R help - Jul 2011

Sunday July 31 2011
11:54PM 3 export/import matrix
10:59PM 1 Simulating from the Null
9:41PM 4 How to count numbers of a vector and use them as index values?
9:05PM 1 example package for devel newcomers
8:22PM 2 XML and odfWeave
6:52PM 2 Legend for 2 plots on same screen
6:25PM 4 Error in plotmath
5:57PM 4 help with algorithm
5:30PM 5 Appending 4 Digits On A File Name
5:01PM 1 Entropy based feature selection in R
4:59PM 2 zero truncated poisson regression
4:30PM 1 Trouble Using mapply
3:53PM 2 memory problem; Error: cannot allocate vector of size 915.5 Mb
3:26PM 3 R 2.13.1 can't find package binaries on R-Forge
1:40PM 1 R: print and ctree
11:15AM 3 Display/show the evaluation result of R commands automatically
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 31
Saturday July 30 2011
11:03PM 1 grImport symbols
9:55PM 1 Help with extending glmnet
9:04PM 2 NAN problem
8:35PM 1 Spatial Data Interpolation
7:56PM 2 Applying ifelse() on different functions
7:01PM 3 Problem with effects package
5:36PM 0 Spectral/Frequency Domain Analysis in R
4:08PM 1 About AR?1?-GJR-GARCH(1,1) MODEL
2:10PM 1 Plot.xts - how to change the x-axis labels to show weekly labels.
1:32PM 0 plyr version 1.6
10:52AM 0 search the clusterring tree using the branch and bound mathod!!!
10:28AM 0 help in usage of rbpspline
10:10AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 30
8:06AM 2 iterative using values from a data frame to parameterize a function
6:25AM 4 Replacing null values
5:48AM 3 ifelse returns
5:00AM 1 How to install "adapt" package
12:54AM 1 read.table only reads part of file
12:22AM 1 running slope
Friday July 29 2011
10:38PM 2 problems with image.plot()
8:34PM 2 http://www.r-project.org/contributors.html: display problem, because no character set is defined
8:02PM 2 change pch in 3dplot, export graph
7:39PM 0 forecasting- number of items to replace is not a multiple of replacement length error
7:32PM 3 plot, graphic
6:33PM 1 Limited number of principal components in PCA
4:08PM 1 splitting a string based on the last underscore
4:06PM 0 rpart, resolution
3:32PM 1 Apostrophes in R Commander in recode
3:30PM 4 finding a faster way to run lm on rows of predictor matrix
3:26PM 1 help with predict.rpart
3:16PM 2 special recursive filter
3:11PM 3 help with plot.rpart
2:44PM 5 HIRHAM netcdf files
2:29PM 1 "inside" argument in barplot
1:52PM 1 example for plot.compare.datasets() in package rioja fails
1:40PM 5 coordinates from locator function in POSIXct format
1:34PM 2 Changing font type within y axis labels
1:28PM 4 scripting/littler: How to call function named iteratively (`f1`, `f2`, …)?
12:38PM 0 dlmSum(...) and non-constant state space models
12:20PM 1 How to calculate Total least squares in R? (Orthogonal regression)
11:53AM 2 Multifactor boxplots
11:50AM 0 GMM, panel data, functions lag() and diff()
11:39AM 2 boxplots
10:43AM 1 How to interpret Kolmogorov-Smirnov stats
10:30AM 1 Using perm.t.test() upon Matrix/Dataframe columns parted by factor instead of t.test()
9:07AM 3 Problems with ks.test()
8:45AM 2 converting factor to numeric gives "NAs introduced by coercion"
8:37AM 1 Environment of a LM created in a function
8:29AM 1 Cplex solver and optimization in R
8:03AM 5 R in Linux (Ubuntu)
7:37AM 2 'breackpoints' (package 'strucchange'): 2 blocking error messages when using for multiple regression model testing
7:18AM 1 wilcoxon signed test
6:09AM 2 Different result on using apply.
4:42AM 1 Lowest values in a vector of numbers
3:11AM 1 R, ctree and categorical variables
2:58AM 0 hdf5 library install issue
2:51AM 1 How to adjust the order of one-way table ?
12:59AM 1 unlist?
Thursday July 28 2011
11:09PM 3 Looping through data sets to change column from character to numeric
10:56PM 2 R CMD CHECK doens't run configure when testing install? (Revised)
10:33PM 0 Why won't R CMD CHECK run configure?
10:23PM 1 Reading name-value data
9:54PM 2 Can R (without GUI) be compiled with static linking?
9:06PM 0 lattiace bug with levelplot borders
8:24PM 3 Data aggregation question
8:14PM 3 Data frame to list
8:14PM 2 Animated gif or something similar in R?
8:09PM 3 smooth scatterplot and geo map
7:33PM 1 filterMicroRna function: Sample replicates in preprocessing Agilent miRNA dataset
7:08PM 1 Unable to install packages on Mac OS X
7:04PM 3 Tools for professional R developers
6:42PM 1 ggplot2 help/suggestions needed
6:37PM 1 Help Non-sequential ANOVAs
5:40PM 2 cycling from x11 window in RCommander to graphics device window: Mac Os 10.6.8
5:22PM 3 bug in dev.copy2pdf output?
4:43PM 0 R: Re: Problem with anova.lmRob() "robust" package
4:38PM 0 xgrid package: Access Apple Xgrid using R
3:52PM 2 help with rpart
3:38PM 1 Calculating difference in variable values (e.g. elapsed time) in data frame
3:11PM 3 R
3:08PM 0 Python difflib R equivalent? -- Correction
2:44PM 1 Help with R
2:41PM 2 Help with modFit of FME package
1:37PM 3 how to shift a chron timestamp by 6:30 hours
1:13PM 1 Problem with anova.lmRob() "robust" package
12:49PM 1 Regression with ranges and displaying them in an XY-Plot
11:55AM 1 sorting data from dataframe with oter dataframe
11:50AM 2 not working yet: Re: lattice overlay
11:05AM 1 Python difflib R equivalent?
9:58AM 0 Legend in image.plot( )
9:47AM 0 _: how to replace values in x by means in subgroups created in ...(not loops)
9:27AM 3 construct a data set
9:05AM 1 fitting a sinus curve
8:37AM 1 Fixed effects using Within transformation in PLM package
8:05AM 2 order a data frame after date and hour
7:32AM 1 color of math annotation in legend
6:00AM 1 plotting matrix into 2D color plots with rainbow colors
1:25AM 2 Ploting gradient
Wednesday July 27 2011
11:36PM 3 Is R the right choice for simulating first passage times of random walks?
11:02PM 2 Writing a summary file in R
10:48PM 0 Using identify() through Rterm
10:22PM 2 apply is making me crazy...
8:47PM 0 Fitting binary regression models with asymmetric link
8:02PM 0 Conditional Autoregressive Value at Risk (CAViaR)
7:53PM 0 problems with predict in fGarch
7:30PM 3 ?plot: Add an example on how to plot functions to the help of `plot`.
6:35PM 1 Hidden Markov Models in R
6:00PM 2 Placing brackets around the values in a data frame
5:38PM 1 Executing for loop by grouping variable within dataframe
5:31PM 2 Creating a flat legend 'grob' for lattice xyplot
4:50PM 1 Suppressing messages while executing function
3:57PM 0 R Remote Procedure Call
3:30PM 2 for loop help
3:22PM 1 Referencing a column using a function argument
2:52PM 2 replacing elements of vector through elements of another vector
2:36PM 2 fitting sine wave
2:12PM 3 How to search for R related topics in search engines?
1:59PM 0 Inversions in hierarchical clustering were they shouldn't be
1:38PM 1 create a index.date column
1:19PM 0 Fixed: Expression: +/-sigma
1:15PM 1 How to adjust y-axis when using panel.densityplot within histogram function
1:12PM 0 tsDyn package (TVAR usage)‏
12:57PM 2 Expression: +/-sigma
12:40PM 1 To Merge or to use Indicator Variables?
12:31PM 0 : Re: coxme frailty model standard errors?
12:29PM 0 Neighbouring structure of school districts
12:19PM 1 lattice overlay
11:34AM 0 CatDyn - Estimation of wild populations abundance
11:28AM 1 Converting F-value from ANOVA to cohen's d in meta-analysis (metafor-package)
11:19AM 0 ADONIS triple interaction
10:27AM 2 Use a list to 'transport' a collection of data sets and results
9:59AM 2 plotting the ending point in a for loop
9:21AM 1 how to replace values in x by means in subgroups created in ... (not loops)
8:28AM 3 Reorganize(stack data) a dataframe inducing names
8:06AM 2 Elegant way to subtract matrix from array
7:04AM 2 RODBC sqlSave problem with bigint numbers
7:01AM 2 Plotting a function that includes logical operators
6:57AM 1 Question re the plotrix package
6:22AM 0 Represent column in a loop
5:45AM 3 Ordinary Least Products regression in R
5:28AM 1 color of error bars in Dotplot (Hmisc)
4:23AM 1 SNP Tables
3:50AM 2 "match" and "which" give NA for some values, but not others
3:00AM 2 Correlated Multivariate Distribution Generator
2:58AM 1 Inserting weights in ltm package
Tuesday July 26 2011
9:51PM 1 Message for R-help mailing list
9:49PM 2 How to use as.Date (or something else) with "31-Jul-2010 23:59:00"
9:20PM 2 Plotting problems directional or rose plots
9:20PM 1 nls - can't get published AICc and parameters
7:39PM 5 Help with boxplot
5:46PM 0 using subset command in glm and glm coefficients output
5:33PM 1 adjusting x-axis labels
4:37PM 0 kinship2
3:47PM 2 Lattice: choice of symbol and symbol position in legend
3:21PM 3 function lm, get back the coefficient
3:06PM 0 How do you report lmer results?
2:10PM 1 (no subject)
1:48PM 2 Calculate the latest Z-score of all zoo time series
1:04PM 2 error in ordgee
12:58PM 1 Comparing two pdf resulting from density() and identify where significantly smaller or larger?
12:48PM 2 Invalid "times" argument?
12:15PM 0 How to compare two residual variances coming from two independent simple regression analyses ?
10:27AM 2 R 2.13.1 for Windows: error when loading (some) packages
10:14AM 1 Optimal Code for subset of Integer Sets
9:26AM 1 help with regression
8:48AM 1 intraday plot and gaps in data
7:50AM 2 Beta distribution- help needed
7:16AM 3 a question about glht function
5:13AM 2 Big data and column correspondence problem
1:26AM 1 Package or procedure recommendations for analysis of repeated cross-sections?
1:19AM 2 Accessing the index of factor in by() function
Monday July 25 2011
11:23PM 1 Creating png of layered legend
10:07PM 2 Selecting unique values
10:00PM 2 Simple example of using a closure in R to manage bank accounts?
9:10PM 0 Dealing with many parameters in a function
8:59PM 1 lme convergence error
8:50PM 4 trouble with uninstall
8:24PM 0 (no subject)
8:06PM 1 error in survival analysis
7:24PM 1 Standardizing the number of records by group
7:14PM 0 Debugging multiple imputation in mice
7:14PM 1 ARIMA simulations
6:39PM 1 Is there an R program that produces optimal solution/mix of multiple samples' varying volumes and values
6:26PM 1 Trouble with line of best fit
6:03PM 3 Life Cycle Assessment with R.
5:42PM 1 Installing CAIC
5:40PM 4 ggplot question: changing the label for the Y axis on a histogram
5:30PM 1 Rescaling columns in a multi-plot layout
5:29PM 3 Finding/identifying a value within a factor
4:00PM 1 Extrat rows from a dataframe based on second data frame
2:54PM 2 Lattice: distance of tick labels from axis line
2:11PM 0 LogLik warning() corresponding probabilities for node ... were 0 or NaN.
2:11PM 3 compute the mean of two (or more) correlations
2:00PM 1 Binning numbers into integer-valued intervals (or: a version of cut or cut2 that makes sense)
1:17PM 0 error in optimization when I include constant term in Klein and Spady (np package)
1:05PM 1 Rgraphviz installation problem
1:04PM 1 load data
12:47PM 0 Getting more results from lda (MASS)
12:39PM 2 Wide confidence intervals or Error message in a mixed effects model (nlme)
12:29PM 1 biglm() and NeweyWest()
12:23PM 1 rdyncall 0.7.3
11:16AM 2 How to find the likelihood of a null model in R
10:03AM 0 smallest space analysis
9:23AM 1 do.call in "with" construction
9:09AM 1 Cox's regression analysis with Left truncated data
8:24AM 1 two sample histogram
7:49AM 3 Help with 3-d barplot in R
7:01AM 1 Ouch - brown, hansen error
6:27AM 1 predict() and heteroskedasticity-robust standard errors
6:13AM 0 Code is not doing anything
5:11AM 1 scripting qqplot and qqnorm
2:59AM 1 For is.numeric condition in user input
12:38AM 2 Binding multiple data frames into single data frame
12:11AM 1 Problem with random number simulation
Sunday July 24 2011
11:50PM 1 barplot colors
11:25PM 0 pxR 0.20
11:20PM 0 rasterVis 0.10-3
10:43PM 1 Replying on Nabble
9:32PM 2 Deleting rows and store the deleted rows in new data frame
7:59PM 1 a question on plotting nonlinear regression
5:07PM 2 split data frame temporary and work with only part of it?
4:32PM 0 repeated execution of svm(e1071) gives different results, if probability = TRUE is set
3:53PM 1 GLM different results with the same factors
2:05PM 4 wrong name of input file and goto like function
12:10PM 0 setting distance matrix and clustering methods in heatmap.2
9:41AM 0 2 x 3 table
8:59AM 3 Variable scope in functions - best practices
8:09AM 4 inline/Rcpp: Problem with space in path under Windows
6:23AM 1 Histogram of a dataframe subset failing
12:06AM 0 roxygen2
Saturday July 23 2011
6:40PM 0 Testing two independent samples for null of same skewness and kurtosis?
5:12PM 1 Achieving 'reverse-Vech' of a matrix
3:45PM 2 analizing .txt file with R or an other program
2:55PM 1 inside p value 'e'
2:25PM 1 determining system time for sequence of commands
1:31PM 1 call a function with explicitly not setting an argument
1:27PM 0 graphic problem: transparent window when starting mtrace() from package debug
12:53PM 1 R on Android, at least on DOS
12:37PM 1 Extend my code to run several data at once.
11:11AM 2 sum part of a vector
10:46AM 1 Problem with read.shape in maptools
10:09AM 1 Use ks.test() or an alternative in C/C++ application
8:41AM 2 Create a map
8:33AM 2 How to solve ergodic density/distribution using R
5:41AM 2 standard error of exp(coef) from coxph
5:02AM 1 Calculating the mean of values in tables using formulae
4:49AM 0 What are the good tools for professional R developers?
4:02AM 0 Question about output from twitteR package
2:29AM 2 An infinite recursion error please explain!
2:06AM 2 xml2-config issues
1:10AM 0 Store elements in a list in a triple for loop
Friday July 22 2011
11:51PM 4 glmnet with binary logistic regression
11:44PM 2 Fit elipse to xy scatter
11:02PM 1 Trouble getting plot to appear
11:01PM 1 convert TS dataframe to evenly spaced intervals?
10:50PM 1 Plotting compound functions--help with defining x-axis as f(x)
10:31PM 0 Using package amelia
9:31PM 2 help on panel.superpose
9:03PM 1 library 'ts' not available?
8:42PM 1 applying a loop to multiple dataframes
8:00PM 2 averaging rows based on string¿?
7:37PM 2 Picking returns from particular days of the month from a zoo object
5:18PM 0 Using matrix as a response variable
5:09PM 1 Seeking help on permutation
5:02PM 2 matched pairs
4:46PM 2 Indexing problem with matrix
4:43PM 0 pegas package: Problem using nuc.div and tajima d -> error with dist.dna() -> character variables must be duplicated in .C/.Fortran
3:50PM 1 tcltk
3:36PM 2 Extracting components from a 'boot' class output in R
2:33PM 2 Lattice: distance of Y-axis label from plot
1:59PM 1 help
12:04PM 3 Cox model approximaions (was "comparing SAS and R survival....)
11:31AM 0 Mclapply prints once
11:23AM 0 Randomisation / resampling and correction for multiple testing
11:03AM 0 Randomisation as an alternative to correction for multiple testing
10:42AM 2 Installation of XMLPRC package
9:36AM 0 Mean and modelling values
9:28AM 1 Mean and Timeseries modelling
6:45AM 0 GARCH IN THE MEAN Model in R
5:30AM 0 [Heuristic [Auto Search Error in phi[[y]] : attempt to select less than one element
2:42AM 1 how to fix coefficients in regression
2:40AM 1 3d plotting with cloud and wireframe
1:43AM 1 Summing daily values by weekday and weekend
1:40AM 0 Summing values by weekday and weekend
1:22AM 1 Summing values by weekday and weekend - based on daily dates
12:29AM 1 cv.glm and "longer object length is not a multiple of shorter object length" error
12:06AM 1 Recoding Multiple Variables in a Data Frame in One Step
Thursday July 21 2011
11:39PM 1 for/if loop in R
11:32PM 0 SpatialPolygonsDataFrame to map conversion?
11:18PM 4 Random number generation
10:12PM 2 Find pattern in matrix
10:09PM 2 User input(unknown name and number of files)
10:02PM 2 Quantreg-rq crashing trouble
9:24PM 0 R with Multicore running on Linux
8:16PM 1 Select Random Rows from a dataframe
6:25PM 1 Design Survplot performance
5:04PM 1 simulation for equation with two variables
4:59PM 1 replacing duplicate rows
4:57PM 2 question about mosaicplot and/or mosaic
3:56PM 6 Lattice: place ticks only on y-axis
3:42PM 1 How to set Color scale for color2D.matplot()
3:37PM 1 Can you save an installed library to an .RData file?
3:29PM 4 squared "pie chart" - is there such a thing?
3:14PM 1 Error: bad index in plotmo functions for MARS model (package earth)
2:57PM 0 Survdiff for multiple comparisons
2:36PM 2 About Validation of R
1:42PM 1 Changing Y axis in R
12:43PM 1 How to convert 3-digits hours
11:34AM 2 Printing the loop number for each iteration
11:13AM 1 nested loop for
11:07AM 0 Time Series Analysis and Mining with R - slides in PDF
8:46AM 0 add label attribute to objects?
7:23AM 3 R versions and PostScript files
6:50AM 2 Latex Table Help on R
6:29AM 0 Bounding ellipse for any set of points
5:16AM 2 Getting Started
3:31AM 2 installing Rgraphviz
3:29AM 0 gls yields much smaller std. errors with different base for contrasts
Wednesday July 20 2011
11:44PM 4 R on Multicore for Linux
11:44PM 0 Cleveland Dot plots: tick labels and error bars
10:15PM 1 repeat a sequence - but not for a full number of times
10:09PM 2 Bootstrap
9:04PM 2 Question about converting list items in matrix
8:23PM 3 select element from each row of the matrix
8:18PM 0 Competing risk regression with CRR slow on large datasets?
6:55PM 1 Grofit
5:06PM 1 Changing a matrix based on eigen value
4:10PM 0 irtoys 0.1.4
4:10PM 0 new versions of packages RWinEdt, signal, tuneR
3:51PM 0 (no subject)
3:16PM 2 transforming a matrix of logical to 0 and 1 while keeping the dim of matrix
2:42PM 3 Grouping columns
1:40PM 0 Analysis of unbalanced data in nlme or car
1:24PM 1 Bruno's Panel LSDVC
1:16PM 0 np package, KleinSpady estimator, error when I estimate the bootstrapped standard errors
1:02PM 0 comparing SAS and R survival analysis with time-dependent covariates
11:14AM 3 Coercing Logical array to Numeric array
10:05AM 1 Latex Table for means and standard deviations in brackets
10:05AM 1 Calculating mean from wit mice (multiple imputation)
9:51AM 0 Warning in ansari.test
9:08AM 1 Fwd: Help please
7:48AM 0 Is it possible to save raster data as a bitmap?
7:41AM 0 cforest - keep.forest = false option? (fwd)
5:56AM 1 Problem with RODBC
3:56AM 2 bar chart issue
1:44AM 1 grouping data
12:54AM 1 SSOAP & chemspider
Tuesday July 19 2011
11:18PM 0 Setting packet order and display order in lattice barchat
11:07PM 5 multiple plots in single frame: 2 upper, 1 lower
10:45PM 1 list.files recursively to find files in a specific way...
9:39PM 6 Different result of multiple regression in R and SPSS
9:30PM 1 Assigning colors to cells
9:21PM 2 loops and simulation
9:16PM 2 Incorrect degrees of freedom for splines using GAMM4?
9:15PM 2 Taking all "complete" diagonals of a matrix
9:01PM 0 Error in vector("double", length) : cannot allocate vector of length 1010723280 - need help
9:00PM 0 hold position of vertices constant in network {statnet}?
8:38PM 2 timeDate with month designated by three letters.
8:36PM 1 calculating mean excluding zeros
7:37PM 0 Questions about DCC-GARCH Model
7:30PM 2 strang behaviour of mice package
7:24PM 1 notation question
7:19PM 0 negative binomial regression with spatial weights matrix (not locations)
6:43PM 3 calculating the mean of a random matrix (by row) and some general questions
5:53PM 1 Stacked Bar Plot in ggplot2
5:03PM 3 How to get predicted values of y for different x values?
2:58PM 1 Writing the output of a regression object to a file
9:40AM 1 Lattice plot problem outputting to jpeg
8:43AM 3 Centering data frame by factor
7:05AM 2 read.csv help
6:51AM 1 dead code removal
4:40AM 1 urgent Help needed
4:39AM 1 Plotting intraday data in quantmod
3:21AM 2 strange problem with strptime and date variable
12:48AM 1 "may be used in an incorrect context"
Monday July 18 2011
11:18PM 1 R on a server (Windows Server 2008)
9:36PM 1 Using Mplus via R
9:28PM 0 Testers wanted for program that works with R
9:16PM 2 Doesnt' winedt 6 version work as Rwinedt?
8:56PM 0 Correspondence Analysis of Textual Data and Visualization of Correspondence Results in a 3d plot with the ‘ca’ package.
8:26PM 0 Fitting a multi-level logistic model
8:11PM 0 list of data.frames
7:48PM 2 Problem compiling in extra/xdr
7:34PM 1 heatmap with RNA-Seq data
7:27PM 0 np package, estimating the standard errors of Klein and Spady's estimator
7:17PM 0 Installation of rblas package (R interface to the BLAS and LAPACK)
6:47PM 0 [SDMtools] how to calculate total edge of patch excluding landscape boundary
6:16PM 4 Understanding R's "Environment" concept
5:31PM 1 IDE with table/matrix preview
5:17PM 0 cforest - keep.forest = false option?
5:14PM 2 line jump in plot legend title
4:44PM 1 Extract confidence intervals from rma object (metafor package)
3:34PM 0 useR! 2011, late registration deadline this Friday (22 July)
3:34PM 1 Missing values and geeglm
3:04PM 1 Strange graphs
1:50PM 1 plotting groups via density and different colors
1:40PM 1 SDMTools package - calculating overlap?
10:23AM 1 cluster by unique value
10:15AM 0 1st Data Analysis Contest Using R
10:07AM 1 write merged data frame to a file
5:38AM 0 BEKK help?
2:29AM 1 question about linear mixed model
12:37AM 1 nls() and lines()
12:04AM 1 Multiple comparison test on selected contrasts
Sunday July 17 2011
10:46PM 1 ODBC MySql DB: sqlQuery empty
6:18PM 1 creating a matrix of ranked column data
6:03PM 0 How to estimate overlapping area of two distributions?
5:59PM 1 function design: multiple imput names
5:42PM 0 Quantitative Microbial Risk Assesment??
5:30PM 1 How to speed up interpolation
4:30PM 1 histograms - function hist() - problems in R 2.13.1
4:27PM 3 ?Accuracy of prop.test
2:54PM 1 Number in interval
12:22PM 1 Plot fn, xlim when x is a date. XXXX
10:01AM 4 special question on regression
5:19AM 1 Add axis name to x-axis ggplot
4:58AM 1 create multiple variables loop
3:50AM 3 How to convert number (matlab) to date
2:19AM 3 gsub() with unicode and escape character
Saturday July 16 2011
10:12PM 1 MatchIt Package
8:08PM 2 (unclassified?) Help Question
7:45PM 0 Aggregate data and table function
6:55PM 0 openNLP package
6:33PM 2 Sweave in 2.13.1
5:27PM 1 Fwd: construct boxplots from data with varying column widths
5:25PM 0 Problem with Snowball & RWeka
4:09PM 2 expression() and axis labels
4:02PM 1 error on my loop function
3:19PM 1 construct boxplots from data with varying column widths
2:26PM 1 How does locpoly (KernSmooth package) estimate densities?
2:21PM 1 Creating composite factor and changing format from character to factor
1:55PM 1 Max within groups
12:17PM 2 ecdf() to nls() - how to transform data?
10:43AM 1 constrained logit (logistic regression) estimatrion
9:29AM 2 Finding all rows of a matrix equal to vector
8:08AM 2 Utility function to apply a scale object on another data frame
7:20AM 1 How to display the info replaced by ellipsis in str and summary?
6:04AM 0 R sign test for censored data
5:49AM 1 customize output in Excel and creating reports in word.
4:10AM 4 Z-test
Friday July 15 2011
11:46PM 1 Multiple ggplot in a single plot
11:25PM 2 help page becomes unavailable after a package is reinstalled
10:10PM 3 summarized data set - how to use an "occurs" field
9:29PM 2 Convert continuous variable into discrete variable
9:05PM 2 scaling advice
8:45PM 1 Add permanently environment variable
8:14PM 0 Migration Analysis?
8:11PM 4 barplot question
6:06PM 1 running previous versions of R
5:54PM 1 transforming year.weeknumber into dates
5:05PM 0 turning coefficients into an lm obect
5:01PM 1 Error Message Help: Differing Number of Rows
4:40PM 2 Problem in installing rJava from source
4:15PM 2 Odd behaviour of as.POSIXct
2:29PM 3 Querying RData Files, SQL style?
11:50AM 1 Out of Sample Prediction Interval/Point Estimate
11:21AM 3 Drawing a histogram from a massive dataset
10:20AM 2 plot a vertical column of colored rectangles
9:20AM 1 searching and replacing in a data frame.
6:57AM 1 Plotting survival curves from a Cox model with time dependent covariates
4:17AM 1 combining elements in a data frame
1:39AM 1 validate survival with val.surv
1:18AM 6 how to order each element according to alphabet
12:44AM 0 Font problem
Thursday July 14 2011
11:57PM 1 Calculate Az (A sub z) with R?
11:41PM 0 Non-negative least squares for sparse matrix
11:11PM 1 Export Unicode characters from R
10:47PM 5 Splitting one column value into multiple rows
10:24PM 1 Bar chart in ascending order for each level of X
10:15PM 1 (no subject)
9:40PM 0 Cost-sensitive classification
9:32PM 1 Correct behavior of Hmisc::capitalize()?
9:03PM 1 Error: "non-numeric argument to binary operator"
8:29PM 1 WLS regression, lm() with weights as a matrix
8:28PM 1 random selection of elements from a matrix
8:23PM 0 nlme gls errors
7:05PM 2 cbind in aggregate formula - based on an existing object (vector)
6:27PM 1 Repating a loop of lm function with different columns of database
6:09PM 1 Amelia_Multiple_Imputation_with_observational_priors_noms
6:02PM 1 LME and overall treatment effects
5:59PM 1 Simple clustering help
3:35PM 5 Adding rows based on column value
3:12PM 1 rgl: reproduce final state of interactive plot?
3:05PM 2 R package: pbatR
2:33PM 1 SQldf with sqlite and H2
1:39PM 1 plotting x y z data from an irregular grid
12:43PM 1 calculating distance inland from coastline
12:05PM 0 Gui editor / viewer for large data
11:51AM 2 Problem with x labels of barplot
10:42AM 1 t-test on a data-frame.
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 14
9:03AM 2 Add a density line to a cumulative histogram - second try
8:56AM 0 Var.calc in Matching
6:53AM 1 recursive function - finding connections
4:15AM 1 glm() scale parameters and predicted Values
Wednesday July 13 2011
11:14PM 2 Adding vertical space before and after Sweave chunk
11:01PM 3 Sum weights of independent variables across models (AIC)
10:56PM 2 plotting date data over couple of months
10:08PM 1 Plotting parametrized curves (2D or 3D)
9:55PM 1 dev.off and Cairo and ggplot2
9:00PM 1 apsrtable package notes no longer working?
8:15PM 1 R in Batch mode
7:31PM 1 Tukey HSD with repeated measure ANOVA
7:20PM 1 Smart legend ???
6:53PM 2 Very slow optim()
6:38PM 2 Executing a function correctly
5:22PM 1 Add coordinates at specific points...
5:14PM 1 UNIX diff function
5:02PM 0 Toroidal Edge Correction for a 3-d point pattern
4:11PM 1 AR-GARCH with additional variable - estimation problem
3:46PM 1 Error non-numeric argument to binary operator
3:32PM 3 Colors in R
2:33PM 0 total offtopic
12:48PM 0 How to predict significant dominant regions of two sequence of numeric values by Hidden Markov Model
12:42PM 1 max possible rsquare
12:09PM 2 Import big xml data
11:31AM 3 adding text to spplot
10:03AM 2 Package rrcov, functions PcaCov, PcaHubert, PcaGrid
9:59AM 2 Meaning of "%%"
9:46AM 7 Error when writing to Excel files using the packages xlsx and xlsx2
9:42AM 0 How to get a gradient of a matrix
9:22AM 1 Scaling in SVM
9:05AM 1 How to remove last 3 letters
8:52AM 0 venn diagram color using "venn"
8:23AM 5 How to read 20 columns from the file
7:56AM 2 3D density plot of point set
7:47AM 0 image problem in 2.13.1
7:41AM 0 Multi Output Regression datasets
7:28AM 1 venn diagram in percentage
6:10AM 0 Smoothed Maximum Score estimator
5:23AM 2 life table and Kaplan-Meier
3:40AM 1 question on formula and terms.formula()
3:33AM 1 Hardy Weinberg Case Control Test in gap R package
1:23AM 1 exponent function help??
12:40AM 3 Rcompression on MAC - where is it?
Tuesday July 12 2011
11:53PM 1 LOESS function Newton optimization
11:34PM 1 problem plotting points based on different values
11:26PM 1 spatial logit help
9:28PM 2 foreach not recognizing functions in memory
8:37PM 1 suggestions regarding reading in a messy file
8:17PM 3 when to use `which'?
7:41PM 2 Generating a histogram with R
7:21PM 4 qplot and for loops
6:38PM 2 Deviance of zeroinfl/hurdle models
6:13PM 1 Question re complex survey design and cure models
5:21PM 1 installation of package 'mapproj' had non-zero exit status
5:18PM 1 Explain how it gets back out?
5:11PM 1 What's wrong with my code? (Edited version-added my data)
5:09PM 1 How to "smoothen" a geodata set in R
4:57PM 2 For applying formula in rows
4:26PM 3 Role of na.rm inside mean()
4:24PM 1 Subsetting NaN values in localG()
3:15PM 1 What's wrong with my code?
2:40PM 0 Adding a correlation value (like Rsquared) to a 4 parameter logistic fit model.
2:12PM 1 how to find out whether a string is a factor?
1:50PM 7 FW: lasso regression
1:29PM 1 Print file updated/created date to console?
1:18PM 1 fixed effects Tobit, Honore style?
1:12PM 1 High density scatter plot with logarithmic binning
1:07PM 1 applying function to multiple columns of a matrix
12:57PM 1 Cross K Ripley's function and "spatio-temporal interaction power"
12:48PM 1 matplot with dates/times on horizontal axis
12:42PM 3 Reorganize data fram
12:00PM 1 Avoiding loops to detect number of coincidences
11:31AM 2 MC-Simulation with foreach: Some cores finish early
11:27AM 3 Help in error removal
10:58AM 2 time zone - any practical solution?
10:53AM 0 timezones - any practical solution?
10:32AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 12
9:27AM 2 apply (or similar preferred) for multiple columns
8:38AM 3 "as.numeric"
8:16AM 0 Brier score for extended Cox model
7:51AM 1 Creating a zero matrix when a condition doesn´t get it
6:15AM 1 Running R on a Computer Cluster in the Cloud - cloudnumbers.com
2:16AM 1 Connecting to Empress DB using RODBC
1:24AM 2 Plot command overwrites existing plot in multiple figure plot
Monday July 11 2011
10:29PM 1 How to generate same type of graphs using the previously written commands for a few hundred similar data sets?
10:21PM 0 invalid subscript type 'list'
10:03PM 3 user input.
9:53PM 0 Revolutions Blog: June Roundup
9:21PM 3 fitdistr() Error
9:06PM 1 Robust vce for heckman estimators
9:04PM 1 Spectral Coherence
8:57PM 1 Named numeric vectors with the same value but different names return different results when used as thresholds for calculating true positives
8:11PM 0 Matrix operation with apply family functions
7:39PM 1 Ifelse statement
7:28PM 3 Intransitive DAG
7:18PM 1 plot means ?
7:14PM 1 Summation resulting in a list?
5:39PM 3 quantile regression: out of memory error
4:48PM 2 Extract only the values from a row
4:31PM 1 grep lines before or after pattern matched?
4:18PM 0 Zero Columns/Rows in Hessian Matrix
4:15PM 1 EXTERNAL: Re: subset with aggregate key
4:08PM 4 Save generic plot to file (before rendering to device)
3:55PM 2 best way to aggregate / rearrange data.frame with different data types
3:51PM 2 problem with 'predict'
3:07PM 1 GLS - Plotting Graphs with 95% conf interval
2:51PM 1 Finding Confidence Intervals
2:36PM 3 Stacked bar plot of frequency vs time
2:36PM 0 Getis-Ord Gi* (Hot Spot Analysis)
1:55PM 1 problem finding p-value for entropy in reldist package
12:39PM 3 NetCDF, open *.nc
11:43AM 0 subset with aggregate key
10:38AM 1 Sweave in R 2.13.1 doesn't support cp1250 encoding
9:23AM 2 running mean in blocks
8:49AM 2 How unzip all files?
7:55AM 2 lm: mark sample used in estimation
6:53AM 0 Help with project function in rgdal library
3:05AM 1 R2WinBUGS problem: bugs - storage.mode error
2:29AM 1 Is there a better way ?
1:09AM 2 problems with ifelse??
Sunday July 10 2011
10:17PM 2 Help regarding tersvirta.test
7:52PM 1 help with Code
7:32PM 1 Code Help
7:22PM 3 Dataset in parts - how to join together?
4:27PM 1 Chebyshev Inequality — MVUE
4:25PM 1 Help with tryCatch
3:03PM 1 How do I get two levels of grouping for in a lattice panel function?
10:16AM 3 change legend character size in image.plot
9:37AM 1 Package "survival" --- Difference of coxph strata with subset?
7:44AM 1 readSeries
4:55AM 1 Odds Ratio for evaluating Diagnostic tests
3:24AM 2 grey colored lines and overwriting labels i qqplot2
12:49AM 3 OpenOffice ods spreadsheets in R?
Saturday July 9 2011
11:02PM 4 "Delete row" takes ages. alternative?!
7:46PM 3 Confusing piece of R code
7:38PM 1 Eliminate level information
7:11PM 0 Return Level in "ismev"
5:31PM 3 Basic vector logic not working
4:35PM 1 PERMANOVA+ and adonis in vegan package
2:12PM 1 Suppressing the labelling of tick marks on ggplot2
11:30AM 5 Storing and managing custom R functions for re-use
11:12AM 2 Meta-analysis with zero values for mean and sd. Continuous data.
10:16AM 1 Meta-analysis with zero values for mean and sd
10:14AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 9
8:40AM 1 SpatialPolygonsDataFrame holes problem
8:20AM 3 Using str() in a function.
Friday July 8 2011
11:31PM 2 Excel export date format
10:54PM 1 lattice: How to vertically adjust an axis label?
10:42PM 2 manipulating "by" lists and "ave()" functions
10:39PM 1 binary conversion list to data.frame with plyr... AND NO LOOPS!
10:00PM 0 homogenized cells problem with IF
9:34PM 1 computing functions with Euler's number (e^n)
8:39PM 1 Referencing a vector of data labels in ggplot function
8:15PM 5 For column values-Quality control
7:16PM 2 Selecting subset of a given vector
7:07PM 0 How to generate heterosced?astic random numbers?
7:07PM 1 Tom Short's R cheat sheet
6:47PM 1 Working in subdirectories
5:44PM 1 Extremum index from a sampling time series data
5:31PM 4 How to label specific points on a scatterplot
5:17PM 1 Visualizing a dissimilarity matrix in Euclidean space
4:15PM 1 How to generate heteroscedastic random numbers?
3:06PM 1 Getting wrong NA values using "for" cmd
2:55PM 3 Simple conditional plot
2:41PM 3 ASCII values to Decimal
2:32PM 2 Using Windows 7 Task Scheduler with R source scripts
2:26PM 0 Model fit using mcexact from exactLoglinTest
12:45PM 1 coxme for random effects only model
12:32PM 1 survConcordance with 'counting' type Surv()
12:20PM 2 Vertical Labels in plot graph - normally working fine but not on this graph
12:12PM 0 How to Get option prices of first date and expiry date alone
11:48AM 0 reference on graph theory
10:46AM 0 R-help: need help in obtaining training data and predictions for neural networks
10:20AM 3 Making a new package: licence
10:16AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 8
10:16AM 0 R 2.13.1 is released
9:25AM 0 Fwd: logistic regression with combination to distributed lag
9:22AM 4 Using t tests
9:22AM 2 problem to set CRAN mirror
8:26AM 3 Simple R graph question
6:27AM 2 vectors cross-product V1 x V2
6:03AM 0 ANNOUNCE -- Rjms package, message publishing using rJava and ActiveMQ
4:24AM 2 How to convert matrix with frequency & variable to vector?
12:47AM 1 Confused about a warning message
Thursday July 7 2011
10:52PM 0 question about Rmpfr use in *apply and list output
10:46PM 1 Polynomial fitting
10:23PM 2 elimination duplicate elements sampling!
9:55PM 1 Confidence bands in ggplot2
9:18PM 1 Naive Bayes Classifier
8:49PM 0 ROC plot with SEC and SPC as input
8:40PM 2 subset from a dataset after comparing its one column to a related vector
8:23PM 2 gdata read.xls() values format problem
7:27PM 0 fraction [a] a partitioning of variation
7:21PM 3 How to make matrix missing data 0
7:14PM 1 Packages for quasi-symmetry and quasi-independence
7:00PM 4 Return invisible list
6:54PM 2 kripp.alph error message
6:30PM 1 apply family functions (tapply, sapply, mapply etc)
6:27PM 1 Discussion on time series analysis and the use and misuse of Differencing
5:58PM 0 Can't reproduce ada example
5:09PM 2 How do I overlay two trellis plots of lme fitted lines produced by plot.augPred?
4:58PM 1 deming regresion to make 2 variables comparable
4:38PM 2 Multiple line graphs
4:21PM 1 Working with string
4:10PM 1 Select element out of several ncdf variables
3:28PM 1 Automated stepwise multiple linear regression
2:49PM 0 Question regarding to joint model using JM package
2:37PM 2 data format
2:36PM 3 AR vs ARIMA question
2:09PM 3 coefficients lm of data.frame
1:38PM 1 Taking inputs from the user
1:35PM 1 vector of dates
11:27AM 1 Generalized Logistic and Richards Curve
10:13AM 1 R-help Digest, Vol 101, Issue 7
10:01AM 1 Simple inheritance check fails (integer from numeric)
9:48AM 0 Parsing Apache Combined Log Format in R with regex
8:18AM 1 datastructure for multi-choice factors
7:54AM 0 Mediation with censored outcome
6:56AM 0 Problem with varpart (vegan library)
3:41AM 1 Substring a column vector
3:27AM 0 CAPdiscrim error in BiodiversityR
12:58AM 4 Simulating from the null distribution of a 2 x 3 table
12:03AM 0 Seasonal correlations
Wednesday July 6 2011
11:32PM 3 identifying a 'run' in a vector
10:37PM 1 The BiodiversityR can't work
10:01PM 1 problem loading rgdal with Rapache, problem solved due to libexpat with apache.
9:02PM 1 How to Execute A Query Stored In Access 2007
8:51PM 0 Piecewise distribution function estimation with Generalized Pareto for tail
8:45PM 1 help with nprmpi
8:43PM 3 finding the intersection of two vectors
8:37PM 4 Showing which bars in a bar chart are significantly different
7:31PM 1 question about getting things out of an lapply
7:24PM 1 accessing names of lists in a list
7:22PM 1 Dealing with missing values in a linear mixed model
7:17PM 1 trouble parsing a date using strptime()
6:13PM 0 significant results with KW but not in post-hoc test
6:06PM 3 Split a row vector into columns
5:18PM 1 Writing dataframes side by side in a file
4:42PM 0 working with values from ranef()
3:35PM 0 matching, treatment effect-ATT and Zelig package
3:35PM 1 elegant way of removing NA's and selecting specific values from a data.frame
3:31PM 1 Create simulated data's using mvrnorm
3:27PM 2 wgcna
3:19PM 1 Install.package error
2:37PM 2 time zone issue - beginners question
2:31PM 0 mlogit: nested model with constant option in degenerate partition
1:50PM 1 relative euclidean distance
1:40PM 3 Reshape from long to wide format with date variable
12:47PM 1 including figures in html documentation/help
12:41PM 1 Subset creates row_names column when exported to MYSQL
11:36AM 3 Tables and merge
11:10AM 1 superimposing network graphs
10:41AM 7 aggregation question
10:06AM 1 Group Data indexed by n Variables
9:11AM 0 knapsack problem limitation
8:09AM 1 permil symbol linux
7:25AM 2 BY GROUP in evir R package
7:11AM 0 Probability calculation....
6:24AM 0 How to use "Update" for an object of clss GOGARCH
6:19AM 1 gradient generation
5:41AM 1 matching items in a data frame
4:26AM 1 How to compare ratio from multiple groups?
3:49AM 0 Leverage values in VGLM
1:28AM 1 arma estimated return
12:49AM 0 Retaining ID # with factor.scores procedure
12:46AM 2 how to best present concentrated data points/ ggplot2
Tuesday July 5 2011
11:16PM 4 Create a data frame of all possible unique combinations of factors
10:08PM 3 plotting survival curves (multiple curves on single graph)
10:03PM 0 function to compute pvalue for comparing two ROC curves
8:27PM 4 if else lop
6:55PM 1 Survival Analysis
6:21PM 2 sample function with different proportions
5:36PM 2 Matrix 3d plot
5:17PM 3 Output data frame using write.table
4:53PM 1 hash table access, vector access &c
2:28PM 1 if else loop
1:01PM 0 Prettier axis labels when using log (or exp!!) scales in Lattice (follow up)
11:41AM 3 problem in reading a sequence file
11:00AM 1 Executing a function several time, how to save the output
10:30AM 0 Problems in converting data points to functional data
10:29AM 1 How to translate string to variable inside a command in an easy way in R
10:20AM 1 condlogic.ff
4:57AM 1 Create factor variable by groups
2:42AM 0 Seasonality of time series
12:42AM 2 Stuck ...can't get sapply and xmlTreeParse working
Monday July 4 2011
11:50PM 0 Bad Confirmation String
10:47PM 1 [R-SIG-Finance] FinCenter in timeSeries with "merge", "cbind" and "rbind"
8:24PM 1 R CMD SHLIB with ifort
6:32PM 1 placing multiple rows in a single row
6:24PM 1 How to merge two files
6:22PM 2 clustering based on most significant pvalues does not separate the groups!
4:45PM 1 Rpad library
4:35PM 1 forecast: bias in sampling from seasonal Arima model?
1:41PM 2 I need help for creating a "timevar"
1:22PM 3 modification of cross-validations in rpart
12:35PM 1 Prevent 'R CMD check' from reporting "NA"/"NA_character_" missmatch?
11:21AM 3 Unusual graph- modified wind rose perhaps?
9:58AM 1 writeLines + foreach/doMC
9:48AM 4 How to build a matrix of number of appearance?
9:34AM 3 loop in optim
9:33AM 0 rgdal 0.7-1 release
8:11AM 5 Wrong environment when evaluating and expression?
7:47AM 4 Protecting R code
5:00AM 0 R hangs. Uninstall/reinstall seems insufficient.
4:48AM 2 RWinEdt problem
4:40AM 1 wavelets
1:52AM 1 superimposing different plot types in lattice panel.superpose
Sunday July 3 2011
5:22PM 1 Isolines in vector format
5:22PM 0 optim()
4:33PM 1 semi correlation
11:16AM 1 PROBLEM IN R version 2.13.0 (2011-04-13)
9:13AM 1 using Arial font
8:48AM 1 covariance matrix TL-moments
7:48AM 0 help for hierarchial regression output
4:51AM 1 Error with package xlsx
12:52AM 3 Hint improve my code
Saturday July 2 2011
11:07PM 1 Simulating inhomogeneous Poisson process without loop
8:51PM 1 R for Windows - 5 stars award on Windows 7 Download
7:40PM 5 How many times occurs
6:51PM 2 Repeating a function in R
6:35PM 1 Speed Advice for R --- avoid data frames
5:32PM 5 %dopar% parallel processing experiment
4:36PM 2 Vector of functions
3:45PM 0 comparing hazard ratios
1:03PM 3 (no subject)
12:37PM 1 Error when using plot in diag.panel argument of pairs
11:59AM 1 Need help with my R- Project
9:56AM 0 The test of randomized slopes(intercepts)
6:05AM 1 Plot error in package lme4
Friday July 1 2011
11:46PM 1 Reverse legend label order in barplot
10:20PM 1 beginner question - effective way to chart sleep habits
10:05PM 0 a question about girafe
9:50PM 4 Access only part of last dimension of table/matrix
9:10PM 2 Initiating in BNArray
9:09PM 1 Poisson GLM with a logged dependent variable...just asking for trouble?
8:10PM 1 RMySQL, RODBC, dbReadTable and ISO-8859-1 (Spanish data)
5:31PM 1 how to apply several math/logic operations on columns/rows of a matrix
4:47PM 13 For help in R coding
4:14PM 2 Eliminating a row if something happens
3:15PM 0 new version of samr package
3:02PM 2 regexp problem
2:11PM 2 SNOW libraries/functions, rGenoud
2:10PM 3 Multilevel Survival Analysis - Cox PH Model
1:47PM 1 Writing Complex Formulas
1:01PM 0 stringr 0.5
12:53PM 0 How to filter XY pairs of inacurate gps position along track, taking into account the time index to not mix track from different days in one average track
12:32PM 1 defining new variable
10:52AM 2 methods package not loaded by default when using Rscript in R2.13
9:24AM 3 multiple moderated regression steps
8:16AM 0 help optimize
7:01AM 1 How to fit ARMA model
3:08AM 2 merge function
12:46AM 2 Help fix last line of my optimization code
12:02AM 1 highlighting clusters in a heatmap