R help - Sep 2011

Friday September 30 2011
10:59PM 3 error while using shapiro.test()
10:10PM 0 Data simulation for ANOVA decomposition into sums of squares
9:40PM 1 Hi
9:19PM 0 Regarding the optimize function
6:15PM 0 POT package return levels
6:10PM 1 need help with contourplot figure
6:07PM 1 How to use a function inside a regression formula
4:39PM 2 ggplot2 - extracting values of smooth
4:25PM 3 is member
3:59PM 1 Advice on approach to weighting survey
3:42PM 1 Odd gridding pattern when plotting
3:31PM 2 isotope superscripts ggplot2
3:13PM 0 two simple questions about MCMCpoissonChange
2:58PM 1 integrate two lines to one
2:54PM 0 Warning messages upon new package loading
2:22PM 0 Wind roses with circular package
12:07PM 1 How to analyse this type of data...?
12:03PM 2 Understanding the workflow between sweave, R and Latex
11:00AM 1 Covariance-Variance Matrix and For Loops
10:24AM 0 problem with getdata
10:23AM 0 Stop the process
9:55AM 1 different results aov vs. lm
9:43AM 1 last observation carried forward +1
9:30AM 2 remove elements from matrix
8:50AM 0 R 2.13.2 is released
8:50AM 1 Implementing Silverman's Negative Reflection
8:28AM 0 All subsets vector autoregression with exogenous variables
8:15AM 0 hazard rates in conditional frailty models
7:01AM 2 Overlapping plot in lattice
3:14AM 1 trouble in installing package "matching".
3:11AM 1 need help on forest plot with ggplot
Thursday September 29 2011
11:37PM 3 For loop for subset - repeating same over and over?
11:22PM 1 Interaction plot type=o
9:34PM 3 random effects
9:19PM 0 simultaneous confidence intervals for glm quasipoisson
8:38PM 1 rm.outlier produces a list
7:25PM 1 efficient coding with foreach and bigmemory
5:32PM 1 Looking for internal of a function
4:46PM 1 simplest pgfSweave example results in error
3:14PM 1 checking the outliers of the time series data set
2:45PM 0 StarCluster + R
2:23PM 2 String manipulation with regexpr, got to be a better way
2:12PM 0 geeglm estimates and standard deviation are too large
2:10PM 1 julian day form POSIXt object
2:06PM 1 sqldf syntax, selecting rows, and skipping
1:19PM 1 plot.igraph
12:25PM 1 Permutations of configurations on multiple columns
9:43AM 1 multiplying list with vector
8:38AM 1 Tcl/Tk Guidelines
8:36AM 1 F and Wald chi-square tests in mixed-effects models
7:11AM 1 create loops in the explanatory variables using lm
4:30AM 1 How to Code Random Nested Variables within Two-way Fixed Model in lmer or lme
Wednesday September 28 2011
10:04PM 1 Multiplying a list of matrices with a vector
8:34PM 0 PCA: prcomp rotations
7:16PM 1 Error: could not find function
5:29PM 1 Robust covariance matrix with NeweyWest()
5:02PM 1 survexp with large dataframes
5:00PM 0 svd (via MFA): All coordinates fall on straight lines?
4:33PM 1 removing outliers in non-normal distributions
4:05PM 1 using the system command
3:49PM 1 Handling missing values
3:23PM 0 Rle function to expand for many samples
3:23PM 1 Wilcox test and data collection
3:01PM 1 generic argument passing to plot function
2:18PM 1 GLMER Syntax Question
2:10PM 1 Download statistics for a package
2:03PM 0 cointegration test
2:00PM 0 autocorrelation problem with cointegration
1:59PM 3 dump.frames, debugger and the "..." argument
1:43PM 1 number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length
12:55PM 1 Asking an old housekeeping question...
12:19PM 3 Not saving plot
12:16PM 0 package JM -- version 0.9-0
12:03PM 1 how to solve a simple discrete Bayesian Belief Network?
12:03PM 0 Problems using the 'HPloglik' function in the SDE package
10:59AM 1 fGarch - Fitting and APARCH-Modell with fixed delta
10:21AM 1 Printing an xtable with type = html
9:35AM 1 Password protected R Repository
8:41AM 0 Fitting a GLM: Problems with ns & date functions
8:41AM 2 apply lm function to dataset split by two variables
7:33AM 1 Negative Quartile
6:03AM 3 Plotting Lines Through multiple groups
4:09AM 0 Trouble with performing post hoc analysis Tukey for lme model using ghlt
3:13AM 3 Data transformation & cleaning
2:47AM 2 GAMs in R : How to put the new data into the model?
2:39AM 0 Does the bashaz give the breslow estimator of baseline hazard?
12:18AM 0 Reading column names with spaces using dbGetQuery
12:16AM 0 Package lattice: levelplot for matrix method produces images with blank lines ...
Tuesday September 27 2011
11:23PM 3 read.csv behaviour
9:49PM 2 Equivalent to regMatchPos in R.
9:00PM 1 Is there a "latex" summary function in the quantreg package for just 1 tau?
8:59PM 1 Installing packages in R for UBUNTU
8:03PM 1 problem with switch function across R versions 2.10 and 2.13
8:02PM 3 remove NaN from element in a vector in a list
7:47PM 1 compare proportions
7:31PM 2 inset one map on top of another map
7:19PM 3 How can I check a package is installed or not?
5:47PM 1 my R query
4:51PM 2 searching several subsequences in a single string sequence
3:53PM 1 Adding axis to an ellipse: "ellipse" package
3:01PM 0 Keep consecutive year observations (remove gap's) in panel data (dataframes). Difficulties in using lag(). Package plm.
2:20PM 0 Problem about rbpspline-selection of knots
12:51PM 3 How does the survfit.coxph calculate the survival value?
12:49PM 2 Matrix and list indices
12:25PM 1 M-Splines design matrix
12:24PM 1 Counting similar rows
12:06PM 1 wgrib2 for windows 7
11:54AM 1 model selection using logistf package
11:53AM 1 binomial logistic regression question
11:27AM 1 ANOVA define as factor or not
10:45AM 2 Pearson chi-square test
10:33AM 1 change rownames
9:58AM 0 sm.regression , one-covariate graph and regression line width
9:56AM 2 Coercing a character zoo to a numeric
9:39AM 1 Capturing the error information
9:26AM 0 Workflow for binary classification problem using svm via e1071 package
9:23AM 2 Problem with zoo::window()
9:04AM 0 Auto size of plots.
8:54AM 0 A very big matrix inside a function
8:45AM 4 Question concerning Box.test
8:33AM 1 creating a vector automatically containing numbers 1, 100, 10000, 1000000, ...
7:49AM 1 regression with ordered arguments
6:00AM 1 Does replacing some values of a zoo object by NA reduce it's size ?
4:20AM 1 How to terminate R program if found any execution error
2:33AM 2 Error in optim function.
12:43AM 1 two-way anova help
Monday September 26 2011
11:56PM 2 findAssocs()
11:56PM 3 Nearest neighbour in a matrix
11:17PM 0 BDS test
11:03PM 1 Conditional Evaluation
10:32PM 1 SVM accuracy question
9:42PM 1 compute probabilities on a Bayesian Network
9:42PM 2 Randomly selecting rows with unique values in two columns
9:14PM 2 scatterplot3D
9:09PM 0 Sample Size Calculation using a Drop the Loser/Keep the Winner Design
8:43PM 0 as.POSIXct and time zones
8:30PM 3 survival analysis: interval censored data
7:50PM 2 Triangular matrix upper to down
7:39PM 4 Testing for arguments in a function
7:06PM 2 merger two 3-d scatter plot
7:05PM 2 Mahalanobis Distance
7:03PM 0 Off topic -- A BAD idea. Was: Boxplot BUT with Mean, SD, Max & Min ?
4:44PM 1 normalizing a negative binomial distribution and/or incorporating variance structures in a GAMM
4:33PM 1 producing an aggregate table of top 3 by cost
4:25PM 0 horizontal labels for a dendrogram
3:14PM 1 Package for Neural Network Classification Quality
3:03PM 2 Intersection between circle and line?
2:32PM 1 How to determine the efficient frontier portfolios using the Black-Litterman model?
2:30PM 1 How to Store the executed values in a dataframe & rle function
2:30PM 1 Packages for snp, CNV data
1:56PM 2 Boxplot BUT with Mean, SD, Max & Min ?
1:04PM 0 problem with 'dgev' in fExtremes with log=TRUE
12:36PM 0 vegan cca: syntax
11:17AM 0 how to handle with gap's in panel data (plm package)
9:25AM 2 Changing colour in barchart
9:23AM 1 Disabling Auto-complete
1:47AM 1 Restructuring data - unstack, reshape?
Sunday September 25 2011
9:56PM 4 Data import
9:07PM 4 Trouble creating and adjacency matrix
8:22PM 4 selecting first row of a variable with long-format data
6:18PM 1 Handling Missing Data
1:55PM 0 Pearson correlation of sum of variables
10:54AM 2 Increase space between xlab and X axis tick labels
9:12AM 1 Question about syntax in lm function
9:03AM 2 help about R basic
6:21AM 1 trouble with library(FEAR) and libgfortran.so.1
6:01AM 0 RMySQL not running from within batch file
Saturday September 24 2011
11:06PM 2 maptools::sunriset() daylight savings to stardard time change
4:23PM 2 two ecdf in the same figure
3:55PM 1 Can't reliably use RefClass methods in Snowfall
3:43PM 3 Supporting R/Membership
1:28PM 1 Help with Integration Output
11:56AM 1 help
11:47AM 0 45 degress line in zoo plot
11:12AM 0 Assessing prediction performance of SVM using e1071 package
10:58AM 2 ncdf - install error
10:08AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 23
8:49AM 1 ggplot2: expression() in legend labels?
Friday September 23 2011
8:40PM 0 Small Area Estimate Using Structural Equation Models
5:03PM 2 converting object elements to variable names and making subsequent assignments thereto
5:03PM 2 image function help required
5:02PM 1 Cross Spectrum : Conversion of 2-D spectrum into a single complex array
4:49PM 2 LDA cutoff value
4:35PM 2 metaMDS
4:23PM 0 vegan rda na adaptation
4:22PM 1 sorting multiple columns of a matrix
3:00PM 2 Homography with R
2:56PM 0 comparing factor and value data (rather offtopic)
2:54PM 0 new package 'SeleMix' for selective editing
2:39PM 2 tikzDevice install problem
2:32PM 1 spatstat => owin + image
2:24PM 0 (Requested) caTools::runmean Patch
2:16PM 0 How to fit a non-normal-dist.-GARCH() time series?
1:43PM 0 Using method = "aic" with pspline & survreg
1:33PM 0 Error message when using 'optim' for numerical maximum likelihood
1:31PM 4 'save' saved object names instead of objects
12:01PM 1 Envfit, inconsistant result?
10:59AM 1 Newbie question: Converting Table
10:58AM 0 Clusplot axes
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 22
8:25AM 1 Significance test
8:16AM 1 Testing packages
3:39AM 1 p values in coxph()
2:16AM 1 Correlation of variables with repeated measures.
1:47AM 1 Adding weights to optim
Thursday September 22 2011
11:09PM 4 How to turn a LaTeX Sweave file (Rnw) into .HTML/.odf/.docx? (under windows)
11:08PM 3 Identifying Package for Function
10:22PM 1 How to do Multiple Comparisons for a Mixed Effects Model
10:03PM 3 Bivariate Scatter Plots with Lattice
9:58PM 1 (sin asunto)
7:41PM 2 Proportions of a vector
6:54PM 3 How make a x,y dataset from a formula based entry
6:46PM 2 suggestions argument in rbga function in genalg package
5:48PM 0 Problem with error message in Rcmdr
5:07PM 2 create variables through a loop
4:40PM 1 Wrapper of linearHypothesis (car) for post-hoc of repeated measures ANOVA
4:07PM 0 corrigendum on fixed effects and R2 in within models
4:06PM 1 R.oo: do work on data member at construction
3:58PM 2 Problems with as.POSIXct
3:52PM 0 image.plot for non-regular grid: round pixel
3:49PM 2 How to adjust the y-axis range in barplot properly
3:20PM 0 NLS- check convergence
2:36PM 2 the opposite of lag() in panel data
1:59PM 1 negative binomial GAMM with variance structures
1:54PM 7 need help on melt/cast
1:13PM 1 Header auslesen und bei Regression verwenden
1:07PM 1 Error in as.vector(data) optim() / fkf()
12:47PM 2 Re-installing R
11:04AM 0 Suggest workshops/short course in R programming
10:48AM 2 Subsetting a zooreg object using window / subset
10:15AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 21
9:49AM 2 comparing mixed binomial model against the same model without random effect
3:02AM 2 Numbering entries for each subject
2:15AM 1 nlm's Hessian update method
Wednesday September 21 2011
11:31PM 1 identifying cells in data frames with the same value
9:45PM 1 raster plot is empty
8:00PM 1 Problem indexing a factor variable
7:43PM 2 Limitations of audio processing in R
7:11PM 3 Quelplot
6:15PM 2 Weighted Average on More than One Variable in Data Frame
3:25PM 1 logistic regression: default computed probability
3:08PM 4 chippeakanno package: "getAllPeakSequence" problem
2:22PM 0 Row percentage labels within mosaic graph
1:54PM 1 Power calculation for survival analysis
1:25PM 0 heatmap.2 with colsep and sepwidth
1:03PM 1 Making ?source act as if it is run through the terminal
12:01PM 2 R help on write.csv
10:39AM 3 Reading data in lisp format
10:19AM 1 Strucchange gbreakpoints
10:12AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 20
10:11AM 1 Statmath-R-Forge: Request denied
9:53AM 2 Cannot allocate vector of size x
9:53AM 0 Problem with caret + foreach + M5 combination
9:53AM 2 problem with function "Truncate" in package "distr"
9:01AM 1 R CMD build and vignettes
7:55AM 1 Problem with predict and lines in plotting binomial glm
4:59AM 0 spline for implicit functions
4:20AM 1 Package dependency
1:39AM 2 Plot map by region using kasc and adehabitat
1:16AM 1 package / function for monitoring processes?
12:25AM 1 glmnet for Binary trait analysis
Tuesday September 20 2011
11:43PM 3 adding labels to x,y points
11:37PM 2 ARIMA - Skipping intermediate lags
11:15PM 1 Specifying Start/End Dates for X-axis Range in plot()/xyplot()
10:28PM 1 Data
10:19PM 1 Works from CLI but not from prompt
9:47PM 0 Can R be installed in a Hyper-V environment?
9:46PM 3 tcltk freezes R
9:02PM 1 Install Location on Linux Red Hat
8:14PM 0 R Programming and Development - EMBL Heidelberg, 28-29 November 2011
6:23PM 2 How to transfer variable names to column names?
6:14PM 1 A question regarding random effects in 'aov' function
6:03PM 1 NLS error
5:50PM 0 ksvm and predict
5:46PM 5 help in interpreting paired t-test
5:42PM 1 randomForest - NaN in %IncMSE
3:50PM 2 Converting ID Numbers to Unique ID Number
2:51PM 1 Boxplots from 4 dimensional array
2:28PM 0 Using method = "aic" with pspline & survreg (survival library)
2:13PM 3 Problem with legend
2:11PM 2 Multivariate spline regression and predicted values
2:08PM 0 rtmvnorm performance issues
1:32PM 0 seqinr-dist.alignment?
1:26PM 4 open source editor for r for beginners
12:43PM 0 Problems using predict from GAM model averaging (MuMIn)
12:13PM 1 means across list of data frames
10:20AM 0 predict() of garchFit
10:13AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 19
8:50AM 1 Add a function in rq
8:48AM 2 The CRAN packages webpages are not found
7:40AM 3 Problem with converting factors to numbers
7:08AM 1 Displaying str(zoo) in Sweave
12:49AM 1 Tabulating Baseline Characteristics on specific observations
Monday September 19 2011
9:11PM 1 Invisible doesn't exit function?
8:28PM 0 openmp on R?
8:17PM 2 Poisson-Gamma computation (parameters and likelihood)
6:49PM 1 Constrained regressions (suggestions welcome)
6:48PM 0 work about all time series analysis with examples or exercises
6:31PM 0 question, minimize quadratic form
5:13PM 1 Binary optimization problem in R
4:48PM 4 Results of applying na.omit on zoo object
3:16PM 3 Replace a for loop with a function
2:30PM 0 nls picewise FvCB model
2:25PM 0 openPage in the {hwriter} package - reverses Hebrew text
1:58PM 2 pasting elements of one character vector together
12:49PM 1 joint histogram for image comparison
12:37PM 0 R 2.14.0 scheduled for October 31, 2.13.2 for September 30
11:30AM 1 switching off commands within character vector
11:13AM 0 R as well as Rscript just hangs!
10:15AM 2 text matching
10:10AM 2 Function for running a sign test
9:58AM 1 Possible or not possible: serif axis labels with plotmath [but everything else sans serif]?
9:20AM 2 Setting the Values
6:46AM 1 closeness of codes
5:41AM 0 PERL client example for RServ
1:36AM 1 regression summary results pvalues and coefficients into a excel
Sunday September 18 2011
11:29PM 1 perm.test()
10:07PM 1 Linear regression interaction terms
9:49PM 0 AIC
8:33PM 1 randomForest2Rules
8:18PM 2 Add png image outside plot borders
7:38PM 2 graph bugs using R on MAC
6:25PM 2 R-Help
4:05PM 2 troubles with a for loop
2:47PM 1 Removing a single element from an array
10:16AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 17
9:51AM 2 calculating VAR of a (Gumbel) copula
4:58AM 1 Planned comparison ANOVA
2:34AM 2 Could R run Cox proportional hazard model with multiple failure time data
Saturday September 17 2011
10:42PM 1 apply question
8:37PM 1 £50 for help in my masters dissertation kalman filter forecasting
8:33PM 1 Replacing matching values by related values
6:42PM 2 R kiteChart (plotrix) arguments
3:47PM 1 Extracting a a chunk of text from a pdf file
3:31PM 2 onet.permutation()
1:10PM 0 Problem using SNOW with data frame as a function argument
11:36AM 0 Warning in 'probtrans'-function ('mstate'-package)
11:05AM 0 Fw: likelihood ratio test
9:27AM 1 Name the dots! ("...")
Friday September 16 2011
11:47PM 1 Move the x label to the top of an lattice plot
11:35PM 0 How to find regions enclosed by edges within a TIF image
8:48PM 1 parsing error when using R CMD check
8:45PM 1 Problem with memory consuming algorithm
8:00PM 0 SVM model_combination of different vairables issues
7:48PM 2 R shell line width
7:25PM 3 Help writing basic loop
7:07PM 1 download files using ftp: avoid error
7:07PM 1 Question about permutation test
5:57PM 1 cannot load rjags package on Mac
4:28PM 2 "rounding" to a number that is LOWER than my number
4:06PM 1 Scheirer-Ray-Hare
3:52PM 2 problems to report indexes when I have two min value
3:43PM 3 How to save row values from a matrix into one vector?
3:34PM 0 help with mediate() and medsens()
3:18PM 3 writing data from several matrices in R into one excel-file with several sheets
2:36PM 3 Problematic If-Else statement
1:02PM 0 Call for Papers Special Sessions ICPRAM 2012
12:31PM 1 cutree() and rect.hclust(): different labelling of classes
11:36AM 1 Mystified - comparing chron times
11:09AM 0 lpSolveAPI optimizer treating some of the constraints as soft constraint
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 15
9:13AM 2 Numeric Characters in String
8:47AM 2 automatic selection of object without loop
8:41AM 3 question concerning the acf function
8:29AM 0 Rect.hclust problem - "which=" not working
2:44AM 1 xyplot remove ticks from top and right
2:22AM 2 demo creating
12:49AM 2 Referring to an object by a variable containing its name: 6 failures
12:14AM 1 plot(m, which = 1), where m is a lm linear model. What is 'which' doing?
Thursday September 15 2011
11:07PM 0 Extracting BLUPs!
10:00PM 1 merging nexus sequence files
9:57PM 2 cumVar and cumSkew
9:16PM 2 installation of BiodiversityR package
9:11PM 2 Returning the name of an object passed directly or from a list by lapply
9:07PM 1 Problems with aggregate() function in stats package
8:47PM 1 Lattice xyplot log scale labels help!
8:43PM 2 R functions
8:42PM 1 Questions on 'lme' function, urgent!
8:40PM 1 legend with cofor-filled symbol
8:33PM 4 question about glm vs. loglin()
7:02PM 1 how to identify the value in a scatterplot?
6:30PM 0 RGoogleMpas error
5:50PM 2 Problem looping a function to create/add to new dataframe
5:46PM 1 (no subject)
4:27PM 3 how to find unique pairs of variables?
3:55PM 1 changing "label" in ggplot
3:32PM 1 how to install a locally built package
2:53PM 1 Where to put tryCatch or similar in a very big for loop
2:40PM 2 Unexpected behavior from which.max (or possibly max)
1:47PM 1 How to compute the power of a wilcoxon test?
1:09PM 1 p-value for non linear model
12:53PM 0 Allocation of data points to groups based on membership probabilities
12:42PM 1 difftime on vector
12:41PM 1 Nonlinear regression question
12:16PM 1 odfWeave: Combining multiple output statements in a function
12:06PM 1 Strange pdf() in Fedora 15
10:59AM 1 MCMCglmm heteroscedasticity dependent on predictor
9:38AM 0 garchFit
9:33AM 0 R toolbar turned grey (Tinn R
9:11AM 1 qplot(model)
9:03AM 1 Colour code y-axis labels on a dot plot
8:59AM 1 Move the x-axis labels to the top of the dotplot
8:56AM 1 Move the main titel to the left of the plot
8:46AM 1 Courses in R
8:34AM 1 Can't get installing a package source (.tar.gz) from a web page to work...
7:41AM 1 Creating a map with central Asian countries
5:12AM 2 Tobit Fixed Effects
4:23AM 1 Model Selection with Phylogenetic Independent Contrasts
2:52AM 0 Creating a map for central asia countries
12:43AM 2 Reading Parts of Excel Files (within a sheet)
12:02AM 1 portfolio, portfolio.optim function not found
Wednesday September 14 2011
11:11PM 1 Hints for Data Mining
11:11PM 1 Questons about 'igraph' package
11:06PM 2 problem with predict.gam in package gam
10:37PM 2 Optimization package
9:36PM 3 Loops
9:06PM 2 Image processing and analysis with R
8:14PM 2 Color barplots with a conditional?
7:44PM 1 Nonlinear Regression
7:42PM 1 Selecting from matrix and then stacking in array.
7:38PM 1 Open file for reading and writing with APPEND
7:21PM 2 Weibull point process
6:16PM 0 Non compatible arguments in gvlma
5:57PM 1 draw points in R
5:36PM 1 Can 'mosaic' be used with a continuous variable?
5:02PM 0 Reshape - novel error message and fail
4:44PM 1 substitute games with randomForest::partialPlot
4:42PM 0 pdf font example
3:52PM 0 Confidence interval or p-value for difference in two c-statistics
3:44PM 1 rJython matrix message
3:27PM 0 Convert SAS NLMIXED code for zero-inflated gamma regression to R
2:34PM 1 R 2.13.1 console echo problem or am I wrong?
1:06PM 4 I cannot load my workspace in R
1:06PM 3 normalizePath
1:05PM 0 nls panel estimation
12:36PM 1 Using R in commercial application
11:23AM 2 Question regarding dnorm()
11:19AM 2 linear probability model
11:08AM 4 Reading large, non-tabular files
10:12AM 1 svytable including NAs
10:12AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 13
9:49AM 1 Changelog maintenance
8:18AM 2 Moving data in a dataset
8:16AM 1 Strucchange generating breakpoints
5:49AM 1 how to get a row with its its p value below 0.01 ??
4:55AM 2 Difficulty with saving .Rhistory
Tuesday September 13 2011
10:28PM 1 CMYK color space
10:06PM 1 stupid lm() question
8:43PM 1 solving linear equations
8:42PM 2 Reading R Code aloud
8:28PM 0 Online literature database search in R - RCurl?
7:34PM 2 How to calculate the power of Wilcoxon signed rank test
7:14PM 2 count regression zero count comparison
6:28PM 2 Convert "RDX" and "RDB" to ASCII format?
6:07PM 1 ZOO: Learning to apply it to my data
5:54PM 4 S4 vs Reference Classes
5:17PM 1 Min of
4:42PM 3 x %>% y as an alternative to which( x > y)
4:36PM 1 implicit data frame reference
4:31PM 2 Selecting row indices from a data.frame by a factor and simple calculation (miniumum)
4:08PM 2 import csv file into R, strange problem
3:59PM 2 space in directory name
3:27PM 0 Building R package with precompiled shared library
3:21PM 1 map
3:08PM 2 help with hclust
2:51PM 0 nls, the four parameter logistic equation, and prediction band
2:42PM 0 Help in SVM prediction
2:28PM 1 using vif from package "car" - "aliased coefficients in the model"
2:26PM 1 writing a loop using several list()-objects
2:25PM 2 help with hclust and cutree
2:04PM 1 Deleting Rows based on Factor and Time Period
1:53PM 1 ESS: Viewing Restored Workspace At Startup
12:30PM 2 Mathematical expressions in the group labels in lattice
12:21PM 2 GO & Protein Complex Analysis for Homo sapiens
11:12AM 1 Problems of metafile plots when converting word to pdf file
11:03AM 6 Force regression line to a 1:1 relationship
10:24AM 1 SVD Memory Issue
10:00AM 3 ggplot - class "character" problem
8:24AM 1 missing message part in R console
8:11AM 2 How to use a variable after $ ($x) for subscripting a list, How to source from a character object (source(x))
7:34AM 2 Matrix multiplication gives different results some of the times (NaN)
6:38AM 1 estimating Fstats in strucchange
6:09AM 1 class weights with Random Forest
5:46AM 1 mvpart analyses with covariables
4:59AM 0 Radial basis function network
3:55AM 0 Question on reading nodes info from all random forests generated trees
3:54AM 1 Getting Rcpp SEXP data in C++
12:12AM 0 nls, the four parameter logisitc equation, and prediction band
Monday September 12 2011
11:24PM 1 as.POSIXct on vector weird output
9:52PM 2 calc.relimp pmvd for US R-user
8:32PM 1 Problem in put.var.ncdf
7:35PM 2 creating a new column with values from another
7:33PM 1 Centering lines on barplot centers.
7:28PM 2 function to include factors in summary data frame
6:43PM 1 plot 3 lines with ggplot2
6:05PM 1 nested anova<-R chrashing
5:36PM 1 Multilevel model in lme4 and nlme
5:08PM 2 Multiple regression intercept
3:52PM 1 Difference in function arima estimation between 2.11.1 and R 2.12.2
3:28PM 1 Writting excel files
3:24PM 1 Superimposing titles on dotcharts
3:24PM 0 kernel weight
3:07PM 3 Error message for .csv file
2:44PM 6 barplot in hexagram layout
2:20PM 1 Loops on data˜1
1:18PM 2 1 not equal to 1, and rep command
1:03PM 1 number of repetition
11:59AM 1 hclust and cutree: identifying branches as classes
10:30AM 1 how to get xlab and ylab in bold?
10:21AM 0 PerMANOVA of community data
10:15AM 0 Display dendrogram in heatmap.2 without reordering col or row
10:12AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 11
9:20AM 2 Automated generation of combinations
8:42AM 5 completing missing samples
7:54AM 3 Multiple t.test
7:42AM 2 regression on data subsets in datafile
7:41AM 3 Solve your R problems
7:21AM 1 Latex + R + sweave
6:28AM 1 findFreqTerms vs minDocFreq in Package 'tm'
5:58AM 5 Hourly data with zoo
5:51AM 1 Open a file to APPEND
2:31AM 1 coxreg vs coxph: time-dependent treatment
Sunday September 11 2011
10:11PM 2 how to quote "factors" in a function?
8:32PM 3 (no subject)
8:23PM 1 Emacs ESS finding all versions of R
3:42PM 2 On-line machine learning packages?
1:59PM 1 How download to spreadsheet?
9:38AM 2 how to remove NA/NaN/Inf in a matrix??
6:13AM 0 closed testing procedure
5:56AM 1 Multi-output regression
Saturday September 10 2011
9:03PM 1 ordering rows within CrossTable
8:42PM 0 npreg: plotting out of sample, extremely large bandwidths
7:44PM 1 DBS to R
5:59PM 2 Error : subscript out of bounds
3:16PM 2 how to get character from keyboard when run a file
3:08PM 3 Very slow using S4 classes
2:33PM 1 Variable name with a '-'
10:19AM 1 Get previous R digest volumes/issues
10:11AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 103, Issue 9
9:43AM 1 dgamma in jags within r
9:28AM 0 Mutiple vertical reference lines with a dotplot
5:44AM 2 Accessing graphs via url
Friday September 9 2011
11:09PM 0 isotone
10:19PM 1 Using SVG in R
9:43PM 2 Different results with arima in R 2.12.2 and R 2.11.1
8:10PM 1 Question about plot.mona {cluster}
7:14PM 3 Reliability metric
6:26PM 2 Looping through multiple datasets already in memory
4:40PM 2 Manhattan Plot
4:21PM 2 Comments inside a line? Not possible?
4:08PM 1 Adding groups to regression line panel function in Lattice
3:51PM 0 Problems using quantile regression (rq) to model GLD random variables in R
3:34PM 3 split variable / create categories
3:19PM 1 Exception in NeweyWest - Pre-Whitening necessary?
3:10PM 1 Rgl and plotmath symbols (via sprites): a trial
3:02PM 2 simple t test for multiple colimns
3:01PM 4 Very simple question about list components
2:39PM 3 Read a list of files into named R data.frames
1:26PM 1 conditional Latin hypercube sampling
1:08PM 0 analyse fMRI statistical maps in a mixed procedure (within-subject and between-subject error term)
12:12PM 2 How to translate the 2D-density matrix (the output of bkde2D function) into matrix of datapoints' amounts?
11:39AM 0 Survival Analysis for soccer scoring process
11:38AM 2 Subset function
11:28AM 4 reshape data from long to wide format
10:18AM 1 rgl: axis/viewport/box problems in persp3d()
9:55AM 2 get and save
9:42AM 2 NMDS plot and Adonis (PerMANOVA) of community composition with presence absence and relative intensity
9:01AM 2 prcomp: results with reversed sign in output?
3:46AM 0 RExcel - RunRFile Errors
2:49AM 1 envfit vector labels with ordiplot3d
1:47AM 3 get mean from cdf
12:39AM 0 Classification from candisc
12:21AM 2 Passing in Condtions into Object
Thursday September 8 2011
11:36PM 2 Factors? I think?
10:38PM 1 Plotting question
10:12PM 1 OT was Re: The elegant way to test if a number is a whole number
8:31PM 3 Spider (Radar) Plot
8:03PM 2 help subsetting data based on date AND time
6:27PM 2 The elegant way to test if a number is a whole number
5:35PM 2 pie chart
5:24PM 3 Can't load workspaces
5:20PM 1 problem with math expressions in grid graphics when using line breaks (\n)
4:49PM 5 General help - online statistics courses?
3:47PM 1 random sampling but with caveats!
3:36PM 3 Density function: Area under density plot is not equal to 1. Why?
3:27PM 1 "rpart" or "tree" function issue
2:33PM 1 ggplot2 freqpoly() layers..?
2:30PM 2 ggplot geom_freqpoly() layers ..?
2:23PM 2 problems with function read.table
1:54PM 3 global optimisation with inequality constraints
1:35PM 1 Need formatting help - ctree - plot.party - node_hist
1:13PM 2 Variable scoping question
1:08PM 1 3D plot RGL
1:03PM 3 How to specify a variable name in the regression formula without hard coding it
12:53PM 2 Extract r.squared using cbind in lm
12:22PM 1 predict.rma (metafor package)
12:19PM 1 error in knn: too many ties in knn
9:18AM 1 invalid strings while parsing code with inlinedocs package.skeleton.dx()
8:42AM 3 generate randomly a value of a vector
6:52AM 0 Consistently printing the name of an object passed to a function; & a data-auditing question
5:03AM 6 Searching the console
1:59AM 1 Seasonal and 11-day subset for zoo object
Wednesday September 7 2011
11:12PM 1 Question about model selection for glm -- how to select features based on BIC?
10:25PM 1 storage and single-precision
10:08PM 1 Very slow assignments
10:07PM 2 rgl 'how-to's
9:51PM 1 Generating data when mean and 95% CI are known
9:48PM 2 ggplot2-Issue placing error bars behind data points
9:25PM 3 Editing the variables attributes section in the netCDF header of netCDF files created using the package ncdf.
9:20PM 2 Using substitute on a function parameter
9:18PM 1 Fwd: FSelector and RWeka problem
9:07PM 2 finding events in a time duration.
7:50PM 1 Imposing Feller condition using project constraint in spg
7:46PM 1 Testing non-exhaustive Null and Alternative Hypothesis
6:57PM 2 reporting ANOVA for nested models
6:45PM 1 randomForest memory footprint
5:59PM 1 Subsetting does not remove unwanted data in table
5:54PM 0 Revolutions Blog: August Roundup
5:53PM 1 access objects
5:16PM 0 3-Way Crosstab using survey package
3:38PM 2 rpart/tree issue
3:04PM 1 process id of an R script
2:35PM 1 reshaping data
2:31PM 0 Poly-phase Filters in R
2:02PM 1 Reshaping data from wide to tall format for multilevel modeling
12:47PM 1 Overall SSR in plm package
12:15PM 1 show equal entries in data.frame
10:18AM 1 What happens if we give a factor as an index at a list?
10:17AM 1 linear regression, log-transformation and plotting
10:04AM 2 (no subject)
9:54AM 1 diversity map in r
9:50AM 1 Save Workspace Image? problem at start up
9:25AM 1 predictive modeling and extremely large data
8:54AM 2 How does one start R within Emacs/ESS with root privileges?
8:51AM 0 Handling ever growing data in svm predictions
8:33AM 1 greyPalette() in legend plot
8:11AM 4 suggestion for proportions
8:10AM 1 Werid things when write.table
7:22AM 1 Error: in routine alloca() there is a stack overflow: thread 0, max 535822282KB, used 0KB, request 24B
7:02AM 1 Signify level of significance
4:28AM 1 Weight in Function RM
12:13AM 4 sample within groups-slight problem
12:07AM 2 check availability of a file in R
Tuesday September 6 2011
10:29PM 1 Histogram messed up
10:07PM 1 Rweb and setting up R on a server
9:56PM 2 Possible to access a USB volume by name in windows
9:47PM 1 Ubuntu Upgrading to R 1.13.0
9:16PM 1 calibrate.cph plots
9:10PM 1 Update packages problem
9:08PM 1 Question about Natural Splines (ns function)
7:47PM 1 How to speed up regressions (related to data.frame)
5:31PM 1 bootstrap function
5:23PM 1 Help on the multivariate interpolation with R
3:10PM 2 Q and R mode in Principal Component Analysis
3:08PM 0 Q and R mode
2:26PM 1 several functions in one *.R file in a R package
2:24PM 1 object.size() not recognized within .First()
2:10PM 2 subsetting tables
12:55PM 2 Generalizing call to function
12:50PM 1 list of all methods winthin an S4 class
8:44AM 1 How do I define moving window fequency
7:44AM 1 read.xls (gdata) problem
6:24AM 1 write.matrix row names vs sink vs capture.output
6:01AM 3 r-help volcano plot
5:35AM 2 Sweave : some comments disappear
Monday September 5 2011
9:58PM 3 function censReg in panel data setting
9:48PM 2 htmlParse hangs or crashes
9:48PM 0 multivariate bandwidth: regband
8:56PM 1 Receive "unable to load shared object RNetCDF.o" during R INSTALL of RNetCDF
5:13PM 0 package gmp installation problem
3:42PM 1 SAS code in R
3:30PM 1 p values greater than 1 from lme4
3:09PM 1 capturing a figure to PDF or Image
2:30PM 1 In optim() function, second parameter in par() missing
2:17PM 1 Power analysis in hierarchical models
2:08PM 1 sorry, [WinBUGS] question
1:40PM 0 KernSmooth: dpill
1:02PM 0 glht (multcomp): NA's for confidence intervals using univariate_calpha (fwd)
11:52AM 1 help with installing tar.gz package
11:17AM 1 plm package, R squared, dummies in panel data
11:07AM 0 plot regression line, log-transformation
11:02AM 0 saemix: SAEM algorithm for parameter estimation in non-linear mixed-effect models (version 0.96)
10:46AM 2 Need more information about VGLM
10:21AM 1 Dealing with NA's in a data matrix
10:04AM 2 How to create R executable?
9:59AM 1 ggplot2-grid/viewport and PNG
9:47AM 1 glm
9:33AM 0 Implent the function vglm in C++
8:04AM 0 Stemming functions only work on the last word of plain text documents
2:02AM 1 savePlot with % in character string
Sunday September 4 2011
10:25PM 1 combining rows
9:20PM 1 output and save multiple dataset from a function: sorry I could not figure out this....
6:26PM 3 Coloring Dirichlet Tiles
1:25PM 1 generating multiple dataset and applying function and output multiple output dataset......
1:20PM 1 procedure Power in module Math
12:17PM 2 mclust: modelName="E" vs modelName="V"
7:52AM 3 How to understand the plotting of the cox.zph function
5:50AM 2 Regression coefficient constraints
1:59AM 1 Test for Random Walk and Makov Process
1:58AM 0 Markov Switching GARCH Package
1:51AM 2 what is wrong with my quicksort?
1:08AM 2 AICc function with gls
12:00AM 2 sd help
Saturday September 3 2011
11:53PM 2 Change properties of line summary in interaction.plot
11:52PM 1 Lmer plot help
10:34PM 1 Bootstrapping a covariance matrix
10:24PM 1 Problem with by statement for spaghetti plots
10:13PM 1 about raw type
9:56PM 0 glht (multcomp): NA's for confidence intervals using univariate_calpha
8:14PM 0 plot.validate.cph
6:37PM 3 Saving a list as a Matrix
5:22PM 0 automathic bandwidth for multivariate local regression
4:18PM 3 question with uniroot function
4:04PM 1 help with glmm.admb
1:57PM 1 Loop with random sampling and write.table
3:18AM 2 problem in applying function in data subset (with a level) - using plyr or other alternative are also welcome
1:46AM 1 confusion matrix
12:32AM 2 ROCR package question for evaluating two regression models
Friday September 2 2011
9:29PM 2 misclassification rate
8:53PM 1 Parameters in Gamma Frailty model
8:05PM 1 Platform of image
8:05PM 2 How to keep the same class?
7:51PM 2 conditional replacement of character strings in vectors
7:33PM 5 Hessian Matrix Issue
7:13PM 2 Chemical Names in Data Frames
6:23PM 2 Classifying large text corpora using R
4:50PM 1 Hints for Data Clustering
4:43PM 2 Avoiding for Loop for moving average
3:35PM 2 previous monday date
3:35PM 1 Mann Kendall Test for Trend
2:30PM 0 post hoc testing of glmer in lme4
12:34PM 3 merge some columns
12:26PM 0 Bandwith selectors for multivariate local regression
12:16PM 2 If NA Problem!
10:41AM 0 Standard errors of sexual dimorphism?
10:06AM 1 Maximum Likelihood using optim()
9:24AM 1 Using capture.output within a function
7:55AM 0 hydroTSM 0.3-0 and hydroGOF 0.3-0
6:23AM 1 calling R from PHP error
5:13AM 2 Advice on large data structures
2:46AM 2 how to return back to go on my cycle while read my files
Thursday September 1 2011
11:47PM 1 Background fill and border for a legend in dotplot
10:20PM 1 Selecting and multiplying
9:07PM 4 Question about BIC of two different regression models? how should we compare two regression models?
8:37PM 0 Kernel Density Estimation in R
6:59PM 2 Including only a subset of the levels of a factor XXXX
5:53PM 3 how to split a data frame by two variables
5:31PM 2 two question about plot
5:11PM 3 Oh apply functions, how you confuse me
4:10PM 2 how to plot a series of data in a dataframe?
3:50PM 1 Hysteresis modeling and simulation
3:29PM 1 executing R scripts - viewing results and errors
3:16PM 1 cannot correct step size, geweke.diag of coda
3:14PM 2 get arguments passed to function inside a function
3:13PM 4 readBin fails to read large files
2:59PM 1 iSeries and R
2:54PM 2 Automatic Recoding
2:39PM 0 qqplot for count data
1:42PM 1 Alternatives to integrate?
1:37PM 1 rJava Installation Problems: 'cannot open compressed file 'rJava/DESCRIPTION', probable reason 'No such file or directory''
1:14PM 0 Negative Binomial GLM
12:38PM 1 convert to grid file
12:36PM 2 R Help finding Mean
12:10PM 2 Measuring CPU time
11:28AM 3 betareg question - keeping the mean fixed?
11:18AM 2 Help with creating date as POSIXct
10:41AM 0 read.xlsx handle NAs
10:16AM 1 Newer Matrix Factorization Techniques
9:51AM 1 How to retrieve bias-corrected probability from calibrate.rms
8:34AM 0 Multiple events Cox's model and proportional hazards
8:34AM 1 save grid
7:11AM 3 how to get the varifying character with two variables?
6:27AM 1 Namespace in packages
4:30AM 1 missing R.dll file
3:12AM 2 Evaluate an expresion comming from string
1:45AM 0 UNSOLVED: Fwd: generate correlated qualitative data
1:32AM 2 Removing special chars in strings?
1:10AM 1 vector output loop or function