wine users - Sep 2008

Tuesday September 30 2008
8:23PM 5 Error message when running an install.exe
5:53PM 1 Ares and connection problems
4:34PM 1 Question about OpenGL libraries and Wine
3:26PM 1 (no subject)
2:43PM 2 snip... how to patch code?
11:51AM 2 Arch Linux, Wine 1.1.5 and Photoshop CS 3 (10.0)
11:20AM 6 Can Wine be configured to access unmountable harddrive?
10:58AM 1 Problem Running windows Porgram OutCall
9:24AM 1 how to import .hive file in wine registry
8:02AM 0 EVE online
7:19AM 1 Zbrush and uTorrent can't run at the same time
Monday September 29 2008
9:32PM 1 Re: FL Studio 8 regcode isn't accepted
8:43PM 1 winelib: afxres.h - needed?
8:12PM 1 Problem getting Audio CD to work in wine
2:58PM 3 wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x00000064
7:59AM 0 Sybex CompTIA A+ CD's
12:21AM 1 Switch between Wine Versions for best App support - "glow"
Sunday September 28 2008
7:10PM 1 WoW texture glitch
4:01PM 0 Re: Regression From Platinum:Fallout1&2
9:51AM 1 Running Wine on removable media
7:08AM 1 WINE GDI+ Support
5:46AM 1 Stopped working!
5:45AM 1 problem with installing photoshop CS2
4:56AM 2 App Hangs on a Long Running Operation
2:25AM 0 X Error BadAlloc - delete .wine every time
2:05AM 1 Error accessing third-party programs
1:04AM 1 BlueTooth Headset
Saturday September 27 2008
7:39PM 2 Something odd is going on in this list
4:01PM 1 I think i messed up...
5:29AM 1 CyberSky version 4.04 works
Friday September 26 2008
11:20PM 0 Cannot Run Halo Custom Edition.
10:02PM 3 Can't run Warcraft III
6:06PM 1 Diablo 2 Glide Wrapper does not work with full screen mode
5:59PM 3 Unable to emerge Wine 1.1.5 on Gentoo AMD64
3:38PM 1 Vista Games
3:36PM 1 Is this right - and how does it know??
12:23PM 1 PX-Map doesn't work
10:57AM 5 Compiling - WARNING: No OpenGL library found on this system.
10:33AM 1 A questiob about photoshop rating.
5:28AM 4 single wineserver process on multiple session environment
12:44AM 1 Compiling wine with patch/Running Crysis
12:01AM 2 Old 16bit windows game in Linux!!!!
Thursday September 25 2008
9:47PM 0 Interesting EverQuest overlay performance
6:38PM 3 usb interface support
6:20PM 2 Trojan in Wine?
4:09PM 0 Installing Thang Online HELP!?
4:03PM 1 problem with open gl mode in counterstrike 1.6
2:50PM 0 Re: Multiple Users
1:57PM 0 Problems installing Wine in Terminal and Porticus
11:46AM 0 WINE Odbc Configuration
2:29AM 1 Crossloop chat window not working
Wednesday September 24 2008
8:37PM 2 How do you make wine do real uninstalls?
4:05PM 1 Network Scanning
1:09AM 3 Segmentation fault during compilation
Tuesday September 23 2008
7:31PM 0 Update on using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10
7:30PM 2 problem with running adobe photo shop cs3
4:39PM 3 Silly answers to silly questions for a silly Noob.
1:31PM 2 Wine 1.1.5, Ubuntu x86_64 & FlashFXP
11:59AM 2 Errors with LSFE95.exe and Crysis
7:29AM 3 Heroes 5 fail to run.
6:24AM 6 Struggling to install Call of Duty 4
12:11AM 1 XmlLite Install Error?
12:03AM 2 Error Number 6 Overflow
Monday September 22 2008
10:51PM 1 SEH Exception while running Chief Architect
7:35PM 4 dedicated usb support
3:42PM 1 Application can't access the internet or start a browser
3:25PM 1 warhammer online and age of conan?
2:32PM 1 Wine for the iPhone anyone?
12:53PM 1 DRI problem in wine
12:50PM 1 Where to submit translation bugs?
12:45PM 2 Windows <username>\ Application Data settings under Wine ?
12:18PM 5 Remote Desktop Protocol in 1.1.5
12:06PM 4 Wine has stopped working
9:51AM 0 Once again... strange StarCraft battlenet issue.
5:20AM 2 Help with a windows VST plugin
12:25AM 0 still having problems with wine
12:23AM 1 Re: Getting WIne to see hidden folders in Linux?
Sunday September 21 2008
9:34PM 0 Re: Rosetta Stone Microphone Detection
9:25PM 1 Could not uninstal Adobe software
8:54PM 0 Wine-1.1.5 for Etch, ready for download at
8:13PM 1 card reader "sim-max"
7:34PM 5 How to make Garmin see Garmin?
6:52PM 5 Video card or driver doenst support enough textures +
6:35PM 1 Error message has be baffled.
3:23PM 2 Problem selecting from horizontally scrolling text widget
12:53PM 1 can't instiall wine 1.1.5
11:35AM 4 Fairbot
7:03AM 0 Neverwinter Nights 2 won't load
2:27AM 1 Halo 1.08 Insert CD
Saturday September 20 2008
8:36PM 0 Halo Trial Error
7:07PM 2 Cannot open file in NTFS filesystem on Ubuntu Hardy Heron
6:53PM 2 Guild Wars - great but slow
6:50PM 0 Unreal Tournament - variable speeds during gameplay
6:43PM 0 Warcraft 3 cinematics
6:36PM 0 256 colors: Is it possible in Wine?
6:17PM 0 World of Warcraft gives me this error...
4:53PM 1 Do I Install Wine in Linux? Which files do i need?
2:20PM 4 running native linux commands from wine
1:31PM 2 character encoding for other languages besides english?
12:39PM 1 another question
10:43AM 3 wine 1.1.5 breaks everything
Friday September 19 2008
11:16PM 1 AvP2.
7:36PM 1 usb support
6:21PM 1 Rendering problems in GW
5:32PM 1 NWN2 completely black screen
10:39AM 1 Setting LANG variable
12:04AM 1 Orange Box killed my sound
Thursday September 18 2008
9:44PM 3 Is there any schedule for releasing WinE 1.1.5 for Spore?
9:29PM 3 Installing Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 SP1
9:22PM 4 Questions about BAT
8:51PM 1 setup_exception_record stack overflow
8:50PM 1 Getting Ruckus to Work (And Internet for that matter)
6:21PM 1 NWN2: No Models visible?
5:25PM 3 oralce 9i database and wine
1:51PM 1 Major problem with any 3D game.
1:19PM 13 Re: Autocad 2008 and wine
12:28PM 1 Team Fortress 2 Won't Start
11:59AM 3 Re: Autocad 2008 and wine
7:36AM 0 USB Foot Pedals
5:50AM 1 Re: Autocad 2008 and wine
3:26AM 2 couple of questions
3:06AM 0 800x600 app 1/2 on 1/2 off screen
3:02AM 2 Unbuffered stdout?
1:36AM 2 Wine
1:36AM 1 Strange errors when opening YVD 9.0 RC1
Wednesday September 17 2008
9:20PM 1 How to notify a native linux client for a piece of software?
8:00PM 1 distribute a compiled wine version on linux
5:41PM 1 Re: about cubase and asio...
4:11PM 1 I am unable to purchase games in steam
3:25PM 1 Help me, with an Italian Law-Software
11:08AM 1 Problems when attempting to build wine from source on Ubuntu
8:58AM 7 change graphic card ID
6:42AM 3 problem with Flash MX 2004
6:32AM 1 neverwinter nights 2
4:10AM 4 Petition for PunkBuster Support/Version for WINE in Linux
2:12AM 4 MS Office 2003
Tuesday September 16 2008
11:06PM 0 Disabled Wine PostScript Driver?
7:48PM 5 glass bounces up and down then stops
7:40PM 1 Anvil Studio - installation crashes
1:49PM 3 winetricks or not ?
11:07AM 1 Wine goes too slow
6:37AM 0 AutoCAD 2005 and Wine 1.1.4
Monday September 15 2008
9:40PM 2 wine handles an app weirdly in ubuntu 8.04
8:07PM 0 Wine Morrowind Blue Flash
3:47PM 5 SimCity 4 + RH easily crashes with addons and heavy city.
12:48PM 2 Cannot use PREFIX with wine 1.1.4
12:40PM 1 Ugly widgets, artifacts in button corners (Ubuntu 8.04)
11:29AM 1 I get this error while installing Wine
8:13AM 0 PCLinux and PS Elements 3
3:21AM 1 Google Earth causes X-server to crash under wine
Sunday September 14 2008
8:17PM 0 Using Fotoalbum
5:27PM 2 Existing Windows Installation
12:10PM 5 billiard game
12:20AM 1 Running DeLorme Street Atlas
Saturday September 13 2008
8:19PM 1 How do I set up Steam?
6:13PM 1 Star Wars Galaxies: Cannot Login
5:50PM 4 STRANGE problem when loading a .exe!
2:11PM 1 Native, Builtin for Dummies
4:59AM 5 configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
12:09AM 1 Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows browser fails to install
Friday September 12 2008
11:03PM 2 Windows SNMP Probe via Wine
11:03PM 1 Game Locking Up Due to Sound?
4:01AM 1 Microsoft Systems Management Server
Thursday September 11 2008
4:30PM 3 Neverwinter Nights Update ?
2:51PM 3 Invalid ELF binary with windows DLL - what is this ?????????
10:44AM 3 wine: could not load L"c:\\windows\\system32\\rundll.exe":
10:12AM 1 DX10 With Some Help From Fallingleaf src?
9:10AM 2 No success running SigmaPlot
7:05AM 1 DK2 dont start
4:26AM 1 Re: Mafia (Game that requires DirectX 8.1) install not working
4:08AM 0 Onenote pen button grayed out
3:56AM 3 Installing wine 1.1.4 on Mac OS X - winecfg fails
Wednesday September 10 2008
6:37PM 2 how did wine devs get some values in winbase.h ?
5:59PM 2 App ask for admin privilege
3:57PM 1 peimg /inf running on wine
2:06PM 1 Bug in winealsa.drv? Incredibly specific oddity
12:46PM 2 Re: configure does not detect libfreetype
11:09AM 3 The Spore Game ALMOST work...
9:50AM 2 which is faster: WinApi or C Runtime?
9:14AM 1 Problem saving xls Office 2007 #1
9:13AM 1 Unable to save as pdf in office 2007 #2
9:13AM 1 Office Excel 2007 dynamic link issue #3
8:20AM 0 Wine doesn't like my printer
3:51AM 1 Can't install Civilization 3 or anything else from multi-cds
2:17AM 6 How to access partition on HD...
Tuesday September 9 2008
2:56PM 1 How to change the default fonts of wine?
2:55PM 1 How to remove the wine?
2:54PM 1 FindFirstFileA win32 API function return value
2:19PM 1 Wine not running install programs
12:43AM 2 uTorrent help
Monday September 8 2008
8:44PM 1 WMencoder.exe
8:35PM 2 what is wine good for?
7:05PM 4 dvdflick no longer works in wine
5:52PM 1 Wrong IP address error returned -- 64-bit CPU
2:08PM 3 Is there a way I can get an unsopported app working in Wine?
12:08PM 4 Installing patches help
6:47AM 0 DDO under Wine getting Error 129
6:27AM 3 print directly on another computer's LPT
6:21AM 1 IE6, flash, abysmal performance
6:08AM 0 Gumboy Crazy Adventures DEMO v.1.22, no 3D acceleration
5:22AM 2 Wine w/ ĀµTorrent
4:30AM 6 Wine on Macports
4:24AM 0 Re: Can't build Wine
1:48AM 0 Re: How to run Adobe InDesign CS2 - Ubuntu 8.04 - Wine
Sunday September 7 2008
11:23PM 2 Help running Crysis
9:52PM 1 Spore
9:27PM 1 Adobe CS3 Bridge and Wine?
4:00PM 4 How to patch wine with the patchs of bugzila?
3:56PM 1 How to Force Windowed Mode
3:50PM 1 AppDB says ST:BC should work but it don't!
3:16PM 1 New User General Fail
12:59PM 3 New package for Debian Etch available at
7:56AM 1 Alt+Left mouse click binding
4:33AM 1 sudo apt get problems
3:35AM 1 mIRC 6.3x
Saturday September 6 2008
9:36PM 5 Unreal Tournament
7:54PM 1 need a little hint :)
3:59PM 1 MS excel 2003 problem
11:57AM 0 Saab Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC) hangs upon startup
11:18AM 2 Advanced Direct3D settings to winecfg GUI
7:54AM 2 Using Wine with Windows data
12:47AM 2 Sketchup was unable to initialize OpenGl
Friday September 5 2008
9:27PM 1 Wine prefixes without using Playonlinux
9:10PM 5 Only 1 more thing to switch to linux - Trackmania
8:01PM 1 How do I use Internet Explorer 6.0 in Wine 1.1.3
4:55PM 3 some help with a securom error......
10:10AM 1 Connecting a gps to download data
7:31AM 1 Softmodem.
7:24AM 2 Wine Delphi 5 Pro Usage Glitches
6:25AM 1 remove empty folders from wine menu
6:12AM 2 Virtual PC 2007 + Wine + Battlefield 2 = ???
Thursday September 4 2008
11:39PM 0 Bitmap cursor on game Silver by Infogrames
10:31PM 0 Problems running ZOC software
9:26PM 3 Saab Electronic Parts Catalogue (EPC)
8:47PM 2 Game Problem (Carmageddon II)
6:32PM 1 TVPaint (SafeNet dongle protection)
5:58PM 1 Duel Core
4:59PM 1 Re: Window Scrolling on OSX
4:44PM 1 Wine + Wineasio + JACK + Various VSTs
4:12PM 1 cd doesn't eject
3:07PM 1 WIne won't open any more.
1:15PM 3 Modo 302
12:25PM 6 help for hire? wine crashes when running http://www.verydoc
11:26AM 1 printing problem from lotus notes
9:22AM 1 Spore creature creator help.
6:22AM 2 Re: Window Scrolling on OSX
5:00AM 3 Notepad appends ".txt" to file names it looks for
12:43AM 2 Difficulty with Sound in Games w/Wine
12:23AM 4 MPLAB under wine
Wednesday September 3 2008
10:32PM 3 C:\WINDOWS\system32 vs ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32
9:34PM 2 How do I change the (Windows) language?
8:20PM 1 Counter-Strike 1.6 bad display (+error list)
6:40PM 2 WoW and Zune
6:26PM 3 yet another World of Warcraft thread
1:57PM 1 program can't see Smart Card Reader
12:06PM 3 RPC / OLE errors (?) causing app to fail
2:25AM 2 problems installing C&C ubuntu 8.04
1:43AM 1 See if I have this correct - Using a Windows Share
Tuesday September 2 2008
10:27PM 2 Google Chrome - any luck, anyone?
10:07PM 1 Wine + Picasa2 + OSX: Cannot get an internet connection
8:22PM 2 MS Office in Wine: Hebrew backwards
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
4:01PM 0 No subject
3:54PM 1 How to: Patch Wine from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3 and...
2:52PM 1 New to wine
1:11PM 2 Disabling mouse tracking when X11 focus leaves wine?
12:20PM 1 Re: Window Scrolling on OSX
11:54AM 0 Graphical issue with portal main menu screen
11:02AM 1 Internet download manager finds no internet connection
9:10AM 1 Actual Directories
Monday September 1 2008
10:36PM 4 BF1942 - GOLD ? hah.. doesnt work
9:11PM 3 GIT issues today?
7:52PM 1 Automated backup of wine? Is it possible?
7:30PM 1 Seg fault while compiling v1.1.3
3:59PM 1 Running Warcraft on dedicated X server using Bash Script
2:10PM 0 Sound Issues - Pulseaudio is not installed
1:00PM 0 Followup: SOLVED Re: Font display problem with Text in UML-Notes of Enterprise Architect (wine-1.1.3 in Ubuntu Hardy)
10:39AM 7 Slow performance with many 3D games
10:23AM 1 LegacyRO and Wine
5:58AM 3 Howto "trickle" wine applications..
4:21AM 2 winbind?
2:19AM 2 Wine 1.13 and KDE 3.5.10