R help - Aug 2011

Wednesday August 31 2011
11:55PM 1 Correct Syntax for subset.data.frame()
9:44PM 2 dbWriteTable error message
8:50PM 3 Scatter Plot Command Syntax Using Data.Frame Source
8:40PM 0 implementation of split or two-piece normal distribution?
8:33PM 3 Converting anova/ancova summary to data frame
8:02PM 1 Convert List of Data.Frames to Data.Frame when List has NULL
7:40PM 1 <TAB> completion in R console when using Lion OSX
7:24PM 0 weibull shape parameter hypothese testing
7:16PM 1 agnes not working
7:13PM 0 Integration methods
5:57PM 0 How to estimate shape parameters for generalized lambda distribution (GLD) in R
5:51PM 1 formatting a 6 million row data set; creating a censoring variable
5:42PM 2 Entering Multiline Commands With ESS
5:28PM 3 subsetting by rows
5:27PM 2 VisualBasic "select case" commad in R
5:18PM 2 ggplot2 to create a "square" plot
5:04PM 1 density function cannot work well on UNIX R version 2.13.
4:50PM 1 looping by grouping variable
4:45PM 3 how to create data.frames from vectors with duplicates
4:24PM 1 counting the duplicates in an object of list
4:06PM 0 generate correlated qualitative data
4:06PM 1 add a legend to a periodogram
3:48PM 6 Weights using Survreg
3:44PM 2 Treat an Unquoted Character String as a Data Frame
3:07PM 0 R code to calculate elixhauser comorbidity score
2:35PM 8 !!!function to do the knn!!!
2:33PM 1 unequal bins in filled.contour
1:58PM 2 Redirect output of traceback() to a file?
1:50PM 2 Getting the values out of histogram (lattice)
1:43PM 0 booklet on principal component analysis and linear discriminant analysis
1:31PM 1 Gradients in optimx
1:25PM 3 How to modify the dot-dot-dot argument using level names instead of position
12:30PM 1 assign group letters to T/F matrix
12:01PM 0 Programming examples added to r4stats.com
10:32AM 1 Building help fails for package BBMM
9:15AM 0 QUANSTRAT: error with applySignal
8:48AM 1 Recoding observations in all columns of a data frame.
8:36AM 2 Convert CSV file to FASTA
8:19AM 2 reshape/aggregate
8:00AM 2 Classifying values by interval
7:53AM 0 Fitting the negative hypergeometric distribution
6:33AM 1 Error in setwd(dir) : cannot change working directory
3:31AM 3 Fitting my data to a Weibull model
2:51AM 0 wdTable() in R2wd
2:40AM 0 Question about paste
2:23AM 2 reading data from multiple files with multiple headers
2:08AM 2 Error: evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)?
2:00AM 2 stumped on how to reorder factors
1:12AM 1 Hmisc Latex Question: column headings and Major Column Headings not properly alligned
1:00AM 0 term lists with tm package
Tuesday August 30 2011
11:53PM 0 Problem resolved: thanks! RE: column names with rbind loop
10:49PM 2 Error in evalauating a function
10:31PM 1 putting in special characters in print statements
10:01PM 2 Multivariate Normal: Help wanted!
9:00PM 3 Descriptive Stats from Data Frame
8:00PM 1 Generating a sequence of diagonal matrices
6:33PM 1 ROC plot for KNN
6:31PM 1 locate the needed columns
6:15PM 1 lubridate and intervals
5:53PM 2 RPostgreSQL Loading Issues
5:42PM 1 column names with rbind loop
5:36PM 3 having trouble extracting week from chron object
4:58PM 1 algorithm to merge same entries in a matrix
4:31PM 1 R crash
4:20PM 0 GMM with panel data
4:12PM 0 test message
3:39PM 0 multi-response regression with random forest
3:08PM 1 "Negative length vector" error in simple merge
3:05PM 1 R cmd build error -- "running 'zip' failed"
12:31PM 1 Error in f(x, ...) : could not find function "f2"
12:14PM 2 url prep function (backslash issue)
10:59AM 1 Why does loading saved/cached objects add significantly to RAM consumption?
9:07AM 1 execute R commands from Matlab
8:04AM 2 Showing zero frequencies with xtabs
7:59AM 1 R-Studio Question
7:21AM 2 ARMA show different result between eview and R
4:53AM 2 Plotting multiple vectors in one window?
3:56AM 3 Simulating distribution of max of two die
3:44AM 0 Help me with repeated measures
2:23AM 1 R - Web - Interfaces
1:48AM 2 Conditional plots in the soiltexture package
12:20AM 1 Creating ODS RTF-style output in R XXXX
12:02AM 4 weird apply() behavior
Monday August 29 2011
11:56PM 1 character vector to text with returns
11:43PM 1 Ordinal logistic regression p-values
10:39PM 1 sum of two lists
10:03PM 2 Plot history
9:30PM 2 Saving a graph
8:59PM 1 Difference between a data frame and data table
8:09PM 0 ggplot2 question ...
7:41PM 0 Competing Risk with survey data
7:29PM 1 how to referee a dimension name via a variable?
7:29PM 1 Pb with \t interpretation in R
6:53PM 0 Rpart modelling a decisión tree and getting probability
6:45PM 3 replacing elements of a zoo object
6:40PM 1 How to order based on the second two columns?
6:36PM 0 Lee-Carter in R package
4:49PM 2 rpart: apply tree to new data to get "counts"
4:04PM 1 reading tables from multiple HTML pages
3:37PM 2 splitting into multiple dataframes and then create a loop to work
3:28PM 1 MuMIn Problem getting adjusted Confidence intervals
3:16PM 1 maximum number of subdivisions reached
3:03PM 1 Bayesian functions for mle2 object
1:55PM 3 Basic question about re-writing for loop as a function
1:23PM 1 Configuring Proxy: Proxy Authentication Required with --internet2
1:18PM 1 Legend / bar order - ggplot2
12:02PM 0 Error: Gradient function might be wrong ----- in OPTIMX
11:54AM 1 Lm gives different results depending on x-bit architecture
11:46AM 2 Differences in SAS and R defaults
11:44AM 0 Consult for creating one-single row heatmap
10:44AM 2 Problem in writing a R data frame to Excel format using RODBC package
10:03AM 3 how to start R script editor by default
9:10AM 3 gradient function in OPTIMX
9:01AM 1 defining "id" argument in geeglm
7:06AM 1 Improving result from integrate
6:14AM 1 Generating contingency tables from the null
12:36AM 4 parallel rbind
Sunday August 28 2011
10:21PM 1 R question: generating data using MASS
9:09PM 2 converting matrix in array
6:39PM 2 Function won't permanently assign values to a vector
6:30PM 2 cspade error
5:20PM 1 comparing two unequal matrices without for loop?
4:38PM 4 How do I get a weighted frequency table?
3:37PM 2 -log10 of 0
2:13PM 1 read.table: deciding automatically between two colClasses values
1:15PM 1 Help with levelplot color assignment in lattice
11:34AM 0 Text mining analysis methods
8:56AM 1 How to add a legend to a goodness-of-fit plot (vcd:goodfit)?
8:51AM 0 how to get url content with "?" (question mark) inside
3:59AM 2 Fractional component of a number
2:43AM 1 Trying to extract probabilities in CARET (caret) package with a glmStepAIC model
12:19AM 2 control line break behavior of R output
Saturday August 27 2011
10:39PM 1 Legent to the Periodogram
9:38PM 2 Placing a column name in a variable XXXX
8:39PM 1 Counting non-missing values XXXX
8:34PM 2 Am having trouble calling a function
7:37PM 3 Exception while using NeweyWest function with doMC
7:24PM 1 Overdispersed GLM
7:15PM 3 Ordered probit model -marginal effects and relative importance of each predictor-
6:07PM 4 to represent color range on plot segment
4:54PM 3 all combinations of the elements of two vectors
4:07PM 0 Simulate skewed data with known mean and median
1:51PM 1 Error: package 'lsei' is not installed for 'arch=i386'
10:30AM 1 Degrees of freedom in the Ljung-Box test
10:24AM 0 comparing GLM coefficients & repeatability
9:31AM 7 Asking Favor For "Remove element with Particular Value In Vector"
9:01AM 2 separate mfrow region with line
7:49AM 0 rmongodb released
7:18AM 1 hopelessly overdispersed?
6:55AM 0 gplot data manipulation question
5:26AM 1 Grouping variables in a data frame
5:20AM 1 Mixture of Regressions
5:02AM 1 Make a function work on an environemnt
Friday August 26 2011
10:47PM 0 baseline cumulative hazard by basehaz()
10:18PM 0 out of sample predictions using a probit model
9:41PM 1 Rcmdr help
9:38PM 0 R.oo inheritance with pass by reference
9:25PM 0 Multiply Iterated Measurements and Pairwise Comparison
8:01PM 1 kernlab: ksvm() bug?
7:48PM 1 How to get the last modified time of a file from R
6:56PM 2 How to generate a random variate that is correlated with a given right-censored random variate?
6:43PM 3 How to vectorize a function to handle two vectors
6:09PM 1 Predictions from a logistic regression model with validation for ROCR
5:36PM 1 Sicherheitszertifikat für R-Pakete unter Windows [Security Certificates for R Packages in Windows]
5:20PM 1 Comparing skewness of two distributions
4:14PM 0 Sicherheitszertifikat für R-Pakete unter Windows
3:58PM 1 R.oo data members / inheritance
3:52PM 2 Extracting values in table
3:43PM 0 loading gdata
3:43PM 1 Time Series data with data every half hour
3:35PM 1 Add lines to xy plot with temporal x axis
3:19PM 0 How to use xmlFlatListTree?
2:16PM 3 elegant way to check if 2 values are in 3 columns?
2:12PM 0 R code for OptiGrid Clustering
1:21PM 1 Save figure in pdf
11:27AM 0 Generate 2 variables with normal distribution correlated betweenthem and with serial correlation
10:05AM 2 cbind giving NA's?
9:51AM 0 Copula Value at Risk prediction
8:23AM 2 eRm/raschsampler error message
5:53AM 1 excluding models during dredge and model averaging in MuMIn
4:59AM 1 Sharp turn in cdf?
4:58AM 2 How to find the accuracy of the predicted glm model with family = binomial (link = logit)
1:52AM 1 issue with available.packages() and download.file()
1:33AM 1 Change point in CDF
Thursday August 25 2011
11:07PM 1 Specifying argument values in a function
11:00PM 2 string manipulation
10:36PM 1 change values in a character vector
10:20PM 1 How download Yahoo Quote?
9:11PM 1 survplot() for cph(): Design vs rms
8:19PM 3 Creating new dataset based on variable name
7:26PM 0 Decision tree with the group median as response?
7:22PM 2 replicate lines of data frame
6:57PM 3 Very Basic Source Question
6:56PM 1 Syntax for a three-level logistic model
6:22PM 1 Bivariate normal regression in R
6:20PM 1 duplicate 'row.names' are not allowed???
5:38PM 1 how to match a dataframe and a list
5:07PM 3 Segment out of the Graph
5:06PM 0 Question about FlexMix package
5:02PM 1 Optim function with multivariate inputs
4:58PM 2 Using write.table i have a table with two columns i would like to save it as an excel file
4:54PM 2 Construct a File Path: File Path Unknown
4:45PM 2 Adding a normal density curve over the empirical curve
3:41PM 1 R hangs after htmlTreeParse
3:24PM 3 Selections in lists
3:23PM 1 Combining a greek letter and a newline on the same label
3:02PM 2 within-groups variance and between-groups variance
2:28PM 0 plotting muliple CI ellipses for lm estimates
2:00PM 2 Choropleth in R
1:34PM 1 Question about object permanence/marshalling
1:25PM 2 Synchronizing R libraries on N machines?
1:06PM 4 {R} How to extract correctly from vector?
12:45PM 1 Sorting order of reorder with multiple variables
12:42PM 1 Possible Error in generic function rzigp in ZIGP Package
12:27PM 1 X11 problem
11:34AM 0 FW: How to count numbers of a vector and use them as index values?
10:54AM 2 apply function to spatial grid data frame to calculate CTI
10:30AM 2 rpart: plot without scientific notation
10:18AM 1 Autocorrelation using acf
9:15AM 2 Create two uniformly random variables correlated
8:45AM 1 How to vary the distance between the pairs of a side-by-side barplot?
8:31AM 2 axes start at end of plot
8:17AM 2 how to read a group of files into one dataset?
8:03AM 3 Application of results from smooth.spline outside R
5:53AM 0 Error message related to 'weights for observations' argument in glmpath
5:21AM 1 question on silhouette colours
4:38AM 1 How to combine two learned regression models?
1:38AM 1 how to compare two dataset with same sampling
1:19AM 1 (OT) Puzzled over reinstalling R on new Linux distro...
1:10AM 2 Bold in expression in Y label
1:10AM 2 How to store the output of a loop into a matrix??
Wednesday August 24 2011
11:48PM 0 Refit for flexmix
11:11PM 0 New package ISOweek: Week of the year and weekday according to ISO 8601
10:54PM 0 Package missForest changes data types?
10:48PM 3 dput data frame
10:20PM 3 Importing data from MS EXCEL (.xls) to R XXXX
9:45PM 0 looking for REML from a gnls fit or a nonlinear function (without random effects) fit using REML
9:15PM 3 Creating new variable with maximum visit date by group_id
7:42PM 2 Split data frame by date (POSIXlt)
7:31PM 4 Column of probabilities
7:30PM 2 Suppressing error messages printed in xyplot() with panel function
7:15PM 1 Model selection and model efficiency - Search for opinions
6:51PM 3 help with "by" command
6:28PM 1 Help: convert entry of a list into a matrix
6:27PM 2 Howto convert Linear Regression data to text
6:18PM 1 read.table truncated data?
6:06PM 2 Append a value to a vector
5:56PM 0 Extracting and using fitted values and residuals with missing data
5:51PM 2 Regression by factor using "sapply"
5:40PM 2 regarding changing of title of decompose graph
5:28PM 0 lodplot help
4:49PM 1 How to do cross validation with glm?
4:48PM 2 data manipulation and summaries with few million rows
4:25PM 3 ddply from plyr package - any alternatives?
4:23PM 0 nlminb - how to avoid evaluating initial parameters infinite in integrate
4:22PM 1 as.numeric() and POSIXct format
4:03PM 2 Help: find the index of the minimum of entries
3:10PM 4 unused argument(s) (Header = True) help!
3:09PM 1 Function rank() for data frames (or multiple vectors)?
2:45PM 2 Boxplot orders
2:33PM 1 df of numerator and denominator
2:28PM 1 silently testing for data from another package for .Rd examples
2:20PM 2 debugging functions in R
12:53PM 0 How to use mvrnorm?
12:33PM 0 library REEMtree => Error in estRE[toString(uniqueID[i]), 1] : incorrect number of dimensions
11:50AM 1 Change color in forest.rma (metafor)
11:46AM 1 Scatter plots, linear regression in ggplot2
11:46AM 1 hide row and column-names in cat()
10:49AM 1 boxplot from mean and SD data
9:17AM 0 identify connected cells in a cellular automaton
9:01AM 1 R (&stats) newcomer.... help!
8:30AM 1 setMethods/setGeneric problem when R CMD CHECK'ing a package
7:28AM 1 Passing a large amount of parameters to a function
7:05AM 1 Autocorrelation using library(tseries)
5:18AM 3 Efficient way to Calculate the squared distances for a set of vectors to a fixed vector
3:18AM 1 Help: extrac the first entry for each component of a list
Tuesday August 23 2011
11:59PM 1 Help: Sort components of a vector with indices tracked in R
11:55PM 5 Easier ways to create .Rd files?
10:16PM 3 ddply - how to transform df column "in place"
9:32PM 2 Opening package manual from within R
8:41PM 0 Ideas for tricky subset of XTS object
7:17PM 3 Bug or feature? sum(c(a, b, c)) != (a + b + c)
6:40PM 1 Setting Windows environment variables via a batch file
5:34PM 2 dummy variables from factors
5:21PM 2 qnorm?
4:29PM 2 Replacing NAs in one variable with values of another variable
4:28PM 1 subsetting a list of matrices
3:46PM 0 How to assign vector value as object name
3:26PM 1 pMCMC and HPD in MCMCglmm
3:26PM 0 survival analysis of EEG data
3:10PM 1 spectral analysis
2:37PM 0 duncan test (kruskal post-hoc)
2:22PM 1 R.oo modify an object inside another classes method
2:04PM 1 P values for vglm(zibinomial) function in VGAM
1:54PM 2 Mapping strings to integers
1:46PM 1 histogram with mean for every break
12:15PM 0 Dummy variable regression
12:03PM 3 R system command does not work with objects/variables
11:48AM 3 Different Estimated values between R and Excel
11:33AM 1 Passing parameters
11:18AM 4 Correlation discrepancy
10:39AM 1 likert scale analysis with R
10:24AM 0 Matrix:::qr.qy and signature(qr = "sparseQR", y = "dgCMatrix")
10:18AM 0 Survey data: Quantile Regressions
10:04AM 0 Fisher transformation for pooling estimates - p values > 1
8:53AM 1 Testing Specific Hypothesis
8:45AM 1 Glmnet lambda value choice
8:25AM 1 NA in last row while reading xlsx file
7:35AM 1 obtaining p-values for lm.ridge() coefficients (package 'MASS')
5:14AM 0 Marginal Effects for Beta Regression
4:43AM 3 GLM question
4:34AM 1 Using R for grouped data based calculations ???
4:29AM 1 Access Violation error after loading csv file
3:31AM 1 How to keep the command 'R CMD INSTALL -l' running, even when some error is encountered?
2:00AM 3 Change Variable Labels in Quantile Plot
1:49AM 2 How can I do these simulations with R code
1:15AM 3 Linear Regression with 2 grouping variables
12:36AM 2 Sequence
12:05AM 1 Efficiency of random and fixed effects estimator
Monday August 22 2011
11:46PM 2 Duplicate Rows in xts
9:52PM 1 Time series and ggplot2
8:29PM 1 looping with paste
7:39PM 1 Threads in R
7:30PM 1 Counting Elements Conditionally
7:18PM 1 Problem with xtable
6:15PM 2 CDFs
5:14PM 2 Two-levels labels on x-axis?
4:54PM 1 email with authentication
4:43PM 1 Reading DESCRIPTION files to create dependency diagram
4:35PM 1 select columns array2 not equal to 10
4:08PM 3 automatic file input
3:51PM 2 test if vector contains elements of another vector (disregarding the position)
3:37PM 3 Multiple regression in R - unstandardised coefficients are a different sign to standardised coefficients, is this correct?
2:33PM 2 Extracting columns with specific string in their names
2:17PM 0 neuralnet
1:07PM 1 Using the ConText editor?
1:03PM 0 Multiple forest plots with the same x-axis and colour coded estimates and lines
12:55PM 1 d, p, q, r - What are the math relations with each other of this functions?
12:42PM 1 lattice to ggplot2 conversion help
12:13PM 1 Data Frame Indexing
10:35AM 0 Hat Matrix
9:57AM 0 Did I find a bug on TSERIES or URCA packages?
8:58AM 1 Selecting cases from matrices stored in lists
6:52AM 3 Ignoring loadNamespace errors when loading a file
4:02AM 2 Wiki/revision control to management of CRAN package repository
1:56AM 1 CovMMest
1:34AM 1 Quadratic equation
12:04AM 3 Changing data scales
Sunday August 21 2011
11:55PM 1 Multiple R linear models into one Latex table
10:03PM 0 Split split plot analysis for unbalanced data using lmer
8:50PM 2 Increase the size of the boxes but not the text in a legend
7:04PM 1 Time series plot shift
5:42PM 3 pooled hazard model with aftreg and time-dependent variables
5:18PM 2 Compile on Fedora
5:01PM 1 rank analysis - reinventing the wheel?
4:18PM 3 Sweave doesn't work
11:18AM 1 Dot plot with two grouping variables concurrently
11:06AM 1 How can I divide an image and randomly plot the segements
10:20AM 1 Histogram from frequency data in pre-made bins
8:17AM 1 How to navigate (zoom, pan) in a plot/graph
7:16AM 2 how to improve summary.lm
Saturday August 20 2011
10:48PM 1 Best way to setClass and setMethod for an R package?
8:52PM 1 How to abort function execution after x-seconds
7:32PM 1 val.surv
7:29PM 4 I have a problem with R!!
6:07PM 1 'install package(s) from local zip files': what is the syntax for that?
3:35PM 0 help with nls fitting
3:22PM 1 RMysql on Windows 7
3:08PM 2 Pattern names matching
3:04PM 2 reshape a matrix
10:59AM 1 Groups and bwplot
10:57AM 1 How to extract smoothed plot data?
7:44AM 1 Raw epoch time from XTS
6:45AM 0 R training course
6:25AM 2 hetlp_type text doen't work on Ubuntu
3:10AM 1 t() prior to data rotation
12:43AM 2 a Question regarding glm for linear regression
12:09AM 0 axis does not show up
Friday August 19 2011
10:36PM 1 Plot label symbols and superscript
10:23PM 2 Auto key legend does not match plot
10:20PM 3 Calculating p-value for 1-tailed test in a linear model
9:07PM 1 Lattice help: Dotplot
8:53PM 1 Build a package - check error
8:43PM 1 help: how to generate counts from generalized poisson distribution
8:27PM 1 How to add horizontal lines above bar graph to display p-values?
7:04PM 0 rms:fastbw variable selection differences with AIC .vs. p value methods
6:50PM 2 display only the top-right half of a correlation matrix?
6:40PM 1 Hmisc::rcorr on a 'data.frame'?
6:23PM 2 R and Sweave
6:11PM 1 gsub for numeric characters in string
5:28PM 1 chisq.test(): standardized (adjusted) Pearson residuals
5:15PM 1 how to merge distance data based on location
5:14PM 1 Writing non-graphic (text) output to PDF
5:10PM 3 installing packages systemwide
4:40PM 1 adding text to a plot created with strat.plot() from package rioja
4:19PM 0 some questions about stepwise cox regression model and heterogeneity in survival analysis
4:14PM 0 sign of the y axis in partialPlot for randomForest regression
4:10PM 0 require(dataset) for example.
3:12PM 4 Leading zeros
3:08PM 1 How to generate piecewise cubic spline with many knots?
2:45PM 1 Error in read.dcf(file = tmpf) : Line starting '<head> ...' is malformed!
1:30PM 1 help Dxy and C-index calculation
1:25PM 2 Multiple Traveling Salesperson Problem
1:22PM 3 ATSP to TSP reformulation
12:55PM 6 AFT model time-dependent with weibull distribution
11:32AM 1 Windows 7 issues with installing packages and setting library paths
11:24AM 0 retain class after merge
6:13AM 0 question about mixtools package
1:45AM 0 Modeling unusual cyclical trends using dlm
Thursday August 18 2011
10:58PM 1 convert a matrix to binaryMatrix in Recommenderlab
10:27PM 1 Extracting Parts of Array (Index Comparison?)
9:43PM 4 splitting sample names
9:11PM 1 problem deparsing argument
8:40PM 1 odd behavior of data.matrix()
7:29PM 1 How to count numbers of a vector and use them as index values?from Sabrina
7:25PM 1 Comparison of means in survey package
6:41PM 2 Best way/practice to create a new data frame from two given ones with last column computed from the two data frames?
6:35PM 2 Concatenate two strings in one in a string matrix
5:32PM 1 Using mixed models to analyze Longitudinal intervention
5:29PM 3 Coding question for behavioral data analysis
3:51PM 1 Where are the ticks on grid.xaxis?
3:25PM 3 Error message: object of type 'closure' is not subsettable
2:27PM 2 Selecting subset of factor levels
1:16PM 1 diptest
12:27PM 1 Loop trouble with Excel Serial Numbers!
12:20PM 0 Call super methods from inherited classes R.oo
12:09PM 2 what characteristics of model curve do parameters denote
11:49AM 5 queue waiting times comparison
11:14AM 1 How to change the color of the bar lines of a histogram?
10:19AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 19
9:52AM 3 Is this a bug for my fault?
9:34AM 4 Little problem with robustbase::covOKG() [?]
7:04AM 2 how to analysis a dataset with some missing value?
6:09AM 3 How to get the descriptive statistic of the whole dataframe?
5:36AM 1 can i use a variable to describe the dimension name of a data.frame?
4:29AM 0 lpSolve constraints don't seem to have an effect
4:25AM 0 help with multi-objective program using lpSolve API
4:03AM 1 Specifying data point locations on x-axis using boxplot() and points()
12:14AM 3 Speeding nested loops up
Wednesday August 17 2011
10:53PM 10 More efficient option to append()?
9:53PM 1 information on ::
9:40PM 1 contrast package with interactions in gls model
9:19PM 1 prcomp
8:52PM 3 Convert week value to date
7:30PM 1 Obtain beta regression estimation for betareg and VGAM package
6:43PM 0 vglm regression with weibull distribution
6:29PM 2 dotchart vs. dotplot ... groups
5:56PM 1 [statEt] Rmpi problem in Eclipse statEt
5:47PM 0 How to rotate a contour?
5:45PM 1 question regarding headers with space in the names
4:40PM 1 Using require() vs. library()
3:43PM 2 Getting vastly different results when running GLMs
3:21PM 3 questions about "metafor" package
3:17PM 1 Fatal Error after install of R 2.13.1
3:12PM 4 How to use PC1 of PCA and dim1 of MCA as a predictor in logistic regression model for data reduction
1:23PM 9 too many var in lm
1:15PM 2 Lattice: problem with setting space between plot and legend
1:03PM 2 question regarding gregexpr and read.table
12:47PM 1 Interpreting parameters of sigmoid fct
11:14AM 0 How to calculate residual mean deviance in rpart
10:42AM 3 How to apply a function to subsets of a data frame *and* obtain a data frame again?
10:17AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 18
9:33AM 0 format, zero.print and NA
8:56AM 2 interpreting interactions in a model
8:52AM 2 Wilcox test
8:42AM 1 multinomRob - error message
8:31AM 1 A question about using getSrcDirectory() with R/Rscript
8:19AM 0 Help with calc_sde
7:49AM 2 packfor
6:46AM 3 Obtaining variable's names from a list of variables
4:32AM 1 How would you calculate this type of p-value using R?
2:27AM 1 extract variables from model formula
2:11AM 1 Why does the graph converge?
1:50AM 2 3D surface plot
12:53AM 0 Sweave and graphics
12:46AM 1 Symbol Font Baseline, Cairo, Card Symbols
Tuesday August 16 2011
11:41PM 2 issue with image plot in 2.13.1
10:57PM 1 how to sort the levels of a table
10:00PM 2 merge(join) problem
9:26PM 2 Chi square test on data frame
9:24PM 3 Newbie question - struggling with boxplots
8:53PM 2 How to use 'switch' with strings containing spaces?
8:15PM 0 count dinucleotides in DNA using "count " function in "seqinr" package
7:37PM 1 Utilizing column names to multiply over all columns
7:08PM 0 cuminc() in cmprsk package for cumulative incidence
6:41PM 0 cannot get to R2.13 using zypper in OpenSuse 11.4
6:38PM 2 trouble installing packages on OpenSuse 11.4
6:14PM 2 What's your favourite R book that doesn't have R in the title?
5:32PM 2 postscript( does not save the plot
5:31PM 1 Write vector/matrix in a loop
5:25PM 1 Limit when reading in file?
5:10PM 2 Assignment working differently inside ifelse()
4:39PM 0 Get significant codes from a model output fit with, GEE package
4:03PM 1 getting names of dimnames of xtabs into xtable latex output
3:52PM 1 convert an xml object into a list on R 2.13
3:39PM 3 Text wrap
3:37PM 2 exponential model with decreasing
3:24PM 1 Copulas and three vectors
3:17PM 1 p.adjust problem
3:16PM 1 Problems installing SJava
3:14PM 2 Calibrating the risk free interest rate using nlminb
3:03PM 0 to search the tree using the branch and bound mathod!!!
3:02PM 1 Unusual separators
2:48PM 3 Bayesian Relative Survival Analysis in R?
2:48PM 0 exponential with decreasing
2:17PM 1 density plot with frequency units
2:15PM 2 generalized inverse using matinv (Design)
2:07PM 1 Fit Gompertz' curve'
1:47PM 0 Kappa distribution
1:46PM 0 Principal Components Analysis
12:57PM 1 PBSmapping, where is Ireland?!
12:48PM 1 ggplot - some questions concerning histograms
11:05AM 3 Constructing an additional key inside of a lattice panel
10:36AM 1 Repeated measures cummulative logit mixed model
9:07AM 1 deSolve, extracting variable values from inside ode function
9:01AM 1 Defining "x" by names of columns in my dataset
8:38AM 2 Filtering a table
8:01AM 1 Dates - week and year not day.
7:58AM 0 Cubic splines in package "mgcv"
7:41AM 2 how to get the result in "short cut" manner?
6:49AM 0 cbin *-* Problem with different vector lenghts
5:25AM 4 a question about lm on t-test.
3:57AM 1 How to change axis line color in xyplot()
3:25AM 1 Query for semi-transparency support
1:26AM 0 Combining Venn Diagrams
12:28AM 1 Can you send "side effect" text into a variable?
Monday August 15 2011
11:57PM 2 Alternative and more efficient data manipulation
11:47PM 2 what can one do with (to) '..." ?
11:40PM 1 rJava and error messages
10:13PM 1 2 matrix scatter x [a lot]
10:00PM 2 Regression - how to deal with past values?
9:31PM 1 Font size R
9:20PM 1 constraining betas with mlogit package
8:44PM 1 update() ignores object
7:55PM 0 Indexing Permutation Values
7:53PM 5 Labelling all variables at once (using Hmisc label)
6:52PM 0 Stopping criterion in option "control" of BBsolve( )
6:50PM 2 can't install plotrix
6:38PM 1 Smooth ecdf
6:31PM 1 calibration curve for cph()
6:29PM 1 Get significant codes from a model output fit with GEE package
5:36PM 2 temporal disaggregation
5:34PM 1 gsub wildcard
5:09PM 1 ggplot in a function confusion!
5:07PM 2 area under the curve
5:04PM 1 lattice: How to get log base for each axis inside panel function?
4:27PM 0 MARGIN in sweep refers to a specific column in a second df
4:25PM 0 Venn Diagrams
4:01PM 2 plotting segments only and in color
3:47PM 1 Read variable column width data
3:19PM 3 how can I read a xlsx file
3:18PM 2 Problem loading rJava...
1:41PM 0 Gradients and fitting curves in R
1:09PM 1 Selecting section of matrix
12:46PM 3 Help on how to use predict
12:32PM 2 Extracting information from lm results (multiple model runs)
11:55AM 3 Plot from function
10:12AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 16
8:42AM 1 accumulative grouping of time series
8:20AM 2 MCMC regress, using runif()
7:30AM 3 write.table extra column
4:33AM 2 Missing datasets (2.13.1)
2:02AM 2 A small nag
Sunday August 14 2011
9:22PM 1 PCA Using prcomp()
6:48PM 1 Solving a equation
5:20PM 3 Not sure how to use aggregate, colSums, by
3:56PM 1 Renaming levels of a factor in a dataframe
3:19PM 1 looking for tools adapted to alpha-stable varariables
1:33PM 2 Trouble: Time Difference with difftime
1:16PM 2 Central limit theorem
11:09AM 2 Scaling problem in optim()
9:42AM 1 FYI : XML 3.4.2 still breaks odfWeave 0.7.17
4:34AM 1 Using get() or similar function to access more than one element in a vector
3:11AM 0 [R\ Compiling R from source on Windows 7 (64 bit) solved
1:18AM 1 compiling r from source on Windows 7 (64 bit)
1:02AM 2 conditional filter resulting in 2 new dataframes
Saturday August 13 2011
11:44PM 2 How do I subset a dataframe
10:48PM 0 Casualty Actuarial Society request for proposals for R Workshop
8:48PM 0 what is Inverse link functions in linear modelling of location
7:42PM 3 seeking advice about rounding error and %%
6:41PM 0 NA in lm model summary, no NA in data table!
5:52PM 0 R's handling of high dimensional data
2:50PM 1 Own R function doubt
2:43PM 0 Individual p-values for correlation matrices
1:31PM 3 degrees of freedom does not appear in the summary lmer :(
1:06PM 3 Excluding NAs from round correlation
12:43PM 2 linear regression
8:12AM 3 optimization problems
6:34AM 3 Adjacency Matrix help
4:52AM 1 post
2:18AM 2 define variables from a matrix
Friday August 12 2011
8:23PM 2 Finding an average time spent
7:27PM 1 Grid unit width and font face
7:12PM 2 Getting data from an *.RData file into a data.frame object.
7:02PM 0 CairoPDF
6:34PM 1 Any alternatives to draw.colorkey from lattice package?
6:27PM 0 testEquatingData (part of ltm package) changes order of columns
6:03PM 3 Automating an R function call
5:17PM 0 Applyin Weights In RCommander
4:58PM 1 problem in asreml function in wgaim package
4:43PM 2 Standard error bars on bar plots
3:58PM 2 Plotting and quantiles
3:47PM 2 rollapply.zoo() with na.rm=TRUE
3:43PM 1 Which Durbin-Watson is correct? (weights involved) - using durbinWatsonTest and dwtest (packages car and lmtest)
3:40PM 1 lattice panel.abline use
3:10PM 2 recode Variable in dependence of values of two other variables
2:45PM 1 Can the environment of a function be specified when the function is defined?
2:10PM 2 Getting bootstrap statistic to work
11:28AM 1 deSolve output
9:40AM 1 install packages from intranet
9:10AM 1 odfWeave repeats output
7:15AM 1 Extract named regions from an Excel file using XLConnect?
6:45AM 1 current.panel.limits() of lattice returning NaN limits - why?
6:35AM 1 sapply to bind columns, with repeat?
4:15AM 0 Mixed Logit model mlogit error
3:20AM 1 Details of subassignment (for vectors and data frames)
Thursday August 11 2011
11:28PM 1 Reduce the space under legend title
10:29PM 0 a senior level statistician opening
9:46PM 1 attribute name argument for getAttrib()
9:02PM 1 Mixed effect models
8:59PM 2 sapply( ) a loop function
7:37PM 2 Removing all duplicate row except by one
7:11PM 0 Weighted data with npcdensbw
7:11PM 2 2-dim density plot
5:01PM 1 Cv.glment question -- why giving me an error
4:46PM 1 help with loops
4:29PM 2 UNC windows path beginning with backslashes: normalizePath bug??
4:04PM 3 improve formatting of HTML table
3:27PM 5 model formula
2:16PM 1 Subsampling data
2:10PM 3 value.labels
1:32PM 0 How to specify specific contrasts on repeated measures ANOVA using car?
12:23PM 5 generate two sets of random numbers that are correlated
12:09PM 1 R crashes when communicating with JAGS
11:46AM 1 Capture R-Console Output to Excel with RExcel
11:01AM 2 Extract values from a data frame
9:42AM 1 Passing on "groups" argument to xyplot within a plotting function
9:17AM 1 Splitting data
7:38AM 1 legend position in interaction.plot
6:55AM 1 matrix correlations with different packages
5:59AM 1 To import data to R from Excel
2:35AM 3 Data frame to list?
1:19AM 2 plotrix update
12:23AM 1 Question about NULL matrix? Can I define a NULL matrix in R?
Wednesday August 10 2011
11:36PM 3 Need help on Newton-Raphson optimization
11:34PM 2 using if then statements in a dataframe
10:09PM 0 Setting X-Axis labels in Lattice Barchart
9:44PM 0 GAM Prediction
9:04PM 1 Sequential Naming of ggplot .pngs using plyr
8:49PM 1 font (charter)
7:07PM 4 Clustering Large Applications..sort of
7:02PM 1 xtable - caption missing with float=FALSE
6:58PM 3 convert 'list' to 'vector'?
6:37PM 2 choosing selective data with permutations
6:22PM 2 Opposite of paste function
5:16PM 2 Histograms in R
4:24PM 1 RExcel
3:59PM 1 instal tar.gz package on windows
3:28PM 0 New Matrix and lme4: Must reinstall lme4 if got new Matrix
3:04PM 2 join columns
2:32PM 0 spfeml error message
2:26PM 1 Reading XML files masquerading as XL files
2:16PM 0 useR! 2012 Nashville TN: Your Input Needed
2:03PM 1 studentized and standarized residuals
1:16PM 1 column names issue with read.csv
1:08PM 1 rbind/cbind
11:38AM 1 igraph - designing graph plot by attributes
11:28AM 2 function runif in for loop
11:24AM 0 varpart with repeated measures
11:16AM 2 Source Code glm() question
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 10
10:02AM 3 plot 3d info in 2d
9:58AM 1 Floats in Microsoft Basic format
9:34AM 2 round() a data frame containing 'character' variables?
9:15AM 1 Using ANCOVA in R
8:38AM 2 Different approach to set up Cohen Kappa
6:37AM 1 subqueries in sqlQuery function (package RODBC)
6:15AM 1 define variables from rows of a matrix
4:31AM 2 Loops for repetitive task
3:59AM 2 glmnet
3:31AM 1 Plotting Ellipses and Points of Matching Colors in an Ordination
2:39AM 1 How to get the date of specific value within a zoo object?
12:58AM 3 How to quickly convert a data.frame into a structure of lists
Tuesday August 9 2011
10:08PM 1 Revolutions Blog: July Roundup
8:48PM 1 embedFonts() does not embed fonts?
8:48PM 1 simple plot question
5:51PM 1 Tinn-R
4:26PM 1 ggplot2 setting colors for individual groups.
2:20PM 0 Finite Differences in R
1:46PM 1 monthly boxplot
1:15PM 1 how to display Greek characters in lattice plot (in the labels inside the panels)
12:57PM 2 reflecting a PCA biplot
12:44PM 1 Correlation Matrix - p value?
12:39PM 0 How to run R with parameters of the script to be executed?
12:36PM 1 "Denormalize" data
11:35AM 1 lavaan: how to analyse residuals of a latent variable
9:28AM 1 need your consult
9:22AM 1 rgl how to plot a cylinder like arrow3d?
8:34AM 1 assign names to vectors in loop
5:31AM 1 Transparent color ramp problem
4:45AM 0 testing goodness of fit for t copula
4:39AM 1 Matlab to R
3:01AM 1 How to pass different arguments to a function within lapply()?
1:48AM 3 Sweave : allowing errors in R code?
12:24AM 1 nls, how to determine function?
12:04AM 2 S4 classes, some help with the basics
Monday August 8 2011
11:21PM 1 keeping output in memory
10:21PM 1 R.oo error upon construction
10:12PM 2 enclosing with() in a function
10:08PM 1 Classification trees problem.
9:29PM 1 Sample size AUC for ROC curves
9:10PM 1 Creating a simple 1-row heatmap
7:16PM 1 msProcess, creating msSet file(s)
6:48PM 1 Reshape2 sytax
5:20PM 0 Thanks for the help with displaying a data frame.
5:17PM 0 GOF of Student's t copula
5:10PM 2 Fwd: Need help with xyplot
5:07PM 2 confidence interval as shaded band (lme)
4:43PM 1 Display a DataFrame in a data grid
3:16PM 3 on "do.call" function
3:06PM 0 fa (psych) output oblique.scores=TRUE vs. FALSE
2:00PM 2 histogram not equal to Kolmogorov-Smirnov test; 3-way-nested Anova (2)
1:16PM 1 aggregate.zoo on bivariate data
1:06PM 1 Var-Cov matrix from LMER function
12:04PM 1 histogram not equal to Kolmogorov-Smirnov test; 3-way-nested Anova
11:51AM 0 Print-quality output from R: some questions about R2wd
10:48AM 1 heatmap is producing unwanted horizontal and vertical lines?
10:18AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 8
9:04AM 1 read in cel file by ReadAffy and read.celfile
8:48AM 1 glmm for ordinal repeated measurement
8:34AM 1 problem in do.call function
8:15AM 0 Odp: Fw: R function for Gage R&R
7:02AM 3 Distance between a vector and matrix rows
6:48AM 1 mixed model fitting between R and SAS
5:50AM 1 select from matrix
4:18AM 2 2 questions on matrix manipulation in R
1:57AM 0 ridge regression - covariance matrices of ridge
1:19AM 1 Help on reshape2 data frame rearrangement
12:21AM 2 RODBC: sqlUpdate doesn't handle properly POSIXct field?
12:09AM 1 heavy processing during R_init_XXXXX()
12:00AM 2 Creating a scatterplot with sequential dates on x-axis?
Sunday August 7 2011
8:32PM 1 Anyone free to take a data format question for Reshape2?
8:15PM 1 reshape::rename package unable to install !?!
7:57PM 1 Removing funny characters from a column of a data frame
6:08PM 3 Printing data frame with million rows
3:28PM 0 useR!2012 Nashville TN: Your Input Needed
12:24PM 2 help annotating plot.xmean.ordinaly in rms package
8:46AM 0 Fitting t copula
Saturday August 6 2011
8:35PM 4 row*matrix
7:44PM 1 Exporting ALL generated results (long list) from R
7:14PM 2 Gamma distribution parameter estimation
6:12PM 0 ridge regression - covariance matrices of ridge coefficients
5:19PM 1 significance of differences in skew and kurtosis between two groups
3:14PM 1 help with predict for cr model using rms package
2:48PM 1 multcomp::glht() doesn't work for an incomplete factorial using aov()?
12:44PM 2 Installing R-Packages from zipp file
12:20PM 1 exclude matrix from matrix
10:00AM 2 Problems to extract data from anova table
4:19AM 3 rJava on Debian squeeze (or other versions of Linux)?
1:35AM 3 .dta from e-mail
1:23AM 1 How set lm() to don't return NA in summary()?
12:59AM 1 How to estimate confidential intervals for the derivatives of cubic smoothing spline
Friday August 5 2011
9:42PM 1 jagged array (matrices of different dimensions)
9:15PM 1 If find x, then y, else do nothing
8:17PM 2 integral depending on a parameter
6:19PM 1 a question
6:17PM 2 Question on RNG
6:01PM 2 summing columns with NAs present
5:46PM 3 plotting many unique colors with categorical data
5:36PM 1 Displaying a summary in graphics
4:55PM 2 Aggregating data
4:05PM 4 a question on list manipulation
3:53PM 1 Dichotomous variables
3:35PM 2 [?]apply functions or for loop
3:35PM 2 Loop: noob question
3:23PM 2 plot the implicit function
2:49PM 0 modeling repeated measurement ordinal responses
2:46PM 2 question
2:40PM 2 problemsn in using nls
2:18PM 0 error message in BGM
1:58PM 0 Games-Howell post-hoc testing
1:47PM 1 Goodness of fit of binary logistic model
12:40PM 3 fit a 2-variables function to data
11:54AM 1 Very silent R
10:45AM 2 Scatter plot in R
10:27AM 3 excel dates and times in R
10:24AM 3 RPMs needed to compile R using the tar.gz file
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 5
10:11AM 2 R compare cells in one matrix
9:34AM 1 A problem of is.list function
8:45AM 1 Main-effect of categorical variables in meta-analysis (metafor)
8:40AM 1 matrix into vector with vertex names
8:32AM 0 Using NCBI E-Utilities in R to extract data from PubMed
8:05AM 0 [Bug 14647] profile.mle can not get correct result
5:58AM 0 Latent Class with covariates
4:09AM 1 boolean SEXP interpretation upon function return
3:19AM 2 Which is more efficient?
1:14AM 1 Translate Sine Function in R?
12:44AM 1 Not really off-topic ...
Thursday August 4 2011
10:41PM 1 Can glmnet handle models with numeric and categorical data?
9:45PM 1 matrix rows to single numeric element
9:36PM 0 multi-dimensional Gaussian quadrature
9:24PM 3 source() or OS X Lion?
9:17PM 3 functions on rows or columns of two (or more) arrays
9:06PM 0 Multi-task SVM in R
8:54PM 1 Running a column loop through the Moran.I function.
8:38PM 1 randomForest partial dependence plot variable names
8:24PM 4 Text annotation of a graph
7:40PM 4 Sweave - landscape figure
7:23PM 3 Automatic creation of binary logistic models
7:03PM 1 Multiple endpoint (possibly group sequential) sample size calculation
6:44PM 2 survival probability estimate method
6:04PM 0 input equivalent of capture.output
5:52PM 0 Apply sensitivity library to dummy variables
4:03PM 2 random value generation with added constraint.
3:55PM 2 How to see the previous commands after save workspace/load workspace ?
3:24PM 2 Efficient way of creating a shifted (lagged) variable?
3:22PM 1 use of modMCMC
2:03PM 0 error bar plot with log scale in lattice
1:47PM 0 Plotting multiple age distributions with histogram()
1:38PM 1 Plotting just a portion of a smoother graph in ggplot2
12:56PM 1 Counting rows given conditional
11:46AM 0 New multilevel modelling course practicals for the lmer and glmer functions - now online
11:44AM 1 Sweave: pdf-graphics got three times lager with R 2.13.1
11:32AM 0 phyres function in caper package
10:17AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 4
9:27AM 3 R loop problem
9:25AM 0 extractAIC
8:48AM 1 How to get the test statistic corresponding to the p-value in mtable?
7:34AM 0 Problems with Z in rhierMnlRwMixture using bayesm
6:46AM 0 Semiparametric double-index Klein Vella 2009 estimator question.
6:37AM 0 Cannot clean infinite values
5:42AM 1 Rdconv LaTeX files
2:01AM 0 Question about contrasts and interpreting glm output for factors
1:38AM 1 Tinn-R problem: unable to send code to R
1:38AM 2 How to extract sublist from a list?
1:01AM 1 labelling a stacked barchart (lattice)
12:58AM 3 persp()
Wednesday August 3 2011
11:26PM 2 Possible bug of QR decomposition in package Matrix
10:14PM 2 Error message for MCC
9:06PM 1 Need help with xyplot
9:04PM 0 Trouble reading Illumina Bead Studio Ouput file
8:41PM 1 R CMD check thinks my function is an S3 method
7:21PM 1 the significance of BEKK estimation
7:04PM 4 Convert matrix to numeric
6:48PM 0 How to fit model in function using passed-in formula, then predict from another function
4:40PM 1 gstat error
4:37PM 2 strsplit and forward slash '/'
4:35PM 3 R.app installer probs on Snow Leopard
4:29PM 0 Model selection
4:17PM 0 Help Needed in attempting to install 64-bit R!
4:00PM 2 limits on liniar model
3:51PM 0 How to calculate the number of times a given string can be displayed in the width of a grid viewport
3:21PM 2 r-help
3:07PM 1 Case-by-case tolerance needed for successful integrate()
2:51PM 0 How to calculate the number of time a given string can be displayed in the width of a grid viewport
2:49PM 0 Combining multiple dependent variables for machine learning -- fortunes candidate?
2:41PM 2 How to map current Europe?
2:33PM 1 step
2:23PM 0 Rattle loading String to Vector file from WEKA
2:19PM 0 lme4 help pls!
2:18PM 0 confint() in stats4 package
2:06PM 1 Combining multiple dependent variables for machine learning
1:25PM 4 slow computation of functions over large datasets
1:16PM 0 equivalent of var.test(x,y) for skew and kurtosis
12:12PM 1 Coefficient names when using lm() with contrasts
10:30AM 2 syntax with do.call and `[`
10:11AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3
8:05AM 10 conditional data replace (recode, change or whatsoever)
8:04AM 3 Running R in a sandbox
7:03AM 1 Finding dependancies?
6:43AM 0 fixInNamespace
5:48AM 0 AICcmodavg functions and 'mer' class models
4:52AM 2 cdplot error
2:56AM 1 expand.gird with constraints?
2:22AM 1 Extract rows from a matrix according to value in column
1:40AM 1 create a list under constraints
12:52AM 0 Matplot & Polygon
12:10AM 2 convert a splus randomforest object to R
Tuesday August 2 2011
11:53PM 0 [Rd] example package for devel newcomers
11:45PM 1 xlsx error
11:32PM 1 Writing multiple regression in one function
11:25PM 0 Wrong values when projecting LatLong in UTM
9:47PM 1 Calculate mean ignore null
9:27PM 1 How to find the parameter of a power function to fit simulation data to it for the tail?
6:51PM 1 Need to compute density as done by panel.histogram
6:39PM 3 3D Bar Graphs in ggplot2?
6:21PM 7 Extract names from vector according to their values
5:00PM 2 Data frame to matrix - revisited
4:51PM 1 density plot for weighted data
4:07PM 1 lattice: index plot
3:37PM 1 My R code is not efficient
3:26PM 2 Extract p value from coxme object
3:00PM 3 merging lists within lists via time stamp
2:50PM 1 matrix indexing (igraph ?)
2:36PM 3 identifying weeks (dates) that certain days (dates) fall into
2:32PM 2 Help with aggregate syntax for a multi-column function please.
2:14PM 3 how to get the percentile of a number in a vector
1:40PM 0 vglm: warnings and errors
12:51PM 1 Problem Installing/Uninstalling Rattle
12:22PM 2 execute r-code stored in a string variable
12:18PM 1 Functions for Sum of determinants of ranges of matrix subsets
11:53AM 1 Using Function
11:07AM 3 Standard Deviation of a matrix
11:05AM 1 efficient way to reduce running time
10:13AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 2
9:45AM 2 Memory limit in Aggregate()
9:26AM 2 R CMD check problem
7:30AM 1 How to 'mute' a function (like confint())
6:02AM 3 Inverse of FAQ 7.31.
5:26AM 3 Clean up a scatterplot with too much data
3:14AM 2 how to control to save plots to which dev
Monday August 1 2011
11:30PM 1 going past restrictions on number of elements
10:57PM 2 if function problems
8:47PM 2 Errors, driving me nuts
7:45PM 1 Identifying US holidays
7:14PM 3 error in self-made function - cannot deal with objects of length = 1
6:55PM 1 Error while trying to install a package
6:12PM 4 fill Matrix quicker
5:27PM 1 Inserting column in between -- "better" way?
4:59PM 1 Inserting column in between
4:17PM 3 possible reason for merge not working
3:46PM 2 How to make a nomogam and Calibration plot
3:32PM 2 5 arguments passed to .Internal(matrix) which requires 7
3:18PM 1 Write.table Question
1:27PM 3 formula used by R to compute the t-values in a linear regression
12:54PM 0 Problem Fixed: axes label
12:34PM 0 Help with modFit of FME package 2
12:19PM 1 ivreg and structural change
11:39AM 1 error message jpeg62.dll missing
10:32AM 1 axes label
10:18AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 102, Issue 1
9:44AM 4 Plotting question
9:38AM 3 General indexing in multidimensional arrays
9:01AM 1 Problem with gam() after R update
8:56AM 0 Problem with gam()
8:33AM 3 Beta fit returns NaNs
7:03AM 1 Impact of multiple imputation on correlations
6:35AM 0 How to colour specific edges in a dendrogram
4:00AM 1 Plot Frame color and linewidth
3:41AM 4 Use dump or write? or what?