
12:43AM 0 LightBox and Ajax Global Responders
Friday June 23 2006
11:39PM 3 form_remote_tag is not passing form params
10:59PM 5 create session only for logged-in
10:58PM 1 Apache console like WebRick
10:56PM 2 Draggable question
10:33PM 0 Overriding a file_column attribute in model
9:34PM 2 polymorphic challenge
9:20PM 0 Multiparameter error
7:42PM 5 Ajax zooming pictures
7:41PM 0 Re:(RESOLVED, KIND OF) auto complete and after update element
7:14PM 0 help... can''t run ActiveRecord unit tests to test bug fix
7:02PM 2 Generate Models & Controllers from Ruby program
6:20PM 0 to_yaml problem with option hash
6:15PM 0 Newbie: where to put input validation and model aggregations
6:07PM 10 Don''t un-admin the last administrator
5:25PM 0 connect to database
4:52PM 4 Ajax.Request with page reload?
4:43PM 5 how can i alter the validations error messages.
4:03PM 3 Ajax errors in safari
4:02PM 0 Problem with server
3:59PM 3 Yet another problem with NoMethodError in Store#display_cart
3:58PM 0 ActiveRacord::Base find does not support HAVING ?!
3:43PM 1 rubyful_soup works fine as an RB file but bugs in Rails
3:33PM 2 Storing Array in Database
3:32PM 1 Java studio creator 2 or rubyonrails??Request for advice
3:31PM 0 Date class giving me errors
3:22PM 0 AJAX not working with lighttpd but working with webrick
3:18PM 0 SOAP Web Service Exception
2:38PM 0 utf8 and error messages
2:26PM 0 auto complete and after update element
2:07PM 1 question closing page after action
1:57PM 13 Best OS Choice for Rails server?
1:50PM 2 Foreign key - relations
1:40PM 0 Rake doc:app not including lib directory
12:58PM 1 @request.env and mongrel
12:54PM 0 onclick action for submit_to_remote
12:52PM 2 Using fixtures from IRB
12:13PM 2 WEBrick hangs with OCI8?
11:50AM 1 instantiate record in single table inheritance
11:46AM 0 Rational Clearcase plugin for RadRails
11:17AM 6 float calculation error
10:32AM 1 Describing a "replaces" relationship within the same model
9:47AM 0 Engine controllers are read twice
9:38AM 3 Help Analyzing The Log...(first time newbie)
8:39AM 1 Best practices in test logging
5:24AM 9 Connecting MQ from Rails ??
4:26AM 1 Rate is not a class
4:01AM 0 Hardbreaks and Redcloth.
3:53AM 0 model level access control
2:10AM 0 Date class giving errors
2:06AM 4 RedCloth
1:43AM 8 MySQL loses connection, strange problem, will pay for help
1:41AM 0 adding action after a belongs_to assignment
1:29AM 2 Rails and Oracle
12:53AM 2 Queue 3 or more RJS actions
12:45AM 0 How to make rails reload vendor plugins in dev without restarting the server
12:28AM 7 find_by_sql, can''t print results
12:26AM 1 ''Series'' Pluralization
12:25AM 0 Embedded javascript or css within ajax page not showing
Thursday June 22 2006
11:53PM 0 Simple Query of Postgis Posgresql database?
11:04PM 0 has_many dynamic conditions
10:45PM 0 Saving and executing files that are in a table
10:14PM 4 stylesheet linking and layouts
10:03PM 4 ADVICE: Generating unique identifiers for later DB insertion
9:48PM 2 str_replace PHP Function Equiv.
9:18PM 2 rails on Oracle 10g - missing controller ?
9:18PM 0 SessionCleanup (clean up sessions within Rails app)
8:43PM 0 Domain modelling and ActiveRecords
8:30PM 9 Again on Apache 2
7:51PM 1 finding one db entry and how to display it in a view
7:44PM 3 best way to generate sums of groups
7:33PM 1 error messaging for a form without ActiveRecord model
7:32PM 4 rendering partials in layouts?
7:26PM 1 fade and appear effects
7:03PM 2 id column for join table... kosher?
6:47PM 0 Welcome aboard actions
6:17PM 0 error msg while using flickr API
6:03PM 3 Compare against array
5:58PM 1 Anybody got a character counting widget?
5:58PM 2 RoR Event Calendar
5:47PM 0 Benchmarking/Profiling tests
5:24PM 4 Can I peek at all "active sessions"?
5:19PM 2 MVC architecture
4:34PM 1 remote content
4:25PM 0 Active record associations
3:15PM 0 xml rpc client
2:46PM 0 how to save objects in a has_many :through association?
2:14PM 2 Passing a value from one rhtml to another
2:05PM 0 sortable list doesn''t work on production server
2:00PM 2 Embed a Rails app within another?
1:28PM 6 Capistrano with Local (not file:///) repository
1:14PM 1 Active Record question, orphaned children
12:36PM 12 invalidating a session on multiple login
12:35PM 1 Change of controller name and SEO issue
12:35PM 0 hosting a podcast with ruby on rails?
12:28PM 18 Ruby on Rails Live CD
12:04PM 1 Can Rails be used without gems?
12:02PM 0 validates_presence_of with a Date
11:48AM 5 Problems with layouts
11:39AM 2 Was my mail blocked?
10:48AM 4 Shop plugin?
10:38AM 3 attr_boolean, a good idea?
10:15AM 5 Sliding Gallery
9:39AM 2 OT EXIF libraray
9:21AM 3 create pie chart
9:15AM 1 Mongrel behin Apache proxy: get "permission denied"
9:06AM 1 Ruby & Rules Engines
8:28AM 2 GetText Question: How not to gather ActiveRecord''s columns?
7:37AM 4 Filter on variable
7:23AM 4 Authorization Plugin 1.0 release candidate + 3 test apps
6:01AM 2 Setting an index on a collection_select
5:49AM 4 Funky routing
4:54AM 0 Announcing AutoPilot
4:10AM 1 Sharing primary key between two tables?
3:15AM 3 Importing images with file_column over http?
2:41AM 2 acts_as_taggable smakdown
2:26AM 1 acts_as_taggable gem problems
2:14AM 1 [site] mog
1:49AM 0 escaped HTML in a select
1:30AM 0 acts_as_threaded with pagination
1:20AM 0 frugalist: rails tames amazon wishlists
12:29AM 11 Help please
12:19AM 1 Problem integrating rails into apache
12:06AM 2 [PLUGIN] url_for_with_prefix - allowing you to modify/remove prefixes easily
Wednesday June 21 2006
11:58PM 0 Totally confused creating expanded login
11:40PM 5 Problem with observe_field
11:31PM 1 how can I get the value of a hidden field and pass it
11:29PM 2 Mouseover Speed Issues
10:44PM 4 Simplest way to demonstrate a RoR app
10:39PM 0 url_for generating URLs without relative root
10:28PM 12 Question{maybe silly] Sanity check
10:12PM 0 [REMINDER!] RubyConf 2006 talk proposals now being accepted
9:42PM 1 Project/Job: Ruby on Rails - Denver, CO
9:38PM 1 Adding routes via plugins
9:32PM 7 How to install patches?
9:29PM 0 Action Mailer and ApplicationHelper method
9:08PM 3 Call action & display nothing?
8:52PM 2 displaying contents of dispatch.fcgi rather than running it
8:47PM 0 how to save objects associated via has_many :through?
8:29PM 1 Remote function call & not render anything?
8:28PM 1 Plugin Panic! - no accessing a model''s class methods?
8:20PM 0 rails MVC
8:10PM 0 Possible bug in actionmailer
8:08PM 2 MasterView rails-optimized (x)html friendly template engine plugin - Release 0.2.0
7:19PM 1 Decompression of Files
6:55PM 1 about composite primary keys
6:50PM 0 [ADV] Rails Machine Simplifies Application Deployment
6:46PM 0 Login Generator gotcha..
6:45PM 5 newbie - question on radio_buttons
6:32PM 3 rake migrate says table already exists
6:30PM 0 SQLServer Timestamp parsing problem in sqlserver_adapter.rb
5:56PM 1 sortable tables not working because of html escaping
5:53PM 3 Simple range question
5:14PM 14 [Bounty] 1 pizza for 1 simple plugin
4:54PM 1 ActiveRecord has_one default value
4:41PM 11 executive: "is rails secure?"
4:27PM 5 Ok, its time. AJAX Games via Rails....
3:22PM 0 [MINI-ANN] DABlog
3:16PM 0 fcgi_watch (reaper replacement for shared servers)
3:12PM 4 Searching messages
3:11PM 3 Show Exceptions in Production mode.
3:00PM 2 Using RJS to highlight one LI if using insert_html on an UL?
2:57PM 0 Scaffold error
2:49PM 5 model with not te be updated attributes ?
2:42PM 0 development / production
2:40PM 0 ANN: Screencast demo of the WebFaction control panel
2:37PM 48 Freelance Rate
2:25PM 0 make: Warning: Illegal dependency list for target `.DEFAULT''
1:53PM 5 module and cache/restarting server
1:47PM 1 Newbie Four Days on Rails
1:14PM 3 validation help
1:11PM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete broken in firefox?
1:07PM 1 Refreshing Pages
1:03PM 0 Including custom files
12:01PM 8 Sans Periodically call remote-- possible?
11:23AM 4 Simple Subdomain Routing
11:19AM 5 default page and session
11:18AM 5 Rails application into HTML frames
10:46AM 2 Validation on update
10:37AM 3 Is this a weird bug with auto_complete?
9:26AM 1 WEBrick won''t answer
9:15AM 8 Modifying Model Output
8:48AM 6 Sort table by child row property?
8:34AM 1 Migration with foreign key won''t work
7:55AM 0 acts_as_dropdown
6:21AM 2 error_messages_for not displaying validation errors
5:57AM 7 Mongrel -- Quick Small Fixes
5:15AM 2 access to application.rb methods
4:42AM 0 Railsconf ticket for sale
2:55AM 7 acts_as_taggable and paginate?
2:48AM 0 Looking for a freelancer
2:28AM 3 multiple apps one virtual host one domain
1:55AM 2 raw sql and columns order
1:39AM 3 [PLUG] new plugin, acts_as_modified
12:42AM 2 mongrel_rails restart not working
Tuesday June 20 2006
11:03PM 0 Re: Railsday 2006 (Derek Haynes)
9:56PM 4 AJAX effects make browser jump to top of page
9:24PM 0 file_column Trying to Create Thumbnails of Non-Image Files??
8:54PM 0 RalsConf ticket for sale
8:18PM 4 Searching ActiveRecord sets
8:12PM 2 Problem with "can''t dump anonymous class Class"
8:07PM 1 ActiveRecord saving madness?
8:01PM 7 What is up with rubyforge?
7:59PM 0 No opening form tag in rendered HTML
7:53PM 3 WEBrick just decided to take a hiatus on me
7:42PM 2 Converting from acts_as_tree to acts_as_nested_set
7:36PM 1 Preventing Dups in HABTM
6:59PM 0 Roomies @ RailsConf Chicago
6:57PM 2 Validation error_messages_for problem
6:53PM 3 return unique rows with finders
6:31PM 3 How to get hold of a patch
6:08PM 2 habtm, multi select, and validation
6:05PM 23 Performance (cough cough) Poor: Instant Rails
5:57PM 0 simple client side javascript clock
5:47PM 3 Rails and decimal types mapped to float
5:35PM 2 website hosting
5:33PM 2 getting hold of the API documentation database
5:21PM 0 options_from_collection_for_select question
4:15PM 0 Quiet the Logger in 1.1
4:10PM 0 problem with list definition
3:42PM 0 re: Maintaining same session for a user across
3:11PM 2 Capistrano, chmod, and revisions.log
3:05PM 6 checkbox_tag outside a form?
2:53PM 0 Has anyone written a ''markaby_scaffold''?
2:19PM 5 ActionMailer to send to multiple people
2:04PM 9 Returned mail: see transcript for details
2:03PM 1 Soliciting suggestions - Form within a Form
1:57PM 0 An after_deliver filter for ActionMailer?
1:53PM 0 login security
12:59PM 4 Prototype $A not defined
12:39PM 3 Maintaining same session for a user across different PCs
11:02AM 22 New e-book - The Money Train
10:56AM 0 habtm has_many through and foreign keys
10:55AM 0 Parameter value in RJS call
10:43AM 1 Extending RJS
10:27AM 4 Invoking MouseOver using link_to tag ?
10:20AM 0 check this! out about bobmarley
7:58AM 1 Possible to check if form field is required?
7:18AM 1 Templates in scaffold
6:48AM 0 Rendering multiple actions
4:59AM 3 Saving an array of objects
4:39AM 8 Integrating multiple applications
4:14AM 0 Achieve pure object oriented design in Ruby (also posted on Ruby List)
4:09AM 1 typo proplem here? what may be wrong?
3:12AM 0 So...is lighttpd/fcgi on its way out, Apache/mongrel the up-and-comer?
2:29AM 0 vim 7 ruby omni-complete 0.6
1:36AM 1 Extracting a connection out of ActiveRecord::Base
12:15AM 4 Newbie Question to Get Rolling on Rails
12:03AM 3 find ''newest'' of a model
Monday June 19 2006
10:59PM 0 has_one frustrations, please help!
10:48PM 0 Help: Expiring fragment cache across multiple domains
10:26PM 4 DateTimes get converted to Dates in XML-RPC????
10:02PM 2 fuzzy search
10:00PM 3 can''t dump anonymous class Class
9:59PM 3 Using a records "id" in validation
9:55PM 1 RJS Templates
9:13PM 1 [OT] HowtoConnectToMicrosoftSQLServerFromRailsOnLinux from Ubuntu
9:10PM 0 Lighttpd refuses to bind to externally routable IP address
9:04PM 4 share model definition
8:56PM 3 Parent Child form using Partials
8:40PM 0 mongrel_cluster 0.2.0 -- Mongrel 0.3.13 Compliant
8:35PM 1 Forms and Relationships
8:30PM 0 Problems loading Rails-generated pages in Flash using IE?
8:25PM 1 Rails, Subversion and SWIG??
8:19PM 11 html to pdf?
8:10PM 1 shared resources / polling / rjs
8:01PM 1 AWDwR2: Loading data in migrations
7:57PM 6 to_xml depth ...
7:40PM 2 finding duplicates in an array
7:39PM 3 Using set_primary_key breaks acts_as_tree with non-integer column
7:37PM 5 Wysiwyg HTML Editors and Rails ?
7:18PM 2 is there a ''Markaby_scaffold'' available?
7:03PM 5 Global Count Variable
7:02PM 0 PDF::Writer VS Ruby FPDF
7:00PM 0 url_for missing out parameters?
6:55PM 6 SQL Search Qustion
6:54PM 1 How can I tell what fields have been updated?
6:43PM 3 Strange behavior of :through association.
6:25PM 1 Anyone need a RailsConf ticket?
5:16PM 12 AWDWR- Question
4:59PM 0 file upload directory structure
4:58PM 0 UrlColumn Plugin
4:54PM 0 Eager loading and acts_as_tree
4:47PM 0 AssetPackager released! Compress, merge, cache and version your JavaScripts and CSS Stylesheets
4:42PM 3 newbie validation
4:32PM 0 map lighttpd to specific action?
4:18PM 2 const_missing error of has_many through association
4:16PM 9 index columns in postgres
4:00PM 0 FileUtils/ActiveRecord help please?
3:27PM 1 pdf simpletable help needed
3:21PM 10 Lighttpd works fine in development. Production not happening
2:52PM 4 Oh, Don''t Forget... launches!
2:22PM 2 Any word or status on Rubuntu Ezra???
1:31PM 0 Webrick, access log, don''t log everything
1:23PM 10 text_field_with_auto_complete doesn|t work in edit/show view
1:20PM 1 How to deploy rails apps from a VM Ware Virtual Machine?
1:17PM 2 Partials from a master layout?
1:13PM 1 Best practice?
12:04PM 2 Auth_generator and domains
10:33AM 2 call validate functions
10:02AM 9 Railsday 2006
9:05AM 0 Column level callback
8:56AM 0 For toggling update "divs" in form_remote_tag on condition!
8:41AM 1 AJAX - Image output to an IMG tag ?
7:42AM 0 Extending Prototype
7:22AM 0 Iamge orientation using JavaScript
7:09AM 5 RSS reader for rails application.
6:54AM 0 logingenerator multiple select
6:18AM 10 Trying to delete from a unordered list using ajax
4:46AM 2 content_tag question
3:51AM 0 image rotation? (orientation)
2:00AM 0 Bug? With image_select_tag processing in controller?
1:59AM 0 Expiring fragment cache when multiple domains point to the same app?
1:52AM 0 No assign of name and value from image_select_tag ?
12:17AM 1 Migration:Several field in primary key
Sunday June 18 2006
11:51PM 3 Ambiguous clause error
11:16PM 5 User/Password Management: Mapping items to inidividual users
10:18PM 1 PostgreSQL Database Views with scaffold
10:00PM 6 integer array columns
8:47PM 0 Rails Core Weekly June 11 - June 18
8:39PM 1 Put an arbitary hash into ActiveRecord
8:25PM 2 Add subjects to my user subject. Linking two tables
8:15PM 2 Table Relationship for Select option list
7:23PM 3 on change of drop down a textfield emerging
7:15PM 0 Spare RailsConf ticket (another one!)
7:02PM 5 on change of drop down showing a new textfield
5:57PM 2 using javascript to get an attribute using an ID
4:24PM 13 Currency calculation
4:18PM 4 share an hash ..
3:50PM 10 acts_as_enumerated
2:57PM 0 problems with upload progress plugin
1:49PM 0 Framework question about FormHelper ...
12:36PM 4 uninitialized constant Datetime
12:05PM 2 convert timespan to verbose description
12:04PM 1 plugings for date validations, email address validation & url validations in rails
12:01PM 1 Problem using "rake db:migrate"
11:40AM 2 Hosting timezone differs of clients timezone
10:25AM 2 Adding a instance method
9:51AM 2 Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender
8:52AM 0 login generator
8:14AM 4 MongrelDay Documentation -- Memoirs Of A Web Server
7:12AM 2 Why can''t I use a session? (Symbol as array index)
4:14AM 1 Equivalent of java httpclient
3:24AM 2 Installation on Mac Problem
3:00AM 0 Seeking RailsConf ticket
2:23AM 3 ActiveRecord Help - Not finding Data
2:15AM 2 newby issue with the date class
1:12AM 0 Thread safety in activerecord(?), connection lost to mysql server - simple code sample provided
12:37AM 0 Re: Want to go to RailsConf?
Saturday June 17 2006
8:54PM 5 RailsForum.com
7:28PM 0 Easy way to show the HTTP status (e.g. 301/404 etc)
6:16PM 0 Prototype wishlist
6:09PM 0 select helper question: limit-to-list
5:10PM 3 What is this failure trying to tell me?
4:36PM 0 Some Rails and ZenTest questions... [long]
4:22PM 1 magic disappearing parameters
3:44PM 0 Article by Stefan Kaes about Rails performance, on InfoQ
3:24PM 0 cache do and different actions calling the same .rhtml file
3:22PM 2 problem with select_date
3:17PM 0 Dynamic forms containing collections
2:22PM 4 Textmate Madness
2:10PM 4 ruby script/console fails to launch
2:06PM 0 Using FCGI on OS X
12:16PM 4 Simple tutorial weirdness
11:52AM 1 gem install mysql - problem
9:32AM 1 FYI: Araelium Edit 1.0 Public Preview 1
8:01AM 1 mactel and oracle, when?
7:57AM 2 RJS templates - newbie
6:44AM 1 Quick Question: Random item from array
6:17AM 2 URL based on acts_as_tree using routes
5:01AM 5 Having trouble listing tiers of categories
4:34AM 1 Vamos fazer o lançamento do livro? (Brazil)
3:45AM 5 STI versus Composition...or the headaches of one big table
2:20AM 8 Application Design
2:16AM 0 placing a rails app in a subdir (capistrano)
1:28AM 2 how to delete a parent record and child records?
1:15AM 2 ROR deployment on Apache - DocRoot set to /
1:03AM 3 Mongrel Web Server 0.3.13 OFFICIAL Release
Friday June 16 2006
10:08PM 0 Comparing form enrty to a databse record
9:57PM 2 News posting system without a database
9:48PM 0 WebObjects Development training
9:41PM 2 RailsConf - Ticket Available
8:05PM 0 Issue with routing to controller-namespaces.
8:03PM 2 Javascript error?
7:58PM 0 rubygems support for rails plugins (patch)
7:18PM 2 need help mocking out a method
6:16PM 3 finding out about options
6:08PM 4 Installing ruby on rails
6:01PM 0 Strange problem with ActionMailer
5:57PM 0 Mysql: establish_connection''...development database not conf
5:34PM 2 RJS replaces JavaScript?
5:32PM 4 problem with join
5:29PM 0 high-level validation : error messages order
4:47PM 5 BackgrounDRb / Testing Error: uninitialized constant BackgrounDRb
4:35PM 0 Are you bored?
4:34PM 0 rake spec controller test output hideus.
4:05PM 0 Rails under apache
3:59PM 0 [ATTN] To all users of unicode_hacks
3:27PM 4 duplicate entry issue in acts_as_taggable gem
3:03PM 3 Not able to recognize helper class method in controller!
3:02PM 4 Depot App: Upload Images
2:55PM 3 Aiuto
2:55PM 0 Getting an error on options_groups_from_collection_for_select
2:52PM 3 us_states plugin
2:11PM 0 FW: Ajax used for the Yamanner virus
1:42PM 0 RailsConf ticket for sale or trade
1:35PM 1 .log files not updating
1:31PM 0 Overwriting catch all routes
1:28PM 4 Form magic
1:12PM 1 sortable acts_as_tree with heirarchy
1:05PM 1 Session state using ActiveRecord store
12:55PM 3 Does HABTM support non "id" FKs?
12:52PM 1 helpers adding digits to generated links
12:22PM 0 [ADV] Ruby / RoR Training Camp, Pune (India)
12:19PM 0 Polling pop3 and adding emails to ticket system
11:19AM 0 Sorting on a model method?
10:53AM 1 attributes and views
10:50AM 3 Routing Error - Recognition failed for..
10:10AM 3 ActiveRecord, using sql functions for some attributes
10:03AM 0 BestPractise for monitoring change of model attribute?
9:41AM 8 OffRailed, and stuck in the book : (
9:23AM 0 Report
9:20AM 10 Issue with caching of .PNG files in IE..
8:56AM 0 Double encoded ampersands in form actions
8:37AM 1 diff (to html) for Rails?
8:10AM 0 Overriding rails helpers?
7:56AM 5 superclass mismatch for class OrderedOptions
7:48AM 0 trying to pick up a little speed...
7:11AM 0 Where''s DHH''s slides on new CRUD presented at RubyKaigi2006?
6:54AM 0 column_for_attribute method
6:52AM 2 image_select_tag with name and value
6:45AM 0 Getting error on a group select
6:29AM 0 link_to_remote v. text_field?
6:22AM 0 text_field_with_auto_complete question
5:23AM 1 Is there a way of retrieving all req parameters without name
4:46AM 1 Database Optimization
4:09AM 2 [Slightly Off Topic]How to handle downgrades
3:42AM 4 Unit test and get request with a URL
3:21AM 5 [slightly OT] Problem with subversion 1.3.1 on OSX Tiger
3:15AM 5 Application Error
2:12AM 12 FastCGI times out?
1:45AM 1 Nuby Question: How best to read a child record?
1:29AM 7 How to pass params to long running system call
12:58AM 2 DISABLE auto-escaping in image_tag helper
12:39AM 2 Problem with User Login from Agile Web Development
Thursday June 15 2006
10:57PM 2 FastCGI can''t find rubygems?
10:01PM 1 rails + apache2 + mod_auth_mysql + headers
8:52PM 0 Rails Users In Upstate NY? - Albany Area?
8:33PM 6 Problem with lighttpd
8:27PM 0 Back Button Blues?
8:18PM 4 parse only seem to understand US date format
8:01PM 3 rails-based blog roundup
7:49PM 1 UI Libraries/Frameworks + Rails
7:27PM 2 Running a rails app from a directory instead of a sub domain.
7:23PM 12 RoR on Apache2
7:07PM 4 Mongrel 0.3.13 Pre-Release -- Caulking Release
6:09PM 9 MySQL error
6:04PM 0 Catching Errnos in Controller
6:00PM 1 callback object problem
5:39PM 2 AJAX form inside table - error
5:07PM 1 Extracting Rails Model into a GEM
4:52PM 1 how can I use Ajax auto refresh after I save a file ??
4:24PM 11 Calling all of 7 million entries
4:13PM 0 Best practice for params key names for mapping to models
4:12PM 13 Best Approach to a ''Down for Maintenance'' Page?
4:01PM 2 Custom database forms input and display ??
3:38PM 2 AWS Client - There has to be a better way
3:28PM 0 retrieving parameter or selected value using remote_function
3:22PM 3 How to mock a model method for unit tests?
3:14PM 4 testing with transactions
2:36PM 8 Markaby Installation Issues
2:22PM 0 ANNOUNCE: Mojo Helpdesk - a simple ticket tracking system
1:58PM 6 Sqlite3 test fails in Rails app
1:49PM 0 Localization of the date_select -helper
1:42PM 1 Unicode hacks - problem
1:39PM 1 Ok, I''m stumped on arrays of form fields
12:44PM 0 Include JavaScript variable in <%= remote_function %> call?
12:10PM 0 RailsConf ticket for sale.... Cant Go! :(
11:28AM 2 ruby/rails users in Ireland - interest in forming a user group?
10:01AM 8 rails saves it to the database and I don''t want to
9:55AM 1 Problem with deployment on TextDrive using shovel script
9:40AM 1 new features
9:36AM 7 Customising ''show''
9:07AM 1 has_and_belongs_to_many
9:05AM 6 Error in dispatch.fcgi...
8:47AM 1 Periodically Call Remote Condition
8:36AM 1 multple sqlite connections from single rails application
7:36AM 0 Rails RSS reader plugin.
6:48AM 5 [Fwd: Functional test problem]
6:35AM 0 fckeditor not working in lighttpd
5:55AM 0 Ruby Skype Bot
5:03AM 11 OT: Anyone have experience with completelydedicated.com?
5:01AM 6 [OT] Tables VS divs for form layout.
5:00AM 6 Newbie''s problem with a nil object he didn''t expect!
4:43AM 1 Multiple :conditions?
4:42AM 0 upload progress bar
4:23AM 8 postgresql sequence and migrations
3:15AM 3 Need help creating a clever route
2:57AM 3 Can I call MySql statements directly??
2:56AM 1 Paginating a .find
2:17AM 2 How to pass a varible from controller A to controller B
2:15AM 0 lighttpd and upload progress
2:07AM 5 gem install rails locally without Internet?
1:59AM 1 script/generate works fine as root, but not as -me-
1:56AM 1 Switching from mysql to postgres
1:50AM 0 return from controller not evaluating script
1:44AM 0 Too clever for my own good.
1:23AM 0 Re: rails question
1:11AM 1 is capistrano (switchtower) what i use to create my server?
12:47AM 12 Multithreading and DB access in Rails
12:46AM 25 [Very OT] MacBook defects: should I buy a MacBook?
12:13AM 4 redirect_to outside of a module
12:05AM 0 displaying the image within html page
12:00AM 3 how to give a form a name
Wednesday June 14 2006
10:37PM 1 Message "g:\radrails\work\demo\script\server"
9:54PM 5 Converting Hash to and from URL params
9:30PM 0 Problem with Apache 2.0.54 and RoR application on SuSe 10
9:27PM 0 Help validating non-model fields
9:19PM 0 upload progress bar wih lighttpd 1.4.11?
9:06PM 0 Copy an already uploaded file using file_column
8:58PM 3 Which Payment Gateway?
8:28PM 0 Changing the name of application.rb
8:17PM 2 Date as INPUT not Selects
7:55PM 13 A good tutorial
7:44PM 5 uninitialized constant error after scaffold on new Windows XP environment
7:31PM 1 Absolute URL from link_to?
7:24PM 3 JS variable -> ruby?
7:18PM 2 Can pagination work with caching
7:11PM 3 zentest q''s
6:55PM 1 One table, two models.
6:53PM 0 installation problem with lighttpd
6:49PM 0 Functional test problem
6:24PM 13 Undefined method
6:20PM 0 how to disable a select list
5:48PM 0 named routes in mailer templates
5:27PM 0 problems with acts_as_tree
5:22PM 0 testing table associations
5:02PM 0 Mssql Multiple Database Access Error
4:13PM 0 Rails blog article is giving a 404 error
3:56PM 0 Force rendering an otherwise remotely updated section
3:51PM 3 Prevent duplicate HABTM associations
3:44PM 2 script/generate --pretend; Won''t
3:09PM 0 Browser/Feature Detection for Rails/AJAX apps
3:06PM 0 Using my own ruby files & configuration data
2:59PM 5 display formatted date
2:45PM 5 Rails to static site
2:25PM 9 Controller testing and mocks...
2:19PM 7 [newbie] formatting web-link in list.rhtml
2:02PM 1 simple-rss caching
1:22PM 1 Loop to insert into database
12:22PM 1 Multiple Date Selectors, how to?
11:57AM 2 How to do routing ?
11:43AM 6 find and LIKE ''xxx%'' clause
11:06AM 3 Attributes for a model which are excluded from DB?
10:59AM 1 file column validates_format_of
10:07AM 1 page caching with custom routes
9:51AM 3 where to define a struct
9:30AM 0 Automatic save
9:21AM 2 Base class model not found, even with require
8:54AM 5 InstantRails Lost connection to MySQL server
8:45AM 2 rjs issue with Internet Explorer
8:43AM 0 Bad link on rubyonrails.org
8:08AM 4 Select box onchange problem
8:01AM 0 creating an edit view for a parent and multiple childern
7:56AM 0 ActiveRecord without an associated model
7:35AM 3 How to use at_beginning_of_year
6:51AM 1 textmate help needed
5:32AM 1 reset_session when Ruby goes down
4:56AM 0 krjs plugin: a different way of doing RJS
4:45AM 6 Lost Connection to MySQL
4:31AM 4 Using now() to determine what should be displayed
4:18AM 2 setting selected option in select
3:33AM 0 [AWDwR] Make flash[:notice] go away
3:24AM 5 Rails SOAP tutorial
3:07AM 0 ACTIVE_BRAC engine migration error.
2:14AM 3 problem trying to update multiple <DIV> elements with AJAX
1:59AM 2 Simple FileUtils question
1:54AM 0 Custom Primary Key, Using Primary Key in Form gives "before_type_cast" error?
12:44AM 1 compare items from 2 db
12:27AM 1 Partial matches with find_by
Tuesday June 13 2006
10:52PM 8 Joins or relationships ?
10:34PM 1 Routes question
10:34PM 0 [ANN/ADV] Rails Recipes is Shipping
10:15PM 2 One model handling two different file types
10:08PM 0 HTTP validation regexp, possible solution
10:06PM 2 Magic field ''Status''
10:01PM 1 Easy question: need clarification of the form_for idiom
9:50PM 21 RJS Templates for Rails
9:30PM 2 Using Modules
8:57PM 2 Getting Remote Response via HTTP
8:49PM 9 Find DB items by "title"
8:36PM 2 securing a file
8:26PM 2 Locating an arbitrary fixture...
8:06PM 2 passing options for render :update
7:56PM 0 CDATA as api_method expected parameter
7:32PM 0 question about saving associations when using has_many :through
7:28PM 7 help with ''error_messages_for''
7:28PM 2 Query for multiple tables with find question :)
7:27PM 4 script/plugin discover breaks?
7:09PM 1 Can I refresh a remotely updated section once?
7:04PM 6 Dead horse: validates_associated
6:57PM 0 Yet Another Apache/FastCgi Setup Issue
6:44PM 11 markaby
6:42PM 3 Image Crop
6:11PM 2 If... what?
6:10PM 0 Custom Active Record Callbacks?
6:08PM 0 Mixing dynamic and static content in routing
5:48PM 1 reloading modules
5:45PM 0 (no subject)
5:12PM 0 Get / Set date_select values before form submit
5:06PM 11 Question: Migration - multiple creates
4:50PM 1 Recommendations please for plugin(s)
4:32PM 0 Routing Error Recognition failed for "/notes"
4:28PM 0 Routing ErrorRecognition failed for "/notes"
4:20PM 0 [OT] Rico Live Grid
4:15PM 0 Time Zone Offsets
4:08PM 1 AJAX based record deletion
4:04PM 0 Silience Missing Helper Warnings?
3:42PM 2 Migration or model first
3:07PM 0 remote_form_tag
3:06PM 0 script/console and IRB readline failure
2:57PM 0 caching incorrect
2:44PM 3 rake migrate working but not working
2:42PM 0 ActionMailer: bug or not a bug?
2:37PM 0 Write a Primary Key in Create
2:36PM 9 act_as_versioned and join tables?
2:15PM 3 Dynamic determination of class under test...
1:56PM 2 four days on rails - nil object when you didnt expect it
1:17PM 0 Best way to format attributes during visualization/editing
1:01PM 0 Validation
12:26PM 0 gem install rails --include-dependencies fails
11:13AM 2 Top margin on PDF generated with PDF::Writer
11:05AM 7 ActiveRecord attribute= overload
10:55AM 0 date_select and date validation
9:45AM 2 ANN: Alaska.rb - Polar bears, igloos and sled dogs... oh my!
9:27AM 0 PDF with iso-8859-2 or WIN-1250 encoding
9:21AM 6 tax a reserved word?
9:16AM 1 rails - web service - method name formatting problem
8:36AM 4 Ruby app to rails?
8:18AM 4 When saving parent fails, children will still be updated
8:09AM 2 Custom Primary Key, Using Primary Key in Form "gives before_type_cast" error?
7:27AM 2 Bug tracking plugin for ROR?
6:44AM 0 Milwaukee RUG Meeting July 12th at 5:30 - 7:30 pm
6:27AM 5 Transform Rails site into DVD
6:16AM 5 Can RoR handle a lot of traffic?
6:03AM 1 How to give conditions in rails
4:08AM 3 acts_as_tree problem accessing parent object
3:49AM 4 mysql gem not buidling on OSX 10.4.6
3:32AM 17 reconstituting a date
2:58AM 0 Moving from a development to a production environment Qs
2:55AM 13 Pass infomation between different views and controllers
2:49AM 1 derirect web page to file
1:53AM 5 strange RJS behavior
1:37AM 7 model validation across multiple views
1:17AM 1 Multi-parameter assignment in View?
Monday June 12 2006
11:54PM 4 Some help with fun SQL stuff...
11:18PM 1 multiple observe_field''s and IE 6
11:03PM 0 keeping logged in via acts_as_authenticated
10:44PM 2 ferret / hyperestraier indexing time
10:31PM 2 Database in RoR application
10:18PM 0 BackgrounDRb New Release
10:18PM 0 struggling with relatively simple out of model updating
9:35PM 5 Doing a simple search from the database?
9:02PM 0 Curious about new (ActiveRecord::Base)
9:00PM 2 on_update current_timestamp in Migrations
8:57PM 2 in_place_editor consumes html tags?
8:52PM 0 Knowing the positions of Draggables
8:40PM 5 Method in Model
8:01PM 3 RailsConf Ticket
7:56PM 0 Multi-Models
7:46PM 0 Formatting in form helpers
7:31PM 5 railish icons?
7:24PM 3 Default value for model var
7:07PM 4 Modelling: A table of domains
6:36PM 0 javascript form events (onsubmit) in RHTML
6:30PM 0 Not able to access global JS variable in Rails
6:28PM 2 Pdf::Witer question
5:56PM 0 Dynamic migrations? Or something similar...
5:52PM 2 Getting 1 from children of has_many, Noob question...
5:46PM 0 Rails Testing Strategies
5:42PM 3 Weird problem related I am having with scaffold
5:17PM 0 table relationships
5:10PM 3 Multiple Form Fields with Same Model?
4:30PM 0 Workshop with David Black in Toronto
3:45PM 0 Realtime form validation for forms containing collections
3:40PM 0 JobsOnRails and Yet Another Portal
3:32PM 3 standard way of downloading & using rails standard plugins
3:27PM 1 Transaction save?
3:27PM 1 Debian vs Ubuntu for a postgresql database + rails
3:20PM 2 date_select() in collection
3:12PM 0 Maintain foreign key linkages in fixtures...
3:11PM 0 RoR and apache cgi...
2:14PM 6 Prototype Window Class v0.85
2:07PM 8 sending email
1:12PM 2 RoR Developer Needed
12:29PM 3 Syntax errors on "insert into"
12:23PM 3 New "made with Rails" web site
11:45AM 0 Varchar not valid parameter ?
11:43AM 1 Restart Rails by plugin development
11:40AM 3 easy question
11:34AM 2 starting WEBrick
11:29AM 1 Variable scope in Controller (Actions).
11:10AM 3 AMD64 + Debain + rails + Oracle ?
10:44AM 0 validates_associated -- explicitly setting collection?
10:25AM 4 A little Monday fun
9:59AM 6 Storing "money" in databases
9:57AM 0 Passing parameters to ''remote_function''
9:47AM 3 compare Date with TIme
9:34AM 0 acts_as_wizard plugin: suggestions needed :-)
9:34AM 2 conditional validation
9:21AM 2 Migrations and primary id
8:32AM 14 Scope of a global
8:25AM 2 dom id on form_remote_tag
8:08AM 0 how to get link_to mouse rollover to pop up a "help" box.
7:20AM 2 Ruby on Rails Copenhagen Meetup
5:37AM 15 Mongrel Now Recommended Setup?
5:17AM 1 Searching People
4:51AM 1 debugging
4:16AM 2 Validating a non-object attribute in a form via checkbox?
4:00AM 0 RailsConf Seat
2:42AM 0 Using migration to import data?
2:13AM 1 incorporating Perl in Ruby on Rails.
Sunday June 11 2006
11:27PM 0 Account location plugin
11:16PM 0 postgres fixtures and sequence id field
10:20PM 3 [SUMMARY] Rails Core Weekly June 5 - June 11
10:17PM 0 mySQL paginate syntax question for complex SQL. (over 117 views in rubyonrailsforum and no answer, others confused..)
8:36PM 4 Model records are not saved to database in during tests
6:27PM 2 Easy created_at/created_on question
5:48PM 2 Finding a record and showing it -- how?
4:48PM 0 dumb "bad request" problem
4:04PM 1 Activerecord attribute without db column
3:51PM 0 Application construction issue (conceptual)
3:08PM 1 Database tables
2:44PM 2 HABTM Duplicates?
2:42PM 0 A new tutorial of writing a Reddit-like app in Rails
1:32PM 2 Javascript include in html - load times
1:26PM 0 Permissions problem in deployment stage.
1:09PM 2 Question: subversion
12:43PM 0 redirect_to and post parameters
12:13PM 6 page.update_html not executed
11:26AM 0 url reverse translation with Globalize
10:16AM 1 require in models
8:55AM 3 Armageddon
8:39AM 0 Hi. learning from the Agile Rails book
7:28AM 4 remote_function posting?
7:19AM 4 [Question} how best to use attribute driven db with Rails
5:30AM 0 shared code among multiple apps?
4:52AM 47 Ruby on Rails and CakePHP Comparison
4:43AM 2 chmod
3:39AM 7 testcase_setup_and_teardown_with_blocks (aka "The plugin with the very long name")
3:24AM 2 Problem with Acts_As_Attachment
1:55AM 0 Nesting Information
1:05AM 1 Best encoding/charset for rails ecommerce site?
12:54AM 0 Reaching through a belongs_to for acts_as_list scope?
Saturday June 10 2006
10:43PM 2 Human dates
9:42PM 1 paginate session problem.. (syntax question)
9:39PM 1 How to check a date against today
9:29PM 3 RJS & nested divs
9:21PM 0 Dynamic file paths in FileColumn
9:08PM 0 Ordering Based on created_at in HABTM relationship
8:31PM 8 OT: Good virtual server host with debian?
8:29PM 0 Error installing gem RailsEditor
8:08PM 2 Tutorial on building Rails framework from scratch
8:04PM 0 Testing association definitions...
7:56PM 3 Weird Problem With Active Record
7:41PM 5 Sun + Ubuntu == good for Rails?
7:35PM 0 opposite of url_for()?
7:08PM 3 Inserting data to another DB table
6:51PM 3 My first public Rails site - poker training aids
6:47PM 6 table associations
6:18PM 1 RailsConf 2006 Ticket Available
6:17PM 1 two connections to the same database
6:10PM 1 Best Practices for Shared Models?
5:44PM 1 Validating Object Without Saving It
5:43PM 2 readline problems
3:40PM 3 Agile Web Development p.89
2:10PM 1 in default there is no usr/local/bin correct? macOSx?
11:10AM 1 some problems with integrating XUL into Rails
10:26AM 0 Problem with ''periodically_call_remote''
8:26AM 4 using STI in a migration
8:10AM 4 collection_select question
8:06AM 2 username.tadalist.com - How?
7:49AM 0 Inserting a configurable list of items into a database
6:30AM 6 Mongrel 0.3.13 Pre-Release -- Win32! Win32!
5:41AM 7 Agile Web Development with Rails Page 33
4:54AM 0 Changing default file locations
4:04AM 0 DRY Up Lots o'' Mailers
3:03AM 2 How can I link/anchor down the page with #anchor in urls?
2:46AM 0 "Device not configured" when posting comments to Typo
1:22AM 4 handling external links to methods in rails apps
1:12AM 0 Ajax posting?
12:57AM 2 open source newsletter software?
12:06AM 5 [REL] Manage Fixtures 2.0.0
12:05AM 2 regex help
12:01AM 2 Migrating to rails... best way to redirect old urls?
Friday June 9 2006
11:57PM 3 routes & methods in controllers
11:43PM 0 ssl and login generator
11:36PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 21, Issue 195
11:00PM 0 Foreign Key Violation
10:57PM 0 scaffold/db problem
10:39PM 0 Controller Modules Messed Me Up
10:32PM 0 options vs. html options in collection_select
10:32PM 0 Sortable list with non ajax submission
10:28PM 5 Using link_to with an image tag & link text
9:46PM 1 Sharing data between several Rails apps
9:39PM 0 How do I force loading of a non-default library?
9:14PM 2 edit- view duality
9:02PM 5 Mongrel - good enough?
8:37PM 1 RewriteBase w/ Capistrano on a shared host
8:26PM 1 Updating Fields In Migration for HABTM Relationship
8:17PM 5 Rails "pasteboard"?
8:09PM 0 Need to react to row additions in dbase table
7:59PM 1 Positioning cursor to first form field
7:58PM 2 User Registration - Password verification
7:54PM 8 Installation on OSX...
7:49PM 0 Ruby-GetText-Package-1.6.0
7:45PM 0 Calculations based on multiple tables
7:20PM 2 Creating An Extra Association Between Two Tables
7:18PM 0 has_many :through troubles
7:15PM 1 finder_sql issue with has_many :through
6:42PM 1 crypto-key.rb
6:09PM 2 blank division after update
6:04PM 2 Noob with Overwhelming Deployment Woes...
5:56PM 3 using a variable as substitute for a method
5:51PM 5 Connecting to SQL Server 2000 database - errors
5:18PM 4 app at root domain
4:44PM 18 Is IRB the ruby console ?
4:30PM 0 has_many / : through / check_box - update problems
4:14PM 1 Anyone using RIDE-ME?
3:34PM 3 email when validation fails
3:31PM 0 Re: Rails Digest, Vol 21, Issue 189
3:25PM 0 How to specify database for ActiveRecordStore?
3:20PM 4 View into a String?
3:00PM 1 Prepopulating Database Tables - Migrations?
3:00PM 1 any errata for second printing of "Ruby for Rails"?
2:29PM 2 Shared hosting for rails
1:58PM 1 Ajax chat (lace) && Ruby on Rails?
1:51PM 0 bizarre problem
1:30PM 1 Change stylesheets asynchronously
1:18PM 0 Not droppable after first drop in FF
12:53PM 0 difference between @secure_password, secure_password
12:28PM 0 validated_associated -- how do I assign invalid collection?
12:10PM 0 partials and rjs
12:03PM 9 Opinions on catch-all routing?
11:47AM 2 php within public
11:38AM 0 disable escaping of ActionController::Base.url_for
11:10AM 11 Adding routes from plugin
11:02AM 0 Project Collaboration Open Source Project
9:52AM 8 [how can i delete a file system..please help]
9:38AM 2 Support for clustered primary key in rails?
9:24AM 12 Securing database from your provider?
9:03AM 1 An idea: add RYUL to Rails
8:36AM 5 ActiveRBAC?
8:28AM 2 unique login
7:50AM 2 How to mail decrypted password to user?
7:28AM 2 Textile editor
6:47AM 1 How to send html formated messages through E-mail?
6:15AM 1 "illegal access mode w" Error when uploading files
5:07AM 2 Deployment Suggestions
4:59AM 4 WEBrick won''t start
4:57AM 0 Bangalore on rails
4:53AM 5 ssl and lightpdd
4:45AM 1 Rails Plugins With Views
3:34AM 0 LastChance for RailsConf!!!
3:24AM 0 RJS files not getting called in Locomotive...
2:10AM 0 can i safely delete "componets/" ?
1:50AM 1 Organising singapore.rb
12:14AM 2 Timzones, UTC, and to_xml()
12:06AM 7 Active DIrectory
Thursday June 8 2006
11:03PM 0 Question about searchgenerator
10:20PM 3 Relationship and reflection
10:18PM 0 Is possible to mantain a co0l blog without broke XHTML?
10:17PM 0 rq-2.3.3
10:04PM 0 slave-0.0.1
9:56PM 3 Rails App, Going Live
9:33PM 1 formatting amount
9:28PM 2 XML/SWF Charts howto
9:24PM 0 Why doesn''t Rails 1.1 have all the Script.aculo.us 1.6
8:32PM 1 question about finding with :include versus nested dynamic finder (bad form? efficiency?)
8:28PM 0 Cleaner way to do this
8:16PM 7 How to make an OSX Finder in rails/AJAX?
7:55PM 1 Shelling out from an action with ``?
7:53PM 0 Pictures in selection lists????
7:33PM 3 Back again; errors in depot app
7:33PM 8 another routes question
7:17PM 1 Is there an official CVS library? And, where would I put it
7:12PM 5 Displaying Calculation on Index
7:09PM 2 Am i missing a library?
6:50PM 21 "Rails recipes" vs "Rails cookbook"
6:29PM 2 Running the same application multiple times with different enevironments
6:09PM 3 RJS wierdness - Content div display js code
5:53PM 3 MVC and Pagination
5:47PM 1 Can I route directly to Controller?
5:40PM 2 accessing fixtures in tests
5:36PM 0 RE: Rails Digest, Vol 21, Issue 160
5:14PM 4 datetime fixture format for Mysql 5.0
5:01PM 3 Newbie question on ordering e.g. @post.comments
4:56PM 3 Foreign key confusion
4:53PM 0 acts_as_versioned_association plugin
4:25PM 1 Permissions on uploaded files, TinyFile
4:17PM 2 how to add plugin to ActiveRecord
4:11PM 19 Agile Web Dev (book) question: errors
4:04PM 1 Error Handling Question
3:57PM 0 1 RailsConf 2006 Ticket in Chicago for Sale
3:43PM 0 adding anchor ref in controller action
3:34PM 2 LoginEngine: undefined method `generate_security_token''
3:33PM 0 Execution Expired when running a script
3:30PM 1 Action Controller Error - unitialized constant
3:25PM 1 detecting changed data - retry
3:19PM 0 Bad design or better way?
3:12PM 9 find :order =>
2:44PM 3 Macros and stuff
2:44PM 1 Observable notifying a controller.
2:37PM 7 Sessions
2:36PM 1 fixtures instance variable naming
2:29PM 5 Suggestions wanted for non-logged-in user in closed beta phase
12:40PM 2 Does Edge Rails play well with GEM Rails?
11:03AM 1 Module nastiness
10:13AM 0 custom mime types for respond_to
9:50AM 0 undefined method `verify_active_connections!''
9:40AM 1 No rhtml, rxml, or delegate template found
9:27AM 2 Page caching for urls with dots
9:16AM 1 built-in dropdown jumps?
8:57AM 8 Routing help.... it is so difficult!
8:38AM 1 rails integrated with VideoEgg or ffmpeg.
8:06AM 5 AM/PM select
8:00AM 7 The Agile Book Messageboard?
6:25AM 3 Rails Test Notifications w/ Growl Plugin
6:24AM 4 weblog.rubyonrails.com - needs upgrade ?
5:50AM 5 update only the join table in a HABTM - how?
5:33AM 5 How to find particular pattern in string?
4:52AM 2 counter_cache is not looking for children_count with acts_as_tree
4:44AM 2 Errata in the "Four Days with Rails"
4:00AM 3 has_many :through updates on delete.
3:34AM 1 Using hidden fields to pass values
2:41AM 2 ActionMailer timeout problems
2:40AM 2 Activerecord Update syntax.
2:31AM 0 UNIX/Cygwin newbie needs help
2:15AM 2 Including iTunes data into ruby output of RSS2.0...?
1:17AM 1 Test errors
12:30AM 5 Field names in validators
Wednesday June 7 2006
11:40PM 1 Web Service: NoMethodError (missing attribute: featured) !?!?!?!?!
11:24PM 0 Undeliverable mail: Mail System Error - Returned Mail
10:36PM 0 Call for contributors to create a COMMERCE WIKI PAGE
10:34PM 2 display two columns using fixed width divs
10:33PM 0 Logger in ActionWebService::Base?
10:28PM 0 passing a redirect_to action through a view to controller.
10:19PM 2 Qick Q: Expression in this Controller
10:12PM 5 Returned mail: Data format error
10:04PM 2 Redirect if session is nil
9:53PM 1 delete app
9:51PM 4 Setting default timezone ENV[''TZ'']=''UTC'' not working on windows?
9:29PM 0 revised rake doc:app executes twice
9:06PM 4 Edge rails and routes
9:05PM 1 Validating numericality based on related attribute value?
8:57PM 3 function to be used in model
8:15PM 1 Upload to DB hang mentioned in wiki
8:01PM 0 javascript that remote_function creates
7:54PM 2 Are the find_ methods strictly a SQL thing?
7:54PM 0 making a date object default to the last day of the month
7:37PM 6 I want to stick my models in a module
7:34PM 1 Flash Problem In Functional Test
7:00PM 0 Adding ''author'' functionality to UserEngine / RBAC roles
6:50PM 1 development.log is blank
6:43PM 2 Single Sign On with multiple domains
6:38PM 3 Silly question re: scoping of controller actions
6:16PM 1 Mail System Error - Returned Mail
6:15PM 0 Problem with file_column plugin path and application_helper.rb
6:10PM 0 postgres-pr on windows
6:09PM 2 Making an HTTP request to an external machine
6:08PM 2 fcgi,lighty mysql database problem
6:08PM 2 Credit card processors
6:02PM 0 Javascript submit form & RJS
5:08PM 6 Links on the left hand side - are components necessary?
4:57PM 3 Pagination
4:27PM 0 script/runner to send e-mails
3:48PM 10 RoR with Apache2 - performance?
3:34PM 1 Errno::ENOENT (No such file or directory
3:27PM 0 Forms
3:23PM 5 little Live search problem
3:15PM 3 fedex tracking
3:11PM 1 Site5 Hosting: Defautl Root Directory for site
2:44PM 4 Question: coding protected methods
2:14PM 1 Setter that converts a float attribute to integer
2:04PM 0 phpbb bbcode to html
1:56PM 7 Tunneling in capistrano twice
1:52PM 1 Label Helpers
1:46PM 2 Ajax: periodicaly_call_remote problem
1:46PM 0 2nd Submit button with options
1:03PM 1 Question: Writing migration code
1:01PM 1 multi domain application
12:44PM 5 check_box:how to update 2 checkboxes dependent on each other
12:25PM 2 destroy on has_many relationships.
12:16PM 0 Create new Image Plugin?
11:58AM 0 mod_ruby, mod_fcgid performance
11:40AM 1 bdb xml
11:40AM 2 Problem with a setter that converts euros to cents
11:39AM 1 Reverse engineering pagination and more
11:20AM 10 habtm "AND" find conditions
10:55AM 2 Hash flattening on paginator link_to
10:45AM 1 validates_presence_of in a mixed-in module?
10:22AM 0 HELP pls - no contact app via browser - via console works!
9:56AM 1 Using DRb within Rails
9:43AM 1 Four Days with Rails Issue
9:35AM 2 date select box''s
9:24AM 2 [delete an uploaded file issue]
9:06AM 0 Flash Paper / Paginated Reports
9:06AM 0 problem with error_messages_for
9:04AM 2 How to send post data with link_to_remote?
9:04AM 4 Table names
9:03AM 3 Check version of RubyGems, FastCGI, PCRE / uninstall
9:02AM 0 Apache/Routing Help (Can I have apache route to specific con
9:00AM 3 Getting values
9:00AM 4 WEBrick wouldnt start....
8:59AM 3 trouble wtih webstore schema, handling product variations
8:58AM 0 using inline insert_html to generate uniquely named elements
8:58AM 0 trouble installing fast cgi
8:57AM 0 Breaking Ice with Ruby
8:57AM 1 What is class TestController < ActionController::Base
8:56AM 0 Apache/Routing Help (Can I have apache route to specific controller)
8:56AM 1 Seat for RailsConf 2006
8:55AM 1 Calling find on AR class, order by association count?
8:55AM 3 Can ruby on rails run multiple in one shared host
8:55AM 0 Using a RegExp to exclude an email address
8:54AM 0 Qrofqd ycij
8:53AM 3 ActionController::UNKnownAction (No action responded to crea
8:52AM 1 railstidy
8:52AM 0 theme stylesheets not being found by typo trunk
8:52AM 2 script/generate scaffold pluralizes class names
8:52AM 1 How to freeze_edge with TortoiseSVN and InstantRails
8:52AM 9 lighttpd/fastcgi - where does stdout go?
8:51AM 5 How to test RSS feeds while developing it on localhost
8:51AM 4 Images not showing up
8:51AM 5 File is nil
8:51AM 5 RIDE-ME
8:50AM 2 Confirm User engine clobbers active web service actions
8:50AM 2 Specifying a Form name using start_/form_tag
8:50AM 2 script/console cursor goes crazy sometimes on XP
8:49AM 0 Controllers, refactoring, routes, filters...
8:49AM 2 Mailing list broken?
8:49AM 9 Unobtrusive Javascript for Rails
8:48AM 1 has_many, through, want to store email in mysql
8:48AM 16 How dows RoR work?
8:48AM 0 Disable sessions for search engine bots?
8:48AM 2 OT: MySQL Workbench
8:46AM 1 How do YOU read/update HABTM?
8:46AM 0 Refreshing remote :through associations with deletes
8:45AM 7 file_column image versions
8:45AM 1 Ajax Pan - IFrame
8:40AM 3 validates_uniqueness_of two fields
8:39AM 8 erb Regex ?
8:39AM 3 Question on login generators, plugins
Tuesday June 6 2006
3:02PM 6 Payment Gem Error
2:59PM 1 How to find the column type?
2:40PM 4 change 1-06-2006 to 1st July 2006 (date formatting)
2:34PM 1 In memory ActiveRecord-alikes?
2:04PM 0 Re: [ocruby] iteration A1 in ebook: scaffold gets: routing error
2:03PM 1 Please Help with single table inheritance relationships
1:48PM 4 Rails keeps adding the letter s to the MySQL tablename.
1:36PM 1 Returning related models with ActionWebService
1:27PM 0 More Web Service questions
1:23PM 5 ruby mathematical expression parser
12:58PM 0 Any links to search engine tools ?
11:46AM 1 Redirect\Cookie bug with MSIE 5.5sp2
11:26AM 1 Getting value of form using Ajax (and problems with Safari)
10:51AM 6 Linking two tables using a lookup table
9:42AM 0 Tests broken after freeze and upgrade - undefined method
9:40AM 15 error working through Agile !!!
9:23AM 2 Toggle css for display on page load?
9:00AM 5 Mac OSX
8:56AM 6 Speakin of the Devil..
8:39AM 0 Get value from form using rjs, and problem with Safari
8:04AM 4 pls help me regarding Maths round up function.....
7:53AM 4 Checking if a directory is empty using File
7:26AM 4 Troubleshooting "Lost connection to MySQL server.."
7:19AM 0 Scaffolding Extension - Polimorphic Associations
6:35AM 3 Invoice and invoice_lines
6:28AM 5 Functional tests and protected actions
6:15AM 8 How do I wrap a <%= link to %> around an image?
5:43AM 1 Getting result from sql and displaying it on Gruff pie chart
5:19AM 2 RSS Generator - Can not subscribe from yahoo
5:09AM 0 acts_as_taggable Plugin Docs
5:04AM 2 Routing Priority and Unknown Action
4:18AM 1 how to configure apache
2:52AM 1 error: development database is not configured.
2:41AM 1 Default value plugin
2:37AM 0 Thumbnail browsers (Mac Dock Bar-ish)
2:08AM 9 How to protect images from public?
1:42AM 3 help with date formats
1:37AM 2 Running a script on my server
1:20AM 11 Instant Rails speed on my puter..
1:14AM 14 How can I set the session in a functional test?
1:05AM 5 Rails and Framesets
1:03AM 5 [OT] O''Reilly Cookbooks
12:45AM 1 Problem with model and controller dir having same name?
12:43AM 0 Using Ruby On Rails with server
12:27AM 4 PHP FTP functions equivalents?
Monday June 5 2006
11:55PM 1 :onChange and AJAX forms
11:32PM 2 When adding a record in console, a parameter comes in as null even when I set it
11:28PM 1 Unobtrusive javascript...what if?
10:43PM 0 testing actionmailer from a controller
10:27PM 1 formatting inside a <textarea>
9:58PM 4 Newbie question on url friendliness
9:56PM 1 file_column & RMagick
9:33PM 1 Action Mailer contact form
9:33PM 0 Download files/web pages using RoR
9:23PM 3 Interactive debugging of rails models
8:52PM 2 Bug in RedCloth or in my head?
8:49PM 3 Help installing Rails app on server
8:28PM 4 transactions
8:24PM 2 Rails & SSL
8:13PM 0 RedCloth in Rails documentation bug
7:47PM 1 IM integration
7:45PM 0 asheville.rb
7:39PM 3 New to rails
7:10PM 7 ":database_manager =>CGI::Session::MemoryStore" doesn''t work properly...???
6:55PM 0 route help using accounts but not with subdomain
6:54PM 0 A drop down menu of months
6:33PM 1 question abour partial page templates?
6:27PM 1 error with running ''rake migrate''
6:25PM 0 Extra pair of eyes for VersionCamp
6:14PM 0 Escape sequences in html_options?
6:13PM 0 question about partial page templates?
6:11PM 0 migration to be called inside others migrations
6:04PM 0 Failed to install Globalize plugin
5:43PM 2 Class Table Inheritance implementation
5:24PM 1 what''s the best way to organise lots functions in application.rb
5:12PM 3 How to get dd mmm and yyyy from dd-mmm-yyyy
5:08PM 1 Form Field
4:49PM 2 Html tag
4:30PM 0 Plugin Namespace Oddities?
4:27PM 0 Regarding inline rendering of templates
4:10PM 5 apply more than one condition to a find(:all
3:42PM 4 Intermitent ''lost connection to mysql'' error
3:32PM 0 Proper Directory Structure / Path for Rails Install
3:28PM 0 Windows Forms authentication
3:21PM 5 Controller-wide instance variable
2:16PM 0 RoR developer needed for web-based service
2:06PM 1 Format Values from a date_select
1:54PM 3 Best practices with Web Services
1:32PM 2 Simple Rake question
1:06PM 5 Regexp - date validation
12:50PM 1 Drag and drop sortable list woes
12:47PM 3 output an array
12:25PM 3 ActiveRecord validations and FormBuilder
12:10PM 0 newbie question - display action
11:12AM 2 dropdown
10:37AM 7 Building a UK based e-commerce store in rails
10:36AM 4 Using grep with tail. Unix challenge!
10:08AM 3 Mongrel Pre-Release 0.3.13 -- Katana Suicide Concurrency
9:26AM 6 HTML Parsing libraries
9:09AM 2 Pagination, how to in rails?
8:53AM 5 adding habtm through migrations
8:37AM 0 (''['', ''{'', ''@'') chars missing in command line
5:36AM 1 file_column permissions
5:09AM 18 Ideas for Rails Shirt Graphics
4:58AM 1 script/console LoadError - ''no such file to load''
3:51AM 1 starting a non blocking child process
3:49AM 1 Strange problem with Gruff not always displaying graph
3:25AM 7 Is HABTM Dying?
1:53AM 25 RoR on mac OS tiger 10.4.6 latest n greatest?
12:51AM 2 multiple divs in a loop
12:41AM 0 I know I''ve seen this somewhere...
12:20AM 0 iteration A1 in ebook: scaffold gets: routing error
Sunday June 4 2006
11:26PM 4 eRuby & Rails: Not Compatible
11:06PM 0 [SUMMARY] Rails Core Weekly May 29 - June 4
10:18PM 0 simple problem with "/" character
9:56PM 4 Multiple checkboxes
9:01PM 4 "can''t convert Magick::GravityType into Integer"
8:52PM 0 Bug: collection#create misbehaves on validations
8:42PM 0 basic methods unknown after Internal error 500
8:41PM 2 Survey software in RoR?
8:22PM 8 hashed password, send reminder email...impossible?
8:18PM 0 RailsDay2005 entries/winners apps?
7:42PM 1 Problem with images on Apache and Lighttpd
7:06PM 3 Data manipulation from a database
7:02PM 1 Image links in stylesheets?
6:13PM 6 Activerecord relations.
6:12PM 0 RE: Rails Digest, Vol 21, Issue 64
5:53PM 3 Absolutize URLs in a string
5:47PM 1 Problem with instance variables
4:24PM 2 Manipulating collections
4:11PM 0 auto_increment disappearing
3:22PM 3 Migration collisions
3:20PM 8 Remove item from session
1:46PM 3 passing a value in a hidden field inside a form
1:21PM 4 directory structure on typo
1:20PM 0 Pimki 1.8.200
12:28PM 1 Re:Re:Two Announcements
11:24AM 3 Ajax table does not update
10:20AM 11 Hosting images : DB or File System
9:45AM 5 Embedding link_to''s within text fetched from database.
8:57AM 4 Fil from filsystem -> db
8:39AM 2 My first hours with Ms Ruby..
5:43AM 5 filter function with parameter
4:37AM 0 A little confused about routes....
4:01AM 2 activerecord table help please
3:03AM 5 Manipulating form inputs?
1:36AM 5 Creating pulldowns using loops
1:19AM 3 link_to tool tips
12:43AM 1 Preface to Agile 2nd edition book available?
Saturday June 3 2006
9:58PM 2 Parent listing children.
9:45PM 1 Can I tell if the associated record is new in a belongs_to save?
9:40PM 8 confused about ActiveRecord relationships
9:37PM 3 Migrating from a legacy Dbase app
9:09PM 9 MergeJS - Easily merge, compress, cache, and version your javascript!
9:06PM 0 in_place_editor and erros or validations
7:57PM 2 Two Announcements - Beta Book and a Rails magazine!
7:35PM 1 Seek Rails Design Pattern for Photo Manipulation Service
6:25PM 6 Calculating row COUNTs
5:45PM 1 Multiple Paginators with Independent Paging
5:42PM 2 looking for radrails devs
3:22PM 2 what is that db tool in rails_take2_with_sound.mov?
2:50PM 4 newbie question
2:10PM 1 validating embedded form parameters
12:44PM 0 IBM''s Starter Toolkit for DB2 on Rails (Windows only, at present)
12:38PM 1 First time plugin user: Problem with "acts_as_versioned"
11:59AM 3 Disable Migration creation in generate Model
11:55AM 0 Strange Problem with inclusion of images and stylesheets
11:30AM 0 Any RoR experts without an idea for Rubyday2006?
9:13AM 1 legacy support: removing underscore from table name.
5:46AM 1 Unable to connect to ms sql server.
4:31AM 5 Railmail: rails plugin (http://railmail.nullstyle.com)
4:15AM 10 Ruby on Rails on MacBook
2:00AM 12 How to get dynamically created inputs from html form back to rails app
Friday June 2 2006
10:17PM 4 Web app developed in WInXP want to run on Linux
10:01PM 0 Problem updating child row from parent model
9:09PM 1 Sorting records from acts_as_taggable plugin
9:01PM 3 Advice, why value_before_type_cast in FormHelper?
8:52PM 3 One Lighttpd or many?
8:50PM 3 Chat Room development
8:43PM 0 Warning messages after upgraded from rails 1.0 to 1.1
7:50PM 0 [JOB] NYC RoR Developer Positions Available
6:28PM 3 Wierdness with rake test_units and schema.rb
6:27PM 1 Best way to bill through LinkPoint? Is ActiveMerchant solid?
6:22PM 5 where does script/plugin cache its server list?
6:22PM 1 Updating html breaks my interface
6:16PM 0 dynamic session domain
6:13PM 5 ActiveRecord: Getting table names
6:08PM 3 Best way to handle different time zones?
5:57PM 2 State of the Art in Login?
5:48PM 3 Where are the best AJAX examples?
4:45PM 1 Is AJAX/RJS secure enough for enterprise data hanling?
4:41PM 14 Which is better for production: MySQL5 or PostGres8.1?
4:28PM 2 Sticky Options to Find?
4:25PM 2 I need help with my 1st sortable list!
4:20PM 0 redirect_to problem - not redirecting
4:15PM 1 Ajax: update multiple DIV''s
4:04PM 0 Apache2, FCGI, 500 errors?
3:18PM 0 psitsNOT now available as a Rails Engine
2:30PM 4 Ruby on Rails Performance question
2:25PM 2 pass extra value through text_field_with_auto_complete?
2:15PM 6 overriding constants
2:05PM 0 Symbolic Drag and Drop instead of showing Element
1:38PM 2 What''s the model pattern for just storing an array of ints?
1:01PM 1 Generator that alters existing files
12:54PM 1 form_for scope issue
12:38PM 1 escaping quotes for generating xml
11:51AM 4 Creating an array of params
11:35AM 3 Use a Model or Controller?
11:30AM 7 Unit Tests crashing out for a table without an ID
11:18AM 0 Trying to use Ajax scaffold throws up odd behaviour
10:35AM 1 Grouping models - table name conflicts
8:48AM 3 Custom Pagination Links
8:21AM 5 Firefox extension for ajax debugging
8:01AM 4 RoR on Apache not working
6:18AM 1 controller instance methods available in rhtml?
5:45AM 3 Running Instant Rails from USB key
5:35AM 0 Take some field out of the tab order in a view
5:33AM 3 Configs not loading
4:22AM 2 Natural Search
1:47AM 0 If you want to use url_for in lib scripts...
1:45AM 0 field_with_errors not showing
1:21AM 6 Set instance variable for all actions in the Controller
12:37AM 5 scriptaculous autocompletion LIMIT and ajax vs. local
Thursday June 1 2006
11:40PM 0 Disabling an after_save() in a rake conversion?
11:26PM 9 Image upload
10:37PM 3 Webtrends For Rails ???
10:18PM 0 Segmentation fault in inflector.rb
9:40PM 2 Hiding an attribute
9:37PM 0 Possible RJS Implementation?
9:29PM 5 Content Management System
9:08PM 7 Second Insert
9:08PM 1 Automatted Getter/Setter
8:54PM 4 What i do if i have a table with a column named "type"?
8:47PM 4 refund of $63.80
8:34PM 5 flash not clearing after display
8:09PM 2 Union all
8:08PM 2 using ActionMailer with template files retrieved from sql database table instead of on disk files
7:27PM 2 using :post => ''true'' still makes a GET request
6:48PM 0 periodically_call_remote and update element
6:42PM 1 Default Value for date_select helper
6:27PM 3 html_options and select()
6:23PM 2 when deleeting a post, delete all comments too
6:19PM 10 Stylesheets not being recognized
5:51PM 3 You are being redirected.
5:48PM 2 Migrating Data from Many Databases to One
5:46PM 9 @model.errors.empty? => true; @model.valid? => false
5:10PM 3 Image corrupted on upload
5:00PM 1 link_to_remote renders Ajax.Updater, sometimes Ajax.Request
4:28PM 0 JS / CSS ressource files and query strings for caching
4:17PM 1 adding color to autotest output
4:11PM 1 Anyone else think Eclipse (radrails) is slow in SUSE Linux?
4:07PM 0 Super simple web proxy.
4:00PM 4 how can I control when to commit a transaction?
3:51PM 0 Socket error in ActionMailer class
3:43PM 9 More flexible file column?
3:41PM 3 New rails site: AJAX Webbrowser
3:39PM 5 RAD RAILS Problem. Wont start! Linux nubee
3:33PM 1 find not working properly
3:32PM 1 Upgrading old rails application for new rails version
3:08PM 3 Newbie: HABTM problems
2:53PM 2 Best practices?
2:30PM 0 OT: Best practice for multi-user select boxes
2:21PM 1 link_to_remote show then hide
2:10PM 6 real time search results
1:28PM 3 more questions: human_name
1:04PM 1 call method of superclass
12:22PM 4 Ruby on Rails strange issue
12:07PM 0 question about observer callbacks
11:47AM 8 [Pdf::Witer]
10:37AM 3 Requiring /lib files in a cross-platform way.
10:33AM 5 History plugin
10:16AM 4 how to: update a select from another select
9:38AM 4 can''t convert Fixnum into String ??
9:20AM 9 access model from controller
9:11AM 2 submit_to_remote with an image-tag?
9:04AM 2 update_all broken in postgres?
8:51AM 4 How do I get today''s date?
8:36AM 2 How to call database variables from "Public" folder?
8:09AM 2 Capistrano: update_code - "No such file or directory" -
8:06AM 0 Capistrano: update_code -
8:02AM 3 file_column - blank folder created, no upload
6:00AM 3 how can i redirect a person after a login
5:16AM 3 rake create_sessions_table, does not create session table
2:27AM 0 overriding form helpers
2:22AM 1 How to achieve anchor in the html http://localhost:3000/event/event_info/100#comment5
2:22AM 1 Error with my generator
1:26AM 0 New O''Reilly Friday...er...PDF Guide - Web Services on Rails
12:02AM 7 Active Record Basics - Making it commentable