wine users - Feb 2010

Sunday February 28 2010
9:15PM 6 GTA san andreas problem
7:45PM 1 assasins creed
1:53PM 2 Elven Legacy
1:40PM 1 The KM Player dont work
9:48AM 1 NFS MW closes after loadin profile
4:50AM 2 Game id like to see implemented into wine
12:45AM 2 Out of curiousity
12:44AM 2 The Godfather : The Game
Saturday February 27 2010
9:44PM 0 wysiwygwebbuilder6: error on load
8:42PM 4 Google Failed Me
5:08PM 3 Master of Orion 2 on Mac OS X
3:30PM 1 does internet download manager works well with wine in suse
3:27PM 1 foxit reader pro v3.0(1506) is not working in opensuse 11.1
3:13PM 4 Wine Doesn't Detect Extra Drives
12:29PM 3 git pull != svn update ?
10:34AM 6 Re: guild wars disappears
2:52AM 3 Cant Add Wine on Ubuntu 9.10
2:35AM 3 Rhapsody Crashes on startup for Mac OS X 15
1:50AM 2 application suddenly shuts down in wine, errorlog attached.
12:06AM 2 Game has odd lag with beta
Friday February 26 2010
11:55PM 2 FootballManager 2010 + Pixel Shader = Error
9:17PM 2 interesting problems with dual monitors
5:28PM 11 Wine is freezing
12:48PM 5 Problems with the Java cirtual machine
12:40PM 1 Mac OS 10.6 : CDROM_Verify
5:27AM 4 "Serious Error" with Mac OS X Leopard
12:22AM 1 Game runs too fast(NHL 2005)
Thursday February 25 2010
8:57PM 7 New Steam Client 2010 GUI
8:30PM 0 Re: Unable to launch any game, weird assertion
9:55AM 2 Can Wine Be Used To Install And Run Peachtree Quantum?
9:50AM 1 Need help to install wine software in ubuntu
7:10AM 0 8 Bit Cursor Support/Blank Loading screen
6:51AM 1 Re: League of Legends - Beta in Wine
Wednesday February 24 2010
11:28PM 0 Re: Winelib application linking with non-system Windows DLL - ho
11:02PM 3 StreamTorrent problem
6:58PM 2 Quick Tax
6:34PM 1 Sketchup Crashes
5:48PM 5 wine image resizing (anti-alias)
5:06PM 0 Winelib application linking with non-system Windows DLL - how?
5:03PM 4 OpenGL Failing
4:42PM 1 MS Office 2007 Picture Problem?
11:02AM 1 Building latest Wine-GIT on AMD64 still fails
10:49AM 1 Football Manager 2010 - resolution on netbook
9:58AM 4 help, please, wine kill
3:08AM 1 Sketchup 7 and proxy settings.
3:06AM 1 Re: RSH
1:45AM 4 Game Freezes Randomly Playing Wow
1:20AM 3 To update Wine?
12:33AM 1 Wine and World of Warcraft
Tuesday February 23 2010
11:13PM 0 Re: Waiting forever for appdb test data aproval - how can I spee
10:11PM 5 Virtuagirl HD on Mac OS X
9:49PM 3 Wine Install issues on Leopard(Mac)
7:32PM 4 Programs don't install on WINE
5:42PM 1 Re: No Sound in Powerpoint.
4:43PM 1 Sponsor specific wine development
1:47PM 1 VB IsDate/IsNumber: Localisation does not work
12:49PM 1 Installation binary for Mac OS X
5:39AM 1 Installing Counter Strike, clicked exe nothing happens
5:01AM 6 Eve Online in Ubuntu
12:06AM 3 Screen goes white while playing WonderKing
Monday February 22 2010
10:01PM 3 Football Manager 2010
6:18PM 4 mouse pointer disappears in the window of apps under win
5:33PM 8 Custom configurations for some applications
5:14PM 0 MetaTrader with Wine on Ubuntu 9.10
3:51PM 0 Re: Waiting forever for appdb test data aproval - how can I spee
3:36PM 0 Re: Waiting forever for appdb test data aproval - how can I spee
3:13PM 3 Wine Desktop
3:01PM 2 Waiting forever for appdb test data aproval - how can I speed it up?
2:50PM 2 .NET framework
1:42PM 1 Rise of Nations
1:36PM 1 Text s p a c e d o u t in theory test
11:54AM 5 Warcraft III TFT no-cd error
9:06AM 4 Diablo 2 greyscale WINE 1.1.31
5:28AM 3 bootable WINE
4:26AM 3 Wine not creating Program Groups or links
1:52AM 1 MacPorts selfupdate command is failing....
Sunday February 21 2010
9:26PM 1 Direct3D error trying to run game?
9:00PM 3 Win CuteFTP running under Mac
6:09PM 1 How to read the error messages
5:33PM 4 overdrive media console
4:12PM 1 longshot: running fxcm's trading station on centOS 5 vps
3:36PM 0 WYSIWYG Web Builder 6 run problem
2:18PM 0 VideoConvert.exe
1:29PM 1 Software with SecuROM causes exception
3:03AM 1 how to make IE6 window larger?
Saturday February 20 2010
11:40PM 4 Menu items won't remove upon uninstall
7:24PM 0 MapZone 2, OpenGL errors + crash
5:39PM 0 FAVVIO.COM Watch Movies Online For Free Full Movie Downloads
3:55PM 2 X Error 136 running all games from terminal
2:42PM 2 CScrollView - Help
2:23PM 1 (no subject)
2:22PM 1 Java Error while trying to run an exe file :(
1:18PM 1 Where does Wine install my windows stuff on my mac?
7:01AM 1 gold yeah
5:19AM 3 MFC Code Compile Error
5:06AM 1 Make so Wine program does not control sound
4:49AM 1 Problems with MFC code
12:32AM 2 Problems with Wine on FreeBSD
Friday February 19 2010
10:59PM 1 Re: Does wine enable logging and if so can I disable it? And how
9:49PM 0 wine 1.1.35 crash on OS X with access violation
7:00PM 5 autoconf error with Wine 1.1.39
6:35PM 2 Drake Tax Preparation Software
6:25PM 0 Error message when try to install Windows based application
6:04PM 5 echogent vncviewer.exe
6:01PM 3 wine causes echo (multiple playback)
9:04AM 2 Bioshock 2 SecuLauncher: Failed to start application
7:10AM 0 Re: Does wine enable logging and if so can I disable it? And how
Thursday February 18 2010
11:38PM 3 star trek online
11:07PM 3 PoP Sands of time : Wine crash
7:21PM 7 how to install .net framework on WINE
6:01PM 2 USB to serial adapter with TeraTerm, speed issues
12:46PM 4 How to make a simple win32 software to work under wine
12:38PM 3 Does wine enable logging and if so can I disable it? And how do I remove log files?
Wednesday February 17 2010
9:29PM 0 World Basketball Manager. Any possible way to run?
5:51PM 1 Wine debug sumbols. How to get?
4:52PM 1 oblivion grafix issues
4:08PM 1 AVIFileExit (): stub!
3:50PM 0 DSD, better alternative 2 compat lists & settings tweak
1:40PM 1 Trying to start a language learning software...
12:07PM 1 TablEdit 2.69, Wine 1.1.31, Jaunty, and sound problem
8:58AM 2 CS:S microphone
3:43AM 3 Wine on Linux mint 8
Tuesday February 16 2010
10:56PM 1 Dark Void doesn't start
10:20PM 4 Dell Printer Software
9:34PM 1 ut2004
9:25PM 1 Re: Wine 1.1.35 DirectX error on OS X
9:08PM 1 Native odbc
5:22PM 1 Trying to Uninstall Palm Desktop & Hotsync
2:31PM 3 Installing games on a portable harddrive using wine
2:14PM 1 Flashgame Creeper World
11:23AM 4 An other 4D problem (4D V11)
7:28AM 1 dimesio - Wine version
4:29AM 0 problem with civ 4
3:53AM 2 Re: New to Wine and Linux/Ubuntu
Monday February 15 2010
10:34PM 1 Curse Gaming
10:09PM 1 Sims 3 Error
9:36PM 3 .net error
9:34PM 3 Trying to solve a .NET issue
8:29PM 2 Top 100 game wine checklist
6:42PM 1 Unhandled execption on Warcraft 3 when entering on bnet
6:22PM 2 Command & conquer 4 beta
5:29PM 6 SmartGo and mlang.dll
4:22PM 7 Dragon NS 9 Standard Installation errors
3:49AM 7 No keyboard input when running RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
1:51AM 1 Strange colors in wine-1.1.38 playing The Witcher
Sunday February 14 2010
11:29PM 0 Garbage Reference Sites.
9:37PM 5 Warcraft III - issues - Mistake with gnutls?
8:35PM 3 Wine patched
7:48PM 1 Crosshairs/mouse problem with Jedi Outcast/Academy
7:10PM 2 Fallout 3 and Wine 1.1.38, audio problem
6:37PM 3 IE6 install issue
5:39PM 0 c&c free and legally from EA
6:14AM 7 But I don't WANT the dev version!
5:32AM 5 Newb Help!
2:23AM 3 wine1.2 vs wine
2:06AM 1 AppDB instructions
Saturday February 13 2010
8:53PM 1 Civilization 3 Complete Edition Wont install.
8:51PM 2 Wine, ICC compilation and performance tests.
7:56PM 3 Is there any known issue when compiling wine with gcc-4.4.3?
5:06PM 0 Age of Mythology
4:07PM 3 Batman Arkam Asylum (No Steam Version)
12:43PM 8 S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call of Pripyat on Wine 1.1.38
7:30AM 13 Need some feedback on this Printing Solution
2:32AM 0 wine-users Digest, Vol 55, Issue 49
1:36AM 2 Macports wine-crossover-games
Friday February 12 2010
10:50PM 2 gdiplus error after Simplified Chinese is installed
7:55PM 1 Continuum 0.40 quick crash on OpenSUSE 11.2 x86_64
6:18PM 1 Which version of iTunes
1:27PM 2 Running wine on multiprocessor
1:12PM 2 Regression testing on Gentoo
12:41PM 2 Crypt key
12:18PM 1 fallout 3 crash before start
11:40AM 7 Bonzai 3D - SketchUp with nurbs
9:08AM 1 Wine is GONE ok justhe icon
7:55AM 1 4-Bit Toolbars: Bad colors in rendered icons
6:41AM 1 Microsoft .NET 2.0 SP1
5:54AM 3 Install from CD? Executable permission not set?
5:14AM 1 Wine Sysex in OS X?
3:17AM 1 [Fwd: Re: Errors running BiblePro and BibleStudyPro on today's Git]
3:11AM 0 Found some nice knives with great prices and free shipping
12:12AM 10 Problems with a little program VS WINE
Thursday February 11 2010
8:07PM 2 Oblivion sound effects mutted on wine-1.1.38
7:08PM 2 Wine/Darwine no longer opening .exe files?
6:22PM 1 Runtime Error 429: Activex component can not create the obje
3:20PM 6 winehq mailing list silently reject my emails?
1:37PM 0 Best demo games for Wine?
10:25AM 1 Windows app demanding dialup networking - registry entry?
6:49AM 1 Logitech Harmony Remote Software (7.7.0) Fails to See Remote
5:24AM 1 Mathematical Program
4:20AM 1 Microphone Problems
3:36AM 2 Errors running BiblePro and BibleStudyPro on today's Git
3:12AM 0 Star Wars: Empire at War; Sup. Cmmdr: Can't Find 2nd Disk...
Wednesday February 10 2010
10:22PM 1 Re: Installing WINE on Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
10:11PM 4 problem with win32 application
7:29PM 2 Re: gekkeiju online running, now just need shaders
4:08PM 1 Call of Duty install problem
2:33PM 2 Can you please help me with my usb headset
2:09PM 2 Re: multiple iso + install problem
12:30PM 2 Fallout 2
11:52AM 2 How do I point an application to a virtual drive I created?
7:00AM 1 Office 2007 installer error
2:16AM 15 Lotus Forms Viewer 3.5
Tuesday February 9 2010
11:19PM 2 Game- Fishdom H20 video problem
5:02PM 1 Program crashed while trying to show the crash dialogue ...
10:08AM 1 Trying to get world of warcraft working
9:41AM 1 Patch Wine
9:06AM 7 Any way of Implementing OpenInputDesktop
8:17AM 2 Mass Effect, Problem With Mouse
2:48AM 1 libxml2 32-bit files not found during ./configure
12:27AM 6 invalid ELF header
Monday February 8 2010
10:42PM 1 PPLive can't start with wine on OS 10.4 Mac Tiger
9:36PM 2 GTA San Andreas on Mac-PLEASE READ!
8:58PM 1 Use of Wine to access devices via Windows programs
5:35PM 4 Gnome wine menu entry gone
3:59PM 6 Wine on Mac: subpar experience
3:48PM 2 Some questions about wintab contexts
2:32PM 1 Acer Aspire 5739G - Wine doesn't work
12:56PM 3 Gatecrasher infecting wine?
9:11AM 7 Running wine via php
8:19AM 0 Modo 302, interface delay
6:45AM 17 Visual C++ runtime library error
2:36AM 1 Latest attempt to install BiblePro on Wine (1.1.38)
12:18AM 1 Battlefield 1942 : No Fullscreen, Soundbugs, some lags
Sunday February 7 2010
1:44PM 0 Torchlight Segfault
12:13PM 5 New to wine
12:06PM 3 c: browser inaccessible
11:58AM 3 Re: Wine 3D performance - where does the bottleneck lies and how
9:57AM 0 Need for Speed Pro Street v1.1 crashes
8:33AM 2 Re: multiping and ping plotter show 100% loss
4:26AM 2 Pathologic (oldish Russian game)
1:50AM 4 Run linux binaries on Windows
1:49AM 1 Re: Wine 3D performance - where does the bottleneck lies and how
12:31AM 0 Wine 3D performance - where does the bottleneck lies and how much optimized wine is?
12:01AM 1 Sound - Alsa registry settings
Saturday February 6 2010
8:44PM 2 Streaming NetFlix Movies to a Linux Computer
2:49PM 0 Read this if your app has problems with gdiplus in 1.1.38
10:59AM 1 Counter Strike Source problem
9:11AM 1 Can't install MW2
8:42AM 1 menu help
8:33AM 2 Game for Windows Live and Wine
7:20AM 9 binding to privileged Linux ports (<= 1024)
4:47AM 1 Problem to play Football Manager 2010
2:01AM 1 Re: Wine err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception - WoW.exe
Friday February 5 2010
11:10PM 5 White screen after some time in WoW
4:29PM 2 Cant get Wow to work
3:23PM 0 fixme d3d9 snowbound online
10:46AM 1 fixme ?
10:13AM 0 wine and eveonline exe can not sart more then 4times
9:07AM 4 Multiply useres with Wine
4:07AM 3 i updated my nvidia driver and now segmentation fault
Thursday February 4 2010
11:10PM 1 Windows 2003 Server / SheevaPlug
9:37PM 2 Unable to connect with IE8
4:42PM 4 Does Wine support the NVIDIA 7186 drivers?
3:03PM 1 .NET app -> some menus missing
10:11AM 5 WoW WOTLK => Patch 3.3.2 kills my fps....
7:50AM 2 WoW - WOTLK Install issues
2:30AM 1 Scripting Microsoft Office on Linux via Wine
1:41AM 0 SCIM and iBus in wine
12:48AM 0 World of Warcraft Stuttering
Wednesday February 3 2010
6:19PM 5 VAG-COM
12:07AM 1 Did I do it right?
Tuesday February 2 2010
9:52PM 0 Itunes 9 Error 7
7:45PM 0 error after wine update
4:47PM 1 MSOFFICE 2007-configuration problem
11:16AM 0 Problems with Office Viewer
10:57AM 2 installation question
10:27AM 9 Want to use Digital Oszilloscope DSO-2100 at parport LPT1
6:23AM 1 Why is this happening?
5:07AM 2 X11DRV_WineGL_InitOpenglInfo Direct rendering is disabled
4:58AM 2 im not sure if i can run this on my computer
4:09AM 3 Battlefront 2 extremely long level loading times
1:55AM 4 Internet Explorer starts without toolbar or menu
1:52AM 4 terminal help
1:30AM 2 windows dlls
12:29AM 2 How do I debug a VB application install?
Monday February 1 2010
9:45PM 6 office installation crashes
8:06PM 0 Counter Strike ProMod Visual C++ error
8:00PM 4 Reverting Wine to earlier version
7:25PM 2 Sound
1:30PM 6 Civstat Uploader : error ntdll
11:32AM 1 weird number field error
7:09AM 0 Help a Cal Poly Student
1:44AM 2 Authorize Final Draft Program From USB Stick Instead of CD