R help - Oct 2010

Sunday October 31 2010
10:38PM 1 parallel for loop
8:10PM 0 latex on summary.formula from Hmisc doesn't remove N
7:22PM 2 transfer string to expression
7:14PM 1 Questions about Probit Analysis
5:29PM 1 complicated graphic -- persp+map
5:21PM 1 doubt in climate variability analysis in R! - code
3:54PM 3 extracting named vector from dataframe
2:25PM 2 Randomly split a sample in two equal subsamples
10:30AM 1 Downloading Package Sources
7:35AM 1 Need help with lmer model specification syntax for nested mixed model
7:22AM 1 biglm: how it handles large data set?
6:44AM 2 Constrained Regression
5:55AM 1 How to control in order of groups in xyplot
5:31AM 0 Fwd: ForestPlot or similar
4:22AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 92, Issue 31
2:51AM 4 return value for grep
Saturday October 30 2010
11:07PM 0 Introducing Red-R: visual programming for R
9:25PM 0 doubt in climate variability analysis in R! - code included!
8:36PM 1 two group cox model
5:55PM 2 'tcltk' does not have a name space
5:44PM 1 R & VBA
5:20PM 1 summary.lm for post-hoc tests
4:27PM 2 Using names function
4:19PM 1 summary.lm as a post-hoc test?
3:33PM 2 Confidence interval for response variable in mixed effects models
3:19PM 2 ForestPlot or similar
3:10PM 1 compare quality of clustering methods?
3:03PM 0 Any similar solution for C# (Integrating R with C++: Rcpp, RInside, and RProtobuf)
1:03PM 1 overloading "[" and "[<-" using S3 classes
10:56AM 2 transforming a dataset for association analysis
9:09AM 1 one function with 2 returnh points
8:03AM 0 how to find a function for plotting polygon surfaces: polgon3d(xc, yc, obs)
5:02AM 1 Trouble installing gsl wrapper
12:56AM 2 grouping question
Friday October 29 2010
11:55PM 7 date calculation
10:54PM 2 Differenciate numbers from reference for rows
10:46PM 2 vertical list sum
10:34PM 3 How to scan df from a specific word?
10:18PM 2 plot pdf
9:20PM 1 NetWorkSpace from REvolution; Distributed Computing setup questions
9:19PM 2 how to debug (mtrace) a function defined inside a function?
8:45PM 2 R version 2-12.0 - running as 32 or as 64 bit?
8:24PM 1 One-class SVM
5:41PM 2 Plotting 2 Lines on the Same Chart
4:46PM 1 Memory use in R
4:24PM 1 Repeated Measures MANOVA
4:05PM 1 Tukey post hoc comparison (glht?) after 3factorial mixed model (lmer)
3:36PM 0 I got lot in the permutation
3:32PM 2 doubt in climate variability analysis in R!
3:32PM 0 Contract programming position at Merck (NJ, USA)
2:39PM 0 ksvm problem
1:53PM 2 Printing data.frame data: alternatives to print?
1:22PM 1 help pages do not open
12:46PM 1 Simulating data, loop
12:33PM 2 make many barplot into one plot
11:12AM 0 true time series lags behind fitted values in arima model
11:08AM 4 Checking existance of a directory
11:00AM 0 multiple weights in MANOVA
10:55AM 2 strftime vs strptime ??
9:25AM 2 what´s wrong with this code?
9:21AM 3 check RAM usage
9:16AM 2 Reading multiple .csv-files and assigning them to variable names
8:49AM 4 quiry on paste() function
6:55AM 1 Underline only colnames in grid.table
3:47AM 3 Dickey Fuller Test
3:37AM 2 wilcox.test; data type conversion?
1:51AM 1 transposing a column table
12:08AM 1 SARIMA simulation using time series history
Thursday October 28 2010
11:25PM 2 Determining a basal correct count
10:40PM 4 Alter character attribute
10:35PM 1 xyplot and panel.curve
8:49PM 1 clustering on scaled dataset or not?
7:38PM 2 draw path diagram using dot
7:13PM 1 How do I install (download) a package with my own package?
6:47PM 1 How to perform arithmetic across rows
6:29PM 3 get the rows so that there is no redundant element in a certain column
6:20PM 3 help with help()
6:17PM 0 RWeka, "java.lang.NullPointerException"
5:53PM 2 How to enable Arial font for postcript/pdf figure on Windows?
5:21PM 0 GBM and Extracting the Model
5:19PM 0 svm online course in R
5:08PM 1 R shp(ESRI) point patterns and marks
4:51PM 1 ggplot2: facet_grid with only one level does not display the graph with the facet_grid level in title
4:42PM 1 adding copies of rows toa data frame based upon start and end dates
4:27PM 4 Returning highs and lows in R
3:33PM 1 Rsolnp examples
2:42PM 1 Heatmap construction problems
2:21PM 1 adding environment variables
2:09PM 1 Key combination that removes all R objects
2:01PM 1 bugs when using R-2.12.0 Please HELP!
12:59PM 2 RGTK2 - Entry Point not found
12:49PM 2 Please help me about Monte Carlo Permutation
12:15PM 2 R and Matlab
12:00PM 2 Clustering
11:54AM 2 Install Error
10:23AM 3 0.3 is not 0.3, bug in seq() function?
9:28AM 2 scatterplot3d; scaling point symbols to depth of graph
9:26AM 2 replace text at certain positions in a file
9:23AM 1 updating a local package
9:06AM 1 Calculate percent occurrence of different values
8:31AM 1 overloading the generic primitive functions "+" and "["
8:12AM 0 Tukeys after(g)lmer
6:35AM 0 Creating truly global variable within function within namespace
5:06AM 2 times
4:50AM 2 How to find out the trend during a time period?
3:14AM 1 Merging nested lists
Wednesday October 27 2010
8:14PM 3 Changing origin of line in radial plot
7:00PM 0 naive bayes of e1071 package
6:20PM 2 (no subject)
5:53PM 2 Merge disparate lists
5:51PM 3 How do I read multiple rows of different lengths?
4:12PM 2 coxph linear.predictors
4:01PM 1 Help extracting the source of functions
3:42PM 1 GLM and Weights
3:31PM 3 lineplot.CI {sciplot}: continuous line
3:17PM 2 add diagonal line
3:02PM 2 Generate random percentages and placing vectors
2:48PM 0 nested variables in a generalised linear model
2:48PM 0 Propensity score matching with MatchIt
2:40PM 4 Y Axis Labels
2:37PM 2 keep adding elements to the matrix
2:27PM 1 (no subject)
2:21PM 0 correctness of a formula in lme (from package nlme)
2:01PM 1 Regular time series with irregular start and end dates
1:27PM 1 "non-numeric argument to binary operator" error while reading ncdf file
1:13PM 0 as.list rcode
1:09PM 1 Fwd: as.list
1:03PM 0 as.list
12:57PM 1 Fill in missing times in a timeseries with NA
12:49PM 2 Which version control system to learn for managing Rprojects?
11:58AM 0 Criteria for individually adressing data ranges within timeseries data
11:49AM 3 Increase R precision
11:29AM 1 R-Excel Macro mode
11:21AM 1 How Plot, Axis and Rect work together?
11:01AM 5 Best IDE for R
10:48AM 1 install RSPerl on Fedora
10:39AM 4 One silly question about "tapply output"
10:24AM 0 R at Supercomputing 10
10:23AM 1 reading multiple XML files into an R table
10:08AM 1 return NA instead zero when summing over an empty range?
9:39AM 0 Path analysis with logistic regression
9:36AM 0 trouble opening connection 64bit R with win7 64bit
9:28AM 0 FYI: The First Cloud Portal to “R”
9:21AM 2 plot by cathegories within a factor
9:17AM 3 ggplot - unwanted sorted X values
9:13AM 0 formula in nlmer function of lme4 package
8:28AM 1 Control of axis limits in multiple panel lattice plots
7:53AM 1 multiple text or string searches
5:00AM 1 trouble with histograms
4:18AM 1 writing a table
2:54AM 1 GAM function in mgcv package
2:23AM 1 clinical data analysis
12:48AM 0 Introducing the futile.paradigm, a package for functional dispatching in R
12:37AM 2 Data.frame Vs Matrix Vs Array: Definitions Please
12:13AM 1 installing ONLY the documentation files (Rd) for many packages?
Tuesday October 26 2010
11:05PM 5 cube root of a negative number
10:06PM 2 discerning plot dots using colors
9:33PM 2 see code of plot.survfit
9:17PM 1 About the recursion in R
9:01PM 1 Cut including the 0 value as separate bin
7:59PM 1 LaTeX output with mlogit or multinom
7:28PM 2 Formatting durations
7:24PM 0 sbrier in ipred
7:21PM 0 specify strata in survfit
6:34PM 0 "chfactor.c", line 130 ERROR
6:07PM 1 ncdf4 package installation in R
6:04PM 2 anomalies with the loess() function
5:27PM 1 lme vs. lmer results
4:16PM 2 Which version control system to learn for managing R projects?
3:57PM 2 Cox Proportional Models and Haplotypes
3:30PM 5 Zoom in in a plot
3:21PM 1 mixed effects regression with weights using lme (lme4)
3:08PM 2 Forcing results from lm into datframe
2:53PM 0 approximation for sum of lognormal random variables
2:41PM 1 R on 32-bit ubuntu with PAE enabled
2:41PM 1 to determine the variable importance in svm
2:33PM 3 stripping #s in a text file prior to reading into table or dataframe
1:40PM 0 Calculating confidence intervals on subset of bootstrap sample statistics
1:27PM 0 overall p-value for LASSO model resulting from glmnet
1:18PM 1 Multiple, multiple regressions...
12:35PM 3 Reading in a tab delimitated file
12:32PM 1 Dispersion ( Plot error bars ) help
11:38AM 2 Fitting GLM with BFGS algorithm
10:23AM 1 Setting constraints in the glm package
10:08AM 1 datetime objects
9:49AM 1 lattice key subtitle
8:55AM 2 Mahalanobis distance
8:13AM 1 Markov Switching with TVTP - problems with convergence
6:17AM 1 (no subject)
6:05AM 0 problem with arima() function
6:02AM 2 ggplot2: how to label lines?
5:50AM 1 runtime on ising model
4:28AM 1 Time series data with dropouts/gaps
3:59AM 1 Extract table from a webpage
3:56AM 4 divide column in a dataframe based on a character
12:39AM 0 using coxme to fit random slope cox PH model
Monday October 25 2010
11:17PM 1 calculate area between intersecting polygons
11:11PM 1 rgdal intallation mac ox x
9:38PM 1 help with adding lines to current plot
8:59PM 1 Panel regression
8:54PM 0 online course: Spatial Analysis Techniques in R with David Unwin at statistics.com
8:50PM 1 online course: SVM in R with Lutz Hamel at statistics.com
7:09PM 2 problem with setRepositories
6:44PM 3 question in using nlme and lme4 for unbalanced data
5:29PM 1 CRAN vs R-Forge
4:56PM 0 Hausman Test
4:53PM 2 dataframe, transform, strsplit
4:38PM 3 finding the year of a date
4:16PM 1 building lme call via call()
3:45PM 2 extracting characteristics of datasets from data()
2:43PM 2 Mixed-effects model for overdispersed count data?
2:40PM 0 non-stationary ar part in css
2:21PM 0 Q reg connecting to existing dll
2:17PM 0 Using R with Google Storage/Big Query and Prediction API
2:11PM 0 help on lme extraction
1:54PM 1 lowess() won't handle NAs
1:50PM 1 Artifacts in filled.contour+pdf
1:02PM 4 zoo.read intraday data
11:27AM 2 Find index of a string inside a string?
11:07AM 0 penalized regression analysis
10:55AM 2 difftime error
9:44AM 2 plot does not work
8:14AM 1 Error: could not find function "lmList"
8:13AM 2 font.lab and font.axis
8:07AM 2 How to save R file into specific type
7:30AM 1 problem with "make distribution"
7:18AM 3 Using tapply?
6:57AM 2 .R file
6:38AM 1 Random Integer Number in Uniform Distribution
6:18AM 1 structural equation modeling in sem, error, The model has negative degrees of freedom = -3, and The model is almost surely misspecified...
4:59AM 2 Text wrapping in R
4:33AM 2 R-Fortran question (multiple subroutines)
4:16AM 2 Question on passing the subset argument to an lm wrapper
3:45AM 1 re-vertical conversion of data entries
2:25AM 2 Unable to allocate arrays of size > 2GB in 64 bit Windows 7 R
12:01AM 1 if statement and truncated distribution
Sunday October 24 2010
9:57PM 1 Importing CSV File
7:55PM 1 more errors (behavior)
6:13PM 2 How to simulate from an estimated density
5:44PM 0 call for paper-nov/dec 2010
5:32PM 1 Subsetting a dataframe
5:15PM 1 cvs fpr R
4:46PM 1 140 packages in R Commander!!
3:43PM 1 best predictive model for mixed catagorical/continuous variables
2:05PM 0 Turning ppp into im in spatstat
11:30AM 6 Contour Plot on a non Rectangular Grid
9:17AM 0 gamma glm - using of weights gives error
3:06AM 1 building compiled help html files
1:56AM 2 If Statement Help
1:51AM 3 Long model formulae
1:46AM 0 getting compiled html files
12:05AM 1 Optimize parameters of ODE Problem which is solved numeric
Saturday October 23 2010
11:14PM 0 Different results in FFT analysis
10:15PM 1 Summarizing For Values with Multiple categories
8:40PM 2 convert wind direction from degrees to basic compass directions
5:09PM 0 EMACS as an end-user GUI (form) to an R process
4:25PM 1 removing margin space between columns in lattice plots
3:50PM 0 GBM : Extract model for scoring in database
2:09PM 1 Change column of numbers in data frame to days
11:49AM 0 (no subject)
8:19AM 1 command to start R and Rcmdr?
6:18AM 4 Feedback on you manual
1:47AM 0 Regarding your distributed text mining with tm
1:18AM 1 bind matrices by row
1:15AM 1 contour on a simplex
12:37AM 0 Frank Harrell's 2011 RMS Short Course-March 9,10 and 11 (fwd)
Friday October 22 2010
11:53PM 1 xyplot inside a loop
10:17PM 1 cv.lm() broken; cross validation vs. predict(interval="prediction")
9:58PM 0 Of possible interest for (Win|Open)BUGS users on Linux platforms
9:17PM 2 How long does skipping in read.table take
9:14PM 0 big data and lmer
9:00PM 2 Combining the values of two variables into one
8:45PM 0 Cyclic loess
7:20PM 1 Problem with Aggregate - Sum, limit on number of criteria
6:01PM 2 covariance matrix
5:36PM 1 add diagonal line to covariance matrix
5:15PM 1 Controlling number of numbers before R rewrites to "+e18" etc
5:11PM 0 svyglm and R-squared (survey package)
3:33PM 3 Conditional looping over a set of variables in R
3:31PM 0 online course: Graphics in R with Paul Murrell
2:25PM 1 scale,centre,and get more interactions
2:19PM 0 FitARp
2:13PM 3 how fit linear model with fixed slope?
1:39PM 0 using gedit
1:30PM 2 about libsvm
1:22PM 2 Confusing error statement
1:10PM 1 maxitems in cluster validity
1:08PM 1 Ordinal response model in depmixS4
1:07PM 0 Fw: vector allocation problem
1:01PM 1 lm looking for weights outside of the user-defined function
12:54PM 2 (no subject)
12:50PM 2 Interpolate irregular time series
12:10PM 1 issue with Matrix package
12:04PM 1 Display list redraw incomplete when exporting plots
11:53AM 2 R 2.12.0 does not open in Tinn-R
11:29AM 1 getting all contrasts from glm
11:06AM 5 Cbind query
11:01AM 2 superscript characters in title with '+'
9:58AM 2 create sequence of numbers
9:54AM 2 wait for graph to finish plotting
9:33AM 3 R step-by-step execution
9:16AM 1 Dragging an .RData file into R on win-7 doesn't work?
9:11AM 0 dbWriteTable
8:13AM 0 cv.lm only bivariate; other options for prediction intervals
7:51AM 2 If Statement with more than one condition
7:37AM 2 Bayesian constrained regression method?
6:53AM 1 RODBC: data base with decimal point ","
5:28AM 2 Error message in using nlm() and optim()
5:19AM 2 Random Forest AUC
2:50AM 2 visualize TukeyHSD results
2:23AM 1 Help: Maximum likelihood estimation
2:17AM 2 problem on using read.csv function
1:21AM 1 trouble with \textless in Hmisc latex() on a drop1 object
1:20AM 1 question about decision trees
12:05AM 1 Package for GLMM with correlation matrix
Thursday October 21 2010
11:23PM 3 importing csv gets me all 16,000 columns with "NA"
11:13PM 2 nested anova
10:50PM 1 Question about glmnet
10:50PM 4 how do I make a correlation matrix positive definite?
10:46PM 1 Ordination plot option missing from PCA dialog
9:30PM 2 Calculating variances in a moving window
8:59PM 0 R+DEV 2010 Developers Conference
8:38PM 1 change library path (for dummies)
8:20PM 1 Limitations and scale of R, and performance issues if and when limit reached
8:02PM 1 RandomForest Proximity Matrix
7:38PM 2 previous business day
6:37PM 2 problem with D(COM) Server
6:13PM 1 Help saving multiple graphics
6:05PM 2 How to access values in s4 method
6:05PM 1 printing a variable during a loop
5:31PM 2 Help: From Excel date to R-date!
5:19PM 0 Levels of interaction terms between numeric and factor in glm
4:57PM 1 gam plots and seWithMean
4:52PM 4 data.frame query
2:02PM 1 Big data (over 2GB) and lmer
1:42PM 1 SVM classification based on pairwise distance matrix
1:42PM 2 Adding rows to column
1:26PM 1 error opening connection 64bit R under win7 64bit
1:21PM 3 R-2.12.0 hangs while installing some packages on FreeBSD
11:57AM 0 Plotting factors in biplots
10:19AM 1 Different time between date() and Sys.date()
9:49AM 4 3D-scatterplots - high quality rendering?
8:40AM 4 Efficient nested loops
8:21AM 1 All other variables in upper scope arg for stepAIC
7:00AM 1 Two-Way Joining or Clustering
6:47AM 1 How to check for missing report pages per client
4:30AM 0 using softmax in nnet
3:37AM 1 Accuracy/Goodness of fit of nnet
2:41AM 3 Help: Using vectorization method for vectors comparision
12:13AM 0 Fwd: HOW to use the survivalROC to get optimal cut-off values?
12:06AM 0 Lasso Logistic Regression - Query
Wednesday October 20 2010
11:05PM 3 loading workspace- getting annoying
11:03PM 2 histograms resulting from call to soil.texture
10:53PM 3 efficient test for missing values (NAs)
10:41PM 1 help identifying clusters
10:39PM 1 Biplot: plot group name instead of row number
10:30PM 1 how to connect to a remote PostgreSQL database from R on mac osx
9:39PM 0 autoregressive functions
9:16PM 1 rounding up (always)
7:57PM 0 bootstrapping nonlinear mixed effects models
7:31PM 1 question about masking
7:29PM 1 question about masked object
7:01PM 1 grep
6:24PM 0 Spatstat: tessellation problems.
5:36PM 1 Getting the size of text
5:10PM 1 need for speed on grid.rect
5:10PM 1 Problem exporting data using write.foreign
5:04PM 2 ascii or regex code for alt-enter for Excel
4:04PM 1 lme with log-normal distribution of parameters
3:47PM 4 Changing sign on absolute numbers 0 problems
3:37PM 2 removing rows from a matrix using condition within groups
3:25PM 2 preferred x-delimited data format for R?
3:19PM 2 Initiating graphics recording in RGraphics window via a script
3:18PM 3 Plot creates a straigth line
3:01PM 0 simple function can't find weights
2:51PM 1 Multivariate GARCH
2:45PM 4 remove black square from factor plot
2:42PM 2 create a list fails
2:02PM 1 fitted from plm
1:32PM 1 S: appropriate significance tests
1:25PM 4 How to select not continous rows?
1:21PM 2 number format, writing 1e-5 instead of 0.00001
1:20PM 1 Using Windows Tahoma Font for Graphics Text
1:16PM 0 dynamic factor analyis
12:39PM 1 Function execution on package load?
12:13PM 3 combine vectors in an alternating way
10:21AM 2 Job for senior quantitative analyst in Dublin
9:42AM 2 rowsum
9:34AM 3 Plot help
9:25AM 1 Please help: ANOVA with SS Type III for unequal sample sized data
9:08AM 1 problem with predict(mboost,...)
9:03AM 1 (no subject)
8:13AM 0 Regarding RDCOMClient package
8:10AM 2 CI using ci.numeric
5:52AM 1 Adding Legend about two quantile lines at ggplot
5:29AM 1 Generate variable with Bivariate Normal Distribution
5:29AM 1 is get() really what I want here?
3:54AM 1 question on optim() fn.
2:52AM 1 Accessing table elements and escape characters
2:07AM 1 is there a way to update both packages if they occur in 2 libraries?
1:29AM 1 remove unused variable and data
12:35AM 1 glm with linear restrictions
Tuesday October 19 2010
11:59PM 3 plot CI and mortality rate
11:36PM 1 sampling from normal
10:50PM 1 DLL not found
10:50PM 0 Fix for xlsReadWrite 1.5.2 running in R2.12.0 (32-bit) on a Win7 64-bit platform
10:45PM 0 RWeka - Error in model.frame.default - evaluate_Weka_classifier
10:23PM 2 comparing two data files
9:43PM 3 scatter.smooth() fitted by loess
8:24PM 1 Gini Coefficient
7:18PM 3 R 2.12.0 and JGR
6:42PM 1 How to write to sqlite files
6:14PM 2 Clustering with ordinal data
6:08PM 0 R script help needed for RFC 2104 HMAC algorithm
4:58PM 1 could not find function "hmatplot"
4:55PM 2 separate elements of a character vector
4:29PM 2 superpose.polygon, panel.polygon and their colors
4:10PM 2 head.matrix() unintelligent
3:25PM 4 Chron object in time series plot
3:01PM 0 De: information
2:03PM 4 Error: object 'short' not found
11:59AM 2 Tif image to 8bit colour matrix.
11:27AM 1 readLines: how to make a data.frame?
11:14AM 1 [R 2.12] install.packages() with no lib argument does not work
10:50AM 1 points( .... pch=2) substitue pch with image
10:48AM 1 Lattice: type="p" stopped working in panel.average
10:47AM 1 How to read only ten rows from a SAS dataset (read.ssd)?
10:38AM 1 Problems with a specific calculate.
10:17AM 1 ancova help
10:16AM 2 ANOVA stuffs_How to save each result from FOR command?
10:00AM 0 Question on ar() in stats
9:59AM 1 Sample in R
9:44AM 2 nls & optimize
9:42AM 0 Ideas for World Statistics Day
8:50AM 1 Implementing R's recycling rule
8:41AM 3 points(x,y), mean and standard deviation
8:18AM 1 package vars doesn´t working
7:24AM 1 Milliseconds and Time object
6:48AM 2 calculate power of test
6:32AM 1 Doubt on using lattice
4:55AM 2 Strange glm(, quasipoisson) error
4:07AM 2 Part time equity tick data high frequency trading research
3:24AM 5 For-loop dummy variables?
12:34AM 1 help -> RE: Download.file problem
Monday October 18 2010
9:15PM 1 Question about lme (mixed effects regression)
6:16PM 2 read.spss warning message (Unrecognized record type 7, subtype 18 encountered in system file)
6:07PM 1 boxplot ranked x labels
5:57PM 0 Question about legend parameters
5:01PM 0 hdiffplot
3:59PM 0 specifying lme function with a priori hypothesis concerning between-group variation in slopes
2:58PM 3 remove numbers from string of characters
2:53PM 0 Download.file problem
2:47PM 1 questions on unstack()
1:36PM 0 *REMINDER* useR! 2011 call for tutorials
1:18PM 0 Any demand for a useR 2011 tutorial on Emacs Speaks Statistics?
1:18PM 0 OpenMX structural equation software
12:50PM 2 VectorComparison
12:48PM 0 p-values from coxph?
12:46PM 2 Sine function fitting
12:34PM 2 Question about Density Plot
12:26PM 1 Looking for covariance function -OR- how do you search
12:06PM 1 Crossed random effects in lme
11:38AM 1 Randomly shuffle an array multiple times
11:37AM 2 Randomly shuffle an array 1000 times
10:29AM 1 Directive for first and last array arguments
10:23AM 1 RODBC Error
10:15AM 0 new packages: hydroTSM 0.2-0 and hydroGOF 0.2-0
9:58AM 2 Where precision change
9:23AM 0 Mixed Design ANOVA - singular error model
8:57AM 0 Unusual Time Series
8:24AM 2 read.zoo issues
7:38AM 1 R installation failed on SUSE Linux -- libreadline.so.6 needed
6:01AM 1 R 2.12.0 for Windows: error when loading (some) packages
4:35AM 1 Error: subscript out of bounds
4:17AM 1 Incorrect positioning of raster images on Windows
3:26AM 1 Data contamination
2:17AM 0 nonparaeff package, fdh() function
2:06AM 1 Basic structure operations doubt
1:14AM 1 paste an unevaluated expression
1:03AM 2 Getting tripped up on NAs in trying to create new variable
12:15AM 1 trouble installing R-patched (R-2.12.0) when TMPDIR is specified
Sunday October 17 2010
8:52PM 1 rgdal package (Matteo Toro)
8:03PM 1 unbalanced repeated measurements Anova with mixed effects
6:53PM 4 how to convert string to object?
6:48PM 0 R 2.12 How many downloads
6:18PM 1 R 2.12.0 - malware detect by antivirus software
5:27PM 1 How to install R on Linux via source compilation?
4:32PM 2 Cauchy distribution
3:57PM 1 Class mode text isopen can read can write - too many open connections
3:56PM 0 64-bit R via ec2
3:46PM 2 dpois().......bizarre warning messages
2:54PM 0 Help in Dirichlet Process density estimation
2:01PM 1 lattice xyplot - formatting of multiple Y variables when using subgroups
9:00AM 1 yum install - not working for installing R on Linux
8:26AM 0 Help on choosing the appropriate analysis method
7:25AM 2 Vector multiplication
4:30AM 0 Calling R function in Java that in turn calls a Java function
3:41AM 4 Variable name as string
1:42AM 0 Evaluating R functions in Java with dynamic input
Saturday October 16 2010
7:34PM 1 Rmpfr question
7:20PM 1 POSIX turns into factor
7:12PM 3 reduce the size of points in plot???
7:05PM 0 Spatstat Tessellation error
6:17PM 2 A subject related question
4:52PM 1 Problem applying "outer" to a list of functions
4:37PM 0 [OT] language for data munging
2:17PM 2 Xlsx and R -read problem
12:02PM 2 delete data row
11:13AM 0 GAM Predictions (mgvc)
7:33AM 1 Binaries of R.12.0 for Windows: where are RGUI and Rterm ?
7:27AM 1 Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'x' not found
4:21AM 1 R & MySQL (Databases)
1:31AM 1 trouble with installing R-2.12.0 from source on Windows
Friday October 15 2010
10:41PM 1 compiling and testing R-2.12.0
10:22PM 0 Announcing TikZ Device 0.5.2
9:55PM 1 Dealing with Non-Standard Hours
9:31PM 2 using optimize with two unknowns, e.g. to parameterize a distribution with given confidence interval
8:46PM 3 Recovering x/y coordinates from a scatterplot image
8:01PM 1 Beginner question on bar plot
6:40PM 1 Problem using BRugs
6:22PM 0 Overlaying two png?
6:20PM 7 Problem with merging two zoo objects
5:27PM 2 Multi-line graph?
4:23PM 0 nominal response model
4:21PM 0 nomianl response model
2:42PM 2 How to extract parameter estimates of variance function from lme fit
2:22PM 2 feed cut() output into goodness-of-fit tests
2:10PM 0 tessellation from biological data in spatstat
1:57PM 0 [Debian][NetBeans] setting NetBeans to work with JRI libraries
1:47PM 1 Many Thanks
1:17PM 4 Error in DGEList function
1:05PM 4 Color individual leaf labels in dendrogram
12:45PM 4 split data with missing data condition
12:30PM 0 scores for a new observation from PCAgrid() in pcaPP
11:09AM 1 creating 'all' sum contrasts
9:48AM 1 scaling on normlized data set
9:22AM 1 Random assignment
9:15AM 0 R 2.12.0 is released
8:55AM 3 Create Arrays
8:19AM 1 Biweight (Tukey) M-estimator of location with known scale parameter
8:16AM 4 Set value if else...
7:57AM 1 Help with R
7:34AM 2 using apply function and storing output
7:19AM 1 Downloading file with lapply
5:41AM 1 specify data frame by name
5:14AM 1 Impute missing data by regression in R
4:24AM 0 Using na.action = na.pass with lmer() function
3:43AM 0 multiple car scatterplots on one graph--sorry for duplicate post--already solved
3:37AM 2 AIC in bestglm, glm, and lm - why do they differ?
3:20AM 1 multiple car scatterplots on one graph
3:16AM 2 Joining together multiple csv files
2:25AM 2 Time vs Concentration Graphs by ID
12:56AM 3 Data Parameter extract
12:21AM 1 How to create a dissimilarity object
Thursday October 14 2010
10:58PM 2 help with an unbalanced split plot
9:53PM 6 for loop
9:50PM 4 help
9:25PM 0 RODBC results from stored procedure
9:07PM 0 2-dimensional convolution tool wanted
9:02PM 0 Looking for more in depth QDA
7:34PM 1 Regression with groups and nested sub-groups
6:46PM 1 Fw: Problem to create a matrix polynomial
6:28PM 4 RJava help
4:25PM 5 R on a ma c
4:25PM 3 Query on save.image()
4:15PM 1 execute a script in command line
4:10PM 1 Python's string translate in R?
4:07PM 3 running a long R process on Linux using putty - best practice to disconnect
3:49PM 1 Using Rscript to read from a file
3:25PM 1 Putting the same array into a matrix
3:06PM 2 declaring GPL license
2:37PM 2 R functions in Java
2:31PM 1 rbind ing matrices and resetting column numbers
2:29PM 1 installing grid package
10:46AM 1 Hash fuctions library for R?
9:43AM 1 rounding issues
8:32AM 1 spatial partition
8:31AM 0 Adding legend to lda-plot, using the MASS-package
8:28AM 1 robust standard errors for panel data - corrigendum
8:17AM 5 Replacing N.A values in a data frame
7:41AM 0 GridR error
5:57AM 2 Drop matching lines from readLines
5:45AM 1 R and Oracle
5:11AM 1 The width argument of stem()
4:17AM 1 several car scatterplots on one graph
4:12AM 1 Plotting by Group
3:52AM 1 Basic data question
Wednesday October 13 2010
11:00PM 2 drilling down data on charts
9:42PM 0 type II & III test for mixed model
9:20PM 1 Loop in columns by group
8:50PM 5 Poisson Regression
8:44PM 2 adding a named column to a Matrix
8:10PM 3 Matrix subscripting to wrap around from end to start of row
8:01PM 2 vectorizing: selecting one record per group
6:37PM 1 (no subject)
6:19PM 4 Change global env variables from within a function
6:16PM 5 Regular expression to find value between brackets
6:16PM 4 loop
5:28PM 2 Coin Toss Simulation
5:13PM 7 [OT] (slightly) - OpenOffice Calc and text files
4:56PM 1 Extracting index in character array.
3:57PM 1 Pasting function arguments and strings
3:44PM 1 overlaying multiple contour plots
3:19PM 1 interaction contrasts
2:49PM 1 strip month and year from MM/DD/YYYY format
2:05PM 1 bwplot change whiskers position to percentile 5 and P95
1:52PM 1 NA with lmList
1:46PM 3 "Memory not mapped" when using .C, problem in Mac but not in Linux
1:20PM 1 bootstrap in pROC package
12:59PM 1 RODBC: forcing a special column to be read in as character
12:58PM 0 Nonparametric MANCOVA using matrices
12:53PM 1 nnet help
12:05PM 1 arima
11:51AM 1 Date Time Objects
11:50AM 0 repeating a GAM across many factors
11:03AM 2 How to fix error in the package 'rgenoud'
9:31AM 0 Problem to create a matrix polynomial
8:29AM 1 robust standard errors for panel data
8:24AM 1 Data Gaps
8:11AM 2 vertical kites in KiteChart (plotrix)
8:00AM 6 Plot table as table
7:50AM 2 Boxplot has only one whisker
6:21AM 0 Local linear regression: where can I find kernels?
4:58AM 1 Program BFAST
3:59AM 2 LME with 2 factors with 3 levels each
3:14AM 0 Reading Dicom files with more than 2 dimensions
1:38AM 2 Help regarding Time Series: CCF Function
12:54AM 1 Pipeline pilot fingerprint package
12:48AM 2 Using NLS with a Kappa function
12:47AM 2 Rmysql - dbWritetable
12:21AM 1 Lattice: arbitrary abline in multiple histograms
12:17AM 2 Read Particular Cells within Excel
Tuesday October 12 2010
11:50PM 2 repeating an analysis
10:16PM 1 lattice: dots from xyplot to xscale.components
9:54PM 1 Plotting Y axis labels within a loop
7:59PM 2 extract rows of a matrix
6:19PM 0 pvclust.plot and au
5:40PM 5 aggregate with cumsum
5:35PM 3 How do I tell whether two vectors are identical?
5:18PM 0 Stripes in the plot
5:00PM 1 lapply to subsets
4:53PM 1 Displaying a variable as an expression into a plot label, but the variable has brackets
4:45PM 1 need help with nnet
4:33PM 1 (no subject)
4:32PM 1 R optimization and curve()?
3:17PM 6 List or matrix of object
2:55PM 0 general construction of 'all pairwise comparison' contrast in ANOVA
2:32PM 2 repeatability/intraclass with nested levels
1:51PM 1 append rows to Sybase datatable using RJDBC
1:49PM 3 F cumulative distribution function
1:38PM 0 New R User Group in Toronto
1:22PM 0 Data conversion from class asc to class kasc (Adehabitat)
1:01PM 2 Linear Regression
12:19PM 1 graphics layout
11:52AM 0 merging and working with big data sets
11:37AM 1 delta AIC for models with 2 variables using MuMIn
11:05AM 2 non-numerical values as input using nnet
11:04AM 2 R Profiling
10:53AM 2 help in nnet
9:58AM 1 Bootstrapping Krippendorff's alpha coefficient
9:50AM 1 GEE with user-specified link function
9:39AM 2 Factors in an regression using lm()
9:32AM 1 Read from a website
8:24AM 3 fast rowCumsums wanted for calculating the cdf
7:51AM 1 GLM Gamma Regression error message in R
6:39AM 2 merging and working with BIG data sets. Is sqldf the best way??
6:24AM 6 Rpart query
5:48AM 0 clustered data in wilcox_test
4:39AM 1 Help with STL function to decompose
4:16AM 2 SApply versus for loop for list of data.frames
3:49AM 2 Memory limit problem
3:44AM 2 Extracting data subset for plot
3:35AM 1 Help with function writing
2:24AM 1 Comparison of two files with multiple arguments
2:14AM 1 Create DataSet with MCAR type
Monday October 11 2010
11:27PM 1 expression() problem !
11:02PM 0 Revolutions Blog: September Roundup
10:56PM 2 (no subject)
10:55PM 1 running R script on linux server
10:01PM 2 compare histograms
9:39PM 2 Slow reading multiple tick data files into list of dataframes
9:22PM 0 support vector machine for right censored data
8:45PM 2 topicmodels error
8:22PM 0 Spencer 15-point weighted moving average
8:19PM 1 importing numeric types via sqlQuery
7:38PM 2 dot plot by group
7:36PM 1 grep triggering error on unicode character
7:15PM 1 Is there a regression surface demo?
7:12PM 0 running own function in Java?
7:04PM 0 multiple comparison correction
5:41PM 1 Lattice::bwplot unexpected behaviour when using vector of colors
5:32PM 2 Question
5:18PM 1 LDA fuction
4:07PM 0 help with Cairo
3:38PM 2 Nonlinear Regression Parameter Shared Across Multiple Data Sets
3:33PM 3 how can i do anova
2:27PM 2 Trouble accessing cov function from stats library
2:16PM 3 help with simple but massive data transformation
2:09PM 2 filled.contour: colour key decoupled from main plot?
2:05PM 0 OT: snow socket clusters with VirtualBox and VMware player (Linux host, Win guest)
1:43PM 1 How to get Mean rank for Kruskal-Wallis Test
12:42PM 2 conditioning variables in dbRDA
12:07PM 2 (senza oggetto)
10:45AM 0 clustering with cosine correlation
10:33AM 1 plotting Zipf and Zipf-Mandelbrot curves in R
9:25AM 2 Split rows depending on time frame
9:17AM 3 Dataset Transformation
9:04AM 1 Boundary correction for kernel density estimation
8:18AM 0 mvtnorm and noncentrality parameters
5:46AM 1 MATLAB vrs. R
Sunday October 10 2010
9:50PM 2 Line Type Specification: lty="<on><off>" but lty="<off><on>"?
8:20PM 0 rearrange command in quantreg package
8:01PM 1 venneuler (java?) color palette 0 - 1
4:35PM 1 Create single vector after looping through multiple data frames with GREP
3:40PM 2 Help reading table rows into lists
3:33PM 1 segfault caused by `icfit` in `interval` package
12:58PM 1 Parallel processing
12:48PM 1 Package "prabclus" not available?
4:11AM 2 Mapping the coordinates!
3:56AM 1 read.xls??
3:16AM 2 How to add a new column to a matrix?
2:54AM 1 Help needed for getYahooData in TTR package & writing the Yahoo data to excel
12:10AM 2 GC verbose=false still showing report
Saturday October 9 2010
9:14PM 4 same random numbers in different sessions
8:33PM 1 Loss of precision in read.csv.
7:10PM 1 Plot time range with rect or boxplot
6:49PM 1 GPS data!
2:45PM 1 Unsubscribe me from mailing list
12:37PM 2 Hausman test for endogeneity
12:08PM 1 A competition to create a recommendation engine for R packages
12:19AM 1 ncdf installation in R
12:19AM 1 point characters THICKER in xyplot()
12:13AM 1 question related to multiple regression
Friday October 8 2010
11:20PM 0 Plot data on year/mon/day
10:52PM 1 how to retrieve user coordinates in xyplot
9:38PM 0 experience with nvmax(max size of subsets to examine)
8:55PM 0 append rows to Sybase datatable using RJDBC function dbWriteTable
7:43PM 2 Time OffSet From GMT - Losing it
7:29PM 0 Communicating with an R daemon from perl
7:04PM 2 incorrect number of levels
6:45PM 1 Can Sweave be instructed to use the cairo graphics device?
6:26PM 1 Trapezoid Rule
6:07PM 2 vector access
5:40PM 0 [Rd] Selecting multiple columns with same name
5:11PM 2 Memory management in R
5:07PM 1 conditional replacement of contiguous values
4:46PM 5 Error when using anova(lm())
4:33PM 1 many datasets run with one R script in a computer cluster
3:41PM 1 tools:::fetchRdDB can't allocate memory block?
3:35PM 3 Efficiency Question - Nested lapply or nested for loop
3:31PM 0 extract data.table from XML
3:27PM 2 R: Why this deosn't work?, matrix, rounding error?
3:14PM 1 Meta-analysis question
3:03PM 2 Heatmap/Color Selection(Key)
2:28PM 2 Count values in a dataframe with respect to groups
12:44PM 2 font question on pdf device
11:22AM 1 own TAB expansion
9:54AM 4 Bug in as.POSIXct regarding AM/PM
8:43AM 1 R CMD SHLIB changes function name when compiling
8:31AM 0 World map in magnetic coordinates
8:25AM 1 solaR: version 0.20
7:19AM 2 Writing R code for "moments"
6:30AM 5 saving object function
6:01AM 2 Error message in as.brob Usage
5:19AM 4 function using values separated by a comma
5:09AM 1 finding row and column names of a matrix
3:19AM 3 Import Multiple csv files and merge into one Master file
12:45AM 3 Running R on a server
Thursday October 7 2010
11:27PM 2 Testing for existence of object within a function
9:50PM 0 Using MDSplot from randomForest to classify samples
9:30PM 6 Deleting observations - can't see the data after that
8:16PM 0 Categorical variables and Plotting a Cox model with interaction terms
8:03PM 1 Forecasting with R/Need Help. Steps shown below with the imaginary data
6:22PM 2 problem with colors
6:21PM 1 Computing a Mantel-Haenszel chi-square using a continuous variable as the matching criterion
5:37PM 1 FDR
5:05PM 3 reshape from wide to long, ordering of "varying"
4:39PM 2 How do I set the dispersion parameter in poisson glm?
4:31PM 0 Lottery with Data Frame Rows
4:10PM 2 Counting unique items in a list of matrices
4:05PM 1 venneuler() - customize a few things.
4:01PM 1 R - Confidence Intervals
3:52PM 3 aggregate text column by a few rows
3:47PM 2 using a package function inside another function
3:39PM 2 Need help for loop code, thanks
3:08PM 1 auto.arima error
2:38PM 0 Tinn-R and DDE
2:36PM 0 auto.arima fit error
2:06PM 1 packaging my function
1:57PM 2 Truncating leading zeros in strings
1:50PM 1 how to convert list to language object
1:04PM 1 Lattice: Histogram in splom diagonals
12:37PM 2 file.info returning NA
12:28PM 0 X11 is not available: Problem Fixed
11:49AM 1 X11 is not available
11:48AM 1 Longitudinal multivariate data analysis
11:40AM 3 Create 2d table with mean of entries
11:39AM 2 first post and bootstarpping problems
11:15AM 0 Embed R in Eclipse
10:40AM 3 quantile regression
10:29AM 2 text/mtext axis labels on graphs
10:09AM 1 debugging
8:57AM 0 Rserve config
8:55AM 1 R: rulefit error on Linux
8:50AM 1 Linux 64-bit R installation problem - "Failed dependencies"
8:43AM 2 filter data.frame
8:43AM 0 Problem Fixed
5:20AM 1 Quantile question
5:16AM 1 Vector replace 0 elements without using a loop
5:03AM 0 evir package problem
4:49AM 0 Thanks for help
3:40AM 1 how to change the font size of x and y axis labels?
Wednesday October 6 2010
11:55PM 1 what does this err mean and how to solve it? Error in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w"))
11:17PM 3 what is the "NOT IN" operator
10:30PM 1 Display an image defined on a polar grid [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]
10:07PM 1 Multivariate Contrasts
9:56PM 4 problem with abline
9:19PM 2 ggplot2 Pareto plot (Barplot in decreasing frequency)
9:05PM 5 R: Tools for thinking about data analysis and graphics
8:41PM 1 ANOVA subject-wise means
7:50PM 1 Does R have function/package works similar to SAS's 'PROC REG'?
7:13PM 3 tapply output
7:06PM 1 selected value in a vector to make bold
6:37PM 0 subsets with a small cardinality for variable selection
6:11PM 1 R getting slower until it breaks...
5:51PM 2 Help to trafnsform data!
5:31PM 3 Assigning value to a vector from within a function
5:00PM 3 Empty data frame does not maintain column type
4:32PM 5 Create variable by name
4:15PM 0 How to Calculate the Pairwise LD for the given data?
4:14PM 3 How to run own R functions in JRI
4:02PM 2 Logical operator fails to recognize vector element
4:02PM 0 multiple record types from a single file efficiently?
3:52PM 2 Converting scraped data
3:49PM 3 Source awareness?
3:49PM 1 replaces a matrix of "NA"s in an array with the previous matrix with numbers
3:45PM 0 How to Pairwise LD for the given data?
3:44PM 8 Looking for a book/tutorial with the following context:
3:41PM 0 RSPerl woes
3:12PM 0 RDCOMClient error in function running excel
2:59PM 4 Inheritance and automatic function call on script exit
2:53PM 1 C code called from R: reallocate arrays passed as arguments?
2:46PM 0 methodology question : is anova appropriate for these data?
2:23PM 2 A problem --thank you
2:21PM 2 ANOVA boxplots
2:13PM 1 How to read a matrix with Hebrew row names?
2:07PM 3 Adding a time variable prior to using reshape
1:13PM 0 update to exact2x2 package
12:46PM 0 unexplained difference under sun grid engine
12:08PM 0 comparing the fit of two (gamma) distributions for aggregated data
12:03PM 2 Highly significant intercept and large standard error
11:43AM 1 c++ equivalent 'default' case in switch
11:38AM 2 text() background
9:51AM 4 loop in R
9:09AM 2 ggplot2 barplot in decreasing frequency
9:04AM 1 Change font type for rows on Heatmap
7:15AM 3 Help troubleshooting silent failure reading huge file with read.delim
7:05AM 0 My regards List
2:32AM 1 How do call own methods using JRI?
2:30AM 1 dlm package: how to specify state space model?
1:29AM 1 ARIMA models
1:27AM 0 GARCH models
1:16AM 0 Mahalanobis distance with mixed data
12:45AM 2 Pointing to a specific place on the x-axis with an arrow
Tuesday October 5 2010
10:14PM 3 reorder always returns "ordered"
10:13PM 2 Plotting x-axis labels perpendicular to the axis
9:53PM 2 Installing JGR
9:45PM 0 nvmax in REGSUBSETS function
8:56PM 1 loess with missing data points
8:41PM 2 Subset POSIXlt Field
8:37PM 1 problems installing R (Matteo)
8:35PM 0 Fw: Re: R editor in ubuntu!
6:46PM 1 optimization w.r.t matrix
6:23PM 2 How to convert a list to a ... argument for a function
4:26PM 1 estimate intrinsic dimension
3:54PM 3 Question about assigning values in a matrix, conditional on column first row; how to do the loop.
3:52PM 0 instal tar.gz package on windows, help
3:46PM 1 r-help@r-project.org
3:42PM 1 Ordering Duplicates for Selection
3:36PM 1 reshape not using as id vars what it is supposed to be using?
3:11PM 2 loess and NA
3:08PM 1 nonlinear curve fit of an implicit function
2:37PM 2 is there a way to avoid "traveling" grid?
2:31PM 4 Linear Integration
2:10PM 1 Barplot coloring problem
1:52PM 4 R editor in ubuntu!
1:23PM 0 Multinomial GLMMs in R
1:20PM 1 party with mob - parameter estimates not significant in terminal nodes
1:15PM 3 subject: Log likelihood above 0
1:09PM 1 Introducing lags in my GAM
1:00PM 2 New version
12:58PM 2 R doesn't want to update packages (Windows 7)
12:41PM 3 Make a loop more efficient
11:58AM 1 sweave output
11:29AM 0 Please help me simplify my manipulation and printing of function calls
11:27AM 4 Extract summary stats to table
10:42AM 6 SVM functions
10:42AM 2 Intel i7 utilization
9:17AM 0 how to insert R plot/image/graphs to Sql server 2005?
7:07AM 2 Sampling from data set
6:21AM 0 Petit traité de programmation orienté objet sous R
5:48AM 1 Tukey HSD Test als Post Hoc Test nach einem GLM inkl. Anova
5:45AM 2 accessing elements located after $ symbol
4:21AM 1 binary tree construction in R
4:13AM 3 R-help
2:06AM 2 R squared for lm prediction
1:10AM 2 Using as.polynomial() over a matrix
Monday October 4 2010
11:50PM 1 Fixed variance structure for lme
11:21PM 1 Simultaneous equation with one ordinal reponses
10:48PM 2 For help on Open .tar.gz file in R under Windows
9:29PM 3 Loop too slow for Bid calc - BUT cannot figure out how to do with matrix
9:16PM 1 adding a legend to the plot (but outside of it)
8:58PM 1 Globbing inconsistencies, dir() vs. unlink()
8:52PM 1 source package build/installation with subdirectory-lib
8:39PM 1 Ridge regression and mixed models
8:20PM 2 Combinations
8:19PM 1 Reading data into
7:28PM 1 reducing distances between tickmarks
6:29PM 0 Roxygen not truncating files
6:27PM 1 Null values from DBI connection
6:17PM 0 glmer or not - glmer model specification
6:07PM 2 Generating weekdays only
5:54PM 3 vectorizing problem
4:58PM 1 Help with apply
4:51PM 1 Error message with scan() function
4:39PM 3 read columns of quoted numbers as factors
4:06PM 1 Error during scp transfer
3:56PM 1 Debye function
2:57PM 1 Splitting a DF into rows according to a column
2:43PM 2 input matrix for leaps algorithm
2:21PM 2 Plot for Binomial GLM
2:13PM 1 Fisher exact test?
1:45PM 2 Issue with match.call
1:25PM 2 plotmath: how to use greek symbols in expression(integral(f(tau)*dtau, 0, t))?
12:37PM 1 Force evaluation of variable when calling partialPlot
12:01PM 0 spatial interaction (gravity) model as Poisson regression
11:48AM 2 print-show-display a matrix
11:31AM 0 have aproblem --thank you
11:29AM 2 i have aproblem --thank you
11:27AM 0 2010年10月4日 19:14:45 自动保存草稿
11:04AM 2 Reading Strings in R
9:41AM 0 Multivariate longitudinal analysis
8:54AM 0 Syntax for Rmpi cf multicore
6:10AM 1 Help on reading multiple files in R
5:44AM 1 Question about splines in R
5:43AM 1 Help on reading multipe files in R
2:42AM 1 I have aproblem about nomogram--thank you for your help
2:22AM 3 How To Extract Row from A Data Frame
12:57AM 3 can't find and install reshape2??
Sunday October 3 2010
10:38PM 2 sampling from normal distribution
8:29PM 5 How to iterate through different arguments?
8:04PM 1 plyr: a*ply with functions that return matrices-- possible bug in aaply?
7:47PM 1 Johnson Distribution Fit
5:59PM 2 readBin which has two different sizes
5:58PM 1 scatterplot error message
5:03PM 4 Programmaticly finding number of processors by R code
4:54PM 0 GPCLIB Segfaults
2:12PM 2 A problem about nomogram--thank you for you help
1:22PM 1 Package for converting R datasets into SQL Server (create table and insert statements)?
10:04AM 3 Include externally generated pdf in output (without Sweave)
8:58AM 1 Modifying a data.frame
6:12AM 2 How to programme R to randomly replace some X values with Outliers
3:57AM 1 Help with panel.text in Lattice - Putting labels for co-oridnates in a plot
3:31AM 2 Read file
2:01AM 2 R data opening problem
Saturday October 2 2010
11:40PM 1 Deducer and Contingency Tables
10:43PM 2 tyring to save plots using windoze 7 and cygwin
9:27PM 3 Non-Parametric Adventures in R
7:07PM 1 can't compile R on CentOS 64bit (bad interpreter: Permission denied)
5:58PM 0 Amazon EC 2 AMI for using R
5:47PM 1 Possible Bug in Effects Package
5:04PM 2 Tinn R
4:14PM 1 maximum matrix size if it runs with 64-bit R
4:00PM 1 Apply function over elemetns of a list
1:00PM 0 Public Snapshot for using R
12:43PM 0 Running R on Amazon EC2 : Public Snapshot for use
2:53AM 1 hclust with method = “ward”
1:59AM 1 problem with spline
1:11AM 1 [Fwd: RE: maximum likelihood problem]
1:02AM 1 Memory allocation in 64 bit R
12:52AM 1 Help its urgent
Friday October 1 2010
11:26PM 2 trouble with RODBC -- chopping off part of column names
10:27PM 3 Suppressing printing in the function
9:58PM 3 How many R packages are not free?
9:53PM 2 element wise conditional assignment in r
9:53PM 0 plm: lag() and diff() do not (always) recognize a gap in the time dimension
8:39PM 3 maximum likelihood problem
7:38PM 2 How to apply vector value function to a multidimensional array indexed by the remaining dimensions?
7:31PM 1 Contrasts for MANOVA
7:08PM 3 gridExtra question
7:01PM 1 Pass Arguments to R with an LSF submit
6:16PM 0 [Fwd: Re: cleaning up a vector]
5:51PM 4 cleaning up a vector
5:42PM 1 How to Install R Commander?
5:38PM 1 Facets in ggplot2
5:28PM 1 add a new column to data frame
4:22PM 1 mhtplot?
4:15PM 1 writing an R code for a given model
3:41PM 2 How to generate scatterplot - with a twist
3:36PM 0 ff version 2.2.0
3:07PM 2 Need to incorporate the use of na.rm into custom function
2:48PM 1 Question about Reduce
2:43PM 1 plotting wind rose data (Karl Ropkins)
2:02PM 1 'all subsets' fitting algorithm for Bayesian approach
1:43PM 1 Accessing Element of a Table
1:35PM 0 Looping through different arguments
1:18PM 4 Creating R objects in Java
11:39AM 3 help regarding the package installation
11:05AM 2 function which can apply a function by a grouping variable and also hand over an additional variable, e.g. a weight
10:12AM 6 Interpreting the example given by Frank Harrell in the predict.lrm {Design} help
9:56AM 2 Irregular time series plot
9:49AM 2 Issues loading rtiff 1.4.1 with R 2.6.2 on Windows
8:33AM 2 Small p-value good or bad?
6:12AM 1 RGL and Windows 7
5:59AM 3 Converting a dataframe column from string to datetime
5:56AM 1 R-Square for Robust Regression Model
4:09AM 2 Format of Output of Residuals
3:32AM 1 [Help]:How to use "loop" to achieve this aim?
2:50AM 1 colored rasterImage()
2:08AM 1 Place constrictions on parameters when using Optim and MaxLik
12:58AM 0 Populating values in a PowerPoint table