R help - Apr 2012

Monday April 30 2012
11:57PM 2 for loop problem
11:22PM 3 95% confidence interval of the coefficients from a bootstrap analysis
10:24PM 1 IV estimation
8:58PM 0 Extracting coefficients values with bootstrap
8:00PM 2 Matrix transposition
7:34PM 3 Usage line in .pdf version of manual is truncated
6:32PM 1 read multiple dataset at one time
6:27PM 2 Regression
5:32PM 1 Hmisc::pstamp, mfcol, and spacing
4:44PM 2 Clustering analysis with ordination plots
4:39PM 1 Extracting week number starting from a specific date
4:17PM 0 New package for morphology and smoothing in any number of dimensions: mmand
3:45PM 1 question on jitter in plot.Predict in rms
3:44PM 1 Help with loess "Standard Error of the Residuals"
3:42PM 0 log= argument to pairs()?
3:30PM 0 Optim (fct): Parameters=LowerBounds!?
3:15PM 0 Robust regression with clusters
3:09PM 0 Calling Rscript from Matlab on OS X
1:36PM 2 Generate Dendrogram
1:33PM 0 need help with avg.surv (Direct Adjusted Survival Curve), Message-ID:
1:31PM 1 Subtract days to dates in POSIXct format
10:21AM 3 R2 in multilevel modelling
10:17AM 1 Area between 2 curves
10:05AM 2 Using GEE with sample weights
9:43AM 5 Different varable lengths
8:23AM 1 HOw compare 2 models in logistic regression
8:09AM 1 Why does my R compiler repeat my program whenever it is compiled?
7:07AM 0 RExcelInstaller update
Sunday April 29 2012
9:46PM 0 need help with avg.surv (Direct Adjusted Survival Curve)
7:46PM 2 Count number of rows in a matrix with a character pattern
6:27PM 2 Xy plot help
2:53PM 1 CForest Error Logical Subscript Too Long
2:28PM 1 Error in if (nuhat < 2) stop("The degrees of freedom must be greater than or equal to 2") : missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
11:09AM 1 combinations
8:39AM 1 Specifying special poisson maximum likelihood
7:34AM 1 RCS (Restriced Cubic Splines)
6:04AM 1 r2 and p value dispaly in table
12:58AM 0 How to retrieve QC.pdf generated by IMA.methy450R function
Saturday April 28 2012
10:04PM 2 Equivalent of Nothing (in VBA) or [] in Matlab in R
7:20PM 1 lanyrd site for useR! 2012
3:28PM 6 problem in matching numbers in two variables
2:46PM 3 Consolidate column contents of equally "named" columns
2:27PM 2 Character string to R object
12:33PM 2 "Modified Diebold-Mariano Test" with forecast package
12:11PM 3 Writing a Permutation Function
10:40AM 3 Exporting plots generated by a 'for' loop
2:58AM 1 How to custom colorscale in treemap
Friday April 27 2012
10:10PM 2 generate random numbers for lotteries
9:07PM 2 determining if a function exists in a particular package
8:36PM 2 Deleting observations from baseline that don't appear in follow up
8:24PM 1 Hyperspec package: need to change spectra names in a stacked plot
7:56PM 1 R2HTML output shows NULL
7:04PM 6 Returning the coef from two coordinates
6:38PM 2 panel cointegration
6:34PM 1 Wrap names.arg text in barplot
6:30PM 0 RODBC 1.3-5 under cygwin 1.7.12-1
6:12PM 3 kiteChart to show real values with scalebar
4:32PM 0 Error in .Call("X" ... X not in DLLS for package G
4:08PM 3 check if excel file is
3:50PM 1 multivariate xts merge question
3:46PM 6 Min , Max
3:41PM 2 find the eigenvector corresponding to the largest eigenvalue
3:32PM 0 Package for endemic channels in epidemiology
3:23PM 3 Batch importing data
3:22PM 1 expression() and font.lab ?
3:05PM 4 To make a graph for 4 functions
2:55PM 2 get plot axis rounding method
1:49PM 1 Rconsole file fails to remember GUI settings, and script
11:04AM 2 Where would i put feature requests for a library?
11:04AM 1 Rconsole file fails to remember GUI settings, and script window text colour option is missing
7:56AM 1 Unable to compile & install rggobi
5:24AM 1 TikzDevice
5:23AM 1 phone number extraction
5:21AM 1 Dot plot cex
4:32AM 0 New package TestSurvRec_1.01
4:16AM 0 How to find eigenfunctions and eigenvalues of a fourth order ODE
2:18AM 0 glmnet_1.7.4
Thursday April 26 2012
11:08PM 1 To create skewness and kurtosis in R
10:59PM 2 Lambert (1992) simulation
10:21PM 2 Memoize and vectorize a custom function
9:57PM 2 HoltWinters() fitted values
9:43PM 0 constrained optimisation without second order derivatives? - lnsrch error
9:03PM 0 Using FME modCost with multiple independent variables
8:47PM 1 Hmisc::xYplot - text on xaxis
7:58PM 2 Subsetting dataframe with missing values
7:33PM 2 Merge function - Return NON matches
7:30PM 2 problem with break command
7:26PM 1 creating a package?
6:02PM 0 Problem with constrOptim when hitting boundary
5:43PM 2 ErrError in f(x, ...) : object 'g.' not found
4:47PM 0 nnet formular for reproduce the expect output
4:40PM 1 Using the R predict function to forecast a model fit with auto.arima function
4:22PM 0 Use scores from factor analysis and missing values factanal(), napredict(), na.omit()
3:59PM 1 kernlab kpca code
3:21PM 1 Using if and else in a data frame
2:29PM 1 Sweave: Avoiding recompilation of figures
1:29PM 1 Aggregate function for comparison stats
1:26PM 6 print table on plot
1:18PM 0 nearest positive semidefinit toeplitz matrix
1:06PM 0 confidence envelope for pair correlation
1:01PM 1 Heatmap fidelity
12:50PM 0 How to find 5 closest number from matrix having attributes?
12:46PM 1 looking for an add-in for daily data analysis
12:44PM 0 Correlated random effects: comparison unconditional vs. conditional GLMMs
12:23PM 1 converting class verbatim to string
12:07PM 1 PLM package PGGLS strange behavior
12:04PM 0 Modifying values into XML with R
12:00PM 0 Help Graph edit distance in R
10:13AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 110, Issue 28
10:02AM 2 How to plot graph with different scale (y axis) on same graph?
9:17AM 1 How to delete rows from dataframe that sum to zero
9:11AM 0 redefining [ (subset) for array
8:25AM 2 write to M, using row and columns taken from A and B, with values from C
8:00AM 1 variable dispersion in glm models
6:52AM 0 Obtaining translated, rotated and scaled matrics in procrustes analysis
3:20AM 0 non parametric regression
3:15AM 1 Dataset maximum size?
3:11AM 2 reorder a matrix
2:06AM 8 understanding the FUNCTION function
12:32AM 3 repeat matrix rows as a whole
Wednesday April 25 2012
11:55PM 1 calculate correlation effect size using contrast analysis for an omnibus Chi-square test statistic
11:18PM 1 Proper apply function for matrices embedded in lists
8:43PM 2 comparison of bivariate normal distributions
6:14PM 0 locate values to their positions based on their pixel and line in other files
5:48PM 2 On the Design of the R Language
5:01PM 3 Intercept between two lines
4:52PM 2 Equate two (or more) functions
4:29PM 1 pca biplot.princomp has a bug?
3:58PM 1 Help confidence interval graphics
3:20PM 1 Average for Huge file
3:12PM 2 r-square for non-linear regression
3:09PM 0 help with significance of the estimates when running the pgls function
3:03PM 3 RODBC Error Code 202 on Mac OS X 10.6
2:57PM 2 transforming data based on factors in a dataframe
1:54PM 1 Help on time series & Hurst exponent
1:30PM 2 Where to find the p-value of a correlation test
1:08PM 1 fill a dataframe with zeros where the rows are a smaller subset of a larger dataframe (species by site)
1:02PM 1 random effects in library mgcv
12:42PM 1 FW: Combined grouped and stacked bargraph
12:22PM 1 Create a new Vector based on two columns
12:14PM 1 Create new Vector based on two colums
11:41AM 1 recommended way to group function calls in Sweave
11:15AM 2 Adding more files to list
10:47AM 3 R shell script
8:15AM 0 RCOM comInvoke
7:28AM 1 [pROC] roc.test returns "NA" p-value...
6:45AM 1 Removing the rows from dataset
6:40AM 1 Using apply() with a function involving ode()
6:21AM 1 trouble installing SparseM
4:15AM 0 FW: [BioC] Overlay Gene Expression on SNP (copy number) data
3:42AM 2 Accessing a list
2:02AM 2 How to reduce plot size on linux?
1:50AM 0 Combining local data frame with external data
1:23AM 4 "Conditional" average
Tuesday April 24 2012
10:34PM 4 Simple matrix transformation question
8:45PM 1 Bhat package and plkhci function
8:36PM 2 Basic matrix manipulation problem
8:22PM 1 returning functions inside lapply
8:17PM 0 assign() and paste() for data.frame() in nested for loops
8:13PM 1 Rprofile.site on Windows
7:22PM 1 Use of optim to fit two curves at the same time ?
6:44PM 2 How do i read the source code of "biplot"?
6:30PM 2 load only one object from a .RData file
6:29PM 2 Use quotes on a FOR LOOP R
6:10PM 1 Remove top/right border from lattice plots
3:47PM 2 Errors Updating Libraries (2.15)
3:38PM 1 Splitting data into test and train (80:20) kepping attributes similar
3:35PM 1 how to cumulate up times
3:31PM 0 New version of rreval: Remote R Evaluator
3:18PM 1 Multiple Conditional Statement
2:59PM 0 Doubt on benchmarking of R
2:52PM 2 searchina a pattern in a string
2:46PM 1 In robust PCA methods, how to get variance explained?
2:40PM 1 Compiling RMySQL on Win7 64bits RS-DBI.c:1:0: sorry, unimplemented: 64-bit mode not compiled in
2:28PM 2 Positioning main title
2:05PM 1 Number of lines in analysis after removed missings
1:24PM 0 Help with create shared object files using R CMD INSTALL
12:23PM 2 How to remove title from plot
11:42AM 0 help with GUI interface
11:12AM 2 Combined grouped and stacked bargraph
11:09AM 0 mvpart versus SPSS
8:53AM 0 ANOVA Lack of fit test results not matching
8:47AM 2 Function from ecdf to ccdf
8:24AM 0 merge - preserve value labels
6:03AM 0 Data generation for a distribution
3:52AM 2 Some Help Needed
3:46AM 1 Nested longitudinal data
3:26AM 1 Scatter plot / LOESS, or LOWESS for more than one parameter
Monday April 23 2012
10:38PM 1 change color scheme in mvpart
10:29PM 2 zipfR help
10:29PM 0 nnet multinom question
9:54PM 0 Bivariate Von Mises Distributions
9:40PM 0 summing two probability density functions from Gompertz hazard model
8:02PM 2 automating a script to read a file
6:21PM 2 .rda vs. .RData
6:11PM 1 How to test if a slope is different than 1?
5:58PM 3 Newbie Question on making subsets for every element of a table column
5:26PM 2 Problem extracting enough coefs from gam (mgcv package)
5:23PM 0 glmnet_1.7.3 on windows
4:39PM 1 check for difference.
4:29PM 2 How to insert filename as column in a file
4:24PM 1 ggplot2 - geom_bar
4:10PM 3 Selecting columns whose names contain "mutated" except when they also contain "non" or "un"
4:05PM 1 How can I run package ca (correspondence analysis), which needs rgl, without X11?
3:58PM 0 glmnet sparse matrix error: dim specifies too large an array
3:48PM 1 Can I specify POSIX[cl]t column classes inside read.csv?
3:25PM 2 plot function creating bars instead of lines
3:10PM 0 Solve an ordinary or generalized eigenvalue problem in R
2:49PM 1 write a png inside a pdf for large graphics?
1:29PM 1 How does survreg ordered factors vs not ordered factors?
1:23PM 0 clusplot() for all used variables - not only for 2 principal components?
1:20PM 1 save model summary
12:57PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 110, Issue 23
12:18PM 0 compare bivariate normal distributions
11:33AM 2 Overlay Gene Expression on SNP (copy number) data
10:42AM 3 OLS Estimating
10:42AM 1 take data from a file to another according to their correlation coefficient
10:26AM 1 Add attributes to igraph vector by name, not index
9:41AM 0 Different results for sparse and dense version of model matrix using contrasts and interactions
9:38AM 0 new version of QCAGUI
9:27AM 2 subset daily to monthly in a zoo or xts
6:31AM 0 interval censoring
3:04AM 0 linear model benchmarking
2:15AM 0 Scrape data from Scopus: login through R?
Sunday April 22 2012
9:36PM 2 Issue with message()
7:41PM 1 using a loop with an integration
6:54PM 10 Assignment problems
6:34PM 3 need advice on using excel to check data for import into R
4:53PM 2 difficulty in Formatting time series data
4:25PM 1 Transform dataframe
12:41PM 0 RE how to cut files from any folder to another folder?
11:12AM 0 compare mean
11:03AM 4 How to take ID of number > 7.
9:22AM 1 Standard error
8:25AM 3 how to cut files from any folder to another folder?
7:04AM 2 how to avoid newlines & tabs in file opening?
3:52AM 1 Return dynamic array from C to R
1:21AM 2 contour algorithm
12:33AM 1 Survreg
Saturday April 21 2012
7:54PM 2 using "factor" to eliminate unused levels without dropping other variables
5:17PM 2 Date object
3:28PM 0 help with rmeta package
3:06PM 1 Script Help Or Excel Add-in
2:49PM 2 unexpected plot behavior
2:05PM 1 how to write html output (webscraped using RCurl package) into file?
12:30PM 1 hdf library for windows
7:52AM 0 shape parameter in 'normalp'
7:23AM 2 xyplot - ordering factors in graph
3:13AM 0 Interval censorin
1:52AM 3 Splitting a dataframe by character vector
12:28AM 1 Barplot problem
Friday April 20 2012
11:01PM 0 DIscrete choice mlogit
10:23PM 0 Select interval of time series object by date and time
9:48PM 1 lines crosses
8:13PM 1 Package "demography" - calculating percentiles of survival probabilities distribution
7:46PM 1 odbcConnectExcel() fails to fetch all columns
7:44PM 1 Numbers not numeric?
7:11PM 1 ggplot2: Legend title
6:48PM 1 lines on persp plot - proper depth ordering
6:47PM 1 Interactive stereoscopic 3d rendering with RGL plot3d?
6:38PM 0 Gamma Distribution - Goodness of Fit and Choice of Parameters
5:52PM 1 Quick question about princomp/biplot
4:37PM 1 predictOMatic for regression. Please try and advise me
4:06PM 1 How to make nice tiny sized figures on graphic devices producing scalable vector output?
4:06PM 1 Is there a overall calculation precision control in R
3:46PM 1 Ternaryplot as an inset graph
3:39PM 1 pasting a formula string with double quotes in it
1:21PM 4 Problem with Tukey test
1:07PM 0 Survival, should I use (start,stop) and how?
12:41PM 1 error loading tcltk2
11:16AM 1 Package "demography" - calculating quintiles of survival probabilities
10:57AM 1 Forward of moderated message
10:26AM 4 Sort out number on value
10:03AM 2 symmetric matrix on both diagonals
9:47AM 1 Intergration of a function
9:14AM 1 vector subtraction
8:51AM 3 Matrix multiplication by multple constants
8:31AM 1 ggplot2-Problem (plot different variables)
6:26AM 0 RSVGTipsDevice : Location of ToolTip box in the plot
4:42AM 1 what is the maximum number of records that we can load using dbwrite
4:35AM 0 want to forecast AR model & calculate R square (but which method is good)
4:20AM 3 PCA sensitive to outliers?
3:14AM 1 depmixS4+transition
Thursday April 19 2012
10:34PM 1 Fwd: User defined panel functions in lattice
9:28PM 2 Trouble with [sv]apply
9:08PM 0 Thanks-solved:RE: problem extracting data from a set of list vectors
8:46PM 3 How to "flatten" a multidimensional array into a dataframe?
8:06PM 0 mlogit learning error 2
8:03PM 1 mlogit learning error
8:00PM 2 ANOVA in quantreg - faulty test for 'nesting'?
7:45PM 1 Reading a file with random whitespace
7:42PM 1 SmoothTrend in OpenAir
7:27PM 2 Dependency-aware scripting tools for R
7:11PM 1 question about lists
7:07PM 1 Performing repeated T tests in R
6:50PM 3 Solve an ordinary or generalized eigenvalue problem in R?
6:12PM 1 Performing t tests between matrices
5:48PM 2 suggested method to transform list to a matrix
5:38PM 0 Problem with integration on Heston model
5:38PM 0 to know observations and groups used in a mixed model using gee package
4:37PM 0 Multiple equation models in time-series cross-section (panel) data
3:05PM 2 Study design question; MLB; pay and performance.
3:05PM 1 Compare String Similarity
2:08PM 3 Bivariate normal integral
1:59PM 1 How to find a root for a polynomial between [-inf, -3]?
1:14PM 2 Don't collapse degenerate array indices
9:48AM 0 Hong Kong R user group
8:41AM 1 Find position of asymptote
8:24AM 5 User defined panel functions in lattice
8:15AM 1 working with environments to ensure code quality for long R scripts
8:00AM 2 Print warning messages and save them automatically in a file
7:52AM 1 non-numeric argument in mle2
6:34AM 1 $ operator is invalid for atomic vectors
5:25AM 0 Gaussian quadrature for bivariate normal distribution
3:56AM 3 Help in using unique count by match function
3:55AM 2 Is the eigen-value decomposition in R generally stable/reliable for large matrix?
2:25AM 4 call object from character?
1:09AM 2 Gls function in rms package
12:52AM 0 Survival analysis with events at t=0
Wednesday April 18 2012
11:46PM 1 Can I use random Forest package?
10:55PM 1 ggplot2 stat_density2d issue.
10:11PM 1 Pierce's criterion
9:21PM 0 Numerical integration again
8:14PM 3 Is there a way to find all roots of a polynomial equation in R?
8:13PM 2 problem extracting data from a set of list vectors
8:01PM 1 multi-machine parallel setup?
7:49PM 0 comparing linear models
7:35PM 1 Error: X11 fatal IO error: please save work and shut down R when ssh connection broken
7:34PM 3 how to plot separate lm ablines on the same xyplot by group
7:30PM 0 install qvalue from biocLite
5:33PM 1 Amelia error
4:58PM 2 quarter end dates between two date strings
3:57PM 0 Text mining: Narrowing a field of 27, 855 predictors using semi-partial correlations or some other means
3:47PM 0 Multidimensional Array: local averaging without knowing number of dimensions
3:21PM 3 normal distribution assumption for multi-level modelling
2:45PM 2 Displaying data in Trellis
12:37PM 0 problem in tk_choose.files
12:36PM 1 Help with creating conditional categorical variables in R
11:31AM 2 Installing texlive dependencies
10:55AM 1 interpolation issue
10:02AM 0 problem with mean.labels=TRUE in plotmeans command (gplots)
9:37AM 1 Add covariate in nlme?
8:38AM 0 creating a 3D and contour graph - to specify my previous question
8:21AM 0 simplify shapefile and save output
8:12AM 0 new package: hydroPSO 0.1-54-1
8:12AM 1 R - fault creating a 3D and contour graph (SIGABRT)
7:43AM 1 Error while generating latex table from sweave and R?
7:32AM 2 polar.plot "add" argument
7:25AM 1 error estimating parameters with mle2
5:31AM 1 Help in Anderson-Darling Normality test
3:52AM 1 How to change color of bar based on y value of y axis?
3:11AM 1 How to keep spacing in column name while reading data from data frame?
2:46AM 6 introducing R to high school students
12:49AM 0 Error in eval when using contrast and nlme
Tuesday April 17 2012
11:23PM 2 Error with Rcmd check library --as-cran
10:28PM 0 Sum part of row and add this as a new column vector
9:54PM 2 Manually reconstructing arima model from coefficients
9:35PM 3 Sweave problem after R update version
9:26PM 1 random effects using lmer
9:16PM 0 Method=df for coxph in survival package
6:06PM 4 parallel processing with multiple directories
6:04PM 1 simple time series plot
5:03PM 1 ANOVA Data Error
5:02PM 1 Cummerbund differential expression data analysis package issue
4:40PM 6 How to add specific column to data.set?
3:54PM 1 What functions are available for Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming in R?
3:38PM 1 Problem accessing .Rdata objects in a loop
2:44PM 1 puzzling Date math result
2:20PM 1 Function with multiple indices
1:00PM 1 differents behaviour of packages depending on rJava under 32 and 64 bit versions of R 2.14.2
12:28PM 1 How to extract overall effect in from glmer object?
12:08PM 5 loss of information in pdf plots
9:36AM 1 Test-Predict R survival analysis
7:52AM 1 Summary about how to divide data by week
4:23AM 3 error using nls with logistic derivative
4:13AM 3 Can a matrix have 'list' as rows/columns?
2:34AM 2 Installing Kendall Package
Monday April 16 2012
11:04PM 0 projection pursuit classification
10:51PM 3 Select rows based on condition
10:28PM 1 Can't install package gbm, because packageVersion is not an exported object from namespace::Utils
10:02PM 1 Simultaneous OLS fitting with constraints on coeffcients
9:19PM 1 arrangement
9:03PM 1 grep and XML
8:28PM 0 overlay graphics on a googlemap
5:43PM 2 Problems with subset, droplevels and lm: variable lengths differ
5:06PM 1 system command to a specific shell (bash)
4:50PM 1 formatting sub-second intervals
4:36PM 0 warning message: coxme with package multcomp
4:24PM 2 Creating a point pattern with spatstat
3:43PM 1 How to adjust the distance between legend and the plot (xyplot)
2:31PM 1 ggplot2: scale_shape_manual
2:24PM 2 Survival Curves
1:41PM 1 packages install dependencies
1:10PM 0 Censoring data
12:51PM 0 apply() and sample()
12:32PM 0 automatically scan multiple starting values
11:04AM 1 How to create a data.frame from several time series?
10:56AM 1 Importing data from stata.
10:44AM 1 Installation of R 2.15.0
9:40AM 1 Database connectivity
9:31AM 0 COURSE: Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis using WinBUGS and R, 21-23 Juni 2012
7:33AM 0 Attachment
7:03AM 1 for help
6:15AM 0 system2 and cspade on Windows
5:04AM 1 R: Help; error in optim
4:37AM 3 Compiling graphics into the same PDF file
4:07AM 0 Gompertz-Makeham hazard models---test for significant difference
Sunday April 15 2012
11:39PM 1 Issue with xxx-package.Rd
11:36PM 0 correct standard errors (heteroskedasticity) using survey design
11:27PM 3 Problems loading siar package
10:40PM 6 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
10:16PM 1 Approximately how big is an installation of all packages.
7:47PM 0 correct implementation of a mixed-model ANOVA in R
7:45PM 1 cairo_pdf() vs. pdf() what is the difference?
2:50PM 0 version 3.0-0 of the sem now on CRAN
11:02AM 0 GLM & other machine learning packages for ffdf formats
10:19AM 2 xyplot type="l"
9:19AM 0 Specifying splits - in read.csv.ffdf
9:03AM 0 Sweave compiling problem
7:36AM 1 match values from data.frame and vector
4:22AM 1 Sending lists from R to C using .C
2:10AM 5 How to rank vectors based on their elements?
12:28AM 2 Cluster Analysis
12:11AM 1 (no subject)
Saturday April 14 2012
10:47PM 1 basic question predict GLM offset
8:37PM 1 Sweave UFT8 problem
8:04PM 0 Calculating the correlation between two matrices?
7:03PM 3 Choose between duplicated rows
6:37PM 0 ar.ols() behaviour when time series variance is zero
3:40PM 2 Calculate t.test for a matrix
2:00PM 0 R-help: Censoring data (actually an optim issue
1:16PM 2 Dynamic Variable Names?
12:30PM 1 simple read in with zoo using POSIXlt
10:43AM 2 master thesis
9:28AM 1 Error: R for Windows GUI front-end has stopped working
6:34AM 1 R Error/Warning Messages with library(MASS) using glm.
6:33AM 1 what is this warnings ?
3:51AM 2 how to divide data by week
1:50AM 2 some questions about sympy (that is, rSymPy)
12:32AM 1 deep copy?
Friday April 13 2012
11:53PM 0 Geostatitics 3D Variogram Map
11:49PM 0 predict GLM with offset MASS
11:33PM 5 Merging two data frames with different columns names
10:24PM 1 Question with R CMD SHLIB in 64 bit R
10:20PM 2 Odd characters at beginning of file
9:34PM 3 A little exercise in R!
8:53PM 1 Coding columns for survival analysis
8:45PM 2 Can't read a binary file
8:20PM 1 Seemingly simple "lm" giving unexpected results
8:08PM 0 is there a way to call python like source(file, echo = TRUE) in R?
7:35PM 2 How to define format of number
6:54PM 1 R: Colouring phylogenetic tip labels and/or edges
6:43PM 1 Displayed Date Format in Plot Title.
5:44PM 2 problem with svyby and NAs (survey package)
5:30PM 3 could not find function when compiling PDF
4:49PM 2 vif calculation with car and HH packages
2:14PM 1 list.dirs() full.names broken?
1:11PM 0 Boxcox transformation
1:09PM 2 getting the value from previous row
1:08PM 3 How do I convert factors to numeric? It's an FAQ but...
12:29PM 3 Help - Importing data from txt and xlsx files
12:13PM 3 Kaplan Meier analysis: 95% CI wider in R than in SAS
11:43AM 1 group comparison for ordinal variable
11:32AM 4 R Large Dataset Problem
10:54AM 0 R-Help: Censoring data
9:46AM 2 Long command in Sweave
9:44AM 0 Week number of a date in a month
8:32AM 4 #!/usr/bin/env Rscript --vanilla ??
7:52AM 1 scatterplot3d(); customise axes
7:27AM 4 Help with stemDocument
6:32AM 1 AIC for seasonal decomposition by stl
4:57AM 0 How to calculate confidence interval using bootstrap
4:53AM 0 Lobbying database
4:25AM 1 Rprofile.site?
3:26AM 1 unable to install "robust" in R 2.15 with g++ 4.7
3:12AM 1 caret package: custom summary function in trainControl doesn't work with oob?
2:31AM 0 how to compare cross-validated C-index and calculate confidence interval
2:25AM 1 Plotting leapfrog in R
Thursday April 12 2012
11:37PM 3 directory of current script
11:32PM 0 Can I use a simple linear regression in this situation
10:35PM 0 further hypothesis testing with 'optim' results
9:15PM 2 enableJIT(2) causes major slow-up in rpart
9:07PM 1 using wildcards in download.file?
8:41PM 1 Can't get R to recognize Java for rJava installation
8:14PM 1 Generate combination of strings
7:58PM 0 Looking for Reduced Major Axis Regression for multivariate case in R?
6:29PM 4 Simple Problem: Plotting mathematical functions
6:16PM 1 Help with vectorization
6:10PM 3 writing spdiags function for R
6:05PM 0 Extended beta-binomial model in R
6:04PM 5 Organizations where IT has approved the use of R software
5:38PM 1 How to automate creation of plots (create series of plots)
5:14PM 2 scatter3d: problem with spheres-color
5:12PM 0 Pointwise Mutual Information
3:24PM 1 correlation matrix between data from different files
2:10PM 1 Applying a function to categorized data?
1:45PM 2 Curve fitting, probably splines
1:28PM 2 selective labels display on histogram
1:17PM 1 Problem with lmer and fixef
12:49PM 4 number of warnings
12:41PM 0 Multivariate multilevel mixed effects model: interaction
12:30PM 1 Centering (e.g. on prcomp)
11:57AM 1 Using dcast with multiple functions to aggregate
11:55AM 2 pyramid.plot in plotrix, axis labelling
11:38AM 1 R error message
11:26AM 2 How to calculate the "McFadden R-square" for LOGIT model?
10:53AM 2 Help in creating a matrix
10:28AM 3 Reading SPSS: underlying numerical codes
10:23AM 1 Seeking help with LOGIT model
10:10AM 0 r software resource persons India (hyd)
10:05AM 2 General question on the message with "non zero exit status"
9:18AM 4 How insert data to a column in existing csv file?
9:08AM 4 Recode Variable
7:04AM 1 Support for R in highlight.js
3:49AM 1 loess function take
3:32AM 1 Could dynlm function work for xts objects?
2:43AM 4 Definition of "lag" is opposite in ts and xts objects!
2:17AM 1 deferred call
1:56AM 3 Remove superscripts from HTML objects
1:51AM 2 Schedule R script using cron
1:39AM 0 how to compare cross-validated C-index in Cox
1:07AM 0 Converting php arrays to data frame
12:49AM 1 Encoding of Sweave file error message
Wednesday April 11 2012
11:21PM 0 phangorn and calculation of a rate matrix
10:22PM 0 Significant updates to medical imaging packages: TractoR and RNiftyReg
8:41PM 4 r graphing
6:44PM 4 Partial Dependence and RandomForest
6:05PM 1 Lattice densityplot with semitransparent filled regions
5:10PM 1 row.names in dunes and dunes.env?
4:33PM 1 Survreg output - interpretation
4:28PM 1 R-help; generating censored data
4:21PM 0 Date formate “ %y-%d-%m “ or “ %m-%d-%y “ ?
4:10PM 0 Need help with scraping Google Insight
4:07PM 1 bayesian gene network construction
2:29PM 1 inference for customized regression in R?
1:23PM 1 strsplit help
1:21PM 3 Question on Counting Factors
1:04PM 2 convex nonnegative basis vectors in nullspace of matrix
12:31PM 0 mosaic 0.4 on CRAN
11:20AM 1 Problem with effects package
10:10AM 0 Markov-switching VAR estimation and simulation
9:58AM 2 7 arguments passed to .Internal(identical) which requires 6
8:46AM 1 Read .idat Illumina files in R
8:12AM 0 how to compare C-index in Cox model
4:43AM 1 Michaelson-Morley Speed of Light Data
4:08AM 1 Merging multiple .csv files
3:48AM 1 R-help; Censoring
3:21AM 2 What is a better way to deal with lag/difference and loops in time series using R?
3:17AM 1 Error using return() function inside for loop and if statement
3:03AM 1 plot 2 graphs on the same x-y plane
12:10AM 0 R Programming Workshops with Bill Venables, June 18-19 at MU in Milwaukee, WI
Tuesday April 10 2012
11:33PM 1 Matrix problem
9:09PM 0 Revolutions Blog: March Roundup
9:03PM 1 Help predicting random forest-like data
8:03PM 3 nls function
6:48PM 1 re-install a package
6:24PM 1 Building customized R for Windows installer using 'make myR'
5:46PM 0 a trivial question
5:26PM 1 object '---' not found
4:52PM 0 mgcv::gam in splus?
4:11PM 1 Get part of a GO term
3:33PM 1 multicore/mcparallel error
3:09PM 2 Error: cannot allocate vector of size...
2:59PM 1 clock24.plot
2:54PM 1 plyr: set '.progress' argument to default to "text"
2:48PM 5 Creating a loop with an indefinite end term
2:33PM 1 cbind, data.frame | numeric to string?
2:21PM 1 Rotating margin text
2:12PM 2 lm()
2:10PM 0 Scatterplot matrix with partly transformed axis
1:54PM 1 R2.11.1 seq.int difference between by and length.out
1:50PM 2 taylor.diagram from plotrix package
1:48PM 1 X11 display problem
1:44PM 2 substitution of the ASCII character "squared" AKA "^2" AKA (alt+0178) with a tractable one
1:33PM 1 plotting multiple plot in same graph
11:34AM 7 How to remove $ (Dollar sign) from string
11:01AM 1 Package boot, funtion cv.glm
9:52AM 0 marginal HR in coxph() model with interaction
9:18AM 1 Double precision calculation
8:56AM 1 Word Count
8:52AM 0 “Within is working or not in loop”
8:50AM 0 How to display result of a calculation within panel
8:26AM 1 compare two matrices
6:44AM 3 Assign value to new variable based on conditions on other variables
2:16AM 3 How to get the SS and MS from oneway.test?
12:38AM 1 how to convert seconds to 12 hour time format
Monday April 9 2012
10:37PM 0 Most efficient way to do this...
10:24PM 3 how to add 3d-points to bplot {rms} figure?
9:33PM 3 For loops
9:31PM 0 rockchalk_1.5.4 posted
8:46PM 0 linp code for fuzzy regression
8:31PM 1 sdev, variance in prcomp
7:17PM 1 Pairwise comparison matrix elements
6:40PM 3 Gradients in bar charts XXXX
6:27PM 1 Listing the contents of an FTP directory via R?
5:30PM 1 binned tabulation
4:51PM 2 Overall model significance for poisson GLM
4:32PM 2 Help with Book example of Matrix application
2:02PM 0 Calculating the overlapping area of ellipsoides
1:38PM 1 Specifying the ordering of a vector
12:33PM 2 R problem nls
12:01PM 0 Help using R 2.14.2
11:46AM 0 How to get the confidence interval of area under the time dependent roc curve
11:27AM 1 i am not getting time series prediction results?
10:55AM 0 Shewhart Control Charts for Time Series data (qcc package)
9:27AM 0 Question on harmonic (Fourier) analysis of sinusoidal time series
8:55AM 2 Creating Better Table in R
7:44AM 1 Stepwise procedure with force.in command
6:58AM 1 Comparing 2 means. pls help
6:29AM 1 slanted stacked bar graphs?
5:16AM 1 Creating a dummy variable
4:31AM 1 Panel.abline would not show beyond a certain slope value
4:01AM 2 return one vector that is the sum of a list of vectors
2:42AM 0 rwmetrop
1:28AM 0 Error using PGMM function in the PLM package
1:14AM 1 Summary Statistics Help
Sunday April 8 2012
11:54PM 1 How To Setup hunspell in R
8:28PM 0 multithreaded low level functions
6:56PM 2 Problems with CRAN package Ryacas
6:39PM 4 Difference between spec.pgram & spec.ar
6:30PM 0 independent set function from graph package
5:40PM 2 axis labels not showing
5:28PM 4 Error in integrate(int.fn, lower = 0, upper = Inf) : evaluation of function gave a result of wrong length
12:51PM 2 How to produce serveral plots with pairs of vectors
12:15PM 0 Coloring comments differently
9:57AM 0 new version of QCA
9:42AM 2 xyplot() does not plot legends with "relation=free" scales
8:19AM 0 Need help interpreting output from rcorrp.cens with Cox regression
6:47AM 0 Error when running coeftest in plm
6:28AM 1 Avoid loop with the integrate function
Saturday April 7 2012
8:54PM 3 How do Sweave users collaborate with Word users?
8:30PM 2 assigment operator question
5:48PM 1 Uniroot error
4:11PM 2 how to plot 2d matrix as coloured squares?
3:46PM 0 Rsonlp package about how to use optional " ineqfun"
11:14AM 1 rgeos - gBuffer, width by z-value
7:20AM 1 Systemfit with structural equations and cross equation parameter interaction
3:19AM 2 newbie question: strategy
1:42AM 1 quadratic model with plateau
1:41AM 6 Drawing a line in xyplot
Friday April 6 2012
10:55PM 1 system command and Perl confusion
9:33PM 1 how to control exact positions of axis
9:32PM 0 RE filling the matrix row by row in the order from lower to larger elements
7:49PM 3 filling the matrix row by row in the order from lower to larger elements
7:18PM 0 creating the variable from a data Range
6:39PM 2 Bayesian 95% Credible interval
6:38PM 1 Building R on Solaris (OpenIndiana) with gcc 4.6.2 for amd64 target - relocation problems solved
6:17PM 1 Saving multiple plots using tiff function
5:25PM 1 Find sequence in vector
5:13PM 1 Converting data frame to its object results in matrix of strings
4:58PM 0 resampling syntax for caret package
4:31PM 0 Repeated measures in BiodiversityR
3:47PM 0 How to get the confidence interval of area under then time dependent roc curve
3:28PM 1 Execution speed in randomForest
3:09PM 2 multiple values in one column
2:43PM 2 Changing grid defaults
2:35PM 2 Sincere inquiry about “subscript out of bounds” error in R
2:27PM 4 Order sapply
1:48PM 2 Multivariate Multilevel Model: is R the right software for this problem
1:45PM 1 Missing CRAN Mirror
1:25PM 2 read multiaple files within one folder
12:03PM 1 DESCRIPTION FILE in R Manuals
8:35AM 2 R generated means are different from the boxplot!
8:27AM 1 Time series - year on year growth rate
6:18AM 4 Legend based on levels of a variable
2:57AM 1 simulation
2:38AM 2 Help with gsub function or a similar function
Thursday April 5 2012
11:01PM 4 Help Using Spreadsheets
10:55PM 1 integrate function - error -integration not occurring with last few rows
10:46PM 0 R PMML Standard Support: BetteR than EveR!
10:25PM 2 how to compute a vector of min values ?
9:42PM 1 Function - simple question
9:25PM 0 Warning message: Gamlss - Need help
8:33PM 1 producing vignettes
8:24PM 1 Inputing Excel data into R to make a map
8:20PM 4 Appropriate method for sharing data across functions
7:40PM 2 indexing data.frame columns
7:32PM 4 A kind of set operation in R
7:15PM 2 count() function
6:32PM 0 Problem with NA data when computing standard error
6:03PM 1 "too large for hashing"
5:41PM 0 Normalizing linear regression slope to intercept
5:13PM 0 Multi part problem...array manipulation and sampling
4:27PM 1 how to do piecewise linear regression in R?
3:36PM 4 Best way to search r- functions and mailing list?
3:08PM 1 ggplot2 error: arguments imply differing number of rows
2:52PM 1 help in match.fun
2:46PM 1 Sum of sd between matrix cols vs spearman correlation between them
1:57PM 0 data normalize issue
1:35PM 1 reclaiming lost memory in R
1:18PM 1 is parallel computing possible for 'rollapplyr' job?
1:06PM 0 constrained optimization with vectors using the package alabama
12:55PM 3 help in paste command
11:47AM 0 need explaination on Rpart
11:22AM 0 GMM package error
11:01AM 3 Apply function to every 'nth' element of a vector
10:41AM 1 xyplot with different pch and col in each panel and additional line
10:30AM 0 Extended Nelson Siegel model SMC with R-POMP
8:00AM 0 Extract fitted values with and without offset from glm
7:54AM 1 API Baddperiods in RBloomberg
7:42AM 1 Bloomberg API functions BAddPeriods Binterpol Bcountperiods in RBloomberg
5:36AM 1 using for loops with ggplot
4:00AM 2 random sample from list
1:45AM 1 How to close gwindow by automatially
Wednesday April 4 2012
10:06PM 1 Shapiro-Wilk cpoefficients: 2 Qs
9:58PM 3 Remove carriage return in writing tab-delimited file.
9:42PM 1 Using download.file() to grab information from a Password Protected Website
9:25PM 1 Subscript Error
9:01PM 2 extract data
8:52PM 2 recover lost global function
8:26PM 0 Deadlines Approaching: R User Conference Registration, Hotels, Student Scholarships
8:24PM 1 meta-analysis, outcome = OR associated with a continuous independent variable
8:21PM 2 Selecting obs within groups defined by 2 variables
7:25PM 3 Rgui maintains open file handles after Sweave error
7:22PM 0 how to avoid this : underflow occurred in 'lgammacor'
6:00PM 0 crosstabs and histograms with flexible binning of dates
5:45PM 2 Print std. Error separately from mle-class object
5:39PM 1 using metafor for meta-analysis of before-after studies
3:13PM 2 plot with a regression line(s)
3:11PM 1 convert a list to a data frame
2:22PM 3 spaghetti plots in R
2:15PM 1 npRmpi trouble - mpi.comm.spawn causes segfault
12:59PM 1 STAR Spatio Temporal AutoRegressive models
11:32AM 2 cluster analysis with pairwise data
9:50AM 1 read.socket utils package : somthing is going wrong
6:47AM 0 multivariate ordered probit regression---use standard bivariate normal distribution?
3:57AM 2 Trying to merge new data set to bottom of old data set. Both are zoo objects.
3:35AM 1 BRugs crash, question
1:27AM 2 CSPADE error: system invocation error
Tuesday April 3 2012
10:42PM 2 Grouping and/or splitting
10:06PM 2 Looking for the name of a certain kind of quantile plot
10:03PM 1 Nlme not working on very similar initial values
9:21PM 0 Off Topic: Re: Calculating NOEL using R and logistic regression - Toxicology
9:08PM 2 Histogram from a table in R
8:48PM 1 A contour plot question - vis.gam () function in "mgcv"
8:35PM 1 Perspective Plot, and npreg
8:12PM 2 How does predict.loess work?
6:46PM 2 np package problem
6:26PM 5 R equivalent for SQL query
6:10PM 1 Italicize journal article in mid text
6:05PM 1 Mixed italic and non-italic in text
5:31PM 0 dendrogramGrob cuts off dendrograms (latticeExtra)
4:54PM 1 Create Model Object (setClass?setMethod?)
3:25PM 0 How to change color in R2HTML?
3:10PM 1 object of type 'S4' is not subsettable
2:57PM 5 Import from excel button in R-command
2:56PM 5 meaning of sigma from LM, is it the same as RMSE
2:52PM 4 identify with mfcol=c(1,2)
2:37PM 0 conversion of Modified Julian Days to YMDHMS format
2:21PM 2 how to map microarray probe to gene, homology
2:04PM 0 When lack of data is data and not n/a
1:58PM 3 regression for poisson distributed data
1:35PM 2 identify time span in date vector
12:47PM 4 grouping
12:20PM 2 Histogram classwise
10:53AM 0 Fitting data with constraints to GEV distribution
10:16AM 1 Fisher's LSD multiple comparisons in a two-way ANOVA
10:13AM 0 Choice between gwidgetsRGtk2 and gwidgetstcltk
9:12AM 1 output of several "results" from a function
8:55AM 1 Package seems to be present but library don't find it
8:52AM 3 filling small gaps of N/A
8:16AM 1 rpart error message
8:05AM 1 e1071 tune.control() random parameter
8:02AM 1 help in ddply
5:23AM 1 Imputing missing values using "LSmeans" (i.e., population marginal means) - advice in R?
5:19AM 3 A trivial plot gives open circles as the plot char but another one gives me "q"s . . why is this?
3:47AM 1 how to use condition indexes to test multi-collinearity
3:42AM 2 Finding Instances of a Pattern Throughout Data Set
12:04AM 2 pairwise linear regression between two large datasets
12:00AM 1 Compare by row and insert previous row value (Or non Time Series Lag)
Monday April 2 2012
10:45PM 7 Calculating NOEL using R and logistic regression - Toxicology
10:30PM 1 How to layout the output nicely into webpage?
9:30PM 2 Default parameter values in R functions?
7:35PM 1 Parallel writes in R
6:48PM 2 nls() error
6:32PM 0 STL decomposition of time series with multiple seasonalities
6:32PM 0 How to hide console window
6:24PM 2 sampling rows from a list
5:39PM 2 Error in gamma(delta + (complex(0, 0, 1) * (x - mu))/alpha) : unimplemented complex function
5:31PM 0 Prediction on link- and responselevel for glm
4:32PM 0 Requirement for Java Developer [REQ:104605]
3:58PM 2 summaryBy: transformed variable on RHS of formula?
3:52PM 1 Error: (subscript) logical subscript too long
3:33PM 0 lattice: multiple plots on the same page across pages
2:46PM 0 gnm and gnlr3
2:46PM 1 fatal error prevents multi-line functions or loop to run
1:57PM 1 Unwanted page break in Rd2pdf
1:40PM 0 Problem with fa.poly in "psych" package
1:12PM 1 \Sexpr{}
1:11PM 0 comparison of stochastic matrices
1:05PM 0 New package IC2
12:31PM 1 Limitation on number of variables and data points in clustering
12:26PM 1 gamm: tensor product and interaction
11:15AM 1 Bootstrapped Tobit regression - get standard error 0...
11:11AM 1 table: output: all variables in rows
10:33AM 0 how to model check in cozigam
10:17AM 0 partial likelihood device
10:02AM 1 Make package out of own function
9:52AM 0 R2wd: Insert MS Word field
9:49AM 0 date-time series plot
8:54AM 2 how to read netcdf file in R
8:28AM 1 How to put latex mdframed side by side (separated by space) ?
7:34AM 2 linear-by-linear association model in R?
7:06AM 0 How to adjust fontsize of direct.label annotations in ggplot2?
6:40AM 1 how can i get AIC value for AR model
5:20AM 1 get data from Perl arrays
4:41AM 1 How to export plot outputs as "gif"
1:39AM 0 R 2.15.0 and Tinn-R
1:09AM 1 yet another update error
12:31AM 2 Non-linear least squares
12:27AM 2 Reading first line before using read.table()
Sunday April 1 2012
11:30PM 1 Possibly more coefficients?
11:27PM 1 NaN - trouble fixing NaN
10:51PM 1 Selecting files with a particular string in filename
10:25PM 2 A function like sum but with functions other than '+'
10:13PM 1 indexing in a function doesn't work?
7:12PM 1 bioconductor help
6:42PM 1 R process taking over memory
6:15PM 1 Error in xy.coords(x, NULL, log = log) : (list) object cannot be coerced to type 'double'
3:49PM 0 (no subject)
2:48PM 3 How to use Latex code in R loop?
2:16PM 1 extend data frame for plotting heat map in ggplot2
11:33AM 9 pause code in R code?
11:26AM 0 lattice levelplot axis ticks labels
9:40AM 0 Problem about collinearity diagnosis
6:58AM 1 scan() vs readChar() speed
6:27AM 1 gWidgetstcltk gtext problem
5:03AM 4 map and shapefile help
3:06AM 1 How do I get a rough quick utility plot of a time series?
2:53AM 3 Filling empty List in a FOR LOOP
2:28AM 1 Degrees of Freedom for lme.
2:27AM 1 trouble with small multiples on a date variable