R help - Mar 2012

Saturday March 31 2012
7:58PM 2 gradient
6:00PM 0 New package joineR
4:26PM 1 basic subset question of matrix
2:15PM 2 unable to move temporary installation
2:03PM 4 R Help
1:55PM 0 How can I extract the weights (for feature selection) from linear KSVM?
12:17PM 1 Is this is correct way to calculate AIC value for time series ?
12:09PM 3 clear console
10:16AM 1 Not getting correct graphs
8:52AM 1 help interpreting aov results
7:55AM 1 trouble compiling on Windows
7:04AM 2 Is it there any std pattern in R which show same representation style of ppt found on net
6:03AM 2 A introductory question about Zips law (Newbie to statistics)
Friday March 30 2012
11:14PM 1 How to use access results of gregexpr in data frames
10:40PM 4 list assignment syntax?
10:23PM 2 Problem loading package 'JGR' using R-2.15.0 (Win32).
9:15PM 0 From S to R
8:05PM 3 ff usage for glm
7:31PM 1 avoiding expression evaluation when calling a function
7:04PM 0 Distribution of cluster medoids
6:45PM 0 defining non linear predictors from nls in gam?
5:40PM 0 plot titles for multiple plots
5:27PM 0 RMySQL and german umlaute
4:50PM 4 Trying to understand factors
4:34PM 0 Rpart-Moran test
4:32PM 1 Requirement for Java Resource [REQ:104400]
4:26PM 0 Help with lumi package R code
4:15PM 1 Help with the lumi R package
4:05PM 1 Ignoring version numbers when installing packages...
3:22PM 1 removing NA from multidmension arrays
3:08PM 3 Adding text for written comments to bottom of graphs
2:22PM 1 lubridate:ymd_hm and coercion of class POSIXct. Smooth way to restore the date format.
2:04PM 3 pooling in MICE
1:22PM 1 Akaike's Final Prediction Error (FPE)
1:18PM 0 How to calculate the Deviance for test data based on a Cox model
12:12PM 2 error message in logistic regression
9:31AM 0 Nonlinear regression / Curve fitting with L-infinity norm
9:16AM 1 Multiple line Graphs
9:07AM 0 R 2.15.0 is released
4:41AM 1 Update Packages error
3:47AM 1 Error in use of "gwindow" and ".First" function
2:27AM 2 Finding the maximum elements in an array/matrix
2:18AM 1 Questions on user defined function
1:16AM 1 How to adjust the stack size of R
Thursday March 29 2012
10:49PM 3 scalar assignment within a vector within function
9:32PM 4 Simple For Loop Help
7:48PM 2 How to improve, at all, a simple GLM code
6:57PM 1 Error: argument of length 0
6:37PM 1 Random sample from a data frame where ID column values don't match the values in an ID column in a second data frame
6:31PM 8 simulate correlated binary, categorical and continuous variable
6:20PM 1 Retrieving matrix column and row names by index value
5:32PM 0 total least squares
5:02PM 4 Handling functions as objects
4:38PM 1 abline with xyplot does not work
4:30PM 0 SVM performance/optimization
4:01PM 0 copy matrix another matrix
3:46PM 2 Load datasets
3:18PM 1 split list
2:51PM 0 mb.long {timecourse}
2:05PM 1 histogram break width
1:52PM 0 SVM works slowly with 1M observations
1:47PM 0 problem with the MLE of the skew-normal shape parameter
1:30PM 3 How to get the most frequent value of the subgroup
1:28PM 1 How to create arbitrary number of loops in R
1:22PM 1 Error, Variable is Missing
1:15PM 0 multiple plots in vis.gam()
1:08PM 0 Subject: Re: Problems with R Commander version 1.8-3
1:00PM 2 matrix with Loop
11:57AM 1 Adding duration (hh:mm:ss)\Converting factor column into duration class
11:54AM 1 how to increase speed for function?/time efficiency of below function
11:12AM 1 Data handling/optimum glm method.
11:05AM 1 FIML in R
10:28AM 2 hclust and plot functions work, cutree does not
10:22AM 1 TR: [e1071] Load an SVM model exported with write.svm
10:03AM 2 How to calculate the Deviance for test data based on Cox model
9:41AM 1 how to calculate predicted probability of Cox model
9:19AM 2 Replace NaN with 0
8:43AM 1 time my process
8:31AM 1 Calling Dynamic Variables names
8:28AM 2 subtract a list of vectors from a list of data.frames in an elegant way
7:26AM 2 What is 'freeny.x' object?
5:38AM 2 different offset for each label?
3:33AM 1 How to access value of the conditioning variable in my panel
1:40AM 1 "cv.glmnet" object
Wednesday March 28 2012
10:08PM 2 SAS Import with sas.get {Hmisc} - status 127 error
9:53PM 1 resampling for correlation and testing
9:39PM 3 Connect lines in a dot plot on a subject-by-subject basis
9:26PM 1 Changing multiple instances in data.frame
9:26PM 1 binomial sample size calculation
7:48PM 0 length(unique(v))
7:33PM 1 CI with confint
7:32PM 1 how to match exact phrase using gsub (or similar function)
7:17PM 6 How to get all possible combinations?
6:31PM 2 lapply and paste
6:23PM 1 discrepancy between paired t test and glht on lme models
6:23PM 3 scanning data into r
6:19PM 0 package update: mediation
5:18PM 1 Why does this work? plyr within-subset normalization
4:56PM 0 p-value using survival ROC
4:09PM 2 Making Knitr work
3:49PM 1 Need Help
3:49PM 3 Logistic regression
3:18PM 1 Extract index column the max
3:16PM 1 Local linear regression
2:06PM 1 POSIXlt vs POSIXct
1:53PM 1 blocked MRPP and ISA
1:36PM 1 how to avoid farword slashes in RJSONIO output
12:39PM 1 fun.zero.omit {GLDEX}
12:24PM 1 What are the color's name in heat.color(5)
12:08PM 2 getopt does not work as expected!
12:07PM 1 How to move files from one folder to another
11:33AM 3 Spatstat users.
11:15AM 1 Transferring a dataset from WINXP to Mac - problems with umlauts
10:53AM 0 Help on reading data.frame in RJSONIO
10:40AM 1 Nested brew call yields Error in .brew.cat(26, 28) : unused argument(s) (26, 28)
10:21AM 1 xyplot lattice fine control of axes limits and thick marks (with log scale)
8:43AM 1 customizing plot, Vegan CCA
8:36AM 1 Lacking a dataset called "nztrees"?
8:27AM 0 Generate distribution from asymmetrical confidence interval and mean
8:23AM 1 Problems with R Commander version 1.8-3
7:43AM 0 FlexMix for clustering of gene expression data
7:37AM 0 Prediction using dynlm
7:30AM 0 Major update: meta version 2.0-0
6:48AM 4 reading files from two folders
6:22AM 0 Getting a complete vector of Theta estimates from Package LTM
4:42AM 0 Updates to the Deducer family of packages
4:03AM 1 rep with bigz in gmp
3:36AM 1 Get data from Access 2010 database
2:57AM 1 Is it possible to de-select with sqlQuery from the RODBC library?
2:55AM 3 Urgent - I really need some help lme4 model avg Estimates
2:49AM 5 plot points using circles filled half in red and half in blue.
2:45AM 1 One last thing
12:32AM 2 Test Normality
12:28AM 2 Data extraction
Tuesday March 27 2012
11:02PM 1 Unique instances of a string in a vector -- there must be a better way to do this
10:31PM 2 rgl package broke with R 2.14.2
8:55PM 1 survplot function
7:41PM 0 How to change the color of tcltk widget background color
6:22PM 0 ZAGA predictions in GAMLSS
6:12PM 1 Convert day of year back into a date format.
5:57PM 1 readHTLMTable help
5:24PM 4 Help on predict.lm
5:05PM 1 read.octave fails with data from Octave > 3.2.X
5:03PM 1 installing R 2.14.2
4:56PM 1 ignore error getting next result
4:50PM 2 What error distribution should I use?
4:40PM 1 Rgdal package - get information
2:55PM 1 matrix(unlist(strsplit(""))) 'missing value' issue
2:48PM 2 R extract parts
2:35PM 2 lasso constraint
2:17PM 0 I can't open a .nc file with the "cdfcont" function of the clim.pact package
2:16PM 1 Zero inflated GAMM
1:50PM 1 two lmer questions - formula with related variables and output interpretation
1:30PM 2 Constructing Distance matrix for hclust
1:18PM 1 RSqlite UPDATE command problem
1:00PM 2 Supperscript, subscript and double lines in the main/sub title and using greek letters
12:05PM 0 Standard error terms from gfcure
10:43AM 0 Discretization Package MDLP
10:32AM 1 Data indexing issue...
10:05AM 2 SVM. How to use categorical attributes?
9:05AM 0 detecting time out on download.file command
7:15AM 0 Testing for difference of distribution of two population(newbie)
7:13AM 2 How to test for the difference of means in population, please help
5:17AM 1 Plot of function seems to cut off near edge of domain
4:51AM 1 help in replacing for llop
2:01AM 0 sampling matrix 1 conditional on values in matrix 2
Monday March 26 2012
11:48PM 2 y needing more than 2 functions
11:09PM 2 read.csv and field containing single quotes
10:46PM 1 Convex optimization in R ?
10:28PM 1 assigning vector or matrix sparsely (for use with mclapply)
8:20PM 1 re-arranging rows in data frame
7:57PM 2 Error during wrapup: incorrect number of dimensions
7:32PM 0 Different result with "kruskal.test" and post-hoc analysis with Nemenyi-Damico-Wolfe-Dunn test implemented in the help page for oneway_test in the coin package that uses multcomp
6:12PM 2 Completely Off Topic:Link to IOM report on use of "-omics" tests in clinical trials
5:59PM 2 Export Created Variables to SPSS/.csv
5:34PM 1 Drape 3D scatterplot
4:53PM 1 writing output directly to file; sink?
4:50PM 1 normalization of multi-value string variable
4:49PM 1 Predefined set of gray scale colors
4:46PM 1 Year of data collection for 'diamonds' dataset in ggplot2
3:42PM 0 Pareto frontier plots in three dimensions
3:33PM 0 Building GLM Model with dependent variable as a proportion for 4 categories
3:03PM 0 confidence intervals for non-linear models
2:44PM 2 many curves to the same plot
2:43PM 3 How to find best parameter values using deSolve n optim() ?
2:18PM 2 create waveform sawtooth
1:24PM 0 SEM: Dependent binary: impact estimating wrong standard errors with hetcor()
1:07PM 0 Dependence Hypothesis Test
12:21PM 0 how to scale tokens
12:17PM 1 NA in R package randomForest
12:09PM 2 circles()
11:32AM 2 SPSS R-Menu for Ordinal Factor Analysis
11:17AM 1 Error in par(pin = p) : invalid value
10:24AM 3 R_unload_[PACKAGENAME] not called
9:47AM 0 filter and merge 2 big Df's by=t_chr in sec.
9:41AM 2 copy the columns based on the code
9:00AM 0 Enhance Pairs Scatterplot Matrix
8:56AM 0 Circular statistics- range.circular
5:23AM 4 reading header in txt file and making histogram
4:20AM 2 trellis plot
2:49AM 1 relative L1 bound
2:17AM 1 Seeming failure of options(width=60)
1:12AM 1 What does "package 'RDCOMClient' is not installed for 'arch=x64' " exactly mean?
Sunday March 25 2012
10:55PM 0 The problem of using library(bigmemory)
10:17PM 3 row, col function but for a list (probably very easy question, cannot seem to find it though)
10:08PM 2 Simple question regarding domain restrictions/piecewise functions in R
10:00PM 0 sm.density kernel estimation for points
9:50PM 2 Updating a Markov Chain
9:32PM 1 Accessing more than two coefficients in a plot
9:22PM 2 string substitution for argument in function
8:46PM 2 avoiding for loops
8:10PM 1 'names' attribute must be the same length as the vector
7:45PM 1 Nonparmetric statistics with weighted data set?
5:57PM 0 limma design matrix
3:59PM 1 multiple hexbin plots with varying greatest densities
2:09PM 0 How to calculate deviance on test data
11:48AM 1 Work -Shift Scheduling - Constraint Linear Programming
11:37AM 0 SPLS does not output probabilities for predicted classes.
11:18AM 1 (no subject)
10:12AM 1 How to test omitted level from a multiple level factor against overall mean in regression models?
9:55AM 1 output by(...)
8:15AM 2 Weird POSIXct behaviour
6:11AM 1 How to install tclRequire(Iwidgets)
3:04AM 2 Multivariate function from univariate functions
2:44AM 1 Struggling with zoo and aggregate
1:15AM 1 cubature
12:30AM 1 Format wanted...
Saturday March 24 2012
9:04PM 3 argument names inside a function?
8:38PM 0 Constraint optimization containing constraints with absolute values
8:29PM 2 Reading big files in chunks-ff package
7:36PM 0 proper order of calls when estimating nested models
7:17PM 0 Help ordinal mixed model!
3:32PM 3 How to compute within-group mean and sd?
3:08PM 2 expand.grid (the half!)
2:54PM 1 Installing "rgl" package
2:42PM 1 Append to file in loop
1:03PM 0 NLME error model with several responses
11:44AM 2 Compare similarit of two vector of not same length
11:28AM 0 Loess CI
10:56AM 1 plotting with line types... bit confusing
10:49AM 1 Double And average a vector
8:08AM 3 Handling 8GB .txt file in R?
7:59AM 0 Weights for Kruskal-Wallis test
4:35AM 1 Solving the equation using uniroot
3:28AM 1 video recorded simulations in R?
1:56AM 1 how to make output more lovely
Friday March 23 2012
9:55PM 3 Using MuMIn - error message
9:40PM 2 show and produce PDF file with pdf() and dev.off( ) in function
9:12PM 1 Vectorize (scalar) function
8:27PM 3 R numerical integration
8:22PM 1 "source" option
8:11PM 2 plot a BARPLOT with sd deviation bar up and down
7:30PM 1 Memory limits for MDSplot in randomForest package
6:43PM 2 Fwd: The StructTS method
6:19PM 1 Append to files in loop
6:03PM 1 how to cluster rows of words in a text file
6:02PM 1 svycoxph and test statistics
4:34PM 0 call for CSDA special issue
4:29PM 1 R conditional matrix operations - advanced condition
4:17PM 1 Nonparametric bivariate distribution estimation and sampling
3:38PM 0 GDType information
3:22PM 0 a question about using function ssanova of package gss in R version 2.14.1 (2011-12-22)
2:46PM 0 [slightly OT] le: will a new point shift the solution question
2:45PM 1 julian() and numerical noise
2:34PM 0 How do you scale variables which consist of tokens
1:38PM 5 How to convert factors to numbers
12:47PM 2 Help with R package forecast
12:16PM 3 how to convert digits to specified decimal vectors
12:08PM 2 fdp c
11:39AM 0 Phylogenetics quartets distance
11:05AM 1 Comples Boxplots in R . Resources
9:59AM 1 Remove wireframe outer box but keep ticks
9:38AM 1 Read File for Matrix with rownames
8:35AM 0 loops
7:32AM 2 how to know perfect execution of function ? & if error occurred in execution, how to report it?
6:53AM 2 R Error : DATA to MATRIX
4:48AM 0 Fixing error variance in a path analysis to model measurement error in scales using sem package
3:37AM 2 question
Thursday March 22 2012
11:17PM 2 Quicker way to apply values to a function
9:22PM 3 Memory Utilization on R
9:06PM 2 Order of terms in formula changes aov() results
7:41PM 0 substituting XML tags with custom values
7:28PM 1 barplot on map
7:18PM 4 getting multiple plots on a single plot
6:42PM 2 Randomly select elements based on criteria
5:41PM 4 Plotting patient drug timelines using ggplot2 (or some other means) -- Help!!!
5:37PM 1 deSolve
5:33PM 2 Rcmd build -binary -- problem
5:15PM 1 How do you distinguish between characters on a pco plot?
5:03PM 2 Create weird type of sequences
4:31PM 3 How to export hexbin tables?
4:20PM 2 trouble for parsing HTML files
4:08PM 2 how to avoid grid overlapping in a boxplot
3:44PM 1 how to adjust gui window size
3:43PM 3 How to get the input of a function right?
3:35PM 2 writing data to file
3:26PM 1 Suggestions for RAM for new box
2:27PM 0 earth and linearly dependent regressors
1:49PM 0 New package cloudRmpi: Cloud-based parallel proccessing for R
1:30PM 0 deSolve & optim, nlm function?
12:41PM 0 New package RcppSMC 0.1.0 for Sequential Monte Carlo and Particle Filters
12:35PM 1 Replace sub string
12:24PM 4 read.zoo - combining two columns with date and time respectively into one index column?
12:17PM 3 Recommendations regarding textbooks
11:43AM 0 how to check stationary/non-stationary time series data?
11:00AM 1 exporting LDA model possible ?
10:37AM 1 Multiple data frames in single csv output
8:56AM 1 how to make this time series data stationary ?
8:38AM 1 Questions on plotting using zoo toolbox: (1) dual axes (2)legend
8:15AM 1 Simalteneous Equation Doubt in R
8:13AM 1 How to change colnames in xtable?
7:46AM 2 How to draw table in Latex without using xtable?
7:23AM 2 Strsplit with a separator of ||
7:20AM 0 doubling the window size
5:50AM 2 Any package recommended for time series graphics in R?
4:53AM 3 calling java from R and using java time series double precision array
4:47AM 0 read wiff extension files into R
4:22AM 2 Bubble chart
3:13AM 2 Summary values from Glm function (rms package)
2:24AM 1 predict () for LDA and GLM
12:18AM 1 Macro or Loop info/help needed
Wednesday March 21 2012
11:09PM 1 sqrt(-x) vs. -x^0.5
8:49PM 2 To overlay my raster and its boundary
8:12PM 0 multivariate ordinal probit regression vglm()
7:54PM 1 fwdmsa package: Error in search.normal(X[samp, ], verbose = FALSE) : At least one item has no variance
7:41PM 0 runif error - maximum limit?
7:40PM 1 small scales in fwdmsa
7:34PM 1 Trouble installing the XML package
6:43PM 0 Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection
6:35PM 2 glmnet: obtain predictions using predict and also by extracting coefficients
6:35PM 0 How to create a function for a self created class.
6:01PM 1 Doubts about mixed effect models
4:48PM 0 Assign names to the assets in portfolio frontier plot. Using frontierPlot fPortfolio.
4:08PM 3 "cannot change working directory"
3:44PM 1 Forloop/ifelse program problem and list of dataframes
3:31PM 1 Using extract function for dates in sqldf
3:08PM 2 list of matrices
2:43PM 0 Solving ODE via deSolve and optimizing best parameter values.
2:26PM 3 Unable to specify order of a factor
1:56PM 0 resetting console
12:48PM 2 Check results between two data.frame
12:44PM 1 Multinomial Logit data arrangement
10:33AM 0 how to decide best order for ma(x, order, centre=TRUE) in time series
10:30AM 1 glmnet() vs. lars()
10:27AM 2 Type II and III sum of squares (R and SPSS)
10:04AM 1 nlme error on dimensions in multiplication
9:56AM 1 AIC models are not all fitted to the same number of observation
8:48AM 2 Best way to compute the difference between two levels of a factor ?
7:37AM 1 How to do 2SLS in R
7:10AM 3 how calculate seasonal component & cyclic component of time series?
4:14AM 1 help matching observations for social network data
3:13AM 2 i dont know what function do i have to make for ("The number of lines in the body of the email")
1:10AM 2 Error in fitdist- mle failed to estimate parameters
Tuesday March 20 2012
11:52PM 1 scientific notation in a data frame
11:22PM 2 glm.fit: fitted probabilities numerically 0 or 1 occurred?
9:27PM 1 What is the correct syntax of "for" or "if" in Rexcel
9:11PM 0 Running BayesFst in R
8:42PM 0 labeling rows in heatmap.2
8:09PM 2 anova.lm F test confusion
7:53PM 1 Problem in loop
7:11PM 3 Not colour but symbols
7:10PM 0 job opening at Merck Research Labs, NJ USA
7:05PM 1 passing xlim to coord_map in ggplot2
6:20PM 2 igraph: decompose.graph: Error: protect(): protection stack overflow
5:16PM 1 How to write and analyze data with 3 dimensions
4:53PM 1 MA process in panels
4:48PM 0 Problem with RMA using limma, oligo and pdInfoBuilder packages
4:33PM 1 Remove individual rows from a matrix based upon a list
4:10PM 1 Remove quotes from a string to use in a variable call
3:36PM 1 Plot method for ca.jo
2:36PM 3 error message
2:27PM 0 rtmvtnorm and equal upper and lower truncation boundaries in 'tmvtnorm' package
2:20PM 1 rJava / RCMD javareconf fails
2:16PM 2 Unique in DataFrame
1:50PM 2 Reshaping data from long to wide without a "timevar"
1:44PM 0 Great new video on BaSTA - Bayesian Survival Trajectory Analysis
1:41PM 2 cv.glmnet
1:09PM 3 Graphic legend with mathematical symbol, numeric variable and character variable
10:28AM 0 Question abou pROC package
10:10AM 0 Predicting confidence intervals for fitted values for non-linear regression
10:03AM 2 Fitting loglinear model with glm() and loglm()
5:09AM 0 how to find order of the autoregressive process in r
4:54AM 2 Constraint Linear regression
4:34AM 3 Wrong output due to what I think might be a data type issue (zoo read in problem)
3:03AM 3 R (Bold font) and Latex
12:01AM 2 SE from nleqslv
Monday March 19 2012
11:01PM 2 Reshape from long to wide
10:19PM 0 simple matching with R
9:52PM 2 Loading Dataset into R continual issue
9:44PM 2 by output into data frame
8:10PM 1 Lag based on Date objects with non-consecutive values
8:01PM 1 Unexpected input in function
7:22PM 3 where this Error comes from?
6:47PM 1 hgu133plus2hsentrezgprobe library
6:40PM 3 Automaticall adjust axis scales
6:29PM 1 Linear regression
5:31PM 1 car/MANOVA question
4:55PM 1 Coverage Probability
4:47PM 1 fitting a histogram to a Gaussian curve
4:39PM 2 'Unexpected numeric constant'
3:39PM 0 acs package: analyze data from the U.S. American Community Survey
3:01PM 0 Google Summer of Code
2:05PM 4 regression with proportion data
1:56PM 1 Dotplot: how to change size in the y lab ?
12:16PM 2 Save File after order
11:42AM 3 Issue with asin()
11:11AM 0 Problem with package tensor
10:58AM 0 Call for chapters: Data Mining Applications with R
10:57AM 1 plot method for rasters and layout
10:54AM 1 what is p,d & q in arima() function of time series
10:39AM 0 Reshape data frame with dcast and melt
9:12AM 2 fitted values with locfit
9:08AM 0 How to cluster/classify following time series?
6:52AM 0 Sankey Diagrams in R
6:25AM 1 How to use R script in VB?
3:36AM 0 Plotting Rickers curve in R with confidence intervals
3:12AM 2 hypergeometric function in ‘ mvtnorm’
2:32AM 1 glm: getting the confidence interval for an Odds Ratio, when using predict()
1:58AM 5 Output formatting in Latex and R
12:20AM 1 randomly subsample rows from subsets
Sunday March 18 2012
9:43PM 3 a very simple question
8:57PM 0 Cajun Code-a-thon in Lafayette LA 4/27 - 4/28
8:13PM 2 Importing files
7:59PM 1 Help with dlply, loop and column names
6:24PM 3 assign a value to an element
4:21PM 0 p-value and mlogit
2:44PM 3 Extracting numbers from a character variable of different types
2:42PM 0 Sensitivity analysis in case of correlated inputs
2:39PM 1 call to system returns warning : status 2 (Ubuntu)
2:35PM 1 problem saving gplot.hexbin using file save as pdf - "Error: invalid graphics state
12:56PM 4 Linux R / Windows client
11:12AM 2 word frequency count
9:31AM 2 Removing session variables
7:21AM 1 ANOVA testing over nested MS term
6:55AM 1 Having difficulties installing r commander
4:47AM 1 install R package on Unix cluster
2:45AM 0 R package to efficiently create polyline shape file
12:15AM 3 R crashes due to stats.dll
Saturday March 17 2012
11:08PM 0 multivariate locfit regression
7:35PM 0 ctree() crossvalidation
6:36PM 3 rtriang using ifelse statement
5:34PM 1 how to pass 'raw' values with cfunction()?
4:35PM 0 Logistic regression using package sem
3:10PM 0 -1e+34
2:33PM 1 memory, i am getting mad in reading climate data
2:19PM 3 paste (CTRL + v) not working rgui
1:45PM 1 fitting plane to 3dim set of data
1:24PM 2 Coalesce function in BBmisc, emoa, and microbenchmark packages
12:43PM 1 qtbase installation problems on MacOS
12:35PM 0 pie R ^ 2 = Area of Circle.
12:07PM 0 This is interesting read,
9:34AM 1 Error in conditional execution "missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed"
9:27AM 2 Reading then transposing from file
9:03AM 3 how to call functions with same name but in different package?
7:43AM 1 setwd et chaines de caracteres
5:53AM 1 plot only non-zero values
4:51AM 0 tryCatch interferes with traceback(), debugger(), dump.frames()....
2:54AM 1 Bold font in "paste" function
Friday March 16 2012
10:22PM 1 Basic Quantmod help needed
10:17PM 1 rJava call performance
10:03PM 0 A Problem of RODBC's sqlQuery
8:59PM 1 ggmap crash
8:55PM 1 Identifying a change in events between bins
7:48PM 2 plotting border over map
6:11PM 3 Y-axis label on the right hand side in lattice?
5:38PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 109, Issue 16
5:34PM 2 Changing axis labels depending on panel in lattice
5:29PM 1 ggplot axis limit
5:09PM 1 bias sampling
5:08PM 1 a question about writing C extensions to functions
4:59PM 3 Faster way to implement this search?
4:20PM 1 quadprog error?
2:32PM 1 plot columns
2:23PM 4 How to start R in maximized size???
1:46PM 2 contingency tables
1:45PM 1 Partial matching when using $ ? Feature or bug?
1:44PM 1 multiple density plot
12:32PM 2 how to speed up the inefficient code
11:54AM 1 help to split a ID column in a data.frame and create a new ID column
11:47AM 2 Singleton pattern
11:32AM 1 multivariate regression and lm()
11:25AM 0 Urgente: retiro de la lista
11:03AM 7 Problem reading mixed CSV file
10:51AM 1 Change in behavior of update.views()?
10:02AM 1 Spatstat - coordinates in observation window
9:51AM 1 R merge two dataframes with different row?
8:43AM 5 How to Group Categorical data in R?
8:39AM 0 var
7:39AM 2 ncd4 package
7:14AM 0 How to interpret glmnet lasso error
7:09AM 2 Elegant Code
4:17AM 1 Integrating R project into your product
2:25AM 2 variable values in plotmath expressions
12:00AM 1 how to speed up the process of R
Thursday March 15 2012
11:51PM 1 eigenvalues of matrices of partial derivatives with ryacas
11:11PM 2 ggplot2: goem_smooth and suppress messages
10:24PM 1 Bar graph with 2 Y axis
9:33PM 2 summing "transfers"
9:24PM 2 Timer on a function
9:02PM 0 V-Optimal Histogram
8:48PM 1 Get Details About Clusters
8:25PM 1 subsetting by cell value with a list
8:02PM 2 64 bit version for linux and build huge matrix
7:44PM 0 JSS support
6:00PM 2 Importing multiple worksheets from one Excle/ csv file into R
5:48PM 6 Generation of correlated variables
5:44PM 0 survival - deviance of test set
5:05PM 2 How to add grid lines at specific position to a plot?
5:00PM 3 handling missing values
3:47PM 2 Ggplot barchart drops factor levels: how to show them with zero counts?
3:40PM 1 Accessing variable's name as an attribute?
2:57PM 1 Extending a group of S4 classes by setClassUnion ?
2:55PM 3 single, double or no quotes in expression
2:28PM 1 How to change the number of axis?
2:05PM 0 can anyone tell me what is the meaning of the x and y axis ?
1:55PM 1 line plot over a barplot
12:53PM 2 how to hide code of any function
12:47PM 1 Problem reading a graph file
12:33PM 1 expand.grid using a matrix and a vector as input
12:22PM 0 A question about loglik in GLMM
12:04PM 3 Adding mean values to boxplots
10:52AM 3 Average row and column
10:43AM 0 PCA R
10:21AM 1 Subtract Date Between columns
10:12AM 0 Using Metropolis Hastings to calculate integration
10:08AM 2 Integrate inside function
10:01AM 0 How to choose the most 2 different samples in an array experiment
9:13AM 1 how to assign "writeLines" function
9:08AM 2 how to bind uneven column (not equal length) into matrix without recycling values
8:44AM 1 Creat a new list with names of other list
8:24AM 0 Error in prune in the rEMM package
8:05AM 2 Source code
7:59AM 1 substituting own test statistics in a built-in function
7:36AM 2 how to dev.off() all devices
6:39AM 1 Equation as a character string
6:03AM 4 replicating C example from the Extensions Manual problem
3:58AM 1 R CMD Rd2pdf [options] files
3:47AM 1 coloring wireframe plot with independent/separate matrix of color values.
2:46AM 0 Logistic Regression Coding Help
1:10AM 1 Help with operation on list of matrices
Wednesday March 14 2012
10:57PM 2 Maximization problem in the optim function
10:39PM 4 Improving help in R
10:31PM 1 NA - data.frame
10:07PM 3 Help: problem converting character to numeric
9:58PM 1 qmvnorm function
9:30PM 1 How do I change the tick text on the x-axis of a plot and rotate them 90 degree?
8:13PM 1 lme code help
7:49PM 3 Export a plot/figure to excel or word?
7:35PM 1 Glm and user defined variance functions
7:27PM 3 Needing a better solution to a lookup problem.
6:21PM 2 Using the mantel test in Ape Package
5:49PM 1 check for data in a data.frame and return correspondent number
5:38PM 0 statistical contrasts on 3-way interaction
5:21PM 1 Metropolis-Hastings in R
4:27PM 1 climate data, Netcdf
4:14PM 0 Reading and analyzing data with two headers
3:33PM 1 How to use ggplot to do the binned quantile plots(one type of scatter plot)?
3:21PM 2 How to test the statistical significance of the difference of two univariate Linear Regression betas?
3:00PM 1 How to use a saved SVM model from e1071
2:56PM 1 help with expression
2:55PM 6 where I can find more color names or color definition?
2:55PM 1 extract values ​​for the dates and a new column
2:48PM 1 gam - Y axis probability scale with confidence/error lines
2:46PM 2 aggregate
2:43PM 0 how to calculate AIC value from below values using time series model
2:21PM 0 random effect of species in lme on slope taking into account two variables
2:16PM 1 list factoring
1:54PM 0 R course: London, Monday 18th - Friday 22nd June 2012.
12:39PM 1 How to extend a slot of a class?
11:57AM 1 logical test not functioning correctly on zoo series...what the hell?
11:46AM 1 plm function
11:41AM 2 Moore-Penrose Generalized determinant?
11:17AM 1 geom_plot creates Area Instead Of Lines
11:13AM 2 Creating polygons from scattered points
11:12AM 1 Real-Time data transfer from Excel to R
10:44AM 1 not saving plot with resizable size?
8:15AM 1 Questing on fitting Baseline category Logit model
8:06AM 0 Partial Canonical Correlation Analysis Help
7:51AM 2 Apply a loop containing a function on a list
7:22AM 3 Creating 250 submatrices from a large single matrix with 2500 variables using loops
6:02AM 1 cannot load shared object /usr/lib/R/library/grDevices/libs//cairo.so
5:50AM 0 diveMove 1.3.1
5:25AM 2 sum(hist$density) == 2 ?!
5:14AM 3 Problem installing RMySQL package!
3:56AM 4 Merging fully overlapping groups
12:09AM 0 twitteR package -- geocode
Tuesday March 13 2012
11:02PM 1 Amount of memory occupied by data type
9:59PM 1 sunflower plot, making vectors?
9:33PM 1 multi-histogram plotting
8:49PM 1 Rolling regressions with sample extended one period at a time
8:24PM 1 3D Black-Scholes Graph Help!
7:55PM 1 Writing a .pdf file within a function - what do I need to return()?
7:31PM 4 MANOVA and Extra Sums-of-Squares Tests
6:27PM 0 ess-tracebug to open a file
5:55PM 0 filter out some gene sets
5:50PM 1 reshaping a dataset for a network
5:18PM 1 Error : package is not installed for 'arch=x64'
4:51PM 2 reproducible sample() in mclapply
4:27PM 2 beginner's loop issue
4:20PM 4 Converting factor data into Date-time format
4:18PM 1 Error " subscript out of bounds"
3:06PM 4 how to find best model of time series?
2:59PM 1 R-help-es have reached 500 members!
2:41PM 1 p-value of the pooled Z score
2:30PM 7 ROC Analysis
1:38PM 3 Standard errors GLM
1:33PM 1 Coding C++ in R. What is faster : Using bosst external libraries or R.h header file?
12:15PM 3 Sum results in a matrix
12:12PM 0 To generate a pmml for an "hclust" object, showing the error "Error in .Internal(inherits(x, what, which)) : 'x' is missing"
12:10PM 1 Using caegorical variables in package randomForest.
11:53AM 1 Visualising multiple response contingency tables
11:51AM 2 Matrix Another table
11:49AM 0 Matrix Counts
11:34AM 2 Definition of generic function for subclasses
11:29AM 2 sort list
10:41AM 2 replacing values in Array
10:09AM 1 File data to data.frame
9:52AM 1 customizing help, how to replace r.css of all packages
9:45AM 3 Matrix Results
9:42AM 2 Manipulate strings reordering some elements
9:24AM 1 size of graphs when using multiple figures by row
9:09AM 1 simulate an gradually increase of the number of subjects based on two variables
7:10AM 2 "gplots" packages does not work
6:15AM 1 suggestions for debugging problem with a package
6:04AM 1 how to write crossed and nested random effects in a model
5:39AM 1 Two dimensional integration
4:35AM 0 PCA Kernel
12:51AM 1 Beginner problems forecasting arma model
Monday March 12 2012
11:18PM 1 Fwd: Re[2]: B-spline/smooth.basis derivative matrices
10:49PM 2 erasing "[1]"
9:45PM 1 How to add/draw a persp3d graph to a plot with an existing surface/graph
9:27PM 0 Rserve as a proxy
7:22PM 0 Simulating a VECM process.
6:37PM 3 lapply to change variable names and variable values
6:11PM 1 Speeding up lots of calls to GLM
5:47PM 2 mapply & assign to generate functions
5:19PM 2 How to create interrupted boxplot
4:27PM 1 Get a subset
4:14PM 2 Maximum of remaining elements of vector
4:07PM 1 2 images on one plot
3:42PM 3 how to calculate a variance and covariance matrix for a vector
3:29PM 1 Installing RMySQL -- 64-bit Windows 7
2:48PM 1 (no subject)
12:29PM 0 removing values from a survival curve
11:16AM 1 Faceted bar plot shows wrong counts (ggplot2)
11:15AM 3 Finding the median
7:42AM 3 A question on histogram - area much less than 1
7:39AM 0 problem with Rpanel
5:15AM 3 How to plot diagonal line at any coordinate range in R
4:56AM 1 ggplot2: coord_polar
4:55AM 2 Replicating Stata's xtreg clustered SEs in R
4:22AM 2 barplot and NA
2:26AM 3 Idea/package to "linearize a curve" along the diagonal?
2:20AM 1 SEM eigen value error 0 X 0 matrix
1:54AM 1 to Michael ... Re: How do I do a pretty scatter plot using ggplot2?
Sunday March 11 2012
11:04PM 0 specify GARCH model, using garchFit()
10:40PM 1 CRAN (and crantastic) updates this week
7:43PM 1 Problems when building a package for Windows 64
7:07PM 3 extracting data from unstructured (text?) file
4:18PM 2 Efficient access to elements of a list of lists
2:37PM 0 [R-sig-eco] Landscape ecology in R
9:46AM 2 Matrix negative fraction power
7:18AM 1 Interfacing between Optimization Software and R
2:20AM 1 Which non-parametric regression would allow fitting this type of data? (example given).
Saturday March 10 2012
11:41PM 2 Reading text files from other languages
11:30PM 1 How to improve the robustness of "loess"? - example included.
11:19PM 2 odd error with rJava
11:08PM 1 resume on error
10:40PM 0 Help with confidence intervals for gam model using mgcv
10:01PM 1 applying a function in list of indexed elements of a vector:
9:29PM 3 function input as variable name (deparse/quote/paste) ??
8:55PM 1 How to fit a line through the "Mountain crest", i.e., through the highest density of points - in a "loess-like" fashion.
8:21PM 2 too many open devices
7:47PM 2 Finding the mean.
7:13PM 1 Draw values from multiple data sets as inputs to a Monte-Carlo function; then apply across entire matrix
5:46PM 1 Generating abnormal returns in R
5:41PM 1 PCA in predefined Groups??
5:04PM 1 Help on subgraphs in xyplot of lattice library
4:41PM 1 Paste ignore arrayys
4:35PM 2 max.print
4:33PM 1 Use different panel functions with lattice
12:44PM 2 Window on a vector
9:39AM 1 Treat Variable as String and a String as variables name
5:58AM 1 problem with effects : 'subscript out of bounds'
12:52AM 2 Issues in installing rgl in Mac OS 10.6.8
12:37AM 3 How do I do a pretty scatter plot using ggplot2?
12:04AM 1 Subsetting a data.frame -> Read in with FWF format from .DAT file
Friday March 9 2012
10:30PM 3 Interacting with the Operating System
9:36PM 1 nonparametric densities for bounded distributions
9:34PM 4 round giving different results on Windows and Mac
7:48PM 2 qbeta function in R
7:41PM 0 Revolutions Blog: February Roundup
7:36PM 2 rgl: cylinder3d() with elliptical cross-section
7:00PM 1 what does "rlm" do if it fails to converge within iteration limits?
3:59PM 0 socket connection in while(TRUE) loop the best way?
3:48PM 2 Create a list object in a loop
3:46PM 0 Removing Values from Summary after Survival Curve
3:41PM 0 reading HDF5 or H5 files
3:37PM 0 join 2 .sav
3:27PM 0 Time series and logs.
3:17PM 1 layer plots.
3:12PM 1 extracting the i-th row of a matrix in a list of lists
2:23PM 1 Multiple Correspondence Analysis
1:37PM 1 Simulating n 2x2 tables with the same odds ratio
1:35PM 4 sort dates
1:34PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 109, Issue 9
12:11PM 2 R versus R Studio output differences
11:33AM 1 rtags for VI(M)
11:14AM 2 How do I force confint() for glm() to be quiet?
9:54AM 4 For loop and using its index
9:04AM 2 time between two dates
7:20AM 3 Loop struggle
6:32AM 1 index values of one matrix to another of a different size
5:49AM 2 (Fisher) Randomization Test for Matched Pairs: Permutation Data Setup Based on Signs
5:32AM 1 From (common IDs different Names) To (common IDs common Names)
4:11AM 1 making a second version of R
12:36AM 0 pdMat class in LME to mimic SAS proc mixed group option? Group-specific random slopes
Thursday March 8 2012
11:57PM 4 Correlation between 2 matrices but with subset of variables
11:43PM 2 Moving average with loess
10:02PM 1 poLCA
9:47PM 1 binning dates by decade for simulated data
9:33PM 1 Extended Survival Plot Lines
8:34PM 1 read.xls - ampersand different in XLS and XLSX
8:14PM 2 Classification by range
8:03PM 1 Warnings when plotting after x11() in R 2.14.2
7:42PM 1 Calling a column from a matrix using a variable
7:27PM 3 "figure margins too large" in RGtk2 drawing area as cairo device - why?
6:46PM 3 rpanel / list error
6:19PM 4 Reading in 9.6GB .DAT File - OK with 64-bit R?
6:08PM 2 Boxplot Fill Pattern
5:40PM 0 Lattice Levelplot data question
4:26PM 8 Copy dataframe for another
4:17PM 2 Find identical pairs
3:28PM 1 Panel models: Fixed effects & random coefficients in plm
2:43PM 0 evaluation of categorical and opinion data
2:35PM 3 Calculating length of consecutive sequences within a vector
1:50PM 1 sas retain statement in R or fitting differene equations in NLS
1:10PM 1 parsing text files
1:02PM 2 xyplot without external box
12:57PM 1 Save/Load function()-result to file in a loop
12:46PM 1 help please. 2 tables, which test?
12:41PM 2 hierarchical clustering of large dataset
11:22AM 1 Correlation analysis for an exon array
11:15AM 2 Cannot change location of tempdir()
10:10AM 2 Regarding randomForest regression
9:20AM 4 Problem with a Matrix
8:40AM 1 No announcement of version 2.14.2
7:35AM 1 Adding mean line to a lattice density plot
6:08AM 1 Doing Mathematica Quantile[] function in R
5:52AM 3 legend
5:26AM 0 Cross-Power Spectral Density and Welch's Method
4:46AM 4 How to sort frequency distribution table?
3:25AM 6 how to modify the tickment of x-axis
3:24AM 2 Novice Alert!: odfWeave help!
2:35AM 0 tryCatch in a package
2:07AM 2 KalmanSmooth
1:53AM 3 Packages 'effects' loads 'name' which conflicts with 'lme4'
1:10AM 1 ADL in auto.arima [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]
Wednesday March 7 2012
9:32PM 2 fill=T?
8:35PM 2 , Exact Confidence Interval
8:14PM 2 dot products
8:06PM 0 Grid Bootstrap
7:20PM 1 Can a matrix with several rows and columns ...
7:12PM 3 if statement
6:06PM 1 date columns chooser
5:46PM 4 add data from .RData file
5:03PM 2 Apt-get
4:51PM 1 transfer local function objects to other environment - how?
4:44PM 0 dependence matrix
4:41PM 5 Sampling problems
4:37PM 1 Help with plot of PCA analysis (new user to R)
4:28PM 3 GPS handling libraries or (String manipulation)
4:03PM 2 Remove a word from a character vector value XXXX
4:02PM 2 logical to vector?
4:00PM 1 extract same columns and rows in two matrices
3:50PM 4 Difference in Kaplan-Meier estimates plus CI
3:15PM 4 problem with data
3:07PM 1 a somewhat related cartoon
1:49PM 1 how to read a file containing a series filename
1:34PM 2 Problems with generalized linear model (glm) coefficients.
12:59PM 2 repositories for 2.11 & 2.12
12:58PM 2 SSOAP and Chemspider: Security token?
12:45PM 0 Help for carying out ILS
12:30PM 0 distance between phylogenetic trees (quartet, NNI)
11:54AM 1 gsub: replacing double backslashes with single backslash
11:42AM 0 Multiple imputation using mice
11:42AM 1 VECM simulation
11:16AM 1 GLMing with all possible combinations (automatically)
11:09AM 4 Column with codes
10:24AM 4 Subset problem
10:01AM 1 plot intersecting planes
9:46AM 2 Changing the size of a plot
9:42AM 2 Correlating zero-truncated data
9:40AM 2 find points on a graph
9:13AM 0 listening folder and directories on ftp server
7:13AM 1 multi-platform equivalent of x11() ?
6:36AM 2 how to see inbuilt function(cor.test) & how to get p-value from t-value(test of significance) ?
5:41AM 1 constant function
5:08AM 3 pulling out 1 country and 1 wave
4:19AM 1 Demographic Variables in AIDS (Demand System)
3:55AM 1 confidence intervals in dotplots in a for loop
3:54AM 0 sparsenet: a new package for sparse model selection
2:24AM 1 Where do I report CRAN mirror problems?
12:46AM 1 help with time data - R weird behaviour across machines
12:38AM 1 Convert Numeric (20090101) to Date
Tuesday March 6 2012
11:14PM 1 How to eliminate for next loops in this script
11:07PM 0 Obtain Log-Likelihood for ml.nbc (COUNT)
10:53PM 1 Scale parameter in Weibull distribution
9:22PM 1 Winbugs
8:51PM 0 Fitting difference models in R (nls, nlme)
8:15PM 1 How to apply two parameter function in data frame
8:06PM 1 Extracting data from a zoo by date
8:04PM 0 Exclusion restriction criterion
8:00PM 1 Reshape question
6:54PM 0 Classification tree - Uniform vertical spacing of the nodes
6:47PM 2 Numerical Inversion of Cumulative Distribution Function
6:02PM 1 Windows - **Paste commands only** issue
5:53PM 2 closing file with close(file) *silently*
5:03PM 1 frequency count by row
5:00PM 1 TXT-file with R to SPS-file
5:00PM 0 milanoR
4:57PM 1 LOESS confidence interval
4:47PM 4 Add number series to data frame
4:36PM 0 lubridate 1.1.0
4:06PM 0 Importing name/value formatted data
4:06PM 3 Label rows of table by factor level for groups of factors
3:29PM 1 sourcearg function is there a better way already built into R
3:06PM 1 evaluate String
1:41PM 1 how to used regular expression while reading file
12:02PM 2 Help in matrix
11:56AM 2 how to run system command
11:50AM 1 PLS predict
11:48AM 1 PLS Error message
11:17AM 3 Help on reshape function
11:13AM 1 problem with help option in R
10:20AM 1 DESeq package install error
7:42AM 2 Why aren't row names in a data frame unique?
4:49AM 1 Help with plot Grouped Bar Plot by using R
3:03AM 1 Error on Startup: Error: 7:6: unexpected symbol 7: set the
2:53AM 3 split array into groups by value
12:08AM 1 obsolete(?) nls package
Monday March 5 2012
11:59PM 1 problems reading a large dta dataset in R
11:29PM 1 rm(list=ls())
9:44PM 2 source for function sample() in package base?
9:24PM 2 ggplot2
9:14PM 2 changing the drawing context using Cairo and RGtk2
8:53PM 0 3rd attempt R2 and Q2 from pls regression
8:53PM 1 index instead of loop?
8:52PM 1 decision/classification trees with fewer than 20 objects
8:33PM 2 Filter/Ceiling for unwanted data - zoo
7:56PM 2 I want to fill a column in with 0 or 1 depending on another columns input
7:15PM 1 Trouble with a loop
7:07PM 1 Error in file(fname, "r") : invalid 'description' argument when running maptools' readAsciiGrid on a dataframe
6:51PM 2 Running Total
6:38PM 2 How to choose a button and scrape the website data
6:30PM 1 package.skeleton only exports the first 73 lines of code
5:20PM 0 ggmap : ggplot2 and RgoogleMaps
4:55PM 8 Automating R script with Windows 7
4:53PM 2 632 estimator using boot package
4:26PM 1 installing package tkrplot
4:02PM 0 Having a problem with R installation as a shared library
3:23PM 1 How to identify a matrix which causes memory limit?
2:24PM 1 Nagelkerke R2
1:09PM 1 cauchy process
12:09PM 1 VAR with GARCH effect
11:35AM 2 how to send text output to its own window
11:23AM 1 Random and fixed effect in linear model
10:57AM 1 Fitting & evaluating mixture of two Weibull distributions
9:39AM 1 Order a data frame based on the order of another data frame
9:37AM 1 Issue with using rcom on windows 7
9:24AM 2 no partial matching of argument names after dots argument - why?
8:46AM 1 Function for Generating all Permutations with Repetition
7:39AM 0 New package: OpenStreetMap 0.2
7:34AM 0 auto.arima and intervention analysis
4:48AM 1 If function error: missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
4:46AM 3 how I can explore the variable names in my covariance matrix?
2:15AM 2 new to repeated measures anova in R
1:14AM 1 Forward stepwise regression using lmStepAIC in Caret
12:49AM 1 Trouble with strwrap function
12:41AM 1 data generation
Sunday March 4 2012
9:36PM 0 convert point data to grid
9:22PM 2 Which packages are installed with the default R installation?
9:18PM 2 type conversion
9:07PM 0 Jackknife for a 2-sample dispersion test
9:03PM 2 additional "X" characters in headers
8:27PM 1 Could not compute QR decomposition of Hessian.
8:26PM 2 Can't find all levels of categorical predictors in output of zeroinfl()
8:17PM 0 Matrix Package, sparseMatrix, more NaN's than zeros
7:18PM 1 quantmod getOptionChain Not Work
7:06PM 1 Intersection of two chromosomal ranges
11:21AM 1 p-value from GLM
10:23AM 1 Store vectors as values in xts time-series object
9:51AM 1 Changing the frequency of time series
3:35AM 2 How do I create a scatterplot with two explanatory variables?
12:50AM 1 How can I map "by" results to original list of indices or first difference of column of data.frame with two factors?
Saturday March 3 2012
10:46PM 3 Using ddply within a function by argument transfer
10:29PM 1 Sliding Window in R (solved)
9:30PM 0 removing data look-ahead, something faster.
8:27PM 1 why rgamma(2, 2) gives two random number, but rgamma(1.5, 2) gives one?
4:51PM 3 submission of some functions to base package
4:02PM 3 Shape manipulation
3:44PM 0 rugarch with sub models
3:15PM 3 How to read this data properly?
2:54PM 2 contour for plotting confidence interval on scatter plot of bivariate normal distribution
2:23PM 1 Problem running stepAIC within a function.
1:31PM 4 Sliding a Window in R
12:37PM 3 percentile of a given value: is there a "reverse" quantile function?
8:56AM 1 "Global" Variable in R
4:53AM 2 Grouped barchart confidence intervals in lattice
2:19AM 0 Strategies to deal with unbalanced classification data in randomForest
1:10AM 1 interpreting the output of a glm with an ordered categorical predictor.
Friday March 2 2012
10:50PM 2 Correlation of huge matrix saved as binary file
10:15PM 4 times series trellis plot
9:47PM 5 Calculation of standard error for a function
8:51PM 4 Noob question - Identity argument within aggregate function?
8:39PM 2 pasting several things
8:21PM 1 Count matches in pmatch
7:52PM 2 Spacing of text does not match spacing of bars in barplot
7:33PM 0 ?Syntax on Taking differential on both sides of the equation in 'R'
6:13PM 0 projection problem in sp package
5:29PM 1 reshaping
4:40PM 1 acf() plot of matrix cuts y-axis labels
4:19PM 3 Why predicted values are fewer that the real?
4:13PM 0 MNP and exclusion restriction
3:19PM 3 subseting a data frame
3:12PM 1 solnp Hessian problem in some datasets not in others
2:57PM 3 Memory issue. XXXX
1:46PM 0 plotting standard deviation of multivariate normal distribution (preferred in rgl package)
1:04PM 0 ggplot2 0.9.0
12:54PM 0 devtools 0.6
12:49PM 2 Statistical Histograms in R
12:46PM 1 Call the Standard Error and t-test probability in linear regression
10:32AM 1 Cloning R Installation Across Multiple Computers
10:24AM 3 speed up merge
9:40AM 2 回复: Bayesian Hidden Markov Models
8:36AM 2 Why do my regular expressions require a double escape \\ to get a literal??
6:32AM 1 3d surface plot (ideally using rgl package)?
4:05AM 1 data frame of strings formatted
3:03AM 1 Vector errors and missing values
3:03AM 1 indicating group numbers in a dendrogram
12:48AM 1 e1071 SVM: Cross-validation error confusion matrix
12:43AM 1 downloading Excel files
Thursday March 1 2012
11:49PM 2 How to colorize the panel backgrounds of pairs()?
10:51PM 2 read.table issue with "#"
10:46PM 0 ggplot2: formula for bar width in geom_bar?
10:29PM 2 range of group variables
9:49PM 4 problem with sum function
9:34PM 0 Memory problem in R
9:31PM 1 fill data forward in data frame.
8:28PM 3 Converting a string vector with names to a numeric vector with names
8:02PM 2 fridays date to date
7:53PM 2 Rscript example
6:15PM 1 6 different errors while using glm.nb
6:03PM 2 Robust ARMA Fitting in R?
5:30PM 3 Standard variance / devistion clarification
5:23PM 1 Need help using Melt and cast to compute correlation for a cross tabulation
4:57PM 2 Help with segmented package
4:55PM 1 Parameterization of Inverse Wishart distribution available in MCMCpack and bayesm libraries
4:11PM 3 Delete rows from data.frame matching a certain criteria
3:56PM 3 how to change or copy to another the names of models
3:15PM 3 Connecting points on a line with arcs/curves
2:47PM 2 Problems downloading file
2:19PM 1 barplots of several variables with different number of categories
1:39PM 1 Execution of Rprofile.site
1:24PM 2 'break' function in loop
12:27PM 5 select rows by criteria
10:28AM 1 convert list to text file
8:32AM 1 Trend predictions using R projects!!
8:13AM 2 Two plots with two different Y labels
5:52AM 1 ordered lable in ROCR
5:52AM 2 User defined link function with extra parameters
2:50AM 1 Simulate values from VAR
2:41AM 3 Create a function "automatically" from lm formula and coefficients?
2:22AM 1 GLM with regularization
1:41AM 1 Plotting a registered sign
12:42AM 2 identifying a column name correctly to use in a formula
12:08AM 1 Contour plot- repost message
12:00AM 1 R can't load a large dataset