R help - May 2012

Thursday May 31 2012
10:30PM 1 Question on meaning of '%+%', '%?%' (? = various single letter) in code
10:20PM 0 function to calculate a SMAPE (Symmetric mean absolute percentage error) to avoid the possibility of an inflation caused by zero values in the series
10:14PM 1 fitting allometric equation using a for a power model
9:25PM 1 Repost: Expressions returned by GlobalEnv functions and package functions
9:18PM 0 Expressions returned by a Package function
8:40PM 3 RScript.exe and map directory issue
8:10PM 2 print.data.frame to string?
7:00PM 0 splines and ns equation
6:07PM 0 Incorporate a shapefile with an package animation
6:07PM 1 svychisq??
5:38PM 3 How can I get this function to work?
5:33PM 0 Prediction of the lme part of a gamm model estimated with mgcv
5:16PM 2 time-series statistics collection
3:56PM 0 Forecast
3:35PM 1 density plots using density.lf, data.frame and sort.int errors
3:23PM 3 Quadrat counting with spatstat
2:55PM 1 please help! Extract the row to the new file by using if-statment
2:52PM 2 one more piece of info on AIC
2:36PM 0 counting the data in different groups for each row
2:18PM 1 Silencing the output of install.packages()
1:27PM 3 Remove columns from dataframe based on their statistics
1:17PM 2 bigglm binomial negative fitted value
1:10PM 1 inverse binomial in R
12:53PM 1 Higher log-likelihood in null vs. fitted model
11:47AM 1 anova of lme objects (model1, model2) gives different results depending on order of models
11:40AM 1 Using RDF/OWL with R?
11:18AM 1 How to create a floating bar plot
11:13AM 5 Transform counts into presence/absence
9:32AM 1 maptools: using to sets of information (within two shape files) for one plot
8:40AM 1 Automated essay scoring by R
8:36AM 0 ignore NA column in a DF (for calculation) without removing them
7:55AM 0 Error - Could not resolve host: search.twitter.com;
6:08AM 1 Warning message: numerical expression has 1000 elements: only the first used
5:14AM 0 Problem in a programming
3:28AM 2 Loop question
3:20AM 0 transcan() imputation of categorical (factor) variables
12:50AM 2 Probably a good use for apply
Wednesday May 30 2012
11:42PM 1 cluster with mahalanobis distance
11:07PM 1 Best way to predict
10:36PM 1 Automatically install package dependencies
10:07PM 2 Sorting a data set
10:05PM 1 gsub/strsplit with multiple patterns/splits
9:45PM 2 Extracting rows from a dataset
9:01PM 2 How to aggregate combinations
7:25PM 1 data frame to frequencies
6:31PM 3 raw input prompt
6:29PM 1 reading file in zip archive
3:59PM 0 anova.coxph for multiple events model
3:55PM 1 Write to dynamic file name
2:50PM 0 Survival with different probabilities of censoring
2:11PM 2 Identifying words ending with anything, say "ing"
2:01PM 5 problem with ifelse
12:57PM 1 (no subject)
11:55AM 1 caret() train based on cross validation - split dataset to keep sites together?
11:48AM 1 Help needed for this error
11:39AM 3 alternative generator for normal distributed variables
11:14AM 3 R learning
6:44AM 3 Separate Array Variable Content
6:43AM 1 Rcurl package for windows - Need help
3:26AM 1 How to calculate correlation matrix for 128 * 12625 matrix
3:02AM 2 Simple example for High performance computing with R?
Tuesday May 29 2012
11:32PM 2 a question about "by" and "ddply"
11:23PM 4 R and igraph problems
11:18PM 3 Windows 7 installation issues
8:42PM 2 use xyplot to plot mean and CI by groups
7:11PM 2 Converting to XTS loses data.frame structure
7:04PM 1 gslider-gwidgets
6:39PM 1 Extract time from irregular date and time data records
6:09PM 1 lattice: add a marginal histogram on top of the colorkey of a levelplot?
6:01PM 3 PROBLEMS with In `[<-.factor`(`*tmp*`, (¿ORDERED FACTOR?)
5:50PM 1 Factor problem
5:29PM 0 offset glm.nb issues why so unstable?
4:52PM 1 Memory Windows
4:08PM 1 Creating a new R mirror in Chile
3:55PM 2 Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney U value: outcomes from different stat packages
3:47PM 1 problems with xlim in plot.zoo() and window()
3:43PM 3 trouble automating formula edits when log or * are present; update trouble
3:27PM 1 RODBC, Excel, and data truncation when writing
3:23PM 1 Boxplot superscript y-axis
2:23PM 1 odfWeave fails to load
2:14PM 0 lme: Testing within-group coefficients
2:13PM 0 poLCA package inquiry
2:06PM 1 problem with Rcmdr
1:49PM 1 Package for partially ordered sets
1:29PM 1 model frame and formula mismatch with latent class analysis poLCA
1:13PM 1 Create and Change Column in a Matrix as per condition
1:05PM 1 GLMMPQL spatial autocorrelation
1:04PM 1 Help needed in wavelet transformation
12:24PM 2 Matrix Header Name Select
12:18PM 1 Help needed in wavelet transforming
11:40AM 0 Release plans: R-2.15.1 on June 22
10:52AM 0 Error ! "Subscript out of bounds"
10:05AM 1 strucchange Fstats() example
9:51AM 0 poLCA : Is maximum number of variables limited?
9:29AM 1 GAM interactions, by example
9:03AM 1 correlation matrix only if enough non-NA values
8:44AM 1 auto.arima problem
8:03AM 1 package tm: reading XML files
8:02AM 0 mlogit package inquiry
7:17AM 2 Use variable inside Function for updating the matrix
6:30AM 1 R quantreg - symmetry test - bootstrap SE
6:06AM 1 need help to find type I error rate for modified F statistic
5:38AM 0 obtain type I error from modified F statistic
5:16AM 1 community finding in a graph and heatplot
3:14AM 2 setting parameters equal in lm
Monday May 28 2012
11:54PM 0 XY correlation
8:10PM 1 convert from float32 to 16B
8:02PM 6 importing multiple file form folder
7:46PM 1 Rcurl, postForm()
7:41PM 0 convert an image to matrix, color frequencies
6:17PM 2 Rank a numerical variable
4:59PM 1 Arima model, breusch godfrey/breusch pagan test
4:55PM 1 question how to add Standard Deviation as "Whiskers" in a simple plot
4:27PM 0 RCurl > postForm() not working for me
2:16PM 1 need help in logistic regression
2:06PM 1 Why R order files as 1 10 100 not 1 2 3 ?
2:01PM 2 Hash Table - Select and Change Data iniside Matrix Using "Between"
1:54PM 0 rms::cr.setup and Hmisc::fit.mult.impute
1:21PM 1 simulation of levene's test
1:10PM 0 multiple plot in ICEInfer
12:54PM 2 R quantreg anova: How to change summary se-type
12:20PM 1 standard error
11:21AM 0 Estimation of parameters represented in matrix using MLE package
10:32AM 2 import contingency table
10:29AM 0 R quantreg - supWald Test
10:28AM 0 stats q: multiple imputation and quantile regression
9:35AM 2 zoo: variable gets modified at making zoo object
6:27AM 0 error im install R
6:12AM 1 Avoid text wrapping of output in R console
4:58AM 1 rpart space in column names
1:20AM 3 Factanal fits
Sunday May 27 2012
7:56PM 3 Problem with strptime
5:53PM 2 Unable to fit model using “lrm.fit”
5:50PM 1 How do I diagnosis what's wrong with R crash?
5:26PM 1 SOS! R Console crashed after loading RODBC... Update: Re: How to set up RODBC? Diff between R Console and RStudio?
2:36PM 3 write.csv permissions
1:26PM 0 Webscraping Data RCurl
12:20PM 7 Customized R Regression Output?
5:12AM 1 a simple mixed model
3:26AM 3 barplot problem
2:46AM 0 path analysis and diagram (structural model)
2:19AM 1 How do I modify sytem shell environment from within R?
Saturday May 26 2012
6:04PM 3 How to measure level of similarity of two data frames
4:07PM 3 How to assign height value on bar plot?
4:00PM 1 Plotting interactions from lme with ggplot
2:17PM 3 Problem with readHTMLTable
1:33PM 1 Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and the plot of max distance between two ecdf curves
1:14PM 2 avoid error within for loop, try, trycatch, while, move to next iteration, unlist
10:19AM 2 Assessing interaction effects in GLMMs
9:13AM 6 how to check given number seq. is time series or not?
7:09AM 1 How to transform OLS covariance matrix to White standard errors?
6:17AM 1 Values in scatterplot??
2:53AM 1 How to draw y axis in horizontal bar plot?
Friday May 25 2012
10:33PM 1 "shift" + "arrow" in getGraphicsEvent
8:52PM 1 Selecting with mouse the lines drawn by matplot()
8:52PM 1 evaluate whether function returns error
7:50PM 1 change colors/ symbols of lda plots
7:30PM 1 knitr customization
6:51PM 1 question about TryCatch and lapply
6:09PM 1 subset columns from list with variable substitution
6:03PM 2 How to change width of bar when there are very few bars?
5:16PM 4 Reading a bunch of csv files into R
5:14PM 2 Query about creating time sequences
4:41PM 1 difference between qnorm and qqnorm
3:42PM 1 Problem with Autocorrelation and GLS Regression
3:38PM 3 count number of groups
3:29PM 3 Breaking up a vector
3:22PM 1 Rolling Sample VAR
2:17PM 0 Basic help
2:16PM 1 Multiple rms summary plots in a single device
2:08PM 4 Problem sourcing file
2:00PM 0 [snowFT] Problems with passing arguments to performParallel
1:58PM 0 plotting sorted factors
1:51PM 2 problem with installing rms package
1:43PM 4 Hash Table - Select and Change Data iniside Matrix
1:38PM 1 Correlograms: using boxes and different variables on rows and columns
1:34PM 1 Breakpoint in logistic GLM with 'segmented' package - error: replacement length zero
1:29PM 1 R memory allocation
12:58PM 3 Multiple cbind according to filename
12:46PM 1 R+Stata batch mode
9:30AM 0 Using robust std.errors instead of OLS std.errors in regression
9:21AM 2 Collecting results of a test with array
8:26AM 0 edgeR Time Series
8:07AM 0 KS test and plot max distance between two ecdf curves
7:30AM 0 clogit, modeling change...
6:02AM 1 Java problem - XLConnect/xlsx package
3:24AM 1 Filling NA with cumprod?
12:37AM 1 levels of comma separated data
Thursday May 24 2012
11:45PM 6 How to open a file with a name changed?
9:04PM 1 R base package grid does not output raster image
5:57PM 2 R Error: System is computationally singular
4:45PM 1 Fwd: help needed
4:31PM 4 Manually modifying an hclust dendrogram to remove singletons
4:10PM 1 svychisq using two frames
3:51PM 6 R does not recognise columns and rows as they are supposed to be
3:35PM 1 inner_perc_table?
3:32PM 1 use list as function arguments
3:27PM 0 Memory allocation error
2:16PM 1 Upper an lower bound in linear programing
1:59PM 1 package metafor: specify weights?
10:58AM 1 quotes in Rscript -e through system
10:26AM 1 plot(summary) quantreg - Not all outputs needed
9:50AM 1 How to avoid numbering while printing list element?
8:49AM 0 Mistake:number of cluster centres must lie between 1 and nrow(x)
8:43AM 2 building transformation macro
8:20AM 3 set tkscale by tkentry
8:09AM 1 How to retrieve value form dataframe by Key?
7:11AM 0 Error while conecting to database.
7:10AM 3 transform 1 col to 2 col
6:29AM 1 Convolve 2 uniform distributed variables
4:31AM 1 Issues while using “lift.chart” and “adjProbScore” function from ”BCA” library
12:44AM 3 Exclude when sd=0
Wednesday May 23 2012
11:40PM 1 Letter with tilde
10:11PM 2 Plot txt
10:08PM 1 trouble installing RCurl
9:47PM 1 Calling on certina columns
8:42PM 2 Using NA as a break point for indicator variable?
7:58PM 3 applying cbind (or any function) across all components in a list
5:51PM 1 Random Forest Classification_ForestCombination
5:31PM 1 Question on if i am allowed to do something
5:09PM 0 gam (mgcv) vs. multiple regression breakpoint analysis: inconsistencies?
4:39PM 1 Error message from optim
3:20PM 1 how a latent state matrix is updated using package R2WinBUGS
3:19PM 1 procrustes (vegan) plot of residual differences
3:18PM 1 Distances between countries package?
2:59PM 1 two sided wilcox test
2:58PM 2 Get variable names from results of lm()
2:37PM 1 mgcv: How to calculate a confidence interval of a ratio
2:24PM 1 edgeR: design matrix setup
1:09PM 0 garchFit (fGARCH)
12:50PM 0 data conversion (possibly with reshape package)
11:34AM 3 barplot
10:54AM 1 numerical integration
10:49AM 0 numerical integrals
9:44AM 2 File format for single channel analysis of Agilent microarray data in Limma?
9:23AM 2 Weird date conversion
9:02AM 0 Error from using adaptIntegrate within a function that is then integrated
9:00AM 5 linux
8:23AM 2 storing output of a loop in a matrix
7:35AM 2 Optimizing problem R
7:04AM 2 Special characters in an R package manual
2:03AM 0 Linear Interpolation help please
1:56AM 0 Build error on RedHat EL 5.5: byte-compiling package 'compiler'
Tuesday May 22 2012
11:11PM 1 How to read a function from keyboard?
10:01PM 0 help r error "the integral is probably divergent"
8:55PM 3 Deleting row labels in dataframe
7:34PM 2 Median computation
7:30PM 0 trouble with png image creation in R v2.14.0 on Red Hat 6
6:48PM 1 Is there an inverse function of Sys.getenv()
6:41PM 3 pad leading zeros in front of strings
6:28PM 3 Working directory
5:59PM 2 scatterplot x axis specifications
5:50PM 3 Is there a way to save EVERYTHING in R?
5:24PM 1 In R, how do I execute a script that sets environment variables within the same shell session?
5:22PM 1 Naming dimnames in an array using the results of an expression
4:26PM 3 Could "incomplete final line found" be more serious than a warning?
4:22PM 2 how to remove the 'promise' attribute of an R object (.Random.seed)?
3:55PM 1 utils:::menuInstallLocal()
3:14PM 2 Graph to visualize paired t test
3:02PM 1 How to evaluate R things from Visual Studio?
2:43PM 1 RNORM matrix based on CSV file values for MEAN and SD
2:06PM 2 Creating functions with a loop.
1:47PM 0 dataframe package
1:10PM 1 Adding Text to a Plot
11:54AM 2 package grid: mirror grob objects along an axis
11:29AM 2 getting a Likert plot from a data frame
11:00AM 1 Problem with Extracting Hash Tagged Words from Tweets
10:08AM 3 How to remove square brackets, etc. from address strings?
9:23AM 1 iterate over vector with "range vector" inside
9:16AM 0 writing my own logistic regression function
9:10AM 1 ¨Time series and variables with different lengths
9:10AM 3 What's wrong with MEAN?
8:59AM 0 Interpreting output from the val.prob function in the rms package
8:08AM 4 ReName
7:15AM 1 Quantmod, Xts, TTR and Postgresql
7:01AM 4 “For” calculation is so slow
6:59AM 4 Need to help to get value for bigger calculation
6:10AM 1 confused with indexing
2:58AM 1 glm(weights) and standard errors
2:14AM 1 Noninferiority Testing
1:01AM 0 Does aov produce one-sided or two-sided p-values?
12:45AM 1 include a dataset in my package
12:07AM 2 List indexing question
Monday May 21 2012
9:13PM 2 Problem with function
9:06PM 1 simple, unidimensional heat map
8:36PM 0 Random effect in an Incomplete block design
8:33PM 1 fda modeling
8:29PM 2 sweave tables as images?
7:55PM 1 help with melt/cast in reshape-package
6:23PM 1 M-estimation in multivariate linear regression model in R
6:22PM 0 R development master class: NYC June 21-22, Bay Area June 28-29
6:15PM 1 problem with data frame to numeric transformation
5:29PM 3 Need help for R install
5:17PM 0 Erratic error with adaptIntegrate in cubature package
3:32PM 1 select part of files from a list.files
3:31PM 1 Complex text parsing task
2:15PM 1 Changing selected elements of an array
1:31PM 1 merging unbalanced rows
1:20PM 1 all occurences of an element in a vector
1:03PM 1 Syntax for lme function to model random factors and interactions
12:20PM 1 htmlParse Error
11:36AM 0 linear extrapolation using data from imported text file
11:26AM 1 variate generation
11:24AM 3 Replace a variable by its value
10:01AM 1 Need Help in K-fold validation in Decision tree
7:59AM 3 Prevent calculation when only NA
7:44AM 4 plz help. how to filter/group/sort data on mass data
6:02AM 1 Need help in doing EMA(Exponential Mean Average).
5:15AM 0 convert function in RTAQ package for high frequency data analysis
2:10AM 2 for loop, error in model frame.default ... variable lengths differ
12:53AM 0 dot - comma problem, addendum
Sunday May 20 2012
10:49PM 2 system() under windows [x] but not with Mac
10:40PM 1 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
8:01PM 1 Axis mayhem in plot3d
7:07PM 2 Histograms with bin proportions on the y-axis
4:34PM 1 question about sign test
4:09PM 4 R Memory Issues
4:09PM 1 (no subject)
2:17PM 5 removeing only rows/columns with "na" value from square ( symmetrical ) matrix.
1:52PM 3 dot - comma problem
6:44AM 1 Problem in convert function in RTAQ package
1:32AM 4 write.xls
Saturday May 19 2012
11:05PM 1 Help with ordering values
10:58PM 3 anovas ss typeI vs typeIII
9:00PM 1 Try Giving Invalid Argument Type Error
7:32PM 1 referencing headers to extract components of a data frame
3:40PM 5 default plot, but stripes appear (and other plot problems)
2:53PM 0 Incomplete block design with random effects
1:57PM 3 Implementing a Kalman filter in R
1:34PM 2 Subset based on a date range
12:43PM 4 weighted averages for two variables
12:23PM 2 how to predict/forecast missing values in time series ?
11:46AM 1 Contingency table and mean(sd)
11:44AM 2 Loading the stupid dataset--help!!!
9:49AM 3 converting csv to image file
9:47AM 2 Interactive Plot in R?
5:18AM 1 Names of Greek letters stored as character strings; plotmath.
4:33AM 0 Erroneous results using 64-bit "sspline" package
4:17AM 1 Catenating strings involving plotmath symbols.
1:34AM 3 Q - scatterplot, plot function & trellis linear regressions???
Friday May 18 2012
11:45PM 4 Menus - best practices?
11:16PM 2 Runs up and runs down test
11:14PM 5 Loop Help
8:40PM 0 Fortune nominattion.
7:26PM 2 Recoding numeric value
6:54PM 0 A few questions regarding genmatch()
6:28PM 0 Forecast package, auto.arima() convergence problem, and AIC/BIC extraction
6:25PM 1 Help for numericDeriv function
6:19PM 1 UTF-16 input and read.delim/scan
5:44PM 3 LM with summation function
5:41PM 1 help with creating a box plot
4:56PM 3 look at the underlying source code
4:56PM 3 Sort across multiple csv
2:59PM 3 How to fix indeces in a loop
2:35PM 1 inter-item-correlation-table
1:36PM 1 Running R in BATCH MODE Windows
11:50AM 1 Problem when index is given by a changing formula in loop - BUG??
10:28AM 1 glmnet object to pmml
9:41AM 1 Natural Language Toolkit for R - is it still there?
9:15AM 1 translation
7:52AM 0 High Frequency Data
7:52AM 3 How to create axis y axis for horizontal bar plot?
7:12AM 0 R- plot bottom up dendrogram
6:39AM 1 Finding the Principal components
4:33AM 2 Covariance matrix in R with non-numeric variables
4:11AM 1 Proc AutoReg (SAS like Output in R)
2:44AM 2 Failure building any package
1:53AM 1 Financial Statements Date Subsetting
1:43AM 1 Integration of two dimension function
Thursday May 17 2012
11:34PM 3 New Eyes Needed to See Syntax Error
10:14PM 3 Optimization inconsistencies
9:32PM 2 Correlation in Rattle
7:35PM 2 glm convergence warning
6:53PM 2 solve the equation in R
5:28PM 1 Windows Task Scheduler and R updates. Need basic tips
4:03PM 1 Covariance structure for lme
2:06PM 3 nls and if statements
1:59PM 1 Correlation Matrix
12:59PM 0 (bug?) in survfit in R-2-15.0
12:20PM 0 neighbour list in lm.LMtests
12:17PM 2 Importing ASCII flat
11:46AM 1 ctree for suvival analysis problem
11:29AM 1 Is there R 2.4 version_
10:45AM 2 Complex sort problem
10:39AM 1 how to download source code, pdf manual for any package from internet?
10:05AM 2 MANOVA with random factor
9:41AM 2 hmd.mx
8:55AM 0 Error in lasso regression (linear dependence issue?)
7:45AM 1 Job opportunity in Beijing, China at Xian-Janssen Pharmaceutical Ltd
7:16AM 1 oldlogspline probabilities
7:12AM 0 trouble with multi statement queries
6:04AM 1 hu6800cdf
3:12AM 0 new version of fda fixes bug in pca.fd and supports library(Matrix)
1:40AM 1 using XML package to read RSS
1:37AM 1 extract data from square cracket
1:17AM 0 subreddit for R related stuff
Wednesday May 16 2012
10:49PM 1 Unable to install package
10:17PM 0 Updating Neural Networks
9:42PM 0 variable spatial correlation
9:09PM 3 triangular matrices input/output
9:08PM 1 survival survfit with newdata
9:01PM 2 trouble with ifelse statement
7:57PM 2 error code trying to extract second column from coeftest output
6:36PM 1 transfer R objects back to console/command line
6:27PM 0 Finding words that are within +/- X words of "KRAS" using tm package or other means
5:39PM 1 fitting t copula with fixed dof
5:16PM 1 TukeyHSD plot error
5:09PM 1 Job posting - Statistical Consultant - Univ. of Texas at Austin
5:06PM 1 how disable the Error massage in read.table() " no lines available in input"
4:55PM 2 replacing with NA
4:44PM 1 Optimization problem
3:56PM 3 simple data.frame question
2:21PM 3 install ggplot2 package
2:13PM 1 clusters in zero-inflated negative binomial models
1:52PM 5 kolmogorov-Smirnov critical values
1:51PM 1 Merging multiple data sets
1:21PM 1 Hmisc improveProb() and PredictABEL reclassification () function and continuous NRI
1:11PM 0 Problem to resolve a step for reading a large TXT and, split in several file
12:16PM 0 ANCOVA power
11:22AM 1 tm package: problem of TermDocumentMatrix and minWordLength
10:52AM 1 correlation among variables in the same subset
10:37AM 3 finding mean and SD for a log-normal distribution
10:22AM 0 Change the order of variables in a linear model
8:07AM 2 Help needed for efficient way to loop through rows and columns
7:27AM 1 order a data frame by date with order
7:22AM 3 Wrong Q3 + Mean.
6:11AM 1 code to iterate function apply to matrix
3:18AM 2 Splus equivalent of reshape in R
1:46AM 1 Getting reliable financial ratios
1:37AM 1 Last element of a vector by group
12:42AM 1 simple question about max(x,y)
12:13AM 1 How to use the value of "rect" to determine the location of legend
12:08AM 2 confidence intervals for nls or nls2 model
Tuesday May 15 2012
9:57PM 0 vars plot predicted values on original scale
9:47PM 1 vector w/o arithmetic addition for boxplot
9:20PM 1 double buffering in windows() not working
8:49PM 1 Regression Analysis or Anova?
8:16PM 0 Problem to resolve a step for reading a large TXT and split in several file
8:14PM 0 How to include known errors in a regression?
8:11PM 4 Reading Excel Formulas as values
6:47PM 2 question about creating data frame
6:39PM 5 Kerning of italic text in plotmath
5:52PM 0 (bug?) in survfit in R-2-15-0
5:30PM 1 Lattice: Add abline to Single Value qqmath() Plot
5:23PM 1 Need your help setting $R_check_force_suggests = "FALSE" on Windows system
5:09PM 1 save to Rdata file and to txt
4:46PM 2 pass objects into "..." (dot dot dot)
4:30PM 2 Change One Column Name in Data Frame
4:29PM 0 standartized residuals in garchFit function
4:20PM 0 lmekin bug
3:45PM 1 Odd behaviour of identical()
3:36PM 2 max value
3:33PM 1 Master data frame or so
2:30PM 2 rpart - predict terminal nodes for new observations
2:17PM 2 R
2:13PM 0 Trouble with LAPACK / SHLIB
1:53PM 0 missing observations
1:15PM 0 tidbit about R-core member
1:12PM 0 vuong/clarke tests for relogit
12:57PM 4 reading data into R
12:49PM 0 Ordinal Logistic regression
12:40PM 0 Interpretation Results Netlogit sna package
12:38PM 0 How to apply a function to a multidimensional array, based on its indices
12:35PM 0 Non-parametric (M)ANOVA with R ?
12:29PM 0 Error when CFA with lavaan is applied
12:04PM 9 help
12:00PM 2 how to find outliers from the list of values
11:43AM 4 counts on bars on barplot
11:18AM 0 Problem with legend and RasterLayer
10:56AM 0 Correlation Matrix Kendall Tau-b with P value
10:56AM 2 Transfering data from R list to other document format
10:29AM 1 KEGGSOAP installation error
10:04AM 0 Indexing in summaryBy
9:58AM 1 Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'Rayos' not found???
9:55AM 1 caret: Error when using rpart and CV != LOOCV
9:19AM 2 Renaming names in R matrix
8:00AM 1 Alternative to heat.color(x)
6:15AM 1 Probabilistic aggregation
5:57AM 1 Simple parallel for loop
5:24AM 1 How to Un-group a grouped data set?
5:12AM 2 how to create a new data given a vector of variable names
Monday May 14 2012
9:53PM 1 Interpreting Q-Q Plots
9:44PM 2 package ‘adehabitat’ is not available (for R version 2.15.0) on Mac OS X
9:40PM 0 OpenStreetMap Library
9:17PM 3 Scraping a web page.
7:34PM 2 Inf and lazy evaluation
7:21PM 1 Plot
6:35PM 2 Error in names(x) <- value: 'names' attribute must be the same length as the vector
5:04PM 0 using rcom to control Power Point - problem to set a property
4:32PM 3 select data
4:07PM 0 New version of cloudRmpi
3:45PM 0 glmnet speed
2:37PM 0 phyloclim could not be installed in linux - problems on tkrplot dependence
2:13PM 0 ggplot2: Dendrogram text position
2:09PM 3 How to apply a function to a multidimensional array based on its indices
1:50PM 1 How do I do group wise clustering in R?
1:42PM 0 Rjava on Ubuntu quantal
1:07PM 0 Confidence interval for Whittle method
12:45PM 3 Add column from other columns data.
12:38PM 0 cross validation in glmnet
11:50AM 1 New to R
10:35AM 0 update.formula simplify = FALSE
10:17AM 2 How to interpret an ANOVA result?
9:38AM 1 rollmax.zoo : column names NULL
9:33AM 4 Data read as labels
9:09AM 1 Aligning time series
9:03AM 1 labels in hist and ranges of an axis
8:57AM 1 Extract Variance Components
7:06AM 3 R i386 2.15.0 'gogarch' package issue
5:14AM 2 To summary data
2:10AM 1 Post stratification weights in survey package in R
Sunday May 13 2012
9:53PM 2 Discrete choice model maximum likelihood estimation
5:21PM 0 Residuals from binomial glm
3:23PM 1 heatmap
11:52AM 5 Replacing cretin value in a file
11:08AM 0 how to calculate risk allele or score allele
10:57AM 1 determine size (width and height) of a graphics file via R - how?
5:33AM 4 write data using xlsReadWrite
5:04AM 1 how to write data using xlsReadWrite
4:50AM 1 Help writing function in R....
2:06AM 1 memory growth with rbind and lapply
1:49AM 0 Depmix: error while specifying the prior
12:07AM 2 Help with V function in igraph
Saturday May 12 2012
10:18PM 1 Query regarding date as argument in functions - and about sqldf
9:05PM 2 Plotmath bug or my misunderstanding?
9:00PM 1 categorical analysis - grouping rows
8:38PM 1 round up/down to nearest hundredth
8:33PM 5 Help with writing data to csv
7:46PM 1 problem with get() inside of lme()
6:04PM 1 Subset and order at the same time?
5:54PM 2 range segment exclusion using range endpoints
5:49PM 2 x axis dates
1:33PM 1 access the se of a forecast
10:54AM 1 masked by GlobalEnv ???
10:29AM 2 ggplot simple question.
9:39AM 1 moving averages on specific interval and merge
9:23AM 2 median teat
2:47AM 0 useR! 2012: Call for Late-Breaking Posters; REGULAR REGISTRATION ENDS 12May
2:40AM 2 Why can we combine design matrix and data-frame in R?
Friday May 11 2012
8:33PM 0 NLS sensitivity to start= values or poles in data range
8:05PM 1 manipulating data in heatmap
8:00PM 1 Matrix invert
7:42PM 2 Random forests prediction
7:39PM 3 Calculating all possible ratios
7:34PM 0 Difference of AIC computation between R (>2.12) and Splus (7.0.6) during stepwise GAM analysis
7:15PM 1 How to re-order clusters of hclust output?
7:14PM 0 contrasts with an imbalance in a factor
6:18PM 3 How to specify multiple regular expressions for pattern argument
6:10PM 0 Interpreting summary of lme
5:40PM 1 summary for weekdays()
5:40PM 2 text(): combine expression and line break
5:14PM 0 Using xpathapply or getnodeset to get text between two distinct tags
4:24PM 1 Replicate weights in R?
4:17PM 1 Fisher Test in R
2:58PM 1 domain/number line/range reduction problem
2:13PM 2 Multiple regression Categorical data
1:50PM 1 Matching - finding and listing data that is one object but not in another
1:41PM 1 Strange "Error: subscript out of bounds"
1:13PM 1 Output of system() not shown in if
12:38PM 1 set specific contrasts using lapply
12:28PM 1 identify() doesn't return "true" numbers
11:44AM 1 bigmemory
11:33AM 1 plot: many bars with wide bars
11:33AM 0 Cook's distance for lme?
11:06AM 1 Possible artifacts in cross-correlation function ("ccf")?
10:45AM 1 Remove a number from a vector
10:36AM 0 Contour lines within a spplot
9:06AM 1 Overlapping area script
8:56AM 1 arguments must have same length
8:21AM 0 ff question
7:37AM 1 ANOVA question
7:01AM 4 Error on easy way for JoSAE Package
6:43AM 0 randomForest Tutorial
6:32AM 0 Additional info: help with SMATR: help with pairwise comparisons using MA regression?
6:09AM 0 help with SMATR: help with pairwise comparisons using MA regression?
5:39AM 0 how to make http proxy setting as "automatically detect"?
4:45AM 1 Extrapolation for capacity planning
2:41AM 2 survival analysis simulation question
1:24AM 2 moving data from one frame to another
Thursday May 10 2012
11:56PM 2 Resampling question
11:46PM 2 Result of clustering on plot
8:19PM 0 Coloring subsets of points of a strip chart by quantiles
8:03PM 0 Error in u[1:nats[1], ] <- 0 : subscript out of bounds
7:00PM 1 Error t value matrix
6:51PM 1 fda problems - version correct?
6:35PM 1 storage of matrices of diff dimension together
4:13PM 2 Outcome~predictor model evaluation, repeated measurements
4:02PM 0 PLS Q2 value?
3:50PM 6 averaging two tables (rows with columns)
3:19PM 0 disagreement in loglikelihood and deviace in GLM with weights leads to different models selected using step()
3:16PM 2 How to capture NA values
3:12PM 2 converting raster image
3:08PM 0 png support in R on linux
2:21PM 0 Problem with factors in NMDS and Envfit
2:03PM 0 Using valgrind to debug R, extracting column of a mts object causes valgrind to crash
1:57PM 0 Fwd: Re: need help in R
1:18PM 1 Output result to a csv file
1:12PM 2 Split the work for many cores
12:19PM 1 envfit output (vegan package) - not sure what it means
12:12PM 0 plotting legend-grob with grid.layout
11:38AM 1 Modifying R package code
11:37AM 4 additional axis, different scale
10:08AM 0 Classification of Cluster-Correlated data
9:14AM 1 stop calculation in a function
2:47AM 0 Time series and stl in R: Error only univariate series are allowed
1:21AM 2 Combine two tables by row with different columns
1:15AM 1 Finding residual standard error using bootstrap
Wednesday May 9 2012
11:22PM 2 problem with Gauss Hermite ( x and w )
10:49PM 1 missing part of plot after exporting as eps o ps
10:47PM 1 QQplots format
10:38PM 4 Can't read xlsx file into R. Seem, Seem to have XLConnect loaded.
9:58PM 2 Problem with SQLDF - Error in sqliteExecStatement(con, statement, bind.data) : RS-DBI driver: (error in statement: no such table:
9:51PM 1 reception of (Vegan) envfit analysis by manuscript reviewers
9:50PM 0 Failed Convergence when using mi to generate synthetic data
9:14PM 0 the degrees of freedom in rtmvt {tmvtnorm}
9:13PM 1 Sweave, beamer and alert within code chunks
4:01PM 0 Produce indicator values + variance explained tables of a MRT produced by mvpart (R)
2:34PM 2 Random resampling of columns in species association matrices
2:12PM 1 How to apply functions across columns?
1:17PM 0 interpolating climate data
1:13PM 2 as.function parameters
11:52AM 0 Error in outer() : dimension mismatch
11:43AM 0 interpolation of climate data
11:25AM 0 rjags dmnorm error
11:23AM 1 barplot: legend: two rows
10:52AM 2 ergm model, nodematch with diff=T
10:20AM 2 plot betadisper, change of pch
9:21AM 3 R exercises - too confusing for me.
9:12AM 1 white lines in barplot
8:46AM 0 Survival data with time dependent covariate
8:32AM 0 Auto Reg with AR(1)
8:03AM 2 file path
7:38AM 1 How to import .accda database into R
7:25AM 5 Dotchart showing mean and median by group
4:41AM 0 How to run this model using nonlinear least square in R.
3:30AM 2 big quasi-fixed effects OLS model
2:03AM 1 Barplots inside loop - several data errors, workaround needed
12:23AM 0 How to generate standardized coefficients in nlme
12:17AM 12 Matrix heatmap
Tuesday May 8 2012
10:46PM 0 ANN: bigml package for R bigml_0.1.tar.gz
10:31PM 2 PPM to BMP converter
9:47PM 1 what folder to run write_PACKAGES in?
8:41PM 1 Automating R for Hypothesis Testing
7:35PM 1 optim question
7:23PM 1 Two Y axes (same scale) in ggplot2 or plot
7:14PM 1 two Y Axes (in the same scale) in ggplot2
6:20PM 0 Revolutions Blog: April Roundup
6:17PM 1 grouping function
5:59PM 1 There must be a better way to do this
5:29PM 4 Axes value format
5:21PM 1 Translation of Linear minimization probelm from matlab to r
5:00PM 3 Unexpected input while building package in R
3:44PM 0 Seek() on windows - safe use cases?
3:33PM 3 Help "deleting negative values in a matrix, and do statistic analysis"
3:32PM 1 Lattice side by side boxplots with average
3:10PM 6 registry vulnerabilities in R
2:44PM 1 Error with psi value for 'segmented' package for R
2:42PM 0 plot mjca lambda = "adjusted"
2:24PM 1 Extracting Hash-tagged word from Tweets
2:01PM 2 mgcv: inclusion of random intercept in model - based on p-value of smooth or anova?
1:19PM 2 How to deal with a dataframe within a dataframe?
1:15PM 0 Regression Analysis
12:08PM 1 require R code for calculating nagelkerke pseudo r2
11:02AM 3 Numerical integration of a two dimensional function over a disk
10:49AM 9 What is the most cost effective hardware for R?
10:29AM 1 Regression with very high number of categorical variables
9:44AM 1 Fast reading of hex data?
8:50AM 0 R CMD check, c++ source linking errors
8:44AM 2 Dividing tick-data into intervalls
8:14AM 1 Divide tick-data into intervalls
6:34AM 4 glmmADMB
6:15AM 3 please help!
3:37AM 1 Help in increasing R memory in unix
3:26AM 1 coxph data format
3:10AM 1 low R square value from ANCOVA model
1:18AM 1 revolution foreach oddity
Monday May 7 2012
10:19PM 1 Missing Vignettes for reshape2
10:15PM 1 Plotting a raster image
9:39PM 3 Using expression() in plot() XXXX
9:37PM 1 R-Code Project Help
9:23PM 2 Matrix "BYTES" size
7:40PM 0 SSfol in nlme
7:26PM 5 Subtracting a matrix 1x28 from a scalar
6:52PM 3 Problem with Median
5:41PM 3 Problem in executing R-script
5:36PM 0 Ranked predictor and response variable analysis
5:05PM 1 Can't find the error in a Binomial GLM I am doing, please help
4:51PM 0 predicted values of coxme model
1:59PM 0 New book: Zero Inflated Models and GLMM with R
1:54PM 2 substr not by position but by symbol
1:41PM 1 Topic Modeling- package lda
1:21PM 1 Taking a lead in panel data
11:26AM 0 FW: Overlapping area Script
11:15AM 1 wireframe and par(mfrow)
10:43AM 1 Value of Hurst exponent (R/S) method > 1
10:22AM 3 How to plot PCA output?
10:20AM 1 How can I brake a label in two lines when using expression()?
10:14AM 0 R CMD check, interfacing c++ linking errors
9:50AM 2 how to deduplicate records, e.g. using melt() and cast()
9:23AM 1 Repeating
8:24AM 3 Dates in R
7:58AM 1 estimating survival times with glmnet and coxph
7:55AM 2 y-axis-problem (barplots)
5:44AM 2 Statistical power of correlations.
2:31AM 1 commenting out a block of R code
Sunday May 6 2012
9:02PM 2 Saving a variable
7:56PM 2 question about transforming data into data frame object
7:38PM 2 Interaction plot between 2 continuous variables
4:57PM 1 I need some help
4:43PM 0 Steps to determine Hurst exponent
3:59PM 1 Understanding custom contrasts
3:39PM 3 PLot a matrix
2:54PM 2 paper submission help
11:07AM 2 Translation of matlab vectors code into r
10:01AM 1 how to download data from soap server using R
9:11AM 2 How to do division calculation in R?
8:44AM 2 how to do the concentration-time profiles in R?
7:25AM 0 (no subject)
12:32AM 3 correlation between XY coordinates
Saturday May 5 2012
9:50PM 1 Query about memory used in list and dataframe
9:49PM 0 penalized quantile regression (rq.fit.lasso)
9:17PM 3 c() in Mac does not work
9:16PM 1 No Data in randomForest predict
9:10PM 3 download extremely slow
9:09PM 2 creating a new column assigning values of other columns
6:42PM 2 Pasting with Quotes
6:25PM 0 ROCR source code now available on github
6:12PM 3 alarm() doesn't beep
5:03PM 3 metafor
4:42PM 0 something weird in integration (pracma library)
4:06PM 0 Getting predicted values from a zero-inflated negative binomial using zeroinfl()
3:34PM 2 Editor to program with CRAN R
2:46PM 2 No error message no display output
10:49AM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
9:51AM 1 Correct use of ddply with own function
8:57AM 3 Panel MNP
7:09AM 0 Weired location of points on MA plot?
6:21AM 1 what is Non-numeric argument to mathematical function in prediction ?
Friday May 4 2012
5:34PM 0 Converting code from gee() to geeglm()
5:09PM 1 Replacing tick labels in a plot
4:49PM 2 Off-Topic: Crime Statistics Don't Pay
4:49PM 1 auditing R's memory usage
4:18PM 1 ANOVA problem
3:38PM 2 Binomial GLM, chisq.test, or?
3:31PM 1 Problems Exporting R Output to an xls file need help
3:23PM 2 [Sweave] string.prefix without hyphen-minus
2:41PM 1 France Model
2:36PM 1 sem error message
2:22PM 1 text replacement with a loop in a script file
2:09PM 0 epitools question
1:54PM 3 read-in, error???
1:50PM 0 latex, Hmisc with MikTeX 2.8 produced "n&missing&unique" output
1:43PM 1 Correct Interpretation of survreg() coeffs
1:10PM 1 Generate strings from multiple variables
12:34PM 0 oddsratio and some basic help on epitools
12:34PM 1 Absolute cumulative curve with ecdf/stepfun?
12:23PM 4 Interweaving of two datasets
11:54AM 1 weird predict function error when I use naive bayes
11:45AM 1 lme or lmer for unbalance data
11:39AM 1 colours in a pdf
10:11AM 0 Machine Learning and Cluster-Correlated Data
10:03AM 0 oddsratio epitool and chi-square
9:35AM 1 R crash when i'm using lme function
9:29AM 2 Test if a sample mean of integers with range -inf; inf is different from zero
9:19AM 3 Summing list with NA elements
8:37AM 0 FW: Validation of logistic models in R 2.12
8:06AM 0 convert strings to object names: SUMMARY
8:01AM 0 Help with biplot()
7:53AM 1 Equality of multiple vectors
7:38AM 1 Why does RODBC driver returns garbage from Sybase server on new windows 7 machine?
6:47AM 1 zoo package; a question on as.yearmon and as.yearqtr
6:44AM 0 LIMMA decideTests result zero from contrast matrix
6:16AM 2 read.table() vs read.delim() any difference??
6:15AM 0 Using R to generate specific distributions of data
5:34AM 2 Can't import this 4GB DATASET
4:07AM 1 Rprofile.site under Windows 7?
3:06AM 0 ur.df funtion
2:36AM 7 Breaking up a Row in R (transpose)
1:10AM 1 How to write a BMP file pixel by pixel?
1:07AM 1 means by group
12:00AM 0 Counting cases within present ranges
Thursday May 3 2012
11:39PM 2 apply one list to another one
11:32PM 2 Difference between 10 and 10L
11:10PM 1 cannot calculate standard estimate with predict on loess
10:09PM 2 Finding local maxima on a loess surface
9:56PM 2 GAM, how to set qr=TRUE
9:37PM 0 May-July 2012 ***R/S-PLUS Courses***by XLSolutions Corp at 9 USA locations
9:19PM 1 Identifying case by groups in a data frame
8:45PM 1 * operator overloading & setOldClass
4:41PM 2 Help with readBin
4:37PM 1 overlapping confidence bands for predicted probabilities from a logistic model
4:35PM 1 Runtime column name creation
4:21PM 6 Cannot read or write to file in Linux Ubuntu
4:11PM 0 LME4 to MCMCglmm
3:44PM 1 Error with the 'segmented' package for R
3:43PM 2 How to replace NA with zero (0)
3:42PM 1 Creating a point pattern with cartesian co-ordinates
3:14PM 1 pdf, pairs and subfloats
3:12PM 0 Permute/bootstrap F-statistics
2:37PM 1 NA's when subset in a dataframe
2:32PM 1 bwplot: using a numeric variable to position boxplots
2:30PM 0 Modified Cholesky decomposition for sparse matrices
2:27PM 0 error in La.svd Lapack routine 'dgesdd'
1:51PM 0 Model Averaging Help
1:45PM 2 add an automatized linear regression in a function
1:32PM 1 conducting GAM-GEE within gamm4?
1:21PM 0 problems with lme function
1:08PM 5 estimation problem
12:57PM 0 Creating a survival object with and without an event indicator
11:50AM 2 Very small random effect estimation in lmer but not in stata xtmixed
11:35AM 0 problem with running probit
11:28AM 0 Searching for values
11:20AM 1 braking a label in two lines when using expression()
10:39AM 1 Help with getting values from string
10:31AM 2 `mapply(function(x) function() x, c("a", "b"))$a()' returns `"b"'
10:15AM 1 deparse(substitute(x)) on an object with S3 class
9:46AM 1 warning with glm.predict, wrong number of data rows
8:29AM 0 MLE for estimating the parameters of the TVECM in R
8:12AM 0 Validation of logistic models in R 2.12
7:50AM 1 Simple plot loop
5:24AM 2 Discrepancies in the estimates of Partial least square (PLS) in SAS and R
5:16AM 0 Rprofile.site in R 2.15.0 on Windows?
2:06AM 5 Identifying the particular X or Y in a sorted list
12:10AM 1 is there a way of identifying batch mode running?
Wednesday May 2 2012
11:42PM 3 (no subject)
10:23PM 6 Quickest way to make a large "empty" file on disk?
10:03PM 0 Plotting network without overlapping vertices
9:31PM 0 New version of the knitr package (0.5)
8:27PM 1 select month data in ts objects
8:00PM 5 R help!
7:55PM 5 uneven vector length issue with read.zoo?
7:32PM 2 Problem with 'nls' fitting logistic model (5PL)
7:02PM 1 error fitting coxph model
6:40PM 0 Performing negative binomial regression on data, using stepwise selection
6:11PM 0 adding a caption to a mosaic plot?
5:45PM 2 output Shapiro-Wild results to a table
5:39PM 1 Forestplot question
5:07PM 0 Binary logistic regression with binary predictors
4:29PM 0 Statistical test for predictor selection
4:08PM 2 interactive loop
3:52PM 0 Multiple correlation
3:42PM 3 strange differences in vector operation versus manual calculation
3:00PM 1 rgl.Sweave not producing transparency in pdf plots with alpha
2:58PM 2 selection by two unique variables
1:54PM 0 pick up the values
1:48PM 2 How can a function in R handle different types of input?
1:26PM 0 Multiple plots
1:17PM 0 PLS validation value
1:03PM 0 2nd call for chapters: book Data Mining Applications with R; due by 31 May 2012
12:08PM 3 factor conversion to date/time
11:45AM 1 scanning a data set for strings
10:14AM 1 Two ecdf with log-scales
10:10AM 2 date and time conversion
9:19AM 1 convert numbers into dates and time
9:00AM 0 Formal test for proportional subdistribution hazards assumption
8:24AM 1 Tutorial for ff package
8:13AM 1 calibration of Garch models to historical data
7:26AM 1 Hmisc's latex: na.blank and grouping not working as expected
7:24AM 0 bcrm package update
6:36AM 1 How can I read the "text" or "character string" from a txt file?
6:15AM 1 list objects calculation
5:53AM 1 DepmixS4
5:22AM 1 Referencing factors through their equivalent numeric level
4:58AM 3 How to plot stacked histogram in R?
4:47AM 1 returning value from source() in R .Net
4:39AM 1 Extracting results from a median polish
3:37AM 0 Help in poLCA
1:23AM 0 MCMCglmm priors including phylogeny
12:55AM 1 please help me
12:47AM 3 Numeric data not numeric in .csv file
12:37AM 0 Robust estimation of a geometric random variable
12:37AM 1 coxph reference hazard rate
Tuesday May 1 2012
8:52PM 1 How to Export an R outcome to an Excel Spreadshee​t
8:41PM 2 How to Export an R outcome to an Excel Spreadsheet
8:01PM 2 Hypothesis Testing using Wald Criterion for two regression models with dummy variables
7:58PM 2 Define lower-upper bound for parameters in Optim using Nelder-Mead method
6:51PM 0 Fitting a first order compartment model in nlme
6:37PM 1 VarCorr procedure from lme4
6:05PM 1 Forecast Package for 2.15.0
5:57PM 2 Problems accessing environment() in function
5:55PM 1 Arules and different item columns with same item labelsŠ.
5:33PM 3 Data frame vs matrix quirk: Hinky error message?
4:48PM 0 Plotting shapefiles on existing maps
4:25PM 1 [fields:image.plot] subtitle under title (not image)?
3:52PM 2 rbind-ing numeric matrices
1:55PM 1 error bars for a barchart
1:55PM 0 Optim (fct): Parameters=LowerBounds
9:05AM 2 Question about expand.grid function in R
7:06AM 2 index moran
6:14AM 1 testing parallel slopes assumption for Ordinal Logistic Regression
12:48AM 1 Questions