wine users - Nov 2008

Sunday November 30 2008
7:41PM 1 Configure the proxy in Internet Explorer
7:08PM 0 Failed to install directx9
2:53PM 1 Cannot run Win16 installer for Judaic Classics
Saturday November 29 2008
10:32PM 2 Problem with screen streaming application
9:58PM 3 Can't run Evidence Scribe
9:04PM 1 Direct X Dlls Missing
8:15PM 3 Running applicaation in Wine
5:28PM 2 Wine error: help
3:24PM 4 Voipcheap and wine 1.1.8
1:47PM 0 Re: Can't run Warcraft III
11:20AM 1 Re: Red Alert / Red Alert II / Tiberium Sun: Overriding wsock32.
9:47AM 3 Disable Balloon tips
5:53AM 6 Apps slow down after several minutes
5:18AM 1 glitchy sound with steam (half-life 2) under intrepid
4:43AM 1 Error with OpenGL screen
4:17AM 0 Re: LMTools
2:12AM 0 Success story: Vixen christmas lite app
Friday November 28 2008
7:55PM 1 A plethora of problems related to crashes and drawing in AOM
7:45PM 1 Red Alert / Red Alert II / Tiberium Sun: Overriding wsock32.dll to avoid IPX
7:34PM 0 i cannot get wine to work
6:30PM 0 [REQUEST]Drift city on wine
3:46PM 1 Wine execute bash script
10:15AM 1 Start Wine without terminal
10:11AM 2 FIFA Manager 09 with Wine
10:06AM 1 Ufo Aftershock
9:47AM 0 versions
7:39AM 2 Civilization 2 Install Problem
6:27AM 1 Wine Error
6:12AM 1 multiping and ping plotter show 100% loss
5:38AM 3 Compiling ERROR.
4:10AM 0 Re: BlueTooth Headset
3:48AM 4 Atmosphere Deluxe 6
2:27AM 2 Uninstall wine from source and configuration files
2:06AM 3 Can't find a solution to this Steam problem
Thursday November 27 2008
11:55PM 4 Error compiling 1.1.9
9:32PM 2 Mouse crazy on Full screen app + Tablet PC
3:49PM 8 YET ANOTHER world of warcraft help-a-noob
2:14PM 2 Disappearing Posts
10:34AM 4 Where to install DirectX 9.0c Nov,2008?
9:30AM 1 Errors while running application
8:12AM 4 Lotus Notes 6.5.1 (or 7.0.1) and Office connection via DDE
7:01AM 3 how to compiling wine component and submit a patch?
6:53AM 4 Halo
Wednesday November 26 2008
5:18PM 3 Does Wine use past the first 64MB on any video card?
4:49PM 0 Re: Google Sketchup 6.x works, but only with xserver-xgl.
4:40PM 0 Re: Running google Sketchup 6
4:36PM 1 Re: Sketchup was unable to initialize OpenGl
4:09PM 3 Cybermotion v13
8:26AM 3 Using Linux Virtual Midi with WINE does not work
4:29AM 3 MS-SQL Connection Problem
3:11AM 1 help a noob
2:58AM 0 Re: The single major remaining Wine complaint everyone makes...
2:17AM 0 Problem in Arturia's Minimoog VST interface
12:31AM 1 Wine Config Blank
Tuesday November 25 2008
9:50PM 5 google earth
5:35PM 1 warning: XXX: missing glyph for char YYY
4:01PM 0 RFC: Proposed new web site design
12:25PM 3 Regression: Dragon Naturally Speaking 7.
10:54AM 1 SpeechSDK51.exe - Install fails after > v1.o Ubuntu
7:55AM 1 ATI mobilty radeon 9200 & no PixelShader
6:47AM 2 Re: The single major remaining Wine complaint everyone makes...
4:05AM 2 Having long term, critical issues with WoW
12:33AM 4 Bug Links to wine appdb
Monday November 24 2008
11:36PM 7 What's the problem with my wine install?
8:41PM 3 COD4 Performance
7:51PM 1 Re: Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create objec
7:44PM 0 Good news regarding Wine and patent threats
5:34PM 4 how fix the error below
5:11PM 0 Re: ĀµTorrent + SSL tracker connections = HTTP Reply 0
2:42PM 15 Overriding of .dll libraries
1:27PM 2 Getting lowest latency sound?
1:07PM 1 Cant install steam games
10:36AM 1 LPT1 to lpr
7:34AM 3 Getting Wine to ignore case in file names
2:03AM 1 IE doesn't honour sub-domains for localhost
1:20AM 0 [Fwd: Re: Wine config screen]
1:16AM 2 PopCap games won't work any longer!!!
12:04AM 2 firstclass client 9.1 -- cannot load winebrowser
Sunday November 23 2008
6:16PM 2 New to Wine...
3:52PM 4 updating Zbrush 3 to 3.1
1:25PM 3 Try to run Football Manager 2009
10:41AM 1 Installing Windows programs under WINE for Live session user
3:10AM 2 sound lag in wine 1.1.9
3:00AM 4 block wine internet access
1:54AM 0 private game server for diablo 2 1.09d
Saturday November 22 2008
10:50PM 1 Multiple Users Using Wine
10:00PM 1 Red Alert 3
9:14PM 1 Trix
8:49PM 2 How far to completion?
8:11PM 1 Removing wine menu entries
7:36PM 2 This diff needs fixing.
7:04PM 1 Ay chance to change terminal font?
5:37PM 1 Acer Aspire Photographer in need of expert help
4:39PM 3 Problems with World of Warcraft
3:46PM 1 new to wine and ubuntu-installing programs
2:46PM 0 New wine (1.1.9) for Debian Etch added to
1:46PM 1 Re: rhino wont install...
12:52PM 1 Alt+right click in DirectX applications
12:03PM 1 How well is Chrome working in 1.1.9?
11:35AM 2 Advantages of compiling from source?
9:36AM 2 soundcard registry section
5:00AM 1 Can't install Steam games with 1.1.8 and 1.1.9
1:11AM 0 Wine MS Office 2000 in Ubuntu 8.1
12:22AM 1 Rhinoceros 3d modeller on wine in future ?
Friday November 21 2008
11:47PM 0 World Of Warcraft
11:38PM 2 Question about submitted a bug using native DLLs
10:35PM 7 Adobe Master Collection and Wine on Ubuntu 8.10
9:16PM 6 VST plugin (ez drummer)
1:59PM 0 Chessmentor v2 or v3
1:36PM 1 Re: missing libaudio2 file
8:36AM 0 help
8:30AM 1 Force parent window
2:28AM 2 Change files and viewing files in Wine.
12:02AM 3 Chances of running a new game
Thursday November 20 2008
10:03PM 2 Integrating a dual boot system
9:33PM 0 Re: Unreal Media Server - no way to run in Linux
9:25PM 8 A Couple of problems with Wine
8:36PM 1 Re: Unreal Media Server - no way to run in Linux
8:32PM 1 runtime error 339
12:31PM 4 Guild Wars on Acer Aspire One
1:31AM 1 dll files
1:23AM 1 How long for an msxml install?
Wednesday November 19 2008
11:03PM 3 Using third-party dlls
11:01PM 4 First Wine use ever: problems in running Broken Sword 3
10:32PM 6 "Exact Audio Copy" crashes
10:07PM 7 Appiing patches to wine GIT
10:00PM 0 What does
3:00PM 1 Re: IBP under Wine in Ubuntu 8.04
2:04PM 0 Bug with or my ubuntu?
1:31PM 0 How to configure anti-aliasing minimum font size.
12:20PM 1 Miranda IM: problems when running from fat32 partition
9:08AM 3 Problems running vanilla WoW
2:23AM 2 WoTLK Crashes
1:58AM 2 How do I get WINE to see a mounted disc image as a CD?
1:27AM 0 Backup Exec 12.0 management console
12:37AM 0 halo sound problem
Tuesday November 18 2008
9:03PM 2 iriver lplayer software
5:32PM 1 Re: Run-time error '429': ActiveX component can't create objec
4:34PM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
3:26PM 4 Problems compiling git under OS X
2:57PM 1 MSJET40.DLL error on Access Application
1:34PM 0 Emagic Logic Platinum - Wine?
11:01AM 0 Reagrding ./configure file
10:27AM 3 Trying to Compile source
8:02AM 3 wine fails to run with: "KERNEL32.DLL" failed to initialize
5:18AM 1 How do I get 1.0.1?
4:31AM 7 wotlk eua PROBLEM
4:18AM 3 Re: Network Programs
4:17AM 7 Errors using WINE with certain programs
2:51AM 3 dpwsockx.dll does not appear in winecfg
1:40AM 1 Wine - WoTLK opengl Problem.
Monday November 17 2008
8:37PM 5 Wine + X3100 + Ubuntu 8.10 + Morrowind
8:13PM 1 Is there a key-combination to close a WINE program?
4:36PM 1 Help with faq verbage
3:58PM 2 Firefox as the standard browser
2:40PM 6 PWGL, some improvements
2:20PM 0 intellicad
12:22PM 1 Wine screens unreadable
12:06PM 1 wine source code compilation problem
7:05AM 5 Question about running SecuROM under WINE
4:03AM 1 Lego Star Wars and Spore are running slow suddenly.
1:13AM 0 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
12:24AM 1 Re: A problem with GetProcessMemoryInfo?
Sunday November 16 2008
9:53PM 2 How to install Wine on Windows?
8:35PM 2 I need some Help!!!!!! PLZ :D
5:44PM 3 winecfg and many other apps crushes initializing winmm.dll
3:35PM 5 How to forbid an application to access root directory?
1:45PM 6 Wine config screen
4:43AM 2 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
1:31AM 2 Wine config screen shot
1:22AM 1 Compiling on OS X
Saturday November 15 2008
11:45PM 1 STALKER keyboard pauses
9:13PM 5 Says missing DLL but I am not missing it.
6:22PM 0 New wine-1.1.8 added to - sorry for the delay
4:22PM 0 new wine appdb-ish site,
1:38PM 4 fixme:ntdll - What I supposed to do to solve this problem?
12:52PM 1 Sacrifice wine 1.1.4 ,pagefile problem
12:35AM 1 Cross Loop
Friday November 14 2008
6:53PM 1 Medieval 2: Total War Golden Pack (with expansion) problem
6:13PM 3 Problem with installation
5:45PM 0 Re: Debian Lenny packages needed by users?
3:08PM 2 winecfg from console
12:38PM 1 BUG/Unimplemented Feature: Alt-Tab between Linux & win apps!
10:10AM 0 Problems with Norwegian characters in filenames
8:47AM 7 Wine on Solaris 10
5:35AM 0 fglrx and glx server version
2:22AM 1 WINE with a 2D only videocard
Thursday November 13 2008
10:56PM 3 Compiled Wine with two errors - Are they Important?
9:14PM 1 Apps do not reach intnernet
7:32PM 3 Wine 1.1.8 and wine GIT(howto cooperate together?)
4:32PM 0 tabula rasa patch 1.14 no models
3:41PM 0 Installing Java under WINE.
1:01PM 2 err:ole:CoGetClassObjec
10:06AM 1 can you launch an aplication from another running on wine?
8:18AM 1
8:04AM 1 World Of Goo freeze the pc!
6:30AM 16 WoW - WotLK - install is a hassle :(
1:53AM 2 64 bits WINE
Wednesday November 12 2008
10:09PM 1 running wine without MIT-SHM
10:00PM 8 cannot run Project 64 1.6
7:01PM 1 PowerBuilder 10-based app: Printing issue
5:41PM 3 Unable to compile 1.1.8 from source
2:48PM 1 Problems running WoW
1:13PM 1 lunching the game with oss drives mutes pcm mixer controls
3:26AM 2 Taskbar set to "Always on top"
Tuesday November 11 2008
9:42PM 5 page fault wine-1.1.8 win98
8:35PM 1 Serial communication problem
7:59PM 1 Battlefield 1942 not Working correctly.
4:42PM 1 Can I load kernel32 native dll ?
1:53PM 1 Can we run Vocaboly in Wine?
12:55PM 2 appdb gold: fallout tactics crash at start
12:32PM 2 AIRC Powerbuilder Application stopts responding
9:20AM 4 Wine compile probs
12:08AM 0 World Wine News? what happened to it?
Monday November 10 2008
9:50PM 2 industry player
9:22PM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
4:43PM 3 Universal naming convention
3:21PM 1 Noob Here working with WINE, need help to run a setup for...
1:30PM 1 Running games in wine
1:06PM 2 FTDI USB->Serial a Wine
8:54AM 1 Re: AutoCAD and Wine
3:19AM 1 Why can't Wine do 256 colors?
Sunday November 9 2008
10:41PM 2 Ubuntu 8.10 (32 bit), Wine 1.1.8, Baldur's Gate 1 problem.
7:49PM 2 Cannot install Visual C++ version 6.0 (VC6)
2:59PM 1 Can't compile Wine for Asus 901
2:08PM 1 Cannot run OLD Win95 program(Eurodico) - Unhandled page faul
2:07PM 0 I'm having trouble compiling wine 1.0.1 on Mac OS 10.4.11
1:31PM 10 T-Online Internet-Telefon (impossible to run the application
12:30PM 1 Lego Star Wars problem
7:44AM 1 Problem with game: Dream Match Tennis
2:14AM 1 Re: Old 16bit windows game in Linux!!!!
1:42AM 0 Dual Monitor
1:19AM 1 Re: Word 2003 - can't change default language from English (US)
12:50AM 2 strange fonts in flight simulator 98 and wine 1.0
Saturday November 8 2008
9:15PM 1 How does Wine simulates Windows presence?
7:43PM 2 Broken D3D?
6:33PM 2 Need for speed most wanted:keyboard and mouse blocked
4:35PM 2 Steam unable to connect to network
4:03PM 0 Lotus SmartSuite 96
3:43PM 1 Re: Word 2003 - can't change default language from English (US)
12:02PM 1 world of warcraft - audio and black screen problem
8:24AM 3 Cannot open .exe files using Terminal
4:02AM 6 Running Wine in Window Mode
3:56AM 5 unable to complete installing wine from source.
Friday November 7 2008
3:41PM 3 What does "fixing tests failures" mean for normal user?
10:15AM 1 Reagrding ie7
6:56AM 1 Regarding ies4linux
6:22AM 2 [question] - direct x
4:43AM 1 Re: I am unable to purchase games in steam
3:15AM 4 Installing application with 2 cd's
3:00AM 0 fix focus and alsa for gps software
2:24AM 1 flight simulator in wine
12:01AM 4 installing Dragon N S 9
Thursday November 6 2008
6:48PM 0 Lineage2 not working
6:28PM 0 Holiday Gift Ideas
6:01PM 0 VC98 unter wine -> undname.c:189: str_array_push: Assertion
2:24PM 7 utorrent does not start
9:29AM 1 red alert 1 installation problems
9:09AM 12 multiple users on LINUX - way to share a single .wine
9:01AM 2 denying internet access to a win32 app?
8:13AM 2 understanding this wine message
4:08AM 2 wine programming question?
Wednesday November 5 2008
10:57PM 2 Dreamweaver CS3 issues
10:15PM 2 Change drive C:'s path
9:09PM 2 open torrents with utorrent or other?(gnome)
6:20PM 9 A very little problem
5:30PM 4 How to make this program work?
4:57PM 0 Something like "My Network Places"
3:40PM 5 Windows XP to run from Linux boot
3:08PM 2 I have a problem with comsvcs.dll COM+ DCOM98
1:01PM 2 Camtasia Player e TSCC
10:33AM 1 Wine not running any programs, including winecfg
9:25AM 0 White dot glitch in menu bar with GMA950
7:29AM 1 Hogs of War: doesn't dwar some textures
4:12AM 2 Wine 1.1.7 + ATi driver= libGL error in games???
Tuesday November 4 2008
8:13PM 5 Where did C:\ go?
7:14PM 0 Re: 3D Multiseat & wine
6:19PM 4 Problems with Wine on Debian
5:30PM 0 Peachtree 2003 Backup Restore Problem
3:21PM 1 toolbar button icons appear washed out
1:56PM 16 Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 No matching mode found 1280x960x0 @0!
10:24AM 1 Can't use regsvr32.exe in Darwine
9:02AM 1 Software for our Company
8:25AM 2 Internet Explorer 6
8:17AM 1 Re: Can't run Warcraft III
3:44AM 1 can't config wine
2:37AM 1 dll override basic question
Monday November 3 2008
7:28PM 1 Far Cry 2: Not working, but could be working quite easily?
6:05PM 1 Need help with Winamp Plugins
4:41PM 1 Game very slow (neverwinter Nights 2 + Expansion)
4:30PM 10 Bringing Vista's Speech Recognition Engine to Linux via Wine
4:15PM 4 wine reboots computer
4:12PM 1 Re: Can't run Warcraft III
3:28PM 1 No sound device detected
2:52PM 2 Wine 1.1.7: emule 0.48a: excessive memory usage
11:54AM 4 wine hangs until ctrl - C is sent
11:28AM 1 CD-ROM problems
12:20AM 1 WINE for Linpus Linux Lite v1.0.9.E
Sunday November 2 2008
11:19PM 1 Porting Windows app to Linux: How to access Linux devices?
6:01PM 4 Wine 1.1.7 does not create icon folders on menu
4:44PM 1 wine for server: minimum x configuration?
2:16PM 2 what if...
1:51PM 0 Re: No Sound in Wine - disable / remove pulseaudio
12:16PM 1 Football Manager 2009 (Demo): Installation failure
10:12AM 4 Call of Duty 4: Corrupt fastfile only on Ubuntu?
10:11AM 6 Runtime 430 and Other Errors
Saturday November 1 2008
6:19PM 2 Question: Program opening from internet
2:19PM 1 Panzer General 2 - Railroad Tycoon 2
1:42PM 2 unimplemented function advapi32.dll.LsaSetSecret, aborting
5:13AM 4 Witcher issues
3:35AM 1 Re: Bold I know... problem with Steam in darwine
2:13AM 9 Wine 1.1.7: Sound regression?