wine users - Oct 2008

Friday October 31 2008
9:48PM 11 Remedy 5.1
8:46PM 2 Huawei 3G USB Broadband Dongle
7:31PM 1 Ubuntu 8.10, Wine 1.0.1 and jre-1_5_0_16-windows-i586-p.exe
3:48PM 0 Re: How about this replacement of WINE.
2:15PM 4 Can't Download Scott Richie's key for Ubuntu Repo.
2:15PM 2 add parameters to the application
11:35AM 2 Repository
1:16AM 1 HugeTLB support?
1:16AM 5 config moved?
12:34AM 4 Darwine issues
Thursday October 30 2008
11:59PM 16 gdi32.dll error
10:05PM 2 wine and far cry error
9:56PM 3 Unable to search AppDB for Windchaser
8:23PM 13 Lenny repository disappeared
8:23PM 9 Attention Non-Linux Wine Users
6:59PM 1 Re: Wine on Asus eee pc 900 running Xandros.
4:41PM 1 Hello, and sry for this posting in advance...
4:17PM 1 Internet Explorer embedded
3:24PM 8 open network path
12:04PM 3 Help Getting Program to Run
11:00AM 4 Problem when Trusting the WineHQ APT Repository
9:38AM 8 Alt-Tab in Wine
8:36AM 1 wine 1.1.7 + punkbuster
7:52AM 1 How to install wine gecko
7:15AM 2 not accelerated wine on all X3100 cards
5:17AM 4 edit C: drive path.
2:28AM 6 COM ports are not getting locked
12:38AM 0 winhelp error
Wednesday October 29 2008
11:19PM 5 Wine HQ in Macosx
10:47PM 7 Thanks!
7:45PM 5 Wine d3d apps: Fuzzy (badly distorted) picture
5:02PM 6 Age of Empire 2 GOLD with Expansion The Conqueror not work
4:11PM 2 Getting a new app added to the AppDB?
11:14AM 2 Removing pulseaudio affects startup / shutdown in Intrepid
10:42AM 1 winedoors and starmenu
9:47AM 3 Uninstalling/removing MS Office 2000 premium on WIne
9:30AM 0 Snow Inventory Console -> "fixme:netbios..."
6:43AM 6 WoW/mandriva/Wine
5:38AM 1 Wine, PLC Programmer and COM port Problems
Tuesday October 28 2008
10:36PM 2 Rosetta v3 part 13
9:28PM 5 All games, black screen = configuration problem?
1:52PM 11 Codeweavers
1:26PM 2 help!!!! please... pretty, please :D
11:42AM 9 Wine does not compile on Fedora 9 x86_64
4:19AM 19 How to install Wine-1.1.7 on Ubuntu 7.10
Monday October 27 2008
11:53PM 2 Wine 1.01 in Ubuntu 8.10
9:54PM 0 Re: Pirates Online
6:49PM 9 No avaliable sound options on Lenny
2:48PM 2 DLink USB Wi-Fi
2:42PM 0 [ Re: Adobe Director projectors]
11:13AM 9 Adobe Director projectors
10:59AM 2 Wine post graduation thesis
9:05AM 8 Bad display glitches with Ultima Online
8:16AM 8 installing autocad lt 2002
7:08AM 1 Quicken 2009
7:08AM 2 Automatically start Steam in taskbar
Sunday October 26 2008
10:37PM 1 wine-1.1.7 + VNC = remote session ending
5:13PM 90 Big test coming up: fallout 3
5:12PM 1 set DLLs realtime
5:03PM 4 WoW gets Fatal Exception often
12:51PM 2 Every game is out of sync.
12:48PM 2 PhysX
9:50AM 1 WoW Issues
5:28AM 2 Wine 1.1.7 and 1.0.1 not working on Intrepid 64 bit
12:17AM 3 Accessing games at through wine
Saturday October 25 2008
8:11PM 4 How do you send emails to the forums from the mailing list?
3:23PM 2 Darkseed 2
3:29AM 2 3D rendering errors
Friday October 24 2008
9:25PM 2 NeverHood won't run [Unable to initialize DirectDraw]
7:27PM 2 Status of Wine and DX10
3:58PM 10 World of Warcraft - Ubuntu ... Low Framerate
2:51PM 2 Wine USB sound is OSS only?
2:16PM 1 Visual Basic 4 under Wine
1:56PM 0 fwd: Using MDAC with wine
10:46AM 1 Which Nvidia Card ?
Thursday October 23 2008
9:15PM 5 Wine install problem - undefined reference to `bMenuVisible'
7:10PM 0 Re: Pspice won't run because of the "debug" mode of ru
7:00PM 4 flatout2 multiplayer -- cedega yes / wine no
6:02PM 0 Pspice won't run because of the "debug" mode of running it
5:14PM 13 Cannot load image .bmp
1:10PM 0 wine + lwsn
12:11PM 5 maintainer
12:02PM 0 Favor - someone to answer calls for help
11:46AM 3 USB support
7:33AM 5 Wine crashes, debug info included
7:18AM 9 Problems running Writeoutloud
2:48AM 3 Changing Wine's mapping of system folders (Documents etc)
1:11AM 4 How To Uninstall Winetricks & Packages Installed
1:07AM 8 Having problems with World of warcraft
12:20AM 7 Problems With Rich Text I Think
Wednesday October 22 2008
11:42PM 3 Lala music mover throws many errors
8:24PM 2 origin 6.x
5:07PM 2 registry
3:41PM 1 cant get window focus for keyboard inputs
2:52PM 1 help with a demo that will not launch
2:34PM 0 Re: Issue with wine and keyboard
2:06PM 0 crit error when trying to load lineage 2
1:42PM 0 Re: Halo install won't work.
11:23AM 0 Re: crit error when trying to load lineage 2
4:13AM 9 LMTools
1:09AM 2 Attempting to play Zu Online using Wine
Tuesday October 21 2008
10:04PM 8 Doom3 and Quake3 mouse issues
9:49PM 3 Does Photoshop CS4 Retail work in the lastest WINE??
7:28PM 2 Hello
6:45PM 1 Running apps with wine after login to another user account
2:47PM 1 Compile error
1:34PM 0 using ALSA with a USB device?? Is this possible?
1:01PM 3 Bugzilla comment
12:17PM 3 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7 install fails -ve memory reported
11:14AM 5 DB app data can be view but not edited
9:49AM 3 Windows Username/Password environment variables
9:27AM 12 Only one joystick of two activated
3:00AM 1 Insufficient Free HD Space
12:07AM 0 Videora (.NET 2.0) crashes on launch
Monday October 20 2008
4:55PM 15 Problem with the text areas
3:08PM 0 Today's git won't install DNS10 - IE not found
1:30PM 2 Re: PolarProTrainer
11:58AM 2 Wine + IMGBurn
10:50AM 16 How can wine be available for all users?
5:44AM 3 How Can I Install Foxit In Wine (Ubuntu)?
5:33AM 0 Regarding "Unable to open slave"
5:06AM 21 Wine and Quicken
4:08AM 10 Gollden Tee Golf
3:35AM 9 Can't Remove Unwanted Apps In MS Office '03 In Ubuntu - HELP
Sunday October 19 2008
9:36PM 9 Wacraft 3 Support deteriorating
8:17PM 2 The Witcher "standard Edition" with patch 1.4
4:49PM 0 Re: Compilation problems.
4:05PM 3 Cant get full screen
Saturday October 18 2008
8:28PM 4 Errors when running an Install proram
7:38PM 5 Windowing bug under KDE4.1
7:25PM 4 SPORE with GF5900XT + Ubuntu 8.04
5:13PM 1 Rubbish performance in Oblivion
4:50PM 1 User needs boson netsim
4:36PM 2 no sound playing games in Fedora 9
3:50PM 2 Drop-down menus won't stay open
3:37PM 0 FS2002
1:48PM 1 sharing my itunes library over my wlan w/ mojo on wine
9:28AM 2 end of line not at end of line (Compile error) (V1.0.1&1.0.6
Friday October 17 2008
10:13PM 1 Check This Out
6:23PM 2 Can't Install office 2003 ?
6:14PM 1 Visual basic 2005 express
6:05PM 2 CoD4 multiplayer = black screen
4:39PM 3 Hype: The time quest won't install.
1:32PM 4 UNC Mapping with WINE
11:49AM 6 Everything crash after installing MS Visual C++ Runtime
10:04AM 3 Guitar Pro in Wine?
8:56AM 0 Re: Excel 2003
5:43AM 3 Having trouble updating
4:22AM 3 interline and vstretch
3:51AM 4 Testing for Windows malware under Wine
3:34AM 1 WineHQ FAQs and authentication
Thursday October 16 2008
7:58PM 6 Sound skips in all games since Wine 1.1.6
7:34PM 5 ouch
7:07PM 0 Apology for the duplication
4:54PM 4 wineconf screwed xp install
1:45PM 4 Using native DLLs
10:15AM 0 Re: dvdflick no longer works in wine
6:31AM 1 iTunes 8... needs SP2?
Wednesday October 15 2008
4:14PM 3 VT Accounts
1:39PM 6 Help with a program to use ?
1:29PM 1 yellowdog
1:25PM 1 Will wine run itself's windows version under linux?
12:59PM 0 IrfanView vs FastStone: wine in Ubuntu
7:40AM 23 Want to help Wine?
5:13AM 0 wininet: quiet a noisy fixme
2:08AM 3 err:process:init_windows_dirs directory L"c:\\windows" could
Tuesday October 14 2008
8:44PM 0 Re: Microsoft Systems Management Server
6:56PM 1 System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: Int32
5:43PM 0 Guildwars Wifi Problem
2:31PM 0 Re: How about this replacement of WINE
2:02PM 8 wineboot with comctl32 native
1:15PM 1 If i compile a program thought wine will it run in windows?
12:52AM 1 Page fault when loading Irfanview
Monday October 13 2008
11:11PM 2 Winflash Educator
11:04PM 0 Wine - GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) and fb_copy_to_texture_d
9:51PM 0 MajicJack and Wine
4:46PM 1 Passing arguments from the command line to apps on Mac OS X (Darwine and CrossOver)
2:36PM 10 Need help with an old VB application
1:39PM 6 ReactOS is Dead?!!
8:57AM 3 Start Internet Explorer 6.0
1:27AM 4 C++ Runtime Error
1:04AM 1 needed by winecore
Sunday October 12 2008
11:43PM 3 Kudos 2
9:58PM 5 Lack of DOS support in wine
7:13PM 1 as end user of wine to run MS office which rpm do i use?
5:44PM 1 Team Fortress 2 - Black Stripes
5:43PM 3 Install wine
10:59AM 2 Empire earth: page fault
10:50AM 2 WoW fails to start, SegFault
10:45AM 3 Wine + Debian + utorrent
10:19AM 7 Getting game to run: directories
9:53AM 0 Call of Duty 4: Unable to start
2:30AM 8 COD4 alpah blend problem.
1:23AM 2 Will there be a 1.0.1?
Saturday October 11 2008
10:28PM 1 1.1.5 and 1.1.6 make errors
10:04PM 2 Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager installer won't run
9:17PM 0 Some application questions
8:24PM 0 New wine (1.1.6) for Etch available at
2:34PM 3 Running GUI applications in background
2:18PM 10 msiexec errors with photobook installation
1:10AM 1 Encouraging producers to develop under Linux
Friday October 10 2008
10:25PM 5 GIT and cdrom access
9:46PM 2 Digg's wine-1.1.6 announcement
7:38PM 3 Screwed fullscreen apps
5:31PM 0 SD Card access for Garmin XT Software
2:03PM 2 SQLExp ?
1:29PM 2 Error while loading an application... any help?
11:45AM 1 Regarding Wine Debugging
11:07AM 3 The Tournament Director 2 won't run
12:14AM 0 [Corefonts] library not compiled to support large files
Thursday October 9 2008
9:07PM 3 running command line apps without X-Windows
8:35PM 0 I cannot start a game without registration through the web
7:53PM 4 No program start icon
7:35PM 14 Where to download DLL'S
7:35PM 10 WoW + Wine Git
3:28PM 16 CRLF issue
11:29AM 1 Re: X3 Reunion sound+movies
8:57AM 1 The ordinal 6877 could not be located in the dll
Wednesday October 8 2008
7:16PM 5 Wine Won't load - New to Linux, was initially impressed :-(
6:16PM 0 mouse cursor not working in wine window
4:07PM 2 "User's $HOME/.dmrc file is being ignored" after compilation
1:28PM 0 Ugly rounded corners on Windows
1:26PM 2 Improve image scaling
12:33PM 2 Wine local user only
7:54AM 2 Pushing delete key deletes characters + prints dots (.)
1:47AM 9 Is there a way to protect Wine?
Tuesday October 7 2008
8:59PM 13 After update and compilation of Wine - version isn't changed
4:54PM 0 IBP under Wine in Ubuntu 8.04
Monday October 6 2008
10:02PM 7 Solution to Garry's mod prop crashing problem
9:58PM 1 How to tell whether Shockwave is installed?
8:14PM 1 winspool.drv
7:25PM 5 Logitech G11 keyboard and wine
4:14PM 3 WoW + Wine + Twinview = Annoying jumping cursor
2:55PM 0 Problem with LOK 3.
1:23PM 0 Porting guide for windows compiler focused source
9:13AM 6 application doesnt start at startup when run via WINE !
6:30AM 2 [Game] Pathologic: help me create a useful bug report
Sunday October 5 2008
5:54PM 0 Helper scripts fror installing apps in a multi user env
4:18PM 4 Autopano Pro 1.4.2 on WINE (path problem I think)
12:46PM 7 Available Memory Mapping Space (PC Study Bible 5)
10:18AM 7 Excel Solver Add-In / Alternatives
10:09AM 4 Graphic problems starting Wine or winecfg
7:55AM 1 Wine and Lord of the Rings Online
1:30AM 3 uTorrent + Secure Tracker = HTTP Error 400
Saturday October 4 2008
11:51PM 2 Wine 1.0 and Ragnarok Online
11:26PM 2 How to get started installing a Windows app under Wine
9:58PM 5 Shift/ALT/CTRL keys sticking in Wine...
5:53PM 6 Portal crashes after splash screen.
2:39PM 0 Wine demo at Austin, TX LUG this thursday
9:32AM 3 SegFault with World of Warcraft
6:03AM 1 Use or not use C:
4:13AM 4 QuickBooks Pro 99 Installer Hangs At Registering DLL's
2:06AM 3 Re: Wine on Asus EEE
Friday October 3 2008
10:02PM 2 Steam question
11:18AM 1 Regarding wine registry
6:41AM 7 Redshark Error "Windows Scripting Host not installed"
Thursday October 2 2008
8:54PM 1 setting of a shortcut to start applications
8:49PM 1 MS Office Word 2003
2:43PM 2 Numerical calculations differ between XP and Wine
1:50PM 5 Spore stopped working
10:38AM 1 Utorrent lists wine as platform.
5:23AM 4 Mdac2.8 Installation problem reg
1:49AM 1 Bionic Commando Rearmed
Wednesday October 1 2008
6:49PM 0 Newbie:Family Tree Maker 2009 will not execute-Ubuntu Hardy
3:29PM 3 Call of Duty 4
3:28PM 5 Opening programs in seperate wine windows
3:18PM 3 Help with dreamweaver please
5:43AM 7 help with lotus notes invocation using wine
4:35AM 6 Is there any other way for accessing .hive files?
2:42AM 1 nero 7
1:45AM 0 Issues running Guild Wars