Rails - Feb 2005

Monday February 28 2005
10:47PM 2 API documentation for rails generators
10:33PM 4 0.10 + Apache + fcgi
10:10PM 6 a remote database issue
9:59PM 0 Routes Problem
9:41PM 2 Trac Triage
7:02PM 1 Action Web Service and XML RPC Faults
6:31PM 0 Templating Efficiency
5:05PM 0 has_and_belongs_to_many problems
5:04PM 6 multiple ''instances'' of the same rails app
4:50PM 5 Unable to install Rails (Debian)
4:24PM 6 Swapping DBs based on subdomains
4:06PM 1 Passing parameters to component methods
3:24PM 4 flagging by request[controller]
2:35PM 7 Performance issues
2:31PM 3 Noob question regarding has_and_belongs_to_many
4:30AM 3 What kind of a construct is this?
3:18AM 5 Using session data in model
2:35AM 0 Patch: make WEBrick server register with DNS service discovery
Sunday February 27 2005
10:55PM 2 Constant constant nagging
10:33PM 1 Ruby, Rails and Ensim Pro
9:27PM 4 Handling SET columns with multiple selects
6:45PM 0 Re: Rails CMS(with live demo): community
3:01PM 12 Four Days on Rails
2:26PM 32 Generating SQL from model and not vice versa
3:53AM 3 Rails CMS(with live demo): community response needed
Saturday February 26 2005
11:58PM 1 Pushing Routes to their limits (path based URLs for CMS).
11:53PM 1 The right place for controller logic
8:07PM 3 Multiple foreign keys (and an introduction)
6:46PM 0 Is it my code or is it some hidden magic that causes this error?
6:18PM 0 RE: CMS (Wiki)
6:08PM 3 database performance in AR unit tests
4:47PM 12 Setting passwords for users (Login Generator)
3:31PM 2 Cannot update or install Rails on Win2K
9:07AM 7 How do you upgrade a web app to work with 0.10.0?
8:49AM 2 Any documentation for routes?
7:01AM 3 AR in Session under 0.10
3:48AM 6 CMS
Friday February 25 2005
4:48PM 7 NameError / uninitialized constant
4:25PM 6 find_by* efficiency - blocks?
3:49PM 2 Login Generator update
3:46PM 1 (no subject)
3:31PM 3 Scaffolding an existing Oracle DB
2:21PM 6 find_all with a list of values
10:13AM 1 Update to 0.10.0 + Postgresql: "unexpected EOF on client connection"
7:19AM 5 [0.10.0] scripts/generate giving error, not working
7:15AM 0 Introduction: Rabble & Odeo.com
7:04AM 6 Download Documentation
12:07AM 6 Rails ''private parts'' accessible to the browser
Thursday February 24 2005
10:09PM 1 Configuration Generator
9:41PM 8 web services with ActionWebService
7:01PM 3 How do tests login?
5:50PM 14 SQLite and Rails.
4:22PM 2 Rails 0.10.0: Routing, Web Services, Components, Oracle
4:11PM 9 [0.10.0] Update problem
4:09PM 1 Referential Integrity
8:09AM 0 Amrita2 initial release
2:37AM 1 Deployment Snag
Wednesday February 23 2005
11:58PM 1 No kernel methods in script/breakpointer anymore? (Florian Gross)
11:15PM 1 locking to a version by default
8:53PM 10 Finding by name instead of id
6:25PM 1 error 500 on send_file
5:47PM 2 Upgraded to beta gem rails
5:21PM 5 Specifying templates instead of using the default ones
12:49PM 7 resizing images on the fly...
8:57AM 8 weird problem with has_and_belongs_to_many
7:56AM 0 caching tutorials
7:16AM 3 Caching Ideas
4:01AM 1 Newbie gets to first base
3:03AM 6 Any more good tutorials?
1:52AM 4 Concurrent updates
Tuesday February 22 2005
10:27PM 21 Versioning pattern with Rails
11:23AM 2 Problems updating rails using rubygems
10:43AM 2 RE: Relocating the directory for ruby_sess.* files
7:44AM 1 Instiki @ O''Reilly ETech 2005
12:15AM 1 fyi, wiki down
Monday February 21 2005
11:32PM 4 OT: Good Resources?
11:10PM 0 Default values in join_table columns
6:55PM 2 link_to_image ignores alt?
5:34PM 2 Odd testing behavior
3:51PM 3 some acts_as_list confusion
12:25PM 0 class_name_of_active_record_descendant
10:01AM 4 OT: password hashes vs encryption
1:53AM 0 unit test problem
Sunday February 20 2005
11:17PM 3 my app stopped working after gems upgrade
11:14PM 3 Invalid SQL generated by scaffold
10:29PM 0 Apache config issue, rails app in subdir
7:52PM 0 (no subject)
3:29PM 1 Generator for 53Configuration
9:51AM 0 HeadsUp: will be moving list and RoR next week
5:27AM 1 53Configuration
Saturday February 19 2005
9:52PM 0 validating belongs_to relations
7:54PM 1 Application helper not recognising model
1:47PM 5 Routing: How do I use what is left from an URL
2:42AM 0 [Error] Using validates_presence_of for datetime field causes parse error?
Friday February 18 2005
11:01PM 3 how ro delete association with 3 ids
9:10PM 0 Fwd: Re: Bug with ENUM?
7:01PM 12 find_by_*
6:13PM 1 ''superclass must be a Class'' Error
5:55PM 2 Semi-Self Contained Deployment?
4:26PM 5 Rails crashes occasionally when using mod_fastcgi
3:21PM 12 Bug with ENUM?
5:42AM 0 RE: Calendar in ruby?
3:01AM 14 regarding multiple uploads
Thursday February 17 2005
11:20PM 10 Graph
10:52PM 2 Rails + TextDrive + Gem question
9:41PM 2 date_select and invalid dates
8:15PM 5 Re: Rails on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?
7:48PM 5 has_many and has_one both use same model
3:29PM 2 [Error] path not found
2:47PM 13 annoying bash issue (I know this is something stupid...)
1:27PM 0 a SortHelper (Re: Help: How can I generalize this?)
7:01AM 3 Very Cool Shopping Cart
4:14AM 2 Does anyone know how to contact Florian Webber?
2:53AM 1 gem error
Wednesday February 16 2005
11:51PM 0 [PATCH] SQLServer and float scale info returned from the db
10:02PM 3 SQLServer numeric type handling
9:49PM 3 Re: Rails question
9:45PM 0 Help with scoping
8:50PM 1 [OT] mysql and selinux
8:08PM 15 Form Validation and Resubmit
6:40PM 0 Introduce yourself and your project
4:16PM 11 rewriting fubar?
3:07PM 3 ActiveRecord dropping fields
2:59PM 1 RoR list for brazilian and portuguese speakers
2:38PM 1 Lighttpd + Darwinports = Good Times
1:35PM 0 Re: Is this correct: <form action="../send_email/<%= Solved
9:54AM 3 Re: Is this correct: <form action="../send_email/<%= @user.id
7:05AM 3 sharing data between threads
4:23AM 4 Beginners Question
2:21AM 1 Bay Area Rails Developers
Tuesday February 15 2005
10:04PM 0 Apache2 + BetaGems
9:37PM 0 Login Systems & BBS Software
8:44PM 2 One view, many controller methods?
8:20PM 22 Amrita as templating engine
7:29PM 1 Modules Beta Comments
7:19PM 5 Routes Beta Comments
7:15PM 3 [RI] handling deletion anomalies
5:46PM 0 Apology
5:28PM 4 Is this correct: <form action="../send_email/<%= @user.id %>" method="post">
4:56PM 1 loggin
4:39PM 1 Re: Introductions Round II
3:40PM 3 fast-cgi, macosx, cc + devtools
2:13PM 2 undefined method ''process''
1:32PM 5 date_select where to add "class"=>"something"
12:39PM 0 (no subject)
9:42AM 0 (no subject)
9:05AM 3 text wrapping for email
5:58AM 11 Rails & Routes
12:18AM 2 How tested is the mysql411 driver?
Monday February 14 2005
9:44PM 6 Helper Question
8:54PM 0 Re: FW: understanding default rewrite rules
8:06PM 0 understanding default rewrite rules
6:00PM 0 template for new controller to create data in more than one table
2:33PM 2 Sessions
12:08PM 0 Coterie 0.1 "Arthur" is out
11:46AM 0 [Job] 3 Ruby developers wanted in London, UK
10:13AM 0 Date Helper''s and the index option
9:03AM 0 Tutorial
8:40AM 1 XUL and RoR demo program...
3:52AM 0 Trouble with Rails Cookbook Tutorial
1:31AM 5 uploading multiple images
Sunday February 13 2005
11:22PM 0 View helper usage in a non rails class
9:21PM 6 My experience of rails.
8:37PM 24 Re: ActionController design question
7:12PM 5 Select Enumerated Values with FormOptionsHelper
4:29PM 6 Apache config help needed
2:12PM 5 require_dependency is undefined
1:32PM 2 each_cgi in fastcgi
1:17PM 3 "Other" PostgreSQL data types
11:36AM 4 FastCGI problems
6:34AM 0 not null vs. validates_presence_of
Saturday February 12 2005
8:43PM 1 Passing id around
8:17PM 0 Rails components re-re-revisited
7:21PM 3 ActiveRecord not updating record
12:27PM 27 making rails even sexier
6:13AM 10 search engine
12:45AM 2 Transactions and rollbacks with iterations
Friday February 11 2005
8:15PM 9 onlamp tutorial
7:57PM 1 Input naming conventions
7:00PM 1 javascript in head section
6:03PM 9 an issue?
5:42PM 8 [newbie] Easiest way to output debug information
5:34PM 3 XHTML strict and javascript
5:31PM 1 Testing
3:09PM 1 Amazon invests in 43 Things
1:11PM 3 render_collection_of_partials vs. loop whats the difference ?
7:19AM 1 adding attachment to ActionMailer
12:54AM 1 How to log from a lib class
Thursday February 10 2005
8:46PM 1 serialize
6:24PM 0 possible bug in options_for_select in actionview''s form_options_helper.rb
6:23PM 2 OnLamp tutorial when using CocoaMySQL
4:42PM 1 Dispatch.rb Problem
3:05PM 3 rubyonrails.com down?
1:17PM 3 documentation wrong?: Is it belongs_to or has_one?
7:31AM 0 mail filters?
4:30AM 0 Recipe Browser 0.4
12:48AM 3 model class loaded multiple times
Wednesday February 9 2005
11:18PM 5 How to add a name attribute to a form tag
10:55PM 12 Documentation error
7:20PM 0 Re: Introduce yourself and your project -- Round 2 (Steve Callaway)
7:03PM 2 Rails on OSX to MSSQL
6:11PM 1 Alternate views for controllers?
5:12PM 4 Page streaming?
4:10PM 3 Associated collection''s associated collections aren''t being loaded?
4:09PM 1 [DEFECT] ''validates_inclusion_of'' not working as expected (couldn''t post to Trac as it gave me an error)
3:58PM 1 Question of best practise
3:08PM 1 cant map foreign key in list view
2:47PM 3 :finder_sql problems
1:48PM 4 Strange has_and_belongs_to_many behaviour (or is it just me?)
10:28AM 3 Problem with POST method and XMLHTTPRequest
5:48AM 1 Ben''s Rails Browser
4:27AM 0 Re: Introduce yourself and your project -- Round 2 (cboone)
1:52AM 85 Introduce yourself and your project -- Round 2
12:46AM 4 Strange FastCGI Problem
Tuesday February 8 2005
10:08PM 4 associations...
9:30PM 10 Anyone using Rails in Boulder, Colorado?
5:22PM 5 Trails has a "Recipe" video
4:44PM 5 impatience crashes Destroy action
4:16PM 23 Should One-Click Ruby Server use Lighttpd?
2:40PM 2 oracle adapter
2:39PM 2 Fwd: Routes Progress
2:28PM 2 Reusing the same table in different roles
10:34AM 0 =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:_Re:__Oracle_adapter_[_was:_Sybase_anyone?]?=
9:45AM 2 link_to_unless_current question
7:53AM 4 how to design rails application and TDD
12:00AM 2 test_process.rb => LoadError
Monday February 7 2005
11:50PM 1 (no subject)
11:44PM 0 Session problems
11:06PM 5 Caching and / or return-to
8:27PM 0 re: rails and plurals
7:51PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many, and actual db
7:50PM 6 Lighttpd and hieraki
6:33PM 4 collection_select help...
6:25PM 6 More Stoopid Questions
4:33PM 1 Rails install methods
3:46PM 2 Re: scaffold is vulnerable to xss - suggestion
12:17PM 8 returning HTML - where in MVC?
10:51AM 5 Selection of STI and CONTI (ticket 303)
5:35AM 3 Stoopid Question Time
2:16AM 39 scaffold is vulnerable to xss
1:55AM 1 [RESEARCH] ActionService 0.2.99 pre alpha bleeding edge release
1:04AM 8 Proposed acronym change
Sunday February 6 2005
1:41PM 5 Rails on FreeBSD or OSX
1:25AM 1 The protocol for posting multiple patches
Saturday February 5 2005
8:53PM 0 Another collections question
4:58PM 4 Creating collections
10:24AM 0 Apache setting, another probelm.
7:17AM 7 Active Record Unit Tests For Lazy People
3:11AM 3 Apache setting
1:26AM 1 Windows ME Installation
1:08AM 1 filling foreign keys
12:30AM 6 Announcing a Payment Processor for Ruby
Friday February 4 2005
11:41PM 14 Design proposal for default scaffolding....
10:37PM 0 date_select tag question
8:21PM 2 creating multiple records on one page
7:32PM 1 New rails user database question
6:45PM 2 has_and_belongs_to_many + syntax error !end(force_reload).nil? ^
6:33PM 0 Testing: 1, 2, 3
6:32PM 0 Sorry, testing
4:29AM 7 Database access privileges
Thursday February 3 2005
10:53PM 0 Eric Benson at 43Things.com
7:05PM 4 e-commerce site development
3:10PM 4 database implementation in rails [long]
1:39PM 0 win32 rake-0.4.15
9:14AM 7 Fixtures & has_and_belongs_to_many
5:03AM 4 Model questions
2:28AM 1 Rake is driving me nuts
Wednesday February 2 2005
11:09PM 4 Rakefile error
7:08PM 5 Planet Ruby on Rails
5:43PM 0 load error though file is there
4:07PM 3 Combining multiple views on one page
3:30PM 1 Error when changing from AR 1.0.1 to 1.6
2:05PM 1 returning id through a form.
1:20AM 2 DB2, anyone?
Tuesday February 1 2005
11:27PM 3 Pluralization in scaffold_generator.rb
9:53PM 6 Setting up FastCGI on Red Hat Linux
8:25PM 5 PostgreSQL 8.0.1 + Rails?
8:06PM 28 Rails Starter kits
6:29PM 3 Active Record Wierdness
5:47PM 2 rails and recursive DB model
5:00PM 0 wiki bug?
3:13PM 1 any quick way to flush a table?
2:39PM 1 Solaris, PostgreSQL, and Rails
12:50PM 2 validations first impressions
7:03AM 2 Scaffolding - Many2Many
3:48AM 3 Pluralization Confusion(s)
12:47AM 11 UNCLE!!!