R help - May 2011

Tuesday May 31 2011
11:32PM 2 Forcing a negative slope in linear regression?
10:23PM 2 count value changes in a column
9:19PM 1 Plotting nondetects a different color
9:08PM 1 Problem with % in an example when running R CMD check
8:46PM 0 Mantel - like analysis
8:35PM 2 In a formula, what is the interaction of the intercept and a factor?
7:46PM 1 how to tell if two file paths refer to the same file
7:36PM 2 Problem with package development
7:04PM 0 filling in a dataframe with another dataframe
6:51PM 1 How to get the rows corresponding to the maximum of a factor
6:15PM 2 OT: Pie charts
5:55PM 1 Coercing in R and in C (R-Extensions)
5:31PM 1 while loop problems
5:30PM 0 ENC: Using lm() combined with sapply
5:26PM 2 Latin Hypercube Sampling with a condition
3:41PM 0 Identifying rows that violate association rules
3:22PM 0 Using lm() combined with sapply
2:44PM 1 reshape::cast: invalid 'yinds' argument
2:12PM 1 Please HELP
1:43PM 1 how to store object without loosing their class property
1:41PM 1 where two matrices differ?
1:36PM 2 creating a vector from a file
1:15PM 1 splom Tick Location
12:40PM 0 mblm with more than 1400 points ...processing time
12:12PM 2 newbie: fourier series for time series data
11:43AM 3 Compiling C-code in Windows
11:11AM 1 how to define PKG_CONFIG_PATH ?
10:52AM 1 Metafor: Differences between two categories of a moderator
10:25AM 2 Text Summarization
10:10AM 0 Plot duplicate csv columns
9:33AM 0 Installing R on ubuntu 10.04 LTS :solved
7:03AM 2 correlatation matrix
6:45AM 0 Finding the adjusted confidence intervals in a group sequential trials (akin to GroupSeq), but in a simulation setting
3:28AM 0 rtmvt
2:20AM 3 DateTime Math in R - POSIXct
Monday May 30 2011
10:04PM 2 Basic question about three factor Anova
9:47PM 2 Group by multiple variables
9:21PM 0 2D random walk with traps convert C++ code to R code
8:22PM 3 Transforming a data matrix into a vector
6:34PM 0 Problem with GAM
5:30PM 1 Error in minimizing an integrand using optim
5:16PM 0 [lattice] group by two factors
4:04PM 1 Need help reading website info with XML package and XPath
3:32PM 0 Problems with lme4 and cholmod_start
3:24PM 0 Question of the XLConnect package
3:18PM 3 Syntax for lattice scales argument with |a*b
2:02PM 1 Is there a (virtual) class that all R objects inherit from?
1:50PM 0 Mean of three inconsistent curves
1:44PM 0 Analysis of Dispersion
1:36PM 4 Test for list membership
1:15PM 0 Exponential smoothing
11:43AM 0 gls and phi1 >1 (phi larger than one)
11:26AM 1 simulation
9:30AM 0 definition of meq at spg
9:16AM 0 Row and column normalization
9:10AM 0 how to interpret coefficients from multiclass svm using libsvm (for multiclass R-SVM)
7:56AM 1 Several Regression by combinations variables
6:01AM 2 Value of 'pi'
12:10AM 3 ideas about how to reduce RAM & improve speed in trying to use lapply(strsplit())
Sunday May 29 2011
11:28PM 1 why does scan(gzfile("file"), what='integer') import data as mode "character" ?
8:52PM 1 One main caption for an mfrow=c(2,1) plot window
8:51PM 3 how to combine two data frames via factors (or somehow else)
8:25PM 1 reshape with function(x,y)?
7:27PM 1 Hello!
7:20PM 2 Why do not prevent users from creating a local copy of c() ?
5:45PM 1 constructing nxn matrices involving calculations& conditions based on other tables
5:30PM 1 Fitting spline using Pspline
2:52PM 1 Oddity: I seem to have a variable in a dataframe that doesn't show in colnames() - can anyone advise?
10:07AM 1 dynamic programming
8:54AM 2 Applying a function to a subset
1:05AM 1 Setting max. iterations for lmer
Saturday May 28 2011
11:27PM 1 Relevel() catagorical variables in a GLM
11:27PM 1 EMA package
9:41PM 1 Installing package rgdal
9:22PM 1 How to do operations on zoo/xts objects with Monthly and Daily periodicities
9:02PM 1 newbie xml parsing question
8:15PM 0 R on SMP...
6:48PM 3 Changing the name of the "R" process in top
6:21PM 3 tm package
6:12PM 3 Three sigma rule
6:08PM 1 prcomp & eigenvectors ... ??
5:45PM 2 Observation in a confidence ellipse
5:04PM 0 how to train ksvm with spectral kernel (kernlab) in caret?
4:54PM 1 Questions regrading the lasso and glmnet
4:50PM 2 Markov Chain model coding
2:58PM 1 Enquiry on Vrtest
1:09PM 2 Nested design
12:54PM 2 remove ", " at the end of each line for all lines except the first line in a data frame
11:19AM 2 ftable: how to replace NA and format entries without changing their mode?
10:28AM 1 Error loading workspaces after upgrade
10:21AM 0 ftable (accidentally?) increases column widths
10:16AM 1 ggplot pale colors
7:36AM 2 reduce printing accuracy
4:08AM 0 Sobol Sequences - Convergence Issues
Friday May 27 2011
10:08PM 2 help with barplot
10:04PM 1 Arrange a multi-level list to a one-level list
9:32PM 4 network package in R
9:14PM 1 Normality test
9:06PM 1 FW: FW: Unable to Plot using headers (converting to Numeric)
8:43PM 1 FW: Unable to Plot using headers.
7:34PM 2 Use apply on a function with multiple argument including a matrix ?
7:12PM 4 how to add row index based a categorical column
6:35PM 1 Unable to Plot using headers.
6:00PM 2 Speed up an R code
6:00PM 0 cluster analysis on extreme event
5:27PM 4 Plot rows of CSV
5:12PM 1 Help with Rmpi install
4:38PM 1 Error with BRugs 0.53 and 0.71, on Win7 with R 2.12.2 and 2.13.0 (crashes R GUI)
4:29PM 0 lubridate, as.POSIXct and a vector of times: bug or feature??
4:00PM 1 continuous time AR(1)
3:55PM 1 eigenvalues and correlation matrices
3:44PM 0 RE How to convert an ftable object to a matrix including the row names?
3:29PM 0 object not found with %dopar% when using foreach
2:03PM 1 Put names in the elements of lapply result
1:28PM 0 How to process raw trip records to get number of persons per trip by vehicle
12:39PM 0 mediate
11:29AM 2 "useR! 2011" T-shirt competition
11:10AM 1 Subset command and the : operator
10:11AM 0 Plot mismatch distributions in R
9:55AM 1 errorest of library iprde: specifiying parameters for regularized DA
9:28AM 0 stinterp/spline - uniroot problem
8:23AM 1 finding derivative of a data series in R
7:48AM 1 lattice - change background strip color in one panel
7:23AM 1 Help to improve existing R-Code
7:14AM 0 saving multiple arrays from a foreach loop
5:41AM 1 How to convert an ftable object to a matrix including the row names?
2:14AM 0 System is computationally singular error for plm random effects models
1:28AM 1 Email spam from my account on May 26, 2011
Thursday May 26 2011
11:35PM 2 zoo column names
10:28PM 0 time series comparison
10:06PM 2 summing array elements
10:05PM 4 Applying "toupper" to only portions of text strings
9:22PM 4 Different behavior of median and mean function - Why?
9:15PM 1 R-Size Limit (Confused)
9:09PM 3 change function scope?
8:53PM 1 error message %1 is not a valid Win32 application.
8:32PM 1 Custom CDF Entrez ID for MacOS
8:18PM 2 NaN, Inf to NA
7:29PM 1 Question about ggplot2
7:02PM 0 confidence interval on mean in log-regression
6:30PM 3 Suppress intermediate results on console
6:11PM 0 'constrained' negative.binomial model estimates
5:56PM 5 Survival: pyears and ratetable: expected events
5:03PM 1 R import glitch "missing data"
4:58PM 0 interpolation and extremum location of a surface
4:24PM 1 matrix not working
3:35PM 2 3 Y axis possible?
3:23PM 1 Plotting device does not show all graphs
3:20PM 0 bringing worldclim data into R
3:19PM 2 matching by gender and age
3:01PM 1 table of Design regressions?
2:35PM 1 JGR/Deducer Installation
12:42PM 4 predictive accuracy
12:22PM 1 Divide matrix into multiple smaller matrices
11:02AM 3 text mining
10:09AM 1 Using read.xls
10:02AM 1 R-2.10.1 to R-2.13.0
10:01AM 1 split data frame and manipulate
8:45AM 2 Plot binomial regression line
7:26AM 1 R proxy settings for Mac
7:02AM 1 dataframe - column value calculation in R
5:53AM 1 ordiellipse
5:29AM 0 all possible regression
5:25AM 2 likelihood ratio test
4:49AM 2 What am I doing wrong with sapply ?
3:31AM 1 Thiel's Uncertainty Coefficient
2:21AM 1 problems getting the splm package installed
1:36AM 0 Using deriv3() in a separated nonlinear regression model
1:14AM 0 R svm prediction kernlab
Wednesday May 25 2011
11:25PM 1 Time and db precision
11:20PM 1 L-BFGS-B and parscale in optim()
8:49PM 0 text mining - text comparing
7:42PM 3 how to compute the inverse percentile of a given observation w.r.t. a reference distribution
7:25PM 3 Accessing elements of a list
7:08PM 0 Job opening at Harvard Business School
6:51PM 1 matrix Manipulation...
4:55PM 1 Subtracting rows by id
4:18PM 1 [Fwd: Re: the mgcv package can not be loaded]
4:02PM 3 Trouble Combining With Paste
3:42PM 2 Importing fixed-width data
2:19PM 2 Fwd: transpose ?
2:07PM 1 transpose ?
12:56PM 2 barplot groups of different size i.e. height is NOT a matrix
12:52PM 1 Multinomial Logistical Model
12:49PM 1 Adjusted Rate Ratios in R
11:22AM 0 connection problem
10:22AM 0 issues with rJava; cannot run JRI example
10:06AM 2 What does "smaller than" comparison do on strings?
9:28AM 2 stepwise selection cox model
9:25AM 0 combined odds ratio
9:12AM 0 Fw: questions about rpart - cont.
9:08AM 0 approximate function and find local peaks (Maxima or Minima)
8:54AM 1 help with tune.svm() e1071
8:46AM 1 select levels of factor variables
8:02AM 1 Print the content of several columns in only one
7:06AM 0 questions about rpart
4:54AM 1 plotting texas school district using shape files
4:29AM 3 Processing large datasets
1:12AM 0 Adding Mean to Notched Box Plots
Tuesday May 24 2011
11:33PM 1 gbm package: plotting a single tree
10:56PM 2 How to call an external program/web page under R for Mac OS?
10:53PM 1 Interactive plots or graphics libraries for R?
10:36PM 0 Simulating data with conditions
10:18PM 1 Random Forest
9:20PM 2 R as.numeric()
7:39PM 1 ANOVA Residual SS and MS of 0
7:08PM 1 Count of rows while looping through data
7:03PM 2 Data Frame housekeeping
7:00PM 2 Order a matrix
6:54PM 3 Beginner Question: List value without Levels
6:34PM 0 superimposing some random points on a plot
6:34PM 4 writing dates to a file
6:07PM 1 anyone using LARS package in R
5:56PM 1 Fortran DLL in Spotfire
5:40PM 2 escape characters in shell commands
5:34PM 2 Extracting day of month from Date objects
4:50PM 1 seeking help on using LARS package
4:40PM 1 R in batch mode
3:36PM 2 Thiessen method
3:24PM 1 Loading an S object into R
3:03PM 1 Opening R in 64-bit version by default
2:04PM 0 R - Time Series Regression with a p-value check for each additional added point.
1:57PM 0 Multivariable model
1:08PM 2 Problem with visualization of power of t test
12:55PM 2 plotting single variables common to multiple data frames
12:44PM 1 power.t.test visualization problem
12:30PM 1 how to eliminate first row in datafile created in do loop
10:59AM 0 (no subject)
10:59AM 0 how to calculate AVE and factor-reability?
10:51AM 1 document
10:17AM 0 Fwd: linear regression with replication
10:00AM 2 skip reading a file.
9:16AM 1 references in R
3:41AM 1 histogram with density
2:09AM 0 BiodiversityR GUI error message
12:31AM 2 Apply or Tapply to Build Set of Tables
12:12AM 1 Problem running maxLik on R
Monday May 23 2011
11:54PM 1 panel.first problem when plotting with formula
11:23PM 2 Analog of least significant difference error bars for proportions
9:36PM 0 Error in backSpline.npolySpline(sp) : spline must be monotone
9:32PM 6 Reading Data from mle into excel?
9:31PM 2 Passing function arguments to dataset names
9:21PM 2 Latent class analysis, selection of the number of classes
8:13PM 2 Formatting names.arg
8:05PM 2 FW: getting time series into r
6:56PM 1 help on permutation/randomization test
6:11PM 6 What are the common Standard Statistical methods used for the analysis of a dataset
5:33PM 0 3D plot with it's quadratic approximation superimposed in same plot
5:30PM 3 getting time series into r
4:40PM 1 denoting post-hoc test differences using letters
4:04PM 2 Linear regression - several response variables vs few ind variables
3:48PM 1 weird problem - R is not finding the data for the factor level present in the data
3:23PM 0 storing data from loops
3:00PM 2 days between dates
2:59PM 0 RCurl postForm problem
2:52PM 6 How do I assign boolean (o,1) values to a column?
2:49PM 1 How is the relation between Frequency and Counts in hist/density defined?
2:40PM 1 Applying boxplot.stats to multiple value lists
2:31PM 0 linear regression with replication
1:43PM 3 RGL package installation problem on Centos
1:33PM 0 Debugging foreach loop with doMC
1:24PM 1 predict a MA timeseries
12:49PM 1 Data values on graphics
12:30PM 1 how could I use function in-visible to user in my code?
12:04PM 1 so current status of interactive PDF creation isl? trying to explore econometriic convergence thread
10:59AM 1 Remove duplicate elements in lists via recursive indexing
10:36AM 0 Standard error lines within xyplot trellis plots
10:00AM 1 Interpreting the results of the zero inflated negative binomial regression
9:55AM 3 Get contour of a map
4:00AM 1 Help with isolating and comparing data from two files.
1:54AM 0 SNA query
Sunday May 22 2011
9:25PM 2 Convert dataframe with two factors from wide to long format
8:49PM 0 tm package, makeChunks
7:28PM 0 Manipulating rownames for nMDS
4:35PM 1 using predict.lm function
11:47AM 1 Adding dash-lines in R tables
8:11AM 1 How to calculate confidence interval of C statistic by rcorr.cens
6:11AM 2 unwanted coercion using apply
1:34AM 2 Finding solution set of system of linear equations.
1:33AM 2 nls package
Saturday May 21 2011
10:53PM 1 dealing with sweave.sty and pgfSweave
8:15PM 1 predict 'expected' with eha package
7:15PM 2 (no subject)
6:23PM 1 'apply' with additional class variable
5:59PM 1 convert binary vector to time series of sum(x)/minute
5:47PM 1 How to intantiate a list of data.frames?
4:51PM 1 Group close numbers in a vector
3:21PM 1 predict.gls choking on levels of factor
1:33PM 0 Problem with ANOVA repeated measures: "Error() model is singular"
1:12PM 4 Looping through values in a data frame that are >zero
11:37AM 3 Simple R Question...
11:26AM 1 DocumentTermMatrix error
7:27AM 1 Confidence Interval of Specral Density Plot
5:18AM 0 Trying to install rJava
4:30AM 1 All possible samples for two variables
3:15AM 0 permutation/randomization test assumption on observations
3:15AM 2 unbalanced anova with subsampling (Type III SS)
Friday May 20 2011
11:12PM 2 Variability plot in R
9:25PM 1 outout clarification of fitdist {fitdistrplus} output
9:18PM 1 Multiple count if style "queries"
7:54PM 3 multilevel
6:28PM 0 glmnet_1.6 fails to install due to unsupported Fortran 90 compiler
6:15PM 0 RPART error
6:05PM 3 Downloading a csv from Dropbox using the shareable link
4:35PM 0 identifying groups
4:04PM 0 WG: Re: source and localhost
3:57PM 1 grep pattern
3:22PM 4 source and localhost
2:58PM 1 DocumentTermMatrix - text minig
1:33PM 2 Memory capacity question for a specific situation
1:08PM 0 "useR! 2011" conference, registration deadline 27 May
10:52AM 1 Contrasts in Penalized Package
9:49AM 1 Factors to Columns
9:17AM 5 regression coefficient for different factors
7:10AM 0 indexing an array of lists: any nicer way?
6:52AM 8 Building Custom GUIs for R
6:35AM 0 Spline Function
5:20AM 0 R-help Digest, Vol 99, Issue 17
4:18AM 0 Which package to use when fit Mixture regression model with ......................
3:54AM 3 Adding a numeric to all values in the dataframe
2:21AM 1 How to do covariate adjustment in R
1:46AM 2 extraction of mean square value from ANOVA
Thursday May 19 2011
9:20PM 1 K-M probability for each subject
8:40PM 0 Flattening lists and environments (was: "how to flatten a list to the same level?")
8:28PM 2 Anyone successfully install Rgraphviz on windows with R 2.13?
8:08PM 1 lmer with 2 random effects with only two levels
7:42PM 2 recursive function
7:24PM 1 mediation
6:46PM 0 a tool for indirect solving of systems of equations
6:35PM 1 How to get rid of the index in result file
6:29PM 3 A better way to do this
5:32PM 0 read.csv and FileEncoding in Windows version of R 2.13.0
3:44PM 0 Heteroskedastic regression model
3:14PM 2 Shrink file size of pdf graphics
3:05PM 1 Converting Variable Name into String
2:51PM 1 Creating a "shifted" month (one that starts not on the first of each month but on another date)
2:11PM 1 Does a data frame have indexes for columns?
1:58PM 0 McKinsey Global Institute Report on Big Data has potential implications for R
1:43PM 2 Problem with Princurve
1:17PM 3 problem with optim()
1:06PM 1 Specifying Splits WhenUusing rpart
12:07PM 1 Pie chart
11:50AM 0 Hi my best freinds
11:41AM 1 svytable and na's
11:24AM 2 balanced panel data
11:20AM 2 Separating boot results
11:07AM 1 dbetagen function in mc2d package
10:53AM 2 foreach: how to create array (of lists) as result?
10:27AM 1 Problems with unsplit()
9:58AM 1 vectorial search for elements with certain attributes
9:43AM 1 Border-Layout by multiple Plots
9:13AM 2 trouble with summary tables with several variables using aggregate function
8:09AM 0 Asciidoc toolchain for vignettes
7:37AM 1 Gui immediately closes when started from command-line
4:19AM 2 Converting the graphics window to a data matrix
3:47AM 2 Add a vector to the values in a specific dimension of an array
2:38AM 1 Finding row in matrix with minimum column
2:02AM 5 identical function names from 2 packages
Wednesday May 18 2011
11:56PM 0 Ordinal Package
11:29PM 2 Parameter Estimates needed from lmer output
10:38PM 0 using hglm to fit a gamma GLMM with nested random effects?
10:29PM 3 Help, please
9:21PM 0 June ** R ** /S+ Courses: Nationwide Back2back (1) R/S+ Fundamentals and (2) R/S-Plus Advanced Programming. in San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC
8:51PM 1 ggplot geom_boxplot vertical margins
7:58PM 1 Covariable Logistic Regression In R
7:12PM 2 Use paste function to select column of data
6:42PM 1 Simple ordering or sorting question
6:23PM 1 data network format and grouping analysis
6:13PM 1 Grouped bar plot
5:55PM 1 Help with Memory Problems (cannot allocate vector of size)
5:35PM 1 assign $y of predict() function output to variable
5:17PM 1 Overlaying maps
4:54PM 0 text mining problem using TM package
4:37PM 1 strucchange package Linux help
4:33PM 1 logistic regression lrm() output
3:42PM 1 Dataset Quasi Poisson
3:18PM 4 Loop stopping after 1 iteration
2:41PM 3 Help with 2-D plot of k-mean clustering analysis
2:32PM 0 retrieving gbif data
2:14PM 1 Changing order of facet grid in ggplot2
1:47PM 3 R Style Guide -- Was Post-hoc tests in MASS using glm.nb
1:47PM 1 Convolution confusion:
1:39PM 1 Change pattern in histograms in ggplot2
1:37PM 1 matrix help (first occurrence of variable in column)
11:15AM 1 Need expert help with model.matrix
10:14AM 0 Multidimensional List access
9:14AM 2 Query Gene ontology
9:03AM 2 R-code in R-file documentation
8:55AM 1 Integral Symbol
7:58AM 0 XLSM Question
5:53AM 3 Date_Time detected as Duplicated (but they are not!)
4:57AM 1 text mining analysis and word visualization of pdfs
4:49AM 0 scatter plot: multiple Y variables and error bars
4:18AM 1 Constrainted Nonlinear Optimization - lack of convergence
3:53AM 1 How to make array of regression objects
2:00AM 1 PAM Clustering Ignores Cluster Number Parameter
1:58AM 0 Simple MC integration question
1:54AM 1 Multiple plots on one device using stl
Tuesday May 17 2011
11:32PM 0 hierarchical gamma model in lme4
8:44PM 5 Email out of R (code)
8:24PM 4 subsetting a list of dataframes
8:04PM 2 can not use plot.Predict {rms} reproduce figure 7.8 from Regression Modeling Strategies (http://biostat.mc.vanderbilt.edu/wiki/pub/Main/RmS/course2.pdf)
7:10PM 0 graphs and arrays
5:31PM 2 reshaping issue
5:24PM 1 help with PLSR Loadings
4:51PM 2 submit R package
4:48PM 4 Summarize by two or more attributes
4:13PM 1 adding up elements within a list
4:10PM 1 Help with PLSR with jack knife
2:49PM 1 Problem with MLE
2:30PM 0 Display data.frame as tree?
2:08PM 2 pdf (probability distribution function) and cdf
1:50PM 1 scales argument in bwplot (lattice)
1:44PM 2 Minimum value by ID
12:20PM 1 extract value from mer object ?
11:31AM 4 Box Plot under GUI (R Commander/RKward)
10:57AM 1 epi.2by2
10:32AM 0 Help fit 5 nonlinear models. - Plant growth curves
10:18AM 1 Rscript hangs on exit with ubuntu 11.04
9:58AM 1 Smooth contour of a map
9:21AM 0 Hi! Help using FitARMA package in RExcel
8:45AM 3 gsub() issue...
8:03AM 1 simprof test using jaccard distance
5:46AM 1 Zero counts in an aggregate function
2:58AM 0 auto clustering with Rgraphviz: possible?
2:27AM 1 Dealing with null values Aggregate function
12:44AM 0 Testing.
12:14AM 1 Subsetting depth profiles based on maximum depth by group with plyr
Monday May 16 2011
11:27PM 1 simulation from truncated poisson
10:32PM 0 Subsetting depth profiles based on maximum depth
10:31PM 4 Problem on glmer
10:26PM 1 pam() clustering for large data sets
9:13PM 1 Inverse autocorrelation fonction
9:03PM 2 about spearman and kendal correlation coefficient calculation in "cor"
8:29PM 0 Draftsman plot axis modification
8:23PM 0 Problem installing Rcplex in ubuntu
8:19PM 1 nlrob(...) returns error message
8:18PM 3 Using a sting in variable names
8:07PM 1 Linear Discriminant Analysis error: "Variables appear constant"
6:34PM 0 using the predict function
6:23PM 1 dir.choose analog of file.choose
6:17PM 0 Fwd: Re: rbind with partially overlapping column names
6:05PM 3 R CMD check: no visible binding for global variable
5:55PM 2 File to MYSQL
5:46PM 2 Post-hoc tests in MASS using glm.nb
4:06PM 0 new package SamplingStrata
3:40PM 1 reading multiple .dbf files
3:37PM 0 Logistic regression model returns lower than expected logit
2:30PM 0 SEM Model Not Converging
2:25PM 2 conditional rowsums in sapply
1:52PM 0 RODBC sqlSave colnames argument - export to Excel
1:42PM 3 Simulating correlations with varying sample sizes
12:54PM 0 MANOVA Post Hoc Testing Tukeys
12:40PM 2 wireframe advice - with reproducible code
12:05PM 0 MI help
9:50AM 1 Matrix manipulation in for loop
9:27AM 1 TR: Simulate keyboard
9:14AM 1 help: Using hotelling for a confidence region for PCA scores
5:44AM 2 princomp and eigen
4:20AM 1 Extracting the dimnames of an array with variable dimensions
12:41AM 2 rbind with partially overlapping column names
Sunday May 15 2011
7:50PM 1 Need help with text processing / string split
6:42PM 3 Adding dates to time series
4:41PM 0 Again on Data Mining
3:17PM 1 pls help: lattice graph with both negative and positive value, x and y cross at 0 and negative value bars are plotted just oppositive direction in contrast to positive
2:18PM 4 DCC-GARCH model
1:06PM 4 "Low Pain" Unicode Characters in pdf graph?
11:50AM 0 hotelling and confidence region
11:25AM 2 Unexpected behaviour as.data.frame
10:51AM 2 integrate
5:31AM 5 Question on approximations of full logistic regression model
1:41AM 2 R function that returns an object's search path position XXXX
12:20AM 1 Find String Between Characters
Saturday May 14 2011
7:38PM 1 Identify Objects that end with .f (and all caps)
6:51PM 2 timezone specification on windows machine
6:44PM 2 changing the day of the week in dates format
3:41PM 0 Get access to my pictures and more
3:23PM 1 Summary.Formula: prmsd and test statistic
2:01PM 1 Using dates on axis with Grid plots
1:45PM 1 (no subject)
1:24PM 0 mlogit error message "Error in X[omitlines, ] <- NA : subscript out of bounds"
12:12PM 2 how to merge within range?
11:28AM 1 create structs in R.
9:48AM 2 Survreg object
9:10AM 1 odfWeave 0.7.17 stutters on Debian testing 64-bit amd64 systems.
8:14AM 1 Changing Attribute With Paste
7:30AM 2 calling "exists" function inside another function is not working
1:15AM 2 Changing x-axis when dealing with time
Friday May 13 2011
11:06PM 3 Adding same items together in data.frame
10:18PM 0 How do I break my addiction to for loops!?!?
10:01PM 1 using glmer to fit a mixed-effects model with gamma-distributed response variable
10:00PM 1 graphs of gamma, normal fit to a histogram are about half as large as they should be
9:20PM 2 L'abbe plot
8:57PM 1 Russian language in R
8:13PM 1 Plots: I've deleted axes, now to delete space
6:44PM 0 Coloring Continents/Regions of World Map
6:23PM 0 Installation of rattle complains about missing packages
6:13PM 0 Tps error
5:57PM 1 period in scale parameter of prcomp
4:35PM 0 effects package for adjusted predictions
3:28PM 2 Creating dataframes
3:06PM 3 RMySQL problem on Windows 7 32 bit
2:52PM 2 How to store a triangular matrix
2:49PM 1 help with probabilites in cph
1:42PM 4 Quick question: Omitting rows and cols with certain percents of missing values
12:01PM 5 problem with makeSOCKcluster depending on R patch version
11:44AM 1 Error Subscript out of bounds in ca
11:02AM 3 Excel to R
10:38AM 6 Powerful PC to run R
10:27AM 2 to check if a group of values is randomly distributed
10:27AM 1 file size plot pdf
10:24AM 0 wrong argument to TO_CHAR (RODBC)?
9:45AM 1 issue with odfWeave running on Windows XP; question about installing packages under Linux
9:38AM 1 PLSR error
9:38AM 2 biplots for PCA
9:32AM 2 More effective calculation for loop
7:57AM 0 routine for dependent correlation test with stratified random sample
1:53AM 1 Embedding R's math expressions fonts for graphics generated by pdf() and postscript()
1:35AM 0 get adjusted means using the effects package
Thursday May 12 2011
11:44PM 1 Installing a Package tar.gz in windows
11:30PM 1 about vector to the power of a decimal
11:04PM 2 Can ROC be used as a metric for optimal model selection for randomForest?
10:38PM 1 can't run rjags package in R project
9:43PM 0 R development master class: SF, June 8-9
9:23PM 3 Help with "apply"
8:47PM 2 Exporting interactive 3D plots with axes and labels
8:33PM 3 assigning creating missing rows and values
7:47PM 0 Mixed Ordinal logistic regression: marginal probabilities and standard errors for the marginal probabilities
7:41PM 2 DCC-GARCH model and AR(1)-GARCH(1,1) regression model
7:29PM 1 Maximization of a loglikelihood function with double sums
6:52PM 0 Read.xls in gdata
6:50PM 1 Fw: Help with PLSR
6:15PM 0 Sensitivity Analysis: Morris method - argument "scale"
6:14PM 2 Assistance R
6:06PM 1 extract integers from string
5:57PM 1 do.call and applying na.rm=TRUE
5:38PM 0 confint.multinom() slow?
4:50PM 2 group length
4:40PM 3 Survival Rate Estimates
4:33PM 1 Saving misclassified records into dataframe within a loop
4:25PM 2 Change font size in Windows
3:56PM 1 problem with mediation
3:40PM 3 problem converting character to dates
3:15PM 1 log transformation and mean question
3:02PM 1 Errors and line numbers in scripts?
2:33PM 1 (no subject)
1:57PM 1 separate date and time
1:36PM 1 Simple 95% confidence interval for a median
12:32PM 2 Simple order() data frame question.
11:34AM 0 deiversity / density
11:01AM 1 strength of seasonal component
9:09AM 1 R won't start keeps crashing
8:46AM 3 Binomial
7:58AM 2 How to extract information from the following dataset?
6:37AM 3 lm and anova
2:23AM 2 Row names and matrixs
12:04AM 0 map.market - font customisation
Wednesday May 11 2011
11:11PM 2 changes in coxph in "survival" from older version?
9:55PM 1 mtext text size (cex) doesn't match plot
9:44PM 1 foreach(): how to do calculations "between" two foreach loops?
9:21PM 1 selecting data from table with timestamp
8:46PM 2 Line feed for a long character string
8:28PM 1 Problem with constrained optimization with maxBFGS
7:43PM 3 Reordering inputs
6:22PM 0 Revolutions Blog: April Roundup
5:12PM 2 hierarchical clustering within a size limit
4:54PM 3 Uploading CSV file into R
4:46PM 3 ddply with mean and max...
3:22PM 1 Help with gam
3:12PM 2 R versions for Red Hat Linux
2:51PM 2 issue with graph package in using RBGL -‘'graph' is not a valid installed package’"
2:23PM 1 Adding legend to heatmap
2:16PM 0 Init nnetTs (or nnet?) with a former Neural Net
2:09PM 0 Problems with tcltk
1:28PM 1 Repeating an MLE experiement
1:17PM 1 filtering out unwanted words in a Term Document Matrix
12:45PM 1 Parantheses highlighting
11:55AM 1 deleting rows containing a letter
11:42AM 1 displaying derived coefficients in lm
11:31AM 0 new package 'mvmeta' to perform multivariate meta-analysis
11:12AM 1 Adding reference line or plane to cloud or wireframe
11:04AM 3 Vermunt's LEM in R
10:51AM 1 Help with contrasts
9:12AM 3 Loop over a split string
9:11AM 2 Dotplot (package Hmisc) with groups: colours and symbols
8:53AM 1 Recompile a package
8:26AM 1 Total effect of X on Y under presence of interaction effects
Tuesday May 10 2011
11:16PM 0 Help documentation in extractAIC
10:23PM 1 Problem rgl
9:33PM 0 DCC-GARCH model and AR(1)-GARCH(1, 1) regression model - help needed..
8:51PM 3 metaMDS and envfit: Help reading output
8:11PM 0 multinomial regression model
8:10PM 1 specifying scales in lattice xyplot makes the lines disappear?
6:55PM 1 Power Spectrum from STFT (e1071)?
6:10PM 1 for loop populate matrix
5:16PM 1 Converting ordinal dates and time into sensible formats
4:54PM 1 ggplot2 and add circle
3:44PM 0 maximize portfolio return under risk target
3:38PM 1 fitting non-intercept model with lrm
3:06PM 2 need to delete by time, not date
3:05PM 0 Problems with symbol in evaluate expression function in axis labels
2:55PM 0 Default Colors in Script
1:30PM 0 Plotting confidence Intervals
10:32AM 0 Join and Meet on Lattice
8:52AM 1 Cumulative dose in survival models
6:26AM 1 Scale time series in a way that 90% of the data is in the -0.-9/ +0.9 range
4:34AM 1 Installing package
3:44AM 1 Weird read.xls behavior
2:50AM 2 sample weights in ols
2:46AM 1 SQP with Constraints
1:36AM 1 Saving multiple 3x3 TIFF graphics inside a loop
1:29AM 1 Reading a large netCDF file using R
12:57AM 1 Filtering out bad data points
12:56AM 1 Question Using Old R Packages
Monday May 9 2011
11:45PM 1 Stirlings Approximation
10:54PM 0 Help with options("contrasts")
10:00PM 0 Lattice: splom plots for different factors with correlation in lower.panel
9:21PM 2 Creating Observation ID
6:46PM 1 Setting NA to blank
6:30PM 0 Approximate name matching
5:39PM 0 arima residuals
5:36PM 1 Fortran Symbol Name not in Load Table
3:57PM 2 Vectorizing a function: what does it mean?
2:20PM 2 Time Series
2:07PM 2 Using NULL to my data?
2:06PM 2 Round down to earliest hour or half hour
1:40PM 2 Create subsets of data
12:58PM 3 Recursive Indexing Failed
10:40AM 3 converting a matrix or data.frame into an html table
9:48AM 0 Mixed-design ANOVA: 2 between-subject factors and 1 within-subject factor
9:06AM 5 Suppressing iterations in DEoptim
8:44AM 0 Rule based Classification
8:19AM 1 rquest for help
2:51AM 2 reading a ".mdf" file in R
12:28AM 1 discriminant analysis
Sunday May 8 2011
11:50PM 1 Hosmer-Lemeshow 'goodness of fit'
11:41PM 2 Pretty printing numbers
11:20PM 0 Conditional values of a vector XXXX
9:15PM 2 Error in AnnotationDbi package - makeProbePackage
8:09PM 1 ARMA
7:08PM 1 Plotting n a scale up to 6 decimal places
7:07PM 3 Another quantmod question
6:48PM 2 help with mysql and R: partitioning by quintile
5:54PM 1 package update
4:58PM 1 new to loops
3:10PM 2 Rearranging variables in table in non-alphabetical (manually specified) order
1:27PM 1 Syntax for iter.max in rms
9:31AM 1 question about val.surv in R
9:06AM 3 %in% operator - NOT IN
6:36AM 1 questions about the output of "gee" and its summary
5:51AM 0 The 4th Chinese R Conference (Beijing, May 28, 2011)
Saturday May 7 2011
11:09PM 3 how to not match partial names
10:34PM 1 generate multiple mvrnorm samples using apply-like
9:57PM 1 X-SQUARED of resids ?
6:24PM 4 how to calculate the mean of a group in a table
5:26PM 1 Cannot read in a csv file.
5:03PM 0 (no subject)
4:53PM 1 spdep::poly2nb problem
4:37PM 3 help!! warning:only the first element has been used
2:38PM 2 write.table vs. read.table and the argument "fill"
1:54PM 1 venn diagramm
10:54AM 1 Exporting list with unequal length of rows
8:16AM 1 Printing a title for an object in the console when writing a function XXXX
8:06AM 1 Evaluating a multivariable function XXXX
6:38AM 2 Convenience-at-the-expense-of-clarity (was: quantmod's addTA plotting functions)
4:17AM 5 plotting confidence bands from predict.nls
1:10AM 2 Help with Using gtext in gWidgetsWWW for Outputting Results to Webpage
12:59AM 1 save and load user modifications of options
Friday May 6 2011
11:11PM 0 My First Attempt at Screen Scraping with R
11:00PM 1 Sweave: no eps fig
10:22PM 2 coxph and survfit issue - strata
9:32PM 1 (no subject)
9:29PM 1 Replacing missing values with values before it
9:17PM 1 Generalized Hyperbolic distribution
8:25PM 1 Weighted box or violin plots in Lattice?
8:15PM 1 convert count data to binary data
8:13PM 0 Fw: grid
8:12PM 1 replace NA
8:07PM 1 Extracting months and years from Dates while keeping order
7:11PM 6 create arrays
6:49PM 1 Custom Zero equivalent in R
6:32PM 2 editor: not possible to change the variable name
6:28PM 1 Conditional plot length in R
5:11PM 1 read a netcdf file _Fill_value=-32768
5:11PM 3 histograms and for loops
4:51PM 1 How to alter circle size
4:14PM 1 understanding error messages in archmCopulaFit in fCopulae
3:54PM 1 Cumsum in Lattice Panel Function
3:35PM 2 Confidence intervals and polynomial fits
2:01PM 0 Long Term Prediction & Time Series
1:19PM 0 pcse package error message concerning nrows of using data
1:00PM 1 Uniroot - error
12:29PM 5 maximum likelihood convergence reproducing Anderson Blundell 1982 Econometrica R vs Stata
8:33AM 0 [R-users] Problems with the functions "samplingSimple" and "morris"
5:15AM 0 Bug in lattice that shipped with R 2.13.0
4:28AM 2 for loop
4:24AM 2 rcspline.problem
1:23AM 1 Installing rgdal in R: correct -configure flags for GDAL install on Linux Redhat
1:10AM 1 MacKinnon critical value
Thursday May 5 2011
10:43PM 1 [caret package] [trainControl] supplying predefined partitions to train with cross validation
10:28PM 3 factors
9:47PM 1 Using GSUB to obtain a printing "\"
9:34PM 1 reading a column as a character vector
9:15PM 2 quick question : interpolating file name in pipe command
8:55PM 2 Looking for equivalent for "strstr"
8:25PM 1 Looping over graphs in igraph
8:04PM 6 Averaging uneven measurements by time with uneven numbers of measurements
7:47PM 0 problem with cor() using bigmemory
6:31PM 1 ANOVA
6:06PM 2 R CMD check warning
5:08PM 1 Using $ accessor in GAM formula
4:09PM 1 perspective plot
4:03PM 1 simulate AR(1) process
3:33PM 2 Compiling a FORTRAN program under Windows 7
2:59PM 0 Conditional distribution plot using Model-based Recursive Partitioning
2:48PM 3 cross-correlation table with subscript or superscript to indicate significant differences
2:42PM 1 functions pandit and treebase in the package apTreeshape
2:41PM 1 Boxplot in order
1:25PM 1 RV: R question
12:48PM 3 Null
12:20PM 1 Confidence interval for difference in Harrell's c statistics (or equivalently Somers' D statistics)
12:16PM 3 Alter a line in a file.
11:51AM 7 Draw a nomogram after glm
11:50AM 4 Insert values to histogram
10:34AM 1 distance matrix
10:25AM 0 lm weight adj r-sq
10:16AM 4 Using functions/loops for repetitive commands
10:15AM 1 Using error in histograms
9:33AM 1 issue with "strange" characters (readHTMLTable)
9:20AM 0 Ruby Koans an amazing platform for teaching programming. Would this work with R?
8:50AM 3 Remove all whitespaces
7:28AM 1 Options for print()
7:08AM 1 memory and bootstrapping
6:47AM 1 quantmod's addTA plotting functions
6:10AM 1 Extraction of columns from two matrices
5:38AM 1 lapply, if statement and concatenating to a list
5:31AM 1 Question about error of "non-numeric argument to binary operator"
4:21AM 1 R - problem with my loops which operate on raster data
Wednesday May 4 2011
11:16PM 1 Obtaining the name of an object XXXX
11:08PM 2 split character vector by multiple keywords simultaneously
9:20PM 1 how to replace all variable values?
8:38PM 1 Str info. Thanks for helping
8:33PM 1 fGarch
8:02PM 1 print elements' placings from vector
7:41PM 3 Regexp question
6:26PM 4 combine lattice plot and standard R plot
5:53PM 1 merging multiple columns from two dataframes
5:42PM 3 SAPPLY function XXXX
5:14PM 1 tryCatch?
4:53PM 2 Box-Cox transformation in R
4:47PM 3 best subset regression in R
4:24PM 1 two-way group mean prediction in survreg with three factors
3:57PM 0 xtable without a loop alongside a ggplot
3:55PM 1 Outlier removal by Principal Component Analysis : error message
3:50PM 5 Panels order in lattice graphs
3:49PM 1 Error Rscript: No such file or directory
3:37PM 0 Fwd: simple question
3:30PM 1 Instrumental variable quantile estimation of spatial autoregressive models
3:23PM 1 natural cubic splines
3:13PM 1 hurdle, simulated power
2:32PM 3 join tables in R
2:30PM 1 Uniform Gaussian Kernel
2:27PM 0 Distance measure in heatmaps
2:19PM 1 Saving Values in a Vector from a For Loop
1:55PM 2 create a folder with mode '0777'
1:55PM 2 Storing data from a test as a vector or matrix
1:37PM 2 Superscript number before letter
1:17PM 1 Problems saving ff objects
12:55PM 1 scatter plot with Z value
12:52PM 1 bivariate linear interpolation
11:52AM 2 first occurrence of a value?
11:49AM 2 what happens when I store linear models in an array?
10:44AM 2 Is this confict of different versions of R or something else?
9:57AM 1 issue with "strange" characters (locale settings)
9:17AM 1 Read last line of a file
9:01AM 2 select value from a column depending on a value in another column
9:00AM 1 Format ddmmYYYY in date
7:25AM 1 adding columns to dataframes contained in a list
4:29AM 1 problem with package "adapt" for R in Mac
4:08AM 3 nls problem with R
12:15AM 1 scatterplot3d using colors in groups
Tuesday May 3 2011
10:47PM 0 error term for ANOVA of generalized randomized block design
10:23PM 1 Compiling Rgraphiz on Windows 7 64bit with R-2.13.0
9:05PM 2 Overlapping x axes using Lattice
8:53PM 3 help with the maxBHHH routine
8:49PM 0 turning data with start and end date into daily data
8:43PM 2 Change the names of a dataframe
8:20PM 1 bootstrap vignette construction and package installation
7:37PM 3 ANOVA 1 too few degrees of freedom
7:18PM 3 na.omit - Is it working properly?
7:15PM 1 Unexp. behavior from boot with multiple statistics
7:07PM 0 NEW SUMMER ONLINE R COURSE: Fundamentals of Using R
6:55PM 0 Loading a FORTRAN DLL
6:48PM 0 How do I break a foreach loop?
5:35PM 2 Constructing a histogram with words as labels as height as frequency?
4:36PM 2 Controlling the extent of ablines on plot
4:10PM 0 step.gam with a list of data frames
3:44PM 6 Simple loop
3:36PM 2 data transformation ----Box-Cox Transformations
3:32PM 1 Sum the cell of a vector
3:27PM 1 loading only parts of RData files?
2:06PM 0 Generating summary statistics and simple statistical analysis from my data-set: how can I automate the analysis?
1:12PM 3 Axis trouble
11:44AM 2 How to fit a random data into Beta distribution?
11:16AM 2 removing columns
10:29AM 1 delete excel id automatically generated
9:53AM 3 fitting distributions using fitdistr (MASS)
7:45AM 1 Rodbc quesion: how to reliably determine the data type?
7:42AM 3 Watts Strogatz game
6:40AM 0 Bootstrapping confidence intervals
6:09AM 0 Comparison of two penalized spline fits in mixed model framework
4:43AM 2 adaptIntegrate - how to pass additional parameters to the integrand
Monday May 2 2011
11:42PM 2 List of Data Frames
11:14PM 2 easy way to do a 2-D fit to an array of data?
9:48PM 1 install rdcomclient source
8:53PM 1 UNIX-like "cut" command in R
7:41PM 1 Optimization - n dimension matrix
7:15PM 3 Help converting a data.frame to ordered factors
6:26PM 2 Help with coloring segments on a plot
4:45PM 2 Lasso with Categorical Variables
3:38PM 3 ID parameter in model
2:06PM 1 pie of pie chart
1:12PM 1 Problems with Rterm 2.13.0 - but not RGui
12:51PM 2 problem with Sweave and pdflatex
12:42PM 0 grid
11:58AM 0 adding legend to matplot
11:54AM 2 how to get row name using the which function
10:35AM 1 Bechmarking my code
10:14AM 0 The R Inferno revised
9:48AM 1 Axis label colour
9:03AM 3 subseting data
7:55AM 2 vector decreasing by a factor
12:20AM 1 How to pass objects from local() to GlobalEnv
Sunday May 1 2011
11:32PM 1 multiple mosaic plots layout
9:57PM 1 caret - prevent resampling when no parameters to find
8:52PM 2 bwplot in ascending order
8:26PM 1 quick help needed: split a number and "find and replace" type of function that works like in MS excel
4:54PM 2 Tests for the need of cluster analysis
4:52PM 1 Urgent: conditional formula for nls
3:48PM 1 Mean/SD of Each Position in Table
2:52PM 0 Dummy variables using rfe in caret for variable selection
1:33PM 1 microsecond timestamp support
10:45AM 0 plotrix_3.2
9:01AM 1 Different results of coefficients by packages penalized and glmnet
7:34AM 1 Longitudinal data with non-randomized subjects
7:08AM 1 vector file
4:33AM 1 Simulation Questions
3:39AM 2 Question on where samples are grouped in rmvnorm{mvtnorm}
2:50AM 0 Conversion to xlsx file
1:36AM 1 regressing on variable with heavy tails