R help - Apr 2011

Saturday April 30 2011
11:18PM 3 indexing into a data.frame using another data.frame that also contains values for replacement
7:28PM 3 using tapply with multiple variables
7:18PM 1 Sys.getenv at startup is not working properly
5:27PM 4 QQ plot for normality testing
4:47PM 2 recommendation on B for validate.lrm () ?
4:27PM 3 Copying to R a rectangular array from a Java class
2:47PM 0 bootcov or robcov for odds ratio?
2:44PM 1 help with a survplot
2:26PM 2 create namespace without creating a package?
12:28PM 2 Psuedoinverse of a Non-square Matrix
11:15AM 0 monthly means of ts object
11:06AM 1 More flexible aggregate / eval
10:26AM 0 Conditional mode estimates in npconmode
6:17AM 1 Sorting dataframe by number of occurrences of factor
Friday April 29 2011
11:41PM 1 regular expression in gsub() for strings with leading backslash
10:15PM 0 Least square with Bounds
9:49PM 1 Use nparcomp function from nparcomp library to run post hoc
8:27PM 4 For loop and sqldf
8:14PM 1 --mem-vsize in R
7:47PM 6 Bigining with a Program of SVR
7:39PM 0 using R in C#
7:31PM 1 Analysis and graphics by groups
7:26PM 1 Conditonal Rank
7:14PM 1 RCurl and postForm()
6:29PM 0 mlogit package, "Error in X[omitlines, ] <- NA : subscript out of bounds"
5:42PM 1 The bin/R file - hardcoded paths
4:29PM 1 logistic regression with glm: cooks distance and dfbetas are different compared to SPSS output
3:39PM 1 Regression Summary for a List
3:27PM 1 importing and filtering time series data
3:19PM 2 read.csv fails to read a CSV file from google docs
3:10PM 1 Specify custom par(mfrow()) layout for defined plot()
2:43PM 1 Problem with qualitative variables in anova
2:14PM 0 Trying to get RWeka/Snowball to work
1:37PM 4 threshold matrix
1:14PM 2 abline outside of plot region
1:06PM 1 Element by Element addition of the columns of a Matrix
11:09AM 0 Summer student internship placement at University of York / YCCSA / SEI (paid)
11:07AM 0 is there a way/library for generating colorful noise in R ??
10:47AM 1 3-way contingency table
10:45AM 2 replace non numeric with "NA"
10:35AM 4 plot several histograms with same y-axes scaling using hist()
10:03AM 2 Reference variables by string in for loop
9:10AM 1 question of VECM restricted regression
9:04AM 0 Plot multiple ctrees in the same figure
8:27AM 1 matrix evaluation using if function
7:01AM 1 bootstrapping problem
6:05AM 2 Still confused about classes
3:21AM 3 Change the text size of the title in a legend of a R plot.
3:08AM 3 How to define specially nested functions
1:46AM 3 why doesn't ifelse work ?
12:02AM 1 Handling of irregular time series in lineChart
Thursday April 28 2011
11:49PM 1 Undefined columns selected
10:37PM 1 using lme4 with three nested random effects
10:15PM 3 Problem loading quantreg
9:58PM 1 Variance
9:44PM 0 run r scripts (tinn) via command
9:40PM 4 Line numbers of scan(0
9:33PM 1 Nomograms from rms' fastbw output objects
8:56PM 2 Generating a best fit line for non linear data
7:53PM 3 subset without removing NAs
7:49PM 1 Subscript out of Bounds
7:45PM 5 fisher exact for > 2x2 table
7:13PM 2 Subsetting Data
6:09PM 3 Putting x-axis in opposite order
5:27PM 3 Speed up code with for() loop
4:30PM 1 Help ave() function
4:17PM 0 help needed with LU decomposition: problem with sparse
4:13PM 0 fit a marked poisson process using a quadrature scheme with 'spatstat'
4:01PM 4 how to generate a normal distribution with mean=1, min=0.2, max=0.8
3:43PM 0 How to average outputs
3:23PM 1 Coding design with repeated measurements in the survey package
3:00PM 1 Merging two columns of a data frame
2:30PM 1 visualizing bootstrapped dendrogram
2:16PM 2 for loop with global variables
1:37PM 0 Generate normally distributed correlation matrix
1:18PM 3 Simple General Statistics and R question (with 3 line example) - get z value from pairwise.wilcox.test
12:43PM 1 Best Practices for submitting packages to CRAN
11:52AM 0 Help with multi-response multiple factor model with varying number of factors
11:39AM 2 changing a specific column name
11:31AM 1 Extract complete rows by group and maximum
11:30AM 2 Problem installing package "sp" in R 2.13.0
11:26AM 5 R forum for only Statistics
9:17AM 1 DLSODA error
9:11AM 0 search functions for use on vector of ordered data
8:25AM 1 AutomaticTRUE/FALSE Matrix Generation
7:56AM 1 "competitive risk model"
3:00AM 2 gridBase Base Plot Positioning
2:33AM 1 Trying to perform an inner loop a random number of times
2:31AM 1 Problems downloading statmod cran package
2:22AM 0 Read function that detects format automatically
Wednesday April 27 2011
11:24PM 1 Reading file
9:27PM 0 data.table 1.6 is now on CRAN
9:22PM 3 Kolmogorov-Smirnov test
9:17PM 2 ROCR for combination of markers
8:55PM 3 MASS fitdistr with plyr or data.table?
8:43PM 0 Using df and pf
7:37PM 0 Rule-based regression models: Cubist
7:08PM 1 ctree and survival problem
6:00PM 2 Writing Macros for RExcel
5:55PM 2 Convert filogenetic tree to binary matrix
5:23PM 3 Question on list object
4:16PM 0 treatment of factors and errors in ridge() function with coxph
4:00PM 1 glmnet package: penalty.factor option
3:54PM 1 applying uniroot function to each element in vector
3:42PM 4 Pause the execution of a function
3:34PM 1 bwlpot problems: printing, and tick labels
2:41PM 1 centroid representation and MANOVA
2:34PM 1 paste function by INDICES
1:43PM 1 Attempting to access an R list from within C code
1:16PM 3 setting options only inside functions
1:15PM 1 msvcr80.dll is missing
12:50PM 1 str() without any details - only structure? (removing elements from list)
12:38PM 0 Turning a vector into a matrix based on a matrix of vector indices
12:15PM 1 read.table: fill=T for header?
11:59AM 1 Eval to write many files
11:46AM 2 arch=i386
11:30AM 3 calculations with vectors of unequal length
11:24AM 1 quantmod: Error in charToDate(x)
11:04AM 3 fast way to compare two matrices
10:49AM 1 lattice wireframe with logarithmically scaled axis?
9:59AM 2 Instances of a C++ class in R
9:46AM 0 Kruskal.test
9:39AM 0 lavaan version 0.4-8
9:36AM 6 Assignments inside lapply
9:16AM 3 Speed up plotting to MSWindows graphics window
9:02AM 2 multiple comparisons on a between factor
8:03AM 2 Empty Data Frame
7:32AM 0 spikeSlabGAM
7:01AM 5 Fitting gamma and exponential Distributions with fitdist
6:23AM 1 matrix of higher order differences
2:15AM 1 Problem about step and stepAIC
12:13AM 2 sub-matrix block size
Tuesday April 26 2011
11:37PM 1 Problems saving an Object called by get
10:55PM 0 calculate probability circles
10:51PM 1 Barplot for degree distribution
10:22PM 1 logistic regression: wls and unbalanced samples
10:19PM 3 density plot of simulated exponential distributed data
9:29PM 2 Undestanding return()
9:28PM 2 matrix
8:43PM 1 Least Squares Method
8:15PM 3 Normality tests
8:06PM 0 Questions about 'heatmap.2' function
7:54PM 0 plot() under Rserve
7:47PM 0 Segmented Error Message
7:06PM 1 About snow packages
6:09PM 6 Tell the difference between characters
5:46PM 1 separate and arrange outputs
4:20PM 1 Hook into Coercion Framework for data.frame
3:58PM 0 Problem with lapply and splitted variables
2:57PM 1 splitting and reorganising a data.frame
1:19PM 0 Immutable ticks using ts.plot?
12:19PM 1 Running Fortran code from R
12:01PM 7 Second largest element from each matrix row
11:45AM 2 R plot : hat symbol and cex.lab
10:19AM 0 VIP extraction
10:08AM 2 what's wrong with plot(..., type="p")?
8:18AM 2 RStudio -manipulate command
7:23AM 0 unknownR : you didn't know you didn't know?
4:48AM 1 rJava Help
1:29AM 1 Install and Configure RSQLite in Ubuntu
Monday April 25 2011
10:29PM 1 Trouble Passing a for loop variable (iteration #) to a data frame
9:39PM 2 Problem installing XML in Ubuntu 10.10
9:28PM 1 split data frame by factor
8:50PM 3 My code is too "loopy"
7:59PM 0 Rook: software and specification for R web applications and servers
7:53PM 9 Factor function
7:28PM 3 Generalized Linear Model
5:58PM 2 extracting names from matrix according to a condition
5:52PM 3 About How to check if a html directory exists
5:28PM 1 Help with objects
5:19PM 2 Problem with ddply in the plyr-package: surprising output of a date-column
4:42PM 0 Problem with grid's text-based units and TrueType fonts
4:03PM 1 R equivalent to (D)QDAWO in Fortran?
1:54PM 0 R workshop in Hamilton, Ontario, May 24 and 25
1:20PM 0 Survival analysis: same subject with multiple treatments
1:01PM 4 blank space escape sequence in R?
12:39PM 0 probit regression marginal effects
10:17AM 4 regular expression for nth character in a string
9:46AM 1 Defining origin for rotation in RGL device
7:58AM 3 Question on Import
4:42AM 1 average among one factor in a nested dataframe
2:26AM 1 return code 10 in the R documentation
Sunday April 24 2011
11:00PM 2 Random Normal Variable Correlated to an Existing Binomial Variable
9:21PM 1 merge with origin information in new variable names
8:10PM 3 If Then Trouble
4:51PM 1 How to offer a patch to a help page?
3:20PM 0 should I use setRefClass() ?
2:16PM 1 EM vs Bayesian
10:10AM 1 set.seed( ) function
4:44AM 1 how to assemble data frame of unknown number of columns in loop
2:19AM 2 help with "\" in strings
12:38AM 2 Multi-dimensional non-linear fitting - advice on best method?
12:37AM 2 How to erase (replace) certain elements in the data.frame?
Saturday April 23 2011
11:04PM 1 Pass String from R to C
6:57PM 2 Loop and Solver with Black/Scholes-Formula
6:31PM 2 replace certain elements in data frame
6:10PM 1 R_qsort decreasing =T
6:07PM 4 random typing over text
6:02PM 0 nnet Multinom output of ordered predictors
6:00PM 1 Arguments to order()
5:51PM 1 Assigning variables using a loop
1:26PM 1 Vertical bwplot and stripplot
1:05PM 1 Removing row with smallest value, for a given factor
10:31AM 1 simple loop questions
10:25AM 2 Could I use R function lm or nlm in C code?
7:53AM 0 Using "procGPA" in library "shapes" for one dimension
3:55AM 3 Problem having tick marks aligned when plotting three graphs on top of one another.
2:51AM 2 Using Java methods in R
2:35AM 1 How to delete an entire row, if a specific colum has the value of "#VALUE!"
12:26AM 0 MASS fitdistr call in plyr help!
Friday April 22 2011
10:30PM 2 statistic Q
9:52PM 1 indexing list elements with lapply?
8:27PM 1 convert string to variable
7:42PM 3 Parametrized object name in Save statement
6:37PM 1 Create 2x2 table from summary data and run chi square test.
6:16PM 1 Insert regression coefficients in a graphic.
6:10PM 2 Convert a presence/ absence matrix to a list of presence only
5:45PM 1 Paste problem when looping variable assignments
5:31PM 1 histogram of dates
5:02PM 2 filling array with functions
5:01PM 1 post-hoc test (glht?) which takes treatment into account not just explanatory variable overall
4:17PM 1 trends regarding memory limitations for R use under Linux
4:13PM 1 applying a function over a matrix 2N x M to produce a matrix N x M
2:00PM 1 Survival analysis: same subject with multiple treatments and experience multiple events
1:59PM 1 How to generate normal mixture random variables with given covariance function
1:53PM 0 combining from two samples with restrictions
12:40PM 2 writing/appending a text file
12:25PM 2 Two Copies of Each Message
11:27AM 1 ggplot
9:23AM 3 Reading a TIFF file
8:45AM 2 Image as a vector of values
7:19AM 2 ploting continuos function
3:56AM 2 Matching a vector with a matrix row
3:42AM 2 How to answer the question about transitive correlation?
3:34AM 1 Seeking help re: ? single apply command or an alternative
3:18AM 2 set.seed ( ) function
2:48AM 1 Dual colour ramps based on pos/neg values
Thursday April 21 2011
10:36PM 1 Rearranging PCA results from R
9:15PM 1 'Structure' compatible between Matlab and R
8:48PM 1 Package check issue: Rprofile.site is not used
8:23PM 1 Rearranging columns with cbind
8:22PM 1 image function with large matrices
7:28PM 4 all combinations with replacement
7:26PM 1 Accounting for overdispersion in a mixed-effect model with a proportion response variable and categorical explanatory variables.
7:23PM 1 Sorting values within a raster
7:18PM 0 usage of dsstd function in fGarch package
7:08PM 6 What does the "<<-" operator mean?
6:28PM 1 one-way ANOVA model, with one factor, an unbalanced design and unequal variances
5:37PM 2 Error in png: unable to start png() device
5:01PM 0 Expanding the list of fonts used in PDFs & JPEGs
4:57PM 0 Discovery version of ASREML now free
4:22PM 3 line type lty
3:36PM 2 Converting 16-bit to 8-bit encoding?
3:24PM 1 Residuals -- was: Rcmdr vs SPSS in hungarian
3:18PM 0 Matching package argument exact
3:05PM 1 Converting from density to cumulative distribution
2:28PM 1 Rcmdr vs SPSS in hungarian
2:18PM 1 numbers and superscripts in the same unit of measurement.
2:03PM 2 combining matrices
2:03PM 1 passing a vector of variable names to the ... pairlist function argument
1:36PM 0 Problem loading rJava (win 7)
1:23PM 0 C source code question (Robustbase edition)
12:06PM 0 course: Introduction to Bayesian Data Analysis using WinBUGS and R; Summer School 2011 - Portugal
10:16AM 0 Luis Miguel Delgado Gomez/BBK está ausente de la oficina.
9:36AM 2 Retrieve model from R without save
3:22AM 0 automatic font selection, please help
3:14AM 1 Stymied by plyr
2:45AM 1 override default arguments in nested function
2:09AM 1 Help with matching rows
1:54AM 1 Error running pvals.fnc in R version 2.13.0
1:26AM 0 question on automated content analysis program
Wednesday April 20 2011
11:30PM 1 random value generation in a row
11:22PM 0 R with X_Trader XTAPI
11:13PM 1 taking rows from data.frames in list to form new data.frame?
10:43PM 1 invoking python from R
10:23PM 3 succession time series graph
9:59PM 2 question regarding qmvnorm
9:36PM 2 Rcmdr vs SPSS
9:33PM 3 Help needed!
8:46PM 1 multiple imputation
8:38PM 3 [test message] Can R replicate this data manipulation in SAS?
8:06PM 2 Include C++ DLL, error in ...: C symbol name not in load table
7:52PM 2 get cells by the combination of their column and row names
7:05PM 1 Error in dimnames(x) for Poisson EWMA model
6:49PM 0 Polynomial question solved.
6:41PM 0 polynomial question
6:40PM 0 output usage info to stdout
6:38PM 1 avoiding if-then statements for looped chi-square tests
6:37PM 0 Crouts algorithm
5:26PM 1 Expanding a VCV Matrix
5:17PM 1 Pattern match
4:39PM 1 Sqldf INSERT INTO
4:21PM 0 Class htest with non-numeric p-values
4:18PM 0 Partial Least Squares Regression independent variables
4:11PM 1 Sweave
4:03PM 2 survexp with weights
3:36PM 0 Test email #2: Please ignore
3:05PM 1 Unlist command drops all my column names in the first row and adopts NAs
3:04PM 1 How can I 'predict' from an nls model with a fit specified for separate groups?
2:04PM 2 Random Relabelling
1:37PM 1 Matrix package transpose
1:26PM 0 Test email: Please disregard
1:23PM 4 Two Questions
11:44AM 1 S: expert mailing list for general statistical questions
11:41AM 1 Extrapolating data points for individuals who lack them
11:26AM 1 lapply sequence
10:00AM 2 How to replace 'star (*)' with blank space?
9:42AM 5 Fibonacci
9:16AM 7 grid.table + splom: how to nicely align panel entries
9:06AM 0 make a shortlist of data based on blocks of binary values in one column
9:01AM 2 'Record' row values every time the binary value in a collumn changes
9:00AM 2 user input
8:59AM 2 Integrate na.rm in own defined functions
8:51AM 1 odfWeave \ odfTable and encoding
8:23AM 2 BMA, logistic regression, odds ratio, model reduction etc
7:50AM 0 Sweave stops when opening X11 device fails
7:46AM 1 Allocation of memory to a data frame
7:25AM 2 Error Installing or Updating Packages (Maybe because of a proxy)
7:14AM 1 How to get R plots with FastRweb
6:56AM 2 coercion
6:30AM 2 Saving run time in loop
3:05AM 1 counting values in multiple columns
3:00AM 1 How to check if a value of a variable is in a list
2:15AM 1 Ranked Boxplot generates an extra category?
2:15AM 0 glmnet_1.6 uploaded to CRAN
2:13AM 1 What to do with positive likelihoods
12:40AM 0 trouble with library(FrF2)
Tuesday April 19 2011
10:21PM 4 Simple question about symbols()
9:18PM 1 Source Code File For an Object
7:52PM 0 doSMP package works better than perfect, at least sometimes.
7:19PM 2 Simple question
7:14PM 1 A small problem with PDF manuals
7:10PM 1 Subsetting a data frame by dropping correlated variables
6:53PM 0 cr.setup & predict with se.fit
6:47PM 3 problem reading csv file
5:20PM 3 How to program with colleagues
3:47PM 1 Boost library in R package.
3:42PM 1 Axes Alignment Problem for Multiple Plots
3:32PM 1 Reducing dimension of a list object
2:32PM 2 cut & histogram
1:15PM 0 Prediction in gamlss package
11:58AM 1 factor analysis - constraints
11:11AM 0 RHmm, mixture of gaussians, memory could not be "read" error
10:59AM 4 rownames in an apply function
10:10AM 0 Error message in package:bayesSurv. Why?
9:45AM 2 Robustbase source question
9:39AM 3 zero fill empty cell in data.frame
9:37AM 0 combining n imputed dataset
9:34AM 1 SPDEP Package, neighbours list for Moran's I on large grid dataset
9:30AM 2 Entire part of number
9:23AM 0 PDF help for linux
9:04AM 1 Prediction interval with GAM?
8:57AM 2 Several factors same levels
8:05AM 1 Plotting lines with equidistant points for identification
7:46AM 2 Data frame with 3 columns to matrix
7:29AM 5 Simple Missing cases Function
6:26AM 1 Rd file processing suggestion - % sign in examples
5:53AM 1 How to get the tuning parameter lamda in storey's qvalue package
3:19AM 1 Which should I use? system.file() path.package() find.package()
2:08AM 1 Define ylim in lattice plot based upon panel function output
1:51AM 1 print.raw - but convert ASCII?
1:34AM 0 How to generate orthogonal matrix with less computational cost
12:52AM 1 How to Extract Information from SIMEX Output
12:51AM 1 Where did my packages go ?
12:47AM 2 Markov transition matrices , missing transitions for certain years
Monday April 18 2011
11:55PM 1 having trouble with "R CMD INSTALL"
11:40PM 1 Extract indices after comparing two vectors
10:56PM 0 apply lm.beta() to rlm object (robust regression)
10:34PM 2 SQLDF syntax
10:18PM 2 Predicting with a principal component regression model: "non-conformable arguments" error
10:05PM 1 Way OT: Anyone know where to get data on relationship between education and salary
9:41PM 2 A question regarding RFreak
9:31PM 3 Power Analysis
8:43PM 4 splom, plotmath: how to add three lines of information with alignment?
8:10PM 2 Working with massive matrices in R
7:44PM 2 as.formula doesn't want to take a phrase
7:19PM 1 using "aggregate" when variable names contain spaces
7:13PM 1 Comparing two lines - Ancova: lm or aov?
7:01PM 1 "object read.dbf" is not found
6:41PM 2 Import dbf file
6:18PM 0 mcmc simulation
5:34PM 0 Fayez_how to make the colored panels in lattice xyplot
4:57PM 0 package "sensitivity" - sobol2002 indices
4:38PM 2 How to remove the double or single quote from a string (unquote?)?
4:23PM 0 heatmap.2 - change column & row locations; angle / rotate
4:12PM 1 qvalue
4:10PM 1 Multiple Groups CFA in Lavaan
4:06PM 2 Avoiding loop
3:53PM 1 From nested loop to mclapply
3:04PM 1 Reorder a data frame according a column randomly reordered.
2:00PM 0 Help with cleaning a corpus
1:56PM 3 how to extract options for a function call
1:02PM 4 altering identity column
12:58PM 2 (no subject)
12:58PM 3 (no subject)
12:51PM 0 Modify rpart
11:20AM 2 plot and lines with time series data
10:51AM 1 XML Packge for Windows XP and R 2.12.
10:41AM 4 (no subject)
10:27AM 1 regression and lmer
8:29AM 1 mapply to lapply
7:22AM 1 Location of libraries in Windows
6:57AM 2 Windows 7, update.packages problem: "unable to move temporary installation"?
6:33AM 1 time dependent hazard ratios
4:37AM 0 error message while running IRT model
3:46AM 1 Print out data frames into neat images
3:34AM 1 cairo device and locator on windows
2:11AM 2 Using jitter function with differing variable lengths
1:59AM 1 covariance matrix: a erro and simple mixed model question, but id not know answer sorry
12:51AM 4 Deleting the last value of a vector
Sunday April 17 2011
11:48PM 2 Repeating a function
11:28PM 0 NEW ONLINE R COURSE: Fundamentals of Using R
11:24PM 1 as.Date error
10:40PM 1 different colors in a segplot centers (package latticeExtra)
8:40PM 1 URL Scan
8:21PM 1 How to retrieve a vector of a data.frame's variable attributes?
6:57PM 1 Color Key in RColorBrewer
5:29PM 1 converting data.frame into a numeric ( integer) form
2:51PM 1 side by side histogram after splitting data by year
2:26PM 1 reporting lme results
2:12PM 0 multiple instance learning
1:34PM 2 as.Date function error
11:27AM 0 R Reference Card for Data Mining
11:08AM 3 Box plot with 5th and 95th percentiles instead of 1.5 * IQR: problems implementing an existing solution...
6:41AM 1 sweave options with variable
5:51AM 5 cube root
5:16AM 0 kpss
3:04AM 2 Counting elements in columns
12:31AM 2 RJMCMC.
Saturday April 16 2011
10:01PM 1 Applying interpolation within a convex hull
9:23PM 3 if else statements in data frame
8:22PM 2 adding two colmns of a data frame
7:30PM 2 prb with data.table
6:47PM 2 (no subject)
5:38PM 1 My added packages won't load in r.2.13.0
5:37PM 1 cajolst
5:17PM 2 superimpose graphs
5:15PM 1 600 people's time series
4:39PM 1 CairoPDF, Fonts, and Windows 7
4:17PM 1 simple user input
2:35PM 1 Matching Problem: Want to match to data.frame with inexact matching identifier (one identifier has to be in the range of the other).
1:04PM 2 Rotating the x-axis labels of a barplot
12:54PM 0 Problem using package 'cgdsr' behind http proxy
10:32AM 5 Help me create a hyper-structure
10:12AM 1 Sweave, SweaveHooks and printing the label
8:28AM 0 Question abt power calculation in multistrata data using Hmisc or other package
7:58AM 0 A simple normal-curve question
7:39AM 5 how to get the plot like this by R?
6:17AM 0 regression questions (lm, lmer)
5:36AM 0 is "Gb" gigabyte or gigabit?
3:50AM 1 spatstat regression troubles
2:21AM 3 lme4 problem: model defining and effect estimation ------ question from new bird to R community from SAS community
2:20AM 1 Cannot access to PDF manuals from R console
Friday April 15 2011
11:42PM 1 How to make truncated y axis (cut mark) in R plot?
10:00PM 2 Function for deleting variables with >=50% missing obs from a data frame
9:51PM 1 Launcher for Rattle?
8:31PM 1 how to add two data.frame with the same column but different row numbers
7:57PM 1 How to view only error messages on R install in Ubuntu?
6:53PM 1 Whole genome searching of 100bp "D" sequence
6:49PM 3 Monte Carlo Simulation
6:14PM 2 Extract information from the names of a list within lapply
5:04PM 1 GLM and normality of predictors
4:18PM 1 Idetntifying nearest topographic contours to data points
4:05PM 1 question
3:01PM 3 Rsquared for anova
3:00PM 2 prediction error in ROCR package when sampled y consists of only one class
2:33PM 0 Adding Time Series to data.frame without knowing the name of teh time series
2:20PM 2 boxplot with 2 treatments and 2 variables (with 2 corresponding y-axes)
1:30PM 1 no solution yet, please help: extract p-value from mixed model in kinship package
1:29PM 2 adding a name to cross tab margins
1:25PM 1 Can't use attributes from gml file in Cytoscape
12:19PM 2 str() on a data frame with 600 variables
11:00AM 3 GLM output for deviance and loglikelihood
11:00AM 2 Sweave Executes Package Functions Twice
9:42AM 1 as.matrix strangeness
4:47AM 1 [Rcpp-devel] Find number of elements less than some number: Elegant/fastsolution needed
3:55AM 1 How to generate a correlation matrix with restrictions on its eigenvalues
2:21AM 0 RODBC with MySQL sees tables, but queries return zero rows
1:41AM 1 simulations with very large number of iterations (1 billion)
1:11AM 1 Sweave and Slides (Beamer)
Thursday April 14 2011
11:34PM 1 nesting multiple for loops
11:02PM 1 Statistical Tables Really Fast
10:23PM 1 modify particular factor levels
9:04PM 3 Creating a dataframe from a vector of character strings
8:49PM 1 predict
8:34PM 0 Query to Run R on Groovy and Grails
7:38PM 2 extract cells by columns/rows from matrix
7:34PM 3 Find number of elements less than some number: Elegant/fast solution needed
7:12PM 0 Help converting SAS Proc mixed to R code
7:07PM 1 Plotting an Underbrace in R
6:20PM 1 integer and floating-point storage
5:48PM 1 Trouble using "duleg" from labdsv
5:45PM 1 saving a regression model to a file
5:37PM 2 Conveting SAS Proc mixed to R code
5:36PM 1 Automatically extract info from Granger causality output
5:34PM 0 Reshaping and plotting tabular data
4:29PM 1 trouble with \SweaveOpts{grdevice=...}
4:24PM 2 How to see a R code from a package?
4:17PM 3 Trojan in R 2.13.0?
3:00PM 1 help on compare two ranks
2:47PM 1 problem with library tseriesChaos
2:38PM 1 how to code a restriction matrix with the following restrictions
1:48PM 4 Categorical bubble plot
12:37PM 1 Error is assocplot
11:49AM 0 obtain the probability distribution of the slope coefficient
11:16AM 0 question about optim‏
11:14AM 0 Lm.fit extracting r-squared
10:58AM 0 StructTS fitting problem - can anyone help?
10:56AM 1 Rcpp segmentation faults on the simplest code
10:25AM 0 Return Level Confidence Intervals
9:45AM 4 Problem with R 2.13.0 Task Views (on Mac)
9:29AM 2 Identify period length of time series automatically?
8:59AM 2 appending to a vector
8:16AM 2 Krylov subspace computations of matrix exponentials
8:16AM 0 Question about Autoarima and predict function
8:01AM 0 Automatic splitting/combining nested categorical variable in glm
7:51AM 1 Create matrices for time series
6:44AM 1 Hash table...
5:45AM 1 Overlaying images at nodes of phylogenetic tree
4:53AM 0 any package for Heckman selection model when the outcome equation also probit ?
4:14AM 1 mixed model random interaction term log likelihood ratio test
3:52AM 0 Density estimation and plots
3:38AM 0 extract p-value from mixed model in kinship package
3:21AM 1 Clearing Console- rm(list=ls(all=TRUE)) not working for me
2:07AM 1 if (cond) expr1 expr2 ??
12:35AM 0 tikzDevice 0.6.0
Wednesday April 13 2011
11:12PM 4 Comparison of the amount of computation
9:55PM 5 for loop performance
9:29PM 1 Time data
7:51PM 2 Line plots in base graphics
7:40PM 1 error for ttest
7:37PM 0 Data with different time lines for one analysis
7:32PM 2 setting pairwise comparisons of columns
7:18PM 1 zooreg and window
6:44PM 0 setting pairwise comparisons of columns (genes)
5:40PM 1 Previously attainable fisher's exact test
5:30PM 3 latex, eps graphics and transparent colors
4:29PM 1 add names to data frame
4:13PM 1 Extracting selected rows from a matrix to a submatix
4:06PM 3 predict()
3:57PM 2 How to get the names of all the packages that depend on a give package?
3:40PM 5 Clearing Console; of weeks of codes!
3:36PM 1 plotting line graphs for output from crosstabs function
3:32PM 1 Loading a package shared lib works in 2.12 but not 2.11
3:14PM 1 area under roc curve
3:10PM 1 Decimals in R/SQL
3:07PM 2 Wilcoxon rank sum in unbalanced design
2:58PM 2 glmnet
2:38PM 1 Overcoming warning in package zoo
1:58PM 1 Boxplot with two or more Y vectors
1:14PM 0 BackCast and Forecast with stats.arima and forecast.Arima
12:16PM 0 ddply and nlminb
11:45AM 0 iterative method in R software
11:36AM 2 FW: how to enclose two xyplot
11:17AM 1 Find characters in a matrix and return a TRUE-FALSE vector
11:17AM 0 AR(1)
10:36AM 0 ordinal predictor in anova
10:15AM 1 strategy for writing out file with lines header initiated with comment sign
9:15AM 3 R plots pdf() does not allow spotcolors?
9:03AM 0 R 2.13.0 is released
7:09AM 2 Dump the "source code" of data frame
5:54AM 0 evaluate a series of equations for a vector
4:43AM 0 Clustering help in Heat Maps
1:54AM 1 print to .jpeg
1:04AM 1 Assign with Paste Problem
12:43AM 1 What does the command diag(solve(matrix)) do?
12:11AM 1 automate package installation
12:10AM 4 is this an ANOVA ?
Tuesday April 12 2011
11:57PM 2 The three routines in R that calculate the wilcoxon signed-rank test give different p-values.......which is correct?
11:23PM 2 font and size times New Roman
10:28PM 2 Model formula for ols function (rms package)
9:39PM 2 Removing objects and clearing memory
9:28PM 1 How to set the dimension of a matrix correctly?
9:19PM 2 split string into individual valus while reading in R
8:31PM 0 calculate true autocovariance from power spectrum
7:48PM 1 Stepwise Regression with no Origin
6:20PM 2 Assign Character Value to Data Frame
5:54PM 1 Predictkion interval using regression coefficients
5:54PM 1 Using help in Windows version of R with disabled browser
5:23PM 2 a question on the use of 'solve'
5:05PM 1 Compatibility with Work Load/Resource Managers
4:29PM 0 understanding dump.frames; typo;
4:20PM 1 2-parameter MLE problems
3:17PM 1 lookup not working properly
3:02PM 1 Model checking for gam (mgcv) result
2:54PM 2 Merge matrix
2:38PM 1 Datadist error
2:16PM 1 extract element from list by rownames
1:32PM 1 Bayesian PCA
1:30PM 2 multiple lines on multiple plots
12:46PM 0 Help required
12:39PM 5 B %*% t(B) = R , then solve for B
12:17PM 2 Converting a categorical variable to multiple dichotemous variables
11:50AM 0 likelihood for new data from fitted nlme object
11:34AM 0 lapply over list and the respective name of the list item
11:32AM 4 1 continuous non-normal variable ~ 4 factors + 1 continuous covariate (with interactions)
10:02AM 1 question about optim
10:01AM 0 cross-validation complex model AUC Nagelkerke R squared code
9:31AM 1 plot3d crashes R
9:19AM 2 Testing equality of coefficients in coxph model
6:46AM 2 iterative methods in R
6:33AM 2 Optimzing a nested function
5:49AM 2 regular expression question
3:46AM 2 bind mean to a df
2:03AM 1 font Times New Roman and size 9 of labels of graphics
12:44AM 1 Is there some command or alternative using dist.dna in ape package for models not included like GTR?
Monday April 11 2011
11:57PM 0 Revolutions Blog: March Roundup
11:21PM 0 model specification: help needed
11:20PM 0 joining data based upon a moving time window?
10:09PM 1 plot - kamada.kawai layout without arrows
9:05PM 1 simple maths question
8:54PM 0 Speeding up "Multinomial Logit"/"Proportional odds model" in R vs stata?
8:29PM 1 Non linear Regression: "singular gradient matrix at initial parameter estimates"
8:16PM 1 Help on calculating a variable using random numbers
7:48PM 1 Getting many substrings but only loading the original string one time.
7:29PM 2 Plotting a quadratic line on top of an xy scatterplot
6:46PM 1 Meta-analysis of a correlation matrix
6:27PM 1 Fwd: CRAN problem with plyr-1.4.1
6:08PM 1 RExcel
5:52PM 0 Question about GAM (mgcv)
4:59PM 2 ordered logistic regression - cdplot and polr
4:44PM 1 Zoom on simple.violinplot
4:33PM 1 Problem with facet_grid in ggplot2
4:24PM 1 forest + igraph ?
3:57PM 1 Override col.lines and col.symbol in panel.xyplot with type='b'
3:49PM 4 nndist R vs. ArcGIS
3:37PM 3 Geographic distance between lat-long points in R?
3:20PM 1 read in summarised data as table()
2:53PM 1 Regression model with proportional dependent variable
2:29PM 1 good examples of plot(table())
2:11PM 1 Edate and EOmonth
12:38PM 1 Polar Plots
12:16PM 0 plyr: version 1.5
11:28AM 0 Package fgui returns error: Object of type closure is not subsettable
10:29AM 1 Comparing execution times
9:50AM 3 multiple comparisons with generalised least squares
9:49AM 1 pseudo-R by hand
9:26AM 1 Mclapply and print statement
9:15AM 1 heatmap clustering dendrogram export
7:43AM 3 Coding matrix equation
3:38AM 1 predict ordered regresssion
2:29AM 2 Specifying the color of points and the plot symbol to be used on a graph
12:52AM 1 rtmvt
Sunday April 10 2011
11:06PM 1 Help with basic loop
9:24PM 3 count number of TRUEs in each row
9:13PM 3 About Tinn-R
7:22PM 1 Fitting controlled released data
6:01PM 2 list to data frame
5:18PM 4 Password-protect R script files
3:47PM 5 Question about levels/as.numeric
3:27PM 2 howto calculate column means in data frame
1:15PM 0 Help in cluster MPI and R
10:30AM 0 Duncan's multiple range test
9:37AM 2 Multinomial Logit Model with lots of Dummy Variables
9:06AM 0 maxLik package.
8:35AM 1 MLE where loglikelihood function is a function of numerical solutions
7:43AM 3 open.exe Virus W32.ATRAPS
2:36AM 1 survival object
1:33AM 3 Adding margin text to lattice graphics
12:47AM 1 look for the package of latent class stochastic frontier
Saturday April 9 2011
9:34PM 3 Converting edgelist to symmetric matrix
7:30PM 1 loop and sapply problem, help need
6:15PM 1 Cointegration test of panel data
5:24PM 3 In need of help with correlations
4:17PM 2 Orthoblique rotation on eigenvectors (SAS VARCLUS)
2:09PM 1 Robust Statistics for Outlier Detection
12:25PM 1 Trouble with Sweave and Beamer
9:14AM 5 Yearly aggregates and matrices
9:03AM 1 For->lapply->parallel apply
8:34AM 2 glm with multiple vars
7:49AM 1 How do I make this faster?
5:40AM 0 Testing.
3:22AM 1 How to define a number of matrices through loops
2:54AM 1 Memory allocation problem
1:48AM 2 best practice(s) for retrieving a local variable from a closure
1:21AM 1 integration
12:35AM 3 In svm(), how to connect quantitative prediction result to categorical result?
12:04AM 2 A question about "txtProgressBar" function
Friday April 8 2011
11:52PM 2 Finding elements in a character vector
9:56PM 1 Package mice: Error in if (meth[j] != "") { : argument is of length zero
9:34PM 0 How to create a 3d Surface plot from a CSV file?
8:58PM 0 2 dimensional Measure of Smoothness/ Hurst Exponent questions
8:56PM 1 Runing perl script from R
8:18PM 2 a bug in "write.csv"?
8:11PM 0 gstat data formatting
6:33PM 1 statistics
6:28PM 0 dynamic argument names and values as variables inside a loop
6:11PM 2 "local({})" documentation?
5:56PM 3 a strange behavior with ifelse
4:43PM 4 Fast version of Fisher's Exact Test
4:35PM 0 How to check redundancy of variable and reduce data dimension
4:26PM 0 Fwd: The results of your email commands
3:14PM 1 multinom() residual deviance
3:13PM 0 help with arima time series forecasting
3:08PM 2 Snow/Snowfall hangs on windows 7
3:07PM 2 Removing not duplicated rows
2:33PM 2 lars - lasso problem
2:29PM 0 problem with my subscription
1:53PM 2 Quantile Regression and R
1:20PM 2 help question
1:18PM 0 Time Series Clustering for SAR data
1:16PM 1 asking about contour plot with R
12:32PM 1 Adding text labels to lattice plots with multiple panels
12:16PM 1 Estimates at each iteration
12:06PM 3 xyplot, groups and colors
11:03AM 4 Rpart decision tree
10:52AM 1 Variance of random effects: survreg()
10:44AM 4 Very simple question
9:29AM 0 plot.correlogram
7:44AM 1 Is function compiled code or not?
7:31AM 3 random sampling with levels and with replacement
4:08AM 1 R and lazy evaluation
4:07AM 1 Problem installing packages in R 2.11.1
2:30AM 5 Avoiding a loop
1:46AM 1 Sub/Superscript in plot in a loop
1:15AM 4 Simulation from discrete uniform
12:40AM 2 lattice: par.settings: custom axis.line by panel
12:15AM 7 Where is the tcltk package?
Thursday April 7 2011
11:54PM 2 Rotation Forest in R
11:45PM 2 replace an expression with its value, or read macros
11:08PM 1 cv.lars() function in LARS package
10:38PM 1 By function
10:11PM 1 Odd results with lag
9:40PM 3 Windrose Percent Interval Frequencies Are Non Linear! Help!
7:09PM 3 Correlation Matrix
6:29PM 1 df with max function applied to 6 lags of a variable?!?
6:21PM 1 An extention of outer() ?
6:13PM 0 classification
5:52PM 1 Randomisation tests
5:47PM 2 error reading data help please
5:17PM 1 Panel data - replicating Stata's xtpcse in R
4:39PM 1 plyr workaround to converting by() to a data frame
4:18PM 1 Adding text to page margin with lattice graphics
3:47PM 1 Assigning a larger number of levels to a factor that has fewer levels
2:30PM 1 Problem Installing rJava on MS Win 7 Platform
2:05PM 1 K means algorithm C code
1:59PM 1 package
1:56PM 1 transform() on selective names. Is it possible?
1:46PM 1 dotplot as a background for multiple barchart plots (with Lattice)
1:03PM 1 Automated Fixed Order Stepwise Regression Function
12:03PM 2 Regrouping data
11:45AM 2 Two functions as parametrs of a function.
11:34AM 1 comparing ARIMA model to data
11:32AM 1 Quasipoisson with geeglm
11:03AM 1 extract variance for random effects from "mer" object
11:00AM 0 Hypercluster Finder Function in R
10:38AM 2 Time series of spatial data
10:10AM 0 predict fGarch doubt
9:27AM 5 plot layout with several plots ON plot area of previous plot
8:48AM 0 understanding randomForest results
8:29AM 2 set locale information in R
7:46AM 1 Two questions about metacharacter in regexprs and function return
7:45AM 5 R licence
7:43AM 1 Lars package
6:14AM 2 Selecting data from list object
3:56AM 1 How can I include a new book on the "Books" link at R-project.org ?
3:37AM 3 force output dimension of table function
2:55AM 1 Ports for communicating with R-mirros sites?
1:43AM 0 RPart Simple Diagram issues
12:53AM 0 multivariate t distribution
12:01AM 0 PARAFAC with PTAk in R?
Wednesday April 6 2011
10:09PM 4 problem with all/all.equal
9:59PM 1 corSpatial and nlme
9:47PM 0 Fisher exact test approximation?
9:44PM 0 Fisher's Exact test
9:17PM 2 glm predict on new data
9:14PM 7 Quiz: Who finds the nicest form of X_1^\prime?
9:07PM 0 mgp.axis.labels
9:06PM 1 help on pspline in coxph
8:44PM 3 Getting number of students with zeroes in long format
8:31PM 1 Sweave Cairo driver?
8:02PM 5 Need a more efficient way to implement this type of logic in R
7:40PM 2 A zoo related question
6:32PM 1 Treatment of xml-stylesheet processing instructions in XML module
6:27PM 3 ROCR - best sensitivity/specificity tradeoff?
6:26PM 0 Wald test with inequality constraints
6:23PM 1 Teradata ODBC driver
6:01PM 0 smoothing bathymetry
5:37PM 1 unexpected sort order with merge
4:53PM 1 metaplot
4:04PM 1 Use of the dot.dot.dot option in functions.
3:37PM 0 effect sizes
3:33PM 3 Decimal Accuracy Loss?
3:24PM 2 Cannot install pakcage RMySQL
3:22PM 0 Curious treatment of entities in xmlTreeParse
3:15PM 0 read BUFR format radar data
2:39PM 0 RMySQL query Help
2:03PM 1 How to call data elements
1:32PM 0 data smoothing
1:10PM 0 frailty and survival curves
12:40PM 0 [R-package] PredictABEL 1.1: Assessment of risk prediction models in R
12:27PM 1 R and multithread
11:55AM 1 Problem to convert date to number
10:44AM 0 CSV file in "tm" package
10:35AM 3 function order
10:19AM 2 Help in kmeans
10:12AM 2 Layout within levelplot from the lattice package
8:48AM 3 Calculated mean value based on another column bin from dataframe.
8:45AM 1 syntax to subset for multiple values from a single variable
8:39AM 1 Creating a symmetric contingency table from two vectors with different length of levels in R
6:21AM 1 Package diveMove readTDR problem
6:13AM 1 executing from .R source file in the src package
12:28AM 1 Error in match.names(clabs, names(xi))
12:17AM 2 A fortunes candidate?
Tuesday April 5 2011
11:48PM 2 Pulling strings from a Flat file
10:34PM 3 Search arrays based on similar values
10:32PM 0 solveRsocp in fPortfolio
8:30PM 0 Hazard ratio calculation and KM plot p-value:
7:58PM 2 IFELSE function XXXX
7:56PM 6 simple save question
7:14PM 0 Changing parameter in local fdr R code
6:37PM 2 Arrangement of Lattice Histograms - Top to bottom and then left to right?
4:38PM 2 Precision of summary() when summarizing variables in a data frame
4:27PM 0 lorena
4:23PM 1 Gibbs sampling
3:33PM 3 loop question
3:06PM 2 Help to check data before putting it in a database
2:26PM 1 Antw: Re: Confidence interval for the difference between proportions - method used in prop.test()
12:35PM 2 Time series example in Koop
11:20AM 1 Value between which elements of a vector?
11:09AM 1 how to label customized y axis when using lattice parallel parameter common.scale=TRUE
10:46AM 1 Help in splitting a list
10:38AM 1 Confidence interval for the difference between proportions - method used in prop.test()
9:43AM 2 Animation for pers3d
8:49AM 0 frailty
7:40AM 1 do not execute newline command
5:23AM 1 Saving console and graph output to same file
5:20AM 0 kmeans clustering java
1:43AM 2 Euclidean Distance in R
1:39AM 1 Grid on Map
1:15AM 0 lists within lists
1:05AM 1 Sample size estimation for sample surveys
Monday April 4 2011
11:29PM 0 Assigning a class attribute to a list or vector slows "[" down
10:57PM 0 Help in sub-setting a List
10:48PM 0 PERT/CPM on R
10:05PM 2 RODBC excel - need to preserve (or extract) numeric column names
9:39PM 0 AIC for robust regression
9:30PM 2 how to handle no lines in input with pipe()
8:15PM 2 General binary search?
6:23PM 1 Granger Causality in a VAR Model
5:13PM 1 automating regression or correlations for many variables
5:09PM 2 merging 2 frames while keeping all the entries from the "reference" frame
4:35PM 0 r-squared for object timeseries
3:35PM 0 Multithreading of Geneland
3:34PM 0 D'Agostino test
3:02PM 3 Adjusting p values of a matrix
2:56PM 1 simulating a VARXls model using dse
2:41PM 4 merging data list in to single data frame
2:24PM 5 Creating multiple vector/list names-novice
2:00PM 1 Difference in mixture normals and one density
1:39PM 2 gap.barplot doesn't support data arrays?
1:32PM 2 reading from text file that have different rowlength and create a data frame
12:49PM 3 How to speed up grouping time series, help please
12:31PM 2 Examples of web-based Sweave use?
12:30PM 1 moving mean and moving variance functions
11:39AM 1 lattice: how to "center" a subtitle?
11:24AM 1 system() command in R
10:43AM 1 Problem using svm.tune
10:35AM 3 add zero in front of numbers
10:35AM 1 Deriving formula with deriv
9:54AM 0 ticklabs in scatterplot3d
9:15AM 2 Please help
9:11AM 1 Clarks 2Dt function in R
8:51AM 1 svd
6:58AM 1 multiple variables Y and X
6:32AM 1 RmetricsTools.R
6:11AM 1 Support Counting
3:55AM 1 loading R object files on an RWeb server
3:51AM 1 Ordering every row of a matrix while ignoring off diagonal elements
3:29AM 1 RGtk2: How to populate an GtkListStore data model?
3:02AM 1 detect filetype (as in unix 'file')
12:56AM 0 LIVE, ONLINE COURSE: Using R Software for Academic Research Analyses
Sunday April 3 2011
11:39PM 4 replace last 3 characters of string
11:10PM 2 power of 2 way ANOVA with interaction
10:16PM 0 Avoiding loops in creating a coinvestment matrix
10:04PM 1 Quick question about duplicating vectors
8:12PM 1 How do I modify uniroot function to return .0001 if error ?
7:41PM 1 another question on shapefiles and geom_point in ggplot2
6:35PM 1 installing ncdf on Ubuntu 10.04
5:57PM 1 R-project: plot 2 zoo objects (price series) that have some date mis-matches
5:46PM 1 style question
5:44PM 1 Function for finding NA's
5:35PM 0 coefficients style
5:01PM 0 Standard Error for Cointegration Results
4:56PM 1 Help in splitting ists into sub-lists
4:47PM 0 Homals package color function problem
4:42PM 1 setCoefTemplate
4:14PM 2 converting "call" objects into character
3:58PM 1 zoo:rollapply by multiple grouping factors
1:10PM 2 :HELP
1:03PM 1 Inverse noncentral Beta
12:02PM 3 Error in "color2D.matplot" : "Error in plot.new() : figure margins too large"
10:56AM 3 kernel density plot
10:15AM 0 Plotting data on a US County Map
7:24AM 2 Unbalanced Anova: What is the best approach?
2:24AM 0 How can I generate a random correlation matrix with some off-diagonal elements being zero
2:20AM 2 conditionally weighted mean with NAs
1:31AM 3 Discretizing data rows into regular intervals
1:00AM 0 [w32] Bug? When trying to auto-complete, rest of the input from cursor is wiped out.
Saturday April 2 2011
9:05PM 2 I think I just broke R
8:07PM 3 Plotting MDS (multidimensional scaling)
7:26PM 0 cumsum while maintaining NA
7:18PM 0 (no subject)
5:31PM 4 help
3:18PM 2 recommendation on r scripting tutorial?
3:06PM 1 truncated distributions
12:24PM 1 uniroot speed and vectorization?
8:21AM 4 R gui on windows how to force to always show the last line of output
5:08AM 2 Matrix manipulation
12:39AM 2 Putting a loop in a function
Friday April 1 2011
10:49PM 0 package MICE, squeeze function, calling several variables at once
10:21PM 1 Lattice wireframe or cloud plot with different colours by a group
9:56PM 2 function in argument
9:24PM 1 qcc.overdispersion-test
8:47PM 2 hc2Newick is different than th hclust dendrogram
6:48PM 1 filled contour plot with contour lines
5:20PM 1 mean in the boxplot
5:19PM 1 Fisher's test
4:32PM 1 How to paste a vector of expressions and a character vector?
4:28PM 0 R/Finance 2011 Conference Agenda
3:24PM 2 regression line on boxplots
3:02PM 0 a statistical problem - more statistical strategy for making quality control
2:12PM 4 Rexcel path problem
2:00PM 1 read.table question #only need to change column names
1:54PM 1 converting affybatch object to matrix
1:43PM 0 Large number of Y and X variables
1:34PM 1 controlling the labels width of a barplot
12:13PM 0 useR! 2011 abstract deadline extended by 2 days
11:59AM 0 guidelines for using the R logo
11:36AM 0 Information theoretic approach in GLS
11:08AM 3 programming: telling a function where to look for the entered variables
10:46AM 5 MySql Versus R
10:32AM 3 Syntax coloring in R console
8:24AM 0 Using a variable in a covariance structure and as a predictor - is this OK?
6:22AM 1 principal components
2:18AM 2 Cox Proportional Hazards model with a time-varying covariate