R help - Mar 2011

Thursday March 31 2011
11:31PM 1 regular expression
10:38PM 2 Linear Model with curve fitting parameter?
9:45PM 0 Is it possible to run unit tests after a package installation?
8:42PM 3 Create Variable names dynamically
8:13PM 0 nlme for exact binomial model
8:09PM 1 Effects - plot the marginal effect
7:56PM 2 fit.mult.impute() in Hmisc
7:24PM 1 rank of Matrix
7:23PM 3 generate random numbers
6:00PM 3 read password-protected files
5:52PM 1 transparent grays?
5:46PM 1 Cluster analysis, factor variables, large data set
5:16PM 2 How to update R?
4:32PM 1 one question about bioconductor
4:24PM 1 Sequential multiple regression
3:23PM 0 pROC 1.4.3: compare two ROC curves in R
3:01PM 1 error in recode.defalt ....object '.data' not found
2:46PM 3 choosing best 'match' for given factor
1:46PM 2 another statistical question
1:46PM 0 AEM package
1:07PM 2 how to do t-test in r for difference of mean
11:24AM 2 That dreaded floating point trap
10:39AM 1 Simple lattice question
9:15AM 0 dfsane arguments
9:15AM 2 statistical question
9:02AM 2 nls.profile
6:42AM 2 ANCOVA for linear regressions without intercept
5:35AM 1 Italicized title from index
5:24AM 1 Assign Names of columns in data.frame dinamically
5:04AM 2 Graph many points without hiding some
3:28AM 1 Poisson Regression
3:08AM 0 Problems reading excel file with RODBC connect
1:01AM 0 Help: creating owin{spatstat} objects from GIS data
Wednesday March 30 2011
11:00PM 3 how about a "<p-" operator?
10:38PM 2 Lists of tables and conditional statements
10:10PM 1 Creating error bars in scatterplot() function (cars-Package)
8:56PM 0 Plot an ols() call from Design
8:15PM 1 Package XML: Parse Garmin *.tcx file problems
4:51PM 1 postscript rotation (bug?)
4:45PM 3 optim and optimize are not finding the right parameter
4:42PM 0 Multistep forecasting with neural networks
4:04PM 4 How to define new operator in R?
4:02PM 2 Is there a function to save the content in R console to some file?
3:59PM 1 How can we modify attributes of files in Windows Systems using R?
3:01PM 1 sampling design runs with no errors but returns empty data set
2:26PM 1 Using xlevels
2:23PM 2 summing values by week - based on daily dates - but with some dates missing
1:46PM 0 Noble America Announcement for Summer Internship 2011
1:30PM 0 Package ChemoSpec 1.46 Now Available on CRAN
1:25PM 0 Package FuncMap Now Available on CRAN
1:15PM 6 Quick recode of -999 to NA in R
12:49PM 4 fonts in mosaic
12:17PM 1 wrong calculation of R-squared in summary.lm
10:06AM 0 Loading a package without having to install it?
9:54AM 1 How to put line linking two plots
9:51AM 5 save ordinary numerical calculations as pdf
9:41AM 2 glm: modelling zeros as binary and non-zeroes as coming from a continuous distribution
9:26AM 1 Violin Plot - using ggplot2
9:00AM 0 offset in gam
6:31AM 4 a for loop to lapply
3:08AM 0 RWeka - adding weights to a dataset
2:12AM 1 Class noquote to matrix
1:32AM 3 Connect observed values by a smooth curve, is there any method to get coordinate value of arbitrary point on the curve?
12:47AM 2 calculating the mode in R...
Tuesday March 29 2011
11:28PM 1 Simple AR(2)
10:58PM 1 Not all rows are being read-in
9:37PM 1 Creating a list of all objects
9:33PM 2 normal distribution and floating point traps (?): unexpected behavior
8:58PM 0 Hnadling missing data In R
8:45PM 1 Dirichlet surface
8:41PM 1 lme:correlationstructure AR1 and random factor
8:40PM 1 Intercept and slope of GLS model
7:40PM 4 Select subset of data
7:18PM 1 create string with " using paste.
7:13PM 1 ggplot2: scale_y_log10() with geom_histogram
6:40PM 1 Degree symbol
6:15PM 4 Simple but elusive - expand back from counts
5:47PM 3 passing arguments via "..."
4:31PM 7 Using graphics straight from R into published articles
4:20PM 4 Creating 3 vectors that sum to 1
3:38PM 1 'RQuantLib for 2.12 version
3:37PM 0 Fwd: comparing heatmaps
2:45PM 1 R Help Question on cor() function
2:11PM 0 Plotting 95% Confidence Intervals around RMA slope
1:57PM 2 How to regress data into coefficients for a gamma function
1:56PM 1 new syntax: bash-like pipe operator
10:24AM 0 Many cores support in R (Multicore Package)
9:48AM 1 plotting several ROC curves on the same graph
9:33AM 1 Pictures/ Graphics in rd-files
9:05AM 3 producing histogram-like plot
8:20AM 1 Multiple area plots to share the same x-axis
7:20AM 3 Reversing order of vector
6:38AM 2 Scrap java scripts and styles from an html document
3:40AM 2 Probing a function
3:00AM 5 Integration with variable bounds
1:10AM 0 Can we fit this model in nlme or lme4?
12:01AM 2 List extraction
Monday March 28 2011
11:27PM 1 rtree() distances between tips as n by n matrix?
11:10PM 1 Help with multidimensional array
10:03PM 1 How to import variable length lists of lists into R from text file?
10:02PM 0 ad: short course on advanced programming, other topics.
9:35PM 0 Bootstrapping the colMeans statistic
9:03PM 0 Resending the mail - Ordering data.frame based on some class
8:55PM 1 Ordering data.frame based on class
8:43PM 2 xlsx problem
8:11PM 1 FW: Platform Compatibility
7:25PM 1 add my own calculated conficence interval to a plot
7:10PM 0 Acessing Test Outputs for Writing to a Table
7:05PM 2 Questions about 'igraph' package.......
6:43PM 2 rep for multiple categories
6:12PM 1 Points on Map
6:09PM 0 repeated measures setup
5:57PM 2 How to save heatmap as image or pdf
5:25PM 1 error in nls, step factor reduced below minFactor
4:07PM 2 question about calculating derivatives for vectors
3:20PM 1 problem in simple saving and loading data frames
3:11PM 0 From a list to a double-list/matrix
2:51PM 2 matrix inverstion
2:40PM 2 deleting the first two characters in each row of a factorized column
1:58PM 2 Problems installing fPortfolioSolver
1:06PM 0 Plotting the density of a Poisson Regression
12:48PM 0 glm with within-subject factors
11:56AM 2 "Holes" in a data frame with time intervals
11:30AM 1 Installing a Package tar.gz in windows
10:35AM 0 How can I plot several ROC curves on the same graph?
9:37AM 1 quantile function -> I need only the quantile value itself
8:17AM 0 imputation
8:04AM 0 what family of orthogonal polynomials is used in the function poly() ?
6:44AM 0 glm: calculating average marginal effects for dummies
5:10AM 2 mgcv gam predict problem
4:40AM 1 ordination in vegan
4:37AM 1 maximum likelihood accuracy - comparison with Stata
3:36AM 1 Degrees of freedom for lm in logLik and AIC
3:32AM 3 altering a "call" variable from quote()
1:40AM 2 Import variable labels to data frame columns
1:10AM 1 portfolioBacktest in fPortfolio
12:50AM 3 Splitting Datasets
Sunday March 27 2011
9:45PM 2 overlaying
9:39PM 0 MARS response weights
8:54PM 3 comparing heatmaps
8:50PM 1 function to compare Brier scores from two models?
7:19PM 0 ggplot2: "ndensity" and "density" parameters
7:13PM 1 grImport/ghostscript problems
7:12PM 3 export data to gnuplot
7:12PM 2 Structural equation modeling in R(lavaan,sem)
5:12PM 1 Sweave: include a multi-page-pdf plot
4:28PM 1 pmt
4:25PM 1 gtk, RGtk2 and error in callback: delet_event in mai window
4:17PM 0 Help labeling Panels
2:56PM 6 Asking Favor For the Script of Median Filter
1:58PM 0 model diagnostics for MatrixModels
1:36PM 0 Problem with R, MKL, and Ubuntu 11.04
6:09AM 2 Hmisc summary.formula formats for binary and continuous variables
4:05AM 1 Bootstrap 95% confidence intervals for splines
3:16AM 2 Garchoxfit package
2:26AM 1 run function on subsets of matrix
12:39AM 2 Coordinates of the text region
Saturday March 26 2011
11:06PM 2 Multiple plots with one legend
11:05PM 2 simple if question
10:21PM 3 line graph question
8:06PM 1 2 questions about probplot in package e1071
6:05PM 3 round number
6:03PM 1 index of sort
5:05PM 0 Free license for xlsReadWritePro
3:05PM 0 grofit package
2:58PM 1 Sweave and Textwrangler
1:44PM 2 Building a matrix so that matrix(r, c)<-matrix(c, r) with No For Loops
12:31PM 0 Sampling Weights in HB Choice Modelling (e.g., rhierMnlRwMixture)
12:06PM 0 NetCDF - rolling means and StdDev
11:03AM 1 Effect size in multiple regression
8:47AM 1 bwplot: how to get plotmath labels?
8:34AM 1 bwplot [lattice]: how to get different y-axis scales for each row?
2:45AM 1 Exporting columns into multiple files - loop query
2:12AM 0 Does RHIPE support running complex mining models in on top of Hadoop?
Friday March 25 2011
11:39PM 2 library(foreign) read.spss warning
10:32PM 2 Error: cannot allocate vector of size
9:57PM 1 to draw a too big clutering picture
9:14PM 2 Preserving the class of POSIXt objects
9:11PM 1 World plots and clipping regions
8:50PM 0 "Neutral" sources that attest to the success of the R project?
7:44PM 1 spatial stats - geoR - variogram - standard deviation
6:54PM 1 Matching package - Match function
5:36PM 2 "for" loop assistance -
5:27PM 2 Finding the common portion of strings
5:08PM 1 linear constrained optimization in R
4:20PM 0 extract MSS from a lme model
4:17PM 1 Likelihood of deviation
2:40PM 0 C-statistics (AUCs) from rcorr.cens or survcomp time-dependent ROC curves
1:42PM 1 Magic Number Error Message
1:33PM 1 multiple plots with QQplot of PerformanceAnalytics
1:04PM 2 A question on glmnet analysis
12:55PM 1 Appending data to a data.frame and writing a csv
11:58AM 0 applying random functions to multisets
11:33AM 0 extracting partial residuals of each level of an interaction in a Mixed GAM
11:08AM 2 Removing object - searching/googlin' ..and more hasn't helped :(
10:43AM 4 read.xls -> rotate data.frame
9:56AM 0 Seemingly unrelated regressions
9:10AM 0 Tukey HSD test using Multcomp
7:59AM 2 a question on R optimization functions
5:24AM 4 two plots in qplot
4:21AM 0 symmetric (& square) contingency table from dataset of unordered pairs
1:46AM 0 parallel processing for bridge and blasso
12:35AM 2 error in bargraph.CI {sciplot}
12:23AM 0 Bounding ellipse for any set of points
Thursday March 24 2011
11:18PM 3 tapply with specific quantile value
9:47PM 0 Jri Examples
7:24PM 3 How create vector that sums correct responses for multiple subjects?
7:24PM 2 Help with creating a ts (time series) object with daily sampling values
6:34PM 1 debug R device plot
5:37PM 1 Colour makes my life; but not my bwplot (panel.violin)
5:22PM 3 Longitudinal categorical response data
5:15PM 2 Questions for "domist... subscript out of bounds"
5:13PM 4 Millisecond TimeStamps
4:11PM 1 Storing user-defined R functions
3:28PM 1 write all the permutations of a set
3:01PM 2 apply mean to a three-dimension data
2:36PM 3 R CMD build creates tar file instead of tar.gz file
2:21PM 1 questions regarding stat_smooth in ggplot area plot
2:11PM 1 Ctree Model Variables
1:55PM 1 Help needed with plot axis labeling
1:29PM 5 subset and as.POSIXct / as.POSIXlt oddness
12:23PM 1 Two matrix loop
12:10PM 1 Collapsing/aggregating columns in a matrix
11:31AM 1 fraction with timelag
11:12AM 0 JRI execution problem
10:35AM 2 Problem with Snowball & RWeka
9:03AM 1 Problems with predict in fGarch
9:03AM 3 Extract the names of the arguments in an "expression"
7:29AM 1 About proportional odds ratio model with LASSO in ordinal regression
3:47AM 1 recommended reading for manual maximum likelihood of a system of equations
2:49AM 1 extracting file names
12:12AM 2 Using C code in R
Wednesday March 23 2011
10:44PM 0 removing data randomly based on previous observations
10:22PM 2 Separators in strptime---needed?
10:09PM 0 p and wald values intra-groups geeglm: geepack
8:17PM 2 Estimating correlation in multiple measures data
8:15PM 1 How identify args into R, sent from a command line.
8:14PM 2 mean of runoff for several years
7:11PM 0 How to create a nb object
6:34PM 1 how to add in interaction terms in gamm
6:20PM 0 Passing tex parameter via texi2dvi
5:24PM 2 predict.rpart help
5:20PM 1 Corrupt trees
5:17PM 1 Function to crop p-values from multiple Anovas
5:03PM 3 Merging graphs with common nodes
4:44PM 1 using R variables in RMySQL query
4:42PM 0 Correlation
4:40PM 0 Adjusted Rand Index
4:26PM 4 Bar Chart
4:09PM 1 R helps win competitions
4:08PM 0 R(D)COM through network
4:04PM 1 what's interesting to plot after predict.lm?
4:03PM 4 Modifying a particular column in a tab-delimited file
4:01PM 3 Compare three or more values?
2:27PM 1 various plotting options
2:05PM 1 predict.lm How to introduce new data?
1:32PM 2 Comparing non nested models with correlation coefficients (inspired from Lorch and Myers )
1:31PM 2 ) Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object '' not found
11:37AM 1 R CMD check: building indices error
11:13AM 2 How to convert a single column into many rows
11:03AM 0 Rulefit with R and missing values
10:22AM 0 Random Watts.Strogatz.game
9:38AM 1 R gui problem for windows
3:22AM 1 < ABOUT Rdonlp2 package >
1:12AM 1 rbind a heterogeneous row
Tuesday March 22 2011
11:47PM 1 assigning a list item using a variable for a name
11:18PM 1 Characteristic Path length calculation
11:07PM 1 Best HMM package to generate random (protein) sequences?
10:41PM 3 Urgent query about R!
8:30PM 1 Group labels in lattice barchart
8:14PM 1 Unexpected behavior of windows() command followed by print(LATTICEPLOT)
7:16PM 2 Data frame and function that requires vector as input
7:12PM 2 adding vertical segments to an xyplot in lattice
7:06PM 0 EM and Mixtools
6:35PM 2 affymetrix human gene 1.0 st gene level
6:29PM 0 Help in Compiling R for AIX 5.3 servers
6:26PM 0 command prompt shell suppressing stdout?
5:05PM 1 Looping Problem
5:05PM 2 Loading mdb
4:31PM 2 lm ~ v1 + log(v1) + ... improve adj Rsq ¿any sense?
4:12PM 1 Problem with plot histogram
3:27PM 1 how to convert a data.frame to a list of dist objects for individual differences MDS?
3:23PM 0 "R Cookbook" available in print edition
3:08PM 1 new distribution
3:05PM 3 Accelerating the calculation of the moving average
3:02PM 2 Infinite loop
2:56PM 1 Looking for a repeated measure two groups comparison and a two factor ANOVA in Circular distribution
2:35PM 0 Diagonal population density
2:17PM 4 memory increasing
12:08PM 0 tick marks covering the whole data range
11:35AM 1 Find Principal Component Score per year
10:57AM 1 ks and contour plot labels
10:37AM 2 Popularity of R, SAS, SPSS, Stata, Statistica, S-PLUS updated
9:27AM 1 In ppls package kernel method is unsupported?
9:27AM 1 filtering data frame on multiple columns
9:17AM 1 enable shlib for RPy2- where is source file?
8:13AM 2 Problem with mclapply -- losing output/data
7:30AM 3 stacked bar plot
7:12AM 1 Backward elimination in regression
4:13AM 0 why the survival function estimate using package 'mstate' & package 'cmprsk' vary from sas and LTA (From WHO).
3:48AM 1 help need on working in subset within a dataframe
3:11AM 1 Rmark and scientific notation issue
12:33AM 1 Using the mahalanobis( ) function
Monday March 21 2011
10:42PM 4 Merging by() results back into original data frame?
9:39PM 3 How to substract a valur from dataframe with condition
9:28PM 1 Basic Looping Trouble
9:16PM 1 Kendall v MannKendall Functions
8:54PM 2 Part of density plot not showing up
8:31PM 1 Help with POSIXct
7:23PM 3 Computing row differences in new columns
7:12PM 2 Exponential distribution
7:03PM 2 string interpolation
6:10PM 1 Lat Lon NetCDF subset
5:57PM 5 Stucked with as.numeric function
5:43PM 1 Randomly generating data
5:00PM 0 lattice histogram and grouping
4:14PM 1 recalling different data frames (the way you do in Excel VB)
4:05PM 1 recalling different data frames (the way you do in Excel VB but now) in
3:39PM 0 binary data with correlation
3:34PM 2 Correlation for no of variables
3:18PM 1 value changed after paste() function
3:08PM 1 Sweave, white space and code blocks
12:46PM 1 Curry with `[.function` ?
12:36PM 3 appending collums in for loop
11:08AM 2 Combination that adds a value
11:02AM 0 Mixed modelling course in Halifax
10:41AM 0 CONFERENCE: useR! 2011, August 16-18, University of Warwick, early bird deadline
9:25AM 2 linear regression in a ragged array
8:20AM 0 R part of Google Summer of Code 2011
7:19AM 1 Sample size of longitudinal and skewed data
5:02AM 2 Number of edges in a graph
4:49AM 3 Replacing Period in String
3:24AM 2 rqss help in Quantreg
1:32AM 1 Trouble with simple R list concatenations
Sunday March 20 2011
8:06PM 3 problem with xyplot
8:05PM 3 manova question
7:47PM 4 read file part way through based on start and end date (first column)
7:42PM 2 Package Installation
7:19PM 2 Convert Sweave document to a function
6:54PM 4 predicting values from multiple regression
5:52PM 1 legend position in "barplot"
5:33PM 2 Feature request: rating/review system for R packages
4:38PM 1 Finding Imported Packages
3:08PM 1 (no subject)
2:45PM 1 Pearson correlation coefficient matrix with permutation test
2:36PM 2 Why unique(sample) decreases the performance ?
5:53AM 1 Using the Mahalanobis Function
4:20AM 2 R as a non-functional language
2:15AM 3 Part of a density plot
12:32AM 3 How to draw a map of Europe?
12:27AM 2 Problems with package npmc
Saturday March 19 2011
11:02PM 1 I want to create an object to use for the plot command
10:34PM 2 Referring to objects themselves
9:29PM 3 create a matrix with values from data.frame
8:24PM 0 Problems using NLS in conjunction with non-parameteric bootstrapping
6:58PM 2 problem running a function
6:45PM 0 som package: the "code" of som.train (what is it?)
5:27PM 3 How would you avoid loops in this simple example?
5:03PM 1 GAMLSS Question
4:37PM 2 Libraries issue
4:13PM 2 Output a table formatted with standard deviations below means
4:03PM 1 Could you share your R program to import US CDC mortality data?
2:58PM 2 persuade tabulate function to count NAs in a data frame
1:10PM 3 Plotting graph problem!!
12:44PM 1 how to access the elements of a univariate results table with Anova (library car)
12:18PM 2 How to find position in bin-data?
11:16AM 1 strange PREDICTIONS from a PIECEWISE LINEAR (mixed) MODEL
9:21AM 2 cross-validation in rpart
2:45AM 3 [O/T] reference for regular expressions
12:41AM 1 lattice histogram function and groups
12:37AM 3 Generating repeated measures data
Friday March 18 2011
10:35PM 2 How do I delete multiple blank variables from a data frame?
10:00PM 4 Performance Difference? Windows vs. Linux
9:42PM 0 apply function returning different results
9:23PM 2 XYPlot Conditioning Variable in Specific, Non-Alphanumeric Order. -- Resending with corrected .txt file
9:17PM 0 Plotting Finite Element and Finite Difference Results together
8:28PM 1 points() rendering points outside of input
8:13PM 1 XYPlot Conditioning Variable in Specific, Non-Alphanumeric Order.
7:04PM 2 Understanding tryCatch
6:27PM 7 BFGS and Neldear-Mead
6:19PM 1 time series from timed data
5:51PM 0 keep color range constant across three persp() graphs
5:48PM 4 subset data frame with condition
4:26PM 2 Need help with error
4:10PM 3 Arguments of a function
4:05PM 1 import data
3:34PM 1 Difficulty with 'loess' function
2:50PM 2 Does RHIPE support R on Windows as the user desktop environment?
2:39PM 1 Installing rJava fails
1:21PM 3 exploring dist()
12:45PM 1 predict lm doubt
12:35PM 1 general question about dropping terms of glm model fits
11:53AM 0 adding a cubic spline to a model
11:06AM 1 median survival time from survfit
10:37AM 1 akima::interp "scales of x and y are too dissimilar"
10:00AM 0 predict.nlme
7:04AM 1 Problem with Slope.test function
6:53AM 1 help regarding RPostgreSQL and R 2.12.2
6:06AM 0 Slope comparision
5:49AM 1 Help with setting the y-axis in a plot.
5:34AM 0 OT: Trends in statistical computing?
3:48AM 1 quantmod Some Single Letter Tickers Not getFin
3:24AM 0 trouble in call of "texteval"
2:28AM 5 confirmatory factor analysis program in R
2:04AM 1 help please: put output into dataframe
2:01AM 1 Replace split with regex for speed ?
Thursday March 17 2011
11:37PM 2 Help with Time Series Plot‏
10:33PM 4 Help with plotting a line that is multicoloured based on levels of a factor
10:06PM 5 Histograms with strings,
9:44PM 4 A question about list
9:07PM 0 Autocorrelation in non-linear regression model
6:54PM 2 Counting
6:29PM 1 ggplot, transformation, and ylim
6:01PM 2 Scope and apply-type functions
5:47PM 2 fitting gamm with interaction term
5:25PM 0 Gelman-Rubin convergence diagnostics via coda package
4:38PM 5 Spatial cluster analysis of continous outcome variable
3:05PM 3 Beginner question: How to replace part of a filename in read.csv?
2:44PM 1 generalized mixed linear models, glmmPQL and GLMER give very different results that both do not fit the data well...
1:58PM 1 Segmentation fault when using "plot" function
1:42PM 2 setting up a R working group
1:38PM 1 Using barplot() with zoo -- names.arg not permitted?
12:50PM 2 Incorrect degrees of freedom in SEM model using lavaan
12:25PM 1 assigning to list element within target environment
12:10PM 1 Extracting columns from a class
11:59AM 2 changing the dimensions of a matrix in a real specific way
11:30AM 0 Retrieve an index of nested lists | Changing name delimiter in 'unlist()'
9:48AM 1 calculating the occurrences of distinct observations in the subsets of a dataframe
9:43AM 4 lmm WITHOUT random factor (lme4)
7:33AM 3 Flexible rbind
6:27AM 1 possible problem with "endpoints"?
3:25AM 2 Why doesn't this work ?
2:22AM 3 date conversion
Wednesday March 16 2011
11:58PM 2 Need to abstract changing name of column within loop
11:56PM 1 rJava software
11:48PM 1 Autocorrelation in linear models
10:30PM 0 limited number of graphs in Quartz window
10:18PM 1 Regex query (Apache logs)
10:12PM 2 Numeric vector converted mysteriously to characters in data frame?
10:04PM 1 Specify feature weights in model prediction (CARET)
9:37PM 1 linear regression in a data.frame using recast -- A fortunes candidate??
8:46PM 4 plotting multiple figures on one page
7:49PM 5 Strange R squared, possible error
7:19PM 1 linear regression in a data.frame using recast
6:33PM 0 Quantmod getSymbol.MySQL
4:53PM 5 R² for non-linear model
4:37PM 1 read.table() with "\t" as seperator, all other programs report equal fields each row, read.table() returns unequal row length error
4:27PM 0 Bootstrap memory use?
4:04PM 0 cross validation? when rlm, lmrob or lmRob
3:30PM 0 generate bivariate or multivariate gamma distribution in R
3:28PM 2 Singularity problem
3:14PM 2 Re; Fitting a Beta distribution
3:12PM 0 suppress GUI window when loading a library
3:04PM 2 calculating AUCs for each of the 1000 boot strap samples
2:58PM 1 Data frame loop
2:55PM 2 export list to csv
2:54PM 1 Error in X11
2:47PM 2 Saving summary outputs in a table form
2:43PM 4 fetch uneven
2:37PM 3 Reorganize data frame
2:29PM 0 instrumental variable as distance
2:28PM 3 making dataframes
2:18PM 3 How to read "Cumulative proportion" in using princomp?
1:28PM 4 'x' values must be positive.
12:29PM 1 table() result issue
11:41AM 4 Scope of variable?
11:23AM 1 get information out of table() result
10:18AM 2 a question
10:17AM 1 Aggregating dataset to means/day
9:42AM 2 One to One Matching multiple vectors
9:36AM 0 objects memory limits
9:20AM 4 table() reading problem
7:25AM 2 how do we read netcdf / hdf files in R?
5:45AM 2 Removing Bad Data
4:38AM 1 help files for a function
2:07AM 0 Fitting / Distributions
12:37AM 0 To calculate sample size based on generalized wilcoxon test or Tarone-Ware test
12:09AM 0 Comparing parts of strings
Tuesday March 15 2011
10:51PM 1 Matrix building to remove for loops
10:47PM 0 Two issues: WEKA code in R // Probability Estimation Tree algorithms
10:26PM 1 adding linear regression data to plot
9:44PM 1 applying to dataframe rows
9:06PM 1 Questions on dividing lists and tapply
8:17PM 4 Element by element mean of a list of matrices
7:41PM 2 Matching two vectors
7:34PM 2 how to set the starting value in lme
7:22PM 1 Bug in lattice auto.key argument
7:16PM 0 Daily to Monthly Cumulative Returns
6:58PM 2 (R) transitions in a Markov Chain
5:25PM 3 Reporting odds ratios or risk ratios from GLM
5:03PM 1 Help on 'object(s) are masked from 'package:base"
4:00PM 3 fitting a distribution to a ecdf plot
3:52PM 1 How to read only specified columns from a data file
3:30PM 1 Problem with nls.lm function of minpack.lm package.
3:12PM 0 Fill vector more efficient than element by element?
3:09PM 3 create data set from selection of rows
2:53PM 5 Does R have a "const object"?
2:41PM 1 Polynomial regression problem
2:24PM 2 Calculate monthly means
2:14PM 1 indeterminate for loop
2:13PM 2 Table multiple answers variables
1:37PM 1 Changing colour of continuous time-series in ggplot2
1:35PM 1 (no subject)
1:33PM 1 Newbie-ish question on iteratively applying function to dataframe
1:21PM 4 run a slef-written function
1:15PM 2 model fine, predict gives an error
1:05PM 1 Persistent storage between package invocations
12:00PM 1 precompiled ode with spline input
11:56AM 0 ML estimation of a two-sided truncated regression model
11:01AM 2 graph lines don;t appear
8:22AM 1 binary exogenous variable in path analysis in sem or lavaan
7:57AM 1 install.packages barfs on dependencies= argument
6:31AM 1 sample size of 2 groups of skewed data
6:26AM 1 How to make sure R's g++ compiler uses certain C++ flags when making a package
6:10AM 1 Data Frame Variable Names
4:58AM 2 Finding the name "vector"
2:16AM 2 Pointwise division of two zoo objects?
1:06AM 3 how to reshape the data.frame from long to wide in a specific order
12:49AM 0 No Support for plot=F in plclust()
Monday March 14 2011
11:38PM 3 Finding coordinates for maximum of a function
11:27PM 0 Question re estimating SE for interquantile regression coefficients
11:02PM 2 color under lm line
9:03PM 1 File > Save As...
9:02PM 1 hclust() memory issue
8:27PM 1 Rscript, hashbang, and arguments
8:06PM 1 Conditional coloring
7:52PM 2 code for "permutative" operation
7:09PM 0 Importing multiple shapefiles to run a loop
6:52PM 2 data.frame transformation
5:32PM 3 ideas on sorting
5:16PM 0 Fitting 4 moments distribution w/ Mixture Gaussian
4:57PM 1 AOV() may misslabel random effects.
4:25PM 2 (no subject)
3:06PM 1 JAGS/BUGS on gene expression data
2:59PM 1 Installing Rmpi on hpc
2:41PM 2 proportional symbol map ggplot
2:18PM 3 increase a value by each group?
2:15PM 2 Cox model, model averaging and survival curve
2:13PM 2 *Building* a covariance matrix efficiently
12:07PM 1 read.xls can't read some .xls files
11:56AM 1 RGtk in a windows 64 bits machine
11:38AM 0 basic question about S4 and methods not found
10:27AM 1 different regression coeffs with different starting point
10:08AM 0 Confidence Intervals in ROC Plot
9:55AM 1 Help- Fitting a Thin Plate Spline
9:29AM 7 creating character vector
9:13AM 0 AR & Confidence interval
8:46AM 0 selection of hinge function with restrictions, machine learning, earth package,
8:42AM 1 Request for Help
8:33AM 1 Math characters in column heading using latex() in Hmisc
7:22AM 1 Multiple graphs
6:32AM 1 Writing values to vectors
4:01AM 1 using initialize or using a constructor function
3:24AM 0 Non-constancy of variances in mixed model.
3:24AM 1 recursive do.call
2:00AM 4 Serial Date
1:30AM 2 svg malformed on CentOS (epel R)
12:50AM 0 nlysystemfit and loglikelihood values
12:33AM 1 pairwise p-values in KM plots?
Sunday March 13 2011
11:14PM 2 Problems getting html files out of R CMD check
10:50PM 1 install.packages & reshape failure
10:27PM 0 confidence intervals for noncentrality parameters
9:54PM 0 devSVG error
9:07PM 4 readMat - how to retrieve the variables
7:39PM 0 An example of using neuralnet to predict infinite steps ahead
7:37PM 0 An example on how to use neuralnet to predict values
6:33PM 1 troubles with logistic regression
6:26PM 0 chisq.test and cbind
5:08PM 1 using pre-calculated coefficients and LP in coxph()?
3:49PM 1 replace with quantile value for a large data frame...
3:31PM 1 use of ROCR package (ROC curve / AUC value) in a specific case versus integral calculation
1:44PM 2 Problem implementing 'waldtest' when using 'mlogit' package
1:31PM 0 pdf device - different page orientation and different plot sizes
1:18PM 1 A basic question about reshape2
1:03PM 1 problem with looping formula through table
12:39PM 2 Setting the language of Rs error messages
12:15PM 3 how to change the margins of a plot area
11:11AM 2 Having a problem with choose.files
9:55AM 0 R 2.13.0 scheduled for April 13
8:34AM 1 R hangs when connected via VPN [incl. minimal example]
6:47AM 1 How to draw different series for different groups in xyplot
5:12AM 1 Reg : Using R in Web
4:35AM 1 Binning data
12:57AM 1 Plotting symbols and colors based upon data values
Saturday March 12 2011
10:06PM 0 Repeated measures in nlme vs SAS Proc Mixed with AR1 correlation structure
9:32PM 0 Behavior of assignment within system.time()
9:14PM 2 Merge data under conditions
8:08PM 3 pass character vector in instrument field of get.hist.quote function
4:16PM 3 how to label lines
3:10PM 2 string evaluation
2:13PM 0 "Ran out of iterations and did not converge"
1:32PM 1 creating list of lists
12:02PM 3 betareg help
11:20AM 2 Gnuplot fit function in R
11:20AM 2 Identifying unique pairs
10:41AM 2 plot generates graph with coordinantes written over it
9:30AM 1 Column order in stacking/unstacking
8:45AM 2 how to use melt cast commands in R in window7
8:08AM 2 Drawing a circle on an existing graph.
3:49AM 1 Passing a character argument onto a function
2:10AM 1 Stepwise Discriminant... in R
Friday March 11 2011
10:42PM 0 is gzcon w/ urls not implemented or used differently on linux?
9:50PM 3 Reference Lines Using Grid Graphics
9:41PM 3 How to source a part of the file
9:15PM 3 'Date' elements within a matrix
7:06PM 1 Error in plot.lm
6:26PM 2 nesting same set of values with each level of another set of values
5:42PM 1 Partial Cross Correlation
5:38PM 3 Large dataset operations
4:52PM 4 Any existing functions for reading and extracting data from path names?
3:51PM 1 Generation of random numbers in a function - (Return command)
3:47PM 1 changing one character in the name of dataframes repeatedly
3:45PM 4 (no subject)
3:22PM 0 I cannot install Cairo package on R-2.12.2
3:12PM 0 Fwd: How to get all combinations between two character vectors?
1:44PM 1 dataframe to a timeseries object
12:57PM 0 Using dates on axis in persp
12:31PM 3 robust estimation
12:28PM 2 insertion of a row between individuals
11:19AM 0 predicting values from model function
11:17AM 0 LATEX-like formula and pictures in Rd-Helpfiles
11:10AM 2 Ifs in formula
10:53AM 2 How to get all combinations between two character vectors?
9:32AM 5 How to calculate means for multiple variables in samples with different sizes
8:55AM 2 'autocompletion' of named elements of a list
7:26AM 2 confirmatory factor analysis in R
5:14AM 0 Seasonality in STL Decomposition
2:56AM 3 .Library in R 2.12.2 for windows
1:49AM 0 variance explained by each term in a GAM
1:11AM 1 Easy 'apply' question
12:17AM 0 Revolutions Blog: Jan/Feb Roundup
Thursday March 10 2011
11:07PM 1 Lattice: Feature Request
10:10PM 1 Is there an exact binomial k-sample test of equivalence?
10:07PM 1 Sample or Probability Weights in LM4, NLME (and PLM) package
10:00PM 1 vegan CCA I am Completely new to ordination analyses
9:37PM 1 Main title in a multiple display of graphs
9:35PM 3 A question about data frame
8:58PM 1 snp-chip table
8:38PM 1 3 dimensional MDS plots
7:37PM 1 Adjust the distance between tick mark labels and axis
7:25PM 1 ANOVA for stratified cox regression
6:58PM 3 lattice xscale.components: different ticks on top/bottom axis
5:08PM 1 power for repeated-measures ANOVA lacking sphericity
4:27PM 1 Moving window per group
4:17PM 1 Timezone issue with strftime/strptime and %z and %Z
4:16PM 0 Error in predictor Variable Regression
3:53PM 0 Avoiding choosing parameters with mix[mixdist]
3:51PM 1 rodbc error
3:45PM 0 PDF & Hyperlink with "-" inside
3:18PM 2 identical values not so identical? newbie help please!
3:07PM 2 ERROR: gamm function (mgcv package). attempt to set an attribute on NULL
2:56PM 2 within group sequential subtraction
2:46PM 0 expression at labels in contour function
2:20PM 2 Reshape, melt and cast query
2:08PM 0 Stress in metaMDS from vegam package
1:49PM 2 sum of variables in function
1:23PM 2 Selecting ranges of dates from a dataframe
1:05PM 2 tobit regression model
11:23AM 0 OptFederov and Dopt.design
11:18AM 1 Install XML PACKAGE
11:10AM 2 Not sure how to handle hazard in my survival model
10:45AM 1 How to use conditional statement
9:37AM 1 getting percentiles by factor
9:04AM 3 Fw: random sampling steps in R with replacement
8:53AM 1 random sampling steps in R
8:51AM 1 tryCatch - Continuing for/next loop after error
8:46AM 2 R beginner - Error in as.vector(x, mode)
4:49AM 1 Help writing a Scheffe Contrast function for R
4:36AM 0 confidence intervals when using polr()
2:46AM 2 using lapply
2:02AM 1 aggregate by part of a field
12:58AM 1 PROC NLMIXED what package equivalent in R?
Wednesday March 9 2011
11:45PM 0 extracting half the rows with unique values from data.frame
10:59PM 3 Sapply for descriptive statistics
10:56PM 1 How can I manipulate a data.frame that is just created by assign() while still being in the loop?
10:32PM 4 Help with read.csv
9:44PM 1 Theil Kendall line as fit?
9:12PM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 97, Issue 11
9:04PM 3 Vector of weekly dates starting with a given date
8:45PM 1 state.x77 dataset
8:35PM 2 collapse a data column into a row
8:29PM 1 Loop Through Columns to Remove Rows
8:14PM 1 biplot breakdown help
6:05PM 3 Error: evaluation nested too deeply: infinite recursion / options(expressions=)?
5:33PM 1 Frailty model -- Conditional or Marginal?
5:14PM 2 system(..., invisible=FALSE, show.output.on.console=FALSE) in Windows 7
4:41PM 2 SQLDF - Submitting Queries with R Objects as Columns
3:52PM 0 intamap plot : specifying cutoffs
3:33PM 2 Complex sampling?
3:27PM 2 Differences per group
3:07PM 2 No response after click the "show Rules" button on Tab "Associate".
3:04PM 1 How does the cex parameter scale circles?
3:02PM 0 java+R+serverEval failed+request status: control pipe to master process is closed/broken
2:47PM 2 R console Mac
2:41PM 2 Problem with vegan package instalation on linux
2:20PM 4 Extracting only odd columns from a matrix
2:15PM 3 Rearranging the data
1:52PM 1 Regular Expressions in Column Headings
11:20AM 2 Cleaning date columns
10:50AM 0 JRI; call user defined function
9:36AM 2 trunc function
9:19AM 1 Getting the source file's name where the custom function is written
9:09AM 2 rms: getting adjusted R^2 from ols object
5:26AM 1 Boxplot problem
2:02AM 2 switch and factors
1:25AM 3 Venn Diagram corresponding to size in R
1:04AM 1 Any interim update for the basic packages distributed with R?
Tuesday March 8 2011
11:53PM 1 How to enforce location of installation of downloaded packages
10:48PM 1 lattice (panel.3dscatter): how to make plot symbol thicker?
10:23PM 1 defining an array with one of the elements being a vector
10:22PM 1 Date arithmetic coerces POSIXlt to POSIXct?
9:55PM 4 minimum distance between line segments
9:22PM 2 consulta
8:35PM 0 goodness of fit test for 2-dimensional data in R
8:22PM 1 confusion matrix
8:12PM 0 defining a method for multiple classes
5:37PM 0 ROC curves
5:02PM 2 positions and margins differ between X11 and SVG device
4:44PM 1 lags for unbalanced panel data
3:51PM 1 NaNs in Nested Mixed Model
3:49PM 1 R Commander QQ Plot with triangular distribution
3:34PM 2 plotCI() with ggplot2
3:16PM 0 HoltWinters forecasting method
3:05PM 1 Replacing values in a data.frame/matrix
2:01PM 0 When using Rdonlp2 to do a MLE, I got some "system is exactly singular" error
1:49PM 1 Multiple testing corrections on very large vector
12:49PM 0 nlme: Computing REML likelihood value from ML likelihood value
12:40PM 2 How to plot multiple graphs?
12:27PM 3 A plot similar to violin plot
12:25PM 1 creating additional column
12:07PM 4 If Statement
10:19AM 1 lm - interaction factors - same number of items per level in factors?
10:01AM 4 Make R 'Beep'
9:47AM 1 (no subject)
9:24AM 1 Read data.frame from clipboard
9:14AM 1 repeat matrix column within each array third dimension
8:33AM 1 How to sort using a predefined criterion
5:39AM 1 problem in plot after calculating the derivative
4:27AM 3 This is supposed to predict a time series?!
4:09AM 1 Nesting random effects in lmer
4:08AM 1 ok to use glht() when interaction is NOT significant?
3:52AM 1 MCMC_glm models
3:51AM 2 extract rows with unique values from data.frame
3:20AM 4 beamer overlays with Sweave?
3:13AM 3 allocating factor levels
3:08AM 1 Sorting
2:51AM 1 SEM error
12:34AM 1 compiling r with icc
Monday March 7 2011
11:16PM 0 what controls the limits of x axis in hclust
10:53PM 1 postscript cuts off left margin
10:10PM 1 More appropriate optimization routine?
9:12PM 2 How to reference a package in academical paper
9:05PM 0 survest() for cph() in Design package
8:53PM 1 Rmpi fails to install
8:27PM 2 use "caret" to rank predictors by random forest model
7:17PM 3 generate 3 distinct random samples without replacement
6:29PM 3 linear mixed model with nested factors
5:50PM 1 Risk differences with survey package
5:48PM 0 Help with uniform distribution
5:28PM 4 png inside loop
3:21PM 2 Sweave with scan()-ed data
2:52PM 3 Teaching R: To quote, or not to quote?
2:35PM 0 Re transaction list transformation to use rpart.
1:46PM 1 a numeric problem
1:45PM 0 Conflict between gam::gam and mgcv::gam
1:33PM 1 species projected in a ordiplot
1:15PM 1 null model for a single species?
11:57AM 0 clustersets comparison
11:54AM 1 Array Help
9:05AM 1 Associating the day of week to a daily xts object
9:03AM 0 Difference between the S-plus influence and R empinf functions
7:38AM 0 Error in colnames: target of assignment expands to non-language object
7:08AM 2 rowSums - am I getting something wrong?
5:34AM 4 Replace for loop when vector calling itself
5:11AM 4 attr question
5:11AM 2 Preferred way to create bubble plots?
3:25AM 1 help needed with histogram plotting
3:13AM 5 Parsing question, partly comma separated partly underscore separated string
3:03AM 2 lavaan diagram
12:34AM 1 WG: Reference classes: error with missing arguments in method calls
Sunday March 6 2011
11:42PM 2 Monte carlo help
10:49PM 4 sorting & subsetting a data.frame
10:34PM 1 transaction list transformation to use rpart.
6:52PM 1 bootstrap
2:50PM 1 Procedural prgramming
2:32PM 1 Seeking guidance in package creation when it contains s4 class
2:03PM 1 Writing Rd files
12:37PM 1 Plot and curve inside C++
10:04AM 1 read.table mystery
8:34AM 1 read.ssd() from foreign package
2:39AM 2 How to load load multiple text files and order by id
1:20AM 2 Can body() return a function's body intact, in order, and as characters ready for editing?
Saturday March 5 2011
11:31PM 1 file mode lost in file.copy()?
11:29PM 2 please help ! label selected data points in huge number of data points potentially as high as 50, 000 !
10:38PM 2 Grouping data in ranges in table
8:02PM 2 testing power of correlation
6:56PM 3 subsetting data by specified observation number
6:36PM 1 get name of script from where the command is invoked
5:36PM 0 extractModelParameters HELP!!!
5:29PM 1 displaying label meeting condition (i.e. significant, i..e p value less than 005) in plot function
4:45PM 0 Creating a code
4:36PM 2 How to show non user defined data set such as cu.summary (from rpart)?
12:44PM 0 out of bound
12:38PM 2 subscript out of bounds
12:06PM 3 Change panel background color in spplot()
11:56AM 3 R Statistical Package Installation
5:28AM 2 lattice: drawing strips for single-panel plots
4:34AM 1 generating factors from the edit function
4:15AM 1 pvclust crashing R on Ubuntu 10.10
2:52AM 0 loess function takes long to estimate
1:46AM 0 Course: R for Predictive Modeling: A Hands-On Introduction
12:37AM 2 Repeating the same calculation across multiple pairs of variables
Friday March 4 2011
11:57PM 4 xts POSIXct index format
11:11PM 0 Trimmed Spearman-Karber
11:01PM 3 integrate a fuction
9:39PM 1 grouping data
8:37PM 1 Units and dimensions in grid object
8:00PM 2 Lepage Test
7:03PM 2 glht: Problem with symbolic contrast for factors with number-levels
6:54PM 1 Probabilities outside [0, 1] using Support Vector Machines (SVM) in e1071
5:24PM 3 retrieve x y coordinates of points in current plot
5:22PM 3 S. function calculating x +- y
5:15PM 1 r.dll
4:21PM 2 make an own (different) color legend with spplot()
4:18PM 2 Reading in and manipulating multiple data sets from the same input file
4:02PM 1 Problem with tcltk
3:47PM 2 apply.rolling() to a multi column timeSeries
2:54PM 1 AIC on GLMM pscl package
2:50PM 1 a simple problem
2:16PM 1 Environment variable PATH in Windows
2:16PM 1 Question in Chi-squared test, can I do it with percentage data?
2:05PM 2 Rstudio question
1:54PM 1 linear model - lm (Adjusted R-squared)?
1:50PM 3 delete rows whose sum is X
1:40PM 3 Coefficient of Determination for nonlinear function
1:31PM 2 Creating a .png with just an expression() in it
1:18PM 2 sum of digits or how to slice a number into its digits
12:41PM 0 Problem w/ function
11:48AM 1 Multi-line input to rsympy
11:33AM 1 Time series analysis for a daily series
11:08AM 2 Anyone know a forum for stats advice?
10:21AM 0 Cannot find JRI native library
10:14AM 3 Generic mixup?
10:11AM 1 column removing under certain conditions
10:04AM 2 overleap an iteration within a for-loop when error message produced
9:43AM 0 scramble items
9:11AM 4 cv.lm syntax error
8:39AM 3 Zero Inflated Distributions
8:17AM 1 lattice: wireframe "eats up" points; how to make points on wireframe visible?
7:42AM 4 How two compare two matrixes
6:24AM 1 Question about Chi-squared test
6:08AM 2 How to copy data from data.frame to matrix
5:47AM 1 advice on classes/methods/extending classes
5:12AM 0 Help required for rpart package
5:09AM 2 questions about using loop, while and next
3:18AM 1 Problems with a function warning
2:23AM 4 Floating points and floor() ?
Thursday March 3 2011
10:43PM 2 Plotting Mean in plotting degree distribution
10:04PM 0 'merge' function creating duplicate columns names in the output
9:58PM 3 creating a count variable in R
9:35PM 1 lattice: How to increase space between ticks and labels of z-axis?
9:09PM 2 plot, y-axis, uneven scale???
9:02PM 2 PCA - scores
8:03PM 1 Scatter plot with multiple data sets
7:56PM 0 Interpreting the coefficient of an interaction between continuous variables in a regression model
6:59PM 1 embed latex beamer sans serif default font into R plot
6:44PM 1 Ploting Histogram with Y axis is percentage of sample for each bin
5:52PM 2 lattice custom axis function -- right side margins
5:11PM 0 Normalising proportional binomial data that has a set top value
4:12PM 1 Calling a function to store values
4:07PM 0 Recodifying a factor due to results in lm
3:57PM 0 R Course***Advanced Statistical Modeling in R by XLSolutions Corp
3:53PM 0 Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP) in R?
3:43PM 1 Error in model.frame.default
2:55PM 1 sqlFetch (RODBC) question
2:08PM 0 m out of n bootstrap
2:03PM 3 Probabilities greather than 1 in HIST
2:00PM 2 Ordering several histograms
1:44PM 1 vector("integer", length) : vector size specified is too large
1:15PM 2 Greek character and R
12:07PM 0 Fractional degree of differencing, d
10:53AM 3 R usage survey
10:06AM 1 Applying function to multiple data
9:22AM 6 Developing a web crawler
9:07AM 2 Multivariate Granger Causality Tests
5:14AM 2 Import/convert PMML to R model
4:04AM 1 as.POSIXct show milliseconds with format
3:45AM 1 Non-conformable arrays
3:19AM 3 What am I doing wrong with this loop ?
Wednesday March 2 2011
10:14PM 1 Create a zoo/xts Time Series with Millisecond jumps
9:58PM 0 looping through data in sections and performing a function on each one
9:52PM 1 how to delete empty levels from lattice xyplot
9:07PM 2 clustering problem
8:25PM 0 spplot() - costumize the color-legend
8:16PM 1 merge( , by='row.names') slowness
6:51PM 1 trouble loading ggplot2 using R
5:51PM 0 please help with interaction.plot
5:30PM 1 Line numbering in Sweave
4:55PM 1 power regression: which package?
4:50PM 2 Creating a weighted sample - Help
4:39PM 0 Step by step procedure for the application of Threshold model
4:10PM 1 GLM / Logistic Regression Problem
3:47PM 5 message: please select CRAN mirror
3:42PM 2 Vector manipulations
3:40PM 1 How to extrapolate a model
3:34PM 0 Probit Analysis and Interval Calculations for different LD50s
3:33PM 0 Question regarding vector manipulation
3:14PM 0 Selecting a subsample so that it follows a distribution.
3:10PM 2 how to simplify a data.frame and add the counts of duplicate rows as a new column
2:31PM 2 *** caught segfault *** when using impute.knn (impute package)
2:28PM 0 Find downstream values in a network
2:19PM 1 Refine ARMA model
2:13PM 4 Contingency table in R
1:50PM 1 how many records for suitable regression
1:43PM 3 transform table to matrix
11:48AM 4 Plot with same font like in LaTeX
11:44AM 2 R and Android
10:01AM 2 problem with glm(family=binomial) when some levels have only 0 proportion values
9:19AM 1 pb with Date format using filled.contour
8:41AM 3 Rcommander
8:23AM 0 R2PPT - Insert data.frame
5:28AM 0 the features of the truth
4:52AM 1 a question on sqldf's handling of missing value and factor
2:45AM 1 merge in data.tables -- "non-visible"
1:50AM 0 Plotting a 3D histogram
Tuesday March 1 2011
11:36PM 1 does rpy support R 2.12.2
11:06PM 3 Difference in numeric Dates between Excel and R
10:20PM 1 How to prove the MLE estimators are normal distributed?
9:55PM 1 splitting and stacking matrices
9:49PM 0 Major update to rms package
9:36PM 3 error in saved .csv
9:25PM 1 How to understand output from R's polr function (ordered logistic regression)?
9:07PM 1 Pairwise T-Tests and Dunnett's Test (possibly using multcomp)
8:43PM 1 Logistic Stepwise Criterion
7:38PM 1 glht() used with coxph()
7:32PM 2 expression help
7:19PM 3 inefficient ifelse() ?
7:10PM 3 Export R dataframes to excel
7:07PM 0 odbcConnectExcel2007 creates corrupted files
6:29PM 1 Lattice: useOuterStrips and axes
6:15PM 1 more boa plots questions
6:10PM 0 Adjusting values via vectorization
5:01PM 2 Does POSIXlt extract date components properly?
4:58PM 2 problems with playwith
4:53PM 1 Speed up sum of outer products?
4:34PM 1 Problem on flexmix when trying to apply signature developed in one model to a new sample
4:22PM 2 bootstrap resampling - simplified
3:18PM 0 Quantreg model error and goodness of fit
2:07PM 2 High standard error
1:50PM 0 unicode&pdf font problem RESOLVED
12:55PM 1 Components of variance with lme
11:30AM 0 Hi
10:58AM 0 df.residual for rlm()
10:49AM 1 which does the "S.D." returned by {Hmisc} rcorr.cens measure?
10:41AM 3 Is there any Command showing correlation of all variables in a dataset?
10:30AM 2 bootstrap resampling question
10:01AM 1 RWinEdt difficulties
9:27AM 2 How to Save R library data into xls or dta format
9:06AM 1 tricky (for me) merging of data...more clarity
6:24AM 1 Explained variance for ICA
4:17AM 1 getting attributes of list without the "names".
3:18AM 2 Simulation
2:17AM 2 Entering table with multiple columns & rows
12:39AM 0 selection of a subset from a loop
12:14AM 2 regression with categorical nuisance variable