Rails - Jan 2005

Monday January 31 2005
9:22PM 6 Boolean values
7:54PM 6 Internationalization Library: MLL
4:05PM 1 ActiveRecord and SQL SUM
2:31PM 4 RubyForge projects & RubyGems for Rails add-ons
3:03AM 5 Yet MORE configuration problems
2:06AM 2 MySql 4.1.9, passwords, Rails
1:29AM 4 going mad with verson control
Sunday January 30 2005
9:31PM 0 Initial Performance Metrics
7:12PM 7 new ror project : cotterie
5:36PM 7 Looping Technique?
7:54AM 4 WebserviceHelper
Saturday January 29 2005
11:53PM 4 format question
11:25PM 2 FormOptionsHelper select
9:55PM 6 Newbie: Unable to run new controller.
10:23AM 7 open source rails projects
4:13AM 2 Contributing
3:02AM 1 How do I use partials with modules?
12:38AM 4 problem with postback generator on 0.9.5
12:25AM 14 Re: editors
Friday January 28 2005
11:12PM 5 Better place to put generators
8:44PM 8 SQL conditions
8:43PM 0 Apache2 + FastCGI performance
8:42PM 1 Help with Apache configuration needed
8:35PM 7 Re: error in Index action while following Todo, tutorial
6:39PM 5 callback buggy with associated records manipulations...severe no?
6:22PM 17 breakpoint not working
5:41PM 2 error in Index action while following Todo tutorial
2:26PM 3 Simple question(?) about login info
1:54PM 5 I''m not trying to be one of those people...
12:54PM 8 =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:__Sybase_anyone??=
12:40PM 0 Broken link on site
12:37PM 0 Sybase anyone?
12:34PM 5 Running tests via rake
7:44AM 16 primary_key_prefix_type, support for non-integer primary keys
4:10AM 0 redirect_to HTTP Code
Thursday January 27 2005
3:45PM 3 Installing rails without gems
3:29PM 0 Page caching in non-vhost environment
5:14AM 1 I think I have it: it was all my own fault :P
2:41AM 4 Making an association return a default object?
2:25AM 0 Minor inconsistency in script\generate
12:49AM 6 Sharing code between the edit and create actions
12:33AM 0 Different Layouts for Different Pages in CMS System
12:13AM 3 actionmailer issues
Wednesday January 26 2005
9:23PM 3 errors_messages_for
7:34PM 0 Install Problem ??
7:19PM 4 Web interface?
5:01PM 2 after_save, after_create, before_save etc... multiple times launching ...bug???
2:41PM 7 proxy authentication
11:26AM 12 Does anyone know what is going on here?
6:43AM 2 Pardon my asking - Rails on IIS?
5:07AM 2 abstract_naming_convention (proposal for new class)
1:28AM 1 Rails 0.9.5: A world of fixes and tweaks
Tuesday January 25 2005
10:56PM 2 Debugging FAQ controller
5:12PM 4 Collection_select with multiple options
11:15AM 8 Automatic discovery of table names
8:26AM 2 Query on many to many relation
6:36AM 1 HTTP Header RPC
3:55AM 1 Doing Webrick+SSL+Rails
3:32AM 3 Single table inheritance...the only way?
3:17AM 1 How to make scaffolding more useful for sqlite
1:16AM 29 Write-up on RoR + XUL Sample
1:01AM 1 [Maybe OT] One Button Deployment of Rails App
12:43AM 2 List-like forms now have CRUD methods to support them
Monday January 24 2005
11:12PM 7 Stored Procedure
7:47AM 1 how can i override the show view to capture show/n , show/n+1, etc.
2:45AM 4 Error Handling
12:37AM 9 OnLAMP Tutorial Question
Sunday January 23 2005
11:44PM 2 Folder organisation
10:36PM 11 Sample RoR app using XUL for GUI
8:27PM 6 Can''t get ID of associated objects
6:43PM 0 New dynamic editing in SoapBX
6:21PM 9 Proper way to save
12:57AM 4 re-writing CD Baby from scratch in Ruby, using Rails
Saturday January 22 2005
10:30PM 6 Still having config problems
11:01AM 5 Problem running rails with postgresql
9:09AM 2 What''s with the tests?
Friday January 21 2005
11:36PM 1 push_with_attributes quandary
10:42PM 5 rolling back transactions based on validation errors
6:53PM 2 collection_select
10:46AM 9 sqlite3 adapter and unit tests
1:33AM 10 ONLamp article on Rails
Thursday January 20 2005
9:37PM 11 biology/bioinformatics people?
7:37PM 1 Serialized attributes - looking up with sql
6:25PM 3 Config problem
5:18AM 2 Raw post data
2:11AM 0 Rake task for automatically updating TODO files with public Ta-da lists
Wednesday January 19 2005
10:28PM 1 Problem with ActiveRecordStore
6:31PM 2 HTTP Put/Delete using Rails
9:13AM 2 Help: How can I generalize this?
1:49AM 2 Error with fcgi and apache (web scraping, image manipulating)
1:14AM 4 public/index.html
12:57AM 6 A "Rails" way to design a list-like page with CRUD capabilities?
12:29AM 0 sql update string length error
Tuesday January 18 2005
11:14PM 7 Using an unsaved object
9:57PM 3 raw sql for group_by
7:51PM 2 Poor man''s namespacing, bugs all around?
4:28PM 3 issue with automatically loading dependencies
3:04PM 0 Rails Cleaning up the mess
1:12PM 1 Problem with implementing a XML-RPC handler
11:26AM 0 text_field and hidden_field don''t work in a for loop?
9:39AM 11 Reloading Models from console
8:41AM 2 AR: getting simple GROUP BY results
8:35AM 0 Announcing: work-o-matic version 0.1
1:14AM 3 bugs in Active Record 1.5?
Monday January 17 2005
7:33AM 1 Re: Rails IRC logs in color
2:23AM 5 Rails 0.9.4: Caching, filters, SQLite3…
1:11AM 1 find_all, find_first strangness.
12:35AM 5 how to override rails errors messages?
12:34AM 0 negative has_and_belongs_to_many possible?
Sunday January 16 2005
9:51PM 2 fcgi on prodcution db
3:49PM 3 assert_success to do HTML validations
12:58AM 0 Question about redirect
Saturday January 15 2005
11:20PM 1 Is there a way to test helper methods?
10:59PM 0 Model syntax errors obscured during fixture load
9:27PM 0 [Instiki] Instiki goes on Trac
7:10PM 1 Re: Taversing table relationships?
5:26PM 0 Pleased to announce CreditCard
2:24PM 1 [AR] save method and associations
2:26AM 0 Storing temporary defaults in the session under the controller''s namespace
12:51AM 7 belongs_to relationship problem
Friday January 14 2005
11:47PM 1 Documentation visible in production rails env?
10:21PM 1 multiple virutal hosts
6:34PM 0 Instiki 0.9.2 - OSX build
5:48PM 3 ruby but not rails host
2:47PM 3 Scaffolding continued
12:39PM 0 AW: Pagination Helper Thoughts
4:32AM 3 Pagination Helper Thoughts
3:33AM 0 FastCGI deployment
12:51AM 5 override accessor vs. callback
12:44AM 6 selective update?
Thursday January 13 2005
9:36PM 1 Association solved.
9:03PM 0 Password fields in form helper
8:50PM 10 Program logic behind Ruby On Rails
6:13PM 2 Two questions: relations and scaffolding
5:41AM 2 AR bug(s)?
1:15AM 4 Rails, FastCGI and Webrick
Wednesday January 12 2005
11:14PM 2 Timezones
10:52PM 15 [Instiki] Call for contributors
9:35PM 3 Params with multiple values
8:54PM 8 Using Helper Classes for standard processing
7:48PM 1 iexplorer cache ?
1:55PM 3 send_file problem
12:49PM 1 scaffold form
10:51AM 2 Use of concrete rails version per application
8:38AM 8 file uploads
7:57AM 8 Ruby on Rails FAILED on Windows ...
4:39AM 5 paging
Tuesday January 11 2005
11:46AM 7 default error page
9:00AM 27 The need of IDs in ActiveRecord
Monday January 10 2005
6:12PM 4 Database diff updater...
9:09AM 2 Confused about socket setting in database.yml
3:39AM 15 newbie: has_one? composed_of?
1:40AM 8 Principle of Least Surprise broken in AR new finders?
Sunday January 9 2005
8:05PM 2 FastCgi
4:50PM 0 Builder::XmlMarkup, .tag! method and Kernel methods
4:14PM 2 PostgreSQL and binary data
2:41AM 3 Models and relations
Saturday January 8 2005
11:24PM 3 Webrick running progressively slower
9:25PM 7 DB Intro / Table Design book - article recommendations?
9:17PM 0 Understanding URL rewriting
10:03AM 5 How to set a correct xml header with XmlBuilder?
5:58AM 1 MySQL enum
3:17AM 4 Wierd ActiveRecord Error - different table name shown
2:00AM 0 Cookie question...
12:19AM 1 Capabilities of Rails?
Friday January 7 2005
11:35PM 9 Stack overflow problem
9:34PM 4 RewriteRule problem
9:15PM 6 S5 Presents
7:48PM 3 ruby on cygwin and mysql - problem connecting to db
6:54PM 5 Instiki 0.9.2
3:33PM 2 ActionMailer
10:59AM 3 multicolumn primary keys in activerecord
10:06AM 0 Adding validation to ToDo List tutorial
5:23AM 1 Help on Setting up Rails with SQLServer
4:31AM 3 No such file to load -- application.rb ???
Thursday January 6 2005
8:12PM 4 MySQL DBD now working on my Windows XP box
8:06PM 2 Request: in_association? method for has_and_belongs_to_many?
5:55PM 1 Profiling controllers for performance
2:57PM 4 Rails looses my controller?
11:58AM 0 svn trac rss borked?
8:06AM 0 =?iso-8859-1?Q?Re:__Is_this_the_right_place_to_submit_bug_reports_/_post_patches??=
8:00AM 2 Is this the right place to submit bug reports / post patches?
7:59AM 14 Announcing SoapBX.com a new Rails App for making presentations
Wednesday January 5 2005
9:31PM 0 Problem with TODO list tutorial
9:29PM 9 Question about fresh GEM install
9:24PM 2 Where to put code for layouts?
8:57PM 1 How does rails know which version to run at cmdline ?
6:41PM 2 gem update rails problem
3:35AM 3 How do you up the FCGI timeout setting?
Tuesday January 4 2005
11:29PM 6 Configuration values
7:41PM 13 Image upload problems
7:20PM 2 rails on windows?
4:09PM 2 Working with Legacy database
3:51PM 1 [OT] Shell host
3:27PM 1 Class Table Inheritance for ActiveRecord
1:39PM 6 Rails 0.9.3: Optimistic locking, dynamic finders, Ruby 1.8.2 compatible
Monday January 3 2005
10:34PM 2 Streaming a file to the browser
8:44PM 5 Deep Copy Method?
8:14PM 1 Partials inside partials
4:06AM 1 Paypal IPN
Sunday January 2 2005
8:22PM 6 sessions without cookies